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August 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014 -- Late Evening

Quad cam of the endurance competition
It looks like Frankie is leading the HOH competition. It also looks as if everyone is going for the big snowman.

Thursday, August 28, 2014 -- Evening

Eviction NIght
I have been very busy this week, and I did not see last night's Big Brother. Basically, Cody won POV, and did not use it. Nicole and Donny stayed on the block, and Donny was the target.

Tonight started with Donny and Nicole talking about the vote. Cody thinks that sending Donny home is best for Cody. Nicole asks Derrick if she is good, and he says that she is. Derrick tells Nicole that everyone thinks Donny is dangerous. Then Nicole tries to Christine. That should send out warning bells to the guys. Christine says that for sure she is voting for Donny to stay. Frankie is watching Nicole cozying up to Christine. So now Frankie is worrying that getting rid of Nicole might be better for his game. ON the live feeds, Caleb and Frankie have been campaigning a bit for Donny. Frankie says that he wants to keep Donny in the house, but he has to get everyone on his team on Donny's side. As Derrick and Frankie talk, they say that Donny would have no choice to trust them. Frankie thinks that Donny's number one target is not Frankie or Derrick. Frankie says that it's down to Caleb. Frankie and Caleb talk, and they say that Nicole won't put up Christine. So the question becomes what will happen.

Frankie finds out that Julie will ask a question of one of them during the live show, if they became a have not, what food would you want. The Team America member would say apple pie. If she says yes, then they accomplished the mission. Caleb talks to Derrick about Nicole being a big threat. Derrick thinks that they have to do it as a group. Christine will not flip her vote. Then they showed last night's conversation with Caleb, Frankie, Cody, and Derrick. Caleb and Frankie try to get over that Nicole is a stronger threat than Donny. Derrick does not want to give his opinion because he's a wussy. So Julie says that we can vote on a punishment for the upcoming endurance to be 5000 hollars or having the person wear a stupid t-shirt.

Victoria is asked about her wisdom teeth. She said that Big Brother took good care of her. Frankie was asked the have not question, and the answer was an overwhelming no. Mission failed. HA! Then the house guests got to see a clip from their favorite family member. Ariana Grande was there for Frankie. Blah! Christine's husband is really ugly. Derrick's little girl is so cute! We got to find out what Christine's really ugly husband thought of her being all over Cody. Ugly Boy doesn't like the hand holding, but the other stuff seems okay, although he also said some boundaries have been crossed. Ugly Boy thinks he is as attractive as Cody. Not! Christine's mom and dad do not like how Christine is acting. Cody's did looks cross-eyed. Cody's sister thinks Cody should back off. Ugly Boy liked the zing from ZingBot. Ugly Boy is going to tell Christine that he is not happy with how she acted, and says he wants to play with Cody's hair and have Cody's arm around him the whole evening.

Time for the vote. Donny gives his usual spiel. Nicole says the same stuff. The vote:
Frankie said that he did not want to, but he had to evict Donny. They did not realize that they could vote against Cody. If Nicole wins, you will see who goes up.

Donny is crying because his feelings were hurt, and he has so many emotions in his heart. Donny said that no one in particular hurt his feelings, but he feels let down by Team America members. As Donny said, he does not blame them because it is an individual game. Donny said that with his age and look, he would not fit in. Donny said that he did not understand why everyone targeted him. Donny said that everyone loving him who left, it would not be good for the others in the house. Donny says that he has nothing in common with the people who stayed up late at night. Donny said he tried, but there was nothing in common with them. Christine called Donny one of the most intelligent and sneakiness of men. Caleb said Donny had suction cups. Frankie said that it wasn't for his personal interests to keep Donny. Derrick claimed he tried to keep Donny, but could not convince people. Then Julie told Donny that the Bold and the Beautiful want Donny to guest star on the show.

It's going to be an endurance competition tonight, and I'm hoping Nicole wins just to rub it into Cody that he should have gotten rid of her. Then she can put up Cody and Derrick and backdoor Frankie. The endurance is the usual race down the slippery runway with a cup. Then you put the liquid into a snowman, until a ball raises to the top. There's a small snowman next to the big one. The small snowman gives the winner $5000 AND 5000 hollas. The house guest will be bothered with call outs for the rest of his/her time in the house. Victoria sucks at the game, per usual. Christine is equally bad. In fact, Christine and Victoria look like they are standing in place on the slippery track. Nicole seems to be doing pretty good.

Next Thursday will be another double eviction night.

Monday, August 25, 2014 -- Afternoon

Jocasta plants a wet one on Nicole's lips
Quick Update
Classes started today, and I have classes on Wednesday night, so I'll probably be missing the Big Brother show, and just catching up with a very quick recap. As for yesterday's show, I'll only have time for a quick update today. In fact, for the next month, I will have way too many other things to do to pay much attention to anything!

In last night's show, we saw the recap of Nicole coming back into the house, and Hayden telling her to target Derrick and Cody, and Jocasta trying to plant a kiss on Nicole's lips. Christine is worried because she backstabbed her friend. Donny fills Nicole in on how Christine helped out the other team in the Battle of the Block, and Donny said that Victoria did not know she was in the game. Victoria went back to tell Derrick, Frankie, and Cody about Donny talking to NIcole. Derrick wants Donny out because Donny is onto Derrick's game. Derrick reminds Cody and Frankie that they have the numbers if they stick together.

The HOH competition was on where the house guests had to answer questions by punching in numbers about when something happened. The first question was the comic book hero competition and that was on day 44. The last person to put in the numbers is out. Nicole was the first out. Joey became Alex on day 12. Everyone got it on the first try except for Victoria. The day Brittany scored her soccer goals was on day 31. Cody was first in. Christine was out next. The day Paola fell off the swing was on day 6. Donny got it first. Caleb was out next. The next question was about the day Devin went on the block, which was day 25. Donny was in first. Derrick was out next. It's down to Donny and Cody. On what day did Amber win her third competition? Day 29. It was really close, and Cody just managed to win.

In the HOH room reveal, Donny said something about always thinking Cody wasn't too bright. The others were shocked, but Cody isn't that bright. Later, Nicole tries to sway Cody to keep her, and she promises him safety. Derrick and Cody talk about Nicole being more trustworthy than Christine. BB showed Donny talking to Cody in the HOH room. They made it seem that Donny got Cody up early in the morning, instead of showing that Cody was sleeping late in the day. Cody was just umming and not really listening to Donny. Cody is an idiot. Of course, Cody then puts up Nicole and Donny. They did show Derrick and Donny talking about Derrick wanting to save Donny. Derrick claims he likes Donny next to Cody in the the house.

Sunday, August 24, 2014 -- Evening

Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer is a well-written, thought-provoking book
Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer
Although I love to read fiction, especially mysteries, that doesn't mean I don't like to read other things. I've noticed that others seem to think that people can only read one type of book, but I would think that would be a boring and bland diet. I just finished one of those non-mysteries today: Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics by Charles Krauthammer. Krauthammer writes a weekly column for the Washington Post, and he's a frequent commentator on Fox News. I've seen him a few times with Bill O'Reilly. Things That Matter is a collection of short essays that Krauthammer has written over the past thirty years for the Post and Time.

I learned some things about Krauthammer that I didn't know before I read the book are that Krauthammer was paralyzed in swimming accident when he started medical student, that he was a practicing psychiatrist, and that he used to be a Democrat and a speech writer for then vice president Walter Mondale! I have to admit that I was struck because Krauthammer is the voice of conservatism. I know that I've often thought that liberalism is for the young and naive, because they have such a rose-colored vision of what the world could be. As you age, at least, as I aged, I found that my views became much more conservative. I think that with age comes wisdom and a greater understanding of how the world works. Basically, as I started to make money, I wanted to keep my money. Also, I learned that issues may not always be as black and white as I originally thought.

Krauthammer's essays are very well written and thought provoking. He broke the books into sections: In those essays, he talked about a wide variety of topics, contemporary and long past. Krauthammer's parents were Orthodox Jews, and he went to a Hebrew Day School, and I think that makes his voice even more poignant as he mentions the Jewish/Israeli situation in the world. Although Krauthammer is a passionate about his views, he also writes with a sane, calm voice. I think it would be sad if you passed up Things That Matter. I know that I read works by both liberals and conservatives because I want to get the full picture. I know that personal bias and viewpoints color a writer's work, sometimes even unintentionally. I found myself as I finished the book, admiring Krauthammer, and having a more enlightened view on some of the topics he mentions. Give his essays a try. Just read a few, and I think before you know it, you'll be reading the whole book.

Thursday, August 21, 2014 -- Evening

Returning Juror
Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole were on stage for the returning juror competition. I really hate hearing Frankie's voice whenever he speaks. It seems that the competition will just be between the returning jurors, and that it might not be an endurance competition. This year has sucked because it has not had any endurance.

The show started with a phony baloney story about Zach having an attack still left in him, and that anything was possible. Yeah, right. Cody is not going to sit back and hope that people don't flip on him. There hasn't been anything like that on the feeds. Donny tries to get Christine to see the light about her place with the group, but it's pointless. Christine is an idiot with her head up Cody and Frankie's asses. Donny and Zach talk about the votes, and Donny promises Zach his vote. Zach tried to talk Caleb into voting for him, but Frankie turned on Zach and said that Zach can't be trusted. Zach says that he is going to try to campaign. Frankie tells Zach that he basically was put up because Zach refused to throw the competition and stay on the block.

The neighborhood watch is still going on. Frankie thinks it's so much fun. People were still targeting Zach. It seems that they managed to get the neighborhood watch for 24 hours, so Team America got the money off of Zach's back. Zach was trying to talk to Victoria, and they showed Victoria taking back the pink hat that she gave to Zach in the first week. They showed Victoria cutting the hat into pieces. These people are fricking idiotic, jerks. As Zach says, Victoria is kicking Zach on his way down. I'm not a fan of Victoria either. She's a lazy, stupid girl.

We then see the segment where Donny tried to talk to Christine about who she can trust. As Donny says, it might be a good time to get Christine to think of whom she should trust. Donny tried to tell her that Derrick, Cody, and Victoria are together. Donny told Christine that she is alone just like him and Zach. But Christine is really stupid. In the DR, Christine says that she does not want to finish fifth. As Donny said, if he were her, he would feel stupid if that happened. The thing that they did not show is that Christine went and told Cody everything. Zach talks to Frankie about what is best for Frankie. Frankie claimed that he did not want Zach going home. Yeah, right! Then why did you put him up. The edit looks like Zach has a chance, but he has none.

Julie showed the house guests some footage from the Battle of the Block competition. Julie asked Christine why the competition was so hard for her. Because she was cheating and working for the other team, and the three of them could not beat Donny. The house guests are then told that the double HOH is over. Cody's speech is boring. Zach does a rap and says he will see Julie shortly. Time for the vote.
Julie lets everyone know that Zach is evicted. Before she can say anything, Zach is throwing Froot Loops at people and heading to the door. Julie asked Zach about being prepared for leaving. Zach says that he was targeted because he could not keep his mouth shut. Zach says that he really hates Victoria because she gave him the hat and took it back. As Zach says, he hates Victoria for a laundry list of things. Zach says that he does not know what happened with Zankie. Zach did not see it coming. Zach is deluded and thinks that Frankie is a great person. Zach says he is not Zach Attack outside of the house, but he's really lovable outside of the house. Zach is very eloquent and funny. Zach calls the Zankie shomance a great friendship. Christine says that Zach is the biggest cry baby she ever met. Donny said that he enjoyed every minute of Zach attacking people. It was entertaining to watch. Frankie claims they will be friends outside. Victoria then showed Zach the shredded hat. Zach says he has no regrets. Zach says that he doesn't know who he will target if he is HOH, and that he might throw the competition. Julie then tells him that he can get back into the game.

They showed a jury house segment with Jocasta joined by Hayden. They think that Victoria may come in, but that it would be smart to be Derrick or Cody. And it was Nicole. Hayden called it bittersweet because he would like to still see her in the house. Nicole and Hayden would love to get back into the house. I think Jocasta is happy to not have competitions again.

All four are now on stage in basketball gear. Julie then tells everyone in the house to gather in the living room, and they are told that there will be a competition to have someone come back into the game. The four jurors go through the front door. Everyone then goes into the backyard.

The competition is come back fight. It will be seven rounds, and the house guests have to send disks down the chute that only has an open gate for a short period. The one with the most disks after seven rounds wins. After three rounds, only Nicole lost a disk. Round four and Zach and Hayden lost a disk. Jocasta was in the lead. Round six: and Nicole, Zach, and Jocasta tied. Last round: Nicole won because she was tied with Jocasta, but she had a disk closest to the center. Zach has to go to the jury house. That was an incredibly stupid game because Jocasta could have won. Idiotic game!

We don't know who the new HOH will be. Then Julie did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

Thursday, August 21, 2014 -- Afternoon

Donny thanks Jesus for winning the BOB
Zach's End
I waited until today to watch Big Brother so I could fast forward over annoying sections. I know that Frankie has been viscously arrogant in the house, and I'm sure that the CBS producers have been editing him to be "cute." So I don't want to puke too much.

On to the recap. The show started with Donny thanking Jesus. Donny is in awful pain because he has been nothing but nice to these people, and he knows Christine threw the competition. After all, he gave her a bone. Christine knows that Donny has to know she threw it. Also, as he said, he gave her a bone, and Donny has to 100 percent know that Christine threw it on purpose. Cody feels like they are the gang who can't shoot straight. Derrick says that this is the first week things haven't gone his way, and he does not feel good. Zach in the kitchen says that he wishes that they could have seen what happened in the house. Frankie says that he is nervous that he will have to do something he does not want to do. Puke! Jerk! He is the HOH, and the POV holder. It was all his choice. Derrick says that the trust would Donny could be gone if Donny realizes that Derrick put up Christine so Christine could throw the competition. Donny says that he is not the country bumpkin they all assume he is. Donny knows that Derrick has been blowing smoke up all of their asses, and that he is trying to blow it up Donny's ass now.

Derrick tells Frankie that Donny knows that Christine threw the competition, because he saw the look Donny was giving the camera. Frankie is nervous that Donny or Victoria would win POV and not use it. Frankie says that he would take down Caleb if Frankie won the POV, and then put up Victoria. Derrick wants Zach to go up, so he's going to play that route.

In the storage room, Donny tells Zach that Donny hopes that Zach plays and wins the POV. Donny says that he hasn't heard anything, but he is trying to befriend Zach. Donny hopes that he and Zach can play together. Donny says that the others act like Zach is part of the alliance, but Donny doesn't think he is. Zach goes to Frankie, and asks if Victoria wins POV and uses it on Cody. Zach says that if Victoria wins it, they are fucked. Frankie plays along. Zach says that if Derrick makes it to the final two, Derrick wins. Zach realizes that he, Zach, has blown things up, and he hopes that Frankie goes through with backdooring Victoria.

Then we had a segment on the Team America task to hide a clothing item from everyone. Derrick tells Donny and Frankie that he thinks it wil be fun. Derrick grabs Victoria's robe and hides it. Frankie blabs, then steals Caleb's cowboy boots. Donny took Cody's baseball hat.

They pick players for the veto competition. Frankie picks Victoria. Cody picks Donny. Donny says that if he wins the veto, he's going to take some color coded candy to see if he uses it or not. An obvious rip on the way he was supposedly selected to go on the block. Caleb picks Christine. Zach realizes that it is now out of his control. Caleb wants someone to use the veto, and he doesn't know if he trusts Donny or Victoria to use it. Caleb does not think Victoria will win. Donny tells Zach that he will try his best to win the POV to save Zach.

Kathy Griffin zings Zach Zingbot 3000 enters the house. Donny thought that Zingbot was nicer than he has been in the past. Caleb said that Zingbot kept on throwing out props. Then the doorbell rings and Kathy Griffin comes in. Frankie squeals like the idiot he is. Griffin is there for a zing-ervention. First is Caleb. He's told that he has something in common with Amber. Caleb thinks Amber is drop dead gorgeous, and Amber just wants Caleb to drop dead. Christine is told that glasses make people look smarter, but she disproves that. Griffin said that she would zing Victoria, but she's only supposed to zing people who are playing the game. Victoria did not get that one. What an idiot! Zach is told that he is not afraid to cry, wear pink, and cuddle with men. What was funny about that one was that Frankie thought the zing was going to be aimed at him.

They go into the backyard, and Kathy Griffin says that they have to reboot Zingbot by basically wiring four individual circuits so the light bulbs on the boards will light. The first person to get everything wired so the lights will light, wins. Frankie was first to get the board lit, and Donny was right behind him. Frankie claims he used to do stuff like this as a kid. Victoria is unable to do it, and Cody is not much better. As Derrick says the two aren't necessarily the brightest bulbs. Caleb, surprisingly, was doing pretty good too. It was down to Frankie and Caleb working on the fourth board. Frankie won. Frankie squealed. His voice really hurts my ears.

Zach is nervous because Frankie won the veto. Zingbot comes out of the box, and tells Frankie that he has a nice tan, which is surprising because of the amount of time he spends in his sister's shadow. Derrick is made fun of being ugly. Donny was told that he looked Duck Dynasty, but his game was suck dynasty. Cody got zinged by being told that he has an enemy in Christine's husband.

Frankie said he wanted to win POV, and he tells Caleb that he will use it on Caleb. Zach is trying to make friends with Frankie so he doesn't go up on the block. Frankie doesn't want to send Victoria home. He wants to turn on someone who has been bad for Frankie's game from the beginning: Zach.

Cody notices that his hat is missing. Everyone goes crazy over the saboteur. Zach said it was a big deal when his gator shirt when missing. CBS so edited the event to make it seem a lot nicer than it was. On the live feeds, they were all ready to lynch Zach. Christine blames Zach. Caleb brought up all the crap that Team America has blamed on Zach. Frankie then says the craziest thing. Frankie claims that Zach was a saboteur in getting Christine up on the block instead of him. We see Zach in the DR being very upset because people really believe that Zach is the person responsible. Frankie is such as ass, calling Zach a liar because Zach says it wasn't him. I really hate Frankie. I hate him more than anyone else who ever played Big Brother. Even more than Evel Dick.

Frankie claims that Zach is his best friend. Frankie uses the veto on Caleb. Then Frankie babbles out a rap, putting Zach up. I hope Zach comes right back in tonight.

Monday, August 18, 2014 -- Afternoon

Big Brother Recap
I am really having trouble getting into Big Brother. Most of the characters are boring, and I really hate Frankie. He is the most obnoxious, egotistical person, and I just can't stand the smug look on his face. Last night, the house guests noticed that things were missing, and Frankie turned it into a lynch mob against Zach. Meanwhile, the things were missing because Frankie and Team America took them and hid them.

The show started with Frankie talking about putting up alliance members because they are running out of people. Everyone wants Donny to go home, except for Derrick, who says in DR that he wants Victoria and Donny to stay. Donny feels disappointed and sad because he will probably go on the block again. He says he's outnumbered, but not out yet. Meanwhile Cody, Caleb, and Derrick talk about getting Zach to volunteer to go up. Caleb says that he is pissed because he is always volunteering to go up, but no one else is. Cody doesn't liks throwing competitions because everyone sucks at throwing things. Then Frankie prances in.

They tell Victoria that she is safe and has one more week in the BB house. She is excited. Derrick wants to stay HOH, and then says that he will never put up Frankie. Derrick and Frankie talk about Cody never being on the block, and about Derrick staying HOH so Frankie can compete in the upcoming endurance. I'm so glad that Frankie can't compete next week.

HOH room reveal. Frankie screams and acts like an ass. Every picture has Ariana Grande in it. Puke! Derrick got a letter from his wife. Frankie screams at his sister's letter. Puke!

Derrick talks to Donny about how not to be suspicious about Donny not being a target. Donny doesn't know if he should believe or trust Derrick.

We find out the Team America mission: hiding people's stuff, with organizing a neighborhood watch for 24 hours. Everyone except Donny and Victoria talk in the HOH. Christine and Cody don't want to go up. Zach and Caleb say that they have been up. They decide to pick people who go up by picking colored Skittles. Christine chooses purple and goes up with Donny. Cody's red gets picked. Then Caleb's green is picked. Zach did not get picked.

Then we have the obligatory Frankie saying Zach is gay clip. Then all the guys are watching Christine and Cody who are constantly touching. Everyone thinks that it's strange that they constantly flirt with and touch each other. Christine does come across like a slut, but maybe she has an open relationship with her husband.

Derrick, Caleb, and Cody talk about getting rid of Zach. Then Derrick and Frankie talk to Donny about Donny going up. Donny picks up that Derrick and Frankie are working together because they always says "we think this<" etc. Donny doesn't like that his fate is decided by color coded candy. They do the nominations, but everyone already knows it. Frankie makes his faces at the camera. Puke!

Derrick tells Cody that Donny is not buying that he is not a target. Derrick tells Cody to work hard to win.

Time for the Battle of the Block. Both teams enter a black box. They have to search for bones, and put the bones, one at a time, to the score board. Not all bones fit. They have to find five. Donny and Christine have the star board, and Cody and Caleb have the circle board. They have different boards because they are in the dark. They go into the box, Christine screams, and Frankie makes faces. Cody and Caleb stuck together. Donny was on his own. Christine wasn't doing much at first. Christine says that it is the best competition to throw. Donny did his best to find the bones. Christine handed off a bone to Caleb. She's an ass too. Fortunately, the piece that Christine gave him doesn't fit. HA! Donny finds his fourth bone, and realizes that Christine has found none. Meanwhile Christine finds another bone and gives it to Caleb, but it doesn't fit. Donny won it on his own, while Christine was trying to help the other team. Donny says he doesn't like to brag, but he feels that he won the Battle of the Block on his own.

I did a lot of fast forwarding through the show. I really can't stomach Frankie, Christine, Cody, and Caleb. What a bunch!

Thursday, August 14, 2014 -- Evening

Only Two Girls Left
The BB show this evening started with "just because you are HOH, doesn't mean you are safe." Tonight, we will get to see Caleb, Christine, and Frankie at the Dallas Cowboys practice. Christine and Cody go to the HOH room, and hug. They are constantly hugging and touching on the feeds, and the other house guests are commenting on how inappropriate it is. Later, Nicole asks to talk to Christine, and Nicole wanted to know what was going on. Christine claimed that she was forced into getting rid of Nicole because the guys told her that Nicole was after Christine. Christine is stupid because the guys won't keep her.

Donny and Zach talk in the Have Not room, and Donny talks about how he is left out of the conversations and others wanting to interact with him. Donny asks what he brought into the house to cause people to fear him. Zach says it's the beard. Nicole and Victoria talk about how Christine and Cody are all over each other. Victoria realizes that if Nicole leaves, the guys will just get rid of Victoria and Christine too.

Christine and Nicole talk how Donny is better to get out than Nicole. Christine claims it is getting through to Christine that Nicole would be an asset. They had to talk in the downstairs bedroom because Frankie took over the HOH bedroom because he claims that he earned it. Ass! Nicole then talks to Cody. Cody wants to send Donny home. Derrick says that nothing would shock him about Donny going for the others, but Derrick wants to keep Team America together.

We got to see Caleb, Christine, and Frankie went to the Dallas Cowboy training camp, which is in California. They got a tour of the locker room, and Caleb drooled over Tony Romo's locker. Then they all got to see Jerry Jones. Caleb felt like he was in a dream with Jerry Jones there. They also met Jason Witten, Tony Romo, and Dez Bryant. Christine said it was very surreal to be so close to them practicing. Caleb was so excited. Frankie feels reinvigorated. Puke!

Julie talks to the house guests in the living room. Caleb said his favorite to met was Jerry Jones. Caleb said it would have made his hair stand up. Victoria said the most surprising thing in the house was how emotional she got with all the lies in the house. Zach said he hates everyone in the house, but hates Frankie less, and they are buds. Frankie talks about winning the Battle of the Block. Blah!

It's time for the live vote. Nicole says she is blessed, loves them all, and wishes them the best of luck. Donny thanks everyone, and says that they have all been like little brothers and sisters to him. It's time for the live vote:
Nicole leaves the house, and Donny thanks everyone. Julie talks to Nicole about going from HOH to being evicted in one week. Nicole said that the guys made her sound like a huge threat, but she's not. Nicole says that she loves Donny when Julie asked if she would want to keep in touch with anyone in the house. The audience ahhed. Nicole said it was a smart move for Christine, but that Nicole is hurt. Julie asks about the relationship with Hayden. Nicole wants to see him in the jury house, but she doesn't know if the relationship would continue. Nicole watched BB since she was eight, and she had a great experience in the house. Christine hopes they can be friends outside. Frankie blabbed. Derrick looks forward to talking to her outside. Donny says that Nicole was his last, close friend in the house, and he will be very alone in the house. Nicole said that she would do things differently if she goes back in the house. Tease for the return to the house by a jury member next week, I'm sure. They did it last year when the fourth person went into the Jury.

We got to see some clips of the zombies in the mirrors that were in the BB house last night. Nicole saw it and screamed, scaring Zach who was with her. Frankie really di an extreme "scared" act when he saw it. They went in the bedroom, turned out the lights, and watched the mirrors. Then there was an emergency alert about zombies taking over everyone. They gave a series of details about the zombies that will make up the questions for the HOH competition. The backyard is setup like a graveyard; the competition is called "Dead of Household." It's an A or B quiz. The first question: which city was mentioned in the first announcement. Answer was B, Los Angeles. Caleb is out. How high can the zombie virus fever go. A, 113. Zombies appetite for human brains were insatiable. B. Donny and Victoria are out. Next question was A, and Zach is out. It's down to Cody, Derrick, and Frankie. The next few questions are a tie. Including having everyone get the answer wrong. Derrick and Frankie get the last question right, and they are the new HOHs. Gosh, I can't stand watching Frankie prancing and leaping around. Barf!

For some god-awful reason, BB brought Rachel Reilly back, with Julie asking Rachel questions about the current season. Rachel loves Zankie. Puke! Rachel thinks that Derrick will win this season. I had to stop listening because her voice got on my nerves!

Double HOH is over next week, and one of the jury members gets to come back. So I'm assuming an endurance competition next Thursday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 -- Evening

Nick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab
Nick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab
When I was a kid, I used to love books with mystery, magic, and adventure. i would browse the shelves of the children's section of my local library, looking for titles or covers that would catch my eye. Yeah, yeah, you can't judge a book by its cover, but you don't know until you read the inside. Anyway, as I was in the library with my nephew, I started browsing the shelves. The nephew has no interest in reading, so I was just amusing myself. That's how I noticed the Nick and Tesla adventures. So far, there are three that are available and all are newly published. I started with the first book in the series, Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab. Nick and Tesla are 11-year-old twins, who have been sent to spend the summer with their Uncle Newt, who lives in California, while their parents go go Uzbekistan to study soy beans. Uncle Newt is a weird, mad scientist, who seems like the last person who should be watching children for the summer. But Uncle Newt has a lab, and he tells Nick and Tesla that they can use it all they want. After making a bottle rocket, the pair set it off, where it lands in the yard of a haunted looking mansion. The mansion may be haunted, but it isn't empty. There are two men there who are supposedly doing construction work on the house, two very nasty Rottweilers, and a little ghostly girl who warns Nick and Tesla away. As Nick and Tesla try unsuccessfully to recover the rocket and Tesla's pendant that can off as the rocket whizzed by, they become embroiled in the mystery of the house.

The reason this book series caught my eye is because of the bright, colorful covers. What is really cool about the books is that they contain instructions on how to build the gadgets used in the books. In Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab, the reader can learn how to make: The instructions are easy to follow, although they will require some help from an adult. In fact, I know that I want to try some of them with the nephew to see if i can encourage an interest in science and reading. The authors are "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith, and they do an excellent job of melding mystery with science. The series also has a website, where Science Bob demonstrates the projects in the books. The website and the books are really cool, and I highly recommend them for the budding scientist in your household. I wish that there were books like this when I was a kid!

Other titles in the series are:

Sunday, August 10, 2014 -- Evening

Standing Up For Principles
I'm joining the group of BB Feedsters, like Big Brother Gossip, who are boycotting tonight's and Wednesday's episodes of Big Brother. I've been really disgusted with how CBS manipulated the Battle of the Block to make it easier for Frankie to win on his own. And I'm really sick of the whole "Frankie Grande is a Superstar" treatment. Frankie is just trying to make money off his sister. So, no Big Brother for me until Thursday, when I can hopefully see someone win HOH who will put up Frankie.

Saturday August 9, 2014 -- Evening

Death in Disguise by Caroline Graham
Death in Disguise by Caroline Graham
I read the third book in the Inspector Barnaby series, Death in Disguise. The book starts with an inquest into the accidental death of William Carter. He died while falling down the stairs at a local commune, with a bunch of folks practicing various New Age beliefs. They are lead by Ian Craigie, the Master. Months later, Sylvie Gamelin, is a member of the group, and she is going to turn 21 and come into her trust fund. Sylvie now goes by the name, Suhami, and she has decided that she will give her trust fund to the Master and the commune. The Master has invited Suhami's parents down to the commune, and Sylvie's father, a rich, powerful, jerk of a man named Guy, decides that the Master is a fraud. When the Master is stabbed to death in a darkened room where the whole commune, and Guy Gamelin and his wife, Felicity, have gathered to watch May Cuttle have a regression to a previous life. Of course, Barnaby and Troy are called in to solve the case.

This was an enjoyable book. The story was somewhat similar to the series depiction. There were some added characters in the book, and two of the later deaths in the book were different in the show. Gavin Troy is extremely different between book and television series. As I mentioned, he's married in the book, and in this one, he is a new father to a baby girl. Also, Troy is definitely not PC in the book. Graham has Troy express rather negative and outdated views about women, homosexuals, and people with mental disabilities. I can understand why the TV Troy is so different. The character's view in the book would never be okay with the viewing public. Even though I knew whodunit and why, I still enjoyed the book. Graham does a great job with giving the reader insight into how her characters think and feel, and she throws in some unexpected humor by making fun of the characters. All in all, Death in Disguise is an entertaining mystery.

Thursday, August 7, 2014 -- Evening

Double Eviction Night
It's going to be a double eviction night in the BB house, and I am on pins and needles to find out if Zach gets to stay in the house or not.

We did find out that tonight would be the start of the jury. The show started with the Derrick saying that the sights are now on Zach. Cody, Derrick, and Hayden talk about how they are going to tell folks what is going on. They decide they should tell Caleb, but maybe not Frankie or Zach. Frankie said that when he walked up to Derrick and Cody, and they stopped talking, that Frankie has to worry. Frankie decides to talk to Derrick about it, because he's worried about the alliance. Derrick goes to talk to Frankie to do damage control. Derrick asks Frankie if there is a breakup in the Detonators. They decide that Zach is the problem because he is making deals with Derrick/Cody and with Frankie. Derrick tells Frankie that Zach may be playing Frankie. Frankie realizes that Zach has lost the trust, and there's nothing he an do to save him. Frankie says he loves Zach. Derrick talks to Caleb to get him on board. Caleb isn't sure, and as he says in DR, the numbers are the only things that matter. Caleb said that he would be dumb to vote out Zach. This was the conversation from last night, and it seems that Caleb brought up the numbers to Derrick. As Derrick said, Zach may be a sneak, but he's Derrick sneak. Derrick talks to Cody about how they have the numbers, and if they stay loyal, they can keep Zach. Derrick said that they can expose Nicole and Hayden. Cody goes to talk to Christine about how Nicole and Hayden say that Christine and Frankie are next. Cody tells Christine and Frankie that Nicole wanted to backdoor Frankie. So it seems that Christine is in on keeping Zach too.

Now to the live show. Tonight the double HOH is done, but only for the next hour, because tonight is double eviction night. Either Jocasta or Zach will go to jury. Julie also says that just because you are out of the house does mean you are out of the game. Could a jury member come back? Jocasta gives her speech, thanking everyone, especially Jesus. Zach does his little poem, which was great. Time for the vote:
By a vote of 6-2, Jocasta is out! Praise be! Zach claps loudly. Hayden goes to talk to Derrick and Cody. Derrick has his face covered. Jocasta said that she was not shocked. She is just plain crazy. Jocasta says she couldn't win because she didn't lie. No, she couldn't win because she could win anything. Julie says there may be a chance for Jocasta to get back in the house.

Time for the HOH competition. There will only be one HOH. They will get asked math questions, and they have to answer more, less or exactly. In the BB Cup competition, were there four trades made? Exactly. Caleb, Christine, and Zach are left in the game. How many times were house guest choice picked for POV? 3 times? Less, so only Caleb and Christine are left. In the Miami Lice how many lice letters were used combined? 49? Both answer more. What were the total combined number of puzzle pieces in the two cauldrons in the Battle of the Block. Answer is more, and Caleb is the new HOH. Zach goes to the couch and says they can wake him up when the show's over. Zach is quite happy, which is annoying, but he is fun.

The Detonators are off plotting when Julie comes back. Caleb said that there has been a line drawn. Caleb puts up Hayden and Donny.

Now it's time for the POV. Zach, Victoria, and Christine were chosen to play in the POV during the break. This competition is Best of Duck. It's the clown shoe competition all over again. They have to run down the lane, retrieve three ducks one at a time from a bin of balls, and then bring back the POV symbol. Zach is the first to find a rubber duck. Donny found one, and Zach had his second. Hayden found his first rubber duck. So did Christine and Caleb. Donny found the second rubber duck. Caleb found his second duck. Victoria found her first. Donny got the third duck. Donny got his POV symbol and ran back and won.

Time for the POV ceremony. Donny says that he will use the veto on himself. Caleb puts up Nicole, telling her to sit next to her boyfriend.

Hayden said that he was filled in on a lot of things that have been going on. Hayden called out Derrick and Christine. Hayden said, id you want to keep me in to fight agains the others, keep him. Nicole said that people are playing super dirty. She seems really shocked. Time for the vote:
Hayden is evicted with a vote of 5-2. Nicole cries, and Hayden says good by to everyone. Hayden goes out to applause. Hayden said that he knew that as soon as Jocasta was evicted, he knew Frankie was behind it. He said Frankie and Christine. Hayden calls Nicole his girl. Hayden says that he'll have to see what happens outside of the house because he and Nicole are so different. Hayden says he will use the pool.

Thursday, August 7, 2014 -- Afternoon

POV Show
Again, I was behind schedule. However, I have to admit that this week was a boring one, until last night, in the BB house. Christine did not use the POV, and it seemed sure that Zach was on the way out. What got my goat was that Derrick and Frankie were chastising Zach for sexist remarks when THEY were the ones who encouraged it so they could win Team America money. JERKS!! However, last night, Caleb started talking to Derrick about how they need to keep their numbers and to keep Zach in. Derrick saw the light, and it seems that maybe Jocasta might get voted out. I can only hope that she does, praise god! :)

Now on to the show. Zach went off to the Have Not room because he was unhappy with losing the Battle of the Block. Jocasta is trying to be happy about being on the block. Her plan, HA, is to win the POV. Yeah, right. Caleb was complaining about being chained to Victoria, shaving his hair, and eating slop. Caleb claims he will look dumb. Frankie says that he would have sex with Caleb even more after the head shaving. Nicole and Victoria celebrate because Nicole is going to target Frankie. Caleb watches Zach making food, and says it looks good. Zach says that Caleb chose slop to which Caleb says he chose to be a winner. Zach says he chose that too, only he failed. Caleb says that he won, but he's worse off than Zach. Zach says he is on the block, and he would shave his head, armpits, legs, arms, and toes to stay in the house.

Meanwhile Frankie goes up into the HOH bed with Nicole. Frankie asks what Nicole wants. Nicole says for Zach to go home. Frankie says that everyone is probably against Zach. Nicole doesn't trust Frankie because he is trying to get information. Frankie says that it will be all out war soon.

Caleb and Victoria go to get their Adam and Eve outfits. Frankie says it will be a double murder because Caleb and Victoria hate each other. Caleb calls himself Beast Mode Adam. Caleb calls Victoria a nincompoop. It's hilarious to see them arguing in the DR. Then we see Caleb crying over getting his hair cut. Caleb claims that he will use Miracle Grow to get his hair back. Frankie thinks it's really hot to see Caleb's hair getting shaved and exposing his nicely rounded skull.

Derrick talks about the alliance with Nicole, Hayden, and Cody. Derrick says that he and Cody have to solidify their alliance. Hayden says he trusts Derrick and Cody the most, which is really stupid. Nicole always wanted to make a BB alliance, so she's happy. Then they start to come up with names. They come up with The Rationale. Derrick thinks it's stupide, but if Nicole's plan falls apart, Derrick is Team Detonators all the way. Christine wants Zach to go home because he put her up. Also, Christine feels that her connection with Nicole is falling part. Christine says that if Frankie wins POV and takes out Zach, then Nicole should put up Derrick or Cody. Also, Christine is against Hayden. Christine makes up a story that Hayden and Victoria kissed. That could backfire on Christine. I hope it does because I don't like her. So Hayden goes to the HOH room, and Nicole tells Hayden that Christine told her that Hayden and Victoria were making out, and that Hayden told Christine that he loved Victoria. Hayden says it shows Christine's cards very well. Nicole also said that Hayden wants Zach to stay, and is going to voting for him. Nicole is upset that Christine is trying to manipulate her.

Nicole tells Cody that Christine was trying to get her to put up Derrick or Cody. Nicole says that moving forward, they have to really watch Christine and not trust her at all. Cody then gets to tell Derrick that Christine said Cody or Derrick to go up. Cody says that Christine must be working with someone. Cody thinks it's Christine and Frankie and that Frankie needs to go home. Time to pick players for the veto. Nicole picks Caleb. Zach picks Christine, and Jocasta picks Victoria. No one that Nicole wanted to have picked were picked. Zach says in DR that if he doesn't win against this bunch, he should be called a Froot Lopp dingus.

We then see a slew of outtakes of Caleb and Victoria chained together. Caleb called them a couple, and then took it back. He calls Victoria tremendously annoying. Zach talks with the Detonators and says that he is going to try to win, and he is going to be okay anyway because he has the votes. Christine says she won't vote for him. Derrick says that he and Cody will either blow up the Detonators or throw the Rationale to the curb.

The Comic Book POV competition It's time for the POV competition. They have to go one at a time. The back yard is setup with a studio wall and window. Through the window, they can see sixteen BB comic book covers. They have to go onto a "computer" wall, and match up what they have with the way the BB studio is setup. They have to slide by on a zip line to see into the studio, and they have more than one version of the comic. Plus the comics have to go in the right order. When they have the comics setup, they push the buzzer. If nay are wrong, the clock still goes on, and they have to fix the comic (without knowing which is wrong). They only have 35 minutes to complete the game. If not, they are out. It's the typical, make one thing look like another timed event. Nicole went first. She got the first one wrong, and then realized that she got her comic wrong. She felt that she wasted valuable time. Cody tries to win for his boy, Zach. Caleb loves his and Amber's comic book covers. AS Caleb said, he may have to sneak the Amber cover into his room. Victoria is next. Victoria loves the comic book covers, even hers. I think she looks like a guy in it. Victoria says that this is so out of her element. She's not strong in her arms, and she's afraid of heights. Victoria can't get it right, and eventually runs out of time. Jocasta is next, saying that she is going to win the POV, and show her family that she is a super hero. Jocasta is delusional. Jocasta could not figure out what was wrong, but she finished before time ran out. Christine goes next. She wants Zach to go home. Finally Zach gets to go, after sitting and waiting. Zach thinks he's rolling. He got two wrong the first time, and the same two wrong the second time. Zach could swear he has them all right. Zach just claims he finished it and starts throwing things around instead of making suer he has them in the right order. After wasting time, he realized that he had the Donny and Victoria covers switched. Zach has a breakdown because he just ruined his chances to win the POV. He just has a meltdown in the back yard.

Everyone comes out to see the comic book covers. Cody says he loves Zac Effron, and was his body guard on the cover of his comic. Nicole finished in 12:20. Caleb had 15:48. Victoria had 35:00. Caleb made fun of Victoria. Jocasta had 14:39. Christine had 11:50. Zach had 26:17. Poor Zach. Christine got the POV. I really hate Christine. She reminds me physically of someone I know and don't like that much. Zach says that he may have called Christine a floater, but she'e the only one who can save Zach. Nicole wants Christine to use the veto, so Nicole can target Frankie. Christine goes to talk to Frankie, Derrick, and Cory. Christine says that she will convince Nicole that Zach stays. Zach tells Christine, "thank you. I have never loved you so much in my life." Christine doesn't know what to do, and whether she should turn the Detonators against Zach.

Victoria says that guys would be praying to be attached to her. Caleb said and after 48 hours, they would want to be rid of her. HA! Then we get to see Nicole and Hayden snuggling. Hayden tells Nicole that he is going to call Christine, "Christine Appleseed." Nicole thought that Christine would be the one person that Christine would trust. Zach wants Christine to not use the veto because Jocasta would get sent home. Jocasta thinks that Zach would go home. Time for the veto meeting. Zach makes a stupid joke about a grasshopper going into a bar. The bartender says he has a drink named after him. The grasshopper says, you have a drink called Bill? Christine does not use the veto because it was too risky. Christine is going to make it her mission to get Zach out. Nicole wants Zach out, and Derrick says that Zach may not be safe.

Sunday, August 3, 2014 -- Evening

Sunday BB Show
Tonight's show started with the tie breaker for the HOH competition. The question was in seconds, what was the total length of the Giddy Up POV competition from official start to end? The answer was 568 seconds, which means that Donny and Nicole because they were the closest. Zach stormed off, pretending to pissed because he didn't want to be a target to the others. Derrick wonders if Donny will be loyal to Team America. Frankie wonders if his alliance will be safe because they aren't HOH. Jocasta was crying because she's stupid and unable to win any competition. Derrick was consoling her. Jocasta wanted to see pictures of her family or hear from them. Derrick tells her that Donny will keep her safe. Hmm.

Then we see Donny and Nicole talking. Donny would to get Hayden's input, because as Donny says, he knows that Hayden hangs with the other side and may have input. Donny and Nicole tolk about the three who never were nominated: Cody, Frankie, and Derrick. Nicole claims that the guys need to know what the girls were feeling. In the storage room, Zach tells Nicole to put him on the block. He claims that he deserves it, and Nicole won't tell Zach anything. Zach thinks he's playing reverse psychology. Nicole won't tell Zach anything, even though he says that he won't say anything. Derrick and Frankie talk about how Donny cost them each five grand in the last Team America competition. Already they are planning on threatening Donny. Asses! Derrick goes to talk to Nicole about who she is going to put up. Nicole says that she is thinking about Zach. Nicole also says that Frankie is everywhere. As Nicole says, Frankie is everywhere, and he's friends with everyone. Derrick says that he agreed with backdooring Frankie, but he really isn't in with the plan.

Donny was happy to see a picture of his beautiful girlfriend Christine. He was also glad that his house mates could see that Donny's girlfriend is so hot. Caleb claimed that he wanted to get hooked up with Nicole's girlfriend. As if! Donny got a letter from his girlfriend. Donny's letter was really nice, and his girlfriend said some nice, romantic things to him. Caleb is nervous about Donny being HOH. Caleb tells Donny that he does not want to go up. Donny tells Caleb that Donny was up three time, and Caleb put up Donny as a target. Caleb denies it, but Donny isn't a dummy. Caleb tries to talk Donny into not putting him up because Caleb will fight for Donny in the future. Then Caleb said that if he does go up, he does not want to go up with Donny. Idiot! So now Donny knows who to put up with Caleb.

Nicole and Hayden are playing pool. Nicole is not good at the game, but Hayden tries to help him. Hayden says that Nicole knows what she is doing because she hit the pool ball off the table and into Hayden's balls. Donny tells Derrick and Frankie that he would not either of them up. Derrick wants Donny to remain HOH because it will derail Nicole's plan. Frankie says that he doesn't want to tell Donny anything. Donny agrees to put up Victoria, and to talk Nicole into Jocasta. Nicole and Donny talk about putting up Victoria and both say that they don't want to put up Jocasta. Nicole says that she would put up Frankie as a badkdoor. Donny said that if Nicole backdoors Frankie, he's okay with that. Donny says that he would be a vote against Frankie. Nicole says that it will be a huge risk because if Frankie does not go home, he will be after her.

Zach goes into the HOH room, and Christine says that Zach looks suspicious. Zach wants to talk with Nicole. Now Zach wants to explain to Nicole that it's not a good idea to put him up. Zach says that she better not putting him up. Zach says that Nicole needs to put up weak players, and that Nicole should not go against the grain. Zach tells her that if she puts up two weak players, she can backdoor anyone.

Nicole wants a strong competitor to go out this week. Donny doesn't want to be a bigger target in weeks to come. Nicole went first, and she nominated Jocasta and Zach. Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria. Donny said that it's tit for tat wiwh Caleb, and that Caleb should consider them even after this. Victoria has been the target of others, so it won't be on his hands. Caleb thinks he's going into the Battle of the Block by himself because Victoria is such a weak player. Derrick tells Nicole that she did great. Then Frankie comes running into the room, telling Nicole that she did everything perfect. Donny tells Zach that he's sorry that Zach is up. Zach says in DR that next week when he wins HOH, Nicole will be up again.

Zach tells Frankie that there's no way he will lose to Caleb and Victoria. As Zach tells Frankie, Caleb and Victoria hate each other and will be screaming at him. Frankie then snuggles with Zach. Zach talks with Jocasta. They agree they have to communicate and they have to win. Jocasta calls herself Mama J, and she says that Zach doesn't talk back to her because she is Mama J. Meanwhile, Victoria goes to talk with Caleb. Victoria says that they have had differences, and Victoria tells Caleb to give her direction. Victoria says that it is just communication.

Time for Battle of the Block. Christine is the hostess. The backyard is setup like a kid's playroom. They have to create a path of dominos to their buzzer, and then push over the dominos to ring the buzzer. They have to choose three punishment dominos to include in the mix. Zach and Jocasta do not want to shave their heads, so they are missing that one. Caleb doesn't want to shave his head, but it looks like the quickest route there. Zach and Jocasta take the no HOH next week. Victoria was working well, grabbing dominoes, and running, and not needing to be directed. Caleb and Victoria pick Adam and Eve. Both Zach/Jocasta and Caleb/Victoria take slop for two weeks. Caleb says the turns are going to be difficult. Victoria tells Caleb that Jocasta is ready to push dominos down. Zach and Jocasta went far, but they stopped at a curve. Caleb said "at the end of the day" they had to go, and they did get all of the dominos to fall. Victoria showed them that she could win. They will be on slop for two weeks, Caleb will shave his head, and they will have to wear Adam and Eve bathing suits, and chained together for 48 hours. Jocasta claims that she is going to win the POV. Yeah, right! Zach says Jocasta will go home.