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Big Brother 15

5th to Jury--8/29
6th to Jury--9/5
1st to Jury--8/8
1st out--7/3
7th to Jury--9/5
Second Place
4th to Jury--8/22
5th out--8/1
3rd out--7/18
3rd to Jury--8/15
2nd to Jury--8/8
8th to Jury--9/11
4th out--7/25
9th to Jury--9/12
2nd out--7/11
Last to Jury--9/18

First HOH: GinaMarie
Second HOH: Andy
Final HOH: Andy
Winner: Andy

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Thursday, September 19, 2013 -- Evening

Andy Wins
I have just been way too busy to even be home over the past two days. So the only thing I know is that Andy won the final HOH, chose GinaMarie for the final two, and beat her. Elissa won America's Favorite. Barf!

Sunday, Septeber 15, 2013 -- Evening

Second Final HOH
Andy won the second HOH competition last night. That means that he will be competing against GinaMarie in the question competition on Wednesday. Things are deadly dull on the feeds, and I Hate clip shows that recap the whole season. So I won't be watching BB tonight. Instead, I'll have an early night, since I am feeling really worn out for some reason.

Thursday, September 12, 2013 -- Evening

Final Three
I haven't been watching BB for a while now. The live feeds were interesting, but in recent days, things have become extremely boring! I think that I'm definitely losing interest in this group, but the end is in sight, so I watched to see McCrae evicted tonight.

The BB show tonight started with Judd leaving. The rest of the Exterminators were sad to see Judd leave. Andy was just happy to be closer to the money. Andy was happy to make it to the final three. GinaMarie says that she won't go home if McCrae does not win the veto. When McCrae goes into the DR, the rest talk about how McCrae cannot win the veto. Andy tells Ginamarie and Spencer that he doesn't want to piss either of the other two off, but Andy knows that it's the veto that is important. Andy put Spencer and McCrae on the block. Andy says that McCrae does not know that he is Andy's target. Spencer is scared because Andy did not put up GinaMarie, which makes Spencer think that something is up between those two.

Finally, we get to see action from the jury house. Helen painted a memory wall. She said she came in bitter, but she's getting over it with exercise and painting. Then we see Aaryn join Helen, Candice, and Jessie. Candice is happy that Aaryn cannot win the money. Aaryn apologizes for her insensitive remarks. Obviously, CBS coached her well. Aaryn wants to start a new relationship. They appear to forgive her. The four talk, thinking it might be Andy coming in. However, it's Amanda who comes in. Jessie says that her nightmare of McCranda is finally over. Amanda said that most of the girl's were happy to see Amanda in the house because they did not want Amanda to win. Amanda said that America hated her because of the boos she got. Helen loves that Ginamarie made a move. Aaryn reminds Amanda that Amanda should have gotten rid of Andy. Amanda knew that Andy voted for her. Then Elissa comes in. Candice said that Elissa was one of the last she wanted to see in the house. Amanda says that McCrae did not know that Elissa kept him. Elissa felt defeated. Amanda gave Elissa back Elissa's wedding ring, and apologized for McCrae. Everyone realizes that Andy exterminated all of them. More jury house action when Judd walks in.

Judd goes in to join the all girl house. Amanda wanted McCrae because she missed him. Helen says that Judd is in with bitter women. Judd said being evicted a second time is terrible. Judd shows the group the video of the show. Judd thinks GinaMarie is the smartest. Then there is controversy about Ginamarie being the best in the house. Amanda thinks GinaMarie is more os coattail rider than Andy. Aaryn said that Amanda is even worse outside of the house. Candice said that McCrae is a huge floater because he hid behind Amanda and stayed in bed. Amanda thinks that McCrae was the most loyal of anyone in the house, and everyone shouts out "to you!"

Time for the POV competition. The competition is to put the picture of the house guest up with the clues that correspond to the house guest. They did this all the time. Some of the answers could apply to more than one, but only one correct answer solves the puzzle. If they buzz in with a wrong answer, all the chips fall off the wall. Andy's plan was to put in the answers that there was only one correct answer to. McCrae buzzes in first and loses all of this chips. Andy buzzes in shortly afterwards and wins. McCrae said the competition was his to win, but he wants to make sure that Andy knows that Andy needs to keep McCrae. Spencer tries to scare Andy about taking GinaMarie to the final two. Andy will win if he makes it to final two. Spencer tells McCrae that McCrae should stress to Andy how dangerous GinaMarie is. McCrae talks to Andy. McCrae says that Spencer and GinaMarie don't have much blood, but GinaMarie got rid of Amanda. Andy does buy that GinaMarie is dangerous. McCrae tries to say that Andy only has a chance in the final two with McCrae beside him.

Julie tells the crowd about Andy, Spencer, and GinaMarie telling McCrae about the Exterminators. McCrae thanks everyone, and tells Andy to use the veto on him because he is "bad radical." Andy chooses not to use the POV. Now they have a chance to convince GinaMarie. McCrae thanks a slew of BB bloggers. GinaMarie says she loves the two on the block. GinaMarie evicts McCrae. McCrae gives a final shout out to Julie shows McCrae a video of the three remaining Exterminators outing themselves. McCrae said that he got "got" and didn't see it coming. McCrae didn't believe that Andy voted out Amanda. Julie asked why McCrae didn't try to get Andy out. McCrae said that he should have trusted Elissa. Julie asks about the showmance. McCrae said that he may have been crippled because of Amanda being there. Julie asks for McCrae's feelings about Amanda. McCrae said that inside the house things are weird, but he doesn't know how it will be outside of the house. Then McCrae listened to the lame Exterminator good-bye videos. McCrae's final thoughts were that he wished he had distanced himself from Amanda.

Julie talks to the house guests in the living room. Andy said that they all felt that McCrae needed to know. Sunday's show appears to be a recap, with maybe some final HOH competition thrown in. Then next Wednesday is the final episode.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 -- Evening

Final Four
I just got home from a long evening of clases, so I plan on watching tonight's episode of BB tomorrow morning. However, a quick update: Judd was nominated in place of McCrae. When the vote came, Andy and McCrae evicted Judd. When the HOH competition went down, it was a tie with Andy, McCrae, and GinaMarie, and Andy won the tiebreak. That means that Andy is safe for the final three. Now we just have to wait for the POV to see who else will make it to the final three. POV is important this time because that person will sole control over the eviction of the other two players.

Sunday, September 8, 2013 -- Evening

Big Brother Delayed
Sunday's Big Brother show is going to be delayed by almost an hour by the US Open Women's Tennis final, won by Serena Williams. I won't be able to be around for the show tonight, but I can give an update on what has happened in the BB house. Spencer gave out some punishments and rewards when he won HOH. He gave Andy the chance to win $5000. However, when Andy had to pick boxes that would contain the price, he only wound up winding $84 or $94. As punishments, Judd had to exercise on command every three hours or so over a 24 hour period. McCrae and GinaMarie were shackled together for 24 hours.

Spencer nominated McCrae and GinaMarie for eviction. McCrae won the POV in a competition that was hosted by Ian Terry, the winner of last year's Big Brother. It seems that Ian was cheering on McCrae, which made some of the others mad. GinaMarie cut her leg, and got eight stitches. That injury was in the leg that did not have the broken toe. It seems the competition had the house guests flying in the air in a harness. Now Spencer has to put up someone else, and it will be Judd. Spencer should put up Andy because Spencer has been saying that he can't beat Andy in the final. Duh!!! The show is heating up over the next week, and will be ending soon, so there should be more competitions amongst this bunch of floaters.

Friday, September 6, 2013 -- Afternoon

the Final Five
Big Brother Update
I did not get a chance to watch Big Brother for the past two days because of evening classes and Rosh Hashana. I still have the shows on my DVR, but with my schedule for the next few days, I'm not sure if I will be able to catch up. However, I can give a quick update on what has happened so far. With Amanda and Spencer on the block, Elissa made a deal with Amanda to keep her. Amanda and McCrae thought that Andy was on board, but when Thursday came, Andy voted Amanda out. The score was tied with Elissa and McCrae evicted Spencer, and Judd and Andy evicted Amanda. Because Amanda really ticked off GinaMarie with some arguments, Amanda went to jury. Then as typically happens, McCrae won HOH. He nominated GinaMarie and Elissa, Judd won POV, and Elissa followed Amanda to jury. After the show, later last night, Spencer won HOH, and his plan is to put up McCrae and GinaMarie. If McCrae wins veto, Spencer wants to put up Judd, and then vote out GinaMarie. So that's the quick update. I hope to be back to normal time constraints by Sunday to catch up on that show.

Monday, September 2, 2013 -- Afternoon

Amanda and McCrae campaigning otherwise knows as sleeping
McCrae Comes Off the Block
Although he was saying he would use the veto on Amanda, McCrae wisely used it on himself. Spencer went up in his place, and Amanda will be headed to the jury house on Thursday. I wonder who will be hot on her heels.

Sunday, September 1, 2013 -- Evening

HOH and Nomination Update
Time for the Big Brother show. The show started with the HOH competition that was in progress when the show ended. Spencer wanted an Exterminator to win. Elissa felt like a sitting duck in the HOH, and she knew that she was not safe if Amanda or McCrae won. Amanda said that she sort of understands that they are too votes. Andy says that most in the house are against Amanda and McCrae, only McCranda doesn't know it. GinaMarie is part of the Exterminators, but she isn't sure how loyal they are. Amanda kept Andy because they trust him more. However, Andy wants to get rid of Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa. GinaMarie misses her bestie, Aaryn. As they were waiting to go out to play HOH, Amanda made some snide remarks about apologizing for overtly taunting Elissa. In the HOH competition, Judd does not want to wear the chicken suit. Spencer is having real issues trying to get the eggs, and he does not want to wear the chicken suit. Andy thought that he was a front hopper in the competition. GinaMarie and Andy were in the top two. Spencer tries the "drop the egg into your hand" method. Judd realizes that he is competing not to wear the costume. Elissa was rooting on GinaMarie in the competition. Andy being so close to GinaMarie was freaking Elissa out. Andy and GinaMarie were both around 10 eggs. GinaMarie could see that Andy was close, and she got HOH. I loved the ugly look on Amanda's face. Judd and Spencer found out that they has to wear chicken suits. Judd was happy that GinaMarie got HOH. Elissa was happy and celebrating with GinaMarie, and Amanda told Elissa to wipe the smile off her face because GinaMarie was going after her. In DR, Amanda said that she was going to make sure she got GinaMarie to make the right nominations.

GinaMarie goes to talk to Aaryn's picture about winning. Amanda says that she is going to make sure that GinaMarie targets Elissa. As soon as they come back into the house, Amanda immediately starts in on the "it's so wonderful that you are going to be sending Elissa home." As GinaMarie says, Aaryn has been puppeted by Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie says, "I may be blonde, and I may be cute, but my name is GinaMarie, not Aaryn." Meanwhile Amanda is telling Spencer and McCrae that GinaMarie will put up Elissa and Judd. In the storage room, Judd, GinaMarie, and Andy celebrate. Spencer says that he knows it's going to be Amanda and McCrae up, but he plays along with McCranda that he doesn't know. Amanda just keeps on and on about how she is going to tell GinaMarie what to do. Meanwhile, Elissa asks GinaMarie about who she is putting up, and is happy that it's Amanda and McCrae.

It's time for Spencer and Judd to get their chicken suits. They were supposed to wear the suits for 48 hours, but on the live feeds, it was like 36 hours. GinaMarie calls Judd a chicken nugget. Amanda is asking GinaMarie if she knows who she is putting up. GinaMarie says it could be anyone. Amanda says that GinaMarie should put up people that won't be mad at her. Amanda keeps on about how no one likes Elissa and Judd. GinaMarie in DR says that she agrees that she should put up the people that the house wants. It's just that those two are Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie laughs and make crazy gestures behind Amanda. In the HOH room, Amanda does not like that Elissa is being so nice to GinaMarie. Amanda looks upset, and laughs at Elissa. GinaMarie said that Elissa and Amanda look like they want to beat the plastic out of each other. Then Elissa is talking to Spencer and Andy about Amanda having to put people down to make herself feel good. Amanda assures Elissa that she will be nominated tomorrow and on the couch. Elissa just laughs and says that she doesn't care. The Elissa says that she thought Jessie was the only number ten, and that Jessie had a nice butt. Amanda gets upset about that, because obviously Amanda thinks she is a ten. Amanda just keeps up with the jabs as Elissa laughs. It's obviously uncomfortable for Spencer and Andy. Andy says he is leaving first, then Spencer and Elissa leave. Amanda is pitiful.

Amanda was in the living room with McCrae when Spencer comes back. Spencer says that Amanda's attack was uncomfortable. McCrae tries to tell Amanda to keep her mouth shut and not say anything in front of GinaMarie. McCrae is hoping to spin all the stuff in his and Amanda's favor. Amanda says that she is sure that Elissa is in the backyard talking about her, and Elissa is out there talking to Andy, Judd, and Spencer. Elissa is saying that she is getting tired of Amanda attacking her. Andy tells her the same thing that McCrae told Amanda. Amanda says that Elissa is just so mean to her. Amanda goes to talk to Elissa, and Amanda says that Elissa is antagonizing her. Amanda says that Elissa ignoring her is antagonizing here. Amanda starts crying in the backyard, and Amanda says that this is like high school. Spencer asks if Amanda was a bitch in high school. Amanda just keeps on about how mean Elissa is to her, crying, and BB production plays this really weepy, mocking music in the background. GinaMarie says that Amanda has done nothing but make Elissa's life hell last week, and Amanda is a big bully, and big bullies don't cry. GinaMarie adds that Amanda has cried her way to the top, but GinaMarie is on her now.

WE finally get to see the luxury competition. The house is filled with balloons, and the house guests come out of the HOH room lockdown. They have to pop balloons, and the first one to find a 1 chip, a 0 chip, and a K chip, wins $10,000. Elissa thinks to herself that each balloon she pops is Amanda's head. Amanda just shakes the balloons, and as she says 10K is McCrae's annual salary. Spencer found a 1 chip on his first pop. McCrae found one, and so did Judd. Spencer found the 1, 0, and K first. In DR, Spencer says he's the cluckiest man alive. Amanda says that this is not a luxury for anyone other than Spencer so he should clean it up himself. GinaMarie is talking to Judd when Amanda comes in. GinaMarie tells Amanda that she needs a couple more minutes. GinaMarie said that she knows who is going up, and her plan is to put off Amanda. Then Amanda pops her head back in, and asks if Judd and GinaMarie are making out. After Judd leaves, Amanda starts the Elissa and Judd conversation. McCrae comes in. Amanda tells GinaMarie that Elissa got rid of Nick and Aaryn. Amanda says that it should be a final four with the McCrandas, Andy, and GinaMarie. Amanda goes out, and tells Andy that GinaMarie is going to put up Judd and Elissa. Andy says it is going to be a huge blindside. Amanda asks Judd who says he thinks it might be him and Elissa. In DR, Judd said that he wishes he could pop some popcorn to watch the blindside in the nomination ceremony.

It's time for nominations. McCrae is hoping he is safe. Amanda says it will be Elissa and Judd, and that she feels safe, happy, and glorious. What a bitch! GinaMarie said that no one had the balls to put up Amanda and McCrae yet, and that should have happened weeks ago. Time for the ceremony. The keys come out in this order: Andy, Spencer, Elissa, and Judd. Amanda's mouth is agape. GinaMarie said that a huge dynamic power couple. GinaMarie said that people were too chicken to put them up. GinaMarie said that McCrae had fire in the first competition, and she wants him to get it back. Amanda was crying. Elissa was so happy that McCranda was on the block. Amanda said that she doesn't get it. She has been trying to figure it out, but she can't. Amanda said that GinaMarie doesn't have a brain in her head, and it's not fair that she is getting out Amanda. McCrae cries because he says that one of them is going home this week. GinaMarie said that Amanda has been bullying and making people cry for weeks, but Amanda won't make GinaMarie cry. More fireworks on the next show.

Sunday, September 1, 2013 -- Afternoon

McCrae Is Safe
McCrae won the POV last night, and he is going to be safe at least for the start of Thursday. Amanda will go out, with probably Spencer by her side. Amanda is going to try to get Elissa up so Amanda will be safe, but no one is falling for it. If McCrae wins HOH, they are hoping that he will nominate Elissa, that she will not win POV, and that they will vote her out. We'll have to see how it all plays out on the live double eviction (Fast Forward) Thursday.

Friday, August 30, 2013 -- Evening

Amanda and McCrae on the Block
GinaMarie put Amanda and McCrae on the block, and when Amanda went into attack mode telling GinaMarie that GinaMarie had a target on her back, and that when one of them got off the block, they would just vote out the renomination, and Amanda and McCrae would go after her. Amanda cannot understand GinaMarie as GinaMarie said that she was putting them both up because they were the only duo, and that one of them had to go this week so everyone would play as individuals. Amanda said that didn't make sense and that now was not a good time. As GinaMarie asked, was the good time when it was final three, and Amanda and McCrae were going to final two?

GinaMarie appears to have broken her toe on a trip on the steps to the HOH room this morning. It seems that she is finally going to get to see a medic for her toe.

Amanda Meltdown Again

Friday, August 30, 2013 -- Afternoon

Andy and Judd and Spencer in chicken suits
Big Surprise Update
So GinaMarie did indeed get HOH Judd and Spencer were the two players with the lowest number of eggs so they will be wearing chicken suits this week as you can see in the picture. Judd is wearing his like a togo. So far, GinaMarie's plan is to put up Amanda and McCrae. Meanwhile, the pair of them seem oblivious to the fact that GinaMarie would put them up. Amanda is constantly on McCrae about how he needs to get in GinaMarie's ear about putting up Elissa and Spencer.

The surprise competition was today, and it was a luxury competition. The house was filled with balloons, and the house guests had to pop the balloons to find prizes. All I know so far is that Spencer found $10,000. Of course, when Amanda was doing the little bit of cleanup that she did, she gathered a dustpan of trash and dumped it into Elissa's luggage bag.

I think that fireworks will break out after GinaMarie's nominations. She is one girl who cannot be messed with, and her mind is set with the Exterminators alliance (her, Andy, Judd, and Spencer).

Thursday, August 29, 2013 -- Evening

GinaMarie gets another HOH
GinaMarie HOH
The feeds didn't come back until after the HOH competition, and it looks like GinaMarie won. I'm not sure who finished in the last two.

Thursday, August 29, 2013 -- Evening

Eviction Night
I haven't had much chance this week to watch the BB shows, but I'm camped in front of the TV this evening. It looks like Aaryn is going to go tonight based on the live feeds. And it seems that Andy might be willing to sink the Demanda alliance. It all will depend on who wins the HOH tonight.

The show started with Julie talking about Amanda making enemies in the house. Andy went up on the block, and as Amanda was getting up from the couch, she told Elissa to sit down trash. Aaryn realizes that it's the end of the alliance, and that she is going to go home because Andy has more alliances. Andy says that the new plan for himself does not include Amanda and McCrae. Amanda tries to taunt Elissa, but she doesn't have a lot of success. Regardless of wheat Amanda says, Elissa says that she is not going to be manipulated by a girl like Amanda. Amanda doesn't realize that she is on the losing end by annoying people. Amanda says that everyone is being nice to Elissa, and just hiding behind her. Amanda would not let Andy leave the room as she denigrated Elissa. Amanda told Andy that he HAD to stay in the room. Amanda also says that anyone who talks to Elissa is her next target. GinaMarie is talking to Spencer, Judd, and Andy about how Amanda is psychotic with her repulsive behavior. Spencer says that Amanda and McCrae have been running things too long. The four of them say that they are the new alliance to get rid of Amanda and McCrae. They are calling themselves the Exterminators, and say they will go after Amanda and McCrae next week. Amanda tells Aaryn that she wants her to stay, but that she has been in an alliance longer with Andy. Amanda did not like how Aaryn picked Judd for the veto competition. Amanda starts crying, then Aaryn starts crying, and Amanda goes over to hug Amanda. Aaryn admits that it's going to be hard to stay because she might not have the votes. Aaryn talks to GinaMarie about the vote. GinaMarie says that Aaryn has her vote, but GinaMarie is covering her back by having the Exterminator alliance.

Aaryn tries to get Spencer and Judd on her side. Spencer tells Aaryn that he is concerned about her loyalty, and that her alliance seemed to shift. In DR, Spencer says that he needs to keep Andy for his vote. Aaryn says she will trhow people under the bus if she has to because she is not ready to leave. Aaryn talks to Amanda and McCrae about how keeping her keeps the target off of more people. Aaryn tells Amanda and McCrae that Spencer will put her up. Amanda calls over Spencer and asks him about it. Spencer denies it saying that he would never even talk about nominations. Spencer says that it is Aaryn's web of lies. Aaryn hopes that Amanda can see that Spencer is lying. Amanda tells Aaryn that Spencer is lying. Amanda asks Aaryn if she will take Amanda and McCrae to the final three. Amanda thinks that she may have to consider keeping Aaryn over Andy.
Julie tells us that the two who finish last in the HOH competition will have to wear either a bunny or a chicken suit. America gets to pick it. Geeze, Louise!

Julie talks to Dan Geisling about what he thinks of BB this year. Dan says that Amanda is playing a mean game. As Dan says, Amanda is playing the game like a brat. Dan tells Julie that the mist works. As Dan says, he backstabbed, but he didn't embarrass people. Dan says Danielle talks to him, and everyone is cordial. Dan likes Judd. As he said, Judd came back saying that he was going to play with a clean slate. Dan wonders what people are thinking about keeping a showmance in the house. As Dan says, he doesn't think Amanda and McCrae will talk to each other a month after they leave the house.

So Julie looks at some of the biggest showmances. First up is Rachel and Brendon. They met three years ago and got married last December. Rachel wants the first BB babies. Dani (from season 8) married Dominic. As Dani said, when Dominic left the house, that's when she realized that she missed him, and that she wanted a relationship. As Dani says, people see shomances as a big power threat. Then we saw Jeff and Jordan, together for four years. Jordan said that Amanda wears the pants in that relationship. Then Jordan says that Jeff needs to put a ring on it. Finally, it is back to the game.

Julie talks to the house guests. Judd thinks that not a lot of things have changed since he left. Julie congratulates Amanda on the veto win, but then asks about taunting Elissa. Amanda says that now the house guests know not to push Amanda's buttons. Elissa said that Elissa said game related things, and Amanda took it another step. Elissa said, you have to put up people. However, Elissa said that she would let bygones be bygones. Amanda looked like she wanted to stab Elissa. Spencer talked about the very messy front bedroom. It seems that Spencer throws his clothes in piles all around.

Aaryn then gives her spiel thanking family. Andy gives an Emancipation Proclamation, using Abraham Lincoln's words, and giving love to Anderson Cooper (from CNN). Time for the vote:
Aaryn is evicted from the BB house by a vote of 5-0. Julie reminds us that she can't say anything to Aaryn about the outside world. I know that people are hoping that Aaryn will get blasted for being a racist, but she won't. When Aaryn hears that she is out, she smiles. GinaMarie is crying as Aaryn leaves. Everyone is dressed for Endurance. AS Aaryn walks out, she got boos from the audience. Julie asks Aaryn about getting her hands dirty for Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn says that the house votes together, and Aaryn told GinaMarie to vote with the house so GinaMarie will not be a target. Aaryn is asked about not getting along with Elissa. Aaryn claimed to like Elissa at the beginning, and Aaryn really liked Rachel. Aaryn didn't like Elissa's lies. Julie asks Aaryn about her racist remarks, and Aaryn said that she hoped to not come across as racist, but she's from the South, and everything she said was all taken out of context. People laugh. Julie calls Aaryn on her comments, about not seeing Candice in the dark, Helen should make rice, and Andy being queer. As Aaryn says she did not remember saying that, and the audience laughed. Aaryn was really on the hot seat, and I was surprised about that. Aaryn said that she feels like a different person. Judd said that Aaryn is a competor. amanda said that Aaryn is her friend. Elissa has nothing to say. GinaMarrie says that she loves Aaryn, who will always be her BB buddy. Aaryn pretty much said in Texas, you talk a certain way. I guess that means Texans are racists. Julie tells Aaryn that after she goes home and watches the footage, she might have a different view.

The competition has the house guests hopping to a fence (their feet are tied together), sticking their hands through a mesh fence, and then moving the egg through the HOH maze on the fence. After they get the egg out, the house guest has to hop the egg to a basket and start over. The goal is to get 12 eggs in their basket. The two with the fewest eggs will have a punishment, which will be the chicken suit. This competition will take a while. Update on HOH later!

Sunday will have a surprise competition for the house guests. Then next Thursday will be another double eviction.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 -- Afternoon

Andy on the Block
Amanda took McCrae off the block, and Elissa put Andy up in his place. Elissa's goal is to make sure that Aaryn leaves the house. Even though Amanda tried desperately to taunt and verbally abuse Elissa so Elissa would put GinaMarie up, Elissa was strong enough and smart enough to realize that the alliance has to be broken up. Amanda finally game up when Andy went up. I am not a fan of Amanda's, and I was never a fan of the Evel Dick method of verbally abusing people to demoralize them. I remember when Evel Dick poured ice tea on Jen in season 8 with no repercussions. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now. My hope is that this remaining house guests get rid of Amanda next.

I probably won't be able to watch tomorrow evening's BB episode. I have classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, which will prevent me from being home. I might have a chance to catch up on Thursday morning/afternoon.

Sunday, August 25, 3013 -- Late Afternoon

BB Update
Elissa put up McCrae and Aaryn on Friday. Since then, there has been tons of arguing and scheming on the live feeds. Elissa was hoping to backdoor Amanda, but Amanda won the POV on Saturday. Now that she is going to take McCrae off the block, Elissa is planning on putting Andy up in McCrae's place. The stupid people there are trying to talk Elissa into putting up GinaMarie, but Elissa knows that the alliance is Andy, Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae. So Aaryn will probably be the one going home on Thursday. McCrae and Amanda are on the live feeds now taunting Elissa. Obviously doing this will make Elissa want to put up GinaMarie on Monday instead of Aaryn.

I'm not feeling good, so I'm going to sleep early today and passing on the BB show tonight. It will just be about the HOH and Jury competition and Elissa plans for nominations.

Friday, August 23, 2013 -- Morning

Elissa HOH
Jessie was the first juror to fall off the jury wall. Probably a half an hour later, Helen fell, quickly followed by Candice, so that means that Judd is back in the house. Elissa was great at this competition, and she was the first to catch ten balls. It was down to her, GinaMarie, and Amanda, which was a surprise to me. Elissa is already talking about putting up Aaryn and McCrae. I wonder though if she will go for Amanda if someone comes off the block. That would make sense.

Thursday, August 22, 2013 -- Evening

HOH and Juror competition
BB Update
The live feeds are back, and Jessie has five balls, more than anyone else. McCrae, Spencer, and just now Andy, have fallen off the wall. It's a half an hour into the competition. I'm shocked that Amanda is still up there. The picture here from the quad cam shows all the action. I'll post the results in the morning, but I"m heading to watch the rest of the competition in bed!

Thursday, August 22, 2013 -- Evening

Returning Jury Member
Finally, the returning jury member twist. I can't wait to find out who it is, or how it will go down! GinaMarie tried to flip the house to vote out Spencer, but of course, again, it was for naught.

Tonight's show started with Julie talking about the returning jury member, and Helen's constant campaigning to stay in the house. Spencer is not surprised, but he's not sweating it. Aaryn said that not putting Amanda up will appease Amanda. What a fool! Helen says that it's clear that Aaryn is being bullied by Amanda. Helen tells Elissa that she has to work with Aaaryn and GinaMarie. Helen is trying to tell them that Amanda and McCrae are going to run the house. Helen tells Andy that he needs to vote for the good people, her, and get rid of the bad people, Amanda. Andy says that he is getting pissed off that Helen is doubting him, and in DR, he does not like Helen saying who is good and who is bad. Well, Andy is not voting for her, and of course, he runs down to tell Amanda about Helen trying to get folks to keep her. Helen says that she knows Andy keeps on saying that he is keeping her, but that Helen can read Andy's bogy language, and knows that Andy is lying. So Helen got to talk to McCrae to hope that he will vote for her. Helen tries to get McCrae to see that he is playing Amanda's game, and not his own game. Of course, McCrae ignores her because he likes being p*ssy whipped by Amanda because he gets sex from Amanda. As McCrae says, Helen counseling him about his relationship is really off putting. Amanda is getting pissed off at being attacked on a personal level when she doesn't pick on Helen personally. It's gets really awkward in the HOH room when Amanda goes on and on to McCrae, Spencer, and Andy about how she is not a bully, and asking if she is a bully. Spencer says, yeah, sort of.

Elissa and Helen try to talk GinaMarie into voting for Helen, and GinaMarie does want to vote for Helen because she wants to break up the Amanda/McCrae alliance. Elissa and Helen talk to Andy about voting Helen out. Andy admits that he is wavering about voting out Helen. Elissa tries to explain that Amanda and McCre are a pair. Helen tells Andy the gig is up and that Andy will be targeted for eviction. Andy admits in DR that he is always trying to keep himself off the block, and that is something he is really afraid of.

Time to talk with the house guests. Julie showed them video of the Have/Have Not competition. Amanda said that being in the black box made her scared, and he eyes never adjusted. GinaMarie said the hardest part was walking and sliding and not seeing. She said that she was prepping in the house walking around at 4 a.m. trying to find Nick's hat. Then we saw Elissa battling in the POV competition. Andy said that he was terrified to get in Elissa's path. Time for the nominees to give the speech. Andy says hello to everyone, the usual speil. Helen says hello to everyone at home. She says to keep her, but regardless of the vote, she loves them all. Time for the vote:
That means that Helen goes home. We got to comercial break, and when we come back, Helen gets the news that she is out by a vote of 4-1.Helen and Elissa hug a long time. Helen really starts to cry when she hugs Andy, Amanda, and McCrae. Helen goes out to Julie. Helen said it was emotional. Julie asked about the McCrae and Andy's loyality. Helen realized that Andy wasn't loyal to her. Helen thought Andy wasn't a liar or cheater, that he's a good, old boy. Helen wanted Andy to take out a huge player. Julie asked if Helen should have acted sooner on Amanda. Julie can't understand why everyone was so scared of Judd. Helen says it was all paranoia on the house guests. Julie asked how much of the tears this week were real. Helen said that if it would keep her in, she would cry a river. Helen said she went down swinging. Andy's good bye speech was about Helen's good and bad comments. McCrae said that the game is like a chess board, and that Amanda is McCrae's queen. Amanda says that she had to take the first opportunity to take out Helen. Elissa says she is going to miss Helen every single day. Julie asked about doing things differently. Helen would not have taken out Howard, but would have gone for Amanda. Julie tells Helen that she and the other jury members will compete to get back in the house. Helen is quite excited!

Julie told us that Candice, Judd, and Jessie have been in the jury house. Candice wanted to see GinaMarie, and she was shocked to see Judd. Judd admitted that he didn't see it coming. Candice adored Judd because he makes her laugh. Then Jessie came in, with Judd hoping it will be Helen. Judd wants answers on why he was evicted. Jessie tells Judd that it was Helen who wanted Judd out for being MVP and nominating Amanda. Two days ago, there were a special setup for the jurors with a note. They found out that one of the jurors would be going back into the BB house. Judd says he is going to put up Helen and Amanda. Jessie also wants to target Helen and Amanda. Judd calls Amanda the devil. Candice wants to get rid of GinaMarie. Judd says they get to have revenge on the snakes. All four are in endurance style closes. The winner goes back into the game as if they were never evicted. Julie says the house guests have no idea what is going to happen. Julie calls everyone into the living room. Julie tells them that the four members will be competing to re-enter the game. The door bell rings, and all four jury members come in, and there are hugs all around. Elissa is crying over Candice. Everyone has to go out to the back yard. The jury and HOH competition is about to begin. It seems that jury and house guests will be competing together.

The competition is a typical wall hanging competition. The house guests are split in two groups. The first person to catch ten balls wins, whether it is a house guest or a juror. So If the juror is the first to get ten, he/she is HOH. If they fall off the wall, they are out. The balls are shot at the house guests randomly, and Jessie caught the first one (or at least got it in her collection). After the first ball, they house guests get sprayed. This one may take a while.

As the show ended, Jessie had two balls, Judd had one, and a few of the others had a ball too.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 -- Evening

Helen realizes her time is up as she cries to GinaMarie
Helen Blow Up
Today's BB show started after the Helen and Elissa nomination. Aaryn says that Helen going home is the best for her alliance. Helen isn't scared because she has a final three with Andy and McCrae. Helen thinks that McCrae can control Amanda. Elissa tells Helen that they have to win the veto. Helen warns Elissa not to argue with Aaryn. Elissa thinks that if they win veto, Spencer goes up and goes home. Helen goes to talk to Andy, and Andy claims that he feels very out of the loop. Helen bad mouths Elissa in front of Andy because no one is really friends in the BB house. Andy says in DR that it is heartbreaking that he has to lie to Helen to protect his real alliance with Amanda and McCrae. Helen tries to assure Andy that it is critical that Spencer goes up and goes home.

Meanwhile, Amanda and McCrae are making out in one of the bedrooms when Elissa walks in and lies down on the next beed. Amanda tells Elissa to play hard, and that Helen really isn't on her side. Elissa says that part of her thinks Amanda is just playing her by claiming that Helen threw Elissa under the bus. But then Elissa isn't sure if Helen might be against her. Amanda thinks that with Helen gone, Amanda will control Elissa. Andy tells Spencer that Helen is gunning for Spencer to go. Andy says he can't win the veto, but that Spencer should. Spencer says he has to dominate to win the veto. Time to pick players for veto. Aaryn picks GinaMarie's chip out of the box. helen picks Spencer, and Elissa picks house guest choice, and she picks Andy. Andy is not happy, but Spencer is happy because he is going to foil Helen's plan. Elissa realizes that she has to win. Helen asks Andy if GinaMarie would take someone off the block if she won. Andy assures Helen that McCrae is pretty loyal. Andy won't use the veto if he wins it, but he lets Helen think he will take her off. Andy tells Helen he is going upstairs to hear what people are talking about. Amanda and Aaryn are upstairs talking about how Helen cannot win. Andy tells them that he does not want to win veto. Amanda doesn't like that Andy would rather remain clean by throwing the veto. Amanda says Andy has to play for it, with her threatening, Demanda way.

The veto competition is an OTEV competition. There are trees, mud, water, wood chips, and a huge beaver. The questions are based on love letters, sent to an evicted house guest. They have to find the letters, wipe off the front to see the name, and be the first back. The last one back is eliminated in each round. The first clue was for Jeremy, with a clue about ranting about wine. helen is very back. Elissa finds Jeremy but is also scanning for other house guests that she might need. She is second back. Aaryn is third, Spencer fourth, and Andy fifth. GinaMarie was only finding Nicks and no Jeremy, but she is the last back. GinaMarie is first out. The second clue was about a grizzly bear shirt, so we know it's Judd. Spencer is back first. Helen stumbles, and Elissa flies by her to take the last stump. Everyone talks about Elissa being so set on winning over her friend Helen. Amanda is happy that Helen is out. Round 3 is about a clown, and it's obviously Candice. Again, Spencer is first back, then Aaryn, and it's down to Elissa and Andy. Helen realizes that Andy isn't trying to win, but Elissa says she has to win. Elissa tackles Andy like wimpy girl, according to Andy. Round 4, and the clue is about chiseled stone, and it's about Howard. Elissa is up first with Spencer close behind. Aaryn is out. It's down to the final round. The clue was about Jessie giving away the 5k. Elissa is back first with Jessie. She wins veto. Elissa says the others need to realize that she is there to stay. Elissa really channeled Rachel for the veto comp. It was amazing. Spencer really tried to win, and he's pissed because he is going up next. Helen is excited because she thinks that means she and Elissa are staying, but as Amanda says in DR, Helen is going home.

Helen does a crazy dance, and Elissa is super pumped that they may win. Helen says that after veto, Elissa's head is in the game. Helen tells Elissa that she will make sure that Spencer leaves. Helen thanks Andy for trying to win for them, but meanwhile, she was thinking that Andy did not try hard in the competition, and she sees it as a huge red flag. Elissa goes to talk to Amanda. Amanda says that Spencer is going up, but Helen is going home. Amanda says that there is nothing anyone can do to keep Helen. Amanda says that the worst thing Elissa can do is try to flip the house, because everyone will be after Elissa. It's amazing how everyone there lets Demanda do the thinking for them. Elissa dn Helen are cleaning the bathroom. Elissa wants to warn Helen, but she's afraid that Helen will go after her. Helen asks Elissa if Amanda is trying to get her out. Elissa asks not to be brought into anything with Amanda. Helen realizes that Elissa is trying to tell Helen that Helen is the target. Helen realizes that Elissa must have been threatened by Amanda that if Elissa helped Helen, Elissa would be out next. Helen goes to talk to Aaryn about Amanda and McCrae playing everyone and running the house. Aaryn tells Helen that Andy might not be loyal to her. Aaryn tells Helen that Andy tells Amanda everything. Helen tries to tell Aaryn that the game changing move would be to get Amanda out of the house.

Aaryn says that it's always good to get wine to take the edge off. Of course, they bring up the whole Jeremy taking the win. Aaryn tells the story that everyone hated her so she drank the wine. Amanda starts arguing with Amanda about it. Aaryn says that Amanda saying "start checking people's mouths" as not being nice. McCrae says there's mouthy Amanda blowing up at Aaryn when Aaryn is HOH, and could potentially backdoor Amanda. Aaryn says that it's obvious from Amanda's tone that she thinks she is better than Aaryn. Aaryn tells Andy that she doesn't think Amanda has Aaryn's best interests at heart. Andy is trying to make the 3AM alliance stick together, because he didn't want his plans to fall apart around his ears. Amanda just keeps on arguing with Aaryn, which is really stupid. Also, it's really stupid how everyone puts up with that. Aaryn tells Andy that everyone is gone so far because of Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn says that she needs to stop playing Amanda's game and play her own. I just cannot understand these folks. They need to get rid of Amanda, but it's never a good time. Amanda is going to make it to the end with this sort of attitude, and make it without winning anything.

Time for Elissa to use the veto. Helen had been trying to get Aaryn to put up Amanda, but that fell apart because everyone does what Demanda wants. Helen hopes that Aaryn sees that Amanda is the bigger threat. Demanda says that if Aaryn puts her up, she will put Aaryn up because "trust me. I get what I want." Elissa takes herself off, and Aaryn puts up Spencer saying it is the corner she is being pushed into. Elissa says she will be a vote to keep Helen in her speech. Spencer thinks he might go home. Helen says that Amanda better hope that her plan to evict Helen works because Helen is after Amanda. Amanda in DR says that Aaryn did a great job of doing what Demanda wanted. Gosh, I really hate Demanda!!! Let's hope Helen comes back on Thursday, and that she or Elissa wins HOH.

Sunday, August 18, 2013 -- Evening

Helen on the Block
All afternoon on the feeds, Helen has been campaigning to stay in the house. Helen realized that Amanda and McCrae are voting her out, but so far, Helen hasn't figured out that Andy AND Aaryn are on the McCranda side. Well, Helen gets what she sows. She has been a huge advocate of the "house" voting as one. Well, she is going to be burned by it.

The BB show tonight started with Jessie's eviction. Amanda smirks in DR about having a hand in ever eviction and how she hopes to have a hand in all future evictions. Spencer does not want to be on the block again because there are bigger targets in the house. Andy is crying again about the Jessie eviction because she was genuinely a good friend in the house. Then we saw Demanda looking like a addled idiot during the HOH competition. BB shows Demanda and McCrae talking. McCrae thought that Demanda would get it. McCrae says that in future he is not throwing anymore competitions for her, basically because Demanda is too much of an idiot to win anything. Demanda says she sucks and cries. McCrae says that was another competition that he threw for Demanda that she lost. BB showed Demanda crying in the storage room while they played clown music. Demanda is really an idiot at competitions, and she's lucky that McCrae carries her, and that the others let Demanda determine their thoughts.

Elissa worries about her safety with Aaryn, and wonders if Aaryn would put her up with Helen. Helen tells Elissa to go an talk to Aaryn. It's a game, make it a challenge, Helen says. Helen says that she worked really hard on Aaryn and that she plans on continuing it. Helen goes in to talk to Aaryn, and Helen tells Aaryn that Aaryn is better than Janelle, and that Aaryn should be happy with how she has progressed in the house, and to turn the frown upside down. Demanda says that after crying behind the garbage can, she is ready to target her new victime. Aaryn has to put up Helen and Elissa on Demanda's orders. Aaryn has an alliance with McCrae, Amanda, and Andy called 3 A.M. based on them talking at 3 a.m. in the morning. McCrae gets to Aaryn first and says that it has to be Helen and Elissa and that Helen can't win veto Aaryn says that the three of them talking is too obvious. Aaryn wanted to put Spencer up because Spencer is sketchy. Aaryn realizes that putting Helen up puts blood on her hands. Andy comes in, and he's excited about the plan, mainly because he has no blood on his hands.

Aaryn said it's hard to get together with her 3 A.M. alliance with eight people in the house. Demanda is the Mastermind. Andy is the Agent because he goes around getting information from everyone. Aaryn is the Beast because she wins competitions. McCrae is the enforcer. McCrae is just happy that they don't call him a little girl.

Time for the HOH room reveal. Elissa is not excited about seeing it again. Spencer says that Aaryn has won so many competitions, they have to see pictures of her with goats. Amanda goes around being very jealous and bitter. As Andy says, Demanda must have thought she was so close to being HOH, but not really. Helen talks to Elissa about how she must talk to Aaryn. Elissa says in DR that she really doesn't like Aaryn because of things Aaryn has done and said. Elissa tells Helen that she does not think Aaryn is a good person. Elissa cries because she won't see her son got to his first day of third grade. Helen says that she misses things too, but that Elissa needs to be a good alliance member for Helen. Helen gets really testy with Elissa telling Elissa that she needs to stay in the house instead of going to the jury house with the others. Elissa said that if she is evicted, she would not go to jury, but just leave. Helen gets really upset at this because as far as Helen is concerned, Elissa is saying that she won't stay around to give Helen a vote in the final two. Helen cries in DR about how it hurts her heart that Elissa would just leave her. Helen goes into the HOH room, and she starts crying to Demanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn, and GinaMarie. No one else really has sympathy because basically Helen cries to them all that when Helen is in the final two, Helen won't have Elissa's vote. Helen is clueless about how she won't make it to the final two. McCrae in DR says that Helen is deluded into thinking she will make it to the final two. Aaryn in DR says that Elissa doesn't see the BB experience as the others because it's important to them. Spencer says that Elissa had a bad day. GinaMarie said that Elissa has been like that from the beginning, and GinaMarie really went on a good rant about how Elissa had a stick up her ass. In DR, Demanda says "Helen don't cry. Elissa's not the target. Silly girl."

Time for the Have/Have Not competition. They have to randomly select chips to get on teams. The girls are all green, and the guys are orange. Aaryn plays on one team, but she will not be a Have Not. They go outside, and there is a huge black box. The green team goes first. They have to find the key hidden inside. They have to take the key outside and unlock the buzzer. The team with the fastest time eats. Elissa is worried about being on the block and a Have Not. The inside of the box is pitch black. GinaMarie says she can't see her hand in front of her face. There are sticky, dirty parts. There are buckets in the middle of the room with spaghetti and stuff like that in it, and the outer walls have hidden passages. Helen kept on finding the buckets like there was more than one set. The key is right outside of the buckets, but they couldn't find it. Finally GinaMarie finds i, and they all have to get out. Andy did not like the goo on the floor pulling out his hair. Spencer found the key right away. He then gathered everyone quickly, and they tried to get out. The first door was trick door with stuff. McCrae finds the door, and Spencer corralled all the people out. The Green team took 7 minutes 21 seconds. Orange team was 3 minutes 41 seconds.

GinaMarie was mad because the guys were 4 minutes faster. Helen was concerned about Elissa being on slop and bringing down Helen's game.

Helen says her father was from North Korea. GinaMarie said that she comes from Staten Island. Helen's parents left Korea after the Korean War. Helen's mom doesn't speak English, and just knows general words. GinaMarie said that her mom must feel like she's in another country, which she is, duh. Meanwhile, Elissa talks to Aaryn. Elissa goes on and on about her body hurts because Elissa doesn't have an exercise mat. Elissa just doesn't know how to talk to people. Aaryn tells Elissa that if Elissa goes up, Elissa is not the target. Elissa feels that she really opened up to Aaryn, and Elissa realizes that it's not going to be a delightful week. In HOH, Helen asks Andy if she can talk with Aaryn for a little bit. Helen realizes that Elissa might be going up on the block, and that Helen might have a target on her back. Helen says that if she wins the veto, she would not take Elissa off the block. Helen said that she would do whatever Aaryn said. Aaryn reallizes though that Helen has to go.

Time for the nominations. Demanda hopes that Helen's "I'm a mom" tears didn't change things. Helen hopes that Aaryn sees that Spencer is more dangerous. Elissa feels sad because she knows she's the target. Spencer is tired of being a pawn cause there are bigger fish to fry in the house. Aaryn hopes not to do the wrong thing that will lead to the down fall of her game. Time for the ceremony. The keys come out in this order: GinaMarie, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy. Aaryn says that she nominated Elissa and Helen because they are a power duo after her power duo (Aaryn and GinaMarie). Elissa does not want to lose Helen. Elissa claims that she wants to make it to the end with Helen. Helen trusts Aaryn, and thinks that things may be okay. Demanda is happy about getting her way once again. Bye-bye Helen!

Sunday, August 18, 2013 -- Afternoon

Helen's Fate Sealed?
Aaryn did as Demanda wanted, and she nominated Helen and Elissa for eviction. Helen has been assured by all that Elissa was the target, and that if Elissa won the veto, Spencer would go up in Elissa's place, and he would be evicted. However, "the house" is going to evict Helen. When the jury member reenters the house on Thursday, I hope that it's Judd and NOT Helen. I am done with Helen, and Judd, at least, is entertaining.

Thursday, August 15, 2013 -- Evening

Psycho Amanda crying after losing HOH
Psycho Demanda
Well, Demanda officially wins Psycho of the BB house. She has hidden herself behind a trash can in the BB house storage room, and she's crying because she is so incompetent at competitions. I mean, really!?!?! After all, McCrae threw it for her. No one picked Demanda till the end so she would win. Then Aaryn was waiting to see if she would pick a song. When Demanda didn't, Aaryn buzzed in. Demanda finally came out from behind the trash can, and she is already working on Aaryn to put up Helen and Elissa. Amanda is now sure that Aaryn is going to win because Aaryn wins competitions, and no one will know that Demanda is the puppet master behind the nominations. With Demanda and McCrae talk, Demanda makes the plans to get rid of Helen. Demanda also tells McCrae that she wasn't upset at losing the game, but because McCrae "yelled" at her for not winning, since everyone was obviously trying to throw the win her way.

Thursday, August 15, 2013 -- Evening

Eviction Time
Time for the eviction episode of Big Brother. It should not be a shocker. The show started with tensions after the veto meeting. Andy wants to get rid of Jessie, but supposedly, Jessie doesn't know it. Jessie checked in with Amanda and McCrae about being the pawn. Jessie says that it's scary because both she and Spencer are "pawns" on the block. Jessie said that Helen and Elissa are acting distant to her, and Jessie feels out of the loop. Jessie talked to Andy. Jessie does not think that Helen has her back. Andy thanks Jessie for telling him about Helen. Andy told Helen and Elissa that they need better poker faces. Andy tells the pair to act as if they are Jessie's best friend. Jessie goes up to talk to Aaryn and Helen in the HOH. They were all talking about Judd going out. Helen tells Jessie that maybe Judd was trying to use Jessie to get Amanda out. Jessie calls Helen out on the Judd and Amanda conversation. Jessie said that Helen seems to be trying to throw Jessie under the bus. Helen claims that Jessie was still trying to get Amanda out of the house. When Jessie calls Helen on the lie, Helen says that Jessie is lying and storms away. Jessie goes to Amanda and McCrae about Helen and Elissa joining with Jessie to get Amanda out. Amanda thinks it's a bad time to start the argument, but Helen and Elissa don't want to do it. Helen, meanwhile, doesn't want it out there that Helen wanted Amanda out. Helen attacks Jessie, and says that it was a lie. Helen asks Jessie why Jessie is lying. Jessie doesn't like that Helen is leaving Jessie out on the limb. Helen goes up to talk with Jessie by the chess table. While Helen and Jessie talk, Andy and GinaMarie listen in. Helen claims not to remember the conversation. Amanda and McCrae listen in downstairs. Amanda thinks that everyone knows that Helen is lying. Andy knows that Helen came to him to get Amanda out of the house, so Andy knows that Helen is lying.

Jessie tells Aaryn about what Helen did. Jessie says that Helen is trying to get Amanda to take the fall for Helen trying to get Amanda out of the house last week. Helen goes to talk to Amanda and McCrae, followed by Aaryn. Jessie listens outside the door, and she learns she was always the target. Jessie tells Andy that she was listening through the door, and that he should take a guess what she heard. Andy tells Helen, Elissa, and Aaryn that Jessie was listening in, and knows what they were plotting. Aaryn is freaked out over Jessie blowing up her game. Jessie tells Spencer and GinaMarie that she found out that she was being played. In DR, Spencer is relieved that he is the pawn after all. Jessie tells GinaMarie that Aaryn is always talking about GinaMarie and throwing her under the bus. Aaryn went to talk to Andy and Spencer about Jessie blowing up the house. GinaMarie tells Aaryn that Jessie was saying that Aaryn was playing folks. GinaMarie kept on trying to say that there was no problem. Then Aaryn and GinaMarie start arguing because Aaryn started to get so nasty to GinaMarie. GinaMarie keeps on telling that Aaryn is yelling like a psychopath again. GinaMarie goes out and yells in the house to wake everyone up so everyone will know that Aaryn is yelling at GinaMarie. GinaMarie invites everyone up to enjoy the show. GinaMarie asked Aaryn if she wanted to say anything negative about GinaMarie in front of everyone.

In the living room, Aaryn tells Julie there aren't many people left and tensions are high. Andy is asked about Judd, and Andy said that Judd was awesome and lots of fun, a huge presence in the house. Demanda says that no one should feel safe in the house and there should be a little bit of paranoia. Helen comments on the question of making big moves instead of doing what the house wants. Helen claims that Judd is the big move. Helen is too much of a two-faced politician. She's a well-seasoned and practiced liar.

Time for Spencer and Jessie to make a spiel. Jessie thanks her family. To the house guests, she says that it was pleasure to play with them. Spencer wishes a happy birthday to his brother, and says that everyone in the house is great and he wants to stay. Time for the vote:
As per usual this season, everyone voted the same, and Jessie was out to jury. Julie reminds everyone that Jessie is still part of the game, and cannot get news or feedback from outside the house. Jessie hugs everyone and doesn't say anything. andy is crying in the house, and Helen is receiving hugs like she is the family of the deceased. Julie asks Jessie about the roller coaster of the last few weeks. Jessie wanted to make an impression about the unanimous house, Jessie wants to see a Helen versus Amanda blowup. Jessie felt loyal to Helen, but also felt betrayed by her. Jessie was hoping to find a buddy, friend, or even a showmance in the house, but nothing. Jessie said that she was always struggling to fit in. Jessie says that she will have a bone to pick with Judd in the house. Amanda tells Jessie that "this is what happens when you try to get me out." Aaryn said that it was hard because she thought Jessie was a friend. Andy said that Jessie was no longer a use to him. Helen said that she had to keep Amanda in the house to get further in the game. Helen is so insincere. Jessie thinks that she did the best she could. Time for the HOH competition.

HOH is a question and answer. Two at a time, they will hear a short song that identifies a competition: HOH, POV, Have/Have Not. If you get it right, you get to pick the next two. If you get it wrong you are out. If neither of the two answers, both are our. The winner picks the next two GinaMarie and Helen were first, and GinaMarie got the HOH song right. Elissa and Spencer are next. Spencer ran in first with veto and wins. It was now McCrae and GinaMarie. McCrae got the veto song. McCrae picked Spencer and Aaryn. Aaryn rang in first with Have/Have Not, and she wins. Then it is Amanda and McCrae. McCrae went with veto because he knew it was wrong, and wanted to throw it to Amanda. Now it is down to Amanda and Aaryn. Aaryn rang in with veto, and it was right. Amanda was very slow, and just seemed confused about what was going on. It's really pitiful to see Demanda struggling to compete and understand the games. She is soooo out of her element.

Julie congratulates Aaryn on her fourth HOH win. Aaryn says she is happy, and that it is great to be safe, but it will be hard. During next Thursday's live show, the house guest evicted next Thursday will compete with the others in the jury house to return to the game.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 -- Evening

Big Brother Show
I wasn't home this evening to see Big Brother, and might possibly miss the show tomorrow too. We'll have to see. I know what happened from the feeds: Andy wins POV. He does not change the nominations, and between Spencer and Jessie, Jessie will be the one going home. Jessie has been causing some drama in what has been an extremely boring week. She called out Helen, who was doing a bit of scheming against Amanda last week. That confirmed McCrae's believe that Judd was innocent of all the accusations against him. Unfortunately, Jessie did her shit stirring AFTER the POV ceremony, so nominations were not changed. Now Helen and Elisse are planning on going after Amanda and McCrae next HOH, and Amanda and McCrae are planning on Helen and Elisse. We'll have to see if either scenarios comes to fruition.

Sunday, August 11, 2013 -- Evening

HOH Catch-Up
Tonight on the BB show, we get to find out what the live feeders have known for days: that Andy is the HOH>

The show started with a recap of the Thursday's show. Spencer said that the Candice/GinaMarie dialog was ridiculous. They kept up the talk all through the voting and commercial time. Andy thought it was tumultuous because both girls are nuts. Aaryn said in DR that GinaMarie was making a lot of really low blows, and she didn't want to be associated with GinaMarie. Some talk was made of GinaMarie commented on Candice's mom not liking her, which is a low blow since Candice is adopted. Elissa was sad to see her leave, and thought that Candice had to put up with a lot of crap in the house.

Aaryn said that she did not want to win HOH. Jessie was bummed because it seemed that it would be her and Spencer on the block. Aaryn was talking to the guys about who she would put up, and Aaryn said that she wanted to put GinaMarie up. That was the secondary plan. Judd said to put up Jessie because everyone was after her. Spencer went up, and he didn't know what was up because of all the whispers and alliances. Aaryn won HOH and veto quickly, so it left the house guests with a lot of scheming time. Aaryn wanted to keep her nominations the same, but we see Helen tell Aaryn to backdoor Judd. CBS is making it seem like it is Helen's idea when it was really Demanda wanting Judd out because Amanda thought Judd has been MVP. Jessie gives her allegiance to Aaryn. Helen says that Judd is very strong, and that he has a strong social game. Helen and Aaryn call everyone into the airplane room, and tells them all to vote out Judd. McCrae and Amanda tell Spencer to go with whatever happens. Judd thinks everyone is talking about keeping Jessie when as McCrae said that it is heartbreaking to vote Judd out. Even Andy said that it was icky feeling, and that his heart was telling him not to vote out Judd. Aaryn puts Judd up as Helen and Demanda wanted. Helen tries to talk during the commercial break, and Judd tells her that he doesn't want to hear her. Aaryn said that hearing Judd try to fight for his BB life was heart breaking. Judd said that it's not to late, and they can still keep him. Helen tries console Aaryn. Demanda says that she really loves Judd, but that he was MVP. Demanda was so wrong about that, and she really needs to hang her head in shame. Demanda was sure that Judd put her up. That's why Judd went out, because Demanda was afraid Judd was after her, when he really wasn't. Everyone appears to be crying, except for Helen and Demanda: wenches. Amanda was relieved that Judd went out because he was DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY I TELL YOU, MVP. So, almost half of tonight's show was a recap of Thursday.

Aaryn said that the house wanting to backdoor Judd shows you how quickly the house turns on people. Aaryn wants to know when she is going out. Helen calls Aaryn Janelle, and tells Aaryn that for once in the game, no one is after her. Meanwhile, Judd and Andy cry. As McCrae said, Judd was his best friend in the house. Demanda takes Aaryn into the airport room, and says that she will never doubt Aaryn again. Aaryn claims that she trust Helen the most, but Demanda wants a final four with Aaryn, Andy, Demanda, and McCrae. Demanda keeps on saying how it is huge deal. Andy said that seeing Judd go out was like watching a wounded animal. Only Demanda doesn't cry because she is an evil wench. Andy is crying with the group, then he wants to go by himself. Helen says that getting rid of Judd is good for everyone's game. Spencer says they are like wild hogs turning on each other. Time for the HOH. The backyard has two banana boards facing each other. Aaryn does not look happy. Andy wants to win so he can show people that he wants to play. The competition is tournament style. The first player to land the "cherry" on the sundae wins. The first match is Helen versus Jessie. Then Andy versus GinaMarie. Demanda versus Spencer, and finally Elissa versus McCrae. Andy realizes that he has to win so he's not a victim of a big move.

Not only is the winner HOH, but he/she gets to name the Have Nots. It was Helen versus Jessie. Jessie and Helen take a long time, but Jessie wins. Then it is Andy and GinaMarie. Andy wins. Spencer wanted to make big moves in the house, but Demanda got her ball in on the second roll. McCrae takes out Elissa. Elissa was distracted by all the noise that McCrae was making. Now it was down to the final four. Andy went against Jessie and beat her. Andy's ball just knocked out Jessie's ball. Then it was Demanda versus McCrae. Demanda said that McCrae MUCST let her win the challenge, but his ball goes in, and Demanda, of course, gets pissed and starts crying. Demanda said "why couldn't Demanda throw it?" McCrae did not want to throw it to make it look like he was making a concession for Demanda. Now it's the final two: McCrae and Andy. Andy wins by remaining calm and level-headed. Andy landed the ball on the first try. Helen, GinaMarie, Elissa, and Aaryn all volunteered to be Have Not. Aaryn said that she volunteered in the spirit of Aaryn the good witch. Andy says it is hard because he has been friends with everyone in the house.

Meanwhile in the house, Demanda yells at McCrae about how upset she is with him because she sucks at competitions. McCrae said he didn't even try. Demanda kept on about how McCrae wouldn't let her win HOH. The girl is wacky-o. She can't win a competition that asks her to name her name!

Helen goes to console psycho Demanda. Helen tells Demanda that they are all their because of Demanda. Helen said that Demanda wins without winning--because everyone does what Demanda says. Demanda said that she is just frustrated. Andy comes in, an Demanda says she is happy for Andy, but annoyed for herself. Demanda keeps up with the "i'm the only one didn't win anything in this house." Of course, she blames McCrae, but tells him she is not mad at him. McCrae tells her that she has controlled every nomination since the start, and Demanda has. Andy goes up to his HOH room, and tells Helen that he is nominating Spencer and Jessie. Helen tells Andy that she would put up Demanda and McCrae. Helen does nto realize that Andy is not with Helen. He is with Demanda. Andy doesn't think that it is time. Helen says that they don't have a lot of weeks left, and they should make the move. Andy doesn't want to choose a side because he is on both sides.

It's time for Andy's nominations. Helen is hoping for Demanda and McCrae to go up. McCrae hopes that Andy stays loyal. Andy says he has to be overt in what he is doing and get his hands dirty. So he takes the easy way out of nominating Jessie and Spencer. The keys come out in order: GinaMarie, Helen, McCrae, Aaryn, Demanda, and Elissa. Andy says that the nominations are strategic. Spencer says that he's on the outside in the house, and he needs to get on the inside. Spencer thinks things will work out. Demanda says the goal is to send out Jessie. Helen is hoping that McCrae and Demanda get backdoored. If not, Helen says she will know where Andy's loyalty lies.

Saturday, August 10, 2013 -- Evening

Amanda tells Andy what to do as HOH
Pseudo-Demanda HOH
Andy won the HOH in a competition late on Thursday night. Of course, this is the same as Demanda getting HOH, only without the gift basket and actually winning anything. Andy, of course, quickly put up the people that Demanda wanted: Jessie and Spencer, with Jessie to be evicted. If Jessie wins the POV, then GinaMarie is supposed to go up and out of the house. These people are really among the worst BB players in the shows history. No one makes the move to get rid of the only existing pair that went out os its way to eliminate all the other existing pairs. Oh well, maybe eventually someone will make a move, but I doubt it. It will probably come down to Demanda and McCrae at the end. Demanda is already trying to think of a weak player they can take with them for the final three. It has to be someone that Demanda can beat in a competition, and that will be hard since Demanda appears to be incapable of winning anything.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 -- Evening

Double Eviction Night
One of my favorite Big Brother nights is double eviction night. I really, really hope that Amanda leaves tonight. There should not be a lot of stupid interview pieces tonight, I hope.

Julie let us know that the jury begins tonight. Julie hints that a blindside might be too good to pass up. it won't happen because people are afraid of Amanda. Candice in DR said that people are starting to look at Amanda. Amanda claims that she is going to play "nice Amanda." Amanda tells Jessie that she wants to be friend. Amanda claims that she was never after Jessie. Jessie doesn't buy Amanda's fake apology, and she wants to evict her. Andy said that he trusts Amanda, Judd, and McCrae. Judd tells Amanda not to have any more emotional outbursts. Amanda doesn't trust Judd because she is 99.9 percent sure that Judd is MVP. Idiot! Candice and Elissa are talking about how Amanda is the biggest threat. Jessie says that they have to get rid of Amanda, and Candice says that people aren't thinking of $500,000. Jessie has to convince Helen that it is her golden opportunity to take out Amanda. However, stupid Helen says she can't do it without all her allies on board. Jessie tells Judd that this week is huge, and she tries to plant the seed with Judd that Amanda needs to go home this week. Jessie says that if they don't get out Amanda, they will just be giving her the money at the end. Helen talks to Andy about Amanda and McCrae being too comfortable. Helen thinks Andy is the closest with her in the house. Helen is stupid and does not know that Andy is in an alliance with Amanda, and he has Amanda over Helen. Andy tells Helen that this is not a good week. Candice tells Helen that they are crazy to keep Amanda in the house. Candice told Helen that it's obvious that Helen has a loyalty to Amanda. Helen says she will get rid of Amanda when the house wants it. Jessie is flabbergasted that Helen is so stupid.

Julie talks to the house guests. She tells them that there will be nine people in the jury. Julie also tells them it's a double eviction night. Julie also says that just because they are on the jury, it doesn't mean they are out of the game. Time for the speeches. Candice says that she came to play a game, and when Candice tries to give her speech, but GinaMarie talked over her. It became a real cat fight. Spencer tried to make a jokey speech. Then Amanda said hi to folks, and gave her same spiel as before. Time for the vote:
Candice is out with all seven votes. Julie says that she can't give Candice any feedback on the outside world because she will still be part of the jury and the game. GinaMarie yelled after Candice that GinaMarie's mom liked her not like Candice's who gave Candice up for adoption. That is a really low blow. Candice apologized to Julie for the exchanges. Candice said that she knew she was going to leave, and she was going to defend herself. She did not want to let GinaMarie talk about Candice. Candice said that because Candice wasn't part of Amanda's alliance, she was on the outs. Candice thinks Amanda will make it to the end. Julie alluded to the racial tensions, but didn't say much more.

The HOH competition, Summer School, is on the knowledge on items and events in the BB house. Answers are more or less. First, is the number of airplane seats more or less than 14. Answer more. Elissa is the only one to get it wrong. In Popsicle Factory, were there more or less than 5 different color popsicles. Answer is less. Andy and Jessie are out. In the living room, is the number of black balls in the fireplace more or less than 20. Answer more. All get it. In the veto competition, did Kaitlyn get more or less than 23 votes. It was more and only Aaryn got it right. Aaryn is the new HOH.

Aaryn is talking to Andy and McCrae, and Aaryn says she can't figure out what to do. Spencer says if he goes up on the block, he's going home if Jessie wins the veto, and Aaryn does not put up GinaMarie. Andy asked Aaryn what she wanted to do. Andy says that he doesn't want Spencer to go home. Time for the nomination ceremony. Julie lets us know the MVP twist is over. From now on, there will only be two house guests who go up. Jessie and Spencer are nominated.

Time for the veto competition. Andy, Judd, and Amanda were selected to play in the veto competition. They have to race down their lane, and get six colored nails to complete the veto puzzle. The person who completes the puzzle first, and gets the gold veto nail AND has the puzzle right, wins veto. If the puzzle is wrong, that person is eliminated. Everyone is putting in nails, but Aaryn got the puzzle right, and won the veto. She has to decide if she is going to use the veto. This means that Jessie is going home.

Helen is giving Aaryn a pep talk about they all owe her. Jessie is sitting on the living couches alone. She knows she is going home. McCrae is hugging witchy Amanda. Dang, that girl is still there, and no one will get rid of her now. No one has the guts. Aaryn took Jessie off the block, and she put Judd up in Jessie's place. Aaryn said that Judd is playing her, and that everyone in the house wants Judd to go home.

Time for the Spencer and Judd to talk. Spencer asks to be kept. Judd said he guesses that everyone wants him to go. Judd said that the things said about him weren't true, and he is on their side. Judd is telling the truth. The vote:
Judd is evicted by a vote of 7-0. Judd runs away, grabs his hat, hugs people, and then leaves. Julie asked Judd what happened. He was confused, and he didn't know what happened. Judd said that he should not have trusted Amanda--I will call her Demanda from now on--and McCrae so much. Judd says Demanda is running the house. Meanwhile back in the house, Helen is insisting that Judd is a schemer. No...actually Helen and Demanda are the schemers! We'll have to see who is HOH later tonight on the live feeds.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 -- Evening

POV Show
House guests practice for an upcoming competition CBS has announced today that both evictees tomorrow will be going to the jury house. So that means nine people in the jury. Also, BB has given the house guests the apparatus you can see at the right. They were all told to practice, so now everyone is talking in the house about this coming Thursday being a double eviction night. Amanda seems to be pretty good at rolling the ball down the slide and into a bucket. I wonder if that will make the house guests rethink strategy and get rid of Amanda. Nah, won't happen!

Meanwhile, on the show tonight, the action started right after the nomination ceremony where GinaMarie called Candice a rat. As GinaMarie said, Candice is her target while Jessie is the pawn. Candice was appalled at what came out of GinaMarie's mouth. Jessie realizes that she has to fight hard. Amanda and Judd went off to laugh after the ceremony. Amanda said that GinaMarie is entertaining. GinaMarie told Jessie that she wants her to win the POV, and Jessie is not going home. GinaMarie apologized about calling Jessie a flipflopper. GinaMarie and Jessie promise to have each other's back. Candice tells Judd she has a thick skin, and isn't offended at him laughing. GinaMarie called Candice up to her room (calling Candice sweetheart). Candice told GinaMarie that her comments were harsh. Candice said that she did not like the tattletale comment because Candice knows a lot of secrets. Poor Candice gets a bad rap for going against Team Amanda/Helen.

Amanda thinks that the twist is who the MVP is. Spencer does not think it is anyone in the house. Amanda thinks that only someone in the house would be putting her up. Amanda thinks America loves her. Spencer says "if you do something people don't like." Amanda is befuddled at that because she just does wonderful things like get rid of mean people. Meanwhile Amanda doesn't like Jessie being in the same room as her. Amanda asks McCrae to sit by her, and McCrae says no. Amanda gets mad and walks out of the HOH room. McCrae goes to talk to Amanda, and she says that McCrae is annoying. Amanda was upset that McCrae let Jessie sit near him. McCrae thinks that her actions are unnecessary, and that Amanda just wants to keep him on a leash. When Amanda showers McCrae goes to talk to her. McCrae cannot understand why Amanda is irritated, and she is upset that he can't see why she is irritated. Amanda says that girls like Jessie drive her up the wall. McCrae says in DR that the Amanda relationship reminds him of other relationships he had, and how he wishes he could get out of the house. McCrae said that he would like to separate himself from her, but he doesn't think he can because hell hath no fury like a scorned Amanda.

Time for the MVP nomination, and Amanda sees that it's her again. To her, it does not make any sense. McCrae said that he is not surprised because Amanda had been making a fool of herself, and it was obvious to someone else. Time to pick the other two players in the Veto Competition. Spencer and Judd are the lucky twosome. The host for the competition is Aaryn. Candice is happy, and Elissa and Helen talk with her. They think it is Judd. Amanda thinks the real MVP is Judd because he acts super weird. Amanda asks Judd if he wins the MVP, he will use it on her. Judd says he will use it on Jessie, which freaks out Amanda. Judd said that it is a ploy; he will use it on Amanda. Then Amanda asks Spencer if he will use the veto on her. Spencer said that it's like the Joker asking Batman for help. Amanda insists that it is stupid. GinaMarie said that she would use the veto on Amanda. Aaryn got angry and walked out of the HOH. As Aaryn said, Amanda is selfish because Amanda is thinking of only herself. Andy talks to McCrae, and says that Amanda pushing for people to use the veto on her is making her alliance uneasy. McCrae tells GinaMarie that if GinaMarie won the veto, she should not use. it. Amanda gets mad that McCrae doesn't think everyone should use the veto on Amanda. As McCrae says in DR, Amanda thinks that everyone owes Amanda everything, when they don't owe Amanda anything. In the airport room, McCrae goes to talk to Amanda. McCrae tries to explain to Amanda why he was telling GinaMarie not to use the veto. Amanda tells McCrae that he needs to stop his ditatorship. Amanda says that she doesn't know where McCrae's loyalties lie. McCrae says in DR that Amanda is like a bull in a china shop. That's why America keeps putting Amanda on the block. She's annoying, and people want her out.

Time for the POV Competition. There are buckets of frogs. They have to fling frogs at numbered lily pads. The house guests with the fewest points is out for that round. In the first round, Jessie gets 3, Spencer 5, Candice 4, Judd 8, Amanda 23, and GinaMarie misses the pads. GinaMarie is out. She claims the veto, which sucks because she is the first to find it. In Round 2, Spencer gets 5, Candice 24, Judd 6, Jessie 4, and Amanda get 1. Amanda is out. She get the 5th place prize of a doggie cone of shame for 48 hours. She trades for the veto. Round 3: Judd gets 21, Jessie 9, Spencer 5, (while the competition is going on Candice tells Judd that Amanda is calling Judd a shady rat. Amanda starts yelling at Candice. Amanda asks like a definite ass, making derogatory comments. Amanda taunted Candice calling her an idiot.) Candice missed the pad, but took the 4th place prize. Candice got a vacation, but she took the veto from Amanda. Amanda keeps on taunting Candice, calling Candice nuts. Candice tells Amanda to just leave her alone. McCrae hopes that Amanda would just shut up because it puts a target on his back. Judd gets a 23, Jessie a 13, and Spencer gets the lower score. Spencer gets a spray tan, but he takes the vacation from Amanda. It's down to Jessie and Judd. Jessie lands on the 50, but it falls in the water. Judd got 29, and he won the competition. Jessie gets the second prize. Amanda instantly starts in on Judd about where she was. Even Helen realizes that Amanda is rubbing it the wrong way. Jessie's price is $5000. She traded for the veto. Judd got a clown suit, but he traded it for the $5000 that Candice had. Amanda was pissed, per usual. Jessie was very proud of getting the veto. Amanda admits that she sucks at competitions. Candice hopes that the others see that Amanda is a bigger target. All I know is that CBS is painting an ugly picture of Amanda. Too bad the house guests are too afraid to vote her out.

After the competition, Amanda goes into the airport room. McCrae follows her, and McCrae argued with Amanda over not shutting up and keeping up the argument with Candice. Amanda doesn't get it. McCrae tells Amanda that she was making a spectacle of herself, and that Amanda was coming across as a bully. Amanda says that Candice is going home, and Amanda was rubbing the salt in it. Amanda claims that she wasn't saying anything, and she tells McCrae to leave her alone. Candice is so upset over what Amanda did in the competition, but Candice is trying to keep her temper, and come across as the bigger person. Aaryn said that Candice and Elissa are friends, and they are joking in the kitchen. Aaryn worries that Elissa might try to keep Candice. Aaryn tells GinaMarie that maybe GinaMarie should put Elissa up so Elissa can't vote to keep Candice. Candice dresses up in her clowny-tard. Candice really does seem to be making the best of the situation. Amanda has to get her spray tan, and she looks awful. The third punishment was the cone of shame. The cone of shame was not that bad. As Helen said, GinaMarie doesn't see anything as a punishment. Helen goes to talk with GinaMarie to make sure that Helen's allies are safe. Helen said that she wants to work with GinaMarie. GinaMarie tells Helen that Elissa is campaigning to keep Candice. Helen claims that she really loves GinaMarie and that Helen plans on only seeing Elissa, Andy, and GinaMarie after the game ends. She may rethink Andy when she realizes that Andy ratted out Helen to Amanda.

Time for the POV Ceremony. Obviously, Jessie is going to use it on herself. Jessie hopes that there will be a bold move in the game, like putting up McCrae to level the playing field. Amanda realizes that Jessie won't use the POV on Amanda. Rolling my eyes! Candice hopes that people see that Amanda is a bigger target. GinaMarie just doesn't want the replacement to come after her. Jessie comes off, and Spencer goes up in her place. Spencer says that Candice is freaking everyone out with her tirades, and Amanda who is on meltdown. Amanda is just clueless. Let's hope she goes to jury on Thursday. Candice said that she won't go down without a fight. it will be WWIII in the house. Tune in for double eviction tomorrow!

Monday, August 5, 2013 -- Evening

Amanda looking at her fake tan
POV results
Poor Amanda! Although only Elissa and Jessie realize that they should vote Amanda out this Thursday. Helen sort of figures that Amanda should be going soon, but does not think she will have the votes for this week. Part of the problem is Andy. Anytime someone tells Andy something, he runs to spill the beans to Amanda and McCrae. So why did I say Poor Amanda! As part of the veto competition, she has to get sprayed with a spray tan on a regular basis. As you can see from the picture to the right here, Amanda is looking pretty orange.

Jessie won the POV, and she took herself off the block today. GinaMarie put Spencer up in her place. In the veto competition, it was one of the first person out of the game gets a prize/punishment, and the person who comes after can exchange his/her prize/punishment for something better. Amanda got the spray tan, GinaMarie had to wear an dog's Elizabethan collar for 48 hours, Candice has to wear a clown suit, and Judd won $5000. Judd was the last out, so he could have gone for the veto, but he went for the cash instead. We'll get to see the game played out on Wednesday. Personally, I can't wait for the double eviction on Thursday.

Sunday, August 4, 2013 -- Evening

BB Show and Update
Aaryn, Elissa, and Jessie share Helen's BBQ party win There has been drama in the BB house. Amanda was the MVP nomination, and of course, she is freaking out. Of course that didn't stop here from teling GinaMarie what GinaMarie should do with the veto (if she won it). McCrae tried to tell Amanda to cool it, but to no avail. Amanda also got in a fight with Jessie (calling Jessie a slut), and with Candice. Candice and Jessie were also up on the block, but Jessie won the veto, so she will be coming off. Personally, I want Amanda to go home on Thursday because I think it would be a strong power move, AND I would like to see McCrae play the game without her disruption. They are the only couple left in the house after Amanda made sure to eliminate the others (because couples are strong!)

As the BB show was on the air, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, and Aaryn were winding down from Helen's BBQ party, won by Helen as one of the first three to fall off the log in the HOH competition.

The BB show started with the HOH competition. Spencer says he has to win. They then showed Elissa almost faling at the very beginning. Candice realizes that she is a huge target and alone in the house without Howard. Aaryn hopes Howard leaving solidifies her alliance with Helen. Andy thought Howard was shady. Spencer wished that he could have voted for Amanda, but he couldn't. Spencer also admits that he has to work his way back in with Amanda. Helen looks at who needs to leave the game, and her goal is to take out a lynchpin player. That means Helen should be targeting Amanda. Helen thought the competition was hard. McCrae thought the competition was easy, because he has carny blood in him. Spencer says he's sweating, and it's like being on a treadmill from hell. Spencer is the first out, with Candice right behind him. Candice wanted to play a low key game because only Spencer was after her. Helen went third. Then Elissa feel. Then Amanda, which leads McCrae to say in DR that he has to make up for his alliance members (aka Amanda) sucking. Judd feel, and he was disappointed in himself. Andy felt next, but realizes that he got far in this game by being everyone's friend. Spencer got the bullhorn box, having to speak through a bullhorn until nominations. Candice got $5000, and Helen got the BBQ party. The final three are Jessie, GinaMarie, and McCrae. As soon as Jessie fell, GinaMarie started to tell McCrae that she had him. GinaMarie said she wanted HOH to get her crown. GinaMarie mentioned that she wanted her hair dye.

Elissa said that she can be in big trouble if GinaMarie wins. GinaMarie kept on telling McCrae that he is safe, and he kept on teling GinaMarie the same, and that she would have no blood on her hand. McCrae tried to tell GinaMarie that she is super smart. Meanwhile Helen is saying in DR that McCrae should not take GinaMarie's deals. GinaMarie is getting nervous over McCrae over not taking her deals. McCrae lost "focus" and fell off the log. GinaMarie won. GinaMarie was so excited, and so was Aaryn because she is safe from nominations (except for MVP). Amanda does not know who GinaMarie would go after her. Candice hopes that GinaMarie does not listen to Aaryn and put Candice up. Helen says that GinaMarie is a big question mark. Then GinaMarie gets some political spiel from Helen, who wants to shape GinaMarie's game strategy. Andy says he was dying a bit inside watching GinaMarie and Aaryn dancing around after the HOH. McCrae tells Amanda that now would be the time to make a move on them. Amanda says that she trusts GinaMarie. Spencer in DR said that Amanda doesn't hold a long grudge. Amanda has a couple of targets that she wants to get out before Spencer, so she will keep him around as long as she needs him. GinaMarie tells Aaryn that GinaMarie may not be smart, but she is a beast when it comes to physical competitions. GinaMarie said that Candice is a target because Candice picks on Aaryn, GinaMarie can't stand Candice's voice, and Candice causes drama. Aaryn said that Spencer should go up with Candice, and GinaMarie agrees because Spencer got rid of Nick.

Time to see GinaMarie's HOH room. GinaMarie screamed because she got a picture of Nick. She also got a crown and dresses from her pageants. As Andy said, it was very much like a teenage girl. Helen mentioned that she got the BBQ for herself and three other people. Helen picked Aaryn and Elissa. Jessie asked "why Aaryn?" Helen said because Aaryn kept up her end of the deal, and Elissa is her best friend. The third spot is up for grabs. Aaryn goes and tells Amanda and her followers what Jessie said. Then Jessie talks to Amanda, McCrae, and Andy about how she is upset that Aaryn is going to the BBQ, because Jessie has been loyal a long time. Amanda says it's not a big deal, and Jessie said it is a big deal because she can drink. Amanda says in DR that Jessie should get over it. Amanda starts arguing with Jessie about how Jessie was trying to get Amanda voted out. Jessie and Andy talked later about voting out Amanda. Andy told Amanda and McCrae. Jessie tried to explain how she was checking out all options that would be best for her game. Amanda said that Jessie was planning on flipping the house on Helen and Amanda. Jessie said that the plan was brought to her by Howard. Amanda tries to turn everyone else against Jessie. We don't see on the CBS shows that Amanda called Jessie a slut and claimed Jessie was trying to steal McCrae.

McCrae and Jessie talk about Jessie's credibility. Jessie tells McCrae that he and Amanda have been controlling the vote. Jessie said that she doesn't like to take other people's orders. McCrae said that BB is all about timing. Jessie said that she went to Andy in confidence, and Andy obviously went to them. Jessie said that she did not vote against Amanda. Jessie said that Amanda can't control all of her thought processes. Jessie said that Amanda has been a target for others in the house since day one. BTW, Amanda has on really short bikini underwear and a shirt that doesn't fit. Amanda says that Jessie is a sad person. Jessie calls Amanda a bitch, and Amanda calls Jessie a victim, and a pitiful person. Amanda tells Jessie that she has no one. Amanda tells Jessie that she is all by herself, and then Amanda tells Jessie that she is going home this week. Jessie said that Amanda may target Jessie, but it doesn't take the target off of Amanda. McCrae tried to tell Amanda that she did not look good threatening to Jessie. Amanda says "why should I apologize to Jessie?" I think it's really funny that Amanda calls Jessie a slut (not shown on CBS), while Amanda runs around in ill-fitting underwear and having sex with McCrae. McCrae is trying to get her head into the game because it puts a big target on him and on her. McCrae realizes that Amanda may go out sooner rather than later.

GinaMarie talks to Jessie. Jessie said that it just came out. Jessie said that it might be harder to get Candice out because Amanda uses her power of persuasion on everyone. GinaMarie said that Jessie is not her target, but Candice is. GinaMarie said that Candice is going on, but she can't figure out who to put up against Candice.

It's time for the nomination ceremony. The keys come out in this order: Aaryn, Helen, McCrae, Judd, Amanda, Elissa, Spencer, and Andy. GinaMarie said that Candice is beautiful and she has great qualities. GinaMarie calls Candice a tattle tail and rat. Judd and Amanda snicker. GinaMarie calls Jessie a flip-flopper, going to different sides of the house. Candice is shocked, and is going to brush off the crazy things. Jessie said that she is not going to roll over because of Amanda. Jessie wants respect. Amanda says that Jessie goes on the block as her time out, and that Julie should keep a chair warm for Jessie because Amanda is getting Jessie out of the house this week. Funny, since Jessie gets the POV, and Amanda is on the block.

Friday, August 2, 2013 -- Evening

Last night, Amanda had knockdown, drag-down fights with both Candice and Jessie, and guess who Ginamarie nominated for eviction today? Candice and Jessie. Amanda has done her usual job of influencing the house guests and the HOH. I wonder what will happen when Amanda is the MVP nomination.

Friday, August 2, 2013 -- Morning

GinaMarie confirming with production that she won HOH
HOH Results
So I watched the live feeds in my living room until 10:15 p.m. ET. I decided that I would go upstairs to watch the rest in my bedroom. I closed down my laptop, got my iPad, and went to bed. Well, as soon as I got upstairs, within 5 minutes at the most after leaving the living room, most of the house guests had "fallen" off the log. The only three left in the competition were McCrae, GinaMarie, and Jessie. As far as I could figure out, Helen was one of the first three to fall, and she got a BBQ party. Spencer was also among the first three, and he has to talk through a bullhorn until nominations. I don't know who got the $5000 at this point. Anyway, the three continued on for a bit. Jessie fell off around 10:45ish p.m. ET. McCrae kept on telling GinaMarie that he had her, and GinaMarie kept on saying that she wanted HOH so she could get her hair dye. McCrae said that he needed HOH to keep Amanda safe, obviously because Amanda is incapable of winning the HOH or POV competitions on her own, and needs a guy to do it for her. GinaMarie did not give up, and McCrae eventually "fell" around 11:00 p.m. That's 8:00 p.m. for the folks that have the live feeds.

I thought that I liked Amanda before, but she's really grating on my nerves. She constantly goes around telling others what to do, and threatening people with nominations and evictions if they disagree with her. And she really appears to be a dolt when it comes to any sort of competition. It really does appear that her skill was latching on to McCrae from week one and using him to bolster her existence in the house. I know that there are many out there who believe that the relationship between Amanda and McCrae is true love. I think it's someone who seized the opportunity to further her game and has wrung every little bit out of it that she could.

Thursday, August 1, 2013 -- Evening

Long HOH?
So far, everyone seems to be hanging on to the roller. It stopped just now for a little bit, and then started up again. This may be a long night!

Endurance HOH

Thursday, August 1, 2013 -- Evening

Eviction Night/Endurance HOH
The feeds have been on trivia a good part of today. Everyone is sure there is going to be an endurance competition tonight, so that may be part of the reason. As of this morning, it looked like Howard is heading out the door, but we will know after tonight's show.

The show started with Julie commented on how we are almost halfway through the game. The video clips started with the post Veto meeting fallout. Spencer says that it's going to be really bad for his game if Howard leaves the house. Candice mentioned that in true redneck fashion Aaryn put up Candice. Amanda thinks that Howard is shady and no one trusts him. That's because the stupid trust Amanda. Howard hopes they can get the votes to get out Amanda. Howard tells Amanda that he is not going to be ugly, but they aren't going home. Candice and Howard argue over the fact that Howard thinks they will stay. Howard has a positive view that they will stay, and Candice says she is being realistic that one of them is going home. Spencer talks to GinaMarie about how stupid it is to take out Howard when Amanda has all the power. GinaMarie agrees, but they are afraid to vote against Amanda. Spencer and Howard talk to Andy and Judd. Howard says that he's never seen something where people just always vote the way they are told. BB does not show Andy running to Amanda and Helen and saying that Spencer and Howard are trying to get Amanda out. Andy goes to Amanda and tells her that he made a fake deal with Howard and Spencer to vote out Amanda. Amanda starts to do fake hysterics, and Andy tells her to calm down.

Later, Spencer goes outside, and Amanda says that she knows what is going on. She says that Spencer is in trouble now for trying to get Amanda out of the house. Amanda says she is confident that she has the numbers to stay in the house. Spencer says in DR that he won't let Amanda intimidate him. Spencer tells Amanda that she tries to threaten people, and that he's not going to listen to her. As Amanda tries to talk over Spencer, he tells her to shut up. This causes Amanda to call Spencer a bully because no one tells a woman to shut up. Boy! I wish the heck she would shut up. Helen meanwhile runs in to tell Candice that Spencer told Amanda that he is trying to get Candice out. Of course, Candice is psycho, and now wants to ensure that Howard goes how by opening her big trap. Candice calls a house meeting and says that Spencer told Candice he wanted Amanda out. Then Candice says that Spencer told Amanda he wanted to get Candice out. Spencer tells Candice that she is just trying to make her look bad. So Candice has just sealed Howard's fate to go home. Candice is such an idiot.

Jessie goes to talk to Aaryn and Ginamarie about how Candice is a bigger threat because Candice is willing to attack. The three girls agree that they want Candice out. Jessie says that she is so over Candice and wants her out this week. Aaryn said that she was coerced into putting certain people up on the block, and that she really wants to evict Candice.

Julie talks to the house guests. Julie mentions that they have been in the BB house for 42 days. Julie mentions that babies have been born, and she has a current events quiz. Julie tells them Britney had a baby girl. The first question was about the name, which is Tilly. Then it was on Kanye West's daughter, North West. And then the big news was on the royal baby. All the house guests applauded. Julie asked Jessie about what she missed most from home. Jessie missed Ari, her dog. Judd is homesick for his family, friends, and his dog too.

The video of the family back home is Judd's family. They don't believe he is from a small town. Judd's mom and dad are on, and they show the small town where one woman says Judd on BB is like the discovery of electricity. Judd's mom says that Judd can get along with anyone. Judd's dad said that Judd is a big BB fan. It seems that Judd also made the front page of the local newspaper. There was even a parade in Englewood, the hometown, for Judd. Everyone in the town needs subtitles to be understood, another Judd problem.

It's time to hear from Amanda, Candice, and Howard. Amanda says hi to her family and friends, and says that she is not ready to go yet. Amanda hopes they keep her there. Amanda says that she is BB engaged to McCrae. Candice sends out wishes to her family. Candice wants people to vote with their heart. Howard thanks God, and says hello to family, friends, and Pastor. Howard asks people to vote with their own heart and mind, and not because of pressure from someone else. Time for the vote:
Howard has been evicted by a vote of 7 to 1. What a bunch of brainless, lame sheep. Amanda is quite smug when she finds out she is safe. Helen fakely gives Howard a hug. Then others want in on the act. Howard leaves the house. Julie says that everyone looks sad, but they all evicted him. Howard said that there was a power in the house (Helen, Amanda, and McCrae). As Howard said, he was in the Moving Company at first, and he didn't get in with the others. Howard said he lied to Helen about it at first because he was trying to keep his loyalty to the others in the group. Julie asks Howard about the racist comments. As Howard says, outside of the house, it's easy to walk away, but it was hard inside. Howard said that he didn't confront anyone because he wanted to take the high road and not stoop to their level. The audience applauded that. Spencer said that he tried to keep Howard. Amanda admitted to trying to get Howard out from the beginning. Helen said that she was sorry to get Howard out. Candice called Howard "Howie Boo" and hoped they could continue their friendship outside of the house. Julie asks about showmance. Howard said that there was no showmance, but that there was a great friendship, and that he couldn't go against Candice. As Howard said, he can look at himself in the mirror after this.

America is again the BB MVP. I'm voting for Aaryn and Amanda.

Time for the HOH competition. It is an endurance competition. It's called Bull in a China Shop. they have to stay on a log and hold on their "bull," which is a tether to a china closet. If they fall, the china falls and breaks, and they are out. Helen has issues, and Elissa almost falls. We find out that there will be no Have Nots this week. The first three house guests who fall of the barrel will get to open a box. One of the boxes has $5000 in it. Julie lets us know that next Thursday is a double eviction episode. Before the show ends, the log starts spinning faster. Who will be the next HOH?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 -- Evening

POV Show
The BB show this evening starts after the nominations. Howard says that the controlling group nominated the person who was least controlling (him and Spencer). Helen goes up to jump around the HOH room because Aaryn did what Helen wanted with the nominations. Elissa was also super-shocked that Aaryn didn't nominate her. They tell Aaryn that she is in cool with them. After Helen and Elissa come leave, Amanda comes in to cheer because Amanda has wanted to be rid of Howard and Spencer since the Moving Company. Meanwhile Howard goes into the Have Not room to pray and talk with God. Jessie comes in then, and she told Howard that the opportunity meant so much to her, and she's sure that it means so much to Howard. Howard just listens to her. Jessie says in DR that she knows Howard is not a rich man, and it would mean so much to him to get the money. Howard said that he will try to fight, but that she should do what she can for herself. Spencer talks to McCrae, and McCrae said that he hopes to separate Spencer from Howard because he thinks that when Howard leaves, Spencer will be more loyal to him. McCrae lies to Spencer about wanting Elissa and GinaMarie up. Spencer says that they say Howard is a beast, but Howard hasn't won anything. Spencer realizes that the only reason McCrae and Amanda want Howard out is because Howard can't be controlled by them. Spencer and Howard talk while playing pool. Spencer says that he doesn't want him or Howard to go home. Howard thinks that it will work out. Howard said that he is going to say what he needs to say to get things working his way. Howard doesn't understand who is campaigning against him in the house. Howard wants to set the record straight. Howard goes into the kitchen, and tries to talk to everyone. Howard talks, but as Judd says in DR, he doesn't know what Howard is talking about. Andy says that Howard could be just saying "blah, blah" because it doesn't make sense. Howard is just saying that he didn't say anything against anyone or campaign against anyone. Even Spencer realizes that the speech was a flop. Howard thinks the message was delivered and received. Poor Howard! Amanda goes up to the HOH room, and she talks to everyone telling them they were confused with the message, and nervous that Howard is trying to attack them. Amanda is elated because everyone thinks Howard is after them.

Andy and Spencer play pool, while McCrae and Amanda are cuddling on the hammock. Amanda wants to know who is MVP. Elissa says that she thinks it's Andy this week, and Howard had it last week. Amanda doesn't think Andy has the MVP. While they fixate on the MVP, it's time to pick players for the veto competition. We find out that America nominated Amanda for eviction. Everyone seems a bit surprised to see Amanda nominated. Amanda thinks Howard is MVP. Howard thinks that someone up there loves him because Amanda is a bigger target. However, those people are super stupid! Candice, who wants to win the veto to save Howard, and Jessie. Helen is the host, and she annoyingly squeals. McCrae tells Spencer that Howard just fucked himself and Spencer over. McCrae said that he would bet anything it was Howard. McCrae said it was obvious. Spencer says it's not Howard, and that McCrae is just a punk trying to scare and intimidate Spencer. I'm starting to think that the controlling group is worse than the Nerd Herd from Season 6. McCrae and Andy talk about how Spencer was played by Howard. Amanda doesn't think it's that obvious that Howard put her up. Amanda says that everyone is going crazy. Amanda wants to get to the bottom of it because it's driving her crazy. Howard tells Amanda that he is not MVP. Howard thinks it's either still Elissa or America. Amanda tells Howard that people think he is sketchy. Howard says it's because he is a straight talker, and they can't believe it. Amanda says in DR that's why she has to get rid of Howard because she can't control him. In my opinion, this is why Amanda has to go. That would be the power move that would really shake up the game!

Andy is one of the first people up in the morning, and he goes in the backyard to think and strategize, but he was frightened when a bird flew at him. Stupid segment. Then it was time for the POV competition. Helen is dressed like Einstein. There is a science setup. They have to rebuild the veto. The first part of the backyard is the lab. They enter a capsule, and then they exit the other end in a Jurassic landscape. They have to collect the all the color pieces for their veto around the yard, and build the veto (it's a puzzle shape). The first person to complete the veto puzzle wins. Everyone had the same strategy: get all the pieces, then build the puzzle. Andy thinks Candice and Jessie are perplexed and generally confused. Candice cannot figure it out. Jessie is frustrated and feels pretty dumb, but Howard looks like he is doing worse. Amanda looks like the pieces are just coming together for her. Spencer sees Amanda doing well, and Spencer kicks it into high gear. McCrae thinks Amanda has a good shot to win. But then Amanda realizes that she didn't get all the pieces of her puzzle. Spencer realizes that he is missing a piece, and he finds it. Spencer completes the puzzle first and wins the veto. Candice realizes that she is in jeopardy and can't save Howard. Howard admits it's going to be a tough week. Aaryn doesn't want to have to replace Spencer and get more blood on her hands.

McCrae and Amanda are up in the HOH to find out who Aaryn is going to put up. Aaryn says that Candice is behind so many problems in the house. Helen says that she wants to do what the house wants. Amanda says it's a no brainer because Candice is a vote for Howard. Spencer, Howard, and Candice talk. Candice thinks that she is going up. Candice knows that Helen is the puppet master. Spencer wants Jessie to go up as a pawn. Spencer says he's going to talk to Aaryn and try to scope it out. Howard tell Candice that she needs to do what she can to save herself. Candice goes to talk to Helen. Candice said that everyone says Howard is a threat, but he hasn't won anything. Helen claims Aaryn is going to do what she wants to do. Candice said that Helen has Amanda and McCrae. Candice says that Helen can join with Candice, Spencer, and Howard. Candice tells Helen that everyone knows Helen is controlling the house. Helen claims that is not the case. Candice said that she is more of an ally to Helen than Aaryn or Amanda, but that Helen is throwing her over for everyone else. Helen says that she is going to tell everyone that Candice is threatening her. Amanda thinks that Candice is so dumb for threatening Helen. However, Candice didn't threaten Helen; she just tried to make a deal with Helen. Helen and Amanda are the evil twins in this house. I would love to see them both go ASAP!

Amanda says that Candice is a bigger target than Amanda. Candice thinks that if she goes on the block, she will go home. Howard knows that Aaryn is being controlled by Helen and Amanda. He knows Aaryn won't go against the grain. Time for the Veto meeting. Spencer takes himself off, and Candice goes up in his place. We can expect Howard to be going home tomorrow, especially with this Nerd Herd group. Candice is surprised that her good friends Helen and Elissa had a hand in it. Aaryn says that Candice is a time bomb waiting to explode. Amanda is now sure she will remain in the house. Oh please, no! Eviction is tomorrow.

Monday, July 29, 2013 -- Morning

Howard trying to explain how to play BB to Candice
Poor Howard!
Poor Howard! He is trying to play the game of Big Brother, while also trying to take care of Candice. Unfortunately, Candice is quick thick-headed when it comes to strategizing about Big Brother, and she isn't really thinking of how to save herself and Howard. These guys should be going full-bore for Amanda, who has been dictating to the HOH every week since the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, Candice can only think of herself, and she's sure that she is going to go home. She doesn't trust Howard, and thinks he is trying to get rid of her, when he is trying to save them both. The girl will not last much longer in the BB house if she continues this way. The Veto Ceremony will be later today. Spencer will take himself off, and Candice will then go up. I just hope that Howard isn't the one leaving on Thursday, but that will probably be the case.

I do like Candice's footie pajamas, in the picture to the right, as Howard tries to explain how to play the game in the BB house. Unfortunately, for Howard, Candice is not willing to listen to sense.

Sunday, July 28, 2013 -- Evening

Amanda's HOH Show
On the live feeds, Amanda, as she has been doing since week one, told Aaryn who to put on the block. Spencer and Howard were the lucky duo, with Howard the intended target because Howard is a "strong competitor." Meanwhile, America nominated Amanda as the MVP's nominee. If the goal is to get the strongest competitor out of the house, that would be Amanda because she has been aggressively dictating to the HOH what to do. On tonight's CBS show, we will see the post HOH competition talk, the Have/Have Not competition, and Aaryn's nominations.

The show started with Kaitlin's eviction, and Helen's wish that Aaryn would keep up her end of the bargin. Elissa wasn't happy for Aaryn to stay in the house. Aaryn was happy to be HOH because it took her from the bottom of the barrel to the top. Helen reminds us that the deal with Aaryn was to put up Howard and Spencer if she stayed in the house. Candice wanted to have a breakdown because Aaryn got the perfect score. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Jessie cheers for her, and says in DR that she has to stay on good terms with Aaryn in future. Meanwhile, Candice and Howard talk about the upcoming week. Jessie told Candice before the eviction that Helen and Aaryn have a deal for Helen to make Aaryn's choices for her. Spencer goes to talk to Aaryn, and she tells him that she doesn't want him to go home, but she is under huge pressure to put up Howard and Spencer. As Aaryn says, you can't make your own decisions because you have to keep yourself safe. Spencer says in DR that doesn't sit well with him because Aaryn is HOH. Helen goes to Aaryn, and says that Candice told Helen that Candice and Howard better not go up on the block. Helen is so mad because she assumes that Elissa told Candice. Helen throws Elissa under the bus more on the live feeds than we see in the show. Elissa is cooking, and Candice goes to talk to her, while Aaryn comes into the room. Aaryn said that Elissa makes it really weird. As Aaryn says, Aaryn is HOH, and Elissa needs to be different. Aaryn comes out to ask who wants to see her HOH room, but everyone is hiding upstairs to surprise her. Aaryn has a clown in her HOH basket, and Amanda thinks it is scary. Then Aaryn talks about getting Zingers, and she said shw axed for them. Then Aaryn turns to Candice and says she got "axed" from Candice. Candice ignored it. Helen then bashes Elissa to Judd, Amanda, and McCrae. Elissa did not rat out Helen. So Helen tells them not to tell Elissa anything.

As usual, McCrae and Amanda are back to using the HOH room as if it is their own. Both are in the bathtub taking a bubble bath. They don't have any game talk, and just say that they love each other, and that Amanda's mom is going to have to deal with McCrae not making money. Later, Spencer and Aaryn talk in the HOH room. Spencer wants to save himself and keep off the block. Spencer tells Aaryn to look at the pictures downstairs to see who goes. Aaryn tells Spencer that she made deals with others in the house to keep herself save. Spencer tells her that she could keep herself safe by making deals with others in the house. He leaves the HOH room saying he's not mad at her yet. Howard goes to talke to Aaryn to make sure that his name doesn't come out of her mouth. Aaryn tells Howard about Candice's threat that Howard and Candice better not go on the block. Candice suggested Spencer and GinaMarie. Aaryn tells Howard that she had to make deals. Howard said that she should shake the house up. Aaryn respects Howard, but she feels that she is stuck. Howard tells her not to let others control her. Aaryn says she won't, but she is.

In the BB house, a police alarm goes off. Poppy Montgomery comes on the living room screeen. Andy knows her from other shows, and because she is a fellow ginger. It's time for the Have/Have Not competition. They have to grab colored bandanas, and get into teams. The house guests are dressed up like police men. In part 1 of the challenge, they have to get all of their evidence stacked on the desk. The losing team in the second part will be the Have Nots. Howard, Jessie, Helen, and Spencer are on the purple. Andy, Elissa, McCrae, and Aaryn are on the Orange team. Green is Candice, Judd, GinaMarie, Amanda. Orange finished first, Green second, and Purple last. The Orange team got pictures to show the place of 10 of the 24 items. The second part is to put everything back where it belonged. Orange gets their stuff right by the second try (only getting 2 wrong). Green is confused. they have 6 wrong the first time. GinaMarie admits she doesn't know where anything went. Purple got 2 wrong the first time, and then got it right the second time.

Elissa and Jessie are in the bathroom. Jessie is brushing her teeth while Elissa does yoga. She'll do it anywhere. She does it regardless of whom watches. Candice and Howard talk. Howard advises Candice to do what she has to. Candice says that McCrae and Amanda should go up. Howard tells Candice to take her bed. Candice goes up to talk to Aaryn telling Candice that she has to do what makes the most people happy. Aaryn says that she doesn't want to put up Howard, but feels she has to. Candice says that someone has to break up McCrae and Amanda. Candice says that maybe the people Aaryn thinks are keeping her safe are not keeping Aaryn safe. Aaryn says in DR that she has a Candice switch, and that Aaryn does not consider Candice part of her world. Candice realizes she is getting nowhere with Aaryn and leaves. Candice talks to Howard, and tells him that there is no moving Aaryn. Howard says that's not how Aaryn was talking the day before. Candice now feels that talking to Aaryn put a bigger target on Howard's back. Candice tells Howard that whatever happens happens. Howard says are you telling me to leave you alone. I feel for poor Howard because he can't figure out what to do with Candice. Aaryn is talking to Andy, Jessie, and GinaMarie. Aaryn said that Elissa would put her up, and they tell that Elissa is crazy. Jessie said that they have kept her safe for the past few weeks. As Aaryn says, she knows that she is not Howard's direct target, but Aaryn is Elissa's direct target.

Time for the Nomination Ceremony. Aaryn's dilemma was in doing what the others want, or doing what she wants. She claims she will do what she wants. The keys come out in this order: GinaMarie, Jessie, Andy, Elissa (who has a weird look on her face at that), Candice, Helen, McCrae, Amanda, and Judd. Aaryn says that she nominated Spencer and Howard because it's what is best for her game. Howard says God didn't tell him it is time to go home. Elissa is shocked that Aaryn didn't put her up. Helen is happy that Aaryn stuck with Helen's (actually Amanda's) plan. Wednesday will be the POV competition, which Spencer will win, and Amanda as the third nominee.

Thursday, July 25, 2013 -- Evening

Eviction NIght
The house seems pretty set on sending Kaitlin home tonight, even though Elissa was trying to get Aaryn out up to the very last minute. We'll have to see how it comes down on the show now.

Julie lets us know that Aaryn was the first MVP choice, and Elissa was the second. As Julie says, now the Mean Girls have to make it right with those they have wronged. Kaitlin doesn't want to scramble for votes because she was told that she was the pawn. Aaryn goes to scramble for votes. Aaryn said that GinaMarie is negative, but that Aaryn hasn't said anything negative for weeks. Aaryn tells Judd and Jessie that she will never put them up. Aaryn said that Kaitlin is a big threat. Judd admits that Aaryn is making goog points. Plus no one likes Aaryn, so it's good to keep her up. Helen interrupts the talk, and Elissa follows. Helen asks Judd who he wants out. Judd said that Kaitlin needs to go first. Elissa wants Aaryn to go. Elissa says that Aaryn is always talking about her. Also, Eliss says that Aaryn is always saying things against Candice and Howard. Judd goes down to talk to Howard and Candice. Judd says that he likes Kaitlin better as a person, but she's also a better competitor. Judd says that he knows Aaryn has said derogatory things, but to keep out personal things. Howard can see getting rid of a competitor, but Aaryn is a monster in the house. Aaryn tells Helen that she won't try for HOH, or if she does get it, she will put up whoever Elissa wants. Elissa wonders if Helen is really telling the truth. Elissa says that the racial comments that Aaryn makes really get to her, and she has trouble getting past them. Helen tells Judd not to tell Howard or Spencer, but Aaryn will throw the HOH. Judd decides to jump ship from Howard, Spencer, and Kaitlin. Helen says that this alliance puts a nail in Kaitlin's coffin.

Helen goes and tells Elissa and Amanda about Kaitlin trying to align with Judd, Howard, and Spencer. She tells them not to tell anyone. So Elissa goes to Kaitlin, and tells Kaitlin that people are spreading the word that Kaitlin is scheming. Elissa wonders if it is Aaryn. Meanwhile, Aaryn is in the bathroom trying to listen in to the conversation. So Aaryn pulls Helen aside to say that she overheard Elissa and Kaitlin talking. Helen goes to talk to Elissa to find out what is going on. Kaitlin goes out to tell Spencer and Howard about what Elissa said. Helen goes in to talk to Elissa, and tells Elissa that Aaryn overheard her and Kaitlin talking. Aaryn asks Elissa why Elissa is trying to stir things up. Kaitlin says that Elissa only said that people were talking about her. While everyone talks, Judd tries to stay quiet about spilling the beans. Kaitlin says she has no alliance. Aaryn gets upset about Elissa making up things about her. Elissa said that the discussion was about Kaitlin and an alliance. Meanwhile, Howard thinks it might make things calmer in the house if Aaryn went home.

Julie asks Judd about his Grizzly Bear shirt, which everyone has been wearing. Julie said that she might wear it next week. McCrae said that he won't be able to top his birthday this year. Julie shows them video of the yogurt eating contest. They all laugh. Julie asks GinaMarie about the anchovy yogurt.

Time for the live vote. Aaryn says she wants to be there more than anything. Kaitlin thanks family and friends. She will respect the decision. GinaMarie thanks her family. She says she has drive, good points, and bad. And a strong accent. She misses Nick. The house guests vote:
They all voted to evict Kaitlin.

GinaMarie is told that she is safe. Then Julie says by a vote of 9-0, Kaitlin is safe. Aaryn smirks. I really hate Aaryn. Kaitlin hugs GinaMarie and leaves the house. Julie talks to Kaitlin. Kaitlin only hugged GinaMarie because everyone lied to her face. Kaitlin said that the house has to do what it had to do. Kaitlin is hurt by Andy the most because she thought he had her back. Kaitlin thought that she was a bigger threat because of her alliance. Kaitlin finds out that everyone has been calling Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie the Mean Girls. Kaitlin is hurt. Julie talks about Kaitlin participating in ugly behavior. Kaitlin said that she has some regrets about picking the wrong side of the house. Julie asks Kaitlin about Jeremy. Kaitlin says that she is going to Vegas, and she realizes they live states away, so it's an open door. Helen tells Kaitlin in video that Aaryn had an offer they couldn't resist. Candice blamed the Jeremy connection. Judd wishes he could have worked harder for her. Aaryn said that she will like to see Kaitin later.

America is going to MVP again. Let's see who goes up this time.

Time for the HOH competition. The backyard is setup like a casino. One at a time, they roll a single ball to get it to land in a roulette wheel. The person who lands the ball in the highest numbered slot wins. Andy rolls first. He gets a 23. McCrae get a 28, and he's in the lead. GinaMarie gets a 3. Candice gets 27. Spencer gets 34. Aaryn takes forever to throw the ball and gets a 36. She got a perfect score. Howard gets 17. Jessie 2. Helen gets 28. Amanda gets 1. Elissa is last, and she gets 0. Aaryn is the new HOH.

Julie talks to Jeff Schroeder about Aaryn holding up her deal with Helen. Jeff says Aaryn maybe shouldn't hold up her end of the deal because he would, and he never won. Jeff said that people should realize they don't need the house rules to vote someone out. Jeff said you go crazy in the house. Then Jeff is asked about Jordan. It seems that Jeff and Jordan are still together. Julie tries to get Jeff to say that he is engaged, but he isn't yet. Jeff likes McCrae because he has Amanda in front of him as a bigger target.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 -- Evening

POV Blowout
The BB show started with Judd hoping the nominations would keep him safe. Howard is happy not to be on the block, and hopes the MVP does not put him up. Aaryn was not happy that Judd mad her look sketchy. Aaryn goes up to the HOH room, and Judd tells Aaryn to trust him and not to cry. Judd claimed that the plan was to win POV, and then he would backdoor someone. Judd tells Aaryn not to tell anyone because it's supposed to be a surprise. Judd is just trying to cover his ass. Amanda assures Kaitlin that she won't go home, and that Amanda will tell Kaitlin if she is going home. Aaryn comes in to talk to Amanda and Kaitlin because Amanda claims both will stay because she is going to backdoor Howard. Funny, since Amanda is NOT HOH or MVP.

Elissa starts acting weird because she did not get MVP. Judd and Amanda ask her about her weirdness. All Elissa says is that she doesn't know. Finally Amanda asked if Elissa had MVP, and Elissa says no. Elissa says in DR that if she doesn't get MVP, she is afraid her alliance will discard her because they only want Elissa for MVP. Amanda goes and crawls all over McCrae and admits to him that Elissa without MVP is of no use to her. Spencer talks to Howard about how Elissa and Amanda are the problems. Howard says that Amanda and McCrae are the problem in the house. Spencer tells Howard that they just need to go with the house. Howard wants Kaitlin to stay. He just wants to be in the know so he can go against Amanda, Elissa, and McCrae. Spencer and Howard go up to HOH to talk, and they are there before Judd comes in. Kaitlin comes in then too, and Spencer starts talking alliance with Judd, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie. Kaitlin said that Helen, Elissa, Amanda, and McCrae run the house. Howard says that any blindman can see that Amanda runs the house. Spencer says that since they are on the outs, they need to come together and overtake the throne. Howard tells the group that he wants to flip things. Judd admits in DR that maybe Howard isn't the person he should be worrying about right now.

Helen, Andu, Candice, and Jessie talk about MVP. Helen seems to have figured out the MVP twist, and explains it very well. Time for the Veto Competition. We find out Elissa is the nomination. People were shocked that Elissa was up. Elissa felt betrayed. The other two house guests competing are Helen and McCrae. Andy is the host. Candice and Amanda go to console Elissa. When GinaMarie goes to give Elissa a hug, Elissa flinches. Elissa tells GinaMarie that GinaMarie was MVP and must have put her up. GinaMarie isn't. Elissa says she wants to go home. Candice tells Elissa to fight like her sister, Rachel. Aaryn goes to Amanda and McCrae to complain about going home. Amanda asks who is MVP, and Aaryn said it is not her. Amanda thinks that Elissa nominated herself, which is incredibly stupid. GinaMarie goes up to HOH and tells Kaitlin and Judd that Elissa is saying GinaMarie is MVP. Kaitlin also thinks that Elissa is the MVP and nominated herself.

Finally time for the Veto Competition. There's a huge mud pit in the backyard. The house guests are dressed up. They have to crawl through the mud, and get bags with point cards. They can either keep or discard the number. They get to keep four, and the one with the highest number of points in eight minutes wins. If there is a penalty on the point cards, they have that penalty. Helen says that this is not an election she wants to lose, and that she wants to take Elissa off the block. McCrae took 0 points with $5000 attached. Andy loves seeing the girls get dirty, and he especially loves that Aaryn is trying to keep her face out of the mud. Judd takes 18 points with solitary confinement for 24 hours. Elissa takes 20 votes with no POV competition next week. Elissa locks in all four ballots, then Judd locks in his four. Aaryn put her fourth ballot in. Helen took 10 points with an 8:00 p.m. curfew. Helen has 29 votes. Kaitlin had 25 votes. McCrae has 20 votes. Everyone applauds McCrae getting $5000. Aaryn got 32 votes. Judd got 38 votes. Elissa has 40 votes, and will have to sit out the next veto. Elissa was so excited to win the veto because she needed it this week. Judd isn't happy about being away from everyone for 24 hours. He won't know what is going on, and he isn't happy about the alarms either.

Judd was in with a clock with a nine minute snooze, bread and water, and a portable potty. Helen has to go to bed at 8:00 p.m. and not talk to anyone. Judd is tired and delirious from the constant alarm.

It's McCrae's birthday, and Amanda dresses in a one piece bathing suit. Elissa comments that Amanda looks like a stripper, which she does. McCrae is camped out in the HOH room. Spencer and Howard put bandanas over their faces and tie up McCrae. Then Amanda comes in with a whip and gives him 24 smacks on the butt. McCrae asid that last year on his birthday, he stayed at home and watched the live feeds all day. Elissa keeps on saying that Amanda looks awful and very stripper-like in the outfit, and Amanda leaves the HOH and starts to cry. Amanda goes into the toilet and cries. McCrae goes to console her, and says that Elissa is just jealous of the attention that Amanda is getting and that Elissa is digging her own grave.

Judd finally gets out of solitary, and he chows down. Time for the POV meeting. Helen is worried that she could go up on the block next. Elissa takes herself off the block, and GinaMarie goes up on the block in Elissa's place. Howard is glad that he didn't go up on the block. Aaryn hopes the target on her back is smaller. Kaitlin thinks it's fishy that GinaMaria went up in place of Elissa instead of Helen. So who will go home? On the feeds, it seems that Kaitlin will go home unless a few votes flip her way.

Monday, July 22, 2013 -- Evening

MVP Replacement Nominee
Today, people who have the live feeds found out who the replacement MVP nominee was. It's GinaMarie. Chances are strong that she is going to be the one to go home because she has been breaking down a lot since Nick left the house. Any way, one of the Mean Girls (Aaryn, Kaitlin, or GinaMarie) is going to go home. The house guests still don't know that this week's "expect the unexpected" was that America was the MVP. There is a ton of speculation about who the MVP is, and some of them are thinking that Elissa nominated herself, which I think would be stupid because if she didn't get POV, she would be evicted.

Lots of Talking in BB House

Sunday, July 21, 2013 -- Evening

Nominations Show
It's time for the BB show this evening.

The show starts with Jeremy leaving, and Kaitlin feeling guilty. Aaryn is glad to be in the house. Helen says she doesn't want to get cocky, but she does by saying her plan to get rid of Jeremy worked. The first joker is Amanda who says Jeremy looks good in black and white. Spencer realizes that only guys have gone home, and that some women need to go to prevent a powerhouse female alliance. Judd is really excited to have won HOH, and Jessie is excited too because Judd is her buddy. GinaMarie says that she has to work on Judd to keep her, Kaitlin, and Aaryn om the house. After the HOH comp, Judd does give Jessie a peck on the check. Kaitlin thinks the house owes her a few weeks of safety because that's what Helen promised her. I'm getting tired of Helen and Elissa. McCrae is worried about the twist with the MVP. McCrae tells Amanda and Andy that he thinks Judd will put up Gina and Kaitlin. Amanda wants to tell Judd to put up Howard and Aaryn. Amanda says that she has to keep Judd in check. In DR, Judd says that Amanda may run McCrae, but she doesn't run J-u-double d. Candice and Howard talk about who Judd will put up. Howard says that he has to stay cool with Judd to keep himself safe.

Judd takes everyone up to his HOH room. Jessie thinks high school Judd looks adorable. Judd reads his letter from his mom, who tells him how proud she and the dad are of Judd and hopes he goes all the way. BB puts subtitles under Judd when he talks because his speech is so slurred. Spencer and Howard hope to keep the focus off the two of them. Howard says that Kaitlin would be a good target. Elissa tells Judd, Spencer, and Howard that she will tell them if she gets MVP. They talk about the twist being a power because they have no idea that it's America voting for the nominee.

GinaMarie is talking about a dress, and she can't say auburn. Candice says that even as a speech therapist, but GinaMarie is impossible. GinaMarie makes up words all the time because she's really stupid. Howard and Candice talk, and Howard asks if Candice likes him. She says that she doesn't sleep with others. Howard admits that he is willing to explore the friendship while he is in the house. Candice thinks they have a lot in common because they are Southern and Christian, and have been affected by the racial things in the house. Aaryn talks to Judd in the Have Not room. Poor Judd can't talk to people in his HOH room because Helen, Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa are camping out there. Judd talks about getting rid of Candice or maybe back dooring Howard. he admits to Aaryn that he is friends with Howard. GinaMarie is still talking about Nick with Kaitlin. Aaryn comes in and tells them that Aaryn is probably going on the block. Aaryn thinks that Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie will be the three on the block. GinaMarie tries to tell Aaryn that she is wrong. Aaryn tells GinaMarie to stop talking. GinaMarie keeps on trying to tell Aaryn to just drop things and think positive. Aaryn and GinaMarie start to argue over the nominations.

Time for the Have-Have Not competition. They had to break up into three groups, and we didn't see that no one wanted to join GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Kaitlin's team. Helen finally joined them. They have to eat frozen yogurt. They have vanilla chocolate twist in one, and anchovy habenero yogurt. They all have to try every flavor, eat as much as they can, and weight themselves at the end. The team with the least weight gain will be have not. Amanda was just eating the vanilla chocolate while Howard eats the anchovy. GinaMarie just put her head under the twist machine and eats it. Amanda is flipping out on the anchovy and claims she can't eat because she will throw up. People keep on talking about throwing up. Aaryn keeps up the fake throwing up. McCrae is trying not throe up, and Howard tries to tell McCrae to hold it in. Spencer, Andy, Candice, and Jessie gained 11 pounds. GinaMarie helped her team eat 13 pounds. Elisa, McCrae, Howard, and Amanda 12.9 pounds. Andy and company are the Have Nots.

Amanda decides that Judd should not make a royal mistake, and that he should listen to her. Amanda says that she would put up Howard. Judd says Spencer and Candice will be after him because of Howard. Amanda says Judd should make a big move and get out Howard. Amanda isn't HOH though, and she won't be the one getting the blood on her hands. Amanda wants Howard out for personal reasons. Howard wants to break up McCrae and get Amanda out.

In the backyard, Howard says he will do yoga with Elissa because he wants to bond with her. Elissa is a yoga teacher, and she's teaching Howard the simple movies. As Howard says he never used those muscles. Candice says she likes looking at Howard without his shirt on. Howard says Elissa is amazing because she is so flexible. Elissa and Jessie are in the HOH room talking to Judd. He is subtitled because you just can't understand him. Judd doesn't want to screw himself up. Elissa tells Judd that he needs to put Aaryn up. Judd said that Aaryn is not powerful, and Elissa and Jessie seem anti-Aaryn. Amanda, McCrae, and Andy talk about who Judd should put up, and Amanda says that Judd HAS to put Howard up. Andy said that Judd does not think Howard is after him. Amanda says that jUdd has to get his hands dirty. Judd comes into the room, and he doesn't want to tell Amanda who he is putting up. Amanda says they have to get rid of Howard because that breaks up Howard and Spencer, and Howard is manipulative. Even Andy sees that Amanda is playing too hard. Also, the people would have to be dumb to see that Amanda is the one who really needs to go because she is always being the nominations, but never getting her hands dirty.

Time for the nominations. Aaryn thinks she will be on the block and will probably go home. Howard doesn't care who is on the block as long as it's not him. Amanda gives her power hungry rant about Howard. Judd says he's in the house by himself, and he has to play his own game. The keys come out in this order: Spencer, Jessie, Elissa, Candice, McCrae, Andy, Helen, Howard, GinaMarie, and finally, Amanda. Sending a good message, Judd. Amanda was very ungracious. Judd said that he thinks Kaitlin has a good social game. He called Aaryn a Texas tornado. Aaryn thinks a blind kid who can hit the target on her back. Judd hopes to make it through the rest of the week. Kaitlin said that she is being dragged down by her association with Aaryn and GinaMarie. Amanda is happy because she wants to back door Howard. Smirk!

Saturday, July 20, 2013 -- Evening

Drama in the BB House
Judd, going against the harassment of Amanda who wanted Howard on the block, putting up Aaryn and Kaitlin. The MVP vote was America's choice, and since Aaryn was already on the block, Elissa wound up being the second choice. At least everyone on the Internet were assuming that Aaryn was first, and Elissa was second. Now the POV has been played, and Elissa won POV. That means that the third person on the list will be the replacement nomination. And I know that I'm hoping that the nominee will be Amanda. There is a lot of conversation that Elissa put herself up on the block, and there is a lot of drame over some of the house guests getting sick and tired of the way Amanda is trying to run the house. Plus Aaryn has been telling people that Amanda assured her that she is safe. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

POV Fallout

Thursday, July 18, 2013 -- Evening

Bye-bye Jeremy
Spencer and Aaryn were packing their bags today for tonight's eviction ceremony. However, Jeremy is definitely the person going home as they have all discussed in the house.
Spencer and Aaryn prepping for the eviction ceremony
Julie Chen had on a very nice dress for this episode. As Julie says, the hunters have become the hunted. Helen annoyingly squeals about Kaitlin using the veto. Helen calls Jeremy the biggest bully. I think the house guests use the word bully far too much. Jeremy said that it's not over till it's over. But it's pretty much over for him. Aaryn and Jeremy talk, and Aaryn says that people hate people who are good at things or cute. Aaryn thinks that the wimps are targeting Jeremy because he is good at competitions. Jeremy thinks he may have been too feisty, and that he has to show his softer side. Jeremy dresses up in baby clothes, and says he's trying to do whatever he can to try to stay in the game. Amanda and McCrae are in the hammock, and Amanda says that Jeremy coming to thme in baby diapers either means he wants to campaign or breastfeed. Jeremy is trying to campaign. He has an uphill battle. Aaryn does an exercise routine to show people what a fun person she is. Not! Aaryn calls Helen amazing. Aaryn is really working it trying to make it seem like she is something she is not. Everyone talks about GinaMarie being crazy because GinaMarie is making a Nick shrine. Amanda wants to have fun and hide the items from GinaMarie's shrine. GinaMarie goes into the room, and immediately sees that Nick's cup is gone. GinaMarie does not think it is funny. She asks Aaryn where Nick's hat and cup is. GinaMarie starts to cry because she really needs the cup. Amanda says that they have to giver GinaMarie the stuff back. Amanda goes and hugs here, and says they were just kidding her around. Aaryn said she didn't have anything to do with it, and Amanda said "oh, we all had a hand in it." Amanda and McCrae talk about how mean-spirited Aaryn is, and how she wanted Amanda to take the fall for the cup and hat. Jeremy campaigns to Helen and Elissa saying that he would not go against them till the end, and they could flip the house. Jeremy said that they all deserve to be there more than Aaryn. Jeremy says that his attitude would change 180 degrees. He claims he would be humble and gracious. Helen admits in DR that it is an offer that is hard to pass up, but she will.

Julie goes to the living room. Julie asks Elissa about her first week not on the block, and Elissa said that it is amazing. She is enjoying a week in the BB house. Julie asked Candice about the bed flipping. Candice says she is moving beyond it. Kaitlin talks about the difficulty of using the veto on herself. Julie asks Howard about his faith and playing the game. Howard says some lying has to take place, but he is conscious free now.

Julie talks to Amanda's and McCrae's parents. McCrae's dad said that Amanda has her looks and age working over McCrae. The dad said that McCrae is a unique individual. His mom said that Amanda crawled right into bed with him, and what is a boy to do? Amanda's mom said that Amanda dated a lot. Her dad said that she usually gets what she wants. McCrae's mom hopes that Amanda's strong personality doesn't overwhelm McCrae. McCrae's dad thinks Amanda wears the pants in the pair. Amanda's mom hopes that McCrae is the CEO of a software company.

Time for the final brief statements. Jeremy said that it's not a shock what will happen, but hopes they can all be friends after it. Aaryn wants to thank everyone and her family. Spencer thanks a laundry list of people. Time for the vote:
Jeremy is out by a vote of 9 to 1. Jeremy knew he was going, and said that it wasn't personal. He saved the kisses and hugs for Kaitlin last. He called her his princess. Jeremy told Kaitlin to play hard. Julie said that Jeremy was cocky from the moment he walked in the house. Jeremy said it's in his blood to win. Jeremy says though he walks out with his head high because he didn't throw competitions. Jeremy said that Kaitlin changed him a lot. Jeremy said that he didn't feel like he was a bully. He said that it's because he is so big and intimidating looking that it comes off as bullying. Jeremy said he grew more in the last three weeks than he did in the past three years. Jeremy admits that he needs to work on some things personally. Jeremy came across as very nice. McCrae said that Jeremy didn't think of anyone buy himself. Elissa said she was just glad he was gone. Helen says that Jeremy could have won the game if he had a good attitude when he first came in. Kaitlin said that she'll see Jeremy when she gets out of the house. Jeremy said that he fell hard for Kaitlin, and he hopes to see her when he gets out of the house.

Then we learn that the viewers will vote for the person that they want to vote on the block. So we are the MVP this week. I wonder if everyone will vote for Aaryn. The HOH cannot be nominated, so if that person gets the most votes, the person who is second in votes will go up.

Time for the HOH, and it's America's vote on the royal titles. Julie will give two house guests two names. The questions:

Who would be crowned the Earl of Egotism because they are most likely to want their face added to Mount Rushmore? (Aaryn or Jessie)
Answer: Aaryn

Who would be crowned the Baron of Boneheads because they are most likely to skydive and forget to wear a parachute? (Spencer or GinaMarie)
Answer: GinaMarie

Who would be crowned the Lord of Laziness because they are most likely to go straight from living in the Big Brother house to living in their parents' basement? (Judd or McCrae)
Answer: McCrae
Out: Andy, Candice, Amanda, Elissa

Who would be crowned the Knight of Naughtiness because they are most likely to strut around town in their underwear? (Amanda or Kaitlin)
Answer: Amanda

Who would be crowned the Duke of Dork because they are most likely to stand in line for ten hours to buy a Zingbot action figure? (Andy or Helen)
Answer: Andy
Out: Aaryn, Jessie, and GinaMarie

Who would be crowned the Sultan of Sexy because they are most likely to be featured on the cover of Hot Highnesses Weekly? (Elissa or Howard)
Answer: Elissa
Out: Howard and Spencer
Time for the tie-breaker. In Scary Dairy, how many gallons of milk would it take to fill all three vates that Howard, McCrae, and Spencer were standing in. Judd was the closest and the HOH.

Julei warns the house guests to expect the unexpected with the MVP, but gave no more details.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 -- Evening

POV Show
Tonight was the POV show. The feeds have been really boring this week. The plan is to vote out Jeremy, and there really hasn't been any game play. Helen is annoying with her consensus building. It works in politics, but not BB.

On the show tonight, we saw the action post nominations. Helen says that Aaryn is her target for now, but because she is the most hated person, it might make sense to keep Aaryn in the house. Kaitlin vows to win the video. Aaryn thinks that because she has a strong personality, a huge target is on her back. In one of the bedrooms, Jeremy and Kaitlin talk. Jeremy thinks the MVP will put him up. Jeremy thinks Elissa will be the MVP, which she was. Helen goes up to the HOH room to discuss the third nomination with "her side of the house." They think it will be Elissa. Helen talks about Howard voting for Nick. Helen wants to get rid of Jeremy, but thinks maybe Spencer should go up. Amanda wants to backdoor Jeremy, but thinks the second threat is Howard. McCrae seems to be doing a lot of nodding. Helen says she wants to talk with Spencer to find out what he has to say. Helen asks Spencer to tell her all the things she doesn't know. Helen said that she didn't nominate Spencer, but it crossed her mind. Helen cried because she trusted Howard and Spencer. Helen claims they are fake tears in DR, so she can make Spencer do what she wants. Helen says that she will give Spencer a second chance. Spencer thinks Howard needs to come clean or it will make him and HOward look bad. Spencer advises Howard to go and talk to Helen. Howard is upset because Helen knows that he lied again.

Elissa won the MVP again. Elissa is happy that she and Helen get to pick all three nominees. McCrae tells Elissa that he doesn't want to influence her MVP. As Elissa, McCrae, and Amanda talk in the storage room. They want Elissa to put up Howard. Elissa doesn't like that Amanda, McCrae, and Helen were talking about Elissa's vote without Elissa. Elissa feels that they want Elissa to do her dirty work, and Elissa feels very used. Howard goes up to the HOH room. In front of a crew of guys, Howard admits that he was part of the Moving Company, and that he was very loyal to the group. Howard said that Jeremy was a bully, and he had problems with that because it conflicted with what is in him. Howard says that he is on their side. Helen starts her crying. Elissa asks to speak with Helen, and send out Howard, Andy, Judd, and Jessie. Elissa wants to know that Helen wants her for herself, and not for the MVP vote. Helen says that it is Elissa's HOH just like Helen's. Elissa doesn't feel comfortable with Howard going up. Elissa and Helen agree that they have to backdoor Jeremy. Elissa said that she doesn't want to put up Howard, and says that Spencer will be just as good. Helen says to tell Amanda and McCrae because they want Howard up. Amanda, Andy, Elissa, and Helen talk. Elissa says that she doesn't want to up Howard because she's putting up all the strong guys and putting a target on her back. Elissa in DR says that Amanda and McCrae have an agenda, and Elissa doesn't feel comfortable. Amanda thinks Howard is a big threat to her and McCrae. Elissa said that she feels that she made moves, and she is just not comfortable putting up Howard. Amanda accuses Elissa of saving Howard, and Elissa said she's not saving him if Howard isn't supposed to go home. I agree with Elissa. It's her choice, and she needs to show them that they can't control her.

Time for the Veto competition. The house guests find out that Spencer is the MVP nominee. Aaryn is hoping it's a bigger target. Spencer thought it was going to happen because of the Moving Company. Elissa decided to nominate Spencer because she wasn't happy with the pressure everyone was putting on her to nominate Howard. Helen pulls GinaMarie and Candice play. Jeremy wanted to play so he doesn't get put on the block. Helen is really excited because that means Jeremy will be back doored. Judd is the master of ceremonies. Helen tells Spencer and Candice to win the POV so they can send Jeremy home. Spencer wants to win the POV to take himself off. Jeremy tells Kaitlin and Aaryn that he is going to be going home. Aaryn and Kaitlin feel bad knowing that if they win veto, Jeremy goes home. Kaitlin talks to GinaMarie about winning the veto and not using it. GinaMarie has to choose between Kaitlin and Aaryn. Kaitlin hopes that either she or GinaMarie wins.

Kaitlin is talking to Amanda about winning the veto and not taking herself off the block. Amanda says that Kaitlin will go home because she ie part of a couple. Aaryn is alone, and not as much as a threat. The competition is done one at at time. The players go to the backyard. The player has to hit the button to start the clock, bounce on a trampoline to look over the wall at the Jones' house. Then the player has to copy the artwork from the Jones on his/her wall. The player who replicates the art in the shortest time wins. Candice noticed that the art was famous pieces with the house guests faces put in. She gets it wrong on the first try. Candice realized that the paintings were slightly different. Aaryn was next. Candice had put out all the paintings and then picked them from the ground. Aaryn was having issues with it, but she eventually got it. GinaMarie notices the picture of Nick and says it gives her inspiration. She says by the grace of God and Nick, she did well. Then it was Spencer's turn. I'm surprised that he could bounce high enough to see over the wall. He got it wrong the first time, and he was having trouble with bounding on the trampoline because it was too strenuous for him. Then it was Kaitlin's turn. She finally got it on the third try. Then it was Helen's turn. Helen was having trouble with jumping and memorizing at the same time. Time for the results: Candice took 8:46. GinaMarie took 8:56, Spencer took 12:19, Aaryn took 9:50, Kaitlin took 7:09, and Helen took 8:55 so Kaitlin won the veto. Of course, Helen was concerned that Kaitlin would not use it. Kaitlin said that it would be hard to decide if she should use it and send Jeremy home or not use it and go home herself.

Kaitlin and Jeremy are smiling, and Jeremy says that he wants to make love with her now. Jeremy said that he didn't come to BB to get back doored by wimps. So he claims he will put on his charm to get Kaitlin to do what he wants. Kaitlin wants Helen to put Howard up. Jeremy noisily kisses Kaitlin. Kaitlin goes to the HOH room. Andy is there with Helen. Helen says that if Kaitlin uses the veto, the house wants Helen to put up Jeremy. Helen says that it is down to Jeremy or Howard. Helen says that Jeremy has been the person who has been mean to her. Kaitlin says that if Helen keeps Jeremy, he would really owe here. Kaitlin said in DR that she got sick to her stomach because there was no possible way to save him. Kaitlin goes to the storage room, and tells Jeremy that she can't save hi because it's what the house wants. Jeremy tells Kaitlin not to be upset. Jeremy said that he is a champion, and losing is not in his vocabulary. Kaitlin wonders if she stays in the house if she would be the one to go. Kaitlin wanders if she should bit the bullet and go against Aaryn and Spencer. She does use the veto though.

Time for the POV ceremony. Kaitlin feels that she is in a lose/lose situation. Either she goes off, and Jeremy goes on, or Kaitlin goes home. Kaitlin says that it was a difficult decision, and she is going to use the veto on herself. Helen names Jeremy as the replacement. Aaryn looks sad, but she's glad because Jeremy is a bigger target. Kaitlin hopes to campaign to keep Jeremy. Howard hopes to mend some bridges, and is glad he isn't on the block. Aaryn is worried that Jeremy will talk his way out of leaving. Jeremy says he's not done until he goes walking out the door.

Monday, July 15, 2013 -- Afternoon

Kaitlin used the POV on herself, and Jeremy went up in her place. It looks like Jeremy will go, as of now. Of course, anything can change in this house. Personally, I would rather see Aaryn, the racist get booted. But It looks like Jeremy's days are numbered. After the POV ceremony, everyone was just hanging around outside.

Backyard Laziness

Sunday, July 14, 2013 -- Evening

More Racism
On the live feeds, we know that Helen nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin. Elissa is the MVP, and she nominated Spencer. Kaitlin won POV. But for now, onto the show.

The show started with the eviction of Nick. We see Gina crying. Then Jeremy is irritated because the Moving Company ditched him and broke him up. Gina is sobbing like a wounded seal. Kaitlin starts attacking Jessie about not voting for Nick. Gina starts complaining because the house did not realize how wonderful Nick was, and how he needed to stay in the house. Aaryn was feeding her lines. Gina was screaming abuse at everyone calling them cockroaches, and how she was going to get them. McCrae said that he voted for Nick because it was a choice between the Moving Company and Amanda. McCrae chose Amanda. Spencer says that he switched his vote because Helen gave him a moving speech. Spencer goes to talk to Howard, and told Howard he could vote for Nick. Howard voted for Elissa to keep some mystery and give himself some wiggle room. Helen wins HOH and calls the key the best jewelry since her wedding ring. Jeremy says it's a miserable moment for him. Jeremy said he is going to try to do his best. It's all he can do. Elissa, Helen, Candice, Jessie, and Amanda celebrate in the Have Not room. Jeremy came in and applauded the game play of Elissa and Helen. Jeremy said that he has is giving Elissa kudos because he has life until the fat lady sings.

Meanwhile Kaitlin and Aaryn are complaining about Helen and company taking out the strongest players until only weak players are left. Gina enters the room crying into Nick's used shorts. Gina wipes her eyes with the shorts and blows her nose into the shorts. The action starts with Jessie trying to reclaim her bed, which Kaitlin and Jeremy are trying to take over. Kaitlin and Aaryn start picking on Jessie about how nice they were to Jessie. Jessie said that she was always low in their alliance. Judd comes into the room, and Kaitlin tells him to get out. Judd stands his ground. Then Aaryn flips Candice's bed. Jessie takes her bed back, and Kaitlin comes in and tries to lay with Jessie even though Jessie keeps on telling her to leave. Jeremy comes in, and Jessie tells him she isn't comfortable. Candice finds her bed flipped. Candice says that she doesn't want her bed flipped. Aaryn starts talking like a black girl, mocking Candice, and saying her bed has crabs. Howard comes in and tries to get her out of the room. Gina gets in her face, and Howard comes and physically carries Candice out into the Have Not room. Howard says that the only people he has to protect are Candice or Helen because he can't control himself trying to defend Candice and Helen. Candice starts crying because she wants to stand up for what is right, and she just wants to sleep in her bed with Howie. Howard says that he has to keep on shutting his mouth because he can't take the racism. He tells Candice that they have to be smart and play the game. Howard was trying to get Candice to see the bigger picture. When Candice leaves the room, Howard cries. Jessie is trying to talk sense to the girls, and then Amanda comes in, and she really starts truth talking. Amanda tells them all that they talk shit about each other. Amanda tells them that they are bullies. Amanda said to Aaryn that she is racist. Aaryn claims that she has never said or done anything racist. Amanda said that America will judge. Candice is crying in HOH, and she tells Elissa, Andy, and Helen what happened with the bed. Helen said less than three hours into her HOH, Aaryn is throwing around racial slurs and flipping beds. Helen says that everyone who has ever been discriminated against is rooting for Candice.

Amanda and McCrae are talking and McCrae makes Amanda promise not to be upset. McCrae tells Amanda about the Moving Company. McCrae tells Amanda the details about the Moving Company. Amanda said her first reaction was "good job McCrae because it got past her." McCrae says that it broke up because they wanted McCrae to get rid of Amanda, and he said Amanda is his queen, and he had to protect his queen. Gina was crying on the couch, and Candice went to console Gina because she feels for her. Aaryn then apologizes to Candice because she doesn't want Candice to do things that might get Aaryn out of the house. Candice accepts the apology, but she doesn't believe her. As far as Candice is concerned, Aaryn is not worth acknowledging in future.

Time for the Have/Have Not competition. The backyard is setup like a farm yard. They have to use buckets to toss spoiled milk from a large tub at one end to a bucket brigade with their team. At the end of the yard is a small bucket. The last team in the challenge will be the Have Nots. Candice does not want to be a Have Not. Jeremy has to sit out the competition. Howard says that he is going to throw the competition because he has Aaryn and Kaitlin on his team, and they need to be Have Nots. Aaryn said that Howard is a joke and that Aaryn has more of the milk than in the jug. Red team finished first. That was Andy, Elissa, Candice, and Spencer. Meanwhile, Howard on the Blue team is trying to do his best to throw the competition, but McCrae really sucks. Howard failed at failing, and Blue team won, so Gina, Kaitlin, and Aaryn got food. Meanwhile, Judd, Amanda, McCrae, and Jessie are Have Nots. Aaryn says to her mean girl friends "K A R M A that's what happens when you're a mean person." Well, if that were the case, Aaryn would be on a bread and water diet.

Jeremy goes to talk to Helen. Jeremy outs the Moving Company to Helen. Helen said in DR that she knew it, and Candice called it. Jeremy thinks Aaryn put a bigger target on his back. Helen asks how he would feel if she put Kaitlin up. Jeremy said that if Helen helps him, he will help her. Helen wonders if she can use Jeremy in this game. Howard goes up to talk to Helen. Helen asks Howard about the vote. She says that she wants to know about the vote, and Howard has been lying to cover his tracks. Howard calls Helen into the bathroom, and he admits that he voted to keep Nick in the house. Howard asks Helen to keep him in the house because he has nothing to go home to. Howard denies that there was no guy alliance. Helen admits that she was really disappointed in Howard. As Howard says, lying conflicts with his religious feelings, but he feels he has to for the game.

Time for the nomination ceremony. The keys come out in this order: Elissa, Andy, Candice, McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd, Jessie, Howard, Spencer, and Jeremy. Aaryn and Kaitlin are on the block. Helen says that they are strong competitors, and wants to give them a chance to win the POV. Kaitlin feels she chose the wrong side by being with Aaryn. Aaryn said that it would be stupid not to vote her out. Jeremy said that he didn't go into BB to get married, but to win $500,000. Who will get voted out?

Thursday, July 11, 2013 -- Evening

Howard consoling sobbing GinaMarie
Post Show Breakdown
After the live feeds came back to GinaMarie sobbing, and Howard consoling her. I really like Howard. He seems like a really decent guy. GinaMarie goes to talk to Aaryn and Kaitlin and says that Nick will go home, and forget her and not want to hang out with her again. GinaMarie is just sorry that she didn't kiss Nick. She is really acting like Nick is dead.

Thursday, July 11, 2013 -- Evening

Eviction Night
There has been a lot of flip-flopping in the Big Brother house overnight. It has gone from Elissa to Nick because Amanda has been constantly battling to get rid of Nick and to keep Elissa and the MVP. They are starting to realize that the MVP vote is more powerful than the HOH, and since they KNOW Elissa is getting it, it would make sense to keep her and to control the nomination. Let's see if it really goes down like that on the show.

The show started with a recap, and then the reaction post POV ceremony. Jeremy says it doesn't matter if Nick is on the block because Elissa is going home. Nick also feels good because the Moving Company is behind him. Helen's mission is to make sure that Nick leaves, and Elissa stays. Candice talks to Amanda and explains that the girls need to get the boys out because the boys are really sticking together. As Candice says, if they get Nick out, that's two boys down. Elissa talks to Elissa about how the girls need to stick together. Candice said that Jessie wants to be with the popular vote. Helen isn't sure about Spencer. Candice and Helen are talking in the Have Not room. Helen says that she trusts Andy more than anyone other than Elissa. Andy asks Helen if they want to get rid of Nick, it might be risky this early. Helen tells Andy that if Nick goes, they will still be going after Elissa so they won't go for Andy right away. Elissa goes and talks to Jessie, even though the others told her to lay low. Elissa tries to show that there the best option is to get rid of Nick. Jessie says she was 100 percent against Elissa, but is wavering now. Helen and Jessie talk. Helen says that Jessie is low on the totem pole for the others. Helen said that her group will protect Jessie. Hellen is excited that with Jessie on her side that they will keep Elissa. If it doesn't work out, then they know that a lot of people are telling lies.

Howard says that the one hiccup in the Moving Company is McCrae and Amanda. Howard and Nick talk about how McCrae thinks he has control of Amanda, but that Amanda is a strong girl physically and mentally. Spencer walks in, Howard leaves, and Spencer agrees with Nick that they cannot trust Amanda. Spencer says that the Moving Company has to talk to McCrae about Amanda. Spencer tells McCrae that he will have to cut Amanda loose. McCrae says that Amanda is his closest ally, so he's trying to calm the guys down. As Howard says, he trusts McCrae, but Howard knows women. Amanda is talking to McCrae trying to talk him into keeping Elissa over Nick. Amanda says that she feels that McCrae is not telling her something. McCrae feels like he is caught in a vice, and he doesn't know what to do. As McCrae says, he has to pick a side: Moving Company or Amanda. He's in the middle, and it is killing him.

Julie talks to the house guests. Jeremy says he wasn't worried about being nominated because he came to compete, and he is ready. Julie asks Jessie about why love is running rampant in the house. Jessie says that it's nice to have a companion to pass the time. Julie says that you can have friends and not romance. Amanda is asked about forgetting that you are being filmed 24/7. Amanda says that all the time she forgets. Aaryn, the racist, claims to just be herself, and that people know what she is like. Julie pauses before saying "yes we do." Snap, Julie! Aaryn is going to be in a poop load of hate when she comes out of the house. Maybe it will wake the girl up, but I doubt it. Julie talks about the controversy over the insensitive remarks. Candice tells the others about Aaryn's racist remarks. Howard backs her up, and they show Aaryn's remarks that the fish tank is segregated with the white fish on the top. Candice thinks it's vindictive. Amanda goes up to talk to Aaryn about her racist remarks. You can tell that Amanda is awkwardly bringing it up. Aaryn says that it's obnoxious, and she says she is not going to say anything about it being a joke that she is not going to acknowledge. Aaryn blows it off. She calls it immature, and says others calling her blonde is the same. Aaryn also said that she wished that she cared about it, but she didn't.

Elissa talks first about wanting to play the game without being targeted as Rachel's sister. She thanks a slew of names, and she calls Nick the big threat. Nick tries to be upbeat, telling stories about them. Helen says she is a huge Big Brother fan. She loves them all and will see them on the other side of evicted. The vote starts:
By a vote of 7-4, Nick is evicted. Helen learns that she is safe. Nick hears his fate, and GinaMarie starts crying. I'm sure that Nick heaved a sigh of relief at escaping her. Then GinaMarie sobbed hysterically on his shoulder. Nick drags out to Julie, as in the house, Howard tries to console GinaMarie who is still sobbing hysterically. They watch Nick's picture go black and white. Nick called it by saying Spencer probably turned on him. Nick started to notice that Spencer was talking to others. Julie told Nick that he was right. It was Spencer, who he trusted the most, who turned on him. Nick says the fake game was the Moving Company game. Nick says given time, he might have been hanging out with GinaMarie, who Julie said is curled up in a ball crying now. Nick said that they couldn't have handled the immediate stress. If they all kept it cool, it would have been good. Helen said that she wanted to win BB, and that's why Nick had to leave. Julie is on the top of her game, and said that maybe Nick should have kissed Jessie and gotten her vote.

The house guests were awakened last night, and they had to memorize items on the conveyer belt. McCrae realizes that it will be part of the HOH competition. Every time they would fall asleep, buzzers would wake them up to go out into the yard. Now for the HOH competition. For each question, they have to answer true or false. Question 1: One of the suitcases had a sticker that said Paris. False. Judd and Jeremy are out. Question 2: There was slop in the same delivery as the teddy bear in the blue shirt. GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Spencer, and Elissa are out. Question 3: A box in the second delivery saying This Side Up was upside down. Trus. Candice is out. Question 4: There are seven boxes marked biohazard. False. Everyone got it. Question 5: The cup at the reception desk had a spoon in it. False. It was a pencil. Everyone got it right. Question 6: Both a tuba and a box of green shirts was on the fourth delivery last night. True. Everyone got it right. It's a tiebreaker question. Each of the BB cola boxes was marked with a quantity of cans. How many cans were delivered last night? 168 can. Everyone but McCrae got it. The total time in seconds for Jeremy to win the In the Balance veto competition from start to finish. Answer: 895 second. Helen won with a guess of 800. This was a really tight HOH.

As the show closes, Helen is consoling GinaMarie who is still sobbing.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 -- Evening

POV Show
Time for the POV ceremony show. The show starts after the nominations. Elissa expected the nomination, but thought that Helen's nomination was vindictive. Helen thinks that both she and Elissa will make it. Elissa realizes that she has to put her feelings aside and try to win POV. Candice, who is really smart, realizes that there is an all guy alliance, and that they got Aaryn to put up two women. Jeremy, Nick, and McCrae are in storage, and making jokes about hos the women are going crazy. Jeremy said that the girls are going to go home one by one, and he can't wait for them to go home. Hmmm...who would Jeremy have sex with then? Helen goes into the HOH room to talk to Aaryn. Helen said that prior to nominations, she talked to Aaryn about working together. Helen says again that if she makes it through the week, she will be willing to work with Aaryn. Helen thinks that it is stupid to take out the person who nominated you. Helen says she isn't vindictive, and it's all about building bridges. Spoken like a true politician. Aaryn said that she is looking forward to working with Helen because no one would ever expect it.

Of course, we all know that Elissa is the MVP. She is all excited about being the BB MVP. Elissa says that she will be playing for America since they like watching her. Elissa told Helen that she was the MVP, and this time, Elissa is not going to tell anyone. Elissa said that she wants to put up Jeremy. Helen tries to talk Elissa into putting up Kaitlin, and hope that they can back door Jeremy. Helen then started to think that it might be too dangerous because of someone doesn't use the POV, they won't be able to get Jeremy up on the block.

GinaMarie and Nick are talking about Jeremy. GinaMarie admits in DR that she has a little bit of a crush on Nick. Nick says in DR that he feels like a pimp. First Jessie was following him around. Now he has GinaMarie following him. As Nick says, although there is love in the air, he does not feel the same way about her. GinaMarie says she wants to kiss him, and it would be so great, but he tells her they have to chill. Nick just seems really uncomfortable. Candice hopes it will be a strong boy who goes up because the girls need a chance. Jeremy is revealed as the third nominee. Time to pick players. Aaryn pulls two chips out of the box. Amanda is the first, and Nick is the second. Nick claims he will do whatever to get his homeboy off the block. GinaMarie is the hostess of the competition. Elissa is worried about her choice because Jeremy was so fired up. Jeremy says he's a manimal, and he will win. Kaitlin claims that Elissa was shaking in her boots. Aaryn said that Elissa needed to win the POV, and Jeremy would easily win. Kaitlin and Aaryn talk negatively about Elissa. GinaMarie tells Nick that she would like the nominations to stay as they are. Elissa asks to speak to Nick, and says that the MVP was told to put NIck up, but she did not. Elissa said that she would keep him safe for two weeks. NIck didn't want to say anything. Elissa asked if the means he didn't want to play with her. Nick says that if he wins, he's safe if he plays the POV. If he does not win it, then Elissa can think he threw it. Nick thinks that makes him safe either way.

POV mobile building competition Helen is crying in the Have Not room with Elissa, and Howard goes over to comfort them, and then asks if they would mind if he prayed with them. It was really nice that he did that for them, even though he is part of the Moving Company. Howard says his religion is more important than the social game. Howard says that he's there for everyone outside of the game, and he will pray for them. He's really a good Christian example, as Jessie said. Britney announces the competition. She's pregnant, and the competition will be to help her setup her nursery. The house guests have to build a giant mobile. They have to get one stuffed animal out of a bin, run it back to the crib each has, and then perfectly balance ten of the animals on the mobile. Jeremy thinks he's the strongest player in the house, and he has to stay in beast mode, which is hard since he is in a lavender onesie. Amanda wants to kick Jeremy's ass because she doesn't like him or Aaryn. Jeremy said is way more difficult than he thought it would be. Elissa thinks that being a yoga instructor would help her with balance, but it wasn't. Judd was afraid the stuffed animals would get a concussion. Amanda almost got it, but the bears were touching the ground. Amanda could not get it right. Jeremy keeps on knocking the animals off. Jeremy figures out to put the heavy animals on the top, then to progressively go lighter. You would think they would all have figured that out. Helen realized that Elissa was struggling, and it was up to her to win. Helen looked very close, but then Jeremy just beat her out. Jeremy ripped off his onesie. I really hate Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin. Helen realizes they need a bigger target than Elissa. Howard is happy that Jeremy is putting a huge target on his back.

Jeremy and Kaitlin are in the HOH bed kissing and making out. Kaitlin feels nervous about going up next. She is sure that she is going up on the block. Elissa is sure that Elissa will target her. Then we have to hear noisy, wet kissing, which is really, really disgusting. Jeremy tells her that he will let her know if she is going home. Jeremy said that Kaitlin can't let him enjoy the victory. Jeremy talks to Nick and says you have to keep Kaitlin safe. Nick doesn't like that Jeremy is talking like it's dictatorship. Even Howard is put off by Jeremy giving others the orders. Jeremy tells McCrae that if Elissa doesn't go home, he's blaming the Moving Company. McCrae realizes that Jeremy is a huge problem because he is going to compromise the alliance. Candice talks to Elissa about how they have to put up a strong male and break up the mens alliance. Candice realizes that Jeremy and Nick might be working together. Elissa says that putting up Nick and outing his alliance with Jeremy might put a bigger target on his back. Elissa realizes that she made a deal with Nick, so she is going to have to break that.

Elissa approaches Nick and tries to scope out if he will vote out Kaitlin. Nick won't give her a straight answer. Nick asks when Elissa needs to know because he needs to know if he can vote for her. Elissa goes and tells Helen. Elissa realizes that Nick is going to vote for her to be evicted. Time for the POV ceremony. Kaitlin is afraid that she will go up and go home. Jeremy removes himself from the chopping block. The MVP choice is Nick as replacement. The meeting is over, and tomorrow, Elissa will probably be going home. Helen says that Elissa is the only one in the house that she can trust. Candice is proud that Elissa put up Nick. Candice just hopes the girls will come together and get rid of the guys. Elissa says it's time to kick it into high gear and get Nick out of the house. Bye-bye, Elissa! Good luck with that plan!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 -- Afternoon

Some in the BB house are campaigning for Elissa to stay. They figure that she will get the MVP, and since they are sure of that, then they can count on that nominee being someone that isn't them. It is a good strategy. It's always good to know that you can count on a vote. But the guys don't seem to be buying it. They are sticking with Nick. This morning, some of the house guests were out in the BB backyard exercising. Enjoy the photos.

Morning Exercise

Nick after being put on the block

Monday, July 8, 2013 -- Afternoon

Nick is on the Block
The POV ceremony was held in the Big Brother house, and Jeremy took himself off the block. Elissa put Nick up in Jeremy's place. There has been some scheming on Amanda's part to get Nick out because Amanda does not think she can trust him. She's right because Nick is in the Moving Company alliance. We'll have to see how things play out in the BB house.

Sunday, July 7, 2013 -- Evening

HOH Show Update
The BB show started with the HOH competition. The house guests were in various DR session explaining the situation. Elissa wanted to win the HOH more than birds need their feathers. She realizes that if she does not win, she will be nominated. Aaryn, the racist, is happy that she is paired with Jeremy because she will be out if she doesn't win. Aaryn can't believe that people voted out David. Spencer keeps on talking about getting the "threat" of stupid David out while the Moving Company will weaponize Elissa. Nick goes to talk to GinaMarie because she is upset about Elissa being in the house. Nick says GinaMarie is his closest outside the Moving Company alliance. Andy says that he really wants to win because Aaryn and Jeremy are going to be after him. Jessie, Howard, and Judd thought that they should go for the big scooper. Helen thought that since Spencer was the worst for an endurance comp, they needed the big scoop. Because it was one of the slippery slide comps, CBS showed plenty of falling on their ass videos. Amanda decides to stay on all fours so she won't fall or pop an implant. McCrae likes seeing Amanda all greased up. Helen tries to tell everyon to have fun. Roll eyes at that one. The point is to win, not have fun. Judd and Nick were getting close to getting the big scoop. Judd thinks they can catch up, and it loks like the big cup is working. Judd and NIck are catching up to Aaryn and Nick. Andy keeps on telling Elissa to keep it cool. Andy says that he and Elissa have to win because it will be a reign of tyranny with Aaryn and Jeremy.

One hour and eight minutes later, and it is getting close to the finish. Andy and Elissa are in a tie with Aaryn and Jeremy. Andy can touch the ball, but he can't get it. Jeremy managed to get his fingers in and get the ball. Aaryn, the racist, starts to cry about winning. Elissa said it is her worst nightmare. There is no word on the cheating scandal that the house guests have been mentioning on the feeds. Jeremy says that Aaryn can be HOH so he can compete next week. Aaryn tells everyone who voted out David to raise their hands so she can pick them as Have Nots. No one did. Aaryn picked Helen, Candice, Andy, and Elissa as the Have Nots. You know that the racist would pick the people who she has made racial and sexist comments against. Aaryn is talking to Candice and Spencer, and Candice says that she and Spencer voted for Elissa. Candice tells Aaryn this. Aaryn doesn't believe it. Spencer did vote to evict David. Helen begs for MVP, and cries. Elissa cries with her, and says that at least one of them should get MVP. David goes to Aaryn to be "truthful," which means lying. Andy said that he did not feel that Aaryn was on his side, and she knew that Elissa wasn't gunning for him. As Andy says, he has to keep his friends close, and his Aaryn's close. Aaryn comes out and asks who wants to see her HOH room. Helen and Andy don't want to see the HOH room. Andy said that he didn't want to go up to see pictures of the Devil as a baby. Amanda said that Aaryn's creepy clown is like Aaryn, the racist, supposed to be cute and nice, but really evil inside. Aaryn tells people that they don't have to be up there if they don't want to be. Elissa leaves saying "that was fun." Elissa commented in DR that she is afraid of clowns. GinaMarie, Jessie, Kaitlin, Jeremy, and Aaryn are talking. Nick shows up to listen in. Jeremy tells them to put up Helen and Elissa. Jeremy keeps on saying that Helen told Elissa what to do. Jeremy said his goal is to keep the Moving Company names off the block. Aaryn tells Nick that she suspects someone in the room, and that she will cut off his penis in his sleep if she finds out.

The house guests find out that liver and lima beans are on the Have Not menu. Helen says "thanks for the lima beans, I guess." Helen, Andy, Amanda, McCrae, and Judd talk about Aaryn making derogatory racist remarks. Howard says that even though the remarks may have been made in jest, they are really disrespectful. Howard says that he has to look down and keep his cool. He wants to win the game. I am really glad that they showed Aaryn's racist comments. Candice is trying to figure out what is going on. Candice talks to Helen, and Helen figures out that Jeremy and Spencer may be working togehter. Candice says that she thinks Nick is the mastermind. Helen agrees that there is something up. Candice thinks it is boy's super group. Candice thinks that it is Jeremy, Nick, Spencer, maybe Howard (who she does not want to be), and McCrae.

Jessie and Kaitlin are taking. Jessie thinks that Nick hates her because he keeps on walking away from her every time she comes near him. Jessie wants a boyfriend in the house, and has decided that should be Nick. Nick tries to get away from Jessie, and Jessie keeps on following him around. Nick said that he is single, and there are lots of single girls in the house. Jessie slurped her coffee. I HATE COFFEE SLURPERS!!! Jessie won't take a hint, and won't let Nick alone. Nick even goes into bed with GinaMarie, and Jessie just follows him to stare at him as he ignores here. Helen goes to talk game with Aaryn, and tells Helen that eventually they are going to have vote out their friends. Aaryn thinks it is sketchy, and Aaryn, the racist, is offended. Jeremy tells Spencer and Nick that Elissa needs to go. Spencer says that Amanda needs to go because she makes the house hard to control. Jeremy asks if it should be Amanda and Elissa. Spencer says that Amanda is the problem, and he can control Helen's and Andy's votes. Jeremy goes to talk to Aaryn so he can keep the Moving Company out of harm's way. Jeremy tells Aaryn that Amanda was the mastermind behind David leaving. Aaryn doesn't trust anyone. Jeremy tells Aaryn to think about it. Jeremy thinks that he can blame Aaryn's mother, and Aaryn would put her up.

Time for the nominations. Elissa is 100 percent sure that she is going up. Nick says that through Jeremy, they have been trying to get Amanda on the block. Aaryn feels she has poetic justice on her side. The keys are out in this order: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Andy, Nick, Judd, McCrae, GinaMarie, Spencer, Jessie, Amanda, Howard, and Candice. Aaryn showed her true racist colors there. Nominees are Elissa and Helen. Aaryn says that Helen is on the block because she is associated with Elissa. Aaryn wants Elissa out of the house. Elissa claims to have that much more drive and fight. Jeremy said that Amanda can be the target another day.

Saturday, July 6, 2013 -- Evening

Updates on Nominations
As we all know, because she is Rachel's sister, Elissa is the obvious target for nomination, and Aaryn nominated Elissa for eviction. The "pawn" is Helen. Of course, the cat ladies love Elissa, so Elissa won MVP again, and she nominated Jeremy. Jeremy won the POV today, and there is some question about whether Elissa will nominate Nick or Kaitlin in his place.

Thursday, July 4, 2013 -- Afternoon

BB First Eviction
Aaryn and Kaitlin being catty in Aaryn's HOH room I am finally getting a chance to sit down and watch last night's Big Brother eviction episode. There have been a lot of fireworks and crying in the BB house (and the HOH room) as Aaryn tries to figure out who voted out David and why. Aaryn, Jessie, Kaitlin, and Jeremy are just so sure that the other females in the house are jealous of the three girls because they are just soooooo attractive. I really hate Aaryn and her "I'm so attractive; all girls hate me" crew. Well, onto yesterday's show.

The show started after the POV ceremony. McCrae said that he felt pressured into putting up Elissa, but he hopes the NIck gets the votes to keep Elissa. Elissa feels that McCrae betrayed her trust because she was very open with him, and he still put her on the block. Elissa feels that she has to be more open with the others, and she tells them that she is Rachel's sister. Andy in DR that he wanted to be on her side. Amanda says that maybe Elissa is trustworthy and human, maybe. Jeremy ripped his shirt open, popping buttons, to look sexy for Kaitlin. Instead, he just looks like a loser. Meanwhile, they show Kaitlin wrapping her legs around Jeremy as he carries her to bed. Yep, on the feeds, it's kind of obvious that they are having sex. Elissa hates being a have not because she can't wash her hair in warm water. Meanwhile, the house guests decide to wait till midnight so the have nots could have a drink. Aaryn wanted it at 10:30, and talked Jeremy into going and getting it. Then at midnight, all the house guests celebrate, and Jeremy goes walking by not admitting that the wine so only Jeremy and Aaryn would drink it. The house guests go to look for it, and realize it is gone. Then they realize that Aarny and Jeremy drank the wine between the two of them and drank it all without sharing with anyone. Aaryn lies to Jeremy to get him stirred up, so Jeremy can go and knock down people a few pegs. Everyone realizes that Aaryn is the person who is the head of the snake and stirring the pot. Amanda goes out to confront Jeremy. Helen starts crying because Amanda is out there fighting for hem. Helen said that she would never raise her children to be as crappy as Jeremy. Jeremy and Aaryn are both despicable a**es. I hope they get their comeuppance sometime soon.

As Julie says, in the Big Brother house, David and Jessie feel safe, but anything can happen. Amanda goes into bed with McCrae, and McCrae admits that he is scared because Amanda is a mane ater. Meanwhile, Amanda starts taking off clothes. Then she starts kissing McCrae. They don't show that Amanda gave McCrae a hand job, even though Amanda has a boyfriend outside the house. Aaryn keeps on telling David that he is safe because she is sure that Elissa is going home. Judd, Spencer, and Amanda talk about what they should do with the vote. They realize that they should keep Elissa because whoever is HOH, if they work with Elissa, they can control the third nomination. Nick tells Jeremy that they are not going to vote out Elissa. They are going to vote out David. Everyone that Spencer talks to seems to be in agreement with the plan.

Andy tells Julie that the air in the house seems weird today. Helen thought that the twist would not be so big, but now she does think it is a big thing because the HOH can't control the vote. Judd sais that the Have Not room is a pretty shady airport room. Candice said being on and off the block was like being on a roller coaster. Almost time for the vote.

It's time for the nominees to give their speech. Jessie thanks them all for having fun and wants to be kept so she can party this summer. Elissa said she has been a target since day one, and that it is smart to keep the target around because it keeps the focus off of everyone else. And then Elissa evokes the names of Brenchel and Rachel Reilly, and says no one comes because Elissa and her Big Brother game, not even McCrae. David said that they should keep him because he's a real standup guy. It's time for the vote.

As house guests voted for David, the audience cheered. As they voted for Elissa, the studio audience booed. How the vote went: The vote was 5 votes for Elissa and 7 votes for David, so David is out. Aaryn looks very smug. Julie tells Jessie she is safe. Julie tells David that with 7 votes, he is the first out of Big Brother. Most of them seemed shocked. Aaryn looked shocked. As David walks out, he looks confused. Jessie consoled Aaryn as Elissa said that she loved America. McCrae is the only one watching David's picture go black and white. the over all mood seems glum. Julie asked David what he thought happened. David thought that he was likable and smart. David thinks no one dislikes him. David thought that people were treating him differently. David seems confused. David said that when he saw Aaryn that she was the type of girl he was waiting for his whole life. He must like bitchy racists. David hoped Aaryn didn't vote for him. Julie asks David why he didn't spell any work in the spelling competition. David is so stupid. Jeremy said that David should not have gone. Nick tells David that he was part of the secret alliance moving company that Jeremy is part of. Amanda said that David made the mistake of associating with the biggest bitch in the show. Aaryn cries, obviously with fake tears because she thought he was staying.

Time for the HOH competition. The house guests had to compete in pairs. The first member of the team, had to get BBQ sauce in a cup, go down hiw/her lane, and at the hedge, pass the sauce to second contestant who has to fill either the big jug at the end, or a little jug to free bigger sauce cups. The pairings were determined by the pulling of balls. The team that wins will choose between them which will be HOH> Andy and Elissa were paired. Jeremy and Aaryn were paired. Judd and NIck, Spencer and Hellen, Candice and GinaMarie, Howard and Jessie, Amanda and Kaitlin finished the pairs. Endurance like this is why you should get the live feeds if you haven't already.

As I learned from the feeds, Aaryn and Jeremy won, and Jeremy gave HOH to Aaryn.

Thursday, July 4, 2013 -- Morning

Big Brother Eviction Update
Quick update on the eviction and HOH last night. David was evicted, as the feedsters already figured out. It was a bit of a blindside to those on David's side. Of course, what happens with the HOH? Aaryn wins! That's how it always seems to happen in Big Brother. Andy was racing around, kissing Aaryn's a**, crying over evicting David, and saying that Aaryn hadn't been very inclusive before. Right, it's hard to be inclusive when you are racist and homophobic. Of course, Elissa will be targeted. The question is who else will go up on the block, who will be MVP, and who will win POV. I'll have a recap on the show later when I have time to watch it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 -- Afternoon

BB Eviction Show Update Tomorrow
I don't be home this evening, so I won't be doing an update on the BB eviction episode until tomorrow. At this time, it looks like David is going home. Let's hope for an interesting HOH competition and week to come. I'll leave you with this image of the living room to look at until the update.

BB living room

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 -- Evening

First POV
The pool area at the Big Brother house Everyone was hanging out at the pool in the Big Brother back yard today, talking about movies.

The Big Brother show started today right after the nominations. As McCrae said, Jessie and Candice were not popular in the house, so they would not have alliances. McCrae doesn't want blood on his hands for the next week. Candice cries about being the first person on the block. Jessie was confused because she was trying to Elissa nominated. Elissa told Amanda that she thought that Elissa would be the first person up. With her huge, fake eyelashes flashing, Elissa says she will win BB this year. Nick doesn't care who is going home as long as no one from the Moving Company alliance is on the block. McCrae tells Jessie that she is pawn if that will make things okay. While Jessie is talking to McCrae, Candice comes in fuming to ask why she is on the block. McCrae says that he doesn't like conflict, and he does ramble on. Candice is very good at calling McCrae on the fact that he is in an alliance with the boys. McCrae just acted really freaky. Jeremy asks Jessie who will get MVP. Everyone is talking about Elissa being the first MVP because of her sister. Aaryn, the racist, can't stand Elissa. Jeremy claims that he would call the whole house together and tell them. Elissa tries to claim that she is related to Gisele Bunchen. Jeremy is stupid, and doesn't know who Gisele is.

In the DR, Elissa finds out that she is the MVP. Elissa was very thankful that she was awarded with MVP. She does go to McCrae, and she tells him about the MVP. Elissa wanted to get feedback from McCrae because she likes him and feels an alliance with him. McCrae is excited because he wants to put up a strong guy, David. McCrae tells Elissa that David is strong and smart. Elissa wants to put up Nick. McCrae tells Elissa that he can't volunteer not to put up Elissa if the veto is used because that would not work for his game.

Aaryn and David talk about what they do outside of the Big Brother house David admits that he is just a life guard who lives at home. David likes that Aaryn, the racist, likes him for what he is.

Time for the veto competition, but first they have to find out who is the MVP nomination. They find out that David is the third nominee. David is shocked because he thinks that he is the most likable person. Elissa is hoping that she can talk McCrae out of putting her up. Time to pick who play. McCrae picked two chips out of the box to determine who else would compete in the game. Elissa and Howard are selected. David goes into one of the bedrooms, and Aaryn, the racist, jumps up and wraps her legs around him. David tells Aaryn that he thinks that the others want him gone. Aaryn is upset because David told her that he can't trust anyone, including Aaryn. David goes to apologize to Aaryn because she is crying. Aaryn said that David betrayed her. David was totally confused, dude, because he was the one on the block, and she is mad at him. David tries to find out if they are okay, and Aaryn, being the annoying person she is makes David's life miserable.

Jeremy talks to Elissa, and she says that she hopes it is a competition she is good at. Jeremy asks Elissa if she is MVP. Elissa denies it. Jeremy thinks Elissa is super shady. Amanda goes to the HOH room, and tells McCrae that he needs to not win because it will put a big target on his back. Although it doesn't show anything on the show, Amanda has been sleeping with McCrae, and providing sexual favors. McCrae tells Elissa that he told Amanda that Elissa is MVP. Elissa said that she doesn't feel that McCrae has her back. Amanda doesn't like that Elissa is up with McCrae. Jeremy starts picking on Elissa, and she calls him on it. Jeremy tells Elissa to leave the HOH room is she doesn't like his picking on her, which he claims he isn't doing.

Gina calls the house guests out to the veto competition. There is a tub of honey and huge muffins. Marcela Valladolid, from the American Baking Competition, is the hostess. Howard says he is excited about seeing honeys in the honey. They have to crawl through the honey, under the rolling pin, pick letters out of a batter pool, and spell the longest word. They can only take one letter out of the batter at a time. For some reason, they all seemed to thought that it wouldn't be real honey. Obviously, they have never seen the show before. Elissa appears to be smoking people, and she said that she has to show that she can win like her sister. David is the last one in the batter. David is trying to spell competition, but can't find letters. Howard spelled sailing. Jessie spelled tumbled. Howard is in the lead because he locked it in first. Candice spelled rafts, which is less than seven letters. David, the idiot, didn't spell anything. Andy congratulates David in DR about not spelling anything. Elsse spelled potroasts. That didn't fit in the competition of only one word because it is two. McCrae spelled delivery, and won the POV. McCrae says that he feels like the stupidest smart man in the house. McCrae won the veto, and now realizes he will have to nominate Elissa, and he doesn't want to do that. He wants to keep a friend in the house.

Helen talks to Elissa and consoles her. Helen tells Elissa that the game is hard. Elissa telle Helen that everyone wants to backdoor her. But it's not a backdoor because Elissa got to play in the POV. Helen tells Elissa to use the fire in her belly. Elissa thanks Helen for talking to her. Elissa asks to talk to McCrae privately. Elissa tries to tell McCrae that he should let the nominations stand. McCrae tells Elissa that putting her up won't get Elissa out of the house. McCrae feels really guilty because he says what's the good of one good ally when the whole house is after his head. Nick goes to talk to McCrae. Nick tells McCrae not to use the veto because the Moving Company needs to get David out this week. As Nick says, they can use Elissa and the MVP in future weeks. Meanwhile David is not part of the alliance. Nick tells McCrae that if they get David out they are golden.

McCrae doesn't want to use the veto because then it might put a bigger target on Elissa, and David needs to go home. Jessie wants the veto used on her. David is confused. Nick does not want the veto used so David will go home. McCrae uses the veto on Candice, and puts up Elissa in her place. McCrae claims that it will be better for the harmony of the house if Elissa goes home. Candice says that she has honor in the pizza delivery boy. Aaryn is happy because Elissa will go home. David is confused. Elissa feels that McCrae betrayed his trust. McCrae in DR says that Elissa has a lot of life left in this game. Tomorrow is eviction night. Starting next week, eviction night returns to Thursday with the POV show on Wednesday.

Monday, July 1, 2013 -- Afternoon

Aaryn (aka Aaryn Nation) and Kaitlin were scheming most of the afternoon while they bronzed their skin. Aaryn Nation has nothing but contempt for everyone else in the house. I really do hope that David is voted out on Wednesday, because the girl really needs a comeuppance. Jeremy and David were also in the backyard, and Jeremy was feeling bad because he got in a shouting match with the others because he drank all the wine. He thinks this will reflect poorly on David, and I can only hope it does.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013 -- Evening

Big Brother's Second Show
Now we get to find out some of the things that the rest of us who have been watching the feeds know: that Elissa was MVP, nominated David, and then was nominated herself when McCrae won the veto. I wonder if we will hear all the racist things that Aaryn has been saying about homosexuals, blacks, and Asians. You can find details here..

As the show starts, everyone talks about the MVP and how scary it is. Aaryn thinks she is going to get it more than once. Someone says that it could be hardest on the HOH because he may put two people up, and those two may wind up staying in the house. As Andy says, now you have to suck up to everybody. Jeremy and Judd talk about America voting for girls. Jeremy said that Kaitlin has his vote. Jeremy said in DR that he is going to have to have a snuggle session with all the girls to keep himself safe. The girls say that David's code name is Ken. Nick's is Big (at first it was Manhattan. Jeremy is the sailor. Kaitlin and Jessie have the first hint of both having a crush on Jeremy. McCrae was blown away by his HOH room, since he was a super fan, and knows what it means. Everyone in the HOH room start talking about Rachel. Elissa believes that being Rachel's sister will put a huge target on her back.

Nick and Jeremy go out to play hacky sack, and then wind up talking strategy. Nick says that they should put together a guys alliance. Nick says that they switch up on the girls who are in the guys alliance. Nick then goes and talks to Spencer, Howard. Then Nick goes up to talk to McCrae about the Nick, Jeremy, Spencer, and Howard alliance. McCrae figured ou the alliance, just missing Spencer. McCrae says it is an offer he should not refuse. The guys go up to the HOH room. Nick says that statistically they should go far. They talk about who to put up. The guys want to either put up two girls or a girl and David. They call the alliance the Moving Company.

Aaryn and David go into a hammock to talk. Aaryn thinks David is strong and handsome. Aaryn says that they will be a power couple. David said that he came on the show for the showmance, not for the money. Amanda and Jessie talk about who Jessie likes. Amanda says in DR that any guy who looks at Jessie gets Jessie's motor running. Jessie seems conflicted over Nick and Jeremy. Amanda makes fun of Jessie in the DR, saying that she wants to slap Jessie in the face. Amanda suggests Jessie go for McCrae. Everyone talks about Elissa being Rachel's sister. Aaryn claims to be 100% sure that Elissa is Rachel Reilly's sister. David doesn't know who Rachel is. Aaryn tells him to keep quite, but then starts telling everyone herself. Amanda feels like the biggest idiot not to notice it. Everyone seems upset that Elissa is hiding that she's Rachel's sister. Aaryn wants to know what else Elissa is hiding.

Time for the Have and Have Not competition. Jeremy still has to compete even though he has the Have Not pass. They are split into three teams: yellow, red, and blue. The losing team is the have not. One member of each team has to paddle a boat across a little lake. They get a can from a cooler, paddle back, and put the can into a pyramid on a swing. Then the next person has to paddle to get a can. If the pyramid falls, they have to start again. Howard can't paddle, and he forgets not to breathe under water. Howard is a real loser. Red keeps in last place because Howard sucks, and Judd is no better. Aaryn goes on and on about how gorgeous David is. Elissa thought that red had the best strategy. Yellow couldn't understand how to hold the top. Kaitlin complains because Candice wasn't listening. Red team drops all the cans. Blue finished first. So it's down to Yellow ans Red. Helen said that Red can win if they concentrate. Yellow was two cans away when their cans fell. So Red is still in it. Elissa looks like the Joker in Batman with her red lipstick. Elissa said that no one comes between her and a hot shower. Kaitlin dropped the last can and had to go back. But Yellow team made it up. Red (Judd, Howard, Elissa, Helen, and Andy) were Have Nots. The BB beds are plane seats. Howard says that he has a first class body, and he needs first class accommodations. Kaitlin and Amanda complained about Candice not listening. Howard was giving the girls an eye.

Amanda is talking to McCrae, so she wants to influence him to get things to go her way. She takes it a bit far on the feeds by giving him handjobs. Amanda tells McCrae that no one likes Jessie. Amanda is jealous of Jessie's ass, it seems. McCrae sai that putting up weak players will keep the target off his back, but it would be a waste to not put up a strong player. Elissa goes to McCrae's HOH room. She is afraid that her secret is going to come out, so she tells McCrae that she is Rache's sister. McCrae thinks it's awesome and cool as a BB fan, but he thinks the house might go against him for not getting rid of Rachel's sister. David,, Aaryn, and Jessie got to talk to McCrae and say that McCrae should put up Elissa and Helen. Aaryn really has her claws into Elissa, and for some petty reason, Aaryn seems to be really angry, which I don't understand. McCrae says that he has to play the game for himself.

Nick talked to McCrae right before nominations. McCrae said that it is pretty much Elissa on everyone's radar because of the Rachel connection. Time for the nomination ceremony. The keys pulled out in order are: Nick, Jeremy, David, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, Andy, Howard, Spencer, and Judd. So Jessie and Candice are nominated. McCrae said Candice is strong and wants her to play for the veto. He said Jessie has a good social game. Jessie vows to win the veto. Ha! McCrae wants the MVP to get the blood on his/her hands.

Thursday, June 27, 2013 -- Evening

The live feeds were ablaze with discussion about nominations. The girls all appear to be fighting, and they all hate Elissa. It's out in the open that Elissa is Rachel's sister. McCrae nominated Candice and Jessie. Then surprise of surprises (not!), the public voted for Elissa as the first MVP. She told McCrae who talked her into nominating David. Elissa listened to McCrae, and even though she wanted to cattily nominate Aaryn, Elissa nominated David. Lots of intrique, which makes the live feeds much more interesting.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 -- Evening

Big Brother Returns!
I am so excited! For me, summer starts when the Big Brother season starts, and tonight was the night. Julie started by telling the audience that we would have a major impact on the game. Then we got to see screaming, happy house guests. Aaryn said she is a Texas girl who can tell if people are lying. Nick says he's going to be the hardset working person. Helen talks about having two jobs: mom and politician. Spencer says he's a train conductor. David is a life guard who likes to look at himself in the mirror. He says he loves the ladies and the ladies love him. Barf! Elizza, looks like Rachel. She's going to try to keep that secret. Andy is really annoying. He says that he teaches public speaking and teaches lying. Kaitlin hopes to manipulate guys. McCrae just desires to deliver pizza and be a clown. GinaMarie had a Staten Island accent and says she coordinates pageants. Howard says he has the eye of a tiger and heart of a lion. Jessie claims to be a leader, and mentions all the things she leads. Of course, girls are always jealous of her. Jeremy lives on a sail boat, but he was rarely on a boat before he bought one. He also claims to be Cherokee. Amanda is a realtor in Florida. Candice found out at 26 that she was adopted. She has a black and a white family. Judd (J-u-double d) says that people have to keep an eye out for his schemes.

Packing shows McCrae packing hats, David packing V-necks to show off his pecks, and Howard packing his Bible. After packing, everyone heads out for the show. At the entrance to the house, Julie says that this year is going to be more difficult than every before. She says that they have to stay in the house for 90 days. First four into the house: Candice, GinaMarie, Judd, and Andy. They go in search of beds. Andy said as a super fan it is all very surreal. Judd is excited to be in with GinaMarie. Next: Elissa, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and McCrae. McCrae is really out of place and socially inept. Next: Howard, Helen, Jessie, and Nick. More screaming ensues. Helen claims to be a huge fan. Howard is just overwhelmed with the beautiful women. GinaMarie loves Hoard's muscle. Elissa wants to form an all girl alliance (for the first time, she says). Kaitlin doesn't get along with other girls and promises cat fights. Jessie says she's the prettiest. Finally: Aaryn, Amanda, David, and Spencer. David is confused on whether he wants to sleep with the girls or the guys.

Next up is the champagne and boisterous talk. Candice talks like she has a speech impediment, which is funny considering she is a speech therapist. David sounds stupid. Jessie thinks Jeremy looks like Taylor Lautner. Helen doesn't want to say she is into politics. Kaitlin says that Andy will be her gay-mance. Howard immediately talks about religion, and McCrae talks about how cut Howard is. Spencer is really annoyed by GinaMarie's constant talk and laugh. No one believes McCrae is a pizza boy. David says he can stare into Aaryn's eyes forever. Judd thinks Elissa familiar.

The guys walked around checking out doors. Jeremy, Howard, and Spencer start talking about a secret alliance. Spencer thinks that they will make a good alliance. Then Jessie gets David and Jeremy together to talk alliance. She wants to make a good looking alliance. Jessie thinks all the girls are going after her because she is so beautiful. Barf! Jeremy said that they have to keep the alliance secret. McCrae breaks up the alliance talk. Everyone meets in the living room. Julie tells the house guests the rules and to expect the unexpected. The summer's twist is that there will be three nominees every week. Howard is overwhelmed. Andy was not expecting this. The HOH nominates two house guests. Julie is not saying how the third person is selected. Then Julie uses Rachel's quote of "floaters get a life vest." The house guests are now realizing that game is on.

Time for the first HOH competition. It's called Popsicle Factory. The house guests have to climb onto a huge popsicle looking object. The last person hanging on wins HOH. Elissa wants to win because she is afraid of the Rachel connection. David and McCrae also want to win. Judd is the first person down. He didn't want the first HOH. Then Howard fell. Howard didn't want to be too big a threat so he threw it. Then Candice was down. Then they sprayed water on the house guests and swiped the popsicles with a big tongue. Candice realized that Elissa looks like Rachel. Judd says he is going to keep it to himself. Then Amanda fell, followed by Spencer. More spraying happens. David said he doesn't know if he can take having the competition messing up his hair. McCrae thinks it's intense. Kim is down next, then Jessie. Elissa falls, then GinaMarie, and Andy. Six people are left. Caitlin fell after two hours. Aaryn is the last girl standing. Two hours and 43 minutes have passed. Jeremy thinks Aaryn is a competitor. Aaryn fell at 3 hours, 2 minutes. Andy thinks they were way too into the competition. Julie has a proposal for the next two who fall. There are two lunch pails. One has a pass to never be a Have Not all summer. Nothing is in the other. They all talk David into dropping. He dropped at 3 hours 55 minutes. David got nothing. Then Jeremy dropped so he could get the Never Not pass. Candice said it's like giving a super hero another power. Nick and McCrae make a deal. McCrae claims on his life to not put Nick up at any time. So McCrae is the first HOH. McCrae comments that he delivers.

Julie tells them about the third nomination, which will be made by someone in the room. So the deal is that America votes for a BB MVP. That person will make the third nomination. That person can do it anonymously. The BB MVP will be revealed right before the Veto competition. McCrae realizes that the two he nominates might not go home, and he might be in trouble. The MVP will be revealed in the next episode.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 -- Afternoon

Welcome to the House Guests
We finally got to know who the house guests are for this year's Big Brother. I noticed that none of them are over 40. Most are in their 20s with Helen being the oldest at 37. Check out all the house guests to see if you have any favorites. I wait to see how they are on the feeds/show before I make a decision.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 -- Afternoon

Big Brother Twist and House
Julie Chen shows us the HOH bedroom in the Big Brother house Julie Chen was on Entertainment Tonight to give a tour of the Big Brother house. One of the twists could be annoying. There aren't nomination chairs in the living room. So how do house guests leave the house? My mind is divided on that one because it could mean that the viewers vote people out. Of course, there was also talk that there would be no floaters this year, so maybe it means the person who finishes last in the competitions is up for eviction. We won't know until next week.

There will also be sixteen house guests this year since the show is running longer than usual. Now that will be fun, if we get to see them all. The house has a 60s feel to it, in homage to Mad Men and its popularity. It does give the house a very cool retro feel.

As Julie mentioned, America's role will be huge this season, and it will affect nominations. Out of the sixteen house guests, there will be one familiar face, but it won't be what we think. Boy, this year sounds like it it really going to be a good one! Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen! The start is just around the corner.

Sunday, May 5, 2013 -- Evening

Big Brother to Return
Big Brother 15 is going to return to CBS almost two weeks earlier than its usual post July 4 date. And because the show will be starting early, Julie Chen says that there should be "more houseguests than ever." I love Big Brother, so I am quite excited about the news. I can't wait for the new season. How about you?