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Sam having a breakdown

Monday, August 13, 2018 -- Evening

The Hive Is Not So Smart
You would think from my lateness in watching the BB shows that I'm not enjoying this year's houseguest, but so far, this is my favorite recent season.

This show had the initial Haleigh nominations and the Hacker Competition. Things started with Haleigh being pumped to be HOH. Tyler says that Haleigh is the worse thing to happen. Tyler does think that it might be time to break out the power app. Rockstar says that she didn't leave her family to not win. Faysal was crying because he had to vote out Bayleigh. Faysal is excited that Haleigh is HOH. As Haleigh says, the hacker competition could put a big wrench in their plans.
Faysal telling Haleigh how beautiful she is
Sam then has her breakdown because she didn't want to have to vote anyone out. The whole Sam breakdown doesn't make sense, although folks are theorizing online that Sam has a crush on Brett, and because of that she doesn't like Angela. It seems Tyler told Sam that he had a power app. Sam doesn't believe him because he should have told her sooner. Tyler said that he was trying to get Sam back on their side because the emotional vote could go against him or his alliance. Haleigh tells Rockstar that she wants to backdoor Tyler, and she's thinking of putting up Angela and Sam to get rid of Tyler.

Example of the hacker competition Angela sais that she is most worried about Tyler and Brett. As Angela says, they have the hacker competition, and Sam is crying and moping. Kaycee sees that Sam is a liability. Angela's goal is to convince Haleigh to put up Sam because it will be less blood on Haleigh's hands. Brett goes and talks to Haleigh. He's going to work his charm. Brett tells Haleigh that he is so proud of her. He asks her what's on her mind. Brett tells Haleigh that she needs to think of jury votes. Brett tells Haleigh that she's his girl. Of course, she seems to fall for it. The Level 6 side of the house is pretty strategic. Then Angela talks to Haleigh. Haleigh makes the mistake that the hacker screwed up Angela's HOH. Oops! Haleigh was the hacker. Angela reminds Haleigh of what Sam said when Sam put Haleigh up on the block.

Then Sam goes to Haleigh and asks Haleigh if anyone is making fun of her. Haleigh tells Sam that Angela told Haleigh to put up Sam. Sam doesn't seem to realize that it's a fricking game. Sam says that she feels that she is almost to her breaking point, and Sam feels she is the only real person in the house. Really psycho, and no real reason to explain it.
Kaycee wins the hacker comp
Faysal tells Haleigh with all her zit cream on that she is beautiful, and that he wants her outside of the house. Haleigh thinks that in the house, they need to not be near each other so much. Haleigh realizes they will go up together. Sam walked in on them.

Sam talks to JC about wanting to stamp someone's face on a curb and make them eat their eat, or kill them. JC says to Tyler, who is also in the room, that it was terrifying. Tyler goes to talk to Haleigh to figure out if she is going to put him up or backdoor him. Tyler realizes that it's better to backdoor him because he has the power app. Tyler reminds Haleigh that if he plays the veot he will win. Haleigh says it's a great idea that Tyler offereed to be backdoored. The Hive side (Rockstar, Haleigh, Scottie, and Faysal) are really dumb.

Angela celebrating Time for the nomination ceremony. Tyler is not going to use his power app. Not to worry Tyler, Haleigh puts up Angela and Kaycee. Angela was chosen because Angela would be against the hacker. Kaycee is just a person to be on the block because she doesn't talk to Haleigh. Tyler is excited that Haleigh wants to backdoor him. Tyler tells the two girls that they are just up because Haleigh wants to backdoor Tyler.

Haleigh throws the other members of the Hive out and talks to Brett about winning hacker and leaving the nominations the same. Brett is so funny, making jokes about passing Haleigh's antivirus and infiltrating her system. Good stuff!

Time for the final BB Hacker competition. The competition is to hack the cameras in the BB house. They have to identify the room where each image is taken. The player with the most points after seven rounds wins. Kaycee says that she has to win the competition. Rockstar and Angela on the block They only see the picture one piece of grid at a time. Kaycee, Scottie, and Rockstar get the first round. Sam knew the blue wallpaper is in the kitchen. Sam, Kaycee, and Haleigh get points in round 2. Round three is won by Kaycee, who recognizes the fuseball. She has three points. Faysal, Brett, and Scottie get the image in round 4. Tyler thinks the Hacker comp sucks. Round 5. JC gets them wrong all the time because hs is looking at people. Sam,, Tyler, and Brett get points. Brett is hilarious about getting two in a row. Round 6. Angela, Scottie, and Kaycee get round the points. Round 7. Kaycee says it is do or die. Scottie wants it too, but it's throwing him for a loop. Angela, Faysal, and Tyler get this one. Kaycee is the winner! Everyone else gets the loser symbol. Haleigh is hoping that someone from her side won.

Back in the house, Kaycee tells Angela that she won the hacker. Angela says that she is okay with Kaycee pulling herself off. Tyler comes in, and Kaycee tells him. Kaycee says that the info will just be between the four of them, including Brett. JC goes in to talk to Haleigh and Faysal. Haleigh said she only had one right. JC had none. Everyone is called into the living room. Kaycee comes off the block. Rockstar goes up in her place. Rockstar is not happy. Kaycee loves being the BB hacker. Haleigh wants to backdoor Tyler, and she refuses to let Rockstar go home.

Brett and Granny

Friday, August 10, 2018 -- Morning

Bye Bay

The show started with Angela saying she would throw herself under a bus for Tyler. Haleigh feels guilty, and Bayleigh thinks Angela looks dumb and is also trash. Bayleigh then starts in on Tyler. She does her usual queenly, bitchy routine of yelling at folks because that shows her superiority. As Bayleigh said, you can't disrespect her like that and get away with it. Bayleigh tells Haleigh that she thought Angela would say Scottie. Angela wants to comfort Bayleigh, and claims she will take the lie with her to the end. HA!

Then we have 24 hours of Brett taking care of the granny. Brett played along well. He is fun on the show.

Haleigh then feels guilty because Bayleigh says the hacker is evil and worse than anyone because that person is letting Bayleigh get blamed. Bayleigh thinks it is someone from the other side.
Bayleigh so hysterical she bit her cheek
Haleigh then tells Bayleigh that Haleigh was the hacker. Haleigh thought they wouldn't get blamed if Haleigh didn't take off Rockstar. Both cry together. Hayleigh then calls a house meeting to say she won the hacker competition. No one really reacts. Bayleigh then starts to scream at Tyler like a crazy person. Bayleigh wants Tyler to apologize. Tyler said that he didn't do anything and that he didn't want Angela to go up. Bayleigh screams like a crazy person. She tells Tyler that Tyler made her life a hell, and as she screamed that Tyler was a child, Bayleigh screeches like a toddler throwing a hysterical tantrum. Tyler got teary himself saying that he wasn't like what Bayleigh said. I think it's pretty obvious that Bayleigh is really over the psychotic edge. Bayleigh actually bit her mouth in her screeching and was bleeding.

Time to talk to the nominees. Rockstar sounds like an idiot. Bayleigh apologizes to Tyler for her tantrum. Haleigh picked Tyler as the person who could not vote. Tyler wore a grey hoodie like the hacker.
Tyler cannot vote Bayleigh is out 6-1. She says they can all give her hugs because she's no longer a big scary black lady. Rolling my eyes. Bayleigh then tries to push the door instead of pulling. Genius! Haleigh is HOH Bayleigh tells Julie that she was a backed into a corner, and she attacked. Julie tells Bayleigh that loose lips sink ships. Bayleigh claims that Rachel was crying every two seconds and Bayleigh just wanted to shut her up. Bayleigh said that she loves Swaggy. Bayleigh screeched when she heard that Swaggy went to her house. Angela says she loves Bayleigh and will be friends outside. Tyler said that Bayleigh was a power player, and he needed to get the power app out of the game. Bayleigh says everyone still loves her. I don't. She really let the HOH go to her head and never got over it.

The HOH competition is one where two compete, the winner picks the next pair, until it comes down to the final two. Sam and JC are up first. JC rings in with the right answer. He picks Rockstar and Tyler. Tyler rings in with the wrong answer, so he is eliminated. Kaycee and Brett are next. Kaycee rang in really quick and swore. It was wrong. Kaycee is out. Now it's Haleigh and Faysal. Faysal rings incorrectly. Haleigh goes on. Scottie and Brett are next. Brett rings in first, and Scottie is eliminated. Next is Haleigh and Rockstar. Haleigh rings in first and gets it. Then it's JC and Brett. Brett rings in first, but gets it wrong. It's down to Haleigh and JC. Haleigh is HOH, so that means Rockstar and Faysal are safe, maybe.

CBS has technical difficulties, and no one can hear Julie so the show ends. Last hacker competition this week.

Jesse back in the house

Thursday, August 9, 2018 -- Afternoon

POV and Bayleigh Goes Up
The house has been in an uproar since Angela won the POV, took Tyler down, and put Bayleigh up. Bayleigh has been showing her HOHitis. Now onto the show.

Tyler is pissed and hoping that the person who put him up goes up when Tyler wins the POV. Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Rockstar are happy that Tyler is up. JC goes to Tyler and asks Tyler if he put himself on the block. JC is an idiot. Tyler is sure that Bayleigh is the hacker. JC tells Angela and Kaycee that it was Bayleigh who must have been the hacker. Angela thinks Bayleigh has been acting super weird. Their plan is to get Bayleigh so she doesn't see it coming.

Tyler in the POV Angela and Kaycee think they should convince Bayleigh to pick Kaycee to play in the POV. Bayleigh thinks that it's perfect if Kaycee is on the block because they say noms will be the same. Bayleigh then takes Haleigh and Faysal that Kaycee should be picked because she hasn't played and nominations will stay the same. Well, Haleigh as the hacker picked Kaycee. Angela says that she and Kaycee planted the seeds with Bayleigh, and Kaycee is picked. Haleigh did it because Bayleigh mentioned it, and it wasn't her alliance. Angela picks two chips to pick the other competitors. Scottie and her own name, so Angela picked Brett.

Of course, the veto host, is Jesse, Mr. Pectacular. The competition is a series of rounds. It's one of the rolling a ball over a ramp. They lose points if the ball drops. At the end of each round, the lowest player is eliminated and picks a prize. The last person standing gets to pick from all the prizes.

POV order of finish In the first round, they had to get 25 points. Last person to get that amount is out. Everyone is safe except for Rockstar. Rockstar's prize is the POV. In the second round, they need 35 points. Angela made a mistake and was back at zero. She hopes someone else drops it. Kaycee, Brett, Tyler, and Scottie are safe. Angela trades for the POV. Rockstar has a new prize of exercise and diet. The third round has 40 pounds. They are all getting tired. Brett, Scottie, and Tyler are safe. Kaycee gets a trip to Honolulu. Now it is down to 50 energy points. Scottie and Tyler are safe. Brett has been eliminated. Brett's gift is to be a mascot. So Brett takes Honolulu. Scottie promised Tyler that he will take Tyler off if he wins.

Tyler wants to win it himself. This round, they need 100 points. Scottie says he is not leaving without the veto. Tyler dropped his ball at the very beginning, and hopes he has a chance to recover. Scottie wants to put everything he has into this round. It is neck and neck between Tyler and Scottie. Tyler won the round. Scottie's gift is $5000. Scottie realizes that he needs the veto. Angela tells Scottie that she will not put him up. Scottie keeps the money. Now it is time for Tyler to get his gift. Tyler has the prize of instagranny, taking care of Jesse's granny. Angela tells Tyler that she will use the POV on her. Tyler says that he figures he can take Brett's prize to not show they are together. Angela is in fifth place, and as she says with the POV, she can take back her HOH.
Kaycee in the mascot outfit
Tyler says that he thinks now that Scottie will trust Tyler, and Tyler trusts Angela 100 percent. Kaycee is dressed up in a peanut outfit with weights. She has to wear it for the week, and she also has to sing a song. Everytime Rockstar hears Jesse's voice, she has to follow Jesse's smoothie recipe and run. Bayleigh goes to talk to Angela. Bayleigh says to take Rockstar off and put Scottie up. Angela isn't taking anything Bayleigh says seriously. Bayleigh tells Angela this game is about making big moves. Angela agrees that she is going to try to do the big move, only by putting up Bayleigh.

Time for the veto meeting. Angela uses the veto on Tyler. Angela said that it was a frustrating week having her HOH hacked, and she figured out who the hacker was. Angela says a promise needs nothing when it's followed by lies. Angela then nominated Bayleigh. Bayleigh says that she is not the hacker. Angela tells Bayleigh that Bayleigh's power trip is over. Bayleigh says once a queen, always a queen. Because Bayleigh is a queen. Haleigh didn't realize that people would think Bayleigh is the hacker. As Tyler says, even if Bayleigh isn't the hacker, she has that powerful app.

Brett calls Baleigh Honey

Monday, August 5, 2018 -- Morning

Brett felt that his speech worked flawlessly. He jokes that he'll have to be called El Cockaroach because he isn't going anywhere. Then Rockstar sobs in the DR and to Tyler. She cried so much her fake eyelash fell off. Angela wants to get out Bayleigh's power app. Angela seems really negative to Rachel. Tyler covered his tracks by going to Bayleigh and saying that Rachel told him that Bayleigh has the power app. Bayleigh is upset that Brett outed her.

Poor Rockstar feeling sorry for herself Bayleigh goes to yell at Brett because how dare he out anything that Rachel might have said about Bayleigh. Brett also made the mistake of calling Bayleigh honey. Bayleigh is a grade A bitch.

Then Faysal and JC talk about who voted out Rachel. As JC says, Faysal doesn't have any brains. JC is his brains. So JC tells Faysal it could have been Scottie or Rockstar. Bayleigh then went bitching at Rockstar. Bayleigh is an idiot. Near genius my butt. She can't figure out that she has four people in her alliance who could vote, and there were four votes for Brett. Tyler can't believe how stupid the other side is. Tyler says that it's hard to keep his facial structure correct for the group he is with.

Tyler trying to win the Hacker comp Everyone is called into the living room to find out about the hacker competition. After the nomination ceremony, the winner of the hacker competition gets to save someone from the block, put up a replacement, and remove one vote from the eviction vote. Angela is upset because it sucks for her level of control as HOH.

Haleigh, Rockstar, and Faysal talk about how they have to win in the hacker comp. Brett is worried because he's still in hot water this week. Then Sam calls a house meeting to talk about the hacker comp. Sam has a plan to keep the peace. They should all let her win, and she won't use the power. She wants everyone to go into the competition and just not participate. Rockstar says that she doesn't understand, and she doesn't want to give control to Sam. They all try to tell Sam that someone won't agree, and then the winner is anonymous, so they will never know.

Brett comes up with anallice Angela tells her crew that she is putting up Rockstar and Scottie. They all think that Rockstar won't handle it will. They all say that they need to get rid of Bayleigh and the power app. They hope that one of them gets the power app so they can put Bayleigh up before she can use her power.

Amgela talks with Baleigh. Bayleigh says that she is happy that Angela won. Bayleigh doesn't think she should use her app. Bayleigh tells Angela that Bayleigh can't change the nominations. Bayleigh has to use it before the nominations to hijack the nominations. Angela says that she is not putting up Bayleigh or Faysal because that's the only people that Bayleigh cares about.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Angela nominates Scottie and Rockstar. Angela explains that all Level 6 has to do is win the hacker comp and put up Bayleigh. Brett went to give Rockstar a hug telling Rockstar that it's tough being on the block. Rockstar sobs in DR. She is getting so beat up, especially by her own alliance. When she is alone, Rockstar says she is geting her ass kick in this stupid ass game.

Rockstar is a loser Time for the hacker competition. The game is to quickly unscramble letters to make a work. the fastest three finishers get a point. Angela got the first work quickly, it was nominee. Brett thought that game was meant for him, but Brett didn't even get a word in. Angela got the second one too. The third word was blindside. Tyler got that one right, finally. Angela and Haleigh are tied after round 3. The fourth word is alliance. Bayleigh doesn't have a point. Brett calls the word anallice. hehehe! JC is upset because all the words are in English. He ginally gets eviction in round 5. Haleigh feels that she has to get something quick. Sam, Tyler, and Haleigh get the points in round 6. Tyler has to get the fourth point in round 7. Haleigh wants to win too. Brett finally got competition in round 7. Rockstar got it too, so only one spot it left, and Haleigh gets it. Haleigh found out that she is the first BB hacker of the season. The others get a loser notification. Scottie is upset because he wanted to take himself off the block.

Haleigh's main focus is to think of her personal game. She wants to target the biggest person who is flying under the radar. Brett and Angela think that it's Scottie who won. Everyone is called into the living room. Scottie is removed from the block. That makes him seem like the winner. Tyler goes up in his place. Sam cries, and Haleigh noticed that Tyler plays both sides. Sam actually sheds a tear. Scottie is upset because he is going to be blamed. Angela plans to win the veto and put up Bayleigh. I hope that actually happens. That would be GREAT!

Brett in the hammock with Haleigh

Friday, August 3, 2018 -- Afternoon

There is fall out from the vote in last night's BB. Rachel went home, and folks who were blindsided, yet again, are in an uproar.

The show started with the blindside in the works. Brett is not happy that he's still on the block, but he's confident that he will stay because Rachel is annoying everyone. She cried about Brett going home. Angela tells Rachel that she doesn't like that she has to be okay with Brett and Rachel being on the block. Bayleight thanks Tyler,and says that she now trusts Tyler completely because he has her back, and she has his. Tyler says that he wants Bayleigh's power to be gone because he doesn't want her using it on him. Kaycee says it sucks, but they have to vote to keep Brett. That's what Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler agree to. Brett has to act like he is going home. JC goes out to talk with Tyler and Brett. Brett tells JC that it will be seven girls and four guys.
Faysal picks up JC
Tyler thinks the comment on girls outnumbering guys is a problem. Tyler gets Sam to vote. Sam and Tyler are in agreement. She says she will do whatever Brett says. Scottie goes and talks to Bayleigh, Scottie, Faysal, Rockstar, and Haleigh about how they can get Brett out. Faysal says that he hasn't heard Brett's pitch yet. Queen Bey says that her next move is to get Brett out of the house. Brett and Tyler talk about Bayleigh's power app. Brett says that he has to find a way to use this to his advantage. Brett goes over to talk to Haleigh, and Faysal doesn't know what is going on. Brett realizes that Faysal is mad because Haleigh is in the hammock with Brett. Of course, Brett is using this to his advantage. Faysal goes to bed, but he can't sleep because Haleigh and Brett are talking

Next up was a Swaggy C segment with Bayleigh's parents. Her mother says Bayleigh is so smart, and that Bayleigh was tested, and only one point away from being a genius. HA!
Eviction time. Rachel thanks Jesus and people at home. Brett outed the fact that Bayleigh has the power app, and that the girls are targeting the males. It was a great speech. I love Brett and Tyler! Time for the vote.
HOH prep
Rachel was evicted 5-4, and she just grabbed her stuff and ran out the door. The four who voted for Brett were in shock. Rachel was so upset and teary while Julie tried to talk to her. Rachel was totally blindsided. She was totally confused. Angela wins HOH Julie was trying to get information from her, but Rachel was so upset. Julie gives the vote. Rachel said that Brett's speech gave her a clue and thought it was a last ditch effort. Julie said that Rachel was loyal to a fault, crying over Brett in the diary room. Rachel got really upset at Angela's farewell message. This was great!

Time for the HOH competition. it's one of the watch animated gifs competitions. Last person standing after 7 questions wins. Everyone but Kaycee gets the first one correct. Everyone gets the second correct. Everyone but JC gets it right. Everyone buy same gets number four right. Tyler, Scottie, Bett, and Faysal get the answer wrong on number five. Haleigh gets number six wrong. It's down to Angela and Rockstar. Both get the seventh question right. It's down to a tie breaker. In seconds, what was the total time of the Out on a Limb endurance competition from the official start till when Tyler hit the ground? Angela is the closest, and she is the new HOH.

When we returned from the commercial break, we learned about the hacker competition. There will be a competition for the winner to hack the game. I hope this isn't a lame reward.

Kaitlyn the crow

Thursday, August 2, 2018 -- Afternoon

The pre-show clip showed JC trying to get into bed with Faysal who angrily tells JC to get off of him. JC is really a creep.

Meanwhile, after the ceremony, Rachel cries about being on the block and how she is trying her best to stay loyal to the people she came into the house with. Rachel tells Kaycee that Bayleigh is set on Brett going home. Then Faysal talks to JC about how he got JC off the block, saved Hayleigh, and sent Kaitlyn home. Faysal tells JC that JC was going on the block, and it was only Faysal that got JC off the block. Faysal says he just wants a thank you from JC. Tyler goes to Bayleigh to make sure that he won't be backdoored. Tyler says that he would like to get picked, and he asks Bayleigh how she would want him to use a veto. Tyler says that he is going to try to take Brett or Rachel off and put someone else up. Bayleigh wants to find out if Tyler has the other power app, but Tyler is really good about keeping things to himself.

JC then goes to Bayleigh to complain about how Faysal was taking credit for JC not going on the block. JC is hoping that he will get Faysal in his back pocket to do anything that JC wants. Of course Bayleigh is a bitch, and she goes and wakes up Faysal to bitch at him. Bayleigh goes on about how she comes across looking like a little bitch, and Faysal isn't putting Bayleigh in the best spot. Bayleigh definitely has a severe case of HOHitis.

Tyler competes in the POV Rachel tries to talk Bayleigh into getting away from Brett. Rachel says that Brett is a bigger target than Rachel. Bayleigh keeps on shoveling food into her face. Bayleigh, of course, is getting pissed off because Bayleigh is a bitch.

Time to pick players for veto. Bayleigh picks Sam. Rachel picks JC, and Brett picks Tyler.

A crow comes to the backyard and poops when JC asks if it has a message from Kaitlyn.

The game is a stupid one. The goal is to build a road on a cityscape, then hop into the Goober car to drive the evicted four houseguests out of the town. Bayleigh is having difficulty figuring out the puzzle. Tyler is up next. He admits the competition is tricky because he doesn't know which way to go, and there are two road blocks that could affect him. Sam is up next, and she wants to win to keep the nominations the same. Sam is the Forest Gump of the house, and she is really having issues getting things done right. Sam timed out after 30 minutes. JC doesn't thin that the puzzle will be that hard, but he's not too bright with puzzles, and he can't drag around the pieces. Rachel is up next, followed by Brett.

Time for the results. Rachel finishes in 30:00. Bayleigh finishes in 14:24. Brett finished in 10:59. Bayleigh was upset over that one. JC finished in 30:00 (timed out). Sam finished in 30:00 (she timed out). Tyler finished in 6:54. Tyler is too smart. JC asked if the streets just dropped themselves into place. Tyler is in trouble though because Brett and Rachel expect Tyler to use the veto, and Bayleigh expects Tyler not to use it.

How did Tyler win so fast? Tyler tells Bayleigh that he didn't want to go home, which is why he won. Tyler also has to see if Bayleigh would tell him who would go up in place of Brett. Bayleigh says that Angela would go up in Brett's place. Tyler tries to paint a target on Scottie. Tyler tells Bayleigh that Scottie is always telling him things.

Rachel goes and cries to Bayleigh. Bayleigh tells Rachel that the veto won't be used on Brett. Bayleigh and Rachel seems to think Tyler wants girls out. Rachel says that she will be loyal to Bayleigh. Now the goal is for all girls to go to the end. Boring! And I hate most of the girls. Heck, I hate all of them. Rachel is mad because she now thinks Tyler is a snake. Rachel told Angela that Tyler told Bayleigh to put Angela up. Angela told Kaycee, who told Tyler. Tyler then goes and finds Angela. Angela says that she doesn't trust Rachel. Tyler says that Rachel is trying to twist everyone's words. Tyler is thinking maybe he should use the veto on Brett.

Then Rachel tells Angela that Bayleigh has the power app, and can use it next week to put Tyler on the block. As he says, this makes it an even tougher decision. So in the ceremony, Tyler does not use the POV. Tyler tells them that he loves both Brett and Rachel. I believe the plan now is to keep Brett over Rachel. Rachel cries over someone going home. All in all, I really, really dislike Bayleigh.

HOH Competition

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 -- Afternoon

Bayleigh as HOH
Catching up now on the Sunday episode. Rockstar was happy to still be in the game. Sam says that she felt it was her fault, but people tried to console her. Haleigh asks Faysal if he was the one who voted to keep Kaitlyn. Faysal is hurt that he was asked about it, because he used the veto to save Haleigh. JC voted to evict Rockstar because he wanted to cause drama. Tyler tells everyone that he didn't vote Rockstar. Kaycee is upset that someone is trying to setup Tyler. They seem to think now it is Scottie. Everyone seems to think it is poor Scottie instead of JC.

Time for the HOH competition. One by one, they get on a block, and have to shoot themselves down a polished lane to the outbox. The person who gets there closest to 8 seconds wins HOH. Bayleigh is first. Bayleigh does it in 8.08 seconds. Tyler finishes in over 10 seconds. Haleigh finishes in 8.50 seconds. Brett finishes in 10 seconds. JC finishes in 8:48. Rockstar finishes in 6:58. Angela, who I don't think I've seen since the show started, didn't want to win, so she really didn't try. Kaycee is close, but not close enough to get the lead. Scottie finishes the fastest. Faysal doesn't want to try because he figured Bayleigh had it. Now it's down to Rachel. Rachel is carrying the weight of Level 6 on her shoulders. Rachel finishes in 10:04, so Bayleigh is HOH.

Brett and Rachel nominated Everyone is trying to figure out where Bayleigh's head is at. Tyler does a whole act in front of Kaitlyn, and Bayleigh buys it, thinking Tyler really liked Kaitlyn, but he really doesn't. So Bayleigh is believing that Tyler is a lone wolf. Bayleigh is hoping that Tyler will have her back since he's a competition beast.

Haleigh talks to Bayleigh, and Bayleigh is just against the guys, except for Tyler. Bayleigh is putting up Brett with someone. Scottie goes to talk to Bayleigh, and Scottie promises that he didn't vote to keep Kaitlyn. Scottie says that he thinks it was Rachel. Bayleigh tells Scottie that he has to be Team Bay. She threatens Scottie with physical violence is he is lying to her. Bayleigh is a real bitch.

Bayleigh talks to JC, and she tells him that she is hearing he is making promises to everyone in the house. She is considering using him as a pawn, but tells him that she isn't considering him as a pawn. Faysal talks to Bayleigh because JC is an asset to the group. Bayleigh really has an ignorant way of talking to everyone, especially men. She talks to men like they are dogs. I am not a fan of Bayleigh.

Bayleigh says that Faysal gets on her last nerve, but the bitch gets on my last nerve. She is obnoxious. Bayleigh talks to Rachel and says that Scottie said that Rachel voted out Rockstar. Bayleigh says that Brett has to go home. Then Bayleigh tells Rachel that Bayleigh has the power app, and she can put any two people she wants on the block next week. Bayleigh is definitely letting the power go to her head. Time for the nomination ceremony. Bayleigh nominates Brett and Rachel. Bayleigh says taht Brett is easy because he's been up before. Rachel is just a strategic move, supposedly.

Kaitlyn confronting Faysal

Friday, July 27, 2018 -- Afternoon

I'm just now watching last night's BB show, but I already know that Bayleigh won HOH, and Kaitlyn was voted out. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn was unable to crack the simple puzzle that was assigned to help get the person back into the house. So I am imagining that this will mean that there will be a later buy back into the house.

So onto the show. Faysal says Kaitlyn is his best friend, but he has a thing for Haleigh. Then Sam hugs JC saying she would never do anything to him. Rockstar cries because she doesn't know why she was selected. Kaitlyn cries because she was upset that Faysal didn't save her. She says she can't look at him. Kaitlyn says it was a betrayal. Kaitlyn cries about how often men have promised her things and then never followed through. If I were Faysal, I would just have walked away. Faysal says that what Kaitlyn did to Swaggy affected his game.
Haleigh hugs Faysal Meanwhile Sam is explaining her app to everyone, and how the person would get a chance to get back into the house. Tyler and Faysal talk about how to vote. Tyler has been in Kaitlyn's ear, so he wants to keep her over Rockstar. Haleigh thanks Faysal for saving her. She didn't want to be blindsided. Haleigh wants to evict Kaitlyn, and she wants Faysal to vote with her. Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she is mad at Faysal. Tyler tells Kaitlyn that she needs to get into JC's head that they will get Faysal out next week.

JC tells Brett, Tyler, and Rachel that he wants to vote our Kaitlyn because she is a competitor and no one knows where her loyalty lies. Kaitlyn cries because she put so much into trusting men in this game, and she feels that Faysal wants her out. Kaitlyn said that she is sure to go out, and that Faysal is going to vote her out. There's so much whining and crying from Kaitlyn that I would just get rid of her. Faysal realizes that he will be Kaitlyn's number one target.

Kaitlyn trying to get back in the house Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Faysal tell Rockstar to campaign with Brett, Rachel, and Tyler. Rockstar talks to Brett late at night. She tells him that she recognizes his game. Brett needs to think to himself if he will vote based on vendetta or game. Brett goes to Tyler, and Brett says that Kaitlyn is a ticking time bomb. Brett thinks that Rockstar will be easier to get rid of. Tyler says that Rockstar won't be able to come back, but Kaitlyn can. Tyler tells them that he feels confident in Kaitlyn.

Sam and Tyler talk about who will go out. Sam doesn't want it to be tie. She said that she will put two pills in a cup. Everyone is flipping and flopping. Tyler doesn't want to vote out Kaitlyn and have her come back into the house.

Time for eviction. Rockstar says that she is honored to be with all the wonderful people. Kaitlyn goes on about being spiritual at first. Tme for the vote.
Kaitlyn failing to get back into the house Obviously no one likes Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn then finds out that she gets to go upstairs to the app room to battle her way back into the house. there is an assembled puzzle of Kaitlyn outside of a plastic house. Kaitlyn has to take it apart, put it in the house, and reasemble correctly, and she's back in the house. She has 2 minutes and 30 seconds. But Kaitlyn is having obvious issues, and she is having real issues. She cries, and she winds up blowing the shot to get back into the house. Kaitlyn goes out of the house without saying anything to anyone.

In the Julie conversation, Kaitlyn said that someone needs her more outside the house. Julie tells Kaitlyn that JC voted Rockstar out.

POV competition

Thursday, July 26, 2018 -- Afternoon

POV Catchup
I haven't been watching the Sunday episode, but I'm sure there a ton of fun. I just have been too busy. The Wednesday episode started with Sam talking about how Kaitlyn and Haleigh don't have any respect for others. She says there's more to woman empowerment than flipping your hair around. Kaitlyn and Haleigh don't think that Sam knows them. Rockstar thought Sam's speech was crap because putting up two women is not about women's empowerment. It seems Kaycee also has a problem with the comment Sam made about disrespecting people. Kaitlyn says that she wasn't rude to men, but Sam says actions speak louder than words, and Kaitlyn is still just talking. Sam tells them to take it to the competition. Haleigh cries because what would her grandpa think of Haleigh not respecting others. Haleigh thinks that the conversation turned personal.
JC has to ice his balls
Sam says that if she wins veto, things will stay the same. Otherwise, it will be Rockstar who goes up. Sam thinks that Rockstar would be the easy target. Sam tells Tyler that she will let the others know after veto that the person evicted this week will have a chance to come back. Tyler then goes to comfort Kaitlyn, and Haleigh joins them. Kaitlyn mentions that she has a boyfriend back home, which makes the shock music come on because basically, Kaitlynn has been flirting non-stop even though she has the boyfriend. Kaitlyn goes to talk to Sam, and Sam calls Kaitlyn on how she acts around men, throwing herself at them. Kaitlyn claims that it hurts her that this comes from Sam, and Sam really questions her about.

Sam tells Faysal to play, and she tells him to do what he wants. She also tells him that both girls like him. Sam tells Faysal that he is kind and so whole. Faysal gives her a hug. Faysal is trying to get on her soft side. I am really starting to get a greater liking for Sam. Lots of hugging and mutual admiration between Faysal and Sam.

Rachel back in the house Faysal has feelings for Haleigh, and Haleigh is the one that he wants to save if possible. Haleigh says that she will pick Faysal to play for her.

Time to pick for veto. Sam gets houseguest's choice, and she takes JC. Kaitlyn gets Rockstar. Haleigh gets houseguest choice, and she takes Faysal. Kaitlyn looks like she wants to puke. Kaitlyn is hoping that Faysal will be on her side.

Rachel Reilly is back for the POV competition. Tyler is so excited because Rachel is a legend, but he doesn't want people to know he is such a huge BB fan. Kaitlyn talks to Faysal, and he tells her if you throw it to me, throw it to me. Faysal tells Haleigh that he is going to save her though. He's just playing Kaitlyn.

in the competition, the houseguests will get smacked and hit, and they have to say in what order things happened. There will be seven questions, and the person with the most points from guessing it right will win. Everyone got the first question right, so everyone gets one point. Sam and Faysal got the second one right. JC keeps on getting smacked in the balls. Everyone got the third question except for Sam. Faysal is in the lead. Haleigh's strategy is to guess. She is the only one not getting a point in the fourth round. Everyone got points in the fifth round. Scottie is dying from laughing at JC. Faysal and Kaitlyn got a point in the sixth round. He is in the lead with 6 points, and Kaitlyn has 5. Kaitlyn intentionally got the last question wrong so Faysal would win. What an idiot! Faysal claims that he likes them both, so it will be hard, and he is crying over it. Both Kaitlyn and Haleigh both think that they are safe with Faysal winning the veto.

Kaitlyn and Rockstar on the block Faysal tells Haleigh to trust him, and then he gets in bed with her. Then Kaitlyn goes to talk to him, and she tells Faysal that she believes in Faysal, and that he will do what is right. Kaitlyn then calls Faysal on whether he promised Haleigh that he would use it on her. Kaitlyn can't believe it. Kaitlyn then tells Faysal that she threw it to him, and she tells him that he shook her hand. She continues that Faysal promised her. Loser!

Tyler checks with Sam to make sure she is going to put up Rockstar. Tyler tells Sam that he would put up Rockstar because it's the easiest thing to do. Basically Tyler wants to know if he is going to go up because then he can use his power.

Time for the POV ceremony. Faysal saves Haleigh. Sam was going to put up JC, and he figured that out because Sam said she was going to put up her best friend. She chickened out, and Sam puts up Rockstar. Sam says that she got the first power app, and that person will have a chance to come back to the house. Sam thought everyone loved JC so Kaitlyn would definitely go home. The bonus power doesn't guarantee that the evictee gets back in. The eviction should be interesting.

Shirtless Winston and Brett

Friday, July 20, 2018 -- Afternoon

Weeklong Catchup I've been too busy to watch the show this week, but I do know that Scottie put up Winston and Brett, and Scottie won the POV and. obviously, did not use the POV, so the bros stayed on the block.

Now on to Thursday night's episode. Scottie is happy that one of the bros is going home. Winston thinks that Scottie is an idiot. Kaitlyn with her psychic jabber is a screwball. Tyler and the girls think that Winston makes faces, and that Brett may be better at competitions. Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Rockstar say Brett needs to go because he is persuasive. The female members of the Level 6 alliance and Sam say that they have to get rid of Winston because Brett is a bigger target.

Sort clip of Rockstar stuck on the rock wall. Kaitlyn tries some some sort of psychic thing. they Haleigh just talks her into climbing down.

Rockstar stuck on the wall Kaitlyn tells everyone that Tyler is voting out Brett. Scottie talks to Tyler, and they talk about whether they can trust the remaining Swaggy folks. Sam talks about her power app, and how it can make Winston or Brett a stronger ally.

Next up was a clip on Sam's family. Snooze! Then it was time for the vote. Brett is first to give a speech. He sais that he gets nervous in front of pretty girls. Then he gives this smarmy speech. Brett says that Rockstar told him that she was going to slip on the vote, and it would 6-5. Winston says there have been a lot of great duos.
  • Kaitlyn evicts Brett
  • Rachel evicts Winston
  • Kaycee evicts Winston
  • Rockstar evicts Brett
  • Faysal evicts Brett
  • Bayleigh evicts Brett
  • Angela evicts Winston
  • Haleigh evicts Brett
  • JC evicts Winston
  • Tyler evicts Winston
  • Sam evicts Winston
  • HOH competition

Winston is eliminated 6-5. Winston hugs Brett, but he doesn't say anything to anyone else. Boy is pissed! Then Rockstar goes on yelling because she says she didn't vote for her. Brett keeps on saying sorry, I don't know what to tell you. Rockstar keep on saying Brett is disgusting. Brett did a great thing by laying the seed of distrust in people. Winston realizes that his alliance voted against him. Winston says it is shocking to him. He thought he was close to them. Winston says that he threw the friendship bracelet that Sam made him to the ground as he left the house. Winston was hinting and begging for a battle back. But there isn't one.

Time for the endurance competition. It's the hold onto the wall endurance. And of course, there is rain to soak them as they hang on. I've already checked, and Sam won the competition.

Guys comfort Kaitlyn

Friday, July 13, 2018 -- Afternoon

Bye, Swaggy
Catching up on the eviction episode from last night. The show started with Kaitlyn hoping that Faysal will understand her actions. Winston wanted to party because Kaitlyn went through with it. Scottie can't think, but he is just happy that Tyler took him off the block. A bunch of guys go to the HOH room to comfort Kaitlyn. Bayleigh even went to give Kaitlyn a hug. As Bayleigh says, she is going to be nice nasty to Kaitlyn so Bayleigh can stay in the game. Bayleigh says that she couldn't understand why Kaitlyn didn't talk to Swaggy, and Kaitlyn says that she didn't feel she had a choice. Swaggy, Rockstar, Scottie, and Faysal talk about how they need 7 to get Swaggy safe. Swaggy says that they need to either have a tie or get Tyler. Bayleigh tells Swaggy that it will be easy to get the votes, and Swaggy won't go anywhere. Meanwhile Winston is starting to panic. It seems both Swaggy and Winston will only have 5 guaranteed votes.
Brett without a shirt and porn star mustache
Faysal tells Kaitlyn that he was blindsided by his best friend while the only it on the block. Faysal feels confused and exposed because of Kaitlyn and Swaggy turning on each other. Swaggy tells Kaitlyn that he swears on his dad's dead grave that he never said Kaitlyn was at the bottom of his totem pole. Kaitlyn cries. Swaggy says that he is in love with Bayleigh, and he doesn't want it taken away. When he is alone, Swaggy says that he is the best actor. Tyler can't believe that Kaitlyn is backing down. Tyler tells Kaitlyn that they have to look out for themselves. Meanwhile Swaggy is going on about how it's all an act on his part.

Swaggy then goes to talk to Sam to spread a sob story to get her vote. Sam says her heart is breaking talking to Swaggy. In DR, Swaggy says that it's all an act. Sam claims in DR that she is wondering if she should use the power app on Swaggy.

Swaggy listening to his own advice Swaggy gives his speech by saying he wants to go in and keep people safe. He goes on and on about they are there to play a game. Winston said he would keep it short and simple. Time for the vote.
  • Bayleigh evicts Winston
  • Brett evicts Swaggy
  • Kaycee evicts not so Swaggy Christopher
  • Tyler evicts Swaggy C
  • Rockstar evicts Winston
  • Haleigh evicts Winston
  • Faysal evicts Winston
  • Scottie evicts saying he appreciates the flattery, but he's nobody's good, and voted to evict Chris
  • JC evicts Swaggy C
  • Angela evicts Swaggy
  • Rachel evicts Swaggy
  • Sam evicts Swaggy
HOH tiebreaker Swaggy is out with a vote of 8-4. Swaggy hugs his alliance members. Swaggy takes some shirts from his bag and throws them to the audience. Jerk. Julie calls Swaggy on being blindsided both weeks. Swaggy said that the house is soft. Swaggy said that Haleigh didn't vote for him. Julie called him out and said that Haleigh voted to keep him. Julie shows Swaggy his pre-house video where Swaggy said he wanted to play in the middle of the pack. Swaggy said that he obviously didn't listen to his own advice. Faysal tells Swaggy in his video that he wanted to save him. Swaggy looked at his fingernails while Kaitlyn and Swaggy gave their farewells. Bayleigh cries because she is in love with Swaggy. Swaggy claims he does love her back. Swaggy also claims Tyler is soft and in love with Kaitlyn. Swaggy is an idiot.

The HOH competition is for the house guests to watch two videos, and then to be asked questions about the video. First question, and everyone but Kaycee gets it right. Tyler, Bayleigh, Angela, Haleigh, Winston, Brett, and JC are out. Third question, and Sam is out. Now the second video, watched by Faysal, Rachel, Rockstar, and Scottie. Fourth question, and they all get it right. Fifth question, and Rockstar is out. Sixth question and Faysal is out. Seventh question, and it's down to Rachel and Scottie. They both get the last question right. Tie breaker: in seconds, how long was the microchip mayhem competition from start to finish? Scottie says 1199. Rachel did math and was really over Scottie is HOH.

Jessica and Cody in the Diary Room

Thursday, July 12, 2018 -- Afternoon

POV and Swaggy C
I didn't watch BB on Sunday because I didn't think it would be that exciting. Kaitlyn put Scottie and Winston up so she could backdoor Swaggy C. Tyler won the top trending app, which will keep him off the block for one nomination meeting. Rockstar got the crap app. Tyler then went on to win the POV. He took off Scottie, and Swaggy C went up.

Wednesday's show started with the announcement that Cody and Jessica from last year would be on, and that they were engaged. Kaitlyn really hates Swaggy, which I can understand. His personality would probably rub be the wrong way if I were around him 24/7. POV dating game Winston is nervous about being up on the block. Brett and Winston talked about their nerves over the backdoor plan. Swaggy and the rest of the alliance are in the HOH room celebrating over Winston going out.

Time to pick for HOH. Kaitlyn picks Houseguest Choice, and she takes Faysal. Scottie picked Rachel. and Winston picked Tyler. Faysal goes to talk to Kaitlyn, and she tells him that she doesn't want him to win because it would be bad for his game since Swaggy is Faysal's best friend. Kaitlyn tries to explain to him that he doesn't have to play hard. He says he'll go out and win the veto.
Rachel getting yelled at
Jessica and Cody ring the doorbell and come into the house. JC says that Cody looked taller on TV. It's funny because Cody keeps on introducing himself. I really liked Cody. Jessica and Cody announced the competition, which is based around a dating app. They will have seven dating profiles, and they have to match the houseguests with the perfect dating spots. The houseguest who does it quickest wins. They have a max time of 20 minutes. Boogie, Jodi, Jose, Christmas, McCrae, Michelle, and Cody. Rachel goes through in a decent pace. Kaitlyn is rather stupid. Kaitlyn gets four wrong. Scottie is next, and he tries to movie as quickly as possible. Scottie can't run and think, and he keeps on getting his selections wrong. Swaggy in shock Winston is next. He seems to have issues with the selections too. He actually winds up timing out. Idiot! Tyler is up next. Tyler seems really on the ball. He gets it on the first try. Faysal is last. Faysal thinks the competition will be easy. He gets two wrong on the first try. Time for the reveal. Rachel finished in 5:49. Scottie finished in 18:20. Winston finished in 20:00. Tyler gets 5:29. Faysal gets 6:22. Kaitlyn finished in 13:29. Tyler gets the veto.

Kaitlyn starts to want to back out of backdooring Swaggy because her alliance will get mad at her. So Tyler has to calm her down. Kaitlyn doesn't like lying to Faysal. AS part of Rachel's crap punishment, a fat guy comes into the house to yell at her.

Kaitlyn decides to tell Haleigh that she's backdooring Swaggy. Haleigh goes into panic mode, but she can't tell Kaitlyn no. Then Haleigh tells Rockstar. Haleigh tells Rockstar that Tyler encouraged Kaitlyn to do it. Rockstar tells Faysal that she doesn't have a good feeling about Tyler and Kaitlyn. Faysal tells Rockstar that Angie is going up in place of Scottie. Fially Kaitlyn tells Faysal that she is going to put up Swaggy. She asks Faysal if she can have a hug, and Faysal says no.

Time for the veto meeting. Tyler uses the POV on Scottie. Kaitlyn cries and puts up Swaggy, who is shocked. Faysal is pissed, and Bayleigh is panicking. Kaitlyn cries and says that she is empowered to stick up for her truth. Barf! Swaggy says hs will make everyone's life a living hell.

Faysal and Haleigh snuggle in bed

Friday, July 6, 2018 -- Morning

Eviction and HOH
I missed Wednesday's episode of BB, which had Faysal win the POV. He didn't use it. The plan was going back and forth between Sam and Steve. We did find out that in order for Sam to get back in the house with the power she has, that she would have to win a competition.

Tyler wants to keep Sam in the house, and he warns her not to press anyone's buttons. Steve is talking to his group, and he tells them that they need seven votes to keep him. Sam's goal is to make herself seem invaluable. JC thinks that Sam will do anything he wants. I really don't like JC. It seems that he has been going around groping people, and he was reprimanded for it. Kaitlyn doesn't like Faysal hanging out with Haleigh so much.

Bayleigh and Swaggy in shock Tyler and the Level Six alliance wants to get rid of Steve, but they need to get a seventh vote without spilling the beans on the Level Six alliance. Winston thinks that they can get Kaitlyn without exposing the alliance. Haleigh tells Faysal that the two of them are not a good idea. Faysal and Haleigh are snuggling under the blankets, and Kaitlyn can't deal with the fact that Faysal is having a showmance with Haleigh and not with her. Kaitlyn cries to Tyler about how Faysal has not been honest with her. Kaitlyn feels like she is at the bottom of the totem pole. Tyler can use this to sway Kaitlyn's vote to Sam.
Time for the vote, and Steve and Sam get to give their spiel.
  • Scottie evicts Sam
  • JC evicts Steve
  • Swaggy C evicts Sam
  • Bayleigh evicts Sam
  • Rachel evicts Steve
  • Kaycee evicts Steve
  • Faysal evicts Sam
  • Haleigh evicts Steve
  • Angela evicts Steve
  • Brett evicts Steve
  • Winston evicts Steve
  • Kaitlyn evicts Steve
  • Rockstar evicts Sam
HOH competition The vote is 7-6 with Steve leaving. Boy, will he be shocked because he thought he had it locked down. Swaggy C and Bayleigh looked really shocked, and so did Faysal. Gotta love the drama. Steve goes out to talk to Julie.

Steve said that he was more than confident. He believed he had an alliance with the guys that he did not have. Steve said that he was fooled. Julie asked if him being the oldest was a problem in connecting. He says that the others saw him as a young father, and that they never excluded him from the games. Julie calls Steve out on being a bad undercover cop because he couldn't keep his fricking mouth shut.

Time for the HOH competition. It's the launch a ball into boxes. The boxes are setup to be tech jobs in a city, and the boxes have salaries. The person with the highest salary wins. Scottie is first with 40K. JC is next, and he is elimated because he lands in the street. Brett is next, and he is out. Winston gets 12K, and he is eliminated. Sam is next, and she gets 50K, so she is in the lead. Kaycee is next, and she gets 15K. Faysal is on the street and eliminated. Kaitlyn is next and gets 80K. Angela is next. She is in the street and eliminated. Bayleigh is in the street and eliminated. Swaggy is in the street and eliminated. Rockstar also lands in the street and is out. Haleigh gets eliminated. Rachel is last, and she in the street. Kaitlyn is HOH.

Level Six Alliance

Monday, July 2, 2018 -- Morning

Boring Brother
I am really having trouble getting into this season of Big Brother. a good deal of it is due to the disappointment that was season 19. The second part is the absolutely boring similarity with all the house guests. Well, I'm watching last night's episode now.

Tyler says that he put up Sam and Steve because they were the first out in the HOH competition, which basically means the others don't like them. Swaggy thinks that it was weak to go after weak targets. Sam realizes that the problem is that she's in the game as a robot,which is a really sucky thing to do. Tyler goes outside and cries because he is a wimp. But then he says that he just turned on the waterworks as a strategy to seem like a softy.
Have Not room
Meanwhile Sam is in the storage room, and she asks for people to come in one at a time to talk with her. Meanwhile, it becomes obvious that no one really feels a connection to Sam because she is a robot. Kaitlyn comes across as a real bitch, and Sam calls her out ans says that if Kaitlyn was a robot, she couldn't be in the hot tub with Faysal. After Kaitlyn leaves, Tyler tells Sam not to be so aggressive.

Steve thinks he has an awesome social game, and Scottie doesn't have any. They really seemed to get along. Scottie says that he trusts Steve 100 percent. Then we get the bedtime conversation with Swaggy and Bayleigh. Kaycee feels that she is out of things because she has to stay in a room. At least she can interact with others.

Faysal gets a crap app Then we see the Level Six alliance with Kaycee, Winston, Brett, Tyler, Angie, and Rachel. They say that they are rock solid. Then we see both Bayleigh and Swaggy talking separately about how they don't want a relationship with each other. Then at night time, they kiss noisely. Swaggy admits to himself that he came there for half a million dollars, not a showmance.

A white pigeon shows up in the yard, and Kaitlyn thinks that it's her dead grandfather Lou. Then we get to see Sam's problems as a robot. She feels very outcast from the group. As she cries, people gather around her, and JC tells her to stop being so full of negativity.Then slop is introduced. Tyler has to choose the first four have nots. Kaitlyn, Brett, Winston, and Scottie volunteer. The bed is a satellite dish.

Swaggy and Faysal try to make an alliance with Brett and Winston. Brett and Winston agree to keep themselves safe, and then Brett goes and tells the others in his alliance. Then we have a discussion of the alliance between Faysal, Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, and Haleigh. They some up with some weird anagram.
Sam trends to a safety app
Then we get the BB App store disclosure. The top trending house guest gets to choose an app in the store. The least trending gets to select a crap app. Each will go into the App Store individually. One you win an app,you can't get another win.

Sam isn't sure what trending is. They have to place their hand on the scanner to find out if they were trending or not. Faysal got the crap app. He was the least trending house guest. Faysal takes the Hamazon punishment. He must eat all the ham in each delivery. Since Faysal is muslim,he doesn't eat ham. Swaggy is sure that he is trending because he runs everything. Swaggy doesn't understand how he is not trending. Sam finds out that she is the top trending. Sam chose Bonus Life. It allows her to get back into the game, and it's only good for the first four evictions. If it's not used by the fourth eviction, that person automatically gets in.

Meanwhile, Swaggy tells America to get it right next time. Sam will probably use the power this week because she will be voted out.


Thursday, June 27, 2018 -- Evening

How Boring!
The BB show started this evening with Swaggy C overhearing the girls not in his group talking about Swaggy behind his back. Then Kaitlyn tells Swaggy that he did the best thing for his game. I'm really having trouble telling who these people are because the majority of them look very similar. Basically the guys are working out and looking at the girls. Then Kaitlyn leads a yoga session. Swaggy C was shocked that he he joined the hippy commune.
HOH competition
Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal make an alliance called the solid five. First HOH ocmpetition. Only the eight who are not save will be able to compete in the HOH competition. The eight who are safe don't compete. The HOH competition involved walking on a balance beam and putting 'deletion dots' in a competitor's tube. When someone has 10 balls in his/her tube, he or she is out. For some stupid reason, the people who are good are targeting the weakest people: Sam and Steve. Sam sees people putting balls in her tube, and she feels like she is a target, Duh! For some reason, no one was giving JC balls. Sam was the first out, then Steve, Kailyn, Winston, Angela, and then JC. It's down to Tyler and Bayleigh. Tyler started putting balls in Bayleigh's tube before JC, so Bayleigh was not happy. Tyler winds up winning the HOH.
Tyler hugs robot Sam
Sam cries about being shunned. No one cares about her. Winston starts making an alliance with Angela, Brett, Rachel, the girl in the rainbow outfit (Kaycee), and wants to add Tyler. Tyler plans on putting up Sam, Steve, and if one comes down, putting up Bayleigh. Sam, as a robot, talks to Tyler about how she is being shunned and an outcast. Tyler tells Sam that she is not a target. They hug. Meanwhile the other people try ot talk Tyler into putting Angela and Winston because they are strong players.

Tyler nominates Sam and Steve. He took the easy way out. Steve says he will get off the block. Sam has her feelings hurt, and she realizes that Tyler doesn't really like her.

All the house guests

Wednesday, June 25, 2018 -- Evening

Big Brother Starts
I have not been as excited about Big Brother this summer, but I figured I'd give it a chance, especially since it is the 20th season. My first thought was that the house guests all have really annoying voices. The only thing I can hope for is that there are no returning house guests. Then, annoyingly, the local station broke into the show with a rambling report about how it was going to rain. After repeating the non-news, slowly, for several minutes, we finally got back to the show.

Eight against eight Tyler, Bayleigh, Samantha, and Winston were the first four into the house. Bayleigh has such a fricking, screechy voice! Samantha sounds like a Jordan Lloyd wannabe. JC is really small. I think he may be a little person. Per usual, the majority of newbies claim they are Big Brother fans. The woman who goes by the name Rockstar is really on the ugly and weird side.

The house guests are called together and told that technology will take over the BB house. The first competition starts. Four men and four women are on each side. One half winds up in darkness, and the other half winds up hanging. The BB Super Computer has 'crashed.' Yep, sounds lame. The ones in the dark, and they have to find a folder that says Escape and Play. There are seven folders, and they have to find them. The one who doesn't find a folder will get a punishment. I really don't like CJ, so I hope he doesn't find a folder. Tyler finds the first folder, and he gets an escape, so he chooses to leave for the house. Then Bayleigh found a folder, and it was an escape, and she leaves. It seems that the house guests are finding the escape folder, and they have been choosing to leave the trash. Winston found the final folder, which means Kaycee doesn't have a folder. Angela will play in the competition to save her seven partners.
In the dark
The second group of eight is hanging, and they have to pick up blocks and spell the word house guest. The first person who finishes will competition for the other seven against Angela. The last to finish will get the punishment. Samantha says that she is a good speller. We'll see. Swaggy C won the competition. Scottie got the second place. Faysal almost won, but knocked his blocks does. He has to rebuild, but others are knocking down their blocks. Steve is out third,a nd Faysal was fourth. Kaitlyn finishes next with the help of her spirit god. Cray-cray. It's down to Rockstar, Haleigh, and Sam. Rockstar gets the blocks, and it's down to Haleigh and Sam. Haleigh just beats out Sam. Sam doesn't seem that bright. She cries about being sent home.

Building blocks Bayleigh tries to give Swaggy some tips about intimidating people. Swaggy gives himself a pep talk to go out and win. Swaggy decides to talk to Angela about making a deal to keep them both safe. I like Swaggy because when Angela says she will only keep her platform folks safe, he decides that he has to win. The goal is to be the last house guest standing on a surfboard that is on a pole. As the boards wiggle, they have to balance on the boards. Swaggy says that he has to win.

Angela versus Swaggy C
The first web page comes up, and the two are hit with doors, the back door. Then another page comes up, and a chopping block tries to knock them off. Then its targets and twists. Swaggy admits that his leg is twitching, but he has to hold on. Then Angela is the first to drop. Swaggy thinks it's great that he gets to decide everyone's fate. Swaggy will have to pick the movie in groups to keep people safe. That's a bit of a twist.

Swaggy was going to keep his group safe: him, Brett, Rockstar, and Rachel. Bayleigh tries to save her group: Sam, Winston and Tyler. Then Angela cam in with Kayleigh and her group. I would sacrifice her group because I hate JC. Swaggy has to figure out who to save. Kaycee comes back in with a stupid rainbow unitard.
Sam as robot
Sam comes back as a robot. Sam can hear and see everything. Kaycee has to stay in the room she's in when her pinwheel spins. When Sam hears 'robot offline,' she can go to the diary room and come in a herself. When she hears 'robot online,' she has to come back as a robot.

The house guests have to sit in their move in groups: Group 1: Sam, Winston, Bayleigh, and Tyler, Group 2: Steve, JC, Angela, and Kaitlyn. Group 3: Scottie, Haleigh, Faysal, and Kaycee. So that means that Sam, Winston, Bayleigh, Tyler, Steve, JC, Angela, and Kaitlyn are non safe. America gets to vote for someone to trend, who will get a reward, and a person who gets the lowest points gets a punishment.