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Big Brother 13

7th to Jury -- 9/14
3rd Evicted--7/28
2nd Evicted--7/21
4th to Jury--9/1
1st Evicted--7/14
2nd Place
Lost to Brendon--8/11
Evel Dick
5th to Jury--9/7
4th evicted--8/4
Back in 8/11
1st Jury--8/18
3rd to Jury--8/25
6th to Jury--9/8
2nd to Jury--8/25

1st HOH competition: Rachel
2nd HOH competition: Porsche
Final HOH: Rachel
Winner: Rachel

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011 -- Evening

Finally! After several days of inactivity on the live feeds, it's time for the Big Brother finale. The show started with a recap of the season. I forgot that we haven't seen the humiliating "endurance" competition that lasted half an hour.

In the competition, Adam claims that if he wins the first HOH, he will win. Porsche has a final two deal with Rachel, which Rachel made to keep herself in the final two. Rachel realizes that she has to win the endurance comp. After less than 10 minutes, Porsche was feeling queasy. After 22 minutes, Adam's arms were feeling weak, and his legs were killing him. Rachel says in DR that if Adam wants to give up the $500,000 for a little bit of pain, so be it. Adam is out at 28 min. and 35 seconds. Adam said that he was "damaging" himself, and he needed to save his strength for the second comp. Porsche claims that she is staying of for dear life. But she's feeling queasy. Porsche asks Rachel how she is doing, and Rachel says fine. Rachel says she can hang on. Porsche jumps off at 46 minutes and 10 seconds. Although, I don't think it was that long, more like 39 minutes. Rachel says that her Bokie Bear would be so proud. Porsche says she has to win the second HOH. Adam claims that round two is his. Yeah, right!

Porsche was first up in the second HOH competition. The competition was to go through an underwater maze. They had to get the house guest photos from the bottom of the tank, navigate the maze, and get the correct photo by the week that person was HOH. Porsche said that she can't think holding her breath, but she worked hard and finished. Porsche thought she could do it better, and hoped Adam did worse. Adam said that it was redemption time for him. He was positive that he would win. He started at the bottom, and thought that the googles were a pain, and he threw them out. However, he couldn't see without them, so he had to get out of the tank to find the goggles, wasting precious time. Now for the times: Adam did his in 6 minutes and 3 seconds. Porsche did it in 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Porsche says that as long as Rachel honors her deal, Porsche will be in the final two. Rachel says that she has to do what's best for her, even if she has to break her deal. However, she hopes that Porsche will take her.

Time for the jury discussion. It starts when Kalia and Jordan come in. Shelly says that she wants to see Adam and Rachel. Kalia is the first one in. Kalia told them that Rachel won the HOH. Then Jordan comes in next. Brendon was happy. The rest did not seem very happy. Jordan knew that Porsche would vote her out. Jordan said that she was proud of Rachel and thought she should win. Daniele thought that Rachel was the biggest floater in the house, floating to whomever was in power. Jeff said that Rachel made it to the end. Kalia said that Rachel had the hardest road to the end. Shelly struggles with giving it to Rachel, but Jordan said that Shelly lied and talked about everyone. Jeff said that he talked to Porsche for 8 minutes in the game. Kalia said that she just laid low. Kalia said that Porsche won when she had to. Everyone agrees that Porsche made more deals and better moves than Porsche. Jeff and Jordan liked that Adam was loyal. Jordan said that Adam played the game from day 1, but Porsche started playing on day 50. Daniele says that Adam never thought for himself. Shelly said that the only time she heard strategy was when Kalia and Porsche played Dani's game. Kalia didn't want to let Jeff talk, because Kalia claimed that she played a hard game. Kalia was really bitter about not winning BB.

It's the final HOH competition. Porsche and Rachel are asked about the jury. First question: Brendon said that the moment in the house he was afraid to have his family see is leaving the house or not doing good in endurance. Brendon said leaving the house. Both got it wrong. Daniele thought the most shocking moment was Brendon coming back in the house or Evel Dick leaving. Daniele was shocked at her dad leaving. Rachel got it right. Shelly said her fatal error was turning against Jeff and Jordan or voting to get rid of Jeff one week too soon. The answer was voing to evict Jeff one week too soon. Both got it wrong. Jeff said that the best thing was getting to spend the summer with Jordan. Both got it wrong. Kalia said the biggest lie was that Adam was loyal to the newbies or anything out of Shelly's mouth. Shelly said anything out of Shelly's mouth. Rachel got it right, and with only one question left, there was no reason to continue. Rachel won final HOH, and just freaked out with crying and jumping. Rachel said that it was so surreal. Obviously, neither of them knew anything about the people in the jury. Rachel didn't even know what Brendon would say. At least Rachel got 2 of the 5 right. Porsche got 0 of 5.

Rachel has to pick the person to go to the final two. Porsche gets to plead her case first. Porsche said that they started and ended as allies. Porsche wishes Rachel the best of luck. Adam does his final call out to the heavy metal. Adam said that Porsche was with Rachel to get the golden key. Then Porsche left for the other side, and then came back. Adam says he was always with Rachel. Rachel has to make the $500,000 decision, and she jokes that she isn't ready to make the decision. Rachel said that it was amazing to compete. She says that she was a target, and her fiance was evicted twice. She goes on about fighting. Rachel says that one person fought by her side, and says that she has to get rid of Adam because she made a deal with Porsche. Rachel tells Adam that she is sorry. Adam goes out to talk to Julie. Adam roars, going out as he came in. Then Adam gives Julie a huge hug. Rachel seems very subdued after voting Adam out. Porsche tries to talk to Rachel, but Rachel doesn't answer. Julie asks if Porsche was a better choice, or if Adam was because he didn't do anything. Adam claims that if he was in the final two, he would have won, so it was better that Rachel voted him out. Adam is now a member of the jury, and he says that he is sorry that she's not giving him a check. Then Adam asks Julie to talk to her friend Sharon Osbourne to hook him up with Ozzy. Adam is something else!

The jury comes out in the order in which they were evicted. The jury finds out that Adam was evicted. Brendon gets really excited because he's hoping for the money that Rachel wins. They are also told that Rachel won the final HOH. They get one last chance to question the final two. It seems the jury agreed on questions for the final two. Brendon asks Rachel about saying hurtful things and wonders why she should be rewarded. Rachel said that she should be rewarded for game play, competing the entire game, fight to be there, put their heart on the line. RAchel apologies, and says she won four HOH and two POV. Jordan asks Porsche what else she did beside wearing a bikini and cooking. Porsche claims that she talked to everyone in the jury, and competed in as many competitions as possible. Kalia asked about what Rachel did beside winning competitions. Rachel talks about winning competitions. Rachel said that she had to make changes, and get ride of Kalia. Shelly asks Porsche when she started to play the game. Porsche claimed in week one, saying she was willing to take a golden key and not compete. Porsche claims that she made big game moves more recently, but doesn't say what.

Rachel thanks the jury members for knowing them. Rachel says that she competed her heart out, exposed Daniele's plan to get rid of Jeff, and getting rid of Kalia. Rachel said that she has to be more social after Brendon won. Rachel said that she also had to win to save her and Jordan. Rachel said that she was also true to her alliance. Rachel rambles a bit. Porsche said that they voted for her to float in week one. Porsche claims that she won, competed, and played a social game by talking to everyone. Porsche thinks that they give her the money to compete in life. The jury gets to vote. Brendon goes first, saying it will be a hard decision. He says that he's proud of her. Daniele tells Porsche that she adores her, and then tells Rachel that she's lucky it's not a personality contest. Jeff said that he has nothing cute to say, and congratulates them both. Shelly tells them that she's proud of them, and wishes them both lucky. She also says she loves them, but not as much as Brendon loves Rachel. Kalia votes and says "pajama, pajama." Loser. Jordan says that she missed Rachel, and congratulates them both. Adam tells Rachel that was a good move on her part to get rid of him because he would have won, especially if he didn't throw away his goggles and didn't smoke.

The early evictees come back: Lawon, Dominic, Cassi, Keith, and Evel Dick. Evel Dick is asked about the veteran's alliance. He said that if they stuck together, it would have been the best alliance ever. Evel Dick says that Daniele ruined the alliance. Daniele said that she was forced into the alliance, but that she wanted to be in an alliance with others. Julie asks Evel Dick about Daniele getting rid of Jeff. Dick says that he doesn't talk about his daughter to her face, but behind her back. Dick said that she should have played it quiet, but she was played too hard, too fast. Cassi said that she thought Adam was darn cute under that beard. Cassi thought that Shelly was so happy to be there, but that Shelly had her fooled. Shelly makes smiley faces at Cassi. Shelly says that she adores Cassi. Shelly said that she couldn't win, so she had to play both sides, and manipulate both sides. As Shelly says, it's a game. Shelly's face though make me irritated. Jeff says that they they did put some of the things behind them in the jury house. Jeff says it is game, and you have to move on from it. Julie calls Kalia on saying that in the past she bit her tongue. Julie wants her to let loose. Kalia said that she watched BB, and that she is no one's slave or no one's master. She then says she loves Daniele. Jeff is asked about Daniele. Jeff said that they are both strong people. Jeff says that he does dislike her, but then Daniele dislikes him, so it's all good.

Time to count the jury's votes.
Brendon hugs Rachel for winning, and he's probably already planning on how to spend her money. All the house guests give each other fake hugs.

Not much left to the show, so it's time for America's Favorite House Guest. The person voted America's favorite gets $25,000. The cat ladies did their work, and gave the prize to Jeff. Supposedly, they were telling folks to vote for Jeff so he would have money and would ask Jordan to marry him.

Saturday, September 10, 2011 -- Late Evening

Porsche Wins 2nd HOH
The BB house has been extremely boring. That's what usually happens when the house is down to the final two weeks. There was a good deal of banging in the back yard, and finally, just a few hours ago, the second HOH competition was held. It seems that Porsche won, so it will be her and Rachel battling for final HOH. I would imagine that either will take Adam to the final because he would be the easiest to beat.

Rachel during the final HOH endurance competition

Thursday, September 8, 2011 -- Later Evening

Rachel Easily Wins 1st HOH Competition
What do you expect from the losers that are Adam and Porsche? Adam was out of the "endurance" competition in 15 minutes or so. Another 15 minutes later, Porsche dropped out. Rachel easily wins the first HOH competition. Boy, she's the only one who deserves to win in this bunch!

Thursday, September 8, 2011 -- Evening

Final Three
When the live feeds came back, we found out that Porsche and Jordan were on the block, Porsche had won the POV, and Porsche told Jordan that she would be evicted. Let's see what happens on the show.

Julie Chen looked really good in a black pants outfit. It's day 69 in the BB house. The show starts with the usual recap of Kalia's eviction and Adam's HOH win. Porsche was happy to be in the house, but she has no alliance member anymore. Adam showed that he chose his side with Rachel and Jordan. Jordan voted for Kalia so she could keep her word to Kalia, and possibly get a jury vote. Rachel in DR asked why she had to get blood on her hands. Adam was happy to finally win an HOH. As he said, his lips were chapped from kissing so much butt this season, and he wonders how his butt will be kissed. Jordan was happy for Adam, but was unhappy that she didn't win because now she isn't safe. Time to see Adam's HOH room. Adam kissed the picture of his girlfriend, and showed them his bar mitzvah pictures. There was also a ton of bacon objects for Adam. They were all happy for Adam. Porsche was helping Adam take his stuff upstairs, at his request. Porsche just wants to sit in the final two seat, and doesn't care who is beside her. Adam talks with Porsche about game. Porsche thinks that she would have a good deal with Adam in the final two. Porsche says that she thinks she is an equal to Jordan. Then Rachel goes up to talk to Adam. Rachel wants to know if she has to kiss a floater's butt. Rachel said that she wants to see her, Adam, and Jordan in final three. As Rachel said, she obviously wants to be in the final three. Then Jordan goes up to talk to Adam. Adam said that he is going to put up Jordan, or at least alludes to it. Jordan asks if Adam would use the POV if he wins it. And Adam says that he doesn't know. Jordan said that she knew that was a yes. Jordan says, after helping Adam so much, why would Adam help Adam. Jordan calls Adam on it, telling Adam not to lie to her. Jordan says she can read it in his face. Since Adam's whole head is red, it's pretty obvious that he does plan to take Porsche.

it's time for Adam's nominations. Jordan says that she doesn't really trust Adam completely and thinks that Adam will try to split up her and Rachel. Rachel thinks Adam is a wild card, and she thinks that she will be nominated. Adam hopes that he made the right decision. At the ceremony, Adam pulls Rachel's key from the box. She's safe, for now. Adam tells Porsche and Jordan that they have to win POV to earn their place in the final three. Adam said that he and Rachel had done that. As Adam said, if you want to be in the final three, you have to earn it. Jordan tells herself in DR that she needs to buckle down and win this veto.

It's time for the POV competition. The back yard has jukeboxes in it. Each jukebox has 20 clues, 10 on each side. There are blocks with the names of evicted house guests on the sides, and they have to match up the names with the clues. Rachel says that she has to be careful because she doesn't want to take things off. Porsche is putting hers on the side before she puts them on the pole. The others are putting the blocks on the pole. Jordan said that when she is under pressure and racing someone, she panics and gets really flustered. Porsche has all the blocks ready. Puts them on, buzzes in, but it was incorrect because she had one wrong. Rachel said that hearing someone buzz in motivated her. Then Porsche figures out her error, and gets the POV. Porsche cannot be happier to be in the final three. Adam realizes that Porsche may take him to the final two. Rachel cries fake tears in the DR. Jordan realizes that her chances of remaining in the house are looking pretty slim. Rachel cries because she lost. Jordan says that after losing again, she should go home. Rachel cries because she could have done better. Jordan said that Jordan deserves to leave because she has been losing so much. Jordan says to Rachel that Rachel doesn't take losing well. Jordan tells Rachel that she would never have made it this far without Rachel. Jordan tells Rachel that if she gets to the final two, she will win because she will get Jeff, Brendon, and Jordan's vote. Rachel realizes that she has to stop with the tears and campaign for herself. Rachel tells Porsche that Jordan will probably take Adam, but that Rachel will take Porsche. Rachel gives Porsche some more arguments. Porsche thinks that Rachel will take her to final two, but Porsche also thinks she can beat Jordan in votes.

Time for the final veto ceremony. Porsche said that she is going to use the POV to get off the block. Rachel replaces her. Now it's time for the nominees to give their speeches. Rachel is honored to be there. Rachel calls Jordan sweet, amazing, and beautiful. Rachel got confused on what she was talking about with the veto. Jordan said that she knows she is going home. She says she loves Adam. Jordan says that her opinion of Rachel has changed from when she came in. Jordan admits that she didn't talk much with Porsche, just knew that Porsche liked bikinis, and knows she's going out. Then she gave a long spiel on how she misses everyone. Jordan tells everyone that she's nervous, and they all applaud her. As Jordan leaves, she shakes hands with everyone. She seems overwhelmed to hear the audience's reaction. In the house, Adam, Porsche, and Rachel hug. Jordan tells Julie that she is disappointed. final HOH endurance competition Jordan said that Porsche never talked to her. As Jordan said, Porsche was like a poker face to her. When Julie asked why not get close, Jordan said, it was too late. Jordan says that she's so nervous talking to Julie. Jordan said that she got caught up in Shelly's niceness, and saw her like a mom. As Jordan, said, you can't trust anyone. You can't trust your mom! Jordan thought that she and Rachel just balanced each other out because Jordan was social, and Rachel was the competitor. Jordan didn't think that it was right for Rachel to go out because Rachel competed and won, and deserved to win. Porsche's farewell was that Jordan was too close to people. Adam calls Jordan Sweet, Sweet Jordan. Adam thanks Jordan. Rachel said that she's sorry she couldn't save Jordan. Rachel calls it a chick-mance and says that she thinks she found a life long friend in Jordan. Rachel was crying, and Jordan was teary-eyed too.

Time for part one of the final HOH. It's an endurance competition. The three are each holding onto a giant mixed blade hovering over a swimming pool of yellow water. The blades start to spin, as they face outwards from the mixer. They get sprayed with paint, and then get dunked into the water.

The show ends with the three knee deep, spinning in the pool. They might be there for a while.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 -- Evening

Finally! The Eviction Show
Finally! We get to find out what's been going on in the Big Brother house since the eviction show was taped yesterday. I hate to admit that I've become a huge Rachel fan this season. I've really liked her game play after Brendon left the house.

Rachel said that last time, it was Rachel and Jordan on the block together, so this time, it's Kalia and Porsche. Porsche claims that she and Kalia are the strongest competitors in the house. Kalia for some reason thinks that she is the best womam to win the veto. Kalia and Porsche think the only chance to keep them both is for Adam to win and take one of them off. Then Adam and that person will take out Jordan. Adam is in the purple room, and Jordan goes to talk to him. Jordan explains that if Adam wins the POV, Jordan will go up and go out. Adam tells Jordan that it's him, Rachel, and Jordan as final three. Jordan says that Adam was carried the whole way, and they don't need him to flip. It's time now for the POV. It's the OTEV competition. This time, OTEV is a shark, and he craves pie. They have to take the pie, clean out the stuff inside, and pick the correct house guest name for the question. Last player standing wins. Adam needs the veto to build his jury resume and keep his butt of the block. Jordan doesn't know if she trusts Adam. First question is the person who wasn't a chum of Daniele and called Daniele a Judas. Obviously Brendon. Kalia is back first, followed by Adam, Rachel, and Porsche. Jordan struggled to get there. Jordan is first out. Jordan says she feels like such a loser. Rachel feels like all the weight is on her shoulders. The next was the person who chewed their way to the POV. It's Dominic. Porsche is first back. Then comes Adam. Kalia says that she has to beat Rachel, and she comes in third. Rachel is last and out this round. Rachel is hoping that Adam will win, and that he keeps the nominations the same. Round 3, and the pie belongs to the person zinged about having a soul patch. They are looking for Jeff. Porsche is first and then Adam. Kalia is last and out. Last round. Kalia criees, and Rachel pats her shoulder. Rachel says "cry me a river. Boo-hoo! I don't feel sad for her!" Final round is the person who lost all 17 competitions they played in. Adam says it's obvious that it's Shelly. Porsche is back first, but she got a Keith pie instead of a Shelly pie. That gives Adam a shot, and Jordan and Rachel are happy. Adam got it right, and won the POV. Kalia and Porsche were crying. As Adam says, he'll sleep good with the veto. Kalia cries that she could have won the veto, but now her fate is in someone else's hands.

We now get to see Shelly entering the jury house. As Julie says, it's time for Shelly to face the music. Jeff, Brendon, and Daniele toast the last of them being only three. Jeff said that he would love to see Shelly because he has some words left unsaid. It's Shelly. They all hug. Shelly tells them about Pandora's Box, and Shelly said that she was fightened to come into the house. Daniele offers to support Shelly. Jeff tells Daniele that he wants to hear from Shelly. Jeff asks Shelly what was wrong with the final four with him and Jeff. Shelly says that Jeff would have beat her. Shelly said that she didn't win competitions, but that she did protect Jeff. Jeff said that he didn't ask for it. Brendon jokes about Porsche finally winning. Daniele asks what Porsche got. When Shelly says $5k, and Daniele says more. Daniele says that Rachel will win because she's used to straddling Brendon. Then we see Shelly leave. Shelly says that she offered Rachel and Jordan 100%. Jeff said that he's trying to wrap his head around Shelly going back with Jordan. Shelly claims that she's way smarter than Jeff thinks, and Jeff says "apparently not." Zing!

Back to the BB house. Kalia locks herself in the john to cry, and we realize there is a camera in there. Then Kalia cries in DR about how unfair it is that Adam won anything because he didn't in the past, and it's not fair!! Jordan hopes that Adam keeps with his deal. Rachel says that they have to trust him. Kalia and Porsche talk to Adam about newbies to the end. Kalia claims that she can sell water to a fricking well. She claims that she has the gift of gab, and that she is smart and intelligent. Kalia tells Adam that he knows fans and that they like big moves. Kalia says that she will put Porsche up with Rachel, and that Porsche will do the same. Kalia tells Adam to make a big move because it's time. Adam plans on making a big move to further his game. As Adam says, there are four people in the house. Two will be really happy, and two will be really upset. It's time for the POV ceremony. Adam does not use the POV, and you should have seen Kalia's face drop. Adam says you may be upset with his decision, but you have to respect it. Kalia can't believe that Adam didn't have the guts to use the veto. Rachel smiles broadly.

It's time for the eviction. Porsche thanks everyone in the house for putting up with her. Porsche enjoyed the experience. Then Porsche says something to each of them: napping with Kalia, pure Jordan. Kalia tells Adam to stop playing like a fan, and play like an all-star. Kalia asks Jordan to vote for her because she wanted to play with her. It's all rather sad.

Time for the vote: Adam was pissed when he voted. It's a tie and up to Rachel to vote. Kalia looks anxiously at Rachel, and looks like she is going to puke. Rachel says they are both awesome. Rachel tells Kalia that she respects Kalia, but she has to evict her. Kalia turns over the black chess piece that she has been hiding, gives everyone a big hug, wipes her tears, and heads out of the house. Adam tells them all, final four. Rachel tries to remember what she said. Julie asks Kalia about the newbies to the end. Kalia said that she really meant that, but she didn't support newbies to the end at the beginning of the season when she could have gotten rid of the vets.

It's time for America's Vote. We get to give $25,000 to our favorite house guest.

We get to hear the Fortune Teller. Porsche is there, and calls Rachel. The Fortune Teller tells them to call everyone. The fortunes are going to be part of the HOH competition. The house guests have to get up throughout the night, when they hear the laugh. (Fortunes listed yesterday.) Time for the HOH competition. It's Adam, Jordan, and Porsche. They have to say if the quote is true or false. They get a point for each correct answer. First: Jeff wandering Chicago streets, muttering clown shoes. False. It's clown shoe. All get it right. Second Brendon cures athlete's foot. True. Jordan gets it wrong. Cassi works with the Hoff. True. Porsche gets it wrong. Keith dates all 29 contestants, but it's female. Porsche gets it wrong. Dominic gets called the Dominator. False. Porsche gets it wrong. Evel Dick legally changes his name to Old Saint Dick. It's false, all get it. Adam got them all right. Jordan missed one. Porsche missed most. Adam is HOH.

Julie congratulates Adam on his HOH. Adam says only having Tori Spelling in the house would beat this, but wait, she was in the house. Adam is happy to be in the final three. Porsche said that she was too flustered to get anything right, but it happy her housemates kept her. We should find out who leaves tomorrow. The season finale is one week from tonight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 -- Late Evening

Hot rumors on the Internet are that Kalia was evicted and Adam won the HOH. That's from @MissCleoBB13 on Twitter, who was at today's show taping. Of course, we can only wait until tomorrow to confirm. When it comes to the final four, winning the HOH pretty much just ensures that you will be in the final three. Winning the POV is paramount. That person takes him/herself off the block and gets to evict someone. Of course if the HOH wins POV, that person does have the power.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 -- Late Evening

Hot rumors on the Internet are that Kalia was evicted and Adam won the HOH. That's from @MissCleoBB13 on Twitter, who was at today's show taping. Of course, we can only wait until tomorrow to confirm. When it comes to the final four, winning the HOH pretty much just ensures that you will be in the final three. Winning the POV is paramount. That person takes him/herself off the block and gets to evict someone. Of course if the HOH wins POV, that person does have the power.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 -- Afternoon

Fortune Teller's Predictions
BB Fortune Teller The BB fortune teller was in action overnight in the BB house. It seems that it was repeating predictions over and over, and that the predictions will be part of the upcoming HOH competition. The predictions are:
The house guests found out that they were filming the eviction on Tuesday. Unfortunately, that means that the live feeds will be down until at least after Wednesday's eviction episode.

Monday, September 5, 2011 -- Evening

Adam Does Not Use the Veto
Obviously, Adam did not use the veto. Kalia has turned from constantly harassing Adam to use the veto to save her to constantly harassing Rachel and Jordan to keep her. Personally, I would like to see a Rachel, Jordan, Adam final three. It's not the ideal that I would have had at the beginning of the season, but it is what it is.

Sunday, September 4, 2011 -- Evening

Pandora's Second Box
Time for the latest episode of Big Brother. At this time of the year, the house becomes very boring. After all, there are only five of them left in the house.

The show started with the HOH competition. Rachel quickly took the lead. As she said in DR, the glaze is really difficult to get through. Kalia thought that she was in alien goop trying to bust out of a membrane. Rachel realized that if she didn't win, she would go home. Kalia knew that she had to win to keep her alliance safe. Adam wanted to win HOH to prove to Rachel and Jordan that they did a good thing to keep him this week. Adam knew who the vote was against him. That put a target on Kalia's back for Adam. Kalia admitted in DR that she guessed wrong to think that Jordan and Rachel were going to vote out Adam. Adam and Rachel were neck and neck in the HOH. Rachel figured that she would stay on her hands and knees to not get her clothes wet. Jordan finally figured out that she should put the doughnut in her mouth to carry it. Kalia really sucked at the competition saying that she had never done anything so hard in her life. Rachel said that Kalia probably shouldn't have slept all summer, but should have exercised with her and Jordan. Jordan said that she was out of breath after one run.. Rachel said that she lost all her pre-wedding weight, but added it on with the goop. Rachel was in the lead, Adam was second, with Jordan third, and Kalia trailing. Adam was still trying to prove that he could win big challenges. Porsche was rooting for Adam because Kalia was a lost cause. Rachel had the most doughnuts. Rachel said that the HOH key was for Brennon (as Rachel calls him) and for Jeff, and for her and Jordan. Jordan would love to see herself and Rachel in the final two. Adam said that Rachel is a machine trying to save her ass. Porsche knew that she would go on the block, and Kalia felt as if she was in for a nightmare.

Jordan and Rachel celebrate in the storage room. Rachel says that everyone in the house, except for Jordan needs to make deals with her. Rachel admits that who she evicts is dependent on who will keep her to the final three. Kalia is showering, and clears her throat. She starts to apologize about trying to get rid of him. He says it's okay, but Adam says in DR that her word to him means absolutely nothing. Adam is lying down when Porsche says that she's glad that he stayed. As Adam says, there's only two weeks left. Adam says that he doesn't know what Rachel will do. Adam tells Porsche that it will probably be her and Kalia. Meanhile, Kalia is snoring when Rachel comes out with her HOH key. Rachel wonders if Kalia will ever wake up. Adam says that Kalia's nickname is Koala because they sleep 22 hours a day, and Kalia sleeps 21.5 hours. Rachel is so excited because there are tons of pictures of Brennon! Adam says that the girls are oohing and awwing over Brendon, but he's there in flesh. Jordan says that Brendon is not as good looking as Jeff because...well, Jeff is her Jeff. Then we see Kalia up talking to Rachel. My favorite line is how Kalia has been battling the entire game. Rachel looks extremely bored. Kalia said that she would love the final four to be all four girls. Rachel said that she thinks it's a travesty that Brendon, Jeff, and Daniele are in the jury house. Rachel asks if Kalia would take her and Jordan to the final three. Of course, Kalia says yes. Rachel is trying to figure out who is on Team Rachel to the final three.

Rachel tells Jordan that when they get out, Rachel and Brendon need to find an apartment. Then Rachel says that they need car insurance, but that her insurance rate is high because she has so many accidents. Then she innumerates the accidents. Rachel admits that she is really spacy and doesn't pay attention to the road. She says that Brendon won't let her drive, and Jordan says that she wouldn't let Rachel drive either. Rachel and Porsche talk in the HOH about trust. Porsche tells Rachel that if Rachel takes her to final three, she will take Rachel. Porsche says that they can start working together. Rachel tells her that she doesn't know if she can trust Porsche. Rachel says that she doesn't know what she will do. Porsche thanks her for the talk. Adam and Jordan talk about Adam's girlfriend, Fara. Jordan says that Adam talks about Tori Spelling all the time. Adam says that Tori Spelling just makes his mornings go faster. Jordan says that if Adam sees Tori Spelling on the street Jordan's advice to Tori Spelling would be to run. Rachel sees a video of Tori Spelling, and says that Adam would just freak out. Then Rachel hears that it would be a shopping spree with a celebrity. Rachel admits that it would be a lot of fun, but she shouldn't open it. Rachel admits that a twist would be a nightmare, and doesn't want to change a thing. Rachel says that Adam would kill her if she doesn't take it. Rachel says that she will open the box. She opens the door, and says "Oh my God!" (because she sees annoying Jesse?)

Rachel gets a shopping spree with Mr. Pectacular, Jesse from BB. As Rachel says, Jesse is not a celebrity. Rachel gets her pick of Mr. Pectacular swag. Downstairs, the front door bell rings, and it's Tori Spelling. Adam has a heart attack, and his whole head turns brick red. Tori admits that she heard of Adam's love of her, and will call her child Adam if it's a boy. Adam feels that he's already won because he met Tori. Adam takes Tori on a tour. Rachel is getting stuff from Jesse, but she sees the others spending time with Tori. Adam is excited because Tori kissed his duck. The Adam shows off all his Tori Spelling knowledge. Rachel comments on Adam's face. The Adam got a kiss from Tori. Meanwhile, Rachel has to spend time with Jesse being Jesse. Tori tells the others that they have three minutes to put on stuff and what they put on they get to keep. Adam is just so hyper and excited. Adam says that he doesn't need clothes. Porsche wants to get soem new clothes. The horn goes off and they all start putting on clothes. Anything they get on their bodies, they get to keep. Rachel so wants to go outside. Rachel is going crazy watching all the house guests putting stuff on. As Rachel says, Porsche wears sweat pants all day, she doesn't deserve new clothes. Rachel is just in shock watching the others while she is stuck with Jesse. Jesse tells her that she gets to keep his stuff, and that Rachel has to make everyone a fan. Rachel tells them that she was stuck with Jesse. Meanwhile Adam hugs Rachel and thanks her repeatedly for bringing in Tori Spelling. Adam goes up to the HOH to talk to Rachel and Jordan. Adam says that he is down 100% with Jordan and Rachel, and that he feels back for turning his back on them last week when they were so down. As Adam says, he should have stayed with them, but he couldn't. Adam swears that he wants a final three with Rachel and Jordan. Rachel says that they have to make decisions that will get the three of them to the final. Rachel says that keeping a weak player in that she can beat is starting to appeal to her. She thinks that Adam is the weakest player. Adam thanks them for the opportunity to say his piece. Jordan and Rachel talk because as Rachel says, next week is such a big deal for her. Rachel says that they have to think what will get them to final two. Jordan and Rachel both say that they want to be in the final two. Jordan doesn't want sleepers, like Kalia and Porsche, in the final two. Jordan said that they got tricked by Shelly, they can't get tricked by anyone else.

It's time for nominations. Adam says that he's with Rachel and Jordan, but he can't feel safe until he takes his key out of the box. Porsche hopes that she gets to stay in the house another week. Kalia doesn't think that she's a target. Rachel pulls out Jordan's key. Jordan then pulls out Adam's key. Porsche and Kalia are on the block. Rachel says that she nominated the two because they nominated her and are gunning for her. Rachel tells them to compete for the veto. Rachel says "may the best man win." Then she realizes that they are mostly women, so she says "and women." Kalia says "payback is a bitch named Rachel." Rachel says that she will be the roadblock to them winning POV.

Saturday, September 3, 2011 -- Evening

BB Update
Not surprisingly, Rachel put up Kalia and Porsche for eviction. The big surprise is that Adam won the POV. It seems it was one of those OTEV competitions. OTEV asks a question, the house guests have to find the name of the evicted house guest, and get back to OTEV. Last one there has no place. If someone has the wrong name, that person is out. It's amazing that Adam won, but then who were the competitors left? I would doubt that Adam will use the veto, so either Kalia or Porsche goes home. AND it sounds like Kalia is the one who will leave.

Rachel and Adam in HOH competition

Thursday, September 1, 2011 -- Later Evening

Rachel is HOH
Feeds just back, and Adam is congratulating Rachel for winning HOH. I wonder who she will put on the block. I'm imagining that it will be Porsche and Kalia. We should know sometime tomorrow with POV on Saturday.

Thursday, September 1, 2011 -- Later Evening

Rachel is HOH
Feeds just back, and Adam is congratulating Rachel for winning HOH.

Thursday, September 1, 2011 -- Evening

Final Five
Shelly has been doing a ton of campaigning/lying to Jordan and Rachel saying that she wants to stay in the house so she can get them to the final two. From the live feeds, it does not appear that they bought it, but we'll find out now on the live eviction episode of Big Brother!

Finally, after a lengthy recap of the week, the show starts. I can't wait to see Shelly leave. After the veto meeting, Shelly said that her chances in the house might be slim to none, but that she believes all her lying is starting to help her. Then we got to see Jordan and Rachel in DR, calling themselves Jorachel. They were very funny and light hearted. Shelly says that she's not ready to go to the jury house. So while Shelly is in the purple room, she realizes that the fortune teller is working. She pushes the button to start it. She says that she figures that there is some special power from the fortune teller that will help her. Shelly then spends three hours talking to and begging the fortune teller to do something. As soon as she left, the fortune teller laughed. Shelly realizes that there are three votes, two from Rachel and Jordan. Shelly thinks that she can talk her way into the final three. Shelly has too much confidence in her lies. Shelly tells Rachel that Adam will not protect her or Jordan as Shelly will. Rachel said that she understands that Shelly is playing the game, and that she respects Shelly's game. Rachel said that she doesn't think that Shelly will not put her up. Shelly then offers her three diamond ring to Rachel. Rachel says that she doesn't want Shelly's ring. Rachel said that Shelly has been lying and manipulating the game. Shelly joyously says that her ring is fake diamonds, and she thinks that her fake ring and fake words have swayed Rachel. Rachel asks Jordan about keeping Shelly because she's the bigger target. At that point, Adam comes in, and tells Jordan that he has always been loyal to Adam. Jordan says that she feels that she has helped and saved Adam. Adam says that if they save him, he will help them. Adam admits that he is also saying that to stay in the game. He does promise to stay on their side. Rachel tells Jordan that she thinks Adam is playing everyone. Jordan said that she doesn't have a good feeling about Shelly. Rachel tells Shelly that she and Jordan want to know that the person they keep will have their back. Shelly says that she can only ask for forgiveness. Jordan says, "if you were that quick to vote out Jeff, why wouldn't you turn on me again? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." Jordan asks Shelly if she threw any competition, and Shelly claims only the very first. Meanwhile, Shelly threw the robot building comp. In the live feeds, Jordan told Rachel that, but not on the show. When Shelly goes back into the house, Rachel tells Jordan they should keep their enemy in the game. Jordan wonders if she is playing strategic or emotional.

Julie talks to the house guests. Jordan says that Rachel is a handful and very entertaining. Jordan is never bored with her. Kalia said that the first thought of Porsche opening Pandora's Box was that something bad was going to happen to the house. Shelly says that the game moves inside the house are not the same as what you do outside the house. Shelly claims that she was hurt at hurting Jordan. She claims to so adore Jordan. Adam is asked about being in a house with all women. Adam says that he's always around girls outside of the house. He just wishes that he has appletinis. Rachel thinks that Brendon was probably shocked to see Daniele and Jeff come into the house. Of course, that takes us to the jury house. Brendon has been playing ping pong by himself, studying, and harvesting oranges. Brendon said that he would love to see Rachel, but would rather that it be Daniele. When Daniele comes in, Brendon is happy. Daniele says that Jeff won HOH and backdoored her, which isn't really true because Daniele did play for POV. You only get backdoored if you don't get to save yourself by playing for POV. Brendon and Daniele watch the video. As Daniele says, she doesn't know what to do in jury because she's not a loser like Brendon. Daniele says that part of her wants Jeff to come through the door, but would rather it be Adam. Daniele says that Jeff's back must really hurt because he can't get Adam off of it.

During the commercial break, Alison Grodner tweeted: "@agrodner22: Interesting conversation during the commercial break: Rach not thrilled that Jordan called her a "handful." Interesting! Wonder if this will lead to repercussions.

Jeff enters the house. Brendon is shocked. Daniele says that she is so excited. Daniele calls it karma, and says she was going to keep Jordan and Jeff safe. Daniele says that she likes her alliance, and Brendon said that if only they had kept "their" alliance together, it would be okay. jeff sees that he threw one of the clown shoes right outside of the box. As Jeff said that if only he had looked, he would have seen it, and won the POV. Jeff is really upset about the thrown out clown shoe. Brendon tells him to not let it get to him. Jeff keeps on about the clown shoe. Daniele laughs about Porsche saying it was for her. Jeff keeps on saying that clown shoe cost him $500,000. Jeff said that he was feeling good, but not any more. Jeff wants to see Shelly next. Daniele and Brendon said that it's going to be a rough week with Jeff feeling down about the clown shoe. As Jeff said, there will be no clowns at his kids' birthdays. Back in the BB house, Julie talks to Porsche about the duo twist. Porsche said that she felt really secure in her newbie team, but at least she and Kalia got money. Julie asks about the final four deal, but Porsche isn't sure because they haven't talked to her. Porsche wants Kallia or another newbie in final two.

Time for Shelly and Adam to give their speeches. Shelly says to "the best alliance" Tony and Josie that she loves them. Then Shelly turns to Jordan and Rachel, and says that she is with them 100%. Kalia and Porsche are giving each other the goofball eye. Adam said that he had a speech about wizards, but he's going to keep it simple. He wants to stay in the house, and hopes that he can continue to be in the house.

Time for the vote: Shelly is out. She is looking anxious. Shelly is evicted. She hugs everyone, telling them good job. Jordan walked past the door and didn't look as Shelly left. Jordan and Rachel go right to the back yard door. Julie talks to Shelly. Jullie said that Shelly made a huge attempt to stay in the game. Shelly thinks that what went wrong was getting rid of Jeff. As Shelly said, to get to the end, you have to make the big move. Shelly didn't think that she would have the chance that showed up last week. Obviously, her big move wasn't that smart of a move. Shelly thought that if she waited to long, she would never make it to final two. Shelly even admits that it was an early, big, dumb movie. Shelly said that she is worried about seeing Jeff and wants to apologize to Jeff. Shelly says that she wants to be their friend for life. Shelly said that if she had seen Jordan's reaction, she wouldn't have done it. Shelly wished that she could rewind the clock. Time for the good-bye messages. Adam tells Shelly that she played her way out. Porsche calls Shelly the mom of the house. Kalia also thanks her for being her mom. Rachel says that she knows rings, and that Shelly's ring isn't worth $500,000, and that she can't hear Shelly's motherly advice because Shelly is out of the house. Jordan said that she apologizes for yelling at Shelly and not respecting her elders. Shelly admits that her family is going to tell her that she made a stupid move.

It's time for the HOH competition. The duo twist is over. The game is "Rollin in the Dough." They have to go through goop, sprinkles, and run to a table with doughnuts. They have 13 minutes to bring back as many as they can, and they can only bring back one at a time. At the beginning, it is Rachel, Adam, Jordan, and finally Kalia. Based on Kalia's performance in the food competition with goop, it's obvious that the competition was geared against Kalia.

It's going to be a busy week with an eviction on Tuesday, and then another on Thursday when the house will be down to the final three. Then we will have the final three competitions, and final episode on September 14. The HOH competition will continue for around nine more minutes.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 -- Evening

POV and Scheming
The Big Brother show started with a recap of the past week. Let's see how much scheming they'll show tonight. Porsche tells everyone about opening Pandora's box. Porsche regrets opening Pandora's Box, and she is responsible for unleashing havoc on the foursome. Kalia asked what was the enticement, and Jordan said "money." Rachel was very excited that both Rachel and Jordan could have safety this week. Rachel tells Jordan that they have the power to take over their future. Rachel tries to explain what a good deal it is for them. Jordan is thinking about what Porsche got. Rachel explains that they should forget that and just concentrate on doing it. As Rachel said, they can put up Shelly and get rid of her. Kalia can't believe that Porsche ruined the game over $5000. Shelly is quiet because she realizes that her ass is on the line. Shelly thought she was looking good for the week, but it really sucks for Shelly. The four keep on reminding themselves about how they are four and Rachel and Jordan are just two. When they were alone, Porsche told Kalia that she also got $5000. As HOH, Porsche wants either Rachel or Jordan to go home. As Jordan says in DR, all that matters is the veto, and Jordan really hopes that she or Rachel wins the veto. At the nomination ceremony, obviously, Rachel and Jordan go on the block. Rachel and Jordan just smile because they just have to win the POV. Shelly says in DR that she and Adam have to go all out to win the veto to keep themselves safe. However, Rachel already knows that she is going to win the veto and take Rachel and Jordan off the block.

Rachel tells Jordan that she thought it was funny how Porsche said that they didn't talk to her. Rachel wonders if they should go to talk, and Jordan said to wait. Jordan thinks it's funny that it's down to her and Rachel as the last standing vets. Jordan and Rachel talk positively that if they try really hard, they will win. As Jordan says, you aren't safe unless you have the veto. Jordan goes up to talk to Porsche and Kalia. Jordan said that they are all on a clean slate. Jordan said that Rachel, Porsche, Kalia, and Jordan have been carrying Adam and Shelly. As Rachel said, they should support Jordan and Rachel because they would then have safety next week. Jordan said they can think about it, and it's cool if they don't. Porsche said her and Kalia should just take the offer because regardless of the veto outcome, they are in a good spot. Next, we see Jordan and Shelly in the bathroom together. Shelly says hello, and Jordan ignores her. Shelly said that they used to be so close, and not Jordan won't even look at her. When Adam and Shelly are outside, Adam asks Shelly if she is okay, and Shelly said that she is getting blamed because of her actions last week, but she wasn't the only one. In DR, Adam said that Shelly is trying to play the victim, when she put the target on her back. Shelly cries and says her alliance is with her husband and daughter, and that she isn't going to let Jordan and Jeff get in between it. Shelly claims, emptily that she will fight for the veto and will fight to get Rachel and Jordan out of the house.
POV competition, hanging from dummies
It's time for the veto competition. Out in the backyard, there are sky diving looking dummies with the face of their previous partners. Each house guest has to grab onto the dummy looking like their partner. The last person remaining on the dummy wins. As they hold on, the dummies are lifted. Rachel notices that everyone is holding on with her arms, but she wraps her legs around, and holds on really tight with her legs, just as she usually does. Adam was slipping from the first, and fell off with 4:35 on the clock. Adam said that it was an embarrassment. He said that he lost weight to be in shape, and he wasn't able to compete. Jordan was out at 8:36 because as she said, she's not one to tolerate pain. As Rachel said, it was then one against three because Rachel had to win. Jordan hopes that Rachel isn't pissed. Kalia farts, and Porsche thought that Kalia was trying to use it to propel herself up the dummy. Shelly claims that her back and arms are hurting. Jordan whispers to Rachel, and Shelly falls off at 12:02. Rachel tells Porsche that people get off scott free while they do all the work. Porsche's body is sore, and she sees Rachel comfortable. Then at 18:33, Porsche falls. Now it's just up to Kalia to combat Rachel. Rachel still looks comfortable, but she feels herself slipping. Kalia said that she can't fall off either. Shelly was begging for Kalia to hold on. Rachel tells Kalia that she is going to hang onto Brendon for ever. Kalia mocks Rachel in DR. "Brennon, I'm going to hand on to you." At 32:09, Kalia drops off, and Rachel wins the POV. Rachel was so excited. As she said, this is for Brendon and Jeff. Jordan said that Rachel did a great job, and they get to stay in the house for another week. Porsche realizes that it's now Shelly and Adam on the block. Shelly was devastated because she sucks, saying that Rachel was on Brendon's back, and that's where she likes to be.

Rachel and Jordan celebrate Shelly limps into the house, making it seem like she is injured. Rachel and Jordan go into the storage room, and jump and celebrate Rachel's win. Jordan tells Rachel that she did great, and that Jordan sucks as a partner. Jordan warns Rachel not to believe Shelly when she campaigns. Adam said that he was aligned with Jeff and Jordan, but joined the newbies this week, and that makes him nervous. Jordan tells Rachel that she is proud of her, and that they will get HOH. Jordan said that Shelly was crying, and Rachel says in DR that she wants to get rid of Shelly because of her lies and drama. Meanwhile, Kalia and Porsche are in the glums because they can't get rid of them. Kalia said that she's never broken her word with Jordan, so she hopes to pull Jordan from Rachel at some point. Kalia tells Porsche that Shelly and Adam don't do anything and don't win competitions. Shelly goes to talk to Jordan and asks for five minutes. Shelly says that she is truly sorry to have hurt Jordan. Jordan said that she should apologize for what she said in the purple room. Jordan said that she stuck up for Shelly 100% and felt that Shelly stabbed her in the back. Shelly said that her goal was not to do what happened. Shelly claims that she realized that she was pushing Jordan and Jeff ahead of her family. Shelly said that she was going to make a game move for her family. Shelly claims that she knew there were consequences, and she paid them. Shelly said that if it came to final two, Jordan would take Jeff over Shelly. Shelly said that she understands, and that she respects Jordan if she did something like that. Jordan admits that she was at her breaking point, and that Shelly stabbing her in the back, hurt her to the point that she can never trust Jordan again. Shelly tries to sweet talk Jordan saying that Jordan has much to often. Jordan says that she will forgive Shelly, but she won't forget. You go, Jordan!

Shelly goes and talks to Rachel and Jordan saying that she wants to help Rachel and Jordan get to where they want to go. Rachel said that if Shelly is true to her word that they need to win HOH, ad it would help to have three of them competing. Shelly claims that she doesn't want Kalia or Porsche in the final. Shelly claims that she wants to help Jordan and Shelly get further in the game. Jordan said that Shelly is promising them the world, but they have to think about it. Shelly said that she has to do whatever she has to do to get to the final three, because then she would be back in the game. As Shelly says in DR, if they take her, she would do everything in her power to not give them the money. Rachel is happy to take herself and Jordan off the block. If Rachel and Jordan have any smarts, they will get rid of Shelly this week and keep Adam. It's time for the veto meeting. Rachel said that she feels as if she and Jordan have been fighting hard in this game, they fought hard for veto, and they are going to continue in the game. Adam and Shelly are officially on the block. Adam says that he will do anything he can to stay in the house. Adam says that he is going to fight because the end is near. Shelly also says that she will do whatever to win. Rachel is so happy because they can decide who goes. Jordan says she and Rachel had to start thinking better and not make decisions based on what someone is telling them, but on what is best for them.

Monday, August 29, 2011 -- Evening

Obvious Happens
Rachel used the POV to remove herself and Jordan from the block. Of course, that means that Shelly and Adam are up in their place. Shelly has been trying to scheme her way into the good graces of Jordan and Rachel saying that she is 100% on their side, and they can trust her. Meanwhile, Rachel and Jordan have been making plans with Adam for the final three. Sounds to me like Shelly will be on her way to jury on Thursday.

Sunday, August 28, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Show Recap
The fans without the live feeds finally get to see some of the action that has been going down in the Big Brother house this weekend. The BB show started with Rachel going to talk to Jeff the night before the eviction. Rachel tells Jeff that Shelly told Rachel that Jeff threw the veto competition. Jeff denied it. But Jeff was really hurt because he had such trust and such close conversations with Shelly, and it hurt him. Two hours before the eviction, Jeff said that he had enough of Shelly being buddy buddy with Daniele. So Jeff said that he didn't like Shelly being back and forth so much. 90 Minutes before the eviction, Shelly asked Adam what was going on. Adam said that he was voting out Daniele. Adam tells Shelly she needs to vote for Daniele because they need to get to final four. Adam does tell Jeff that Shelly was asking what was wrong with Jeff. Shelly then goes to confront Jeff saying that she doesn't like talking behind her back. Then Adam outs her. Shelly says that Adam is the person who has been running back and forth. Shelly tries to claim that she was just going to show that Adam was the fluky vote. Sounded like Shelly was going to blame Adam after the vote. Shelly admits that she is trying to lie her ass off so that she can calm Jeff down so she stays in good. One hour before the eviction. Adam tells Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel that Shelly is campaigning to keep Daniele. Shelly tries to claim that Adam is a liar, but Jeff says that he didn't know about the plan until Shelly left it out. Adam confronts Shelly and demands that Shelly say why she wanted to keep Dani in the game. Shelly then says that she wanted to keep Dani in the game so that Dani can get rid of Jeff and Jordan. Jeff confronts Shelly about telling Rachel about throwing the competition. Rachel left the room, because as she told Porsche, she didn't want the tension of the fight. Jeff tells Shelly that she can explore any options she wants since Shelly obviously wants to play all sides. As Jeff walks by Shelly, he comments about how it hurts, and Shelly tries to claim it hurts her. But as Adam says, Shelly was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Shelly did not like that she had to have the blowup with Jeff and Adam during a double eviction night. As Shelly said, she's "ascared." She's also illiterate. Kalia felt sad to see Daniele go, but Jeff didn't feel sad to see Daniele go. Shelly said that she has to deal with the consequences. Jordan realized that she had to win the HOH to protect Jeff and Rachel, and as Shelly said, she has been betrayed by Shelly. Kalia says in DR that she had to make the HOH a good one. Shelly says that she has to make this HOH matter. Jordan says that she realizes that Jeff is super disappointed. Adam feels that he let his team down. Shelly tells Kalia and Porsche to put up Jeff and Jordan. Kalia says she has a deal with Jordan to not put her up, and wants to put up Jeff and Rachel. Rachel said that, of course, Kalia would put up Jeff and Rachel because Kalia is afraid of them both. Porsche thanks her dad for taking her to the ball pit. Rachel was sure that she was going to be the person voted out of the house. Porsche said that even though Jeff used the veto on her, she's not going to use it on him. Jeff tells Jordan to stop crying. Jeff tells Porsche bravo for doing something that someone else in the house would want. Adam tells Jeff that it will be a tie. Jeff talks to Shelly, but Shelly says that Jeff didn't trust her. Shelly claims she's hurt that Jeff didn't trust her. Duh! Shelly was stabbing Jeff in the back. Rachel was shocked that Jeff was evicted because Jeff was the strong person in the alliance, and now it's just her and Jordan. Jordan says on a scale of 1-10, her anger against Shelly is a 20. Shelly tries to pat Jordan's back, and Jordan tells Shelly not to touch her. Kalia and Porsche try to console fake Shelly because she's upset that Jordan is mad. Adam had a plan to stick together with Jeff, and Adam is really upset that it fell apart. Adam is in the purple room all mad, and Jordan and Rachel come in. Jordan says Kalia and Porsche are in the end, and they floated. Jordan cries about being so stupid to trust Shelly and giving her the phone call home. Shelly tries to pretend that she is good to everyone, and that Shelly has to keep an eye open for her family. Shelly tells Kalia and Porsche that she had to make a decision for her family. Jordan said that she looks like the biggest idiot for saying nice things about Shelly. Then Shelly goes into to yell at Jordan saying that Jordan doesn't realize how good a person Shelly is, and that Jordan is mad about Jeff. Shelly says that Jordan doesn't know her very well, and Jordan agrees. Jordan starts yelling that she is upset over Shelly's betrayal and for being stupid enough to be nice to Shelly. Shelly says something about doing things for her family. Rachel does the mature thing, and grabs Jordan's arm to take her away from Shelly and the others while Jordan says that they all were for Daniele like Daniele was so great thing because Dani's dad won BB four years ago.

it's time for the HOH competition. There are snakes in the BB yard, and Rachel says that it's appropriate because Rachel and Jordan are surrounded by snakes. Jordan admits that she is upset and trying to be calm. Jordan goes first and gets 18. Porsche is next, and she was really good in the practice. She gets an 11. Rachel is next and gets a 13. Shelly gets a 16. Then Adam goes and gets a 4. This gave rankings for the house guests to battle it out for HOH. Adam goes against Porsche. Adam gets 10 and Porsche gets a 14. Porsche moves on. Then it's Porsche against Rachel. Porsche goes first and gets a 20. Rachel has to get snake eyes to win (go all the way on the board). Rachel gets a 7 and is out. Rachel admits that she blew it because she put so much pressure on herself. Shelly comments about how Rachel made a spectacle of herself by crying. Shelly tells Porsche to get a snake eye because Shelly wants to throw it for Porsche. Jordan wants to go against Shelly, beat her, back stab her and throw her out of the house. Shelly hugs Porsche for getting a snake eye. Shelly has to also get a snake eye, but she does this freak thing with her tongue, like a snake, and Shelly is out early. It's not down to Porsche and Jordan. Porsche feels really confident about being Jordan.

Rachel is hoping that Jordan can keep her head and beat Porsche. Porsche feels that she is fighting for the newbies, and she gets a snake eye. Jordan is next. Rachel said it was watching the ball in slow motion. Shelly was looking anxiously to see Jordan lose. Jordan dropped the ball three quarters of the way down. Shelly celebrates with Porsche and Kalia. Rachel cries with Jordan. Jordan says that she and Rachel lost everything. Rachel cries and tell Jordan that she tried. Rachel and Jordan are so upset, and Kalia and Porsche dance like ungainly crazy kids. Shelly tells Adam that she didn't want to say I told you so. Adam says that he has to go with the newbies and not be a target. Jordan said that she doesn't know what's wrong with them, they can't win a competition. Jordan says she gives up because she has a dark cloud over her head. Jordan says that she cried so much, she can't cry anymore. As Jordan says, day 53 will go down in the records as her worst day, losing every competition, finishing second.

Don't despair! BB has a plan to help Rachel and Jordan. Porsche goes into the HOH room, and there is a Pandora's box. There are two cards, numbered 1 and 2. Porsche says two boxes with $5000 and champagne with two glasses. Porsche opened Pandora's box, and she realizes that she gets $10,000 and has to split it. She has to take envelope 2 down to the house guests. Porsche goes and gets everyone in the living room. Porsche opens the envelope. Porsche admits that she opened Pandora's box, and for one week, the duo rules apply for one week. Rachel realizes that with her and Jordan as a pair, they can remove themselves from the block. Porsche asks Kalia to be her partner. Rachel asks Jordan about being a team. Porsche that was the worst thing to open the box. Rachel is so excited because she thinks that she can save her and Jordan. Jordan said that she felt hopeless, but that now there is a chance for Jordan and Rachel to stay in the house together.

Rachel and Jordan safe for the week

Saturday, August 27, 2011 -- Late Evening

Rachel Wins Veto; Rachel & Jordan Safe
It seems that Rachel may have won the veto. The way I understand it from the feeds, since they are playing as teams, Rachel will take both herself and Jordan off the block. Adam and Shelly will go up as the replacements nominees (since there is no one else left). Then Rachel and Jordan will vote out Shelly. Now that's what I'm talking about! People complain about CBS production influencing the show and how the house guests play. Well, all I have to say is that in this case, I'm happy for the interference. it will definitely make the show a lot more interesting with Rachel and Jordan remaining in the game. I'm pretty sure that Jeff and Brendon will be extremely happy to see Shelly entering the Big Brother house. To think that Shelly did what she did to get further in the game, and it will result in her leaving the game sooner rather than later.

Saturday, August 27, 2011 -- Late Evening

It seems that Rachel may have won the veto. The way I understand it from the feeds, since they are playing as teams, Rachel will take both herself and Jordan off the block. Adam and Shelly will go up as the replacements nominees (since there is no one else left). Then Rachel and Jordan will vote out Shelly. Now that's what I'm talking about! People complain about CBS production influencing the show and how the house guests play. Well, all I have to say is that in this case, I'm happy for the interference. it will definitely make the show a lot more interesting with Rachel and Jordan remaining in the game.

Saturday, August 27, 2011 -- Evening

Teams Are Back
Another twist in the Big Brother house. Porsche opened Pandora's Box. Opening it brought back the team concept, and resulted in Porsche (and new teammate Kalia) getting $5000 each. Rachel and Jordan are teamed, and Shelly and Adam are together. It sounds as if they will compete in the POV, and the best news is that if either Rachel or Jordan wins the POV, the team comes off the block. This is probably the hand of the Big Brother producers to try to keep both Rachel and Jordan in the game. After all, if the show becomes Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, and Adam, people will probably stop watching. BTW, Porsche did put Rachel and Jordan on the block.

Friday, August 26, 2011 -- Morning

HOH Results
The HOH competition was sometime last night. Porsche won. What the heck?! The girl has done nothing for most of the season, and then out of nowhere, she wins the POV and HOH in less than 12 hours. It seems that the plan will be to put up Rachel and Adam. Then if Rachel wins the POV, they will put Jordan up in her place. The goal is to get rid of Rachel or Jordan. What they didn't think about is what would happen if Jordan wins POV and takes Rachel off? I keep on rooting for Jordan to win, and she hasn't won recently. So it might be wishful thinking to hope for that now.

Jordan and Shelly fight as Rachel acts as peace keeper

Thursday, August 25, 2011 -- Late Evening

When the live feeds come back, Jordan and Shelly are fighting, and Rachel is trying to calm Jordan down. I think that Rachel understands how Jordan feels, and I think that Rachel liked Jeff and Jordan as people. Shelly, however, cannot leave the game soon enough for my liking. After all the things Jeff and Jordan did to keep her safe, and Jordan giving up her phone call home. I think that Shelly is an ugly person, inside and out. Rachel is now trying to calm Jordan down and get her prepared for the HOH competition.

Thursday, August 25, 2011 -- Evening

Double Eviction Night
Get ready; it's a double eviction night in the Big Brother house.

Tonight's show started Julie rewinding the past week. Jeff was looking very upset. It seems right before the show started, Jeff, Shelly, and Adam were yelling and Shelly was outed. At least that was tweeted by Alison Grodner, producer and writer of Big Brother. The BB show had clips of the post veto meeting action. Rachel said that Daniele was super arrogant and horrible. Kalia just wanted to hang low and lose her best friend. Jeff said that if Daniele stays in the house, that means his alliance flipped on him. Well, the first person to flip on Jeff was supposedly his and Jordan's friend, Shelly. Daniele knew that she had Porsche. Daniele says that for sure, Jordan and Rachel will be the final two. Shelly buys it because Shelly isn't the brightest. Daniele tells Shelly that she is screwed. In DR, Shelly says that she has to stab Jeff and Jordan in the back because she won't get any money. Shelly cries over that. Then Shelly goes to Adam and says that if they make a deal with Dani to not put them up because then Shelly and Adam will make it to final two. Adam tells Shelly that he can't trust Daniele 100%. Adam believes that he can trust Jeff and Jordan. Shelly says that they won't make money if Jeff and Jordan aren't split up. Adam is helping Jeff with his exercises. Shelly tells Daniele that he doesn't think that Adam has a deal with Jeff. Shelly tells Daniele that she told Adam he has no chance in the final three. In DR, Daniele says that dufus Adam is the deciding vote, and that he thinks with Jeff's brain, not Adam's brain. Then we see the ball with a snaking curved board, and Adam and Jeff practicing. Shelly then works Rachel and tells Rachel that everyone was telling her that Jeff threw the cornhole game. Rachel said that hearing that Jeff threw the game that sent Brendon home really angers her. Shelly acts very unsure of where she heard it. Rachel then goes to Dani and asks if Jeff threw the competition. Of course, Daniele says that Jeff did throw it. Rachel says that keeping Daniele might be a better game move because Jeff and Daniele will be at odds. Dani tells Rachel that she has Shelly and Porsche. Rachel tells Dani not to tell anyone about the deal, and Rachel will keep her. Julie told us that the house exploded when Jeff found out that Shelly had flipped. Julie also tells them that tonight is a live double eviction. Dani says that she is so honored to be back, and then she thanks CBS production for getting her into (and keeping her?) in the game. Dani also tells people that she is saddened that people are too shallow and want to ride Jeff and Jordan's coattails and writing Jeff and Jordan a paycheck.
Time for the vote: Daniele is evicted. Daniele hugs Porsche, Kalia and tells Shelly that she loves her. No one else hugs Daniele. The house guests get ready for the HOH competition. I hope that Shelly loses. Julie says that it's a shocker. Dani said that she thinks everyone in the house is there to push Jeff and Jordan ahead. She especially blames Adam. Dani claims that she is not a coaster but a fighter, and that she was bored. Dani claims that she would not have gone against Jeff and Jordan. Shelly appreciates her recent friendship and love with Dani. Jeff says that he wishes he could play with Dani, but he couldn't trust her. Rachel said that she could care less about Dani's stupid jury vote. Rachel says that Dani doesn't compare to Dick at all as a game player.

HOH competition. It's a question and answer game. They have to guess if the event took place before or after a second event. Last person standing is HOH. Everyone got the first question right. Adam was eliminated with the second question. Porsche, Rachel, and Shelly are eliminated. It's down to Kalia and Jordan. Kalia is HOH when she gets the question. Kalai celebrates and schemes with Shelly and Porsche as we go to commercial break. Kalia comes out with her new best friend, Shelly. Kalia said that she was so nervous she was shaking. Shelly is such a snake. I hope she gets her comeuppance. Kalia says that she is sticking to her word, and her nominations are Jeff and Rachel.

Time for the POV competition. Shelly, Adam, and Porsche were randomly chosen to play in the POV. The first person to find two yellow clown shoes in a long row of balls, returning them one at a time, and then getting the POV symbol, wins the POV. Rachel has found one clown shoe. Shelly, Porsche, Adam, and Jeff find shoes. Kalia is looking for food. Porsche finds the second shoe, and gets the veto. Porsche won the POV. Shelly and Porsche hug. Shelly is really acting like a mannish snake. I really hate Shelly right now.

Shelly is bonding and laughing with her new best friend, Porsche. I understand that it is a game, but you don't go around saying you are someone's friend and then backstab them. POV ceremony. Rachel tells Porsche that it was a good job winning POV. Rachel tells Porsche that she should make a good game decision. Jeff says that his actions speak for themselves. Jeff tells her that he used his veto on her, and then said Porsche's hair was nice. Porsche said that Daniele would not want Porsche to use the veto.

Jeff tries to talk to Shelly during the break, but Shelly is obviously against Jeff. Rachel tells everyone that they have to make the best decision for their game, and she respects them as game players. Jeff tells Shelly out of respect for him and Jordan to vote for her. Jordan is crying quietly.

Time for the vote: It's a tie, and up to Kalia to cast the deciding vote. Kalia evicts Jeff. You can hear a gasp from the audience. Jordan cries and Jeff gives everyone a hug. Rachel and Jordan cry together, and Rachel consoles Jordan. Shelly is also crying, and Porsche is consoling her. I hope that Rachel or Jordan wins the HOH and boots Shelly's ass out. Jeff thinks that he has to make a big move, and he had to step up and do something. Jeff said that a couple of people finally woke up today and won a couple of competitions. Jeff tells Julie that he is a little fired up because of what just went down in the house. Rachel and Jordan cry alone on the couch. Shelly is crying elsewhere. It's fake though because Shelly is a snake.

Rachel and Shelly plotting to maybe keep Daniele

Thursday, August 25, 2011 -- Late Afternoon

Shelly Flips Rachel?
Last night, Shelly started to plant seeds against Jeff and Jordan with Rachel. Shelly told Rachel that Jeff threw the POV competition that led to Brendon going on the block and being sent to jury. Rachel then talked to Daniele who said that Jeff threw the competition as she asked. Later, Rachel confronted Jeff about it. It really did seem by this morning as if Rachel would be voting to keep Daniele. However, this afternoon, Rachel seems to be flipping back, telling Shelly, as we can see in the screen capture here that she didn't think she could vote for Dani. Rachel agrees that it is a power move, but she's not sure that it's the right power move for her. It might be a stupid move. All I know is that I'm really unsure about what will happen. They have to know that a double eviction is going to happen tonight because they have been talking about it. It happens every season at the end of August. The only problem that I have is that it seems that the CBS production crew may be coercing people in Diary to do certain things that would influence the game. CBS wants to keep Daniele in the game. In fact, a few days ago, Dani told Kalia and Porsche that two CBS production folks would quit if she were sent to jury now. It's really annoying to think that production may be taking a hand in influencing the results.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 -- Evening

Shelly campaignin for Daniele
Shelly Flipping
Over the past few days, Shelly has flipped from being on Jeff and Jordan's side to backing Daniele. Shelly has been campaigning hard to get Daniele to stay in the game. She's been harassing Adam to vote out Kalia. Porsche has also gotten into the act, telling Adam that she can introduce him to Janelle if he evicts Kalia. Then Daniele said that Evel Dick will love Adam, be his Facebook friend, and play trivia with him, if Adam keeps her. Adam told Jeff about Daniele pressuring him to evict Kalia, but he hasn't told Jeff about Shelly. It will be interesting to see how things turn out tomorrow for the double eviction show. You have to give some credit to Shelly for trying to play the game. What I am finding hard to believe is that I think I'm starting to like Rachel. I think that Brendon is a very bad influence on her behavior. This time, with him out of the house, she has been much more in control of her negative emotions.
POV Show Recap
The BB show started post nomination. Porsche thinks that she is the biggest threat on the block, and has to win the veto. Kalia says that she's been the one who has been playing and busting her butt. As Kalia said, she didn't just hang out in a bikini. Daniele talks in DR about being backdoored, although she really can't be because she can compete in the veto. Dani then ask Kalia how it is to be on the block, and Dani whispers that she is the only one who wasn't on the block. Dani wants to win the veto, take Kalia off, and make Jeff put up one of his own alliance. Dani then goes to talk to Porsche. Porsche asks if Dani would take one of them of the block. Adam asks Jeff about nominating Daniele. Jeff said that he wanted to up up floaters first to show them that they can't get to the end without doing anything, like Jordan in her season. Jeff tells Adam that you are HOH one day and then down to the bottom the next. Adam tells Jeff that if he wins POV, he will want feedback on how to use it. Rachel then talks to Dani in the kitchen, asking why Dani is so depressed. Rachel asks if it is because Dani is turning 25. Rachel said that "once when she turned 25, she was sad, but she got over it." Rachel keeps on antagonizing Dani. Rachel admits that she wants to make Dani's life miserable in the house. Dani goes outside and tells Jordan that Rachel is bugging her. Then Rachel comes out, and Rachel, with the fakest smile, asks Dani if she hates Rachel, and if Dani is okay. Dani gets up and goes inside again, and Jordan jumps on Rachel asking what she did to Dani. Rachel says that she was just concerned about Dani and trying to make her feel better. Now this Rachel is really entertaining. I can find myself rooting for Rachel if she continues like this, and wins HOH.

It's time to pick players for veto. Jeff, Porsche, Kalia, and Daniele will automatically be playing for veto. Jeff picks Jordan, Porsche picks Adam, and Kalia has house guest's choice, picking Shelly. Daniele was happy that Rachel wasn't in the veto competition, because she didn't want to be beholden to Rachel. Next clip shows Jordan stripping off her unitard, and giving pieces to people. Later, up in the HOH room, Jeff and Jordan watch the spycam. They make fun of Porsche following around after Dani. Jeff says that the pair is being mischievous. Jordan corrects his pronunction, calling it mis-CHEEV-e-ish. Unfortunately, Jeff's pronunciation was the correct one (mis-CHI-vish). Kalia and Dani talk about the veto. Kalia tells Dani that it might be something Dani is good at. Dani wants to win and take someone off. Kalia says that she never had to play to win the veto. Dani tells Kalia that she has to win, or she goes up.

That annoying Zingbot comes back into the house. Adam was wondering what dirt the Zingbot had on him. Jeff said that he worries about what the Zingbot will say to "Big Jeff." He really has to lose the Big Jeff thing. I can't understand the Zingbot. It makes a lame joke about Jeff's soul patch, then something about Rachel using the f word every other word---fiancee. Then the Zingbot said that Dani was just riding her dad's coattails. Then the Zingbot called Adam Uncle Fester because of his hairy ears. Then the Zingbot calls Shelly a dude. Kalia gets called on sleeping all the time. The Zingbot tells Jordan that Jeff hasn't asked her to marry him yet because he knows that Jordan can't answer questions. Basically really, really lame. Now it's time for the veto competition. Dani makes a "zing" about Rachel wanting to compete because Rachel thinks that she is a scientist, but making mai-tais makes her a waitress. The competitors have to build a robot, putting on four sides to the robot. Basically, it's a puzzle game. Dani says that she needs to win because she doesn't trust Jeff, and because she wants to save Kalia. Jeff wants to win the POV so the decision is 100% his. Jeff said that it was hard to get your pieces figured out and build into the correct shape. Adam admits that he is just not going to compete. Dani is taking one piece and taking it around the whole robot. Dani and Kalia both think that all the pieces look alike. Shelly doesn't want to win the veto because she doesn't want to upset Jeff. Funny how she is campaigning for Dani now. Jeff claims that he hears snoring from a couple of rows over, and thinks it's Kalia and Porsche sleeping. Then we get some zings from the house guests about the others. Only Jordan gets it wrong, and zings herself for not being able to do puzzles. Dani was claiming that she threw the veto competition in the live feeds, but she was really trying to win. Jeff was the first one to finish the robot puzzle, and he won the POV. Kalia and Porsche talk in DR about how to convince Jeff to keep them. Dani wants to remain off the block. Jeff admits that he has a huge decision to make.

Kalia talks to Shelly, and Shelly claims in DR that even though she has a final three with Jeff and Jordan, she has to play the other side to keep herself safe. Kalia thinks that her and Dani would make a better team than Kalia and Porsche. Kalia said that he's afraid that Jeff will take Porsche off. Kalia just hopes that Jeff sees Porsche as the ultimate floater. Jeff talks to Adam and Shelly. Jeff doesn't want to tell anyone anything because he has a lot of thinking to do. Shelly says that Kalia is freaking out because Kalia thinks that she's the target and not Porsche. Dani is talking to Porsche. Porsche says that she has to make a deal for herself. Dani says that if it is down to Dani and Porsche, Porsche will stay. Porsche said that she has no deal what Jeff is thinking, but she wants to make a deal to stay in the house. Dani tells Porsche that Kalia will fight to stay in the house. Jeff talks to Porsche in the kitchen. Porsche doesn't want to pack or be the only one in the house with Brendon. Porsche offers Jeff one week. Jeff says that he doesn't know, but they will see what happens tomorrow. Jeff tells Porsche that she just doesn't talk to people. Kalia goes up to the HOH to talk to Jeff, humbled and hat in hand. Kalia says that she hopes she's not Jeff's target. Kalia says that it bothers her to know that she could be eliminated while someone, like Porsche, who does nothing, will stay while she goes out. Jeff tells Kalia that they can talk after this game. Jeff tells Kalia that they should just consider themselves even after this. They both slapped each other on the wrist. Then Jeff goes into the purple room to talk with Dani. Jeff wants to know what Dani would offer him. Dani said to get rid of Porsche, keep Kalia, and they have a final four deal. Dani says that she has honored her word with Jeff. Dani says that if she is put up, she will fight to stay. Dani says that everything she has said to Jeff in the past three weeks is true. Jeff says that if Dani stays, he wants to make sure they are on the same page. Dani tells him that he has her word.

Jeff is really annoying about referring to himself in the third person as Big Jeff. He says that Big Jeff has a big decision to make. Rachel doesn't know what is happening because Jeff is keeping quiet. Porsche doesn't want to go to jury. Kalia thinks that she has the votes over Porsche, but would definitely have the votes if Dani comes up. Dani claims that if Jeff puts her up, it will be his biggest regret of the game. Time for the veto meeting. Porsche would like to come off the block so she can play the game and have a chance to win something. Then Porsche says she likes her hair. Kalia said that she respects Jeff's decision. She does say that if she stays in the house, Jeff will have more red velvet cake. Jeff uses the veto on Porsche and tells her it is strictly a strategy move. Then Jeff names Dani as the replacement. Dani says "let the good times roll." Jeff said that he didn't have trust because Dani wanted to back door Jeff. Jeff said that Dani said that she didn't regret wanting to make a move to put Jeff up. He hopes that if Dani leaves she has a different opinion for Julie. Dani says Jeff will regret it. Rachel is excited to have Dani on the block because no one comes between Rachel and her alliance. Kalia thinks that if Dani leaves, it might make Kalia's game stronger.

Sunday, August 21, 2011 -- Evening

HOH Competition
The Big Brother show started where Thursday's show ended, with the start of the HOH competition. Porsche said that everyone was going slow at the beginning of the competition. Jeff said that it was a must win for him because the target on his back has gotten bigger. During the competition, Shelly kept on muttering "Josie" and said in DR that it was a must win. Daniele realizes that Kalia or Porsche has to win to keep her safe. Rachel feels that she has no one because Brendon went out on a 5-1 vote. Shelly thought it felt great that she was not evicted. Jeff says that Rachel should dry her tears and start to get things together. Rachel says that everyone should watch out because she is on their back. Daniele thinks it's great that Brendon is out of the house because it makes her journey to the $500,000 that much easier. Daniele says that she doesn't think that America likes that part of Brenchel. Although she tells Rachel that she never said that America doesn't like Brendon. Well, we really don't. Porsche said that she wanted to win HOH to show she can even win a competition. Shelly said that she is probably the only one who knows what a dish washer looks like because the other house guests don't clean. Then we saw a variety of clips of the house guests slipping and sliding all over the place. It's amazing that someone didn't get seriously hurt. Jeff was choking on the bubbles. Then Jordan fell into a big pile of suds, and you couldn't see her. Shelly helped her up. Jeff said that Jordan was a really cutie in that humilitard, but he couldn't think of it because he had to win. Kalia was doing the worst, and Daniele told Kalia that she had to pick it up. Kalia said that Daniele sucked as a cheerleader. Jeff was in the lead with Porsche and Rachel tied for second. Jordan said that the sudsy bubbles slowed her down because she couldn't see. Adam said the same thing, and then he took a really hard fall. He said that he was okay. Kalia noticed as she was not competing that Jeff, Porsche, and Rachel were doing well. Porsche was doing it to save her alliance, and Rachel wanted to win for Brendon. Jeff said that he can't trust either Porsche or Rachel winning the competition. As he says, "Big Jeff has to win." The Big Jeff bit sounds really weird and lame, and Jeff really should stop referring to himself in the third person!

Daniele made it sound like Jeff, Porsche, and Rachel were really close, which wasn't really the case. Jeff said that he's on autopilot to win with competition. he was really focused, and clearly ahead of Porsche and Rachel. Rachel admits that she has to root Jeff on, and show that she is totally on the Jeff bandwagon. Porsche makes jokes about washing machines having a pause button, and turning off the Jeff machine. Jeff said that it felt awesome to wint the HOH key. That keeps him and Jordan safe. Jordan said that she and Jeff can relax and have fun this week. Porsche wonders how many times a girl can get second place. Rachel says that Porsche, Kalia, and Daniele did not look happy. Rachel claims that at least she tries to look happy. Daniele talks to Jeff, and Jeff said that Daniele might think she is safe because of earlier conversations, but that he will do what is best for him at this point of the game, and if getting Daniele out is best, he will do it. Daniele realizes that her alliance is in trouble. Rachel tells Jordan that she is sad and misses Brendon. Jordan assures her that Brendon is in jury. Rachel is hoping that the tension between her, Jeff, and Jordan is over because she needs her alliance. Shelly tells Kalia and Daniele that she sucks at competitions. The three talk about how great it is that Brendon is out of the house. Shelly says that she's fed up with Rachel. Shelly tries to joke with Jeff in the bathroom while Rachel gives Shelly the eye because she doesn't believe that fake Shelly should be there over Brendon. Kalia and Daniele talk, and Kalia doesn't think that she will be safe with Jeff as HOH, and she thinks that he will put her up just as she put him up. Daniele is hoping that Jeff and Jordan will go through with their part of the deal, but also tells Kalia that the vets have the numbers in jury so one of them making it to the end, might get those votes.

"Who wants to see Big Jeff's HOH room?" Jeff tells everyone to put a fake smile on their face and come up. Then he tells everyone to get happier and happier. Shelly thought that Jeff's HOH room was awesome. Jeff's little niece wrote him a note, and Jeff said she writes congratulations like him. It was cute. Jeff felt even more motivation from getting the letter from home. Jordan takes a box of cereal downstairs to win HOH. Rachel is the only one left in the HOH room. Downstairs Shelly comments on Rachel being upstairs. Jordan take Jeff's Lucky Charms back upstairs. Then Shelly said that she is going to go upstairs and light into Rachel. Shelly tells Rachel to stop rolling her eyes and giving the looks of death at Shelly. Shelly tells Rachel that either have to solve it or not be together in the alliance. Jeff quickly says they are both in the alliance. Rachel says that she hasn't been talking about Shelly. Shelly says, let's have a clean slate then. Jeff and Jordan say that is good, and that they have to stay together. In DR, Jeff is proud of Rachel for the first time because Rachel bit her tongue. As Jeff said, something he is telling Rachel must be sinking in. Jeff cooks every day in the house, and Shelly only eats a toasted muffin or peanut butter. Shelly never saw hummus, guacamole, pita chips, or pears. Daniele thinks it's odd that Shelly has never heard of any of these things like coconut water. Finally it's time for the Have and Have Not. The house guests come into the kitchen and see hard boiled eggs and jalapenos. The Have Nots have to eat that with slop. Jeff said that Daniele and Porsche have never been Have Nots, so they are now. And Kalia, their buddy, can join them. Kalia, food hog, complains that she can't eat jalapenos. Daniele tells Porsche that it is fair since they haven't been on slop, but that she doesn't do very well on slop. Daniele says that she gets tired, irritable, and slow thinking on slop. Good news for the Thursday double eviction episode. Kalia, Jeff, and Rachel are sitting outside, and Kalia asks if she can speak to Jeff for a second. Rachel acts like a normal person without Brendon in the house. Kalia tells Jeff that Rachel threw Jeff under the bus. Jeff says in DR that everyone does that, and it really bothers him when people do that. Jeff tells Kalia that he already told her that Kalia put a target on her back.

The dining room table was exchanged for the small one that only seats eight people. Everyone celebrates the small table. Jeff said that's great that others celebrate because his goal is the table for two. Jeff tells Daniele that they are good, and asks her to keep quiet about it. Jeff asks Daniele if she will use the veto if she wins. Daniele says that Kalia would expect her to use it. Jeff says that he wants to make Daniele feel as safe as possible because he doesn't want her to stir up the house. Porsche comes up to Porsche, and tries to talk game for the first time in 49 days. Jeff thought it was hilarious that Porsche was finally talking game. Porsche tells Jeff that she doesn't want to go up, but talks about playing veto. Jeff asks Porsche if she wants to go up. Porsche says no. Jeff says if she ever wants to come back to talk game, he's there. Jeff and Jordan talk about Daniele maybe throwing the veto. Jordan says that it would be interesting to get Dani out this week. As Jeff said, he might want to put Daniele up, but maybe not at first because he doesn't want to let Daniele know in advance that their deal is off.

Porsche doesn't think she is Jeff's biggest target, but sometimes, the pawn goes home. Kalia thinks she is getting pay back for putting Jeff up. Daniele is hoping that Jeff and Jordan are still on her side. Jeff says that he is going to do the big moves that he thinks are good for him and Jordan. Time for the nomination ceremony. The first key to come out is for Rachel. Then Shelly, Adam, Jordan (she gets the key stuck on her dunce cap), then finally Dani. Jeff tells Porsche that he wants her to prove that she is there to play and win. AS Jeff said, Porsche just talked to him for one minute in 49 days. Jeff tells Kalia that he was going to put her on the block after the time she put him up. Dani doesn't think things look too hot because she can still get back doored. Kalia said that she is going to battle even more. Jeff thinks that the first thing Kalia and Porsche will do is take a nap. Jeff's goal is to get rid of Dani so that Kalia and Porsche go into a corner and start crying.

Saturday, August 20, 2011 -- Late Evening

Jeff Wins POV
Jeff won today's POV challenge. Surprisingly, it seems that it was a puzzle, and Jeff still managed to win. It will be interesting to see if he keeps the nominations as they are, or if he backdoors Daniele.

Friday, August 19, 2011 -- Early Afternoon

Jeff is HOH
Jeff won the HOH competition within an hour of me signing off for the night. It's likely that he will put up Porsche and Kalia for eviction.

Thursday, August 18, 2011 -- Late Evening

Fish Bowls in HOH competition at midpoint
HOH So Far
The HOH competition has been pretty much neck and neck so far. it does look as if Jeff might have a slight lead. He has the purple liquid. The colors in the competition are: I'm rooting for Jeff. If he can Jordan can make it through next Thursday's double eviction, they might be okay for the rest of the competition. Fingers crossed! I'm going to bed now because I have an early morning, so I'll update on the HOH tomorrow.

Thursday, August 18, 2011 -- Evening

Start of the slippery lane HOH competition
Brendon Out Again!
I can't wait for tonight's episode of Big Brother. It looks like Brendon will be evicted tonight, becoming the first member of the jury. AND it looks like the producers spent the past day getting the BB backyard ready for another endurance competition.

The show started with Julie Chen's analysis of the game this week. Post veto meeting, Brendon says that he didn't get voted in to just get evicted again. Oh yes, he did. For some reason, Brendon thinks he has the votes. Daniele says that Kalia's HOH was a disaster, and Daniele is trying to remedy it. Rachel says that Daniele is going to have two enemies in the house now. Wrong! Only one because Brendon is getting voted out. Then we see Rachel doing some fake crying, with trembling lips and no tears. Rachel says that Shelly had an evil grin when Daniele put Brendon up. Brendon tells Rachel that if Jeff and Jordan flip, they are done. Brendon says he has Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan, and now he just needs Adam or Porsche. Shelly tells Daniele that she got a glare from Rachel when Brendon went on the block. Daniele tells Shelly that she shouldn't pull a Lawon because Brendon is going home. Brendon and Rachel talk to Adam. Adam tells Brendon that getting Brendon out now makes it easier for him in the future. As Adam and Brendon say, the women have been winning the HOH while the men win the POV. Brendon is trying to explain to Adam that the men have to stick together. As he said, if Brendon leaves, it will just be two men, Adam and Jeff. Adam says in DR that the only object in keeping Brendon is that Brendon is a bigger target in the house. Adam leaves Brendon and Rachel outside. Then Rachel starts following Porsche and asks Porsche where she stands in getting rid of Brendon. Porsche says that Brendon will be hard to get rid of in future, so she is voting Brendon out. Porsche says that the last time she voted for Brendon, Rachel just hung out with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel says that Shelly will get HOH and put up Porsche. Jeff asks Shelly if she is ready to go home. Shelly asks if Jeff is voting her out. Jeff says that Brendon is a bigger target, but Shelly is an ally. Shelly says she has been trojan horsing trying to get information. Shelly says that she is stopping that now because she wants to keep the alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff and Jordan say that they have to keep an alliance with Rachel, and make sure they are all on the same page. Then Jeff and Jordan talk with Daniele. Daniele says that she's not sure where she stands with the couple. Daniele admits that Jeff was her big target a few weeks ago. Daniele says that they are no longer her target. Jordan tells Daniele that Daniele was playing the game and it backfired. Daniele says that she is willing to work with Jeff and Jordan. Daniele says that whatever Jeff and Jordan want, Daniele will agree with. Jeff and Jordan say that there are floaters, and they have to get rid of those folks first. Jeff says that no one would ever expect Daniele and them to be in an alliance. Jeff says it is like making a deal with the devil, and his mind is just racing. Rachel starts questioning Jordan about her vote. Jordan tells Rachel and Brendon that if they have the votes, Jordan will vote for Brendon. As Jordan says, she doesn't want to go against the house. Rachel and Brendon call it the worst alliance. Jordan tells Brendon about the conversation. Jeff doesn't like that the pair bullied Jordan. Jeff tells Rachel and Brendon that if Jeff and Jordan vote with them or against them, Brendon is still going home because they are not the deciding vote. Jeff says that dealing with Rachel is like dealing with a little kid. Jeff tells Rachel that they will have a problem getting along if Rachel just keeps on giving him faces like Jeff did something wrong. Jeff tells Rachel that he can tell by her body language that she is not happy with Jeff, but that he's not the problem.

Back in the living room talking to the house guests. Shelly talks about her phone call from home. According to the live feeds, Shelly only had 12 hours of solitary confinement, not 24. Shelly says that it meant so much to her to hear from her family. Shelly says that she felt like a winner because she heard her family and recharged her batteries. Brendon is asked why America chose to put him back in the house. Brendon thinks it is because America wants to see a competitor win. More like wanted a target other than Jeff. Rachel says that she feels like she is riding on a roller coaster, and she is going to hold up and compete her heart out. Julie tells them that the evictee will be the first member of the jury. After the living room talk, we got see Shelly's daughter Josie. Shelly got married in 2001, at 31, and she and Tony had their baby. We found out from Tony that Shelly was voted homecoming queen in high school. Josie is 8 years old, and we got to hear how Josie misses her mom. Shelly talks about how she has raised Josie to not lie. Josie says her mom needs to stop lying and pick a side. Josie is on Jeff and Jordan's side. Tony says that the house is starting to get to Shelly. Josie says that if her mom can get her relationships back in the house, she'll be okay. Then Josie tells her mom that she loves her. Aww, cute!

Julie talks to Daniele, in bright pink lipstick, about Brendon coming back into the house. Daniele said that it was horrible. She tried to go with her gut, and she thought that they should have voted out Rachel. As she said, Adam flip-flopped, so she changed her vote. Daniele says that she needed to guarantee that Brendon go because he is the biggest threat. Daniele thought that she would go with the Brenchel deal if he stayed in the house. As she said, there was never a deal not to put one of them up for the replacement nominee. So Daniele did stick with the Brenchel deal. Now it's time for the nominees to plead their cases. Shelly says that this week they learned there are ups and downs. The things that make you successful in life, don't make you successful in the game. Shelly thanks Jordan and says that she is invested in the rest of the house guests. Brendon thanks the UCLA folks, and says that the next five years will be devoted to cancer research. Brendon tells the rest that his vote will go to the strongest competitor. Brendon tells Daniele that she will always be Judas to him.

It's time for the vote: Brendon will be evicted and go to the jury on a vote of 5-1. Brendon tells everyone that he will take the best room and warm up the jury house for everyone. Brendon consoles Rachel, and Rachel whispers that she is going to win. Brendon is greeted by screams and cheers. Rachel just stares at nothing, looking really pissed. Julie says that we saw Brendon and Rachel's deals. Brendon says that he may have kept his deals with Daniele, but he's not sure that they would have kept the deal. Brendon says that Rachel is going to win HOH. Brendon says that Rachel is going to try to stay good with Daniele and Jeff and Jordan. Daniele tells Brendon that she will have to evict herself if Brendon comes back. Kalia says bye to Brendon. Jeff said that he would rather have Brendon in the house than Rachel because Rachel is really hard to get deal with. I love that Jeff asked for the Rachel instruction manual. Rachel tells Brendon not to hate her because she is going to go farther than he did last time.

We saw a preview of the HOH competition as the house guests were gathered in slippery lanes with a huge fish bowl at the end. It's one of those take liquid from the barrel, across the slippery lane, into the fish bowl. The first to fill the fish bowl (and probably get a ball out) wins. Let's see if that is the game after the commercial break.

Back to the BB house, and we find out that it is indeed the usual slippery lane, remove the ping pong ball game. This should go on for a few hours. I am rooting for Jeff, and I thnk that he might be the strongest competitor in this game. Jordan will suck because she has no balance. As they compete, more soap comes down. Mostly in Shelly, Jordan, and Porsche's lanes (the middle of the lanes).

News is that next Thursday's eviction will be a double eviction night. After the soap, the house guests get sprayed with water. Go Jeff!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 -- Evening

Adam's POV
The Big Brother show started this evening with the finish of the nomination ceremony with Shelly and Adam on the block. Shelly tells Adam that she is furious. Adam says that he's the most nominated person, and he has to win the HOH. Rachel is excited about not being nominated. Shelly says she is so angry at Rachel that she can't see straight. Daniele says that this is a win-win for her. If the nominations stay the same, Shelly goes home. If not, then Brendon goes home. Shelly and Daniele talk. Daniele says that she wants to backdoor Brendon. Shelly says that Rachel and Brendon are troublemakers. Shelly says that Porsche said that Rachel was telling folks that Shelly and Rachel had a final three. Daniele looks Shelly in the eyes and says that Shelly is safe, then when Shelly leaves, Daniele says she sucks at lying. Rachel and Brendon celebrate not being nominated. Adam goes to talk to Daniele. Daniele tells Adam that he is a pawn, and that she wants Brendon to go home and that not putting him on the block keeps him away from the veto. Shelly brings Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan together and says that Porsche is saying that Rachel and Shelly has a final three deal. Brendon gets Porsche. Shelly asks Porsche about Rachel saying Shelly has a final three. Porsche says that Rachel didn't trust Shelly to make the final three. Rachel claims that Shelly said that if Shelly voted out Jordan, she would have a final three with Brenchel. Rachel keeps on at Brendon that he has to support her and say that it's true as Shelly keeps on vehemently denying it. Brendon says that Rachel is telling the truth, and Shelly calls them both liars. Shelly also tells Rachel to stop squinting at her, that Shelly wasn't going to be intimidated by Rachel.

Shelly goes outside to smoke with Adam, and Jeff comes outside. Jeff asks why Shelly is upset, and Shelly says it's because Rachel is telling Jordan that. Jeff tells Shelly that Jordan doesn't believe Rachel. Shelly really starts to cry because she says that she feel so much for Jordan. As Jeff talks, Jordan just sits there and eats as if no conversation is going on. Time to pick players for the veto competition. Adam doesn't want Rachel or Brendon to play. Shelly wants to win. Daniele picks Jordan. Shelly picks Kalia. Adam picks Jeff. Shelly said that Brendon and Rachel's faces were priceless. Porsche is the host. As Shelly says, the only two sitting are Brendon and Rachel. Shelly says in DR that they should enjoy the view. Porsche comes in while Daniele and Kalia are talking. Daniele says that this is a great week with no Brendon and Rachel in the veto, and that is Shelly wins, she will strangle Rachel with the veto.

The POV competition was to throw a bag into the corn hole. The person with the highest score is eliminated. When you are eliminated you get a prize. Players eliminated later can take prizes, including the veto, from house guests that are eliminated earlier. Jeff said he and Jordan are in a sticky situation. If he wins, Shelly will want him to take her off, but then Brendon and Rachel will not want to go up. Shelly is eliminated first and got the POV. Now everyone who comes after her can take the veto out of other hands. Jordan is out next and got 24 hours of solitary confinement with a phone call from home. Jordan said that she would take the solitary, then Jordan asks Shelly if she would rather have it to talk to the folks from home. Jordan gave it up to Shelly, and Shelly cries because she said that she won't forget what Jordan did. Jeff said that Jordan is a angel on Earth who would make anyone happy even if it makes her sad. Kalia is out next. She has a Caribbean vacation. Kalia is sticking with the vacation. Jeff asks in DR if Kalia needs a vacation from taking a nap all day. Daniele convinces Jeff that she is not targeting him because she wants Jeff to throw it for Adam. Daniele is out next, and she gets a ticket to compete in next week's veto. It is down to Jeff and Adam. Rachel wants Jeff to win the veto. Jeff threw it, and won $5,000. Adam won a humilitard. Adam tells Jordan that he's very sorry, but he has to take the veto from her. Adam now has the veto. Jeff says that he went with a decision to let Adam win. Rachel says it really sucks that Adam is going to pull himself off the block. As she said, she is going to have to work really hard to keep her and Brendon off the block.

Rachel tells Brendon in the storeroom that she doesn't want Brendon to go on the block. Brendon tells Rachel to just stop. Rachel says that this is the worse case scenario for her, and she is afraid her fiance is going to be backdoored. Daniele tells Jeff that he wants Brendon out. Daniele assures him that Jeff is not on her radar. Jeff really wants Rachel to leave. Daniele is afraid that Shelly will go instead of Brendon. Daniele says that she wants Brendon got. Jeff really can't stand having Rachel around. Daniele said that she wants Brendon go. Jeff and Daniele hug, and Daniele says that she feels much better. Shelly goes into 24 hours of solitary confinement in the Have Not room with bread, water, and slop. Shelly cries because she would give anything to see her husband and daughter, to see them or hear their voices. As Shelly says, the person who gave up this prize, doesn't get anything good. Jordan comes out in her green unitard, pink tutu, pigtales, and a propeller beanie. Adam loves that the propeller goes around every time Jordan walks around. Daniele tells Kalia that Jeff assured her that he will vote out Brendon. Daniele says that she is to deny ever making a deal with Brendon and Rachel. Shelly gets to talk to Tony and Josie (husband and daughter). We got to see the family as they talked to Shelly. Shelly cries and Josie cries about how she misses her mom. Josie tells her mom that she got the teacher she wanted. Shelly cries some more, and she thought that the family sounds so fantastic. Shelly says that she got something so fantastic, and that might be her secret weapon. Daniele comes to the door and tells Shelly it is three more hours, but they are all there with food, drink, and a cigarette. Rachel asks Daniel what she is thinking. Rachel says that she and Brendon have to keep themselves off the block. Brendon says that you can't believe that the others have your back. Daniele tells Rachel and Brendon that she has no deal with Jeff, and has only talked to Jordan three times in the house. Rachel says that Jeff is trying to get a Jeff army, and that he is just wracking up money. Brendon and Rachel say that they will be 100% loyal to Daniele. Rachel squints at Daniele. Poor Daniele having to put up with this!

Time for the POV ceremony. Adam says that it feels good to feel safe in this house. Brendon says that Daniele would be really stupid to not take Brenchel's offer. As Daniele says, putting up Brendon gets rid of his threat. If she puts up Jeff, she would have Brendon and Rachel on her side. Jeff admits that he might be the replacement nominee. Adam is using the POV on himself, and says he's glad to come off the block. Daniele says that Big Brother is a game of many twists. Daniele says we have a zombie in this house that we just can't kill, and then puts Brendon on the block. Brendon and Rachel look miserable. Shelly says that Brendon and Rachel will lie and scheme to stay in the game. Brendon says that nominating him doesn't send him home. Daniele says "now we have to deal with the zombie bride." Jeff says he really trusts Shelly, but Brendon is a strong competitor. We'll find out tomorrow that Brendon goes home, and who the new HOH is.

Monday, August 15, 2011 -- Evening

Brendon on the Block, Again!
Although it looked as if Brenchal might have succeeded in throwing Jeff under the bus and had convinced Daniele to put him up instead of Brendon, that's not what happened today. Adam removed himself from the block, and Daniel put Brendon up in his place. Now the question becomes if Jeff and Jordan will keep Shelly, an ally, or keep Brendon, because he's a bigger target. We won't know until Thursday.

Sunday, August 14, 2011 -- Evening

HOH Competition
The Big Brother show was delayed for an hour because of the PGA Championship. The show started with the usual recap of the Thursday's episode. We got to hear how Rachel was excited that Brendon would be battling Lawon and winning. Kalia and Daniele were upset that got Lawon out of the game because they should have put Rachel out and had her against Brendon. Kalia feels bad that Lawon was evicted and that she put him out. Brendon and Rachel thank America for voting in loser Brendon. Jordan is happy because she doesn't have to babysit Rachel anymore. Daniele said that she fought so hard in this game to get rid of Brendon and Rachel to just return to square one. Jeff says that's he's stoked about Brendon being back and possibly one of them winning HOH. Rachel, Brendon, Shelly, Adam, Jeff, and Jordan go into the purple room jump around in happiness in a love circle. Jordan says that they are a trustworthy team. Kalia walks around saying she hates this place. Kalia, Daniele, and Porsche complain about Brendon coming back into the house. Porsche says that she now only has two people in the game who support her: Kalia and Daniele. Daniele says that everyone was just cheering for Brendon when they said they hated them. She thought it was so fake. Jordan tells Brendon that she watched Rachel, and leaves the purple room. Then Rachel straddles Brendon. Disgusting! Blah! Then Rachel tells Brendon that Kalia and Daniele were threatening her. Rachel tells Brendon that Shelly is in a final three with Jeff and Jordan. When Shelly and Jordan were talking in front of a sleeping Rachel, she obviously wasn't sleeping. Adam and Shelly whisper in the kitchen about how they have to win HOH. Kalia says that Brendon's voice annoys her. Kalia tells Daniele that she can't stand being there with that voice. Daniele says that it's imperative that she win HOH or she will go home.

Time for the HOH competition. The house guests go into the backyard, and there are objects in the yard for each state. It's a counting game. Daniele says numbers are like a foreign language to her. The player who guesses furtherest from the actual count will be eliminated from the game. The first question is a guess about the number of beaded necklaces on a tree. Rachel has the worst guess and is out in the first round. Daniele thinks the game is starting out great. The next guess is how many pepperonis is on two huge pizzas. Jordan is the farthest out, and it out of the competition. The next guess is how many olives in a giant martini glass. Brendon is out on that one. Daniele and Kalia celebrate Brendon getting out. Next is a guess on how many playing cards on an the table. Jeff is eliminated. Daniele can't believe how the vets are losing. Next is a guess of how many baseballs are in two giant gloves. Shelly is eliminated. Daniele says that she has to beat Adam or go home. Commercial break.

Adam admits in Diary that he was the last of the six just dancing in the purple room. The next guess is about the number of rivets on a propeller. Rachel can't believe that Adam is still competing because he is not one of them. Daniele makes fun of Adam not winning in her Diary. It's down to Daniele and Porsche. The next guess is the total number of gold coins in the chest. Daniele realizes that if Porsche wins, Rachel will run to Porsche. Daniele wins, and flings her chalkboard. Daniele says that she's ready to take the house by storm once again. As Kalia says, the house is a roller coaster. Rachel is really unhappy that Daniele won. Rachel mocks others answers. Jordan leaves Rachel and Brendon in the Have Not room. Rachel tells Brendon that she had a deal with Kalia and Daniele, and Rachel wants Daniele to put up Shelly. Daniele said that she would have loved to have seen other people's face. She wants the others scared to death of her. Porsche, Kalia, and Daniele are celebrating until Rachel shows up and congratulates Daniele and thanks them for voting for her. Daniele and Kalia climb into bed. Daniele says that she would really like to trust Porsche now. Daniele said that Shelly acted like she was on Daniele's side, but then Shelly acted so excited to see Brendon. As Daniele says, "good luck with that."

Jeff tells Jordan to interview with Shelly. Jeff thinks that it would be a good practice for Jordan because she will want to leave her current job some time. It seems Shelly interviews people. Jordan doesn't seem to know the answer to any question. My favorite is that Jordan says she's her own mentor. Jordan says she would answer the question about looking for a job by saying you can't be a receptionist forever. Jeff said he would hire her because she is cute. Adam goes to Daniele's HOH room, and says that it's obvious that he is with the other side, and he has to made some sort of deal. He says that if he wins HOH, he won't put her up. Dani said that if you aren't with her, you are against her. Shelly goes up to HOH. Shelly said that Dani sounds frustrated, and wonders if Dani is frustrated with her. Shelly, when queried about celebrating with Brendon, said that she was just trying to save herself. Shelly says that she feels intimidated by Dani and Kalia. Shelly said that she thinks Dani is a great girl, but she doesn't know what to do when she comes up there. Then Shelly asks if she can talk to Dani alone, and sends out Kalia. As Shelly says, Dani knows how to win and protect herself. Dani tells Shelly that she likes her. But as Dani says in Diary, Shelly is ass kissing, and Dani doesn't buy any of it. Then we have Kalia and Porsche whispering about Shelly asking Kalia to leave when she was talking with Daniele. Shelly overhears Porsche and Kalia, and calls them on it. Porsche says that she hears a lot too. Shelly says that the moral highroad is hard in this game. Shelly says that she has tried to do the right thing, but that gets you nowhere. Porsche says that Rachel told her that Shelly wanted a final three deal. As Shelly says in Diary, she doesn't have a final three deal with Rachel. Shelly says that she won't let Rachel take her class away from her. Then Brendon and Rachel go up to talk to Dani. Dani welcomes back Brendon. Dani says that if they can convince her in any way that she should keep them. Brendon said that Dani is the biggest target. Brendon says he thinks they are at wash. Brendon and Rachel tell Dani that they can have a final three deal and just keep it between themselves. Brendon asks if they make a deal if Dani would trust them. Dani says not 100%. Brendon says that they have to stick together because they are the only winners, and they have to eliminate the losers. Well, if they are winners, won't they automatically get rid of the others? Rachel tells Dani that Shelly is trouble and has a final three deal with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel tells Dani to put up Shelly and Adam. Brendon and Rachel say that it's a trust. Dani doesn't know what she will do, but she rolls her eyes after Rachel and Brendon leave.

It's time for nominations. Shelly says that she is so angry, and hopes that Daniele remembers there are still two snakes in the grass. Adam says that he had an opportunity to make a move, and might have to go back on the block. Rachel doesn't know if Daniele will stick with the Brenchel deal. Daniele doesn't know what to do. Should she trust Brendon and Rachel, or go after Brenchel? We hear her say over and over that she doesn't know what to do. Shelly tells Jordan that Rachel outed all their secrets. Shelly also tells Jeff, and says that she can't even look at Rachel right now. The ceremony starts. The keys pulled in order are: Kalia, Porsche, Jordan, Jeff, Rachel, and then Brendon. Jeff sounded a bit shocked at pulling out Rachel's name. Shelly and Adam are nominated. Dani admits that everyone is thinking that everyone is wondering what is going on. Dani said that at the end of the week, she needs to make sure that what happens, happens. Shelly cries in Diary about Rachel blatantly lying. Adam admits that he has to win the veto so he doesn't see Julie Chen. Dani said that either things will stay the same, or she could win the veto and backdoor Brendon.

Jordan in her unitard

Saturday, August 13, 2011 -- Evening

The POV ceremony was held this afternoon. Last night, Daniele nominated Shelly and Adam for eviction. Supposedly, she wanted to backdoor either Jeff or Brendon. In response to the nominations, Evel Dick tweeted that this was the third week of wasted nominations. Boy, I just can't imagine having him as a father. Makes me feel for Daniele. All I've been able to figure out so far is that Jordan has to wear an "I'm with Stupid" unitard, Shelly is in solitary confinement with bread and water, Jeff might have won some money, and no word on what Daniele, Adam, or Kalia (the other POV competitors) got. I hope that Jeff or Jordan is not backdoored. If the folks there have any sense, they would definitely try to break up the Brendon and Rachel show.

And it appears that Adam won the POV. He will definitely take himself off the block. Daniele should put Rachel up in Adam's place.

Friday, August 12, 2011 -- Evening

Dani is HOH
The HOH competition was held last night, and surprises of surprises, Daniele won. Sometimes you really do have to wonder if CBS scripts the show to make certain things happen. I know that people on the Internet are wondering if the Brendon vote was real, or if it was CBS just trying to give Brendon another chance. Now Daniele has been scheming, and her plan is to put up Shelly and Adam, then backdoor...Jeff! Yep, it seems that Daniele is willing to make a deal with Brenchel to keep herself safe next week. Boy, I did like Brenchel and Dani, and I'm sure that one of my favorites will be leaving this coming week.
Voting Breakdown
According to CBS, the breakdown of percentage in American's vote was:
  1. Brendon - 39.5%
  2. Dominic - 31%
  3. Cassi - 28.5%
  4. Keith - 1%

Thursday, August 11, 2011 -- Evening

Rachel expressing shock at the twist
Exciting Night in the Big Brother House
I have soooo been looking forward to tonight's Big Brother episode. Who will come back? What will the HOH competition be? Who will win HOH? Can we mock Lawon?

Tonight's show started with Julie's recap. All the house guests are wearing athletic clothes for the HOH competition. Could it be endurance? Julie mocked Lawon because Lawon will not be getting a special power as he expects. We get to see the reaction of the house guests to Lawon going up on the block. Rachel couldn't believe that Lawon went up on the block. As Rachel said, it's a miracle. In DR, Lawon loved that he was nominated because he is 99% sure that he's coming back with super powers. Jeff doesn't know if Kalia is really smart or stupid for putting up a member of her own alliance. Jeff thinks that it's really stupid. Lawon put on some poor and shabby acting skills because he didn't want people to know that he volunteered. So Lawon tells Shelly that he didn't volunteer. That gets Shelly thinking because why did he offer that he didn't volunteer. Shelly says that when Lawon lies, he gets this bad boy attitude. Shelly says that it seems fishy because why would you put up your alliance member. Lawon then says "if I go out of the house..." to which Shelly says, why would you even think that because you are up against Rachel. Shelly queries Kalia and gets confirmation of a sort that Lawon volunteered. Shelly called Lawon a bad actor. Shelly tells Jeff and Jordan that it is an act. Shelly thinks Lawon is a bad actor. Shelly calls him Lawonderful. Jeff says in DR that he doesn't care how Lawon acts because Jeff's side has the numbers. Meanwhile Rachel goes up to talk to Kalia and Daniele, and Rachel asks them about keeping her. Rachel says that she only has two votes. We aren't seeing that Jeff and Jordan told Rachel that Lawon volunteered to go up and get evicted. Dani says that she can change her game to keep Rachel. Kalia says that she can control Shelly's and Porsche's vote. Rachel then goes to Jordan and tells her about the talk with Kalia and Dani. Rachel doesn't tell Jordan that she made a deal with Kalia and Dani. Shelly tries to tell Rachel that Dani and Kalia are trying to play her. Shelly realizes that Rachel made a deal with Kalia. Shelly realizes that Rachel is not to be trusted because she would do anything to stay in the house. Shelly tries to play both sides by discussing little things with Dani. Shelly asks Dani if she suspicious of Lawon. Shelly tells Dani that she thought from Rachel's actions that Rachel made a deal with Dani. Dani is outraged that Rachel can't keep her mouth open. Dani tells Kalia that Shelly thought Rachel made a deal with them. Kalia and Dani talk about Rachel ruining the deal. Dani says that Rachel just has a big mouth. Kalia said that she really doesn't want Rachel to stay, but wonders about the twist. So then Dani and Kalia start to think that they should not vote out Lawon, but evict Rachel. Unfortunately, they don't realize that they don't have the votes.

Time to talk to the house guests. Julie asks if the twist has affected Daniele's play. Dani says that you can't play the game based on expectations. Julie asks Shelly about everyone crying. Shelly said that it's a pressure cooker, and everyone is crying. Shelly says that they will have to get Adam crying really soon. Then Jordan says that she thought that she lost the Have and Have Not. As Jordan says, she's been eating slop and sleeping in that bed for 14 days, so she's grumpy. Jeff said that it gets hard in the second half because you think everyone is talking about you. Jeff said that he's sitting back and watching other people let the emotions get to them. The story segment is last season's house guests talking about Rachel. Ragan talks about Rachel. We got to see how Ragan and Rachel interacted in the house. It seems that outside the house, they get along really well. Ragan exercises and drinks with Rachel, and Ragan is going to be in Rachel's wedding party. Matt Hoffman comes in, and it seems that he is really good friends with Ragan. Matt says Rachel can cry without tears. Ragan said that Rachel is crybernating. That's Rachel crying and not being sassy. As Ragan said, Rachel never played in the house by herself. We say Rachel talking to Brendon with acne cream all over her chin. Ragan said that Rachel is like the killer at then of the slasher movie who can always come back with one more scare.

Back from the commercial break, and Julie talks to Kalia in the HOH bedroom. Julie asks about Kalia's biggest challenge as HOH, and Kalia says it was the twist that really was hard. Julie asks if Kalia is happy with her replacement nominee and how things have gone. Kalia said that she will feel responsible if Lawon doesn't come back in. Kalia tried to make it up with Jeff and Jordan because she connected with them the most, and she misses the initial friendship with them. Rachel talks about missing Brendon, that they will do the right thing, and reminds them of the twist. Lawon said it was a great summer, and that he loves all of you all. Lawon said, whatever happens, happens. Idiot!

It's time for the vote: Lawon is evicted for his absolute stupidity. Julie lets them know that by a vote of 6-0, Lawon is leaving. Lawon gives Rachel a kiss and hug. Everyone is told to take a seat. Lawon is told that it won't be easy to get back into the house. Lawon has to battle his way back. Everyone is told that the evictees were sequestered. Rachel's mouth is agape! Hilariously agape! Lawon will have to head to head with the person picked by America. We see all four of the evicted house guests. Keith finally gets to see who left after him. Keith is just stammering, and outing the alliance. Cassi didn't think Brendon would be there. Dominic says that he wants to be back really bad. Brendon said that it would be nice to be back. The evictees were told about the nominees: Lawon and Rachel with Lawon evicted. You could see that they are all shocked with the stupidity of the eviction. Commercial break, then we find out who is voted into the competition by America.

Who got America's vote? Two million votes were cast. Keith and Cassi are out. It was a close match between Brendon and Dominic. Brendon got more than one million votes. The competition is Brendon and Lawon. There are going to be 150 balls dropped into the yard. They have to pick the balls with the names of the 14 house guests. They have to get the balls into the incline. Brendon gets first ball in, and is ahead. Rachel is giving Brendon tips on what to pick out. Lawon has 2 balls to Brendon's 7. The person to complete them first, or to get the most balls in three minutes comes back in. One minute left. Daniele looks really pissed. Brendon is in the lead with 12 to 6. Brendon has all 14, and hits the buzzer. People keep on telling Lawon to go on. Brendon easily gets back into the game, and Lawon is shell shocked and has to go home. Lawon is such a loser. He never had a chance!

No time for the HOH competition, which will probably be held on the live feeds. Rachel updates Brendon on the past week. Daniele looks unhappy, and Porsche looks confused. Probably trying to figure out what just happened.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 -- Evening

Witnessing Lawon's Stupidity and Lack of Game Play
Time for Big Brother. The show started with the aftermath of the eviction ceremony. Shelly tells Rachel to not chase Daniele after the eviction ceremony. Kalia said in DR that Rachel's behavior after the ceremony is the reason why she was nominated. Jeff was pissed about his nomination, and thought Kalia was stupid to put up two strong players. Dani said Kalia can get blood on her hand while Dani washes hers. Shelly gives Rachel a pep talk, telling Rachel to calm down. Shelly says that Brendon wouldn't want Rachel to act that way. Rachel is upset that Kalia made personal attacks about her, while Shelly keeps on trying to remind Rachel that it's just a game. Shelly says that Rachel is acting like a child but on a personal level, she doesn't like to see someone self-destruct. Then Rachel goes to pack to leave, and Jordan stops her saying that Rachel needs to stay in the game. Poor Jordan has to put up with Rachel fake crying and complaining about being separated from Brendon. As Jordan says, Brendon used to take on the role of managing Rachel, but now it is up to Jordan. Jordan says it's hard work. Jordan tells Rachel to ignore all of them, to fight to win, and stay in the game. Daniele and Porsche are in the candy room, listening to Rachel crying and complaining. Porsche said that she had to distance herself from Rachel because of how she acts. Dani admits that she really likes Porsche now that she is separated from Rachel. Kalia and Dani talk about how hard the game is. Kalia admits that it's hard to be a player and not a floater. Kalia tells Dani that in her gut, Kalia believes she can win the game, and that she can play the game. Kalia wants to play the game. Dani and Kalia are in the HOH while others talk in the kitchen. Jeff said that he wants to go to war. He wants to fight his battles. Kalia realizes that Jeff is talking about Kalia following Daniele and just doing what Daniele wants. Well, that is what Kalia is doing, exactly what Dani wants. Dani tries to comfort her. Kalia said that by playing the game, she now has Jeff coming after her. Kalia admits that she has to do something to get Jeff and Jordan to know that she is not after them.

Time to pick players for the veto. Jeff is hoping Dani isn't picked, and Rachel realizes that she has to win. Kalia picks Adam. Jeff picks Shelly, and Rachel picks house guest choice. Rachel picks Jordan. Dani just gives Rachel mean looks. Kalia picks Porsche as the hostess for the show. Jeff, Shelly, and Jordan go to talk. Shelly tells them that she wants them to stay together. Jeff and Jordan tell Shelly that they just want to make sure that she's on the same page. Jordan is crying because she's trying to pep talk Jordan. Jeff tells Jordan that they must be all on PMS because they are crying so much. Jeff says he's on the block, and all the woman are acting crazy. Shelly is crying in the purple room. Jeff tries to make everything clear with Shelly. Jeff assures Shelly that he is with her, he just wanted to make sure they were on the same page. Jeff made Shelly pinky swear. Jeff said he would even go down and let Shelly win. That he was okay with that. When Shelly says things are okay, Jeff asks if she wants to make out. The Veto competition had all the house guests dressed in togas. Rachel is complaining because the whole house is against her. Jeff said that Lawon was really pimping his toga and looking good. The game? They had to roll a ball up a slope, and then catch it before it came down on the slope on the other side. Every time the ball passes the center, the counter goes up one. The first person to get 300 points wins veto. If the ball drops, the counter goes back to zero. Jeff wants to win to get off and go after Kalia. Jordan wants to win to keep herself and Jeff safe. Kalia and Shelly want to keep Jeff safe, and Adam wants to keep himself safe. Rachel is trying to go for speed and accuracy and kept dropping the ball. Jordan was having trouble getting the ball up the slope. Adam was leading with 140 and Jeff with 134. Jordan lost her points at 59. Kalia took a break because Jeff was doing well. Shelly stopped when she was at 98 and the guys were in the 200 range. Dani didn't want Jeff to win, and she didn't like Kalia standing around and cheering on Jeff. Dani thinks that Kalia is bowing down to Jeff. Kalia wanted Jeff to win over Adam. They were neck and neck. Adam was 14 from the end. As they were getting close to 290, Jeff was having issues getting the ball up the slope. Less than 14 points for each, and we go to commercial break.

Jeff says he has to win the veto. Both are tied at 291, then Jeff gets ahead by one point. Jeff got to 300 just a four points ahead of Adam. Jeff says it feels great to get his first victory when he was on the block. Rachel complains about how it sucks, and that she has to make a deal with Kalia to put someone up Rachel can beat. Meanwhile, Kalia doesn't want to make any more enemies. Rachel tells Jordan that she will be going home, and Jordan says, you don't know anything yet, and anyway, she'll come back. Jeff says that his 5-year-old niece handles losing better than Rachel. Jordan tells Jeff that he did a good job. Jordan thinks Kalia will put her up and says that she doesn't care, it will be like war. I feel so bad for Jeff and Jordan dealing with Rachel. Then Kalia talks to Jeff and Jordan about how she did want Jeff to play and win the veto to take himself off. As Jeff said, if Rachel won, then he was going home. Jeff asks Kalia if the risk was worth the reward. Kalia said that she didn't realize that Jeff would be so upset. Jeff says that Kalia made him dance for his dinner so Kalia should expect some dances back. Kalia said that she will not put up Jordan. Jeff says that he will take that into account. Jeff tells Kalia to do whatever she has to do.

Adam turned 40 this weekend, and he asked people if they would like to see him shave. Everyone goes to watch. Shelly says that Adam doesn't look like himself, and he doesn't. Rachel asks to talk to Kalia in the HOH room. Rachel tells Kalia that she knows what Rachel is capable of. Rachel tells Kalia that by making a deal with Rachel can repair bridges with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel tells Kalia that she will be going after Daniele. Rachel says that she understands that Kalia is Daniele's friend. Kalia thinks it's a chance to get in Rachel's good graces by putting up someone that Rachel can beat. Kalia says in DR that she has to think of her own game instead of playing for Daniele. Kalia said they have to keep the twist in mind. Kalia tells Dani that she can't get out of Dani's shadow unless she makes her own bold move. Dani says not to be rude, but it's the wrong decision. Kalia said that she wants to keep them safe. Dani said that what's the point of the week if they don't get rid of Rachel. Dani says that she doesn't trust Rachel, but she trusts Kalia and doesn't think that she's making the right decisions. Dani tells Kalia to think about what she is saying, and Dani will think about it, and they will talk later. Kalia talks to Lawon, Porsche, and Dani. Lawon tells them that they should put him up, and that he will come back with special powers. Dani is surprised that Lawon put himself up. Dani is hoping that Lawon will walk out to only come right back in. Kalia is shocked that Lawon not only asked to be on the block, but asked to be put up. Dani says that they will still go after Rachel, and if he comes back, good. If not, whoopsie! Kalia thinks that's wonderful because then she won't have anyone in the house against her. We then get a commercial about voting for one of the evicted house guests to battle what will be Lawon, more than likely, tomorrow. We all know that there's no way that Lawon will win, so this is probably the stupidest move ever in the BB house. It even beats Marcellas not taking himself off the block in Season 3, and getting voted out. It's even more stupid than Howie putting members of his own alliance on the block.

We don't see that Shelly found out about the plan and telling Jeff and Jordan about Lawon. It's time for veto ceremony. Kalia says that putting Lawon out of the house will get Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel as allies. Lawon thinks that he is going to do a well acted performance to look like he is taken aback and upset over being nominated. Well, based on the live feeds, he even does a poor job on that. As Lawon says, people will think he's gone crazy. We already knew that. Jeff takes himself off the block, and Kalia says she had no idea of how hard this would be, but that she has decided to nominate Lawon. Lawon tries to look upset, but fails. Everyone else in the room beams and smiles. Jeff thinks Kalia is an idiot for putting up someone on her side and a floater. Jeff says he may forgive, but he won't forget. Lawon very stupidly says that he is going come back with super powers. Rachel says that she doesn't think that Lawon realizes he's on the block. She said that Lawon probably thinks he just has a big comfy chair to sit in.

Monday, August 8, 2011 -- Late Afternoon

Stupid Move!
Late last night, Lawon rather stupidly offered himself up for the block. Lawon's thought process was that he would be on the block, get evicted, and then with the twist, come back as HOH. Little does Lawon know, but he will have to compete with Dominic (who is leading all the polls to come back into the house) to come back into the house. Since Lawon sucks at competition, Dominic will come back in. It seems that Shelly, Jordan, and Jeff are thinking they might evict Lawon, although Rachel may be the better eviction choice based on our knowledge of the twist. Based on what they know, the best bet would be to evict Lawon, so at least, they get to keep some of the vets number.

Sunday, August 7, 2011 -- Evening

BB Nominations Show
Tonight was the Big Brother nominations show. The show started with Brendon's eviction. Jordan feels bad because Rachel and Brendon kept Jeff and Jordan safe. Daniele says that she wants to send Rachel out the door next. Rachel claims that Daniele started a war because she would do anything possible to make sure Daniele goes home Another other than win HOH. Jeff admits that Brendon leaving puts a bigger target on Jeff's back. Jeff wants to put the target back on a newbie. Lawon says something stupid about the newbies showing the vets that they can play. Then we see Kalia win and scream over her win. Kalia said that it is amazing to win HOH, and Kalia was glad to show Dani that her alliance can fight. Dani was happy with her protege. Rachel admits that Kalia is Dani's number one buddy. Rachel knows that she'll get nominated. Porsche then put up Jeff and Shelly which makes Jeff and Jordan think that Porsche's on the other side. Porsche claims that she didn't mean it but that she is glad to be cool with Kalia. I think that Porsche is just dumb and didn't think. While Kalia celebrates in the storage room, Rachel sobs in the Have Not room. Porsche goes to tell Dani and Kalia that Jeff is mad for Porsche picking two from the same alliance. Then Porsche goes into ton console Rachel who is still sobbing. Rachel thanks Porsche for being her friend. Jordan tells Rachel not to stress, and then tells Rachel that you probably didn't want to win HOH because you can't get your target out. Porsche leaves, and then Jeff comes in. Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel talk about Porsche eliminating someone from her alliance. They talk about the twist of the nominee coming back. Rachel says the pity party is over. Jeff tells Rachel to stir things up, and Jordan says not to act scared. Then it's the time to see Kalia's HOH room. Kalia sobs over her pictures of her mom and family. Jeff comments that Kalia starts sobbing like they were in a morgue and someone was in a casket. Shelly says that she understands Kalia's emotions, and then Shelly starts crying over her little girl. Dani and Kalia talk in the HOH room. Dani consuls her to just listen and not tell anybody anything. Rachel shows up, and says that it's hard to be HOH. Dani just rolls her eyes, and then Rachel asks Dani if she can speak alone to Kalia. After Dani leaves, Rachel mentions that they obviously aren't best friends. Rachel tells Kalia that she will not nominate her if Kalia doesn't nominate her. Rachel says that she respects Kalia now. Rachel keeps on talking about respecting Kalia. In DR, Kalia says that it would be a twist to work with Rachel. Then the pair hug, and Rachel leave. Kalia says "Humble Pie tastes good, doesn't it, little girl?"

Kalia tells Shelly that she came from a middle class family, and that empowered her. Then Shelly asks if Kalia was discriminated against. Kalia said that people make comments on how well spoken she is, that all black people are supposed to sound like they come from the hood. Finally, it's time for Adam to take off his elf suit. He does a strip tease of the elf suit and happily claims to be free. Kalia is sleeping in the hammock, and Shelly says that she can crawl up there and hit Kalia's leg and scare her. Shelly does it and scares Kalia. Back in the HOH room, Dani and Kalia talk, and Kalia says that she's really nervous because if she puts up Jeff and Rachel because one, if not both, stay. Kalia says she'll tell Jeff that she is putting him up so he can win the POV and keep Rachel on the block. Dani says that she's happy to have blood on her hands, but having a week where she doesn't have to have her hands bloody is awesome. Dani reminds Kalia to keep the twist in mind.

Time for the Have/Have Not competition. The competition is to have a person from each team to put three items into a blender with milk, and then the person from the other team has to guess what the three items are. If both guess the same number of ingredients, the pair had to chug it. Person who finishes first, wins. Jeff and Lawon go against each other. Both name two ingredients, so it's time for a chug-off. Jeff wins the chug-off saying it's like drinking warm beer from your best friend's shoe. Between Shelly and Porsche, Porsche guesses more. Jeff told Shelly to guess canned yams, but she didn't want to do it. Then it was Jordan against Dani. Dani and Jordan tied by guessing the same number. So it was a chug-off. Daniele got it so Red (Porsche, Lawon, Dani, and Adam) were haves. Jordan, Jeff, Shelly, and Rachel were Have Nots, and Jordan cries because she lost for her team. Jeff says it sucks to see someone so good and pure crying because she couldn't help her team. The Have Nots get to eat catfish and coconut with her slop. Jordan wondered if you eat or drink coconuts. Jeff goes to Jordan in the Have Not room. Jordan cries about not guessing the sauerkraut, and that they are Have Nots. Jeff tells her it's not big deal. Then Jordan cries about Porsche just floating by and doing nothing, and Porsche's not a Have Not. Jeff tells her that they can do it, and it's no big deal. However, Jordan is not happy that she and Jeff have been battling since the first week while others float and eat. And Jordan is sure that Jeff will be on the block.

Kalia asks to speak with Shelly in the HOH room because she's trying to figure out who Shelly is playing with. Kalia asks Shelly to be honest. Shelly says that she will be playing with Kalia, and won't put up Kalia. Shelly wonders if Kalia and Dani would want to go to the final three with her. Shelly admits in DR that she would prefer to go to final three with Jeff and Jordan, but she has to make a deal. Jeff and Jordan come up to talk with Kalia. Jeff asks for what Kalia is going to do. Kalia said that Jeff isn't her target, but she wants to put Jeff up so he can play for the veto. Jeff says that if Rachel wins veto that Jeff would go home. Jordan tells Jeff that Kalia and Dani don't care that if Rachel wins that Jeff is going home. Jordan says she knew that Jeff would go up, and that it's stupid to put up two strong people when one of them can come back, and both will be after her. Jordan then says, she's in a bad mood and leaves. Jeff tells Kalia that if he gets evicted that he will 100% come back to get her, and tells her that he was never after her before, but now he will be after her. Jeff tells Kalia she listens to too many other people. Jeff leaves saying her meet her in the veto. Jeff and Jordan are rightfully pissed because there are a few people not playing, Porsche and Lawon are prime examples. Kalia cries in DR saying that she doesn't know what she will do, because she didn't expect Jeff to be so pissed at possibly being evicted this week.

Jeff is confident that nothing got across to Kalia. Jordan says that she thinks she, Jeff, and Rachel will be the people targeted because everyone listens to Rachel. Rachel says that Kalia will be sorry for picking on Rachel because Rachel will battle back. Kalia isn't sure what to do, even as she picks out keys. It's time for the nomination ceremony. Daniele complains that Rachel is sitting to close to her. Rachel says she's not, she's just in her chair. Adam's key comes out first, followed by Porsche (Jeff smiles at that one) then Daniele, Jordan (who says that her key should have stayed out because she is going to be on the block after Jeff or Rachel, Kalia just looks stunned), then Lawon, and finally Shelly. Kalia said that the cattiness and talking behind someone's back is rough, and that she was going to stand on her own. Kalia claims she isn't influenced by others (Dani, basically). Rachel tries to talk to Dani, and Dani said that she doesn't want to talk and that Rachel is a train wreck. Kalia said that Jeff yelling at her wasn't going to keep him off the block. Dani said that if Rachel comes off then Jeff goes home, and Rachel says that she will fight tooth and nail to come back into the house and hunt Kalia down! Good stuff!

Saturday, August 6, 2011 -- Evening

Yah! Jeff
Kalia caused a tons of drama by telling Jeff and Jordan prior to the nomination ceremony that she was nominating Jeff. That's a no-no in the Big Brother world, but CBS ignored it. Jeff and Rachel were nominated late on Friday, and then the veto competition was earlier today. Fortunately, Jeff won, so he will come off the block. The question is who will go up in his place, and the talk in the house seems to point to Adam (since Kalia has a pinkie swear with Jordan not to put her up). The question might be who to vote out. If Rachel is voted out, she will probably beat the person who is voted to compete to come back into the house. We'll have to see how this all plays out.

Thursday, August 4, 2011 -- Evening

Bye, Bye Brendon!
Rachel blubbering like a fake There has been plenty of drama in the Big Brother house. Rachel went psycho, and started yelling at Daniele for mentioning Shelly in Daniele's HOH blog. Dani had mentioned to Shelly that she had said something nice about the Shelly's daughter. Rachel totally ripped into Daniele, and then started yelling at Shelly that Shelly was being used. Then Rachel went into her poor sport crying jags, as can be seen here. Rachel blubbered for over 24 hours, and it was so bad that the BB shrink was called in to see her. I think that it's all poor sportsmanship. Brendon and Rachel are poor winners and poor losers. They brag and boast when they win, and cry and blubber when they lose. Everyone is mean when they don't realize the wonderfulness of the pair. I mean really, shouldn't everyone just let Brendon and Rachel be the final two? All I know is that Rachel sickens me, and i don't feel any sympathy for her poor behavior.

Now onto tonight's eviction episode, with a special appearance by Evel Dick. Julie gives us the usual recap of the situation, making it sound like there is a possibility that Jordan might go home. Brendon thought it was a no brainer to use the POV on Rachel. Daniele was really happy that Brendon kept himself on the block. As Daniele says, Jordan doesn't threaten anyone. Brendon would trample old women and babies to get prizes. Jordan even said that she feels she has more people on her side against Brendon. Jordan says that she hopes people tell her that she is getting evicted because she has an eviction dress that she wants to wear. As Jordan said, it would suck to be evicted and not wear the dress. Typical Jordan. Next up is Rachel blubbing because Brendon is going home. He claims that it's not 100%, and then Brendon smirks about his "bomb" dropping. Then Rachel calls Brendon her knight and wonders who she is going to jump on when she wins HOH. OMG! Shelly, Jordan, and Jeff met to ask if Brendon and Rachel planned it. Jeff says that he doesn't know how he is going to deal with Rachel when Brendon isn't around. As Jeff says, when every fruit and veggie reminds Rachel of Brendon, what will he do. Daniele says that she will be in deep trouble if Jordan goes home. Daniele really wants Brendon out, and wants Kalia or a newbie to win HOH. Brendon realizes that he needs four votes to win. Brendon starts working on Shelly, Adam, and Porsche. Porsche says that her plan was never to get rid of Brendon. Rachel calls Daniele the Wicked Witch of the HOH. Then Rachel tells Adam that if he keeps Brendon, he will be safe for the rest of the game. Huh? Final two for Adam. Brendon tells Adam that Rachel will come after him if Brendon is voted out. Shelly says that she has to think of the best move to get herself to the end of the game. Later Daniele whispers to Adam about keeping Jordan. Adam tells her that Brendon and Rachel are trying. Adam isn't sure how he will vote. Kalia joins Daniele in the HOH house, and eats Daniele's food. Daniele decides that she wants to get Porsche as a safety vote and to stick it to Rachel. Porsche says that she wants to be Rachel's friend. Daniele says that she wants to have Porsche on her side. Daniele reminds Porsche that Rachel would do anything and sell anyone out. Rachel comes in, puts a damper on the atmosphere, and the Rachel says that it drives her insane that Porsche is hanging out with Daniele. As Rachel says "why doesn't Porsche take a knife out and gut me?" How psycho! Then Porsche tries to tell Rachel to stop acting so sad because it's making everyone feel uncomfortable, and then Porsche says, act like a normal person because you have to interact with people. Then Rachel goes psycho, yelling at Porsche saying she was going to be alone in the house. Then Rachel goes on her pity party, acting like a psycho bitch, and saying that she was never going to get a job, and that she ruined Brendon's life, etc. Brendon then starts to cry with Rachel in the hammock. Of course, this happened after Rachel lit into Daniele and Shelly, but we don't get to see any of that psychoness.

Next up Evel Dick with his analysis of Daniele's play, and a teaser about how we can impact the game, but getting to vote one of the four evicted house guests back into the house.

Julie talks to the house guests. She starts with safe talk about Adam being dressed as an elf. Adam does an elf dance. Then Julie turns to psycho Rachel. She asks about Brendon using the POV on Rachel. Then Rachel blubs on about how much she loves Brendon and how much he loves her. Julie asks Jeff about Jordan getting voted out. As Jeff said, he can't imagine the house without Jordan because she's always been in the house when he was there. Then it was on to Evel Dick's view of Daniele's play. We see Brendon saying that Daniele isn't playing as well as Dick. Evel Dick says that he would not let Daniele play this bad of a game. Dick claims that Daniele is desperate to play better than Dick. Daniele says that she can play better than Dick. Dick says that Daniele is doing the same thing with Dominic as she did with Nick in season 8. As he says, "instead of Nick, it's Dominic." Dick claims that Daniel should have waited to final eight to get rid of Brendon. Then we hear Dick say that Daniele made stupid moves. The one nice thing Dick says is that Daniele is competitive. All I have to say is that I can understand why Daniele hasn't talked to her father in the past few years.

Julie talks with Daniele about making a big move by targeting Jeff. Daniele said that she might regret making the move maybe two weeks too soon because she wound up losing Dominic. Daniele said that Dick might think that she's insane, but that he's sure that he supports her. Daniele said that she doesn't think that Rachel will be able to play with Daniele because Rachel takes everything person. As Daniele said, Rachel probably thinks Daniele broke up a marriage instead of playing a game. It's now time to talk to Brendon and Jordan. Brendon is first, and he says some stupid stuff about Rachel's family and his. Brendon then starts blubbing. Rachel blubs. What a pair of idiots! The Jordan tells everyone is a long week. Jordan said that she came to spend the summer with Jeff, and tells everyone she loves them, and to vote as they want.

It's time for the vote: At least Brendon got two votes. Julie says by a vote of 5-2, Jordan is safe. Then Brendon says he has a gorgeous fiancee. Then they hug while Rachel blubs, and Brendon twirls her around. The house applauds Brendon as he leaves. Then Rachel cries all over Jordan. Julie asks Brendon about saving Rachel instead of himself. Brendon blubs and says that it was love. Julie asked Brendon if it was game play that Rachel would had a better chance of going home than him if she stayed. Funny coming from the guy sitting by Julie. Brendon says that Daniele is living in her dad's shadow. Brendon thinks Daniele will be out in a few weeks, and that Rachel is gunning for her. Then we see Kalia do some pretend blubbing. Kalia said that it wasn't rocket science to get Brendon out. Then Jordan is very funny and says she wants to be at the wedding because Jeff won $10,000 and can give them a good present. Then she says "we love you Brendon." Daniele tells him about the he should have used his tongue with more than one person, and maybe he might have gotten other deals going. Rachel blubs. Julie then calls the house guests into the living room, and says that the next person evicted might be able to get back into the game. Then we hear about America's Vote and how we can vote one of our favorites from the four previous evictees to battle next week's evictee. Unfortunately, tons of people found out about the vote yesterday when CBS accidentally had the voting pages live.

The house guests face off two at a time. The answer to the question will be either Keith, Cassi, or Dominic. It's one of those typical HOH elimination games. Jordan and Kalia face off first. Kalia got Dominic, and Jordan is eliminated. Rachel and Lawon are up. Rachel answers Keith and gets rid of Lawon. It is now Kalia and Adam. Kalia got Dominic and eliminates Adam. Rachel and Porsche go up. Rachel was eliminated when she guessed Dominic instead of Cassi. Rachel swears and Julie reminds her to keep it clean. Jeff and Shelly are up. Shelly got Cassi and eliminated Jeff. Kalia and Porsche are up. Kalia guesses Keith which is right. It's now up to Shelly and Kalia, and Kalia gets the HOH! Finally a newbie gets HOH. I am so glad that Rachel is out. Kalia cries with happiness. Rachel just stands around crying and feeling sorry for herself. I bet she thinks she was cheated out of the HOH some how.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 -- Evening

POV Episode
The Big Brother show tonight started with the nomination ceremony. Brendon assures that he will win the POV, and Jeff is glad that wasn't on the block. Then we see Rachel crying in the DR claiming that Dani didn't pull a power move. Rachel said that if Dani thinks Rachel pulled the first sword, then Rachel will come after Dani with Excalibur now. Jeff and Jordan go to talk to Brendon and Rachel to make them feel better, then we have hugging from Rachel and Brendon. Brendon tells Rachel that if he wins, he will pull her off. Then we see Brendon crying in the DR, saying that Rachel is his best friend. Brendon says that he wants to win POV so he can take her off and keep her safe. Rachel and Brendon cry and say they will be a team together. Then Rachel straddles Brendon. Brendon says that he will cure cancer, patent it, and they will make money for the rest of their lives. What a pair of psycho losers! Jordan was shocked that one of them didn't go on the block. Jeff explains that they could go on the block if someone wins the veto. Jeff says that if it were Jordan, no one would vote against her. Rachel and Brendon go in to talk to Brendon and Jordan. Jeff says that he thinks that they will be backdoored. Dani goes in to talk to Rachel to tell her that things are personal. Dani is trying to keep her back covered in the game. Rachel said that it seemed personal. Dani said that Rachel made deals with her and Dominic, and then Rachel throw Dani under the bus with Jeff. Rachel says it's personal again and that Dani is making a great mistake. Rachel says in DR that Dani is such a mean girl, basically because Dani and the others in the house, don't realize that they should do everything so Brendon and Rachel are in the final two. All I have to say is that I hope that Rachel does NOT win HOH next week!

Time for the veto competition. It's Dani, Rachel, and Brendon. Then Dani picks Jeff. Dani was happy to pick Jeff to play. Then Rachel picks Adam, and Brendon picks Porsche. The host is Lawon. Jeff and Jordan go off to talk. Jeff wonders if Rachel or Brendon thinks Jeff would take one of them if he won POV. Jeff mentions that he won't use the veto and also says that if he won HOH, he would consider backdooring Daniele. The competition was various pieces of previous competitions. The competitors have to pick the time that they would complete a task. If the person bids with the fastest time and completes in that time, that person wins that phase. The person with the lowest time in the phase is out. If the person can't complete the task in that time, he/she will be out. Last person standing gets the veto. For the first task of walking on the balance beam and chewing gum, Rachel wrote the fastest time. If she does it, she is in, if not, the Adam with the slowest time loses. We had to hear Brendon cheering Rachel on. Kalia said that must be what it's like in bed with Brendon and Rachel, with Brendon cheering Rachel on. She finishes in time, and Brendon gets all excited. Adam is out. For the second task, a puzzle, Rachel picks the fastest time, and Porsche the longest. But Rachel doesn't finish in time, and she's out. Dani says one half of Brenchel down. Then it's hair plucking from the foot, and spelling an 11 letter word. Jeff doesn't want to spell it. Daniele had the fastest time, and Jeff the longest. Dani doesn't complete it and got eliminated. Her strategy was to get Brendon out, but she failed. Then it's the cow outfit transferring milk. Jeff had the lowest, and Porsche the highest. Jeff tripped, and it wasn't looking good. It was really close...and we had a commercial break.

Jeff was just one second late in completing the task. He was so close. Daniele was really unhappy when Jeff lost because she didn't want to have to put anyone else on the block. Last was the golf competition, picking a time to get the ball in the hole. Brendon picked 33 seconds, the lowest time. RAchel was cheering him on and with two seconds left, one of Brendon's balls go in the hole. Then we had to see Brendon act all superior about winning the veto, and Rachel ran and leaped and straddled Brendon. Jeff said that he put himself and Jordan in jeopardy this week. Daniele doesn't want another enemy in the house, so it's really hard to have to pick another person. We had to see Rachel and Brendon celebrating, and Brendon says he is going to use the veto on her. There's more crying, and Brendon says to tell everyone that he is going to use the veto on himself because he doesn't want Daniele to make a good pick. Brendon doesn't want to Jeff or Jordan because he wants his play to go off without a hitch. Jeff tells Jordan that they are sunk. Jordan tells Jeff that he would have won. Jordan says that one of them has to stay on the block, so one of them will go. Jeff said, but what if Dani wants to backdoor him. Jeff says he wants to talk to Dani about their deal. Kalia is talking to Dani about the competition when Shelly shows up, and asks Dani who she wants to go home. Shelly asks Dani what she wants again, and Dani says that it's their choice, so she doesn't have any say. Then Shelly says, don't put me up. Daniele realizes that Shelly is playing all sides of the house. Kalia thought that Shelly was with Jeff and Jordan. Dani said that she would be willing to make a deal with Jeff. Dani wants to put Jordan up because everyone in the house has to see Jordan as less of a threat. Dani says that she wants to talk to them about her plan.

Jordan and Jeff go to talk to Dani. Dani tells them both that from her heart, she wants to keep both of them. Dani wonders if Brendon is saying that he is taking himself off because he's trying to pull a game. Dani is hoping that Brendon stays up. Jordan volunteers to go up as the pawn. Dani says that she's afraid that Jordan would go home against Rachel. Jordan says that if anyone else went up against Brendon, that person might be going home. Jeff and Jordan go to Brendon, and ask if he will use the veto on himself. Brendon lies. Brendon tells Jeff and Jordan to volunteer up Lawon as a person to go up against Rachel. Tehn Rachel and Brendon go up to Daniele. Brendon asks if Dani would play with them, and put up a floater. Brendon claims it would be a clean slate if Dani puts up a floater to get voted out. Brendon says if Dani doesn't do what he says, he will win HOH next week and take out Daniele. Brendon says that if they make it to the final four, one of them would win the $500,000. Dani is looking at the pair as if they are roaches, which they are!

Brendon thinks it's awesome that he fooled everyone and that Rachel will be safe this week. Dani still thinks that Brendon is taking himself off the block, and wonders if she would have the right selection. Jeff is nervous about Jordan going against Rachel because Rachel wold do anything to stay. Time for the veto meeting. Brendon has Rachel tell him why he should use the veto on her. She says that he should use the veto on himself. Brendon says that he will use the veto on Rachel. People look slightly shocked, Rachel tries to look surprised, and Dani looks smug and happy. Dani said that is she didn't win HOH, she would be up. Dani said that she doesn't want to make more people mad at her, but then tells Jordan to take a seat. Rachel really starts to cry then. Brendon thinks that he tumbled down Dani's house of cards. Dani says that she is so happy because her number one target is still on the block. Jordan said that Brendon must have thought it was the sweet thing to do. Jordan is so cute and says that she is the pawn, but wait, pawns go home sometimes. Jordan is just so cute. So now it is down to eviction night tomorrow, where Evel Dick will make an appearance.

Monday, August 1, 2011 -- Afternoon

Jordan on the Block
Brendon removed Rachel from the block in the POV ceremony. That was what we all expected, even though Brendon has been very vocal on the livefeeds that he would be taking himself off the block. Daniele put up Jordan in Rachel's place. Daniele wanted to make sure that Brendon would be the one going home, and she thought that by putting Jordan on the block, Brendon would be more likely to be voted out. We'll have to see if that logic holds this coming Thursday.

Sunday, July 31, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Catchup
Tonight, we get to see the HOH competition on Big Brother. The show started with the competition. Daniele said that the whole house, except for Kalia, was against her. So Daniele said there's no way in hell she was not going to win. Jeff says pretty much the same thing. Then Kalia said that if she doesn't win, she is going home for sure. Then Shelly says the same thing, saying she's getting her letter and pictures. Too bad Shelly sucks at competitions. Rachel says that her group has been in power since the game started, and she wants that to continue. Adam says that he wants to stay, so Dominic had to go. Rachel chastises anyone for going against her alliance. Daniele admitted that Dominic left because she overplayed her hand. Jeff said that it was a really touch competition because it gets steeper and puts more pressure on your triceps. Lawon tries to say that he's not a skier, but he's a competitor. Then Adam purposedly falls off, trying to make it look like he didn't. Adam picks the snowball and gets to wear an elf costume. After 19 minutes, Lawon just slumps off the skies. Loser! Lawon gets to be a Have Not. Porsche says that she's excited to get to compete and keep them safe. Daniele says that she felt like throwing up because of Rachel's constant cheerleading. Then Brendon complains about having pain in his shoulders, and he jumps off...35 minutes into the competition. Brendon picks a Have Not snow ball. Then Rachel starts cheering for Jeff, since Brendon is a loser. Shelly complains about how the background tilts, and she has to keep her legs going and hold on. Jeff says that Kalia looks like she is going to fall off. Jeff says that he looks around. Everyone looks good except for him, and he decided to jump off to get the money. Daniele says that she's just coasting through, and has no intention of galling off. Jeff gets the $10,000, and says it may be a one way ticket home. Rachel then starts cheering Jordan, Shelly, and Porsche. Jeff tries to give Jordan advice, and then she falls off because she was leaning forward on her arms instead of back like the others. Daniele thinks that it's great the all the vets are down. Daniele tells Kalia that she's not as stupid as the others think, and she will hold on. Jordan tells Jeff that Shelly is not feeling any pain. The others start cheering on Shelly and Porsche. Daniele then whispers to Kalia that she's doing wonderful, and Kalia returns it. Porsche says that the pain is more in her shoulder and then points to her elbow. Then Porsche fell down. Everyone starts cheering for Shelly, and Shelly claims she is not coming off the skies. Rachel admits that she is freaking out because everything is on Shelly's shoulders.

Jeff says that the competition has been going on forever. Daniele whispers to Kalia that Shelly looks like she is in trouble. Kalia said that since everyone is against her, she is going to play. Brendon pettishly claims that the competition was suited to Kalia because there is little movement and Kalia can rest on her fat. The rest of the house starts cheering for Shelly. Kalia asks Shelly if she is with the vets, and she says no, they just want her to see her kids. Rachel claims that she would have been a fierce competitor in the game. After 1 hour and 26 minutes, Shelly just let loose and fell. Everyone just applauds Shelly. Rachel starts to whine and be a poor sport. Brendon tells her to not complain. Kalia said there's no point in putting herself into any more pain, and falls off. Daniele says "And she's back in the game." Rachel silently hands over the HOH key. Rachel and Jeff both realize they are targets. Daniele and Kalia dance in the storage room, and Daniele says she's going to make some people sweat. Rachel goes around whining and being a poor sport. Kalia tries to tell Rachel that she's sorry, and Rachel starts complaining that Kalia is being mean to her. Rachel just complains about everyone is mean to her when she's not HOH. Rachel calls Kalia a super floater. Brendon says that Kalia is a nobody inside or outside of the house. Because he and Rachel are just so wonderful, and great human beings. Daniele then tells Jordan that she's not after her or Jeff. Danielle assures her that she's not sending either of them home. Jordan doesn't believe it, and tells Jeff about it. Jeff says that he has to keep Jordan in a positive frame of mind. Jeff says he like being an underdog because it makes him work harder. As Brendon and Rachel join the pair in the Have Not room, Jeff says, they went from the penthouse to the outhouse. Brendon tells Rachel and Jordan that Daniele can't compete next week, and she's just going to be in trouble if she tries to get any of them out.

As an aside, I really hate Rachel and Brendon. They display the most petty and borish behavior of any Big Brother house guest ever. I think that both of them are despicable people with ugly personalities, and I guess that they both deserve to have each other in their lives.

Then Daniele comes out to ask who wants to see her HOH room. No one displays any joy, and Jeff said that it is like being on death row. Daniele gave Lawon the HOH robe to wear, and he was the only one who was excited. Lawon, Shelly, and Jordan are outside talking about what type that Lawon likes. Jordan asks what Lawon likes better in men than women, and Lawon says that he just feels right with men. Lawon says that when he told his grandma that he was gay, she said that she knew it, and said she wanted him to be the best black gay man. Unfortunately, Lawon is a stereotype that BB puts in the house based on Marcellas' success in the house. Lawon is just a really lame loser though. BB give up on the funny, black, gay man stereotype. Jeff and Jordan go up to the HOH room, and Daniele said that it's awkward, and Jeff agrees, but says that he has to talk to keep him and Jordan safe. Daniele says that it was a game move, and Jeff said that he did take it personally, and he was hurt. Daniele said that she wants to right that wrong of not putting the pair up this week and then being safe with them next week. Jeff says that he will take the deal, but he'll see if Daniele keeps to her side. As Daniele admits, she has to keep herself safe next week.

Then we had a break when Obama came on to give an announcement about Congress making a budget agreement.

Adam in his elf suit Finally, we get back to BB! Adam got his elf suit. As he said, earlier, he's Jewish and doesn't know anything about Christmas. Adam did a great job in his elf suit, dancing and clowning around. Then we see Lawon in a 'fro wig and HOH robe being silly. You know, the silly, gay black man role. Then we see Rachel running around the yard, and past Jeff and Jordan who are just sitting there. Then Rachel slips and falls into Jeff. She picked herself up and continued. Then we quickly saw the Have Not foods of seaweed and sardines. Jordan says she can't eat anything that's smelly. Then Elf Adam bites into a sardine. Brendon and Rachel go up to Daniele and Brendon says that he's sorry for the fight. It's a very awkward conversation. Rachel says that they all made mistakes, and that if they are all fierce competitors, there is no reason to take each other out. Daniele says that it's not personal. Rachel tells Daniele that it is beneficial for Daniele to keep Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan. Daniele says that she isn't making deals. Brendon and Rachel say they want to be friends, and they will forgive and forget. Then Brendon gives Daniele a hug, he says it's not awkward, but it is. Then the CBS producers did not show Daniele make a gun of her hand and shoot herself in the head after the pair left the HOH room.

Now it's time for the nomination ceremony. Jeff thinks that he's going on the block. Brendon thinks that Daniele is a smart gamer and won't put them up. Jordan wants to trust Daniele's word, but says if Daniele goes against her word, Jordan won't trust her. Meanwhile, Daniele says that some people walk around the house like they own it, and Dani's not afraid to get blood on her hands. The first person safe is Adam, because he has the elf suit. Then comes Kalia, Shelly, Lawon, Jordan, Porsche, and Jeff. Rachel and Brendon are on the block. Jeff thanks Daniele. Daniele said that she nominated them because last week Dani made a big move, and she trusted them. Daniele says that she had to make the power move and get rid of them. Jeff said that he can't believe he went up, but he has to win the veto to keep the nominations in place. Brendon says he's going to win the veto and take Rachel off. Daniele says that she doesn't care if one of them wins the veto because the other is going up there, and will be going home. Yah, Daniele!

Saturday, July 30, 2011 -- Evening

Brendon has POV
The live feeds were down for a while and just came back shortly. It seems that Brendon won the POV and is telling Rachel that he will take her off the block? It seems that Jordan may go up in her place. I hope that Jordan isn't the one who gets sent home, because with Brendon getting in everyone's face AND winning competitions, he's the more dangerous player.

Friday, July 29, 2011 -- Evening

Up the Drama
Daniele nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction. You know this is going to lead to some great drama! AND we know that one of them is going home! Woo-hoo!

Friday, July 29, 2011 -- Afternoon

Daniele Wins HOH
After around an hour and a half of competition, Daniele won HOH. After Adam/Lawon, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan fell, only Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, and Daniele were left. Porsche fell, then Shelly fell shortly after that. The shocker was that Kalia was still hanging on up there. Kalia started to sing and celebrate because everyone thought that she was so weak, and she hung on longer than most of the others. After hanging out for several minutes, Kalia asked Dani not to put her up, and then jumped down. Of course, Brendon and Rachel went into whine mode. The competition wasn't fair; Brendon's feet are too big; everyone is just mean to poor Rachel; etc. Then Rachel went to see Dani to talk strategy. Rachel wants a free pass, and then if Dani has that audacity to put Brenchel on the block, they will not vote for Dani (if dani makes it to the final twp). Tons of lameness on Rachel's and Brendon's parts. I will so love it if one of them goes home next Thursday.

HOH Slalom Endurance Competition

Thursday, July 28, 2011 -- Later Evening

Slalom Competition
The live feeds are back, and it looks like Adam is already down for the count. His snowball is for an elf suit. Lawon follows closely behind. It seems he has a Have Not card. Those two are really spineless jelly fish. Brendon falls third. The guy is really a loser when it comes to any sort of endurance competition. He tries to complain that his feet are too big. Yeah, right! I think his feet are too small. Brendon is a Have Not. I think that Dani will definitely do some butt kicking in this competition. Jeff clears it with Jordan, then he jumps down, and it seems he might have gotten the $10,000. Jordan fell shortly after Jeff. Kalia (?????), Porsche, Shelly, and Dani are still in the competition. Rachel and Brendon really start to cheer for Porsche and Shelly. I'm rooting for Dani. Unfortunately, I can't stay up much longer because I have an early morning, but I'll be checking in as soon as I can to see who won the HOH.

Thursday, July 28, 2011 -- Evening

BB Excitement
I could not wait for this evening's live eviction episode. There are the fights, the twist (maybe a returning house guest), and the endurance competition.

The show started with Julie telling everyone that Duo Twist was over, and that everyone was in danger. The Golden Key folks would have to play, and the duos were no longer together. The first recap was the tension over Daniele being busted over not being loyal to the vets. Neither Dominic or Adam were surprised that the veto wasn't used. Jeff admitted that he didn't trust Daniele and wanted Dominic out. Daniele thought that Rachel and Brendon were on the same page with backdooring Jeff. Daniele admits that she would be pissed and furious if Dominic leaves. Daniele said that she gets it that Brendon is worried about Dominic turning on them. Dani tells Brendon that she is getting the shaft. Brendon then says that Dani is threatening him. Then Dani tells Brendon to shut up. As Dani said, Brendon may be able to talk down to Rachel, but he can't talk down to her. As Dani admits, she wants some help in this game from Dominic. Then we go to Kalia and Jordan talking about Jordan going up on the block. Meanwhile, we see that 3 days ago, Dani told Kalia that Jeff was going to backdoored. Of course, Kalia denies it all. Jordan said that someone is trying to get everyone in the house to doubt other people. Jordan said that she and Jeff are being careful. Jeff wants to talk to Dominic to get the truth on who wanted to backdoor Jeff. Dominic says that he wasn't trying to backdoor Jeff. Jeff said that if Dominic won't tell him the truth, there was no point in talking. Dominic claims that he has no idea where the backdoor idea came from. Jeff said that he can't believe that Dominic is telling the truth. Dominic says in the DR that it's 100% Dani's fault, and that poor Dominic is getting blamed.

Meanwhile Jordan tells Jeff about Kalia saying that Jeff and Jordan weren't talking to her. So Jeff said that they should just get a house meeting and throw everyone under the bus. Jeff said if that's the case, then they go to war. Dominic said that he has no shot of staying there, so he has to do damage control to show Brendon, Rachel, and Jeff that he will have their back. Jeff said that he was cool with keeping Dominic. Then Jeff said the backdoor came up, with Daniele talking to him, and Jeff no longer trusted Daniele. Dominic told Jeff that he couldn't tell them because no one wanted to hear that Dani was the person who was behind the plan. Jeff equated it to murder, and Dominic was an accomplice. Dominic said that Adam would go with anyone. Rachel said that she wants to play with Dominic, and prefers to play with non-floaters, because Adam is a floater. Jeff tells Dominic that it's not over until they call his name.

Kalia says that she made a deal with the vets in the first week, but that no one was talking to her. Kalia goes out to Brendon about people not trusting her or being honest. Brendon tells Kalia that he studied rocket science, and this is a lot easier than rocket science. Kalia was running around in panic mode for some reason, which no one could understand. It seems that Kalia has just been floating around and now wants to play. Kalia gets offended as she walks away from Brendon and he tells her to wash his dishes. Kalia complains to everyone, and the air that Brendon is so cock sure about running the house. Jordan tells Brendon to get everyone into the kitchen, then everyone can talk things out. Jeff starts on the crazy talk about backdooring. Brendon tells Kalia that every time she was told something, she scurried to her boss, Dani. Kalia was told that when the plan backfired, Dominic and Kalia were thrown under the bus. Dani was never referred to by name, and was sitting there listening, and then told Rachel that Rachel was being an idiot. Daniele says that she was from the beginning turning people to the vets alliance. Dani said that Dominic wasn't in danger because Brendon and Rachel promised Dominic that he was safe. Dani said that she is really sick of the vets alliance. She said that she is going to win HOH, and she will get one of those people out. The argument was great! And since it is an endurance, and Dani excels at endurance, she might just win.

Julie asked Kalia about the harsh words and where they all are with each other. As Kalia said, they are grown ups, and it is a game. Brendon admits that there is no hard feelings and that it is just a game. Jeff said that there were lines drawn in the sand, and Jeff doesn't think that the game has to have backstabs and cheating. Jeff asked Jordan why they had a big house event, and then said that it was probably to clear the air and let everyone know where they stand. Then Julie went to Dani. Dani said that she is not surprised that it got so confrontational this early. As Dani says, she didn't come to play under a dictatorship, and that it is just a game. Then Adam gets to give his spiel, followed by Dominic. Dominic said that some people are being spineless jelly fish who aren't playing and they will get no where. Then he congrats the people to the vets for winning with no one competing. Dominic said that if someone played with him, we would have a game.

It's time for the vote: So Dominic was right in calling them all spineless jelly fish. Dominic and Adam jump against each other, then Dominic gives them all hugs, giving Dani the last hug. Dominic goes out to talk to Julie. We see the house guests getting ready for the endurance competition. Dominic says that all the non-vets were spineless. None of them wanted to fight, but all ran to the stronger vets. Dominic said that he wanted to light a fire under people, because he wanted people to work with Daniele instead of against her. Dominic says that his feelings for Daniele is that he always had her back, and she had his, but he didn't want to take the rap for her with the backdoor. Dominic said that there was a real bond with Daniele. Julie asks Dominic about throwing the veto, and why should someone do that? Dominic thought that would have the vets trust him. Dominic doesn't think he overplayed at the end, but he did at the beginning. He also thinks the backdoor hurt him. Dominic said that if you got Jeff out, Jordan was a sweetheart and wouldn't go after him. However, he said that if you took out Rachel or Brendon, the other would come after them and their dog, cat, etc. Dani's message is that she's really sad to see Dominic go. Lawon tells Dominic that Lawon's like a pimple that you can't pop. Then Jeff and Jordan came on, and Jeff said that his goal was to spend the summer with Jordan. Then Jordan said to quote Rachel, "no one comes between me and my man." Julie tells Dominic to hold on because there's some big news. Everyone is called into the living room. They are told that everything changes. The Duo Twist is over, and everyone plays as an individual. Then Julie goes on as if she didn't tell Dominic something big was coming up.

Time for the HOH competition. The backyard is setup like a winter wonderland, called Big Brother Slalom. They house guests have to stay on their skies the longest. The first five house guests who fall get to pick a snow ball. One of the snow balls has $10,000. The others contain prizes or punishments. The house guests hold onto pegs with their hands, and the skies swing side to side. Then the background they are holding onto tilts forward a little.

When they come back, Lawon looks like he is in pain. Then Julie tells us to find out how we can play a role in the next game changing twist. Is it to vote to pick the person who goes back into the house? The show closes as snow is blown on the house guests. Jordan is the only one in a sleeveless top. Dani had a hoodie on. We'll have to see who wins.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 -- Evening

Quad Cam of fighting in the BB house
Daniele's Plan Backfires!
There has been arguments in the Big Brother house for days now over the fall out Daniele plotting to backdoor Jeff backfired on her. This afternoon there was a house meeting with lots of finger pointing. You would think that none of these people even knew about Big Brother. The whole point of Big Brother is to try to take out strong players with a backdoor. It made sense for Daniele to make the power move because after Thursday's show, Daniele will no longer have the golden key, and the couples will no longer function as a BB pair in nominations. So it made sense, but Daniele didn't carry it out with proper finesse. When there was resistance to removing Dominic from the block, she started shouting and threatening. That just doesn't work with Brendon and Rachel. Now how will CBS show the fights?
POV Show
The show starts with the nomination ceremony, and both Adam and Dominic thinking they are just the pawn. Jeff is glad that Rachel didn't hold a grudge, and Daniele is thinking of backdooring Jeff. Adam says that with the odds, he and Dominic could win the POV. Adam asks if someone else wins the POV if they will use it on them. Rachel walks in on Adam and Dominic and tells them that this week is not a nomination week, but a veto week. She wants to know what deals she can get from Dominic and Adam. Dominic wonders what the deal is because he thought that he and Rachel already had a deal. So Dominic and Daniele do some flirting and strategizing. Dominic asks Daniele what she is going to do. Daminic says he trusts Daniele 100% and hopes she can work magic with Rachel and Brendon. Right after that, we see Rachel go up to the HOH room and Daniele and Brendon are there. Rachel says that everyone seems to think that she should put Jeff and Jordan up. Rachel is concerned that Jordan isn't talking to her. Daniele realizes that what she has been saying against Jeff and Jordan is sinking in. After that, we see Rachel and Brendon in a bubble bath together, talking about Jordan not picking them for the luxury. Brendon says he is not afraid of Jordan, but he does worry about Jeff. Brendon asks what should they do: make the big game move and get rid of Jeff, or keep the alliance intact. Surprise! We have a Porsche sighting in the HOH with Rachel, but Dominic comes in, and Porsche leaves. Rachel and Dominic talk alliance. Dominic says that he wants to play with Rachel and Brendon. Dominic asks Brendon if Brendon wants Dominic to throw the POV. Then in DR, Dominic jokes that all he wants is an agreement that he doesn't go out then he will stab Rachel and Brendon in the back and get them out next.

After commercial break, Daniele goes into the Have Not room, and asks Dominic to spot them. Adam says it's like little kids hitting each other but it meaning they like each other. Jeff doesn't like seeing Daniele and Dominic hanging out because Daniele should know that Jeff wants Dominic out of the house. It's time for the POV competition. Obviously, it will be Rachel, Brendon, Dominic, and Adam. Then Rachel picks Jeff and Jordan. Rachel picks Porsche as the hostess for the competition. Jeff and Jordan start talking strategy, and Jordan wonders if they should keep Dominic and then team with Daniele and Dominic against Rachel and Brendon. Rachel tells Daniele that she and Brendon told Dominic to throw the POV. Daniele feels that when she talks to Brendon, that she's not getting through. Daniele says it will be an opportunity to get rid of Jeff and Jordan. But Rachel wonders if it is good for her or good for Daniele. Brendon and Rachel realize that Daniele is trying to get herself in the best position. Jeff and Jordan talk to Brendon and Rachel, and they all agree that Daniele is in the best position. As Jeff says, Daniele plays the middle road the whole time. Brendon realizes that Daniele is looking for a partner to take to the final two. Rachel is suspicious of Daniele and Jeff and Jordan. As Rachel says, they will have to turn on each other eventually, but is now the right time?

Time for the POV. When the house guests go outside, there is a huge swimming pool tub with huge hairy female legs. It seems that Jeff really hates hairy legs on women. The goal is to pull a hair from the leg, get a letter, and spell the longest correct word. Of course, we have a video reminder of Jeff's "technotronics" from his past BB season. Brendon wants to win the veto, and so does Jeff. Adam wants to win the veto to control his own destiny in the show. Kalia also has a huge hair phobia with a fear of lose hair. Dominic didn't like the suds, but Jordan liked it. Meanwhile Rachel was choking on the suds. Dominic was plucking and throwing in the hopes to help the others. Jordan could spell farting, but thought she shouldn't do that. Adam thought that he might have the letters for procrastination. Rachel was trying for moisturizing, and Jeff was trying for express. Rachel started to look for letters as she was running out of time. Adam was trying to look for some P in the pool, and couldn't find it, so he had to look for something else. Now for the results. Jordan spelled little. Dominic spelled standings. Rachel misspelled mouisterizing. Adam spelled fractions. Adam is in the lead now because he ran before Dominic. Then Jeff got expresses, and was in the lead because he rang in before Adam. But Brendon spelled understanding. Brendon is happy that the power is his for this week.

Rachel and Daniele are talking outside, and Rachel asks if they should put up Lawon and vote him out. But Daniele says what's the point of that. Daniele tells Rachel that she should trust Dominic because Dominic's in her pocket. And Daniele also says that she will never turn on Rachel and Brendon. Dominic then talks to Shelly and tells Shelly that he has Dani because Daniele wants to play with Dominic down the road. Dominic tells Shelly that if Jeff goes, Shelly can pair with Jordan. Shelly says that they should get rid of Brendon then too. But as Shelly admits in DR, if Dominic is after the folks Shelly trusts the most, Jeff and Jordan, she's going to tell them. Shelly tells Jordan that Dominic wants to get rid of Jeff because Jordan won't go after him. Jordan thinks it's coming from Daniele. Jordan said that they should go and talk to Rachel. Jordan starts talking to Rachel and Brendon, and then has Shelly explain. Shelly tells Rachel and Brendon how Dominic said that he has Daniele, and with Shelly and a few others they can take out the vets. Brendon says that Shelly should go down because they don't want Dominic to know that Shelly ratted him out. Jordan tells Rachel and Brendon that Daniele is playing it like a game to take out the alliances. Brendon and Jordan keep on saying they like Daniele, but she's trying to raise an arm on the other side. Brendon says that they can't let Daniele know because then they won't have control. Brendon thought that Daniele was a friend who wouldn't turn on them, but he and Rachel realizes that she has. Later, Jeff goes to HOH, and Brendon tells Jeff about what has been happening. Brendon says that Daniele wanted to make a deal to keep Dominic, and then to backdooring Jeff. Brendon says that Daniele wants the foursome to take each other out because then Daniele would have control. Jeff says Dominic is next, and then Daniele is next. Brendon says that Daniele never had any thought of playing with the vets. Brendon and Jeff say they are in to the final four now instead of the final five.

Time for the veto meeting. Brendon says there's no reason for someone to push for taking someone off the block if they don't have an agenda. Daniele was sure that Brendon was going to keep the nominations. Dominic said that he held up his end of the deal, and hopes that Brendon does the same. Time for the meeting, and Dominic says that he would love it if Brendon used the veto. As Brendon says, he is in an alliance with Rachel, and her job is hard, and he is holding firm. Dominic says that the deal had better hold out. Adam wishes Dominic luck in talking with Julie. The question is what will happen in the endurance competition on Thursday. AND there is going to be another twist, maybe bringing back one of the three evicted house guests.

Monday, July 25, 2011 -- Afternoon

Rachel, Brendon, Daniele argue
BB Drama
The Big Brother live feeds were full of drama this afternoon. Brendon and Rachel confronted Daniele about wanting Jeff out. Brendon said that if they got Jeff out that Daniele would be after him and Rachel next. Right! She would. Daniele said that if Daminic goes home, she would be really pissed. So, of course, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan are targeting Dominic because he's obviously in with Daniele. The POV ceremony was held, and Brendon did NOT use the POV. It looks like Dominic will be going home, and the golden keys are gone on Thursday so it will be interesting to see who wins HOH. And it will probably be an endurance HOH.

Sunday, July 24, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Nominations
Daniele has been causing trouble on the Big Brother live feeds. She has been feeding information to both Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan to get the pair to turn on each other. Unfortunately for Daniele, the couples have talked and know what Daniele is up to. Basically Daniele is trying to keep Dominic in the house by getting Brendon (who won the POV) to take Adam and Dominic off the block and put Jeff and Jordan in their place. That is the strategic move, but the house guests rarely play with strategy. Also, the Internet BB sites are abuzz with rumors that Cassi might be in sequester and be back in the house.

Onto tonight's show, which started with a recap of Thursday's show. Lawon said that getting rid of Cassi was just a catty move, because this is Rachel's house. Dominic says that the Regulators (the alliance between him, Lawon, Keith, and Cassi) may be the worst ever because they already lost two members. Adam asks when will the vets start losing. My question is when will the newbies start stepping up to the plate to win. Dominic realizes that it is him and Adam or Lawon and Kalia up on the block. Jeff talks to Brendon about putting up Adam and Dominic on the block. Then we see everyone hiding, and Rachel comes out of the Diary Room screaming who wants to see my HOH room. No answers because everyone is hiding. That's because no one wants to see her house. Dominic said that it's like reliving the event two weeks ago, seeing barely clothed pics of Rachel and possibly her sister or mother. Jeff comments that after hearing Rachel's letter from her sister that he didn't realize that Rachel was engaged.

Adam goes up to kiss Rachel and Brendon's collective butts. Adam tries to throw Kalia and Lawon under the bus by commenting on how they are floaters. Rachel realizes that Adam is shaking in his boots because he is talking deal. Rachel is sure that Adam would nominate them after turning down Rachel's offer in the first week. Then Lawon goes up to kiss some collective butt. He says that he's in the game to play. Lawon has on orange shorts and crocs. Orange is my favorite color. Rachel says that she wasn't really paying attention to Lawon, and that she doesn't trust anyone other than Brendon.

It seems that Dominic has a really loud snore, and it has been disturbing the whole house. Jeff calls it wake up the dead snoring. Then it is competition time. It's a luxury competition and that means no Have or Have Nots. It's a tie in to the "Same Name" show that CBS has. The celebrity is David Hasselhoff. The common guy who shares the Hoff's name gives the rules for the game. The house guests will get clues, they have to ring the bell, then go to the Diary Room to guess the person's name. The first clue was soap and binoculars. Jordan instantly gets Baywatch out of that and guesses David Hasselhoff. How she got it I'll never know. The second clue was a microphone stand. Brendon guesses something stupid, Porsche guesses Michael Jackson. Then a knight shows up. We hear lots of really stupid guesses. Then they go outside and there is Kitt and David Hasselhoff. The house guests attack the Hoff. The Hoff is totally unaware of how Big Brother works. They talk him on a tour of the house. Dominic tucked in the Hoff. Jordan, of course, won. The Hoff has a party in the HOH room with Jordan and three people. Jordan picks Jeff, Shelly, and Kalia. Rachel was really upset that Jordan didn't pick her to go to the party since she's HOH and in an alliance with Jordan.

There's ton of food in the HOH, including sushi and champagne. Rachel starts crying because she thinks that Brendon is mad at her. Rachel is upset because she didn't get selected to go to the party. Rachel says everyone knows they are fighting because they fight all the time. Brendon was trying to talk to Rachel about giving Porsche a hint. Everyone is in the kitchen area, and they can hear Brendon and Rachel fighting. As Dominic says, when they win, they celebrate, but when they lose, there's crying and fighting. It's so obvious that Rachel and Brendon are poor losers. The Hoff seemed out of it, but says that he would pick Jeff and Jordan. Jordan says that she didn't want to pick Rachel and Brendon because they get everything. And Jordan wanted the party to be fun. Shelly offers to go down and let Rachel come up, but Jordan says no. Downstairs, Brendon tells Rachel that she should put Jeff and Jordan on the block and send one of them home. Brendon then tells Rachel that they were warned against doing it because the stress would be so bad. Brendon tells Rachel that they came back because Rachel wanted it. Rachel claims that Brendon doesn't act like himself in the house, and that everyone hears them fighting. Rachel says that's why people like Jeff and Jordan more than them. Then Rachel and Brendon start talking about money. It seems that Rachel may be doing the show just to win for the money. It's hilarious how the editors go back and forth between Jeff and Jordan having fun and Rachel and Brendon bitching and crying. What poor sports Brendon and Rachel are!

Dominic goes to talk to Brendon and Rachel about being on their side. As Dominic says, if he works with Brenchel it would take the target off of him. Rachel talks about Jeff and Jordan being so sweet. Brendon and Rachel talk about Jeff and Jordan having one strike for nominating Dominic last week, and then not taking Rachel to the party as two strikes. So Rachel and Brendon talk about making a deal with Daniele and Dominic and getting rid of Jordan. Dominic then goes to talk to Daniele about how pissed Rachel is about Jordan not picking them for the party. Daniele says it would be really stupid not to take apart the foursome of Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, and Jeff. Daniele says that she wants to get Rachel to nominate Jeff and Jordan. Daniele goes up to Rachel and Brendon to throw Jeff and Jordan under the bus. Daniele says that maybe Rachel is too scared to up Jeff and Jordan. Daniele really works on them to take out Jeff. Then Jeff shows up, and Rachel and Brendon don't really talk to him. Brendon realizes that Jeff is trying to do damage control. Jeff tells them that it's not in their mind to go after Rachel and Brendon because they could have done it last week and they didn't. Rachel though is psycho and thinks that Jordan has already turned against her by not picking Rachel for the reward.

It's time for nominations. There ore only three couples to choose from. The first set of keys that Rachel pulls are for Jeff and Jordan. They pull Lawon and Kalia, so Dominic and Adam are on the block. Dominic thinks that he's the pawn. Daniele says that it's in her best interests to get rid of a strong player. Rachel said that it's crucial that she win the POV so she can control who goes home. As the live feed watchers know, Brendon wins the POV.

Thursday, July 21, 2011 -- Evening

Eviction and HOH
It's time for the eviction and HOH competition. It's pretty obvious that Cassi will be going home. Now for the show, and hopefully, some entertaining drama.

The show this evening started with the time immediately after the POV ceremony. Shelly felt bad because Cassi was probably going to go home. Cassi reallizes that her odds of staying her will be slim. Dominic feels bad for having a hand in it. Rachel, having a very obvious mustache, said that Jordan may have thought about going against her, but Rachel always has her way. Shelly felt bad about voting for Keith, and isn't sure if she should tell Cassi or not. Shelly and Cassi talk about how much obnoxious Rachel is. In the HOH room, Jordan was crying, and Jeff was trying to tell her that she's a good person. Jeff tells her not to worry what other people think. Jordan cries because she knows that Cassi and Shelly are crying upstairs. Shelly feels bad about keeping the secret from Cassi, and doesn't want Cassi to be hurt. Shelly says that she tells her 8 year old Josie that lying is bad. Shelly says that she'll be getting the golden key, and it just doesn't feel so golden right now. Cassi asks to talk to Rachel to find out why Rachel doesn't like her. Rachel said that she didn't like how Cassi talked about Porsche. Cassi tells Rachel that she thinks Rachel doesn't like Cassi because she's female. Rachel said "maybe you should have won HOH." Cassi calls Rachel a catty, catty girl and ugly inside. Then Rachel calls Cassi a mean girl who took out Rachel's weaknesses on herself. Rachel runs to Jordan and says that Cassi is so mean. Jordan stopped Rachel and tells Rachel "honestly, the things you say come across as bitchy." Jordan tells Rachel that she is not a bad person, but that Rachel's mouth gets her in trouble. Brendon tells Rachel that Cassi is not worth it and that Cassi will be going home. Brendon talks to Cassi, and Cassi says that she can't understand why the vets didn't trust her. Brendon then starts talking down to Cassi about how he can draw a picture to explain to her how Big Brother works. Brendon is really such an ass that I can't imagine how anyone would want to spend any time with him. I really dislike Brendon and Rachel because they are such rude, obnoxious people.

CBS replayed the Have/Have Not competition for the house guests. Lawon said the competitions are hard, but fun. Adam says that he owes his Big Brother life to Dominic. Then Rachel pipes up and says she appreciates it too. Julie asked Rachel about the time after the veto competition. Rachel said that she does get mouthy and tends to be extremely competitive. Then Rachel admits that she might say the wrong thing at times. CBS showed us some clips about Adam and Dominic. Adam lost 100 pounds, and he knows a ton about Big Brother. Adam's sister says that Dominic is naive and doesn't know what he is doing. Then we hear from Dana, Dominic's best friend. It seems that Dominic's mother was extremely controlling and wouldn't let him sleep away from home. Dana says that Dominic understands women and is very flirtatious. Even Dana admits that it looks like Daniele and Dominic are getting along.

Julie talked to Jordan in the HOH room. Jordan said it's fun to play with Rachel and Brendon now, but that when they make it to singles, they will have to get rid of Rachel. Jordan said it's also too early to put Rachel and Brendon on the block. Then Julie asked Jordan when she was going to tie the knot with Jeff. Jordan said that they have to move into the same state before they marry and have babies.

Then Cassi gives her plea for why folks should keep her, and then Shelly had her chance to speak. Cassi had on a LBD (little black dress) and has extremely long legs. Shelly reminds people to enjoy the journey because each person you pass, you have to go back to see in the end. Shelly had a long, grey gown off one shoulder.

It's time for the vote: It's unanimous (9-0). Cassi leaves the Big Brother house, and Shelly gets a golden key. Cassi gets some long hugs from the people she likes, and Julie has to ask her to leave the house now. Cassi looks stunning and long legged in her black outfit (not a dress as I thought, but a shorts outfit). Julie asked Cassi about throwing in the towel. Cassi said that it was because she adored and respected Shelly. Cassi also says there were personal reasons, and Julie quizzed her about it. Julie asked if Cassi was just so danged pretty that the women didn't like her. Cassi said that it's unfortunate that happens at this age, but it's how it is. Cassi said that it was obvious new against old. Cassi admitted that she wanted to play a clean game, and told the vets that. Rachel calls Cassi the worst game player. Dominic says that the girls in the house were petty to take her looks against Cassi. Shelly says that Cassi is Thelma to her Louise.

Time for the HOH competition. Jordan, Daniele, Porsche, and Shelly have to sit out. The competition is based on the questions that America answered on the CBS website. Question 1: Which houseguest would America rather get mouth to mouth from? Jeff. Everyone got it. Which houseguest is most likely to warm the pool with something other than their charm? Adam. Everyone got it. Which houseguest is more likely to steal someone's lover? Rachel or Porsche, answer was Porsche. Kalia got it wrong. Which houseguest is more likely to save someone from a burning building? Shelly or Brendon? Brendon is the answer. Jeff got it wrong. Which houseguest should wear a bikni? Porsche or Daniele? Rachel and Brendon got it right. Houseguest to cheat from was Jordan and they got that wrong. Who woudl go bananas? Adam or Dominic? It's Adam, and Rachel got it right. Rachel and Brendon carried on quickly annoyingly. Unfortunately, the newbies don't seem to know how to win, except for Dominic getting the POV. So that means that either Lawon and Kalia or Dominic and Adam will be on the block. I would hope that Rachel doesn't turn on Jeff and Jordan, but you can never tell with Rachel.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 -- Evening

POV Show
Finally, time to see the POV competition! I hope that we get to see some of the fights that Brendon and Rachel have been having. Of course, the show started with a rather lengthy rehash of the previous episodes/situation in the house. Adam tells Dominic right after the nomination ceremony that Dominic needs to fight, and Lawon encourages it too. Jordan thinks that Dominic is the ring leader of the crowd. In the Diary Room, Rachel wonders why Jordan put up Dominic when Cassi is the target. Dominic and Cassi talk about strategy. Cassi suggests making a deal, but Dominic says he won't. Lawon tells Dominic to fight. Adam comes into the Have Not room, and tells Dominic for them not to put more targets on their back and to stay classy. Then Jordan talks to Adam about putting trust in each other. Jordan tells Adam to sabotage the veto. Adam said in Diary that that is what he has to do because he has to trust them, and in that house, trust is hard to come by. Porsche and Rachel talk about Cassi getting out of the house before they get separated. Rachel says that Cassi is so pretty, but not good at playing the game. Really? Porsche and Rachel call Cassi a floater. Lawon says that seeing Rachel and Porsche talking together is just mischievous, and that nothing good will come out. Daniele talks to Dominic and says that she has been pushing and pushing to get Cassi out. Dominic says that his relationship with Daniele is growing and that maybe they can play together. Daniele says that she wants Dominic to play with her and to do her moves. She wants him to be her puppet, at least for now in the game. Daniele and Rachel then talk about Daniele wanting Dominic to win the POV so Cassi can get out of the house. Rachel asks why Jeff and Jordan are after Dominic, and Daniele admits that it's because they don't trust Dominic. Rachel said that she doesn't trust Cassi more than she doesn't trust Dominic.

Later, Rachel, Brendon, and Jordan talk with Rachel and Brendon going on about how fake Cassi is and how she should be out of the house. Jordan says that Rachel is blowing the whole Cassi thing out of proportion because of one thing that Cassi said about Porsche. Jordan tells Jeff that they are slowly getting Cassi on their side. Jordan said that she feels caught in the middle between Brendon and Rachel not liking Cassi. As Jeff tells Jordan, they have to look out for themselves. As Jeff says, Rachel is the gnat in your ear just constantly buzzing her business. Jeff tells Jordan to tell Rachel to relax about the complaints. Jordan talks to Cassi and tells Cassi that girls are intimidated because of Cassi's beautiful. Jordan admits that everyone is out to get Cassi out. As Jordan said, Rachel is jealous because Cassi is so beautiful. And that is the truth. Rachel is very shallow. As Cassi said, she wasn't telling folks that she was a model because she didn't want the petty girl hatred. Time for the POV competition. It's Jordan, Jeff, Dominic, and Adam, with Adam saying that he is going to throw the competition. Jordan pulls Brendon and Rachel out of the bag. Dominic thinks that he is going to get destroyed. Jordan picks Daniele as the host of the POV. Rachel asks Brendon if he would be willing to use the POV to change Jordan's nominations. Brendon says that they have to keep Cassi away from Jordan. Rachel then talks to Daniele about using the POV to change the nominations. Daniele is super excited about keeping Dominic in the house. As Daniele says, that would cause tension between the alliance, but it would have nothing to do with her, and Daniele would get what she wants: Dominic in the house.

Time for the POV competition. Daniele is really playing a much better game this season, and I'm really liking her. The back yard was setup like a huge candy shop. In the competition, it will be single instead of doubles. Dominic is really relieved. The goal is to chew gumballs while walking across the balance beam, and then make a veto sign with the gumballs. If you fall off the balance beam, you can be back in the game by having two weeks of slop. Rachel thought because she did gymnastics, she would be great at this competition. The balls were really big so it was hard to chew them. Adam doesn't have good balance, and he said that he didn't learn to ride a bicycle until he was 21. Jordan falls and was going to take the slop pass. Jeff yells out for her not to do because Jeff said that would have no chance of winning and then would be on slop for two weeks. Rachel started to make little snide remarks about the HOH not competing and it was really getting on Jeff's nerves. As he said, there was no reason for Rachel to take the two weeks of slop. Dominic is neck and neck with Jeff and Brendon. Jeff said that he can't concentrate because Rachel keeps on talking about Brendon. Jeff doesn't realize that Brendon is against him and Jordan. Dominic wins the veto. Dominic is really happy about winning, but Cassi isn't. Jeff tells Rachel that he really doesn't like the way Rachel was carrying on with her comments. As Jeff says, someone has to shut up Rachel. Rachel goes off to complain with Brendon, and Brendon tells Rachel that she should not have made comments about Jordan not taking the slop. Brendon admits in Diary that he can't have Rachel freaking out. Jeff tells Rachel that it was stupid to take two weeks of slop that she didn't have a chance to win. Rachel starts crying, and Dominic says that he loves the drama because it can break up the foursome.

Rachel goes off to cry in the bushes, and everyone starts mocking her because she calls out other people then goes to cry in the bushes. As Brendon says, she fights as hard as he does, and he is so proud of her. At the same time, Brendon says that they can't have tension in their alliance. Lawon says that it's funny seeing Brendon looking like he is praying in a bush. Brendon tells RAchel that she has to keep her emotions inside. Rachel claims that's why she is hiding in the bushes. Brendon tells Rachel to calm down and then they can talk. Cassi loves Rachel shenanigans. Jordan admits that it's awkward. Dominic goes off ot celebrate because he won and the vets didn't. Adam said the veto can't work out better than it has. Jeff and Jordan go upstairs. Jordan tells Jeff not to be so mad. As Jeff said, it's not the Rachel slow. Jordan realizes that Rachel feels she has to win every competition. Jeff said that Rachel's mouth is why everyone hates her. As Jeff wonders, is Rachel a liability over an asset. As Jeff said, he wonders if they should put up Rachel and Brendon because they like Cassi and Shelly. Rachel and Brendon talk, and Rachel says that she will say, "I'm sorry Jordan, I made a mistake." Brendon asys that's right, but you have to say it like you mean it. Rachel wants to tell Jeff that Jordan sucks as HOH. Rachel comes into the HOH room and says that she's sorry. Jordan said that she isn't mad at her. Jeff said that the repercussion of this is that Rachel is on slop for two weeks which affects her abilities. Brendon says that they need to stay together or Lawon will win Big Brother. Rachel tells Jeff that they can't hate each other. Jeff said that if Jordan backdoors Rachel and Brendon, they will be split up.

Jordan talks to Cassi and Shelly about putting them up. Cassi said that Jordan should watch her back because Rachel and Brendon will come after Jeff and Jordan. As Jordan says, she likes everyone and that is her alliance. Cassi really tries to talk Jordan into putting up Rachel and Brendon. Jordan talks to Jeff about backdooring Brendon and Rachel. Jeff said that they are their biggest allies right now, and will their biggest competition in the future. Jordan said that she would like to do something dramatic. Dominic says that he is obviously going to use the veto. Jordan has to decide whether to shake things up or go with the alliance. It's time for the veto meeting. Dominic says that he is going to use the veto to remove him and Adam from the block. Jordan nominates Cassi and Shelly to go on the block. As Jordan says that she has to do what will forward her and Jeff in the game. Porsche looks quite smug when Cassi goes up. Daniele is very happy that Dominic is off, and Cassi is up. Cassi is so stupid because she thinks Shelly is honest when Shelly has a secret alliance with the vets. And Rachel thinks that Jordan is smart and definitely on her side. Now the question is who will get HOH tomorrow?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 -- Evening

POV Used
News from yesterday's Big Brother live feeds was that Dominic and Adam used the POV to remove themselves from eviction. Jordan put Shelly and Cassi up, and Cassi is now probably going to go home. Folks are hoping that Rachel and Cassi will have a few blowouts before Cassi goes home. Rachel is jealous of Cassi's good looks. Rachel can only bond with women that she considers inferior to herself. I'm hoping that some of the catty words exchanged between Rachel and Cassi will show up on the CBS show. My favorite was Cassi telling Rachel that she is bitchy and ugly on the inside.

Sunday, July 17, 2011 -- Evening

CBS Shows Us What We Already Know
Tonight's CBS show started with a recap of Thursday's eviction and HOH competition. Dominic commented that he was shanked by people who said they would vote for Porsche, but didn't. Kalia said that she would not vote for Keith to stay because he outed her. Lawon and Adam were also angry at the newbies who turned against them. Rachel said that she has to thank her lucky stars that the newbies are idiots, meaning Kalia and Shelly for joining with the vets. Cassi said that it's bad for the new kids to have a veteran in power again. After the competition, we see Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, and Jeff partying. Then the newbies are in the Have Not room, and Lawon said that he was really pissed with the person who said that he was going to votefor them, but didn't. Adam admits that he was approached by the vets, and that he told them he wold take their side, but he didn't. Kalia and Shelly don't want to admit that it was them. Adam tells the newbies the truth. Rachel goes into the room, and makes a comment about "are there sides?" Cassi said that some of them don't life Porsche. Rachel said that some of them do, and then Rachel said that Porsche is here for a month, and walks out. Dominic talks to Jeff and Jordan about the vote. Jeff tells Dominic that he should have come to Jeff and Jordan to ask who to vote for.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Porsche talk and celebrate in the storage room. Shelly goes to talk to Adam, and she tries to make it sound like she didn't vote to evict Keith, and tries to get Adam to admit that he voted to evict Keith, when we all know it was her. Dominic tells Cassi that it's over for him because Adam made a deal. Both Dominic and Cassi stupidly say that they trust Shelly because she's a straight shooter. Dominic said that he has to start looking out for himself, and he thinks that he can influence Daniele.

Dominic and Daniele talk about who voted to evict Keith. Dominic admits that flirting with Daniele is the only way to connect with her. Rachel and Cassi are in the kitchen together and not talking. All very awkward. Then they all go up to see Jordan's HOH room. Shelly said that she is looking forward to getting her pictures. Jordan said that she can't wait to hang out with Jeff, but not that kind of hanging out. Jordan is just so cute. Brendon has a stuffed turtle that he has with him. CBS showed a whole segment with Brendon in a super hero outfit and Dominic wearing a towel as a cape. Adam goes and talks to Jeff and Jordan. Adam admits that he voted to evict Porsche, but that he doesn't want to go home. Adam said that he respects Jeff and Jordan because they know how to play the game. Meanwhile, Daniele and Dominic talk, and Daniele said that she would try to work with Dominic. Dominic tells Daniele that they should work together and target the person that Daniele wants to get rid of. Daniele said that she likes talking to Dominic, so that's why she would work with him.

Jeff thinks that Dominic is running things, but Rachel thinks that it's Cassi. Finally it's time for the Have and Have Not competition. Jordan, Jeff, and golden key holders, Daniele and Porsche, will be Haves. The competition has the couples in one big bug costume. As Dominic says, it's cool if you have a hot chick with you, but not if you have a huge, hairy guy. The teams have to run an obstacle course, get a food piece, and go back to a bowl. The first team to fill their bowl with four food crumbs wins and picks two teams to be Have Nots. Brendon and Rachel crawled, and Rachel said she's usually okay with being on the bottom, but it was pretty hard with all his weight on top of her. Rachel and Brendon take and early lead. Then Dominic and Adam, then Cassi and Shelly, and the losers were Lawon and Kalia. Brendon and Rachel won, and Rachel was so into herself winning yet again. Kalia just kept on complaining and crying about how she couldn't move. She was just being a hysterical baby. Jeff was worried because Kalia was screaming in pain. The BB medics came out to see her. They cut Lawon out of the suit, and Kalia's shoulder was perfectly fine. She was just being a big baby. Of course, Rachel and Brendon pick Dominic and Adam and Cassi and Shelly. The Have Nots get beef jerky and jelly beans to eat with the slop. Beef jerky will be pretty close to Adam's favorite, bacon.

Dominic goes to Jeff and Jordan and says that his back is against the wall, and that he needs to make a deal. Jeff tells Dominic that they have to trust him, and Dominic has to vote the way Jeff and Jordan want. Dominic said that he has no problem going up if he knows that he's safe. Cassi then goes up to talk to Jeff and Jordan. Jordan's lying in bed, and Jeff is lying on the couch. Cassi says that she wants to play for herself, and that she wants to play clean. Cassi admits that she is okay with putting up any of the other new people. Cassi also says that she can keep a secret and that what they say stays in the room. Daniele talks to Jeff and Jordan and Daniele says that she trusts Dominic but that she would rather have Cassi out. Jeff said that they may be a reason to keep Dominic and Adam. When it comes down to nominations, Jordan picks Dominic and Adam. Jordan thought that nominating Dominic and Adam were the best for her and Jeff, and it's what her gut tells her to do.

Saturday, July 16, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Update
Things have been cooking on the Live Feeds. Jordan nominated Dominic and Adam for eviction. The vets pulled Adam into the HOH room and tried to talk Adam into throwing the veto competition. They told Adam that he would be safe and tried to bribe him with the golden key. Well, the veto competition took place today. Brendon and Rachel were the other pair picked to compete. Dominic and Adam won. Now we have until Monday to wonder if they will use the veto. If Adam believes that he will be safe, then he might not want to use the veto because then he would have the golden key and be safe for another week. I'm not sure how powerful the golden key is when it just gets you, maybe one week. After all, it might be more important to get HOH. The food competition was held on Friday. Dominic, Adam, Cassi, and Shelly lost, so they are the Have Nots. It seems that America's Vote gave the Have Nots jerky and jelly beans to eat with sloppy. Other live feed news: Brendon is constantly lecturing Rachel on her behavior, and Jeff and Jordan are upset with Rachel's performance in the veto competition.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 -- Evening

Eviction and HOH
It's time for the live eviction. I'm hoping that the newbies in the house evict Porsche because she has been in with the returning house guests. Tonight's CBS show started with a recap of the previous shows. Keith thinks that he is one step closer to getting the golden key. Porsche is an evil wench. Keith was just trying to have a nice conversation with her, saying that if Porsche gets the golden key to keep her head up. Porsche called him a liar. Cassi, Dominic, and Lawon were talking about the votes, and Cassi realizes that they could have the numbers to keep Keith. Even though Keith has played a bad game so far, Cassi thinks that Porsche is in the the returning couples. Rachel finally realizes that the returning house guests need to up their social game and befriend the newbies. Rachel starts and annoying Big Booty game. Rachel said that she has to bring out Vegas Rachel. Dominic realizes that it's all the returning couples trying to get something from the newbies.

Rachel tells everyone that her nickname for Brendon is Buki. Brendon doesn't like her sharing the name. Brendon starts to lecture her about sharing endearing terms. Brendon tells her calling him Buki in front of others hurts him. What I think is funny, is that he thinks Rachel's actions demeans them. How about Skyping your penis to another woman while you are engaged to Rachel, as Brendon did? I guess that's okey-dokey. Brendon is such an annoying jerk. But then they are both annoying, irritating idiots.

Jeff tells the other oldies that they have to make sure that they have Adam's vote. Jeff said that they should get Adam to name the alliance. It's all really stupid stuff. Then Cassi talks to Shelly and Kalia about keeping Keith and getting rid of Porsche. Shelly can't do math to know there are more new people than old, and wants to play both sides to stay in the game. Cassi goes around working Adam next. It comes down to stick with the veterans or the newbies.

Julie had a video from Dick. His message was that there was an emergency with a friend, and that he was really looking forward to spending time with Daniele. Then Julie put Daniele on the spot asking how she felt. Daniele got teary eyed, but she didn't say "I love you" to Dick. Julie started to ask about that, and Daniele obviously was very much thrown by that, and only said that, of course, he was her biological father. Julie finally dropped it.

It's time for the vote: Keith has been evicted from the Big Brother house with a 6-4 vote. Keith gives them all hugs and heads out the door. Keith admits to Julie that he was cocky about having the votes, and he says that he's shocked that he did get voted out. Keith sounds teary, and he admits that he played the game wrong and should have done things differently. As Keith said, he thought that he had the alliance and the votes. But he didn't. Cassi told Keith that he was playing the dating game, not the Big Brother game. Lawon said that Keith was just out there. Keith seemed to take things with a laugh though, and didn't say any rude things about people.

Time for the HOH competition. Daniele and Porsche can't compete or be evicted. The competition is a golf competition. The house guest who gets their ball closest to the red number 1 hole wins HOH. Dominic is first and gets the ball in 6. Adam gets the ball into the 8 hole. Cassie gets the ball into the water and is eliminated. Shelly hits the ball right into the water. Lawon goes into the water too. Kalia also gets into the 6 hole with Dominic. Jordan is next and gets the ball into the 3 hole. Jeff hit the ball out of the park, and Brendon barely hits his. So Jordan is the new HOH.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 -- Evening

Veto Show
The Big Brother live feeds have been boring. The house guests this time are just annoying, and I am having trouble liking any of them. But I'm still watching, which I guess says something about me!

I've been anticipating the Big Brother show this evening to find out what happened to Evel Dick. So far, there really hasn't been a good explanation, and I hope that CBS comes up with something. It really makes no sense at all for Dick to have left, and he is claiming that it wasn't because of illness, but for personal reasons. The show starts with the nominations. Rachel said that she wants Porsche to be a vote they can count on. Brendon and Rachel try to explain that they put Porsche up on the block so they can give her the golden key to keep her in the house.. Brendon and Rachel don't seem to realize that they don't have the numbers and that six people on the new side are more than four people on the vets side. Even Daniele said that she couldn't understand Dick picking Porsche to play with the old house guests. Then Keith tells Dominic that he's going to throw the competition for the POV. Dominic thinks they have enough votes on the newbie side (which they do) to keep Keith. Kalia doesn't understand that the newbies have the number, and she thinks that Keith has to explain to the vets his plan to stay there. Kalia is stupid. The majority of these house guests are stupid.

We see Dick being called to the diary room and walking slowly there. Then Jeff realizes that Dick isn't in the house. They start to check around the house, and realize that Dick isn't around. Then Daniele starts to worry about what is going on. After hours, Rachel was called to the diary room, which made them all realize that Dick wasn't in the diary room. Rachel comes out to tell everyone that Dick left the house due to an extreme personal reason. However, there was no explanation of what happened. Jeff said that they may never know what happened to Dick, What is bizarre about the how thing is no one tells Daniele why her father left. So Daniele has a golden key, but as she said, she would rather play than have a golden key. Jordan goes to the HOH room, and tells Brendon, Rachel, and Daniele that Keith was smiling. Brendon wants to go down and yell at the new people because it's not fair to the vets. As Jeff said, there's no point in boo-hooing about things in the first week. Jeff keeps on trying to tell them that it's the first week. There are solutions. The others keep on bitching and crying. Jeff said that what they need to do is go out and win all the HOH competitions and knock them off. The guy is right. Keith celebrates and says that now he can make his move on Daniele. Shelly thinks that it's not good of Keith to celebrate when bad things happen. Keith said that he has to expose Kalia and Porsche for having alliances with the vets. Keith tries to out Porsche and Kalia as voting with the vets. Lawon thinks that Keith is a ticking time bomb. Dominic says it gives him serious doubts about Keith. Even Adam thinks that Keith is losing his mind. The thing is that Keith is right.

Time for the veto competition. Daniele gets the golden key at the ceremony. She says that she's going to take the next three weeks to build relationships with the others. The veto is just down to the HOH couple (Brendon and Rachel), the nominated couple (Keith and Porsche), and then Rachel picks Jeff and Jordan. Adma is the host for the competition. Porsche tells the vets that she wants to throw the competition and get rid of Keith. The competition has the couples dressed as super heroes. They have to rebuild a "skyscraper" by completing a puzzle with pieces gathered by the other. Both Porsche and Keith mention in the diary room that they are throwing the competition. Brendon and Rachel win, which is funny because one couple was purposefully throwing the veto, and Jordan isn't bright enough to spell veto.

Rachel and Brendon talk to Jeff about analyzing all the house guests because they have the power of veto and really need to show that they have power. Brendon and Rachel call up Dominic and Adam to try to intimidate them into voting the way that Brendon wants. Dominic won't be intimidated. When Brendon says, if we don't put you up, then you shouldn't put us up next week. When Kalia and Lawon go up, they just nod and agree to everything Brendon says. As Kalia says, who would disagree? You agree and then turn on them next week. Cassi calls them out and says that she thinks Brendon and Rachel would save Jeff and Jordan over her and Shelly. Rachel talks to Keith and tells him that she may use the veto. Keith tells Rachel that he would not put her up. Keith says that he would not put up Rachel. Rachel tries to threaten Keith that she will come after him if he won HOH next week and took out a vet. Wow! What audacity! Of course, Rachel doesn't change the nominations. The question becomes if the house guests will vote out Porsche over Keith.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 Evening

Rachel's Nominations
Tonight's Big Brother show started with the usual recap of the end of Thursday's episode. The Golden Key is really a matter of controversy because it keeps the person safe until they get to the jury. And there is no competition that the person has to compete in, including the food competitions. Floaters get a free pass. You can see the wheels spinning in everyone's mind. Dick's idea is to put up the strong pairs and get rid of the weak ones. Evel Dick's idea is that the former house guests have to stick together. As Daniele admits, she and her dad know how to play the game, and they just know that they have to work together. Evel Dick said that if they played Big Brother in real life, they would have a great relationship. For more scheming, Porsche tells Kevin that they should team with the former house guests. Kevin thinks that's a dumb move, but doesn't tell Porsche that. Rachel talks to Jeff because the thought is that the former house guests should stick together. Also Rachel has some smarts, telling Jeff that they have to be careful who they don't eliminate in the first four weeks because that person will be a jury vote and they won't know how that person competes. Dominic feels that he can trust Keith and Lawon, and that they should band together for an alliance.

Everyone goes to see Rachel's HOH room. Of course, everyone acts as if they are very excited to see the room. Shelly admits that Rachel just needs to think that Shelly likes Rachel. Meanwhile, the former house guests gather in the HOH room to strategize. Evel Dick thinks that they need to get one of the newer house guest teams on their side for safety's sake. The question becomes who to approach.

Rachel and Brendon are in the HOH room, and Rachel was looking very ugly and talking to Brendon about how Cassi must have a nose job or Botox. Brendon tries to tell her that someone of 26 doesn't need Botox. Rachel said how about 27? Brendon tries to explain how Rachel is good looking just as she is. Rachel said that she like plastic surgery and the look of Botox. Brendon seems disgusted, but just keeps on trying to assure Rachel. Dominic talks to Cassi about him, Keith, Lawon, and Cassi form a team. Cassi realizes that one person from each of the duos could be a good strategy. The foursome talk strategy. Meanwhile, Evel Dick talks to Porsche because she was a good competitor who hung on the banana the longest. I would think that would make her someone you don't want to take with you because she will float until week 5, and then will wreaking havoc on the others. Stupid moves. Porsche claims that it's a good strategy on the former house guests' part. I'm not sure why because the person who gets the golden key doesn't compete. Porsche talks to Keith about joining forces with the former house guests. Keith says that's a good deal. Then Keith goes to Dominic and Cassi and rats her out. Keith tells the others that Porsche is going to try to get the others out, which, of course, is the plan.

It's time for the Have/Have Not competition. Of course, it means there will be slop, sleeping in a bad bedroom, and cold water washes. Brendon and Rachel do not have to compete because they won't competing. Evel Dick, Daniele, Jeff, and Jordan are on the blue team, Cassi, Shelly, Kalia, and Lawon (all girls as Kalia says) are on the orange, and Keith, Dominic, Adam, and Porsche are on the green team. The goal is for the teams (dressed in spongy cow suits) to soak up milk in the suits and squeeze it into bottles. The two teams to fill their bottles win. Jeff was squeezing others well, but Keith looked like he was humping the others. The Blue team (Jeff, Jordan, Daniele, Evel Dick) were the first to fill their six jugs. The green team (with humping Keith) finished second. But Lawon didn't seem to understand that it was bad to be Have Not. The bedroom is a padded room with just a foam beds. As Cassi and Daniele said, it looked like a lunatic room. The bright fluorescent lights have to stay on all night. Rachel, Evel Dick, and Jeff talk about how they have to win all the competitions, especially HOH. Evel Dick said that he thinks he can get Adam on their side too. Jeff admits in Diary that as long as Evel Dick does the dirty work, it's okay with him.

Dick talks to Adam out by the pool. Evel Dick talks to Adam about getting his vote for the former house guests. Evel Dick says that he needs a promise from Adam to put up the new house guests if he wins HOH, and that he will throw POV. But Adam says in Diary that he will be going after Dick.

Shelly talks to Jeff and Jordan about her romance and life with her husband. In the HOH room, Rachel wants to get rid of Keith, but really doesn't want to give Porsche the golden key. Rachel isn't sure who to put up: someone she feels threatened by or someone she thinks she can play with. Time for nominations. Rachel says she can't put up nominees based on emotion, but has to use game play. Rachel puts up Porsche and Keith.

Friday, July 8, 2011 -- Morning

Evel Dick Gone!
When the Big Brother live feeds came on last night, it looked like Evel Dick was gone from the house. The house guests were talking about where Dick could be. No one had heard anything; they just noticed that he was missing. Daniele was complaining because she didn't know anything. Eventually around 1:30 a.m., Daniele was called into the diary room. From conversations when she returned, it seems that Dick left the game. Not sure why, but rumors are flying on the Internet. Also, it seems that Daniele has the golden key, so she should be safe for the first four weeks. Also, it seems that Porsche and Keith were nominated for eviction.

Thursday, July 7, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Returns!
Finally! We have the return of Big Brother! The twist was revealed right away. The eight house guests were going to have to pair up to get through the house. We quickly had a introduction to the new house guests. It always takes a while for me to figure out who I will like. The funny part was hearing one house guest say something and then they would flip to another who would say the exact opposite. We have Dominic, the virgin, Keith, the minister, Porsche, the spoiled wench, and Shelly, the cougar. Dominic, Lawon, Porsche, and Shelly got into the house first to pick out their beds. Quote of the show from Lawon: "I cannot believe that I is in the house." Dominic and Kalia vow to scrub the shower floor to keep it clean. Dominic realizes that there is a twist because there are 12 place settings, 10 beds, and eight of them.

Keith doesn't tell anyone that he is a preacher. Instead, he says that he is a matchmaker. I will say that Keith doesn't talk like a preacher. He talked about Kalia's puppies (boobs) popping out of her dress. Adam seems really annoying, and seems to think that he is going to win, but his type is usually out early. Cassi, the model, is extremely good looking.

The house guests are told that they will have to play the game with someone else in the house. They get to choose who they pair with. When someone wins HOH, that duo is save. A pair is then nominated for eviction, and they have to campaign against each other. Keith picks Porsche right away. Then Shelly and Cassi team. Adam sort of forces himself on Dominic. That means that Kalia and Lawon are a pair. Then the house guests find out that there are other duos playing the game. Keith quickly says that they have to be old house guests who will come in paired. Keith is quick on the uptake. The doorbell rings! The sign of things to come, and in walks Brendon and Rachel. Oh please! I'm ready to puke! I just can't stand Rachel, and Brendon is such a jerk. Of course, all the house guests really hate Rachel. I mean, who could like her!

The doorbell rings again, and Jeff and Jordan come in. The house guests respond that they are star struck by Jeff and Jordan. Jordan thinks there will be another pair, so everyone gets nervous, and then the doorbell rings again to be followed by a commercial break. It was Evel Dick and Daniele. So we get two obnoxious pairs and Jeff and Jordan. Evel Dick commented on how he was a winner of Big Brother, and Jordan reminds him that she won too. As Jordan said, he made her feel like chopped liver, and she does not like chopped liver. It seems that Dick and Daniele aren't talking to each other and are on bad terms again. Evel Dick commented on how he and Daniele haven't talked in three years. Of course, as Jeff said, it could all be a scam that they aren't talking, but I believe that I heard on the BB sites that Evel Dick and Daniele had a falling out again.

Time for the first HOH competition! The house guests have to hold onto a banana. They go up in a duo on a single banana. The house guest who hangs on the longest wins HOH. First, they get sprayed with chocolate and the swinging starts. Shelly is the first one off. Then Jordan slipped off. As Jeff said, Jordan was the first to slip off his banana, big shock. Then Keith was out. Then Cassi, Lawon, and Adam were down. Then Jeff and Dominic slid off. Then Wussy Brendon was off. Then Kalia fell off. Porsche was trying to hang on for the newbies, even though her shorts were exposing her butt. Then she fell off. Only Rachel, Evel Dick, and Daniele are left. Rachel said that if Evel Dick and Daniele fall off, they are safe. Dick draps off, then Daniele. So Rachel wins the first HOH. I just want to puke.

We find out that when you nominate a pair, the person who is not evicted, gets a golden key that prevents him or her from being nominated in the first four weeks. That person will not compete for four weeks, but will vote for eviction. So now, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea to get nominated. Daniele said that she would like to get rid of Evel Dick. Lawon wants to get rid of Kalia. Jeff has to explain the whole golden key bit to Jordan. I think the stupid thing is her act.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Brother Cast and Twist Revealed!
On this morning's Today Show, Julie Chen introduced us all to the Big Brother house guests and this season's twist. Eight house guests were introduced. They seem like the usual lot: four men and four women. "What?" you say. "That doesn't seem like a full house." That's because the twist is the return of a few pairs of "Dynamic Duos." We won't know who they are yet, but CBS has a poll to vote on who the fans think is most likely to get back into the house. The voting pairs are: My three favorite pairs are leading in the votes (in order of popularity from most to least): Jeff and Jordan, Evel Dick and Daniele, and Dr. Will and Boogie. I really dislike the other three pairs, and I hope and pray that they aren't selected for the show.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Twist
Things are heating up for the upcoming season of Big Brother. So far, we don't know who the house guests are, but that should be released by the weekend, I would think. In past years, the house guests are usually in the house the weekend before the start of the show. That's how we can see video of events on the first show. Julie Chen mentioned in one of the interviews for the show that:

Dynamic Duos from the past will have a significant role this season.

Does that mean that they are bringing back popular pairs? Or that the pairs somehow have something to do with the competitions? I would love to have an all-star show, if they get some of the better pairs back, like Janelle.

View of the Big Brother House

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 -- Afternoon

Big Brother House
CBS has finally released photos of the Big Brother house. From looking at the house, the rooms seem to be very colorful and youthful. I really liked the design of one of the bedrooms, with candy colored sheets and blankets, stripped walls, and an ice cream cart. I noticed that there are things like a fortune teller machine, ice cream cart, and bicycles. Yes, bicycles, not stationary bikes. i wonder what the theme will be this time around. it does appear to be more youthful. We have nine days to find out! The excitement builds!

Thursday, June 9, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Starts in July
Season 13 of Big Brother will start on July 7. I am looking forward to the new season. There's something about the show that appeals to the voyeur in me.