The Daily Bongo

August 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009 -- Evening

BB Show
The Big Brother show this evening showed the finish of Thursday's HOH competition. Of course, we already know that Kevin won HOH. As Jeff commented, Jordan started out good, but she got winded. i think that a good deal of it has to do with being chunky and out of shape. Michele knew she had to beat Kevin, and she tried to wipe the grate to get every drop in. The problem is that wasted time. Natalie spent most of her time on her butt. As Jeff commented, it looked like Natalie was going through the motions and leaving it up to Kevin. Meanwhile Kevin thought he had it filled, but the ping pong ball wasn't coming up to one of the holes. Kevin had to beat on the lid to jostle the ball so it would come up one of the holes. Michele has a crying fit in private because she didn't win the HOH, and she only has herself in the house, and no one else. Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie are trying to figure out who would be best on the block. As Kevin says, he has to think of what is best for him and who will get him farther. When it was time for Kevin's HOH room, they had photos of his boyfriend. Jeff said that the boyfriend looked like Enrique Inglesia. Then Kevin got a CD signed Enrique that prompted a "told you" from Jeff. Kevin appears to be really conflicted over who to get rid of this time. It seems that he and Natalie have been leaning towards Michele, but Kevin admits to Jeff that he is going to put Jeff up against MIchele. As Kevin says, he has to do that, otherwise, Jeff would play for the POV to take Jordan off. Then Kevin would have to put up Natalie and rely on Jeff and Jordan to keep Natalie. Of course, in the end, Kevin nominates Jeff and Natalie. Tuesday's show is the POV competition and ceremony.

Saturday, August 29, 2009 -- Morning

Reap What You Sow
Unfortunately, Jeff is reaping what he sowed at the Big Brother house. Kevin nominated Michele and Jeff for eviction. We all saw that coming when Jeff nominated Russell for eviction. You knew he wouldn't make final four then because Jordan sucks at all competitions, and Michele sucks at the physical ones. Well, the bad news is that the POV competition was last night, and Michele won POV. That means, the two nominated will be Jeff and Jordan. Natalie was saying she would want to get Michele out before Jeff, but with the choice betwen Jeff and Jordan, we can all say good-bye to Jeff. You live and learn. Jeff is not the first person to do something stupid in the BB house, and he won't be the last. A final two of Kevin and Natalie will be annoying as heck though.

Thursday, August 27, 2009 -- Late Evening

HOH Results
Kevin looks like he is going to win HOH. He almost has his bowl filled. Michele is a distant second, and Natalie and Jordan are basically phoning it in. This does not look good for Jeff and Jordan.

Thursday, August 27, 2009 -- Evening

Another Eviction and HOH
Things have been volatile in the Big Brother house, with Russell delivering on his promise to make Jeff and Jordan miserable. He's been threatening Jeff and call Jordan fight. There have been several blow-ups over the past couple of days. I think that Jeff was a fool to listen to Natalie and Kevin's lies, and he can only hope neither wins HOH. Tonight's eviction show starts with Kevin ecstatic that Jeff was stupid enough to believe Kevin's lies. Natalie admits that the plan is to go for Jeff next week if they win. I can't believe how stupid Jeff was to buy Kevin and Natalie's lies. Michele goes to Russell after the POV, and starts crying with him. Michele says that even though she really doesn't like Russell, she has felt a bond with him. Russell wanted to wring Jeff's neck after seeing Michele cry because he thought that Jeff was an idiot to break the alliance. Jeff said that he thought Russell broke the final four deal because he had a final two deal with Michele. Russell tried to explain that final four came before final two. Russell threatens to beat up Jeff if Jeff gets to the jury house. Jeff keeps on saying that he's not afraid of Russell. Jordan starts to get in the middle, and Russell starts on her. As Jeff says in the diary room, who wants to save a guy who blows up like that all the time. Russell tries to work Kevin for a vote by telling him that once Russell leaves, there will not be anyone else strong enough to take out Jeff. Kevin claims in diary room that he doesn't know what to do because it would be a big move. Should Kevin stay loyal to Natalie or switch to Russell? Who would get Kevin further? It was hilarious that the first 15 minutes of the show was Russell yelling at Jeff and Jordan.

We did get to see Jessie in the jury house. Jessie said that it was a game, and he didn't care that Lydia was willing to hold anything against him. Lydia tries to do some pretend boxing with Jessie. She said that she wanted to kick him and hug him. Jessie admited that he was inclined to vote for Jeff at the end to give him $500,000.

Time for eviction. Natalie says that everyone promised her that she would be staying in the house so she wanted to thank them. Russell was very gracious at the end and said everyone was great who was still in the house, and that he was wishing each and every one of them luck. Jordan voted to evict Russell (duh) and so did Kevin. So that meant Russell was leaving. Michele also voted Russell. So Russell is out. Russell told Julie Chen that he thought it was the smartest thing Jeff could do to get of him now. Jordan in her final message said that she had never been so disrespected by anyone before. Jordan said that Russell would not like it if someone called his sister fat. Well, Jordan is chunking it up.

The HOH competition is an endurance type competition. It's similar to the competition from BB8 from the same time period that Zack won. Basically, the houseguests have to carry a liquid from one container to another while crossing a slippery lane. The cup holds 8 oz, and the bowl that they have to fill takes 16 gallons. I'm thinking this is not going to be a Jordan win. Michele seemed to start out good. I hope she continues. It would suck to have Kevin or Natalie win.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 -- Evening

We Got Drama
The live feeds have been brimming with drama. Jeff used the POV to remove Kevin from the block and put Russell up in his place. In what might be a stupid move, Jeff listened to the lies that Kevin and Natalie have been telling him about Russell. As Jeff said when Russell denied plotting against him, "but that's what I'm hearing." Never thought that he might be hearing lies that the other two are saying to save their butts. Tonight on the BB show, we got to see the scheming that lead up Russell going on the block. Russell said that he understood that there was an opportunity for a backdoor and that the POV was important. Russell told Jeff that he appreciated Jeff's moves and wouldn't vote against Jeff or nominate him. Jeff is bothered by the fact that when he took Russell off the block, Russell voted to keep Jessie. But that was because Russell wanted the guys to be together against the girls. On the show, Jeff and Jordan got into a fight because Jeff said that he wanted Jordan to work harder on trying to win competitions by studying things in the house, or other things. Jeff said that he was trying to help her, and Jordan said that he should just take care of himself, and she would take care of herself. Kevin admits that he so hopes that Jeff and Jordan take the bait because as soon as he can, he's stabbing them in the back. Natalie admits that they haven't won anything yet, and they have to win the POV. The POV came down to Jeff and Michele, and Jeff just beat Michele out. Jordan was the first one out, and she said that Jeff would probably be mad at her for her lack of effort. Russell and Michele were talking about Jeff putting up one of them. Russell said he would lose it (which he does.) Russell is 100% right when he says that there will be three of the final five against Jeff and Jordan. This movie is a stupid one on Jeff's part. As Russell says after he was nominated, Jeff will the the strongest player in the game and that leaves Jeff with a huge target on his back.

Sunday, August 23, 2009 -- Evening

BB Schemes
Tonight we got to see the final of Thursday's HOH competition. Jordan wanted Jeff to win because she trusts him, Kevin wanted to win to save his alliance, and Russell wanted to win to make the final four. The HOH competition was made more difficult by board with a random slide to cover the can entrance. As they started to get to five and seven cans, the competition started to get more competitive. Kevin started to get a good groove going on, and anything he did seemed to work right. He had a can bounce off the slider into the tube. Kevin had a huge lead. Then the houseguests got six gold cans that could be used to shut down another houseguest for 60 seconds. Russell said he had no problem using the gold can to his advantage. When Kevin had 21 cans, Russell got a gold can and blocked Kevin. That stopped Kevin, and allowed Jeff to get a rhythm and catch up to Kevin. Kevin then used a gold can on Russell and blocked him. That helped Jeff because Russel wasn't banging around causing Jeff to miss. Then Jeff just needed one can, and Kevin tried to use a gold can on Jeff, but didn't make it. Fortunately, Jeff got the last can and got HOH. Russell and Michele were the two with the lowest score, so they would be have-nots for the week. The funniest part of the show was when Jordan told Jeff that he should take her to Hawaii, since Jeff won the Hawaii trip a week or so ago. Jeff said that he would take her, but she would have to make out. The second funniest was when Jeff was tending the BB garden, and Jordan and Kevin were both lusting over shirtless Jeff. There is the usual drama with the HOH becoming paranoid about what people are plotting and scheming. Jeff tells Kevin and Natalie that he is nominating them as pawns. They have to win the POV, and then Russell can be backdoored. When it is time for the nomination ceremony, Jeff pulls Russell's key first, then Michele's, and finally Jordan's. Jeff has succeeded in calming Russell, and we shall see if Russell is nominated in the POV ceremony (Jeff has the POV).

Saturday, August 22, 2009 -- Evening

Big Brother Update
Jeff has been wondering what to do during his tenure as HOH. He and Jordan have been doing some scheming on the show, but so far, Jeff has nominated Natalie and Kevin for eviction. Today was the POV competition, and Jeff won the POV. It seems that the POV competition might have been a messy one because the houseguests had to shower afterwards. Now the question is if Jeff will backdoor Russell and take off either Kevin or Natalie and put Russell up instead. I would hope that Jeff would keep Russell, but at the same time, I can understand getting rid of a competitor. One person that I would want to eliminate from the game is Kevin because he seems like he can win (or come close to winning) competitions.

Thursday, August 20, 2009 -- Late Evening

HOH Resuults
Sounds like Jeff won the HOH! Couldn't be better!

Thursday, August 20, 2009 -- Evening

The Defector
I just finished reading the brand new Daniel Silva book, The Defector. It's a good book that I would definitely recommend. I do have a full review of the book.

Eviction and new HOH
We had to wait until this evening for the POV competition in the Big Brother house. The plan was to have tonight be a double eviction night. However, with the Chima expulsion, things had to be rweorked. So the producers delayed the POV competition. It's definitely put the houseguests on edge, and there has been scheming. Natalie may have made a deal with Jeff and Jordan, although she told Lydia and Kevin about it, and told them that she would nominate Jeff and Jordan for eviction if she wins HOH. I think the safest thing would be for Russell to win the POV. Then we can only hope that Natalie is evicted. Then have Russell, Jeff, or Michele win the HOH. We also heard a production announcement even though the feed went to fishes that the houseguests should wear athletic clothing tonight. That means we must be having another endurance competition.

Julie Chen started the show by saying it would be the most action packed of the summer. Natalie admitted in the diary room that she is outnumbered with no true friends. Jordan tells Natalie in the green room that she is safe, but that she reserves the right to get rid of Natalie if something changes. Natalie immediately goes to Kevin and says that she is a pawn. Kevin admits that he doesn't know where he stands with Lydia because she makes enemies with everyone. Kevin admits in the diary room that if he won the POV, he might use it on Natalie. Meanwhile Russell said that he would take Michele off the block if she went up. Russell says that he would want to take Michele to the end because they are both hated. Jeff walks in then. Russell and Michele try to act cool, but Russell admits in the diary room that the smart move would be to get rid of him or Michele. Late one night, Lydia admits to Natalie that she (Lydia) and Jessie had sex. Surprisingly, Natalie and Lydia have a talk and resolve their hatred over Jessie playing them. Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie talk about planting a seed of doubt about Michele and Russell. They tell Jeff a lie that Russell is planning on putting Jeff up. The goal is to keep Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia safe. Kevin rehearses the lie, and then tells Jeff that he is opening a line of communication. Kevin claims that he heard Michele and Russell talking about getting Jeff out next week. Jeff buys it because he's not too bright. Kevin even admitted that he would think that Jeff was an idiot for believing him. Kevin is an idiot. Jeff tells Jordan and says that if someone wins the POV that Russell might be backdoored. Jordan talks sense because she says she's more concerned about losing numbers. Jeff and Jordan don't think that Kevin would lie. Stupid! Although, the foursome, Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell, hashed things out and they realize they shouldn't believe the other three.

Natalie got her call from her father and did some crying, and then it was time for the POV competition. It's a before/after competition with questions about whether things happened before or after. Everyone gets the first questions right. Lydia, Jeff, and Natalie are removed with the second question. The remaining three get the next question right. Then Kevin is eliminated. It's down to Michele and Jordan. Both kept on getting the answers right. Finally, they had to go to a tiebreaker. Jordan got the POV. Lydia looked disappointed because no one in her alliance got the POV. Unfortunately, my local station thought it was important to break into the BB show to tell us about rain that was coming. But It seems that Jordan did not use the POV. They really need to get rid of Natalie. Russell votes first, and he votes to evict Lydia. Michele also votes to evict Lydia. Then Jeff votes to evict Lydia, and it's official. Lydia is out. Kevin votes to evict Natalie, but it's for naught. Lydia, still dressed in her Captain Unitard outfit, leaves after hugging Kevin.

Finally it's time for the HOH competition. it's a one hour game. The houseguests have to stack 24 cans in a recycle tube by dropping them into the tube. If no one reaches 24 by the hour, then the houseguest with the most cans after an hour wins HOH. After the show ended, the feeds were still showing trivia.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 -- Evening

Finally the Chima Expulsion
CBS finally showed Chima being removed. They, of course, didn't show the true lowness of Chima and how she hid Jeff's clothes and then put lotion all over them and then started to commmander the washing facilities so he couldn't clean his clothes. They did show how Chima broke the house rules throughout her stay in the BB house: not putting on her microphone, not going to the diary room when called, etc. Allison Grodner told Chima to go to the diary room, and when Chima eventually went, she was escorted from the house. The houseguests found and Kevin got the most upset because he realized it was bad for their alliance. The houseguests were told that there would be an HOH competition. Then Lydia was saying that she would put up the "evil" side. Funny because Lydia is on the evil side. The HOH competition was a miniature golf competition. Lydia was the first one out, and she got to pick a prize from the prize table. She picked the HOH key, but you know the first person to pick is not going to keep the prize. Natalie was next out, and she got an Hawaiian vacation. Then Russell was out. He picked a call from home, but traded with Natalie to get the vacation. Natalie tried to make it out to seem that Russell was being nice and giving her the phone call, which he wasn't. Then Kevin was out, and he got $5000. It came down to Jeff and Jordan. Jeff asked Jordan if she wanted the HOH, and she said that she would like a letter from home. So Jeff knocked the ball out of the play area, so Jordan won. Jeff got a spa treatment, but he traded that for Russell's Hawaiian vacation. Then Jordan got the Captain Unitard outfit, but of course, she exchanged it for the HOH key. At the point, Lydia started calling Jordan a ho. That's really funny because Jordan hasn't had sex with anyone in the house. Meanwhile everyone watching the live feeds has seen Lydia having sex with Jessie. Well, Lydia got drunk and started pouring out Natalie's beer and throwing out her food. Then she flipped out on Jeff who was just trying to tell her to calm down because it's a game. When Jessie and company evicted Jeff's friends, he didn't act like a vindictive psycho. Natalie and Lydia are both coming across as vindictive, psycho bitches, and it's not a pretty sight. They are going to be so embarrassed when they leave the house. Jordan nominated Lydia and Natalie, of course. So far, from watching the live feeds, it doesn't look like the POV has been played yet. It might be tomorrow.

Sunday, August 16, 2009 -- Evening

Big Brother Show
So today was the first BB show since yesterday's events. It was interesting to hear Michele say that she had respect for Jeff because putting up Jessie and Natalie was a good power move. When Michele got her HOH room, Jeff commented on how it was funny to see Lydia, Natalie, and Chima kissing Michele's ass. The funniest part of the show was watching Lydia, Natalie, and Chima crying over Jessie leaving the house. As Kevin said, you would have thought the guy was run over by a Mack truck. The three harpies were saying that Jessie was the kindest person, never a harsh word for anyone, and praying for them, even when he put them on the block. What a bunch of ding-dongs! It was hilarious to see Kevin there listening to them and rolling his eyes. You can see how those three harpies were building up their emotions to the point of no return. What Big Brother should have done is mention that Chima left on Saturday. Obviously they are going to hold it for Tuesday's show. Natalie made a telling remark when she commented that she hasn't really been playing the game. Michele said that she had to put up the people that would not take her to final four or beyond. Wise decision. So now we have to wait until Tuesday's show to see the Chima meltdown.

Sunday, August 16, 2009 -- Morning

Those Who Remain
Last night the houseguests were separated into the alliances. Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin were in the kitchen eating food that Jeff, Jordan, and Michele made for the whole house. Lydia was trying to be sly and pretending not to eat while Jeff or Jordan was around. What a bunch of immature children! It seems that in the HOH competition, Lydia won the opportunity of wearing a unitard. She's "Captain Unitard." It seems that Lydia was acting very resistant to wearing the unitard, but finally gave in.

Saturday, August 15, 2009 -- Evening

Jordan now HOH
CBS has sent out a presss release saying that Chima was removed from the Big Brother house for breaking the rules. The girl was definitely a loose cannon, and as I've said, in desperate need of some psychiatric counseling. Also, they say that Chima will not be part of the jury. So I'm not sure what they are going to do with the jury because they will need an odd number of people to prevent a tie. There are some rumors that Ronnie might be brought back. From what I can gather from the little bit of the feeds that I did get to see today, Jordan is now HOH. I guess there was an HOH competition since Chima is gone and they want to keep the show moving. It's more than like that Natalie and Lydia are going to go up on the block next. Natalie has been taunting Jeff, calling him a terrorist. All I know is that Chima, Natalie, and Lydia are the sorriest bunch of poor losers that I've ever seen on the show.

Saturday, August 15, 2009 -- Morning

Chima Thrown Out of BB House
Drama overnight in the Big Brother house. Chima threw a fit because she was nominated for eviction. She kept on washing clothes in the washer and dryer so no one else could use it, and she was going around hiding other people's clothes. She refused to wear her mic, and then threw it into the jacuzzi when Kevin brought it out. Kevin brought out another one later, and Chima put it on for a few seconds, and then took it off again. Then she put in on her shirt in the belly button position, and sat in the house plotting with Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin how they would hide and destroy Jeff's stuff, and keep the washer and dryer in constant use. The foursome are acting like spoiled, bratty, babies who had their lollipops stolen. Incredibly immature! Then the feeds went to fish. When it came back, hours later, Chima was gone. She either stormed out or was removed by Big Brother for her behavior. As I've said before, Chima needs psychiatric help.

Friday, August 14, 2009 -- Late Evening

Chima gets her comeuppance!
Michele nominated Chima and Natalie for eviction. Great!

Friday, August 14, 2009 -- Evening

Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Houseguests
Well, sometimes the best schemes turn out to bite you in the butt. Chima seems to have thought that she had Michele under her control. However, it seems from the live feeds that Michele is aligning herself with Jeff, Jordan, and Russell. There have been whispers between Michele and Jordan that seem to hint that Chima and Natalie may be the ones who go on the block. I think that would be just great, especially since Chima was so cocky after Michele won the HOH yesterday. Chima was acting as if she was in total control. Chima has been trying to tell Michele to put up Jeff and Russell. The feeds have been on triva for the past hour and a half, supposedly, the Nomination ceremony. The only thing that I can surmise is that Chima is throwing another tantrum. As for Chima's tantrum yesterday, it was a bust when Big Brother placated Chima by giving her beauty supplies and food that she requested. That hasn't stopped Chima from pulling dirty tricks, like hogging the washing machine and not washing her dirty dishes. Chima is one sick puppy, and when she goes home, she should probably seek some psychiatric counseling. The houseguests had a half-way party, and the big dining table was replaced by the smaller one.

Thursday, August 13, 2009 -- Evening

There were rumor that tonight's Big Brother live eviction was pre-recorded earlier today, but it looked live. Chima has been threatening violent retribution if someone uses the Coup d'Etat. I have to ask why they don't throw her off the show. Chima is one sick puppy, and unfortunately for her, when she coms out of the house, she's going to see what a negative image she has presented. Of course, she may not mind because that is probably the person that she is. Jeff had better use the Coup d'Etat. After all, we, the viewers, put all those votes on Jeff to have him not use it. Russell knew that Kevin wouldn't use the POV on him, but he was going to do what he could to say. Meanwhile Jessie was obsessing about someone using the Coup d'Etat to put him on the block. I love when Jessie and Jordan try to befriend Jeff and Jordan because they think that either one of them has the "wizard" power. While Russell and Jessie are playing pool, Russell calls it when he says the girls may get rid of the guys. Chima is already talking about that. Jessie says that he won't support Russell because Russell has made it clear that he is on the side of Jeff. When Russell and Michele are talking, and Jessie walks in and starts telling Michele not to listen to Russell. Russell starts going off on Jessie. Annoying Chima was talking to Jessie, and she said that if Jeff uses the Coup d'Etat, she will give him nothing but drama.

Side note about Julie Chen, she had on a really ugly polka dot dress.

Back to the show. Julie tells the house guests that starting tonight, the evicted house guest goes to the jury house. The video story today was on Chima. They try to make her out like a nice person when we know that she is a real itchy bee. We hear from family and friends. The only thing all agree is that Chima acts like a princess. Chima's grandmother said that she would tell Chima to listen a little bit more and not yell. In fact, her grandmother said that Chima should be civil and not to make things so personal. i think that I really like her grandmother. Chima tells Julie that she would rather stick to the issues and that she doesn't like to make things personal. Really? Boy, that Chima is deluded.

Time for the vote. Julie asks if someone will be using the Coup d'Etat. Jeff stands. He is going to use it. Jeff can change one or both of the nominations. Chima can compete in the HOH which really sucks. Jeff takes Lydia off the block. He puts Natalie in her place. Jeff takes Russell off the block. Jeff puts up Jessie in Russell's place. Jessie takes off his shirt, and underneath is a shirt with Jessie's picture and the phrase, "the Man, the Myth, the Legend." Jeff tells Natalie and Jeff that they have been running the house, and they need to feel the block. Neither Jeff or Chima can vote. Both Jessie and Natalie are in shock, although they thought it was coming. Lydia votes first and votes to evict Natalie. Jordan votes to evict Jessie, and so does Kevin and Michele. Russell votes to evict Natalie. Jessie is out. When he gets the news, he gives Natalie a big hug, and only a short one for Lydia. Chima immediately starts saying she is going to talk to the producers because she thinks that Jeff told Russell. He didn't.

The HOH competition pits two houseguests against each other with the losing getting knocked out of the competition. Lydia and Kevin are up first, and Kevin wins. There's Chima telling Kevin who to put up against each other, Russell and Jeff. Jeff picks Chima and Natalie. Chima got it right and picked Jeff and Jordan. Jeff won. He put Kevin and Chima against each other. Kevin got it right, and Michele and Jeff were up next. Michele won against Jeff and then against Kevin. Chima was jiggling away with happiness because Chima feels that she controls both of them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 -- Early Evening

Perseid Meteor Showers
If it's August, it's Perseid Meteor Shower time. The meteor shower is an annual event that happens every year from the end of July through the end of August with the peak around the middle of August. The shower can be observed in the direction of the Perseus constellation and is a result of the Earth goes through the orbit of the Swift-Tuttle comet. The Perseid meteor show has been recorded for around 2000 years. I was hoping to go out last night, but the skies were cloudy here in the Pittsburgh area. Tonight is supposed to be the peak night, but again, the skies are cloudy. I'm hoping that the weather forecast for clear skies holds true for tomorrow so I can hopefully see something of the shower.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 -- Evening

POV Competition
It's POV night on Big Brother, and people are wondering if Jeff has the Coup d'Etat, or Wizard power, as they call it. Jeff is constantly being called to the diary room, and that has them all suspicious. Russell talks to Jeff and tries to get Jeff on his team. Jeff says that he might be interested in saving Russell. Later Russell tries to talk to Michele about her lies. What is funny about it is that Michele tries to say that she can't remember things even though she has a Ph.D. Meanwhile we see the video evidence that what Russell says is true, and that Michele is lying. In a diary room discussion, Chima refers to Russell as a "tyrant." However, on the live feeds, Chima has been calling Russell a terrorist because he is Lebanonese. Chima is such a racist, but unfortunately, that isn't being shown on the tv show. It's amazing how they spin the show to make Chima seem a sympathetic character while Russell is shown in a negative light. That's not how it is if you watch the live feeds. The POV competition has the houseguests manuevering eggs out of a chicken coop and across a wavy bridge to a stand. The first to get 12 eggs win. Russell and Lydia both had houseguest's choice. Russell picked Jeff making it clear that he wasn't aligned with Jessie anymore. Lydia picked Kevin because she was sure he would use the POV on her (he doesn't.) Jessie was really pissed because he wanted to play in the POV so he could protect himself against the Coup d'Etat. As Jeff said, the thing that made the competition difficult for him is that he has no patience. The competition was really close between Kevin and Russell, with Russell just finishing a fraction of a second behind Kevin. After Kevin wins, he admits in the diary room that although he loves Lydia, he has to think of himself. After the POV competition, Kevin tells Lydia he won't use the POV, and she gets a little pissed. Then Russell tells Jessie that Russell is his only way to stay in the competition. Russell tries to talk Jessie into getting Chima to put up Jeff. Jessie then goes to Jeff and tells him. Then Jessie tells Jordan the same thing. Jordan says in the diary room that she doesn't trust anything that Jessie tells her. Finally! In the final moments of the show, Chima calls Russell a terrorist. Russell called Chima a racist, and Chima is so mature, she starts sticking her fingers in her ears and saying "la, la" and then she starts screaming at Russell calling him a terrorist repeatedly. Chima is so immature. Russell and Lydia talk about Kevin not using the veto on her. Kevin gets pissed about that, but he never planned on using it on her because he's trying to keep himself safe in the long run. Chima says that the person who wins the POV should respect the HOH and not use the POV. If Kevin uses the POV, then Chima is after him. Of course, Kevin doesn't use the POV.

Sunday, August 9, 2009 00 Evening

Chima's nominations
I haven't been watching much of the live feeds since Thursday because I really can't stand Chima. She is one of the ugliest Big Brother contestants in years. She has been jealous because Russell wasn't so keen on her providing him with sexual favors, probably because she is really ugly, and she nominated him and Lydia for eviction. The POV competition was held yesterday, and Kevin won, but is saying he won't take Lydia off the block. Rather stupid of him I think. I would take her off if she were a member of my alliance.

Tonight was the eviction nomination night on the BB show. It's hiliarious when the show a clip of Ronnie saying "I try to handle everything with class" and farts. After that the show starts with Ronnie's rant against Michele. What a hypocrite he is because he's a rat. As Michele said, Ronnie is just jealous because the Big Brother encyclopedia didn't even make it to the jury house. Jeff really loves having the mystery power, and he said in the show's diary room that he is happy to have the mystery power, and he's going to use it. As Jeff said, he can't stand that everyone is talking about it saying that it would be stupid to use it because people would get made at him. Chima told a sad story in this episode, about being raped by a serial killer. She said the guy went on death row and was executed. Nope, I still don't feel sympathy for her. Jeremy Piven came into the house to announce a luxury competition to see his new movie, The Goods. They had to break up into two teams to "sell" cars. Jeff, Kevin, Lydia, and Michele were on one team (the ties), and Jessie, Natalie, Russell, and Jordan on the other (the shirts). Chima was the host. The winning team sees the movie and one member of the team gets $10,000. The losing team becomes a have-not. Chima got to choose a team, and if they won, she got to see the movie too. She chose the shirts. The competition was to stuff things into a car and get the most points. The shirts won the competition, and when they picked checks, Russell had the highest amount and won $10,000 in the competition. I started to feel a smidge for Jessie because he is caught between Natalie and Lydia. Natalie doesn't want Jessie talking to Lydia because if Lydia gets HOH, she may put up Natalie. Chima and Natalie want Lydia to go home because she comes in between Natalie and Jessie. Natalie and Chima really need to get over themselves. I hope that Jeff does use the Coup d'Etat, and that he puts up Jessie and Natalie.

Thursday, August 6, 2009 -- Evening

Coup d'Etat
Finally, eviction night on Big Brother. We also found out who won the Coup D'Etat. Russell looked really cool in a black suit and black shirt. Very sharp. Lydia, meanwhile, had made a black, makeup mask over her eyes. She really looked like a freak. Russell thought that Jordan and Michele were scheming about him, when in reality, they were just talking about literature. Russell did not want to believe Jordan when she told him that. So Michele was in the HOH room with Russell and told him that Chima said that she wanted Russell out and that Chima said not to trust Russell. Russell then quizzed Jessie about it, and Jessie lied and said that Chima never mentioned that. Then we saw the start of the fight. Natalie told Chima that Russell was going to confront her about backdooring Russell. So Chima gets Michele, and Michele denies telling Russell what we all just saw Chima saying that. Michele tries to cover her ass because she didn't want to be called out in front of Russell. I really hate how Chima and Michele are playing mind games with Russell. They only saw a few minutes of the over hour long fight. We didn't see Chima throw water on Russell, and we didn't see Kevin jump all over Ronnie. Ronnie meanwhile was scheming to get Jordan to vote for him claiming it was a sympathy vote. Jeff was in the room kissing Jordan, and Ronnie comes into the room and would not stop talking and farting. A real romance breaker, and a real loser. Russell came across as very gracious when he was talking to Julie Chen in the HOH room. Russell said that he is going to try to not backstab either Jessie or Jeff because he likes both. And finally we heard about the Coup d'Etat. 12 million people voted, and Jeff won. I was so happy because I voted for him several times. Jeff has two chances to use the Coup d'Etat, this week and next. This is great news. Ronnie started crying and thanking everyone for getting him into the house. Then he turned on Michele and said that he has nothing good to say about her, and that she is the worse person he knows. Time for the votes: Kevin voted to evict Ronnie, then Michele and Chima both voted to evict Lydia. Commercial break, then Jessie voted to evict Lydia. Michele, Jordan, and Jeff all voted to evict Ronnie. Thank god! Ronnie was evicted. Ronnie was sounding teary voiced, and he wouldn't let Michele say that she had no ill-will towards Ronnie. All I have to say is thank goodness that Ronnie, the Rat, is out. Julie Chen called Ronnie on the fact that calling Michele a liar was like the pot calling the kettle black. The HOH competition was based on messages from viewers that were broadcast in the house. Chima, the ugly one, unfortunately, won and thanked Ronnie for coaching her to help her win.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 -- Afternoon

Shooting in the News
I did not get a chance to watch yesterday's episode of Big Brother last night because there was a shooting at a PIttsburgh area LA Fitness. A man entered one of the room where an aerobics class was being held and started shooting. Three women were killed and the shooter killed himself. This happened around 8:15 last night and there was constant coverage on all the local channels. Unfortunately, in this rush to put things on the air, there were tons of inaccuracies, such as the number killed and suspicions that the shooting was a domestic violence issue. It turned out not to be. The guy had not had a girlfriend in years and had a psycho hatred towards women that he thought had in some way or other had rejected him.

BB Recap
I watched yesterday's episode of BB online, and it was more of the same things that we have seen in the past weeks and in the live feeds. Ronnie was doing a good deal of fake crying and trying to scheme his way out of eviction. At one point, after Michele won the POV, Ronnie begged her to use it on him, and then threatened her if she didn't use on it him. As he said, he has an alliance in the house, and if she didn't remove him, she would be evicted next. We also saw some of the precursor to the breakdown that happened in the house Monday night. Russell got into a huge fight with Chima because he basically doesn't trust her, and we saw in the show last night, that he overheard her talking trash about him with Ronnie. Of course, Chima tried to deny things, but Russell isn't necessarily as paranoid as others are trying to make him out. Basically Chima is really missing male company (to put it nicely), and she was trying unsuccessfully to get in Russell's pants. I can understand it because Chima is one ugly wench, with an extremely annoying laugh. Anyway, the show ended with Michele not using the POV. I can't wait to see Thursday's episode because I hope to see Ronnie walk out the door, and I hope that we will see the fights that were on the live feeds. If you have the live feeds, you need to check out the action from 10 p.m. until midnight on Monday. Also, we should find out on Thursday who has the power of coup d'etat.

Monday, August 3, 2009 -- Evening

Rachel Alexandra Beats the Boys...Again
Rachel Alexandra was one of seven horses running in the 41st running of the mile and an eighth Haskell Invitational Handicap at Monmouth Park yesterday. The heavens had opened, drenching the track. But that didn't stop our intrepid heroine from showing up the boys. Munnings took the early lead, but Rachel Alexandra, and Belmont winner, Summer Bird, kept pace with him. Rachel Alexandra on the outside, and Summer Bird on the rail. Calvin Borel kept Rachel Alexandra in third place until the turn into home, and then he let her go. She swept past the other two horses and started to pull away, winning by six lengths in a fast 1:47.21. The time was impressive considering the condition of the track. Summer Bird finished in second with Munnings taking third. The question is what will be Rachel's next race? it might be the Travers later this month at Saratoga. All we do know is that Rachel Alexandra's owner, Jess Jackson (also owner of Curlin) has said it won't be the Breeder's Cup. Why? Because Jackson is not a huge fan of the synthetic track at Santa Anita, this year's Breeder Cup host track. Rachel Alexandra is very impressive. It's not common for fillies to beat the colts, and to do so consistently and effortlessly. What a horse!

Sunday, August 2, 2009 -- Evening

Big Brother Show
We got to see the HOH competition on Big Brother this evening. Kevin fell off after 21 minutes, and Lydia just gave up and drapped at 25 minutes. Kevin got $5000 for his prize package, and Lydia got a 46 inch flatscreen. Ronnie felt third and got nothing in his box. Natalie felt after 49 minutes and got nothing in her box too. Jessie was not to happy because his alliance members just gave up. The only hope Jessie had was Chima. Jessie didn't like that Lydia and Kevin were trying to act nonchalant about their prize wins. Michele admitted that she didn't think she had any true friends so she was going to play her hardest to guarantee her safety. Chiima was impressive because she was getting batted around and spun head over heels, but she held on because she was thinking o Jessie and Natalie. Chima fell, leaving only Michele, Jeff, and Russell. Jessie felt that he had tugged on his parachute, and nothing happened. Jeff said that his back and legs were hurting, but he couldn't give up at that point. Jessie sent some signals to Russell making sure Russell knew to make a deal with Jeff because Jessie wanted Russell to get HOH. Michele got knocked into the big diploma, and her pants got caught and held her upside down on the swing. Jessie ran over with a towel to cover her private parts, which was nice of him. Russell wanted to get Ronnie out because he heard Ronnie bad mouthing him. Russell asked the others to leave, and then he had Jeff had a talk. Russell told Jeff that he wanted to get a letter from his Pop because his dad had neck surgery. Russell told Jeff that he promised not to put up Jeff or Jordan, and he swore on his dad. Jeff dropped then and gave it to Russell. Russell and Jeff could barely walk after the competition after three hours and 38 minutes. Jordan got the last prize for dropping, and she got to pick three people to make them Have-Nots. She picked names from a hat and picked Natalie, Kevin, and Jessie. Jessie was not happy about it. We then heard Ronnie thinking that he was going to get the mystery power. Ronnie annoyingly told America to vote for him to get the power so he could use it for good. Jeff and Russell made a bid to quietly form an alliance. Meanwhile, Lydia told Russell that Jessie and Natalie were after him. Ronnie asked if he was safe, and Russell told him sure. Ronnie wanted Lydia and Kevin nominated because they are floaters. Lydia was upset when she was nominated, but she is a floater. She said that she was going to find hard to win POV, but we know that she didn't win.

Saturday, August 1, 2009 -- Evening

BB Nominations and POV
Nominations on BB: Ronnie and Lydia. It seems that Russell isn't taking the easy way out by further aligning himself with Jessie. I wouldn't mind seeing either of these two going home. However, it seems that Michele won the POV, and she might be thinking of taking Ronnie off the block. I don't know if that is actually the case because she isn't a huge fan of Ronnie. Maybe she believes that Ronnie will have her back. I wouldn't trust Ronnie as far as I could throw him, and I doubt that I can throw his big butt far.