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August 2015

Vanessa is happy

Sunday, August 30, 2015 -- Evening

Recap of Sunday Show
So far, from the live feeds, it seems that Julia might be going up in place of James on Monday. We have to see if that is the case, AND if the others have the balls to vote her out.

Tonight's show started with the lame HOH competition. Shelli says that it's the most important of the game, and Shelli thought she would go from the jury house to the head of the Big Brother house. All the returning jurors want the HOH. The house guests can bend down, but they have to keep one foot on the disk. So far, it seems like the recap is taking longer than the actual competition. Julia was the first out. Shelli complained of the speed of the spin. We get lots of comments on people wanting to win. Steve and Meg were down quickly. James said that he has to win now for him and Meg. James seemed to be having real issues hanging on. The jurors seem to be the only ones holding on. Vanessa seemed to be really good at this game. Liz was struggling, then she fell off. It was down to the four jurors and Vanessa. Jackie was the first juror off. Vanessa celebrates with Johnny Mac Jackie had to quickly walk off. Vanessa finally realized it was just her and the jurors. Becky is the next off. Shelli was out, and John was back in the game. Johnny Mac realized that he had to win to not be out of the house again.

Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that she wants to hear from Mel, her girlfriend. Johnny Mac admits that he has made an alliance with Vanessa, but doesn't want the others to know. Johnny Mac finally falls off. Johnny Mac realizes that Vanessa will be loyal to him, even though she is a liar because she is lowest on the Austwins totem pole. Johnny Mac tells everyone that he is back. Meanwhile the Austwins are upset because Johnny Mac is back. The twins think anyone other than Johnny Mac would have been nice. Then we see Vanessa telling the camera how happy she is. Blah!

James and Meg hope that Vanessa will see that Austin and the twins are a bigger problem. Godo luck with that! Steve and Johnny Mac talk how good it is to be back, and Johnny Mac says he is going to act mopey. Vanessa comes in and asks Johnny Mac about throwing the comp. He explains that he could not do it openly. They hug. Then Austin claims that Johnny Mac said in the comp that he was going after the Austwins. He didn't. Then Steve comes in, and we find out that they made amends before the eviction.
Austin asks Liz to be his girlfriend
Then we have a stupid segment on Gramdma Meg. Meg is a 25 year old loser. Sad. Then it's time for the HOH room reveal.

Vanessa talks with Austin, and Vanessa says that she doesn't want to go after Johnny Mac because it's not good for her game. Vanessa feels that it would be better to go after James. Vanessa says she wants to go after James because of the conversation she had with James earlier in the morning of eviction day. Vanessa says that Meg and James will go after the twins. So now Liz is up with Vanessa's plan, and they are going after Meg and James.

Liz and Austin have a diner in the HOH room, and Austin asks Liz if she will be his girlfriend, and she says yes. Liz feels like she is on cloud nine as Austin's girlfriend. Liz says that Austin better break up with his existing girlfriend. Yeah, good luck! She's already over him.

Next up is Julia trying to prank and scaring Austin. Lame!

Meg cries over James wanting to go up on the block Meg and James go up to talk with Vanessa. Vanessa wants to hear something against Austin. Vanessa asks them if they have any information that will help her, and James and Meg say nothing. Then Meg tries to act stupid about not knowing that anything was going on last week. Meg tries to act like she wasn't a part of any scheme. Vanessa asks James and Meg about being pawns. James volunteers to go up. Then Meg says to pur her up before James and starts to cry. Meg says that she is more likely to stay than James. Vanessa says that this is a warning sign against them. James won't say anything to give Vanessa ammo against the Austwins while saying they would go against the Austwins next week. James thinks the Austwins are bigger targets. James doesn't think that Vanessa would put them up. James says that Vanessa has to realize that they are underdogs with her.

James remembers the deal that Vanessa made with him about not putting him up if he didn't put her up. James said that she promised him and one other person safety if he didn't put her up. James thinks that they will be fine if they make it through this week. At the nomination ceremony, Vanessa puts up Meg then James. Vanessa says that it's a game move or chess move. Vanessa uses the line she practiced with the Austwins, to get to the king, you have to put the queen up. James regrets not telling Vanessa about the deal she made weeks earlier.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 -- Evening

Steve and Johnny Mac on the block
Who Returns?
Tonight's show should be interesting because there was a good deal of fluctuation over who goes tonight. This morning, Johnny Mac was really trying to work on Meg and James to join him and Vanessa against the Austwins. However, Meg and James are really stupid, so they ran that idea past the Austwins. What!?!?!? Yep, idiots. So, it's not clear who will go home.

The first scene that we saw showed Steve and Johnny Mac in endurance clothes. Yep, we have an endurance competition tonight, and that is great! That means that the returning house guest will need more than luck to get in. The show started post veto ceremony with Johnny Mac and Steve both on the block. Johnny Mac was happy that Vanessa was mad at Steve. Steve thinks that he needs to get into a calm, rational state of mind. James is just glad that he and Meg can float along. Meanwhile. Vanessa is crying again. She cries with Austin and Liz because Vanessa realizes that she is fourth in an alliance of four. Liz is trying to smooth things over. Meanwhile Steve knocks on the door, and tries to enter the conversation, but Vanessa won't let him. Austin is more mad at Johnny Mac because he told.

Vanessa cries Liz says that she has to make some sort of amends with Johnny Mac. Liz asked Johnny Mac why he told Vanessa, but Johnny Mac tells her that the Austwins broke the alliance. Johnny Mac says that he doesn't think he is going to stay home. As Johnny Mac says in DR, hold the phone, Liz and Austin put him on the block. Johnny Mac tells her that Liz putting up him and Steve shows that the Austwins have an alliance with James and Meg. Johnny Mac and Vanessa talk about strategy. Vanessa says that she won't go against the twins, so even if Johnny Mac convinces Meg and James, she won't vote for Johnny Mac. Then Steve and Vanessa talk. Steve tells Vanessa about the five person alliance. Steve says that Vanessa if very intimidating, and she is on the attack against Steve. Johnny Mac walks in and says that it was last week that they made the deal. Johnny Mac is on board with Vanessa blowing up Steve's game. Vanessa cries. Liz talks to Johnny Mac. The twins say that they will vote with Vanessa. Johnny Mac says that he will not put up the twins. Liz doesn't know if she trusts Johnny Mac. Vanessa and the twins talk. Liz wants to get rid of Johnny Mac. Liz tells Vanessa that Johnny Mac was always against her. And the twins say that if Jackie comes back, she will go after Steve. Okay.

Then we had a stupid segment on James. You know, he's a prankster. He has friends. They think he will win. People laugh at James. Ha! Ha! How funny!

Becky's toe Time for the live vote. Johnny Mac reminds everyone that Steve knows a lot about Big Brother things, but Johnny Mac picks up his dishes and has gas management. Steve thanks his family. Steve talks about the things that have happened to give him a life changing experience. Time for the vote.
Johnny Mac is going out, and I hope that he comes right back in. Julie lets them know that Johnny Mac is out. There's a loud roar for Johnny Mac because he was popular. Everyone comments on how people love Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac told Julie that he expected it. Johnny Mac laughs like a clown, and says that the Austwins are good. Johnny Mac is really goofy to talk to. Johnny Mac said that a lot of people don't take him seriously, and that he couldn't win anything and couldn't back it up. He could throw a comp though. Johnny Mac thinks that it wasn't Vanessa that resulted in his eviction. He thinks it's good to have an enemy in the game. Johnny Mac said that he would have worked with Vanessa because no one can break up the Austwins or Meg and James. Austin wishes he could have worked with Johnny Mac. Shelli, Jackie, Becky, Johnny Mac Vanessa says the same. Liz says that she wishes they could work together sooner. Steve said he bonded with Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac says that he would go for Meg, which he admits is a shock. Julie lets Johnny Mac know that he will be competing tonight to get back into the game.

We had a visit to the jury house. Shelli says that the jury house is low key and relaxing, and Shelli and Jackie hang out all the time. Jackie thinks it will be Becky who will be coming, and it is. Becky had an infection under her toenail, and it looks awful. Jackie says that she wants to stick with James and Meg. Shelli wants back in so she can win. We have the four in the studio, and they are sent into the house.

HOH competition There is a lot of excited squealing as everyone shows fake excitement over the returnees. It seems that all of them will compete in the endurance competition.

It's time for the endurance, called "Dizzyland." The house guests have to hold on to a rope, and they get spun around. When they hit a hand, they get spun around. The last juror standing gets back into the house. If the last person standing is a juror, that person gets to be HOH. We got to see them all spinning around. James is trying his trick when he won the last HOH, staying low on the rope.

Of course, they have a commercial break, and when they come back Liz or Julia is already sitting out by Austin. Then Steve and Meg fall. We also find out that it was Julia who fell. All the jurors are still on, and everyone is copying James' strategy of hanging low.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 -- Morning

BB Recap of Wednesday's show
Zingbot in the house I haven't been able to catch the Wednesday show on it's air date, but fortunately, I was able to watch it today. The house has been bobbing back and forth between Johnny Mac and Steve, but as of Thursday morning, it looks like Johnny Mac is going to the jury house.

The show started right after the nomination ceremony. Austin put up Steve and Johnny Mac because he thought they were the least risk for his game. Steve is upset that Austin went back on the alliance, but as a superfan, he has to appreciate the brillance of Vanessa's game. Johnny Mac and Steve talk about the nominations, and that they feel they have to win the veto. Meanwhile in the HOH house, Vanessa says that she will be loyal. Austin is a huge pussy, so he says that Vanessa is safe because it's not in his best interests. Steve goes up to HOH, and when Austin says that he wants to say publicly that Steve will not go. Steve questions that. Steve questions Austin about his choice. Austin says it will be tough if Steve comes off the block because he will have to put up Vanessa. That shows Austin's alliance, and Steve is stupid to trust him.

Then we get another James scaring Julia. Yawn! It's really stupid. Then we get to pick players for the veto. Steve wants Meg and Julia to play because they are weak players. Austin doesn't want Steve or Johnny Mac to win. Austin picks Vanessa. Johnny Mac says he is hoping for Meg or Julia because they are weak and brainless. Steve picks Julia.

Steve wants to rebuild the relationship with Vanessa. When Liz and Austin talk, Liz says that Steve and Johnny Mac need to be separated. Austin wants to put up Vanessa. However, Liz is adamant that Johnny Mac should be the target, and she is concerned about Austin not knowing what he wants to do. Julia comes in and asks if she wins the POV if she should use it. Austin just says to win it.

Watching the POV Zingbot comes into the house. Zingbot claims he had an upgrade, and he's on Twitter. James gets zinged on Meg just being a friend. James turns bright red. Liz is zinged on being less intelligent, attractive, etc, but then says wait, it's Julia. Julia claims they got the same SAT scores. Steve gets zinged on playing trombone. Boring! Austin is zinged on smelling. Meg is zinged for sucking at the game. Johnny Mac is zinged on his back hair. Yawn! I could fall asleep with this lame zings. Vanessa is zinged on playing a masterful game and gets called out on crying. Finally it's time for Liz. She is zinged on Austin having a girlfriend. I think it really sucks that Liz is zinged on the girlfriend, when it should have been Austin. Zingbot is a sexist pig! He zinged Christine last year, but not Austin this year. As Liz says, she's single, so she is okay. Liz quizzes Austin on this, and says that his chasing after his girlfriend is disgusting.

James and Liz have to sit inside together and watch while the others compete. It is one of those competitions where they compete alone to identify the three house guests that make up a picture. The person who gets all six right in the shortest time wins the POV. Julia can't guess that it's Meg's nose in the picture. Julia is done in 4:45.7. Steve thinks he can beat the time, but doesn't know if he wants to risk it. Steve opts for slow and steady. Steve has 45 seconds, and he does not finish in time. Julia is still in the lead. Steve is hoping that Austin is right that he is still a pawn. Steve joins the others watching the competition. Austin goes out because he gets stuck on Meg's nose. Austin says he kept pressing Liz's name because he wanted to. Vanessa is up next, and she is really good at it. Probably comes from being a poker player. Vanessa finishes in 2:51.5. Johnny Mac wants to win because he is afraid that he might be the target. Johnny Mac is out. Now it's down to stupid Meg. Johnny Mac is crushed because Vanessa has the POV. Meg wants to win. Meg can't figure out it is her nose, and she's sure it's a boy's nose. Vanessa was very happy to win POV because she won when she needed to. Johnny Mac hopes there is something he can do, but he's sure that he is headed to jury next.

Vanessa and Johnny Mac talk Back in the BB house, Vanessa and Johnny Mac are eating breakfast. Vanessa asks Johnny Mac if he is over the thing with Becky and Clay. Johnny Mac tells her that he is alone, and that he is probably going home. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that they may be the biggest enemies in the house. Vanessa says they aren't enemies. Johnny Mac says that he will make a deal with the devil in DR. He offers to work together with Vanessa. Vanessa wants to use the veto on Johnny Mac, but has to see where Austin's head is. Vanessa says that it's stupid to keep Meg or James. Austin is afraid that Jackie will come up and bond with James. Austin is stupid because he only has five options. Austin tells Vanessa that he didn't want to put up Meg or James this week. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that she can't use the veto because Austin will come after her. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that the twins and Austin are after her. Johnny Mac tells her that he, Steve, and the Austwins were targeting Vanessa last week. Vanessa doesn't understand because heck, she's Vanessa.

Vanessa goes to Liz, and Liz tries to claim that Johnny Mac was lying. Then Liz throws Steve under the bus claiming it was Steve's idea because he was working with Johnny Mac. Vanessa thinks that Steve took her for a fool. Steve was making noise, and when Vanessa got rude with him, he didn't realize the implications. Later, Vanessa goes to talk with Steve. Steve tells Vanessa that the five person alliance was after Steve. Steve says it was not his idea. Then Steve starts breathing heavily because Vanessa is pressuring him, or as some like to call it, bullying Steve. Vanessa cries and leaves poor Steve in tatters.

Time for the POV ceremony. Johnny Mac hopes Vanessa uses it, but knows it's bad for her game. Steve is nervous because Vanessa is upset. Vanessa feels so alone and betrayed, and thinks the only reason she is there is because she won POV. No, you are there because Austin is a huge wimp. Steve just congratulates Vanessa and says he respects her decision. Johnny Mac said that asking Vanessa to use the veto is like asking a gazelle to save a tiger. Vanessa picks on poor Steve in the veto meeting too before not using the veto. Steve is really confused.

Monday, August 24, 2015 -- Afternoon

Big Brother Show Recap
Final HOH heat The show last night started with the HOH competition. The show all the stupid words that BB showed them before coming up with Go, like bro, fro, etc. Austin said that it might be in his best interests to throw it. Julia is off because she lifted her right hand from the button. They have a minute now before the next race. It seems Julia ran track and field in high school. Then in the next race, Vanessa's foot came off the button. Now it's down to the guys. This has to be the most annoying competition because BB kept on showing those stupid words. Austin with his long stride was first. Johnny Mac was last. There was controversy that Johnny Mac didn't hit the buzzer, but he did. BB showed his hand circled in red. He was the last in the heat. Steve admits that the only way he could win was if James or Austin false started, but Steve false starts by lifting his right hand. James has been playing mind games by pretending to do off the start. That threw Steve. Austin just beats James in their heat. Johnny Mac hopes that nothing weird happens with Austin as HOH. HA! Austin wonders if it will be Austin or Judas running the HOH. Rolling my eyes at that bit of stupidity.

Liz and Julia talk together about who Austin will put up. Austin and the twins do a lame celebration dance. Steve goes in to congratulate Austin. Steve feels good because he has two alliances with Austin. Austin says they are in the perfect spot, but that can be a problem. While they talk, Austin has a big lipstick mark on his face from LIz. As Austin admits, he has an alliance with everyone in the house. The question Austin has is while alliance he fractures. Austin is going to keep his alliance with James and Meg because he enjoys hanging out with them. James does not think Austin will trust Johnny Mac, Steve, or Vanessa (especially her). Steve and Johnny Mac talk about Meg and James going up. Johnny Mac also feel safe with Austin, as does Steve. Poor fools!

Kiss Mark Then we see Vanessa talking to Austin. As Vanessa says, she has big plans for this week, and Austin claims that Vanessa will not be running the HOH. Austin tells the twins that he thinks that James and Meg are a duo, and that if he takes them out, then the twins will be exposed. Vanessa ruins the conversation by coming in and talking game. Vanessa tells Austin that Steve is very loyal to Johnny Mac. Vanessa claims that Steve and Johnny Mac have a final two, as told to Vanessa by Shelli and Clay.

Then Austin talks with Meg and James. Austin says that Johnny Mac would be least likely to get mad or come back. Meg again says that Vanessa is constantly trying to run things. Austin believes that Vanessa really is working for Austin, and that Vanessa is a real number for him. Meg says that Vanessa has 100 percent been getting what she wanted. Austin is a real weeny when it comes to make any sort of decision.

Austin and Liz Vanessa goes up to talk with Austin, and he asks Vanessa what he should do. Austin claims that he made a deal with James for James and Meg during the final heat of the HOH race. Austin tells Vanessa, the twins, and Steve that the pawn to go up with Johnny Mac has to come from the room. Vanessa realizes that it means either her or Steve. Steve says that he doesn't want to be a pawn. Basically, pawns go home. Steve looks really uncomfortable, and Vanessa is putting the claws into Steve. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is good. Steve tries to tell Austin that Vanessa wanted to put up Austin. Steve says to Austin that he does not have a final two with Johnny Mac, even though they get along and are working together. Steve says he really does not want to go up. Vanessa comes in, and she tries to tell Steve that he has to be a pawn because that proves his loyalty. Austin thinks it's funny because Vanessa doesn't want to be a pawn for the same reasons as Steve. Vanessa claims that she was the oen who tried to save Austin. Austin knows that James was supposed to throw the competition. Vanessa claims that she does not know that the BOB was thrown. Austin claims that he can't take any more. Austin throws everyone out, even though Vanessa tries to stay behind to talk to him. Vanessa leaves, and they all talk about how Vanessa lied about the plan to keep Liz on the block and backdoor Austin.

Back in the house, Liz and Austin are in the hammock. Liz claims that although she not like Austin at first, she does now, at 93 percent. She tells him that his ponytail beard is growing on her. Liz call him a pretty good kisser.

Austin's nomination speech Steve goes to talk to Austin, and Austin claims that he is undecided. Austin says that Vanessa would freak out. Steve says that he does not want to go up with Johnny Mac. As Steve says, putting up Steve and Johnny Mac says that Austin is closer to James and Meg. Steve does not want to go up against Johnny Mac. Austin says that Steve is not understanding why Austin needs to put up him and Johnny Mac. Austin tells Steve that it won't be him against Johnny Mac. Liz tells Austin to put up Steve against Johnny Mac. Liz then goes and tells Vanessa about Steve not wanting to go up against Johnny Mac. So Vanessa goes running up to convince Austin to not put her up. Vanessa sais that Steve is closer to Johnny Mac than Vanessa, so Steve should go up on the block. Vanessa claims that she is willing to be a pawn, but this isn't the spot for it. Austin then asks Vanessa without the twins if Vanessa knew that James was throwing the competition with Liz. Vanessa finally admits that she did, and then she starts talking really fast. Because Vanessa came clean at the last minute, Austin now thinks things are okay with Vanessa.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Austin nominates Johnny Mac and Steve. Austin gives a really lame speech about how he was being screwed in week 5. Even though James and Vanessa were keys in that week 5, Steve and Johnny Mac who did not have a hand in it at all, are on the block. Steve is in awe at Vanessa's game in getting out of a nomination. Johnny Mac realizes that he has to win POV. Vanessa is happy that she is not targeted, Meanwhile, James and Meg continue floating along.

Group point

Thursday, August 20, 2015 -- Evening

Another Endurance!
Yep, you read the heading right. There's another endurance competition tonight. So far, I have really been loving this season, and I'm sure tonight will make it even better!

I couldn't wait for the show to start tonight because I can't wait to see who the new HOH will be, and we get to see the action in the jury house. The show started with the post veto ceremony action. Liz didn't want to target Vanessa because she wanted to let someone else do that. Vanessa is relieved. Vanessa thinks Becky is a better target because she's a better competitor. Becky is confident in her people skills too. Austin and Liz are talking about Becky's speech when Steve walks in and says that people put too much thought into these speeches, because Becky commented on how Liz, Julia, and Austin weren't on the block last week. Johnny Mac is talking to Becky, but he feels confident with his dead fish strategy of not doing anything until the ceremony.

Meg goes splat Then we saw a segment on James and Meg being friends. James said that it's only him and Meg left from the group they made at the beginning. James thinks Meg has a crush on him. Then we saw a James prank were he wraps up Steve's stuff with plastic wrap on his Have Not dentist chair. Then we get to strategy with Steve and Johnny Mac talking. Johnny Mac says with James and Meg they will be a bigger target, but they will be a smaller target with the Austwins. Liz and Julia say they want to work with Johnny Mac and Steve, after first joking they were triplets. Liz says that Steve and Johnny Mac are smart competitors. They all talk about putting Vanessa on the block, and Johnny Mac says that he has wanted to do it for weeks.

Becky talks with the Austwins, and says that she needs the votes of the Austwins. Becky says she wants Vanessa out.

Julie checks in with everyone. Austin planned a coordinated point when Julie went to the houseguests. We got lots of clips of James scaring Julia. Then we saw Meg smack her face off the ground in OTEV. They are now at day number 64 in Johnny Mac delivers a speech for Becky's pros the house. Steve says he misses his family and his mom, who talked to every day. This led to a clip of Steve talking to himself in the house, and then we met Steve's mom. Steve and his mom watched Big Brother from the start, and they watched the feeds too.

Next up we have the jury house. Shelli wanted to see Vanessa, and she was shocked to see Jackie. Shelli was shocked that Vanessa put the bug in Steve's ear that Jackie was against him, when it was Vanessa who wanted to back door Steve.

Time for the live eviction. Becky gives a speech, which makes it sound like she knows she is leaving. Becky is dressed nicely. Johnny Mac is dressed down. Johnny Mac says that Becky can cook, and do all these great things that he can't, but he wants to stay so vote for him. That Johnny Mac! Time for the vote:
Ready, Set, Go Becky is out with a vote of 6-0. We have a commercial break before we come back to let Becky know she is out. Becky hugs everyone and says good bye. Becky has a sore toe, and one of the twins tells her to fix her toe. They congratulate each other on being final eight. Becky wasn't shocked because her two closest allies were Shelli and Johnny Mac. Becky was shocked that Shelli went out, but Becky didn't realize that Shelli would be in trouble. Julie congratulates Becky on telling Vanessa to read the hand. Then we had final messages. Johnny Mac tells her that he's sorry she is going. Liz says that Becky is a big threat in the game. Steve says that he likes Becky's big game moves. Vanessa says that Becky is her big foe. Becky says that if she went back, she would go after Liz.

Then we have a stupid segment with Zingbot.

Time for the endurance. They have to run in six heats. They have to line up, while holding down three buzzers (one for each hand and another for the back foot). On a screen across the yard, they have to run on the word Go. It will say "Ready, Set, Go." But they may see other words before go. It can take a few seconds or it could take 30 minutes. The last one to run across the yard and ring the buzzer is out. If you false start, you are out. They then have to go back and race again. Finally Go pops on the screen. Meg is the last to buzz in. We will have to wait for the second heat, which will be after the show ends. Next week, the three jurors and the one voted out next week will get to battle to get back into the house.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 -- Evening

Liz with a facial mask
POV Show
Liz didn't use the veto yesterday, and from the live feeds, it sounds like Becky will be leaving tomorrow. However, tonight, it's time for the POV show.

The show started with the action right after the nomination ceremony. In DR, Liz talks about maybe targeting Vanessa. The funniest was Becky saying that if a train can't stop her, nothing else can. Austin doesn't like that Johnny Mac gave him the death stare when Austin tried to hug him. Then Vanessa went to talk to Johnny Mac, and she said that she let things slid. Vanessa claims that she went up to make sure that things are okay, and she was trying to save Johnny Mac when she went up to talk to Liz. Yeah, right. Then Steve comes in and tells Johnny Mac that he has to not fight with Vanessa anymore. Steve is trying to find out why Johnny Mac isn't tight with the twins. Steve goes to talk to Liz, Julia, Austin, and Julia about saving Johnny Mac. They all say that they will work with Johnny Mac if he came up to them.

Later, Johnny Mac and Becky talk about the situation. Things are looking bleak. Then we have a segment with Liz and her face mask. Liz decides that she needs to talk to Johnny Mac. When Vanessa goes to DR, Liz calls Johnny Mac into the HOH James scares Julia room. Johnny Mac tells them that Vanessa told him that she went up to the HOH to save Johnny Mac. This freaks out Austin and Liz because it was the opposite. Johnny Mac mentions how everyone who has an argument with Vanessa goes home. Johnny Mac is hoping that the conversation with Liz and Austin would help me out and keep him in the house. Johnny Mac tells them that he will be targeting Vanessa, and he wants to put her in jury. Liz and Austin love this because they don't want to do it to Vanessa, but they want someone too.

Back in the BB house, it's night time. James sneaks in to Julia's room, then lies down beside Julia's bed, and scares her. Julia screams and runs. That practical joker, James. Time to pick for the veto. Liz picks house guest choice, and she picks Austin. Johnny Mac picks Meg, and Becky picks Steve. Julia pretends to be angry because she has never been picked. Julia tells Liz that she wishes had picked her. As Julia says, "hello, sisters before misters." Johnny Mac talks to Austin, and Johnny Mac says no one will win use the veto. Johnny Mac shows his trust and loyalty to the Austwins by saying he would throw the veto. Austin tells the twins that Johnny Mac told Austin that he would throw the veto to Austin. Liz says but what if Becky wins.

POV Downstairs, Johnny Mac tells Becky to win. As he tells her the only way they could both stay in the house was if Becky won the veto.

Time for the veto competition. It's OTEV, and the backyard is setup like a picnic, with butter on the ramp up to OTEV. OTEV is annoying saying "butter" all the time. The first clue is to get butter that says Jason. Liz is first, followed by Steve, and then followed by Meg, Austin, and Becky. Johnny Mac threw it. Round two. The clue is for Shelli. Becky finds the butter first. Liz comments on how Becky jumped over the butter like a trojan. Steve just doesn't want Becky to win because he wants her to go home. Steve is last though. The next clue is for Clay. Austin runs to the pile that Steve left. Meg is first followed by Liz. Becky tries to run over Austin, and took a handful out of Austin's hands. But it was for Becky, not Clay. Austin makes it, and Becky is out. The next clue was for Da'Vonne. Meg has not seen Day's name before. Austin is first this time, followed quickly by Liz. Meg is out. Becky now knows that her fate is sealed. Final round. The clue was for Jace about not being on the memory wall. Austin can't find a Jace, and he wants the win to get the make out session with Liz. Liz wins POV.
Becky shoves Austin
Johnny Mac's assumption is that the veto won't be used, and that he just needs to not make waves. After the veto, Vanessa goes up to talk with Liz. Vanessa starts quizzing Liz about whether Johnny Mac made a deal with Liz. Liz says in DR that Vanessa reminds her of Audrey number 2. Austin says that Vanessa is too paranoid, and that she may not be the best ally. Austin and Liz talk strategy while they put small pig tails in Austin's hair. Johnny Mac feels pretty good at this point in the house. Austin says that their connection is growing over time., and we get to see a make out session, which Liz cuts short. Probably because she doesn't like him. Then Liz winds up with a hickey on her neck. Julia causes Austin on it. As Liz says, what would her parents say. Austin is not the guy her parents would like.

Then we have Vanessa crying because she feels lonely, and she feels like she is on the block again. Steve offers to play chess with Vanessa. Liz comes out and Liz and Austin make out asks why Vanessa is crying. Vanessa says it's because Austin is not talking to her. Liz says in DR that she has heard this story before, and she's tired of Vanessa's show and crying. Liz goes up and tells Austin and Julia about how Vanessa was talking about Austin not talking to her. As Liz says, this conversation about Austin bothers her.

Time for the veto meeting. Becky says in her speech that when Becky was HOH, Liz, Julia, and Austin were comfortably on the couch. James says the blue chairs are more comfortable than the black nomination chairs. Johnny Mac also says that he doesn't want to talk to Julie on Thursday. Liz says that she things that one of them will be easily coming back into the game. Liz says in DR that Vanessa will always be a target in front of her and Julia.

Sunday, August 16, 2015 -- Evening

Twins comfort Steve
Liz won the POV last night, and she won't be using the POV.
The show started with Meg being shocked that Jackie went out. Becky also was shocked at the blindside that just happened with Steve as HOH. James is also shocked that someone was in Steve's ear. Then we had DR of Steve flipping out because he didn't want to be HOH. Basically Steve listened to one of the Vanesa's lies about Jackie wanting to backdoor Steve. Meanwhile, James and Meg finally realize that they are alone in the house. James said that they are still in the house, so that's what they should be thinking of. Austin went to comfort Meg even though he was glad Jackie was out. Vanessa went to join in to get information, and do some fake comforting.

Meanwhile Steve is comforted by Liz and Julia. Then Vanessa comforts a crying Steve. Steve said that he can't talk right now because he is so upset. He says it was 50 percent acting when he was alone. Then Johnny Mac talks to Becky, James, and Meg that he didn't use the POV because he was afraid that someone else in the alliance would go up. Becky says that the other side is scared of them because that group can win competitions. Finally Steve goes to talk to Meg and Becky. Steve said that he heard that Jackie was going after him. Becky asks if the information was coming from one person or a group of people. Becky says that it might be helpful to pretend to have bad feeling and they blame Vanessa. Steve says in DR that he is happy that they are blaming Vanessa.

HOH competition bracket Time for the HOH competition. There are house guest emojis everywhere in the backyard. They have to play tournament style with head to head matches. They will have three emojis to choose from. They will asked questions, and they have to answer from the emojis they see on the board. Meg will be battling James. Austin will be against Johnny Mac. Julia is against Vanessa, and Becky is against Lis. Meg was the first to ring in and she was correct. Johnny Mac and Austin were next. Johnny Mac won that round. Vanessa and Julia are next. Julia rang in, and she was correct. Now it's Becky and Liz. Liz was first and she advanced. It's Meg versus John, and Liz versus Julia. Johnny Mac advances. Johnny Mac thinks he's the smartest on that side of the house. Then it is down to Liz and Julia. Julia was the first to ring in, but she was wrong. It's down to Johnny Mac versus Liz.

Meg is hoping that Johnny Mac will pull it off. The question is which emoji is seen 5 times. Liz was the first to ring in, and she was correct and the new HOH. As Liz says, her alliance is now in control. James says in DR that it is one of the worst situations he has been in, and hopes he is safe this week. Becky says that Vanessa will be in Liz's ear, and Becky should probably start packing now. Meg and Becky talk about their worries of Liz. Becky knows that Vanessa will be posted outside of Liz's room until Becky goes home. Becky tells Meg that Becky made it vocal that she wanted Vanessa out, and Vanessa didn't go out. She can blame her alliance. The twins and Vanessa are celebrating when Johnny Mac awkwardly walks in on them.

Twins celebrate Liz's win The twins, Austin, and Vanessa talk strategy. Liz says absolutely not Steve, but maybe Meg and Johnny Mac. Vanessa says that Meg is not threatening. Vanessa says to put up Becky with Johnny Mac. The target is Becky, but if Becky wins POV, then Johnny Mac can go against Meg and Johnny Mac can go home. They decide on a new alliance name, Austin's Angels. Then Becky goes to the HOH room to talk to Liz and Austin. Becky tries to get them to understand that Vanessa is against them. Becky tells them that Vanessa wanted Becky and Clay to throw the comp and to put up Austin. Liz says in DR that she was shocked about what Vanessa did.

Johnny Mac goes and throws a beach ball right at Meg's head and hits her. Those kids! then James goes to talk to Steve, Austin, and Liz. It seems that James has been hanging out with Steve. As he said, at first it was strategy, but now James has come to like Steve. As James said, Steve likes books, and James likes beer. Then we get a whole slew of clips of James and Steve hanging out together. They have a ton of lame stuff that feel up the show. Then we see that twins, Austin, Vanessa, and Steve trying to come up with an alliance name for their group. Liz is going to let Vanessa think that everything is cool even though it isn't . They come up with the Scamper Squad, which is really lame. But it may be based on Steve scampering around the house.

Austin's Angels Becky, Vanessa, and Johnny Mac are have nots, and Johnny Mac asks Vanessa if he is going on the block. Vanessa wants to work with Johnny Mac, but she doesn't think they can because of the fight they had with Clay. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he is sure he is going up. Vanessa starts questioning Johnny Mac on where his loyalty lays. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that the feelings he has against her are unfounded. Johnny Mac says that he felt bullied by Vanessa. Vanessa then got really upset that Johnny Mac would say that. However, as he says, Vanessa brought it up. Vanessa keeps on badgering Johnny Mac about what she could do to make things different. Johnny Mac says that he doesn't like how she yells at people and starts crying. Vanessa then goes up to the HOH room to spin her lies. Vanessa tells the twins and Austin that Johnny Mac should not be a pawn, but should go home. Vanessa claims that Johnny Mac is giving her attitude, and he comes in and calls Vanessa on the fact that they were just talking and Vanessa came running up there. As Johnny Mac says, it looks fishy. It sort of blows Vanessa's whole thing about Johnny Mac giving her attitude. Liz doesn't know who to believe, but of cours,e she does not target Vanessa.

Time for nominations, and Meg is confused. Becky says that she told Liz everything about Vanessa. Johnny Mac is worried that Vanessa through him under the bus. Liz is sticking to her previous alliance and going for the folks who are a bigger threat to her and Julia's game. Liz puts up Becky and Johnny Mac. Liz says that Johnny Mac is a competition beast, and Becky is also good. Becky is not surprised. I really hate Vanessa. She really does seem delusional.

Thursday, August 13, 2015 -- Evening

Julie Chen's flat hair
Double Eviction
Time for the double eviction episode. I did manage to watch last night's episode, but it was really boring. There was nothing that added to what I already knew. Tonight, however, should be a great night in the BB house. I just hope that Johnny Mac survives.

Julie Chen's hair is very flat and unattractive. The show started with the crumbling of the Sixth Sense alliance. Vanessa was first and crying. Shelli thinks that she will be okay if she lays low. Becky thinks that she only needs four votes because she can break the tie. Vanessa is confused about what Becky said during the POV ceremony. As Vanessa says, "those are harsh words especially for someone like me." Becky said that she didn't like how Vanessa was forcing everyone to do what she wanted. Then Becky walked away from Vanessa saying that she wasn't going to get involved. Vanessa cries; she doesn't understand. Meanwhile Steve tries to be cool with Vanessa because he has to remain cool with the person who is staying in the house (Johnny Mac).

Austin, Steve, and Johnny Mac in HOH Vanessa was going on about how sad her eyes looked to James. Vanessa thinks that she is in this trouble because she stuck to her word. Huh? Is the girl delusional? I think so. Vanessa tells James that Becky was giving information to Shelli and Clay. So now James wonders why he should support her game. James, Meg, and Jackie talk about what is best for their game: to get rid of Vanessa and Shelli. They admit it is a big decision, but they are going to make the wrong choice, and go for keeping Vanessa.

Double Eviction starts with the spiel from Shelli and Vanessa. Shelli wishes Jason happy birthday. Shelli hopes she gets back into the game, so that means she knows she is out. Then Vanessa talks about law school, and gives a quote to show how smart she is. Time for the vote.
POV competition By a vote of 8-0, Shelli is out. Shelli smiles and hugs everyone. Everyone applauds her. Shelli felt betrayed from Vanessa, and that James might have been behind it. Shelli wasn't sure if she wanted Vanessa to leave the house after her. Julie asked Shelli about Clay and the 10 year age difference. Shelli would not answer the "do you love him?" question. Shelli says that if she gets back in the house, she will be teaming up with Johnny Mac and Steve. Julie tells her that she might get that chance.

The memory wall in the BB house had 16 clips of events in the house, which will be used for the HOH competition. Time for the competition. Julie will ask questions about the video loops, and the house guests have to answer true or false. Everyone gets the first question right. James, Liz, Meg, and Jackie are out in the second question. Everyone gets the third question right. Julia and Vanessa are out in the fourth question. Everyone gets question five right. Steve wins HOH! Steve is friends with Vanessa and Johnny Mac, So they might be safe.
Johnny Mac wins POV
Time for the live nomination ceremony. Steve puts up Meg and Jackie.

Now it's time for the POV competition. Johnny Mac, James, and Vanessa are also playing in the POV. The POV is called Slippery Slope. They have to roll a ball down a twisted slope, and they have to sink the balls in numerical order. If they get them out of order, they are out. If they are not done in three minutes, the one who has the most in the least time wins. It seems to be a battle between Johnny Mac and James and Johnny Mac wins.

Time for the veto meeting. Speeches. Meg says that she has been an honest player and wants to stay in the house and play. Jackie also says that she played an honest game. Johnny Mac does not use the veto because he does not know who would go up in that person's place. Steve leaves the room because he can't speak coherently. That was action that went on as the show was going to commercial.

Time for speeches. Meg more game to play and wants to stay in the house. Jackie sounds like she knows she is going out. Time for the vote.
Jackie is voted out Jackie goes out with a vote of 6-1. Jackie and Meg hug. Megs says in the house that was a shocker. Julie asks Jackie why she knew she was going out. Jackie said that someone told Steve that Jackie wanted to backdoor Steve when she was HOH, which wasn't true. The show ended with Steve talking to himself in one room, James and Meg whispering in another, and everyone else in the kitchen.

Sunday, August 9, 2015 -- Evening

BB Recap
Clay and James altercation Becky put up Steve and Shelli, and Steve won the POV, so the plan is to put up Vanessa in his place. The show was on tonight, and we should get to see all the house's drama, I hope.

The show started with the HOH competition. We got to see them falling. James wants Becky, Jackie, or Meg to win. Steve does not want Becky to win. Shelli wants to win to put up James. Meg and Austin really suck. Finally, we got to see the Vanessa started fight. James and Johnny Mac are talking. Then Johnny Mac told Clay that he did not want Clay to go home because Johnny Mac thinks that Vanessa is in Shelli's head. Clay then goes to Vanessa and says that James has told Johnny Mac that Vanessa is in Shelli's head, and Clay tells Vanessa to make Johnny Mac feel like part of the group. Vanessa goes to James about telling stories about her. James confronts Clay about it. A huge fight ensues. Vanessa starts fighting with Clay, and Vanessa starts crying, and it's like Johnny Mac has called it. Vanessa fights with someone, and then that someone gets voted out the house. Vanessa in DR is confused, basically because she is psycho. After the psycho leaves, Johnny Mac talks with Clay and Shelli about how Vanessa does this act every time and it sends someone home.

Shelli is hoping that she or Julia wins HOH. Austin is constantly falling. Johnny Mac is trying to keep on pace with the others. James is really hoping that Shelli doesn't win, and that's when Becky starts to pull ahead. It does not look like Becky fell at all. As Julia says, a train can't stop Becky. Becky got the Never Not ball first. Then she got the $5000, and finally HOH. Becky says that everyone will be shocked at who she puts up.
Becky takes out all the balls
After HOH, Shelli starts crying because Clay isn't around. Meg is the one who comforted her and hugged her. Becky admits that she trusts Jackie, Meg, and James more in the house. Liz asks Shelli how far Texas is from Georgia (where Shelli lives). Shelli says that they can go to New York to stay with Meg. Ha! Liz thinks that Becky might put up Vanessa. Johnny Mac tells Steve to not worry about anything. Johnny Mac says that he and Becky have bonded over being outsiders. Steve and Johnny Mac talk about how Vanessa operates. Steve is nervous about Vanessa because he is closest to Johnny Mac and Vanessa, and Steve realizes that the fight before eviction makes Johnny Mac hate Vanessa. Steve does get Johnny Mac to promise to make a move on Becky in jury, not in the BB house. It seems Becky had tons of healthy food, like Brussels sprouts.

Becky says that Vanessa's plan was to get rid of Shelli. Becky says they say they are sticking with the plan. They put up Shelli and Steve, and then they get Vanessa. As Becky says, Vanessa has sent tons of people home. They all admit that they feel safer in the house with Shelli than Vanessa. Becky says they need to stick with it because Vanessa would work them. As Becky says, she's worked Black Friday, Becky knows how to deal with Vanessa.

Steve admits that he spaces out a lot, dances by himself, and talks to himself. Steve thinks he's a strange person, but he likes himself, so he's okay with it.
Becky and Shelli talk
Shelli then goes crying to Becky, and Becky tells Shelli about the bigger plan. Becky wants to gain trust. Becky said that it took nothing for Vanessa to throw Shelli under the bus. Shelli realizes that she can't do anything to save Shelli. Becky explains that they want to get rid of Vanessa. Then Vanessa goes up to talk with Becky and Austin. Becky says that the plan is to put Steve and Shelli up, and if one comes down to put up Johnny Mac. Austin leaves and Vanessa and Becky talk. Vanessa wants to make a deal with Becky, and Becky says that she is done with deals, and doesn't even want to hear about it. This really seems to stump Vanessa. Vanessa says in DR that Becky isn't a strategic player.

Johnny Mac tells Becky his plan to backdoor Vanessa. Johnny Mac says this is the best thing that could happen. Time for the nomination ceremony. I like that they just have the two keys of the house guests who are marked for eviction. First nominated is Shelli, and the second is Steve. Becky wants Steve to get his hands dirty since he is huge BB super fan. Shelli wants to win the POV. Vanessa begins her fixating on overthinking things. Johnny Mac wants Vanessa out. Steve, who hates Becky, rants about his plan being to lay low, and that Becky is his target since she called him out.

Thursday, August 6, 2015 -- Evening

Shelli or Clay?
Clay and Shelli and the first kiss The news has been out on the news groups that there will be an endurance competition tonight. I can't wait to see who goes home. The show started right after the POV ceremony. Clay says that Shelli and he have the strongest bond of love and trust. Liz is glad that it's not her, and that there are two pairs in the house, Clay and Shelli and Liz and Julia. James really wants to get rid of Shelli, and he hopes the others go with it. Shelli cries over they have four days left. Of course it is all about Vanessa who is only worried about herself. Shelli wants to stay in the houes, but not in any way that hurts Clay. Later, James talks to Austin about everything that Clay and Shelli told James. James wants to work with Austin. Later, Austin wants to talk to Vanessa. Austin tells Vanessa everything that was said. Austin tries to get Vanessa to understand that Clay and Shelli did them wrong. Vanessa calls them fools.

Vanessa is upset that Clay and Shelli outed her, but she needs to save her alliance. Shelli lies to Vanessa about not telling James anything. Then Shelli campaigns against Clay, saying it is better to keep her because she is a competitor. Shelli tells Liz, Julia, Vanessa, and Austin that she was squeezed by Shelli, and that she was being pressured. It seems the Sixth Sense alliance is going to keep Shelli. Then Julie Chen showed videos of people rooting for various houseguests.

Shelli and Clay do more lying around together and talking about stupid stuff. Shelli says that they want to continue the relationship outside the house. Then we get a scene with very noisy kissing.
Clay and Shelli final hug
Everyone is in the HOH room. James said that he wants to send Shelli home. The Sixth Sense try to talk everyone into voting out Clay. Jackie realizes that Vanessa wants Shelli to stay. They are really stupid people because you should get rid of Shelli. Jackie explains to James that Vanessa is going to screw them over, and Shelli may stay. Liz and Julia talk about not standing Clay and wanting him out. Liz and Julia say they have to do what is best for their game. Vanessa says if Clay stays, they will work with him. One of the twins says to take out a strong player, like Shelli. Austin doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to piss of the James gang.

Then we have a segment with Derrick and Cody. Derrick and Cody see each other once a month and talk every day. They seem to like James and his move. It was nice to see that they get along still. I guess they couldn't get Clay's family to be for him dating an older woman. Clay asks everyone to vote for Shelli to stay. Shelli cries over how Clay is her rock, and how they will have an amazing experience for them all to be in love outside the house. Both say "all y'all." Time for the vote:
HOH compettion I don't know why they all decided to evict Clay. it's a really stupid move. They should take out the strongest player. Blah, Clay and Shelli have a long hug, and you could hear Clay's heart beating through Shelli's mic. Julie said that Clay must really love Shelli to talk away from a half a million dollars. Julie wonders if it is the real deal between them, and Clay believes it is. However, Clay would not commit to saying he loved Shelli. Julie asked Clay if he ever gave up like this before when he played football. Clay doesn't regret plotting to not put Austin up. Messages from Johnny Mac, Austin, Meg, and Shelli. Julie then asks Clay about Meg. Clay pretty much calls Meg a slut saying Meg had her way with a lot of guys in the house.

They all hear that they will all make it to jury, but that doesn't mean they are out of the game. The competition is the usual carry a cup of water over a slippery track to a big bowl, and fill it up. There are three balls. They can either get HOH, $5000, or a Have-Not pass. However, once someone takes the HOH ball, the game is over.

Next week will be a double eviction night.

Thursday, August 6, 2015 -- Afternoon

BB Recap of Wednesday's show
Clay and Shelli crying I am really having trouble watching the Wednesday show. Hopefully, this will improve next week. The show started post nomination ceremony. Vanessa said that she was there for them, and hugged Clay. Clay and Shelli cried and whined about being on the block. How could anyone have the nerve to put them up. Vanessa hovered around them, and Shelli gave Vanessa the evil eye. Obviously Vanessa is somehow HOH. Clay starts saying something about James going back on his word, and Mommy Shelli tells Clay to shut up. Shelli still believes that she could have outlasted James, but we know that isn't the case. Vanessa is upset because Shelli is blaming Vanessa about being on the block. Shelli doesn't understand why Austin or the twins aren't on the block. Vanessa goes to cry to Clay and Shelli about how life is awful for Vanessa, and Clay tells her that he and Shelli are on the block. Vanessa tells Shelli not to do anything that would hurt Vanessa's game. Vanessa keeps on crying and saying that she is the most loyal person to Clay and Shelli, and they are turning Vanessa against them.

Then Vanessa goes outside and starts crying about how she is such a good person and that everyone is blaming Vanessa for Jason going on the block. James says that Clay and Shelli like to sit in the back and point the finger to everyone else. James tries to explain that he did this for everyone. Shelli goes to the door to the outside and comments about how Vanessa is out laughing with everyone. Shelli goes out and asks what everyone is talking about, and no one answers. Clay then talks about how Clay and Shelli both had James' back from the first day. James said in DR that he has been on the block too many time while Shelli was HOH. Shelli keeps on talking about how James did not keep his deal. James tries to tell them that it's split milk, so where do they go from there. James is great!

POV competition Shelli assures Vanessa that she will not turn against the alliance. From the way Vanessa is acting, you would think that she was on the block. I think it's hilarious to hear Vanessa. Then Shelli starts crying about how this week is the worst one because she won't be going to jury with Clay. Vanessa says in DR that it has to be a two way street. Then Austin says in DR that all he could think about is how he is going to go to jury with Liz. Time to pick for the veto. James picks house guest choice, and he chooses Jackie. Shelli picks Becky, and Clay picks Vanessa. Vanessa says this whole thing is hard on her because if she loses, she could go on the block. I notice that Becky is hanging out with James and Jackie. Becky is playing both sides, and she's pretty annoyingly dumb, so enough of her.

The POV competition is a game of rounds. It's set up like the Game of Thrones, and they have to fling a dart from the catapult. The person with the lowest score is out, but gets to pick a prize. The problem is that people who come after you can take your prize. Jackie has the lowest score, so she gets the 6th place price. It's the veto. Round 2 and Shelli landed off the game board. Shelli pouts. Shelli is out, and she gets the 5th place prize: a knight in shining armor. She takes the veto, and Jackie gets the armor. As Shelli says, she already has a knight in shining armor: Clay. Vanessa lands off the board. Vanessa is out, and takes the 4th place Ireland castle vacation. Clay gets the lowest score, and he gets the 3rd place crown. It ia a 24 hour bond to constantly shine the knight's armor. Clay takes the Ireland trip. James wants to win the veto. He scores a 10 in the round, and Becky just throws it, and lands in the water. Becky's second place prize is $5000. She keeps the money. James' first place prize is castle guard, where he has to complete a regiment 2400 times in 24 hours, or he can't compete in POV next week. James thought the 5K could make a difference to his little girl, but he takes the veto from Shelli.

Meg and Clay hugging it out After the competition, Clay and Shelli hug. Shelli thinks it will be a long two months without Clay. Shelli goes to DR, and then Meg and Clay start hugging. Johnny Mac says that Clay and Meg are almost making out in from of him. Meg says that she can't prommise to vote Clay out. The two of them cry. Meg tells Clay that she bonded with him from the start and they both know. They both hug some more. Boy, will Shelli be pissed at that one. Then Jackie and Vanessa go to DR for their costumes. Then Shelli goes off to do her punishment. Every 100, she has to run in the house, ringing a bell. The armor shining is lame. As Shelli is doing her punishment, Clay tells her that they have to try something. Everyone cheers when Shelli finishes her punishment.

Shelli and Clay talk to James in the HOH room, and tell him that Austin has an alter ego named Judas. Clay babbles, and James asks Shelli if she is on narcotic drugs. James said that he will have to think about it and come up with a decision. Time for the POV meeting. Clay gets his word fast, and he says that he knows he will always have his love with her. Shelli says that they have been good people, good to their word, and good to everyone. James says that he feels that they turned their back on him, and James does not use the POV. Shelli cries in the DR, and says she can't fight against Clay. Clay says that he can't campaign against Shelli.

Sunday, August 2, 2015 -- Evening

James, Clay, and Shelli at the end
Endurance Recap
James won the POV on the live feeds, and it was a punishment veto. Shelli has to walk around and whack things with a sword, and Jackie has to wear knight armor. Vanessa is Jackie's squire for 24 hours.

Tonight's show starts with the endurance competition. Julia realizes that things might be against her. Vanessa is the same. Austin thinks he will get a kiss from Liz if he wins, so he wants to win for the smooch. James asked people right at the beginning if they wanted to make any deals, but James wants to win so he can peck back at the other side. Austin was whimping out after 20 minutes. Austin is creepy, just fixating on the kiss from Liz. Steve and Austin were the first to fall. Then Julia and Meg fell. Austin thought it was Liz at first, because he is an idiot. The ones on the wall got lots of water, gunk, and hits from eagles while they hung on. James is determined not to fall off because he knows he will be the target. Jackie is trying to hold on, but she falls around an hour and a half in. James says he has to win since all his people are off now. Then Liz fell. James starts playing mind games by telling Clay that James is in worse shape. Clay drops and it is down to Shelli, Johnny Mac, and James.

Meg was hoping James would hold on for all of them. Clay says that Shelli needs to win. Shelli is getting tired and doesn't know if winning HOH for the third time is in her best interests. Shelli wants a deal for her and Clay's safety. Vanessa says that says something about her relationship. James said that as Boogie says, you can bounce a bunch of checks up in the BB house. James does say Shelli and Clay are safe. HA! Johnny Mac falls off, not wanting to make deals. Twins talk about Austin Shelli says that she thinks James will keep his word, or he will be seen as a liar in front of the whole house. James wins. Julia's picture replaces Jace's in the house. Meg is happy that James wins because she doesn't have to vote out one of her peeps. Jackie says that Shelli made the deal with James because she knew she was going to fall.

Julia wanted to talk to Liz because she felt betrayed by Austin. Julia doesn't believe LIz. Julia called Austin on giving out her name and calling Austin shady. Julia thinks that Austin was just trying to get her out. Julia obviously doesn't believe him. Julia doesn't trust one word that Austin says. As Julia says, she would not trust Austin with a 10 foot pole.

Then Shelli talks with Vanessa about how she couldn't win a third HOH. Vanessa realizes that she is not high in trust in with Shelli and Clay. Shelli thinks James will put up Vanessa. Austin goes to talk to Shelli and Clay about how they need to talk to Julia because Julia doesn't like him. Then Clay tells Shelli that they have to throw the twins and Austin under the bus.

Meg, Jackie, Becky, and James up in HOH Then we had a clip about how Clay can't make sense of speak clearly. As Johnny Mac says, Clay must have been hit in the head one too many times on the football field. Then we have a segment on James scaring Steve as he comes out of the bathroom. Next up is a segment with Jackie, Meg, and Becky up in the HOH talking to James. Becky is trying to act like an ally. But it is obvious that Becky is supporting Shelli and Clay. She tries to talk James out of it. Meg and Jackie throw out Austin and the twins' names.

Becky runs downstairs to tell Chad and Shelli about Meg, Jackie, and James talking about putting up Shelli. Clay wants to talk to Shelli about what they should do. Shelli wants to talk to Vanessa. Shelli is upset because she stupidly thought that winning the HOH would not be good for her. Vanessa goes up to beg to James to save her life. Vanessa tries to say that she did not want Jason to go home. Vanessa says that it was Shelli and Clay. Vanessa was blameless. Vanessa tries to claim that she is a solo player in the game, like James. Vanesa tells James that if she makes it to HOH before the final 7, she will let James have safety and one person of James' choice.

Shelli and Clay go up to talk to James. Shelli asks James if their deal is still good. James said that it's unfortunately that Jason happened. Shelli says that she felt in the moment that she had to lie about knowing to save herself. Then Shelli tells James that Austin is the person who threw Jason under the bus. Shelli and Clay at nomination ceremony James says that he is just going to tell them what they want to hear. James goes down to talk to Meg, and says that instead of putting up pawns, he is thinking of putting both Shelli and Clay up because the pair needs to be broken up. Meg also says that everyone would keep the nominations the same. James said he came into the house ot make big moves.

All I have to say is that Shelli and Clay are really stupid because they don't think that anyone should target them. If I were them, I would want to get rid of Shelli too because Clay is obviously brainless.

It's time for the nominations. Instead of the house guests taking out their keys, the HOH just shows who he nominated. The first one James nominated was Clay, and the second was Shelli. Boy, was that good. James says that Shelli is a beast, and would always be with Clay. James says that he may have made a deal, but it is up to him whether he holds to the deal. Shelli tries to call out James for making the deal in front of everyone. Shelli thinks that it means everything for her to win the veto so both can stay in the house.