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August 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010 -- Evening

Boring, Boring
The live feeds for Big Brother have been boring. Lane won HOH. He nominated Ragan and Enzo. Enzo won POV, surprisingly, and Britney will probably go up in his place. Ragan will be outsed next Thursday, and the houseguests are just being lame. I'm sure the final two will come down to two Brigade members.

The Big Brother episode this evening recapped the double eviction episode. Britney commented that Matt was a shady character, and Ragan said that he wasn't sorry to see Matt go because Matt compaigned against him. The recap was annoying, but we did get to hear the houseguests viewpoint on what happened. The Brigade was going to vote out Ragan if he didn't win the POV. Britney was happy that Brendon didn't win the HOH because it meant that she was safe. When Hayden won HOH, Ragan knew that he would go on the block because he knows there's a men alliance. The Brigade assures Brendon tha tit will be either Ragan or Britney. Hayden admits that he didn't want to evict Brendon, that his goal was to evict Ragan. Enzo said that when it came down to Britney or Brendon, that Brendon was going to be harder to beat than Britney. As Enzo said, Rachel is in the jury house, and they can go and make ugly babies together. It will be interesting to see what is going on in the jury house this week. Britney admits that she is nervous because the next HOH is important. Enzo admits that if he won HOH that he would put Britney or Ragan up. Lane did not want to be the bad guy and put them up, so he was hoping that Enzo win HOH and make it easier on Lane.

The HOH game was an interesting one. Hayden drew two cards for the houseguests. Then they had to roll a ball down this chute and get the ball to land on your cards. The person who takes the most shots to get both cards in the hand of blackjack for that round is out. In the first round, Lane is two for two. Ragan got the blackjack cards in three shots. Britney could only get one card with her five balls, and Enzo got them in four shots, so Britney was out. In round two, Ragan started it off by only getting one card with five balls. Enzo didn't get any cards with five balls. Lane was hoping to throw the competition, but realizes that he has to win in order to keep the Brigade in the house. Enzo was eliminated. Hayden said that Enzo is a consistent competitor, awful. Enzo said tha the longer he stays in the house, the more embarrassing it gets. In the final round, Lane took all five shots to get blackjack. Ragan only got one card out of five shots, so Lane was HOH. Ragan realized that Lane was in an alliance with everyone else in the house, so Ragan will probably go up on the block. After the competition, Ragan went off to cry about how much he really needed to win HOH since he is in the lowest position in the house. Ragan said that he is a fighter and will do what he has to do to stay in the game. Lane asks who wants the pawn spot, and Hayden said that it should be Enzo. No one wants to be the pawn though.

Time for the HOH room. Britney says that she's excited to see his pictures and his family. Enzo said that Lane's brother looked really scary, and he does. Lane said that he works in his family's oil business, and he takes people out golfing and smoozes with them. It seems like Lane has it easy in life. Later, Britney tells Hayden that she doesn't think Lane needs $500,000 so why should she vote for him. It has nothing to do with needing it, but everything to do with earning it. After all this is a game. These people are so irritating with that whole "who needs it." Enzo and Hayden talk about trying to get Lane to put Britney on the block instead of a member of the Brigade. Enzo said that Britney won't take them to the final two.

Enzo wears his penguin suit on the weight set, and pretends he is on a space ship. Meanwhile Britney made a crown out of aluminum foil for herself. Then Lane is offered a Pandora's box. Lane gets an offer of $10,000 hanging from the money tree. So Lane opens Pandora's box. Lane reads the HOH instructions, and finds that he has to pick three envelopes, and if he picks wisely, he can get $10,000. His first pick is $79, then $12, and finally, he gets $0.17, so he winds up with $91,17. Meanwhile, he unleased three punishments on the house. I don't think that Hayden believes Lane. Ragan thought the punishent was a clone of Rachel. Meanwhile, Lane realizes that all he could get is the car filled with gas. The first punishment took away the silverwear and cups for a week. Wow! What a punishment. So you eat with your hands and have to drink out of bowl. Big whoop! Lane is talking to Britney, and asking for her viewpoint. Britney said that she would not use the POV on Ragan. Britney said that she would u Enzo because he is after her. Britney realizes that Lane would not consider putting up Hayden, but he would consider putting up Britney. Lane thought it was the worst HOH because he didn't know who to put up. Enzo said that Lane should put up Britney and Ragan. Lane said it sucked because no one wanted to be the pawn. Lane asks Hayden about being the pawn, and Hayden gets really upset. Lane tells Hayden that he hasn't been up there in a while and that maybe he should go up. Enzo said that he is starting not to trust Lane because he doesn't want to put up Britney.

Hayden admits that he doesn't know what Lane will do. Ragan knows that he is going up. Enzo said that Britney should go up with Ragan. Britney admits that she will be pissed if she does up as the pawn. Lane said that it's hard to hurt feelings, but he has to look out for himself right now. Lane pulls Britney's key first to Hayden and Enzo's shock. Hayden's key comes out next. Lane said that the Ragan nomination is strategy, and that Enzo is good people. Ragan realizes that he has to win POV because he has no one in the house. Enzo doesn't understand why Lane didn't put him up. Lane said that Britney won competitions, Enzo has won nothing. So maybe Britney should stay and Enzo should go. The big question is who will Lane put up in Enzo's place?

Friday, August 27, 2010 -- Early Morning

Lane HOH
The HOH competition was blocked on the live feeds, but it was shown on Showtime, supposedly. Lane won! Now that's a shock!

Thursday, August 26, 2010 -- Evening

Double Eviction Night
It's double eviction night on Big Brother, and Matt stupidly did not out the Brigade. In fact, he's been on the live feeds wishing them the best, even though they all threw him under the bus. Of course, Britney is the most stupid because of all because she put him up instead of Hayden.

The show starts with the Brigade alliance. Julie hints that the truth about the Brigade comes out. Matt was hoping that the Brigade would have saved him, but he didn't know they were backdooring him. What an alliance! Britney goes to Ragan and apologizes to Ragan about putting up his friend. Ragan says that he knows it's a game, but he would have never done that to Matt. Matt goes to talk to Ragan. Ragan didn't want to talk to Matt because he saw it as a betrayal. Ragan said that he learned that he had to put feelings aside and learn how to play the game. Matt asks Britney why Ragan wasn't talking to him. Britney doesn't want to tell Matt that she told Ragan that Matt threw him under the bus. Matt realizes that Britney must have told Ragan that Matt threw him under the bus. Matt goes to Ragan, and thought that his best bet was to act stupid. Ragan said that when Matt told him that everyone is talking about Ragan hard core campaigning to keep Matt in the house. Ragan goes out to talk to everyone, and Enzo tells everyone that he and Hayden were going to split the vote. At that time Ragan realized that there was an alliance between Enzo, Hayden, Matt, and Lane. Ragan tells Matt that he realizes that the boys were all in an alliance. Matt acts squirrely, and Matt says that he finds this difficult to believe. Then Matt realizes that this might be good for him because Lane and Hayden might keep Matt around to keep Ragan in line. Matt tells Lane and Hayden that Ragan is out to get the Brigade. Lane and Hayden realize that they may need Matt to keep Ragan under control. Hayden doesn't know if he trusts Matt, and if Matt didn't tell Ragan about the Brigade. After this, we see Ragan memorizing all the numbers related to Big Brother. Ragan realizes that he has to win the next HOH because that is the only shot he has.

Finally Julie lets them know it's double eviction night. Enzo wishes his wife a happy anniversary. Enzo said he feels shunned because he's in the penguin suit and no clothes (because he gave them away in the POV competition). Enzo would not shut up. As usual, Matt being a loser, he didn't out the Brigade. Brendon votes to evict Matt (for Rachel--puke), Hayden evicts Matt, Ragan evicts Matt (what a loser!), and of course, Lane votes to evict Matt. So Matt is out. This practically seals the deal for annoying Hayden to win. Matt hears that it's 4-0. Matt seems to leave with some grace and humor. Julie comments that Ragan didn't even vote for him. Matt told Ragan to vote with everyone else. Julie asks Matt about throwing the HOH last week. Matt realizes that was the worst decision of the game. Matt said that he thought he was safe in this past week, and he realzied that wanted to play in today's competition. That was stupid, he sees. Julie asks why he didn't out the Brigade and team up with Ragan and Britney. Matt said Britney was an evil succubus. Julie chastised him and said that he shouldn't use such language. As she said, it's okay with the FCC, but not with her. Matt said he didn't know if he could make Britney and Brendon come over to his side by outing the Brigade, and thought that this was the best thing to do. Matt said that he felt bad about the whole Ragan thing, and that he tried to be subtle.

It's time for the HOH competition. Julie asks a questions. The houseguests have to run over some boxes, look through packing peanuts, get the two names of the houseguests that answer the question. They can only take the names up one at a time. The question: which houseguests have been HOH twice. Rachel and Matt of course. Brendon got the first name, but Hayden got both names. Hayden did it the smart way. He found both names, then ran one back, and then the other. So Hayden finally wins one and gets a crucial HOH.

Hayden is telling Brendon that he has to do something. I think he was telling Brendon that he might put him up. Lane, Hayden, and Enzo obviously gather together, and then get joined by Brendon who says that he doesn't want to go up on the block. Julie calls them to the couches. Hayden nominates Brendon and Ragan. Ragan says jokingly "how dare you!" Hayden claims that he made a deal with Lane and Britney last week for her not to put him up, so that's how it goes.

The POV competition is a before or after one. First, did they spin on a giant paintcan before or after bowling. Everyone gets before. Then in Hang 10, did Andrew call off before or after Kristen. Everyone got after. Did Matt call Brendon a big dummy before or after the Zing Bot. Brendon was on Before but ran off to after. Enzo go tit wrong. Brendon was out on the second question. Briteny was eliminated on the next question. Ragan got the POV. Woo-hoo! I think that means that Brendon may go home. Hayden does not look too happy.

Britney asks Enzo and Lane if she has their vote. Ragan goes to change to jeans. He probably realizes that he will have to compete and win HOH. Brendon pleads his case to Ragan. He says something lame about not wearing shoes and losing because of that. Ragan said it's do or die for him so he has to use the POV as Janelle would say "on myself!" Hayden puts Britney in Ragan's place. Then yet another set of commercials. There have been too many commercial breaks in the past half hour.

Britney gives a shout out to her family and Nick. She tells the others that she loves and adores all the guys and they are friends forever. Brendon agrees with Britney about loving everyone and that they are a big dysfunctional family. Time for the vote. Enzo votes to evict Brendon. Ragan was next and he voted to evict Brendon. Brendon is out. Lane voted to evict Brendon. Brendon is out with a vote of 3-0. Brendon wishes them all luck. Ragan tells Brendon that he did an awesome job. Brnedon said that he will get to eat now and sleep in a real bed. Ragan admits that Brendon battled. Brendon admits that he's not shocked even though they said he was a pawn. Brendon thinks that Ragan would have gone if he was still on the block. Brendon says that the house is like a really nice prison. Brendon also said that your brains go as soon as you walk in the door. Julie asked about Rachel leaving, and she said that life was easier for Brendon in the house without Rachel. Brendon admits that Rachel ruffled a lot of feathers in the house. Brendon is hoping to get serious and entice Rachel out to UCLA. Brendon thinks that Britney's act is the one that is working now. No additional HOH competition right now. So the competition will be later on the live feeds and then shown on Sunday. Ragan and Britney talk about how Hayden found both names around the same time. That was really a smart move on Hayden's part.

Wednesday, August 25, 3010 -- Evening

You Just Want to Slap Him
Before I comment on tonight's POV show, I just want to say that I want to slap Matt. The guy is the biggest doof ever! HIs fellow Brigade members have been throwing him under the bus since Thursday, and not once has he outed them. He needs to just spill the beans to the house that the four were in an alliance, and hope that he can convince Brendon, Ragan, and Britney (since there will be a tie) to evict Enzo. I would so love if that happens. If it doesn't, then I see it somehow coming down to Hayden and Enzo in the final three. That would really suck!

Now on to the show. The show started post nominations. The producers made a big deal about how Matt threw the HOH competition, which was really stupid of him. Britney admitted that Enzo was a pawn, and that Brendon was the target. Brendon says in DR that Rachel would be upset with Britney for stabbing him in the back. Brendon goes into the Have Not room, and he starts crying and talking to himself about how hard it is to be in the house alone without Rachel. It's like he's talking to Rachel. Enzo comes into the room, and Brendon calls them all slime balls. Enzo then goes to Britney who promises Enzo that he was not going to go home. Enzo said that Britney's word is like mud because she obviously doesn't keep her word. Hayden and Lane are in the backyard, and Hayden says that Matt thinks he owns the place. Lane said that this week is the week to make the power move. Hayden said that if Matt doesn't go home, then he's going to run away with the game. Lane goes up to Britney and talks to her like she is an idiot. Lane said that it's really important and she can't tell anyone. Lane says that she has to backdoor Matt. Lane said that Matt has Ragan and Britney as partners. Britney said that if she backdoors Matt then that's not good for her. Lane tries to convince her that getting Matt out would be good for her. Brendon said that she feels safer with Matt in the house than with Brendon.

Time to pick players for the veto. Britney picks houseguest choice, and she chooses Matt. Britney thinks Matt will play hard for the veto. Brendon picks Lane, and Enzo picks Hayden. Enzo hopes that one of the Brigade will win the POV. Yeah, right. The backyard looks like a zoo with cages of animals. All of the house guests go into a cage. To add veto points, they have to take a punishment. To lose points, they take prizes. Brendon decides to take the most punishment. Hayden decides to take the prizes. To keep it confidential, Ragan has to host from in the house. The first was who was wiling to take a chum bath. Then it was who was willing to handcuff themselves to someone of their choice for veto points. Matt, Britney, and Brendon are the only ones willing to take punishments. To get a phone call from home, who would give up six veto points. Lane takes it. Then they had the option for veto points by shaving the hair. Then there was the Penguin suit. Then there was a Hawaiian vacation, which Hayden took. There was also a choice to be a Have not for three weeks. Then there was an option to get $5000, which Hayden took. They also got an option to give up all their clothes for veto points.

It was time to reveal the punishments. Brendon has the handcauff to a houseguest, and he picked Britney. Britney was really pissed off at that. Britney was pissed off that someone took the phone call. Brendon seemed to take all the punishments. He got the chum bath and the head shave. Enzo, as we know, was the penguin. Britney was really pissed that no onw was showing up, and they were taking prizes. Brendon go the POV. Lane said it's not the end of the world. They just need to backdoor Matt. Britney said that she is considering every single person because they all walked away with prizes. At least Hayden walked away with all the prizes. Britney cries to Ragan because people took prizes over punishments. As Britney said, how can we not get off one person. The other guys are downstairs talking. Enzo said that Matt must have won all the prizes. Enzo calls Matt a snake, but it was Hayden who is the snake. Enzo said that he wants Matt up against him in a penguin outfit. Enzo claims that Matt is lying about not getting the prizes. Matt and Ragan leave while Britney talks to Lane. Britney said that they all threw the competition because they wanted Matt up. Britney guesses, correctly, that Hayden took all the prizes. Lane claims that it is Matt who won the prizes. Meanwhile Lane continues to work Britney claiming that Brendon won't be after her. Britney said that she has no votes in the jury house, and everyone wants her to do the dirty work. In DR, Lane admits that he adores Britney, but that he will manipulate her to get what he wants. Dirty backstabber.

Britney goes into the HOH room and sees a Pandora's box. Britney gets one hour of consultation with a former BB houseguest. It's good Jesse. Jesse said that she gets one hour of advice on bodybuilding. Meanwhile the guys are in the backyard having a party with good drink and pretty girls. Then we see video of Britney doing exercises with Jssie. That was so lame. Britney tells the guys about spending one hour with a BB houseguest asking for advice. They all felt bad for Britney, but happy for themselves. Britney and Brendon get called to the DR to handcuff themselves together. It's so funny in the DR when Brendon is saying the chum doesn't smell so bad, and Britney is silently mouthing "help me." Hilarious. Every hour, Brendon has to dunk himself in chum every hour, all through the night. Britney said that they could only sleep for 40 minutes at a time. Ragan coes out with the key ans says that it's the end of the 24 hours, which was actually 18 hours.

Matt goes to Britney, and Britney said that she won't be up Ragan because he didn't play the veto, and she wouldn't put up Lane. Matt doesn't understand that it's either him or Hayden, so Matt starts to petition to put up Ragan, stabbing his best friend in the back. And he did it to save the stupid Brigade. Unfortunately, Matt trusts and tells the Brigade members and they out him to Britney. Lane tells Britney that Matt wants Ragan to go home. While he says this, he plays with the cereal boxes and won't look at her. Britney said that if she finds out that Lane is in an alliance with anyone else, she will be pissed. Well, she should start getting pissed. Enzo, Lane, and Hayden really play Britney to get her to put up Matt. Britney tells Ragan that everyone has been telling her that Matt has to go. Ragan tells Britney that if Matt goes, he is next. Then Britney tells Ragan that people will do things when their backs are against the wall and admits that Matt has been telling her to put up Ragan.

It's time for the POV ceremony. Matt claims that he tried to be subtle about putting up Ragan to save the Brigade. Matt doesn't know that the Brigade has pushed him under the bus, but he'll find it out after the veto meeting. Brendon, of course, takes himself off the block. Britney tells Brendon that he earned the POV, and that it's hard, but she chooses to put up Matt. Ragan looks hurt because of the backstab, and Matt looks shocked. Britney said that she can't trust Matt because he went against his friend. Matt still believes that the Brigade compaigned for him. Ragan said two hours ago he would have been devastated, but Ragan would have fallen on his sword for Matt, and Matt stabbed him in the back. Well, we shall see who is left standing after the double eviction tomorrow night.

Sunday, August 22, 2010 -- Evening

Nomination show tonight. The show started with Matt playing the diamond veto and calling Brendon a big dummy. Brendon is insulted because he thinks he is much more intelligent than Matt. Matt is a member of Mensa. When Hayden heard about the diamond veto, he was scared because he and Enzo had talked about sending Matt home. Matt said that having the diamond veto really openeed up his eyes to the Brigade. As Matt said, Hayden was straight up, but Enzo wasn't. Obviously, that was the end of the Brigade. Brnedon was upset to see that the three headed monster, Ragan, Matt, and Britney are still around. Ragan was so happy that Matt was staying to help him fight Brendon. Brendon said it's not easy being a diabolical super genius. Lane said that it was a tough game, but Kathy didn't play the game. Lane did thank Kathy for doing his laundry. Ragan commented that everyone left in the house is a fighter. I would say everyone except for Lane, Enzo, and Hayden.

Enzo is worried that Matt knew that he wanted Matt to go home. Matt says that no one can trust him, and Brendon says that Matt is slimy, and that no one should trust him. I guess that Matt should have quietly gone home. I guess that would have proved that he is trustworthy. What a bunch of losers! We saw the recap of Britney winning HOH. Lane is happy because he knows that he won't go on the block. Enzo said that Britney is really close to Matt, Ragan, and Lane so that is scary. Brendon, however, thinks that he has a deal with Britney. After the HOH competition, Enao is in the bathroom complaiing about Britney winning HOH, and how stupid Enzo is because he can't win anything. Yep, Enzo, you are right, you are stupid! Enzo is worried about who goes up against Brendon. After the HOH, Britney and Ragan are celebrating in one of the bedrooms. Ragan said that he still can't believe that Matt is there, and Britney ahs HOH. Matt tells Lane that he was kicked out of the Brigade. Hayden tries to pretend that he is so happy that Matt isn't going home. Matt sees it as suspicous behavior.

Britney as a pagent queen Time to see Britney's HOH room. Matt thought that the bizarre picture of prom queen Britney was the best picture ever, just because it is so scary looking. We also see the pictures of Nick, Britney's boyfriend. Lane makes fun of Britney's eyes because he says that he is the total opposite of Nick. Big Brother then shows them side by side (Nick and Lane) and they do look a lot alike.

Enzo tries to do damage control since Enzo said that Matt was going home, and now Matt is still there. Matt says he's done with that, and that Enzo has to watch his back. Meanwhile, Matt says that the Brigade is his number one priority. Britney laughs as she tells Matt and Ragan that Ragan was close to suicide. Matt asks Britney what she was going to do. Matt tells Britney that Enzo hasn't been on the block, and that maybe he should go on the block. The reason is that Matt really doesn't trust Enzo, and thinks that he has been kind of shady.

Lane decides to show the Brigade that he should be the Beast by bench pressing as much weight as he can. Lane gets the barbell setup with 325 pounds. The other Brigade members are there to spot him. They help Lane get it off the rack, and then Lane successfully does a few reps with the barbell. Lane, Britney, and Matt area talking at night, and Matt tells them how he dreamt about Hayden without a shirt. Lane and Britney were really confused about it. Lane says that back home in Texas if you have a dream like that, you don't tell anyone.

Brendon goes up to the HOH room, and asks Britney if she is going back on her deal with him. Brendon tells Britney that he is going to win HOH next week, and that he will go after Britney next week. Brendon then claims that Matt and Ragan were pushing Brendon last week to send Britney home. Britney said that if Ragan and Matt were pushing her under the bus last week, she would be mad, but she has trouble believing Brendon.

Time for Have and Have not competition. Lane said that Britney was looking really hot, and if they were in a bar, he would knock out her boyfriend and buy her a drink. Lane, Matt, and Ragan are on the same team, and they are really hoping to win the competition. Matt and Ragan don't want to be Have Nots. Basically, one side has to drink a shot of something. If the other side guesses who had the bad shot, that side gets a point. If they can't figure it out, the drinkers get a point. The first group to four wins, and that other is the Have Not group. Ragan claims that he can't be a Have Not again because he's down to his birth weight. Lane had a stoic face, Brendon was slightly whiny, and Ragan was a drama queen. Enzo guesses that it was Matt, and he, Hayden, and Brendon got a point. Lane and Matt thought it was Brendon. They were right, and they got a point. Ragan's poker face was to be big and funky, and to channel his inner Lady Gaga. The other side thinks it was Ragan, and it was Lane, so they didn't get points. Brendon, of course, took the Rodeo Rachel shot. Ragan makes fun of what the drink would be (silicon, funk, and acne). Brendon drank it, but they didn't guess it. Hayden comments that Ragan was crying for weeks, why not keep on crying. Matt took the shot, and they other side didn't guess it. Ragan, Matt, and Lane guessed it right. It comes down to Matt, Ragan, and Lane drinking. If the other side guesses it, they continue. If not, Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon are Have Nots. They guessed Matt, but it was Ragan, who drank the Ragin' Ragan. So Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden are Have Nots. They have to eat broccoli and bean dip with the slop.

Matt tells Britney that he should be putting up Enzo because Enzo hasn't been on the block yet. Matt thinks that Britney seems to be taking his suggestions.

In the backyard, Britney and Ragan freak out over a moth. Lane thinks it is funny because it's just a moth who isn't going to do much damage to anyone. Lane, Enzo, and Hayden talk in the pool. They think that Matt made a bad move by tring to figure out Enzo's vote. Well, he found out, and now Enzo is shitting himself, and trying to get Hayden and Lane against Matt. Britney calls in Hayden, Lane, and Enzo to talk to them in the HOH room. Britney asks who the house wants out. Lane said that they want Brendon out. Enzo said that he has a good sense of character and that he's suspicous of Matt. Britney said that she doesn't want to put up Matt because of the drama. Lane said that she could just tell him that he's a pawn. Britney said that she's going to talk to Matt. The Brigade seem really happy that they are getting their way. Britney says she wants to talk to Matt. They talk in the storage room. Britney said that she thought Matt was the best to compete against Brendon as a pawn. Matt freaks out and says that he doesn't want to do it. As Britney said, she wishes she could be in a coma for her HOH reign, because Matt wants one of the three guys up, and the three guys want Matt up. Britney should realize by that that the three guys are in an alliance.

Brendon says that if Britney puts him up, he is going to put her up next week when he wins HOH. Enzo said that Britney would have crossed the line if she put Enzo up as the pawn. As Britney said, it's hard because she has to consider who own longeity and who she wants around her when it comes to the end. Time for the nomination ceremony. The first key out is Hayden's, followed by Ragan, Lane, and Matt. Enzo and Brendon are on the block. Britney tells Enzo that he is the only one who wasn't on the block. Britney said that she nominated Brendon because he was after her last week, and she has to play for herself to get her farther in the game. Matt said that Brendon or Enzo leaving would not be a bad thing. Enzo claims that he will get the veto, yeah, right, and get Matt up in his place.

Brendon with a shaved head

Saturday, August 21, 2010 -- Evening

Brendon Wins Veto
Enzo with a penguin outfit Brendon won the POV competition today. I think it was one of those where the person had to let things happen to them, like getting their head shaved. I say that because Brendon has a shaved head. Enzo is in pengin costume, and if there were justice, he would be evicted in the costume. Britney is saying that she would have to put up Matt. I think that's a stupid move. If she had any sense, she would put up Hayden because Enzo and Hayden don't seem to be good at competitions. The thing that I think is funny was the attempt by Ragan as the saboteur to create dissention between Rachel and Brendon. The saboteur video said that Brendon was throwing competitions. What is interesting is that since Rachel left, Brendon has been winning things, like HOH and the POV. It does make you wonder if somehow Ragan did guess things right. If I were Rachel, I would start to wonder about it.

Friday, August 20, 2010 -- Evening

Britney pulled a power move. She nominated Brendon and Enzo taday. The other three members of the Brigade tried to encourage Britney to put up Matt, but she didn't. The claim is that she will put up Matt if Brendon or Enzo removes themselves from the block. I'm wondering if she means that. I think she might be hoping that the nominations remain the same. If that is the case, supposedly Brendon will be evicted and Matt will be targetted next week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 -- Evening

Diamonds Are Matt's Best Friend
Eviction night on Big Brother. I can't wait for Matt to play the diamond veto. I hope that Matt isn't as stupid as Marcellas. Lane admits that he has to go against Matt to stay in the house. Brendon said that when Matt goes into the Jury house, she will know that Matt loves her. Enzo said that it wasn't supposed to be two Brigade members up on the block, but it might be time for Matty to hit the road. Ragan starts crying and saying in DR that he has a great amount of affection for Matt. Ragan cries over the rare bone disease that Matt's wife "has." Matt feels really bad that he can't tell Ragan about it because he would lose the veto. Matt says he doesn't have a shot since he couldn't be HOH or play for veto. Ragan said that it wold be priceless if Matt could stay, Matt winks at the camera. Lane and Enzo look shamefaced and they say that they will let the person know who will get voted out. Hayden tells Matt that Rachel left a message for Brendon. Matt learns about the pretzel message. Matt wonders why Kathy told them, but didn't tell Matt. Matt says that its betrayal that she didn't tell him about the message. So now Matt has Kathy on the replacement list. Enzo and Hayden tell Lane that he has their vote. Lane is also sure that he has Britney's vote. Enzo says Matty's going home, that's it. Matt and Enzo talk, and Enzo doesn't know that Matt is scoping them out. Enzo tells Matt that it's the toughest decision he had to make. Matt realizes that Enzo wants to get rid of him and that Enzo still wants the Brigade vote from Matt in the jury house.

Ragan is looking for things to do as the Saboteur. He chooses to go with leaving a note saying that he knows someone's secret. Ragan goes into one of the bedrooms, and stuffs the note under one of the pillows. Later Kathy is sleeping in the room, and Enzo finds the note under his pillow. The note says "I know your secret." Kathy tells him that she made his bed earlier. Then Enzo tells Hayden, Britney, Lane, Matt, and Ragan. Enzo thinks that Kathy is the saboteur because she made the bed, and she hasn't in the past. Everyone talks about how Kathy has been making beds to cover her trail. Then Matt says that Kathy has been playing both sides of the house. Ragan is shocked that no one suspected him, and that he is now $20,000 richer. He thanks America.

Britney is asked about seeing Rachel back in the house. Britney did not think it was real at first. Then Julie asks Ragan about Rachel. Ragan said that his integrity is not for sell and being bullied is not work $500,000. Lane says that he wants muscle milk. Lane says it tastes like Thanksgiving food in milk. Julie asks everyone if they think the saboteur is in the house. Julie also tells them that the saboteur's reign is over. Next up: Matt's decision.

Julie has a segment on Lane and Britney. Britney's mom said that she knew Britney would do something different. Britney's mom said that she seems very comfortable around Lane, and that she supports her however it goes. The Mom thinks Lane ahs a crush on Britney, but she thinks that Lane's alliance is with the Brigade. Lane's mom says that Lane is edgy and complex. She also thinks that Lane really likes Britney, and that he will probably bring her home. Lane asks is they will have a makeout party when they go to the jury house. His brother said that he thinks Lane might be interested. It was cute seeing Britney get on Lane's back as he does pushups.

Time for the eviction and the possible use of the diamond veto. Matt goes first making jokes about Matt needing notes from his girlfriend in pretzel. Then Matt calls Brendon a big dummy, and that he won't be sending Matt home tonight. Julie tells them all about the diamond veto and how Matt got it. Ragan and Britney are really surprised. Matt wimps out and puts up Kathy. So Lane gets to give his speech, and said it sucked being up against a friend and another friend. Kathy says that she loved everyone. Kathy tells Matt that it's okay. Kathy said that she will continue to live by her morals. Brendon also looks shocked. It is now time to evict. Hayden, Enzo, Ragan, Matt, and Britney evicts Kathy. Ragan beams as he evicts Kathy. Britney is jumping up and donw in the air and high fives Matt. I have never seen such a happy group of people. All the voters are beaming.

Time to announce the vote, and Kathy is out by a vote of 5-0. Kathy hugs everyone, and tells everyone to take care. She also asks who is going to feed the fish, and asks for a show of hands. Ragan volunteers to do it. Lane tells Matt that he ruined his speech by using the diamond veto. Kathy thinks Matt put her up because Matt is closer to the others. Kathy thought it was a hard decision, but that he used the easier way out. Kathy said that it hurts because she couldn't say good-bye, and she says that it is really okay. She thought they were distant because Kathy is older. Kathy is off to the jury house.

We saw how the houseguests had to play Big Brother says, like Simon says. It seems this will be part of the HOH competition. They had to go in the bock and howl at the moon, toilet paper the HOH room, 12 jumping jacks in the kitchen, then there was a group hug for 2 minutes, 5 second hand-stand. The houseguests are in the voting boxes. They have to determine if the quote is true or false. First is that BB said to jumping jacks are an important part of physical fitness. Ragan and Hayden guessed wrong. BB said, there was no love to give a giant group hug for 2 min. Matt got it wrong and was eliminated. BB said to leisurely stroll and bark at the moon. They all got it as false which was right. BB said, TP the HOH room. It was false. Lane got it wrong, and it is down to Enzo and Britney. BB said turn your world upside down and shashay to the back yard. It was false and both got it. It was about making out, and they both got it wrong because it was true. BB said to chase your tail. Correct answer was true, and Britney is the HOH.

Julie goes to talk to the houseguests. Julie reminds Britney that she is the only woman left in the house. Matt is asked about keeping the diamond veto secret. Matt said it was hard watching folks cry around him. Next Thursday is a double eviction episode. Brendon is really quiet, and Ragan is in the Have Not room jumping and blowing kisses at the camera because Matt is staying, and that ends the show.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 -- Evening

Rachel Returns
Brendon says in the show this evening that Brendon is a pawn, but that he wants Ragan to go home. Brendon claims that he doesn't want to put up Britney or Matt, even though they are on his list, because they play and win competitions. In the Have Not room, Ragan is crying about being on the block. Brendon then goes to apologize to Lane about putting him up, and says that Lane won't be going home. Time to pick players for veto. Brendon selects Enzo, Ragan picks Kathy, which is like having no one. Lane gets houseguest choice and he selects Hayden. Brendon is glad that Britney and Matt aren't playing, and they can't get the veto.

A weird, green, robot (guy in a robot costume) is the host for the veto competition. The houseguests went out into the backyard. They have to get one puzzle piece, go to the balance beam and spinning gear, then they have to spell out veto. If they fall off the balance beam, they are eliminated. Brendon wants Ragan to not win, and Lane doesn't want Ragan to win. Ragan said that he's confident that he will be out if doesn't win. Kathy says she is going to take her time, which results in a funny Britney DR entry where she mocks Kathy for not wanting to move fast in THIS competition. Kathy is a loser. She even admitted that she was dizzy. Lane said that they do that move on the gears in Texas. It's called the Dosey Do. The robot zings Enzo by telling Enzo that he always bombs in competitions. Britney doesn't want Ragan to win because she doesn't want to go up. Ragan said that Brendon thinks he is the smartest person in the house, but Brendon is only as smart as the person he can cheat off. Matt comments that he couldn't compete, but that the other Brigade members were buffoons. Kathy fell off the balance beam, like the loser she is, and she was eliminated. Ragan quickly won the power of veto. Ragan said that not only did the veto keep him off the block, but it won him $20,000 by keeping him in the game. Brendon says that at least he has Britney and Matt to go on the block. Lane said that if Ragan comes off the block, it's 50-50 it will be a Brigade member. (Either Kathy or a Brigade member.)

Ragan, Britney, and Matt were talking about Kathy being the one who should go home. Ragan said that he doesn't want to screw over Britney, and that he thinks the world of Britney, and that he thinks she is a kind, intelligent, warm human being. Ragan also thinks that Matt is a stand-up and amazing guy. Ragan said that he couldn't ask for two better friends. Enzo and Hayden are talking about who can go up. Enzo said maybe Matt would go home. Hayden said that Matt can win competitions and he's friends with Ragan and Britney. So the Brigade falls apart.

Brendon gets the option to open Pandora's Box. Brendon thinks that if he opens Pandora's Box that he will get to spend time with Rachel. Brendon opens the card that says he gets a 24 hour break from the house, and will be whisked away to a a leisure spot in Malibu. As soon as he leaves, Rachel rings the front door bell and comes in. Britney said that she wanted to throw up when Rachel came in saying "hello Bitches." Rachel said that someone opened Pandora's Box. Rachel goes up to the HOH room to say hello to Brendon. But Britney figures out that Brendon must have opened Pandora's box and Rachel is unleashed on the household. Rachel and Ragan really have a war of words. Well, Ragan had the good ones, but Rachel didn't have any good come-backs. Ragan said that if Rachel has treated anyone with a modicum of respect, she might find a friend in the house. Rachel can't believe that no one likes her. The rest ask about the jury house. Rachel asks Ragan if he is a bitch because he's gay. Ragan lashed at her saying that she was hated because she's not a good person. Rachel said "it's just a game" and Ragan said that's why her picture is black and white. Rachel said that she will make the next 24 hours miserable for Ragan, and he replies back atcha. I like Ragan. He really is witty and puts Rachel in her place. Scanky loser place!

The HOH room door opens. Rachel goes into the HOH and starts banging on the Pandora Box door. Rachel is stupid and thinks Brendon is in the house. Meanwhile, he is at the jury house calling for Rachel. Then Brendon finds a note at the jury house saydin that while he is there, Rachel is elsewhere. Brendon said it would have been better to have her. Rachel goes out and tells Ragan that she is going to make soft, juicy cookies, and Ragan said that her classless person doesn't intimidate him. Ragan calls her a wicked witch, and says that the only thing real about her are the pimples on her chin. Rachel tells Ragan that no one likes him in the real world. Ragan said that she lost. She's not in the game. Ragan calls her a vile devil child, and tells Rachel that her game in the house is over. I love it when Ragan mocks Rachel's laugh, and when he lectures her about her negative behavior. I loved it when he said the only reason she was back in the house was because her boyfriend opened Pandora's Box and unleashed something awful in the house. Ragan really got the better of Rachel. To appreciate the fight, you have to watch the video on CBS' Big Brother page. The insults were flying fast and furious.

Rachel leaves Brendon a note in pretzels on the HOH table. She leaves the word Matt. Then Rachel shows Kathy that she left a message for Brendon with Matt's name. Rachel then left the house, and Kathy went to tell Hayden and Enzo that Rachel wanted Matt out. Brendon got into the house, and found the pretzel message from Rachel. So Brendon knew that he was going to put up Matt because Rachel told him. Everyone tells him that Rachel ws there, and that he was at the jury house. Everyone tells him that it got really dramatic in the house because of the fights between Ragan and Rachel. Britney goes into the HOH room with Brendon, and Brendon wanted Britney's reassurance that he wouldn't not go up next week if Britney wins the HOH. Britney tells him that she is 100% not going to put himi up. Britney said that she would say whatever she has to say stay in the house another week. I would probably do the same. Ragan tells Brendon that people have to see him as Brendon instead of a part of Brendon and Rachel. Ragan tells Brendon that Matt has not thrown a single competition, and hasn't done anything wrong. Ragan said that if Matt goes up, Matt may stay, and that would be bad for Brendon. Brendon says that if he puts up Matt it will be for Rachel.

There's a saboteur video saying there is a competition tomorrow, and they should all get their sleep. Then the video comes up and shows them a bin of balls. The house guests are told to expect the unexpected. Then they are told to expect the unexpected. The houseguests are told there isn't a competition, it was just to keep eveyrone on their toes. Ragan thought it was an awesome sabotage idea.

At the veto meeting, Ragan takes himself off the block, and Matt goes up in his place. Ragan is heartbroken that he was the reason Matt went on the block. Enzo said that the worst happened and Matty might have to get whacked. Britney is relieved. Lane said that he saw Matt as a brother, but no sees him as a step brother. Matt said that he can't wait to stand up and use the diamond POV.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 -- Evening

Diamonds Are Forever
Ragan removed himself from the block with the POV, and Brendon put Matt up in his place. So far, Matt hasn't used the diamond veto, but from the live feeds, he has been talking about it. No one believes Matt has any special powers, but they should think back to Pandora's Box. Hayden and Enzo are turning against Matt, so if Matt were smart, he would up put Hayden when he takes himself off. That would be the real power move. However, I think that Matt is a big, old meow-meow, and he will probably go for someone safe, like Kathy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010 -- Later Evening

Brendon Wins HOH and Nominations
The BB show started at 9:30 here on the East Coast. Brendon said during the HOH competition that he was just thinking he had to win the HOH. Matt said that the Brigade has a real problem winning a competition because only Matt seems to win. They need to get their act together and win. During the competition, Brendon kept on saying, "come on, Rach, this is for you." Brendon said in DR that he felt it was a spit in the face because he was supposed to get voted out. Lane commented that everyone wanted to be out of way. Lane said that Britney and Ragan kept around Lane like he was a bodyguard. As Lane said, he's not a bodyguard and no one is going to kill them. Lane thought in the DR that he should have blown away the HOH competition. During the competition, we just hear complaints. Hayden said his back was breaking and his arms were hurting. Enzo said that it was a city kid's nightmare. Kathy said that she couldn't figure which way was up. Ragan couldn't figure out what to do, and he quickly started to lag. Meanwhile, Brendon kept on talking about Rachel, and he quickly took a big lead. Enzo was complaining about how he couldn't do anything. Enzo wasn't worried because Enzo and Hayden made a side deal with Brendon 3 hours before HOH. Enzo came up with the idea because he thought that he and Hayden needed a side alliance outside of the Brigade. They talked to Brendon and Rachel and said that the next folks on the target would be Ragan and Britney. Britney didn't like that Brendon took the lead, but she wasn't doing much to catch up with him. Enzo just wanted to keep in front of Kathy. Matt said that Enzo is a useless player in competition, and Matt thought that it was ridiculous that Enzo was neck and neck with Kathy. Kathy admitted that she was stumped and couldn't figure out how to untie knots. Towards the end, it looked like Brendon was stumped, and that Lane was catching up with Brendon.

Lane thought for sure that he was closing in, and that he was going to win. Then Brendon suddenly figured it out. We could see Britney and Ragan just looking instead of trying to compete. Then Brendon got free and got HOH. Brendon then starts saying, that's what you get when you evict someone who is in love. Hayden hopes that none of the Brigade goes home. As Matt says, the Brigade needs to get its act together and win. Brendon picks Ragan, Britney, and Matt as the Have Nots. Per usual, Brendon picked the little people as the Have Nots. Ragan started to cry about being a Have Not. Brendon told them they should have kept Rachel because she wouldn't have won the HOH. Brendon sadi that the one person he wanted to share the win with wasn't there, and that his love for Rachel was his motivation. Lane, Enzo, Britney, and Matt were talking afterwards that they should have sent Brendon home because then Rachel would have been easier to pick off. Britney tells Enzo that it's easy for him because she stood up to Brendon last week, and now she has a huge target on her back. Lane tells Britney that if she wants to stay, then she will stay. So Lane is going to be working to keep Britney here. Britney cries in DR saying that she can't eat or take showers, and she is just trying to keep it together. Ragan started to cry, and then Britney was crying too. As Matt said, there he sits with emotional wrecks (Britney and Ragan) while he has the diamond POV. Matt said it was like being with a bunch of girls. Bendon took everyone up to see his HOH room. Lane said that he was amazed to see that Brendon had a family and wasn't cloned in a scientific lab. As Enzo said, he has to listen to Brendon's stories. Britney can't understand Kathy going up and sucking up to Brendon. Ragan said that he didn't want to be there to help a bully celebrate while Ragan might be walking out the door.

Lane, Britney, Hayden, and Matt were in the backyard playing pool. Britney said that Lane is like a big brother, and we see them fighting and wrestling. Hayden tells Enzo that he trusts Brendon more than Matt. Enzo wants to get rid of Ragan, but Hayden said that they have to get rid of Britney to bring Lane back into the Brigade. Enzo goes up to talk to Brendon, and Brendon said that he isn't going to put up Enzo. Brendon said that he is going to put up Lane and Britney. That shocks Enzo. Enzo keeps on saying that they need to put up Britney and Ragan. Enzo says that he doesn't like or trust Britney or Ragan. Brendon agrees. Brendon also says that he doesn't have much respect for Ragan. Brendon said that he has to play to keep himeself in the game. Brendon said that he has the keep himself in the game, but to stay true to the spirit of the game that he and Rachel wanted to play of putting up floaters. Enzo goes and tells Lane that Brendon wants to put up Britney and Lane. Lane said he's a calm man, but when he heard that Brendon wanted to put him up, Lane said, "I wanted to go to a bar, find the hottest girl, and then beat up her boyfriend."

It's time for the Saboteur. Ragan likes the one about a secret alliance. Ragan likes that suggestion because it ties in with Annie's that there were two people who knew it out. The Saboteur says that there is a pair, one male and the other female, and the Saboteur says that the pair is not obvious. Kathy and Britney were upset because it put attention to Britney and Kathy. Brendon says that he doesn't believe anyone in the house.

The houseguests are out in the backyard trying to figure out what the Have Nots can eat that week, and it's Eggplant and Escargot. Matt said that the snails smell like real dirt. Both Britney and Matt are disgusted. Ragan said that he doesn't eat eggplant of snails so the food is pretty bad. Ragan doesn't know how to get through the week, and Matt said not to give up. Matt said that Brendon may not have gotten it because Brendon was too wrapped up in Rachel. Ragan said that everyone has to make deals. Matt tells Ragan that Ragan has to make a deal. Matt tells Ragan to take care of himself. Matt tells Ragan that he has to save himself in any way possible. So Ragan goes up to Brendon (who tells him to make it quick). Ragan says that no one would expect a deal between him and Ragan, so they should make one now. Brendon said it's a compelling offer. But Brendon said that he can't forget Ragan spitting on the girl that he loves. Brendon goes and calls over Britney. Brendon asks Britney why she shouldn't go up on the block. Britney said that she shouldn't go up because she will play hard for the veto for Brendon. Britney said that she has no intention of keeping her word because she doesn't want to go home. Britney assures Brendon that she is in his corner. Britney says that what Brendon does for her, she will do for him.

Nomination time! Ragan said that he made an offer to Brendon that he would keep, but Brendon isn't very logical. Matt isn't very concerned because he has the diamond veto, and that will keep him safe. The first key out of the box is Enzo's, followed by Kathy, Hayden, Britney, and Matt. Brendon said it was the toughest decision, and that he has confidence in both because he wants people to fight to be in the competition and everyone fights to win. He doesn't want anyone who floats by. Ragan said it's lame that Brendon wants to avenge someone he knew for a month. Lane said that he'll stay in because he has the votes. Britney said that she doesn't trust Brendon. Brendon says it's his house, and he doesn't have to play by their rules.

Fifth Ave. entrance to Console Energy Center

Sunday, August 15, 2010 -- Evening

Console Energy Center
The Pens had an Open House event this weekend at the new Console Energy Center. I went yesterday afternoon, and I have to admit that I fell in love with the building. The first thing that struck me is that it will be so easy to get into the building. Since it is right on Fifth Ave, and the bus stops right in front of the building, I can just get off the bus, and go into the building. Our seats are on the opposite side of the building, as it turns out, but it will be nice to quickly get out of the rain or cold. At the Centre Ave. entranace, people can enter the building, shop in the Pens' store, and then pass through the ticket portal. So that means no more waiting outside the building for the doors to open an hour before the game. It also means that the store is accessible outside of game hours! The biggest surprise was finding that our seats, which were originally maybe 25 rows from the ice, are now 11 rows from the ice. We have a great view. The seats in the second level give me vertigo though because they are very steeply arranged. We got to check out the luxury suites. Gorgeous, with refrigerators and hot dishes. The whole building seemed spacious. I would say the only thing that did't seem comfortable were the luxury suite seats. Even though they were well cushioned, they were too upright. The seats just felt too upright and too uncomfortable. Another low point, was the woman who was yelling at her husband who was handicapped and in a wheelchair. She had spilled a drink because he must have been behind her and nudged her with the chair, causing her to spill the drink. She was berating him about it, and I felt so bad for him. He looked like his heart had been full of joy, looking at the gorgeous area, then one accident, and the termagant who is his wife, turned on him. I just wanted to berate the woman myself, and tell her that she should stop berating the guy. He's in a wheelchair! It's only an easily cleaned spill! And yes, drinks are damned expensive, but the poor guy is in a wheelchair! Give him a fricking break! Okay, enough of my rant. Check out my pics.
Big Brother Delayed
The Big Brother show was delayed this evening. Golf ran over because of a tie. AT 8:30, 60 minutes was just starting, So more later on Brendon winning HOH and nominating Lane and Ragan. More news from the live feeds: Brendon opened Pandora's Box and unleashed Rachel on the houseguests for 24 hours while he was locked away, unable to see her. Obviously, he thought he was bringing her back into the house. I'll have more on the show later, maybe even tomorrow.

Friday, August 13, 2010 -- Evening

Brendon has nominated Lane and Ragan. It seems they are both shocked at their nominations, but who do you think Brendon can nominate? I think that Brendon is going to try to backdoor Matt. Won't he be surprised when Matt uses the diamond veto?

Thursday, August 12, 2010 -- Later Evening

Brendon won the HOH competition, far outdistancing the others. I think that he will be targeting Britney, Ragan, and Kathy because they were the ones who fought the most with Rachel. Matt might be another one on the list, but Matt had the diamond POV, so he should be a-okay. Brendon will also get to pick the three houseguests who will be Have Nots. I imagine it will be Britney, Ragan, and Kathy, but we'll see.

And from the feeds, it seems the Have Nots are Britney, Ragan, and Matt. They think that because they are smaller and weaker that Brendon is targeting them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010 -- Evening

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Hey, Good-bye!
Eviction night on Big Brother. Let's hope it's a good one with lots of drama. The BB backyard has been off limits again, so folks are hoping for another endurance type of competition. Julie started the show by saying a showmance was coming to an end for the second week. The person who leaves tonight is the first member of the jury.

Recap of Brendon trying to get thrown out of the house so Rachel stays. After the POV, Ragan called Brendon a Neanderthal because Brendon goes after those who are weaker than him. Britney gave Rachel a hug, but wouldn't hug Brendon because as she said, Brendon is the biggest jerk ever, and a really scummy guy. Meanwhile, Rachel called Brendon into the storage room, and thanked him for throwing himself under the bus. Brendon claims in DR that he is in love, so he would give up a 1/2 million dollars for love. Britney and Rachel talk about Brendon. Britney tells Rachel that Brendon is so classless. Then Britney tells Rachel that Brendon hates women. Then Rachel starts crying, in an attempt to act like she was so upset and surprised that Brendon did such a classless thing. Then Britney goes out to talk to the guy about what a disgusting vile person Brendon is. Enzo agrees that Brendon doesn't pick on gusy that intimidate him. Lane, Hayden, and Enzo talk about stupid everyone is not to see that there is a Brigade. As Enzo says, Lane controls Britney, and Matt controls Ragan. Ragan tells Matt that they should evict Brendon over Rachel. However, that's not the talk on the live feeds. Britney and Ragan are in the hammock, and Rachel goes to talk to them so she can get votes. Ragan tells Rachel that her behavior over the past few weeks hasn't made sense to him. Ragan said that Rachel has been involved in every single argument. Rachel seems confused when Ragan tells her that she is not a good sport. Rachel starts to cry, because she is psycho and doesn't see what her issues are. Then Brendon storms over to the hammock, and starts to attack Ragan. Ragan tells Brendon that he wasn't part of the conversation. Then Brendon says that Ragan stabbed Rachel in the back. Brendon also claims that Ragan and Matt are in an alliance. Brendon miscorrects Ragan's correct pronounciation of Neanderthal. Britney does a caveman walk and does not act frightened of Brendon at all. The Brigade talks about how Brendon sucks at competition and how everyone is out to get him. Rachel staying would be a problem because she is good at competitions and would have a chip on her shoulder to get others.

What's the next thing for the lame Saboteur to do? The sabotage is so lame. Put Britney's bikini in the freezer. But Ragan chooses to do the one to create fear that the person leaving tonight is not going home. So the video says that Brendon and Rachel might not leave tonight. So Rachel and Brendon get all excited in happy about how they are staying here. The others start to think that either Brendon or Rachel has some sort of coup d'etat power. Ragan loved it, and said that the folks had no idea it was just to create tensions.

Julie showed the houseguests video of the performance in the HOH competition. Lane said the competition was difficult, and he was ready to drop when he started. Kathy was asked about not apologizing to Rachel, and Kathy explained that Rachel picked Kathy to lose, so Kathy was celebrating because she won. Julie asks who is the most underestimated player in the game. Matt picks Kathy, Lane, Britney, Enzo, Ragan pick Ragan. Hayden picks Britney. Rachel says everyone is underestimated, and Brendon picks Britney.

Brendon's ex-fioncee, Candice, is interviewed. She was engaged for six months but knew Brendon for two years. She broke up with him because he kept on trying to change her, jsut as he is doing with Rachel. Also, the family said that Brendon is too emotional. Candice's family is glad that she didn't marry Brendon. We saw how Rachel wanted Brendon to go to Vegas, and he said that he wouldn't. Candice tells Rachel to prepare to be emotionally drained by Brendon. Candice thinks that Rachel is blinded by Brendon's good looks, but she hopes that Rachel comes to her senses. It's time for the vote. Rachel said that she wanted the BB experience so bad, and she's glad that she made it to the half-way point. And she said that she loves Brendon. Brendon then says that Matt probably got $10,000. He tells everyone that they are fake and insincere. Brendon says that he feel completely in love with Rachel. Brendon also says he understands the witch hunts because everyone is out to get him for no good reason. Now it's time for the vote. Live feed people know that Rachel is on her way out. Enzo goes first and evicts Rachel. Britney evicted Rachel. Kathy evicted Rachel. Ragan said that Brendon got the witch part right, and that he was voted to evict Rachel. Rachel was out. Lane and Hayden also vote to evict Rachel. The vote is 6-0. Commercial break before the big breakup!

Time for the announcement. The vote is 6-0, and when Rachel learns that she is out, she walks past everyone, hugs and whispers to Brendon, and then sh leaves. Brendon isin the house, taking off his pants and telling everyone that they better be ready. Julie asks Rachel if she is shocked. Rachel says no because the houseguests were afraid of her as a competitor. Rachel said that the houseguests got her, and she has nothing else bad to say. Rachel said that she had a great experience. Rachel thinks that they thought they would have an easier time with Brendon. Then she admitted that she was shocked. Enzo said that he wished Rachel was on his team. Hayden said that if what she has is real with Brendon, it will be worth more than $500,000. Brendon says that he will take revenge upon all those who were mean to her. Losers! Julie did tell Rachel that it may not be the last she sees of the BB house. I hope not!

From the glimpse of the backyard, it does look like another endurance competition. When Julie comes back, we find out about the competition. The houseguests have to untangle their way through a rope maze. Then they started to drop feathers on them to make things more unclear. Brendon is throwing himself all over the place and is covered in mud before you know it. When the show comes back from the break, things look pretty even with Brendon maybe slightly behind Lane who looks like he is in the lead. More later from the live feeds.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 -- Evening

Return of Jeff and Jordan
It's Veto time on the Big Brother show. I am going to be so glad when Brendon and Rachel are gone because they are the most annoying people on the show. I am really looking forward to the return of Jeff and Jordan for the POV competition.

The show started with the nomination of Rachel and Brendon. Rachel wanted the houseguests to bring it on, and guess what? It was brought on! Everyone in the house is glad to get Brendon and Rachel out because they are so annoying. Rachel was crying in the DR about how there are six guys in the house; how did she get to be the bad guy? Because she said to bring it on, maybe? Rachel and Brendon go into the kitchen after the nomination and call Matta a midget. Rachel keeps on giving Kathy and Matt dirty looks, as she stabs at some salad. Britney asks Rachel if she's angry. Rachel claims, angrily, that she isn't. I love how Matt calls if "Fatal Attraction." Rachel claims that for "some reason" people have wanted them to go home. I think that it's because she is a bitch. Rachel tells Brendon that if they get split up, she can't stay there alone. Rachel starts crying, and that makes Brendon jump her bones. Then we see Rachel crying in the DR saying that she doesn't understand why she is nominated. It is so damned annyong. Gosh, do I hate the girl!

The houseguests find a bowling lane outside. They know that is it there so they can practice for the POV. So they all start practicing. Ragan asks Rachel if she wants to practice, but then she starts crying and goes into one of the bedrooms to cry. Brendon, of course, jumps into the bed to comfort her. Rachel said that she feels like road kill. We can only hope that she is road kill tomorrow. I really, really hate the girl. Brnedon talks Rachel into going outside to try the bowling thing. She finally does, and then Rachel and Brendon stay out until almost 5 a.m. practicing. Rachel said that it's her house, and no one is going to take her down or get her out of the house.

Brendon annoyed everyone by telling them to just hand over the POV before the competition. Ragan plays in the veto because he had the veto ticket last time. Matt picks Kathy; Rachel picks Britney; and Brendon gets houseguest choice, and took Enzo because he thought Enzo wouldn't win. Rachel keeps on saying it is i her house and she has to win. The houseguests are waiting for the POV when the doorbell rings, and it's Jeff and Jordan. The houseguests were so excited to see them. Enzo said that Jeff would be a member of the Brigade, probably called Pretty Boy. Jordan called Enzo Meow Meow. The good news? Jeff and Jordan are still a couple. They are so adorable. I think I like them so much because they have such chemistry, and Jordan is such a nice person. Jeff and Jordan never were picked to host a competition last year, as Jordan said, no one liked them. There are 10 pins. Knock a pin down, and another is in the place. The goal is to knock down as many pins in 45 seconds. The person then picks who will challenge him. The person who has the most knocked down in the 45 seconds moves on. Rachel is the first bowler in round one. While Rachel was bowling, Brendon as cheering her one. Rachel got six pins, but didn't look that happy. Rachel picked Kathy. As Kathy said in the DR, bring it on. Kathy got seven pins down, and cheered. Then Rachel started crying and said that Kathy was such a low person for cheering her out. As Enzo said, Rachel is such a cry-baby when she loses. Waa-Waa! Then Brendon has to bowl, and Rachel cheers him on. Saying "you got it Baby, I believe in you." Rachel starts telling Brendon to go fast. Brendon throws one at the end, and almost hit Jeff and Jordan. As Britney said, Brendon has the worst sportsmanship. Brendon knocks down three pins in 45 seconds. Rachel says in the DR that she thought a monkey should be able to knock down four pins in 45 seconds. Brendon challenged Britney. As Britney said, she felt pressure to knock out Brendon. Britney got five pins in 45 seconds and eliminated Brendon. Brendon and Rachel start their poor loser act on the loser bench. As Rachel said, Brendon disappointed her. Lane said that Brendon acted like the girl and Rachel was the man trying to console him. Enzo, or Meow Meow as Jeff said, was next up. Matt said that since Rachel and Brendon were out, people were just having fun like they were at Chuck E. Cheese. Enzo knocked out 8 pins, Britney knocked out Enzo with 8. Then Ragan had his chance. He got 7 and challenged Matt who got 9. Kathy is up next. She gets a 7, and Britney gets 8. Then it's down to Britney and Matt. Brendon thought everyone was so insensitive by being jovial while Rachel or Brendon are down. Matt knocks down 7, but Britney knocks down 10 pins with time to spare. Britney wanted to show that she was a competitor. Britney wanted to show she was a competitor. Britney said that she couldn't be happier to hold the POV.

Jeff and Jordan talked about their future plans. Jeff is doing the Around the World Free show on Jordan is going to school. As Jordan said though, she told Jeff what sort of ring she likes. They are such a cute couple. I really, really like Jeff and Jordan.

Meanwhile Bitter Rachel said that she is going to confront Kathy about disrespecting her in the competition by cheering over winning. Rachel is a psycho bitch. Rachel gets a sore puss on her face and asks to talk to Kathy. Rachel then lectures Kathy about how classless Kathy is by cheering when she wins. Kathy refuses to talk to Rachel and leaves the room. Kathy said that Rachel picked her because Rachel thought that Kathy would lose. Kathy said she was excited to win and she cheered. Kathy said that she won't apologize, and she won't listen to Rachel. Rachel said that she is going to make Kathy apologize. THen Rachel said that Kathy has no integrity. Rachel continues to confront Kathy. Kathy says, "drop it. I'm not going to apologize. I won." Kathy said that she is going to going to punch Rachel if she keeps on following her. Hayden tells Rachel that Kathy just did what Rachel did in every competition. Hayden said that Kathy has every right to cheer because she won.

Time for Ragan to pick a saboteur trick. He didn't want to hide Rachel's hair extensions because he would have to touch it. Then he didn't like the smelly cheese bit, because if he hid it under Brendon and Rachel's bed, no one would notice. But Ragan did decide to make trouble between Brendon and Rachel. So the Saboteur had a video clip that told Rachel that Brendon was throwing competitions to advance his game. The good thing is that everyone thinks that Rachel is the Saboteur and advancing his game. Ragan was happy for that. Rachel asks to talk to Britney and asks Rachel to use the POV on her. Rachel said that she would give Britney $5000 and would be on Rachel's side. Britney said that she can't use the POV on Rachel because it would be bad for Britney. Britney also said that it won't matter if she used the POV because one of them is going home. Rachel wanted Kathy to go up and thought people would vote out Kathy. Brendon really wants Rachel to stay in the house, and said that he has to do something to make himself look bad so Rachel could stay in the house. Then we have to see Rachel with her crocodile tears, and Brendon with his fake tears Brendon tells Rachel that he loves her very much, and thinks that she would be a better fighter than Brendon.

Time for the POV meeting. Brendon thinks he has to do something drastic in the POV meeting to take the bullet for Rachel. Brendon tells Rachel to go first. Rachel tells Britney that Britney is her friend. Rachel offers Britney $5000. Brendon in his speech calls Britney a brat and selfish. Rachel has this fish look on her face. Very unattractive. Brendon tells the group that Britney wanted to put up Ragan and Matt. Britney says that she is a spoiled brat just like Brendon is a class act. Britney said that Brendon is a vile, classless person. Brendon thinks the target is now on his back. On the live feeds, the houseguests are letting Rachel think she is staying and they are against Brendon. But they are voting out Rachel. Rachel ends the show with her usual crying routine, and assurance that she will win HOH and vote them all out. This is Rachel's house. Yeah, right!

Sunday, August 8, 2010 -- Evening

The Rembrandt Affair
The Rembrandt Affair book cover It's obvious that I love Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series. At least it should be obvious, because I've read every book in the series to date. What would July be without a new Silva on the TBR pile? With The Rembrandt Affair, we find Gabriel Allon and his wife, Chiara, recouperating from the action in the last book, The Defector. I was hoping that Gabriel and Chiara would not get tortured too much in The Rembrandt Affair because he had more than a person could bear in the last book. So I was quite pleased when the book started off with Gabriel's return to the Corrnwall coast, where he has spent many months restoring masterpieces in his cover as an art restorer. Before long, Julian Isherwood, London art dealer, shows up on Allon's doorstep, hoping that Gabriel can find a stolen painting and solve the murder of the restorer. The painting is a lost Rembrandt that was being restored by a former classmate of Gabriel's when he studied in Vienna. Before you know it, Gabriel has tracked down some of the history of the painting, finding out that it was taken from a Jewish family in Amsterdam at the start of World War II. Kurt Voss, a Nazi general said that he would give safety to the two daughters in the family if the father signed over the painting to Voss. The father does it, and then Voss changes his mind, and only lets one daughter, the blonde, go to safety. As Gabriel continues his search, he learns that Voss made it to Argentina, but left all his ill-gotten gains in Switzerland banks. The banker, Walter Landesmann, pulls a fast one, and keeps the money, telling Voss that the accounts are gone when Voss tries to get the money back. The money funds Landesmann's son's financial empire and good works that lead to the son having the nickname, Saint Martin. However, Martin is far from a saint, and Gabriel learns that Martin is selling centrifuges to Iran so it can develop nuclear weapons. Will Gabriel find the stolen painting and stop the delivery of the centifuges while keeping his team safe? The Rembrandt Affair is a strong entry in the Gabriel Allon series, and the reader will not be disappointed. I loved the book, quickly read it, and recommend it to all lovers of thrillers.
Nnomination show
The Big Brother show this evening started with HOH competition. Too bad, it wasn't that much of an endurance match. Julie let the houseguests know that the first person off the paint can was going to be a Have Not this week. Matt said that the Brigade needed to win this week so keep themselves safe. Hayden wanted to win HOH, but he's not that much of a competitor. Rachel was glad to see Kristen go, and Kathy said that she knew she was the only vote for Kristen, and said that she didn't care if that put her on the block becaus eyo have to do what's right. Ragan started to complain about his arms hurting after eight minutes on the bucket, and he whispers to Matt, "what should I do?" To which Matt replies, "I don't know." Enzo and Britney hated getting hit in the face with the paint brush. Kathy said that she's going to take the Have Not. Enzo and Britney mocked Kathy for making a "deal" that she would be the Have Not for the week. Kathy said that she just wants people to think she's weak. Lane said that all the stress was on his forearms and biceps, and his arms started to hurt. Brnedon said the same thing. Matt, Lane, and Britney started to mock Rachel with her cheerleading for Brendon. She kept on saying, "you got it Brendon," "you're the best." Enzo drops out, and Matt comments on how Enzo is a slacker and does put in any effort. Britney lets Matt know that Brendon is struggling, and Matt starts saying he could be up there all evening. Everyone is praying for Brendon to fall.

Brendon looks like such a baby on the paint can. Then he just leaps off the paint can. Rachel said that she is so frustrated with Brendon because when he needed her to compete, she came through. But she couldn't count on Brendon. Ragan says he is having a Stevie Wonder moment as his goggles get covered with paint. As Rachel is consoling Brendon, she says, just win the POV. Brendon said that he didn't think Rachel was sincere when she said that it was okay that he was out of the competition. Well, it's because she wasn't sincere. Rachel said that she was hoping for Ragan or Britney to win since she thought they wouldn't put her up. Then Lane fell off. Britney was feeling sore, and as she said, she didn't want to put up Rachel and Brendon so she fell off. Hayden fell off after around 48 minutes. So it came down again to Ragan and Matt. Matt said in DR that he is gettting tired of the Brains in the Brigade having to do well in all the physical competitions. Ragan said that he could try to win HOH and get blood on his hands, or he could drop, and let Matt get the blood. Then Ragan dropped off after 1 hour and 10 minutes. Ragan said that he wants to lay low and hope for the best. Rachel wants to know how the skinniest dude in the house keeps on winning endurance competitions. Matt also said that others in the Brigade have to start pulling their weight because he can only win every other week. Hayden said that Matt better do the right thing and put out Rachel and Brendon or he is out of the Brigade. Matt, Hayden, and Enzo go into the storage room to talk. Hayden said that he can't wait to see Brendon and Rachel crying all week like little babies. Enzo hopes that Matt just sticks to the plan of putting up Brendon and Rachel. Meanwhile, Rachel is acting all upset and tries to act like she isn't upset with Brendon when it is so obvious she is really mad at him. Brendon kisses her and tries to talk to her. Rachel said that Brendon doesn't understand that him not winning puts a bigger target on her back than on his. Brendon tries to tell Rachel to be positive, but it is hilarious to see her so upset for getting payback.

It's time for the HOH room, and Britney starts squealing really loud about how wonderful it is. As she said, she mocks Rachel so much, and Rachel isn't bright enough to figure it out. Everyone sneaks out to leave Matt trapped with Brendon and Rachel. Later, after Matt was locked out of the HOH room, he finds the Pandora Box in the HOH room. Matt gets to decide about whether to open the Pandora Box. Matt can get the diamond POV if he opens the box. Matt said that he has to figure out whether he should do this because depending on how he explains it. Matt takes the diamond POV. With the diamond POV, he has two weeks to use the POV to save himself or someone else from the block, and to name the replacement. Matt hids the POV in his suitcase, and then takes out his dollar card to say that he opened Pandora's Box for $1. Brendon said that the first thought he had was that if something good happened to him, something bad would happen to Brendon. People didn't seem to know whether to believe that Matt only got $1. Brendon said that Matt is acting shifty and that he won something he is not telling the house. Matt admits in DR that he doesn't think anyone bought the $1 deal. Brendon starts to talk to Rachel about using the $5000 to buy her way out. Ragan tells Hayden and Kathy that the way the Pandora Box works is that soemone gets something good and someone gets something bad. Then Ragan goes to the DR, and finds that he was selected to be the new Saboteur. He learns that if he lasts two weeks without getting caught, he gets $20,000. Ragan waffles a ton over it, not knowing what to make of it. Then because he didn't want ot let America down, he said that he would be a new Saboteur. American gets to send in sabotage suggestions. Dumb!

Rachel talks to Matt in front of Ragan. Rachel tells Matt that if Matt puts them both up, one of them will win the POV. Ragan challenges Rachel about insinuating that Ragan had an alliance with Matt. Ragan really attacks Rachel over the comment, and Ragan says that Rachel is getting rude to him by raising her voice. Brendon comes in, and he seems to say that Ragan and Matt are a pair too, as much of a pair as Brendon and Rachel are without the kissing. Rachel then asks Brendon and Ragan to leave the the conversation with Matt. Matt tells Rachel that she will have to figure out her issue with Ragan some other time. Then Brendon says in the kitchen that two of them were attacking Rachel. Ragan challenges him on that because as he said, Brendon wasn't there. Rachel goes out to the kitchen and brings Brendon into the room with Matt. Rachel said that it would not make sense to get rid of two strong people that would be on Matt's side. Rachel tries to tell Matt that if they are put up, and Rachel leaves, people won't be after Brendon, they will be after Matt. Later, the Saboteur video plays to the houseguests. Matt is thanked for opening Pandora's Box and unleashing the Saboteur. The houseguests seem shocked. They all say that if someone was offered the role of the Saboteur, that person shouldn't have taken it. Losers!

Finally time for the nominations. Rachel calls Matt a pansy in the DR because he is taking the easy way out. Brendon then says that Matt is dishonest because he's going to put up Brnedon and Rachel. Matt admits that it's now time for him to take out the trash. Matt pulls out Kathy's key first. Then out comes the keys of Ragan, Britney, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden. Matt says that he put up Rachel and Brendon because it's not personal. As Matt says, they are a pair, and they have won HOH and POV competitions, so as scientists, they can figure out the stats. Rachel starts crying and saying she feels like a lost puppy, and will need another injection of Botox because she now has so many wrinkles.

Saturday, August 7, 2010 -- Evening

Payback is a Bitch
Matt put up Brendon and Rachel for eviction, like that was any surprise. You have to wonder what the game would be like now if Matt had put up Brendon and Rachel instead of Andrew and Kathy. The POV competitino was today, and Britney won. I doubt that she will be using the POV. From the live feeds, the Pandora Box was setup in the HOH room, Matt opened it, and obviously Ragan accepted the challenge to be the saboteur because the houseguests were talking about the video showing the saboteur.

Thursday, August 5, 2010 -- Later Evening

Bunch of Losers
So Kathy and Enzo were the first ones to fall from the paint can. Then loser Brendon dropped. That guy can't win crap. Then Britney, Lane, and Hayden fell off, leaving, as usual, Ragan and Matt. Ragan, being another loser, gave up the HOH to Matt. So he's HOH yet again, and Brendon is whining about how he is going home. Boy, at this point, I'd love to send them all home.

Thursday, August 5, 2010 -- Evening

Byebye Kristen
It's time to see Kristen leave the Big Brother house. After not being in the CBS show for several episodes, she has been featured lately. All I have to say is that I'm not a fan of her, Rachel, or Kathy. As the show started, Rachel was holding Brendon's arm around her. Disgusting!

We started the show with the Britney POV meeting. Hayden said that he was shocked that something went wrong. Britney knew that Hayden and Kristen were mad at her. Rachel admitted that she told Britney she would put up Lane because Rachel didn't want Britney to use the veto, and Rachel wants Kristen out of the house. Kristen cries because of the separation of someone she created a bond with. Hayden went out to Brendon and Rachel, and Brnedon said that he was voting to keep Hayden. So Hayden felt safe. Britney told Enzo about Rachel threatening to put up Lane. Enzo said that he was gunning for Rachel and Brendon. Britney then goes to talk to Hayden and Kristen. Britney tells Kristen and Hayden that Rachel was going to put up Lane. Kristen is upset because she had the perfect plan to put up Kathy, who is supposedly Kristen's friend in the house. I think Kristen forgot that she wasn't HOH or the veto holder. Kristen cries because she won't have much more time to spend with Hayden. Kristen says it is really hard because she doesn't want to go home, and would love to fight for herself, but it's really hard to campaign against Hayden. Hayden said that he won't feel bad about anything Kristen does. Kristen hates that she has to wear the Hippy-tard and wig, and is probably going to be evicted in it.

Brendon and Rachel are in the backyard, so Britney, Ragan, and Matt start making fun of Rachel and wearing her hair extensions. Rachel comes walking up, and then comes walking into the HOH. Rachel thought it was hilarious that Britney and Matt were making fun of her. Britney thought it was hilarious how clueless Rachel is. Rachel says that she is okay with people making fun of her because it's the highest form or flattery. It was hilarious seeing Britney prancing around, saying "floaters, get a life vest."

Meanwhile, Kristen starts to realize that Hayden must be okay with her campaigning against him because Hayden must have an alliance. Kristen talks to Ragan about keeping her because if she is voted out, Ragan would be left in the house with the alpha males who would go after Ragan. Ragan says in DR that Hayden may be part of an all-male alliance. Kristen then goes to talk to Britney about why Britney should vote for her. As Kristen says, Britney is screwed because she will be against an alliance of guys. I don't know how successful Kristen is with her campaign. Kristen then talks to Brendon about Hayden staying in the house with an alliance with Lane and Enzo. Kristen tries to sell breaking up a possible alliance and keeping a weaker player. Kristen tries to tell Brendon that she would hurt him less.

Julie talks to the houseguests. Julie asks Hayden about solitary confinement. And then Julie tells Kristen that she is better in the Hippy-tard than Jenn was in the red leotard. Then Julie showed Enzo falling on top of Hayden in a very intimate way that lead to a lot of jokes. Britney said that Ragan is probably the worst houseguest because he is so gassy, and it smells so bad. Julie was totally flustered by the fart talk. Julie shows clips of Kristen and Hayden making out. Then we go to Tempe, Arizona to see Hayden's mom who is shocked by Hayden's showmance. As his mom says, Kristen isn't sincere and has derailed Hayden's game. Then we hear Kristen's friends talking about how shocked they are at Kristen making out with Hayden because Kristen has a boyfriend in Philadelphia. Then we hear from Steve who said that he thought that he was Kristen's boyfriend going into the house. Steve feels betrayed by Kristen. He says that the relationship with Kristen is over.

Julie talks to Rachel in the HOH room. Rachel said that she and Brendon hope to pull Britney into their alliance. Rachel said that she is going after people that she feels are after her, and so far, that has been Monet and Kristen. Julie asks about the relationship with Brendon. Julie comments on the fights that the pair has had. Rachel says that in a real relationship people have arguments and butt heads.

Both Hayden and Kristen call out people as cowards for putting them up. Time for the vote. Enzo evicts Kristen, Kathy evicts Hayden, and then Matt, Lane, Ragan, Brendon, and Britney vote to evict Kristen. Kristen is out by a vote of 6-1. Brendon says that he votes to evict Kristen for Andrew. Kristen has to go out to the live audience in the Hippy-tard and wig. Kristen hugs eveyrone but Brendon and Rachel. After the vote, Rachel gives Hayden a hug. Kristen's picture goes black and white as everyone watches. Kristen said that it was hard to campaign against Hayden. Julie comments on how people wanted to vote for her, but they were afraid that Hayden might take it out on them if they voted for her. Rachel calls Britney a bitch because Kristen was talking to Brendon behind her back. Rachel also called Kristen a ho. Hayden tells Kristen that he is in an alliance with Matt, Enzo, and Lane, called the Brigade. But Hayden said that he would have taken her over the alliance. Wonder what the guys would think if they knew that? Kristen said that she is shocked, but not shocked. Julie asks about the boyfriend back home. Kristen says she has to think about it, not knowing that the boyfriend has already dumped her ass.

Julie tells us that this HOH will be the most powerful HOH in the game. We have the return of Pandora's Box. It seems that America's vote was for Ragan to be the new Saboteur with Enzo coming in second. But the HOH has to open Pandora's box to unleash the Saboteur. The last houseguest standing on the ledge of a giant paint can is going to be HOH. The houseguests are on a narrow ledge facing out from the can. They have a rail to hold onto, and they are getting sprayed with paint. The first person to fall off will be the one and only Have Not this week. Jeff and Jordan are going to be stopping by the house for a visit this week. Back to the HOH competition, where the houseguests are being hit by a big paint filled brush. More on who is HOH from the live feeds.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 -- Evening

POV Show
The show this evening started again with Andrew's speech and Rachel's HOH win. Then we heard Rachel's nomination speech. It will be so funny when that girl gets her comeuppance. Hayden says in DR that no one likes Rachel or Brendon, and that everytime he talks to her, Hayden throws up a bit in the back of his mouth. Brendon lectures Rachel about her nomination comments because the "bring it on" just went over the wrong way. Brendon tells her that she should apologize, but Rachel says no. Brendon explains that people will take them on. Rachel is really pissed with Brendon, and she stomps out of the HOH room. Hayden and Kristen are talking about how they need to win. Rachel comes into the room and apologises for her comment, and said that it wasn't meant personally. Hayden says that if he wins, he'll put up Brendon and Rachel. When Rachel goes back upstairs, she tells Brendon that he should be on her team, and supporting her, and feeling bad for her because she had to put Hayden and Kristen up. Rachel explains to Brendon that it's BB and she is not being the bully that Brendon called her. Rachel said that they need to be done fighting because if he doesn't start acting differently, they won't have a relationship. Brendon is so whipped. I really don't understand that relationship.

Time to pick for the veto competition. Rachel picks Britney. Rachel likes that because she thinks Britney will keep things the same. Hayden picks Ragan, but thinks Ragan won't use the veto. Kristen picks Enzo. Rachel picks Brendon to be the host for the show. The competition is a pinball competition. It's one where the players play a pinball game, and the lowest scoring person is eliminated from a round, but gets to pick a prize. It's the same as in other years. You could pick a box with the veto in the first round, but some who comes out of the game after you, can take your prize. In the first round, Hayden, Rachel, Ragan, and Enzo get a perfect score, and Kristen has the lowest score, and she's out. Kristen picked a hat that contained the power of veto. She thought it was bittersweet because she knew later people would take it. Ragan had the low score in the second round, and he picked a veto ticket. That allows him to compete in the next veto competition. Britney said that the tension was so high that no one was speaking to anyone else. Enzo had the lowest score in round three and got a 3-D flat screen TV. In round four, Britney and Hayden got a perfect shot. Rachel had the lowest score, and she was out. She had a second chance ticket, and instead of taking the veto, she put Ragan back in the game. Ragan had the lowest score in round five. He got a $5000 prize. He could keep it or give it to someone else. Ragan traded the $5000 to get the veto ticket. Rachel didn't want to take it. it was funny because Lane thought they were stupid to not take money because this is a game. Kristen was thinking she might get to keep the veto. It was down to Britney and Hayden. Britney got a perfect shot. Hayden had to make a perfect shot to continue, but he got a 5. Hayden picked the Hippy-tard. It's the rehash of Jenn's red leotard from a few seasons ago. Britney picked 24 hours of solitary confinement. He switched with Kristen and took the veto. Britney traded with Hayden for the POV. Hayden gets 24 hours of solitary confinement. Kristen instantly hugs Hayden and starts to cry. Kristen doesn't want to fight against Hayden. Hayden thinks that he can be screwed this week. They put Hayden in the Have Not room for his solitary confinement, but people can talk to him through the door.

The Hippy-tard is tie-dyed, and it comes with a red Orphan Annie wig. Later, Kristen goes to the Have Not door to talk to Hayden. Kristen said that she's going to try not to go hom, but that means Hayden will go home. Hayden and Kristen toucn fingers under the door. Kristen said that she didn't think she would ever shed one tear in the house. You hear that so much from people. Losers!

Enzo and Lane talk about getting the Animal back from 24 hour solitary confinement. They make jokes about how long Hayden's hair must be now. The houseguests all tick down the time, and run into the Have Not room when the time is out. Hayden said serveral times that Kristen looks good in the Hippy-tard. It's time for The Other Guys movie. Enzo said that he had Hayden were chaperones to Brendon and Rachel. The others are outside complaining about having to hear movie quotes for two weeks that they won't get. Brendon was just happy to have his first movie date with Rachel. Hayden tells Britney that it would be smart to use the POV. Britney said that she would use the POV if Kathy goes up, because then Kathy would go home. Britney tells Hayden that she would do it. Hayden and Kristen go to the HOH room. Hayden says he only has Kristen in the house. Hayden said that Brendon and Rachel will need someone on their side, and they should taking the deal. Rachel said that she wanted to know the deal that Hayden made with Britney. Hayden said that he told Britney that he wouldn't put her up. Rachel said that would mean you would put the other guys up that you like. Hayden and Kristen are really pushing putting Kathy up. That should send off warning bells to Rachel and Brendon. Hayden then goes and tells Britney that Rachel is buying it. Hayden said that when he wins HOH next week and puts them up, Rachel and Brendon will be furious. HA!

Britney tells Rachel that Hayden made her an offer. Rachel said that who else would go up against Kristen. Rachel tells Kristen that she might want to put up Lane. Britney said that she doesn't want Lane to go up. Britney also tells Rachel that if she uses the POV, she would want the decision to be made with her and Rachel. Britney said that both alliances (Hayden/Kristen or Rachel/Brendon) would work for her. It's time for the veto meeting. From the live feeds, we know that Britney couldn't tell Hayden that Rachel was going to put up Lane instead of Kathy. Hayden tells Britney in his speech that it would help her to take him off. Kristen says she's only on the block because she got thrown under the bus. Britney says that she decided not to use the POV. Hayden said it was a slap in the face because either he or Kristen is going home. Britney didn't want Lane to go up, so she couldn't use the POV. Kristen cries about how she has to go against the person she loves the most in the game. Kristen wants to be the one to send Rachel home. Hard to do when you'll be outside of the house tomorrow, Kristen.

Sunday, August 1, 2010 -- Evening

The S**t Hits the Fan
This evening's Big Brother show started off a recap of Andrew's farewell speech. Kristen admitted that it was the worst thing that could have happened. Kristen had her shocked face. As Lane said, he thought Hayden and Kristen were cousins, but was surprised to find out they are kissing cousins. Hayden tried to pretend that Andrew was lying. Andrew told them that he was up in the room when they were making out. Andrew said that Kristen was manipulating everyone. It seems that throughout the voting thing, Hayden and Kristen were denying it and lying their asses off. Rachel thought that outing Hayden and Kristen was a good thing because it took the pressure off of Rachel and Brendon.

We had a recap of Rachel winning HOH. As Rachel said, if she did't pull it off, they would have gone home. Right after the HOH competition, Rachel said that she heard Hayden and Kristen making out in the same room as her. As Brendon said, they were busted and should just admit it. Ragan said that he has been waiting for people to fight because it takes the eye off of him. Lane said that he just loved having a front row seat to the fight. Kristen tried to take the holier than thou road while she is lying her ass off. Kristen said that she is going to stay in the house and get rid of Rachel, while Rachel calls Kristen a floater. Kristen says that Rachel is jealous of her. Then Rachel calls out Kathy who was hugging Hayden and Kristen. I loved Britney's comment that the irony of the two girls fighting in a fake boxing rink wasn't lost on her.

Matt said that it couldn't be better for him than to have the two girls fighting. Kristen keeps on calling Rachel a liar and vice versa. Then we saw Rachel jump on Brendon for her usual slutty, kissing scene. Rachel looks like a psycho wench and says she wants to be a bitch to everyone. Matt, Enzo, and Lane talk about getting Kristen out of the game so Hayden can get his head back into the game. Rachel starts crying to Hayden about how Kristen wanted to throw her under the bus. Hayden said that he apologized to Rachel just to keep himself in the house. Hayden claims that he wasn't making out with Kristen, even though Rachel was in the same room, pretending to be asleep.

Then Hayden and Kristen talk, and Hayden says that he reeled Kristen in. Rachel goes to apologize to Kristen, and Kristen said that she didn't accept it because Rachel was lying. Enzo and Lane got to talk to Hayden, and Hayden tells the guys that both Rachel and Kristen are crazy. Enzo said that he doesn't care of Hayden gets some on the side, but the Brigade has to come first.

it's time to see the HOH room, and Kristen said that she was nauseated by Rachel and didn't want to see the HOH room. Enzo said that there goes the brown nosing and kissing up since Rachel is the HOH. Enzo aws like "Spice Girls, OOOHHHH!!" Hayden said that he wanted to commmit suicide the whole time becuse he didn't want to be there. Then Kathy goes to talk to Kristen and said that she wouldn't back down from being Kristen's friend. Kristen insists that she is not going onywhere. As she looks at Kathy with psyho eyes, Kristen insists that it is on.

Rachel is in a cop outfit and calls out the houseguests into the living room. Will Ferrel and Marky Mark come on the screen to tell the houseguests that there is a luxury competition that will let some see their new movie The Other Guys. The competition is some sort of thing whre a team of players have to complete a circuit of a track and the fastest wins. Matt, Lane, and Britney were first. Ragan, Kristen, and Kathy are in the same car, and Kristen said that she's going to rub her win in Rachel's face. Ragan was hilarious. He said that competing with Kathy is like Weekend at Bernie's and carrying a dead body around. Hayden, Enzo, and Brendon werein a car together, and they were like maniacs on the track. It was funny because Enzo landed on top of Hayden at the end. Matt's team had 52 seconds. Kristen had 2 min and 18 seconds. Bunch of losers. Hayden's team had 47 seconds. So Rachel, Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden got to go to see the movie together. (Rachel got to go because she was HOH.

Rachel and Britney were bonding in a bubble bath, and Rachel said that people like Kirsten drive her crazy because Kristen does nothing. Britney said that the last thing she wanted was to be in a bathtub with Rachel, but she wants to stay in the house, so "bubble up." Rachel and Kristen were making fun of Kristen. As Rachel said, she can't stand Kristen, and Kristen is going to go home.

Kathy talks to Rachel and Brendon, and Kathy claims that she isn't a floater. As Rachel said, if you play both sides of the house, you are a floater. Meanwhile Kathy just keeps talking to keep herself safe. Hayden talks to Kristen in the storage roon, and Kristen said that she won't kiss ass. Hayden said that he wants Kristen to stay in the house, but she has to do some things to stay in the house. So Kristen goes up to talk to Rachel and Brendon. Kristen claims that she was never one of the people who was going after Brendon and Rachel. Rachel keeps on saying that's what Kristen said. Kristen said that she can't stand Rachel, but she is just trying to stay off the block. Rachel tells Kristen that she is an emotional person. Kristen then tries to say that she is a logical person. Brendon goes up to talk to Rachel, and can't believe Rachel when she says that she is thinking of not putting up Kristen. As Brendon says in the DR, "what are you thinking?"

Finally, it's time for Rachel to make her nominations. Rachel claims "this game is so hard." Brendon's key, of course, comes out first, then Britney, Ragan, Lane, Enzo, Matt, and finally Kathy. As we already know, Hayden and Kristen go up on the block. Rachel then says that she nominated them because she hasn't seen either of them fighting, and she then tells Kristen to bring it on. Hayden said that he will do anything to stay in the game. In DR, Lane tells Hayden to just lose Kristen. Brendon wants Rachel to stop the power trip because it puts a huge target on their back.