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Winner of Big Brother 6: Maggie

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 -- Morning

Some news about Big Brother. House Calls had its last show last Monday, and I just watched the clip. Gretchen and Marcellas talked to Ivette, and Ivette still seems clueless about what a hypocrite she and the Maggots were. Marcellas kept on trying to explain to Ivette what a hypocrite she is and trying to explain how America viewed the Maggots and how mean they were to others. Ivette won't listen and I don't think that she will ever understand. That's her loss. In other news, James has a web site and so does Howie. Scott Long from Big Brother 5 had a small bit part in a stupid movie called The Scorned. It seems that the movie got some really bad reviews, but it shouldn't affect Scott very much because he only had a small bit part.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 -- Afternoon

If you are interested in being on Big Brother, applications are being accepted for next year's show. I know that I won't be applying because I can't imagine being stuck in a house with no escape with a group of drama queens and kings. It's more fun for me to watch the action than to be a part of the action.

Saturday, September 24, 2005 -- Evening

There were some interesting stories from someone who went to the Big Brother wrap party. It seems that the Maggots aren't talking to each other. This was bound to happen if one of them won because they were the sort of people who would have sour grapes and not be happy for a buddy. It was quite alot of fun to watch the Wednesday House Calls show because it was very obvious that there was tension between Maggie and Ivette. Check out the House Calls this coming Monday. Gretchen and Marcellas will be catching up with some of the houseguests over the next several weeks on Mondays to find out how they are doing and what they think of the experience since they have had a chance to watch the tapes.

Friday, September 23, 2005 -- Mid Afternoon

I finally got the chance to watch the episode of House Calls that had Maggie, Ivette, Janelle and James on it. It seems that they were trying to not to call Maggie and Ivette on some things (although Marcellas did try to bring up some things, and almost called it the "Fiendship" to their faces). Maggie was trying to cover for April and Jennifer when Ivette brings up the fact that some folks in their alliance did not like her. James and Janelle exchanged rolling eyes when Maggie was trying to boost the Maggots. Marcellas did call Ivette on the fact that she should have taken Janelle's offer to throw the game and let Janelle win. Ivette tries to defend herself, but she really was stupid and it still comes through. Maggie wears a sour puss throughout the show, especially when James makes comments about Eric. It was an interesting show, and I am thinking that the Maggots will not be friends outside of the show. Michael called into the show, and Maggie asked what people really thought of them outside the house, and Michael said that everyone really lovedhim, Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Rachel and Howie. I thought it was hiliarious. One thing of interest is that Maggie is saying that she is going to split some of her money with Eric. I didn't think that the contestants were allowed to do it because they signed a contract with CBS.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 -- Afternoon

I wasn't the only one who was disappointed in the Big Brother finale. I mean it came down to a vote for a Maggot. I think that Howie summed it up best by saying that they couldn't vote for one of America's choices, and that the only option was to chose from one of America's least favorite players. Granted the players created plenty of drama on their own, but it would have been nice to get some good secrets and more game stirring activities from Big Brother's end. I do have to admit that both April and Jennifer seemed upset at being called on the carpet for "America f***ing sucks" and lies that they perpetrated though the game. Since I'm back at work, I didn't get a chance to catch today's episode of House Calls, but I hope to watch it sometime this evening. Supposedly, Maggie, Ivette, James and Janelle are supposed to be on the show.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight was the final episode of Big Brother. We all know what that means. It comes down to either Maggie or Ivette winning the grand prize. The 80 days of Big Brother are over, and it is time for the live finale. The recap for this show covered the entire season. They mentioned the Summer of Secrets which didn't result in alot of secrets. Julie Chen was there with a live audience. The jury will be made up of Jennifer, Rachel, James, Beau, Howie, April, and Janelle. We see Maggie and Ivette hugging after Janelle left. Ivette said that her game plain was to be honest. She said that she was she was outspoken, blunt and loud. Maggie said that she made it this far in the game by the loyalty to the group of people that she chose. We see her just keeping quite instead of giving her opinion. Maggie claims that she likes the spotlight and isn't the quiet sort of person and her family and friends would be shocked. Maggie claims that she didn't break the trust of anyone she cared about in the game. Ivette says her family is everything. We then go to the jury house to see the arrival of Janelle. James said that he would like the final winner to be the person who played the game the best, not the one that kissed the most ass. As he was arguing with everyone, Janelle appeared. She hugs everyone, and tells them that Ivette won HOH and that Janelle made Ivette an offer to take her to the final and win the big prize, but that Ivette gave up her the final prize. James gets really angry and says that she remained true to her friends while kicking her family in the ass. Beau tried to stick up for stupid Ivette, but James said it best by saying that she chose a friend that she knew for nine weeks over a family that she had for 25 years. April says that if it came to two of the Maggots and one of the others, that if the Maggot chose the other then none of the Maggots would vote for her. Beau said that it would be playing dirty to do that, and they wouldn't honor it. Janelle says that it shows that Ivette had integrity though, and Howie said that Ivette didn't play with integrity thoughout the game, why do it at the final part? Janelle said that Ivette wasn't as bad with integrity. James says no one played with integrity. Janelle said that she would want the person who wins to be a person who won the game and didn't hang in the shadows. Rachel said that Ivette is a big piece of trash in the game in her eyes. Beau said that was Rachel's opinion, and she said that she is entitled to it. Janelle seems to be really anti-Maggie. April said that she thought that Maggie was going to be carried by the others so why should she compete. Beau said that Maggie wanted to fly under the radar. Rachel agrees and thought it was strategy. James thinks that it was good that Ivette was able to beat Janelle. Janelle says that Maggie always pointed the finger of blame at the other players instead of at herself. James asks if Maggie kept the Maggots around because the more she kept the Maggots together because she cared about them, or because by keeping them together made the others targets. Beau asks if James thought that Maggie got others to do her dirty work and James said that she did and that was why everyone was sitting there. James tells them that she set them up. April asks if they really think that Maggie was manipulating them, and then says that they all knew that Maggie was manipulating them. Janelle said "why didn't you get rid of the bitch, and April says because she liked Maggie. James grabs his head in disbelief and disgust. April thinks that Maggie deserved to be at the end. Rachel thinks that Maggie was a strong competitor and said that she deserves to win. James said that it should be the person who played the best. They all admit that they have alot of thinking to do to see who gets the $500,000 prize. Second prize is $50,000 which I had erroneous thought was $250,000 earlier. Geeze, Ivette was really dumb!

After the break, we see each member of the jury ask one final question and have the finalists make a plea. Maggie calls James best friend. James asks Maggie what definitive moment she thinks got her to the final. Maggie says that it is because of all her team members. Rachel asks Ivette why she shouldn't vote for Maggie. Ivette says that she can't give one because Maggie has played the game as hard as any of them has played the game, and she could never tell someone not to vote for her. Howie asks Ivette if she did play the game with integrity. Ivette says that she did not lie in the game and that she was honest and in fact sometimes too honest for some people. Janelle asks Ivette that throughout the game she was playing for her family, but that didn't she think by last night's decision (to chose Maggie over Janelle) that she made a $450,000 mistake and why she did it. Ivette said that chosing Janelle would have caused her to break a promise and lose the $450,000 anyway. Janelle then says to Maggie that she hasn't made alot of plays in the game, and why she deserved the money over Ivette. Maggie says that she tried to be a competitive player but that she did not need the spotlight and didn't want anyone to think she wasn't a strategic or strong player. Then Beau asks Maggie what her strategy was when Eric left the house. Maggie says to not get evicted. Maggie says that's when she formed the Maggots. April asked Ivette if she was throwing the competitons because she didn't win until the final few folks were in the house or if there were just stronger competitors in the house. Ivette said that she knew the other side wanted her and that she was nervous and that her only safety was in one of the Maggots getting HOH> Jennifer asks Maggie who was the one person who brought up Kaysar's name as a nomination. Ivette says that she doesn't mind taking the blame and that she thinks it was her and Beau. Maggie says that she couldn't display what sort of player and strategist she was. Maggie said that she tried to blend in and maintain a competitive edge, and to lose at some competitions or to let others take a bigger role. Maggie thinks that she deserves to be there because she gave 110% of herself to be there. Then Ivette speaks and says that it is hard to say that she deserves the money more, but that she deserves it because she played Ivette. She also says that there were others who were causualties but the she offered herself up in the past. Ivette says that she is so grateful to be there. It is over, and Maggie tells Ivette that she wants a hug. James says that he is wavering towards Ivette because she did what she did for her friends while Maggie did it for herself. April says that one played as an open book and the other as a closed book. April says that both worked. Janelle said that it is tough for her because she thought that Ivette was a stronger competitior than Maggie. Jennifer says that she found out some things about Maggie that shocked her, and that she has thinks against Ivette and that it is 50-50 now. We then see Maggie and Ivette talking where Ivette says that she is confused, and Maggie says that she doesn't think they (the jury) like either of them. The jury is then brought out to sit in front of the live audience. The screams were extremely loud for Janelle, as she came prancing out like the blonde bombshell that she is.

Another break down. It is now time for the jury to vote. Each jury member has a bag with a key for each of the remaining two. They are going to be called up one by one, insert the key for the player that they want, and then to make one final statement. Beau is first. He says that he is proud of them. He says that he has amazing memories with Maggie and that he has grown closer to Ivette. April is next. She says it was a long road for all of them, and that it feels great to see the wonderful people and fans and that they will see family. She says that it is a hard decision and that she really likes them both. James is next. He says that they did an outstanding job and thanks them for putting up with him. He said that he had his say throughout the season. Rachel is next. She says that the person she is voting for is the person who has been the most complete player, personally and competitively. Janelle is next. She congratulates them and says that her decision was so 50-50, and whether she should choose the better player or to base it on personal decisions. Jennifer is next. She says that she loves Maggie and wishes Ivette luck and says both played a good game. Howie is last (because he is star of the show according to Julie). He says that he loves them both and they played a great game. He also says that he can't vote for America's number one Choices--Kaysar or Janie. That he is stuck voting for America's last choices. He then says "don't hate the houseguests, hate the game". Both try to smile. Howie is sweating alot, and Julie tells him to take a deep breath. The votes are final. Ivette looks upset probably because of the comment Howie made about America's last choices.

Commercials are over. The first five evicted houseguests are brought back. This will be the first time the jurors will hear more details about the show. They bring out Ashlea, Michael, Eric, Sarah, and Kaysar. Julie starts with Sarah and asks Sarah what was the one thing she wished James was aware of. She said that the loyalty that Rachel, Janelle and Howie had towards them. That she loved them all. James is speechless and says that in the end everyone had to go home in the end. Julie then asked Eric the same question. Eric thinks that Maggie played the game better than anyone that he has ever seen because she never gave anyone any indication of which way she thought or favored. Eric thinks that Maggie had everyone figured out and that she was that good. Julie then asked Michael about the claims of his supposed bad behavior, and wants to know what he has to say to his accusers. Michael said that he got great feedback from people who saw the live feeds and that was it. We then get to revisit Howie being mean to April. Howie said it was scripted for television. Howie says that he apologizes to April. April says that you love to hate him and hate to love him and that she was roommates with Howie in the jury house. We then hear April calling America pieces of shit on phone call. Then April was more evil with the second Janelle America's Choice win. April says she really doesn't think that America is a piece of shit and that she is sorry to America and Janelle. Julie then tells them that America gave Kaysar 82% of the vote. Julie asks Kaysar what he has to say to Jennifer and he tells her next time to think for herself. Jennifer looks teary eyed and says that she did think for herself. Eric said that Kaysar supposedly swore on his life and didn't like a taste of his own medicine. Everyone started booing Eric and Julie said that they would move on. We move on to Sarah and James. They get to give each other a hug. James looked very emotional and teary eyed.

It is now time to find out who has won. Beau's vote goes to Ivette. April's vote goes to Maggie. James' voted for Ivette. Rachel voted for Maggie. Janelle voted for Ivette. Jennifer voted for Maggie. It is now down to Howie's vote and it goes to Maggie who is the winner. Ivette did screw her family, and she looks close to tears while Maggie is all smiles. It sucks that the head Maggot won. We have to see ugly, midget Eric hugging Maggie and then Ivette. All the houseguests go around hugging,and Ivette looks really upset. She sold out her family for a friend. The families of both are there, and they hug and cry.

The final moments. Maggie says that she feels awesome and that she has lots of gifts to buy, a house, pets to take care of, taxes to pay. Julie reminds Ivette that she goes home with $50,000. And so the season ends.

Monday, September 19, 2005 -- Evening

The 2005 Golden Gasms from TVGasms has been released and Big Brother won a few of the awards. For Best Rivalry, the winner was Janelle and the Maggots. Most Annoying Female was Ivette. Julie Chen tied for Best Hostess. Kaysar, of course, was the Best Reality Star, Male. Janelle was the hands down winner of Best Reality Star, Female. Finally, Big Brother won the Best Television Series, Unscripted. This past season has been a good one with alot of drama. The only part that has not been as enjoyable has been the ending since it has boiled down to two Maggots competing for the final prize.

Monday, September 19, 2005 -- Afternoon

I am back to work, hence the lack of blogging today. I will have to wait until I get home to check out the archives of House Calls. Today's episode will be a bittersweet one for all of Janelle's fans because she will be interviewed as the final houseguest who was evicted from the Big Brother house. Check it out if you get a chance because I'm sure that it will be a great episode.

Sunday, September 18, 2005 -- Late Morning

On the Big Brother front, it appears that Ivette and Maggie were asked some questions via video connection by their former housemates in the jury. It seems that the questions really got to them because it appears that all of the jurors, with the exception of Beau, really seemed to have the knives in for them. For example, James alluded to the fact that Maggie used her Maggots to do the dirty work for her so she remained in the background, and that enabled her to ensure her place in the final two. James also asked Ivette that if she is correct that her family comes first that she chose someone for the final two that put her family second. You have to love James for saying it like it is and for seeing these folks for what they are. Also, Jennifer asked Maggie whose idea it really was to put up Kaysar. Then Rachel followed up by saying that they knew it wasn't Maggie--implying that it was Ivette. Another good part was Janelle saying that Maggie looked shocked as always--implying that Maggie wasn't a very good game player. Maggie seemed to be really upset that no one realized that she was a great strategizer and player of the game--it seemed that no one congratulated her on her play as they did with Ivette. I think that Maggie's strategy was to use other people to get far, and she did that well. It's just that using people tends to come back to bite you in the butt.

Some folks who have been watching the live feeds and know that Ivette has said some really racist remarks (too numerous to enumerate) about others in the house and about folks in general, wonder why Arnold Shapiro (the executive producer of the show) hasn't allowed the remarks on the television show. The idea is that by not showing the comments that Ivette makes that a more favorable image of her has been propagated. Shapiro's comments are that he doesn't want to have such remarks on the show because he doesn't like the remarks, and that folks who have the live feeds (and access to the commentary of the live feeds on the Internet) know what a racist pig Ivette has been. I suppose that I can see the point that the television show is meant for a more general/family audience while the live feeds have a disclaimer on them that the viewer may see offensive material. Also there is the concern that if a wider audience heard the remarks, there might be some people who would do something to Ivette when she comes out of the house. It doesn't matter if the remarks made the national air. The remarks were made, and all the viewers of the live feeds and readers of online commentaries know they were said. So we know that Ivette is a racist pig. The other thing that I have take issue with is that Ivette just wasn't making these comments to air. She was making it to other Maggots. They NEVER said anything to her about the offensiveness of her remarks. From that and from the frequency with which Ivette made the remarks to her fellow Maggots, I have to say that the other Maggots are equally guilty. I find the Maggots offensive people, at least in the house, and find it sad that two of them made it to the finals.

Friday, September 16, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight was the final HOH and eviction episode on Big Brother--Day 76 in the house. The show started with the usual recap since Howie was evicted. The recap ends with the HOH competition from Tuesday night. Maggie admitted that the HOH safe competition got more complicated when the dial started moving. Janelle tells us that the speed of movement changed up so it would go slow and then fast. Maggie says as they are walking that it is an honor to be next to the other two, and they both agree. Ivette said there was no talking and she was busy praying. The dial was really moving fast, and they were sweating and Janelle says that her back was hurting. Meanwhile Ivette said that it was horrible having to send April home. We see after April leaves Janelle says "final three" and then tries to touch Maggie's hand, but Maggie said that she was sad. Then we see Maggie and Ivette hugging while Maggie admits that she is going to miss April. Back to the dial game, and Janelle almost falls off and says that the game is hard. Then Janelle tells the others that she is not going to be able to make it. Ivette tells her to keep on trying though. As Ivette explains in the DR, she knows that America thinks that she is evil, but she really isn't. No, she isn't evil. Janelle fell off after three hours and 45 minutes. Janelle said in DR that she didn't feel good about losing HOH and hopes she didn't let down her family. Maggie and Ivette thought that the first part of the competition was endurance and the other was memory. Ivette was trying to explain to Maggie that she really wanted to win the HOH competition. As she tried to explain, if Ivette wins, she is taking Maggie and if Janelle wins, she is taking Maggie. So Ivette is just trying to safeguard herself by giving herself a shot at winning. Maggie did not like the conversation because she did not have any inclination the Janelle would take her to the final. Maggie then falls off, she says because she lost focus because of the conversation about Janelle taking her to the final. Ivette stops instantly, and says "you didn't fall". Ivette thinks that Maggie gave her the competition. Janelle comes running out and congratulates Ivette. Janelle said that she saw a look of fear on Ivette's face. Ivette got the combo to the last gold safe and finds out that the prize is in the backyard. It was a pair of Vespa scooters. Everyone was so excited. Janelle said that she really wanted one of them so bad. hehehehe!

After the break, we have the second competition with Maggie and Janelle. They go outside and there is a platform that is shaped like a giant padlock and there are keys hanging near by. Ivette hosts. In front of each is a giant padlock. They have to remove covers on the top that reveal eight clues. Once they have the answer to the clue, they put that number on the combination clue. Once they think they have it, they run to the other side and pull on the loop. The loop only opens when the combo is correct. When it opens it releases a key. The first houseguest to put the key on the post wins the HOH competition. Janelle says that she is going to try very hard because she wants to go head to head against Ivette. Ivette was not allowed to stay outside, and had to go inside and as she said, have panic attacks. The first clue was number of women in the pressure cooker. (6) Second was number of vetos not used. (4) Janelle was doing two clues at a time while Maggie was only doing one at a time. Third was number of pairs in the house the day before Eric was evicted. (5) Fourth was number of players who have won veto twice in a row. (1) Fifth was number of menu items from snack shack from hell. (9) Sixth was number of votes to keep Rachel in the house when she was evicted. (0) Seventh was number of houseguests who have won HOH and veto in the same week. (3) Eighth was number of different houseguests who have won the power of veto (7). As we are hearing the clues, we see Maggie and Janelle talking about the clues and how sure they were of the answers. Sometimes they were sure and they were right, and sometimes they were wrong. Maggie tried the lock first and it didn't open. Maggie couldn't figure out which answer she was getting right. It came down to both Maggie and Janelle having three answers wrong. Janelle and Maggie were both down to one item wrong. The two questions they had wrong were the Snack Shack from Hell for Janelle and Votes for Rachel that Maggie had wrong. Janelle got it first and won. Ivette comes out and congratulates Janelle. Maggie would prefer Ivette to win because she would pick her. When they go back into the house, they see that the dining room table now has a center that is filled with money. Janelle screams and reads the note. "Congratulations final three houseguests on making it this far in the game. As one of you will be taking home the $500,000 grand prize, we wanted you to see how much money that actually is. Best of luck to each of you. Big Brother". Maggie said it was to remind them that they would be winning alot of money. I think that the point was to remind them to play for the money and not for fake things like supposed friendships. After some time, we see Maggie going outside and Janelle and Ivette sitting inside and playing chess. Janelle asks Ivette if she is thinking of winning the game at all. Ivette says that is her goal. Janelle then asks her if she thinks that she can beat Maggie. This is a good question because Ivette can't beat Maggie and should realize that. Ivette realizes that she can't. Ivette says that it is a bond with Maggie though. Janelle says that Ivette has a choice of whether to have money or to have friends. Janelle says that she is going to pick Ivette. Ivette says that if she won the money it would be great for her family. Janelle then reminds Ivette that if she picks Maggie Ivette is dooming herself to second place and not first and that is a fact. Ivette is stupid though and will screw herself out of supposedly loyalty. We go to the living room to talk to the final three houseguests. Julie asks out of all the former houseguests who she misses the most, and Janelle replies Michael. and grins. Julie thought that she would say Howie to which Janelle replies that she saw Howie recently, but hasn't seen Michael in a long while. Janelle is asked who she misses the least, and she says Eric and says it's because they didn't get along very well and didn't see eye to eye. Maggie says that she misses Eric the most. Maggie said it is because he is an awesome person and a great friend, a true leader. (a true smuck.) Maggie misses James the least because Maggie said that he was mean all the time. Ivette says that she misses Eric the most and didn't get to know more about him. The least for Ivette is Ashlea. We are going to find out after the break what Ashlea, Michael, Eric, Sarah and Kaysar have been doing.

After the break, we see Ashlea, and she thinks that people didn't get to know her. Ashlea said that the first episode she saw was Janelle and Michael kissing the "spider man kiss" where Michael kissed Janelle upside down. Ashlea said that if this is what Janelle wants she will be supportive of her, but if Michael breaks her heart, Ashlea will break his ass. Then we see Michael and Kaysar. Michael has freaky spiked hair. On a web site poll we hear that 69% of the voters think that Kaysar is hotter than Michael. Michael comments that folks have asked him how he could become so involved with someone in only two weeks. As he explains the situation was very intense. Michael says that he would like to see where it will go. Kaysar is grateful for what has happened, and even made an appearance on The Young and the Restless. Then we see the vote to put Kaysar back into the house. (Side by side with Kaysar, you can see what a midget Eric is--and he was shocked.) Kaysar was shocked that 80% of the public sent him back into the house. Eric claims to not be disappointed at all to not get back into the house. Eric says that now he is only known by Cappy at work. Eric claims that Ivette is everything that he is and that they both are very emotional, and he believes that is why they clicked together. Eric claims to not regret anything he did in the house, and like him or hate him that's how he is. I can understand that, and I choose to hate him. I can't stand those short men with Napoleon complexes. Finally we move on to Sarah. She went back to Chicago and spent time with her family. Sarah can't wait to talk to James and thinks that the show had a positive impact on their relationship. Sarah is rooting for Janelle to make it to the final two, and is hoping that James would do the right thing and vote for Janelle. Then we hear again from Eric. Eric thinks that the two opposite people in the house are Maggie and Janelle. Eric thinks that Maggie has kept her eyes on the prize. She has too, and has been quite skillful at manipulating the Maggots. Kaysar thinks that Ivette can win the whole thing. Michael and Kaysar both hope thought that Janelle will win. The final image is Sarah holding a pink t-shirt that says "Bye Bye Bitches". Which is a Janelle quote.

Break is over. It is now time for the final HOH competition. The winner must evict someone immediately. Ivette and Janelle are sitting side by side. Maggie is sitting in the dining room but Ivette and Janelle can't see her. Julie is going to read the beginning of a statement made by a houseguests at the jury house (so it is only those who made the jury). They are then given two choices of possible endings. For each correct answer they get one point. The one with the most points at the end of six questions wins. First: Howie said the most annoying thing about living at the Big Brother house was (a)hearing people say they wanted to leave (b) the girl scout troup. Answer: A. Ivette got it right. Second: Rachel said the most shocking moment in the house was (a)the fight between Michael and Eric or (b)the fight between Howie and April. Answer: A and both got it wrong. Third: Beau said if I had to spend a romantic evening with a houseguest I'd choose (a)Howie or (b)Michael. Answer: B. Now one got it right. Fourth: James said the hottest guy in the house was (a)Kaysar or (b)himself. Answer: A. Ivette got it right. Fifth: Jennifer said the biggest mistake I made in the house was (a)backdooring Kaysar or (b)not sticking up for Michael. Answer: B. Janelle got it right. Sixth: April said the houseguest who deserved to win the America's Choice phone call was (a)Ivette or (b)April. Answer: B. Janelle got it right. Ivette and Janelle both have two points and are tied. They grab their chalkboards. The answer is a number. Who ever is closest without going over wins. If both go over the one who is closest wins. What is the combined total of all votes cast to evict this season? Answer: 74. Both said 66 and it was another tie. How many hours have you lived in the Big Brother house from the night you entered until 5 pm this evening? Janelle said 1900 and Ivette said 1875. Answer is 1797. Ivette won. Ivette goes off to hug Maggie who swings her legs around Ivette and shows us butt crack. Maggie has a really flabby shaky ass. Maggie is so shocked. Ivette is reassuring Janelle that she was awesome. Julie reminds Ivette that she is guaranteed at least second prize, but that she now has to evict someone remembering that she is picking who will compete against her for the grand prize. Ivette is going to do the stupid thing and pick Maggie. I feel it in my bones because Ivette has been consistently stupid throughout the game.

We have to wait until after the break to learn Ivette's decision. Janelle and Maggie are sitting in the eviction seats. Ivette stands and gets a brief word. Ivette says that "you know what's coming. Besides being a beautiful woman, you are an amazing player, and have given me a total run for my money but I have to evict you Janelle because I have a promise to keep, but I want you to know that I think you are amazing". Janelle says that she knows, she knows. Janelle says she can't wait to see the others, and Ivette says that she is voting Janelle into the Big Brother All Stars. Janelle comes out to speak to Julie. Inside the house, Ivette and Maggie are hugging and carrying on because they both get money. Ivette will get the second prize unless the houseguests surprise me. Janelle said that she knew that Ivette would evict her. Janelle also didn't think she would make it that far. Janelle thinks that it was a poor decision on Ivette's part to pick Maggie because there's no way that Ivette can beat Maggie, but that Ivette is the type of person who doesn't want to break a promise. Julie said that Ivette made no secret that she really needed the money and wants to know if Janelle thinks that Ivette chose friendship over money. Janelle said that Ivette did. Julie asks what that says about Ivette's character and Janelle says that Ivette is a good person. Julie said that she thought Janelle and Ivette were arch enemies. Janelle says that they were and that she couldn't even stand the sight of Ivette, but she got to know her better and think that she's a nice person. Janelle said that she would do so many things over and said that maybe she wouldn't have told so many people that she didn't like them. Now it is time for the good-bye messages. Maggie said that so much of the time she listened to people in the house who said that Janelle hated her. Maggie said that she should have addressed the issue with Janelle instead of just believing others. Maggie said that she has changed her mind on alot of things and admits she was wrong. Janelle says Okay. Then Ivette. Boy, did they give each other a run for their money. Ivette respects Janelle so much as a player and says that they were both very determined in this game. Ivette said it was good competition and it was fun, Ivette said that Janelle did amazing and should be proud. Janelle said that she is happy that Ivette won. Janelle said that she wants to change her decision after tonight and thinks that Ivette is a good person. Then Janelle tells Julie she doesn't know--and Janelle seems teary eyed. I do like Janelle. Janelle will be on House Calls via phone on Monday.

We go to break and come back to Maggie and Ivette in the house. Ivette says that she just won her family $50,000 dollars and is so thrilled. Maggie says $500,000. Maggie said it's an awesome feeling and great. Both are really happy. I would have loved to see the reaction of one of them if she was sitting beside Janelle. The final vote will be on Tuesday.

Friday, September 16, 2005 -- Early Afternoon

I just finished watching House Calls and found out why Kaysar was on the show. It appears that Kaysar finally posted something on the Revenge of the Houseguests Blog, and Marcellas took exception to it. Marcellas did not like the comment that Kaysar made about Maggie: "represent those in our society who sit around quietly and watch the good people of this world go down in flames. And when the dust begins to settle you feast on what’s left." (quoted from Kaysar's blog bit) Marcellas thinks that it is just a game, and you can't judge Maggie's character outside of the game because of how she played the game. That is true, but at the same time, it is hypocritical of Marcellas because he has judged others based on how they play the game. I guess that each of us rethinks things that we have said in the past, or when someone else says something realize how wrong they and we are. Personally, I still dislike Ivette. I don't care that it's just a game. I found out from the Housecalls show that something interesting happened last night between Ivette and Janelle. It seems that Maggie has not been leaving Ivette's side because she is afraid that Janelle would approach Ivette to make a deal. Well, Maggie got called away to the DR, and Janelle seized the opportunity and talked to Ivette. Janelle told Ivette to throw the HOH competition and Janelle would take Ivette to the final two. Janelle told Ivette that Ivette didn't stand a chance to win against Maggie but did stand a chance against Janelle. Ivette agreed and seemed to be thinking about it. Then Maggie comes out of DR, and grabs Ivette to find out what happened while she was in the DR. Ivette told her the whole thing! What a blithering idiot! I hope that I am never that stupid in life! Ivette should have kept her big trap shut and just let Janelle win. It seems that Maggie keeps on telling Ivette that Ivette should do what Cappy would want and what would make Cappy proud. Bullshit! Maggie just wants to win and is pulling the Cappy card to play mind games with Ivette. I just hope that Ivette wakes up, smells the flowers and realize they stink. Then she needs to throw the competition OR evict Maggie and take Janelle with her. It's Ivette's only shot.


Friday, September 16, 2005 -- Morning

Make sure to watch House Calls today at 1 pm EDT. Kaysar will be joining Gretchen and Marcellas via phone. You can watch the show by going to the main Big Brother page. Also, tonight will be the final HOH competition and eviction of one of the houseguests. Who will be HOH? Ivette or Janelle? Watch tonight at 8 pm to find out!

Thursday, September 15, 2005 -- Afternoon

While watching the live feeds of Big Brother, you can hear loud sounds of construction. I would imagine that the crew is building stands for the viewers who will be attending the live finale next Tuesday. Maggie is in alot of pain, and seems to be having alot of trouble moving around. It seems the second HOH competition must have been rough. Janelle is probably just as sore, and I hope that this does not affect her competition with Ivette on Friday. Ivette is telling Maggie that she has a feeling that she is going home and that she is okay with it. Maggie says no. I really do wonder who Janelle would pick if she won. I know that Ivette would be stupid enough to pick Maggie when that would doom Ivette to second place.

Thursday, September 15, 2005 -- Morning

I was out of it for a good portion of yesterday due to a bad headache, so I had to catch up with my daily dose of Big Brother by reading Joker's Updates. It seems that Janelle has won the second competition! I am really rooting for her to win the competition against Ivette because I really do not like Ivette at all! The question that I wonder about now is who should Janelle pick if she wins HOH? I think that Janelle stands a better chance to win against Ivette than Maggie because I don't think that April will vote for Ivette. However, you really can't tell with the Maggots. I would have to say that my inclination at this point is to go for Maggie so Ivette gets no money at all. Janelle might get second place, but that's not chump change.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 -- Early Morning

The first competition is over and Ivette is the winner. It seems that Janelle fell off of the dial after four hours. Ivette and Maggie were discussing who would fight against Janelle in the next competition when Maggie fell off of the dial. Ivette was then given the combination to the last safe and when she opened it, she was informed that her prize was outside in the backyard. The prize? Two motor scooters. No word yet on when the second competition will be, but I am assuming it will be today and that the final will be tomorrow. The last houseguest to be evicted will then be booted on Friday evening at 8 pm.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother. The next episode will not be broadcast until Saturday, and the finale will be next Tuesday. The show, of course, started with the usual recap of events. It's day 73 in the Big Brother house. Ivette said that she knew that she and Maggie would be nominated. Ivette asked Maggie if she thought Janelle said meant the bit about Ivette being a strong player, and Maggie said yes. Ivette says reality is that Janelle would not put up April. Ivette tells Maggie that the two of them played the game the same way. Ivette is now saying that the closer she gets, the more she has to play for the money. Ivette is worried about the whole conversation between Janelle and April. Ivette thinks that April is doing things that she said she wouldn't for money. She calls April a manipulator. Maggie says that what she does with Ivette and April is to say a listener and not give opinions. Meanwhile April tells Maggie not to fight for the veto so it can be a fight between her and Ivette. Maggie tells Ivette that April said she would take Maggie. Ivette says that's not cool. Maggie reminds Ivette that Ivette has told Maggie the same thing. Ivette says "I haven't lately". The look on Maggie's face makes her realize that the Maggots will turn on each other. Meanwhile back at the Jury house, Howie is arriving. Rachel says that since Beau and James arrived, it has been a division again. Rachel dreaded it being Howie. Howie first thanks James for the lucky underwear. Howie said that it looks wonderful there. They all have a drink of champagne and then watch the video of the show. Rachel made a comment about Maggie not really knowing the tie breaker question in the HOH competition. James replies that Maggie is throwing the game and Beau gives him this look of "bitch". But James is right. Maggie threw the game. James said that Ivette must have been disappointed to know that Maggie had no faith in Ivette. Then Rachel makes a comment about Ivette being jealous of Janelle. Jennifer gives her a look and comments in a DR that everyone is really hating each other in the jury house.

After the break, we find out about the power of veto competition. There is a table with faces in four different sections and circles and buzzers. The competition is the Missing Link. They each have an identical chain of covered clues. They pull up the cover of each clue and have to place the face of the houseguests on both sides. They have to completely fill out the chain, then hit the buzzer. If it is wrong, they have to redo it. The first person to finish wins. The person's face had to match both clues on other side of them. April knew that it was going to be difficult because there were multiple answers to the questions. Janelle knew that it would be an advanced game that April would not do well at. Maggie kept on hitting the button every thirty seconds. Ivette knew that Janelle was going to be working it. April was really struggling. Janelle had eight faces right. Then Ivette got it, and started freaking out. She started screaming and running around and pounding the ground. Maggie was happy for Ivette and sad for herself for not doing better. Ivette starts screaming out about being in the final three, and April thought it was really rude and started crying. April and Maggie are in the exercise room. Then Ivette comes in to the room, and says that she is sorry if Maggie and April are mad. April explains that she thought Ivette was rude with her screaming knowing that one of them was leaving. Ivette thought she should be jumping up with joy because she saved her ass. April tries to explain that she would not have done that because it was going to be hard on the other two. Ivette said that she would give them alone time. Then April said, Ivette is always right, so there's nothing you can say. April goes to the HOH room and Janelle follows her to comfort her. Janelle agreed that Ivette should have been more composed for April's feelings. Janelle said that she was concerned for April because it was strategy and getting a vote. April said that everyone needs the money, and she is not going to vote for Ivette because she needs the money. Ivette has been going on about getting all the money now. April said that if Ivette picks Janelle, she would vote for Janelle. So Janelle wants Ivette at the end with her. April and Ivette talk in the HOH room. Ivette says that April doesn't know what it is like to have your ass on the line. April says that Ivette should have been less rude. Ivette tells April that April should have realized how it would feel to Ivette hearing that April didn't want Maggie to fight for the veto.

Break is over. Ivette says that the only thing good about the veto was saving yourself. Ivette won it for her family. She calls everyone into the living room. Ivette says that she has been very misunderstood in the game and winning the veto has brought out the ugly side of some people. Ivette says that she is using the veto to save herself. Janelle then has to put April up for nomination and says that she is sorry. Maggie and April grasp hands. Ivette is acting very bitter. We see Ivette just sitting outside and looking. Ivette says that her family would never forgive her if she didn't use it. April tries to explain her reaction and how she has been thinking of the game. April says that she knows Ivette would get mad, but April felt that she made alot of decisions by listening to Ivette. Ivette says to Maggie that she knew that April was going to blame her. April says that she felt that she made decisions based on information from Ivette. Janelle comes down for the HOH room and looks outside to see Ivette screaming at April. April says that Ivette never listens to her. Ivette says that if April won the veto, she would not be going through this epiphany. April says that she hasn't been enjoying the past few weeks. April says that hanging around Ivette hasn't been making her feel good lately. Ivette continues to scream at her, and says that she liked April and that is why she hung around her. Maggie just watches speechlessly. Ivette yells and won't let April talk. Ivette then tells April that if she wanted the veto, April could shove it up her ass. April said that she made alot of decisions because Ivette didn't like Kaysar or Janelle. Ivette says that she and April would not be friends outside of the house. Ivette then goes to cry. It was a great fight, with Ivette just screaming and talking over April because that's how Ivette is. Julie comments on the friendship turning on each other, and we join Janelle in the HOH. Janelle said that she made it that far by playing the best game that she could to move herself forward each week. Janelle said that she definitely did cause a huge fight between April and Ivette. She wanted the Maggots to turn on each other and succeeded. April is going to go back to the jury house and tell everyone how Ivette treated her. Now Julie is giving Janelle a houseguests name and wants the first word that comes to Janelle's mind. Maggie: quiet. Ivette: loud, April: talkative. Janelle is very giggly and pleasant.

After the break, we get to find out who Ivette is sending home, like it is any secret. Ivette is looking like a bitch as she sits there on the couch. It is time for Ivette's decision. Both Maggie and April get to speak. Maggie says that there is no good reason for one to stay over the other and that all four have been playing the game and all deserve to be there and everyone is an incredible person. April says that she is happy to be where she is at. April said that she would never campaign against Maggie and wishes everyone luck. I thought that Maggie gave a really nice speech. Ivette now casts her vote and says that each has played a part in where she is at. Ivette is close to tears and says that she would not wish this on her worst enemy. She evicts April and says that she is so sorry and then Ivette starts crying crocodile tears. Everyone gives April a hug. April says good bye to the fish and tells everyone that she loves them. I think that Ivette was trying to win over April's vote, but I don't think that she will get it. Then April trips coming down the steps. Classic April! Ivette stops crying instantly and brushes away the crocodile tears. Maggie is crying too. Julie asks about their closeness. April thinks that Ivette's choice was strategic and personal. April believes that Ivette and Maggie are closer friends, and that she and Ivette butted heads. April said that she took things too seriously in the house and should have had more fun. April is blaming everything on the house. April thought that Ivette was sweet, and that April apologized for the past few days. Julie asks about Ivette influencing April. April says that she wouldn't blame her actions on Ivette, but listening over and over and over to things that April did things that she normally wouldn't do. Now the good-bye messages. Janelle said that she enjoys April's company and is glad that she talked to April. Ivette said that she is sorry that she brought out the worst in April and made her do things she wouldn't do that Ivette is confused about. Maggie said they wouldn't be sad and they would remember the laughter and the good times. Maggie said she fell in love with April the first day. April gets teary eyed and said that she thinks they all deserve the money. Surprisingly, Maggie was quite mature and nice today in all of her speeches. I won't be rooting for her. My choice at this point for final two are Janelle and Ivette because Janelle would beat Ivette. Although I really don't want Ivette to get any money, so I would have to say that the final two should be Maggie and Janelle even though that means that Janelle would probably get second place.

The HOH competition begins. All three head out to the back yard. Tonight is only the first of three competitions. The game is the Key to Being Safe. Each has to balance on the raised rim of the dial of a huge safe setup and hold onto the key that is above her head. The one who holds on the longest wins the first part of the competition. Each grabs their keys and stands on the dial. They must hold on with at least one hand. The game begins. The two who don't win will compete in another competition. Then the winners of the two competitions will compete against each other on a live show this coming Friday live at 8 am. I was wrong earlier. There is no show on Saturday. And then the finale is this coming Tuesday.

We come back from break for a few minutes. The winner of this competition receives the combo to the final safe in the gold room. Julie then says "this is the summer of secrets and we do have a final spin." At that point, the dial they are standing are starts to slowly move. And that is how the show ends!

Monday, September 12, 2005 -- Evening

Tomorrow is going to be live eviction night on Big Brother. It's going to be April because Ivette used the power of veto to save herself. The house has been boring on the side. The only action has been the Maggots engaging in petty jealousy. They still are having issues with Janelle winning prizes and America's Choice. Also, April just keeps on going on and on about America hating them. Well, it's not endearing her to us by hearing her constant whines. There were some major power outages in LA today, and it affected the Big Brother house resulting in fish for awhile.

Saturday, September 10, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight the Big Brother episode started at 10 pm because of the US Open. It started with the usual recap. Ivette said that she didn't regret her decision to get rid of Howie. April said that Howie had great personality and thinks that she is the girl version of Howie. Really? Janelle said that Howie was her cheerleader and it was awful to see him leave. Ivette said that Howie is a funny guy, but she won't miss his interactions with Janie. They all gathered to see Howie's picture go grey. Janelle said that it's weird being the only one left of the alliance and that it is now three against one. Janelle yelled out to Howie because he wanted her to win HOH so badly. Maggie had nothing to say other than that they should have evicted her in week one. She is such a poor sport. Ivette said that Janelle was pretty much hated and put up for eviction, and yet still keeps playing. April said that Janelle won it fair and square. Janelle keeps on about the being in the final three. April talks to her while Maggie hangs her head. April tells Maggie that she feels so bad. Maggie says that it is the worst case scenario. Goodie! As Janelle says this is the Maggots' worst nightmare because they are going to have to vote against each other. Ivette says that it won't be pretty in her DR confession. Ivette says that it will be a fight to stay. She says that she loves the other Maggots but some claws will be coming out this week. Maggie says that she got this far and it sucks if she has to go home now, and she really doesn't want it to get ugly. April realizes that one of them will be the only person voting who will have to vote their own out. It's great. April is going to talk to Janelle later to find out what she wants. April doesn't think that Janelle wants Ivette to stay. Maggie thinks that everyone has gotten horny, but that April is the worst of them all. We then see scenes of April talking non-stop about sex. April says that it will be like they are virgins again. April says that she wants to look at her husband and applaud him. Janelle then gets her HOH room, and invites them all up. She gets a ton of M&Ms. Janelle also got a photo from her high school friend. Maggie said that the Maggots have always talked about their families and dogs, and it was nice to see that Janelle had those things too. I guess that Maggie thinks that Janelle just sprouted from the ground. What an ass! We also see a cute picture of Janelle's black pomeranian, Cupcake. Janelle says that Cupcake is very photogenic. Janelle invited the three girls to sleep with her. She says that she would die though if they brought Eric's picture. Ivette thinks that Howie told her to be nice to the Maggots. They say that doesn't make any difference in how they feel about her. As April says it's either two of them or one of them and Janelle at the end.

After the break, Ivette says that she is dying to be a mom while talking to Janelle. They both realize that they have something in common. Janelle always looks up baby names and loves Isabel. Ivette seems to look for baby stuff, and so does Janelle. Janelle says that she is good with kids because she acts like a kid. Janelle says it's nice to daydream. Janelle also thought it was nice to share something like that with Ivette--that they have soemthing in common. Meanwhile the Maggots did not go to the HOH room. Maggie said that it wasn't in their schedule because Janelle stays up late. Besides they want to talk about stuff at night that she doesn't want to share with Janelle. Maggie says that losing Eric was really hard, and that their alliance has lasted a long time. April says that their alliance has dominated, which it has. April said that it was because they enjoyed each other's company. Maggie thinks that what they did was groundbreaking. Talk about mush. Then Janelle came in and interrupted. April said that Janelle made it to final three and doesn't care who goes with her. Ivette says that Janelle never gets nervous, but Janelle said that she does. Janelle says that the reason she is warming up to the Nerd Herd is not because she likes them but because Ivette told Howie that Janelle has an evil heart. Janelle's purpose is to show that she does have a good heart. Janelle is thinking about the journey now, and is hoping that if she creates dissention between the Maggots she might win votes. Ivette had to admit in DR that Janelle is actually human and is really confused about her now. The only thing that I have to say is what sort of people are the Maggots to think that Janelle is not human or has family, etc. They really have done her a disservice. Maggie, the head Maggot, says that Janelle can be nice but chooses to be evil. Ivette says that Janelle is being nice to get their votes and Maggie says that it is too late for that.

After the commercial break, it is time for America's Choice. We see the guys from Two and a Half Men on the plasma screen in the BB living room. It is just to promote the show really. The show is a funny one, and I have watched it a few times. Far too many clips were shown, and they would cut to the houseguests to show them laughing. Everyone thinks it is Ivette. Of course it is Janelle. A limo is waiting for her outside. Janelle is all excited about going out. Janelle said that she was floored after being told she was America's Choice again. Maggie said something about Janelle giving away the plasma tv or trip to the Bahamas. Janelle giggled and said, no. Janelle is blindfolded and sent out to go on her adventure. April says afterward that she feels like a crappy person. Her mom raised her well, but what does she have to do. April starts crying and says that no one in America loves her. Ivette says "are you going to tell me that America doesn't love an ER nurse or a country girl from Texas?" And April says to Ivette, "and there's you--how could someone not love you?" Ivette says that she is constantly doing unselfish acts. Ivette says that she talks about her family constantly, and the Maggots have these hearts. Bitter, jealous women. Janelle said that she's sure that they are talking about it. Ivette says that it bothers her that Kaysar got voted back in and that Janelle got the phone call from Michael and now this. April says that Janelle is a cocktail waitress and then Ivette and Maggie join in the bashing--Maggie says that Janelle gets rewarded for her bad behavior. Ivette says that one girl is taking on the three of them and beating them. April then says that SHE has never said she hated anyone in the house--as we see film of April saying that she hates Rachel, Howie and Ivette and several others. Ivette is also saying that she hates Janelle and that Janelle doesn't deserve anything at all. She claims that the only reason Janelle has gotten anything is from lying and hiding behind strong people. Of course that doesn't explain how Janelle won HOH twice and the veto. But the petty, jealous bitches have no reason. Ivette says that Janelle has no morals and not a bit of a soul, and she refuses to reward Janelle for that. April asks how America can like a girl--and then asks if they are taping this, which Maggie has to remind her that it is being taped. We then see Janelle arrive at Two and a Half Men. The little kid gives her the tour of the stage. It seems the stage has a working refrigerator. Then we go back to April griping about how she has a job, but Janelle doesn't. They have incredible jobs and Janelle just talks about sex, drugs and alcohol. The three Maggots really, really come across as very petty, jealous, bitchy, spoiled sports. We then see Ivette's girlfriend say that she likes Janelle. April tries to rationalize it saying that the Maggots don't care about Janelle winning all this stuff. They are just concerned about their families having to fight for them being good people. As April says, they must not look good to America. Then we see happy, pleasant Janelle at the taping. Everyone was applauding her, and she got to meet Charlie Sheen. He asked some questions about the show which makes it obvious he doesn't watch the show. Janelle then gets to sit in the audience and watch the show. At the end, Janelle shows us the shirt and says that she will wear it when she goes back to make the Nerd Herd more jealous of her. Then Janelle goes into the limo and in DR says that she appreciates America being so nice to her. The Maggots ask her how it was, and she tells them how wonderful it was and shows them the shirt. Janelle said that she didn't know if the Maggots were excited to see her, but she was excited to rub it in their faces. That's also not good sportsmanship. April asks if Charlie Sheen was cute. Janelle says that old people were telling her that "we love you Janie". Maggie thought that it was something that they called her Janie. April sighs in jealousy. It is funny to see the Maggots reaction.

Another commercial break is over. We then see Janelle, April and Maggie sitting out by the pool and talking about girl stuff, and April says that she would seek Janelle out to talk about girl stuff. The camera fixates on Janelle squeezing her boobs and putting sound effects with it. Janelle says that she doesn't feel close to them because she knows that they hate her so much. Janelle says that she is going to get another breast implant down to make them more natural. Maggot acts superior and keeps on asking "why? I don't understand". April then says that she had alot of plastic surgery, but she did it for cosmetic reasons and not because she felt insecure or had low self-esteem. Can we say hypocrite? I hope that someone takes the Maggots aside and shows them their hypocritical remarks and comments on the hypocrisy. And please alert them to their pettiness and poor sportsmanship at the same time. Maggie says that she had a friend have breast implants and it looked painful. Maggie goes on and on about surgeries and how dangerous they are. Maggie says in the DR that she is not a huge supporter of vanity. April and Janelle keep on poking their boobs and the BB producers play boing sounds. Janelle and April talk in the bathrrom. Janelle asks if April wanted to talk to her. Janelle says that she would put Maggie and Ivette up and asks April if she would vote Ivette off. April asks if that is what Janelle wants her to do. Janelle replies that she thinks that is what April would want to do. Janelle said that she wanted to talk to April alone in the HOH room because April talks too much and gives out way too much information. Also, she knows that Maggie and Ivette would think that she and April cut a deal. We then cut to Maggie and Ivette in the backyard, and Maggie says even if April promises Janelle to take Janelle to final two, she wouldn't. Ivette says that the deal could be to vote Ivette off, and Maggie says "and that will get her to the final two?" Ivette says that it knocks Ivette off. Maggie said that April wouldn't make a deal like that. Maggie thinks that Janelle is trying to get information from April. Janelle asks who Maggie would take to then end, and April claims that she doesn't know. We then cut again to Maggie and Ivette with Maggie saying that she never made a deal outside of the Maggots--well, at least she never made one that she kept. Ivette said that she never made a deal. Ivette says that she not talk to Janelle alone, and didn't like April talking to Janelle alone. Ivette sees it as April and Janelle against Ivette and Maggie. Janelle says that she doesn't want April in trouble for the other two thinking April and Janelle have a deal. Ivette says that Janelle is a smooth talker, and Maggie and Ivette are commenting on how long April has been talking to Janelle. Maggie says that there is no deal that can be made and nothing that can hurt them. Maggie said that April can't make that deal because it would cost her the money. April is screwed now, and probably doesn't realize it.

After the break, April comes downstairs. She was upstairs for 40 minutes in the HOH room. April tells them that Janelle didn't tell her anything or make any deals. She said that Janelle was just trying to find out who each person would take with them. Maggie asks April if she told Janelle anything, and April says no. From what we say, April did just keep on saying "I don't know". The thing is that Maggie and especially Ivette don't believe her. Ivette says that April has gone out of her way to be friendly to Janelle so April would go further in the game and get closer to the money. Maggie--acting like the superior bitch--says that Janelle never called her or Ivette up and her relationship is different with April. Maggie says that Janelle feels that she can talk about the game with April. April says that she says hello to her, and that Janelle probably felt that she could talk to April because April is just one of those people. Maggie sees April's conversation with Janelle as a problem and that it hurt Maggie in the game. It is now nomination time. April sees it as part of the game. Janelle is putting up two folks to split up the three. Maggie says the only chance is to win the veto. Ivette would love to win the game and knows that Janelle is HOH. Janelle says that she knows that April and Ivette have partners in the jury and that could influence the vote. It is time for the nomination ceremony. Janelle says that they should be all proud to be the final four. Janelle says that she felt like an outcast in the house and felt attacked. Maggie smirks at her. Janelle pulls out April's key. Maggie and Ivette are on the block. Janelle says that she nominated Ivette for purely strategic reasons because Ivette is strong and doesn't give herself enough credit. She also says that it isn't for personal reasons with Maggie. Maggie claims that it was all lies. Ivette says that no one was nice to Janelle because she brought it on herself. April said that if she sends Maggie home that April has a better chance to win. Janelle says that there are some people that she wants to win it and others that she doesn't want to win. The eviction episode is this coming Tuesday.

From the live feeds, Ivette has won the veto. I'm not sure how that will play out, but she will probably send April home. The thing that would make more sense is to send Maggie home, but Ivette won't do that because Maggie has been threatening April and Ivette that if she is sent home (to the jury) that the "Friendship" won't vote for someone who goes against the "Friendship". There is something eerie about this group.

Saturday, September 10, 2005 -- Afternoon

There is confirmation that Janelle made it to the set of Two and a Half Men. I'm cheering Janelle on to the final two. Yes, she has won alot of the prizes during the past Big Brother season, but I think that she deserves it.

Saturday, September 10, 2005 -- Morning

From what I have been able to tell, Maggie and Ivette are definitely nominated for eviction. Also, I was reading a post on JokersUpdates from someone who claims that Janelle was at the filming of Two and a Half Men. The Maggots refuse to believe that Janelle is actually liked by folks outside of the house, and want to begrudge Janelle her winnings. It seems that the Maggots want to believe that someone Big Brother helped Janelle to win. The Maggots are a bunch of the poorest sports that I have ever seen--while having such hypocrisy to accuse others of their failings.

Friday, September 9, 2005 -- Late Evening

It seems that Janelle may have nominated Maggie and Ivette for eviction. April was talking to Maggie about winning the veto and taking someone off. Maggie then told her that April might go up if she did that. So that leads me to believe that it is Maggie and Ivette. So, I am assuming that April will vote out Ivette because she wants to keep Maggie. However, more people might want to vote for Maggie, so I would get rid of her if I were April. The goal is to win the game. I have to admit that after hearing Ivette's mother and girlfriend, I have respect for them. Ivette's mother made alot of sense by saying that Ivette should be playing the game, not trying to make friends. Also Ivette's girlfriend is really not bad looking. The picture that Ivette got for HOH was really homely and ugly, but it didn't do her justice. Also the girl makes some sense by saying that she couldn't stand Eric and couldn't understand Ivette's obsession with him. Also, I liked how the girlfriend said that she liked Janelle and liked how she was playing the game. So Ivette has good taste in women, but poor judgement in life in general it seems.

Thursday, September 8, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother. we had the usual recap at the beginning. I can't stand seeing Ivette flopping around screaming. It was great though to see Janelle win the veto. It is day 68 in the Big Brother house. Julie comments on how Ivette could influence the game because she will be the tie breaking vote. Ivette said that she picked April as a Janelle replacement. April said that it was not a good feeling to be on the block. April said that she would feel that it would be a lose-lose situation if April went out because they would be two pairs. Janelle says that Ivette is there for the money and it's not to her advantage to get rid of Howie. Howie makes the analogy that it's like Star Wars with the Clones against the Jedis. That guy still hasn't let go of that Star Wars light saber. Howie says that it's time they go to the Dark Side of the Force. Meanwhile April and Maggie are watching Ivette talking to Howie and Janelle in the kitchen. April is leery of this because she doesn't know what is happening. Howie broaches his plan to Ivette. He says that if April wins HOH, she's taking Maggie, if Ivette wins HOH, she's taking Maggie, if Maggie wins HOH, who is she taking? Howie talks sense to the brainless one (Ivette) about how it would be in her best interests to be sitting next to Janelle or him. Howie tells Ivette that she has a friendship bond with Maggie and April and if they are true friends they would remain friends outside of the house even if Ivette does this. Ivette doesn't realize or refuses to accept because she ain't the brightest bulb in the GE factory that she will not make it to final two with those two unless she wins HOH. Ivette says that there is some truth in what Howie and Janelle say, and that she only knows what she is doing. Ivette goes up to the HOH room where Maggie and April are sitting giving her suspicious looks. Ivette tells Maggie and April that Howie and Janelle told her that her the chances of winning the money against them is better. April says that everyone in the house deserves the money. She says that she has credit card bills and would like the money. In the DR, Ivette says that April has said that she isn't there for the money, but the closer they get, all April does is talk about the money. Ivette cries crocodile tears and says that there is nothing more that she wants then to win the money because it would be so great for her family, and that she would love to see the relief on their faces--especially since Ivette has been feeding her mother's gambling addiction. Ivette says that she is afraid that her chances are becoming very slim. They are, but will Ivette do what she should and get rid of April? No! Julie goes to the houseguests in the living room. She asks Ivette how she feels about getting that far. Ivette says that it is amazing especially since she has been on the nomination block three times (why don't you talk to Janelle, Ivette?) and that she is content. Julie then asks Howie, what it's like to be the only man? Howie says that it's like having sisters and he is the last man standing. Julie asks Janelle what the hardest competition was? Janelle says the swimming one. Julie then congratulates April on not smoking for 38 days. April says that she will continue to not smoke in the outside world. Maggie how as living in the BB house changed you? Maggie says that her world doesn't exist and that her schedule is all screwed up.

Back from commercial break, and we get to hear more about Ivette. We get to see Ivette's mother and girlfriend. We see Ivette say that she is stubborn and way outspoken. Ivette's mom says that Ivette tells it like it is, what you see is what you get. Ivette's girlfriend doesn't look so bad. She says that Ivette doesn't know when to shut up and that her mouth is her strongest weapon. The girlfriend says that Ivette is emotional, but not a crier and doesn't understand why she is crying so much in the house. Can we say CROCODILE TEARS???? Ivette's girlfriend hates Eric and can't understand Ivette's obsession with him? Even Ivette's mother doesn't understand it because she is closer to everyone but Beau. Ivette's mother said you didn't go to make friends, you went to play a game. Make friends outside of the game. Ivette's mom knew that April and Jennifer were the ones who wanted to get Ivette out. Ivette's girlfriend also likes Janelle and likes Janelle in the game. You go girl! The girlfriend thinks that Ivette may be jealous. It is amazing how much better she looks than that picture. Ivette's mom is proud that Ivette won HOH. Ivette's girlfriend wants her to fight for the money. We now talk to Ivette in the HOH room. Julie asks about Beau leaving and Ivette getting HOH. Ivette says that she got HOH late, but it was with Beau's strength. Ivette is asked about choosing April over Maggie and says "we" chose April over Maggie because it was a group decision, and it was because April wasn't nominated in the past. Julie asks how important the money is and Ivette now says that she came for the money--which she has been denying all along. Basic hypocrisy--which is what I expect.

After the break, we get to see James and Beau going to sequester. They both went there the same day. Rachel loves the jury house and says it's a country paradise. Jennifer says that Rachel is good to have around. Rachel would be happy to see Ivette. They scream to see James. Jennifer said it was a half heart hug. Rachel was sorry to see James. Jennifer noticed that James flicked her off. James said that he got to toast his death. Then they watched the show without the diary room stuff. Jennifer says that Howie looks fat next to skinny ass James and admits that she's getting more bitchy the more people come into the house. She is a brat. Jennifer was happy to see April win HOH, and Rachel was really sad. James said that he has no plan to be nice to Jennifer. James says "when you are a coward, you have to backdoor people" to which Jennifer takes a deep breath. I think it's great! James was calling April Busto. And then James was saying America hates you April. James said it was tough to live it, but even worse to watch it. James whispers to Rachel, I get evicted. Then as the video tape ends, Beau comes into the house. Jennifer was happy to have Beau in the house. Rachel thinks that the double eviction helps her team and can't wait to see what happens next. James then carries Beau over the threshold. Now we go back to the show and the diary room. Ivette says that April will get the money, and thinks that keeping Howie around would make it worse then slim. Maggie says that Ivette is screwed and will not get any of the Maggots votes. Ivette is bugged by the fact that April is all about the money, and how it turns her stomach to hear April talk about needing the money. Then Ivette says that she is in desperate need of $500,000, and then starts crying--you guessed it--crocodile tears.

It is now eviction time. Howie and April get to plead their case. April is first. She thanks to her family and friends and then to all the houseguests, and has loved the opportunity and would love to stay another week. Howie says that April is a cute pawn, and then thanks everyone, says that he misses Beau, and then says that Jen from BB6 and then mentions Julie. He also says that Janelle is a good Jedi Janie and he wishes her the best. It is time for the voting. April kisses Howie. Janelle goes first, and she votes to evict April. Then Maggie goes in and votes to evict Howie. Ivette has to break the tie. Ivette votes to evict Howie. Ivette calls April a great friend and says that Howie brought her alot of laughs and gets rid of Howie. Howie hugs everyone. Ivette is holding his bag for him. They all give him alot of hugs. Howie tells them all to be nice to Janie. He knows what the bitches are like. Howie now gets to talk to Julie. The four remaining houseguests are waiting for Howie's picture to change. Julie asks what happened, and Howie says James. Howie thinks James and Sarah were after him, and wound up screwing his alliance. Howie says that there were alot of things he could have changed, but what are you going to do? Howie says that the Maggots played a better game than he did. As Howie says, he got beat by a nerd herd, so they must be better. Howie says that Janelle is the strongest player in the game. She's smart like Kaysar and strong like James. Janelle says that she hopes she can take the nerd herd and that she knows Howie will root for her, and that they will be friends forever. April said that she was in shock at how Howie treated her and forgives him. Maggie thanks him for the laughter that he brought to the game. Ivette says that she loves Howie, and nobody dies in the game. She says don't hate the houseguests, hate the game. Howie will be on House Calls tomorrow. Then we hear about America's Choice. Text #1 for Ivette, #2 for Maggie, #3 for Janelle and #4 for April. Voting is done by calling 22788 (CBSTV) or going to the website. There's nothing there yet, though.

It is now time for the HOH competition. Whoever wins tonight gets to compete next week too. Thank goodness. Tonight's game is Before or After about events that happened in the BB house. If you think that it was before or after another event you have to vote. Each correct answer gets one point, and the one with the most correct after seven questions wins. 1) did kaysar get an MP3 player before or after getting back into the house? After. Everyone gets it right. 2) Did James win his 4th veto competition before or after Jennifer left the house? After. Janelle and Maggie got it right. 3) Did Howie meet Holly before or after the light saber? After. Maggie and Janelle got it right. 4) Did Beau win the martini bar before or after Maggie's bday party? Before. Janelle got it right. 5) Was Eric evicted before or after the first safe was opened? Before. All got it right. 6) Did Sarah eat turkey pot poi before or after she opened the gym door? Answer: before. Janelle and April got it right. Janelle has 6 points. Did Janelle receive a phone call from Michael before or after April got HOH? Answer is After. Janelle is HOH. Janelle runs and hugs Ivette. Then she hugs April, and then hugs Maggie. Janelle is soo excited! I am soo happy. I want to see more Maggots leaving--especially Ivette.

Julie goes to the living room. April is sitting by Janelle. Janelle says that she feels like Miss America for winning and says that she is so proud of herself. Julie asks Maggie what she wishes she had brought into the house. Maggie packed like she was going camping. She said that there is alot that she missed. Janelle is asked what it was like growing up in Minnesota. She said it was a sheltered life. On Saturday, the show will not be on until 10 pm, and that is when they will reveal who goes to Two and a Half Men. Tuesday is live eviction day, probably because the Tuesday after that is final day.

Thursday, September 8, 2005 -- Afternoon

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother. I have my class until abit after 8 pm, but will be recording the show. There is some news on the Big Brother front. Nope, the house is quiet and today is cleaning day. The news is about the next America's Choice that we will hear about tonight on the show. we will get to vote to send one of the remaining four houseguests to visit the set of Two and a Half Men. I will be voting for Janelle to go because I really can't stand any of the remaining three. It doesn't look as if Ivette is going to be smart enough to evict April, probably because she doesn't know that April and Maggie have a pact to go to the final two together. Stupid girl! Meanwhile Big Brother is still doing well in the ratings.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005 -- Evening

There was another episode of Big Brother this evening. It started with the recap of the past week. We got to see a rather ugly slow motion video of Ivette running around like a crazy women while her breasts flopped around. It was very unattractive. April said it was a very very sad thing that Beau was gone, and all they could do was take a piece with them. Maggie felt like she was the HOH sending someone home. Janelle said that she voted for Beau to go because that's what Howie wanted. Janelle said that she liked Beau--she wanted Ivette to go because she can't stand Ivette. The houseguests all went to see Beau's picture turn to black and white. Ivette tells us she is still playing for Eric. Ivette that she should have won HOH and saved Beau. Ivette says that her chances at a million dollars is now gone, and she's just a regular player. Ivette says that there's no more game to be played, and the Maggots no longer have to be nice to Howie and Janelle. Hmm--so when were they nice to them? Never as far as I can tell. Meanwhile Howie and Janelle are in the kitchen area, and Howie is telling Janelle that she is the strongest player in the game. Howie thinks that Ivette won't stand a chance because she wants it so bad. Meanwhile Ivette won. Janelle feels upset and mad that she failed miserably. We had to see Ivette win all over again. Screetching like a banshee. Ivette was very happy to win. Maggie wanted Ivette to have the HOH feeling and to get the pictures. Ivette knows that Maggie may have somehow given it to her. Ivette ran around screetching "I'm HOH, I'm HOH". Ivette says that either Maggie or April will be winning the $500,000. Ivette says that one of them would go this week and another next week. Howie told Janelle that he wouldn't have done better than Janelle in the HOH competition. Janelle was thinking that she should have known that Michael liked legs, she said that was stupid of her. Ivette got her HOH room. We got to see a picture of Ivette's girlfriend, and she is a really ugly looking scank. Ivette calls her girlfriend Tush. Janelle said in her DR that she didn't want to slane anyone on tv, but that girl was as ugly as hell. Ivette's girlfriend sent out a necklace that would protect her. Howie opened up Ivette's Reese's pieces and was eating them without asking. The Maggots white trashed the HOH room setting it up with all their stuff and moving in together. Janelle knows that they are both going up and that one of them has to win the power of veto. Janelle has a plan to win the veto, have Ivette nominate April, and approach Ivette about voting out April and taking her to final three. Janelle doesn't know if Ivette will take it though. Janelle still wants them all out of the house though.

After the commercial break, we see Howie wandering around with the Jedi light saber. The Maggots are watching him on the secret tv in the HOH room. As April says, the minute that Howie saw the light sabers he went back to being a kid. We see Howie with the light saber glued in his hands, and looking in the mirror as he practices with the light saber. It is really funny to watch him. Ivette is putting Howie down for pretending to be a Jedi. Howie admits that he is always thinking of the Jedi way and meditating. Then we see Howie and Janelle in a Jedi battle. Howie says that Jedi Jannie is tough. A powerful Jedi she will be. Janelle agrees that the force is strong with her. Janelle said that she is not into Star Wars things. Then Howie goes to stalk the evil that is the Maggots. Ivette thinks something is wrong with Howie. She is such a bitch with no sense of humor. Ivette said that she has waited to get rid of Janelle since the beginning. If Ivette nominates April and Maggie, they aren't standing with her at the end. Janelle says "that bitch can nominate me, but that doesn't mean she will get her way. I'm not going to be leaving this house." We see Ivette contemplating it. Howie said that the only thing he is wondering if it is April or Maggie's key coming out first. Ivette realizes that if she keeps Howie or Janelle, she will win at the end. Ivette has a fake smile as the nomination ceremony starts. Ivette says something hokey about "I find too funny that in this game, that if you talk and say the truth, you are found to be loud. And if you stay quiet you are found to beat around the bush. If you lie to someone's face for the sake of the game, you are a snake. The only thing you have is your heart." April's key was first, and then Maggie's key. Surprise, surprise. Ivette says that she nominated Janelle and Howie because she underestimated Janelle and that Janelle can easily manipulate a man. Then Ivette said that Howie is on the other side. Ivette then says she has nothing more to say because the truth is laid out. Janelle jokes about being completely floored about being nominated. Janelle says that Ivette can't accept that Janelle got that far by being good, not manipulating men. Howie then chants in the DR "no biggie, no worry, no sweat. This game ain't over yet." The Maggots are wondering around. Maggie said that Ivette laid it out on the line. They then told Ivette that her speech was great. Janelle says that Ivette always has an excuse for everything. Howie says that Ivette was melodramatic. Howie said that Ivette just liked her chance to shine and won't have another chance again. Janelle wants to know if guys liking her is something to frown upon--and adds maybe that is for a lesbian.

It's time for the veto competition. They all go to their own room assignments and then are called out one at a time to compete. There was a big picture screen with the housemates faces fading in and out of each other. Three different houseguests morph into one face. The competitor has to guess the three names and press them into the big computer board. If they are correct, another face appears. The houseguest to guess all six faces in the quickest time wins the veto. April was first and kept on leaving four names up instead of three. April said that they make up some ugly people when combined. April did it in 4:16. Ivette was next. The face with Rachel, Beau and Kaysar was an ugly black, Arab guy according to Ivette. Ivette's time was 3:28. HOwie was next. Howie go stuck on the one where his face was part of the picture. Howie sucked at the event. Then came Maggie. Maggie got stuck on the one that Rachel, Beau and Kaysar. Maggie hopes that one one in the house has children with each other. Then is it Janelle's turn. Janelle said that the first one was easy because it has Michael's mouth. Janelle also thought that it was Maggie's hair on the Rachel, Kaysar, Beau. She thought the Jennifer, Ivette and Howie was the ugliest chick. Janelle thinks she screwed up and was very upset and almost crying. They go to get the times in the backyard. Ivette was carrying on. April got 4:16, Maggie 3:59, Ivette 3:28, Howie 9:18, and Janelle 2:30. Janelle won. As Janelle said, she knew that Ivette thought she had Janelle out the door. April said Janelle is in the house for another week. As April said, all Janelle wants is a sugar daddy, why does someone like that continue to win? (because she is smart?) Ivette says what do you do around and all star Big Brother competitor. Maggie says that she has to start winning HOHs and start winning vetos--as if she wasn't because she wasn't trying.

After the break. Ivette says that the worse case scenario happened. Ivette wanted to send Janelle home. Maggie said that she thought it was Ivette's job to get rid of Janelle. Ivette said that it Janelle's fifth or sixth time on the block. They keep on calling Janelle the bitch. Maggie said that they found it very very odd that Janelle stars at people, but obviously it stood her well in this game. What ugly, petty bitches the Maggots are! April said that there's no way Janelle will use it on Howie. April said that she will go up against Howie and have Ivette break the tie. Maggie says that Janelle has to go through them. Janelle says that she doesn't want to lose Howie, and Howie tells her that Janelle deserves to go the whole way. Janelle is going to Ivette with the deal and see if she goes for it. Howie tells Janelle that she should tell Ivette that in order to win, she needs them. If Ivette is up against Howie or Janelle, she could win, but if she is up against Maggie, then Maggie will win. As Janelle says, Ivette needs to take some aggressive steps. Ivette and April don't know how to play the game, and Maggie is using them. Ivette is outside by the pool and asks Howie how much she can trust him. Ivette approached Howie and said that she somehow pictured her and Howie at the end. Ivette said that if she played it strategically she should keep Howie. Howie wants to know what is in the back of Ivette's mind. Ivette says that she should start getting rid of her friends now. Ivette says that it would benefit her to be at the end with Howie or Janelle. Ivette says that you can't count your eggs before they hatch. It is surprising that Ivette has thought this out, because she is right. She needs to keep Howie and Janelle to give herself a shot at actually getting the money.

It is now time for the veto ceremony. Janelle says she has to save herself because the girls want her out of the house. Janelle says that she is happy to see Ivette have to nominate one of her own. Howie tells Janelle why he wants the veto used. Howie said that the person who uses the veto gets to go on to the final four. Howie said that she won it, she should use it. Janelle said that she thought of using it to save Howie. Janelle said that she knows the girls would vote her out. So now Ivette has to nominate someone and says "it's been discussed" and nominates April. Ivette said that she had to put up someone. Ivette says you can't leave a team in this game--as if the Maggots aren't a team. Howie says that he only needs Ivette's vote to stay in the house. Who will Ivette get rid of? All day today, she was talking about how HOwie was getting evicted this week. Ivette is really stupid if she does that.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005 -- Early Afternoon

The House Calls show is just winding down. Beau was on via phone call from the sequester house, and fortunately was only on for twelve minutes. It was really viewing because Marcellas decided that since he didn't have anything good to say to Beau, he wouldn't say anything at all. So Marcellas sat there quietly, reading a book, fixing a hangnail, and moving around a plant. Gretchen asked the questions that she had from the audience. One of the first questions was what did Beau contribute to the show. Beau giggled and said that he was the token gay guy. Finally he came up with the idea that he contributed passion. When Beau made the gay comment, Marcellas rolled his eyes. Beau also went on to say that phone calls are his forte. Also according to Beau, the thing that he missed the most in the Big Brother house was his cell phone and his clients because they can't shop without him. The guy can't even string together two words to make a sentence and has no fashion sense. I would say that he has to be concerned that his "clients" found someone else to shop for them who actually knows what looks good and not peach pants with a sky blue polo shirt. Gretchen also asked Beau about showing his penis to the houseguests, and he really couldn't come up with an answer on why he did it, finally saying that people were looking at him, and he just "whatever". So Gretchen asked what Beau's plans were for after the show, and Beau ah-ed quiet a few times before suggesting that he would see if he could get an acting job and do shopping for his clients. Gretchen also asked him about his black and white comment, and of course, Witless Beau couldn't answer that one either. When asked who was the strongest player in the game, Beau said Kaysar and James and then added "not that I'm saying that I wasn't". Another roll of Marcellas eyes. After Beau got off the line, Marcellas said that he didn't want to talk to Beau because he has nothing nice to say to Beau, didn't like him as a person, and didn't think Beau played a good game. Marcellas went on to say that he wanted Beau to win because he was black and gay and wanted to promote those aspects, but he really couldn't stomach Beau in that role. Besides, Marcellas knew from watching the live feeds that Beau was frequently making rude remarks about Marcellas, so goodness knows how he thought Marcellas would take that. Some of the callers thought that Marcellas was rude, but I thought that Marcellas handled himself well, and treated Beau just as he deserved. In fact, Marcellas showed alot more restraint than I would have been able to muster. Some other things came out from the callers today. One was that the Maggots didn't think there were live feeds in the HOH room. Idiots! The other was a caller who could not understand the Maggots claiming that they have the moral high ground when Maggie, Ivette, April and Beau hid Janelle's clothes under the bed in the Gold Room, and Maggie was encouraging Beau to rip the clothes (which Beau thankfully didn't). Then Ivette claimed that Janelle won the veto competition because she gave a blow job to a camera man. What sort of sickness is that remark? Marcellas calls the Maggots the Fiendship--because they are a bunch of fiends--and Marcellas stated that the Fiendship made him ill with their claims of being moral superiors and acting like such sick losers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005 -- Morning

Over in the Big Brother house, everyone still appears to be sleeping. I noticed something interesting. Whenever a Maggot is HOH, all the Maggots camp out in the HOH bedroom. Back in the day when there were five of them, three would be in the bed, and two would be on the floor. Well, now there are only three Maggots left, so you would think they would all be nice and cozy in the bed. Well, it looks like Ivette is sleeping on the floor (in her old position). It just seems weird when you think that Ivette is the HOH and should have dibs on the bed. I have to agree with Marcellas about this one. He thinks there is something weird about this camping out together. Today should be an interesting House Calls. Marcellas can't stand Beau. I'm sure Marcellas is going to be wearing his real hair afro wig. House Calls is on today at 1 pm EDT.

Monday, September 5, 2005 -- Evening

It seems that Janelle used the veto to take herself off the block, and April is now up in her place. It's not that there were alot of options. I am imagining that the Maggots will get rid of Howie, and it is going to come down to a tie break because Janelle won't vote against Howie. As there get to be fewer guests in the house things get quieter and there's less strategizing. After all, the alliances are already formed. The only excitement is who wins HOH and who wins the veto. As I was saying the other day, the only strategizing is that Janelle should be plotting NOT to win HOH this coming week, and hoping that she wins the veto to take herself off the block. She definitely wants to be HOH when there are only three people because that person evicts one of the remaining two houseguests.

Sunday, September 4, 2005 -- Afternoon

Great news on the Big Brother front. It appears that Ivette nominated Howie and Janelle to be evicted. What's so great about that you ask? Well, it also appears that Janelle won the power of veto. Now I think that she should take herself off (obviously). Then what will happen is that Ivette has to put up Maggie or April. I think that she will put up April. Then Janelle votes for April to go, and Maggie votes for Howie to go, and it comes down to Ivette. If Howie can convince Ivette that she stands a greater chance of winning next to Howie, then we can get rid of another Maggot. The only thing that I think is going to happen though is that Howie will be gone. I don't think that Janelle wants to win HOH next week. What she wants to do is win the veto and take herself off if nominated, and then win HOH because it's winning HOH when it is down to the final three that lets you stay. So it would be a bad strategic move to win HOH this coming week. I hope that she realizes it and is able to throw the game better than the others.

Saturday, September 3, 2005 -- Evening

Big Brother was on this evening. I was delayed in watching it because my boyfriend wanted to watch the Pittsburgh Panthers. Since Pitt is losing miserably, I can now watch the recorded show. The show started with a recap of the past week with James eviction and the double eviction week with Howie getting HOH and Ivette and Beau being evicted. Julie is announcing this evening. The show starts with the feelings everyone had after James eviction. April says that she is everyone's hero at this point. Beau also was glad that James was out and wouldn't be in the final two. Ivette said that James was the first person that she connected with in the house, and then he became an enemy. April thinks the house with the acception of Ivette is happy with the decision. Ivette said that a sympathy vote wouldn't have said anything to James. Then we see Howie win HOH. Howie was happy to get the job done. April wished that it was a Maggot. Howie was happy that he did it when it was needed. Ivette said that she could taste HOH, and was so sorry not to get it. Howie said last time he made some wrong decisions last time, but not this time. Then we see Ivette crying (yet again with the crocodile tears and poor sportsmanship). She is angry because she didn't win. The girl really needs a few lessons in sportsmanship. Ivette whines "why can't I be blessed? Why can't I have the strength these people continue to have?" (Maybe because she is a whiny, rude, poor sport, racist?) Beau says that Ivette took it very hard not winning the HOH--that she takes everything very hard. Then Ivette whines some more and spreads evilness by saying that nothing could give Janelle more pleasure than to send the Maggots home. I know that it would give me endless pleasure. I really hate Ivette. Ivette regrets not sending Janelle home because Ivette claims that Janelle has the worst soul that she has ever seen in a human being. Obviously Ivette doesn't look too deeply at herself, or she would see something 100 times worse than Janelle. I really dislike Ivette and would hate to see her in the final two. We hear Janelle say that she is "so happy". Then we see Howie make his nominations. Both Beau and Ivette say that it's all right. Then Ivette comments in the DR that she told Howie it was okay before he said her name (and she did) because she knew that Howie had to put her and Beau up because they were the last couple in the house. Howie asks if they hated him, and Ivette said no. I think it was hard on Howie, and he did seem upset. He left and asked Janelle if he did the right thing, and she said "yeah, definitely". Then the Maggots go to console Ivette and Beau, but mainly Ivette. Beau said that it wasn't a surprise at all because Beau put up Howie and Rachel, and he knew that he and Ivette were a target because they were the last pair. Then Howie and Janelle are in the kitchen and Howie asks if Janelle if she thinks they hate him, and she said, no and reminded Howie that the other side has been putting up their friends for weeks. As Janelle said, she talked to Howie about how Beau was physical and how Ivette just annoyed the crap out of her. Howie asks if anyone wants to see his HOH room. They all go up, and he had two Star Wars light sabers. Howie was so happy and grabbed one right away and turned it on. Janelle thinks they are a great tool for Howie. The sabers light up, and Howie turned off the lights and started sword fighting with everyone. Howie says that's as good as it gets, and tells the non Jedis to be careful with the sabers so they don't take a foot off. We then go to the Maggots the next morning in the cot room. Ivette saays her only disappointment is not to get HOH. Maggie says that one of them could win the veto. April says that it's easier for Howie to put Ivette up now than April having to do it later. What gets under April's skin though is that Janelle is safe for another week. Maggie reminds April that they will need to be partnering up very soon and that they have to fight for each other. April said that they can't trust Ivette. April says that she thinks that she and Maggie are a strong team and have to take each other through the game like they came in together. Ivette comes out to the patio where April and Maggie are eating and asks what happened to which Maggie says "nothing happened". Ivette goes to Maggie later and asks Maggie what' wrong, and Maggie says that she misses her home. Ivette asks if Maggie would play the veto with her. Maggie says "of course I do"> Maggie says that she has to win the veto because that's the only thing that safeguards her. Ivette tells Maggie that if she wins the veto she won't use it because then Maggie would go up. Ivette's plan is that Maggie wins the veto, take either Beau or Ivette off, and then April goes up, and April is the one to go home. Ivette whispers her plan to Maggie and Maggie says in the DR that she is in a horrible position because she has also sworn to protect April. Maggie says it will be very difficult.

After the commercial break, Holly from last year's Big Brother comes out and says that it's time for the veto competition. Howie was excited that Holly knew who he was. The veto competition is Big Brother casino. It's basically a big craps table. Holly is the dealer. Each person starts with ten casino chips and can bet up to five chips per play. Once everyone has placed their bet, Holly rolls the dice. For example if the person gets week 1 and veto, they would have to know who won the veto in the first week. Each person answers using one of the face chips that they have. If they answer correctly, they double their chips. If they are wrong, the house takes the chips. On one dice is crap out. If that comes up, everyone loses their money. After everyone has had a chance to roll, the player with the most chips wins. Holly is such a ditzy blonde. April is the first to up to roll the dice, and rolled a crap out so everyone lost their bets. Beau was next and had in week three who was not evicted. Answer Maggie. April won three chips. Howie won two. Ivette won four. Janelle won four and Maggie won four. Beau also won three chips. Then Howie rolled the dice. Maggie said that the game was running really smoothly and that everyone seemed to know the answers to the questions, so it just came down to how much you bet. Ivette had a crap out. April had 19 chips at the end, Beau had 16, Howie had 17, Ivette had 19, Janelle had 19, and Maggie also had 19 chips. So they needed a tie breaker round between April, Ivette, Janelle and Maggie. They each had a chalk board and had to write down the number of chips that they wanted to bet on the board while Holly rolled the dice. Who was not evicted in week 6? Answer was Janelle. April bet them all. Ivette got it wrong and was eliminated. Janelle got it right and bet 19. Maggie got it right and also bet 19. So now a three way tie. Again Holly rolled the dice. It was week 4 replacement nominee. Answer was Janelle. April bet 37. Janelle bet 38 cheaps. Maggie bet 38 so it was down to her and Janelle. Holly has a tie breaker question. Ivette wants Maggie to win so Ivette's plan can go through and April goes home while Ivette and Beau stay. The closest without going over wins. The question: in the veto competition playing dirty, how many keys total keys were buried in the mud. The answer was 138. Janelle guessed 72 and Maggie guessed 98. Janelle wanted to win because it seems they wanted to backdoor Maggie and wouldn't be able to do it. Ivette runs over to give Maggie a huge hug. Maggie says that she doesn't know what she is going to do with the veto. She knows that Ivette and Beau want her to use the veto so April will go up and be voted out. Maggie says that it puts her in a horrible position and she will be responsible for someone leaving the house. You can see how pleased Ivette is when she whispers congratulations to Maggie.

After the break, Maggie asks to speak with Howie, and he asks if Janie can come along. Maggie says, can't you do it on your own, and Janie says that she'll come with them. April gives Janelle this look at that statement. Meanwhile Ivette has this look like she is wondering why Maggie wants to talk to Howie. Maggie says that she just wants to talk to Howie. Janelle asks Howie if he can handle it (being alone with Maggie) to which Howie says "not really". So Maggie says "nevermind". Maggie said that she didn't have anything that she really had in mind and wanted to pick his brain. Maggie said that obviously Janelle has control over Howie. Ivette has this look, and Beau was grimacing. So Maggie says that she wants to speak to Beau, Ivette and April. Meanwhile Ivette is really giving Maggie a look. Janelle says in the DR that she is not goign to allow Maggie to speak alone to Howie because last time all hell broke loose, and Maggie was calling all the shots. Maggie then talks with the others about Howie not being his own person and how sad that he can't make a decision without Janelle and that Howie doesn't deserve to win Big Brother. Maggie says that if she uses the veto to take one of them off that April goes up and wants to know what each of them wants her to do. Ivette looks disgusted and says that Maggie should do what she thinks is best for her. Maggie says that the thing that was best for her was to win so she didn't get backdoored. Maggie says that it is in their hands. Beau says to go with her heart. Ivette looks really, really hurt. Ivette says that Maggie is having a hard time making a decision. Ivette and Beau leave and April thanks Maggie for not using it. Maggie replies that she may. April is not happy at hearing that and says that you don't know what can happen if you are nominated. Maggie says that April won't go home, but April doesn't believe it. Maggie asks April if she sees what she means, and April says no. Maggie rolls her eyes. April tries to explain and syas that Maggie doesn't know. Maggie says that she has to decide between the Maggots. April says that taking one of them off doesn't do anything because they can still vote how they want. April starts to cry in DR and says that Maggie of all people, the one that she was closest too, and the one said she had her back to even be thinking of voting her out was eye opening. We then see Janelle and April going into the HOH room to talk. Janelle says that she knows that Maggie is going to use the power of veto, and it doesn't matter who they take off because the Maggots have the votes to take out April. April doesn't know what to do. Janelle thinks that Maggie would go for the couple because she is trying to safeguard herself, and knows that Janelle will continue to target the couple. April is crying to Janelle about what to do. Janelle tells April that Maggie is amazing and that she has to convince Maggie. Maggie tells April that she realizes that she can never win against another member of the Maggots. Maggie thinks that keeping a pair in the team is strategically smarter for her. April is really broken up over this. Maggie says that if she keeps a target in the game it keeps Maggie longer. April says that she thinks that if it came down to her and Ivette that April deserves it more. April is shocked that out of all the people in the house she thought that Maggie was going to play the game with a heart. April said that she knew what she would do for Maggie. Maggie says that if she keeps April it insures her death. Maggie says that she doesn't know what to do. I think she wants April to sacrifice herself. Maggie says that she is in a horrible position and that she is going to make someone really mad. It is time for the veto ceremony. Maggie gives each a chance to speak. Beau goes first. He says that he won't campaign against his partner he loves her to death and brought him into the game and tells Maggie to do what she thinks best. Ivette looks like death and tells Maggie that she will respect whatever she does. Maggie says that morals are a very unfortunate thing to have in this game because they get in the way alot. Maggie chooses not to use the veto and says that she loves the three Maggots and that's it.

Only three people are voting this evening. Who will it be who gets voted off? Beau and Ivette get to plead their case. Beau thanks his family and friends and the friends in the house. Ivette says she can't compete with Beau and he is way to fabulous and she loves everyone. Janelle goes first and votes to evict Beau. April votes to evict Beau. April is crying. Maggie votes to evict Beau. Beau is out. Julie announces it. As an aside, Beau is wearing peach pants and a sky blue shirt and it really hurts the eyes. April says that she will miss his Beau Bedtime Stories. Beau hugs everyone and Ivette cries--probably at losing her shot at all that money. Beau goes to talk to Julie. Maggie, April and Ivette are crying. Ivette says that she thinks she cried more than anyone in the game. Julie asks about Howie nominating him. Beau doesn't regret it. Beau thinks that Ivette has an amazing chance to make it to the end. Beau will be on House Calls on Tuesday. It is now time for the HOH competition after the break.

The competition starts. It is down to April, Ivette, Maggie and Janelle. The game is called Magnetic Attraction. Julie will ask eight questions based on the questionnaires they filled out before they entered the house. They will answer blue or red by placing the magnet on the board ahead of them. If they get the answer right, they get one point. If they get the answer wrong, the magnet drops and they not get a point. The person with the most points at the end wins. Question 1: Who said they get the most complements about their smile? Blue for Kaysar, red for Michael. Answer Kaysar. Everyone gets a point. Who says they have a bad habit of cracking their nuckles? Blue for Sarah, Red for James. Answer Sarah. Everyone gets a point. Who said the craziest thing they ever did as a result of a dare was to get on stage with a naked girl in Key West? Blue for Beau, Red for Ivette. Answer Ivette. April only one to get it wrong. Who once dressed up as Brittney Spears for Halloween? Blue for Jennifer, Red for April. Answer Jennifer. Janelle got it won. It is tied between Ivette and Maggie. Who would title their autobiography "I had a Blast living a normal life"? Blue for Eric, Red for Maggie. Answer Maggie. Everyone got it right. Who said their shortest job consisted of three days selling blood plasma? Blue for Rachel, red for Howie. Answer Howie. Everyone but Janelle got it right. Who's first job was working at a Dairy Queen? Blue for Janelle, red for Ashlea. Answer Janelle. Everyone got it right. Last question: Who said the body part he liked the most on a woman was her buttocks? Blue for Kaysar, red for Michael. Answer is Kaysar. Everyone got it wrong. There is a tie between Maggie and Ivette. April is silently clapping. Tie breaker: in the HOH competition playing it straight what was the total score of houseguests competing? Maggie says 1, Ivette says 35. Correct answer is 47. Ivette wins. Ivette runs off like a crazy woman and starts crying and screaming on the big couch. You would have thought she would hug her teammates first, but she did eventually. I would imagine Janelle will get voted out next Thursday unless she wins the veto.

Saturday, September 3, 2005 -- Afternoon

Tonight is also the Big Brother episode were we find out what has been going on since the feeds are down. I am hoping that it is Ivette or Beau. That would just be great--unless they backdoored Maggie. I think if they did that that April would stop pairing with Ivette and Beau and would be teaming up with Howie and Janelle. At least if she were smart she would.

Friday, September 2, 2005 -- Afternoon

I just got home from my therapy and lunch, and the feeds are down. This time there is a message and no fish. It says that the feeds will not be available until after the show on Saturday. If you have the live feeds, you know that you get four camera angles. You can pick one of the four, or watch all four at the same time. What they are doing this time (instead of the fish), is showing a variety of House Calls shows. On the first camera, they have evicted guests. On the second camera, they have special guests (like the producer). On the third camera are a variety of the latest House Call episodes. The fourth camera is fish cam. At least this is better than just seeing fish non-stop. Granted you can always watch House Calls on its archive page. So we won't know who won the veto or who is evicted until tomorrow.

Friday, September 2, 2005 -- Morning

The Big Brother was recorded last night, and here's what happened. As usual, we had a recap of the past week with April winning the HOH competition and backdooring and nominating James. The day is 61 in the Big Brother house. We find out at the beginning that this is another double eviction week. The assumption is that Howie will be HOH only for 48 hours. We then see April removing Janelle from the eviction block. April said that her ultimate goal was to backdoor James. James was surprised that April left Howie up on the block and said that April helped herself by taking Janelle off, but that it was a bad move for the team--dumb in fact. James thinks that if Howie got HOH that Maggie and Ivette would be up. Howie tried to make some jokes about trying to get James off for seven weeks and saying that at least James gets to pack with him. James then says that it's time for jokes later, and Howie apologizes. Meanwhile the only people left as Howie and Janelle walk away are James and Ivette on the nomination chairs. James tells Ivette that he thought he had a chance against Janelle, but not against Howie. Then Ivette practically lies across James and starts kissing him. It was weird. Maggie came up at that point and saw them. In the DR, Maggie admits that James and Ivette have this weird bond. Maggie comments on how Ivette wanted to hold and comfort James after the veto ceremony and that Ivette should realize that isn't a very smart or strategic move to keep on holding on to James. James says that this is his worse case scenario. Ivette says that she hates Howie and hates him more AND more every day. James then tells her to convince Maggie and Beau to vote off Howie then. James says that since Sarah left, his relationship with Ivette grew, but her loyalty remains with the Maggots, so he is using her as his liasion to soften them up and to find out what to do. James doesn't understand why he wasn't up against Janelle. James tries to find out if it was April's decision or the group's decision. Ivette says that it was discussed and that you don't disagree with the group, you just go along with it. Geeze, what sort of group is this where the members don't feel they can express themselves because of fear of what the head Maggot will think? James tells Ivette that she needs to convince Beau and Maggie to vote off Howie and then next week they will go after Janelle. Ivette says that she relates to James and that James told her that she is the only one he can trust. Maggie and Ivette go off to talk in the exercise room. Ivette takes James side and says that she will admit that James played the game dirty. (I guess that dirty means that he won veto competitions and tried to play both sides--which is what you should do in this game.) Ivette then tells Maggie that James is good company. Maggie says that she would much rather have James win than Howie and Janelle. Maggie says that James has three days till the voting. Maggie says in her DR that she constantly told Ivette how she feels about James, but she can't keep on repetitively telling Ivette negative things about James. So Maggie tells Ivette what Ivette wants to hear. The next scene shows James and Howie talking about who holds the most passing yards. James said that some guy thought that it was Elway, and the guy was stupid like Howie. Howie starts to say something in reply when there is this loud shhhhing noise for upstairs. It seems that Ivette was trying to nap, and Howie was talking too loud for her. Maggie then says that you can't nap when Howie is around. Howie says "god forbid that I wake someone up at 3:00 in the afternoon from their nap while the sun is still shining." James then says "if anyone wants any sleep, you know how to vote on Thursday." Maggie laughs and so does Howie. Howie realizes that James is campaigning against him, so he starts campaigning for himself, and reminds everyone that Howie hasn't won a veto while James can win the vetos and just get himself to the end of the game. James tries to say that maybe Howie is just pretending that he's a dumb, uncoordinated, middle aged man. James says that if he can convince Ivette and Beau to vote for him, and if he can convince Janelle that she and James would be alot stronger than her and Howie, he might be able to stay in the house. James is talking to Janelle in the gold room, and says that he thinks that he can get Ivette to vote for him and that he hasn't talked to Beau. Then he starts whispering about how Janelle should vote for him and that no one would believe that she voted for him. Janelle says that she feels sorry for Howie. James then says that she and Howie deserve each other. Janelle admits in her DR conversation that she would probably go further with James because Howie has been slack on the competitions lately. Janelle just doesn't know if she could live with herself if she voted against Howie. James then claims outside with Ivette that Janelle picky swore that she would vote for him. That didn't happen in the scene that I saw. James admits that he lied because his goal was to give Ivette misinformation to sway her vote. James admits that he is going to keep on working on Ivette to get her and Beau's votes. He really is working, and you could see Ivette's little pea brain trying to swirl around this information. You can tell that it's hard for her to strategize and that she probably won't be in this game. We now go to the living room. Julie asks Janelle about the phone call from Michael. Janelle said that it was wonderful and says that it was great to hear that he is still thinking of her and will be waiting for her. Janelle thanks the viewers again because the call really meant alot to her. Julie has more questions from fans. Now questions for the houseguests. Maggie is first and folks want to know what she has been doing to lose weight. Maggie says great (yesterday after the show she was complaining about the question). Maggie says that she has been running every day and working out, and just being around these wonderful people has really helped. Then Ivette. If she wins HOH, what is the one thing she wants waiting for her in the room. Ivette says a picture of her beautiful girlfriend whom she misses more than anyone can imagine. Then Beau. Which fellow houseguest would be the worst permanent roommate. Beau says Howie and then switches to Janelle because she has stuff scattered all over the house.

When we come back from break, it's all April. We get to hear from family and friends. We hear April's phrases--saying "the bottom line", "the deal is" "you know what I am saying" over and over. I like how she says "all we do is repeat ourselves." Then we hear Jennifer telling April she talks too much. Then we see two of April's sorority sisters. Oh my god! April was a really ugly girl when she was in the sorority. She obviously had some plastic surgery done on her face, especially the chin area. They claim that April is extremely intelligent. They also say that April should shut her mouth sometimes. Then we see April's husband. He says that he can understand teaming up against one person. Matt says that he liked Howie at first because he seemed fun, but then he didn't like the dark side--the Busto era. April's husband says that he's big boned, but he's not fat. Hmm...that's what all the fat people say. I hate to tell them this, but their bones aren't much bigger--that's fat around them thar bones. Then April's husband shows us his big belly and his out of shape body and asks if Howie wants some of this. It is so hiliarious because I think that I could take the guy. Then we see Pepperoni--a cute miniature schnauzer. Matt (the husband) says that he was very happy to see April winning. Matt doesn't think that April is a weak player and thinks that she has a shot. Then we talk to April in the HOH bedroom. Julie asks is it was strategy to be under the radar, and April agrees that it was. She said that she was there for Jennifer, and wanted Jennifer to do well. April repeats that she has a wonderful life outside of the house. April says that she stepped it up and that's how she won. Julie asks if Maggie is her new partner. April admits that Maggie is and they are trying to keep it underwraps. As April says, if James leaves then they will be three pairs fighting each other. Julie then asks about Ivette and questioning her loyalty. April says that she loves Ivette to death. April claims that Ivette cares for James because of Ivette's huge, huge heart and that Ivette is loyal to the Maggots. Up next a look inside the jury house.

After the break, we go to the jury house. It looks like it is out in the middle of farm land. It looks like a western ranch house and is right on a very nice large lake. It looks beautiful, and the complete opposite of tropical. Jennifer says that the last few days in sequester have been fun and like being on a vacation. Jennifer admits that after vacationing for a few days, you wonder what is going on in the house. Jennifer hopes that it is someone from the other group, but she hopes it isn't Rachel because she is so boring (she says it with a sneer). Jennifer admits that Rachel is the one she wants to see least. Then we see Jennifer waiting for someone to walk down the windy garden path, and it is Rachel. They hug. Rachel admits that she and Jennifer never got along in the house, and it was interesting to see Jennifer's reaction. Jennifer gives Rachel the tour of the house. It has a very nice pool, and there are fish in the lakes. Jennifer took the biggest room in the house. Both then drink a glass of champagne. Rachel brough a tape of what happened over the past week minus DR converstations. Rachel rolls her eyes at Jennifer's comment that it is so colorful and that it's funny seeing it in color. Which is weird because wasn't Jennifer seeing it in living color before? We see Rachel not answer her question right, and Rachel said that she knew it was going to be two to which Jennifer replies if you knew that it was going to be two why didn't you say that then? Rachel says "funny". They really hate each other! Then Jennifer squeals when Beau wins and says "it's all coming together." Jennifer saays she misses April. Then Rachel makes a remark wondering why April went all the way to the back of the pool because it slowed her down alot. Jennifer rolls her eyes then. Jennifer then wonders why they zoom in on Kaysar every five seconds and that she must have really caused some ruckus by getting rid of him with America. Rachel says it wasn't very nice about what happened to Kaysar and that got Jennifer where she is. As they continue with the tape and see the veto ceremony, Jennifer says that she loves her group. Rachel then hopes that Jennifer gets some more friends here very soon. Jennifer then says that she knows what went on with her group and she is happy with it. Rachel says "good. Let's see what happens next week." It's going to be a tense week in the jury house. Now we see diary room discussion. Maggie says that both James and Howie have the ability to take people out of the game and she sees them as equal threats. Beau says James is in good with Ivette and would protect him and Ivette. Ivette says that she thinks that James would take her and Beau to the end and that there are 101 reasons to keep James in her book. Janelle says that she thinks she could go far with James until he sold her out. Janelle says that even if she told Howie that she voted him out for strategic reasons, he would be really hurt by that. Beau then says that he and Howie have a good relationship. Ivette says that Howie's only strenght is that he can get along with people, but even that can get annoying at times. Janelle says that lately Howie hasn't been doing well in competitions, but she thinks they can beat the Nerd Herd. Maggie then says that if James ends up staying in the house and Howie goes home, she's in big trouble.

It is now time for the vote. Howie talks first. He thanks Beau for his hair and wardrobe. Howie says that he is no longer Hurricane Howie and is now Harmless Howie. He says that he is a waste of a nomination, and that he is a good motivational speaker because he inspired April to win. Also he says five vetos to zero vetos--come on! Everyone is laughing at him. Then it is James turn. He thanks his friend and family, and thanks the houseguests for coming after him week after week after week. He then thanks them all for making it easy for him to get the vetos. (he says that he is kidding). He says that he knows it is a strategic move and nothing personal. First up to vote is Maggie. She votes to evict James. Then Beau. He votes to evict James. Then it is Ivette's turn. She votes to evict James. (she covers her eyes as she says that.) Finally it is Janelle's turn, but James is already out. Janelle votes to evict James. James is evicted. He hugs everyone. Ivette gives him the longest hug. James goes to talk to Julie. Ivette goes into the bathroom to cry. Julie asked how James survived this long. James said that they screwed up more than he did. James says that he thought that it was personal because they kept on coming after him. He knew that with April it wasn't personal though because she had more issues with Howie and Janelle. Julie then asks him about the Howie HOH nomination of James and Sarah. Would James have stayed loyal? James says completely. James said that when he went to that side it was because Eric was going after him. Julie asks if the relationship was sincere or strategy. James says that it is sincere and that he will stay in touch with her and looks forward to seeing her again. Now the good-bye messages. Ivette is sorry that she can't give him a sympathy vote and that she couldn't save him. Janelle says that she probably could have made it further in the game with James but is better friends with Howie. Howie says that James is dangerous and awesome. April says that he played the game very well, and those folks wind up leaving. Beau says it took five weeks to get him out of there. Maggie says that she is an ER nurse. James also says that Maggie is an awesome person and he will keep in touch with her.

It is now time for the HOH competition. Tonight's game is called Playing it straight. Each has two turns to roll their bowling ball down the narrow beam. There are holes on each side that are given point values. It you make it to the end, you get ten points. Whoever has the most points from the total of both throws is HOH. You get zero points if your ball falls right before going it. Maggie's first roll is 2 points and 5 points for the second for a total of 7. Beau is next. His first throw is 5 points, second is 6 for a total of 11. Ivette is next. First throw is 5 points, second is 4 for a total of 9. Beau is still in the lead. Then Janelle. She gets 6 for the first roll, and 2 for the second for a total of 8. Last up is Howie. He has to beat 11 points. First roll is 6 points. Second roll is 6 points. Howie has 12 and is the new HOH. Only Janelle and Howie celebrate. April gives him the key and he gives her a big hug. Howie said they stuck a fork in him to see if he was done. Janelle says, you aren't done.

Another break. Then we have the houseguests in the living room, and everyone gets the news that it is a double eviction week. Julie asks how Howie feels to be the new HOH. Howie says that the only person he has been beating is Maggie and he thanks April for putting him up and motivating him as he did for her. He says that it feels awesome and that he is the first repeat HOH. Then Julie asks Howie that a fan wants to know what Howie is looking for in a woman that would met his needs for a long term relationsip. Howie says one of his houseguests. He says you just know when it's right, and he can't put it into words. Julie then has another question for Beau. What would he do with $1 million. He says that he would give it to a charity, some to his mom, and then travel. A question for April. What is the one thing you wish you had brought from the outside world. April says her doggie, and Julie says "not your husband". April then says she wants both. Julie then asks Howie without revealing names is he already thinking of whom he would nominate. Howie says kinda. Howie then says, "do you have a double eviction week again Julie?" She then admits that Howie took the words right out of her mouth. Howie then has to stand up and Maggie has to vacate the chair. Howie has to make his first nomination. He puts up Ivette saying that he loves her. Then he says that he loves Beau. Beau says it's all right. Julie then says good night to everyone. There is also supposed to be a surprise guest on the show on Saturday. We now listen in to the houseguests. Ivette is looking ill, and Maggie is consoling her while April sits by Beau.

Thursday, September 1, 2005 -- Evening

The live eviction episode of Big Brother was not on here in Pittsburgh this evening. It is going to be broadcast around 2:05 am, so I will be recording what happens in the show first thing tomorrow morning. However, I went and checked out some web sites and had a hallelujah moment. It appears that Howie won the HOH contest (James was evicted, but I think that we all knew that was going to happen). It also appears that Beau and Ivette are up for eviction. Yet another hallelujah moment! All in all, it must be a wonderful episode, and I suppose that I will have to wait to savor all the juicy happenings. It seems that it is double eviction week. I didn't see the episode, so I'm not sure what is going on, but the houseguests are talking about how Howie wasn't told that he would be HOH for only 48 hours. So now they are wondering if that means that Howie will be HOH for both evictions and will get to make two sets of nominations. Again, hallelujah!! April made a comment about evil triumphing, but if that were the case, wouldn't the Maggots be ahead. :-) How wonderful it will be to be rid of one of the two hypocrites this weekend. I think that I would like Ivette to go first, because I know that Beau does not have the support of April and Maggie so he would probably follow soon after.

Thursday, September 1, 2005 -- Afternoon

The usual Thursday cleaning is going on in the Big Brother house. They do this every Thursday so the place looks good for the live cameras. Janelle is still sleeping, because she does anything to avoid cleaning and work. She gets away with it too. The others are annoyed at it, but what are they going to do. Well, what they do is whine, whine whine about it. I have come to a realization in the past few weeks that I really hate whining. I think that a part of it has to do with the houseguests incessant whine-a-drome.

Thursday, September 1, 2005 -- Morning

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother, but I won't be able to see the show until tomorrow morning. It is not being broadcast until the early morning hours. The exact time will depend on when the football game ends and how far behind it pushes the shows. What I don't understand is that last time a football game was on CBS, they moved the show to the other sister station. Well, I guess because they have Smackdown Wrestling on the sister channel, they don't want to cause any disruption. Geeze Louise! Meanwhile Howie has been walking around the Big Brother house practising for the HOH competition. I really hope that either he or Janelle wins. If they don't, then one of them will be going home next week, and it will really consolidate the possibilty that Beau and Ivette will make it to the final two and I really can't stand either of them.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005 -- Afternoon

Tomorrow is live eviction night and the voting will be taking place on the show, so there really isn't alot going on in the Big Brother house today. April and Beau were running around taking pictures with the HOH camera. The pictures get posted after the new HOH's reign starts. Ivette seems to be in a miserable mood which is common for her. She really hates Janelle. I think that the main problem for Ivette is that James will be leaving tomorrow. Ivette has some issues and it comes across in the way that she deals with people. Ivette would really get on my nerves, and I would never be able to be a friend of hers unless she is 100% different than she is in the house. It seems that Janelle took a questionable picture, and April is going to leave it on the camera. I'll have to check out April's HOH pictures to see what the Janelle porn picture is about. Nothing very exciting is going on with the houseguests--all we have is non stop angry from Ivette about anything and everything that Janelle does. Ivette is talking to James now and explaining that the Maggots took Janelle off and put James up for strategic reasons, not because they like Janelle.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005 -- Evening

We had another episode of Big Brother this evening. On Thursday, the local station here in Pittsburgh is carrying the Steelers game, and will be broadcasting the Big Brother episode late at night. We got a recap of the week before last Thursday. Janelle said that it was difficult to say good-bye to Rachel, but she is happy to still have Howie. Beau said that it is exciting to be the last pair in the house and no one is looking at them as a target. Howie said that Rachel is strong and it was a good strategic move. Howie wants to win BB6 for Ray-Ray. Ivette says it's sad to see someone go, but it's not one of her people. April wins HOH and feels like she has been crowned Miss America. James said that it is the summer of hell because he can't win an HOH. Janelle said the force wasn't with her this week. Maggie said that it was like winning herself to have April win. April says that her prayers have been answered by getting HOH because she can stay in the house. April thinks that winning HOH proves that you gave something to the house. They talk about how no one has won HOH twice, and Janelle says not really because the week that Howie won, Maggie talked Howie into putting his own side up and really had HOH twice. As Janelle says in the diary room, she just had to call it like it is, and the girl is right! We then see video of Maggie working Howie. Maggie acts like she is confused and really doesn't know what is going on. I hate that stupidity act of Maggie's. She says to Janelle "I don't get it". I get it and so does everyone else. Meanwhile later, James and Ivette are playing chess and he tells her that he appreciates everything she has done for him. Maggie tells Beau that James is going to be working Ivette, and Beau says that she knows that she has to stick with the Maggots. Maggie sees it as a problem with the Ivette. April and Maggie run into the gold room with Howie and Janelle and say that they want to backdoor James, but to keep quiet. Basically they want to make certain that James doesn't play Power of Veto. Janelle says that she remembers the last time the Maggots said they needed Janelle's help it led to Kaysar going out. April says to trust her and that she is going to get James out. Howie says that it's been a get rid of James thing every week. Janelle says that she's scared about the plan, and Howie says they have nothing to lose. Now it is time to see April's HOH room. She has a picture of her dog and husband. Meanwhile Beau is shreeking like a girl. Then her husband made sure to send her a robe and slippers. Howie says am I kissing Busto's butt right now? Yes because she is HOH. The four Maggots are talking in the bedroom. Ivette says that she sees Janelle as a better player. Ivette says that she is really afraid of Janelle. April says that Ivette wants James because it is a guaranteed vote. April believes that James is working both sides and the only person safe with James is Ivette. April says that she wants to get James out this week. April tells Ivette not to tell James. Ivette gets innocent buy eyes and says that she doesn't want to lie. Maggie then asked if it was considering lying if you keep a secret. Maggie thinks Ivette would choose a Maggot over James, but she doesn't want to give Ivette a chance to choose.

After the break, we see Janelle go up to April's room. Howie is there. Janelle is scared because she doesn't want to be used as a pawn. Janelle asks what will happen if Ivette wins the Power of Veto and will not use it to take Howie or Janelle off. April says to just trust her because if Ivette does not use it, the Maggots will go after Ivette. April says that she has to break up something in the Beau, Ivette, James group. Howie and Janelle are obviously nervous. Janelle says that the whole house sees James as a threat. April is preparing her nominations. April admits in the diary room that you can have plans and plans can always go wrong. April also admits that she likes to have people like her. It is the nomination ceremony. April says that when you lose a partner that's when you start playing it as a game, and she never wants to hear herself called weak again. The first key out of the box is Maggie's, then Beau's, then Ivette's, and finally James'. April says that she knows Howie and Janelle have a strong bond and relationship and that's why she nominated them. April said that her goal is to backdoor James, but didn't say that in the ceremony. Janelle jokes that buxom mixed with brains is a dangerous combination and must be done away with. James asks April if she wants him for the veto competition. April says that she is going to use Maggie because they are friends. In the diary room James says that he knows the fix is in to backdoor him. April says that she knows if James wins HOH he is nominating April and Maggie. April then asks Ivette and Maggie that if they win the veto, they will use it. Of course Ivette sees him as a safety line. Maggie says that Ivette is under alot of stress right now because she wants James to stay in the game. Ivette admits that the Maggots want to get rid of James because he is after Maggie and April. we then see Ivette trying to talk Maggie into letting James stay in the house. Maggie admits in the DR that Ivette's constant petitioning to keep James does not look good in her eyes because she knows that Ivette knows that James will be targeting Maggie. Maggie tells Ivette that supporting James would be seen as going against the Maggots.

Another break. It is time for the veto competition. Maggie says that everyone has to make sure not to pick James as a competitor. April picks Maggie. Janelle picked Ivette, and Howie picked Beau. Howie says that he couldn't pick James because he couldn't beat him. James is the host (and he admits that he knew he was being backdoored). Out in the yard is a giant platform with vetos locked up on one end and a 6 lanes of mud pits. The goal is to find the key under the mud, and unlock the four vetos one by one and drop them into the frame. The one who gets all four first wins the veto. There is a bonus. Whoever unlocks the silver veto on their frame and puts it in the frame wins the combo to the second safe. Beau says he is going all for it. Basically you have to go, find the key, try it on all four veto locks, then run the unlocked veto across the mud and put it in the frame. Janelle's plan was to get all her keys in one corner and then try all the keys. Maggie couldn't get any of her keys to work. Ivette was trying to not get dirty and still win the veto. Howie says that he doesn't trust the Maggots. Beau is the first to get two. By the time April got one, everyone had one or two already. Janelle was the first one to get the silver veto and won the bonus. Beau calls Janelle a bitch. April is the first one to get four veto symbols and wins the veto. Maggie is very excited that April won the veto. In one week, April has been doing well. April says it makes her sick that Janelle is the luckiest person. Now the houseguests run to the second safe. Janelle and Beau rush in, and Janelle won a trip. Beau hugged her. She got a trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Only James, Beau, and Ivette were there, and then Howie, April and Maggie showed up. Janelle also got a lucky gnome. Ivette says that Janelle doesn't need a lucky gnome, she has one already. Janelle says that she is going to take her mother with her. Janelle admits that everyone in the house is jealous of her. April and Maggie are talking and says that Janelle has to go home next week. meanwhile in the HOH room, Ivette is pulling her big eye act saying what are we going to do with Janelle, and goes through everything that Janelle won. Maggie says that everyone is looking at how lucky and skilled Janelle is. Jealous!

It is now time for America's Choice. Maggie says that everyone wants Ivette to win because she is the only one not to get anything. Ivette says that Janelle would win the phone call. Ivette says that her stomach is in knots and thinks today is a good day. The phone goes off and everyone runs over. Janelle picks it up and it is a phone calls from Michael for Janelle. Janelle admits in the DR that she was so excited, and Michael admits that he will be there when she comes out and he is really proud of her and she is doing great. Maggie asks how's the world outside. Janelle asked if Brittany Spears had her baby. Maggie said that the conversation was not very intellectual. April says that it hurts her feelings to think that America likes Janelle. She can't believe that anyone would think that Janelle of anyone in the house would deserve to win a phone call, and whoever would vote for Janelle, April questions the character of that person. Michael tells Janelle to keep her chin up and to be strong. Janelle thanks America. Janelle says sorry to Ivette. Then Ivette goes off to sob out her racist heart. Maggie goes and tells Ivette that she's sorry. Surprisingly Ivette was crying, but her face was dry. Maggie said that Ivette can't understand why America would give such a thing to Janelle. Meanwhile Janelle is very happy and saying that she knew that Michael loved her. Meanwhile Maggie and April are disgusted that Janelle wanted a call from Michael. I think that Ivette's tears were crocodile tears because her face was so dry. April doesn't think that there's anyway that America voted to give Janelle a call from Michael. April starts her crocodile tears that it should have been a call for someone who really misses someone. James quotes the Bible and says that the righetous get screwed while the wicked win everything. Then they show April (thank you BB for doing it) saying that if America did vote for Janelle to get a call from Michael that they are all pieces of shit. James said there was no way in hell that Janelle should have gotten it. As he said later in the DR, he saw a chance to bash Janelle to keep himself safe. April says that there's no way that America could love Janelle. Maggie replies that everyone loves a villain. Excuse me, but what has Janelle done that makes her a villain other than inspire jealousy in the Maggots! Ivette then makes a comment about evil prevailing. Maggie says "no not yet". April then says that she feels they got alot of evil out of this house. Not as long as all those Maggots are in there. Janelle then realizes that no one is around, and starts to wonder where everyone is and if they are mad at her for getting the call. (yes) Janelle said that she felt bad because everyone went up to the HOH and she felt bad. Janelle asks if they are mad at her. Ivette says that it's not Janelle's vote and she didn't do anything. Janelle said that maybe everyone felt sorry for her because she was just developing a relationship with Michael, and wanted to see what was going on with them. Maggie, the head Maggot, said that if she had gotten a call it wouldn't have been from Eric. Sanctimonious bitch! Janelle said that Michael and I had a relationship. April says that it was supposed to be from loved ones. Janelle replies that she did love Michael. Maggie gives a classic eye roll. Gosh the Maggots just sicken me! Janelle says in the DR that maybe they didn't know that she and Michael made out 24/7 in the house. As she said, Janelle and Michael were in the gold room. April thinks that Janelle is disgusting. Janelle says sorry. She then says that they are happy for her but they are upset. Ivette says that they can't compete with Janelle and she wants Janelle gone and out of the house. April says that folks have a right to be upset and that they are changing their minds about voting her out this week. April doesn't know if she wants to save Janelle or not. As April says, Janelle has a target on her back. The more I see of the sanctimonious, petty, and jealous behavior of the Maggots just makes me want to puke!

After the last break, it is time for the veto ceremony. April says that the pros of using the veto is to backdoor James. She would like to get Janelle and Howie. April does not believe that either of them deserve to be in the game. I hate this bunch deciding who is deserving and who is not. April calls everyone into the living room. April gives Janelle and Howie a chance to talk. Janelle says that she respects April's nomination and said that she would like April to use it on Howie. Howie said that he would ask for the veto to be used on Janelle. Both say that they respect April's decision, whatever it is. April decides to use it. Ivette looks shocked. April takes Janelle off the block. April says that she has to nominate someone else and is going to put up James. Ivette looks unhappy. April says that it is not personal and it is strictly strategic. Janelle feels fortunate to be off the block. Janelle says that everyone is jealous of her luck, but it is strategy. James hopes that he gets Ivette and Beau and then can swing Janelle to his side. As James says, he has two days and it ain't over till it's over.

Monday, August 29, 2005 -- Mid Afternoon

It seems that April took Janelle off, and put James up in her place. Right now, Ivette is campaigning for James with Maggie. Ivette said that she would rather lose to James than to lose Howie or Janelle. Maggie is sayind that sometimes you have to do these things. Maggie wants to get rid of James because he is a good player. Ivette says that she can't stand the way that Howie and Janelle act to which Maggie replies that you can't control the way that Howie and Janelle act--that they have tried and failed. So I wonder who Ivette will vote for, and if she can get her partner, Beau to go along with it. I think that Ivette realizes that Maggie is the one that she has to convince about James. April just talked to Janelle about cleaning up and doing dishes, etc. If Janelle is anything like me, I don't like to do things that I'm told to do. It's one thing to do something because you want to, and another to do it because someone else is being bitchy and telling you to do it. So it will be interesting to see if James does go out AND who wins HOH. Come on Janie, win HOH!

Monday, August 29, 2005 -- Afternoon

It's hard to tell what the Maggots have in mind with the veto. Tomorrow will be the veto ceremony. The petty, pitiful, wenches really hate Janelle. I've never seen such petty jealousy since I was in grade school. Right now, April, Maggie and Beau are outside, and it is questionable whether they will use the veto to take someone off and put James up. Howie is the only person that I would think would be safe because he is not hated as Janelle is. It doesn't seem that Beau is as much on James' side as Ivette is. It's amazing how the Beau and April are now talking about America hating them for getting of Kaysar. April claims they were only dishonest once. Okay--maybe they can't count. Anyway, April sees it as such a revelation that America must hate the "Friendship"--or as I call them the Maggots. Well, I know that I do. It's not because of Kaysar but because the over-all demeanor and character of the people who make up the Maggots. It's going to be a sad day when the final two are both Maggots--and it will be even worse if Ivette and Beau are the final two.

Sunday, August 28, 2005 -- Early Evening

April and Maggie are exercising and Beau is talking to them. Beau is telling them how James just told Janelle that everyone was saying that she didn't deserve the phone call, and Janelle approached James about it. Well, it seems that caused James to seal his fate. It seems that April is really angry now and thinks that Big Brother want them to get rid of Janelle, and that's why Big Brother gave Janelle the phone call, because everyone, including Janelle, doesn't think that Janelle deserves the call. Meanhwile it seems that Janelle was telling Beau that James told them all sorts of things that the Maggots were saying, so now April says that James needs to go. April just had Beau bring in Howie and Janelle, and April started her talk about how Big Brother plotted the call. So Janelle is telling them what happened that Beau came and talked to her about where James was, and then James yelled at Janelle. Then James comes into the exercise room and tries to set the story straight. James says that he thought Ivette was most deserving of a phone call because she has nothing. James says that they should be bringing it out into the open and that he should have done that in the beginning because everyone thinks that the shit talk comes from James. As James says, consider the source of the shit talk, and where it is coming from. Janelle and Howie leave, followed closely by James. After James leaves though, April, Maggie and Beau continue to rag, only this time it is Janelle. So Janelle comes back and asks if James was talking shit about her upstairs, and April says that James was just talking shit about Janelle a few minutes ago. As Janelle says though, the only person who goes to the Maggots is James. Janelle and Howie don't buddy up with the Maggots. James comes back into the exercise room, and says "well obviously you have more to talk about". James is trying to push the fact that they are trying to backdoor him and doing it secretly. James is really being persuasive saying that he is not on the side of Howie and Janelle, and hasn't been since he went up on the block. This is the most excitement in days! I wonder if James will be able to persuade the Maggots. James says that he doesn't care if he goes home now, and as he said, he can't win the game on his own, and he's not this evil person that everyone makes him out to be. James said that he wasn't shit talking Janelle upstairs, he was consoling Ivette. Janelle then asks him why he made comments to Howie about Janelle having a target on her back. It seems that Janelle also won a trip yesterday too. Janelle got called to the diary room, but James continues that he is by himself, so just send him home. James tells April that the reason people tell her things is not because they like April but because they are trying to save themselves. Maggie agrees that Howie and Janelle have no reason to make James look good. The group is breaking up and James follows Maggie and April to the kitchen to continue the conversation. James just keeps on about being there all by himself because he has no one on his side. He is doing a good job because we know from his diary room conversations that he wants to win the game, but he is trying to lead them to believe that he doesn't. If he really didn't care, why would he mind if they talked trash about him and he was evicted?

Sunday, August 28, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

There was some controversy in the Big Brother house today. It seems that Janelle won the America's choice and got the phone call. This lead to great anger and animosity in the house. According to April, the viewers of Big Brother are pieces of shit for voting for Janelle to get the call. Ivette was crying hysterically because I think that Ivette thinks that people like rude, bitchy, racists and though that she stood a chance of getting people to vote for her to get a call. Meanwhile everyone just seems angry about Janelle getting the call, and that it was rigged or that Janelle was somehow undeserving. Well, maybe I think that Ivette was undeserving of a phone call. This is not good for Janelle because she will probably get voted off the show because of everyone's case of envy. They envy Janelle her looks, her talents and her luck. I think that the rest of the houseguests are sad pitiful people who should get over themselves. After all, I wouldn't be proud to be a Maggot. Maybe they don't realize how they come across to others, but envious, petty, rude bitches isn't the way to do it. (and in Ivette's case, you can add racist to the list--the racist remark is based on comments like calling Kaysar a camel jockey and Bin Laden, making stereotypical comments about Jews). I am glad that Janelle won. I know that I gave her a couple of votes just because she was the only one that didn't annoy me, and because she wanted to talk to Michael. Hurrah for Janelle! What a sick bunch of people to blame Janelle! It's not like she did anything to get the phone call, it was because the "pieces of shit", as April and Maggie continued to call the viewers, voted for her to have it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005 -- Afternoon

It's gotten abit boring in the Big Brother house. We aren't getting the conflict and drama as we did with more people in the house. It's especially boring since four of them are Maggots and therefore really aren't scheming. These houseguests are incredibly boring with the current lack of scheming. I can only hope that a non-Maggot gets HOH next week so we can stir some things up. Right now, it's 10:30 am in the Big Brother house, and the only person who is up is James who's sitting outside looking bored.

Saturday, August 27, 2005 -- Evening

I was out at a retirement party for a good part of the afternoon and evening, but I did some checking to see who won the Power of Veto competition today, and it appears that April won the veto. Ivette is now compaigning to get Janelle evicted. The Maggots are such hypocrites. Supposedly they have been out to backdoor James for weeks and yet they keep on passing on opportunities to do it. Personally I am fine with them not backdooring James because I am rooting him on to win. The guy is the only one who has really played the game and done a good job of it without being as much of a jerk and liar as the others in the house. You have to respect him for doing that, especially since he hasn't been anyone's big favorite.

Saturday, August 27, 2005 -- Morning

As was to be expected, April nominated Howie and Janelle last night. Now the question is who will be playing for the Power of Veto. If I were Janelle, I would be trying to team up with James and have him play the veto. If James wins, then he can take Janelle off and it would have to be Howie against a Maggot. Depending on the Maggot, the vote could be tied and broken by April. I think that if James won and took Janelle off that April would put up Ivette. The reason for the is because I don't think that April really likes Ivette, and James won't vote against Ivette. Anyway, the Maggots are always talking about sharing their winnings with the other Maggots. The thing is that they all signed contracts saying that they can't give money to each other because then it is like you are buying someone's vote. Well, it seems that the Maggots are trying to find ways around it--like giving each other gift certificates. The Maggots just throughly disgust me. Ivette and Maggie are higher on the list of annoyance with Ivette as number one. Ivette is such a mean-spirited, rude, racist person. She is always making derogatory remarks about everyone, either behind their back or to their face. If she is one of the final two, I will just have to puke. As for Maggie, she is always acting holier than thou while dipping herself in the mud. This season is really getting to be a disappointment for me because it is just disgusting to see how the Maggots act, and to think that their behavior might be rewarded.

Friday, August 26, 2005 -- Afternoon

The houseguests are just sitting around the dining room table talking. It looks like there will be no food competition today. I'm trying to remember from past seasons if they stop having the food competitions as the group gets smaller. One interesting thing is that Janelle dreamed last night that her house was hit by a hurricane, and that it was flooded. This is absolutely eerie because she would have no way of knowing that Katrina did indeed hit the Miami, Florida yesterday where Janelle lives. The interview with Rachel was a good one. She has no clue why Ivette made the comments that she made during the good-bye message. As Rachel said, Ivette was angry all week about something, and basically Rachel was the person of the week that Ivette lashed out at. I really don't like Ivette. I hope that April is smart enough to put up some of the Maggots. It probably won't happen, but I am hoping. The House Calls show today was good. I especially liked the rants that Gretchen and Marcellas had about Howie and Beau respectively. Fortunately CBS lets them rant on and express their opinions and that's what makes the show so entertaining to watch.

Friday, August 26, 2005 -- Late Morning

It is not looking good for Howie or Janelle this coming week. The Maggots are going to take one of them out this week, and then chances are good that another Maggot will win HOH next week just because there are four of them. When I think of how different the game would be today if Howie didn't turn on his own alliance, and put up Maggie and Ivette a few weeks back...there's no crying over spilt milk though. I am trying to resign myself to a Maggot winning. I think that of all the players, James is most deserving of the win. He has been playing strategically and actually winning competitions that are those stupid number games. I am cheering him on, but it's not looking good if they backdoor him this week. I'm hoping that they don't because none of the houseguests really has the smarts to compete with James when it comes to a veto competition. So he might be able to keep himself safe. The thing is that since the sequester house will be loaded with Maggots, if it comes down to James and a Maggot, they will choose a Maggot. As my boyfriend was saying yesterday, you would think that the Maggots would wise up and realize that in order to win, they would want a James or Janelle beside them. The Maggots are smart though, and will win up giving the game to either Beau or Ivette. At this point, since they are the only pair left, you know that they have the strength of numbers to go all the way unless they get broken up this week! April should bond with James and Janelle and gun down the rest of them. She won't have the smarts or the courage to do it though. Right now, it is 8 am in the Big Brother house and everyone is sleeping. Rachel was one of the last early risers on the show. It just really freaks me out to see how the Maggots all sleep in the HOH room. I'd rather have a bed than sleep on a floor, but that's me. Also, I don't like folks hanging around me all the time. So I would want some alone time if I won HOH. Whoever in the Maggots came up with this idea is smart though because it doesn't allow a weak link time alone to think about getting rid of a fellow Maggot.

Thursday, August 25, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother. The show started with the usual weekly recap with Beau winning HOH, the nomination of Howie and Rachel, and James winning the veto. Julie announces that it is day 54 in the Big Brother house. It's funny hearing Beau referred to as the "personal shopper". Julie looks nice in a flowing black sundress with big white beads for a necklace. Rachel said that the last thing she wanted was to be on the block with Howie. She says whoever is left behind is on a search and destroy. Howie admits that the mission is to break up Beau and Ivette. Howie, Rachel, and Janelle are sitting outside talking. Howie thinks that he is being evicted, and Rachel just wishes that she would know. We see the repeat performance of the Howie "Busto" act. Rachel wanted to see Howie succeed more in this than she does. As she tells Howie, she would love to remain in the game, but she won't hate leaving. Rachel thinks that the strategic move would be to get rid of her. If it is for vindictive reasons, they will vote Howie out. We then see Howie exercising outside while Ivette and Beau sit and watch. Beau asks how pale Howie's ass is, and Howie shows him. Beau wants Howie to streak. Howie said that he would do it if Ivette swears on the Bible that she will vote Rachel out. Maggie said that she would never swear on the Bible. In the DR, Howie comments that she wouldn't swear on the Bible because she is a lying sack of garbage and knows that she wouldn't keep to her word. Maggie looks all prim in her beach chair as she says it too. Howie admits that the consensus in the house is that they are voting out Rachel. Maggie is acting like she is a thinker and says that since Howie just referred to Maggie as the deciding vote that he must know how James was going to vote. Howie says that he doesn't know how James is going to vote, and he is just going on what people tell him. Howie says that James has been the most mysterious about his votes. Maggie tries to act intelligent and coy and says "I don't know anything about him". Howie says that he thinks that he is going to vote off Rachel, but he doesn't know. Maggie said that she thinks there are bigger things in the house than splitting up a pair. She thinks they should have concentrated on taking out the biggest threat in the game. Maggie is in the pool with Ivette and April and says that she thinks if James got HOH, he would put up Howie and Janelle so he could stay longer. But then she says that he can't. She realizes that for James safety, he has to play with them in order to last longer and not get voted off. She acts like that is a revelation. I am just amazed at the level of stupidity of these houseguests. It is James only chance. April says that as much as James loves Ivette, he would go against the Maggots. Maggie acts totally shocked at this revelation. Julie asks April about Jennifer's eviction and life without her. April said that it's weird because they felt like a pair and there's a piece of April missing. It seems that Jennifer brought April into the game. Julie asked Maggie what the shrinking table meant to her. She said that everyone discussed it and that it is huge milestone for them, and they are proud to still be there. Julie had questions for the houseguests from the Internet questionnaire. The first question is for Ivette. If they were casting Big Brother 6 the movie, who should play Ivette. Everyone says Selma Hayka, but Ivette thinks Julie DeMato. Question for Janelle. If she could leave the house for a day, what would she do? Go to Minnesota to visit friends and families.

After the commercial break, we go to the HOH room and Beau. Gosh, I don't like him. Julie brings up the partner thing and putting up Howie and Rachel. She said that there is tension with Janelle so what was the point behind it. Beau had trouble getting out the word strategic which he claims that it was. Beau says that he and Janelle made up and are on talking terms. Julie brings to his attention that they are the only pair. Beau says that the plan is to stay neutral and not bring the radar on them. Julie asks where James stands. Beau says he's on the right, then changes it to he's on the Maggot side in a positive sense. I think Beau wanted to say that as of now James is on the "right" side. Now we take a look at James. What keeps him in the game and how will he make it to the end? We first see James playing Ivette in chess. James said that he's lost weight, got grey hair, can't sleep, and is losing muscle tone. Howie thinks that James is the most dominate player in Big Brother history. Rachel replies that she's going to laugh her ass off if he is with two Maggots and wins. Howie said that he would vote for James. Howie said that the veto should be called the golden power of James. James says that April disgusts him and that she talks too much. James thinks that Maggie should go out first. James talks to the Sovereign and the Girl Scout group. James job as he says is to continue the hate against each other. We then hear him trashing both sides to the other. James said that the first one he would get out is Maggie and April if he gets HOH. They think that he is joking, but he says in the DR that is the truth. James says to Janelle that he sees them as the final two. James realizes that the Maggots have the numbers in the sequester house so going up against a Maggot as the final two would be bad because the fellow Maggots would vote for the Maggot. If he went up against Janelle, he stands the best chance of winning because the Maggots hate Janelle. Janelle rolls her eyes. James says that the Girl Scout troup would have a collective anurism if James and Janelle made it to the final two. James tells Janelle they have to cut it short before the Maggots get suspicious. I like James' term for the Maggots--Girl Scouts. Janelle thanks James for his honesty.

After the break. We hear from folks who know Howie and Rachel. Could they be more than just friends? Howie's dad says that he's known Howie all his life and that Howie is outrageous. Rachel's mom says that Rachel is the more serious one and Howie is the party person. Howie's friend, Mike, said that he's known Howie for over 30 years and used to date Rachel 10 years ago for 6-7 months, and Howie still maintained a close friendship with her. Mike says that he thinks Howie's feelings for Rachel have evolved. He also said that Howie has been obsessed with boobies since his early teens. Howie's sister, Ashley, said that they have had alot of conversations about respect for women. It seems that Howie does alot of cute things for his sister. Rachel's mom does not like how Howie talks about women, but she thinks that is just Howie's personality, and that Rachel is attracted to that. Howie's mom does not think that it is a love connection with Rachel although Howie's mom loves Rachel. Howie's mom thinks that Janelle is Howie's type. Mike said that Howie did try to make the moves on Rachel when Mike broke up with her. Rachel's mom says that she would accept Howie if Rachel brought him home as the guy she was going to marry, but she thinks Rachel needs someone more stable. Ashley wants Howie to stay. Howie's dad is so proud of everything Howie has done. Howie's mom said she would not be happy if April were her daughter with the Busto talk. We hear from the voters in the DR. April says that Howie is the most immature person. April thinks Rachel acts her age. James thinks Rachel is a good competitor. Ivette could give three co-hoots about her. Janelle is closer to Howie. Maggie thinks that Howie should go because he is close to Janelle. Ivette thinks Howie has issues because he thinks he is the star of the show. April said that last week she really wanted Howie out. Janelle thinks she stands a better chance of winning against Howie even though she doesn't think she could win against either. Ivette says the less we have of the other side the better for me.

Break is done, and it is time to vote. Julie asks Howie and Rachel to plead their case. Rachel is first and says that this has been an amazing summer and she has had alot of fun. She said they had their ups and downs, but she loves all of them and is glad to have met them. She then thanks and kisses Howie. Now Howie. Howie wants to thank family and friends and the houseguests for putting up with him, especially April. Howie said that Rachel made a big commitment for him giving up her summer. He kisses her. Howie rambles and finally says don't feel bad if I leave. It is now time to vote. Maggie is first and she votes to evict Rachel. Then it is Janelle's turn. Janelle is in a short, skintight green dress and looks like sex personified. She votes to evict Rachel. Then is it April's turn. She votes to evict Rachel. Then comes Ivette and she votes to evict Rachel. Finally it is James. He also votes for Rachel. All votes go against Rachel. Julie announces the voting results to the houseguest. Rachel smiles broadly when she is told the news. No pouty baby like Eric. Everyone gives her a hug, and Howie waits till last and gives her a huge kiss and hug and says bye Ray-Ray. Now Rachel is heading over to talk to Julie. The houseguests all gathered to see Rachel's picture change. Julie says at one point her alliance dominated. Rachel thinks it is because of nominating James and it changed the whole game. Blame it on Howie. Rachel says she can't explain Howie's behavior last week, but said that Howie was so upset personally and just needed to get it out. Rachel thinks that it was truly a strategic move to get rid of her. Julie says that folks see her and Howie as a great couple. Rachel says that they have grown closer and she has found out how truly caring and giving Howie is. Now for the good-bye messages. Howie said that she was really good this season and blows her kisses. Janelle said that Rachel helped alot in the game. April said that she was a great competitor. Maggie said that she had a great maturity and self respect. Beau said nothing because like Ivette, he is a whore. James said that it was a noble move to sacrifice herself for Howie. Then evil Ivette comes on to talk crap. She claims that Rachel's behavior is out of control and has left her speechless and with her mouth dropped. Ivette claims that she has never seen such poor sportsmanship ever before. Ivette is a whore. Rachel was crying at the other comments, and says that she has no comments to make about Ivette. She is not baffled by Ivette, and thinks that she will be seeing Ivette soon.

America's Choice is nothing exciting. It's a vote for a phone call from home. Call 22788 (CBSTV) and text 1 for Beau, 2 for James to talk to Sarah. 3 for April to talk to her husband. 4 for Janelle so she can talk to Michael. 5 for Ivette to talk to her mom. 6 for Maggie to talk to her boyfriend. 7 for Howie to talk to his mom. Or go to to vote. I'm voting for James or Janelle. I can't stand the Maggots.

It's now time for the HOH competition. All the houseguests are blinkered. It's another question thing that I think is so stupid. A question will be asked and the answer will be higher or lower. If the houseguest is correct they stay in, wrong, they are out. Last person wins. Of the 14 houseguests, how many are taller than 6 ft? Higher or lower than 3? Correct is higher. Maggie, Ivette and Howie are out. Of the current houseguests, how many have never won HOH. Is it higher or lower than four? Lower. All got it right. How many veto competions have been played so far this season? Higher or lower than 9? Lower. All got it right. How many night have you spent in the BB house. Higher or lower than 50. Higher. James is out. Janelle and April. How many houseguest went for HOH to tossed out. Higher or lower than 4? Lower. Janelle and April still in. Tie breaker question. The answer is a number. The person closest without going over wins. If both go over the person closest wins. In the Veto competition, Goal for it, how many hockey pucks were in the red bin. Answer: April has 100, Janelle has 85. Answer is 155 pucks. April is HOH. Damn. That is very disappointing. Damn those Maggots.

We find out that there is no Big Brother this Saturday. On Tuesday we will have the nominations and veto and find out who gets a phone call from home.

Thursday, August 25, 2005 -- Afternoon

The houseguests have been busy getting the house ready for the live eviction show tonight. votes will be taken on the show to evict the houseguest so we'll find out how each person votes. If you have any question that you would like to ask a departing houseguest, you now have the chance. I don't think that some of my questions would make it on the air. I would want to know why Howie was so stupid to nominate an alliance partner. I would ask Ivette if she knew that she was an annoying racist. I would ask April if she knows that she is a lying, troublemaker. I would ask Maggie why she thinks so many people dislike her and Eric. Those are incendiary questions though, so I know they won't make it. It's what I want to know though.

Thursday, August 25, 2005 -- Late Morning

Janelle from Big Brother was in Playboy a few months ago. The pictures are not bad looking, and do have frontal nudity, so be forwarned when clicking on the link. I guess this means that she won't be in the magazine after leaving the house. I don't know if any other Big Brother houseguests have posed for Playboy. Of course, come to think of it, I'm not sure who else might be good looking enough to be photographed. Maybe Amy from last season.

It does seem that Big Brother is doing well ratings wise. In fact, it appears that it has been doing well the entire summer so far. In July, there was a report that viewership for the show was down 10% from last year. I would say that you would have to look at the overall statistics for the entire season and competition on other channels to give a true picture. After all, the show had only been on for a few weeks when the USA Today reported the comparison with last year's season. I haven't been able to find a show by show ratings comparison, just the pronouncement of the 10% difference. Also, I've heard from word of mouth--nothing that I actually saw in print--that ratings have dropped when Kaysar has left the show (he left twice), but I haven't been able to find any verification of that either. It seems that this past Tuesday's show won its time slot, so I imagine that Kaysar leaving has not affected things that much. I still watch the show just because I wonder what's going to happen next.

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother, and it looks like the Maggots are going to vote Rachel off because they are worried about the fact that she would be a stronger competitor than Howie.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 -- Afternoon

There is not much of interest going on in the Big Brother house. The Maggots and Rachel are playing poker, and Howie is giving Janelle a backrub while James watches. Today should be a boring day for the houseguests because there is really no need for scheming because there are no competitions until tomorrow. There is also no voting today. The only thing that the houseguests did today was to record a good-bye message for the exiting houseguest. What they do is record a message for both nominees, but we only see the one for the exiting guest. We can only hope that someone entertaining, IE a non Maggot, gets HOH tomorrow, and that the America's Choice lets us get rid of a houseguest. I think that I would get rid of either Ivette or Beau. I think that I would go for Ivette because she has the tie to James, and I think is liked better by the Maggots than Beau is. Both Ivette and Beau have to go. Maggie too. I think that I could tolerate April for a longer period, but not Ivette, Beau and Maggie. I want to see what level of poor sportsmanship they show--like not going to see Janelle's HOH room last week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 -- Evening

There was another Big Brother show on this evening. It started with the usual recap. We see Jennifer being evicted. Ivette says that you are happy that you are staying, but you feel sorry for the other person. James said that strategically she was a very sneaky person so he's glad to see her go. It basically frees up a cot. April said that it was very hard to hug goodbye to Jennifer, but it gives her a reason to play. You see the Maggots hugging and Howie, Rachel and Janelle hugging and James walking around. As Rachel said that was for Kaysar. April says that she is playing fro herself and Jennifer, and it sucks that the $1 million is off the table. Beau was very happy to be HOH. Ivette said that it was the best scenario. As Ivette says, when one wins HOH on their side, they all win. James talks that he has to walk the fine line between the two teams and watch them take each other out. Rachel feels that she and Howie are the most vulnerable because they are a pair. Janelle feels that she is a big target because she has let America know that Beau is a raging alcohol and a male prostitute posing as a personal shopper. Howie said he was very upset and wanted to keep the team rolling and get rid of one of the Nerd Herd. The Maggots meet in the storage room and Beau tells them that he wants to put up Howie and Rachel. As he said they gave him stress and made him break out into pimples. Maggie doesn't want to take the target off of James, but said that she wanted to break up Howie and Rachel. Rachel said that they have made critical errors. It started with the HOH when Maggie walked all over Howie and got Howie to put up two his own alliance. If that hadn't happened, the game would be so different now. Rachel said that she's not a quitter and is going to keep on fighting. Neither Rachel or Janelle wants one of them to win the final. Beau got his HOH room and everyone went up to see his room. Beau got a rock with love because the foundation of his life is love--the rock of his life. Beau says that when he wins, he wins for his team and invited everyone up. Ivette brought Eric's picture up. They made a shrine to Eric with a cap on his picture. Geeze! It makes you want to puke. A shrine to a midget with no integrity! Beau says that good vibes are going around the house. Howie says that he is going to suck it up and be nice to April. Ivette claims that the Maggots have always been nice to everyone and hung out with everyone. What a bunch of crock and revisionist history! Howie apologized for what he said about April's husband and her dog, Pepperoni. April brought up the Busto thing, and Howie said that he was joking. April said that Howie screwed himself out of $1 million. Howie says that Hurricane Howie might have to bust down Busto again if she goes back to her old ways

After the commercial break, it is nominations day. Maggie asks Beau if he sees them all equally and who is the threat. Maggie said that James is a huge threat and will go after her. Beau sees it as first Rachel, Janelle, then Howie. Beau is holding James till later. Maggie says, why not earlier? Beau doesn't get it, and Maggie says that it is because James is capable of winning. Maggie says that James won't quit. April tells Beau that you have to think about the end and who you want to be up against at the end. April tells Beau that they will vote for James because he has played the game. Beau thinks that it will be more tense lately. Howie sees that it is the four of them who are possible targets, and he doesn't know what the other side is thinking. Maggie thinks . James is the biggest target because she knows he is after her. James doesn't trust anyone and will never feel safe in the house again. Beau says that he knows he will be a target next week, but he is taking it serioiusly. Janelle says that she knows they hate her and sees herself as a target. Beau brings up God and hopes that God guides him. Time for the nomination ceremony. Beau says that everyone knows what has gone in the past weeks and it is 75% strategic and 25% personal. The first key out is Ivette, then April, then Maggie, then James, then Janelle. Janelle says "thanks I guess". Beau says that Howie showed a side that scared him and that Howie is a fierce competitor. Beau claims that in the Eric days, Rachel played both sides and was a shady grey color. But now he feels that she is pitch black and pitch white. Rachel asked if it was strategic or personal. Ivette calls Rachel a sore loser and makes fun of the way Rachel looks. She calls Rachel awful, awful, awful. Rachel and Beau hugged. Ivette gets really ticked because Rachel thanks and hugs Beau after the competition. It really ticks Ivette off and she calls Rachel an old sarcastic hag, and how awful Rachel is, and how Ivette can't stand her and hates her. What did Ivette want Rachel to do? Yell at Beau. Ivette would have hated that. Ivette is one of the biggest hypocrites and deep down dispicable people. Anything Rachel did would have met with Ivette's hatred.

After the break, the Maggots run after Beau and Ivette calls Rachel a bitch over and over. Ivette admits that Rachel crawls under her skin and that she is a miserable aging woman. I really find Ivette disgusting. Rachel and Howie really can't stand the other side. She calls them the Nerd Herd. Rachel said that she is the 75%. James said that he doesn't think that's how it is, and Rachel said that she is sarcastic. James said that Rachel is hated by the girl scout troup. They see Rachel as the bigger competitor. Ivette is appalled by Rachel's behavior and just keeps on calling it poor sportsmanship and says that Rachel did not handle it well. Maggie claims that Beau was perfect because it was strategic and personal. She thinks that Beau let them know how they felt about her. The Maggots are poor winners. The other side is not the poor loser. Rachel said that she better now see Howie, James and Janelle come to the sequester after her. Janelle thinks that James will go after the Maggots before the others. James tells them that if he wins, he doesn't want a hug from Howie and Janelle. James is hoping to make it to the end because he will make fewer dumb mistakes. The dining room table has shrunk. It now has eight spots. Janelle said that she never thought she would make it this far. She says that she's the luckest girl. Janelle gives Ivette a hug, and Janelle says in the DR that she is proud of herself. Rachel says that it makes you realize how far you got. Rachel said that she really wants to win the veto and really doesn't want to leave.

Break is over. It's time for the veto competition. Beau picks James as his partner because James is on his side. Howie choose Janelle because he thinks that Janelle is the best. Rachel chose April because she thought that she had a better chance of beating her. They changed into swimming suits and were called out individually to play. The houseguests faces were floating in the pool. They had to dive down into the pool and unhook the face. Then the face had to be put in a container with 2 parts and paired up with the houseguest's partner in the house. Only one face at a time could be moved. The person with the best time wins. Howie was first. He was huffing and puffing and had asthma. Howie had 6:20. James said that he had to win so he doesn't wind up on the block. James went for the one that was closest. He got Michael and Ashlea first. His time was 5:47. April was next. April had an issue with drowning and was having problems with being underwater. I can understand. I have the same feeling. April also tripped on the stand on land, and was really screwing up because she was panicking. Also she said when you are skinny you don't think you need to work out and she is really out of shape. Her time was 9:53. Beau was next. His strategy was to get the ones furtherest from him, and he was getting tangled in the ropes. His time was 6:37. Rachel also went for the ones closest and matched got one of the pairs and then later got the others. Rachel said it was hard because of running and holding your breath. Janelle really wanted to win the veto. She also started with the ones closest to her. Beau was the stupidest in strategy. Beau's was stuck and that was the final one. We didn't see Ashlea's or Rachel's times. Ivette was the MC. April had 9:53. James thought April was crawling or incompetent. Howie was 6:20, Beau was 6:37, James was 5:47. Janelle was 5:51. Rachel was 8:52. James won the veto. Rachel said that she knows they want to split up her and Howie and Rachel would be the smartest choice. Janelle thinks she could have done better and won the veto. She was only 4 seconds off. Janelle is a very good competitor. I hope that she wins HOH next week and that Howie or James follows her.

The break is over. Ivette comments on James have five vetos. Then she says fourth. James admits he is the champion. Ivette says that you have to keep James on your side because he wins vetos. James said he had to because if Janelle won, she would have taken off Rachel or Howie. Rachel said that she would sacrifice herself because it's Howie's game. Janelle said that she is worried that she might go up. Rachel said that she is happy to go. She thinks there is some kind of deal with Beau and Ivette. Rachel doesn't want to be trapped in the house with those people if they don't send her home. James comments on how he has no allies and no friends in the game whatsoever. Although in the feeds he was doing some scheming with Janelle. James said that he doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone. James would love to put a larger target on someone else, and would love that person to be Janelle. Howie takes the pictures of him and Rachel to the chairs with them. Howie asks Rachel why he should veto her. Rachel said that to do well in this game, you have to win competitions. She respects Beau for his decision. She tells James that he is the best at the veto game, and she respects his decision. Howie echos Rachel and says that James won and it is his decision. James said that because it will be difficult to decide who to save of the two and to respect Beau's decision, he does not use the veto. James didn't use the veto because the girl scout troup would go nuts. Maggie said that of the two, she prefers Rachel. Rachel said that it would make sense to take her out, but they may see Howie and Janelle as a stronger alliance. Howie says that if he stays, Hurricane Howie may knock some people off their pedestals.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 -- Mid Afternoon

An announcement was made today about an America's Choice vote on Big Brother that will be announced this Thursday on the live show. CBS and GoldPocket Wireless will be teaming up to combine wireless voting and the live show. Supposedly the vote will start on Thursday and the results will be announced on the Tuesday, August 30th show. Supposedly the vote will alter the outcome of the show according to the announcement. Now I wonder if it will be that either the viewers will get to vote someone off the show OR get to vote in the person who will be HOH. I'm leaning towards it being a vote someone off the show competition. I love twists. I wish that the producers of the show put more in than they do because it makes it more entertaining for the viewers.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 -- Afternoon

There is not alot going on in the Big Brother house today. Tuesdays are notorious for being slow days where the houseguests just gossip about each other. I was watching the House Calls show this afternoon and alot of the callers questioned the lack of strategizing that goes on in the house. As Marcellas said, the calls were thinking about the game more than the contestants are. That's sad, but true. All the houseguests have to do is to sit in the house and think of the game all day. Yet all they seem to do is to fall into conversations that are nothing other than petty jealousy and griping. As Marcellas said, one of the reason they want to get rid of Rachel is that she eats too many eggs. My gosh, what a stupid reason! Nobody likes Janelle either, and based on the Maggots conversation, Marcellas has correctly identified the problem as jealous. April keeps on commenting to the others that she wonders if her husband will find Janelle more attractive. What a bunch of losers! James and Ivette are sitting outside talking and Ivette is saying that Howie and Rachel are poor sports. James tells Ivette that Maggie showed alot of poor sportsmanship by not letting Sarah sit at a chair outside when Maggie was nominated, and Ivette gets testy defending Maggie. Obviously Ivette can't see how petty and hypocritical her side is even though James is giving her examples.

Monday, August 22, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

It appears that James did not use the power of veto today. So that means that the nominations will stand as they are and either Rachel or Howie is going home. Right now on the live feeds, Rachel and April seem to be having a nice conversation talking about the game and the things that have happened in the past few weeks. April is keen on bashing James and saying that he will be spreading stories about her that just aren't true. Even Howie seems to have gotten into the act and is being nice to April, aka Busto. I think that Howie would be lost without Rachel's guidance, and the others seem to see her as the mastermind so it is probably pretty definite that Rachel will be the one going home on Thursday. At this point, I am cheering on James and Janelle, but goodness knows how far they will get it. It really does depend on the HOH competitions. Howie, James and Janelle need to win a couple to really throw a kink into the Maggots plan. The Maggots call themselves the "Friendship" which is really annoying, and some people call them the "Fiendship". I prefer Maggots because of the tie to Maggie and the fact that alot of their behvavior is equivalent to maggot behavior. Jennifer called in to the House Calls show because she is in sequester now. Marcellas said afterwards that he tried very hard not to let Jennifer know what he really thought of her because the goal is to not influence the person who is in sequester.

Sunday, August 21, 2005 -- Late Evening

April and Maggie are talking in the exercise room. It seems that James won the power of veto. Gosh, that guy is the king of the veto! Maggie is telling April that they don't know what James will do with the veto, and they don't know who will be leaving this week. Maggie is telling April that the only way they can get James out is if either Maggie or April wins HOH. Maggie is talking of the final four being Beau, Ivette, April and Maggie and that over the next couple of weeks they will take out James, Howie, Rachel and Janelle. Maggie doesn't think that anyone will try to split up Ivette and Beau because anyone would feel that they can take on Beau and Ivette as a team. Maggie also thinks that Ivette stands a great chance of making it as the sole pair. I don't know. If they are smart, they have to take out the team. April is rightly upset because her chances of getting the $1 million or $500,000 second place are gone, and she really doesn't want Ivette to get it either. April thinks that the other side will and should target Ivette and Beau first because you want to get rid of the pairs.

Sunday, August 21, 2005 -- Early Evening

I am still seeing nothing but fish on the Big Brother feed today. I hear that there was a span when there weren't fish, but I missed that span of time. It does make you wonder why you are paying for something to look at the Big Brother fish tank. However, in the past there were some good things on the feeds. It's only been the past three days that have sucked. I understand from looking around on other web sites on the Internet (like Morty's and Joker's Updates that Rachel and Howie are up for eviction. I think that the Maggots are just going to run through the others (the Sovereign Three/Four--it used to be six with Kaysar and Sarah--James is playing both teams) and then it will be a Maggot fest.

Saturday, August 20, 2005 -- Evening

Finally we have Big Brother show. It starts with the review of the past with Jennifer breaking her word more than once. I love the review of Janelle and Beau fighting and Howie with the Busto. It's day 49 in the Big Brother house. The person evicted tonight is the first member of the jury of seven who decides the winner at the end. Jennifer says that she has nothing against Kaysar and it was purely strategic. April said that there was a reason America brought them back, and they have to get rid of them. James said the first time Kaysar went he felt bad, but not this time. Rachel was hurt by the fact that Kaysar went out with an unanimous vote made it even worse--not that she voted for him. Janelle said that Jennifer did not deserve HOH last week, and Janelle wanted to screw Jennifer over. Janelle wins HOH. Ivette said that Janelle ran out like a bat out of hell. We see Janelle say "give me the key bitch", but Jennifer threw it and said "call me a bitch, go and get it like a dog." Janelle says these people have it coming. We get to see the nomination again of Jennifer and Maggie. As Janelle says, James used to be public enemy number one, but not any more because Jennifer and Maggie got rid of Kaysar and it's personal. As Janelle leaves the room, she says "good bye Bitches". Maggie said the Janelle is such a poor winner. Jennifer claims to have sacrificed herself for the team because the HOH always winds up getting nominated the next week. April says that she wants to hit them. Jennifer says that "they say the Kaysar gave it to me". Howie and Rachel get into another argument. Howie tells April that she sucks to bad to waste an HOH on her. Rachel says that Howie needs to calm down and not rub it in their face so bad because it will come back to bite him in the butt. James comes over and gets Howie out of the room. He admits that he is trying to show that he cares about Howie and that he cares about the other side. James is playing a very smart game and is trying to play both sides and have they pull each other apart and play them against each other. April claims that she isn't like Howie because she isn't on welfare. Howie says that April may have a good life, but her husband doesn't because he has her. Rachel tells Howie that he really needs to drop it already because there is another competition tomorrow for HOH (meaning Friday). Rachel tells him he'll be laughing out the other side of his butt if they win tomorrow and tells him to let it go. Rachel says that she is going to talk to James about plans. She says they want Jennifer and will help him get out Maggie next week if he gets rid of Jennifer this week. Janelle has her HOH room. James asks the Maggots if they are going to see the room. Jennifer says, "are you kidding" to which James replies, "I went to see every HOH house, what do you mean?" James tells the guys upstairs that the others didn't want to see Janelle's HOH room and James says that he has been nominated four times yet he still goes. Meanwhile Jennifer is downstairs saying that Janelle just called her a bitch twice and she refuses to go upstairs. So only Howie, Rachel, Janelle and James get to see the stuff which includes a picture of Janelle's pomeranian dog. Janelle admits that she has got ot every HOH too. James says his plan is not to spend too much time with either group. Ivette says that everyone hates her because she talks to James. Ivette thinks that James has her back and that it might bite her in the butt. James tells her that having Jennifer and Maggie up will show if the group stays together and calls it a blessing in disguise. Jennifer and April plot behind a couch about voting off Ivette because Ivette is out to get her. Jennifer says that they can't trust Maggie. Meanwhile April says that she is angry that Jennifer is going up before Ivette and James. As April says the Maggots should have realized there was a problem when Ivette started hanging out more with James. April seems bothered by the fact that Ivette is in the game for herself, but then isn't everyone?

After the commercial break, it is time for the veto competition. Janelle picks Howie. Jennifer choose April, and Maggie chooses Ivette. In the backyard, there is a hockey setup with goalie nets and their pictures at each goal. They all have shirts with their names. Rachel is the MC for the competition. One at a time they go to the center circle. They have to start with the first goal which is Howie. Each guest must score a goal for each contestant, and then the person who does it in the fastest time wins. They have to start with the first goal net, and can't move on until they score a goal in that net. Howie's time was 2:41. April's goal was to get the veto to take Jennifer off, but she wanted to score better than Howie because Howie thinks he is the greatest gift to the world. April scored in 2:33. Howie gave April a hug and hopes we all do see Busto beat him. Next up is Janelle. She comes from Minnesota which is a hockey town and she and her brother play hockey. Janelle wanted it. She did it in 1:45. Janelle gave it all she had. Ivette wanted to win so she doesn't get backdoored. As Ivette says she wasn't from a hockey town. Maggie wanted Eric there because hockey isn't her sport, but it is Eric's I guess. Maggie go through the first few fast, but then was stuck. Jennifer threw a whole slew of pucks on the ground. Ivette says that Janelle was next to her and Ivette could fill the sweat on her body. Ivette wa hoping that Jennifer didn't get it and was praying. Janelle won the power of Veto. April makes a snide remark about Janelle dating a couple of hockey players. As Howie says, once again Janie stepped up.

After the break, how did Janelle winning veto change the game. James is up talking to the group in HOH. Ivette says that it is personal against Jennifer, James reports. James says that he feels it in his gut that Maggie must go home. James blames Maggie for playing a role in getting Sarah out of the house and targeting him. James says Jen is breakable, but Maggie is not. James says that honestly, he wants Maggie out. James said to put Ivette up because he would vote out Jennifer. Janelle feels that she made the right decision, but that she now has a huge target on her bag. It is now veto ceremony time. Maggie and Jennifer get the opportunity to say why Janelle should veto them. Maggie said she would love to be vetoed and that's all, and gives this little girly smile. Then it's Jennifer's turn. Jennifer says that the display shown last week was uncalled for and that it should not have happened playing the game strategically. Janelle chose to her power of veto on Maggie. Ivette looks unhappy. Janelle says for strategic reasons she would choose to evict, then says excuse me, I choose to nominate Ivette. That was really shocking, and Maggie was completely speechless. Maggie said she shouldn't have any comfort in being removed. Ivette didn't like the "chose to evict" Ivette. James is in the gold room listening in, trying to gather as much information as possible. Jennifer realizes that it is for safety by nominating Ivette because Beau and James won't vote against Ivette. Jennifer says that either way they win because they are splitting up a pair.

Break is over, we now are seeing the eviction ceremony. Ivette and Jennifer get to talk first and then the houseguests will vote on who to evict. Ivette goes first. She says that she already said thank you to the family last week, and then thanks everyone in the house and says that everyone serves a purpose in the game. She tells everyone to take care. Jennifer thanks her family and friends and says that she may not be winning the game in the end, but she has a rich life at home and making friends in the household. The houseguests enter the diary room one at a time to vote. Beau is first. His vote is to evict Jennifer. Maggie is next and votes to evict Jennifer. Howie votes to evict Jennifer. April is next and votes to evict Ivette. James votes to evict Jennifer. Rachel evicts Jennifer. The votes are 5 to 1 against Jennifer. Jennifer is evicted. Maggie whispers something in Jennifer's ear and so does Ivette. April cries over her. Jennifer goes and talks to Julie and gets out her picture of Dan. Ivette and Maggie have a long hug. Maggie consoles April and says that they will win HOH and take one of the other side out. Jennifer said that she knew the minute she got HOH when was sacrificing herself for the team. Jennifer said that in the past there wasn't as much division in the house. Jennifer said that the reasons were personal for why Janelle wanted her out and said that she has no idea while Janelle didn't like her.

It's now time for the HOH competition. It's another one of those guessing games. The game is called On The House. There are ten questions. If you buzz in and get the answer right, you get a point. If you get it wrong you are eliminated. The person with the most points win. What are the color of the stools in the kitchen? Orange and Red. Beau guesses it and gets a point. How many seas are on the map? 17. Ivette has a point. What are the numbers on the subway? Howie guesses wrong--it's 3-17. What color are the squares on the downstairs bathroom door? Ivette guess red and grey, the answer is blue. Ivette is eliminated. What is the combo to the gym door? Beau answers 5-3-4 and has 2 points now. What color is the rug in the gold room? White. Rachel has a point. How many pb&J sandwiches were removed from the safe? James guesses 11 and has a point. How many safes in the gold room..? Rachel answers 1, but the question is how many safes in the gold room are the same size? Rachel is out. (answer is 2) What famous landmark is framed above the desk in the HOH room? Answer is Eiffel Tower and April is out. How many key slots are in the nomination box. James answers 13 and we have a tie between James and Beau. How many puzzle pieces are on the wall? Beau answers four and he is the new HOH. He gave a very girly shriek. That's how the game is. What goes around, comes around. Janelle gracioiusly puts the key around Beau's neck. The Maggots are very happy, but Howie is talking about how stupid he was because he didn't hear the question when he buzzed in. That's the problem when you try to be first with an answer. I am imagining that Beau will nominate Janelle and HOwie.

Saturday, August 20, 2005 -- Afternoon

Still fish in the Big Brother house. Supposedly the feeds were supposed to restart at 11 am ET, but that was not the case. I am just expecting that we won't get official word that Jennifer was evicted until this evening. I'm just hoping that Rachel or Howie wins HOH tonight. Actually I am rooting on Rachel because I think that she might make the best decision in getting rid of the true enemy which are the Maggots.

Friday, August 19, 2005 -- Late Evening

Rumors are swirling around the Internet. The offical word from CBS is that live feeds will not continue until after the Big Brother show tomorrow evening because they don't want results to leak out. It appears that sporatically throughout the evening, the feeds would come in, and folks were commenting that Jennifer was no where to be seen and April was crying. Of course, this leads to the rumor that Jennifer left the Big Brother house. Of course, without live feeds it's going to be difficult to separate truth from fiction. I suppose that we will just have to wait until tomorrow's show to find out what the heck is going on.

Friday, August 19, 2005 -- Early Evening

There is still fish on the live feeds. It seems that the rumor on the Internet is that the feeds will be down until 9 am ET tomorrow morning. I don't know why. If CBS doesn't want folks to say who has the Power of Veto (which I assume is the issue here), then why have the live feeds at all. If they have a paid service, that service should be available. If not, there should be some sort of explanation. There is another rumor that Ivette won the Power of Veto, but I'm not sure how the person who states that knows without the feeds. As soon as I find out more information about the veto, I will post it.

Friday, August 19, 2005 -- Afternoon

The fish feed has been on the live Big Brother feed for the past two hours. I imagine that the POV competition is being played, and it must be a lengthy one. The thing that I found from watching the food competitions live is that the process takes awhile even if the game is quick. Why? Because the producers keep on stopping the action to make sure that the houseguests are abiding by the rules. I did find out something interesting from looking around on the web. Janelle was involved with a pilot for a planned travel series called Nautical Angels. I'm not really sure if the "pilot" was actually shot. I think that they may have taken pictures of Janelle and the other two girls in locations to make it look like they went to around the globe in this yacht. It seems that casting was taking place in February of 2005. Kaysar was on House Calls this afternoon, and it was very entertaining. What Big Brother should do is give Kaysar some sort of role in promoting the show. Since they know he has a large fan base and is one of the most popular houseguests every on the show, you think they would want to take advantage of that popularity. Kaysar also denied that there was any romantic chemistry between himself and Janelle. As Kaysar said, Janelle is going to date Michael, and Kaysar wouldn't come between that. This lead to Gretchen saying the famous phrase, "bros before hos".

Thursday, August 18, 2005 -- Late Evening

There is alot of action going on the Big Brother feeds tonight. James is scheming with Janelle in the Gold Room about how Maggie is the leader of the other bunch. Jennifer is scheming with Ivette in the stockroom until Howie walks in on them. The other controversy that everyone is talking about on the Internet is how Jennifer took the key off her neck and threw it to the ground behind her instead of giving it to Janelle. You could see Jennifer do that just as Janelle was coming toward her. Jennifer claims it was because she was afraid of being attacked. Please! What Maggots! Sour grapes and poor losership on the Maggots part. It seems that the Maggots will quickly turn on each other, and it will be entertaining to watch them implode. Now what we need is to have Rachel or Howie win on Saturday. That could mean two good evictions in one week. What more could one ask for?

Thursday, August 18, 2005 -- Evening--after the Live Big Brother

This is after the Big Brother show. There appears to be some controversy over Janelle cheating over the HOH competition. It's more Maggot envy. I just rewatched the show, and Janelle had the card held up with 300 upside down on it while she was writing 275 on the other side. Julie told her the card was upside down, and Janelle said "sorry" and held up the 275 which she had just written. I listened again to the rules and Julie did not say at any time that once you wrote down an answer that you weren't allowed to change it. The thing is that Janelle wrote one number and instantly changed it on the other side. The Maggots think the game is rigged because of course they would. They are Maggots. I think that it is funny how they berate the others for taking things badly when the Maggots are crying foul and threatening to quit the game. My favorite is Maggie saying that you can't compete with people like Howie and Janelle, but that the Maggots have won in the Game of Life. Give me a break! Maggie needs to go back to her ER where she misdiagnoses chicken pox for strep throat. One the feeds a few days or so ago, Maggie was talking about the time she came down with chicken pox, but didn't know that it was that. What an ER nurse! Remind me to avoid her hospital!

Meanwhile Team Kaysar is trying to raise $2 million dollars that will be divided between Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and Rachel if they are evicted without winning the prize. The question that I would have is how do we know that the folks at the web site will actually give the money to the aforementioned. We don't. So if you are into risks, and want Kaysar and company to get some money, Team Kaysar is for you.

Thursday, August 18, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother. The usual recap starts the show. It's day 47 in the Big Brother house. We also get the news that this will be double eviction week. In less that 48 hours someone will be out of the door and another HOH/nomination will take place. We see film revisiting the Kaysar nomination. Kaysar said that it was shocking and very filthy. Kaysar says Jennifer has convinced herself it is okay and he has no respect for her. James is shocked. April says that all along the Maggots have kept their promises, but this week they didn't. Kaysar asks Jennifer if she is proud of herself and asks is she feels that she accomplished something. Kaysar calls Jennifer out to find out what he did for her to justify stabbing him in the back like that. Jennifer said "things change on a dime". Janelle says you were crying and swearing on your life. Jennifer says that she can totally understand how Kaysar would never believe her again. Kaysar says that non of the Maggots can explain what he did to cause the lie. April tries to defend Jennifer by saying it was a group decision, and not Jennifer. Meanwhile Howie makes comments about April really hasn't won anything and expects to win money. Howie's plan is to attack April personally and make her crack. Kaysar does try to control Howie abit. Howie said that he let April shoot her mouth off, but no more. Howie said that he was afraid of getting voted off, but not now. April now says that she didn't make the decision--which she just said she did. April says that Howie looks like an idiot. Janelle says "at least he doesn't look like a liar". Howie then said he's not stuck with a fat husband and ugly dog. April goes to the HOH bathroom to cry and pray for the strength not to crack. Boo-hoo! She then cries more crocodile tears in the DR.

The commercial break is over. We hear how the house has degenerated. Janelle tells Rachel she is beautiful and tells Maggie she's a bitch. Howie likes what Janelle is doing because she thinks that it will put people off their HOH game. April then tells Janelle she is drunk and Janelle calls her a gold digging bitch. Then Janelle calls Beau a whore who sells himself to old men. Then Beau calls her "polyester hair". It seems Beau is really drunk, and all the houseguests go off to break up the cat fight between Beau and Janelle. Ivette takes Beau off and tries to talk to him and calm him down. April and Beau say they are going to vote off Janelle. Ivette says that they can't go against their decision. Then Howie starts calling April Busto. Then April says something about Howie not being able to compete because his is missing the little finger on his right hand. April says that Howie won't make her break down. Then we see Howie the next morning asking April how she feels about America hating her. Howie does not stop and April tried to ignore him. Then Howie was carrying on outside and saying he wanted pepperoni pizza. April starts crying crocodile tears because Howie was saying that he was going to eat her dog because he said that he wanted pepperoni pizza. April's dog's name is Pepperoni. Ivette tries to get them a pep talk to let the other side be so wired about hating the Maggots that the other side loses HOH. She tells them not to lose sight of what they have done so far. Now Beau, James and Rachel vote. Rachel calls both good competitors. James would prefer Janelle to stay in. Beau hates Janelle but thinks Kaysar is creating an army. James thinks that Kaysar can admit he makes mistakes and that Kaysar is someone to learn from and is someone that James respects. Rachel says that Janelle is a strong player and she is going to vote her guts.

Another commercial break. Julie talks to Jennifer in the HOH bedroom. Julie asks about giving Kaysar her word about nominating two people from her alliance and then Kaysar. Jennifer claims that since Kaysar didn't remove his finger immediately, the deal was off. Jennifer said that putting Kaysar up was the group's decision not hers. Julie asks about Jennifer lying in the house, and Jennifer says that it doesn't say you can't lie in the rule book. And she decided to step it up a notch and come out from under radar. Jennifer would want to nominate James next week. We go to hear Maggie, Ivette, Howie, and April in the DR. Howie says that he loves both people. Maggie says that Janelle has alot of luck. April says that she has no respect for Janelle, and knows all of Janelle's weaknesses. Ivette says that only the stupidest things come out of Janelle's mouth. April likes Kaysar because he is always there for her and he is always there to console her. Howie wants to keep Kaysar in the house. Ivette says that Kaysar has admitted to being the leader of four other people. Julie goes into the living room. Howie says he is doing great and has all week. Julie asks Kaysar for final words. He stands and says that he would like to thank America for voting him in, and would like to apologize to them for what happened in the house, and for handing over HOH and being voted out. And he says that he is truly sorry. Janelle says thanks to all her family and friends and that she hasn't lied and can leave the house with a clear conscience.

Commercial break is over. Who will be evicted? By a unanimous vote, Kaysar has been evicted from the Big Brother house. His own "army" didn't even vote for him. Howie, Rachel, and Janelle hug him, and he really doesn't get hugs from the others--except for Beau. Howie and Janelle are the only ones saying "what up Kaysar". Again Kaysar is with Julie. Julie comments on how Kaysar was given a second chance and he's back. Kaysar said that he trusted the untrustworthy. Kaysar wanted to gain the Maggots respect and what happened is that the Maggots turned on him. Kaysar said that he was in the pressure cooker a long time and Jennifer was crying. Julie asked if he underestimated the other team. Kaysar said that he wanted to play the game a certain way and that's how he wound up leaving the game. Kaysar says if honesty and integrity mean nothing to them that is how it is. Julie asks how Kaysar feels knowing that he had 82% of the over 5 million votes. Kaysar said that he was duped into thinking he could trust these people, but he couldn't. Howie tells Kaysar that he loves him. Janelle says that he is one of the smartest and most compassionate. Ivette says that someone else has to play dirty not just Kaysar. Jamses said that they took out his Queen so he had to take out the King. Jennifer says that she didn't intentionally lie--she wound up breaking her word. Kaysar said that he had to take the flack for the team going off the rails when Howie was HOH. So Kaysar was blamed for something he had no control over. I just loved Jennifer---I didn't lie--I just broke my word.

The HOH competition is one of those guessing games. The nomination will have to be made immediately after the competition. The competition is "Face the Facts". It has five sides and has the faces of Eric, Ashlea, Michael, and Sarah on it. The fifth side is blank for "none of the above". If the answer is incorrect, that person is eliminated. Last person standing is HOH. Which evicted houseguest won the chance to see the movie? Answer is Sarah. Everyone got it right. Next: in the veto competition high and dry who finished second. Answer is Michael, everyone got it right. In the food competition, snack shack from hell, who ate snails and noodles. Answer none of the above. Maggie got it wrong. Next in the food competition, will spell for food, who passed on jalepano. Answer Sarah. everyone got it right. After HOH competition, majority rules, who gave the HOH key to Kaysar. Answer Eric. Everyone right. In the veto competition rectangle, which evicted house guest untangled the orange rope. Answer Ashlea. Howie and Ivette got it wrong. Which evicted houseguest misspelled two words in the Will Spell for food? Answer None of the above. James and Rachel are eliminated. Tie break time with Beau, April and Janelle. How many light bulbs did it take to spell sold out in the luxury competition? Answer 286 and Janelle got 275 and is the HOH. Janelle goes crazy with Janelle over winning. Then Julie says that Janelle has to immediately go to the Diary Room while everyone else take a seat in the living room. Julie explains to Janelle what is going on. Janelle can't hear Julie. Janelle is excited to hear it is a double eviction week. Janelle has to decide right now who to put up on the chopping block and will stay in the diary room until she goes out to reveal her decision.

Julie now congratulates everyone for making it to the halfway point. Julie says that Janelle's reign is being cut short, and someone is going out. Howie gets excited and yells out. Janelle is going to go out to announce her choices. Janelle and Howie smack hands. The first nominee is Jennifer. The second is Maggie. Howie and Janelle celebrate. We leave the house seeing Howie, Rachel, and Janelle hug while the others try to act like they don't care.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 -- Afternoon

Today is voting day in the Big Brother house. As is usual for this day, there isn't alot of activity in the house except for houseguests being called to the diary room to cast their votes for the evictee. Right now, the Maggots minus Ivette are camping out by the pool. Ivette is playing chess with James, and the Maggots should be taking note of the bond between the two because it will be to the detriment of the Maggot alliance. The Maggots also seem to have issues with the fact that Rachel isn't holing herself up in a room, hiding away and not taking advantage of the resources of the house. Obviously the Maggots feel they own it all, and April has commented that Rachel has some nerve to think that she can go and be out by the pool. I'm glad that Rachel ignores them and continues on with her usual routine. Janelle also went out to sunbathe by the pool too. After all, it is open to all houseguests. Other than the voting, Wednesdays are usually boring days. There's no point in trying to persuade folks to do something because the decisions are made, and the only thing ahead is the live show and HOH competition on Thursday. Thursdays during the days tends to be boring also because the houseguests spend time cleaning the house and primping for the cameras.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight was another episode of Big Brother. It starts with a review of James being up on the block and then saving himself, and Kaysar's return. Then Jennifer's HOH win and duplicity. We first see Janelle call Jennifer a bitch and how she deceived everyone. Rachel says that Jennifer's credibility went down the tubes. Kaysar approaches Jennifer and says that Jennifer misunderstood Kaysar's intent. April Told Ivette about Janelle calling Jennifer a bitch. James approaches Jennifer and says that he knows what's going on. He doesn't think that backdooring is nice because it removes the person from competition and he can't defend himself. Meanwhile Janelle is saying that Jennifer swore on her life. Rachel says that she thinks that Jennifer is going to screw Rachel over. Howie says they will win the veto, and it's James who's going to leave and they are just pawns. Janelle just says that it's not honest. Meanwhile Kaysar throws his cap across the room violently. Kaysar said that he didn't come back to see his team dismanteled in front of this eyes. Howie tries to keep everyone calm. Howie says, no one's out the door yet, they are still in complete control. Howie tries to remind them that the plan is to get rid of James and everything is still on track. Meanwhile Ivette is on James side and is trying to rally the troups around James. Meanwhile Jennifer tells James about Kaysar wanting him out. James says, "America you wanted Kaysar back in, and I'm sending him back to you". Howie and company were right that James and Ivette are on the same side. Meanwhile we see Rachel crying and Kaysar and Howie consoling her in the Gold Room. Rachel doesn't want the other side to see it because it is a moment of weakness. James then tells Jennifer that he wants to talk. James said you made a deal with Kaysar for HOH, and James says that he at least understands what's coming. Jennifer says that she is honest. James tells Jennifer that he gave up in HOH was because of seeing Ivette so upset. James also said that he mouthed to Rachel "am I safe?" and Rachel gave him an evil, mean look. James says that he doesn't want to be like Rachel, Howie, Janelle or Kaysar. James says that by showing the Maggots that he thinks other things besides the game is important, that they think James is human. Jennifer says that James thinks the backdoor plan in unfair, and he had other times to make up for all his other behavior. James also asks to be safe because he will be a very strong ally. Then Kaysar asks to speak to Jennifer. Kaysar said that he was rusty from being out for a week, and he didn't want to let America down for chosing him. Kaysar realizes he made a bad decision in stepping down and letting Jennifer get HOH. Jennifer said that Kaysar is understandably upset because she lied to him in the pressure cooker. Meanwhile Jennifer tells Kaysar what happened last week. Then Jennifer says that Rachel, Howie and Janelle tried to talk her and April into getting rid of Ivette, which was actually the opposite of what happened. Kaysar said that Jennifer should have told him this, especially before the decision. Jennifer said that she didn't want to tell him and be swayed. Jennifer says I'm still doing what you want, and James is gone. Kaysar says that James fate is sealed and the real war starts when James walks out the door.

Back from commercial break. We see Ivette and Beau talking Howie into putting on the black Speedo that he got last week. Howie broke down and put it on. Howie said that he felt weird and Ivette has to adjust it for him. Then Beau goes to assist Howie. Howie thinks the Speedo is awkward. April said that he looked as good as you can in a Speedo. It's nice to see everyone laughing together because it will be short lived. It's Maggie and Kaysar's birthdays. There is a party for both of them. They each got their own cake. Kaysar got a huge homemade card from his family. Maggie got a card from her boyfriend. They got presents from K-Mart. Maggie got a Playstation handheld. Kaysar got a 20 GB song player. Jennifer asks Ivette about James. Ivette does his best. She says that James has been made to look untrustworthy, and Ivette tries to make it sound like the other side is responsible for James. Ivette thinks that James was misunderstood. She also says that the other side wanted to get rid of Ivette and team back up with James. Jennifer says that we know where the other team is, but we don't know where James is. Ivette says if they take James back in, then they are 6 to 4, and then they can get rid of one and just have 3 to get rid of. April says that as a numbers game they can use him to their advantage. Ivette says why not take him in and use him. Ivette wants them to make sure that the decision that they make is the real wise one.

Another commercial break. It is time for the Veto competition. Rachel says that it's possible they aren't telling her the truth that they want to get rid of James. Jennifer picks April. Rachel chooses Howie. Janelle chooses Kaysar. She knows that if Kaysar wins, he will use it for her. James, of course, can't play. Maggie was the hostess. There was a giant round table in the center with two huge chairs. It seems Big Brother is going to have a coaster like game. That's the game they play with coasters and the coffee table. The table has five rings for the five weeks that someone was evicted. The coasters have the pictures of the evicted houseguests, and the goal is to get the coaster with the houseguest on the week he/she was evicted. You get points for each of the houseguests that you get rid--Ashlea is 1 point for the first week. If no one scores any points, then no one wins the veto. The person throws from the green chair and the leader is in the orange chair. April got the Ashlea and Eric coasters for a total of 4 points. April says that it didn't matter who got the veto because everyone was on the same page. Rachel got Ashlea, Eric, Kaysar for a total of six points. Kaysar was next. He got Ashlea and Michael, and missed all the others. He had three points. Jennifer got Ashlea and that was it. She had only one point. Janelle is the only one who hasn't played the coaster game. She got Michael and Eric and got five points. Rachel was glad that Janelle didn't get it. Howie was up and got Ashlea and Eric and got four points. So Rachel won the power of veto. Rachel said that she's going off the block and is 100% sure that she isn't getting evicted. James said that he isn't going out like this. Even Custer had a last stand.

James says that he knows that it's not over till he is out the door, but he knows that only Ivette is on his side. As Howie says, who knows in this house. Ivette starts spreading lies in the HOH room. She tells Jennifer, Beau and Maggie that Kaysar was trying to get the veto to keep himself in the game. Ivette says that it is so dangerous to keep Kaysar. April said that it was great to put up Kaysar. Maggie says that she has a problem with giving your word and then going back on it. As Maggie says, she has to stop pushing that Jennifer gave her word. She says no one else is playing that way. Jennifer says that they will be pissing off America. Maggie says she doesn't know which is worse the person that they are trying to get rid of and can't, or the person they got rid of and who came back. Jennifer doesn't want to let the others think they are influencing her. Rachel says that she does not believe that Jennifer will put James up. She thinks that it will be Howie. Kaysar says that it would be dumb not to put James up because next week they will make Jennifer pay. Jennifer says that she wants to know individually how Maggie feels, and what she would do if she were HOH. Maggie said that she would get rid of Kaysar instead of James because Kaysar runs the other group. Jennifer then called Beau into her "office". She asked him the same question. He said James because Beau felt that he could beat Kaysar in the veto but not James. IVette says that she wanted to get rid of Kaysar. She doesn't want to give Kaysar a second chance to come back and screw them. Then Jennifer asks April, and she says Kaysar because he is the leader of the group. Jennifer says that the opinions are making her think. She doesn't want anyone to know what she is thinking, and wants to make up her own mind. April tells Jennifer that they have to save their asses.

The last commercial break. Kaysar talks to Maggie. He asks if she will answer honestly, and she says she will do what she thinks is best. He asks her if Jennifer is going to follow through with the deal. Maggie said that is her impression. Kaysar says that he thinks that Jennifer wants attention and wants to go out with a bang. Maggie says Jennifer is 100% independent. Kaysar goes to Jennifer and asks for assurance that the game is going according to plan and wanted to touch base with her. Jennifer said that it is. Jennifer said that she knows she made a deal with Kaysar to get HOH, but when she has an opportunity, she has to run with it. Jennifer said that the only person Kaysar should have trusted is himself. Jennifer tells the Maggots "I'm so evil." Rachel says that James should be the one going up today because that was the house's wish. Rachel calls the veto ceremony. Rachel has Janelle speak first. Janelle says to Rachel "just do what you have to do". Rachel says that it natural to save yourself, so Rachel is using the veto to save herself. Jennifer now has to make another choice. Jennifer says no one in the house trusts James, Kaysar is the leader of his group and it fell apart without him last week. Jennifer nominates Kaysar, and James is shocked and open mouthed. He was almost ready to get up out of his seat. James does a good job of acting shocked because I think that he knew. Jennifer says that it doesn't say that you can't lie and break your word. James said that it is revenge because Kaysar came in to get James out. Janelle says that she is targeting Jennifer next week. Howie says he is going on a rampage. Kaysar says, "forget integrity, forget honor. They just wanted me out. They are cowards." I think that it's fairly obvious that they want Kaysar out, and he will be gone on Thursday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

Howie is really going off the deep end. The houseguests are on lockout outside, and Howie is constantly yelling things at April and calling her "Busto". I think that's in reference to her breast enlargement. He is really going abit far in my opinion by just constantly screaming. I know that everyone else is afraid of him, or probably thinks that if they speak up, Howie will attack them verbally. I think that someone should just tell him to shut up. Rachel especially. I don't care how you feel about April, it is really not appropriate for him to be yelling at her like that while no one says anything. I know why Big Brother lets it continue--because of ratings. But stuff like that just sickens me. What Howie needs to do is just put his money where his mouth is and win HOH next week and do what he wants. Not verbally berate someone who is emotionally a weakling.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 -- Afternoon

The Maggots are just sitting around the table outside repeating themselves. They are still talking about Howie and April getting into it yesterday. Or maybe Howie yelled at April again today. It's hard to tell because the Maggots make a living out of regurgitating gossip like a cow chewing cud. The more often they bring something up the better it gets. I think all of the swearing and name calling is petty. I really can't stand the Maggots, but this is a game. I just want them to get their comeuppance by sending some of them home. I think that will change their tune because they are thinking that they will be the final five. What is boring is hearing both groups bad mouth each other behind their backs and brag about the knock down, drag 'em out fights they will get into if the other side says something. The House Calls show had a psychologist on to explain the inner workings of the minds of the houseguests. I think that the reason folks are becoming so bitchy is because there are so many immature lay-abouts in the house. From what I can figure out, the only person who may have a real job is Maggie--if she is an emergency room nurse. The others have jobs that are transitory in nature or not really careers that the average working person has. However, that must be the pool of people that the producers have to pick from.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 -- Early Afternoon

It seems that the atmosphere in the Big Brother house has really disintegrated. What can you expect though when the Maggots do all that they can to lead the other side into thinking that James is the target, and then go back on their word in a massive way to target others? Personally I am just amazed that the Maggots can live with themselves without even acknowledging that they are hypocrites. I suppose that's what you can expect from people who really don't have the honesty and integrity that Maggie proclaimed on her "Bring back Eric" shirt. I don't blame the Maggots though for the other side falling for their phony statements and crocodile tears. I do blame the gullible stupids, in particular Howie. The only people up this morning are Rachel and Janelle. Rachel is abit ticked because it appears that Big Brother has stocked the storeroom with dairy items that expired August 13. It seems that there is alot of "f***ing idiots" comments being made on both sides, and it seems that the groups are having difficulty being brought together as a group. It seems that the nomination of Kaysar was the straw that broke the camel's back and all civility has flown out of the window. I don't know how others feel about it, but if I gave my word that I would do something and then didn't, I would not be able to live with myself. Yes it is a game, but there should at least be some honor. Rachel is now trying to explain to Janelle that it makes the Stupid Four better people. It does make them more honorable, and perhaps it was the wakeup call for their brain cells to start functioning. I am really hoping that Howie, Rachel or Janelle wins HOH. Janelle is telling Rachel that Beau is a male prostitute, and the feed just went to all fish. It seems that Janelle came to this decision because of some common about Beau going out with an older man and getting money from him. The tension does make for a more interesting game, especially if the HOH competition goes against the Maggots.

Monday, August 15, 2005 -- Afternoon

Kaysar was nominated for eviction, and will more than likely be voted out. It is a sad turn of events for him, but the only one that he has to blame at this point is himself for giving up the HOH competition to Jennifer. That's what Kaysar got for listening to and believing the lies of the Maggots after they circled around him and said that it would be James who was going out this week because the Maggots promised that. Kaysar's stupidity is surpassed by Howie's who believed the Maggots last week and put up two of his alliance. Just think how different the game would have been this week if Howie kept to the program and got rid of someone from the other alliance instead of ihs own alliance. You just really have to wonder if they give everyone a IQ test before selecting someone for Big Brother, and then picking the sludge of the crop. Hopefully a Maggot won't get HOH next week, and it will be Howie, Rachel or Janelle so there can be some real stir up in the house.

Sunday, August 14, 2005 -- Evening

It seems to be definite on the Big Brother front that Jennifer is going to put up Kaysar and he is going to be gone yet again at the end of the week. It seems that the plan now is for James to stay in the house, and they will get rid of Howie, Rachel and Janelle. The only thing that will stop their plan is if one of the three gets HOH next week and isn't stupid enough to put their own alliance up again. James has been meeting with the Maggots, and is now on their side yet again. What can you say? I feel sad about seeing Kaysar go again, but it was plain stupidity on his part to trust Jennifer and throw the competition, and for Howie to get HOH last week and put up two people from his own alliance. The Maggots may be stupid, dishonorable and sleazy, but they are true to each other.

Saturday, August 13, 2005 -- Evening

I feel so sorry for Kaysar. After being stupid enough to give up the HOH competition to Jennifer, it seems that the Maggots are planning to put him up for eviction instead of James. It seems that the Maggots have decided that they will keep James in the competition, and backdoor Kaysar and vote him out this week. Then they will take out Rachel, Howie and Janelle. Finally, they will get rid of James, and it will just be Maggots. I really, really hope that someone on the other side wises up sometime soon and realizes that they are screwed. They need to win some competitions and take out some Maggots because I really don't like that fivesome (Maggie, Ivette, Beau, April and Jennifer). I don't know if I will be able to keep watching if they are the final five. As for today's action, it looks like Rachel won the power of veto. That's not surprising because a Maggot couldn't win something unless it was handed to them like stupid Kaysar. I think that the issue is that the Maggots claim to be honest, decent people when really they are the most dishonest. I really can't stand the hypocrisy of people calling the others the lowest of the low for not keeping their word when doing the exact same thing. That's the Maggots for you. And they are totally graceless at all times. Let's just hope that the Maggots don't go unchallenged to the end as they would like to do. I'd say that the two that I would have targetted that should have gone up last week are Maggie and Ivette. Please, please, let it happen!

Now onto this evening's show. As before, it starts with a recap, and a show of Howie's stupidity last week. We hear how both alliances kept their word on getting rid of Sarah, but that's because the Rachel, Howie, Janelle side is honorable, if stupid. We pick up the new segments of the show with the HOH competition. Everyone is back in the glass house, and we are hearing that if someone lets go of their button, they have to open one of the boxes in the center of the room. The first box had flies. Jennifer was commenting on how they were afraid that Beau would wind up running away screaming. Kaysar surmises that something in the box could be money or a phone call home. 1 hour and 45 minutes and everyone is still there. Now for some DR clips. We hear James commenting on how Sarah is his weak point, and how they thought that getting rid of Sarah would break him down on a personal level. Ivette was saying that the votes came back 6 to 1 and if it had gone the other way, the house would have gotten ugly. But as Ivette said, surprisingly enough it came back 6-1--Ivette was expecting the worse. Rachel then comments that Sarah was a really nice girl, and everyone in the house really loved Sarah. James said that the reality was sad and painful. Maggie said that no one really disliked Sarah at all. She was just leaving for being James allie. Janelle thinks everyone is still gunning for James. We then hear James talking to Ivette saying he really needs HOH. Ivette says that she will always be James friend and will tell him the truth. James trusts Ivette. She claims that she will always tell the truth, and he says that he thinks that he can trust her. Surprising because she ratted him out to the Maggots. James tells Ivette that she will be safe and she is not on James' list. Kaysar said that James has to think of Kaysar as a backup and not know that he is after James. Maggie said that she was really excited that it was going to be Eric coming back into the house. Kaysar said that he was just mobbed and tackled to the floor by Howie. James said that everyone who was after Kaysar was kissing his butt a week later because of fear of him getting head of household. James didn't care. Meanwhile Ivette mutters to Maggie "we are back to square one". Maggie said that it was absolutely devistating and a personal blow that Eric wasn't voted back in. Ivette thought that America fell in love with Eric the way that she did. April says that everyone who won HOH should let go of the buttons. Kaysar said that he would love to, but under the circumstances. Then Kaysar is updated on everything that happened while he was gone. The big news is how everyone saw Beau's penis and how it is supposedly quite large. Howie looks first, then Ivette and Jennifer. Jennifer looks, squeals and runs off to tell others. April and Rachel were the only ones left. April didn't want to at first because she is married and didn't want to get her husband jealous. She and Rachel look, and April yells out WOW! Meanwhile Beau was shreaking like a girl. In the glass house, we get to the five hour mark, and a new rule comes into play. They can't sit of kneel. The only thing that they can do is squat. Howie then gives them a sneak peek of the boxes by opening a box. He goes into the house, and opens the green box. It has dead fish. It seems that the smell was really bad. Rachel was saying after five hours, noone was budging. Everyone wanted HOH and everyone felt they needed it especially with James in the game.

After the commercial break, we are at the six hour mark. It is now after midnight and the PB&J restriction has been lifted and there is tons of food in the storage room. April said that it was hard not to take her hand off the buzzer and get food. Jennifer tells us that she has been dancing since she was two years old, and has been doing professional dancing for two years. Then she did her little routine. Rachel said that she really admires her and thinks Jennifer has good skill. Rachel says that she loves to dance, but can't do it well. Jennifer says that Rachel is very uptight and needs to lossen up. Jennifer says that also applies to her dancing. RAchel could not get the snake movement down, and looked like she was having seizures. Kaysar comments that everyone seems determined to get HOH. Beau then claims that he "supposedly" touched the ground, and we see the film. He does touch the ground. Beau starts acting like a pissy babby over it. Beau picks a box and gets a cocktail bar. It has several small bottles of alcohol. Beau made himself several drinks. Janelle was jealous of what he got because there is no real liquor in the house, and she loves martinis. Janelle comments that Beau can not hold his liquor at all, and it looks like he got really drunk. As Ivette says, Beau makes himself cocktail after cocktail and it was funny at first, and then Ivette started seeing everyone's faces, and they show Maggie and April looking disgusted. Beau slaps Kaysar's ass, and Kaysar tells him to stop. Ivette tries to put him in place. James said that he ready to knock Beau out. It is now seven hours in the glass house. Janelle starts dancing and her finger comes off the button. Janelle picked a red box and got a free membership to Netflix, a DVD player and a 42 inch plasma screen television. Jennifer was so mad to see that Janelle got it. Jennifer says Janelle is so lucky she hates her. Ivette calls her the Barbie Doll and is not happy that Janelle won. They have to have one more person let go of a button to leave. Janelle starts drinking with Beau. They totally left out the part where Beau was claiming that the only reason it was claimed that he touched his knee to the ground was because he is black. Of course, pull the race card.

Back in the glass house it is the 8 hour mar, and April asks Jennifer if she is going to win. Then April says to Janelle that she will let go of her button if Janelle gives her the plasma television. Janelle asks why she should give it to April, and April says that because Janelle wants someone to let go, and Janelle says but I don't want to give it to you. April says that these people are going to duke it out and it will get ugly. Meanwhile April says that she will let go if no one puts her up. All of them are agreeing except Maggie. Then Maggie says if April is willing to give up HOH to get out. Maggie says in DR that she knows April wants to leave, but numerically they need her to stay in. So April lets go of the button and claims it was an accident. Maggie gives her an evil look. April could tell that Maggie was PO'ed but April didn't want HOH> April picked the Orange box and there was $3000. Janelle, April and Beau then get to leave the glass house. April is swearing to Jennifer that she didn't let go on purpose, but Jennifer says that she doesn't know if she can believe her because April was talking about it for half an hour before that. It is now 9 hours. New rule. They have to pick one hand, and then can only use that hand for the rest of the game. Ivette touched the box with her other hand, and had to let go of the button. She also claims it was an accident, but it didn't look like that. Ivette cries some crocodile tears. She claims that she was doing it not for HOH but for her girlfriend. Yeah, yeah! Crocodile tears. Ivette has to pick a box, and gets an airhorn. She apologizes and Maggie tells her it is okay. James looks at Ivette and saw a face of a demon--someone so confused by greed and so confused by fear that he really saw the true Rachel. James then lets go of his button. He didn't want to be like that. James said that seeing Ivette break down and crying really got to him because she wanted to win HOH for her family. Maggie then let go too because since James was gone and he was the one she was most concerned about and she wanted a box. James got pizza and Maggie got rotten eggs. Rachel, Kaysar and Jennifer remain. Rachel's goal was for herself or Kaysar to beat out Jennifer because Jennifer can't be trusted. Jennifer cries and tells Rachel and Kaysar she won't put either of them up as pawns. Jennifer admits that her crying was an act and that she was just doing it for sympathy. Rachel claims that she didn't throw the competition, but her finger slips off the button. Maggie then tells Kaysar from outside of the box that last week everyone in the house except James and Sarah agreed and promised that this week they would get James out. Jennifer whines that she just really wants HOH to get pictures of her family. Kaysar wanted HOH so he could personally take James out this week. Jennifer asked him how he would get rid of James, and he says that he would backdoor him. Jennifer asks who would go up as pawns, and Kaysar honestly answers it would be two of the Maggots and the best two because he would want to make certain that they won the veto so James could go up. Jennifer says that there is a strong bond in her group and they would trust her if she did something. Kaysar says that he wanted to push Jennifer. Both held their buttons till dawn. Rachel asks Jennifer what her plan is if she gets HOH. Jennifer snidely remarks "well according to Kaysar, he wants to backdoor James, so that's what I'm going to do". Kaysar says, "yeah, but who's going up?" Jennifer says, "hmm, Maggie and somebody?" Kaysar says someone from your team, and Jennifer says that she has the trust of her team. Kaysar says, "so Jennie, I have your word?" Jennifer replies, "we are backdooring James". Jennifer swears on her life. Kaysar says "ok Jennie" and removes his finger. The Maggots go wild. Jennifer says that Kaysar and she made a deal that she would nominate two of her allies to backdoor James.

Then we see Howie, Janelle and Kaysar talking in the exercise room. Kaysar tells Janelle and Howie why he stepped away from the button. Kaysar says that we have to hope that Jennifer stays true to her word. Kaysar believes, but has some doubts. He hopes that she will choose one from each team at the least. Jennifer gets her HOH room, and grabs her pictures. She has two pictures of her boyfriend Daniel. One was from when he was 10 years old, and the other was more recent. Daniel wrote something on the back of each picture. On the 10 year old picture, he says that "this little boy is proud of his girl. I love you". On the other, he wrote about being a goofy guy and saying I love you. Ivette says that those things mean the world. Jennifer is crying away again. Jennifer tells April that Kaysar was going to backdoor James and was going to put up Maggie and someone else. April says "he doesn't want you to put up two of us does he?" Jennifer says that she thinks so. Jennifer says that she will do whatever Kaysar wanted. April says that we shouldn't have to put two of our people up. And Jennifer says maybe we can do one of ours and one of theirs. Jennifer says that Rachel and Janelle were trying to get rid of Ivette in the middle of the week, so she doesn't trust them, and doesn't care if she gets them mad. April said that regardless they shouldn't put up one of theirs.

Back from commercial break, and it is time for nominations. Jennifer is gathering keys. Howie feels confident that he is not going to put up and voted off, but he is going to hope for the best. James said that for Jenn to nominate him would be dumb and not a strategic move. Rachel says that no one is safe until it's done, and she is going to wait until they are done. Jennifer says that promises are null and void in this house, and come and go like people changing underwear. Jennifer claims that she is going to try her best to stick to her word. Kaysar says that he doesn't think that it will be in Jennifer's best interests to nominate him because he has a deal, but if she nominates someone from his side the deal is broken. Janelle also says that she hopes for Jennifer's sake that she doesn't nominate Janelle because Janelle would be really pissed off at her. Jennifer says she has butterflies because she doesn't want to piss people off and things will still go as planned. The ceremony begins. The first key is for April. Then Maggie. Then Ivette. Then Beau. Then Kaysar. Then Howie. The last key is James. Rachel and Janelle are nominated. Jennifer says that she and Kaysar had an understanding, but she couldn't put her people that she thought of as family in the house. Jennifer says that you can't trust anyone in the game except yourself. Jennifer says that she does trust Kaysar, but no one else in his group. Rachel admits that she is upset because there were promises that were made and those promises were broken. Rachel is crying and saying it's not about the money. She is there for the money. Janelle says that Jenn is the biggest bitch of the house and the biggest liar of the house. Janelle was surprised to be nominated. She is more pissed and wants to take Jennifer out of the game. Kaysar says if Jennifer thinks that giving your word and breaking it is okay, Jennifer has another thing coming. Kaysar says if he gets HOH next week, Jennifer will pay.

Saturday, August 13, 2005 -- Morning

I feel like a broken record about the stupidity in the Big Brother house, but Ivette has now aligned herself with James and is campaigning hard with the Maggots to make sure that James doesn't even go up on the block this week. The others were planning on backdooring him by winning the veto, using it, and putting James up instead. Ivette is playing a mind game on them all though. So far, Maggie doesn't appear to be buying it, but the others are weak-minded jelly fish. Alot of the moves in the past three weeks have been stupid moves, but what can you expect when a bunch of brainless beauty babes are thrown into the house. We'll have to see what happens with the veto competition today.

Friday, August 12, 2005 -- Evening

It seems that a few minutes ago, around 10:30 pm EDT, that Jennifer nominated Rachel and Janelle for eviction. Howie is trying to assure them both that they are pawns, but you can never trust the other side. The thing is to get rid of the folks that are known to be on the other side. I don't think that Jennifer cares who leaves as long as it isn't someone from her alliance. Kaysar was incredibly stupid to have given up the battle to her. I think that if he just held out another half hour at the most that Jennifer would have not been able to finish. After all, she was shivering and looked in horrible condition. I'm not liking how the game is going because I can see Maggie, Beau and Ivette getting further in the game, and I really don't like their characters. I guess that Jennifer and April don't bother me as much. After all, Jennifer was playing the game by making promises to Kaysar so she could win knowing full well that she wouldn't stick to it.

Friday, August 12, 2005 -- Afternoon

Foolish, foolish Kaysar! Only in the house for 14 hours, and he makes the mistake of making a deal with Jennifer that he will give the competition to her if she puts up two of her own. Well, as Jennifer and April are in the HOH bed with the Maggots around them, they are planning on putting up Rachel and Janelle and then maybe backdooring James. You really do have to wonder if it was lack of sleep or something else that caused him to make such a stupid move. I am afraid to admit that we will probably be stuck with a houseful of Maggots at the end because no one is smart enough to get rid of them. It's not that the Maggots are playing a smart game because they are on the dumb side too. It's just that the "smart" folks are playing dumb too.

Friday, August 12, 2005 -- Morning

I can't believe it. Kaysar just gave up the battle for HOH, and Jennifer is now the new HOH. This could be bad news because who will be going out? I would imagine that she will nominate James, but who else will she nominate? Or will she nominate two other people--like Kaysar and Janelle in the hopes to backdoor James, but then no one wins the power of veto. Right now, they carried Jen into the living room and Maggie and Ivette are taking care of her because Jen is shaking and acting like she is dying. It appears that she is shaking so much. Ivette is saying how thrilled she is. Obviously because it means the Maggots are safe this week. It's disgusting to see the Maggots gathered around Jen. The only Maggot missing is Beau. I am just so shocked because I don't think Jen could have lasted much longer from looking at her. Meanwhile Kaysar doesn't look any the worse for wear as he talks to Janelle and Howie in the exercise room. Howie is saying that at least they can compete full force next week. Kaysar said that he gave it to her because he told Jen he would do it if she put two of her people up and she agreed to it. Now hopefully they can get rid of James, but these things have a way of backfiring. Jen and Kaysar held out for 14 hours. Howie is just concerned about winning HOH next week, but Kaysar says that they need to get one of the Maggots out. Jen promised Kaysar and said to trust her that she would put up two of her own. Kaysar and his crew are screwed! I really hate to say that, but I don't think that liar Jen will keep to her word.

Friday, August 12, 2005 -- Early Morning

It is now 7:30 am and the HOH competition is still ongoing! It seems that only three of the houseguests are left at this point. It's Kaysar, Jennifer and Rachel. Ivette is walking around inside the house and everyone else is outside, so it seems that it is down to the final four. I hope that Jennifer lets go of the button before Rachel or Kaysar. I really do not want one of the the "Maggie and the Maggots" group to win because they will just send the other home which will mean a final with a Maggot. That would really suck because they are the most annoying people! Ivette was just consoling James in the Gold Room telling him that Kaysar would not want to get rid of James. I think that they missed their opportunity in getting rid of Ivette when they should have. Rachel just let go of her button, so now it is down to Kaysar and Jennifer.

Thursday, August 11, 2005 -- Late Evening

It is now an hour and a half into the endurance HOH competition, and it looks like everyone still has their hands on a button in the glass house in the backyard. I just hope that someone that I want to win doesn't get cocky and wind up taking his/her finger off of the button. That's what happened last year when Jase was fooling around and wound up falling off the platform where he was holding his button shut. Right now there really isn't anything exciting going on in the backyard, but I'm hoping that they will do something like put water into the glass house, or start something shaking. Anyway, it looks like a long night unless something happens soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2005 -- Evening

The live eviction show of Big Brother is now starting. As usual, the show started with the usual recap. I am getting excited, and keeping my fingers crossed for Kaysar. We go inside the BB house live. Sarah looks very nice in a shoulderless yellow print dress. We revisit the nomination of Ivette for eviction. Howie said that he assumed James would take himself off, and he had to make a choice. Then we see Ivette talking to Beau about how some people think she is a threat. Ivette says in the DR that she was promised that the votes would go in her favor. Ivette is told that the votes should be 6 to 1 for her to stay, but that April and Jennifer are lose cannons and might go against her, and she can't trust Rachel or Janelle. We see April approaching Howie, Rachel, and Janelle about how they can't trust Ivette and how she runs to James all the time. April admits to being pissed off at Ivette. Howie says that Ivette does have cross talk, and she is the unknown element. April admits that Ivette hasn't said one word to April since yesterday. Jennifer tells Maggie that we know where Sarah is coming from, but we don't know where Ivette comes from. Maggie realizes that Howie and Rachel are trying to swing April and Jennifer (not realizing the plot was April and Jenn's). We then hear Ivette expressing her worries and crying. Ivette says that she thinks that April and Jennifer realize that it might be easier to get rid of Ivette then take off James and Sarah. Maggie says that she is realizing that folks don't keep their word. Maggie asks Jennifer and April about it, but they won't say anything. Maggie says "are you thinking about it? Your silence is telling me something". We then go back to the live household, and Julie asks Maggie about the chance that Eric might be returning to the house. Maggie says that it would be the most awesome thing every and it is something she is expecting. Julie then asks Rachel about Kaysar or Michael. Rachel claims she would like to see either of the three. Julie asks James about using the veto on himself and Sarah going home. James said that the way things are in the house, it might be easier for him to stay an extra week than Sarah. Then Julie asks Beau about eating PB&J or eating a week of desserts. Beau says that he would like to eat a week of desserts because he's a sweets person. Now we hear Beau, April and Janelle preparing to vote. Janelle says that Ivette talks alot of crap. Janelle isn't bothered as much by Sarah. April says that Ivette riles things up and then about Sarah says that if you can't cut off the head of the snake, cut off the tail. Beau thinks that Sarah is annoying because she is young and naive. We hear that Beau votes for Sarah, but we don't hear how Janelle and April vote.

After the commercial break, we talk to Howie in the HOH bedroom. Julie tells Howie that it was a tough week for Howie, and did he regret nominating James. Howie said that he told James that James turned on him, and says that it might come back to bite him. Howie says that he doesn't trust James and thinks that it was going to be quicker than later. Howie says that his brains are hurting and since Kaysar was the brains around the house it would be nice to have do the thinking for Howie and Michael caused alot of problems, and then says that Eric and James didn't leave on the best of terms so he isn't for anyone one over the other. Howie says that he thought being put up would be stressful, but that being HOH was pretty stressful. We then go to the diary room to hear from Maggie, James, Rachel and Jennifer about their votes. Maggie says that strategically people see Ivette as a bigger problem than Sarah. Jennifer says that she didn't like Ivette from the beginning. Rachel says that Ivette will cling like Saran Wrap to Eric if he comes back and that would be bad for her. James doesn't have any friends other than Sarah. Maggie says getting rid of Sarah will weaken James. Jennifer claims to not know who she will vote for. James voted to evict Ivette. We now talk to the two nominees. Sarah thanks everybody who made her a part of it, and that she knows it is a game and she understands why she is there, and no hard feelings and that all are friends to her. She also says that she got to know James better. Then Ivette talks and thanks everyone and to all the beautiful friendships that she made there. And she thanks Beau and says he is amazing. Ivette then says "strength in the game, and remember actions speak louder than words." The moment is here. Who will go? By a vote of 6 to 1, Sarah has been evicted from the house. So everyone kept to their word to keep Ivette. That has to throw a monkey wrench in Maggie's claim that Rachel voted for Ivette to leave. James and Sarah have a long hug good bye. Both seem upset. Sarah goes over to talk to Julie and says "you better have tissues". James wanders the house looking very glum and sad. Julie said to Sarah that Sarah thought she was safe, but Howie tricked them all. Sarah said that she knows it's a game, and she doesn't hold grudges. Sarah thought that she really thought that Kaysar should be back in the house, but thought he might be a strong enemy for James. She says that James got rid of them before and will do it again. Then we see James video tape telling Sarah that she is an amazing woman, and he sounds very teary eyesd. He ends by saying that he loves her, and Sarah starts to cry. Julie asks where the relationship is going after the game, and Sarah says that it will last forever and she loves him so much. Sarah also said that being in the house changed their relationship because they experienced things and brought them closer than ever, and 50 years from now, they will be laughing about it. Sarah thinks that James is a strong person and will do well in the game without her, and she would love to see him be HOH. Sarah will be on the Early Show and Housecalls tomorrow.

After the break, we have Michael, Eric, and Kaysar together again. The three have been sequestered and don't know who was evicted or what went on since they left. Then we see the houseguests talking about the America Choice. As Jennifer says "we are trying to get people out now back in". Then we see Ivette screetching about bringing her Cappy back pleeze! Real annoying. Then Maggie says that she thinks she would have to push Ivette out of the way to get to Eric. Janelle doesn't think that Eric stole America's heart, strolling through the house and throwing tantrums like a small child. Rachel says that America doesn't want to see Eric come back into the house. Howie wants Kaysar back to think for him again. Rachel says that Michael will piss alot of people off coming back into the house. Janelle really wants Michael to come back even though Kaysar is a better game player. She wants to spend time with Michael. Beau and April are talking, and she says that she would rather have Eric come back because Eric, Ivette, Maggie and Beau will take each oher as far as they can. Maggie is saying that they have the votes. Ivette says they do now, but who knows who will come back into the house. Maggie says that America's Choice will make a huge impact on the game. First we see Michael come into the room. Julie asks Michael about reflecting on the game. Michael doesn't know what is going on in the house, so he will have to do get some more info. Michael wants to see Kaysar and then Janelle. Then next up comes Eric. Michael looks surprised to see Eric. Eric gives Michael a hug. Julie asks if Eric has anything to say to Michael, and Eric says no, we cleared it up in the house. Julie asks Eric what we can expect from him, and he says more of the same. Please don't let it be Eric! Now they bring out Kaysar. Michael and Eric look really shocked. Michael admits to be very surprised, and is happy to see Kaysar, but not in this context. Kaysar says that he is going to try to stir things up again. Then we head back to talk to the houseguests. Julie tells them that all three are there. Everyone waves. Julie says the response was overwhelming. Over 5 million votes were cast. The two with the highest votes are announced. First is Eric and second is Kaysar. I know that it would come down to those two. Janelle looks disappointed. Julie thanks Michael, and then we got to a commercial break. Damn those breaks and the tension buildup!

The break is finally over. That was the longest break ever! We check in with the houseguests. They are ready, and the doorbell will ring and they will then find out who wins. Going back in is Kaysar. Yippee! I knew those votes meant something! Kaysar's group minus James grabs him, and Kaysar is knocked over. Then Maggie and the Maggots come over to give him a hug. Howie hurt himself hugging Kaysar. Kaysar got an overwhelming 82% of the vote. I am so happy right now. My heart was pounding with nerves because I really couldn't stomach Eric or his cronies feeling justified in their behavior by Eric going back in.

Now begins the Head of Household competition. Julie welcomes Kaysar home, and tells everyone to go out into the backyard. The competition is called Pressure Cooker. There is a glass house in the yard. There are nine buttons on the inside wall. Each person has to find a button. Once Julie says go, they can't let go of their button. Ivette is making problems. The game begins. Whoever can hold the button down longest wins. YOu can only get out of the house in threes. So while the pressure builds up, you have to wait for three people to let go of the button before you can get out. There is more to the game than we realize and we will hear about it when Julie comes back from yet another commercial break.

We find out what happens in the house in the backyard. There are eight boxes in the center. There is a surprise inside the boxes. Julie opened the first box and it's flies. As Julie says there are some good things and some bad things in the boxes. Julie then leaves and the only way to know what happens is by watching the feeds. I have it open now, but it is only fish.

Thursday, August 11, 2005 -- Afternoon

There isn't alot going on in the Big Brother house today. They are doing their typical cleaning chores and Sarah is packing her stuff while Howie is preparing to move out of the HOH room. Tonight's episode will have the eviction of either Sarah or Ivette (I would love to see Ivette go because she annoys me so much with the phrase "do you understand what I mean?" coming out of her mouth every other sentence and her racist comments) and the reentry of Michael, Eric, or Kaysar. I have to admit that I did alot of voting for Kaysar so I am hoping he makes it back into the house. It will really be a big disappointment if Eric comes back into the house. Also, even though I would love Ivette to go, it will probably be Sarah who leaves because of the stupidity of Howie. I heard on House Calls today that last night Howie was showing everyone his penis. The house guests this time around are an annoying, stupid bunch. At this point, I am cheering on James, Janelle and Kaysar, if he comes back, for the final three.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005 -- Evening

Big Brother was on tonight. As usual, it started with a recap of the last week. We get to see the stupidity of Howie nominating two from his own alliance. I am still really shocked at Howie's total braindead decision. James is at a loss for words because he is so shocked at Howie's decision. Maggie keeps on saying the "Friendship" would have looked poorly on Howie if he didn't put up James and Sarah. In the Gold Room, James talks to Sarah and says that he finds it such a betrayal. James wants to talk to Howie, Rachel and Janelle about it. James then confronts Maggie about how she won. Then April says to James, don't you think that word would get back to Howie that you were going to nominate him for eviction--don't blame Maggie. Howie tells James that they swore allegiance to each other, and then Howie tells James that he knew James would put him up. Of course, James lied. Howie admits that James and Sarah were right and that if James and Sarah goes that Rachel and Howie are out next. James claims that he reads the bible before veto competitions for strength, and he denies that he swore on the Bible. Howie says that James and Sarah took it as betrayal. Sarah then confronts James and ask if he swore on the Bible when they are alone. James admits it, and Sarah says that she told him not to talk to those people. James knows that Ivette ratted him out. Then we see Sarah crying because as she says they are not bad people. As Sarah says, she doesn't want to leave, but she doesn't know if she can stay there without him.

Sarah sees the pinatas outside and knows everyone is upstairs in the HOH room, and she calls James. Sarah and James start partying on their own. Then Jennifer comes out and Sarah says, come join us, we are having a party and don't want to tell anyone. Sarah and James are busy eating and doing everything. Jennifer goes up and gets everyone. Each houseguest is supposed to get a pinata doll and make it into their own likeness. There was even a black one for Beau. Sarah made her doll sad with tears. James had his hold up its middle fingers, with the power of veto around its neck and a halo on his head. Howie got help from all the girls to make the doll look very good. Howie says there are going to be two good looking guys in the house, Howie and mini-Howie. Howie thinks the veto is in one of the dolls. After the dolls are decorated, Sarah approaches April because Sarah doesn't understand what she did to make everyone turn against her. James follows Sarah and says that he understands the strategy. April tells them both that James was lying. Sarah tries to argue, and James tells her to shutup. James says that he knows the strategy. April says that Kaysar told them all that James was a liar, but James doesn't believe it. April also said that James has Sarah do his dirty work for her. James, Janelle and Sarah talk, and James said that he wasn't after Janelle, Howie and Rachel. James said that he was against Maggie. Janelle says that she doesn't know who to trust because everyone is telling different stories. James says that its disgusting that she believed them over James and Sarah. Janelle tells Howie that James may have been saying things to get his butt off the line, and that the stories from the other side just came out when James got himself off with the power of veto last week. Obviously Janelle and Howie are confused. I think it was stupid to ever listen to the other alliance and put up TWO people from your own alliance. Howie wins the stupidest BB contestant ever.

It's time for the veto competition. Howie picks Rachel. Sarah picks Jennifer. Sarah picked Jennifer because he wanted someone weak. James picked Ivette and said that if Ivette did win the veto and didn't use it, he would believe her motives. For the veto, each competitor was sequestered in different parts of the house and were then called out to compete in the game. They did not know what the others did in the game. Rachel goes out, and the six pinatas were hung up in the air. In the game, each player gets ten pieces of candy and must put their candy in at least two pinatas. You had to get your pinata as close to 20 without going over. Rachel put 2 in Invette's and Jennifer's and three in hers and Howie's pinata. Then it was Sarah's turn. Sarah put one into her, and all the rest into Howie's. Howie is next. Howie put five in James' and Sarah's. Jennifer put three candies in hers and in Sarah's and four in James. Ivette put nine in James and one in Sarah's. James put four each in Howie and Rachel's and one each in Ivette's and Jennifer's. Janelle was the MC for the game. Ivette smacked open her pinata after much hassle. Ivette had three pieces in hers. Next was Sarah. She said it felt so good to hit something. Sarah would have liked to take the bat to someone else. Sarah had ten pieces of candy. Then was Howie's turn. He has 16 pieces of candy. Next was Jennifer. Jennifer had six pieces of candy. Then was James' turn. James had 18 pieces. Then it was Rachel's turn and she had seven pieces. James won the game. As Janelle said, those people were so stupid because they should have really gotten James if they wanted him out. They were really stupid. As Maggie said, he didn't win it, they fricking gave it to him. As Ivette said, there wasn't alot of thinking going on there, and she was right. Those folks are some of the dumbest folks that I have ever seen in my life!

Back at the BB house, James was wishing it was the Olympics because he would be a rich man. As James said, you can't kill him. Maggie said that they should have put all of their candies in James and Sarah. AS she said, four of them couldn't outthink two. Everyone except James and Sarah head up to the HOH room. April says that she would go up in his place. Ivette looks to the ground and volunteers herself. Rachel says the whole house wants James out of the house. Maggie says James has to go because he is the strongest player and they can't compete against him. James said that he doesn't know what to do. Sarah says that one of them is going to go, and she wouldn't want to stay in the house without him so if James uses the veto on himself that is okay with her. James whispers to Sarah that he is sorry. James said that he will miss Sarah, but that's the way the game goes. April is talking to Ivette and says that as soon as James would see that she is up, he would go after April. April thinks that Ivette is the better choice of going up. Ivette says that April volunteered herself and then thinks Ivette is the better choice. April says that it is starting to piss her off that Ivette is second guessing her. and Ivette says that it is pissing her off that April is saying that. Now there is a surprise from Big Brother. We got to see the America's Choice. Janelle misses Michael, and thinks Kaysar's was very distinguished. Maggie thinks that Eric did a good job of selling himself. After the houseguests saw the ad, they got to go into the storage room and there were t-shirts there for them to paint and tie-dye with a message for America. James' shirt said to get rid of them all and to keep Sarah. Then we see April and Ivette arguing. April denies that she said that she didn't want to go up for eviction. Ivette starts arguing with her. Ivette said to stand up and be a woman and admit to her actions. April said to Ivette why can't you listen to me. Maggie said that dissention amongst the "Friendship" isn't what Eric would want.

Maggie said that she doesn't know James and Ivette's relationship, but they obviously has a rapport with Ivette and they have a trust. April and Maggie are talking about how they can't trust James. April says that Ivette may be giving James information. April also talks to Howie, Jennifer and Janelle about her distrust of Ivette. AS April says, she is so pissed off with Ivette and doesn't trust her anymore. April says Ivette is very defensive as if she is guilty. Jennifer says that Sarah isn't a threat--she will just vote for James, but Ivette is. Howie thinks James and Ivette are more of a threat than James and Sarah. James calls everyone into the living room for the veto ceremony. James lets Sarah speak first. Sarah says that James taught her to have faith and trust, but since she is in the house, she has learned to not trust. James doesn't know what to say and forgets. James says the game is being played based on fear and a popularity contest. James said he was able to win the veto because people didn't make strategic decisions, they made dumb decisions. James is using the veto to save himself. James said Howie, you have to nominate someone else. Howie says that he has to put another threat up, and he nominates Ivette. Sarah says, if you guys evict me, James will be after them so watch your back. James says he has to be more cunning. Ivette says that she volunteered to be put up, but April and Jennifer have not been acting the same towards her. Howie says you can't backstab and be safe. Who leaves and who comes back will be dealt with on Thursday.

Monday, August 8, 2005 -- Afternoon

Ivette is up in place of James, and it appears that there is a plot in the house now to actually vote Ivette out. I think that is really interesting because the folks in her own alliance are going after her. April is in the HOH room talking to Howie, Rachel, and Janelle and she is saying that Ivette is not talking to her, and it seems that April, Jennifer, Howie, Rachel, and Janelle are saying that they aren't sure where Ivette stands on issues. As Howie keeps on saying "we know where Sarah and James stand, but we don't know where Ivette stands". It also seems that Ivette's temperment has been really irratic and this is ticking off April and Jennifer, and she has been mean to April. April is really ticked that Ivette was running around saying that April was crying because she didn't want to go on the block. Meanwhile, April is suffering from severe nicotine withdrawal. April is noting that Ivette appears to be the only one who is talking to James, and she is trying to play both sides. Boy, this Thursday could be a good one with Ivette gone and Kaysar back. That's what I am hoping for!

The veto ceremony must be happening right now because the Big Brother live feeds have only had fish on for abit now. That usually means that somethng is up, and that's the only thing that I can think is happening at this point. An update should be on the way on whether James used the power of veto and who is up in his place. It seems that Ivette has been saying to put her up on the feeds. She has to be careful because what could happen is that there might be a backlash against her, and she could be the one gone instead of Sarah. Now that would really be good because I can't stand Ivette--Evilette.

Saturday, August 6, 2005 -- Evening

Big Brother was on this evening. As is usual with these shows, there is the recap of the past week. We hear first from Maggie that she got rid of a strong, strategic player. We see the "Whatup Kaysar" song that Howie makes up, and it looks like everyone says "Whatup Kaysar". Howie says that everyone loved Kaysar, enemies and allies. Sarah is sad that the vote was only 7 to 1 because he deserved more than that. James said that it sucks that Kaysar is gone and that he is going to miss his presence. Janelle said that Kaysar was so composed and nice to others. Rachel admits that she didn't try to get HOH when it came down to the two of them because she knew how much Howie wanted to be HOH. Then we hear James talk about how glad he is that Howie won, and how safe he feels and how he won't have to commpete in a Veto competition. Maggie and company were worrying because Rachel took out April before Sarah. I know that they want to be safe, and felt safer with Sarah than April. Ivette is worried because she took out James from the HOH competition. Maggie said that she would like Eric to come back into the game (obviously). Then we hear Rachel, Howie, Janelle and Sarah talking about how bad it would be if Eric came back. James hopes that Howie nominates Maggie. He would love Maggie to pass Eric on the way in. As Howie says, if you aren't Janie or Rachel, you should be nervous because no one is safe, even James with his known backstabbing. Then we see Howie's HOH room. He got alot of snack food and black Speedos. It seems that Howie used to be a stripper. We also saw a pictures of Howie with his father, mother and sister. Howie says, "first of all, I want to say congratulations to me". Now we see Howie, Rachel and Janelle plotting on who to put up. I think that they thought they may want to put Maggie up because she is dangerous. But James is the most domininant person in BB history. As Rachel says, with the odds and numbers, they would be better off screwing Maggie than screwing James because the numbers could be six to three against them.

After the break, we see April and Jennifer in the HOH room with Howie and Janelle. April and Jennifer said that they don't trust James at all, and that they can't stand her. Then Ivette and Beau show up and April and Jennifer leave. Ivette says that James is heartless. Ivette claims that her word is as good as gold. Everyone is telling them that if they put James up that Howie and Rachel and Janelle are safe. Then James shows up and Ivette and Beau freaked out and ran. Howie tells James that they told Howie that James was gunning for Howie and Rachel. Howie says that they told him that James is on the other side. Rachel says that she doesn't trust him, and hasn't liked him from the beginning. Rachel says that the threat of Eric coming is big. James says that he isn't scared and will send Eric back the next week. Sarah says that they need to get Maggie gone. Then Maggie comes in and talks to Howie one on one. Maggie says that James is talking about being on Howie's side. Maggie is trying to talk Howie into taking Eric out because if she reduces their numbers the "friendship" will be stronger next week. You know that Maggie and company are really playing Howie. Howie admits that he and Rachel will be sitting ducks if Eric comes back. Now we see April and Beau talking, and April admits that her back is hurting and that she has a tail. Beau refused to touch it. April says that her tail bone was bent because she fell off a horse. As Ivette says, she thought April was beautiful, but she has a tail. Sarah says that is is like a boxer's tail that has been clipped. Jennifer asks if she can wag it when she is happy. Back to HOH, and at night, Howie and Rachel are talking about strategy. Rachel says that you should go for Maggie. Then Howie admits that he promised everyone James on a silver platter. Rachel freaked out because she couldn't believe that he told that to everyone and promised it to them. Rachel thought that she thought Howie was going to talk to everyone and not make promises. It seems that Rachel really wanted Maggie out. Rachel tells him that he needs to shut up and not tell people what they are planning. Rachel said that she should not have left the room. Rachel said that she threw the contest for him, and wished that she didn't. She said he screwed up everything in two hours of being HOH. She says now they are screwed because he made the promise and folks are going to come gunning for them. Rachel tells him that it is a big mess. They do seem to act like a married couple. I know they are supposed to be friends, but just watching them, they seemed like a married, bickering couple.

After the commercial break, we see Michael asking to go back in and then Eric saying he wants a favor and have people put him back in so he can stir things up. Kaysar says he's only been gone for a short time, but he wants to go back in again. Then we see the food competition. As Howie says, he and Janelle get to eat regardless. We see the conveyor belts. It is the Big Brother bakery. They have to eat everything that spits out of the machine. The team that eats the most and prevents the food from going down the belt and into the bucket. The lightest bucket will win. First out is a Hersey's kiss. Then there were snowcaps, then cookies, then bigger fruit tarts. Maggie is allergic to dairy so was trying to avoid dairy. That girl is a loser. We see everyone stuffing cake and milk into their mouths. Maggie is such a loser. No meat, no dairy. She is a blight on the whole household. Ivette admitted that Janelle was really making an effort for them, but as Janelle says, all she did was smash food in her face and didn't eat any of it. The thing is that the four (Ivette, April, Beau, and Maggie) thought she took one for the team. What a bunch of folks. Blue team (Maggie's side) had 35.5 pounds, and Red had 35.15 pounds. As James said, thank God they get to eat. Blue team eats PB&J. Janie has the pass, and says that she is keeping the pass for herself. What a win/win for Janie!

Another commerical break, we see April smoking. She claims that she usually didn't smoke that much. Ivette said that April said that she didn't smoke. Then she was smoking a couple of day. Then she was out there smoking like a chimney. April brought three cartons of cigarettes, and now is running out. As Ivette says, you need to bring enough for three months. April was dumb and didn't. She also was begging cigarettes from Janelle. Rachel said that the other side screwed it up by not getting him out last week. As Rachel says, Maggie screwed it up by not putting both of James and Sarah up. Maggie said that she thought James was on Rachel's side, and Rachel says no. Rachel says that she knows that if Eric comes back Maggie and Eric are strong. April claims that the other side doesn't have an alliance. Bull donkies! April said, what sort of promise are they looking for. Rachel says that if someone comes back in, they don't want to be on the block. Maggie says that if she wins HOH, she will honor the deal, but there is no guarantee that others would honor the deal. So the plan is to take out James and Sarah in the next two weeks, but Rachel and Howie are stupidly committing themselves to taking out one of their own. Or at least someone who is more likely to be on their side than the others. If I were Rachel and Howie, I wouldn't be worried about James. He was saying that he would put up Rachel and Howie to save himself, but if he had power, he would go after the other side because of the numbers game. Rachel and Howie are too stupid to see their hands in front of their faces. Notice when James got veto last week, he switched and said he would have to put up Maggie.

Now we see Howie getting the keys out and contemplating the nominations. We hear Sarah say that she really trusts Howie. Maggie says that she doesn't feel safe. Ivette says nothing is safe or guaranteed. I think that folks need to start targeting her and Beau. James is thinking it will be a nice relaxing week. Howie thinks that he is doing the best for himself and his close partners in crime. Fool! Everyone is gathered for the nomination ceremony. Howie says that he has seen good and bad things, and that he is trying to be strategic to win BB6. The first key is Janelle. Then comes Rachel. Then Beau. Then Ivette. Then Jennifer. Then April. Last is Maggie. James is nodding as it gets near the end, and looks squinty-eyed. Howie says that James is a dangerous, dangerous player, and he thinks that James will prevent Howie from being champ. James says that he doesn't know about Sarah, and thinks that James and Sarah working together can be disasterous to his chances of winning. Sarah says that this is very mixed up. Sarah says that she can't take losing her boyfriend or being in the house with not a single friend. James says that Sarah and he will decide who leaves the house.

From what I have seen and heard on the live feeds, James won the power of veto. Now the big question is whether he will use the veto to save himself, or if he will use it to save Sarah. In a way I hope that James saves himself because it will put a whole heck of alot more drama in the game if he stays--and gets HOH next week. I think that James is a strong competitor, and one that everyone distrusts, so he is one that I would want to take to the end with me so folks would pick me over him.

Friday, August 5, 2005 -- Evening

Howie nominated James and Sarah for eviction. I think that was a stupid move because if they get rid of James, then it is three against five or six depending on what Sarah or James does next week, and if Eric comes back--heaven forbid. I don't think that Howie, Rachel or Janelle were thinking long term. I would have kept James close just to even the power struggle, then have gone after him. After all, it is obvious that Maggie and company were after James--and to save his hide, James would have targeted Maggie and company first. Once he and Sarah are gone, it will be Rachel, Howie and Janelle. This really was a stupid strategic move.

Friday, August 5, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

It's funny to watch the live feeds. Maggie and company are sure that Eric is coming back this coming Thursday and that he is going to win HOH when he comes back. Maggie and April are putting the pressure on Rachel and Howie to put up James and Sarah. They say that if James gets off the block that Eric will be back in the house this week to get James out the week after that. Rachel asks why should she put up someone from her group. Good point. April claims that he isn't part of anyone's group. Rachel sees the problem. You don't want Maggie and company to outnumber you because their agenda is to get rid of Howie, Rachel, and Janelle. Howie and Rachel would be incredibly stupid not to put up two people from the Maggie group. They keep on talking about how when they win. The problem is that so far that group has not won anything be it a food, veto or HOH competition. Why would you want to be part of that group? Beau is such an idiot. I think they should put up Ivette and either Maggie or Beau. I just hope that Rachel or Howie aren't dumb.

Friday, August 5, 2005 -- Afternoon

The Big Brother houseguests were let out into the backyard for the food competition around 2:15 EDT this afternoon. The houseguests are split into two teams, the red team and the blue team. From what I understood from Howie, a conveyor belt of food is going to go by the teams. The team that eats the most food off the conveyor belt, leaving the lesser amount in the bucket at the end of the belt will get food for the week. The other team will be on PB&J. Janelle, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, and April are on the red team, and James, Sarah, Jennifer, and Rachel on the other side. All this food was coming down the belt, like chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, sandwiches, milk, and a huge wedding cake for each of them and they had to grab the food and eat it before it got into the bucket. Even though Janelle was with Maggie and company, she was trying hard to eat the food with her face all covered in cake. The thing is that she doesn't have to eat PB&J because she has the pass. Blue team's bucket was 35.50 pounds. The red team bucket was 35.15 pounds so the blue team will be eating PB&J.

I am watching Kaysar on House Calls, and I have to admit that after that interview, I love Kaysar more than I did just from watching the show--and he was my favorite houseguest. I really hope that he gets selected to go back into the house. I have been doing my voting all morning, and will continue until it ends. If Eric gets back it, it would be so disappointing because I really don't like Maggie and company, and they would just be so obnoxious in thinking that the public loves them and Eric. I am not alone. Marcellas just lost it over Kaysar. He said that Kaysar touched Marcellas' leg at one point, and Marcellas said that he could have just fallen to the ground and died. Vote Kaysar! Go to the America's Choice Poll and vote for Kaysar or text number 3 to 22788 (CBSTV).

Friday, August 5, 2005 -- Afternoon

I am watching Kaysar on House Calls, and I have to admit that after that interview, I love Kaysar more than I did just from watching the show--and he was my favorite houseguest. I really hope that he gets selected to go back into the house. I have been doing my voting all morning, and will continue until it ends. If Eric gets back it, it would be so disappointing because I really don't like Maggie and company, and they would just be so obnoxious in thinking that the public loves them and Eric. I am not alone. Marcellas just lost it over Kaysar. He said that Kaysar touched Marcellas' leg at one point, and Marcellas said that he could have just fallen to the ground and died. Vote Kaysar! Go to the America's Choice Poll and vote for Kaysar or text number 3 to 22788 (CBSTV).

Thursday, August 4, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother. We had the review for the past week that is typical for all these shows. The main review was showing how James is two faced. As Marcellas says on House Calls, Maggie is playing this game with emotion and not strategy, and that will bite her on the butt. Julie tells us about the other twist which will involve the viewers. I think that it will be that next week we get to vote to evict the houseguest. Kaysar talks to Janelle and says that he knew something like this would happen. We see April asking Kaysar to talk to him. She asks Kaysar why she should not evict him. He tells her that he would not put her up on the block next week. I don't think that she's the biggest target for him. April lets Kaysar know that James was not thinking of putting Maggie and company, but Howie and Rachel. Kaysar then lets Rachel and Howie know about it. Kaysar also lets Maggie know that he knows what James was plotting. Maggie admits that Kaysar has obviously been told things, and says that both sides have to join against James because they need to get him out. Kaysar is talking to Janelle and he admits that he would love to stay behind to get rid of James. Julie asks Jennifer what she would do with the million dollars. Jennifer wanted to share it with the others, but that's a big no-no because that's like buying votes. She did say she would give it to charity. Then Julie asks April about getting the card from her husband, and she said it was the best thing that she received. Julie asks Sarah about getting the veto and saving James. Sarah said it felt wonderful and she would like to spend a few more weeks with him. Julie then asks Ivette about the invention she is more most proud of in the house, and Ivette says her ghetto slide of hefty bags and water.

After the commercial break, we find out how Eric's alliance is carrying on his legacy. Ivette says that when Eric left, her heart left with him. Janelle, James and Howie are talking about how Eric is a martyr now. Maggie and company all put their keys in front of Eric's picture. They show Ivette calling out "where's Cappy?" because she couldn't come up with an answer. Howie shows how they make fun of Eric by walking on their knees because he is so short. Kaysar and James don't think that Maggie can compete on her own--she's wearing his clothes and hat. We see Maggie then telling Ivette that she is going to do what Eric wants. (I refuse to use his nickname.) As Howie says, the ghost of Eric's past is in the house. Julie now talks to Maggie in the HOH room. Julie asks about Eric leaving and her avenging his eviction. Maggie said that it was more important than she would admit, and she has to admit that she isn't playin strategicly. As she said, it's a big deal to lose someone you are so close to. Maggie thinks that she is absolutely a target in this game. Julie brings up how Maggie gave James the impression that he was a police officer. Maggie was trying to give the impression that she can read him, and can't be read herself. We hear Howie, Sarah, Rachel and Ivette voting. Rachel says that Janelle's not perfect. Howie says Janelle is misunderstood. Ivette says Kaysar has to go by sending away Eric. Sarah doesn't know if she can trust Janelle. As Rachel says, unfortunately for Kaysar, he had a good hand, but he showed all his cards.

Coming back from the break, we get more information about James and Sarah. Their families are interviewed for the segment. We hear Sarah say that she will be married by 25. James mom looks sort of old. James sister says that she thinks Sarah is perfect for James, and he tends to get tired of his dates. Sarah's parents say that Sarah is not a weak person, and that it's not in her nature to lie and go behind people's back. As her mother says, Sarah has only been dating for 4 monts, and the parents are not too impressed with James' honesty. Sarah's mom doesn't like his putting her down. James' mother tries to say that she gave James a good basis in the Catholic faith. James' sister also said that she hopes that James will pick her over money but she can't guarantee that. Next week an evicted player will be voted back into the house for a second chance to play the game, but the viewers will be doing it. Now we hear April, James, Beau and Jennifer voting. Jennifer and April seem to think they might be safer with Kaysar than with Janelle. Jennifer says that Janelle can not be trusted because she is the ace manipulator. Meanwhile James says that it's a hard decision to make.

The commercial break is over and eviction time is at hand. Janelle's final words were to say thanks to her friends and family, and wished the houseguests luck. Kaysar said that he enjoyed his time there and has memories of each of them that will not change. By a vote of seven to one, Kaysar has been evicted. Kaysar got all his hugs and everyone said goodbye. Now we have Kaysar meeting with Julie. It is sad, but I will be voting to get Kaysar back into the house. Julie asks him about targetting Eric. Kaysar said that he wanted to stir things up. He wanted to change the balance of power and putting pressure on Eric. Kaysar says that he leaves the house with no regrets. Julie asked if the friendship will continue with Janelle. He says that he does believe so because she has heart and brains. Kaysar says that Janelle can take care of herself. Kaysar think that Janelle, Rachel and Howie have a great chance of winning the game. Julie asked if he could go back, what would he do differently, and he said that he wouldn't show all his cards.

After the commercial break, we have the HOH competition. The game is Eliminator. If you answer a question correctly, the first person to buzz in can answer and then eliminate one of the houseguest if they answer correctly. You have to buzz in and answer in five seconds. If you answer incorrectly, you are eliminated. "at the end of the food competition, who was elected to spin the wheel". Kaysar. Sarah eliminated Jennifer. "in the veto competition, which houseguest finished with the slowest". Ivette guessed Eric and eliminated James. "In the veto competition, Knight moves, houseguests had to move like the letter..." Janelle said "knight" but the answer was L. Janelle was eliminated. "in the food competition spelling bee, how many letters were misspelled" Sarah answers four and eliminates Ivette. "how many admit one movie tickets..." Howie answers six and eliminates Beau. "In the veto competition, Couch potato, what color was the on/off button?" Rachel answers red and eliminates April. "When Jennifer won the bonus prize, matching munchies what were the numbers." Rachel answers 46 and 57. Rachel eliminates Sarah. "In the veto competition, couch potato, the channel had to be in what position". Howie answered number 5. Howie is the new HOH. Howie yelled out "what up Kaysar!" Which was in answer to Maggie and company yelling for Eric after Maggie got HOH.

Julie is going to let the houseguests and us know the twist. Julie congratulates Howie. Howie said that Ivette said that she dreamed that Howie won HOH. Howie also said that Kaysar gave Howie his shirt and hat for him to wear. Julie tells everyone that four people have been evicted and sequestered since their evictions. Next week, once of the houseguests will be coming back. It will be either Michael, Eric or Kaysar. Ashlea left sequester so she will not be coming back. The decision is up to the viewers. How to vote? Go to to vote, or text number 1 for Michale, 2 for Eric or 3 for Kaysar on your Verizon mobile phone to number 22788 (CBSTV). Poles close Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005 -- Evening

Another episode of Big Brother was on tonight. It started with a recap of the past two weeks. Ivette said that she was not surprised it was Kaysar and James because that's what Eric wanted. As Kaysar said, he wasn't surprised because he knew that some people in the job didn't think for themselves. Maggie expects an incredible week of fighting ahead. We then see Sarah crying in the shower with Ivette. She was bawling her eyes out because of James. James said that Sarah is the world to him. Then we got to see them smashing lips. Meanwhile Janelle tells Kaysar that she will fight her ass off to save him. Kaysar says that he will not compaign against James. James wonders why Maggie doesn't go after pairs. Kaysar and James agree that there is no strategy there. The question is who will compete for POV, and James thinks he has to have Sarah do it because she is the only one who wouldn't screw him. Then we see Ivette going into the toilet with April following her. Ivette is just crying her foolish racist heart out about the "good guy--the hypocrite---Eric leaving. Then we see James consoling Ivette. James admits that he likes Ivette, but he is going to take advantage of her. James admits that he has to play both sides. James thinks that it is psychological warfare because Maggie had Sarah pick the last key which was Janelle's, and he comments on how both names start with Ja. Kaysar admits that the veto competition is key because they have to win. James thinks that if Janelle or Kaysar wins the POV, then Sarah will go up in Kaysar's place. James wants to ensure the safety for both of them. James tries to explain that Sarah needs to win the POV competition because that will keep them both safe.

After the commercial break, we see James going up to the HOH and ask Beau to borrow a Bible. Beau denies it. April tells Beau that he can't deny someone a Bible. So James tells Ivette that he is going to put Howie and Rachel up if he wins HOH and promises with his hand on the Bible. James tells Ivette that she can't get a stronger word than his. Kaysar says that he needs to get the veto to save his butt, and James needs the same. Meanwhile James is stressing Sarah out with his nerves. Kaysar tells Janelle to just go out there and try her best. So starts the competition. Maggie picks Beau. James picks Sarah, and Kaysar picks Janelle. James says that Sarah is the only person he can trust in the house. Now starts the competition. There is a couch with televisions in front of it with the houseguests photo above it. They had to sit on the couch and had to use balls to hit the buttons to turn on the television and change the channels. They have to get to the number 5 channel. James and Sarah were going to Sarah's and Janelle and Kaysar were going for Kaysar's. James got the tv on first. Maggie noticed that James was only working on Sarah's and managed to turn off the tv. Kaysar said that he threw the ball like a sissy girl. James said that Beau claimed to play baseball for nine years, but he sucked so he must have been a catcher. James managed to get Sarah's tv to channel 5 and she has the veto. It wasn't like she won it though, James won it on Sarah's tv. Kaysar doesn't know how to save himself. As he said, James is saved and Kaysar is defenseless. You just can't seem to get James.

With the commercial break over, Sarah is feeling great for winning the veto competition. Kaysar says that it's not over yet, but he is one step closer to eviction. Everyone on Maggie's side thought that she was shocked. She said that she wanted to be a recipient of information and not give it out. James says that he respects Kaysar a great deal. James tells Kaysar that he didn't want to send him home. Meanwhile up in HOH Ivette says that she really wants Janelle to go home. April says that they are there as a team and need to make decisions based as a team. Maggie calls it the friendship--the group of five--and says that she should not go against what the friendship decides. James asked April what she was going to do for her birthday. She is only washing clothes. But Big Brother made up a birthday party for her--with presents from K-Mart. She got a digital camera with a docking printer. April got a birthday card from her husband and her dog, Pepperoni with their picture on the cover. April thanks K-Mart for the presents. Ivette goes to James after Sarah wins POV to find out who he will get rid of and nominate. James now says that he would put up Maggie. Ivette realizes that James is not honorable, and says he making stupid decisions. He said that Maggie tried to take him out in the veto. Ivette said that he swore on the Bible that he would take out Rachel and Howie, and James said that what Maggie did made the promise null. Ivette says that for her in this game, James has died too. (she is referring to the fact that she is acting like Eric is dead and not just out of the house.)

Back in the house, Beau finds the first quarter and everyone except Jennifer starts finding quarters. They realize that they only could do into the gumball machine. Sarah gets a movie pass. Beau got a ticket too. It seems there were six movie passes in total. Ivette, Beau, Maggie, Sarah, Rachel and Howie all got passes. Howie was very gracious and gave the ticket to Jennifer because she didn't get it, and she always talks about movies. It seems that the six got to compete to see the movie of which only three could attend. The movie was Four Brothers. The six had to break into two teams of three. So Maggie, Bean, and Ivette were on one team, and Rachel, Jennifer and Sarah on the other. There were marque and lightbulbs. They has to work as a team to screw in lightbulbs and to put the bulbs in to spell a message. If the lightbulb lights, that's the spot for it. If not then you have to move the bulb. Idiot side (Maggie and company) started in the center. Rachel and company took three sections. Maggie and company were slow and Rachel, Sarah and Jennifer won. As Sarah said, it's nice to beat Maggie. The HOH room was setup like a movie theater. There was candy everywhere. Howie took charge and made folks leave without tickets. Jennifer said that she was so excited that she was missing parts of the movie. Rachel said that there were guns and action. Everything a man would love, but they were chicks.

In the last segment of the show, we had the veto ceremony. Kaysar was trying to save himself, so Kaysar comes up with a plan with his group to put up someone from her side so Maggie would be safe next week. Kaysar approaches Maggie in the gym, and says that if Maggie is interested in a deal, she should put up someone from her side and that would take her off the radar. Maggie just listened and didn't say much. Kaysar thought it was a 50-50 chance that she might take the offer. Sarah calls the veto meeting. Maggie says that she is undecided on whom she will put up. Sarah gives them both a chance to talk. Kaysar says that he won't ask her to use the veto on him, but to use it on her boyfriend. He then passes it to James who says, whatever you say. Sarah says it is obvious what she will do, but it doesn't make it easier. Sarah says that she knows it will be some with a great heart, a great mind, and a great character. Meanwhile Maggie is looking around with wide eyes, like "who are you talking about". Maggie puts Janelle up on the block. Maggie says that Janelle was a good person to put up because she was a vote for Kaysar. Sarah is glad that they are safe another week. Kaysar is going to try to get himself out. As he said, it's not impossible, but it is improbable, and he would like to do it without backstabbing anyone.

Monday, August 1, 2005 -- Afternoon

The veto meeting is over, and obviously Sarah removed James from the chopping block. Maggie and company ran upstairs to panic and consult. Now, what I don't understand is what was the big shock and concern to them? They knew a few days ago that Sarah won the Veto, and that she would obviously remove James from the block. Maggie should have known or had time to think of who she would put up in his place. So it's no shock to her on who is now on the block with Kaysar. Maggie and company aren't known for their brains, however. Instead of using the one brain cell that they share between the five, they must have left it in a jar in the bathroom. There was alot of "oh my gosh, it is going to come down to a tie" and "what are we going to do?" etc. From what I can gather from their conversation, it sounds like Maggie replaced James with Janelle. I suppose Maggie sees this as a strategic move because she is afraid of Howie or Rachel winning HOH next week and then nominating Maggie out of vengence. So she is trying to keep herself safe. Also for some reason, probably lack of smarts, Maggie sees Kaysar and Janelle as a pair like everyone else. Duh! Neither would get a million dollars if they make the final two!

Monday, August 1, 2005 -- Morning

Today will be the POV meeting at the Big Brother house. Obviously, Sarah will be removing James from chopping block. The question is who will go up? Will it be Janelle, Rachel or Howie? It doesn't seem that Maggie is going to fall for Kaysar's offer to put up someone from her side to keep herself safe. So from the looks of it, it's pretty definite that my favorite player this year, Kaysar, will be going home this week. That's the way that games go. Too bad that some folks take this all personally and don't seem to realize that it's a game. I guess if I were in that house (which I would never be able to do because I would be bored out of my mind), I would start to take things personally, but you have to realize that everyone's agenda is to win. At least it should be the agenda.

Sunday, July 31, 2005 -- Evening

There is not alot going on in the Big Brother house other than scheming. Since Sarah won the POV and is going to remove James from the block, that means that probably Rachel or Howie will go up in his place. If that's the case then Kaysar will probably be going home on Thursday. He is preparing for this. However, they have all come up with a scheme. Kaysar approached Maggie and said that she should consider her options. After all, what are the chances that one of the sheep will win the HOH competition next week. They are the weakest players, and so far, the folks who have been winning things are on Kaysar's side. Kaysar tells Maggie that she should play the game strategically and not personally and put up someone from the sheep and then that will guarantee that she doesn't go out next week when Kaysar's side wins. I don't know what Maggie thinks of the plan, and neither do they. I think that the POV ceremony is tomorrow, so we will have to see what she decides.

Saturday, July 30, 2005 -- Evening

Big Brother is on this evening. On the live feeds, the fish are gone, and it seems that Sarah has won the power of veto. Now she may use it on James, or she might not because she might be told to leave it the way it is because James will be safe and they want to get Kaysar out. This is a sad turn of events because it probably means that Kaysar will out this week. Now on to the recorded show. Of course, as usual, the show opens with a recap of past events. Ivette says that she loves Eric and will miss him more than anyone will know. Meanwhile Sarah says that she's happy that he is gone. Janelle says the same thing. Howie said that Eric took things personally, and Howie was going to give him a hug, but Eric was the slug that he is and wouldn't acknowledge it. As Evilette says, we lost our man but he is still in our hearts. Maggie says that she is going to attack this at a strategic and personal level. Kaysar says that losing HOH is a huge blow to his group. Howie says there is alot of animosity between the two groups. As Evilette (the racist bitch says) payback is a you know what. We then hear whiny Sarah saying that she doesn't want to go home. Sarah claims that she and James won't rally against their team that they are now on (which according to the live feeds they did). Howie thinks they will target couples because of the money. Evilette says that she will fix Maggie's house and buy Eric a BMW. Janelle says that even though it will be one of them, they will all stick together. Maggie and Ivette are talking in the storage room saying that they will play for Eric. We saw a picture of Maggie's boyfriend, Dave, and he is really on the ugly side. James said that he saw these putrid little rats running around kissing Maggie's ass. Kaysar yelled out congratulations Maggie. We then see Maggie and Rachel talking. Maggie says that she is torn between things and that she likes Rachel. Maggie says that she sees Rachel as totally grey. Maggie then calls in Howie. Maggie asks how Howie feels about everyone being split in two, and being on the other side. Howie basically says that he was HOH. Howie says that James and Maggie are strong players. Howie said that he saw Rachel giving him the look, and he said that the goal of the couples is to get to both of the individuals in the couple to the final two. Maggie asks if she doesn't nominate them if they will keep her in the house next week if they get HOH, and Rachel said that she has no problem with that. Maggie then says that if their keys are in the box tomorrow, then they have a deal. We will see in the end if Maggie sticks to her deal.

After the commercial break, we see James talking to Evilette and Beau and trying to get himself safe. As Sarah says to Janelle who notices him talking to the group, he doesn't know that's what's going to hurt him with both sides. Maggie then says that James is not on the grey side with her. Ivette and Maggie said that James should have stayed with them because he would have been safe. Meanwhile, James tries to "rationalize" that he was trying to save himself. They can't see it. As far as they are concerned, James should have let himself go. James then went to Maggie's HOH to apologize after Maggie walks away from him. Maggie asks James who he would put up. James said the most dangerous people are the ones who are not pairs. He also says that he would rather Sarah get voted off. James seems to have trouble saying who he would nominate. James thinks that Maggie is a cop because of the way that she interrogated him, and how she positioned herself on the bed and him in the chair and how she talked. She also said that they probably do the same thing for a living. So James must be in law enforcement somehow. We then learn that Howie likes Boobies. And that Howie is obsessed with boobies. All the girls agree that the only word he mentions all the time is boobies. He also calls them breastests. Kaysar tells them all that he thinks that the other side is going to try play on emotions. Janelle thinks that it will be James and Kaysar. Kaysar tells sarah that if James goes home, she needs to fight for revenge. Meanwhile Sarah tells the audience that she will do anything to keep James in the house. Including selling herself to the other side (and winning the POV as the live feeds show).

After the break, Ivette makes a bird feeder out of a coffee mate jar. Evilette came up with checkers, the ghetto slide and the coaster game with the hole in the coffee table. Ivette came up with alot of different food items. Now we see the food competitions. There were four panelists and six contestants in a game show. Sarah, Kaysar, Howie and April were the panelists. The others were the participants in a Match Game type setup. They had to get two answers that matched. The first question for Saturday: Pete is so obsessed with food, he tried to tie his shoes with string ___________. Rachel said cheese, and Sarah and Kaysar also said cheese. Beau played for Sunday. The grocery clerk was so hands on that one customer complained that he tried to grab her ___________. Beau was thinking of boobies, but said buns. Sarah and Kaysar said Melons. April and Howie said Buns. Food for Sunday. Jennifer is Monday. Dumb Doris was so dumb, she flew all the way to France to get French ___________. Jennifer said fries. Sarah and Kaysar said bread and April and Howie said Fries. Janelle is up. You know you are flying first class when the stewardess offers you chocolate covered __________. Janelle said Strawberry. Sarah and Kaysaar said sundae, and April and Howie strawberries. James for Wednesday. The frustrated baker blamed his girlfriend when his _______ refused to rise. James said bread. Sarah and Kaysar said dough and April and Howie said bread. Ivette is for Thursday. Donna said, my husband the pastry chef is getting a bit nearsighted. Last night he went outside and tried to __________ the dog. She said bake. Sarah and April said bake. Kaysar and Howie said cook. Jennifer went for Friday. The chef's cooking class was so boring that one student fell asleep in his apple __________. Jennifer said pie. Sarah and April said cobbler, and Kaysar and Howie said pie. So there is food for the entire week. Getting the bonus question right also gave them a prize--two numbers, 57 and 46. They realize that it is the final two numbers for the safe in the gold room.

Break is done, and everyone is in the gold room.
Jennifer is there, and Janelle is there too. Howie said to spin it a couple of times around and then Kaysar was able to open the safe. In the safe was a plate of PB&J sandwiches. In one of the sandwiches is a PB&J pass that allows the person to never have to eat PB&J again. The pass can be given to someone else to use too. Everyone gets a sandwich. Janelle has the pass. She was very excited. As Sarah says, alot of people will be willing to give up things to get the PB&J pass. Now we see Howie and Beau pretending that they would kiss. Howie says that because he is so great looking, he attracts all sorts of people. As Howie says, if he has to kiss the gay guy to stay in the house, he will. Then we see Sarah going up to the HOH house where Maggie, Ivette, Beau, April and Jennifer are. This is were Sarah bashes the other group and tries to claim that she is not part of their group. Beau thinks that Sarah is not a strong player, but guess what, she is feeding them a line to save her and James to stay in the house, and they are buying it. Maggie comments that Sarah said that James is not the strongest player and as Sarah says they are not part of any group. Maggie know that she did everything to make James look good. Maggie is trying to get rid of people who would get rid of her. Because of this, Maggie wonders to the group if she should nominate James and Sarah.

It's now time for the nominations. Maggie is collecting all the keys. Howie says that he doesn't feel safe this week at all. James doesn't think Maggie is here now to play the game, but to avenge Eric's death. Maggie is keeping in mind that the person doesn't forget who nominates them. Janelle says that she is not worried for herself, but for Kaysar. Maggie knows that there are some people who are expecting to be nominated. They are all called in for the ceremony. Maggie says that when she won HOH it was very clear cut to her that it was black and white in this game and clearcut where everyone stood. In the first 24 hours, things have become more gray. The first key is pulled. It is April's. She is safe. Ivette is safe. Jennifer is safe. Beau is safe. Rachel is safe. (Rachel thanks Maggie.) Howie is safe (thanks Maggie). Sarah is safe. Janelle is safe. That means that James and Kaysar are up for eviction. Maggie says that she has seen them rally people to support them, and that is why they are nominated. Maggie says that she can't trust either of them. James says he has to have the veto because he can't let Maggie win. Sarah says that what Maggie says is garbage and that Maggie is taking it personally. Kaysar says that the competition, not only for the POV but just in general will be fierce. As the credits roll, we see Sarah in the bathroom crying. And so the show ends.

Saturday, July 30, 2005 -- Early Evening

The POV competition may just be starting now at 6:30. The house guests have been waiting for it to start all day. It seems that Sarah and James have been scheming and are playing both sides. James seems to be pretending to be on the side of Kaysar and company while he sends Sarah up to Maggie and company to pretend to be on their side. I suppose that is a good strategy--play both sides. He thinks that will keep him in the game, but when he gets rid of all the players on his side, the sheep will get rid of him. I am hoping that Janelle wins and saves Kaysar because those are the two players that I would like to see at the end. I don't think that will happen, but I can hope. I think that if the show comes down to just being Maggie, April, Jennifer, Ivette, and Beau, I'm going to have a hard time watching it because that group annoys me with their pity bullshit. Ivette was comparing Kaysar to Osama Bin Laden. Talk about a racist bitch. Early in the week she was making comments about how she calls her cheap friends Jews. vote Evilette out!!

Friday, July 29, 2005 -- Late Evening

I missed seeing this when it happened on the live feed, but it seems that James and Kaysar are nominated for eviction. Sarah has been playing Maggie and Company by telling them that James isn't with Kaysar and crying. Also, James has told Ivette that he would nominate Rachel and Howie if he was HOH. All I have to say is James is really a snake, and not someone that I would trust. The question is will the sheep vote out James or will they go for Kaysar. Also Kaysar is talking of having Janelle compete with him for POV. If she gets it, she can take Kaysar off, and keep herself safe. What would the sheep do then?

Friday, July 29, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

Lots of scheming in the HOH room. Maggie, Beau, Ivette, April and Rachel are on the bed discussing the nominations. It seems that the consensus is for the nominations for eviction go to James and Kaysar. Maggie is thinking about this strategically and says that James would be the best person to get rid out of the pair. As she says, James has a partner and Kaysar doesn't. Even if he has a following, there's no way that he has the guaranteed vote that James does. Maggie is plotting the POV competition, and the group is discussing talking to Howie and Rachel, and telling them to go ahead and win, but not to use it--or the partner goes up. So that would pretty much guarantee that the nominations stay as they are. Maggie and company are leaning to voting out James, and they think that the other side would feel the same. Maggie is smart. She keeps on trying to tell the others that still have their partner that the loss of the partner is key at this point, and that they need to go for the partner angle. There is alot of discussion of whether Janelle plays for Kaysar, and if she wins and takes Kaysar off, then they will have to put up Howie or Rachel. Maggie is a clear thinker, and I admire that in her. I think that she is much better at this game than Eric ever was. Meanwhile Eric was the huge fan of Big Brother as he admitted on the House Calls show. April tells them that need to act strong as a group at this point.

Friday, July 29, 2005 -- Mid-Afternoon

The Houseguests got the first safe open in the Gold Room. Inside it was a platter of PB&J sandwiches. One of the sandwiches had a pass in it that would allow the person to not eat PB&J. That person would have the pass for one week, and could give the pass to anyone for a day. Each houseguest picked a sandwich, and when they opened it, Janelle had the pass. Now the houseguests are in the storage room loading up on food since they have food for the day.

Friday, July 29, 2005 -- Afternoon

I watched House Calls today because I wanted to see what Marcellas and Gretchen would say to Eric since both really don't like him. The show was good. It was quite obvious that Gretchen and Marcellas were trying to keep their cool and ask non-confrontational questions. However, you could see that Marcellas was getting involved in the conversation, and he caught Eric in a lie about the promise that Kaysar made with him. Meanwhile Eric denied that he said it. As Marcellas said afterward, he doesn't know how Eric passed the psych test because Eric obviously believes the line of "whooie" that he's been spewing. Eric denied that when he leaped from his chair and charged at Michael that he wasn't planning some physical move. As Gretchen said, they were trying to get Eric to see that he had a sliding scale of morality and integrity that always leaves Eric on the moral side and everyone else on the slime side. After seeing the interview, I have to admit that I dislike Eric even more. It just amazed me to hear Eric say that he didn't see a problem in breaking that alliance that he initiated. He is such a jerk!

The House Calls show ran for 55 minutes, so by the time I got to the live feeds, they were in the middle of the food competition. I have no clue of what they are trying to do, but it appears that they are working as a group. In fact, it's hard to tell if the competition hasn't started yet, or if it's over. In fact, I think it is over, but I have no idea yet if they are getting food or not. From looking at the message group on Morty's TV it looks like they have food for the week by playing a match game type of game.

Friday, July 29, 2005 -- Late Morning

The houseguests on Big Brother are preparing for the food competition. It seems that there was a sleep over in the HOH room with Maggie, Ivette, April, and someone else--I am assuming Jennifer. I really don't like Maggie and Ivette (Marcellas calls her Evilette). It's really disappointing that Maggie got HOH, but I am hoping that the other guys will come back next week.

Thursday, July 28, 2005 -- Evening

It's eviction night on Big Brother. The show started with the usual recap of the past week. Who will be evicted? Eric or Maggie. Tonight they are also going to tell the houseguests that everyone is a partner and what it is $250,000 for second place and $1 million for first place. The first thing we see is Beau pushing his face in front of James--just being a baby. Now we get to see on televsion how Eric and Maggie take the nomination. Eric claims Eric and Kaysar aren't worth his eyesight. Eric gave his favorite line "don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining". That was said to Sarah who went to console Eric and Maggie. Eric said that it was just a game except when it came to this nomination. What a hypocrite! Then Eric says to Ivette, "look me in the eye and say you weren't part of this". Of course, that means that everyone else is evil. Only Eric and company are the "good guys". Eric was totally blindsided by the nominations. Maggie doesn't want to burn bridges. Maggie thinks she will leave the house. Janelle, Kaysar, Sarah, James, Howie and Rachel talk about who they want to say. They think that Maggie is the smarter player. Maggie tells Eric to play like he's staying. Maggie would sacrifice herself for Eric. Unfortunately, he wouldn't do the same for her. Maggie says it's a huge loss for whoever stays. Julie chen first asks James what surprised him most about the game. He says everything. And he would do it all over again next week unless he gets HOH. Then Julie asks April about favorite food. April says any sort of seafood. Then there is Beau. She asks Beau who has the best fashion sense. He says Ivette. And worst is Howie and Eric. Then Julie asked Howie how to spell rhubarb. Before the commercial break, we get to hear Janelle, Jennifer, Sarah and April say. April says Maggie is a strong player. Jennifer says Maggie is her closest friend. Janelle says that she doesn't like Maggie, and that she thought Eric used his family stories to get to the girls. April thinks Eric putting his life on the land says something about Eric. Sarah is very sad. Jennifer and April voted to evict Maggie and Sarah and Janelle voted to evict Eric.

After the commercial break, we find out more about Kaysar and Janelle and how their families feel about this "odd couple" working together. Kaysar thinks he and Janelle are the normal. Kaysar's sister was interviewed, his family is obviously very religious. They came from Iraq when Kaysar was a boy. Janelle came from Grand Rapids. As her sister said, Grand Rapids never had enough pizzaz for her. The sister also said that Janelle doesn't let people get close to her, and playing ditz. The sister says that Janelle is very well read and not the ditz. Kaysar's sister said that Janelle is not the typical person Kaysar would associate with. Kaysar's sister likes the way Janelle acts. Janelle's sister says that she thinks Janelle is drawn to Kaysar as an ally because he is foreign and so different from her. Kaysar's sister thinks that by them joining forces they will bring down the house. Now we talk to Kaysar in the HOH room. Julie asks about the Kaysar and Janelle alliance. As Kaysar said, it was sprung by circumstance over what was left over. Kaysar learned to trust and understand her. Janelle listens to him and gives advice. Julie asked if Kaysar's nominations are part of payback for Michael. He said in a way it was, but he also wanted to make a ripple in the house. Kaysar also thinks that it they know what is best for them, they will make Kaysar a target next week.

Commercial break is over. Julie talks about secrets being revealed, and what this is doing to everyone's strategy. Howie has a sense from day 1 that others knew each other. Eric outed James and Sarah. At first Ivette, Beau, Jennifer, and April denied they were pairs. Eric admitted that he knew Maggie. Ivette said that she was shocked that everyone else had pairs. She is incredibly stupid. Then Howie and Rachel admitted to knowing each other for 10 years. Howie says that it's weird that you have five couples and four wild cards. Then we see Ivette crying crocodile tears. She goes on about how much it sucks that she is playing on her own. Meanwhile April and Jennifer kept on swearing and saying that she wouldn't lie about their friendship. April and Jennifer admit to knowing each other to both of the groups. Eric said when he heard that he can't trust anyone. Then April turns to Ivette and asks so you and Beau are together. Ivette denies that they are friends, but say that they were paired because they were both gay. Eric being stupid, buys it. Then we see Beau, James, Howie, Rachel, and Ivette vote. Howie said that Eric had a dictatorship going on. Beau calls him a leader, and James calls him a cult leader. Howie says that Maggie can't take a joke. Howie and James vote to evict Eric and Beau and Ivette vote to evict Maggie. We don't hear who Rachel nominates because we are to be left in suspense over who is evicted. I am sure that it is Eric.

It's now time for eviction. We get to hear from Eric who wants to thank Big Brother for giving him some nice experiences. He said that he will have friendships that follow him outside of the house. Maggie wants to thank Big Brother and ALL of the housemates (she stresses that herself) and her boyfriend David and others. Julie reads the name--by a vote of five to four, Eric is evicted from the Big Brother house. He looks all red, and keeps on saying no tears, and I love you guys. Sarah doesn't go near him. Only Howie is in line to say good bye. Eric tried to avoid Howie, but Howie gave him some pats on the back on the way out of the door. Ivette, April, Maggie and Jennifer run off for alone time together. Maggie was talking to someone, but we didn't see who. Julie talks to Eric and says that last week he was HOH, and this week he is out. Eric said that deals were broken, and Julie turned on him and said, didn't you break deals. Eric admitted that he had to help lobby to get James out of there. Then he was angry that Kaysar broke his deal and nominated him. Eric does not believe that Kaysar is the shy, religious guy. Eric says that part of the game is to hide yourself, but that Eric couldn't hide himself. Integrity. Eric says that he will tell his kids that he is a man of his word. He also says that the friendships mean more than the money. Maggie says that others in the house will see another side of her. She says that Eric brought more to her as a friend than she can ever repay. Eric thinks they have way underestimated Maggie. He thinks that Maggie is stronger which is what everyone else was already saying.

It's now time for the HOH competition. Kaysar can not compete. The game is called power roller. Each person gets one ball, and has to be closest to the hole at the end. Unlike the board that they got to use earlier, there are three other holes. If it falls in one of the other holes, you are out. Janelle stays on the field. Then comes Howie, and he goes out and gets eliminated. Then it's Ivette's turn and she is eliminated. Then comes James, and he stays in, but Janelle is closer. Janelle is still the one to beat. April falls in a hole and she is eliminated. Beau is next, and is too far out and is eliminated. Next up is Jennifer. She goes into a hole and she is out. Then comes Maggie. She is the new leader. Next up is Rachel, and she is too strong and eliminated. Sarah is the last person and has to get closer than Maggie's ball. Her ball goes right into a hole and Maggie is the new HOH. Of course the six are very upset because they know that one of them will be going next week. After the commercial break, Julie is going to reveal the secret about the money.

We are back from the commercial break. Julie gives a summary of what is to follow. There will be another twist next week. All the houseguests are in the living room. Julie officially confirms that every player has a secret partner. Julie says that everyone entered with someone they already knew from the outside world which blows Ivette's claims. Julie then says that second place for a pair is $250,000 and $1 million for the winner. Julie says there are more secrets. James looks worried because he is sure that he is going to go up. Maggie is talking, but everyone including Ivette looks disinterested with what she has to say.

Thursday, July 28, 2005 -- Afternoon

I watched House Calls today, and it was hilarious. Gretchen dressed as a nurse, and Marcellas wore a fireman's helmet and had a muscle suit on. They were pretending to be Eric and Maggie. Marcellas was yelling and saying "I have integrity--I have a family--do to bed it's 11:30". I was rolling on the ground. Everyone's prediction is that Eric will go out. As Gretchen said, the only thing missing from Marcellas costume is a diaper and a baby pacifier. Eric really is acting like a spoiled, baby, poor loser. Gretchen said that Eric really acts like a big a**hole. I can't wait for tomorrow's show. Eric should get evicted tonight, and I would love it if they would ask some of the questions that we all have about Eric's behavior and how he rationalizes it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 -- Afternoon

I've been watching the Big Brother live feeds this morning, and Eric is trying to get folks to vote for him so he can stay on the show. He went to Jennifer and was saying how great it would be to still be in the house and put a crimp in Kaysar's plans. So Jennifer said to Eric, "don't you think it's cruel that you have been saying for a few days now that you want to go home and your kids are getting excited at seeing you and you want to stay here. Aren't they going to be disappointed?" Eric blew that off by saying that if he didn't go home this week, it would be next week so it was all good. What an ass wipe! You know that he doesn't just want to stay one more week--he wants to go further. I think that Jennifer hit the nail on the head. Eric probably really doesn't care about his kids or his wife--just himself. With the anger that he shows, by almost getting into a physical fight with a two degree black belt who could have used Eric's butt to mop the floor and by visciously grabbing the hat from James head in yesterday's show, I wonder how he acts towards his loved ones when they get him angry. Eric really needs to get some anger management. It's probably all pent up because he's so short. You know the type--little, angry Napoleons. So now Eric is trying to get Rachel and Howie to vote for him to stay in the house. I don't know how dumb Eric is, but he sure does come across as an arrogant idiot!

I was watching House Calls today. If you haven't seen the show, make sure to check out the archives. On the show today, Marcellas and Gretchen showed some video of Howie and Beau kissing out in the back yard. They also brought up the plot that April, Ivette and Beau came up with to have Beau give Howie a handjob and then blackmail Howie to vote the way that Beau and company want. Marcellas was incensed at the plan and called Beau a either a cheap hoe or a well paid hooker depending on how Beau does in the end. As Marcellas said, Beau has set back gay men at least 500 years.

Meanwhile Jennifer is now in the HOH room telling Kaysar that she didn't vote the way that she said that she would. So that must mean that she did vote for Maggie to leave. She tells Kaysar that she understands that he might not trust her now, but she did what she thought was in her best interests. As Jennifer says, you have to defend your friend to the end because that's your partner, and she can't abandon April even though she knows that April is against her. Jennifer says that she's just not that sort of person.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 -- Evening

I have been looking forward to tonight's episode of Big Brother for some days now. The episode started with the usual recap. We hear how Kaysar's plan was to expose the pairs and make Eric show how he would support Maggie over the others. Maggie said that she couldn't talk to Eric and that's what she wanted to do. Eric commented on how you would have thought someone had died from the depression everyone had. Kaysar knew that his nomination would expose pairs and break up alliances. Meanwhile Eric is walking around telling James to keep his cool. We all know though that Eric doesn't support James and that comes out. Kaysar says that being ruthless is the only way to survive, and he seems James as his friend or that he used to be. Meanwhile Eric goes to Kaysar and asks for Kaysar to use Eric in the power of veto, and that Eric won't use the power of veto. Meaning that Eric would let James go down. Sarah goes to talk to Kaysar, and Kaysar says that he really doesn't want James to go. James then knocks on the door. Kaysar hugs James and tells James that Eric came to Kaysar to offer himself up as a person to compete. Kaysar does let James know that Eric has started campaigning against him. James can see that Kaysar is upset, and says that he is going to make his enemies his friends. James approaches Janelle and says that he is going to compete for the veto. James also thinks that it is really hard to find integrity in Eric when Eric was making deals with everyone just to keep himself safe. James says that if he wins veto and takes himself off, he would like to see Eric nominated in his place. Janelle doesn't think that's possible because of the deal with Kaysar, and that's when James comments on the fact that Eric made deals with everyone.

After the commercial break, we see Eric finding that the coasters were removed. They used to toss the coasters into the hole in the coffee table. But the new coasters are clues. Sarah realizes that the coasters are like the wall tiles. She finds the tile where a black light is hidden. Supposedly, there is something written somewhere. Jennifer sees that there is something written on the fish tank. The clue says that there is something about the number of seas that will are on the map will open the first safe on the right. Unfortunately, they can't seem to count the seas and don't know that there are 17 seas on the map. Sarah then goes to Janelle and they start talking about pairs and who all are pairs. Sarah denies to Janelle that she is a pair with James. Sarah then goes to James and says they should tell Kaysar and Janelle that they are a pair. So Sarah tells Janelle that James is her boyfriend, and James tells Kaysar. Kaysar said that he knew that was the case. James said that he felt he had to be straigth to Kaysar if they were going to pull it off. Janelle was shocked that they were dating, she didn't think that was the connection with James and Sarah. Kaysar says that the group is now Kaysar, Janelle, Rachel, Howie, Sarah and James. Kaysar now feels he can trust James. Kaysar wants James to win, and says that if James wins, he will put Eric up. Kaysar then talks to Rachel and tells her that he knows all the partners. He tells Rachel that he knews she and Howie are together. Kaysar lets Rachel know that James and Sarah are dating, and that he wants them to be the final six and then the best couple wins. Kaysar says that they are going to try to get the veto to get James off, and then Eric goes up. Kaysar tells Rachel that if they don't get James off, they won't have the votes to save James. Then Kaysar brings in Howie. Kaysar says they know of Howie and Rachel. Then Kaysar tells of James as a pair with Sarah. Howie thought they were brother and sister. Howie is down with the plan. Kaysar says that the goal is to get them to the final six and let the best man win. I have to admit that I admire Kaysar for telling everyone that the goal is to get them to the final six and then let the best one win. None of this, we will be the final two bull crap that Eric spread around.

The commercial break is over. Maggie approached Kaysar and says that she was really hurt. Kaysar insists that he wants James out. Maggie asked why she couldn't have heard this before, and says that she doesn't like being a pawn. Maggie thinks Kaysar is shady, and Kaysar says that it is not personal. Kaysar wishes her luck, but she does not wish him the same. The veto competition beings. Kaysar picks Howie. Maggie choose Ivette. James picked Janelle. James picked her because the house hates Janelle. Ivette said that she almost crapped her pants. Eric said that opened his eyes. When they went out into the backyard, it was a chess board. Maggie claimed to be a chess champion. Each person picks a square and have to make the moves that a knight piece would. Whenever they land on a square, that square is removed from the game. When you can't move to a square, you are eliminated. James set himself up to eliminated one of Ivette's moves. Kaysar took another one of Ivette's squares. Janelle also took another square that eliminated a move for Ivette. Maggie took a corner square. Ivette was eliminated first. It was obvious that they were trying to eliminate Maggie's moves. James, Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie eliminated all her moves. Maggie was out. As Howie said, the pressure was off, and they could just celebrate. Janelle was out next. Kaysar was fourth. Howie was fifth out. James won the golden power of veto. Eric said now that he realized that Howie was part of the "Evil Empire". Ivette said that things were going to ugly and all things were going to break loose. Maggie and Eric look like they are the Evil Empire!

Back from commercial break, Maggie comes over all angry and asks to speak to Kaysar in a far corner. Maggie said that things just got ugly, and Kaysar says that he knows. He said that folks tried to back him into a corner, and now he is just playing the game. Kaysar says that Maggie is not the target. Kaysar says I caught your partner, I caught the bigger fish. Boy oh boy, did I love it. Kaysar was just so calm and direct. He said that he didn't hate anyone. Kaysar says that he thought Eric was a dirty player. As Kaysar said, he didn't swear on the Koran. Meanwhile Eric comes in and grabs the hat off of James head. James said that Eric was trying to get James out. James helped Eric to get Michael out of the house, and now Eric was trying to get James out of the house. Eric tries to say he is not upset, but he is just carrying on like a big, petty baby. Then Eric started to really freak out and let out that others had partners. Ivette said, why fight, and James said that Kaysar and company were the only ones who wanted to save James. Ivette starts crying big crocodile tears. Eric tries to tell her not to take the game personal. Ivette said that she is taking this so personally and that it really changes the game for her. Ivette also feels that she will be next out because she was the one most strongly connected to Eric.

The last segment. James is contemplating the veto. As James said, he has to use the veto or he's going home. April says that it is sad that James is selling himself out to give up Eric. So James was supposed to meekly just let himself be voted out. The veto meeting starts. James gives his speech saying that he is choosing to use the veto nomination to save his butt. Kaysar has to make another nomination. Kaysar says that it has been crazy and Kaysar's decision were not justified, but that they are. Kaysar nominates Eric. James said that it felt beautiful to see Eric sitting in that seat. Kaysar said that Maggie and Eric look defeated, and that's what he wanted to do--remove the power from Eric. Who will be evicted next? All I know is that Marcellas on House Calls said that he does not want to sit by Eric this Friday if Eric is there.

Monday, July 25, 2005 -- Afternoon

I was just watching the live feeds from Big Brother before I developed problems with my Internet connection. The fish were up for a while and then the feed came back. It looks like Eric has been nominated for eviction. It's difficult to confirm though because Eric has been talking as if he was up on the block since James won the veto. I am really getting tired of hearing Eric talk about how honorable he is, and how he has ethics. He would have voted James off without a second thought. Because James does something to save himself from elimination, James is evil. I think that Eric is a jerk, and it will be nice to see him facing Marcellas on Friday after Eric's eviction.

Monday, July 25, 2005 -- Morning

On the Big Brother front, Eric was sitting this morning bemoaning his fate to Rachel. Even though the veto ceremony hasn't been held yet, Eric is sure that he will be nominated and voted out of the house. I haven't seen such a pity party in a long time. Meanwhile Jennifer is being cheered on by her fellow dancers with the Dallas Desparados. It seems that the team doesn't usually encourage the team dancers to participate in such things, but they made an exception for Jennifer. The thing that I find interesting is that Jennifer has a BA in Eduation, and is working on a Masters in Counseling and Psychology. I suppose that I'm abit surprised that she has such intellectual endeavors because she just comes across as a ditz.

Sunday, July 24, 2005 -- Evening

It's interesting to watch the change in alliances on Big Brother now. Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah seem to be a group now. The others in the house really seem to be angry with James. From what I can tell, all of this anger towards him seems to stem from the fact that James won the power of veto, and will be able to take himself off the chopping block. From what I can tell from hearing James talking about the competition with Sarah, Kaysar, Howie and Rachel, it seems that the competition had a chess feel to it. It appears that there was some sort of setup where the person had to pick a position and then had to maneuver around and eliminate others. From what I can tell somehow James must have eliminated Maggie. There also seems to be a bad case of sour grapes amongst the others. Eric and Ivette want to appear holier than thou when they would have eagerly sent James home. Because he did something that foils their plan, James is the bad guy. Meanwhile, Eric, Ivette, April, Beau, Maggie and Jennifer are sitting outside putting down Sarah because she can't spell. Eric also seems to think that James is a stupid person and Eric claims he can't have an intelligent conversation with James because James has only one opinion. Hmm, the same could be said of Eric, but I suppose that Eric feels that his one opinion is the right one, and James has the wrong one. It is really amazing to hear people bad mouthing others when they were such great friends only a few days ago. I didn't think that Kaysar's move was such a bright one on Friday, but he really does appear to have achieved his goal of really turning the house on its ear. I think that the funniest comment that I heard was Eric telling April that the reason James does not like April is because James is jealous of April. Supposedly, James is hoping that his life is as together and that he looks as good at 30 as April does. I think that the reason James is irritate with April is because she is annoying and a liar. Eric and Maggie don't realize that Ivette, Beau, April and Jennifer are lying over the partner bit. From the live feeds, I have been seeing April working so hard to deny that she knows Jennifer. I think James made the right move to remove himself from the petty group. Personally, I find Ivette, Eric and April the three most annoying people in the house. Of course, there is nothing like drama, and the changes in alliance have really caused alot of drama. I can't wait to see the power of veto competition on Tuesday.

At 7:38 pm EDT, Kaysar called all the houseguests together in the living room. It was because of Sarah's birthday, and the PB&J restriction was removed for a meal and everyone had pizza and cake. Also Sarah got a birthday card from home, and started to cry. Meanwhile Ivette was the first person to grab up the food to take outside. Sarah remained in the storage room reading her card and crying while James stayed with her. Everyone is happy now, and Big Brother says the celebration can continue to midnight!

Saturday, July 23, 2005 -- Evening

The Big Brother show was on this evening. The show started with the recap of Thursday's show. We heard that Kaysar was saddened that he lost his partner especially since he suspects that everyone else in the house has a partner. Janelle says that she will avenge Michael's loss. Kaysar admitted that he felt the game got ten times more difficult. Meanwhile Ivette was strutting around with alot of happiness. Janelle was sad because she only had Ashlea and Michael to hang out with. April claims that she always like Janelle, which April admits in the diary room is a lie. As Janelle says, April is not a very good liar. Then Kaysar won the HOH--delivering a crushing blow to everyone. Even Eric admitted that everyone had a deer in the headlights look. Janelle was extremely happy because she knows that Kaysar is on her side. Rachel says that she is excited over Kaysar being HOH becaues it will remove a strong player. Ivette commented that Allah was looking over Kaysar and gave him the win he needed. Howie, Janelle and Kaysar went off to celebrate in the Gold Room. Howie commented on how they were all sweating bullets. Kaysar said that he is not going to focus on vengence because there is a game to play. Ivette is very nervous and Janelle admits that she hates Ivette, but she would rather have James or Eric gone. The power is now in Kaysar's hands, and everyone else wonders what will happen. Ivette calls Janelle the dumb girl, and says that the "dumb girls" always stay. James enters the Gold Room to get peanuts and they invite James to stay. Eric is upset because Howie has crossed over to the dark side by being friends with Janelle and Kaysar. Howie is a person who makes decisions based on the game, and recommends James and Maggie as people to go up. Kaysar admits that only Howie and Janelle are safe this week. Then we get to see Kaysar's HOH room. He got his hookah pipe. As he said, it is for light tobacco. Kaysar also go meats that he can eat. Kaysar figures out that Sarah is James girlfriend. Kaysar wants James on his side, and wants to create the biggest chain reaction. Also Kaysar wants to have the pairs compete against each other.

After the commercial break, Kaysar has James enter the HOH room. Kaysar thought James looked nervous, and he admits that he knows all about the tandem thing. James claims his partner had to back out due to medical reasons. Kaysar mentions all the pairing, and says that only James and Sarah are left. Kaysar mentions that if James lies to him, he will catch him out. Kaysar wants James to work with him. James says in the diary room that he is the biggest bullshiter. Kaysar says that he won't put James up. Ivette is talking to April about how she can't talk about her relationship. She admits to April that she doesn't have a boyfriend, but a girlfriend. April says that God sent Ivette to her because April would not judge her or out her. Ivette is testing April's honesty and loyalty. Meanwhile in HOH, Kaysar is trying to figure out how to use James. Janelle does not trust James at all. Janelle wants to put James and Maggie up to have Eric go to save Maggie so James could see that Eric is not on James' side. Kaysar really wants to flip the game upside down, and thinks this might be the way to do it.

Another commercial break, we see Howie being Howie. Rachel said that Howie has an odd sense of humor, but Rachel loves him so, even though she has put up with it for 8-10 years. Howie makes fun of her over the age boobies (Rachel is the oldest at 33). Meanwhile Howie keeps on going on about Rachel's underwear and her great body. As Howie says, he was always trying to get a piece of her, but Rachel only saw her as a friend. Rachel doesn't think anyone would suspect they were friends, or that Howie would ever be the time she would consider a friend. Meanwhile Rachel seems to be the only one who can control Howie. Now it is on to the food competition and spelling bee. "Will Spell 4 Food". One at a time, each person picks up a silver platter, picks up the cover, and then spells the food there. If it is correct, that person gets to remove a PB&J wedge from the wheel. Then someone spins the wheel. First is Ivette with avocado. She is correct. Second is Janelle with spaghetti. She misspells it. I think she did it on purpose to look stupid. James is third with Ham. Of course, he gets it correct. Then comes Rachel with broccoli, she misspells it. Then it's Jennifer with mayonnaise. She gets it correct. Then comes April with pepperoni. She has a dog named Pepperoni and spells it right. Then Beau with asparagus. He gets it right. Then comes Eric with marshmallow. He gets it right. Then comes Maggie. She gets papaya and spells it right. Then comes Howie with rhubarb. He misspells it. Last is Sarah. She gets cauliflower. And misspells it. There were only four PB&Js on the wheel, and Kaysar got to spin it. As Janelle said it was 75% or 2-1 (which is 67%). They all start celebrating too soon, and then the wheel ends up on PB&J. Sarah claims that she could spell cauliflower, but gave in to the pressure. Everyone is upset over eating PB&J.

Another break, Kaysar is asking Howie if he would admit what his religion is. Howie says that he is a Jedi. As Howie says, he is training to be a Jedi 24 hours. As Howie says, no one is teaching Jedi lessons. We really get a good view of how crazy and weird Howie is. Then Kaysar tells Howie that Jedis don't have sex. Howie then admits that he would have to go to the dark side to have sex. We then see Howie and Ivette talking in the HOH room. Kaysar says that if Ivette apologized after getting Kaysar so upset he would think differently of her. Kaysar asks if he hadn't won HOH if he would be up this week. Ivette turns it around to saying that Janelle would have put him up. She also says that they would have put Janelle up first. Ivette tries to talk Kaysar into putting up her and Janelle so they could get rid of Janelle and then they would all keep Kaysar safe. Then we see Sarah talking to Kaysar. Sarah admits that she is looking for someone to trust. So Kaysar says, "so you are not with James?" Sarah lies. Kaysar says that something weird is going on, and there is something going on between Sarah and James and he wants to know what it is. Kaysar says that Eric and company said to put James and Sarah up. Sarah goes back to James and told him what Kaysar said. Sarah then says that they should go to Kaysar and tell him the truth. James then goes to Kaysar, and says that if Kaysar puts up Janelle everyone would love him and keep him safe. Kaysar says he has already made a promise with Howie and Janelle. He would like to have James on his side, but not at the cost of Janelle and Howie.

The final commercial break is over, and we go back to see Kaysar contemplating the nominations. James admitted to not sleeping a wink the previous night. Eric feels that he is safe. Maggie says that she doesn't believe she will be nominated and would be very surprised if she is nominated. Nomination ceremony. Kaysar says it is difficult to pick two people. Jennifer is the first one safe. Then comes Beau, April, Rachel, Eric, Howie (he thanks Kaysar), Sarah, Ivette, and Janelle. That leaves Maggie and James. Kaysar says James is a great player, and he says the same applies to Maggie. Kaysar says that the house is very stunned, and that Kaysar would go after the obvious targets. Sarah says that she can't trust alot of people that she thought she could. Eric says that he feels responsible for Maggie and he will do whatever he can to keep Maggie in the house. As Kaysar says, he has really scrambled people up, and it is chaos and he loves it.

Saturday, July 23, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

Boy, the drama on the live feeds! It seems that people know that Howie and Rachel, Maggie and Eric, and James and Sarah are partners. Ivette, Beau, April and Jennifer are denying that they know each other still. Ivette is really having hysterics over the fact that she couldn't control the game to allow her and Beau to be the final two. She is crying and screaming because she is going to voted out. As Maggie says though, Maggie is on the block, and she isn't carrying on like Ivette, and Ivette is still in the game. Kaysar right now is admitting that he knew Michael, and that he is being honest. Ivette doesn't seem to get the fact that it is a game and that everyone is playing it. Meanwhile Ivette is braying on and on about how she has been betrayed by James. She just needs to get the heck over it.

Saturday, July 23, 2005 -- Afternoon

I wasn't watching the live feed so I missed the competition, but I started watching just now at 4:40 pm EDT, and James is talking about how he won the veto competition. He is now saying how relieved he is and this is obviously going to change things. James would be a complete idiot if he doesn't take himself off the block. If he does, I wonder who Kaysar will put up instead of James. James is discussing the issue with Eric who is obviously wondering how this will affect Maggie. Meanwhile Kaysar is in the HOH room with Janelle and Howie, and the group does not seem too upset. I'm sure that Kaysar must have a backup plan. I may be wrong, but I think that the trio may be talking about putting up Eric against Maggie since they are partners.

Saturday, July 23, 2005 -- Morning

Kaysar made what I consider to be a stupid move last night. He nominated James and Sarah for eviction. I would have put up Eric even if I did make a deal with him. In fact, I would not have made a deal with Eric because it was obvious that he was scheming to keep himself in the house as long as possible. Anyway, the rationale in putting up James and Maggie is to show Eric's true colors. Supposedly Eric has been telling James that he would always have his back, but with Maggie on the block, he won't be able to do that. Sarah is crying because it seems that the agenda will be to keep Maggie over James. It will be interesting to see who plays for and wins the power of veto. I wonder who Kaysar will nominate if someone is removed.

Friday, July 22, 2005 -- Afternoon

After waiting for a long time, the food competition began around 12:30 pm. All the houseguests has to sit on a stage with a number around their necks. The game was interrupted by the fish. It is irritating how you pay to watch the live feeds, but then get these interruptions. The game was a spelling bee. One at a time, the houseguests had to go to a silver platter and lift it so Kaysar could see the food item. Kaysar will put the item in a sentence. If they can spell the item, they get remove a pie piece on the wheel. If they don't think they can spell the food correctly, they can pass and go to another platter. There is only one pass for the group. If they spell it correctly, they can remove a pb&j piece from the wheel. At the end of the spelling bee, they pick one person who spins the wheel, and get food for the house. It's hard to figure out what the rules were because of the fish interruptions and the fact that Kaysar seemed to have issues with reading the rules. After that, we had a rather lengthy interval of fish. Ivette was first. Her food was avocado. She got it right. She removed a pb&j wedge and food was underneath. I guess that either get food or pb&j. Janelle was second. Her dish was spaghetti. She spelled it wrong. I think that she did it on purpose. She left out the "h". James was next. He had ham. James spelled it right. So he took off a wedge. Rachel was next. Her food was broccoli. She spelled it incorrectly, but they thought it was right and she removed a wedge. Jennifer was next. I didn't catch what she had because of the damn fish which wound up staying on for quite some time. I think they caught that they let Rachel remove a wedge and made her return it. Jennifer had mayonnaise, and spelled it correctly. April had pepperoni and spelled it correctly. Beau was next. He has asparagus and I think that he got it right. I was having connection problems, and it seems they were frequently going to fish to check on the spelling that they got from people. I don't know what Eric or Maggie had, but Maggie spelled her work correctly. Howie came up, and it looked like he had rhubarb. Howie didn't spell it correctly. Sarah was up last, and she had jalapeno. She was stupid and couldn't spell it, and took a pass. There was one tray left which was cauliflower. She seems to be really stupid, and not know how to spell anything. What a ding-dong! She spelled it coliflower. What a dingaling! So now they have to pick one houseguest to spin the wheel, and they picked Kaysar. It landed on PB&J. So that means they have a week of peanut butter and jelly. The houseguests were really upset because they started celebrating before the wheel stopped moving. The fault lies with those who could not spell.

Meanwhile Michael was on House Calls at the same time. Since the food competition was over at 1:12, I was able to catch the last half of the interview. I'm sure that the best part was earlier with comments about midget Eric and Kaysar. I'll have to check out the archives later. One of the comments that Michael made is that he loved Howie, and was sure that Howie meant well--he was just a spaz. Gretchen asked about the fight. Michael said that it started with the pact. Michael did not appreciate being put up by Eric because they had a pact. Michael knew that it was supposed to be Janelle and Jennifer, so Jennifer made up a story about being sexually harrassed by Michael. As Michael said Jennifer was always following him around, and then it changed all of a sudden. As Michael said, the fight or argument started because Michael looked at Eric. It seems that Michael is 6 ft. 5 in. and Eric is midget-like. Also, Michael has a second degree blackbelt in something that is a mix of aikido and kickboxing. We then got to see the interview with Marcellas and Michael prior to entering Big Brother. It seems Michael was born in France, lived in Italy and other European nations. Then he also spent some time in the Middle East. Michael thought that he was picked because of his background and because he could bring something different to the house. Michael's job deals with special effects so his goal was not to be famous by being on Big Brother. Michael's parents still live in Italy. Marcellas asked for Michael's strategy to win, and Michael really wouldn't say other than the fact that he did have a strategy. Michael said that keeping his integrity will keep him to the end. The interview ended, and Marcellas said that all the interviews are on the website. Marcellas notes that Michael was the originator of the idea of going to Big Brother, and picked Kaysar to join him, and then Kaysar just let Michael down. Marcellas doesn't think that Kaysar will put up Eric. Marcellas even thinks that Kaysar will give in to popular public opinion and will put up Janelle. Marcellas would like Eric and Ivette put up, and I have to admit that I agree with it. A caller brought up that on the HOH Blog, Eric said that he ate his sardines in the food competition and Michael's. That was not what happened! Michael ate all of his, and some of Eric's. Talk about revisionist history! Also, Marcellas brought up the fact that when Julie Chen asked Eric about the comments that Michael made Eric lied and made up what Michael said. From what I saw on the live feeds, Michael didn't really say anything about Eric's parents abandoning him. All I saw was Michael say something about his grandparents dying as a joke to Janelle and then apologizing for even saying it. Some caller called in to say that House Calls is one sided because they are so against Eric. Marcellas hung up on her because she started to say that Marcellas wanted Kaysar to hit Ivette. Marcellas became outraged at that because he would never want something like that to happen, and he hung up on her. I like the fact that they are one sided because it just make it so funny, and I don't think that Marcellas ever wanted Kaysar to hit Ivette. Another caller commented on how the houseguests couldn't even say good-bye to Michael. That was a low point for the house.

Friday, July 22, 2005 -- Morning

It seems that Janelle of Big Brother has had some problems with the law. It seems that right before she entered the Big Brother house, she made an appearance in court for an outstanding 3 and 1/2 year old warrant for shoplifting from Macy's. The charge was initially brought in December 2001, and three bench warrants were issued before Janelle showed up this past June 24. She pleaded guilty and will have to pay a $982 fine and have to stay 100 yards away from Macy's. That wasn't Janelle's first brush with the law. She was also arrested for drunk driving in August 2000. Again, Janelle had some problems showing up for her arraignment. That charge resulted in a $1000 fine, 1 year probation and enrollment in an alcohol education program. For all her claims of being an "intelligent" woman, she really hasn't been very smart about how she handles her personal life.

Thursday, July 21, 2005 -- Late Evening

Well, the scheming has started on the live feeds of Big Brother. Eric is plotting over who will not vote him out of the house, and he and Ivette are really thinking of what will happen with the nominations. I am pretty sure that if Kaysar is smart, he will nominate Eric and Ivette. The thing is if someone wins the veto, and takes one of them off, you know that Kaysar will just put someone else up in that person's place that would be part of Eric's sheep alliance. It is just wonderful to see them all scurrying around like little scared mice. Michael must indeed be getting the last laugh. Now if Janelle wins the HOH competition next week, they can put a really big dent in the Eric Sheep alliance! Controvery and drama is so much more exciting and appealing than watching the Sheep mow down the competition. I am glad the Sheep are getting their comeupance because it's fine for them to malign others and throw them out of the house, but when it comes around to them, they can't take it. What a bunch of hypocritical babies! I am really hoping Kaysar nominates Eric and Ivette. That would just be so just!

Thursday, July 21, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight is live eviction night on Big Brother. The show starts a recap of the last week. We see how power has gone to Eric's head, and I have to agree with Marcellas who has opened my eyes to what a jerk Eric has become. He definitely has the short man's Napoleon complex going on. Julie Chen announces that it is Day 19, and that housemates are starting to figure out that there are pairs in the house. We see the veto ceremony again. Everyone in this house is too wussy to use the veto. I think that they should force them too. Michael says that he hopes that he and Eric have reached some level of civility. Eric said that he wanted Michael to know that the situation was over and done with. Rachel says that she thinks Michael has gotten a raw deal. She doesn't consider Michael a threat and thinks that people have been taken things too personally. Eric is now wondering if they have made the right decision in trying to get Michael out. April says that she wants Michael out, but thinks that Janelle is strong. Eric thinks that Janelle is more of a danger because she is a strong competitor. James says that Janelle is using Michael and Kaysar as her little pawns. It will be interesting to know if the housemates will vote her out after all. Howie tells Janelle that she will be safe because she has the surfboard people on her side. Julie checks in with the houseguests. She asks Jennifer about eating the chocolate snake. What did it taste like? Jennifer has blocked the memory and said it wasn't good. Jennifer said she liked pb&j. Julie then asked James about the competition. James didn't know if he could do it again--especially since Michael and Janelle were so close. The problem with the competition is that there were six stupid competitors who kept on using one water bottle, instead of filling one, leaving it to drain into the tank while they got a second. Marcellas mentioned it this afternoon on House Calls that there were several water containers there, and all the stupids kept on using the same one over and over again. Then Julie turns to Kaysar about the tense week. Kaysar says that the house has grown up abit and matured and learned their lesson. Then she asks Ivette who said that she is trying to control her mouth. Then we saw Howie, James and Sarah vote. All three agree that Janelle is a better player.

After the commercial break, we talk to Eric in the HOH bedroom. Julie asks about the problems with Michael. Eric says that he got some second hand stories about things that Michael said about his parents abandoning him. Julie reminds him that it is second hand. Eric agrees, but he doesn't get that he blew up over lies from others. Eric thinks that Michael tried to intimidate Eric in the house. Julie brings up that the guys had an alliance and Eric nominated Michael. Eric claims that Michael broke his trust by getting close to Janelle. Eric saw this as a break of trust because Janelle would have put him up on the block. I really am thinking that Eric is a petty guy. After that, we got to see the romance that is building between Michael and Janelle. Janelle admits that she is really starting to like him. Michael said that he didn't come to the house for a relationship, but that he has a strong chemistry with Janelle. Janelle says that now she doesn't think she can go back to the guy in New York, and broke up with him on camera. We see Michael and Janelle sucking face, numerous times. Maggie commented on how Michael and Janelle go behind closed doors in the Gold Room and spend the majority of their time together. Janelle really likes him for him even though she wished he was an investment banker. Janelle admits that Michael is the type that she would marry. Michael tells Janelle to listen to Kaysar and work with him. Then we hear Beau, Ivette, Jennifer, and April. Ivette seems really outspoken in not liking either Michael or Janelle. Beau thinks that Michael is misunderstood. April and Ivette really seem to hate Michael though. So far, we haven't hear how anyone has voted.

Back from commercials, and we are taking a look back at last year's pairs. What are they up to? First we see Holly. She was hanging out alot with Jase. After BB, they dated for ten months. Jase said that he is a country boy at heart. He lived in LA for awhile, but went back to Decatur. Then we have Cowboy and Nakomis. It seems that they really didn't keep in touch very much. Scott and Drew made it to Cowboy's wedding. Then we see Drew. He moved to LA and has been working with an acting coach. Then we see Drew and Diane in the house. It seems they were nothing alike in reality, but outside the house, they didn't get along. They live five minutes from each other in LA and are friends. Finally we see Natalie and Adria. Of course, they are still friends--they are twins. They have a web site They like the twist that BB has this year and all think they can benefit from the pair. Then we hear from Rachel, Maggie, and Kaysar. It seems that Kaysar will vote against his friend from what he says because he has to be strategic. As Marcellas says over and over on House Calls, with a friend like Kaysar, you don't need a backstabbing enemy. Kaysar is screwing himself out of a million dollars by his actions. But then I don't think these are the brightest folks. Also, I don't think they are the most honorable people.

We are now back from the commercial break. It is time for the live eviction. Julie talks to Janelle and Michael. It is time for final words. Janelle says that it is a pleasure to know everyone and that it has been fun and very exciting. Michael said that he wants to thank everyone and that he has had a great time, and thanks them all. It is now time for the voting results. By a vote of 9 to 1, Michael was evicted. I guess that Kaysar did vote for Michael because he would be the only person to be the 1 vote. Michael goes to say good byes. Howie gave his butt a grope on the way out. And so we have Michael talking with Julie Chen. We overhear Eric thinking that he has made his amends. Julie asks about the animosity between Eric and Michael. Michael thinks that it was because Eric broke his agreement with Michael. Julie then asks about the relationship with Janelle. Julie asks if it will continue after the game, and Michael said yes, and talked about it with Janelle. We see a message from Kaysar. Kaysar says that people hurt Michael's feelings and made Michael out to be something he is not. What does Michael think of Kaysar? He said Kaysar is his best friend, and that it was a game. Michael thinks Kaysar is the brightest guy in the house. Julie then lets Michael know that everyone has a partner. Michael said he figured that out in the first week. Julie lets him know the money amount, and Michael doesn't seem that upset by it. As Julie says you never know what the summer of secrets will bring. Michael will be live tomorrow on House Calls at 1 pm. The HOH competition is next.

The competition starts. Eric can not compete. In tonight's competition, the majority rules. Julie is asking questions about housemates and life in the house. They have to answer with the majority to advance. The last player remaining will be HOH. First question: Who is more likely to send flowers after the first date, Howie or Kaysar. Blue for Kaysar Red for Howie, and everyone votes for Kaysar except Beau. Who is more intelligent? James or Eric. Majority think James. Howie and Ivette are out. In this week's food competition, which was the grossest dish, turkey pot poi or iced clam sundae? Answer iced clam sundae. Who is more likely to dress pets in clothes, Beau or Janelle? Everyone said Beau. Who secretly reads a boyfriends email, Jennifer or Sarah? Everyone but April picks Jennifer. What is more annoying, houseguests who don't wash clothes or dishes? Majority said clothes. Who would the majority rather be stuck in an elevator with? April or Ivette. Majority April. Rachel and Sarah are out. Who to babysit kids, Howie or Janelle? Majority Janelle and Jennifer is out. Final question who comes closest to the number will be HOH. How many total coconuts were on both trees combined in opening competition, Wipeout? Answer is 184. Kaysar guessed 100 and he is the closest and HOH. Everyone, especially Eric and Ivette, must be shitting their pants!

The final minute of the show lets us know that Julie will be announcing to the housemates next Thursday that everyone has a pair, and lets them know how much they will win. Now everyone will start to kiss up to Kaysar. Eric and Ivette look like they are shitting, and so does Maggie.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 -- Afternoon

If you haven't had a chance, you should check out the House Calls show, which is a Big Brother talk show that airs on the main Big Brother web page at 1 pm EDT Monday through Friday. The hosts of the show is our host with the most, Marcellas from Big Brother 3, and Gretchen Massey. I have to admit that Marcellas was one of my favorite characters from BB3, and he is something to see on the House Calls show. Marcellas has an opinion, and he makes sure that everyone knows it. I just caught the ending of today's show, and Marcellas is very much against Eric (nicknamed Cappy by the housemates) in the whole issue with Michael. As Marcellas said, he has been watching the live feed alot, and says that the sexual harrassment claims against Michael were lies by Ivette, April and Jennifer to get rid of Michael. Also, Marcellas said that Big Brother should have addressed the sexual harrassment claims and lies. If Michael is guilty of sexual harrassment then Howie and Beau are too. Marcellas commented that Beau has been all over Kaysar and Howie is all over everyone. It's an interesting perspective. You can see the archives of the shows. I just love hearing Marcellas that he hates everyone in the show, and that Eric is a psycho. In Marcellas hate club is Eric, Ivette, Howie, Beau, Maggie... It seems that Marcellas only likes Sarah, Janelle and James (only a little). Marcellas is just hilarious. What insight! Marcellas also is saying that he is going to grow an afro because they only have bald black guys on, and Beau and Marvin were crazy! Marcellas said that Big Brother might fire him because Marcellas is so opinioned about the show and the guys running it. I hope not because I love Marcellas!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 -- Evening

We had another episode of Big Brother this evening. The show was delayed because of the announcement of George Bush's selection for Supreme Court. He selected John Roberts, who although a conservative might not be a contentious nominee. Now on to Big Brother. It started nine minutes into the show. I don't know why they couldn't start from the beginning. First we see Howie doing muscle poses. Then we see April advising Janelle to use the power of veto on herself instead Michael. As April says, Michael freaks everyone out in the house, and she asks why Janelle doesn't see it, and why she hangs out with Michael. April advises Janelle to distance herself from Michael. Obviously she won't because in the live feeds, Janelle is practically in Michael's pants everytime we see them.

After the commercial break, we see Eric and Maggie talking while Michael just stood there staring at Eric. Michael says that he's not trying to intimidate Eric. Eric said that he isn't intimidated. Michael thinks that Eric is intimidated by Michael. Michael is wondering if he should pick Kaysar as his partner. Michael is stupid and thinks that he and Kaysar are the only team. Kaysar doesn't want to help Michael though because Kaysar doesn't want to become a target. Kaysar says that it is obvious to him that Michael is going to be gone really soon, and there's nothing he can do. Meanwhile we see a gym in the house, and the door is locked and no one can figure out the combo to the locked door. A sign appears on the fridge saying it is time to get in shape. Sarah figures out that the clock time must be the clue to the combo. She puts in the time on the clock, and the door unlocks. So now they can get in shape. Meanwhile Michael is stalking the house like a caged panther. As he says, he doesn't want to seems like a bitter little child, but he is. Michael blames it all on Eric and says that he is the source of the sexual harrassment. As Kaysar tries to explain to Michael, it doesn't matter because however it came about, people are out to get him like a lynch mob. Michael claims that no one every said anything to him. We then see Eric talking with April about how Michael would have been found guilty of sexual harrassment in the real world because you just can't kiss girls on the neck or stomach if they don't agree with it. Then we see the start of the fight. Michael goes outside talking loudly about the midget and his sheep, and how all the girls in the house think he's a pervert. Kaysar tells him to relax and keep his cool. Again, Michael calls Eric a midget and Ivette a ghetto girl. Kaysar again tells him to calm down. Afterwards we see Eric, Maggie and Ivette talking about what happened outside. It was not the fight that was on the live feed--and I wonder if we will see it. commercial break comes up.

The commercial break is done, and we come back to Michael and Janelle laughing in the gold room. He makes a joke about Eric's grandparents dying. Rachel said that she was listening with her ear to the door, and she told Eric that Michael was saying nasty things about Eric's family. Michael has been trying to irritate folks, and he burped in Ivette's ear and she said that she is going to get Cuban on his ass. Meanwhile Kaysar finds out that Ivette is really upset with Michael, and tries to go to Michael and tell him to be mature and rise about the situation. Kaysar seems like such a mature, reasonable person, while Michael is such an ass. With a friend like Michael, Kaysar doesn't need enemies. Meanwhile outside, Ivette and Eric are building up anger at Michael. Kaysar is trying to calm everyone down. Eric is really upset about the comments about his family. Ivette says that she is going to try to be calm. Then Michael comes out of the house. Then Michael starts calling Eric a midget and saying he has a small penis. Howie got Eric, while James and Kaysar try to get Michael. Big Brother immediately puts Eric in the diary room and Michael in the storage room. Eric's parting words are for Michael to talk behind his back his family--and called Michael a bitch. While the lockdown was in place, Kaysar and Ivette got into words with Ivette saying Kaysar doesn't respect women. Big Brother then split up everyone putting Kaysar on the hammock and Ivette in the gym. Big Brother gathered everyone together and said that he would not get physical with anyone. Michael really does seem to be a disruptive force in the house. Kaysar went to Ivette and apologized about getting upset and they hugged. Michael went up to Michael in teh bathroom and apologized and shook hands. Michael just sees it as an empty gesture on Eric's part to show what a upstanding guy Eric is.

The veto competition comes after the break. Eric, Michael and Janelle get to pick their partners. Eric picks James. Janelle picks Rachel, and Michael picks Howie. Kaysar did not want to help Michale. Eric picks Beau as the hostest with the mostest. The competition had two zip lines running through the yard. The competiion is called High and Dry. Each person has their own track. The goal is to fill a container with water and to get your ball out of the container, and put it in another across the yard. There was alot of backing and forthing. The first team was Eric and James. Eric was losing alot of water. James got his ball out first and got in the other container across the yard. Then was the team of Howie and Michael. Michael realized that it was a game of precision. As Howie said, his water was getting spilled. Michael got his ball in first and then Howie abit later. Last was the team of Janelle and Rachel. Everyone was cheering for Rachel. Janelle noticed that Rachel was getting frustrated because she wasn't moving well. Janelle got the ball in first, and Rachel was abit later. The scoreboard came out. They started with the slowest times first. Eric was first with 9 min, 3 sec. Howie has 7 min. 45 seconds, Rachel had 8 min. 30 seconds. Then we had the fastest, Janelle 6 min. 48 seconds, Michael had 6 min. 44 seconds, James had 6 min. 31 seconds. So James won. Michael felt he could have gone faster and changed the game. James is happy that he won and did so well.

After the commercial break, we see James debating on his veto. He sees Michael as a threat to the harmony of the house, but James thinks Janelle is the stronger competitor. James asks Janelle to give a reason why she should be saved. Janelle tells him that using the veto will upset folks in the house so to do what he wants. Michael just says "same". James says that it is in his best interests as well as in others best interest not to use it. Janelle is not going to let it get to her. We know that Michael will be eliminated, and Kaysar says that he will fit as hard as he can to revenge Michael. Now we just have to wait for the live eviction on Thursday and the HOH competition.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 -- Morning

I'm watching the Big Brother live feed, and everyone except Eric is sleeping, which is not unusual considering that it is 6:51 am. in california. Nothing exciting has been going on. Howie has been making outrageous statements and the girls have been sunbathing in skimpy bikinis. You can tell that guys control the cameras because at times the cameras will just travel up and down someone's body, especially Janelle's. Today the housemates will be voting for the person who is to be evicted.

Sunday, July 17, 2005 -- Evening

I think that there are more pairings than we are aware of in the Big Brother house. As they say, this is the Summer of Secrets, so who knows if there won't be another twist somewhere down the line. Why do I think this? Well, Howie and Michael were in the kitchen eating, and Howie was talking about what he does, and said that he is a pharmaceutical sales rep. Well, I thought that I saw another house guest who has that job, and it's April. Interesting because officially Howie is a meterology student. Also a large number of them come from Florida. So I wonder if there are more connections then we are aware of at this point. Howie is very entertaining, and at this point, I am hoping that he's around for awhile.

Sunday, July 17, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

The Big Brother live feed just went from fish to the housemates, and there is James with the Power of Veto medallion around his neck. It seems that James just beat out Michael, and it was some game with balls. Eric is taking credit for James winning. He keeps on saying over and over again that he is glad that he talked James into turning the ball upside down because that's what enabled James to win. From what I heard, James competed with Eric, Howie competed with Michael and Rachel with Janelle. It seems the order of finish if I heard Eric correctly was James, Michael, Howie, Janelle, Rachel and then Eric in last place. I would say that this means that the nominations will stand as they are, and that Michael will get voted out come Thursday.

Sunday, July 17, 2005 -- Morning

I didn't watch the live feed for Big Brother last night, so I missed the shouting match that almost turned into fisticuffs between Eric and Michael. It seems that Michael is being a real jerk to everyone in the house, and Kaysar wanted Michael to do some apologizing for his behavior. So Michael goes outside where the others are sitting, and the next thing you know, Eric has leaped up and is shouting and Michael is using the f word. It was shortlived, but interesting. Morty's TV has some video captures of the event. So far, no power of veto competition. I'll be watching today to see what happens. Right now at 10:55 EDT everyone is sleeping in the Big Brother house.

Saturday, July 16, 2005 -- Evening

So far, I am only 200 pages through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but I am taking a break to watch Big Brother. The show starts with a recap of the last show and Ashlea's eviction. We hear that Janelle wants revenge, and Ivette says that she is excited about it. It seems that no one really liked Ashlea except for Janelle. Ashlea says that Howie was hugging her way too much after Ashlea left, and they even showed her getting knocked off. Then the houseguests noticed that Ashlea's picture was greyed out. Kaysar is infuriated that Eric is "so in bed" with Beau and Ivette. Kaysar thinks Eric is up to something and it kills him. Janelle said that she felt like throwing up in the pool because Eric won. Michael claims that Eric was close to tears because he is afraid of Janelle and the possibility of her winning. Eric talks about some of the plotting that he is doing and the fact that Janelle, Michael and Kaysar are nervous. Now it is time to check out the head of household room, and Eric takes everyone on a tour. Eric got energy drinks, low carb beer, pictures of his kids and a pool float. Ivette says that Eric's family looks like the ideal family. It's funny seeing Maggie looking at it, and asking if it was a recent one. Janelle on the other hand says that Eric is an actor always crying. Maggie got caught crying when Eric was crying, and everyone noticed. So the rumors are flying that Eric and Maggie are a team.

After commercial break, we see Ivette's ghetto slide made of garbarge bags and the hose. Ivette and Beau were doing it, and then Jennifer did it and just slid a few feet. Janelle was holier than thou, and refused to get involved in the ghetto slide. Then we see Michael making moves at April, and then kissing Ivette on the stomach. As April said, keep your paws off the girls unless the girls want your attention. Eric takes Michael aside and lets him know that the girls would appreciate not having Michael's attention. Meanwhile Jennifer and Michael were talking about the matter in the gold room, and Eric walks in on them while they are gossiping. Eric tries to explain to Michael that the girls don't feel comfortable with Michael touching them, and they may not say something because they are embarrassed. Eric tries to explain it, but Michael refuses to listen or understand. As Michael says, he is not Eric's employee. We then see James playing chess with Janelle, and Janelle claims to know how to play chess and is purposefully losing just to see who the smart guys are. Janelle says that Michael is stupid, but Kaysar is very intelligent and makes slow and deliberate moves. We then hear Eric saying that the war in Iraq was because of the president wanting to make money over oil. James and Eric are arguing over it. James thinks the war is justified and Eric thinks it is now. Kaysar says that the war is not for the best of the his country and that it isn't doing any better at least according to his family who is there. Kaysar talks to Michael and says his aunt died from diabetes because she couldn't get through a checkpoint. (Personal note--it is Iraqis killing Iraqis at this point that is the problem.) James tells Kaysar that he needs to keep on telling people what it's like to inform people.

We return from commercial break and see Beau practically sitting on top of Kaysar. As Kaysar says, he's not homophobic but he thinks that Beaus is getting aggressive. We then see the food competition. This looks so familiar from watching the live feed--there is more info about the competition under Friday's blog. Each pair is sitting at a barrel and must flip the top to know what they are playing for. They have to select items from the menu at the Snack Shack from Hell. James and Howie play for the beverages by getting iced clam sundaes. As Howie says, who cares, everyone drinks water when Howie and James lose. Then Janelle and Beau have the pepper only pizza. Janelle kept on spitting up and poor Beau had to listen to it. They win the bread and cereals. April and Rachel for the dairy have to eat the sauerkraut pie. They lose. Maggie and Jennifer have to eat chocolate snake. Jennifer says she will eat the snake and Maggie ate the chocolate. Jennifer wins the meat for them. Ivette and Sarah for fruit and veggies with the Turkey Poi Pie, and lose. Michael and Kaysar have the tuna malt, and of course drink it down in no time. Then for beer and wine, Michael and Eric compete with egg salad sardines. Janelle said that Eric was such a spotlight stealer and she hated him. Eric called a meeting and said that there are going to be competitions where some people can't finish or do well, and that they should just think of it as a team thing and not hold the people responsible, and that they will shine other times. Eric tells everyone to not eat everything in the first two days because they may only have one week's worth of food in storage. Janelle puts him down because as she said, she is going to eat all the ice cream, and if no one gets any before her, too bad. She is such a spoiled brat.

After the commercial break, we see Michael and Janelle carrying on in the pool. Janelle says that Michael is a very flirtatious person and has flirted with all the girls in the house. Eric talks to the girls about putting both Michael and Janelle up and then booting Michael out. The plan is to make Michael think he is a pawn. But Maggie is against lying and talks about it with Sarah. Maggie goes back and tells Eric that Sarah doesn't think that it is honest to tell Michael a lie. Eric in the meantime says that he knows James and Sarah are a pair and he thinks that it is not right for her to talk about Eric's honesty when Sarah and James are obviously keeping a secret. We then see Michael going through his talks with each person. In her meeting, Ivette refers to Eric as an honest guy. Eric tells Janelle about his plan to not get her out of the house. Then we see Michael and Eric talking, and Eric tells Michael that Michael is spending too much time with Janelle. Meanwhile the original guys against the girls alliance has fallen by the wayside as far as Eric is concerned. Eric then talks to Kaysar and says that Kaysar broke his trust by going to Michael with something Eric told Kaysar.

Commercial break is done, and we see Eric agonizing over the nominations. Michael does not think that Eric will nominate him. Stupid Michael. Eric says that he has to put his finger on the pulse of the house and decide what is best not only for himself, but for the house. Janelle doesn't want Michael to go up, because Janelle is relying on Michael to get her through the ordeals. As Eric said, in the end, everyone will know clearly why he nominates the folks he does nominate. They gather around the table. The first key belongs to Rachel. Then Howie. Then Jennifer. Then James. Then Beau. Then Maggie. Then Sarah. Then Ivette. Then April. Then Kaysar. That of course leaves Janelle and Michael. Eric says that he has underestimated Janelle as has everyone. Eric then tells Michael that Michael is one of the strongest players in the game and it is in his best interests to nominate him. Janelle says that she is going to win that power of veto and not be Eric's bitch. Then Michael says he is taking Eric out and all of Eric's sheep.

Saturday, July 16, 2005 -- Afternoon

Janelle and Michael are discussing last night. Michael is saying that the worst thing that they could be accused of is cuddling. I don't know about that because I saw alot of hand movements going on for the bit that I saw. It seems that Michael and Janelle slept in the gold room with Howie. Howie came in and asked them if they were making out, and went through a list of activities like squeezing boobs or self pleasuring. Michael definitely seems like a weird person to me, so I think that if I were there, I would be voting him off. Initially I wasn't a big fan of Howie. He seems like a big dumb lumox, but there is something about him that eventually grows on you--sort of like a fungus. Before you know it, you are completely taken over by the fungus, and that's how Howie is. It seems that even though he really has a potty mouth, and just talks about sex all the time that he is basically a good guy. In fact, the more I watch him and hear him, I have to admit that he reminds me of my friend, Paul. They both make outrageous sexual comments to both men and women, but are basically harmless, nice guys.

Kaysar approached Eric and the girls to find out why Michael was nominated. It seems that the reason that Eric nominated Michael is because he wants to get Michael out because Michael has been touching the girls, and they don't feel comfortable with it. It seems that Eric approached him and explained that Michael's behavior could be construed as sexual harrassment. I wonder if this will be mentioned on the television show. Sarah commented that after the nomination ceremony, Sarah said that she was kneeling by her bed, and Michael ran his bare foot up her leg and put it into her crotch. When she told him to remove it, Michael joked. If it had been me instead of asking him to remove it, I would have broken his toes. Eric is saying that he is sick of discussing it, and really doesn't want to keep on going over it with Kaysar, who is trying to defend his secret partner, Michael. It seems that everyone is preparing for the POV competition sometime today. I am don't think that will make the show tonight.

Michael is talking to Kaysar alone in the Gold Room, and Michael is telling Kaysar that Eric doesn't like Kaysar because Eric is Jewish and Kaysar is Iraqi. Michael is trying to convince Kaysar to compete in the POV competition because Michael seems to think that Kaysar will win the POV, and then can take Michael off the block which will leave someone else to go on the block. Michael is a real jerk, and he is trying to use scare tactics on Kaysar saying that "if I get off, you will go on the block and you will be out". Michael also keeps on trying to fill Kaysar's head with the fact that everyone has some issue with Kaysar because he is an Iraqi. Michael isn't a nice guy--even to his friends, obviously.

Saturday, July 16, 2005 -- Morning

Meanwhle on the Big Brother front, Eric and Rachel are up and getting breakfast. It appears that Janelle and Michael were nominated for eviction last night. With the live feed, you get four camera views of different places in the house. One of the views was of Michael and Janelle sharing a bed. There was an awful lot of wiggling going on there for abit this morning. I won't surmise what they were doing, but I would say that canoodling is the word for the day.

Friday, July 15, 2005 -- Late Afternoon

There is alot of scheming going on in the Big Brother house this afternoon. Eric has meet with everyone and got agreements from most that if he doesn't put them up, he will be safe for one week if they get head of household. From his talk to Janelle, I am pretty sure that he is going to put her up as one of the nominees, but I'm not sure if Michael or Kaysar will be joining her. It seems that Ivette and Sarah really don't like Kaysar. I think his Muslim believes have been bothering them along with his general personality. It will be interesting to see what happens. I think that the nomination is going to happen later today or early tomorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2005 -- Afternoon

I am watching Housecalls now. It's available from the main Big Brother page at 1 pm each day. Ashlea is pretty talkative, and it seems that her problem was that when she went into the house she decided to fly under the radar, and that backfired on her. Also, she was feeling grumpy because she was eating just peanut butter and jelly. It seems that Marcellas (from BB3) agreed with Ashlea that Big Brother does not provide quality PB&J or bread for the sandwiches. Ashlea also admits that she was not a big fan of Big Brother and only did it because Janelle was a big fan. While in the house, Ashlea missed her pets and dinner with her friends. Marcellas also asks if Ashlea has a boyfriend, and it appears she does not. For the most part, the interview is abit boring because the show has just started and it's not that Ashlea seemed to be in the midst of things. I think that some of the others might make better interviewees--like Rachel, Eric, or Howie. After interviewing Ashlea, they showed the tape they made with her prior to entering the Big Brother house. As I said, it wasn't very entertaining just because I think Ashlea was boring to me.

I went to the live feed, and just caught the houseguests preparing for what looked like a food competition. They went into the backyard, and it was changed into a desert scene with huge cacti all over. Of course, at that point, the pictures of the fish from the fishtank in the house came on the screen. The producers block all the fun stuff from the live feed because it will be shown on television, and they make money from advertisers dollars. The feed is back! Eric looks weird because he has a long blonde wig on. The guests are in pairs sitting at barrels, and they are going to be competing for food. Each group has to pick food from a menu, and then have to eat everything they are given in under three minutes to get the food. First up are Howie and James. They are playing for beverages. They pick ice cream sundaes. But they are told--no more ice cream sundaes--they have to drink ice clam sundaes. The ingredients are cool sweetened New England clams with hot fudge and whipped cream with a cherry on the top. Also, if you puke up the food, you lose. If your partner can't eat it all, as long as one eats the food, they win. Damn fish again! The three minutes start. It seems that Howie is spitting up, but I don't know if he actually tried any. It appears that only James tried to eat it. Howie took a bite, but said that he couldn't eat it. It seems that the smell was the thing that turned Howie off. Fortunately they are showing the competition, but with fish periodically being shown. Howie and James lost the beverages--so it's only water for the whole gang.

Beau and Janelle are competing for bread and cereals. They chose Pepperoni Pizza, but are getting Pepper Only Pizza. The pizza is covered with Madagasgar black pepper. Beau and Janelle are giving it a good try--taking sips of water in between bites. Unfortunately, Janelle also sort of spit up, but it was only the water. Both kept on eating. Fish again. Poor Janelle--she keeps on coughing up water. Even though Janelle was still spitting up water, they won, and got bread and cereal for the household.

Next it's April and Rachel. They are competing for dairy, and they chose coconut cream pie. However, they are going to get sauerkraut cream pie. It's made of sauerkraut, vanilla custard, and crust. It doesn't sound that bad actually. They have four minutes to eat it. They are holding their noses and digging in. April spit out some of the food, but as long as she reeats it, it should be good. Eric keeps on telling them to drink some water to get it down. April does not look good though. It seems that they are splitting the sauerkraut and cream instead of eating both together. I think April was eating the sauerkraut. It ended, but there was some puking it seems so the judges are deciding, and it was a no go. So there is no dairy this week.

Now we have Kaysar and Michael--the secret pairing. They chose Tuna melt, and are going to get tuna malt. We switch to the fish tank again which is in the process of being cleaned. The tuna malt has tuna blended with vanilla ice cream and milk. I'm not sure what they are playing for because the fish keep on popping up on the screen. Eric is making the tuna malts in front of them. They both drank their drinks down in no time (seven seconds for Michael). Unfortunately, right after they finished the screens froze. So I'm not sure what food product the guys won for the group.

When it reconnected, it showed Maggie and Jennifer who were supposed to eat rattlesnake. Maggie is a vegetarian, and Jennifer said that she would eat it herself. Maggie is going to eat the part that is just chocolate. I gather that it is chocolate snake instead of chocolate cake. Jennifer ate it all. It was something else. On her own, she got the meats for the house.

Last is Ivette and Sarah. They are playing for fruits and veggies. They are going for turkey pot pie--which of course is turkey pot poi. It's turkey, veggies and poi. Ivette and Sarah are on the stupid side and don't know that poi is that goop that you get in Hawaii. Sarah is carrying on after just one bite, but is calming down and going to try to eat. They are both putting on the act of how difficult it is to eat. I would think that the texture of the poi would be a problem more than the taste. I think it's just the idea of eating the stuff. They couldn't complete the food, so there are no fruit and veggies. In total, they have bread and cereals, meats, and snacks and sweets for the week. There is one more catagory--beer and wine. One of the pairs has to volunteer to eat one of the two items on the menu. Now the deal is that any two people can offer to compete. Michael and Janelle are going to compete for the alcohol. They picked egg salad sandwiches. But it is egg salad sardines. Each will have to eat their own sandwich. It's eggs, mayo, bread and sardines. Eric though, chose to take Janelle's place. Michael really seems to be able to eat all this stuff with ease, and he's not having any problem with the sardines. Eric, however, has some gagging going on, and is holding his nose. But Mike almost puked towards the end. I think it was more from being full. They did finish in time and won the alcohol. Now it's back to fish again!

Thursday, July 14, 2005 -- Evening

Tonight is eviction night on the live episode of Big Brother. The show started with a review of the events of the past two shows. The promise is that in this episode we will find out who are the secret pairs. The first segment shows Ashlea and Kaysar doing what they could to kiss butt and stay in the house. Ashlea was prancing around in a bikini top with huge boobs dangling. Janelle has the bit figured out about the guys wanting to get rid of the girls. We then see the guys trying to keep their alliance together after it becomes evident that Mike is getting close to Jennifer. Mike was lifting Jennifer's bra top to look at her boob. Kaysar secretly lets Mike know that the others notice his closeness to Jennifer, so then Mike goes over to Eric and asks if he is getting to close to Jennifer. At this point, Eric knows that Kaysar must have said something to Mike, and now Eric doesn't trust Kaysar. Eric confronts Kaysar about approaching Mike, and then Eric has a talk with April about the lack of trust. THEN we see Kaysar going to Mike and asking why Mike went to Eric. Kaysar knows that Eric is smart, but Mike seems to be on the really dumb side. Julie Chen asked Ivette about the peanut butter and jelly diet, and Ivette admits that it was truly awful. Then Julie Chen asked Howie how it was to be in a house with eight beautiful women. Howie, of course, loves it. Julie then asks Janelle who has the best sense of humor in the house, and she says Howie. Julie then asks Sarah what she thought of the gold room. Sarah said that she was happy to finally get a bed. Julie then tells everyone that the gold room was the first of many secrets and that this was a Summer of Secrets. The wheels start spinning. Before the commercial break, we see some of the votes--this time Janelle, Ivette, and Sarah. Janelle votes to evict Kaysar.

When the commerical break is over, Julie brings up the pair thing. We find out first that Ivette and Beau are partners and that they knew each other outside the house. They think no one knows it, meanwhile all the other housemates seem to have it figured out. Then we find out that Michael and Kaysar neighbors for the past six years. Kaysar has figured out that there are serveral pairings in the house. Next, we know that it is Maggie and Eric who are close friends. Maggie's boyfriend and Eric work in the same fire department. Eric said that their strategy was to lie, lie, lie and deny, deny, deny. Then there's James and Sarah who have been dating for four months. We then see April talking to Jennifer. They are from the same town and Sorority Sisters. April figures out that James has a partner, and everyone seems to know about Janelle and Ashlea. And Janelle and Ashlea used to be roommates. Meanwhile, Rachel and Howie are best friends--and a shocking pairing. So everyone is a member of a pair, which we all figured out. Now none of them know that the grand prize will be one million dollars. Julie now talks to Rachel and asks how it was to be the first HOH and golden veto and have so much power. Rachel said that it felt great, and that the other contestants seem to be glad she didn't use the POV. Rachel said that she hasn't seen Howie in a few years so it has not be difficult to pretend that she doesn't know him. Rachel told him to get off the board because he was cold, and Howie did it. As Rachel says, Howie is a nice guy. Another commercial break, and we hear from Maggie, Howie, Jennifer and Michael about their voting. Jennifer thinks Kaysar is causing problems by spreading rumors. Michael, of course, voted to evict Ashlea.

Back from the commercials. We now visit with James and Sarah. We hear James ask Kaysar who's the perfect package, and Kaysar says Sarah, and James agrees. Sarah says she loves James sooo much, and it is hard not to pay all her attention to him. Sarah says that they find ways to get closer together. Sarah says as for James flirting with other girls, she knows that he is just a nice guy. James asks April to see the tattoo on her butt. We then hear from Beau, Eric, James and April. April calls Ashlea high maintenance. April and James realize that sneaky, and Eric does not trust Kaysar as far as he can throw him. We then see James vote to evict Kaysar.

Back at the house, and the eviction is now closer. Julie talks to Kaysar and Ashlea. Each has a chance for final words. Kaysar stands up and says that he respects Rachel's decision, and thanks everyone for a very enriching experience. Ashlea says thank you to everyone and said that she had the best time. Julie announces who is evicted. By a vote of nine to two, Ashlea is evicted from the House, and we know where the two votes came from--James and Janelle. Ashlea then leaves, and goes over to join Julie for her exit talk. Janelle, obviously, is very upset, and gets comforted by Howie--perhaps too much. Julie asked if Ashlea took it personally, and Ashlea did, but realizes that she just didn't connect with Rachel. Ashlea said that it was too hard to hide her friendship with Janelle. As she said, when it was obvious she might be evicted, they spent more time together and weren't hiding their pairing so much. Ashlea says that Janelle's chances to win might be really hard. We then see the secret partner message from Janelle to Ashlea. Janelle said that playing with Ashlea will be hard because she will alone in the house, and that they will be best friends still after the game. Ashlea then begins to cry. Julie then tells that everyone in the house has a partner and tells Ashlea that any pair that makes it to the end gets $250,000 for the second place and $1,000,000 for the winner. Ashlea will be on Housecalls tomorrow at 1 pm.

Now it's time for the HOH contest. The game this time is Fast and Easy. Julie asks true/false questions and the guests have to press green for true, red for false. Whoever gets the answer wrong is eliminated. If everyone gets it right, the person who gave the slowest response is out. The game starts. "All of the fish in the house are yellow" True. Beau was the slowest and is eliminated. "15 houseguests moved into the house". False. Kaysar was the slowest and was out. "In the first competition, you picked coconuts off the tree". True. Maggie is out as slowest. "There are two hottubs in the backyard". False. James got it wrong and was out. "The head of household room is on the first floor." False. Sarah was the slowest and is out. "The team that lost the first food competition could only eat yams." False, and April is slowest and out. "There are more men than women living in the house." False. Michael knew he pressed the wrong answer and he was out. "The gold room was discovered by Rachel." True. Jennifer is slowest and out. "The gumball machine only accepts nickels" False, and Ivette is the slowest and out. "The kitchen cabinets are green." False, they are red, and Howie is slowest and out. It is down to Eric and Janelle. "There are only two safes in the gold room". It was false (there are three) and Eric got it right. He is the new HOH.

We then talk to Eric as the new HOH. Eric says that it feels good because there won't be lights out at 11:30, and he looks forward to a private bedroom. He also adds that he misses his wife and kids.

Thursday, July 14, 2005 -- Afternoon

I am watching more of the Big Brother live feed, and the alliance seems to be with April, Ivette, James, Eric, Rachel, and Beau. They have been plotting away all day for the competition tonight for HOH. What I think is funny, and it is something that Eric commented on, is that Ivette was really upset because she doesn't like how one of the folks NOT in the alliance is looking at her, and Ivette thinks there are plots against her and others in the alliance. Eric said that's just what they are doing themselves. That is very true. They should realize that everyone is plotting against everyone else. It really depends on what the competition is because anyone, except Rachel who can't compete, could in theory win. You can never count on someone winning there. James keep on repeating that they need to remember that it is a game and they should just be having fun. Ivette seems to really be taking things personally.

Thursday, July 14, 2005 -- Late Morning

I have been watching the live feed for Big Brother, and it is rather boring. Most of them are sleeping, and a small group, Eric, Rachel, James, April and Ivette are in the kitchen area eating. The thing that disgusted me is that there are a large pile of dishes in the dish drain--where you would pile the dishes after washing them. Eric went to put a frying pan in the mix, and almost knocked over a glass. Instead of putting anything away, he just perched the glass precariously in another area. Geeze! Put it away. Even if you are the only one who does it--do it. Maybe the others might get the idea to not be so messy! James is whispering something about Michael. I hate the whispering because even with the sound up all the way, it's difficult to hear them sometimes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 -- Evening

Big Brother is on now, and we start with the evictions from Saturday. Ashlea feels that Rachel never tried to get to know her, and that it isn't all Ashlea's fault. Meanwhile, we see Eric telling Kaysar that he is okay and wont' be out, and that the guys are making a pact to get to the final four. Rachel says that Ashlea and Kaysar never really got to know her. Kaysar shows up in the HOH room, and tells Rachel that he respects her decision and April gives him a hug. Meanwhile Eric also tells Ashlea that it isn't all over yet. Obviously Eric is playing multiple angles which can always get you into trouble. Later, we see Beau talking to Kaysar and Beau says that he can relate better to Kaysar than the other guys in the group. Kaysar says that his plan is to come and to share a piece of himself. Kaysar knows that he is hard to approach because he's not a smily guy and a bit of an introvert, but he is a nice guy. I do think that Kaysar is one of the cutest guys in the group.

Meanwhile Howie just seems like a crazy guy. Ivette says that Howie is too out there. He models for folks in his underwear, and says he likes his women with nothing on them. As Howie says, he came to win a whole lot of money and to have fun. When Beau tells Howie that Beau is gay, we hear Howie checking out Beau's physique. Then we see the girls dress Howie up like a woman. If I had to live in the same house as Howie, I think that I would have to kill him. He is so annoying.

Rachel finds a remote control in her room that allows her to change one of the pictures into a tv screen and she can see all the rooms. Also she finds a secret room, and the camera keeps on zooming in on the books in the secret room. Rachel then looks in one of the books in the HOH room, and finds a clue to the location of the secret room. Rachel keeps it to herself because she wants the room for herself. Rachel was having dificulty figuring it out on her own, but didn't seem to want to tell the others.

When we return from commercial break, Eric talks about being a firefighter. He mentions a moving story when he talks about a fellow firefighter, Jeff, that he asks to keep an eye on his family if Eric is killed while firefighting. Jeff told Eric if something happens on a call, then you aren't dying alone. This strikes a cord with all the contestants. We also find that Eric has an alliance with the guys and with Ivette. Ivette says that she would like to see Ashlea go first, then Janelle, then Jennifer, and then Maggie. Eric replies that is best case scenario, and it isn't going to happen.

We then cut back to Rachel trying to figure out where the secret room is. Because others were in the room, Rachel didn't think that she could pick it up and look at it. So she bides her time and picks up the compass, and there is another note on the back, and she had to hold it to the mirror to read it. It was out of the bedrooms, and Sarah was in there sleeping. Rachel checked it out, and she had the wall give way and found her way into the secret bedroom. It was a gold bedroom with fur all over. There was a big gold key and a little one and three safes that Rachel can't get into. Rachel had difficulty in getting out of the room, and almost got caught by Kaysar. So now Rachel has to figure out what to do before someone else finds the room.
After the commercial break, Rachel figured out that she could unlock the hot tub, and she was right. Everyone started screaming, and it was right. Rachel told everyone that she found the key somewhere. Rachel is admiting that she had a clue that led her to other areas and admits that she found a door and an extra room. Rachel says that she is going to share it with everyone even though she would like to keep it to herself. So Rachel wants to play a game, and have everyone get a chance to go into the room. They use the lazy susan in the dining room, and Kaysar and Ivette win the first night. Everyone is commenting on how calculating Rachel is because she kept the information to herself and didnt share it.

Rachel then calls a meeting to discuss the power of veto game (POV). The winner can take a nominee including themselves off of the chopping block. It is as last year, where the HOH, two nominees and one person picked by each of the above play in the game. Some games it seems can result in no one winning the power of veto.
Another commercial break brings us to Kaysar waking up at 5 am every day to do his prayers. As for Ashlea, everyone is thinking that she needs to win the POV to not get voted out. Ashlea thinks that folks are talking behind her back, and that it is very high schoolish. Ashlea approaches Howie about playing for her to win the POV either by winning himself or letting her win. He would not commit himself one way or the other in what he would do. Now it is on to the competition. Rachel picks Maggie to play, Kaysar picked Eric, and Ashlea picked Howie. Ivette is picked as the Master of Ceremonies. Outside, there are three huge jungle gyms with string tangled all around. Each team is attached to the frame, and they have to untangle themselves. Once untangled, they have to get the key to unlock themselves, and then only one of the pair can go for the golden veto. Rachel and Maggie seemed to have the best way of getting through it, and seemed to work together well. The whole team competition reminded me of the Endurance game that I have written about. Ashlea just gave up, and sat down. She thought that since she got through the maze first, she could just sit and not help Howie. Everyone was yelling words of encouragement. It was close because Maggie and Kaysar were close behind Rachel and Maggie. Rachel and Maggie untangled their veto symbol, and Rachel put it on the pole so Rachel got the POV. Eric was worn out doing this. He said the heat and the lack of food really got to him,and he had to lie down in the shade while others brought over water for him. It is obvious that Rachel is a worry, and Eric refers to her as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The last commercial break! Rachel goes into the HOH room, and Jennifer was in the HOH bathroom, and had locked the door to the HOH room while she was in there. Rachel goes to tell the guys that she had left the room unlocked, then found the door locked and Jennifer was in there with the door locked. When Jennifer left, she unlocked the door so she could go back in. Rachel then wanted to put Jennifer up and have her voted out. She tells Ivette, and Ivette tells her that Jennifer is just an idiot, and they need to get the bad seed--Ashlea out first. We then have the veto ceremony. Kaysar says that he is going to be cool about it. Both get a final chance to say why they should be saved. Ashlea says in her defense that the decision was based on nothing because how could Rachel know anyone. Kaysar says that he knows the first nomination was hard, and he was okay with honoring her decision. Rachel leaves the nominations stand as they are. They keep on showing images of Jennifer, and she just looks like a doofus. Who will be evicted? We find out live on Thursday, and should find out the secret pairs then too.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 -- Morning

From watching some of the live casts of what is going on with Big Brother it seems that everyone is scheming and everyone seems to have figured out that there are partners on the show. Everyone is trying to figure out who is partners with who, and they seem to have figured out that Beau and Ivette are partners. It also seems that folks are admitting to knowing each other, so it might be that there is more than just the pairings. So folks may know more than one other person in the house. It's really difficult to follow the live feeds sometimes because the sound is down low with folks whispering. I really don't like Howie because he seems like abit of a jerk. He seems to be flirting with the women and with Beau, so who knows what is going on with Howie. The next episode that is televised is tonight at 9 pm.

Monday, July 11, 2005 -- Morning

As I said, I haven't been watching the live feed, but I did check out Morty's TV, and he has some detailed analysis on the pairings for Big Brother. It seems that Janalle and Ashlea are one of the pairs of partners, and Ashlea is one of those who is targeted for elimination, and it seems likely that she will be voted off. Rachel won the power of veto, and won't be using it to remove any of the nominees. Some of the other pairings that Morty has confirmed are April and Jennifer, Eric and Maggie, Howie and Rachel, James and Sarah, Kaysar and Michael. That leaves Beau and Ivette. Morty thinks there are some additional pairings that might make the Beau and Ivette pairing questionable.

Saturday, July 9, 2005 -- Evening

I haven't been watching much of the live feed from Big Brother today. However, I did read Morty's TV, and it seems that Rachel won the power of veto. So chances are that the nominations will remain as they are.

Thursday, July 7, 2005 -- Evening

Big Brother started this evening. Julie Chen announced that each of the housemates has a person who is working with him or her. From what she said, it could a significant other, friend, relative, co-worker. We met all the houseguests, and found out that Ivette has a female partner. So far, I think that was the only "shocking item". The houseguests came up to the house one by one. It's going to be interesting to see who is paired up with whom.The first five to enter the house were Ashlea, Howie, James, Jennifer and April. They went in and ran around the house looking for beds. The house looks huge, and I have to admit that the second floor is interesting. The beds so far appear to be in one room. The second group to go into the house are Kaysar, Beau, Maggie, and Rachel. Sarah, Ivette, Eric, Michael and Janelle were the last to enter the house. It seems there are 10 beds, three sleeping bags, and a fouton. Ivette figured out right away that there was a secret room. The first conflict was between Eric and Janelle. He was trying to tell her that she just had a sleeping bag, and she said, "whatever, I'll figure it out later!". In the intros, Ivette called Janelle a miniture Pamela Anderson. Eric also thought that Beau was the obvious gay guy. James first thoughts of Howie were that Howie suffered from some slight retardation. James also lied about what he did, and said that he used to teach ninth grade philosophy and now trying for his Master's. He wanted to seem less intimidating than a loss prevention manager--whatever that is.
The first competition is tonight. The competition this year will combine the food and head of household missions. The houseguests were told to split up into two groups of seven, and then had to change into swimsuits. It seems everyone is young and fit. They headed into the backyard, and it looked great. The competition--each team had to climb onto a surf board in a pool. They then had to balance and grab coconuts off the tree and throwing it into the mouth of the Big Kahuna. They can only do this when everyone is on the surfboard. The winning team gets food, the losing team gets peanut butter and jelly. The people on the winning team then get to compete for the Head of Household. The Orange team was five girls and two guys. Howie was on the head of the Orange team and he was in making some good baskets. Kaysar was shooting on the blue team, and he really sucked. The Blue team kept on rotating who was doing what, and the entire Blue Team wound up in the water. The final score was 23 to 7 with the Orange team winning--the girl team (for the most part).
Now for the Head of Household competition. The seven victors had to stand on the orange surfboard. The last person standing will be the head of household. The game begun when Julie said "surf's up". The scheming started. Both teams starting talking about forming an alliance against each other. Kaysar is Iraqi, and he thinks that he stands out in the house, and he will be the first one out. Michael told him not to be paranoid because he will make himself stand out, and the others will notice it and go after him. James was the first off of the surfboard because he said that since they wouldn't vote each other off, why not? Howie, Janalle, and Rachel all wanted the head of household. However, Janelle was the second one out. Sarah and Apri went out together. Maggie went off next, leaving only Howie and Rachel. Howie leaped into the pool after 2 hours and 35 minutes. So that left Rachel as the first Head of Household. Kaysar found a corner in the second floor and did his prayers. He is a practicing Muslim and said that he will be doing his prayers five times a day.
Rachel invited everyone into the Head of Household bedroom which was on the second floor, and it was huge. It was a whole suite with a private bathtub, shower and toilet. It is really impressive over past years shows. The seven teammates stayed behind in the HOH bedroom to discuss their strategy. Rachel basically asked the others for advice on nominating the first pair to be evicted.
Jennifer commented on how Michael was a hottie, but that Howie would be if he kept his mouth shut. Jennifer is playing all the guys as James says, and being openly flirtatous. Eric said that the guys have to realize there are 6 guys and 8 women, and they have to start sticking together. Eric and Kaysar seem to be forming an alliance. Rachel is looking at two people to nominate and they are Ashlea and Kaysar. Maggie says that Rachel scares her because Rachel is playing it from day one. James thinks that the girls don't like Jennifer because she is too flirtatous. For whatever reason, James really wants to get rid of Jennifer, and Rachel admits that Jennifer's name is on her list too. So far, she isn't ready to commit to two folks yet.
Finally, it is nomination time. The first key that Rachel takes out of the box is Janelle. Second is Maggie. The third key belongs to Beau. Fourth is Jennifer. Fifth is Eric. Sixth is April. Seventh is Ivette. Eighth is James. Ninth is Michael. Tenth is Sarah. Eleventh is Howie. That leaves Ashlea and Kaysar as the first pair nominated. Kaysar says that he is going to be more aggressive. Eric says that they should all be prepared for anything on any given day because you don't know what Big Brother has planned.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 -- Evening

The Big Brother hype is starting. I saw the first Big Brother commercial this evening which is probably timely since the show will be airing next Thursday. One of the secrets has already leaked. It seems that the producers of Big Brother are going to have secret pairings of all the contestants. The thing is that each pair will think that they are the only ones who have a secret alliance prior to the start of the game. If the pair makes it to the final two, then the winner will get $1 million instead of the usual $500,000. The person who finishes in second will get $250,000 instead of $50,000. The thing is to see if all the pairs keep it secret. So who are the pairings? Are they folks who live in the same location? The pairing twist will not be announced on the first show, but will be made public on the July 14th show which should be the first live show.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 -- Late Evening

TV Guide has a one page article about Big Brother 6. The article has some pictures of the inside of the Big Brother house. Also, the CBS Big Brother web site has been updated, and there are now pictures and bios of the contestants. There are eight women and six men. It will be interesting to find out what the secrets are. One thing that I noticed is that no one is over 40, and everyone just seems to be really good looking. Where are the average people, and anyone over the age of 35? The oldest person is Eric, the firefighter who is 36. Another interesting part of the page is the voting section. You can rate the popularity of the contestants, who will be evicted next, and who will win the Grand Prize. I'm planning on paying for the 24 hour access because I have some foot surgery planned for July 8 and won't be getting around much.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 -- Evening

Some news on the Big Brother 6 front. It seems that the theme for the show will be the Summer of Secrets. It seems that the house is setup to contain secrets, and some of the contestants will also have secrets. The new house is supposed to be a two story affair, and there is going to be a location on the second floor where you will be able to have a view of the whole first floor. This year there will be a total of 14 guests, but the show will not be extended so that must mean that there will be times when two people go. Also, the producer of the show, Arnold Shapiro, has also said that there won't be a moderator in the house or familiar faces. This is in response to Internet rumors that both would be happening.

Friday, June 3, 2005 -- Evening

CBS finally has a page up for this year's Big Brother 6. Supposedly, we will learn of some big surprises soon. There is not alot on the site yet--just a few video clips.

Thursday, May 26, 2005 -- Morning

Now that American Idol is over, it's time to move onto Big Brother 6, and there is news on the Big Brother front. The season will start on Thursday, July 7 at 8 pm. The house will be a new one. It is currently being reconstructed and will be a two story building. This will probably give the contestants more places to hide away and scheme. Also there are supposed to be more contestants this year. The rumor mill (and Joker's Updates) says that there will be 10 new contestants and 10 returning contestants. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for more news. Julie Chen is going to return as the host again this year.