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1st out-6/28
3rd out-7/13
1st to Jury-8/17
4th out-7/20
2nd to Jury-8/17
6th out-8/10
2nd out-7/6
Day 5
Self Evict
5th out-7/27

HOH: ?
Safe: ?
Third Nominee: ?
Nominated: ? and ?
POV: ?
Nominated: ? and ?

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Sunday, August 6, 2017 -- Evening

Big Brother Disgust
I have not been watching Big Brother for the past week. Why? I have been really disgusted with Paul's antics in the house. The whole show has just become the Paul show with the house guests willing to give up their games for him. I didn't like Paul last year, and I'm even more disgusted with him this year. It didn't matter that Paul won the HOH last week because he put up Jessica and Cody, and Jessica used the Halting Hex to stop the eviction. So, we are back to zero again. Josh won HOH, and of course, he is doing exactly what Paul tells him. Cody won safety with the temptation. Jessica lost the temptation, and she's the third on the block. Josh nominated Elena and Mark, and Mark won POV. Christmas "played" in the POV because Paul told her to use her temptation. Blah! So Jessica will go home this week because Paul says so. I'm just disgusted with it. Paul also rallied his mob to try to torment Cody until Cody would hit someone and self-evict. Yes, Paul is an ass. Production made him stop, but they really didn't show how vile Paul is on the show. Just disgusting!

Josh acting

Thursday, July 27, 2017 -- Evening

Two Show Recap
I skimmed through yesterday's show quickly so I would be up on what happened. Jessica won the POV, but she was oblivious to the fact that Paul was getting the rest of the house to foil her. Jessica got house guest's choice, and she picked Cody to play in the veto. Well, after Jessica wound, she just wanted to keep the nominations the same because she was deluded into thinking Ramses would be safe. He's not, and he'g going to go home tonight. The only thing that can save Ramses is if everyone gets tired of Josh's antics.
Josh celebrating
Julie Check had a nice dress on, and she looked very stylish. Jessica didn't use the veto because she didn't want to ruffle feathers. Ramses is supposed to be a super fan, but he couldn't figure out that he should have campaigned to come off. I really hope that a couple of the others come around to getting rid of Josh. Josh puts on an act, and Elena buys it. Then we had a whole segment of Josh dancing around and celebrating on his own. Paul is worried about Mark and Elena being too chummy with Jess and Cody. Paul is going to keep Mark and Elena in the dark.

Mark wants to work with Jess and Cody. Meanwhile Cody is pretending to work with Mark. Mark admits to Paul that he always liked Cody, and that Mark is hoping to have a clean slate with Cody. Paul notes that Mark seems to be saying that he would target Matt and Raven. They are as borring as Paul. Paul goes and tells Matt and Raven that Mark is against them.
Kevin tells Jessica of the plan
Cody asks Ramses if Ramses has been talking to people to make sure that Ramses is staying.

Kevin talks to Jessica and asks if she won the temptation. She says yes, and says it's better than Paul's. Jessica tells Kevin she and Cody are safe. Jessica hopes that Kevin keeps her secret. Kevin says that he has a good relationship with Jessica. Later Kevin tells her that there is a plan to flip the vote and get out Ramses. Jessica is upset that she didn't use the veto. Jessica tells Cody, and she's really upset because she realizes that Paul is behind the rally of the other side of the house. Jessica realizes that Ramses is going to go home. Jessica realizes that she has to campaign against Josh. Both Cody and Jessica go around to talk to people.

Ramses gets emotional after Kevin's speech Time for the vote. Ramses says that he can help a lot of people with the jury coming up. Josh calls Cody and Mark meatballs.
HOH competition Ramses is out. Josh tried to pretend that he thought he was going to be evicted. Mark and Elena are shocked. Jessica was an idiot to trust that house, especially Paul. Julie asked why Ramses didn't campaign. He thought he did, but he didn't. Julie also called Ramses on not having a strategy to win the game. Julie also called Ramses on being a so-called super fan. Jessica apologized to Ramses in the talks. Kevin told Ramses that Ramses talked him into playing game, and that Ramses is still coming for Thanksgiving. Ramses couldn't talk because he was choked up with tears.

The competition was a memory wall image puzzle. Time for the competition. The first question was about a tattoo on Jillian. Everyone but Elena got it right. A large number got the second one wrong. Christmas, Jason, Matt, Paul, and Raven are left. The remaining get the third and fourth questions right. Christmas and Jason get the fifth question wrong. It's down to Matt, Paul, and Raven. Paul gets the last question right. I hate Paul.

We are finally got to find out what the hex is for Jessica accepting the last temptation. We went to the living room to talk to the house guests. Jessica tells everyone that she's happy she has the final temptation and that it will keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. For the next three weeks, the house guests will get to choose if they want to be in the Temptation Competition. They can volunteer to compete, and the winner is safe for the week. However, the person who finishes last will be the third person on the block. Interesting!

Back in the house, Cody and Jessica call out Paul about the back handed move in voting out Ramses.

HOH Competition

Monday, July 24, 2017 -- Afternoon

Update on the HOH Competition
I had a migraine last night and missed the BB episode. So I caught up on it this afternoon. You would think that Paul would appreciate Cody, just as he did Victor. But then Paul is just a jerk. I'm really disgusted with this season turning into the Paul show. The show started off with Jessica kissing Cody, and Jessica gave Cody the update on how people treated her while Cody was out of the house. Jessica said that Jason and Kevin were nice to her, while Josh wasn't. Jessica then tells Cody about the temptation that will benefit both of them. Cody is happy that for at least one week in the house, they will have safety. Well, actually, it is going to be two weeks. Meanwhile in other areas of the house, everyone is kissing Paul's butt. I really don't like Paul, and I don't like how everyone is just sucking up to Paul to the detriment of their games. As the group talks, Josh says that he won't talk to Jessica or Cody. He says he doesn't want to get in an argument with them anymore. Paul says that it's 10 against 2.
HOH Competition
Time for the HOH competition. Paul is worried because his pendant of protection wore out. Cody was thinking it would be cool for him or Jessica to get the HOH. The house guests are in crossing guard outfits. The goal is to hold a stick against a red disk to hold up their white hand. If they fail, they get to put a punishment on a contestant still in the competition to make it difficult for that person. Oh, and Christmas gets to compete with a scooter for her broken foot.

Kevin is the first out. As Mark is thinking Kevin is an idiot, Mark is out, and then Paul fell out. Bunch of losers. Kevin gives a punishment to Cody. Kevin says it's nothing personal. Cody gets smelly trash. Elena is by Cody and says it is truly smelly. Mark picked Cody for another punishment, which was someone yelling at him. As Cody says, he's a Marine and having someone yell at him has no affect. Josh wants to yell too. Paul gave his punishment to Cody, which was concrete on his back. Jason is out next in 2 minutes. So Jason figured that instead of attacking Cody to go for Jessica. So he picks her, and it is just graffetti on Jessica's back. Elena can't take it because she can't talk, and she is out. She gave her punishment to Cody. He gets squirted with ketchup and mustard. Matt is out at the 5 minute Mark. Matt picks Cody, and it's more trash. Jessica is just fueled by people picking on Cody. Raven is out next, and it's the yelling guy. Josh is out at 38 minutes. Cody says, "how about that Josh?" Josh picks Jessica for the punishment. Josh starting yelling about how there was goop on Jessica. Josh was calling Cody a meatball. Christmas and the scooter Cody just ignored him. Josh kept calling Cody and Jessica a pack of meatballs. Cody was trying to tune out Josh. As Cody says, Josh is psychotic. Jessica tells Christmas that Christmas is not her target, and Cody agrees. Christmas appreciates it, but she can't say the same thing. Paul tells Elena to tell Josh to tell Christmas not to take any deals. I hate Paul. Cody is out at 1 hour and 24 minutes. It's down to Jessica, Christmas, and Ramses. Ramses is trying to stay up as long as possible. It's bad because he's going to be out this week. Ramses drops at 1 hour and 49 minutes. Yep, Jessica puts up Ramses and Josh, with everyone saying they will vote out Josh, but they are all lying to her.

Ramses gives his punishment to Jessica, which is ketchup and mustard. But Jessica is focuses on winning. Christmas says that she is in such pain, but she's the house's last hope. 2 hours and 22 minutes have passed. Jessica is solid, but Christmas is not. She falls and Jessica wins HOH. Jessica is happy because she doesn't have to use the hex this week. Christmas and Jessica hug, and Jessica cries because her dad died three years ago on the day of the HOH competition. Christmas cries because she couldn't win and fell short. Josh knows he will be on the block. Paul can't figure out how they messed things up. Meanwhile, Jessica is oblivious because she feels she has too much power. That's bad becaus it will blind her to the fact that everyone is lying to her about voting Josh out.
Down to Christmas and Jessica
Kevin says Josh is immature. As he says, Jessica is putting up Josh and Josh. Jessica tells Christmas that she meant that she is honoring her deal with Christmas. Cody says that this week, he will just shut up and listen to Jess. That's a mistake. Christmas tells Josh to win the POV, and he'll be okay.

Josh goes to talk to Jessica, but she doesn't want to talk to Josh. Cody tells Josh that neither of them want to talk to Josh. Josh just hopes there is a bigger target going up next to him. Raven says that she wants to lie to Jessica and Cody to appease their little minds. Jessica says that she wants to come across as genuine. She wants to save the hex for later. Raven claims to support Jessica. Mark tells Cody and Jessica that they want a fresh start. Elena claims she just wants to play nice. Meanwhile, Mark wants to be buddies, but Cody doesn't trust Mark because Mark stabbed him in the back. Jessica knows that everyone is just being nice because Jess is HOH. She says that she does not want to be blind. Jessica tells Cody that she likes Mark, but she doesn't trust Mark. Cody says he only trusts Jessica, which is not true because they trust the house that they will vote out Josh.
Josh cries
Cody pretends that he wants to work with Paul, and Paul pretends he wants to play the game with Cody. Well, everyone lies to everyone in the BB house. You just have to accept that one. Then we have a segment about Kevin wrapping cling wrap around Kevin's middle. Kevin says that this will help him sweat. Kevin says "cling wrap at night will keep you tight."

Jessica does not know what to do. Cody says Josh and Ramses because Ramses doesn't have anyone on his side, and Ramses isn't a threat. Jessica said that having Ramses up there does not assure her that Ramses won't be voted out. Jessica would like to take out Paul, but she's afraid. Jessica says that she would like to back door Paul, but doens't want to fail. Cody says he would like to see Jessica make bad ass moves. She won't though, unfortunately. At the nomination ceremony, she nominates Ramses and Josh. Jessica tells Ramses that he is the pawn. She says Josh is just disgusting and does not belong in the game. Josh cries in the DR about not belone in the game. Boo-hoo!

All four compete in maze race

Friday, July 21, 2017 -- Evening

Battle Back
The live feeds are down, but the rumor is circulating that there was an endurance competition that Christmas was able to compete in. Jessica, however, won the HOH. The other rumor is that Cody got back in the game. I hope that both rumors are true.
Cody on the maze
From the intro, it seems that in order for the evicted house guest to get back into the house, he or she will have to beat someone in the house. Uh-oh! It seems that all four compete in the first competition. The two winners compete against each other. Then the winner will have to beat the house challenger. If the house challenger wins, no one goes into the house. Cody wants to get back in to blow up some games. Dominique wants to go after Paul. The first competition is a maze race. They have to get a ball through a maze. If the ball falls, they have to get it and start over. The board will only work with ropes and pulleys. The first two people to finish the maze will move on. Cody says that he doesn't feel he has the finesse for the game. Cameron and Cody continue He's worried that others will get the hang of the game before him. Jillian says the competition is really hard. Jillian loses a ball first. Cameron says he is having difficulty getting the ball where he wants to go. Cameron loses his ball. Cody says that he just has to be patient. My heart is beating. Jillian loses a ball again. Cody is being as slow as possible, and he is the first to finish.

Cameron says, Jillian is totally confused. Dominique is talking to Jesus. So Cameron is trying to keep his focus. Cameron is trying to keep steady, and of course, he does beat the girls. Both of the girls were losers. Cameron said that Cody seemed to finish really fast. Jillian says that she thought she threw Cameron out, but then he came back to take her spot.
Cody and Cameron on sling shots
It's now time for the second competition. They will use a launcher to shoot balls at a bill board. They have to knock out 10 panels in the bill board. If they run out of balls, they have to retrieve them. Cameron thinks he has this in the bag. Cameron gets the first panel down. Cody has to maintain his focus. Cameron seems to be beating Cody. I'm getting really nervous. Cameron has five panels down. Then he has six panels down. Cody realizes his approach isn't working, so he softens his throw. He realizes he has to lob the balls softer. Before you know it, the score is tied at seven panels each. As Cameron says, it gets harder. Finally, Cody takes the lead with eight panels. Cody against Paul Cody has nine panels down. One more panel left. Cody gets the last panel! Cameron's Big Brother summer is over, and Cameron is upset. Cody will battle against the house challenger. Cody gets to pick the competition, but it will be a little different. Cody chooses maze race because the bill board will be spinning.

Julie Chen calls the house guests into the living room. She tells them there is a battle back. Josh wants Dominique or Jillian to come back. It seems no one wants Cody to come back. The house guests aren't told who won the battle back. Jessica tells Mark that he's fine and to trust her. Cody hugs Jessica as he is back in the house Paul doesn't want anyone back. He liked Victor coming back. Paul doesn't want to do all this work over again.

The house guests are called back in to the living room. They are told that they can stop the evicted house guest from coming in. They each get to vote for one person who will be the house challenger. That person will compete against Cody.

They have to go in to vote one at a time, and they cannot vote for themselves. It seems that everyone voted for Paul. The only person who did not vote for Paul is Paul. They all go into the backyard. They find out that it is Cody who is battling back. I am nervous now, because I really want Cody back in the house. Cody knew that they would pick Paul.

Will Cody rejoin the game? Paul says that he really can't let Cody in, and Cody says that he really has to win to get back into the house. Paul says he's new at the game, and it is not as easy as he thought. As Cody says, it's any body's game, and Cody has to maintain his focus. It is nerve wracking and really difficult to watch. Paul is rooting himself on saying he has to do it for friendship. Cody notices that Paul is behind him, and he doesn't want to go faster and lose his focus. I an stressing out watching this. Jessica says if Cody loses, she will kill him. Cody wins! Jessica hugs Cody, and she tells him not to do or say anything until she catches him up. The HOH competition will be starting shortly, but it's not going to be on this show. I'll have to wait for the live feeds to come back to find out if Jessica won.

Julie in jeans

Thursday, July 20, 2017 -- Evening

Will Dominique Leave?
There was some talk about voting out Jessica today, but I'm not sure if that is actually going to happen. I'm hoping not because I'm hoping that Cody is the one who comes back into the house.
Right before the pickle juice
Julie Chen had jeans on for the show today. Tonight's show started post veto ceremony. Paul thinks Dominique made his job easier, and Jessica agreed that it was easier on her too. Dominique is upset that she was back stabbed. Dominique tells Alex that Alex should protect herself because it will be Alex next. Elena was upset that Dominique called her out. Elena says that she did nothing to Dominique.
Mark getting ketchup and mayo
Jessica talks to Raven and Elena about staying in the game. Raven thought Jessica was crawling back.

Now we get to the pool game. Josh bet Matt and Mark about chugging a half pickle juice, half hot sauce drink for losing a pool game. Josh is caught double hitting the 8 ball, loses the game, and refuses to drink the pickle juice. He claims Mark lost, and Josh on at Mark about losing. So Mark flung the pickle juice into Josh's face. Josh then gets mad and throws ketchup and mayo on Mark. Mark thought it was a joke, but Josh did not. A huge shouting match broke out.
Josh arguing with everyone
Mark tells Josh that Mark felt bad about the hot sauce in the eyes. Josh says Mark was plotting to get rid of Paul. Josh keeps on about how everyone else is lying. Josh is the only one not lying. Josh tells Mark not to talk to him. Josh says that Mark was plotting with Cody to get out Christmas and Paul. Josh says that he kept his word with everyone. Jessica calls out Josh about saying stuff he wanted Christmas out of the house. Paul says in DR that Jessica is not staying under the radar. Jessica said that she just couldn't stand by and watch Josh lie.
Jessica gets the Halting Hex
Time for the final Den of Temptation for the season. This one is the halting hex, to stop an eviction. Jessica got the temptation! She can stop any of the next four evictions. Jessica takes the temptation! Taking it will change the game.

Will Jessica use the Halting Hex tonight? Dominique gives a rhyme, and she says her alliance betrayed her. The live vote begins, and the hex is not used. That is a smart move because it does seem as if the whole house is going against Dominique. Will Jessica regret her decision after the vote?
The four evictees Everyone votes Dominique out. Dominique says good bye to everyone. Paul told Dominique that he wants to be friends outside of the house. Dominique says that she can't be friends outside because Paul did her wrong. As Dominique says, things didn't add up. Dominique tells Julie that she would have kept quiet if she went back into the house. Julie then tells Dominique that she might be able to get into the house. Julie says that it will be possible for one of the four evictees to get back into the house.

Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique get to talk about their plans if they get back into the house. First up is Cameron. He thinks Ramses is next, but it was Jillian. Cameron thought Jillian was really liked in the house. Jillian thought Jessica or Cody was next. It was Cody. Cody apologizes for putting Jillian up. Cody hoped it was anyone but Jessica. Cody tries to whisper to find out what happened.

Cameron knew his fate was sealed when he did the strip tease. Jillian said she should have done more. Cody is shocked and speechless. Cameron says he is going to try to stay in longer. Jillian says that she will try to align with Raven and Elena. Cody says he will listen to Jessica. The four are told that there is a twist on how they will get back into the house.

We are told at the end to tune in to an epic battle back with three competitions. We won't see the POV until Sunday. The battle back is tomorrow, and we will find out the consequences of Jessica talking the temptation next Thursday. Paul is telling everyone that Jessica has the temptation on the final bit that we see from the house. The live feeds are down until after tomorrow's show.

Dominique under the covers

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 -- Evening

I did not get a chance to watch Sunday's show. Things have been very hectic at work, and I haven't been able to get my head above water for the past few days. However, I have said that i would watch tonight's show. I have to make sure that I make time for tomorrow night's and Friday's show. Yes, there is a battle back show on Friday. I am really hoping that Cody will make it back into the house.

Mark cries Tonight's show started after the nomination ceremony. Alex admitted that she really didn't like Jessica, which is why Alex nominated her. Dominique said that she knew something was up, and she suspected that people on her side knew about it. Dominique goes under the covers, and Paul does his puppet master routine. Mark talks to Dominique, and Dom tells Mark that Paul is involved in her nomination. She says he betrayed her. Then Mark cries in the DR. Such a snowflake!

Dominique goes to pray in the HOH bedroom, and she says she heard Paul's name three times, and she came out of the bathroom, and there was Paul. Paul then lies to Dominique that dishonesty doesn't work for hie personal game. Ha! Dominique says that god is with her, and she will leave when she leaves. Dominique claims she is going to expose Paul at the right time.
Christmas can't play
Time to pick for veto. Alex picks Kevin. Dominique picks Christmas. Jessica gets house guest's choice, and she picks Jason. I am really against the whole Christmas being in the house. She heard some things on her call last Thursday that led her to know how the first three people voted. Then she can't compete, and she is going to be unable to compete for 10 weeks because of her broken foot.

The competition is one that Christmas can't compete in. She has to sit out. Waste of space, and Christmas cries. Boo-hoo! They basically have to walk back and forth over a balance beam 50 times. If they fall, they have to restart from zero. If you lift a chalice, you get a cash prize, and you get removed from the competition. Kevin was having trouble crossing the beam so he took the chalice and wound up getting $27. Dominique saves herself Then Dominique fell on the beam and recovered herself. Jessica fell and wasn't able to recover. Then Dominique fell and wound up losing all her points. Jason was in the lead, and Alex was second. Jason won by getting to 50 first. Alex and Jason did not fall at all.

Jessica's strategy is to lay low and get off of everyone's radar. Paul claims that he wants Jason to use the veto on Jessica. Then Alex can put up Mark in her place. Paul tells Alex that Mark is a vote for Dominique. Paul claims it is an A plus deal. Paul tells Jason that Alex has a plan, but it's really Paul's. Jason tells Alex that they have to stick with the deal to just get rid of Dominique. Paul tells Alex that he's in on Alex's plan if she lets Mark know.
Jason wins POV
Alex and Jason talk to Mark about going on the block against Dominique. Mark says that he is not okay with going on the block. Mark says he won't campaign for or against Dom, and he won't go on the block.

Dominique wants to talk with Jason and says that she was betrayed by her own people. Dominique says that she knows who the snake is, but she can't tell him anything. Jason asks why Dominique wants to protect the snake. Jason goes up to the HOH room and tells them all what Dominique said about a snake. Dominique said ot keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Dominique continues to talk in riddles about the snake. It's not obvious that the snake is Paul. Although they should all be able to figure it out. Dominique wants ta house meeting, and Alex goes up to the HOH room and says that Paul is the snake. Paul wants to call her out because that's what he does.
Paul dresses as a snake for the Veto ceremony
Paul calls up Dominique up to the HOH room, and Paul calls Dominique on calling Paul a snake. Dominique goes on about god. She also tells Paul that is going home, and she can guarantee it. As Paul says, that's funny coming from the person who is on the block right now.

Mark talks to Alex and Jason about the nominations. Jason says that if he uses the veto, he wants Raven to go up. Mark says that he doesn't want to go on the block. Then Mark cries in the DR. Jason can't convince Alex to put up Raven. Jason says that he just wants Dominique to go home. Jessica and Dominique get to say a few words. Dominique goes on about her team stabbing her in the back and the snake, Paul. Jason does not use the veto. Afterwards, Mark cries in the DR.

Sunday, July 16, 2017 -- Afternoon

Alex is HOH
Alex was the last person left on the wall. Elena jumped off after getting a guarantee of safety. Alex put up Dominique and Jessica (surprise), and Jason won the POBV. He may or may not take Jessica off. However, the target appears to be Dominique. Let's see if that holds. And I hope that Cody gets back in the house later this week.

All that said, I hope to watch tonight's show tomorrow. Today was Vintage Grand Prix, and I won't be home to watch it.

Cody comforts Jessica

Thursday, July 13, 2017 -- Evening

Eviction Night
Yes, i am finally watching Big Brother this week. After a great start, the show, and the live feeds, took a turn to the dumpster with Paul taking over everything. Although Cody will be going out tonight, I'm hopeful that things will turn around tonight. I wasn't a fan of Paul last year, and I'm even less of one this year. I hope I can make it through the show without puking with disgust.
Mark looking blank
Julie Chen looks nice, and the first thing she says is that the person voted out tonight joins Cameron and Jillian in a battle bag into the house. The show starts with Josh being rude to Cody and Jessica because Josh is a bit crazy. Then Jessica gets into it. Paul tells Josh to relax. Cody doesn't blame Paul for making a big move to get Cody out. Christmas comes back into the house, and she tells everyone that she needs surgery. But not to worry; Big Brother isn't tossing her as they should. Puke! Christmas is the "Queen of Perseverance." Everyone is upset because Cody doesn't stay around to console Christmas. Boo-hoo! Jessica stays around and tries to talk to Christmas. Christmas felt personally attacked. Christmas is upset about her foot. Christmas is a real bitch. I'm not a fan of her or Paul. Julie tells as Christmas' surgery was a success, but Christmas is still not back in the house. That's why I am sick of Big Brother giving her all this special consideration. If this were Survivor, Christmas would be out of the game.
Cody changes out of the frog suit
Then we get to see a party for Dominique's birthday, while Jessica cries because she is being ostracized. Boo-hoo! Cody comforts here. Cody says that they just need to salvage Jessica's game. Cody then talks to Christmas, and he tells Christmas that Mark and Dominique knew and wanted Christmas to go up. Cody tells Christmas that he's telling her because he's out of the house.

Then we see the Dominique show, hosted by Kevin. First Dominique talks to Alex and then Ramses. Then Cody comes up and says that he didn't like Paul right off the bat. Josh tries to get under Cody's skin, and Cody says that he won't take a question from Josh. Cody says that the plan was to take Paul out first. Cody says that one or two people always knew about the decision that was made. That gets Mark upset. Mark later tells Paul that he was upset with Cody saying things. Paul tells Mark and Matt that Dominique said there are organic alliances. Paul thought that her questioning was dumb. Mark has an extrem stupid look on his face. Mark looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

Cody talking with Julie Time for the live vote and eviction. Again more talk about Christmas. She gets to vote remotely. Alex goes first and talks fast. Ramses says he really wants to spend more time with the house guests. Cody says he'll miss Jessica a lot.
The three votes for Ramses should get people talking. Cody takes off the frog outfit. Cody carries Jessica and doesn't say anything to anyone. They others seems shocked that Cody didn't say good bye. On this way out, Cody asked Jessica to be his girlfriend. Julia asked about blindsiding Paul. HOH competition Cody didn't want anyone to tell Cody. Cody says that Jessica called him the worst player in the game. Cody says Christmas was high anxiety, and once he went after Paul, Cody had to go after her. Cody explained that he had to put up a third of the house. Cody says that Paul holds court in the house, and that everyone was like a groupie to Paul. Cody swears he has a social game, but there's no loyalty in the house. Julie asked Cody what he would do if he could do it again. Cody thought that Paul's den of temptation was a cheat. Julie asks that what would he say to a battle back into the house. So Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and next week's evictee will battle back into the house. I hope Cody gets back in. he was quite engaging in the Julie Interview. As they go to commercial, it looks like a wall hanging competition.

Julie mentions that Christmas would not have been cleared to compete in the game. Mark always looks really dumb. As the competition starts, we hear about the next Den of Temptation: the halting hex: to stop the live eviction. Then it's off to commercial.

On the return, we find out that after the battle back, the house guests can block the return. OMG! I'm really sick of this show!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 -- Evening

Missing BB Again
I have been extremely bored with the Paul lovefest going on in the house. Everything is about Paul. Paul is pontificating to everyone, and I know this evening's show will be more of it. Paul wins the veto. He takes down Alex and puts up Cody. There is no hope for Cody, and he will be leaving tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Christmas had surgery on her foot today. Yep! She left the house for the surgery, and she won't be back until tomorrow. Personally, I think she should be out of the house, but the Paul connection and three ousted house guests to date, means she is staying. I am really hoping for a battle back, and I hope that Cody comes back into the house because this is all too damned boring.

Sunday, July 9, 2017 -- Evening

Missing the BB Show Tonight
I won't be able to see the BB show tonight, and I have to admit that I'm pretty disgusted as it is. Paul won the HOH competition on Thursday because people were giving him tickets so he would be HOH. Paul put up Josh and Alex, and then Christmas won the temptation that would take someone out of the POV competition, so Paul had free rein to keep Cody out of the competition. Then Paul strong armed Ramses into putting himself up as part of the curse from Paul's temptation. AND then Paul strong armed everyone into throwing the competition to Paul. So Paul was given safety (pretty much by production who has the safety competition as the first one with Paul as the only person the audience knew). Then Paul got the whole house to support him. It seems from the live feeds that at this point, the sheeple in the house are just eager to give Paul the win this year. I just want to puke! It was starting out as such a fun year until this week with the Paul takeover. So I'm not necessarily disappointed to miss tonight.

Also, it seems that there is a show on the schedule for Friday, July 21. Sounds like a battle back, and I hope Cody comes back in and gets rid of Paul!! Oh, well, I can only hope!

Thursday, July 6, 2017 -- Later After Show

Paul Wins HOH
I think the girls, like Christmas, were feeding tickets to Paul because he kept on getting three. Eventually, he won.

Jessica and Paul argue

Thursday, July 6, 2017 -- Evening

Keep a Broken Christmas
The MRI results are back on Christmas' foot injury. I thought I already mentioned this, but I don't see it. Christmas was riding Jason earlier this week, and he stumbled, and she wound up breaking her foot. She had an MRI, and results confirm that there are two breaks in the foot. Christmas on the way to a broken foot Christmas said that she doesn't want to leave the game, but she will be unable to compete. So of course, the folks in the house will want to keep her because she is an easy out. We'll have to see what happens in the live show, starting shortly. Josh is the swing vote, and depending on how he goes, it will either be 7-5 evicting Jillian or 6-6 tie. All I know is if Christmas stays, she won't be able to compete in the endurance HOH tonight.

The show started with a rather lengthy recap of the previous shows. Then we got to the action starting immediately after the POV ceremony. The Fall Christmas started in with comments, and Paul said that now he knows he could trust. Christmas is pissed, and she attacks Cody in the kitchen. Cody says he wants Paul out. Meanwhile, Jessica attacks Paul about the Pendant of Protection. Paul doesn't want to talk to Jessica about lying about the pendant. Paul thinks he has Josh in his pocket, but Josh says he's playing his own game. Meanwhile Christmas is up in the HOH room yelling at Cody. Cody tries to explain to Christmas that she didn't understand that Cody had to make a move after Paul said that he was safe.
Christmas being carried
Meanwhile Paul says as a vet, he would be out if he didn't have safety. Yep, and that's why production got it for him. Meanwhile Christmas comes in and says that all they had to do was stick with Paul's plan. Matt, Raven, and Elena are talking, and they go to Paul and say they didn't know what Cody was doing. Raven wanted to cry because Cody wanted to get rid of the vet with the unfair advantage. Matt doesn't understand how Cody could not tell him. Now no one trusts Cody. Cody tells Jessica that they had to get Paul out, and Cody says that Paul taking the temptation shows that Paul can't be trusted. Cody says that he didn't ruin the peace in the house because he had to put up five nominations. Mark says that he still trusts Cody, and that they have to get rid of Christmas.

Mark feeling guilty Jessica goes in the backyard to talk to Cody, and Jessica says she has to figure out how to clean up Cody's mess. Jessica says Cody is stirring the pot. Cody says he isn't stirring the pot. Jessica reminds Cody that Cody can't vote this week. Jessica talks with the rest of the showmances. Jessica says she can't vote for Christmas because Christmas will come after her. Mark says in DR that everyone wants to jump ship on Cody, but what they need to do is get rid of the threat.

Christmas talks about how she and Jason dances. Christmas is on Jason, and Jason falls, and Christmas is sure that her foot is broken. She tells Jason to tell people. Christmas tells them all that she broke her foot. Paul is sure that Christmas is coming back in the house. Cody confronts Mark Paul thinks he has everyone, but Mark says in DR that he is not voting for Christmas. Alex says that of course she is going to vote to keep her friend, Ashley. Christmas refuses to leave. She says she has torn ligaments for sure, but doesn't know about the broken bones yet. Mark tells Cody and Jessica that they just need to get rid of Christmas.

Mark says that he is sorry that he was mean to Christmas after the nomination. He feels bad for not being there for her. As Mark tries to talk to her, Christmas says her feelings are hurt because no one was nice to her when she broke her foot. Whine, whine! Christmas says she accepts his apology. Mark says that his personal feelings are taking over his game play, and he is torn.
Jessica argues with Christmas post eviction
Time to talk to the nominees. Christmas thanks everyone and says that she is there to play, even with a broken foot. Christmas tells everyone that Cody and Jessica are playing them. Time for the vote:
So Jillian is out. They keep the bigger threat, with the broken foot, so she won't be a competition challenge. Jillian can't believe she is out with a vote of 8-4. Cody and Mark have whispered words. Mark said he told him. Jessica and Christmas start arguing just after Jillian leaves the house. Jillian thought it was going to be a tie, and Cody would break the tie. Jillian did not think she would be sitting there. Jillian can't understand why they kept Christmas.

Time for the HOH competition. The competition is based on Candy Crush. They have to roll a ball into a heart on a board. They have to collect tickets from candy that drops. They can give the tickets to others, and you know that means people will be giving it to Christmas. The competition will continue to play out on the live feeds.

Jessica and Cody together again

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 -- Evening

Paul Nominated---And Then
Tonight's show should be good because we found out on the live feeds that Cody tried to nominate Paul for eviction. However, Paul played the pendant, and Christmas is up instead. Now onto the show, which starts after the nomination ceremony that put Alex on the block.

Cody says that he respects Alex, but he had to put her up to make his side of the house happy. Jillian is unhappy that people she likes are going on the block next to her. Cody calls Alex Wonder Woman Then we get a Cody and Jessica make out where Jessica calls out Cody for being emotional over putting up Alex. Jessica is jealous. Jessica wants Alex out of the house because it's nauseating. Then Paul goes to talk to Cody, and Cody says that he doesn't really like Paul and his strategy. Alex is upset over the shomances. Jason wants to keep Alex because it is good for his game. Alex wants Jason to win POV and save her. Later Cody tells Alex that he looks at her like Wonder Woman. Alex tells Cody that the girls don't like her, and that's why she can't come over to his side. Cody says he has to make it right.

Ramses is cursed Now it is time for the Den of Temptation curse. They say that the person who took the temptation randomly selected a number, and the person who goes into the new den and matches the number selected, that person gets a curse. Each house guest has to go in one by one. Raven is first. Lucky her because Paul picked number 2. Ramses is number two, and he gets the curse. He has to put himself on the block within the next three weeks, and he can tell or not tell the others. The others have to still go through the motions, and they do.

Kevin Merman Time to pick for the veto competition. Cody picks Matt. Alex picks Raven, and Jillian picks Jason. Jason wants to win and take Alex off the block. Cody picks Kevin to host the competition. Meanwhile Cody says in DR that it will be best for him if Alex wins the POV. Everyone else is against her winning.

The veto competition is setup like sea scene, and Kevin is dressed up like a merman. I love Kevin; he's really funny. They have to pull a stopper out of their water tank, then look for starfish in a pond, stack as many starfish as they can while there is water in their tank. They may also take a special golden starfish to not be a have not for the entire time. Raven finds the have not starfish, and she takes it. Matt is grabbing starfish and piling them up. Alex takes them. Matt goes with 10 starfish. Jason got 14 starfish. Jillian thinks she can win. HA! Cody just gave up, and let Alex win. Cody wound up with 2. Cody tells Alex not to move. Alex got 16 starfish, and Jillian only had 10. Cody is extremely happy that Alex won, but he can't show it. Cody wants to go for someone else that he hasn't trusted the whole game--Paul.
Alex wins
Alex doesn't want Cody to have thrown the veto for her. As Cody tells her, he exposed himself. Cody doesn't want anyone to see it coming. Dominique and Jessica talk about how Cody gave up. As Jessica said, it seemed the Cody didn't want Alex to go home. Jessica is really angry. Alex tells Jason that she thinks Cody threw it. Jason is now super worried about being a sitting duck. Jessica lays in the HOH bed and tells everyone that she is really upset with them. Paul tells them all to get rid of Jason. Paul kept on pontificating in the HOH room about how Jason or Ramses goes up. Cody sees Paul as the poison in the group, and he just wants to get rid of Paul. Agreed!

Jessica talks with Cody about how it looked as if Cody threw the competition. Cody not listening to Paul Cody tries to Jessica that he tried really hard. Cody said that he did try hard for 28 minutes until it was clear that Alex was going to win. Cody tells Jessica that he doesn't understand why everyone is against Alex because Cody doesn't feel she is a problem. Jessica is overcome with rage and jealousy over Alex.

Paul goes to talk to Cody because Paul doesn't want to let on that Paul has the pendant. Paul asks Cody things, and Cody just brushes his teeth and stares at Paul. Paul says Cody is emotionless. Paul thinks something is coming up. Cody doesn't want anyone to know, especially Paul, that Paul is going up on the block. Christmas tells Paul that she feels good with Cody, and she is sure that he is putting up Jason. Jason goes to talk to Cody. Pendant of Power Jason tells Cody that the person who goes up on the block is leaving. Cody tells Jason that he wants a pledge from Jason to not put up the couples or Dominique. Jason said that he has his back to the wall, and he has to agree with Cody. Cody tells Jason that he is going to take out someone from his own side, and no one will see it coming.

Cody tells Jessica that he doesn't have her trust. Jessica says that she is trying to protect them. Cody then calls Jessica Alex. He screwed up, and it's obvious that he likes Alex more.

Time for the veto meeting. Alex takes herself off. Cody says that there's one common thread and Cody's replacement nominee is Paul. Everyone is shocked. At that point, the Pendant of Protection comes up. Paul is safe. That means that Paul cannot be nominated for the next three evictions. Cody tells Christmas that she got screwed, and she's on the block. Everyone seems shocked, but Cody said that he had to put a third of the house up already. Christmas says that she is going after Cody. I have to admit that I'm really liking Cody!!

Jessica and Cody make out

Sunday, July 2, 2017 -- Evening

Sunday Show
I can't wait for this show to find out what happened with Megan. She is saying she had PTSD and that the men were being mean to her. Obviously, Megan never watched Big Brother before.

The show started right after the nomination ceremony. Paul was shocked that he was not on the chopping block, and since Paul won three weeks of safety as a temptation, he won't be leaving any time soon. Megan said that Paul's speech hurt her because it was personal. Megan felt everyone was attacking her. She didn't think that anyone would be on her side. Josh encourages Jillian to not cry. He tells her that he cries every day in the house.
Have Not room
Meanwhile, Mark starts flirting with Elena. Cody is hot for Jessica. As he tells Matt about her American flag dress is her wrapped in freedom. We then get a bunch of showmance clips. Josh tells Mark and Dominique that he is having issues, and Dominique tells him he is being paranoid. Mark tells Josh that at least Josh will see his parents. Mark's parents are dead, so he won't go home to anyone. As Mark says, there are bigger things that this game in life.

Time for slop. Cody has to choose five for slop. Josh, Megan, Ramses, and Jillian are have nots, and they will be tempted. The first have not who goes into the diary room and asks for the key can unlock one of two boxes. One will take them off the have not; the other would extend have not for a week. Megan's attempt to get others in trouble backfires So in the backyard, Jessica is unhappy that Cody is talking with Alex, and calls her PowPow, after Paola from season 16. Paul tells Jessica that Megan is calle Jessica racist. Jessica went into the storage room and talked to Alex. Alex realizes that Jessica is telling the truth, and that Megan is trying to put a target on Alex's back. Jessica corners Megan over it, and Alex says that Megan told Alex that the comment was racist.

Megan goes into the Have Not room. Megan says now, noone trusts her. Megan is upset, and says it is so hurtful, when Megan is the one who lied. Megan then says she can't do this and self-evicts.

The others comment on long Megan has been in the diary room. Cody said that Megan cried when she was evicted. Paul gets pendadant of safety Then everyone was worried about the fact that three hours have passed, and Megan is still in the diary room. Ramses and Jillian go looking for her. Then Cody is called into the diary room, and he gathers everyone in the living room to tell them that Megan self-evicted. Kevin felt bad because he has young daughters. Then Cody says he has to nominate another person. Cody cannot believe that he will have the power to get rid of two people (Megan and someone else). Cody likes Alex, and he can't reveal that to the others.

Paul took the have not temptation. Paul goes for the orange box. and he wins and gets out of the have not room. Then everyone hears about the Den of Temptation. People voted for Paul to get it this week. So the good thing, Paul will not be able to get another temptation. They all have to go up one by one into what used to be the second HOH room. Then Paul goes in and gets three weeks of protection from evictions. If he takes the temptation, one of the others will be in trouble. Pauls selects a bottle which curses one of his housemates. Cody tries to get Alex on his alliance The house guests find out that the temptation has been accepted, and the consequence will be released in due time. Kevin says two people know he didn't take the temptation. Him and the person who got it. I'm starting to like Kevin.

Time for America's vote for the Den of Temptation. The second temptation is the Ring of Replacement.

Jason and Kevin are being good friends because they are the only married guys in the house. Jason says it's like watching bulls chasing the cow. Kevin does not believe that people would have sex in the house. I'm really liking Kevin. Cody and Alex talk while they exercise. Cody tries to find out if Alex would join his side. He has such respect for her. Alex tells Cody that if she were HOH, she would have to break up the showmances. Cody nominates Alex as the replacement nomination. Cody sounds teary-eyed as he tells Alex that they weren't on the same page. Cody says that he had to nominate Alex because she might win HOH and go for one of his alliance. Alex is pissed off because she realizes that she is a strong competitor, equal to Cody.

Josh cries

Friday, June 30, 2017 -- Afternoon

I was too tired last night, and I went to sleep before the Big Brother show. Imagine my shock when I got up this morning to see who won HOH, and found out that Megan had self-evicted. It seems she has been going around lying to both sides of the house to create drama, and it bit her in the butt. She got evicted, and then had some sort of breakdown. When the live feeds came on last night, she was already gone. We will have to wait until Sunday's show to find out what happens. Now for the update on last night's second episode.
BB18 Nicole in the house
Paul wanted Christmas out, and he couldn't believe that they didn't vote her out. Christmas said that now she knows only two people want her out, and she is out to get them. Then Josh has a breakdown; he's getting anxiety. He starts crying and is so tense. The girls talk about who voted for Jillian (Matt, Mark, and Cody) and Christmas (Jason and Josh). Every time Christmas is mentioned, we hear jingle bells. Megan is concerned that there is already and all male alliance. Meanwhile, Mark tells Jose to calm down. As Mark says, it will only get harder. Jose realizes that the girls and Ramses are forming an alliance. Meanwhile Megan says that the girls are forming an alliance. It's interesting, see that Megan has a collapse. Megan says she would go for Mark, Paul, or Cody. Alex, Megan, Jillian, and Ramses talk about getting out Paul and the guys.

HOH competition Christmas comforts Jose. Josh says that he was quick to judge her because she has a big heart. Christmas says that Jose is in for a long summer. Josh said that she needs to keep her eyes open. Both Christmas and Josh say they don't trust Christmas.

The doorbell rings and Nicole from last season comes in. Kevin does not know who Nicole is. Nicole says that she loves Paul, and she is rooting for him. Nicole is there to host the first HOH. She splits that guys and girls. They will be in teams of four: two men and two women. They choose by random draw.

The teams: Cody in the second phase They have to race across ropes one at a time and each has to retrieve a rotten apple. The first Two teams who get eight apples advance to the next round. If someone picks a golden apple, that person is safe for the week, but the team is eliminated. So no one on the team can be HOH. Kevin has to throw the HOH. Josh wants to go first for his team. Pink and orange first got a rotten apple. Josh does not feel that he is building relationships. He picks up a golden apple. Josh starts saying that he is going nowhere. Jillian said that he may not have been on anyone's radar, but he is now. Mark dislocated his finger as he was running. Cody decided to go faster so they could beat the other teams. Alex and Raven are having issues with the competition. Dominique realizes that she should have spent more time in the gym before the BB house. Pink team advances first. it's down to Orange and Blue. Mark wants HOH, so even though his finger is dislocated, he is going. Blue team is second. Ramses let his team down by not getting across the ropes first.

Josh confronts Megan Cody does not like Josh's selfish move and thinks that Josh is a coward. Josh tells Megan in front of everyone that Megan is a snake. Josh cries, and calls Megan a snake. The second part is to balance seven apples on a puzzle tree. They have to pick one person on the team to do the competition. Pink picks Cody, and Blue picks Paul. The winner will be HOH. All the apples have different weights. Cody is trying to be focued, and Pual is having issues balancing. Cody balances the apples and makes it across the ropes first and rings the bell.

Cody wants to be the one who divides the house, and he wants to see who is his friend and who is not. Paul is not going to talk with Cody because they shook hands before the second part to make sure that they were safe with each other. Josh calls Megan out for making sly remarks, and he does it in front of everyone because Megan has been telling everyone stories. Megan says that Josh is the jerk not her. Kevin tells Josh that Josh put a target on his back by taking the apple and yelling at Megan. Kevin says that when he goes home, he is not going to yell at his kids every again because the young kids are a mess in that house.
Paul rides Jason
Jason dresses Paul up in his western chaps, and Paul rides Jason like a bull. Meanwhile, while everyone laughs, Cody does not. Cody and Matt are bro. Cody believes that he, Mark, and Matt are on the same wave length. Cody is much smaller than Mark.

Josh goes to talk with Megan. He felt bad for the explosive argument with Megan. It was probably right since she did self-evict. Josh said that this is the first time he is away from his family, and he feels a disconnect. Megan said that she feels bad for Josh. She says that she forgives him, but she won't forget. Megan goes up to talk to Cody and gives him a spiel. Cody just stares at him. Megan says that she has zero connection or reaction from him. Dude alliance Cody just stared at her, and he said that he is not letting anything out. Megan said that she is an interrogator, and Cody is giving her nothing. Cody realizes that he needs a team, and is looking for people similar to him. Cody is trying to join with Christmas, Dominique, Elena, and Raven. The babes, and Jessica is very distracting to him because of her looks.

Cody talks to Mark about Alex, Megan, and Jillian being his targets. Cody wants to back door Paul. Mark wants to keep Paul because he thinks Paul is someone to work with. Mark tells Cody that he trusts Paul. Cody says that Paul played both sides.

Time for Cody's nominations. Cody is still on to backdooring Paul. Cody nominates Jillian and Megan. Cody says he nominated Megan because he just doesn't like her. He tells Jillian he nominated her because she is associated with Megan. Jillian is pissed for being on the block twice in a week. Megan claims that she is going to fight her butt off. HA!

First 8

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 -- Evening

Big Brother is Back, Baby!
Big Brother finally is starting. This is supposed to be the most tempting season ever according to Julie Chen. It's the Summer of Temptation. There will be a $25,000 money prize, a former houseguest might return, or someone might go out. We meet the houseguests, starting with Christmas. She is really ripped. Then we meet Jason, who is a rodeo clown and auctioneer. Alex is next. We find out how she likes to play video games. Then we meet the old man, Kevin. He looks like a mafia person. he plays up that fact. Doninque comes from DC, and she is a nuclear engineer. She is also very religious, and loves her some God. Next is Mark, who is a personal trainer. HIs favorite color is tinkle me pink. His parents died when he was a kid. Elena is up next, and she is annoying and a radio host (she claims). Ramses loves comic books and is gay. He is into cosplay. This is the first group of eight to go into the house. First into the house are Alex, Mark, Ramses, and Elena.

Second 8 Ramses is all excited about being in the house and meeting Julie Chen. Alex notices the apples and serpents. Then the next four enter the house. Mark is impressed with Christmas because she has so many muscles. Christmas says that she will take them all out one by one. Kevin notices how much older he is than everyone else, and he plans on being the father to the rest. Dominique thinks there will be a twist in the game.

Now it's time to met the rest. We meet Cody next. he was in the Air Force, and he's cute. He can get out of handcuffs with a bobby pin. Raven is next. She owns a dance studio, and she is part of a ghost hunting team. Josh is next. He's Cuban. He's a business man and hustler, and he says baby a lot. Then we meet Megan the dog walker. She was a Navy interrogator. Then we meet Cameron, who is a biker and nerdy. Jessica is next, and she has huge boobs. She plans on using her looks. She claims that she watched Big Brother with her dad. Matt is up next. He's into renovation. He has a massive six pack, and he has gray hair. He plans on using the gray hair to get the others to underestimate him. Jillian is next. She is into real estate. She had weight loss surgery.

First competition Now this eight gets to go into the house. Matt, Raven, Jillian, and Cameron go in first in this bunch. Christmas is into the silver fox, Matt. Raven dances in the diary room. The final four go in, and all 16 are now in the house. Cody is distracted by Jessica's smoking body--aka big boobs. Josh agrees that Jessica is smoking. Ramses has the vibe that more of the houseguests are super fans. Ramses confesses to Megan and Alex that he is a super fan.

The champagne comes out. Kevin talks first. He mentions he is from Boston and has seven kids. Josh says that Kevin looks like he's a super villain. Cameron mentions that he is a microbiologist, and Alex says that means he lives in his parents' basement. Matt thanks Christmas' and Jessica's parents for bringing them into the world. No one knows what cosplay is. Ramses has to explain it. The others are clueless. Dominique does not mention that she is a nuclear engineer. Mark really likes Elena. They have to put subtitles up for Alex because you can't understand her. All the women think Matt is a hottie!

Paul back in the house The houseguests will be tempted with money, safety, and power. The first temptation is next. The houseguests have to gather in the living room. Julie tells them it will be the biggest, wildest summer for them. Julie tells them all to go outside. They all have to climb into a pod. They are asked if they would like to get $25,000. The first person to push a buzzer when a light turns green. But there is a consequence. It will unleash something. It will be anonymous. Kevin quickly took the $25,000. The first twist has been unleashed and it has two consequences. The person who claimed the $25,000 cannot be the first HOH. He will have to throw it.

Everyone is trying to figure it out when the doorbell rings. It is Paul, back in the house. That was one of the rumors, that Paul was going back in. Paul is back in the house, but one of them will be going out since there are only 16 places at the table. It seems most of the people want to get rid of the vets because they tend to make it all the way to the end. Jillian, Megan, Alex, and Ramses seem to be a alliance. Julie confirms that Paul is back in the game. The pregame rumor is true. Julie tells them that Paul will take one of their places in the game, and one of them is going to be evicted. Now we are up for the second temptation. That is safety. To get safety, they have to tempt Paul.

Paul's sfe group stands while someone seated will be evicted Paul goes into a storage room and get a box. It has nine friendship bracelets. Paul has to hand out the other eight bracelets to people he chooses. The eight without bracelets will be up for eviction. So people start trying to temp Paul. Raven starts first. She seems annoying. Paul realizes that people are promising him loyalty, but that's not permanent. Dominique is too loud. Cody doesn't know how to talk to Paul. Mark offers to keep Paul safe. Paul knows what cosplay is, so Ramses might have connected. Josh goes in like Josea. Paul asks Josh if he would trust Paul if Josh doesn't get a bracelet.

Julie calls them into the living room. It's time to pass out the bracelets. He gives them to: Safety competition The remaining eight will compete for safety. Time for the safety competition. It's called Tempted by the Fruit. Three will be on the chopping block, and one will leave. They will have to go on the trapeze bar, and the bar will raise. Teh last person standing gets safety. If you fall, you have to pick an apple from snakes. Four are good, and three are poison. Julie will give clues to lead them to the safe apples. The first clue is that they are more likely to get a safe apple from a red snake than a yellow one. Jillian is out first after 3:29 minutes. She took an apple from a red snake. Megan is trembling, and she is out. Next clue is that one of the yellow apples is safe. Josh is down, and he picks a yellow apple. I don't like Josh. Cameron is out next. But then he can't remember a clue. He took an apple from a yellow snake. Clue 3: at least one of the yellow snakes has a safe apple. Christmas is down, and takes a yellow apple from a yellow snake. It's down to Cody, Matt, and Alex. 42 minutes have passed.

Cody tells Matt that Cody is solid, and Matt is down. It's down to Cody and Alex. Cody is starting to lose his grip. He tried psychology on Alex. Alex doesn't fall for it. Alex refuses to let go, but she falls. Cody is safe.

Three who are not safe Time to open the apples. Alex is safe. Matt is safe. Christmas is poisoned. Cameron is very nervous. he is also poisoned. Josh is safe. That sucks. I don't like him. Megan is safe, and Jillian is poisoned. Julie goes to commercial break telling us that another temptation might affect the game.

Now it is time for the third temptation. It's the temptation of power. It is only offered to Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian. They can choose how their fate is determined. They can have the houseguests choose, or they can battle for safety. The loser will be sent packing. The three will go to the diary room to vote. Jillian is first, and she chooses a vote because she can't beat Christmas. Cameron is up next. He wants a competition. Christmas is last, and she chooses to vote to see where she stands with her houseguests. The vote will take place shortly. Cameron is shocked that Christmas went for a vote.

Camercon is evicted Christmas tries to downplay that she is a competition beast. Jason thinks Christmas is a triple threat. Cody is not influenced by Jillian's weight loss struggle. Cameron does a strip to try to get Elena's and Jessica's votes. Cameron starts to cry because he thinks his dream is slipping out of his grasp.

It's time for the vote. Paul will only vote in case of a tie. We don't get to know how the people vote. Only two people voted against Christmas. She is safe. Cameron is evicted with a vote of 8-3. Cameron was only in the house for 12 hours. Tomorrow, we will have the first HOH competition. We find out that we will get to vote one person per week into the Den of Temptation. The fist will be a pendant of safety over the next three evictions. Once you get a temptation, you won't be eligible again.