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Big Brother 17

4th evicted-7/23
7th to jury-9/15
3rd to jury-8/20
6th evicted-8/6
2nd evicted-7/9
1st evicted-7/2
2nd to jury-8/13
5th to Jury-9/3
5th evicted-7/30
3rd evicted-7/16
4th to jury-8/27
8th to jury-9/16
6th to jury-9/10
4th to Jury-9/3
1st to Jury-8/13
9th to Jury-9/22

First HOH: Vanessa
Second HOH: Steve
Final HOH: Steve
Winner: Steve

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Thursday, September 23, 2015 -- Afternoon

Steve wins
Big Brother Finale
Boy, was the finale good last night. We saw how Vanessa talked Liz into dropping out of the first HOH, and giving the win to Vanessa. In the second HOH competition, Steve and Liz competed in a crossword puzzle challenge. Steve won the competition by the barest of margins. When it came to the final HOH, Steve won by answering one more of the juror questions correctly than Vanessa. Then Steve did what he had to do. He evicted Vanessa. Boy! Vanessa was not happy, and she showed it by giving her vote to Liz. Fortunately, everyone else beside Julia and Austin voted for Steve, and he won Big Brother.

We did get to see some video of the jury debating the merits of the final three, and they were led through the questions by Dr. Will. They were quite an argumentative bunch, and Austin was particularly against Vanessa. Johnny Mac commented on how Steve didn't have any strategy other than listening to to what Johnny Mac and Vanessa.

The shocking bit was that James won America's Favorite Player. I think that I have to agree that the vote was rigged. There's no way James had more fans than Johnny Mac, but for some reason, CBS seemed to have a hard on for James to win. That's it for this season. I cannot wait for next year's Big Brother. If you want, you can check out the house guest's exit videos.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 -- Early Evening

Finale Tonight
I won't be near my laptop tonight when the finale is on. I'll update this page tomorrow, but I'll be watching to see who wins. I am hoping for Steve, who should take Liz. If that happens, it will be tons of action and drama!

Start of the first HOH

Monday, September 21, 2015 -- Evening

Clip Show
I was really disappointed in the BB show from last night. It was just a clip show. Clip shows are a huge waste of time. There were only a few seconds of the start of the first HOH that Vanessa won. Boy, what a rip off!

Sunday, September 20, 2015 - Evening

BB Delayed
Big Brother is delayed tonight, so I won't be able to recap it until tomorrow. Vanessa won the first HOH in a swinging competition. Steve fell off first, and Vanessa talked Liz into dropping. Then Steve won the second because Liz wasn't very bright. It sounded like she was taking so long that BB gave her a clue to get her going. I think they must have known she already lost to Steve. Anyway, the show will recap Vanessa's win with some looks back over the season. More on it tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 -- Evening

Vanessa cries
Bye, Johnny Mac
With Steve crying on the live feeds about how he threw the POV competition to the Vanessa, things are looking grim for Johnny Mac. I'm afraid that he will be going to the jury house tonight. Steve being an idiot will give the $500,000 to Vanessa.

Vanessa said that sending Austin out was the hardest thing she did in the house because Austin was going to beat her. Vanessa keeps on crying to Liz about how hard it was, and doesn't Liz understand. We see video of how Steve, Johnny Mac, and Vanessa knew 7 minutes before the eviction that Austin was going. Steve still claims that he meant to write down 6001. Yeah, right, he can't do math. Liz is livid because Steve did not go home, and now Steve is wearing the HOH key. Liz says that she has to win the competitions for Austin and Julia. Liz asks to talk to Vanessa, and Vanessa claims it was the most gut wrenching thing that she did. Vanessa keeps on crying because she wants Liz to realize how awful this is for Vanessa. Liz says she has to work with Vanessa because it's all she has, regardless of how much it sickens Liz.

Johnny Mac evicted Meanwhile Vanessa makes a final two with both Johnny Mac and Liz. Johnny Mac takes it because he realizes it's his only way. At nominations, Steve puts up Johnny Mac and Vanessa. Steve claims the nominations are purely strategic. Liz realizes that even though she is not on the block, she can go up. Then we have soem clip of Steve claiming how Vanessa can't win POV because he can't beat her in the final two. Idiot! Then why did you throw it to her???

Another jury clip. Julia comes into the house. Meg can't understand how they voted out Julia instead of Liz. The other jurors are shocked that Julia picked Austin in the bowling competition. Then Austin comes into the house in his bare feet. Shelli tries to saw that Vanessa played an amazing game. So far, only Shelli seems to be pro-Vanessa. Austin says he will do all he an to sabotage Vanessa's chances.

Then Rachel and Brendon came on the show. There was soem game talk, then Rachel announced that she was pregnant.

Time for the POV competition. It's hosted by Caleb from BB16. The POV was over several matches. Caleb will read a question, and they have to guess the day it happened. They have to karate chop a mannequin to set the number. Round one is day 38 when Clay won his only competition. Liz rang in last, and has one strike against her. They get two strikes. It was Shelli's tournament challenge. Liz was last again, and she's out of the competition. Then it was a Zingbot question for day 66. Johnny Mac got in first with the correct answer. Steve has one strike against him. Next round, it's when Meg goes on the block the second time. It was day 23, and no on e seemed to be able to figure it out. Steve says he can't figure it out, and Steve is eliminated from the tournament. Steve claims in DR that he felt too comfortable as HOH.

Final three After the commercial break, we get the last rounds. It was the day that Frankie Grande enter the house. Vanessa got in first with 86. Day of the sixth nomination ceremony. It was day 44, and Vanessa got it first. Johnny Mac won the POV. She's made up with Liz, and Johnny Mac is her buddy. Johnny Mac realizes that his fate is in Vanessa's hands.

Time for the veto meeting. Vanessa says that she will use the veto on herself. Liz joins Johnny Mac on the block. Johnny Mac says it's been an awesome summer. Johnny Mac says basically that he won't beg. Liz says that she understands that Vanessa has to do what is best for her game. Johnny Mac is evicted. Johnny Mac gets a loud cheer. Steve thinks that Johnny Mac is a twist.

Julie asks Johnny Mac about the final two with Vanessa. Johnny Mac said he would not have honored the final two with Vanessa and would have evicted her. Johnny Mac said that he probably should have evicted Steve because then Vanessa would have had to go for the shomance. Johnny Mac also isn't worried about Austin and the blindside repercussions. The show ends without the first HOH starting. It will be played out on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 -- Morning

Johnny Mac wins veto
I did not get home until late last night, so I missed the show. Thank goodness for Twitter and the CBS app. I got to find out who went to jury and who won HOH, and now I get to watch it!

It's hilarious how in the recap of the last episode, BB refers to Austin's twister alter ego, Judas. Barf! The show started with the house guests not knowing that they were going to have an eviction. Julie told them all to gather and sit in the side couches. Everyone seemed shocked at the news that there would be an eviction and HOH competition. Back to the time before the POV, and Steve is upset that he and Johnny Mac are on the block because Vanessa is siding with Austin and Liz. Vanessa claims she was doing it because Johnny Mac will get taken to the final three because he's the only one who hasn't won an HOH. Meanwhile Johnny Mac talked to Liz and Austin about how Johnny Mac feels that he is out of the loop. Johnny Mac threatens to throw the veto to them so he can build trust. Johnny Mac says he is okay with going out fifth or third. Austin calls over Vanessa and tells her what Johnny Mac said. Vanessa was happy to hear this because she was going to use it against Johnny Mac.

The POV competition starts with a promo for a new CBS comedy show. The competition has the house guests taking puzzle pieces over a balance beam to put puzzle pieces on a magnetized board. They have 20 seconds to do it before the board demagnetizes. Austin blindsided The house guest has to hit the buzzer to keep the board magnetized. If you fall off the balance beam, you have to start from the beginning. Vanessa was eliminated because she didn't keep track of the time. Johnny Mac is putting the puzzle together in the trough so he doesn't have to worry about running back for the buzzer. Johnny Mac thought Liz was doing well, but she has several pieces missing. Then Johnny Mac sees that Steve is close, so he completes his puzzle to win the POV.

Johnny Mac talks to Austin and Liz about the possibilities with the vote. Steve is happy that Vanessa's plan failed because now Vanessa will have to break up the showmance. Vanessa is upset because she wanted to send Johnny Mac to jury, and she tells Austin there are no words for her displeasure. At the veto meeting, Johnny Mac takes himself off the block, and Austin goes up in his place. Austin is okay with it because he feels that he is safe, and he thinks this is a way to show Vanessa that he trusts her. Johnny Mac realizes that his option is to vote Steve out or leave it up to Vanessa. Vanessa asks is they would be the dumbest if they didn't break up the showmance. Johnny Mac shakes hands on a final three with Vanessa and wonders if voting Austin out is the best move for him.

Steve and Austin gave their speeches, with Austin saying he would be on a TV show. Time for the vote.
HOH competition It's a tie, and Vanessa had to cast the deciding vote. Vanessa says its brutal, and she evicts Austin. Austin tells Vanessa that she can't win the jury votes. Austin leaves barefoot and shocked, as Vanessa apologizes. Back in the house, Vanessa is crying more than Liz, who is just in shock. Austin says that Vanessa scumbagged him. Austin admits that he was sure that he was going to win the game. He also says that he fell in love with Liz.

Time for the HOH competition, where Julie shows clips of the former house guests with words beeped out. Johnny Mac, Liz, and Steve have to guess if the bleeped word that Julie gives is true or false. They all get the first one right, and the second. Steve gets the third one right. They all get the fourth one right. Johnny Mac gets the fifth one right. Johnny Mac and Steve are tied. They all get the sixth one wrong so no one got a point. Steve and Johnny Mac get the last question right. It's down to a tie break between Steve and Johnny Mac. The person who is closest without going over wins, unless both go over, then it is still the one who is closer. The question is time in seconds from start of Vanessa's HOH win to the buzzer. Steve says 601, Johnny Mac says 3600. The correct answer ws 2825 seconds. Steve is the HOH. Steve admits to the others that he was going to say 6000, but he forgot a zero. And there goes Johnny Mac, probably next to jury.

Monday,September 14, 2015 -- Evening

Johnny Mac and his eggs
Frankie Returns? Yuck!!!
I missed yesterday's episode because it was Rosh Hashannah, and unfortunately, I'm going to miss Tuesday evening's episode because I'll be teaching my usual Tuesday evening class. I'll play catch up on Tuesday's all important show on Wednesday. We should find out then who goes to jury (Steve or Austin) and who is the final four HOH. This will be especially important since the feeds are down now for the next 36 hours. For now, this is a recap of Sunday's episode.

It seems the luxury trip was a "trip of a lifetime!" Really it wasn't. It was a trip lead by Frankie Grande to see his infantile-acting sister, Ariana, perform. I'd rather be stuck with pins and needles! Anyway, on with the show, which started with the HOH competition. Liz dropped a few, and the eggs were real eggs painted in gold. Liz wants to get revenge on "sneaky" Steve. Steve is hoping that Vanessa or Johnny Mac wins. Austin got the first egg. Johnny Mac was second, and he wanted to get some blood on his hands and make a big move. Austin seemed to be cruising and had two eggs in quickly. Then Vanessa got her second egg, quickly followed by Johnny Mac. We then see several clips of Liz dropping her eggs. Vanessa took the lead with her fourth egg. It seems they put a lot of strain on their shoulders because their arms were above their heads. Vanessa was in the lead, followed closely by Johnny Mac. Liz was struggling, so she opted for Austin and went for the luxury prize. Vanessa had eight eggs when she dropped an egg, but Austin was also dropped an egg. Vanessa versus Johnny Mac Vanessa thought she has to win to keep herself safe. It was back and back between Johnny Mac and Vanessa, but Vanessa just beat out Johnny Mac. Vanessa now has to choose a side. Steve thinks he is safe for the week. Liz doesn't know what Vanessa will do. Even Johnny Mac felt good because he thinks Vanessa will take out the showmance. Liz is crying in one of the bedrooms, and Steve gives her a hug.

Vanessa's goal is to find out who has been lying to her. As Austin says, Vanessa is looking for an excuse to put someone up. Basically, Liz wants a justification to put up Steve and Johnny Mac. Steve tells Vanessa that he made a deal with Liz to save him if he went on the block. Vanessa then talks to Austin about how Liz gave her word to Vanessa and Steve to not vote against him. Vanessa doesn't seem to understand that people have to say what they say to others just to keep themselves safe when someone is HOH. Vanessa is a piece of work. Vanessa then went to Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he made a deal with Austin just as Vanessa told him to hide Vanessa and Johnny Mac's alliance. BB showed Vanessa telling Johnny Mac to do it, so when Vanessa watches the show, she should see how psycho Vanessa is. I like how Liz started to cry when Vanessa was grilling her. Then Steve heard that Austin, LIz, and Vanessa were in the storage room talking, and he didn't want to go up. Vanessa starts grilling Austin about Johnny Mac. All this Vanessa paranoia is irritating and making me want to smack her.

Vanessa tells Steve that she has to get rid of Johnny Mac because she stands a better chance with the showmance in making it to final two. Vanessa really isn't bright. Vanessa thinks that if she shakes hands with Austin that everything is good. Vanessa wants Austin to vote the way she wants. Vanessa doesn't want Austin to win the veto. Then Austin has to win the HOH. If Austin doesn't, Vanessa will be pissed. What a piece of work she is! Austin swears on his love for Liz and his family name that he will take Vanessa to final two. All righty then!
Vanessa and Liz in disguise
Then it's time for the Luxury Reward. The door bell rings and that freak known as Frankie Grande enterst eh house. I want to barf! Steve for some reason thinks its really cool. Liz gets to go to the Ariana Grande concert from a private suite. Liz gets to choose another house guest. Austin points to Vanessa, and Liz takes her. Frankie has a hair and makeup team who make up Vanessa and Liz so no one recognizes them. BB gave us a huge Ariana Grande love fest. I have no interest in promoting them more.

Johnny Mac goes to talk to Vanessa, and Vanessa says that she thinks that she has two showmances. In DR, Johnny Mac says that as far as I know, I never made out with Steve. Johnny Mac tells her to just put him up if that is what she wants. He hopes telling her that will make her head explode. Time for the nomination ceremony, and Vanessa puts up Steve and Johnny Mac. Vanessa says that she adores Steve, and it isn't personal. Vanessa says that Johnny Mac won some competitions, and he finished second in several. So he's up. Vanessa just hopes that she doesn't have to put up Austin or Liz. Johnny Mac says that he has to win the veto or get evicted. Fortunately, he does!

Saturday, September 12, 2015 -- Evening

Whew, Johnny Mac!
The feeds were down most of yesterday, and I thought it was because they were doing nominations and POV. A lot of people might have thought that too, but it turns out that so Liz could have her luxury trip outside of the house. It sounds as if Vanessa went with her. Nominations were Steve and Johnny Mac, and the POV was held early this evening. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that Johnny Mac did not throw the POV competition as he talked about with Austin and Liz. Instead, he WON the POV. So that means that Johnny Mac is safe! The question is who will Vanessa put up, and who will go to jury on Tuesday.

Friday, September 11, 2015 -- Afternoon

Who Knows What's in Store?
Twins So I missed watching the show yesterday, but I caught up on the live feeds. Vanessa won HOH. She just beat out Johnny Mac. It seems she may be putting up Steve and Johnny Mac, or maybe not. It's really unclear, and the feeds went down for 14 hours while things play out today. So we won't know what happens until tomorrow. Then there will be a taped eviction on Tuesday, a live eviction on Wednesday, and then the show ends the following Wednesday. It could be interesting!

But on to yesterday's show! The twins thought it sucked that oen was going home. Steve apologized to Julia, but they had to be split up. it just makes sense. Austin is conflicted and felt sorry for Liz. Vanessa explains to Steve that the twins survived seven eviction. Johnny Mac feels great. The twins are crying because they never thought that one of them would leave. Liz tells Julia that it's Julia's time to shine. Liz would fight if it were Austin next to her. Liz says she would never say one bad thing about her twin, which is why they have to be split up.

Vanessa and Johnny Mac talk about the twins. Vanessa says that it makes sense to get rid of Julia, but she knows that Austin wants to keep Liz. So Austin and LIz hatch up a plan to put Vanessa on the hot seat by telling Vanessa that she has to vote to evict Julia. Austin and Liz explain to Julia that Liz is a lynch pni. Julia tells Liz to stay because she knows Liz has a better chance to win than Julia. Austin says he is going to talk to Vanessa about keeping Liz. Somehow voting out a twin came down to the twins decision as opposed to those who remain in the house. Johnny Mac sees famly video Vanessa asks Liz if she wants to stay, but that it will be tough to go against Steve. So Vanessa makes a deal going into final five. Vanessa wants to know that Steve and Johnny Mac go up, and if Vanessa goes up in replacement of them, Vanessa stays. Then they have to keep Vanessa through final four, and take Vanessa to final two. Liz says in DR that she is just nodding her head as she talks and has no plans of keeping her promise. Then Vanessa goes over the options of keeping Julia over Liz. But the concern with Julia everyone taking Julia to the end because it's an easy win.

Everyone is dressed for endurance. Johnny Mac says his friends and family are probably saying that Johnny Mac is really doing everything stupid. They got to see clips from their family. Johnny Mac sees his family first. Then Austin sees his family. Vanessa sees her girlfriend. Liz and Julia see her older sister and dad. The sister looks like the twins. Finally, it's Steve's mom, and he cries. Steve and Vanessa talk about how hard it is to be away from family.

Julia goes black and white Then we got some jury room video. Meg is first to the house. Then James sneaks in. You can tell that the jurors are losers because as they watch James in POV, they say that at least he looks good in his shorts. Shelli is rooting for Johnny Mac, but Vanessa is running the house, and she deserves the win.

It's time for the live vote. Liz goes first and just talks about how much she learned about Julia. Liz says that no man will come between her bond with the sister. Julia talks about how she and Liz have gone through everything together. Time for the live vote.
Obviously, Johnny Mac got the 411 on evicting Julia. After the commercial break, Julia gets the word about the eviction and goes out to talk to Julie. Julia hugs everyone, and Steve gives her a really long hug. Julie asks Julia about why they decided to let Liz stay. Julia thought Julia was playing for second, but Liz was playing for first. Julie asks about picking Austin in the POV. HOH competition Julia didn't want Austin to win the POV because she did not want to be against her sister. Julia lies then and says that Austin is a great guy, and she loves him to death. She must not realize that the live feeds caught how much she hated Austin. Julie asked if Julia supported the relationship. Julia lies and says Austin is a great guy. Julia got her farewell videos from the others. Julia thinks that Austin will make it to Christmas dinner, but says marriage is a long shot.

Time for the HOH competition, which was the house guest in a cage moving eggs on the other side of the cage from one spot to another. This time, they have to go over the top of the cage. The first to get 10 eggs done win. The first house guest to get the luxury prize (put the egg in the luxury) holder for it, wins a special trip outside of the house. They compete until both the HOH and luxury prize are won.

The schedule for the upcoming shows: the Sunday show is the same, then evictions on Tuesday and Wednesday. That leaves the final three for the final night. Meanwhile back at the house, Austin is the first to get an egg in a holder.

Thursday, September 10, 2015 -- Afternoon

Liz crying
POV Ceremony
I have been sick with a sore throat and cold and really busy at work, so I wasn't able to watch last night's show. Since I feel so crappy now, I don't know if I will make it to the tonight's episode. I might have to comment on it tomorrow, especially how the Austwins have flipped the vote to have Julia voted out. But on to last night's show.

The show started after nominations with Liz crying. She though Steve was her friend. Austin doesn't know what to do because he has to choose between Liz and the game. Julie and Austin try to comfort Liz, and Liz asks Austin not to leave her alone.What did they really expect? Then Steve goes to talk to Austin. As Steve says, he tries to avoid confrontation. As Steve says in DR, Austin and Liz are his targets. The Austwins talk about putting up Vanessa if Julie wins POV and takes Liz off. Julie says that she's after Steve now.

Time for the veto competition. Steve comments on how it is the same veto comp of bowling, Bowlerina, that split up Amanda and McCrae in season 15. All the house guests are in tutus, and surprise, Jesse, Mr. Pectacular, is the Master of Ceremonies. They have to spin around to get the gate that blocks the pins to come up so they can knock down the four pins. Liz is first to bowl, and she picks Steve as her competitor. They have to spin 15 times to get 15 seconds of bowling time. They have to re-spin to knock down the remaining pins if the gate comes down. Steve is really unable to handle the dizziness from spinning. It was down to one pin each, and Liz was the first to get hers down. Then it was up to Julie, Vanessa tells Julia to take Austin, and as Johnny Mac sits between them, he is shocked that Julia did that. So Julia picks Austin, and Austin wonders if he is the target. Jesse back Even Jesse is shocked at Julia's stupidity. Vanessa explains to Liz that it makes the most sense because you want Julia to win not Austin because if Austin wins, Julia goes up. Austin is now determined to win the comp. Liz of course yells for both Julia and Austin. Austin won the round. Even Steve asked Julia why she picked Austin. Then Vanessa tries to explain why Austin made sense. Johnny Mac is next, and he picks Liz. Johnny Mac's strategy is to spin slower so he is not as dizzy, and he wins his round. Vanessa is up. Vanessa chooses Austin. Austin is an enraged gorilla as Johnny Mac says, and he wins the round. It's down to Johnny Mac and Austin. They shake hands. Austin is hoping Johnny Mac will throw it to him. Johnny Mac Is cool with it, and Austin wins. Austin says Judas is here now, and carries on like a silly jerk.

Liz did not like how Austin acted. Vanessa realizes that she has to do some major damage control. Jessie rips open his shirt to show his chest, and then everyone goes inside (except for Jessie, of course).

Austin goes around acting like a psycho, trying to ask like he's Judas. Liz asked Julia why she picked Austin. Julia says that Vanessa kept on telling her that if Julia did not pick Austin, Julia would go on the block. Vanessa keeps on trying to say that it was Austin's fault because he wasn't going to throw the comp. Liz tries to explain to Vanessa that it was a stupid move. Vanessa knew that it was. Vanessa cries and Liz comforts her. Vanessa goes on with hoe Austin can't win with the three. Vanessa tells the twins that Austin knows more about Austin not throwing the comp. Vanessa asks Julia why Austin didn't throw the comp to her. Those twins aren't very smart.

Austin crawls to compete Austin goes to talk to Liz because he can't understand why Liz has listened to Vanessa. Austin said that he tried everything to save all three of them, but that they just sealed their fate. Liz starts crying and says that she is so over it, and that she is going to leave with her head high. Liz goes to talk to Vanessa and Julia. Liz thought Austin would use the POV on her. As Liz says, Austin is no Clay, and she is out of love with Austin.

Up in the HOH room, Johnny Mac explains to Steve about what happened. Johnny Mac says that they shouldn't have to worry about a Vanessa/Austin final two. Austin tries to talk to Vanessa, Liz, and Julia about how he is no Clay and no one respected Clay. Austin calls over Vanessa to talk to her. Vanessa admits that she knew she would go up against Austin. Austin says that he is going to the agent that splits up the twins, and Vanessa says that he shouldn't use the veto. Austin tries to talk to Liz, and Liz tells him that his reaction turned her off and said a lot about Austin. Austin tells Liz that he ruined his life by dumping his other girlfriend for Liz. Liz says Austin disgusts her. The only think that made Liz laugh was Julia throwing Austin's shit away from the bed, and Julia saying how disgusting Austin was.

Finally late at night, Liz goes to Austin, and they make up. Time for the POV meeting, and Austin takes himself off the block. Steve says he hates being the bad guy. Julia goes up.

Sunday, September 6, 2015 -- Early Evening

BB Show No Update
I won't be able to watch the BB show tonight, and probably not tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll be posting an update. I already posted who won HOH and POV and who the nominations are. I'll see if I can get an update some other time.

Liz unhappy that Austin won POV

Saturday, September 5, 2015 -- Evening

Surprisingly, Steve won HOH late Thursday/early Friday. He did an extremely smart thing, and he put up Liz and Austin. They had the POV early today; it's usually late on Saturday's. Well, Austin won the POV. So that means that he comes off; Julia goes up; and Liz goes to jury. At least, I think that's what will happen. All I know is that Liz is not very happy. Vanessa is crying, as if this is something that is awful for her. Boo-hoo!

Thursday, September 3, 2015 -- Evening

Double Eviction
Steve practicing for HOH Unfortunately, football is on the local CBS station, but they are showing Big Brother on another station at the usual time. That's good news because I can watch, but I won't be able to get screenshots since I use the CBS app to capture those. The house guests got to practice on for the HOH yesterday afternoon, but they didn't seem to figure out that a double eviction was on the way.

The show started with the note that the show would be done in less than three weeks. Then we saw some post POV footage. Meg is not happy that it was Julia that went up. Meanwhile Johnny Mac is happy to not be on the block. James thinks that everyone should realize that it's a great time to break up the Austwins. Vanessa feels good because Austin and LIz will keep Julia, and Steve will do what Vanessa wants. James tries to tell Meg that Steve and Johnny Mac may see it as an opportunity to get out a twin. Johnny Mac and Vanessa were talking. Johnny Mac says that too many people like him in the jury. Vanessa says she has the opposite problem. Both agree that they are really close, and even Steve doesn't realize it. Later James tries to give Johnny Mac the numbers vote. Johnny Mac is conflicted because voting out Julia is a good thing for him, but Vanessa wants Meg out. Johnny Mac tried to talk Steve into voting out Julia. The things is that Steve doesn't go for it. Steve realizes that it could be the time to break up the Austwins. Steve tries to explain to Vanessa that the final five can't have the Austwins dominating. Steve needs to realize that he needs to do what is good for his game, not Vanessa's.

The house guests are shocked at the news that it was double eviction, because they thought it would happen next week. Time for the final speeches. Meg gives a lame speech that doesn't say "get rid of the Austwins." Julia gave a rambling speech about coming in on the twin twist. Time for the vote:
Meg is evicted. Julie talks to Meg about being played. Meg felt that there was a plan to get James out of the house. Meg feels like she was a whoops. Julie asks Meg is she regrets keeping Vanessa. Meg really had no game talk. I think Meg wanted to take a nap, because she did nothing but sleep in the house. Meg also says there is no chance for James dating her.

It's a question game HOH. They are going to view pairs of photos of the first six house guests on a road trip. They will be asked questions, and have to get it right. The first question is false, and all get it right. Second question is false, and James and Steve are out. They are shown more photos. The answer was true, and only the twins got it right. Both get the next question right. Both get question five right, and both get the sixth question right. Liz got the last question right.

This time, there was plotting. Time for the nomination. Liz puts up James and Johnny Mac. they had a POV pick, and only Vanessa isn't competing. The practice yesterday afternoon will be used. They have to roll the ball on a boomerang shaped board. They get two shots, and get the cumulative score. Steve is first and gets 0. Johnny Mac gets 0. Austin gets 6 and 9 for 15. Liz gets 15 and 0, but she ties Austin. Julia gets 13 and 4 for a total of 17. Julia is in the lead. Now it's time for James. His first shot is 0, and so is his second. Julia has the POV.

James pleads his case, and says he appreciates their friendship and not make it personal. Johnny Mac just says to use the veto. Julia did not use the veto. Commercial break, then we had the statements. James says to keep him, and he will still want to be their friend. Johnny Mac said that he didn't have anything funny to say.
James is evicted. James says good-bye and hugs them all. James makes sure that the inside door is open so they can hear the crowd. Johnny Mac hugs and thanks everyone. Now it is final six. Liz is upset about being HOH. Steve says that now she knows how he feels. Julie asks James why he threw in the towel. James said he knew that he would be out as soon as he lost HOH. James thinks all of them are working together and felt like the whole house was working against him. Julie asked James about making bold moves as HOH, but just kicking back and doing nothing. James thought out of sight, out of mind. James said, he will take seventh, and it's a tough game. James said that he has been trying for 75 long days, and if he didn't make it with Meg by now, he might as well throw in the towel. James was one good guy! HOH will be aired on Sunday.

James channels Audrey

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 -- Evening

Big Brother Drama
Julia is on the block, but everyone is still targeting Meg. These people are really stupid to avoid the twins. Austin is disgusting, and he thinks that he's a huge fan favorite. He also thinks we all love him and Liz. Blah!

Tonight's show started with the fall out from the nomination ceremony. Meg cries in the have not room. It's not that she played the game. I guess she figured she didn't have to. James suggests that he and Meg hash things out with Vanessa. Vanessa gives them some drivel about being at the bottom of everyone's list. Vanessa says that Meg and James are a power duo (huh?) and that Vanessa has never had anyone to support her like they have each other. Meg tells James he has to win the POV.

Liz destroying the house Steve talks with Vanessa. Vanessa claims that she can't get rid of the Austwins now because they are so powerful. Time to pick for the POV. Vanessa picks Julia. James picks Liz, and Meg picks Austin. What a crappy pick for Meg and James. Vanessa hopes this increases her chances that the nominations will stay the same. James thinks the veto will be physical. Then James pretends to be Audrey to make Meg laugh.

James tells the story of knocking up some girl, which resulted in his daughter. The competition is a hidden veto card. The player will have three minutes to hid their veto card in the house while the others wait outside. Then one at a time, they get two minutes to find someone's veto. James hides his veto under the living room carpet. Everyone thinks they have a good hiding place. Meg s first to look for a veto. Meg came back empty handed. Austin just destroyed everything. Austin didn't find a veto. Everyone just seemed determined to destroy the house. James and Julia didn't find anything. Neither did Liz. Vanessa found a veto card (one of the twins). Julia found Vanessa's card. Meg finds the other twin's veto card. James realizes his card has not been found, and he puts more stuff over the couch where his veto is under the carpet. The whole destruction of the houes was just disgusting.

James wins POV Finally all the veto cards are found. The first card found by Vanessa eliminated Liz. Julia found the second card and eliminated Vanessa. Meg found Julia's card. James eliminated Meg. The last card, that Vanessa found, is Austin's. When the house guests go back into the house, it's a mess. Vanessa goes upstairs, and cries that she was near James' veto. Of course, Vanessa didn't help with the cleaning. Neither did the Austwins.

Julia goes up to Vanessa and wants to know if Vanessa is going to put up John or Steve. Vanessa says that it would be stupid for her to put up John because the twins want Johnny Mac out while Vanessa wants Meg out.

James tells Austin that he will put up Vanessa if he wins HOH. Austin tells Vanessa. Vanessa cries to Liz. Austin is just right behind Liz. Vanessa tells the Austwins that the only feasible option is for Julia to go up. Julia says that everyone wants to break up the threesome. Vanessa thinks that only Liz and Austin would be targeted. Liz tries to talk Vanessa into putting up Johnny Mac. But Vanessa has a side deal with Johnny Mac. Vanessa tells them all that Meg will float to the finals. The Austwins really put on the pressure to put up Johhny Mac. James goes to talk to Vanessa, and Vanessa says she's not in a good mood. Vanessa tells James that this is a game, and she thought James would understand that. James says that Vanessa plays too hard. Vanessa starts arguing with James because she is insulted by the "too hard" comment. Vanessa is a bitch.

Time for the veto ceremony, and James used it. Vanessa put up Julia. Unfortunately, these people are too stupid to vote out one of the Austwins.

Vanessa is happy

Sunday, August 30, 2015 -- Evening

Recap of Sunday Show
So far, from the live feeds, it seems that Julia might be going up in place of James on Monday. We have to see if that is the case, AND if the others have the balls to vote her out.

Tonight's show started with the lame HOH competition. Shelli says that it's the most important of the game, and Shelli thought she would go from the jury house to the head of the Big Brother house. All the returning jurors want the HOH. The house guests can bend down, but they have to keep one foot on the disk. So far, it seems like the recap is taking longer than the actual competition. Julia was the first out. Shelli complained of the speed of the spin. We get lots of comments on people wanting to win. Steve and Meg were down quickly. James said that he has to win now for him and Meg. James seemed to be having real issues hanging on. The jurors seem to be the only ones holding on. Vanessa seemed to be really good at this game. Liz was struggling, then she fell off. It was down to the four jurors and Vanessa. Jackie was the first juror off. Vanessa celebrates with Johnny Mac Jackie had to quickly walk off. Vanessa finally realized it was just her and the jurors. Becky is the next off. Shelli was out, and John was back in the game. Johnny Mac realized that he had to win to not be out of the house again.

Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that she wants to hear from Mel, her girlfriend. Johnny Mac admits that he has made an alliance with Vanessa, but doesn't want the others to know. Johnny Mac finally falls off. Johnny Mac realizes that Vanessa will be loyal to him, even though she is a liar because she is lowest on the Austwins totem pole. Johnny Mac tells everyone that he is back. Meanwhile the Austwins are upset because Johnny Mac is back. The twins think anyone other than Johnny Mac would have been nice. Then we see Vanessa telling the camera how happy she is. Blah!

James and Meg hope that Vanessa will see that Austin and the twins are a bigger problem. Godo luck with that! Steve and Johnny Mac talk how good it is to be back, and Johnny Mac says he is going to act mopey. Vanessa comes in and asks Johnny Mac about throwing the comp. He explains that he could not do it openly. They hug. Then Austin claims that Johnny Mac said in the comp that he was going after the Austwins. He didn't. Then Steve comes in, and we find out that they made amends before the eviction.
Austin asks Liz to be his girlfriend
Then we have a stupid segment on Gramdma Meg. Meg is a 25 year old loser. Sad. Then it's time for the HOH room reveal.

Vanessa talks with Austin, and Vanessa says that she doesn't want to go after Johnny Mac because it's not good for her game. Vanessa feels that it would be better to go after James. Vanessa says she wants to go after James because of the conversation she had with James earlier in the morning of eviction day. Vanessa says that Meg and James will go after the twins. So now Liz is up with Vanessa's plan, and they are going after Meg and James.

Liz and Austin have a diner in the HOH room, and Austin asks Liz if she will be his girlfriend, and she says yes. Liz feels like she is on cloud nine as Austin's girlfriend. Liz says that Austin better break up with his existing girlfriend. Yeah, good luck! She's already over him.

Next up is Julia trying to prank and scaring Austin. Lame!

Meg cries over James wanting to go up on the block Meg and James go up to talk with Vanessa. Vanessa wants to hear something against Austin. Vanessa asks them if they have any information that will help her, and James and Meg say nothing. Then Meg tries to act stupid about not knowing that anything was going on last week. Meg tries to act like she wasn't a part of any scheme. Vanessa asks James and Meg about being pawns. James volunteers to go up. Then Meg says to pur her up before James and starts to cry. Meg says that she is more likely to stay than James. Vanessa says that this is a warning sign against them. James won't say anything to give Vanessa ammo against the Austwins while saying they would go against the Austwins next week. James thinks the Austwins are bigger targets. James doesn't think that Vanessa would put them up. James says that Vanessa has to realize that they are underdogs with her.

James remembers the deal that Vanessa made with him about not putting him up if he didn't put her up. James said that she promised him and one other person safety if he didn't put her up. James thinks that they will be fine if they make it through this week. At the nomination ceremony, Vanessa puts up Meg then James. Vanessa says that it's a game move or chess move. Vanessa uses the line she practiced with the Austwins, to get to the king, you have to put the queen up. James regrets not telling Vanessa about the deal she made weeks earlier.

Saturday, August 29, 2015 -- Evening

So the endurance competition was a bust. Before I could get to the live feeds, the competition was over. Vanessa won with Johnny Mac second. Johnny Mac threw the competition to Vanessa for loyalty, since he is back in the house. Vanessa put up Meg and James. James just won the POV, so the Austwins are trying to convince Vanessa to put up Johnny Mac. I hope that she puts one of them up, but Vanessa is weak. They are all weak.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 -- Morning

BB Recap of Wednesday's show
Zingbot in the house I haven't been able to catch the Wednesday show on it's air date, but fortunately, I was able to watch it today. The house has been bobbing back and forth between Johnny Mac and Steve, but as of Thursday morning, it looks like Johnny Mac is going to the jury house.

The show started right after the nomination ceremony. Austin put up Steve and Johnny Mac because he thought they were the least risk for his game. Steve is upset that Austin went back on the alliance, but as a superfan, he has to appreciate the brillance of Vanessa's game. Johnny Mac and Steve talk about the nominations, and that they feel they have to win the veto. Meanwhile in the HOH house, Vanessa says that she will be loyal. Austin is a huge pussy, so he says that Vanessa is safe because it's not in his best interests. Steve goes up to HOH, and when Austin says that he wants to say publicly that Steve will not go. Steve questions that. Steve questions Austin about his choice. Austin says it will be tough if Steve comes off the block because he will have to put up Vanessa. That shows Austin's alliance, and Steve is stupid to trust him.

Then we get another James scaring Julia. Yawn! It's really stupid. Then we get to pick players for the veto. Steve wants Meg and Julia to play because they are weak players. Austin doesn't want Steve or Johnny Mac to win. Austin picks Vanessa. Johnny Mac says he is hoping for Meg or Julia because they are weak and brainless. Steve picks Julia.

Steve wants to rebuild the relationship with Vanessa. When Liz and Austin talk, Liz says that Steve and Johnny Mac need to be separated. Austin wants to put up Vanessa. However, Liz is adamant that Johnny Mac should be the target, and she is concerned about Austin not knowing what he wants to do. Julia comes in and asks if she wins the POV if she should use it. Austin just says to win it.

Watching the POV Zingbot comes into the house. Zingbot claims he had an upgrade, and he's on Twitter. James gets zinged on Meg just being a friend. James turns bright red. Liz is zinged on being less intelligent, attractive, etc, but then says wait, it's Julia. Julia claims they got the same SAT scores. Steve gets zinged on playing trombone. Boring! Austin is zinged on smelling. Meg is zinged for sucking at the game. Johnny Mac is zinged on his back hair. Yawn! I could fall asleep with this lame zings. Vanessa is zinged on playing a masterful game and gets called out on crying. Finally it's time for Liz. She is zinged on Austin having a girlfriend. I think it really sucks that Liz is zinged on the girlfriend, when it should have been Austin. Zingbot is a sexist pig! He zinged Christine last year, but not Austin this year. As Liz says, she's single, so she is okay. Liz quizzes Austin on this, and says that his chasing after his girlfriend is disgusting.

James and Liz have to sit inside together and watch while the others compete. It is one of those competitions where they compete alone to identify the three house guests that make up a picture. The person who gets all six right in the shortest time wins the POV. Julia can't guess that it's Meg's nose in the picture. Julia is done in 4:45.7. Steve thinks he can beat the time, but doesn't know if he wants to risk it. Steve opts for slow and steady. Steve has 45 seconds, and he does not finish in time. Julia is still in the lead. Steve is hoping that Austin is right that he is still a pawn. Steve joins the others watching the competition. Austin goes out because he gets stuck on Meg's nose. Austin says he kept pressing Liz's name because he wanted to. Vanessa is up next, and she is really good at it. Probably comes from being a poker player. Vanessa finishes in 2:51.5. Johnny Mac wants to win because he is afraid that he might be the target. Johnny Mac is out. Now it's down to stupid Meg. Johnny Mac is crushed because Vanessa has the POV. Meg wants to win. Meg can't figure out it is her nose, and she's sure it's a boy's nose. Vanessa was very happy to win POV because she won when she needed to. Johnny Mac hopes there is something he can do, but he's sure that he is headed to jury next.

Vanessa and Johnny Mac talk Back in the BB house, Vanessa and Johnny Mac are eating breakfast. Vanessa asks Johnny Mac if he is over the thing with Becky and Clay. Johnny Mac tells her that he is alone, and that he is probably going home. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that they may be the biggest enemies in the house. Vanessa says they aren't enemies. Johnny Mac says that he will make a deal with the devil in DR. He offers to work together with Vanessa. Vanessa wants to use the veto on Johnny Mac, but has to see where Austin's head is. Vanessa says that it's stupid to keep Meg or James. Austin is afraid that Jackie will come up and bond with James. Austin is stupid because he only has five options. Austin tells Vanessa that he didn't want to put up Meg or James this week. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that she can't use the veto because Austin will come after her. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that the twins and Austin are after her. Johnny Mac tells her that he, Steve, and the Austwins were targeting Vanessa last week. Vanessa doesn't understand because heck, she's Vanessa.

Vanessa goes to Liz, and Liz tries to claim that Johnny Mac was lying. Then Liz throws Steve under the bus claiming it was Steve's idea because he was working with Johnny Mac. Vanessa thinks that Steve took her for a fool. Steve was making noise, and when Vanessa got rude with him, he didn't realize the implications. Later, Vanessa goes to talk with Steve. Steve tells Vanessa that the five person alliance was after Steve. Steve says it was not his idea. Then Steve starts breathing heavily because Vanessa is pressuring him, or as some like to call it, bullying Steve. Vanessa cries and leaves poor Steve in tatters.

Time for the POV ceremony. Johnny Mac hopes Vanessa uses it, but knows it's bad for her game. Steve is nervous because Vanessa is upset. Vanessa feels so alone and betrayed, and thinks the only reason she is there is because she won POV. No, you are there because Austin is a huge wimp. Steve just congratulates Vanessa and says he respects her decision. Johnny Mac said that asking Vanessa to use the veto is like asking a gazelle to save a tiger. Vanessa picks on poor Steve in the veto meeting too before not using the veto. Steve is really confused.

Monday, August 24, 2015 -- Afternoon

Big Brother Show Recap
Final HOH heat The show last night started with the HOH competition. The show all the stupid words that BB showed them before coming up with Go, like bro, fro, etc. Austin said that it might be in his best interests to throw it. Julia is off because she lifted her right hand from the button. They have a minute now before the next race. It seems Julia ran track and field in high school. Then in the next race, Vanessa's foot came off the button. Now it's down to the guys. This has to be the most annoying competition because BB kept on showing those stupid words. Austin with his long stride was first. Johnny Mac was last. There was controversy that Johnny Mac didn't hit the buzzer, but he did. BB showed his hand circled in red. He was the last in the heat. Steve admits that the only way he could win was if James or Austin false started, but Steve false starts by lifting his right hand. James has been playing mind games by pretending to do off the start. That threw Steve. Austin just beats James in their heat. Johnny Mac hopes that nothing weird happens with Austin as HOH. HA! Austin wonders if it will be Austin or Judas running the HOH. Rolling my eyes at that bit of stupidity.

Liz and Julia talk together about who Austin will put up. Austin and the twins do a lame celebration dance. Steve goes in to congratulate Austin. Steve feels good because he has two alliances with Austin. Austin says they are in the perfect spot, but that can be a problem. While they talk, Austin has a big lipstick mark on his face from LIz. As Austin admits, he has an alliance with everyone in the house. The question Austin has is while alliance he fractures. Austin is going to keep his alliance with James and Meg because he enjoys hanging out with them. James does not think Austin will trust Johnny Mac, Steve, or Vanessa (especially her). Steve and Johnny Mac talk about Meg and James going up. Johnny Mac also feel safe with Austin, as does Steve. Poor fools!

Kiss Mark Then we see Vanessa talking to Austin. As Vanessa says, she has big plans for this week, and Austin claims that Vanessa will not be running the HOH. Austin tells the twins that he thinks that James and Meg are a duo, and that if he takes them out, then the twins will be exposed. Vanessa ruins the conversation by coming in and talking game. Vanessa tells Austin that Steve is very loyal to Johnny Mac. Vanessa claims that Steve and Johnny Mac have a final two, as told to Vanessa by Shelli and Clay.

Then Austin talks with Meg and James. Austin says that Johnny Mac would be least likely to get mad or come back. Meg again says that Vanessa is constantly trying to run things. Austin believes that Vanessa really is working for Austin, and that Vanessa is a real number for him. Meg says that Vanessa has 100 percent been getting what she wanted. Austin is a real weeny when it comes to make any sort of decision.

Austin and Liz Vanessa goes up to talk with Austin, and he asks Vanessa what he should do. Austin claims that he made a deal with James for James and Meg during the final heat of the HOH race. Austin tells Vanessa, the twins, and Steve that the pawn to go up with Johnny Mac has to come from the room. Vanessa realizes that it means either her or Steve. Steve says that he doesn't want to be a pawn. Basically, pawns go home. Steve looks really uncomfortable, and Vanessa is putting the claws into Steve. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is good. Steve tries to tell Austin that Vanessa wanted to put up Austin. Steve says to Austin that he does not have a final two with Johnny Mac, even though they get along and are working together. Steve says he really does not want to go up. Vanessa comes in, and she tries to tell Steve that he has to be a pawn because that proves his loyalty. Austin thinks it's funny because Vanessa doesn't want to be a pawn for the same reasons as Steve. Vanessa claims that she was the oen who tried to save Austin. Austin knows that James was supposed to throw the competition. Vanessa claims that she does not know that the BOB was thrown. Austin claims that he can't take any more. Austin throws everyone out, even though Vanessa tries to stay behind to talk to him. Vanessa leaves, and they all talk about how Vanessa lied about the plan to keep Liz on the block and backdoor Austin.

Back in the house, Liz and Austin are in the hammock. Liz claims that although she not like Austin at first, she does now, at 93 percent. She tells him that his ponytail beard is growing on her. Liz call him a pretty good kisser.

Austin's nomination speech Steve goes to talk to Austin, and Austin claims that he is undecided. Austin says that Vanessa would freak out. Steve says that he does not want to go up with Johnny Mac. As Steve says, putting up Steve and Johnny Mac says that Austin is closer to James and Meg. Steve does not want to go up against Johnny Mac. Austin says that Steve is not understanding why Austin needs to put up him and Johnny Mac. Austin tells Steve that it won't be him against Johnny Mac. Liz tells Austin to put up Steve against Johnny Mac. Liz then goes and tells Vanessa about Steve not wanting to go up against Johnny Mac. So Vanessa goes running up to convince Austin to not put her up. Vanessa sais that Steve is closer to Johnny Mac than Vanessa, so Steve should go up on the block. Vanessa claims that she is willing to be a pawn, but this isn't the spot for it. Austin then asks Vanessa without the twins if Vanessa knew that James was throwing the competition with Liz. Vanessa finally admits that she did, and then she starts talking really fast. Because Vanessa came clean at the last minute, Austin now thinks things are okay with Vanessa.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Austin nominates Johnny Mac and Steve. Austin gives a really lame speech about how he was being screwed in week 5. Even though James and Vanessa were keys in that week 5, Steve and Johnny Mac who did not have a hand in it at all, are on the block. Steve is in awe at Vanessa's game in getting out of a nomination. Johnny Mac realizes that he has to win POV. Vanessa is happy that she is not targeted, Meanwhile, James and Meg continue floating along.

Sunday, August 23, 2015 -- Afternoon

Vanessa Makes it Another Week
I don't know if I will make it to watch tonight's episode because I have a killer migraine. As a quick recap, Austin, James, Steve, and Johnny Mac were the last in the race for HOH. Johnny Mac was out first, then Steve. It caem down to James and Austin, and Austin won HOH. He told everyone in the house that he was going to target or backdoor Vanessa, but then Austin and Liz talked privately about keeping Vanessa. Johnny Mac and Steve went on the block, with the target on Johnny Mac. Unfortunately, Vanessa got to play in POV, and she won. Now, I'm not sure if the target will fall on Steve or Johnny Mac because Vanessa is busy pulling the wool over stupid Austin's eyes. So that's the action so far.

Group point

Thursday, August 20, 2015 -- Evening

Another Endurance!
Yep, you read the heading right. There's another endurance competition tonight. So far, I have really been loving this season, and I'm sure tonight will make it even better!

I couldn't wait for the show to start tonight because I can't wait to see who the new HOH will be, and we get to see the action in the jury house. The show started with the post veto ceremony action. Liz didn't want to target Vanessa because she wanted to let someone else do that. Vanessa is relieved. Vanessa thinks Becky is a better target because she's a better competitor. Becky is confident in her people skills too. Austin and Liz are talking about Becky's speech when Steve walks in and says that people put too much thought into these speeches, because Becky commented on how Liz, Julia, and Austin weren't on the block last week. Johnny Mac is talking to Becky, but he feels confident with his dead fish strategy of not doing anything until the ceremony.

Meg goes splat Then we saw a segment on James and Meg being friends. James said that it's only him and Meg left from the group they made at the beginning. James thinks Meg has a crush on him. Then we saw a James prank were he wraps up Steve's stuff with plastic wrap on his Have Not dentist chair. Then we get to strategy with Steve and Johnny Mac talking. Johnny Mac says with James and Meg they will be a bigger target, but they will be a smaller target with the Austwins. Liz and Julia say they want to work with Johnny Mac and Steve, after first joking they were triplets. Liz says that Steve and Johnny Mac are smart competitors. They all talk about putting Vanessa on the block, and Johnny Mac says that he has wanted to do it for weeks.

Becky talks with the Austwins, and says that she needs the votes of the Austwins. Becky says she wants Vanessa out.

Julie checks in with everyone. Austin planned a coordinated point when Julie went to the houseguests. We got lots of clips of James scaring Julia. Then we saw Meg smack her face off the ground in OTEV. They are now at day number 64 in Johnny Mac delivers a speech for Becky's pros the house. Steve says he misses his family and his mom, who talked to every day. This led to a clip of Steve talking to himself in the house, and then we met Steve's mom. Steve and his mom watched Big Brother from the start, and they watched the feeds too.

Next up we have the jury house. Shelli wanted to see Vanessa, and she was shocked to see Jackie. Shelli was shocked that Vanessa put the bug in Steve's ear that Jackie was against him, when it was Vanessa who wanted to back door Steve.

Time for the live eviction. Becky gives a speech, which makes it sound like she knows she is leaving. Becky is dressed nicely. Johnny Mac is dressed down. Johnny Mac says that Becky can cook, and do all these great things that he can't, but he wants to stay so vote for him. That Johnny Mac! Time for the vote:
Ready, Set, Go Becky is out with a vote of 6-0. We have a commercial break before we come back to let Becky know she is out. Becky hugs everyone and says good bye. Becky has a sore toe, and one of the twins tells her to fix her toe. They congratulate each other on being final eight. Becky wasn't shocked because her two closest allies were Shelli and Johnny Mac. Becky was shocked that Shelli went out, but Becky didn't realize that Shelli would be in trouble. Julie congratulates Becky on telling Vanessa to read the hand. Then we had final messages. Johnny Mac tells her that he's sorry she is going. Liz says that Becky is a big threat in the game. Steve says that he likes Becky's big game moves. Vanessa says that Becky is her big foe. Becky says that if she went back, she would go after Liz.

Then we have a stupid segment with Zingbot.

Time for the endurance. They have to run in six heats. They have to line up, while holding down three buzzers (one for each hand and another for the back foot). On a screen across the yard, they have to run on the word Go. It will say "Ready, Set, Go." But they may see other words before go. It can take a few seconds or it could take 30 minutes. The last one to run across the yard and ring the buzzer is out. If you false start, you are out. They then have to go back and race again. Finally Go pops on the screen. Meg is the last to buzz in. We will have to wait for the second heat, which will be after the show ends. Next week, the three jurors and the one voted out next week will get to battle to get back into the house.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 -- Evening

Liz with a facial mask
POV Show
Liz didn't use the veto yesterday, and from the live feeds, it sounds like Becky will be leaving tomorrow. However, tonight, it's time for the POV show.

The show started with the action right after the nomination ceremony. In DR, Liz talks about maybe targeting Vanessa. The funniest was Becky saying that if a train can't stop her, nothing else can. Austin doesn't like that Johnny Mac gave him the death stare when Austin tried to hug him. Then Vanessa went to talk to Johnny Mac, and she said that she let things slid. Vanessa claims that she went up to make sure that things are okay, and she was trying to save Johnny Mac when she went up to talk to Liz. Yeah, right. Then Steve comes in and tells Johnny Mac that he has to not fight with Vanessa anymore. Steve is trying to find out why Johnny Mac isn't tight with the twins. Steve goes to talk to Liz, Julia, Austin, and Julia about saving Johnny Mac. They all say that they will work with Johnny Mac if he came up to them.

Later, Johnny Mac and Becky talk about the situation. Things are looking bleak. Then we have a segment with Liz and her face mask. Liz decides that she needs to talk to Johnny Mac. When Vanessa goes to DR, Liz calls Johnny Mac into the HOH James scares Julia room. Johnny Mac tells them that Vanessa told him that she went up to the HOH to save Johnny Mac. This freaks out Austin and Liz because it was the opposite. Johnny Mac mentions how everyone who has an argument with Vanessa goes home. Johnny Mac is hoping that the conversation with Liz and Austin would help me out and keep him in the house. Johnny Mac tells them that he will be targeting Vanessa, and he wants to put her in jury. Liz and Austin love this because they don't want to do it to Vanessa, but they want someone too.

Back in the BB house, it's night time. James sneaks in to Julia's room, then lies down beside Julia's bed, and scares her. Julia screams and runs. That practical joker, James. Time to pick for the veto. Liz picks house guest choice, and she picks Austin. Johnny Mac picks Meg, and Becky picks Steve. Julia pretends to be angry because she has never been picked. Julia tells Liz that she wishes had picked her. As Julia says, "hello, sisters before misters." Johnny Mac talks to Austin, and Johnny Mac says no one will win use the veto. Johnny Mac shows his trust and loyalty to the Austwins by saying he would throw the veto. Austin tells the twins that Johnny Mac told Austin that he would throw the veto to Austin. Liz says but what if Becky wins.

POV Downstairs, Johnny Mac tells Becky to win. As he tells her the only way they could both stay in the house was if Becky won the veto.

Time for the veto competition. It's OTEV, and the backyard is setup like a picnic, with butter on the ramp up to OTEV. OTEV is annoying saying "butter" all the time. The first clue is to get butter that says Jason. Liz is first, followed by Steve, and then followed by Meg, Austin, and Becky. Johnny Mac threw it. Round two. The clue is for Shelli. Becky finds the butter first. Liz comments on how Becky jumped over the butter like a trojan. Steve just doesn't want Becky to win because he wants her to go home. Steve is last though. The next clue is for Clay. Austin runs to the pile that Steve left. Meg is first followed by Liz. Becky tries to run over Austin, and took a handful out of Austin's hands. But it was for Becky, not Clay. Austin makes it, and Becky is out. The next clue was for Da'Vonne. Meg has not seen Day's name before. Austin is first this time, followed quickly by Liz. Meg is out. Becky now knows that her fate is sealed. Final round. The clue was for Jace about not being on the memory wall. Austin can't find a Jace, and he wants the win to get the make out session with Liz. Liz wins POV.
Becky shoves Austin
Johnny Mac's assumption is that the veto won't be used, and that he just needs to not make waves. After the veto, Vanessa goes up to talk with Liz. Vanessa starts quizzing Liz about whether Johnny Mac made a deal with Liz. Liz says in DR that Vanessa reminds her of Audrey number 2. Austin says that Vanessa is too paranoid, and that she may not be the best ally. Austin and Liz talk strategy while they put small pig tails in Austin's hair. Johnny Mac feels pretty good at this point in the house. Austin says that their connection is growing over time., and we get to see a make out session, which Liz cuts short. Probably because she doesn't like him. Then Liz winds up with a hickey on her neck. Julia causes Austin on it. As Liz says, what would her parents say. Austin is not the guy her parents would like.

Then we have Vanessa crying because she feels lonely, and she feels like she is on the block again. Steve offers to play chess with Vanessa. Liz comes out and Liz and Austin make out asks why Vanessa is crying. Vanessa says it's because Austin is not talking to her. Liz says in DR that she has heard this story before, and she's tired of Vanessa's show and crying. Liz goes up and tells Austin and Julia about how Vanessa was talking about Austin not talking to her. As Liz says, this conversation about Austin bothers her.

Time for the veto meeting. Becky says in her speech that when Becky was HOH, Liz, Julia, and Austin were comfortably on the couch. James says the blue chairs are more comfortable than the black nomination chairs. Johnny Mac also says that he doesn't want to talk to Julie on Thursday. Liz says that she things that one of them will be easily coming back into the game. Liz says in DR that Vanessa will always be a target in front of her and Julia.

Sunday, August 16, 2015 -- Evening

Twins comfort Steve
Liz won the POV last night, and she won't be using the POV.
The show started with Meg being shocked that Jackie went out. Becky also was shocked at the blindside that just happened with Steve as HOH. James is also shocked that someone was in Steve's ear. Then we had DR of Steve flipping out because he didn't want to be HOH. Basically Steve listened to one of the Vanesa's lies about Jackie wanting to backdoor Steve. Meanwhile, James and Meg finally realize that they are alone in the house. James said that they are still in the house, so that's what they should be thinking of. Austin went to comfort Meg even though he was glad Jackie was out. Vanessa went to join in to get information, and do some fake comforting.

Meanwhile Steve is comforted by Liz and Julia. Then Vanessa comforts a crying Steve. Steve said that he can't talk right now because he is so upset. He says it was 50 percent acting when he was alone. Then Johnny Mac talks to Becky, James, and Meg that he didn't use the POV because he was afraid that someone else in the alliance would go up. Becky says that the other side is scared of them because that group can win competitions. Finally Steve goes to talk to Meg and Becky. Steve said that he heard that Jackie was going after him. Becky asks if the information was coming from one person or a group of people. Becky says that it might be helpful to pretend to have bad feeling and they blame Vanessa. Steve says in DR that he is happy that they are blaming Vanessa.

HOH competition bracket Time for the HOH competition. There are house guest emojis everywhere in the backyard. They have to play tournament style with head to head matches. They will have three emojis to choose from. They will asked questions, and they have to answer from the emojis they see on the board. Meg will be battling James. Austin will be against Johnny Mac. Julia is against Vanessa, and Becky is against Lis. Meg was the first to ring in and she was correct. Johnny Mac and Austin were next. Johnny Mac won that round. Vanessa and Julia are next. Julia rang in, and she was correct. Now it's Becky and Liz. Liz was first and she advanced. It's Meg versus John, and Liz versus Julia. Johnny Mac advances. Johnny Mac thinks he's the smartest on that side of the house. Then it is down to Liz and Julia. Julia was the first to ring in, but she was wrong. It's down to Johnny Mac versus Liz.

Meg is hoping that Johnny Mac will pull it off. The question is which emoji is seen 5 times. Liz was the first to ring in, and she was correct and the new HOH. As Liz says, her alliance is now in control. James says in DR that it is one of the worst situations he has been in, and hopes he is safe this week. Becky says that Vanessa will be in Liz's ear, and Becky should probably start packing now. Meg and Becky talk about their worries of Liz. Becky knows that Vanessa will be posted outside of Liz's room until Becky goes home. Becky tells Meg that Becky made it vocal that she wanted Vanessa out, and Vanessa didn't go out. She can blame her alliance. The twins and Vanessa are celebrating when Johnny Mac awkwardly walks in on them.

Twins celebrate Liz's win The twins, Austin, and Vanessa talk strategy. Liz says absolutely not Steve, but maybe Meg and Johnny Mac. Vanessa says that Meg is not threatening. Vanessa says to put up Becky with Johnny Mac. The target is Becky, but if Becky wins POV, then Johnny Mac can go against Meg and Johnny Mac can go home. They decide on a new alliance name, Austin's Angels. Then Becky goes to the HOH room to talk to Liz and Austin. Becky tries to get them to understand that Vanessa is against them. Becky tells them that Vanessa wanted Becky and Clay to throw the comp and to put up Austin. Liz says in DR that she was shocked about what Vanessa did.

Johnny Mac goes and throws a beach ball right at Meg's head and hits her. Those kids! then James goes to talk to Steve, Austin, and Liz. It seems that James has been hanging out with Steve. As he said, at first it was strategy, but now James has come to like Steve. As James said, Steve likes books, and James likes beer. Then we get a whole slew of clips of James and Steve hanging out together. They have a ton of lame stuff that feel up the show. Then we see that twins, Austin, Vanessa, and Steve trying to come up with an alliance name for their group. Liz is going to let Vanessa think that everything is cool even though it isn't . They come up with the Scamper Squad, which is really lame. But it may be based on Steve scampering around the house.

Austin's Angels Becky, Vanessa, and Johnny Mac are have nots, and Johnny Mac asks Vanessa if he is going on the block. Vanessa wants to work with Johnny Mac, but she doesn't think they can because of the fight they had with Clay. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he is sure he is going up. Vanessa starts questioning Johnny Mac on where his loyalty lays. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that the feelings he has against her are unfounded. Johnny Mac says that he felt bullied by Vanessa. Vanessa then got really upset that Johnny Mac would say that. However, as he says, Vanessa brought it up. Vanessa keeps on badgering Johnny Mac about what she could do to make things different. Johnny Mac says that he doesn't like how she yells at people and starts crying. Vanessa then goes up to the HOH room to spin her lies. Vanessa tells the twins and Austin that Johnny Mac should not be a pawn, but should go home. Vanessa claims that Johnny Mac is giving her attitude, and he comes in and calls Vanessa on the fact that they were just talking and Vanessa came running up there. As Johnny Mac says, it looks fishy. It sort of blows Vanessa's whole thing about Johnny Mac giving her attitude. Liz doesn't know who to believe, but of cours,e she does not target Vanessa.

Time for nominations, and Meg is confused. Becky says that she told Liz everything about Vanessa. Johnny Mac is worried that Vanessa through him under the bus. Liz is sticking to her previous alliance and going for the folks who are a bigger threat to her and Julia's game. Liz puts up Becky and Johnny Mac. Liz says that Johnny Mac is a competition beast, and Becky is also good. Becky is not surprised. I really hate Vanessa. She really does seem delusional.

Johnny Mac shocked that Vanessa thinks he will physiclally harm her

Friday, August 14, 2015 -- Evening

Vanessa Still Insane
Liz won the HOH late last night, and she decided to put up Becky and Johnny Mac. Vanessa wants to get Johnny Mac out, and she has been spreading stories about how Johnny went psycho on her, and that Vanessa feels physically threatened by Johnny Mac, at least that is what she is telling the twins and Austin. The twins and Austin told Johnny Mac, and Johnny Mac was shocked. I really dislike Vanessa, and I really don't like her game play. There have been some who compared her to last year's winner, Derrick, but I just think that Vanessa is a hot mess.

Thursday, August 13, 2015 -- Evening

Julie Chen's flat hair
Double Eviction
Time for the double eviction episode. I did manage to watch last night's episode, but it was really boring. There was nothing that added to what I already knew. Tonight, however, should be a great night in the BB house. I just hope that Johnny Mac survives.

Julie Chen's hair is very flat and unattractive. The show started with the crumbling of the Sixth Sense alliance. Vanessa was first and crying. Shelli thinks that she will be okay if she lays low. Becky thinks that she only needs four votes because she can break the tie. Vanessa is confused about what Becky said during the POV ceremony. As Vanessa says, "those are harsh words especially for someone like me." Becky said that she didn't like how Vanessa was forcing everyone to do what she wanted. Then Becky walked away from Vanessa saying that she wasn't going to get involved. Vanessa cries; she doesn't understand. Meanwhile Steve tries to be cool with Vanessa because he has to remain cool with the person who is staying in the house (Johnny Mac).

Austin, Steve, and Johnny Mac in HOH Vanessa was going on about how sad her eyes looked to James. Vanessa thinks that she is in this trouble because she stuck to her word. Huh? Is the girl delusional? I think so. Vanessa tells James that Becky was giving information to Shelli and Clay. So now James wonders why he should support her game. James, Meg, and Jackie talk about what is best for their game: to get rid of Vanessa and Shelli. They admit it is a big decision, but they are going to make the wrong choice, and go for keeping Vanessa.

Double Eviction starts with the spiel from Shelli and Vanessa. Shelli wishes Jason happy birthday. Shelli hopes she gets back into the game, so that means she knows she is out. Then Vanessa talks about law school, and gives a quote to show how smart she is. Time for the vote.
POV competition By a vote of 8-0, Shelli is out. Shelli smiles and hugs everyone. Everyone applauds her. Shelli felt betrayed from Vanessa, and that James might have been behind it. Shelli wasn't sure if she wanted Vanessa to leave the house after her. Julie asked Shelli about Clay and the 10 year age difference. Shelli would not answer the "do you love him?" question. Shelli says that if she gets back in the house, she will be teaming up with Johnny Mac and Steve. Julie tells her that she might get that chance.

The memory wall in the BB house had 16 clips of events in the house, which will be used for the HOH competition. Time for the competition. Julie will ask questions about the video loops, and the house guests have to answer true or false. Everyone gets the first question right. James, Liz, Meg, and Jackie are out in the second question. Everyone gets the third question right. Julia and Vanessa are out in the fourth question. Everyone gets question five right. Steve wins HOH! Steve is friends with Vanessa and Johnny Mac, So they might be safe.
Johnny Mac wins POV
Time for the live nomination ceremony. Steve puts up Meg and Jackie.

Now it's time for the POV competition. Johnny Mac, James, and Vanessa are also playing in the POV. The POV is called Slippery Slope. They have to roll a ball down a twisted slope, and they have to sink the balls in numerical order. If they get them out of order, they are out. If they are not done in three minutes, the one who has the most in the least time wins. It seems to be a battle between Johnny Mac and James and Johnny Mac wins.

Time for the veto meeting. Speeches. Meg says that she has been an honest player and wants to stay in the house and play. Jackie also says that she played an honest game. Johnny Mac does not use the veto because he does not know who would go up in that person's place. Steve leaves the room because he can't speak coherently. That was action that went on as the show was going to commercial.

Time for speeches. Meg more game to play and wants to stay in the house. Jackie sounds like she knows she is going out. Time for the vote.
Jackie is voted out Jackie goes out with a vote of 6-1. Jackie and Meg hug. Megs says in the house that was a shocker. Julie asks Jackie why she knew she was going out. Jackie said that someone told Steve that Jackie wanted to backdoor Steve when she was HOH, which wasn't true. The show ended with Steve talking to himself in one room, James and Meg whispering in another, and everyone else in the kitchen.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 -- Evening

No Recap
I'm going to be busy and won't be able to watch tonight's show before the double eviction tomorrow. There's not much to catch up on. Steve wins the POV in a comic book competition. He takes himself off the block, and Vanessa goes up in his place. Vanessa is not happy, but doesn't have quite the breakdown we all expected. Then James, Meg, and Jackie start to think they want to keep Vanessa and get rid of Shelli. This is especially the case because Shelli accused James of stealing one of Clay's shirts, and she went and stole it back. So that's probably what will be on the show, with lots extra fluff. I will be watching the Double Eviction! It will probably be Shelli and who knows who else.

Monday, August 10, 2015 -- Evening

Vanessa on the Block
Steve used the POV on himself, and Becky put up Vanessa in his place. So far, Vanessa hasn't had the complete collapse that I expected, but I think the pot is percolating.

Sunday, August 9, 2015 -- Evening

BB Recap
Clay and James altercation Becky put up Steve and Shelli, and Steve won the POV, so the plan is to put up Vanessa in his place. The show was on tonight, and we should get to see all the house's drama, I hope.

The show started with the HOH competition. We got to see them falling. James wants Becky, Jackie, or Meg to win. Steve does not want Becky to win. Shelli wants to win to put up James. Meg and Austin really suck. Finally, we got to see the Vanessa started fight. James and Johnny Mac are talking. Then Johnny Mac told Clay that he did not want Clay to go home because Johnny Mac thinks that Vanessa is in Shelli's head. Clay then goes to Vanessa and says that James has told Johnny Mac that Vanessa is in Shelli's head, and Clay tells Vanessa to make Johnny Mac feel like part of the group. Vanessa goes to James about telling stories about her. James confronts Clay about it. A huge fight ensues. Vanessa starts fighting with Clay, and Vanessa starts crying, and it's like Johnny Mac has called it. Vanessa fights with someone, and then that someone gets voted out the house. Vanessa in DR is confused, basically because she is psycho. After the psycho leaves, Johnny Mac talks with Clay and Shelli about how Vanessa does this act every time and it sends someone home.

Shelli is hoping that she or Julia wins HOH. Austin is constantly falling. Johnny Mac is trying to keep on pace with the others. James is really hoping that Shelli doesn't win, and that's when Becky starts to pull ahead. It does not look like Becky fell at all. As Julia says, a train can't stop Becky. Becky got the Never Not ball first. Then she got the $5000, and finally HOH. Becky says that everyone will be shocked at who she puts up.
Becky takes out all the balls
After HOH, Shelli starts crying because Clay isn't around. Meg is the one who comforted her and hugged her. Becky admits that she trusts Jackie, Meg, and James more in the house. Liz asks Shelli how far Texas is from Georgia (where Shelli lives). Shelli says that they can go to New York to stay with Meg. Ha! Liz thinks that Becky might put up Vanessa. Johnny Mac tells Steve to not worry about anything. Johnny Mac says that he and Becky have bonded over being outsiders. Steve and Johnny Mac talk about how Vanessa operates. Steve is nervous about Vanessa because he is closest to Johnny Mac and Vanessa, and Steve realizes that the fight before eviction makes Johnny Mac hate Vanessa. Steve does get Johnny Mac to promise to make a move on Becky in jury, not in the BB house. It seems Becky had tons of healthy food, like Brussels sprouts.

Becky says that Vanessa's plan was to get rid of Shelli. Becky says they say they are sticking with the plan. They put up Shelli and Steve, and then they get Vanessa. As Becky says, Vanessa has sent tons of people home. They all admit that they feel safer in the house with Shelli than Vanessa. Becky says they need to stick with it because Vanessa would work them. As Becky says, she's worked Black Friday, Becky knows how to deal with Vanessa.

Steve admits that he spaces out a lot, dances by himself, and talks to himself. Steve thinks he's a strange person, but he likes himself, so he's okay with it.
Becky and Shelli talk
Shelli then goes crying to Becky, and Becky tells Shelli about the bigger plan. Becky wants to gain trust. Becky said that it took nothing for Vanessa to throw Shelli under the bus. Shelli realizes that she can't do anything to save Shelli. Becky explains that they want to get rid of Vanessa. Then Vanessa goes up to talk with Becky and Austin. Becky says that the plan is to put Steve and Shelli up, and if one comes down to put up Johnny Mac. Austin leaves and Vanessa and Becky talk. Vanessa wants to make a deal with Becky, and Becky says that she is done with deals, and doesn't even want to hear about it. This really seems to stump Vanessa. Vanessa says in DR that Becky isn't a strategic player.

Johnny Mac tells Becky his plan to backdoor Vanessa. Johnny Mac says this is the best thing that could happen. Time for the nomination ceremony. I like that they just have the two keys of the house guests who are marked for eviction. First nominated is Shelli, and the second is Steve. Becky wants Steve to get his hands dirty since he is huge BB super fan. Shelli wants to win the POV. Vanessa begins her fixating on overthinking things. Johnny Mac wants Vanessa out. Steve, who hates Becky, rants about his plan being to lay low, and that Becky is his target since she called him out.

Friday, August 7, 2015 -- Evening

Becky wins the POV
Becky Wins HOH
Becky really aced the HOH competition last night. She was so far ahead of everyone that not only did she take the HOH ball out of the bowl, she also got the $5000 and the Have Not pass. I wondered how Becky would handle her HOH. Whose side was Becky on? She's been feeding information to Shelli and Clay, and she's been sitting in on James, Jackie, and Meg conversations. Well, it seems that Becky decided to go for a possible big move with her nominations. Becky nominated Shelli and Steve, but her plan is to backdoor Vanessa. The backstory is that Vanessa caused some drama yesterday afternoon. She was started her whole psycho questioning game that resulted in Clay and James almost coming to fisticuffs. It also explains why everyone decided to vote out Clay yesterday. We'll have to see if the backdoor Vanessa plan works. This coming Thursday will be a double eviction night, which can be rough on Vanessa.

Thursday, August 6, 2015 -- Evening

Shelli or Clay?
Clay and Shelli and the first kiss The news has been out on the news groups that there will be an endurance competition tonight. I can't wait to see who goes home. The show started right after the POV ceremony. Clay says that Shelli and he have the strongest bond of love and trust. Liz is glad that it's not her, and that there are two pairs in the house, Clay and Shelli and Liz and Julia. James really wants to get rid of Shelli, and he hopes the others go with it. Shelli cries over they have four days left. Of course it is all about Vanessa who is only worried about herself. Shelli wants to stay in the houes, but not in any way that hurts Clay. Later, James talks to Austin about everything that Clay and Shelli told James. James wants to work with Austin. Later, Austin wants to talk to Vanessa. Austin tells Vanessa everything that was said. Austin tries to get Vanessa to understand that Clay and Shelli did them wrong. Vanessa calls them fools.

Vanessa is upset that Clay and Shelli outed her, but she needs to save her alliance. Shelli lies to Vanessa about not telling James anything. Then Shelli campaigns against Clay, saying it is better to keep her because she is a competitor. Shelli tells Liz, Julia, Vanessa, and Austin that she was squeezed by Shelli, and that she was being pressured. It seems the Sixth Sense alliance is going to keep Shelli. Then Julie Chen showed videos of people rooting for various houseguests.

Shelli and Clay do more lying around together and talking about stupid stuff. Shelli says that they want to continue the relationship outside the house. Then we get a scene with very noisy kissing.
Clay and Shelli final hug
Everyone is in the HOH room. James said that he wants to send Shelli home. The Sixth Sense try to talk everyone into voting out Clay. Jackie realizes that Vanessa wants Shelli to stay. They are really stupid people because you should get rid of Shelli. Jackie explains to James that Vanessa is going to screw them over, and Shelli may stay. Liz and Julia talk about not standing Clay and wanting him out. Liz and Julia say they have to do what is best for their game. Vanessa says if Clay stays, they will work with him. One of the twins says to take out a strong player, like Shelli. Austin doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to piss of the James gang.

Then we have a segment with Derrick and Cody. Derrick and Cody see each other once a month and talk every day. They seem to like James and his move. It was nice to see that they get along still. I guess they couldn't get Clay's family to be for him dating an older woman. Clay asks everyone to vote for Shelli to stay. Shelli cries over how Clay is her rock, and how they will have an amazing experience for them all to be in love outside the house. Both say "all y'all." Time for the vote:
HOH compettion I don't know why they all decided to evict Clay. it's a really stupid move. They should take out the strongest player. Blah, Clay and Shelli have a long hug, and you could hear Clay's heart beating through Shelli's mic. Julie said that Clay must really love Shelli to talk away from a half a million dollars. Julie wonders if it is the real deal between them, and Clay believes it is. However, Clay would not commit to saying he loved Shelli. Julie asked Clay if he ever gave up like this before when he played football. Clay doesn't regret plotting to not put Austin up. Messages from Johnny Mac, Austin, Meg, and Shelli. Julie then asks Clay about Meg. Clay pretty much calls Meg a slut saying Meg had her way with a lot of guys in the house.

They all hear that they will all make it to jury, but that doesn't mean they are out of the game. The competition is the usual carry a cup of water over a slippery track to a big bowl, and fill it up. There are three balls. They can either get HOH, $5000, or a Have-Not pass. However, once someone takes the HOH ball, the game is over.

Next week will be a double eviction night.

Thursday, August 6, 2015 -- Afternoon

BB Recap of Wednesday's show
Clay and Shelli crying I am really having trouble watching the Wednesday show. Hopefully, this will improve next week. The show started post nomination ceremony. Vanessa said that she was there for them, and hugged Clay. Clay and Shelli cried and whined about being on the block. How could anyone have the nerve to put them up. Vanessa hovered around them, and Shelli gave Vanessa the evil eye. Obviously Vanessa is somehow HOH. Clay starts saying something about James going back on his word, and Mommy Shelli tells Clay to shut up. Shelli still believes that she could have outlasted James, but we know that isn't the case. Vanessa is upset because Shelli is blaming Vanessa about being on the block. Shelli doesn't understand why Austin or the twins aren't on the block. Vanessa goes to cry to Clay and Shelli about how life is awful for Vanessa, and Clay tells her that he and Shelli are on the block. Vanessa tells Shelli not to do anything that would hurt Vanessa's game. Vanessa keeps on crying and saying that she is the most loyal person to Clay and Shelli, and they are turning Vanessa against them.

Then Vanessa goes outside and starts crying about how she is such a good person and that everyone is blaming Vanessa for Jason going on the block. James says that Clay and Shelli like to sit in the back and point the finger to everyone else. James tries to explain that he did this for everyone. Shelli goes to the door to the outside and comments about how Vanessa is out laughing with everyone. Shelli goes out and asks what everyone is talking about, and no one answers. Clay then talks about how Clay and Shelli both had James' back from the first day. James said in DR that he has been on the block too many time while Shelli was HOH. Shelli keeps on talking about how James did not keep his deal. James tries to tell them that it's split milk, so where do they go from there. James is great!

POV competition Shelli assures Vanessa that she will not turn against the alliance. From the way Vanessa is acting, you would think that she was on the block. I think it's hilarious to hear Vanessa. Then Shelli starts crying about how this week is the worst one because she won't be going to jury with Clay. Vanessa says in DR that it has to be a two way street. Then Austin says in DR that all he could think about is how he is going to go to jury with Liz. Time to pick for the veto. James picks house guest choice, and he chooses Jackie. Shelli picks Becky, and Clay picks Vanessa. Vanessa says this whole thing is hard on her because if she loses, she could go on the block. I notice that Becky is hanging out with James and Jackie. Becky is playing both sides, and she's pretty annoyingly dumb, so enough of her.

The POV competition is a game of rounds. It's set up like the Game of Thrones, and they have to fling a dart from the catapult. The person with the lowest score is out, but gets to pick a prize. The problem is that people who come after you can take your prize. Jackie has the lowest score, so she gets the 6th place price. It's the veto. Round 2 and Shelli landed off the game board. Shelli pouts. Shelli is out, and she gets the 5th place prize: a knight in shining armor. She takes the veto, and Jackie gets the armor. As Shelli says, she already has a knight in shining armor: Clay. Vanessa lands off the board. Vanessa is out, and takes the 4th place Ireland castle vacation. Clay gets the lowest score, and he gets the 3rd place crown. It ia a 24 hour bond to constantly shine the knight's armor. Clay takes the Ireland trip. James wants to win the veto. He scores a 10 in the round, and Becky just throws it, and lands in the water. Becky's second place prize is $5000. She keeps the money. James' first place prize is castle guard, where he has to complete a regiment 2400 times in 24 hours, or he can't compete in POV next week. James thought the 5K could make a difference to his little girl, but he takes the veto from Shelli.

Meg and Clay hugging it out After the competition, Clay and Shelli hug. Shelli thinks it will be a long two months without Clay. Shelli goes to DR, and then Meg and Clay start hugging. Johnny Mac says that Clay and Meg are almost making out in from of him. Meg says that she can't prommise to vote Clay out. The two of them cry. Meg tells Clay that she bonded with him from the start and they both know. They both hug some more. Boy, will Shelli be pissed at that one. Then Jackie and Vanessa go to DR for their costumes. Then Shelli goes off to do her punishment. Every 100, she has to run in the house, ringing a bell. The armor shining is lame. As Shelli is doing her punishment, Clay tells her that they have to try something. Everyone cheers when Shelli finishes her punishment.

Shelli and Clay talk to James in the HOH room, and tell him that Austin has an alter ego named Judas. Clay babbles, and James asks Shelli if she is on narcotic drugs. James said that he will have to think about it and come up with a decision. Time for the POV meeting. Clay gets his word fast, and he says that he knows he will always have his love with her. Shelli says that they have been good people, good to their word, and good to everyone. James says that he feels that they turned their back on him, and James does not use the POV. Shelli cries in the DR, and says she can't fight against Clay. Clay says that he can't campaign against Shelli.

James, Clay, and Shelli at the end
Endurance Recap
James won the POV on the live feeds, and it was a punishment veto. Shelli has to walk around and whack things with a sword, and Jackie has to wear knight armor. Vanessa is Jackie's squire for 24 hours.

Tonight's show starts with the endurance competition. Julia realizes that things might be against her. Vanessa is the same. Austin thinks he will get a kiss from Liz if he wins, so he wants to win for the smooch. James asked people right at the beginning if they wanted to make any deals, but James wants to win so he can peck back at the other side. Austin was whimping out after 20 minutes. Austin is creepy, just fixating on the kiss from Liz. Steve and Austin were the first to fall. Then Julia and Meg fell. Austin thought it was Liz at first, because he is an idiot. The ones on the wall got lots of water, gunk, and hits from eagles while they hung on. James is determined not to fall off because he knows he will be the target. Jackie is trying to hold on, but she falls around an hour and a half in. James says he has to win since all his people are off now. Then Liz fell. James starts playing mind games by telling Clay that James is in worse shape. Clay drops and it is down to Shelli, Johnny Mac, and James.

Meg was hoping James would hold on for all of them. Clay says that Shelli needs to win. Shelli is getting tired and doesn't know if winning HOH for the third time is in her best interests. Shelli wants a deal for her and Clay's safety. Vanessa says that says something about her relationship. James said that as Boogie says, you can bounce a bunch of checks up in the BB house. James does say Shelli and Clay are safe. HA! Johnny Mac falls off, not wanting to make deals. Twins talk about Austin Shelli says that she thinks James will keep his word, or he will be seen as a liar in front of the whole house. James wins. Julia's picture replaces Jace's in the house. Meg is happy that James wins because she doesn't have to vote out one of her peeps. Jackie says that Shelli made the deal with James because she knew she was going to fall.

Julia wanted to talk to Liz because she felt betrayed by Austin. Julia doesn't believe LIz. Julia called Austin on giving out her name and calling Austin shady. Julia thinks that Austin was just trying to get her out. Julia obviously doesn't believe him. Julia doesn't trust one word that Austin says. As Julia says, she would not trust Austin with a 10 foot pole.

Then Shelli talks with Vanessa about how she couldn't win a third HOH. Vanessa realizes that she is not high in trust in with Shelli and Clay. Shelli thinks James will put up Vanessa. Austin goes to talk to Shelli and Clay about how they need to talk to Julia because Julia doesn't like him. Then Clay tells Shelli that they have to throw the twins and Austin under the bus.

Meg, Jackie, Becky, and James up in HOH Then we had a clip about how Clay can't make sense of speak clearly. As Johnny Mac says, Clay must have been hit in the head one too many times on the football field. Then we have a segment on James scaring Steve as he comes out of the bathroom. Next up is a segment with Jackie, Meg, and Becky up in the HOH talking to James. Becky is trying to act like an ally. But it is obvious that Becky is supporting Shelli and Clay. She tries to talk James out of it. Meg and Jackie throw out Austin and the twins' names.

Becky runs downstairs to tell Chad and Shelli about Meg, Jackie, and James talking about putting up Shelli. Clay wants to talk to Shelli about what they should do. Shelli wants to talk to Vanessa. Shelli is upset because she stupidly thought that winning the HOH would not be good for her. Vanessa goes up to beg to James to save her life. Vanessa tries to say that she did not want Jason to go home. Vanessa says that it was Shelli and Clay. Vanessa was blameless. Vanessa tries to claim that she is a solo player in the game, like James. Vanesa tells James that if she makes it to HOH before the final 7, she will let James have safety and one person of James' choice.

Shelli and Clay go up to talk to James. Shelli asks James if their deal is still good. James said that it's unfortunately that Jason happened. Shelli says that she felt in the moment that she had to lie about knowing to save herself. Then Shelli tells James that Austin is the person who threw Jason under the bus. Shelli and Clay at nomination ceremony James says that he is just going to tell them what they want to hear. James goes down to talk to Meg, and says that instead of putting up pawns, he is thinking of putting both Shelli and Clay up because the pair needs to be broken up. Meg also says that everyone would keep the nominations the same. James said he came into the house ot make big moves.

All I have to say is that Shelli and Clay are really stupid because they don't think that anyone should target them. If I were them, I would want to get rid of Shelli too because Clay is obviously brainless.

It's time for the nominations. Instead of the house guests taking out their keys, the HOH just shows who he nominated. The first one James nominated was Clay, and the second was Shelli. Boy, was that good. James says that Shelli is a beast, and would always be with Clay. James says that he may have made a deal, but it is up to him whether he holds to the deal. Shelli tries to call out James for making the deal in front of everyone. Shelli thinks that it means everything for her to win the veto so both can stay in the house.

Friday, July 31, 2015 -- Evening

Clay and Shelli on the block and not liking it
James Wins!
James won the HOH competition last night. It came down to him and Shelli, and Shelli dropped at the promise of safety. Well, James did what we feedsters and fans were hoping for: he put up Shelli and Clay. There was some discussion of who to put up, but James opted for the power move, and I'm loving every minute of it. This has been a great day to watch the feeds. The endurance competition actually didn't have people dropping early, so it was a good competition. Then with James making his power move, we now have Chelli (Clay and Shelli) complaining to James about how unfair this move was. That James needs them for the numbers, that James will not last in the house without their support, blah, blah, blah. I really hate the pair of them, and to hear them trying to sound virtuous while they are lying their asses off just disgusts me. I can only home that one of them goes home this week, and I'm hoping for Shelli.

Meg and Jason hugging

Thursday, July 30, 2015 -- Evening

Goodbye Jason
Julie Chen gave us the news that Julia would be entering the BB house, and that there would be an endurance competition for a single HOH. Finally! I hated the whole Battle of the Block.

Vanessa apologizes to Jason claiming she didn't want to do it, but she had no choice. Jason said that he didn't want to hear any stupid story from her. Meg cries, and Jackie is pissed that she was blindsided. Becky hopes to lay low and get all the votes. Jason said that it means a lot more to him than it does to the other people. Jason promises to fight like a superfan does. Shelli claims she had no idea. Jason realizes that Shelli and Clay aren't upset and that they have been behind every eviction. Austin thinks he is going to go far in this game. Meg asks Clay if he knew, and Clay lies and says that he and Shelli didn't know. Clay is befuddled, and he doesn't know what to say. Meg says Vanessa took the Austin's deal, and screwed the others in her alliance. Clay can't answer, and makes some stupid remarks because he is an idiot.

Trying to convince Chelli Meg then goes up to Vanessa and cries because Meg is Jason's bestie. Meg said that she felt betrayed, and Vanessa throws Shelli and Clay under the bus because saying they knew. Then Jackie came up to ask what happened. Shelli and Liz were there. Liz says that Jason is at fault for Austin outing the twins. Vanessa says everyone wanted Jason out. Then Jackie turned to Shelli and asks if Shelli wanted Jason out. Shelli says no. And Vanessa was like everyone wanted him out. Meg and Jackie talk about how obviously Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Liz, and Austin are working together. Meg tells Jason that Clay and Shelli was working agatinst everyone. James joins them, and Meg, Jackie, and Jason cry while James tells them to pull it together. Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa are talking, and Vanessa said that she didn't make the choice on her own. Shelli says that everyone is going to be after her and Clay because they were the only ones who come out looking like lying backstabbers. Shelli yells at Vanessa, but then what did Shelli expect?

Jackie, Meg, James, and Jason talk about numbers. Jason said that they need to get two more people. Instead of going for the obvious Steve and Johnny Mac, Jason decides that they need to flip Shelli and Clay. Jason is trying to make Shelli and Clay paranoid about Becky coming from them. Jason said that he can be more loyal to them than Becky. Jason says that Becky would put the two of them up. Clay says that they can't piss off Liz and Austin. Jason tries to tell them that Liz, Julia, and Austin would be a three headed monster.

Twins in the house Then we get a fluff story about Johnny Mac's dental practice and family. After the commercial break, it's time for the live vote. Becky says everyone is genuine, kind people. Rolling eyes! What a stupid idiot! Jason tells people to vote for the person who will be best for their game. Now for the vote.
Jason is out with a vote of 7-2. Oh Mylanta! :( Jason tells Julie Chen that he was naive because he should have known not to trust the people in the house. Jason blames Chelli (Clay and Shelli). Jason thinks Vanessa has more soul. Jason wonders why he was viewed as such as threat. As he said, it was like shooting a fish in a barrel to take him out. Jason said that Jason the fan outdid Jason the player. But as Jason said, he was bored, and you just wanted to gossip. Endurance Jason said that everyone of his people should hold on until September. Jason thinks Meg will go far because people will overlook her. Meg doesn't know what she will do in the house without him. I am really disappointed that Jason is leaving the house because I really liked him.

The endurance competition is to hang onto the wall. The wall tilts forward and back, and the house guests have to hold on with rock climbing handles. Of course, there is water on them.

Julie learns from Julie Chen Liz survived. Julie is going into the house. Julie gets to go into the house. Julie Chen calls the others into the living room, and tells everyone that Julia is coming into the house. Julie Chen also tells them the battle of the block is over, and there is an endurance competition.

Now we have to watch the live feeds to see who wins this competition. BB adds stuffed eagles that are flung into the house guests. This could be a good competition, if they hold on!

Thursday, July 30, 2015 -- Afternoon

BB Recap of Jason Backstab
Austin and Liz kiss For some reason, Wednesday has been a rough day for me, and I have been missing BB when it is shown on those days. But fortunately, there is the DVR and CBS On Demand. The show started post BOB. Shelli is upset that Clay is still on the block, and she is feeling helpless. Vanessa did not want to be the remaining HOH, and she didn't think that she would be the one who would have to get rid of Austin. Vanessa refers to it as the blood bath continuing. Jackie says that she hopes the plan continues. Shelli, Vanessa, and Jackie talk about getting Liz on board. James tries to make clear to Becky and Clay that he tried to throw the competition, but he just couldn't do it. Becky says that now she is safe, but she could be going home. Clay tells Johnny Mac that he will play have to play for the veto. In DR, Johnny Mac goes through all the scenarios Clay has put Johnny Mac through in this same situation. Liz realizes that she had to play the game by herself, and she thinks James tried to throw it. Austin is freaking out when he hears that James may have been trying to throw it.

Austin ran up to Vanessa to tell her that Liz thought James was throwing the competition, and Austin thinks Clay is being targeted. Austin isn't the brightest bulb. Lis does say in DR that she loves hanging out with Austin, but that she is in a bit of pickle because Austin is falling for her. So, Austin is trying to make out with her. Liz really doesn't see him in a romantic light. Austin kisses Liz, and she replies that she hates Austin. Liz said it was a sneak attack. Austin is clueless to the signs. Austin claims that Liz was bashful about it and they both enjoyed the kiss.

POV competition Time to pick for the veto competition. Austin picks House Guest Choice. She chooses Shelli. Clay picks Johnny Mac. Becky picks Liz. Liz worries Vanessa because Liz isn't in on the plan to backdoor Austin. Jackie, Becky, and Vanessa talk about how to deal with Liz because she doesn't want to do Liz and Julia dirty. Jackie and Becky try to tell Vanessa to wait until after POV because Liz will not keep her mouth shut.

We get some filler of Steve being followed by a camera. Lame! Time for veto, which is hosted by Jason. The competition has the house guests dressed up as scores. They have to roll a ball (acorn) up a ramp, and then catch it on the downward fall. If the ball passes the top 250 times, the person wins. It was just running back and forth. If the ball hits the ground, the person has to start again from zero. Liz's ball keeps on going backward. Liz has issues getting the ball up the ramp. Steve seemed inordinately happy that Becky was having problems. Who knows what's up with that! Clay wound up winning. Becky is upset because she has lost three comps in a row.

Clay called his win a good old fashioned Texas ass whooping. Then Becky cries over how she is a wrecked soccer player, and how she will have to be on the block. Vanessa wants to tell Liz about the plan to backdoor Austin, and wants to talk to Liz without Austin. It took forever for Liz to come upstairs, which they didn't show. Then Shelli and Vanessa tell Liz about Austin spreading the news of the two twins. Vanessa said that Austin made a deal with Jason that Jason can target Julia. Liz tells Shelli and Vanessa that she really doesn't even like Austin. Vanessa said that Austin is making Liz a showmance target. Shelli and Clay are stunned that Liz sees Austin as an ally. Liz then tells Shelli and Vanessa that Austin is a number for them.

Austin goes up to talk to Vanessa, and she tells Austin that Liz is target of the year, and Vanessa asks Austin why Austin would sell Julia's sister out to Jason. Vanessa tells Austin that Jason is not Austin's friend. Vanessa claims that she is the only person who can be trusted. Then Vanessa cries crocodile tears about how she thought she was Austin's friend. Austin tells Vanessa that he is a number for Vanessa and would never go against her in the game. So Vanessa tells Austin that he is just an idiot, and that Vanessa said she gave her word that she would put up Austin, but we all know that Vanessa's word is nothing.

Jason on the block with Becky Austin goes and talks to Clay and Shelli and tells them that he is falling in love with Liz and was not thinking clearly. Austin claims he does not care about the money, and Liz's love is all that matters to him. Austin says is that Jason betrayed him. Clay is concerned about how emotional Austin is. Austin claims that he is a number for them. Shelli says that they have to keep their numbers solid.

Time for the Outback dinner. Vanessa took Becky; Liz took Austin, and James picked Clay. That was stupid because James could have picked Meg. That whole bit was lame. Vanessa talks with Clay and Shelli about who to put up. If they went through with the backdoor of Austin, no one would be after them. Shelli though says the numbers are worse for her. Vanessa is worried about being a target, and Clay claims that Austin will always be a bigger target. Vanessa claims that Jason is the only one on the other side who has any smarts. The rest of the people there are stupid. Vanessa cries, and claims she is so torn. Blah!

Time for the Veto meeting. Austin thinks he has mended fences. Clay takes himself off the block, and Vanessa said it was the most difficult decision, and goes on about how much she loves the person. Jason is told to take a seat. The others are stunned. Vanessa claims it was good for her game to do this. Jackie was blindsided. Jason calls Vanessa a scumbag bitch, and says that if he says, Vanessa is getting it.

Monday, July 27, 2015 -- Early Evening

Jason talks to Meg about her back stab
Sad Awakening
Poor Jason was in for a rude awakening this afternoon. Overnight, Vanessa decided to backdoor him. Jason helped Vanessa study for the HOH competition. Jason hasn't done anything to cause anyone to get rid of him. However, he is viewed as someone not as weak as Becky. And Vanessa wasn't going to put up Austin. It's like a funeral in the BB house with Meg, James, and Jackie feeling that they were all taken for suckers. Jason will need five votes to stay in the house, and he should be working to get the votes. I know that people gave their promise to Becky to not vote her out. However, Becky would not be a really strong ally in the house. Having a floater as an ally, who goes with the whim of the house doesn't get you very far. Things are looking dire now, but there are still a few days until Thursday.

Sunday, July 26, 2015 -- Evening

Show Recap
Jason, Meg, and James as possible volunteers The Sunday show started with Vanessa saying she had to win as soon as Jackie became HOH. It seems on the feeds, she was going to throw it to Jason, but that didn't happen. James made the comment that he thought another guy would go home this week because the women are ruling the game. Liz and Julia change, and Austin talks to Jason in the bathroom about the twins. Jason wonders how Austin telling him about the twins helps Austin. Jason comments that the personalities are totally different. Austin says that he wants to work with both the twins, but that his heart belongs to Liz. Meanwhile before the eviction, Meg and Jason whisper in the bed about the twins, and how Austin doesn't care if Julia goes because he wants to keep Liz around. Then Jason and Meg corner Shelli, and they tell Shelli what Austin has been telling them about the twins. Shelli knows that Jason is telling the truth because Jason knows the name of the twin, so Shelli knows that Austin spilled the beans. Then Shelli tells Vanessa the same story. This all went down before Audrey's eviction, so we see more Shelli running around telling Clay about Austin telling everyone. Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay talk about how they should tell the twins about what Austin has said. Vanessa wonders if they need to cut Austin from the Sixth Sense alliance.

Vanessa talks with Jackie about the nominations, and Jackie mentions putting up Liz and Steve. Jackie makes sense and says that if the other twin comes into the game, the twins and Austin will be a threesome.

Lis and Julia discussion the nomination Time for the HOH room reveal. Boring. Vanessa has to be sure that Austin is the Judas that she suspects he is. Vanessa and Austin talk, and Austin tries to blame Jason for targeting Julia. James comes into the room to say that Vanessa's mom is gorgeous. But they talk some more about Austin working with Vanessa, and when Austin leaves, Vanessa says to the camera that Austin is lying to her. Then Vanessa talks to Julia about Austin wanting to get to jury with Liz. Meanwhile, Julia admits that Liz is not into Austin. Then Vanessa tells Julia everything that Austin told Jason. Julia is pissed that Austin is targeting and claims she won't tell Liz.

After the commercial break, there is more discussion between Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay about Austin lying. Yawn! Jackie then comes into HOH, and says that she wants to target Liz/Austin. Jackie wonders if she should put someone up to throw it. Clay says that he will go up with Becky; they will win the BOB; and Jackie remains HOH and targets Austin. Jackie asks Becky if she would go up with Clay. So Vanessa will put up Clay and Becky. Jackie will put up Liz and someone else. Vanessa and Jackie talk to Jason, Meg, and James about Jackie putting up Liz and then one of them, so Jackie can backdoor Austin. Jason says that he gets the concept but that he would not be into throwing a competition. Jackie says that James put her up so she can put up James.

Lis and James win BOB Vanessa tells Austin that Jackie will be putting Liz up. Vanessa tells Austin that she has to put up either Clay or Shelli. Austin says that Becky and Clay will win. Austin is dumb and doesn't get that he might be the target. Time for nominations. Jackie puts up James and Liz. As Jackie says, she is returning the favor of them putting her on the block. Vanessa puts up Clay and Becky. The story is that she was being fair since Clay hasn't won anything. People congratulate Johhny Mac for not geting nominated. As Johnny Mac says, he may have to watch a competition. Vanessa says that she really likes Julia, and wants the twins to trust her when Austin is gone. Julia tells Liz that Jackie won HOH and put up Liz. Julia refers to Becky and Clay as Team America. Shelli is really upset that Clay is up on the block.

Time for BOB. They are told to study the memory wall, and they see the BB16 folks. Jason makes a funny about the blank wall being like what's in Clay's head. They have to figure out which three BB houseguests from last season at at Outback Steak house. The winning team also gets a special award. They have to throw paint on the wall, and figure out the three from the letters that appear on the wall. Liz wants to make sure to win so she and Julia come into the house next week. James and Lis throw paint at the wall. Clay is throwing paint on the walls while Becky makes guesses at the names. Liz thinks that James is not the sharpest Crayola in the box, and she has to be the brains. James says Lix is one smart cookie and he can't throw the game. James and Liz won by getting the names Hayden, Victoria, and Christine. Austin is the only one excited. James and Liz get dinner from Outback. Liz basically won on her own.

Sunday, July 26, 2015 -- Afternoon

Same Old, Same Old
Clay won the POV late yesterday, and although there was a plan to backdoor Austin, he was able to talk his way out of it. Now, Vanessa and Shelli have mentioned putting up Jackie and getting rid of her. I guess it will be entertaining once the group that have been winning HOH start getting rid of others in their alliance. The veto ceremony should be sometime Monday afternoon.

Friday, July 24, 2015 -- Late Evening

Best Laid Plans
Vanessa's plans to have Clay and Becky win the BOB, leaving Jackie as HOH backfired. Clay and Becky lost the BOB. Now Vanessa is squirming, trying to figure out how she can backdoor Austin.

Friday, July 24, 2015 -- Evening

Jackie and Vanessa decided to scheme together on whom to nominate. Both wanted to backdoor Austin, so Jackie nominated Becky and James, and Vanessa nominated Clay and Liz. The plan is that Clay and Liz would win the BOB. The game is still goin on, but I'm sure we'll hear soon what the results are.

Thursday, July 23, 2015 -- Evening

Expecting the Unexpected
Audrey in hiding I've been waiting all week for today. What will Audrey do during the eviction? We'll all find out just how psycho the psycho can be. Even Julie Chen started the show by asking that very same question.

In fact, as Julie said, they wondered if Audrey would leave the game. Vanessa talked about Audrey not showing up for eviction for the first time in BB history. Shelli commented on how putting Audrey on the block was the best decision for everyone. Johnny Mac made comments about how the person they all expected to blow up didn't show up at the veto meeting. BB did show Audrey camping out and staying in the diary room for hours. They talked about how Audrey was in the diary room for hours. Audrey came out of the diary room an hour before the veto, and they figured out it was five hours. James made an omelet for her, and took it into the Have Not room. I think it was very nice of James to do that. Audrey finally emerged from the Have Not room wrapped in a blanket and a hoodie to go back into the diary room. Obviously Audrey was really have a mental breakdown. Right before the commercial break, we see Audrey in the eviction chairs.

Julie Chen started the conversation by asking Jason about the Whackstreet Boys. Julie tells Jason that the Whackstreet Boys have taken the country by storm. The Backstreet Boy tweeted them. We then has a Whackstreet Boy live performance. Then we got to hear from Audrey's family and friends. Audrey prefers female to transgender, because she's not transitioning any more. Her family wished she had slowed down and not played as hard.

Audrey talks with Julie Chen Audrey got one penalty vote for eating regular food for this week when she was a Have-Not. Time for speeches. Audrey tells people how to find her after the show. Then she said that the people in the house have wanted her out for a while so Merry Fricking Christmas. John just said something stupid. Time for the vote:
Audrey was evicted with 9 votes and 1 penalty vote. They all say bye to Audrey, who goes out to talk with Audrey--after the commercial break.

Audrey thought that it was a spectacle moment when everyone accepted her in the house. Audrey said that everyone voted with the house, and her allies were basically Shelli and Clay, and they outed her. Shelli claims to be her true friend and hopes Audrey grows from this. John said that Audrey was a really nice person, but she just played too hard, and needed to pump the breaks. Jason said some sarcastic comments, and Steve wished her the best.

Jackie and Vanessa are HOH Time for the HOH competition. They had to face off in two and answer questions about the HOH, BOB, or POV. Correct answer wins. Incorrect loses. Winner picks who faces off. Jason went against Steve, and answered BOB and won. Johnny Mac and Austin were next. Austin got BOB, and was right. Johnny Mac is out. Next it was Jackie and Becky. Jackie guessed the HOH, and Becky was out. Liz and Vanessa were next. Vanessa won that one. Jackie and Meg were next.

After the commercial break, Jackie was first to buzz in with veto and won. Jackie picks Austin and James. James hit the buzzer right off the block, and got it right, eliminating Austin. Clay and Vanessa were next. James and Jackie were next. James quickly picked HOH, and he was wrong, so Jackie was the first HOH!!!!! Vanessa and Jason were next. Vanessa got the last question right, and Vanessa is HOH number 2.

Julie brought Britney Haynes back. Britney now has two kids--looks like girls. Britney claims that this is her favorite season. Britney loves Jason because he is so funny, and like Vanessa as a player. As Britney says, everyone loves Johnny Mac. Nothing new, and if Liz makes it past next week, Julia comes in.

Thursday, July 23, 2015 -- Afternoon

BB Recap of Audrey Insanity
John, Jason, and Liz as Whackstreet Boys Although I wasn't able to watch the show yesterday, I saw on Twitter that people weren't excited about the episode. The episode starts after the Battle of the Block. Shelli isn't sure who she wants to send home. Jason hopes to get himself off the block so he doesn't go home broke and back in the basement. Johnny Mac admits that he wasn't trying to be on the block, but that's where he ended up. He hopes his good streak with the veto continues.

Audrey goes and tells James all this information about Shelli and Clay and that Shelli threw Audrey under the bus. James does some game playing by sharing what Audrey told him. James tells Shelli and Clay in the HOH room that Audrey is targeting them in the sense that she doesn't trust Shelli and might want to split up Shelli and Clay.

Clay goes to talk to Audrey, and Audrey has a pity party for herself, exposing her paranoia about how she might go up as a replacement nominee. Audrey is really screwing herself over. Meanwhile Shelli talks with Vanessa in the HOH room. Shelli admits that she put out Audrey's name to Jason, and Audrey is now pissed. Clay went up to Shelli and said that Audrey is crying because she's so paranoid. In DR, Shelli admits that she might have to put Audrey up. As Shelli says, Audrey was pushing away the people that were trying to protect her.

Next up was a whole bit about the Whackstreet Boys, with the losers of the Battle of the Block, Jason, Johnny Mac, and Liz having to dress up in white suits and dance to 90s music at random times during the day. Then it was time to pick for the POV. Shelli picked Vanessa. Johnny Mac picks Meg. Jason gets house guest's choice, and he picks James. James said that he would use the veto on Jason if he wins. Steve is going to be the MC of the game. Jason thinks that the player pick draw is good for him because he can convince the others to take him off.
POV Competition
Meg is in HOH saying that she has no idea of what is going on. Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, and Jason say that Audrey is the target. Shelli says the whole thing is making her sick because Audrey's paranoia is really getting to Shelli. James rings the doorbell to go up into the HOH room, and now everyone who is playing for the veto is in HOH. Audrey then corners James to find out what is going on. Audrey doesn't seem to want James to win the veto and take down Jason.

Later: more crying from Shelli. She cries in bed with Clay. In DR, Shelli says that she admires Audrey, but doesn't want to be the one to send her home. Clay says that when he wins HOH next week (HA), he will send out Audrey.

The POV game is setup like Saved by the Bell. They will be told to pour chemicals in beaker, and have to do it in the right order to win. The last person standing gets the veto. They are then shown chemicals, and have to pour in the third one shown. Everyone gets the first round. Vanessa said that she isn't going to try to remember the color, just the first letter. Then she can spell words. James gets his chemical wrong, and it explodes in his face. Shelli throws the competition and she is eliminated. They are now on round four. Meg is out next. Round five: and both Johnny Mac and Jason are removed. So Vanessa wins the POV.

Audrey in hiding Then there's another episode of the Whackstreet Boys. The three of them seem to put energy into it.

Then there's more of Audrey out in the backyard going on and on about how she has no one who is supporting her, and people are out to get her. Clay tells Audrey that she's paranoid. Audrey is hurt that Clay is saying Audrey doesn't appreciate what Shelli did. Audrey claims that she does not remember saying the things that Clay says. Audrey claims to remember everything differently. Audrey says in DR that Clay is trying to push his opinion on her because he's an asshole. Clay says that he can't believe that Audrey won't admit that she had Clay swear on his life that Shelli won't backdoor him. Audrey comes to the HOH room, and Clay doesn't want to let Audrey in. But Audrey insists that Shelli mediate. Shelli tells Audrey that for three weeks Audrey has been safe, why does Audrey question them now. Shelli is offended that Audrey says that no one has supported her. Clay leaves. Then Audrey calls Vanessa an amazing manipulator--look at what happened with Jeff.

Then we see Audrey wrapping herself up. The veto meeting starts, and Audrey refuses to attend. Vanessa uses the POV on Jason, and Shelli nominates Audrey. Johnny Mac says that he doesn't have to do anything because Audrey will go out. Jason says he feels bad for Audrey because she's not taking the nomination well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 -- Evening

Audrey acting like a crazy person
Again Missing the Show
I'll be missing the show again tonight. There has been tons of drama on the live feeds that I haven't been able to comment on, but Audrey has basically gone around the deep end. She got called out on her scheming by Shelli, Clay , and Vanessa. Then Audrey tried to out the alliance to the rest of the house, and that went nowhere. The POV ceremony was held up for several hours while Audrey camped out in the DR. Then she didn't attend the veto ceremony, which didn't stop Shelli from putting her on the block. Meanwhile, Audrey has been acting like someone having a mental breakdown, and I'm sure that after she leaves the BB house, she'll have to go to a mental health facility. And she will have that opportunity tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2015 -- Evening

BB Recap

There has been tons of action in the BB house this afternoon with a huge blow up between Shelli, Clay, Vanesa, and Audrey, and it looks like Audrey will be the replacement nomination. This should result in lots of action in the house, and it's a good reason to get the live feeds.

Jason, Meg, Audrey, and Shelli perform a musical The show started with the action after the HOH competition. Liz is excited because she is close to playing with her twin. Audrey said it's a wonderful comeback for her because whatever she has done is working, and Audrey feels safe this week. Jackie is hoping that losing Jeff won't make her a target. Liz is very excited at winning, and she gets a hug from Austin. Austin wants to talk to Liz about the votes, and wonders who the shady votes are. Austin thinks it's Audrey who voted for James. Liz admits that she had a connection with Jeff and not James, and that she is keeping her vote a secret.

We see video of Steve talking to himself and us about how people are talking about him throwing the HOH. Meanwhile Jason and Audrey are talking, and Jason says that he's sure he is going up because of the twin thing. Audrey is a mushroom, in the dark, and has no clue what he is talking about. HOH room reveal, and LIz is going to keep a close eye on Jason and Johnny Mac because they are in for the twin. Meanwhile, Johnny Mac is trying to look at the pics to figure out the cap. Then Shelli gets a really stupid letter from her dog. Puke!! Jason says that the dog's letter is probably more intelligently composed than Clay can write. Liz gets a letter from her mom telling her not to cry because Liz is an ugly crier. Johnny Mac thinks there's not a lot of emotion with the letter and that it supports the twin theory.

Then we see a musical put on by Jason, Audrey, Shelli, and Meg. And back to the HOH room, and talk about the nominations between Shelli, Liz, Clay, and Austin. They think James and Jason are the big targets for the week. Liz mentions Audrey, and Austin says that Audrey is a target for the other side of the house. They then talk about the hinky vote.

Liz and Shelli as HOH at the BOB Jackie and Austin talk, and Jackie claims she put her life on hold. Jackie wants to make sure that Austin knows that although Austin didn't get along with Jeff, he doesn't need to worry about her. Austin says he's on Jackie's side, although she may be a pawn. Austin thinks he can get something alliance-wise with Jackie. Jackie is confused and sees the talk about pawns as a threat. Shelli says that Jackie is okay with her. Jackie tells Shelli about Austin and let's Shelli know that Austin said that Jackie might be a pawn. This worries Shelli. Vanessa and Shelli go to talk in the second HOH room. Shelli tells Vanessa that Austin warned Jackie. Shelli wants to be careful with conversations in front of Austin because Shelli doesn't trust him. Shelli is concerned because she is afraid if Liz is sole HOH that Austin will be in charge.

There is a lot of talk about who to put up in the HOH house, and there is talk of putting up Johnny Mac. As Johnny Mac leaves to talk to Clay, James says to Jason that they should know Johnny Mac is not the target. Clay says that he feels bad about putting Johnny Mac up, and in DR, Johnny Mac says "don't put me up if you feel bad." Johnny Mac is getting tired of this game of putting him up and having him throw the competition.

Shelli talks to Audrey about who is throwing Shelli's name out. Audrey claims that it is Jason because Audrey thinks Jason is a threat to her game and she wants Jason out. Jason expects to be nominated, and Jackie is nervous too. Time for the nominations. Liz nominates James and Jackie. Shelli nominates Jason and Johnny Mac. Jason feels so angry because there is no proof that he would go for Shelli and Clay. James says that he is not someone to be played with, and he'll be back after them.

Battle Smashing Pumpkins Liz claims that Jackie was fishing for answers, which really didn't seem the case. Liz told Jackie that she was safe, but made it seem like it was Jackie. Then Jason talks to Shelli, and he's really pissed that Audrey went to Shelli and lied about Jason going after him. Shelli tells Jason to dethrone her because she doesn't want him to go home.

Liz is called to the diary room, and Austin hugs her good bye. The twins make the switch, and Liz shows Julia the key. Julia is okay with Liz voting for Jeff because she knows LIz liked him. Liz says she is flirting with Austin to keep him as an ally, not because she likes him. Jason and Meg talk about the Battle of the Block, and Jason feels that Johnny Mac may be throwing the competition, even if it's not good for his game.

Audrey is concerned that Jason is fuming because Audrey had something to do with it. Shelli talks to Audrey, and Audrey says that she didn't say Jason was targeting Shelli, that it was Shelli and Clay who were saying that. Shelli reminds Audrey that Audrey told her that Jason was after her.

Time for the Battle of the Block. The setup is like a grunge band setup. They have an Alice tied up in Chains, and they have to remove the 4 locks, and get Alice to Nirvana. There are 4 keys that they have to find in areas named after 90s rock bands. Jason wants to win the BOB. Johnny Mac wants to take control back and win it. Johnny Mac and Jason had a three key to one lead. They had to break open the pumpkins and that slowed them down. James and Jackie caught up with Jason and Johnny Mac. It's a real battle to find the key, and Jackie and James find the key, and Jason and Johnny Mac are right behind them. James and Jackie won. Shelli is feeling good about remaining HOH. Jason, Johnny Mac, and Liz had to dance around whenever they are called to do so (as some sort of stupid punishment). POV in the next episode.

Sunday, July 19, 2015 -- Morning

Audrey on the Block?
Shelli and Liz collaborated on their nominations, and Liz put up James and Jackie, while Shelli put up Jason and Johnny Mac. Jason was the target, and again, the team with Johnny Mac on it lost the Battle of the Block. However, Audrey was spilling the beans again, and letting out information. That got Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa angry, especially Vanessa who was worried about Audrey letting out more about Vanessa's deals. So as of now, since Vanessa won the POV, she may take Jason off, and Shelli may finally nominate Audrey. We'll have to see if that happens.

Thursday, July 16, 2015 -- Evening

Eviction Night
Austin and Liz date night Tonight's show started with right after the POV ceremony. Vanessa is sure that she made the right choice. Audrey tried to seem sympathetic, but she's happy. Jeff says that he won't go down without a fight. Jason is super-annoyed that Audrey isn't on the block. James and Jeff both hate to be competing against each other. James said that he doesn't care about what happens because he has plenty of hot girls outside waiting for him. Jackie made an appearance about how Jeff being targeted is bad for her game. I didn't know she had one. Jeff doesn't realize that Austin wants him out because Austin thinks that Jeff is competing for Liz's affections. Jeff tells Austin that he will fight for Austin, but Austin is against Jeff. Jason asks Clay about the vote. Jason says that he trusts James more, and Clay says that Jeff lies. Meg would like to get James out because he's more likable, might be harder to get out later. James has won things before. Jeff talks to Clay, and Jeff admits that he is threatened by the fact that Clay and Shelli are working together. In DR, Clay says that he's unsure right now. Jeff then talks to Shelli to see if she has it in her heart to keep him in the game. Jeff cries crocodile tears to Shelli saying he got caught up in the game, and he went too far. "Boo-hoo! I messed up!" Shelli doesn't want to send him home, and calls him sweetie and hugs him. Then Jeff goes to talk to Jackie. Jeff tells Jackie that Shelli is emotional, and he had to act up the emotions for Shelli.

Liz and Jeff are busted by Austin Twin twist: the twins aren't voting for Jeff. Austin thinks he has a great relationship with both, but really likes Liz, and even showed date night. Then Liz was joking about loving Steve. Liz's mom told her that girls and guys can't be friends, especially girls like Liz. Then Jeff, who still isn't really sure about the twins, is really trying to get Liz's vote. Liz thinks that she can control Jeff, even though Julia says to stay away from Jeff. Then Jeff confronts Liz about the twin twist, but Liz denies it. Jeff and Liz go under the covers when Austin shows up. Austin gets pissed, and Austin is really upset that Jeff and Liz were under the covers. Austin wants to know what is going on, and talks about it with Audrey and Vanesa. When Austin asks Liz about it, Liz says that Jeff was under the covers asking about the twin thing. Liz thinks she has control over the situation, and she things Jeff can be used to her advantage, and she doesn't like Austin trying to control her.

Time for the eviction vote. James says he's sorry they are on the block together, and that he loves everyone. He asks everyone to vote to keep him. Jeff says he didn't see it coming. He says it's been a blast, and to vote for whoever gets them the farthest. The votes:
Liz and Shelli are HOH By a vote of 7 to 4, Jeff is evicted. Jeff whispers to Jackie before he goes about winning it. Julie Chen calls Jackie out as a floater who has done nothing in the house. Julie Chen asked if Jackie thought she was on Amazing Race pit stop. Jeff talks about the Liz liking and said Austin was creepy. Jeff guessed that Jackie and Johnny Mac voted for him, but did not guess Steve or Liz. Austin said that he was Judas against Jeff. Then the twins come on, and said something about voting him out, although Liz voted out James.

Time for the HOH competition. It's a question competition where the houseguests answer true or false after watching 90s dance moves. First question was about the number of dancers. James, Jason, Steve, and Clay are out with the first question. Meg and Austin are out with the second question. Liz and Shelli were the only two to get it right and they are the new HOHs.

Liz is looking forward to a letter from her dad, and Shelli wants more pics of family. Jason is asked about the stupid Gronk parties. He hated the one where he fell on the shower door. Johnny Mac is missing his guitar. Audrey says James is the messiest. Then we learn that the 90s will continue in the house.

Thursday, July 16, 2015 -- Afternoon

BB Recap of Party Central
The show started with the aftermath of the BOB competition. Austin tells Vanessa in the HOH room that Jeff thinks he and Austin are best bros. Vanessa is afraid that one of the James or Jeff duo will survive and come after Vanessa. Johnny Mac goes to Vanessa to find out if things are okay. Johnny Mac says that it's like Groundhog's Day where the same thing happens over and over: BOB and POV. James and Johnny Mac then talk about the BOB competition, and James admits that he was pretty bad. James thinks things are still okay, and he says he wasn't worried, but changed it to he won't worry once Audrey is up on the block. Meanwhile, Clay goes to talk to Vanessa, and she asks if Jeff or James are onto the plot. Clay asks which is supposed to go home. Vanessa says Jeff and then switches to James, and the Jeff talk sort of gets Clay thinking. Vanessa wants to keep the nominations the same because she doesn't want to get blood on her hands.

Twin twist. Liz and Julia talk, and Lis tells Julia that Julia has to be bubbly. Julia says that she can't add like Liz. Liz also tells Julia to cover her teeth.

Audrey goes up to talk to Vanessa and Austin, and they both reassure Audrey that she is safe for this week. Vanessa says that Audrey is her friend, and Austin says in DR that Audrey is a bigger target than him so he wants to keep her around.

Jeff goes up to the HOH and asks if Austin is sleeping up there. Austin says yes, but that Vanessa is doing her own thing to supposedly get Audrey out. Jeff says he loves Clay but Shelli is a problem. Austin says that Jeff is running his mouth not knowing where people's loyalty lie, because Jeff bad-mouths Shelli.

POV Competition Time to select for the POV competition. Vanessa picks Shelli. Johnny Mac gets house guest's choice, and he chooses Austin. James is hoping to not pick Audrey, and then he does. Jason is mortified because of course Audrey gets chosen. Vanessa says that Audrey does not realize that going to talk to Vanessa is a problem because it could get people talking. Vanessa and Shelli tell Audrey that if Audrey wins to keep the nominations the same. The POV competition is one of those two people challenge competition. It's the dice competition, where a number is spun on a wheel. The house guest has to get off the platform in the huge die, and then get back with the number on the top. Vanessa is first and challenges Audrey. Vanessa tries to make it look really hard and throws it to Audrey, who wins. John is next, and he challenges Audrey. He still thinks Audrey is the backdoor pick. John had to learn visual perception as a dentist, and he won his round. James challenges Austin. Both of them seem to have problems with this one. Austin wins. James isn't very good at competitions lately. Clay wants James out. Shelli is next and challenges Austin. Shelli can barely move the die, and Austin wins. It's down to Austin and Johnny Mac. Austin doesn't want to win, and Johnny Mac just beats him. In the DR, Johnny Mac yells with the Veto.

Johnny Mac says in DR that he is tired of being a pawn. James says to Johnny Mac that he did not want to be on the block with him. Vanessa then accuses Austin of throwing the competition to Johnny Mac. Vanessa is really pissed because she she doesn't want to put up someone else. Vanessa cries like a baby because she threw the competition to Audrey. It's really intense, and I think if I were Austin, I would have beaten Vanessa with a pillow. Austin says that he doesn't like people calling him a liar, and Vanessa says that she doesn't like people not doing what she wants them to do. I'm rolling my eyes at the insanity that is Vanessa.

Some stupid Gronk party clips. Basically, when Gronk tells them they have to do something, they all have to go and do whatever Gronk says or they will be a have not. It's really stupid and has no impact on the game. I won't waste space on it, but I did get good pics.

Gronk shower party Jason was in HOH with Vanessa, when Jeff goes up to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa says it's hard because she wants to do what is right, and that Vanessa is a champion for causes like Audrey's. Jeff tells her that Audrey has been doing things that put a target on her back. Jeff thinks it's mind boggling that Vanessa wants to get rid of James. Jeff goes down to Clay and Jason that Audrey won't go up. As Jeff says, this is exhibit A where Audrey has brainwashed another person. Jeff also tells James, and then Jeff asks Austin when Vanessa's plan shifted from Audrey to James. Jason tells Jeff that Austin was lying. Jason says in DR that Austin's eyes showed the lie and that Austin is in league with Vanessa. Jeff and Clay whisper that Austin is in with Vanessa, and Austin goes up to convince Vanessa that Jeff is against him. Audrey is there, and tells Austin to call out Jeff. Austin goes down to Jeff, and asks if Jeff is throwing him under the bus. Jeff asks why he would throw Austin under the bus. Jeff tries to say he is annoyed that everyone is talking about him. Jeff denies says that Austin is a target for him. Vanessa says that Jeff said he couldn't work with Shelli and Clay. Vanessa wanted to have an excuse to put up Jeff, and the argument gave it to her.

Time for another Takeover, and the houseguests learn that if they won a competition, they can go on the Gronk Park cruise. Meg, Jason, Austin, Vanessa, and Johnny Mac get to chug a drink from a cup. Austin has nothing. Jason also has nothing, but Meg won the cruise. Yawn!

Time for the POV ceremony. In the middle of the ceremony, there's another call to party, and the houseguests make a lame, sorry attempt at it. Vanessa puts up Jeff claiming that he lied to a roomful of people at her expense. Jeff says that this came out of complete left field, and Jeff says that Vanessa thinks she is doing a good strategic move, but it's just a lame attempt to placate Audrey.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 -- Evening

Missing Show Again
I won't be able to catch the BB show this evening. I'll try to catch up tomorrow before the eviction show. I would imagine that we will see more Liz/Julia action and, of course, the POV and Jeff going up in winner Johnny Mac's place.

Monday, July 13, 2015 -- Evening

James and Jeff
Johnny Mac took himself off the block this afternoon with the POV. Natalie put up Jeff, and so the campaigning begins. It seems that Jeff will leave, but there are still a few days for campaigning.

Monday, July 13, 2015 -- Afternoon

Shirtless Austin
BB Recap
I finally got a chance to watch yesterday’s episode of Big Brother. Although I knew all the action, I wanted to see how CBS presented the things that went down. The show started after the HOH, with Austiin claiming that he was going to be Judas, and suggesting that Audrey may not be the target. Meanwhile Audrey admits that she has not been getting along with Vanessa. Up in the HOH room, in the dark, Vanessa is freaking out because of the twin twist. Julia is in bed with her, and admits that she is switching with her twin Liz. Julia admits that only Day and Vanessa have said anything about the twin twist with her. Julia feels a huge weight off her chest by admiting to Vanessa that she is not Liz. Vanessa wants to pull other people in to protect Liz, and she tells Shelli and Clay. Vanessa wants to protect Liz. Julia told Vanessa about both coming in after five weeks. They are all happy because they think it will add to their numbers. Julia tells Shelli and Clay that it is five evictions, not five weeks. They tell Julia not be alone with James, Jason, or Audrey. Shelli is excited because the twins are in the same sorority. When Vanessa tells Austin, the guy who has been macking on Liz, he is shocked, and admits in DR that he is an idiot. He is the only one who did not know because everyone was talking about it--except maybe Audrey, who is also in the dark. Austin found out before the eviction, and he went up to the HOH room with Clay and Shelli and admits that he is shocked. So the six person alliance is Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli. Julia is excited that Austin and Vanessa won HOH, because they should be secure now.

Meg thinks it will be an easy week in the BB house because everyone is out to get Audrey. Jason realizes that he has not spoken any game to either Austin or Vanessa. Meg is clueless because she does not realize what is going on. Jeff did not realize that there were two HOHs and did not know who was the HOH. Julia tells Clay that at least she feels safe. Julia and Liz hug, and then for the first time, Julia talks about the twins with Austin. Austin says that he wants to protect Liz to keep her safe. James and Jeff talk about pawns because they will have to backdoor Audrey. James says that he knows it won't be Liz or Vanessa, so he thinks that either he or Jeff will be the pawn. James does admit that he is shaking in his boots. Austin seems to spend a lot of time without a shirt. Austin realizes that if Audrey goes out the door, he might be the next target. Vanessa thinks that Jeff is the best person to take out because, as Vanessa says, Jeff can sell ice to an eskimo. The two talk about nominations, and Austin thinks it's great to be HOH with Vanessa because they are on the same page.

Maze setup for the Battle of the Block Time to see the HOH room. Vanessa shows off her girlfiriend and dog. Austin has baby pictures of himself and pics of his dad and brother. Clay says that Austin is the man for him because he has many tastes. Austin has a Clay Akin CD, and Clay loves that. Then we get to see another twin exchange, where Julia tells Liz that she has told people about it, such as Vanessa, Austin, Clay, and Shelli. Julia tells LIz to stay away from James and Jeff. Liz goes to the HOH room and tells her two besties, Vanessa and Austin that she is Liz. Clay comes in to see Liz, and Clay and Vanessa says that Liz has a group. These people are stupid because they don't realize that a pair is never good to keep. Liz is told that she is not as skinny as Julia, so she has to stop eating gummy bears. Then Shelli comes in and acts stupid. I am getting tired of the Liz love fest. There's no way you want twins to come in because they are sure votes for each other. Shelli thinks that it's a two for one deal.

We saw Clay and Steve break the hammock. Then James, Jackie, John, and Jeff talk about the twins, and John says that he saw that number 9 tooth on one of them is a crown. He says you can tell because of the color of the tooth. Johnny Mac can tell which is which from the crown. They go to the HOH room, and Johnny Mac is trying to pretend to take pics. He tries to get Liz to smile, but she won't smile. As Johnny Mac says, Liz is either really bad at this game or really good. Liz calls out Jeff and says that he is acting like something is up. Jeff then goes to ask Austin about Liz and the twin twist. Jeff thinks that he is giving Austin a tidbit that no on else has given him. Then Jeff stupidly tells Austin that Johnny Mac can tell the difference with the crown in the mouth. Austin realizes that he has to get rid of Jeff. Austin and Vanessa talk about trying to backdoor either James or Jeff. Vanessa says to put up one of them on her side with a pawn who will throw it. Vanessa tells Austin to put up Meg, and she is going to put up Johnny Mac. They call up Johnny Mac and offer him protection. Vanessa and Austin promise Johnny Mac to keep him into jury, and to not use him as a pawn. Johnny Mac says when HOH asks, or rather tells, you to do something, you just do it.

Austin reveals his nominations. First is Meg, then Jason. Austin says it's because Meg was called out last week, and there is a bigger design. Vanessa nominates James and Johnny Mac. Vanessa says that James displayed extreme maturity in his HOH, and he knows it is a game. Johnny Mac is asked to do as he usually does: blow away the compeitition. Jason is pissed, and Johhny Mac is upset because James had the first position. Audrey hopes that she doesn't get backdoored. Audrey is clueless. James thinks that Austin and Vanessa will stick to plan, but Meg is really pissed, and James tells her that she will be okay. Then Jason says that it will be okay. Then Austin tries to hug Jason, but Jason doesn't go for it. Austin tells Jason and Meg that Audrey is still the backdoor plan. Jason says that he and Meg are the two weakest, girly types, but they are against manly men. Meg says that would be good at putting on a play or making a fratata, but not competing. Jason says he doesn't trust anyone with a penis. James tells Johnny Mac that they have to put it out. Johnny Mac says in DR that he's going to do all he can to make sure they completely screw things up.

Jason and Meg win Battle of the Block Battle of the Block has a foam party. There are models in the foam, and the house guests have to match up clothes from the bin with the model. Then they, individually, have to lead out the model, through a maze, and the first team with 10 models wins. Since they have to do it as individuals, James has to run in, but he can barely see in the foam. Jason can't see or breathe in the foam. He runs straight into a wall. Each team has one model/partier. Johnny Mac is moving really slow and choking on the foam. Johnny Mac finally gets his person out, and his team is in the lead. He realizes he has to put on the brakes. Meg is having problems finding something to match. James says the only patterns he knows are camo. Meg finds something that matches a guy with a murse. James is really having an issue, and as he says, he is like a deer in the headlights. Jason and Meg are really communicating well. Jason says he is used to pulling boys in the club. Jason and Meg have four people to two. Johnny Mac wonders if James is trying to throw the comp. James gets six nos from girls, and as he says, that's the most nos from girls he has gottten. JohnnY Mac is happy because James looks like he's throwing it for Johnny Mac. Jason and Meg are killing it. They just need one more partier. It's down to Meg, looking for a striped patterned purse. She finds it and gets the girl. Jason and Meg win. Vanessa remains HOH and thinks it's a good spot for her to be in. Austin gets sprayed with foam. James hopes that Audrey is still the target. Johnny Mac says that he is good at doing other people's dirty work, and next time he may be coming for them.

Sunday, July 12, 2015 -- Early Evening

I won't be able to watch the BB show tonight, but I will be watching it tomorrow, and will update then. I already know from the live feeds what is going on. Austin nominated Jason and Meg for the block, while Vanessa nominated James and John. It seems that James and Jeff are her targets, but she has been claiming to others that she will put up Audrey with a backdoor. Well, Jason and Meg won the Battle of the Block, and then Johnny Mac won the POV AGAIN, so Vanessa is trying to turn the house against Jeff, her replacement nomination. As Day told Julie Chen when Day left the house, the people inside don't want to be the one who put up the transgender person. There have also been several lame Gronk parties, including an all-nighter. Nothing seems to really have an affect on the game.

Friday, July 10, 2015 -- Evening

Same Old, Same Old
Well, the usual suspects are on the block again. Austin put up Jason and Meg while Vanessa put up James and John. The plan, supposedly, is for Vanessa to remain as HOH. The plan is to get rid of James, or if he wins POV to put up Jeff. Meanwhile, as Day predicted, everyone is afraid to be the one to put up the transgender person, so Audrey edges closer to the end.

Thursday, July 9, 2015 -- Evening

House guests with the photo booth
Eviction Night
Tonight was eviction night. Audrey seemed to be supporting Day last night on the live feeds, but there doesn't seem to be much chance that Day will stay. The show started with post POV action. Day called everyone in the house a coward in the DR. Day realizes that no one will vote against Meg. Audrey can't believe that she wasn't nominated this week. Jason is praying for a glimmer of hope, but honestly, he feels like his soul is crushed. Shelli cries crocodile tears because she is sending Day home. Boo-hoo! Meg hopes the twist saves both of them. Day hopes there is a way for the vote to save both, but if Meg goes, bye-bye! The house guests come into the house with a big red phone booth in the house. there will be 15 tips, but they learn that the house guest who gets the lucky call gets to eliminate three votes. Day hopes that this will keep her in the game. Jason got the first call. Clay was saying that he wants seven because that's his lucky number. So Day grabbed the seventh call. Day got the power of the last laugh. She walked out like nothing had happened. Day was losing her mind because she got the lucky call. Day tells Jason that she won the last laugh. Day realizes that she only needs four votes. Day asks Vanessa for her vote. Then she asked Johnny Mac for his vote. Then Day talked to Audrey. As Audrey says, if Day goes that makes Audrey public enemy number one. Day and Audrey shake on it. Shelli tells Clay that he should be okay with Day getting the seventh vote because she is going home, but Clay tells Shelli that Day has been bouncing around. Clay thinks Day won the prize, and that she will stay.

Next up is the Liz and Julia switch. Day says to Jason that it's obvious that there are a pair of twins in the house and that it's Liz. Day noticed that the friendly twin is fatter. That's Liz. Julia is the non-friendly one. Jason agrees that Liz/Julia is always wearing hats and glasses. Jason tells everyone. Jason really broke down the differences. Day and Jason insist to Jeff and James that there are two of them. They talk about how Liz ia always using the same color fingernail polish. Day is trying it figure out how she will use it to her advantage. Day tells Liz to remain calm. Day tells Liz that everyone is saying that Liz is a twin. Julia is the twin in the house, and she can't believe that she and Liz have been outed. Day thinks she has Liz/Julia.

Julie Chen is going to announce the three names who can't vote. They are Becky, Jeff, and Jackie. That's a strange selection. They have to go into the dining room and not participate. Day says that there are strong people and cowards, and that cowards are running the house. Day says she is strong, and will fight for them, or they can keep Meg and have Meg be the beautiful pawn next to them. Meg umed, and said that she would work on her knock-knock jokes. The vote:
Day with Julie With a vote of 7-2, Day is out. Day seemed to know it would be her when the number was mentioned. Jason and Meg gave Day huge hugs. Day came out with a huge smile on her face. Day was crying with Julie. Julie confirmed to Day that Liz was switching out with Julia. Julie asked Day if it was a bad idea to let the others know that Liz was a twin. Day thought that she could scare Liz, but no realizes that she should have gone to Liz first. Day says that the house guests are afraid to nominate the first transgender. As Day says, Audrey will fly to five hundred thousand dollars. Day said that she would have done it exactly the same because that's how she is. Clay claims Day was his girl on day one, and that he has love for her. Audrey makes a snark comment and Day says bye! Jason said that he is going to play the game for day. Julie told Day about Audrey giving her a vote, and Day gave Audrey credit.

Gronk Pong Game It's time for a takeover with Rob Gronkowski. It's Gronk's party week, so there will be no have nots this week. Time for the HOH competition out in the backyard, but after the commercial break.

The house guests have to play a huge game of beer pong, called Gronk pong. The blue cups have the highest numbers, It is doesn't go into a barrel, there are no points. Liz is first, and she gets a 23. Jackie is next, and she gets 0. Jackie is a loser and a waste of space. John is next, and he misses a barrel and gets 0. James also gets a 23. Audrey is next and gets 17. Clay gets a 6. Jeff gets a 14. Becky gets a 0. Austin gets a 28, and he takes the lead. Jason misses the barrels and gets a 0. Meg gets a 1. Steve's ball bounced off a barrel and got 0. Vanessa is last, and she gets a 23. There's a three way tie, and the each get one shot. Liz goes first and get 22. James gets a 35. Vanessa gets 52. Austin and Vanessa are the two HOHs. The question now is who will they nominate?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 -- Evening

House guests practice for next HOH
Twins Outed
Day figured out the twin twist. She noticed that Liz didn't always look like herself or remember things that happened. Unfortunately, Day told Jason, who quickly spread the rumor through the house. Day went to Liz/Julia, and let her know that she knew about the switch, and she managed to get Liz/Julia's vote. However, even with Day getting the seventh phone call, and being able to eliminate three votes, Day probably won't have enough votes to stay. Johnny Mac used the veto on himself, and Shelli put up Meg, who has too many votes on her side to get voted out.

Meanwhile, the most recent update in the BB house is that they got a setup in the backyard to practice for the upcoming HOH. It's probably going to be a competition where the top two contestants get to be HOH. The setup is a teetertotter, where the house guest puts the ball on the high end. Then as the ball slides down, the house guest pushes on the high end to make the ball shoot off the end and into a colored barrel. We'll have to see how close this is the final competition tomorrow.

Tonight's show started with the post BOB action. Becky went upstairs thinking it wasn't that bad. She just wanted HOH to form new relationships, and then have Shelli do Becky's dirty work of getting Audrey out of the house. Meanwhile Day was alone in the bathroom saying that she had to get it together. She figured out that Johnny Mac threw the competition. Day is also upset that the house is working as a unit to get rid of her. Johnny Mac tells Shelli and Clay that he didn't even do anything because Day's strategy was so bad. Clay tells Johnny Mac that he won't be an expendable pawn. They tell Johnny Mac that they are really excited. then Shelli and Clay go to bed in the HOH room and make out. Jason felt good to be safe, but he was still worried about Day. James tells Jason that Day might be the one who gets out. Audrey is filmed trying to listen through the walls. James thinks that Shelli is going to do what the house wants and backdoor Audrey. James did not think Shelli would send Day home over Audrey. Yes, she would. The twins twisted.

Lis and Julia switch, and Julia is complaining about the smell of the mess in the kitchen. Time to pick players for veto. Shelli picked Houseguest Choice, and obviously, she picked Clay. That pair really annoys me. Jason calls them Hercules and the Princess. Johnny Mac picks Meg. Day picks Steve, even though she really wanted to pick Jason. Jackie is going to be the host of the competition. After, Audrey talks to Clay. Audrey tells Clay that she will always work with Shelli and Clay. Clay says that he's out to get rid of Day. Audrey says in DR that she will do whatever it takes, and calls him Thunderbuns. Day tells James that the house has flipped, and that she is going out. Day realizes that no one will take her out. Day realizes that she is going out because she outed Audrey and her games. Day has to win the POV, and unfortunately, she doesn't.

Time for POV competition, and Becky still thinks Audrey is going to be backdoored. They will be shown a picture of an assistant, and then shown it a second time with something missing. They compete in rounds with two people, and the first to come out the room with the stuff with the missing piece wins the round. Shelli quickly ran and got the pool, but Kathy Griffin's pic has it. Day is picking up random pieces, but Johnny Mac gets the unicycle and wins the round. Then John picks Steve who picks Clay to compete against him. The game is really lame. Clay realizes that the rubber duck is missing, and makes a mess of the room to bring back the rubber duck. Steve didn't want to win and get attention on himself. Clay picks Meg who picks Shelli. Meg thinks that Shelli should beat her because Shelli is an interior designer and should have attention to detail. Shelli is first to ring in with the wrong piece, and Shelli is eliminated. Meg is annoyed at Shelli's stupidity. Meg picks Johnny Mac who picks Meg. Johnny Mac got it while Meg hadn't even moved. Day wants Johnny Mac to win and take himself off so Audrey goes up. So now it down to Johnny Mac and Clay. Johnny Mac instantly sees the giraffe is missing, and he gets it before Clay even moves. Day hopes that Shelli puts Audrey up against her. Shelli doesn't want to put up a replacement. Shelli and Clay are annoying idiots.

Clay and Shelli are in the HOH room, and Clay wants Day out because he tells Shelli it is better for Shelli's game because Day and Jason can rally the troops. Clay says they need to get everyone together to keep Johnny Mac, and Johnny Mac not use the veto. Shelli is worried about Becky, and calls her up to tell Becky that Shelli wants Day out. Becky says that she does't like Audrey because Audrey has been making up stories about people. Clay doesn't like Day because Day stood up to him when Clay was acting like an ass to Day. Becky says that she has to trust Shelli. Shelli tells James and Jason that she can't lay down and die. James says that if they don't put Audrey up, the will know what time it is. Vanessa also doesn't want to go on the block, and doesn't want anyone else that is her ally to be up. Shelli keeps on talking about Johnny Mac not using the veto. Shelli and Clay are really stupid asses to think Johnny Mac won't use the veto. Johnny Mac comes in to the HOH room jumping around. Shelli then asks Johnny Mac not to use the POV. BB plays idiot music to show how truly stupid Clay and Shelli are. Johnny Mac looks at them like the idiots they are. Johnny Mac is like in DR saying no, I'm not staying on the block for you. Johnny Mac said that line may work on the ladies in the bar in Texas, but not on him. Austin goes up to HOH, and Shelli asks for Liz. Shelli realizes that she has to come up with a pawn--because Johnny Mac refused to come up with a replacement. Shelli talks to Liz and Austin, and tells Liz that she wants to put up Liz. Liz tells Shelli that Liz doesn't have the votes. Liz/Julia is freaking out. Liz agrees to take one for the team, but then Liz cries to Becky about going up. Austin comes in, and Becky tells Liz/Julia to keep calm. Austin says that Day is not a straight shooter. Austin says that he has to make sure that Liz doesn't go on the block. Becky tells Liz to keep this super quiet. Liz says that she's thinking of Julia, and that she has to work her way out of the mess.

It's nighttime in the BB house, and Jeff goes into bed with Meg, with Jason and James too. Austin comes up with an idea about Meg goes up. Austin says something to Vanessa, and says that Meg and the guys were talking about flipping the house to save Day and get rid of Liz. Vanessa tells Shelli what Austin said. Clay comes into HOH with Austin. Austin said that he thinks Day is trying to setup people against Shelli and Clay. Austin said that he couldn't hear through the way, but that he's afraid that people may be trying to go against Shelli, As Shelli says, if she puts up sweet Meg, who is one of theirs, then they won't get rid of Meg. Clay tells Audrey that she brought some of the things on herself. Clay says he trusts Shelli. Audrey tries to put words in Clay's mouth, and Clay said he's not telling her anything, and Audrey says that she feels that Clay is being condescending. Clay tells Audrey the whole house wants her out. As C;ay says, if it wasn't for him and Shelli, Audrey would be out this week. Clay does tells Shelli that he doesn't trust Audrey. So even though Clay doesn't trust Audrey, he is targeting Day.

Time for the POV ceremony. Audrey has been reassured several times she won't go up, but she doesn't know if she believe it. Shelli is too worried about getting rid of the transgender person, so no Audrey. Johnny Mac takes himself off, and Meg goes up. Meg knew that she might go up as a pawn. Meg thinks it's sucks that she is up so Day has no fighting chance. As Becky says, no one will vote out sweet Meg. As Day says, everyone loves Meg, but she is going to fight till the wheels come off the truck.

Sunday, July 5, 2015 -- Evening

Day and Shelli hug, but Day is screwed
Nominations and Battle of the Block
Day is working in the house to try to get Shelli to put up Audrey, but it won't happen. Shelli is afraid of putting up the first transgender, and she also claims to have loyalty to Audrey. Day hugged Shelli after talking to her, but it's over for Day.

Tonight's BB show started with the post HOH competition. Shelli is really excited because HOH means a whole lot. Becky hopes to make the most out of the game with Shelli. Clay is stoked that Shelli is HOH because Clay knows that Shelli will do whatever he wants. Day admits that she is not happy about Becky and Shelli winning because she doesn't trust them. Vanessa is feeling happy, and she thinks Audrey is the big target. The reason Vanessa doesn't like Audrey is because Audrey tried to claim that Vanessa was behind everything. Audrey says that Vanessa, Becky, LIz, and Jackie are together. Vanessa was really upset because it's not even true. Vanessa goes to Audrey and Day and says that Day told Audrey that there was an all girls alliance. Day says that Audrey is the person who started the all girls alliance rumor, and is blaming it on Day. Audrey claims that she felt in a horrible position if people started collecting the dots. Day calls a house meeting and outs Audrey. Vanessa says that everyone is pathological and lying. Jason says that Audrey is over playing the game and she got caught. Day starts calling out how Audrey started all the rumors. Audrey denies that she said the things that everyone knows she said. Vanessa said that she hated everyone targeting Audrey. Audrey says in the DR that everything could have been worse, but her strategy is to lay low and play dead. Day knows that either Shelli or Becky will put her up. As Day says, Audrey's relationship with Shelli is shaky, but not broken.

Time to see the HOH rooms. Day admits that she doesn't want to see them. Shelli reads her letter, and everyone awws. Day pretends to be happy, but inside as she says, she is yelling "help me." Shelli and Becky talk. Becky says that everyone hates Audrey. Shelli says that she doesn't know, and tries to turn it on the Becky's decisions. Shelli agrees with Becky that Audrey should be the backdoor option. Becky says that they should choose who is best for both of them. Becky talks to Jason, and Jason says he's okay with going up since he put her up. Becky tells Jason the target is Audrey. She says the same thing to Austin. Then she says the same thing to James that Audrey needs to go. Becky also tells Johnny Mac that she isn't sure about the pawns. Then Becky tells Steve that the backdoor is Audrey, and tells Steve not to repeat it. Then Clay goes and talks to Jeff, and says that you can't trust Audrey because you aren't sure who will go up. Clay says that he can't trust Day, and he wants her out. Meg comes into the storage room. Audrey goes to talk to Clay, Jeff, and Meg. Audrey claims she has no one, and says that if they give her the opportunity to show them that she won't go after them, but will go after Day. Audrey keeps on saying she wants to prove herself. Jeff says that Audrey is using Clay as her puppet because she is the master manipulator. Clay tells Shelli that Day has no trust in Shelli or Clay, and that they have to go after Day. Shelli agrees that she would like Day to go home. Shelli is afraid that Jason and Day will campaign again Shelli. Shelli wants someone to be a pawn to go up with Day to throw the competition and keep Day on the block. Clay wants to go up, but Shelli won't go for that. Shelli thinks that Johnny Mac is the person to go up with Day. Shelli tells Johnny Mac that she wants Johnny Mac to go up as the pawn and to throw the competitions (Battle of the Block and POV). Johnny Mac wonders why he has to be the pawn and not Clay. Johnny Mac doesn't know which way he wants to go.

Back in the backyard, Liz, Jackie, Jason, Day, Vanessa, and Becky are in the backyard, and tells them about how she got hit by a train in the face. She broke her wrist, leg, fractured teeth, and ripped off her lip. That explains the scar marks on Becky's face. Becky jokes that she is a train wreck. She also said there was no plastic surgery.

It's time for nominations, and Steve knows that he is probably going up by Becky. Jason thinks it's easy for Becky to put him up. James isn't sure because he was HOH last week. Shelli goes first and she puts up Johnny Mac and Day. Then Becky puts up Jason and Steve. Audrey has this weird, annoying look to her eyes. She has like freaky eyes, and it sort of freaks me out. Audrey is ecstatic that she didn't go up. Becky says again that there are four pawns with Audrey as the backdoor. Shelli says that he has no play to get rid of Audrey, but does plan on getting rid of Day. Clay is happy that he has such control over Shelli that he's effectively HOH.

James wants to know why Audrey isn't on the block. Day and Jason tell James that it's because they are the targets because they outed Audrey as the master manipulator and liar. Becky tells Steve and Jason that she wants them to win, and Becky says that as long as they lay low, everyone wants Audrey out of the house. Jason doesn't 100 percent believe it. He wants to win BOB to make sure he is safe. Shelli and Clay are in the HOH room, and Audrey goes up to ask if there is a plan B if Steve or Jason throw the competition. Shelli says that it's not her plan to out Becky's plan because it will blow up in Shelli's face, and she will go home. Johnny Mac and Day talk about how they have to sleep and not be groggy. Johnny Mac is not sure if he should throw the BOB because it will bring him new people to play with. Day asks Johnny Mac if she can trust him, and he lies and says yes.

Audrey is the Master of Ceremonies for the BOB. They go to the backyard, which is setup like a TV set. They will be crew for the Ginger Fever movie that they spoofed on Thursday. They will have a setup of nine shots. The pair have to match up the nine cameras for the shots. They won't know which camera is for which number shot. Shelli talks about Johnny Mac throwing the BOB, and Johnny Mac isn't sure. Becky thinks that Shelli is into backdooring Audrey. The pair are together like a Siamese twin. Jason and Steve turn on the first two cameras that are cameras one and two. They start concentrating in shots. Day comes up with a plan to turn on all the cameras first and then focus. Johnny Mac says Day's strategy is so bad that it's like she is throwing it for him. Jason and Steve have a good strategy to turn on two cameras at a time, and then to just focus them on the items that are measured. Day notices that Johnny Mac is just there, throwing the competition. Jason and Steve are really working well together. Shelli sees that John and Day are doing a really bad job. Jason and Steve just hope they have it right, and they do. They win the BOB. Jason wants to save Day. Shelli says that Becky's backdoor plan is going to take an unexpected turn. Becky thinks she has everything she wants, and that Shelli will take out Becky's target for her. Johnny Mac thinks it's awesome that he didn't have to do anything to throw it because Day was so bad. Day cries in DR that she has to win POV or they will send her home. The POV Ceremony will be tomorrow, so I'll know then who goes up, but it might be Liz or Vanessa, or someone else. Shelli is all over the place on this one.

Friday, July 3, 2015 -- Evening

POV Winner
John won the POV, and Shelli and Clay tried to talk him into not using it so they would not have to renominate. John, however, ain't that dumb. However, Shelli was just telling Jackie that Audrey and Day cause all the problems, so Day can go this week since she's already on the block and the biggest problem. It's so obvious that Audrey, Clay, and Shelli are still aligned, and Shelli doesn't want to get into trouble with her bestie. Now it's just a question of who is nominated in John's place, then who gets the BB Takeover prize and how it's used.

Friday, July 3, 2015 -- Morning

Late sleeping
Nominations Spoilers
Nominations were made last night, and Becky nominated Jason and Steve, while Shelli nominated John and Day. Now that one is not as much of a shocker because Clay does not like Day, and obviously Shelli has the hots for Clay and will do whatever he wants. The thing is that the others in the house might not like that Audrey might get away this week. It seems the house was awaken early this morning (around 5 am) for the Battle of the Block, and Jason and Steve won. at 11 am (8 am BB time), the house guests are still sleeping, so we'll have to see what transpires later today.

Thursday, July 2, 2015 -- Evening

First Eviction
Tonight's the first eviction, and Jace has done nothing in the house except alienate people. So Jace is going to be going home tonight.

The show started immediately after the POV ceremony. Jackie is happy that Jace is on the block because he's a bigger target than she will ever be. Clay and Shelli console Jace, and Audrey is afraid that Jace is going to go off. Jace thinks it's worse than Y2K. Austin thinks something fishy is going on and that he needs to make sure he is safe next week. Jace goes up to talk to James in the HOH room. James tells Jace that he doesn't want to compete against Jace. James tries to explain that Jace almost beat him at HOH. Jace insists it's personal. James tries to explain that it's a game. Jace says that he put his faith in James for no good reason. Audrey goes to talk to Jace. Audrey tells him that he was always the target. Then Audrey starts talking over him, and Jace tells her that she is always running everything. Jace says that he hopes everyone notices that Audrey is the puppet master, running everything. Jace tells Austin later that he will fight.

Jace talks to Clay about how Clay will go farther with Jace still in the house. Jace talked to John about how Jace will always be the target.l Jace tells John that the only thing Jackie brings to the game is boobs. Jace then goes to the Have Not room to talk to Liz and Vanessa. Then Jace talks with Steve. Jace keeps on telling Steve that Jace Steve's game will be better with Jace in the house, but Steve can't see how Jace will get seven votes. Jace then goes in the backyard to talk to people. Audrey alls aside Meg to whisper to Meg about talking. Then Audrey goes to Jace and says that everyone in the house knew Jace would be going. Audrey says that Jace wanted to target Jason. Jace said that Audrey is the person who was behind everything. Audrey tells Jace that he is goin home.

Now for the twin twist, which we already know is Liz and Julia. They've switched four times. Julia talks about how hard things were to go in for Liz the first time. Then we saw some of the switches. They only have 10 to 15 minutes to give them info. Audrey says that someone is posing as a twin. Jeff said he has a twin. Liz/Julia are going to swap places. Time for the final statement. Jackie says she loves them all, and that it is a crazy week, blah, love for them, blah, love for game. Jace does soem self promotion, and that he says it sucks that people tricked him, and lied to him. People looked uncomfortable during his speech.
Jace is told that he is evicted with 12 votes. Jace says he loves them all, and they are all amazing people. Jace leaves the house, doing a tumble. Jace guessed that Audrey was the one behind the hinky vote. Jason says that he's glad Jace left because he was a ticking time bomb. Steve said that he wished he stayed. Day said something about stepping on his toes. Austin said that he is going to fight in Jace's honor. Then Julie reveals the twin twist to Jace, so he won't be going back in.

BB Takeover time. It's Kathy Griffin who comes in for the twist. They have to go to the backyard for the HOH. Annoying Kathy Griffin goes on stage with Julie Chen and gets Julie to do a Bro chest bump. I like how Kathy Griffin said that the girls didn't stick to an alliance and are having breakdowns. Kathy is going to be calling the house, and the seventh person to answer the phone will be able to remove three of the votes in next week'e eviction. Now that is cool.

The competition is in two rounds. The winner of each round is HOH. They have to assemble a puzzle to make a new billboard for Kathy Griffin's new film, Ginger Fever. Liz, Steve, Day, Becky, Vanessa, and John are competing first. They have to race the puzzle pieces over one at a time, and then assemble them on the board. Once it is assembled, they have to race back to ring the buzzer. Steve was in the lead, but Becky was the first to complete the puzzle.

Obviously, Audrey, Austin, Clay, Jackie, Jason, Jeff, and Meg are in the second group. Austin is getting all the pieces while some people are putting pieces up as they get them. Shelli was leading from the start, and she is the second HOH. I think this means it's going to be a lame week because Shelli won't nominate Audrey, and Becky is probably weak.

Kathy Griffin is giving the house guests more information about the BB Takeover. Kathy tells them that one of them will get the last laugh at the next eviction. More details are to follow.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 -- Evening

Audrey being a whiny baby
There has been a ton of action and fighting in the BB house, and Audrey was outed for having her finger in every pie. Audrey is the new house target for the next week, and she's taken to burrowing under covers.

Meanwhile, the show tonight started with the usual recap. Jace asked Steve how he felt, and Steve did not feel good about being on the block. He thanked Jace for thinking of him. John was excited to have won. James asks Jason about votes, and Jason says there are 13 votes, so they need a minimum of seven to get Jace out of the house. As usual, they talk about getting all 13 because the house has to vote together. James talks to Meg, and they start to count votes. Meg is happy to have an official alliance. James goes to Clay because Clay is also from Texas. James asks Clay about an alliance with the two of them, Audrey, Jason, Day (Da'Vonne), and Meg. Day says that the group is temporary and shaky. Day does not want the whole group. James tells the group in the HOH room that Jace has to go home. In the backyard, everyone is hanging out and exercising, and Jace ran out naked to streak, and no one really reacted in a positive way. Austin said in the diary that Jace needs to keep his cool. Austin tries to get Jace to nip it in the bud. As Austin says, they need to talk to the HOH and nip it in the bud. James tells Jace that he takes blood and wipes it on his face like war paint, so James is not afraid of blood. Austin says that nothing has happened, and Audrey tosses out Jason's name as a potential to go up on the block. As Jace and Austin talk about an alliance, James and Audrey seem to be non-committal. Jace and Austin come up with an alliance name of Cloud Town. RME!

It's time to pick for the POV. James picks Becky. Jackie picks John. Steve gets house guest choice and picks Jason (to bond with him in future). Austin is picked to be the Master of Ceremony. James thinks it's sad that Austin and Jace are celebrating. Day is going around the house counting things because she knows there is going to be counting competition in the future. Day walked into one of the bedrooms, and Jeff was asking why she went in "his" room. As Day says, she is a house guest, and she says she can walk around. Day heard Clay and Shelli telling Jeff to check what Day was doing, and Day was pissed that Jeff through it was creepy that Day was looking around. Jeff followed Day up to HOH to do damage control and Day called it as such. Jeff tells Clay that Day is like a puppet master. Clay is frustrated, so he goes upstairs to apologize to Day, and starts by asking "what's going on." Day is hilarious mocking of Clay in the diary room. Day calls Clay on how he and Shelli sent Jeff in there. Day says that she does not like to lied to her face, and she does not like being expected to apologize for his actions. Day got teary eyed as she talked to Audrey telling Audrey that Clay should not be calling her negative, and that Clay should be apologizing to her. Audrey says that inside she is trying to tell Day to calm down. Audrey went to Clay and told Clay that he has to go an apologize to Day because Day was crying. Clay tells Audrey that he wants Day out next week. Clay goes up to the apologize to Day, and she says she appreciated it. Day rolls her eyes, and then whispers to the camera that she knows Audrey went and talked to Clay, and that Audrey is trying to be a puppet master to manipulate Day.

After the commercial break, the house guests see slop and Have Not menu. Vanessa, Liz, Day, and Austin are Have Nots, and the Have Not room is setup like a dentist's office. And then it's time for the POV competition. The yard is setup with a lake and campsite. It's the technotronics competition. They have to find gold nuggets with letters and spell a word. The letters will have point values. The person with the highest points wins. They have 10 minutes to spell the word. Steve wants to make sure he wins the veto to keep himself safe. Jackie says it's really important that she wins because pawns go home. Steve comes up with the perfect word to spell. Jason has some high scoring letters, and James is looking for an A. Jackie has 3 Qs. Audrey thinks Jason and James are killing it. John finishes first. Then James. Steve locks in his word with less than a minute. Everyone locked in. James spelled lifeguards for 8 points. Becky spelled closest for 7 points. Jason spelled zones for 6 points. Jackie spelled judge for 6 points. As Jeff says, Jackie comes up short again. James knows that Steve is smart. Steve spelled trombonists for 12 points. John spelled boogers for 7 points. Steve got the POV. Steve feels relieved. Becky says that she thinks they are the first group to all spell their words right.

Steve tells them that he plays the trombone. Steve tells them that Brendon did the longest word with understanding. Steve goes into the storage room to celebrate. As he says, he has the short term problem solved, but needs a long term solution. Audrey is trying to get more people in the alliance, and that they need numbers. As James says in DR, Audrey, who do you think is HOH??? Audrey gets Shelli, and takes her up to the HOH. Audrey tells Shelli that they want her in the alliance. Meanwhile James and Jason aren't impressed with Audrey's pulling folks into the alliance. Audrey goes at 5 AM to get Jeff, who was trying to make out with Meg. As James says, those 16 person alliances don't have a history of working. Jeff calls Audrey the biggest sketch ball in the world. Audrey wakes up Clay, and then runs to get Meg. Meg claims to be so miserable. Meg feels that she is in a weird, secret book club. Audrey tells them that they all need to be on the same page as they go into battle. James says he is starting to have second thoughts about Audrey and that she may need to go on the block.

Time for POV ceremony, and Audrey hopes Jace goes up. Steve, of course, uses the POV. James says he respects everyone as a game player, and says he came up with decision himself. Jace goes on the block. Austin says that Jace being blindsided means he is being blindsided. Jace seems really shocked. Jace thought he was in an alliance with James, and he cries in the DR.

Sunday, June 28, 2015 -- Evening

Liz and Austin talking
Big Brother Nominations Show
The house is going crazy, with Audrey the cause behind all the craziness. She is really playing the game hard, and she's always confronting one of the house guests about something they might have said about her. Personally, I think instead of going for Jace as the replacement nomination, James would be better off getting Audrey out of the house. However, if Audrey doesn't take a chill pill, I'm sure she will be out soon. In the POV ceremony today, Steve use the POV, and Jace went up in his place.

So on to tonight's episode of Big Brother. The show started with the new twist, and Vanessa and Da'Vonne thinking something good was coming from opting out of the competitions. Then we saw the bonding between Jace and Austin. Jace just went on and on with Bro Codes. Time for the HOH room reveal, which was very stylish. James wanted to establish a foundation with Jason, his fellow HOH. Jace wants to take over the bathtub to make the honeys his. Jason and James talk about who they will nominate. Jason instantly picked on Steve and John. James said that Jace is a beast in competitions. Jason said that he wants to target the big guys.

Jackie and Jeff talk, and Jackie doesn't know anyone's names. Jeff says that his relationship with Jackie is shaky because he thinks Jackie wanted more after the Amazing Race. Jeff was distance between them so the others see them as individuals and not a pair. John talks abut bad pickup lines with Liz, Steve, and Jeff. Steve came up with the best line: "Are those space pants? Because your butt looks out of this world." Time for the twist. Da'Vonne and Liz cannot be nominated or evicted. They each get to take one person with them. They have 3 minutes to make a decision. Vanessa's plan is to pick someone who can win HOH next week. Vanessa starts having one on ones with everyone to look for someone who brings something to the game physically. Da'Vonne said that she doesn't want to choose Audrey or Shelli because Da'Vonne doesn't want to blow up the alliance. Da'Vonne tells Steve that he gives off the Ian vibe. Da'Vonne asks John who he would go for if he was HOH and if he is really a dentist. Da'Vonne chose to save Liz. Vanessa saved Austin. Austin said that he would stay with Vanessa unless something else came up. Shelli was unhappy that Da'Vonne did not pick either her or Audrey.

Jace and Austin then make lots of shell jokes with seashells, and then decide to call their alliance Shelltown. As Austin says, it's a great alliance because Jace has a loud mouth, and he's a bigger target. Clay talks with Shelli. It seems he's into older women, and he doesn't care if she was married, as long as she doesn't have kids. Shelli and Clay start an alliance based on flirtation. Da'Vonne doesn't like Shelli's relationship with Clay, and she tells Audrey that they have to keep Shelli at arms reach. Audrey says that she is bonded with Jason by culture. Da'Vonne and Audrey talk about Austin and Jace having an alliance. They want to get rid of Jace because he's a good competitor. Jason and Audrey talk about Jace will win HOHs because he is so physical. I don't know how that will work in the mental games.

Steve is trying to make an alliance with Da'Vonne because she is quiet and very observant. Da'Vonne, Audrey, James, and Jason talk about forming an alliance. They say the only way to get rid of Jace is through a backdoor plan. James has to recruit pawns, and he starts with Jackie. James tells Jackie that they have to have a pawn up because they can't have the target up. Jason talks to John, and says that he might go up because that he isn't the target. Then James and Jason talk to Meg about being a pawn. Then they talk to Becky and Steve. Steve says that he is against going up as a pawn because it's tricky. James and Jason really put the pressure on him. Steve says that so many people who went up as pawns went home. Steve tries to tell them that the pawns go home to frequently.

Jason goes first with his nominations. James says that he's from the country, and he's not afraid to make waves. Jason goes first in revealing his nominations: John and Becky. He says that he hasn't had a strong connection, but thinks they are strong competitors. James reveals Steve and Jackie. Jace said that he wasn't worried about going on the block. Audrey is happy that the plan was executed. Steve and Jackie talk since they are nominations. Jackie says that they are trying to backdoor someone. Steve starts analyzing things, and Jackie loses interest. Becky was really surprised and a little hurt, and Jason called her over and said that he was very sorry. Jason said the does not like to make no girl cry, and he wants to keep himself safe. Becky is sure that she and John will win the Battle of the Block, which they do.

Time for the Battle of the Block. Each team is supposed to construct a building out of blocks. They have a map, and they have to take the 26 blocks on a twisting maze. Becky and John exchange blocks on the beam, while Jackie and Steve each go the whole maze. if they fall off the beams, they have to go back to the beginning. Steve is doing really bad on the beam, and he starts crawling so he doesn't fall. It looks like it is close. However, Becky and John win. James is the sole HOH. Jason is back with the peasants as he says. Steve says he has to do whatever he can to win the POV and save himself.

Friday, June 26, 2015 -- Evening

quad camera in the BB house
Live Feeds Up
So there has been a lot ot catch up on with the live feeds. Jace has become the target of almost everyone in the house because he is so loud and annoying. James nominated Jackie and Steve for eviction, while Jason nominated Becky and John. Well, Becky and John won the Battle of the Block. That left James as HOH, and Steve and Jackie on the block. In addition to James, Jackie, and Steve, John, Becky, and Jason were picked to play the POV, and the plan was to throw the POV to Jackie so they could backdoor Jace. Well, it looks like Steve won the POV. Hopefully he will take himself off, and the others will get rid of Jace. I did see Big Brother After Dark, and Jace was annoying loud and running the whole show (which is the rap against him.)

Thursday, June 25, 2015 -- Evening

Night Two
The show started with Julie Chen saying something about a surprise house guest kicking things off. We meet the house guests with Liz coming up first. Rumor has it that she is the one with the twin. Next up is Jason, who is a stock boy. He lives in his mom's basement. Vanessa is next. She's a poker player, and is supposed to be one of the best poker players in the world. She also supposedly studied game theory. John, the dentist, is a crazy person. He's in dentistry for the money, and he would like a showmance. Becky is from Denver, and she looks like an outdoorsy girl. Steve is a music and audio engineer. Steve says he's a socially awkward engineer/nerd. John hates super fans, while Jason sys he is a super fan, of course.

Julie tells the six that some house guests are already in the house. Julie them about the Battle of the Block, and that there is already a HOH. Then she tells them about the BB Takeover. Becky, LIz, and Steve are the first three to go in. Meg comments on Steve not being Mr. Sauve with the ladies. Liz thinks Clay is fine. Jace makes an ass out of himself by asking Becky what part of Rado (as in Colorado( is she from. Steve really puts on a show looking around. Vanessa said that she is at an information deficit. Liz says that things and people aren't always what they seem. They do introductions to each other. Da'Vonne doesn't believe that John is a dentist. She says he gives off a not a dentist vibe. Jace is annoying because he thinks it's good that Liz is single. Clay thinks Steve is an Ian Terry twin. Vanessa says that she's a DJ. LIke Da'Vonne she is hiding the poker skills. Da'Vonne says that Jason is a Pee Wee Herman character. Jace comments that there are two empty seats. John's voice is really annoying.

The BB Takeover is going to happen now, and there is Phil from Amazing Race. He says that big Brother house guests have gone onto Amazing Race. So they are bringing Jeff and Jackie from Amazing Race (they didn't know each other before the show) to enter the game. I already hate them. Jeff says they are close friends, but not passionate. They play that lame Takeover song. The house guests are not that thrilled with Jeff and Jackie, because they may be a couple, and they already played a game.

Julie calls everyone to the living room. Time for the second HOH competition. One of eight in the second group have to sit out. Jackie wants to sit out. No one wants to volunteer, then Vanessa takes the gamble and volunteers. They all go out to the backyard. John sounds like a crazy guy. The competition is to hold on to a pole while the UFO that hovers above them tries to pull them up with rope that is attached to them. Steve decides that he doesn't want to win to put a target on him. Jackie wants to show that she is a competitor. Jason is trying to win. Then they get shot with some green slime. Steve is the first one pulled off. Jeff decides to make the target on him smaller, but getting pulled up. Next to go is John. Becky has a funky looking mouth, and she's off next. Liz, Steve, and Jackie are left. Then Liz's legs came off the pole, but she still hung on.

Liz is trying to talk herself into hanging on. Then she gets pulled off. Jeff hopes that Jackie wins it. Jason is tired of stocking groceries, and he not coming off the pole. Jason tells Jackie that he won't put her up. So Jason wins the second HOH.

We then got the schedule: Battle of the Block on Sunday, POV on Wednesday, eviction on Thursday. Then Phil from Amazing Race said that with risk comes reward, and Da'Vonne and Vanessa will get some sort of reward that we will learn of later.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 -- Evening

Big Brother Premiere Night
Finally! The start of my summer! Big Brother! Julie Chen looked quite nice in an elegant black pant suit. Julie said there would be three twists this year: one of which is the fan favorite, the BB Takeover, and something else that I missed. On to the house guests. First up was James. Next was Meg, who was annoying. Jace seems like a stupid, hippy type. Then we met Audrey, who says that she is a girly girl to the extreme. She says that she's a girl's girl. Austin, goes by Judas, and he seems unusual with his Master's in Romance Literature and wrestling background. Da'Vonne is a poker dealer, who doesn't mind getting blood on her hands. Clay threw a football without his shirt on. He has a nice chest and abs. Shelli does building work on her interview. Shelli goes on about being a puma, and Clay talks about getting a showmance. Da'Vonne has studied the game she said since season 1. Clay takes a little bible in his back pocket, and Da'Vonne cries over her baby.

Da'Vonne, Shelli, Clay, and Austin are the first four into the house. Austin seems to be really tall, and Clay says Austin looks like a giant magician. Shelli has the hots for Clay. Audrey, Meg, Jace, and James then go into the house. Not sure where the other four are, or the two extra that rumor has it will be there. Audrey is talk, and says it's hard to process all that is going on around her. They walked upstairs to see the glass floored bridge.

Jace is a personal trainer. Meg giggles. Clay says he's a grad student at Texas A&M. Shelli is drooling over Clay, even though she is 10 years old. Shelli says that the interesting thing about her is that she has a boy twin. Clay and Shelli seem to be ready to have sex. Da'Vonne says that she's a second grade school teacher, because she is going to keep the poker player bit hidden. Austin says that he's a wrestler. Meg is boring. James syas he's Asian and country. He does sound like he came off of Duck Dynasty. Audrey is next and admits that she is transgender. Audrey said that she completely transitioned three years ago.

Everyone seems to love everyone else. Audrey says that there are some buff guys, and she's worried about them taking over as she talks with Shelli and Da'Vonne. So they form an alliance on day one. Clay comes in to talk to the girls, and he asks Audrey how her family handled the transition. Audrey told the story about how her parents at first sent her to a camp with troubled boys to "straighten" her out. Da'Vonne thinks that Audrey is playing the group. The eight of the house guests go into the living room to talk to Julie. Julie said that she will reveal two twists. First up is the fan favorite, and Da'Vonne guesses that the Battle of the Block is back. That means two HOH contestants, and four total nominations. The victory of one pair of nominees knocks the HOH who nominated them out.

Now it's time for the HOH competition. They have to make a decision because one of them must sit the HOH competition out. Before Austin can volunteer, Da'Vonne jumps in and volunteers. The third twist is a secret for our ears only.

The HOH competition is setup like a movie premiere with Kevin Frazier. Shelli said that she would love to date Ryan Reynolds, and she thinks Clay looks just like him. The competition has the house guests on platform. The first to catch 10 tomatoes without falling, wins. James has the early lead with two. Clay is the first one to fall off, quickly followed by Austin and Meg. James has three balls. Jace, meanwhile, almost fell. Then they got sprayed with tomato flavored water. Jace almost falls again. He comes off the board, which I think should throw him off. Audrey managed to tie with James and Jace with five tomatoes each. James gets the lead with seven balls. Then quickly gets eight. Audrey looks like she fell first, but then all went down. Julie says they have to review the tapes to see who won.

James was the last to touch the red carpet, so he won HOH. Audrey hopes James doesn't nominate her. Julie calls everyone into the living room. It's time for the new twist. The twist is a new twist every week: The BB Takeover. Big Brother will play a lame song that will signal the takeover. They have to expect the unexpected.

The first twist is the Twin Twist, which we happened in BB5. It's the same deal. The twins will switch up, and if they make it past five evictions, they get to both go into the house.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 -- Evening

Cast Reveal
Big Brother announced the cast today. One of the interesting choices is Audrey, who is the first transgender participant in Big Brother. I didn't watch all of the videos, but you can check out all the new contestants.

Monday, June 15, 2015 -- Afternoon

Reveal of Big Brother House
Big Brother 17 starts next week, and the cast should be revealed tomorrow. There was some news today with the first pictures from the Big Brother house. The house looks very colorful and modern. The part that I think is the most interesting is the clear glass bridge. I'm getting excited for my summer entertainment to start. In the meantime, if you want to watch the live feeds, you have to sign up for CBS all-access. For $5.99 a month, you get access to all the CBS shows in addition to the live feeds. What's really cool is that you can watch all the episodes from the previous 16 seasons. I signed up, and I've been watching season 3 of Big Brother (with Marcellas). Great fun!

May 11, 2015 -- Evening

Big Brother 17 will start on June 24 with a special two-night premiere. Here's more information on the premiere. I cannot wait for the start of the new season!