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Kandi talks with Tom

Thursday, February 7, 2019 -- Evening

Tom Dominates
The show starts with Tom saying he has to do something to stay, such as making friends. Kandi comments that Tom seems like a lost puppy now without Kato. Kandi wants hm on her side so he will take out a powerhouse. Ricky and Lolo want to target Tom and Kandi next. Dina and Kandi talk about how they would put up one of the girls (Lolo or Natalie). Kandi wants to get Tom motivated, and she goes over to talk to him to get him in the competing mode. Tom doesn't think he will win the HOH. I like the team of Tom and Kandi. Heck, I just like Tom.

Tom figuring out how to roll the dice Time for the HOH competition. The backyard is setup like Vegas. Omarosa is the hostess for this show. The game is the one where the houseguest gets into a big box that they have to tumble toa certain number. They have to tumble the dice out of the platform, and get it back with the number that Omarosa spins. Tom is chosen to go first, and he has to challenge someone. Tom challenges Ricky so Ricky can't eliminate Kandi or Dina. The first number to get is a 6. Tom won the first round. Kandi wants to keep Tom because Tom won't be going after him. Lolo is picked next, and she challenges Tom. They have to go for a 4. Lolo can't figure it out because Lolo is stupid. Tom says to keep challenging him because he will just get better at it. Tom wins. Lolo thinks of Tom as the bad guy in a movie. Natalie is picked next, and she goes for Dina. Their number is 6. Dina is trying to figure out the dice, and she doesn't know. Kandi feels Dina is lost. Natalie wins, and she's not happy because it took her longer than she thought. Kandi is up next, and she chooses Natalie. Their target number is two. Tom wins HOH Tom is rolling the dice in his head so he can be ready for the game. Natalie beats Kandi. Now it's down to Tom and Natalie. Their number is 5. Tom realizes he has to win, and he is determine to beat Natalie. And he does beat her. That was so cool! I hate Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky.

Tom wants to have fun. He's really just enjoying the game. Kandi goes in, and cheers with Tom. Kandi is hoping that Tom will go after the athletes. Tom tells her that they can't celebrate too much. Tom is really doing a great job of playing this game. Natalie and Lolo tell Tamar that Tom is after the four of them (with Ricky). Dina tells Tomo that Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky are the ones to target. Tom is trying to play it cool. Dina talks to Tom about the game. Tom needs Dina and Kandi's votes to get further. He's good at telling them that they should not hang out together too much. Lolo and Natalie plot to go to Tom to tell him that he should put up Kandi and Dina. Natalie tells Tamar that Kandi is with Tom. Tamar tells them that Kandi is not as smart as they think. So Tamar is trying to save Kandi by telling Natalie and Lolo that Kandi ain't that smart. Tamar is good at playing both sides.
Tom gets the key from Omarosa
We have a segment with Kandi, Tamar, and Dina talking about Dina's guy. Tamar says Dina is getting catfished because the guy won't Facetime her or meet her. Tamar says that she will go with Dina to make sure the guy is real.

Natalie goes up to talk with Tom. Tom wants to meet with all of them one at a time because he wants his safety. Tom says that he wants safety from Natalie if he doesn't put her on the block. Tom says he may have to put her up after the veto, and Natalie realizes that it's a backdoor. Tom meets with Lolo, and he wants to put her on the block so she can win the veto and take herself off. Lolo starts to cry because she a baby. Tom admits in DR that Ricky is his target. Tom thinks that Ricky is orchestrating the moves, and he wants to get Ricky out. Tom tells Ricky that he wants to put up Ricky as a pawn so Ricky can win veto and take himself off. Ricky says he's not an idiot. Ricky has a counter offer saying that Tom should not put up Ricky, Lolo, or Natalie. They will keep Tom an extra week. Tom realizes that there is deception in what Ricky says, and Tom is lying to Ricky when he says he's consider it.
Tom acting goofy at 2 am
While everyone sleeps, Tom is out in the kitchen pretending to be a bird with cereal boxes. Natalie is not nice to Kandi, and Kandi tells Tamar that Natalie and Lolo didn't save Kandi, Tamar did, and Kandi appreciates it. Kandi tells Tamar that she doesn't care who goes of the three because which every one goes, they get farther. Kandi tells Tom that Natalie and Ricky have to go up together because if one wins, they can take the other off. Tom says that he should have talked to Kandi first. Kandi tells Tom, they want one of them to go. And regardless of whom he puts up, the remaining two will be coming for him next week.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Tom nominates Ricky and Natalie. He says that he did it because they are incredibly athletes, and he really loves them, but he knows they are targeting him so he nominated them. Lolo is upset that she will be backdoored. and Natalie says that Tom lied. It's a fricking game. Tomorrow is a two hour episode with a double eviction.

Tamar gets the correct answer

Monday, February 4, 2019 -- Evening

Live POV and Eviction
I'm actually watching BB live today. The show started post eviction. Tamar couldn't vote out Kandi, and Tamar feels like the fourth wheel in her alliance, so she needs allies. Tamar tells Natalie that she doesn't feel safe if she voted out Kandi. The plan was to keep Joey, but since Tamar said she was keeping Kandi, Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky changed their vote to evict Joey, so Tom wouldn't have the power. Kadi tries to make Tamar understand that if they get rid of Kato and Tom, they will never get rid of Natalie and Lolo. Kandi is right that Lolo and Natalie need to go.
Gallagher in the house
Time for the HOH competition. The competition is to look at three magazine covers and find the mistake. They compete in pairs,e eliminating the one who does not get the right answer. Ricky and Tamar are up first. Tamar noticed the error, but Ricky buzzed in first with the wrong answer. Kato and Kandi were up next. Kato got the answer right, so Kandi is eliminated. Lolo and Natalie compete next. Lolo rings in first, and Natalie is out. Dina and Kato are up next. Dina rings in incorrectly first. Then it's Tamar and Lolo. Lolo is eliminated. It's down to Kato versus Tamar. Tamar rings in with the correct answer and she wins HOH. Tom realizes that they are screwed. Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky celebrated with Tamar, so she won't turn on them.

Tamar nominates Kato and Tom. Kandi tries to talk to Tamar about who would go up if Tom or Kato gets off. Tamar would put up Natalie because Lolo is just to hot headed. Kandi says they have the votes to get rid of Natalie. Kandi, Lolo, and Dina are also selected to play in the veto. They have Gallagher show up to give a show. Gosh is Gallagher old! Gallagher did his old routine of smashing things. Obviously they had to pay attention to the items that Gallagher was smashing.
Lolo wins the POV>
Now it's time for the competition. It's a true or false with one point for the correct answer. Everyone got the first question right. Everyone but Kato and Tom got the second one right. Everyone got the third question right. Everyone but Tom got the fourth one right. Tom is lagging badly. Tamar, Lolo, and Kato get the next one right. Tamar and Lolo are in the lead with 5 points. Lolo got the next one right to lead with 6 points. That sucks because she is one of the ones who should go. Lolo got the last one right to get seven points. She has the POV, and we know she isn't going to use it.

Of course Lolo won't use the veto. I really don't like her, and I think I'll have to root against her if she every plays in another Olympics. Julie tells them that the power was not used, and it's now officially expired.

Kato kisses the fllor Time for the live vote. Tom said seeing Gallagher was a highlight. He thanked everyone in CBS and the house. Tom thinks he is going home. Kato was up next, and he said what Tom said. Kato said that they entered laughing, and that is he is evicted, he will exit laughing. Kato said that he was loyal to Tom, and he won't throw hi under the bus. It sucks that one of them has to go home.
Kato is out. It will suck if Lolo or Natalie wins up winning this year. Kato says goo goodbye to everyone. Kato kisses the floor on his way out. Kato says that he really bonded with Tom. Julie tells him that Kato and Tom were called Tomato.

Dina goes for a shot

Monday, February 4, 2019 -- Morning

Tom and Kato in Trouble
Catching up on Saturday night's Big Brother episode. All I have to say is Tom was aware of Ricky was a problem. I've liked Tom and Kato, and I think that Lolo in particular is not coming off in a positive light.

dThe show started after the nomination ceremony. Tamar thinks the others are stupid because she has the power. Tom really though Kandi or Joey had the power. Joey thinks it's a compliment that they think he is powerful, and he is just waiting to see them go after each other. Lolo starts getting really annoyed and emotional because Tom thinks Ricky has the power. Tom wants to backdoor Ricky. Lolo wants to keep Ricky and get rid of him later, but she's really in an alliance with Ricky. Lolo tells Ricky that Tom doesn't trust him. Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky vow that if they win the veto, they won't use it.

Natalie, Dina, and Lolo were picked for the veto. The competition is one to kick three field goals in an elimination round. It involved spinning then kicking. Lolo, Joey, Tom, Kandi, Natalie, and Dina. Tom still thinks Lolo and Natalie will use the veto. Lolo chooses Dina as her competitor. Dina and Lolo say they are really dizzy. Lolo easily wins. Tom makes a goalJoey decides to face off against Tom. Tom just beats Joey. Kandi picks Tom too. Tom easily beats Kandi. Tom asks Natalie not to pick him. Natalie picks him. Natalie scores. It appears she played soccer as a kid. Tom's kick hit the goal post, and Natalie's went through. Natalie won. Now, it's down to Lolo and Natalie. Natalie won the POV. Tom wonders what they will do with the veto.

At the Veto ceremony, Natalie does not use the veto. Tom tells Kato that the alliance is obviously dead. Tom congratulates Natalie on not using the veto. Natalie and Lolo go up to HOH. Natalie claims that Tom was MIA. Natalie and Lolo really try to play up that Tom didn't tell them his plan, when he did tell them he wanted to backdoor Ricky. Tom realizes that he can't trust Natalie, Lolo, or Ricky.

Joey goes to talk to Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar. Joey is trying to keep himself in the game. Joey tells them that the biggest threat in the house is the pair of Tom and Kato. They fill Joey's head with promises that they will keep him. Meanwhile Kato is frustrated because the girls were traitors in the alliance. Kato tells them that he will win the next HOH, but Natalie and Lolo are safe. Natalie asks Kato what is up, and Kato tells them they aren't good actors. Lolo, who is a crazy bitch, really snapped and started swearing. As Tom says, he doesn't want to get the Olympic athlete upset, but this is just a game. Lolo really seems hyper emotional, and I have to say I don't like her or Natalie.
Lolo yells at Kato
Time for the vote and eviction.
It's unanimous. Joey is out. Joey tells them it's all good and that he loves them. He's saying yo a lot, and he says that he will hold the door open. Julie comments that Joey didn't seem surprised that he was going out. Joey said that he met some nice people in there, like Ryan. As Joey said, having muscles wasn't part of the competitions. Joey was quite funny says that Lolo burns too hot, and he made really funny comments about how over the top she is and how you have to keep your distance. Joey guessed that the Patriots and Rams would be in the Super Bowl.

Friday, February 1, 2019 -- Evening

Quick Roundup
I haven't had a chance to catch up on BB, but Tomo won the HOH. He nominated Kandi and Joey. Natalie won the POV, and she is leaving the nominations the same. Finally, it appears that Tamar might have the power to keep herself safe. New episode tonight, with I hope to catch up on tomorrow.

POV competition

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 -- Afternoon

Eviction Night
Last night's show was POV, veto ceremony, and eviction. Just a note on Julie Chen's outfit; she looked really nice today. Kato says that he really wants to backdoor Ryan. Meanwhile Tamar is going on about not being a maid. I don't think it's being a maid to clean up after yourself. Tamar says that she is a hard working mother. She keeps on going on about how Kato was negative and a sexist. Then Kato goes to talk to Dina. Kato tells Dina that if he wins the veto, he can take Dina off. Tamar is really a drama queen. She's going on about her son being off limits, Lolo and Natalie listen to her, and Lolo tells her to take control and win the veto.

Tamar goes to the HOH room to talk to Kato. She explains that she felt hurt by Kato's reasonings and felt that it was personal. Kato said that he did not attend to be malicious. Tamar asks if she is a threat to Kato, and he says that he doesn't know what will happen. He seems very suspicious as he talks to Tamar, and basically Kato thinks that loose lips sink ships. Tom, Lolo, and Kato are in the HOH room. Ryan congratulates TomTom knows that Lolo and Natalie are together. Tom says that as long as the four of them stay together. Lolo claims that she wants the alliance with Tom and Kato to work. To solidify the alliance, Kato wants to tell the girls about backdooring Ryan. Ryan pokes his head out the sliding door, and Ryan knows the plan is to backdoor him. Ryan is not that dumb. Ryan tells Joey that Lolo, Natalie, Kato, and Tom are in an alliance, and they can't be trusted. Ryan approaches Kato and asks if he need to pack. Joey asks that same question. Kato says that it is possible. Kato tells them if the veto is used, it will be a coin toss on who goes up. Ryan realizes that he is screwed, especially if he doesn't get picked to play the veto.

Tom, Natalie, and Joey are the random draws to play in the POV. It's the roll the ball into the highest score. Tom goes first, and he rolls a 35. Dina rolled off the board for a 0. Kato got 15. Natalie got a 0. Tamar got a 35 to tie Tom. Joey was last, and was eliminated. Ryan knows now that he's going up. Tom and Tamar have a roll off. Tom rolled, and he got 70. Tamar is next, and doesn't get a 70. Ryan looks around, and you can tell that he knows he's leaving.

Time for the veto ceremony. Tom uses the veto to take Dina off the block. Kato puts Ryan up in her place. Kato says that everyone loves the person he will nominate, but it is Ryan, and he wants Ryan to win in 2020.

Ryan and Julie Time for the vote. Tamar says she didn't prepare a speech. She thanks CBS and the production company. She says that she laughs a lot in the house, even after fighting. She says if it's her time to go, she's okay. Ryan said that he's walking out with new friends, and Ryan said that he was a great team player; he won five relays. But he leaves that up to everyone else.
Ryan is evicted. Ryan tells them all it's been fun. I'm sorry to see him go because he was fun. You can hear Joey telling Kato that they will all have to start cannibalizing themselves. Ryan tells Julie that he regretted teaming with Lolo and Natalie, and that he should have gone with his gut and targeted Lolo. Ryan tells Julie that this was just a game, and that he harbors no hard feelings. Ryan also doesn't seem to think that Joey has much of a chance without him. Ryan says that BB is intense. Swimming is easy, but BB is insane. Ryan says he walked in without friends, but now he has 11 new friends. Wednesday will be the next Celebrity News Flash. It's an American vote to give the houseguest a mechanism to get themselves off the block in the next two evictions. It can only be used once.


Monday, January 28, 2019 -- Afternoon

HOH Results
The show started with the reaction after Jonathan leaving. Ryan is shocked and has to rethink his game strategy. Dina realizes that she is out of the loop because she didn't know Jonathan was being voted out. Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky are wondering why Ryan didn't hug them after the eviction. Meanwhile, they ask Tamar who she voted for. Tamar tries to explain how Jonathan has been friends with Lindsay forever, and that Dina isn't part of the alliance. Ryan is hoping that Joey will win the HOH because he's working with Ryan. Meanwhile, Tamar asks Natalie and Lolo why anyone cares who Dina voted for. Tamar tries to talk sense to Natalie and Lolo, but those two aren't the brightest bulbs in the light bulb factory.

Time for the HOH competition, which is basically the houseguests hanging off the wall. It's setup like a rock and roll concert. Kato wants to win to keep him and Tom safe, and Dina wants to win for Jonathan. First they get sugar dumped on them. Ryan is really rooting for Joey, who does want to win. Then they had green ooze shot at them. Joey wonders if it will stain their skin. Tom says that he doesn't think he can win because of the tilting wall. Tom was the first one out. Kandi says that having a big butt is making her back hurt, and she is the second out. They had cups of beer dumped on them. Yep, real beer in plastic cups. The wall was moved again. Ricky was the next one out. Then they had cream shot at them. Tamar says that she's in pain, but she's afraid of heights. So she can't jump. She starts crying. Everyone tries to give Tamar advise on how to jump down. She lasted almost an hour when she fell. Dina was starting to shake from the cold, and she falls at 1:13. Then the road crew comes in and shoots fire extinguishers at them. Lolo, Natalie, Joey, and Kato are the only ones left. Joey is shaking, and Lolo says she is not cold, but her shoulder is about to pop. Then Lolo is out at 1:33. Kato tells Joey to drop and Kato will protect him. Dina says right away not for anyone to drop. Kato takes it personally. Joey does slip and fall, so it's down to Kato and Natalie. Kato tells Natalie that she is safe. Kato tells Natalie that he wants it, and she is safe. She decides to take it so she can play next week. The competition is over at 1:37.33. Kato is HOH.

Lolo and Tamar fight Tom is glad that he's playing with Kato because Kato won the veto and now HOH. Ryan goes to Kato and says that if he doesn't go on the block, he will be a good ally for Kato. Kato says that it is tempting, but Ryan is the biggest threat. Meanwhile Tamar and Natalie talk about how Tamar is in trouble. Natalie is giving Tamar a line about how Tamar might be safe. Yeah, right!

Kato says that he is having real constipation problems, but Ricky says that he can fix Kato up. Ricky gave Kato a colon massage. And it seems that it worked. It seems that Tamar making a mess is driving Kato crazy, so he's going to put her up because she makes a mess, and she refuses to clean. Kato isn't sold on Ryan yet. Kato is set on Dina and Tamar. Ryan did try to work with Kato, but Ryan is a threat, so... Dina is upset because Kato wasn't honest with her, and that he didn't tell her that he was going to vote Jonathan out.

Lolo and Natalie come into the room at 4 am, waking Tamar, and you can already feel the tension between the two. I wonder if BB will show the fight between them. They may not because they may not want to show Lolo in a bad light. After the commercial break, the fight starts with the conversation with Tamar questioning Lolo. Lolo started hitting the wall. Tamar goes to confront Lolo who starts yelling and calling Tamar a bitch. Kandi came to take Tamar away, and Ryan was in the doorway. It seemed to end there, so I'm not sure where the smack rumor came from.

Tom goes to talk with Tamar, and she says that she is moving out. Lolo says that she escalated too quickly. Lolo admits that she have handled it differently. Lolo apologizes and says it's on her for how she approached it. Tamar accepts it, and they hug.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Kato nominates Tamar and Dina. Kato says that he adores Dina, but thought Dina was against him with the comment to Joey. Kato said that Tamar was talking about going home, and she talked back to him. His line was that six of the seven dwarfs weren't Happy. The POV competition, ceremony, and eviction are live tonight.

Hand signals

Sunday, January 27, 2019 -- Afternoon

The Mooch and an Eviction
I'm finally able to catch up on Friday's Big Brother. There is more gossip and rumor going on with BB and the feeds. It seems that Lolo may have smacked Tamar, and that Lolo may have been taken out of the house. But the feeds were down, so folks don't know what is going on. At least we got to find out what happened with the Mooch.

The show started with the twist that would send one of the houseguests out of the house. Tom is trying to figure out if he is paranoid or not. Lolo, meanwhile, doesn't know who to trust. Ryan saw Natalie and Tamar sending hand signals. Jonathan thinks that's not good for their alliance. Ryan calls everyone to the living room after coming out of the diary room. It seems there will be breaking celebrity news throughout the season. They had a break from ET, and they found out that one of them was not a real houseguest. That was Anthony. The twist is that Anthony is out of the house. When he left, he gave the current nominees another chance at safety. They can win Mooch's veto. Ryan now has to put a third person on the block. Ryan had to put up someone immediately, and he picked Kandi. Ryan said that his personality didn't mesh with Kandi, and he hasn't talked to her much. The veto competition will be about the Mooch. Ryan says that if someone comes off, Ryan will put up Lolo. Ryan thinks that Lolo has an alliance with the girls, so he is going to call her out on it.
Mooch leaves the house
The houseguest competing have to guess the correct headlines from the fake headlines. All the headlines are based on things that Mooch said in the house. Kato and Dina are also competing for the veto. The competitors are just walking around through the headlines. The first to figure out all the true headlines wins the POV. Jonathan thinks there are nine true statements. Dina, Tom, and Ryan think seven. Kani thinks five. Kato is the last to put his in, and he thinks there are eight true headlines. Kato won the veto. Lolo realizes that if Kato uses the veto, she will up and out.

Kato is going to take Tom off the block, and now he is in a final two alliance with Kato. Ryan goes to talk to Lolo. As he said, he knew Lolo since 2012, and she was always happy. Lolo says that she knew that Ryan was trying to backdoor her. Lolo says that she is telling Ryan what everyone else in the house is telling her. Lolo says that she feels like she lost a friend because Ryan was going to put her up. Ryan said that he was clicking with Jonathan and Joey just like Lolo was clicking with the girls. Ryan tells her just to stick with him and be happy.
Veto competition
Time for the veto meeting. Kato uses the POV on Tom. Ryan then puts Joey up in his place. Ryan doesn't know what to do: put up a pawn or Lolo. Ryan put up Joey. Ryan is hoping to get Kandi out. Jonathan realizes that there's nothing he can do now except to get the votes. Tom tells Kato that he did the math, and that they can easily beat Kandi, but they can't beat Jonathan or Joey. Tom says Dina is voting to save Jonathan. Ricky tells Tom that he thinks they should get rid of Kandi. Ricky doesn't know who Joey is. Lolo and Ricky said that the fighting between Kandi and Tamar should make Kandi the target.

Jonathan talks to Julie Time for the vote. Joey, Kandi, and Jonathan get to give their speeches. Joes talks about how the game is a journey. Kandi sys there have been a lot of ups and downs. Jonathan thanks CBS for being in the house. At least he had ten days in the house. Jonathan thought he was a teammate to everyone in the house. He says that everyone is on his team, and asks for everyone to back him up.
Poor Jonathan is the first out of the house. Ryan is shocked that Jonathan is evicted from the house. Jonathan tells them all that it is okay, and they will see each other when they get out of the house. Jonathan gets to talk to Julie. As Julie said Jonathan had an alliance with half the house. Jonathan thinks it was teaming up with Ryan.Also being on the block the entire time was hard. Julie told Janathan that the problem was Jonathan sticking his neck out for Dina. Jonathan thought it was his responsibility to protect Dina. Julie tells him because he didn't clear that with the women in his alliance that gave a bad vibe. Jonathan said it was the best experience of his life. That's the end of the show with the HOH competition on the live feeds and Sunday's show.

Tamar catches Lolo and Natalie in a lie

Thursday, January 24, 2019 -- Morning

There is a ton of gossip and curiosity about what happened with Anthony Scaramucci on BB. The gossip now is that he was some kind of mole, and that the whole thing will come out on Friday's episode. I have to admit that I noticed there were 12 houseguests this year and only 11 last year. So there must have been another twist.

Now on to last night's show. Ryan is not happy to be in a position of putting people up so soon. Jonathan thinks he is better liked than Anthony and Tom. Jonathan also has faith in his alliance. That's like famous last words. Tamar says that Anthony is always having tough breaks, and this was his chance to show his personality. Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar talk about how Jonathan is playing Ryan. So his alliance does not have his back. Then Jonathan mocks Ryan for the way Ryan says athletic.

Everyone on the broncos Lolo, Tamar, and Natalie were talking, and they stopped when Jonathan walked in. Lolo thinks that Jonathan is making decisions for the group without telling them. So you knew it was going to happen, Tamar said that Jonathan has to go because he's on the block. Then Natalie comes into a room and tells Lolo that we have to find a name for our final two. However, Tamar was in the room wearing grey and blending in with grey covers. Tamar calls them on it. Then Jonathan walks in on the middle of the argument between the three girls. Lolo got upset when Tamar made a joke about punching her in the throat. Tamar has to apologize.Tamar says there are a lot of final two alliances in the house. Later the girls talk about how Jonathan and Ryan are hanging out all the time. Ryan can tell something is going on because the girls stopped talking when Ryan and Jonathan came into the room. Then Lolo calls them out as being the final two, flipping the bird at their pictures. Ryan says that's not Team USA.

Time to pick for the veto competition. Ryan has to pull two chips, and if he pulls his name or a nominee's, that person chooses someone to play. First chosen is Ricky. Second is Joey. Rime for the veto with Lolo as the host. They all have to participate in a western event. They have to stack gold bricks. They have to rock a rocking horse back and forth 30 times. Then they have to stack gold bars on a rotating horseshoe. They have to get back to the rocking horse before the clock comes down from 30 seconds. Joey doesn't want to win and get a target on his back. Ricky is calm so he just took that approach. Ryan thinks his approach is going to win until all his bricks fall down. Ricky and Tom are pulling ahead. Jonathan thought he was close, but all his bricks fell down. Then Toms's bricks fell down, and Ricky Williams won the POV. Now this is curious because we know there was another POV with Kato winning.
Ricky wins
Kandi and Tamar talk about how their past relationship when Kandi wants to make an alliance with her. Kandi thought they were good, but it appears they weren't. Tamar says that she doesn't want drama, she wants to win BB. Kandi says that she didn't realize it was so serious with Tamar.

Ryan goes to talk to Ricky to give him a lowdown on what is happening. Ryan tells Ricky that he would put up one of the girls if Ricky took down one of the guys. Ryan says he would put up Lolo. Kandi goes back to talk to Tamar about it, and Kandi does not understand how Tamar feels, and how upset Tamar is about it. Kandi doesn't know what to say to make Tamar feel better. Then Ricky goes to the girls and say that Ryan told him that the girls have an alliance. Ricky tells her that Ryan would put Lolo up. Lolo then tells Natalie and Tamar. Tamar hugs it out with Kandi because they have to keep Lolo. So now the girls are against Ryan. Well, considering that Lolo flipped them off, I would say that she is getting what she asked for. Meanwhile Ricky did this just to stir the pot and keep the others stressed.

Time for the veto meeting. Ricky decides not to use the POV because he didn't get a strong enough offer. Ricky doesn't think any of the people on the block are worth saving. So this is very confusing because we all know Anthony is out of the house.

Ryan swimming in an endless pool

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 -- Afternoon

Who is HOH?
Time for the HOH competition show. There was news from the live feeds. Scaramucci left the game. It appears the houseguests aren't allowed to talk about it, so the fans aren't sure what happened. I wonder if it will come out in the show. It has to.

So back to the show. Lolo was happy that she didn't win now because that was a good thing. Tom Green is really funny, and I really like him. I hope that he goes far because that will mean he will be entertaining for us. Jonathan already figured out that they need to get the numbers on their side so even if one of them is on the block, they have the numbers. Jonathan is the brains, and Ryan is the brawn. Ryan thinks having the alliance with Jonathan is perfect because Jonathan is so likable. Tamar is also fun, and she figured out that she needs to be open to the alliance with Kandi, joining Lolo, Natalie, and Joey. Kandi is open to aligning with Tamar too to stay safe. Joey is shocked that people are already playing. Joey really shut down the whole alliance talk because that's the last thing he would choose. Jonathan and Lolo are shocked that Joey doesn't seem to know what game he is playing.

Ryan knocking down the billboard blocks The cool thing is that they brought in an endless pool for Ryan Lochte so he can keep up with his Olympic training. Then we went to Tom and Anthony talking about Trump. Tom really likes Anthony, and they both were fired by Trump. As Tom Green says, he is Canadian so this isn't his problem. Jonathan says that he likes the alliance of Natalie, Lolo, and Ryan. His thought is to keep the athletes. The girls agree that Ryan is the physical beast, and Jonathan is the mental beast. Meanwhile Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, and Kandi make a girls alliance. The girls call themselves the Four Tops. Natalie decides to play both sides.

Time to find the HOH. The competition is to knock down a billboard with their faces on it saying The Nominee. Ryan knocked down almost both billboards with one swing. He made the competition look easy. The last couple of blocks are hard to get because you have to have the perfect angle to get the last two blocks. Jonathan is on the block, and Ryan still gets to choose two nominees to go on the chopping block. And Ryan has only 30 minutes to name the nominees. Ryan wants to put up Dina. Then Tom Green walks in and just stares at Ryan and Jonathan, and finally he leaves. Then Kato comes walking in. Ryan says he is going to wing it because people keep on walking in as he tries to talk with Jonathan.
Tom, Jonathan, and Anthony on the block
Anthony talks with Kato and Tom about what an alliance means. Interesting! And it makes me understand how Anthony and Tom wound up on the block. Ryan is thinking of Dina and Anthony, and Tamar and Lolo are good with it. Kandi thinks that Ryan is being shady with her. Kandi feels that she is low on the totem pole so she has to think of what that means for her game. When Ryan talks to Jonathan, Jonathan doesn't feel good with Dina going up because Dina was like a mother to Jonathan. Ryan tells Jonathan to help him. Ryan just really doesn't have any idea of who to put up, so Ryan decides to just wing it.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Ryan says that he doesn't like it. He nominates Anthony and then Tom. Anthony says that he has to figure out how to last 12 days in this house. Jonathan now totally trusts Ryan 100 percent. Tom is in it to win, and he didn't fly under the radar as he thought he would.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 -- Morning

Welcome Celebrity Big Brother 2
Ryan and Jonathan in pink Celebrity Big Brother is back for another season. This year, there are 12 contestants, and I have to say that quite a few of the names are familiar to me, which is a welcome change from last year's version. It will be a fast paced season because it only lasts three weeks. To fit it into my schedule, I'll probably not be watching the days it airs, as the first episode was last night.

Julie Chen started the show by saying she was Julie Chen Moonves, supporting her husband from ancient accusations. Of the new houseguests, the ones I'm most interested in are Ryan Lochte, Anthony Scaramucci, Tom Green, and Joey Lawrence. Ryan comments that he is known as the party boy, but says that part of his lifestyle is over, We'll see if that's the case. Kato Kaelin is interesting because as he says, never has a man does so little and gained such fame. He believed at the time, and still does, that OJ murdered his wife. Kato made a joke about this being the first time he had a key to his own place. Funny! The house does look very nice. BB did a good job of redecorating. Lolo and Ryan know each other from the Olympics, and Ryan is keeping count of his medals.

Joey Lawrence seems like fun, and Dina sounds very much like Lindsay. I never heard of Jonathan Bennett. The second batch goes in to meet the first half. It seems some people like Kandi and Kamar might have a connection. For example, Tom Green and Anthony were fired by Trump, the Olympians, Anthony played in a movie with Lindsay Lohan. And the first announcement is that they have to pair up. Julie called it a Power Pair. They will join up to compete in the first HOH. The pair that wins will have one of the members be HOH.

One will be HOH the other on the block Only five pairs will compete with one sitting up. Ryan chooses his partner first. He wants the brains to his brawn, so he picks Jonathan. Jonathan picks the next house guest, who is Tamar, who picks Kandi. She picks Joey who picks Ricky. Ricky picks Lolo who chooses Tom. Tom chooses Dina. Dina picks Anthony as her partner. That leaves Kato and Natalie not playing, and they are completely safe at the next eviction. They all dress up in costumes before the HOH.

The HOH competition lame. It's just swinging. Ryan figures it out by swinging gently. He is at the back. He puts champagne is his glass, transgers to Anthony, who has to swing to get it a bigger glass. Natalie yells at Kato because he is trying to cheer people on. She seems like a real *itch. This really does seem like a nice long endurance competition. Ryan and Anthony, and Tom and Lolo are in the two who are competing successfully.

Ryan and Lolo are real competitors. Tamar and Kandi are lost. Ryan and Jonathan just manage to get their glass filled first. So since only one of them could be HOH, there must be some additional competition. They have to compete against each other. The winner is HOH, and the loser is first on the block. We won't have the competition until the next show (tonight). The POV will be Wednesday with the eviction on Friday.