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4th Camp Comeback--7/18
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1st Camp Comeback--6/24
Evicted 7/18
3rd Camp Comeback--7/11
Evicted 7/18
2nd Camp Comeback--7/3
Evicted 7/18

HOH: Cliff
Nominated: ? and ?
POV: ?
Nominated: ? and ?

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Christie freaking out to Nick

Friday, July 19, 2019 -- Morning

Camp Comeback Ends
We get to find out who will come back from Camp Comeback today. I like how the recap announcer made fun of Christie going cockcoo! She's an idiot.

Julie starts the show by announcing the Camp Comeback competition. I thought it would be a popularity vote, but it's not. Nick is sure that Nicole is going home. Cliff doesn't like that Nicole is up against him, but as Cliff says, when your rearend is on the block, it's every man for himself. Nick blindsided by the vote Kemi and Nicole talk and Kemi wonders if it might be a good idea to talk to Nick. Nicole is frustrated because she has no alliance. Cliff is hoping that he doesn't have to go to Camp Comeback, and Nick keeps on telling Cliff he's fine. Right before the POV meeting, Christie hysterically talks to Nick about not wanting to go up. Christie outs her power to Nick and Bella. Nick is hoping that it can be used to protect Nick. The other six of Gr8ful talk about how they don't like Nick. Michie says that it's the six who are the core. The six come up with the alliance name of Six Shooters. Christie talks to the rest about how they need to keep Nicole because it's best for their game. Christie says that Nicole isn't that big a liar. Actually, Nicole told the truth, and Christie knows it. It's amazing how Christie, Holly, and Analyse seem to really believe the fiction. Christie then works on converting Jack and Tommy to the plan to keep Nicole. The six want to blindside Nick and Bella.
Comeback competition
Next up is a segment on David, Ovi, and Kemi wanting payback. David really wants to come back in and finally play the game. David tries to be the most charming that he can be. David tries to get the people he doesn't trust to trust David. Ovi's social game is not that good, but he does make cookies. Christie says that the cookies are so good, and asks what Ovi puts in them. Ovi says Love. Ovi wants Cliff to stay in the house because Cliff is his only alliance. Kemi wants to be friends, but she can't stand anyone in the house except for Nicole. Kemi is confused about Jack hating her. Kemi really wants to get Jack out because Jack is really an ass, for example, going on about how Kemi put her shaker bottle in the fridge. If they all did it, there would not be room for food. Except they aren't.

Cliff gives his final speech saying that whatever happens, they will always be family. Nicole says grab life by the boobs, and then jokes maybe her boobs to celebrate if she stays in the house. Time for the vote:
Cliff sinks the last ball
Cliff is out with a vote of 6-4. Cliff hugs everyone, and he'll be in the competition to come back in. David, Ovi, Kemi, and Cliff have to go to the back to fight to come back in the game. Nick was drumming his fingers on the couch; I'm sure he's shocked.

Kemi, Ovi, and David talk to Julie Chen They have to roll balls down a curved path. The first to sink 6 balls wins. If no one does it in three minutes, the person with the most balls at that time wins. Cliff gets the first ball because he is the calmest. Cliff got the second ball. Cliff got the third ball at the 2 minute mark. No one else had a ball yet. Cliff got ball number 4. Ovi finally got a ball. Cliff got ball number 5. Cliff got all 6 with 48 seconds left on the clock. Only Ovi had gotten a ball in. The other three have to leave immediately.

The three are talking to Julie. David was crying, but he said big shoutout to Cliff because he beat David twice. David wanted to go further this year, and he's really unable to talk because he's so emotional. Ovi talks about being ostracized in Camp Comeback. Kemi was extremely surprised that it was a split vote. Julie told David that he was right about everything that he thought. David said that everyone knew that Cliff was in trouble because Cliff wanted the couples out. David and Ovi want Cliff to get to the end. Kemi says Sam because Sam has been playing a really good game, and getting involved when he should and not when he shouldn't.

The HOH happened overnight, and Cliff won the HOH. Meanwhile Nick is having a meltdown because the others in his alliance voted against him. Of course, they all try to spin the alternative reality that for some reason these bunch of goobers are so willing to believe.

Holly says Nick and Bella are bullies

Thursday, July 18, 2019 -- Morning

The folks who watch the live feeds don't have much to like about this bunch. I keep on hearing that people think they are too hateful. I don't know. I'm not one of those, let's make everyone happy people because, guess what, you can't make everyone happy! Some say that this show illustrates the hate. We'll see if that's true.

Nicole told to not come into HOH The show starts after the nomination ceremony. Nick says he has to figure out what's going on with his alliance targetting him. Nick and Bella go to the HOH, and Nick and Bella tell Tommy that Jack, Jackson, Holly, and Analyse are targetting Nick and Bella. David wants to go into the HOH, but he's told that they are talking game, and he is sent away. CBS showed Holly, Analyse, and Christie telling Nicole that Bella and Nick are bullies. Then Holly, Analyse, and Christie say that never happened. Bella believes them. Cliff goes upstairs, and they shoo him away too because they are talking game. Nicole goes upstairs, and is told bad time and the door is shut in her face. Gr8ful calls Nicole a bitch. Jack is keeping his mouth shut, because what Nicole said is true. Jack being an ass to Ovi Nicole realizes that she screwed up by telling the alliance that they are targetting each other. Nicole being bullied by Gr8ful causes Ovi to go and tell Gr8ful what hateful bully bitches they all are. Nick is now going to target Nicole because Nicole told him the truth. Sam then becomes a member of Unde9able after the H8ful (hateful) calm down. Yeah, these people really are extremely obnoxious.

David goes to talk to Christie and Jack about how they were treating Ovi. Ovi overhears Jack and Christie saying that Ovi is really screwing himself. Jack says to Ovi that Ovi is in Camp Comeback so Jack can't touch him. Jack acts like an ass to Ovi, David, and Nicole, and it seems that is par for the course. Yeah, these are extremely disgusting people. Nicole tries to talk with Bella, and Bella started on a bullying discourse while saying that Bella doesn't bully people. Bella says that it makes her sick, and she's not a bully, and when Nicole says something, Bella bulldozes Nicole. Tommy is there as a witness, and sees that Bella is bullying her. Tommy tells Nicole that he is very sorry she didn't get a chance to speak while Bella was calling Nicole obnoxious and disgusting. What pieces of shit those 8 asses are! As Tommy says, they get sucked up into the mob mentality. Yep!
Kat obviously far ahead of the others
Kat tries to tell Nicole that it's not worth it to talk to those people. Nicole cries about how she came into the house to be an advocate for the bullied. Nicole realizes that she was stupid to tell the bully again. Yep! Then Nicole goes to tell Bella that Nicole is sorry for upsetting Bella. I am not sure why Nicole just doesn't shut up. This is just so painful to watch. Then Nick comes in, and starts yelling at Nicole. Nicole then calls out Bella and says it's Bella. Bella is the liar and the problem. Tommy gives Nicole a hug afterwards.

Time to pick for the veto. Nick picks Jackson. Cliff picks Kat. Jessica picks House guest choice, and stupidly picks Christie. Jessica says she couldn't pick Nicole because Nicole was messing up her game (true),and Jessica didn't want to be connected to Nicole. Rolling my eyes. Kaitlyn from BB20 is there. I don't remember her at all. Oh yeah! She's the one who couldn't put that stupid puzzle together to stay in the house. The competition is to go in search of color coded puzzle pieces, and then to rebuild the puzzle of Kaitlyn. Nick talks about Nicole's ability to manipulate others as super shady. Crazy! Kat is loving it and wants to win because she wants to show everyone that she's a good player and not an idiot. Nick can't put the puzzle together because he's dumb. Christie can't find her last piece. Kat blew them all out of the water, and she easily put her puzzle together and won the POV.
Kat puts in the last piece to win the HOH
Christie is feeling safe so she's feeling safe so she doesn't need the power. Kat wishes she could save them all because Cliff is like her dad, Jessica is her friend, and Nicole has had an awful week. Kat isn't the dummy that Gr8fl believes her to be. Gr8ful is the bunch of dummies.

Chrisite is now feeling paranoid because she feels that Nick is sending weird digs her way. She is freaking out. Christie believes that Nick is going to backdoor her. She starts crying to Kat about how Christie is going up. Analyse and Kat tries to tell her to stop freaking out. Oh, Boo Hoo! Christie is one crazy bitch. Jessica tries to calm her down too. The girl is a nut job. I wish she would use her power because she's such a freaking, obnoxious idiot.

Time for the POV ceremony. Christie is terrified, and she feels like she should use the power to stay off the block. Kat takes Jessica off the block because Jessica is Kat's best friend in the house. Nick says he doesn't get mad, he gets even, and Nicole is now on the block. Christie believes she put a huge risk by not using her power. I'm shocked at how stupid Christie is. Bella thinks that Nicole is getting what she deserves.

Kemi and Bella argue

Monday, July 15, 2019 -- Morning

Diamond Veto
Last night's show had the last Whacktivity competition and the nominations. The show started right after Julie left. Bella is upset that Kemi called out her and Nick. Jack says that Nick and Bella were having issues with Gr8ful, but this week Jack has to suck that up because Nick is HOH. Jessica hopes that she is up on the block again this week. Kemi really disses Bella in the DR, commenting on Bella's blue eye liner.

Analyze in the Whacktivity comp Cliff talks to Nicole about the hinky vote. Nicole thinks she will be the one who gets blamed for it. Michie made the vote to pin the blame on Nick or Bella. Michie goes to Nick and says that Nicole voted for Bella. Nick is thinking of putting up Cliff and Jess, and maybe having Nicole as backup.

Bella tells Kemi that she doesn't understand Kemi's call out because Bella was her only friend in the game. Bella got on top of Kemi, and Kemi waves her arm off. Kemi says that Bella is now going to talk behind Kemi's back because that's what Bella does. Drama! That is the beauty of Camp Comeback. You have the person you voted out and angered still in the house!
Michie tells Jack that he voted for Kemi. Michie swears Jack to secrecy because others knowing it would blow up both of their games. Meanwhile Nicole goes to talk to Michie and Holly about the hinky vote, and Michie says that it sucks that Nicole is going to have the vote pinned on her.

Nick talks to the other eight (Gr8ful and Sam), and says he wants to put up Jess, Cliff, and Nicole. However, Nick doesn't believe that it was Nicole who cast the vote. Bella, Nick, and Sam talk, and Nick thinks it was Michie who did the hinky vote. Nick does not want to put up Nioole, and he thinks that Michie is acting awfully nervous and keeps on saying the vote must be Nicole. Sometimes people don't know how to be smooth.

Nick tells Nicole that he doesn't think Nicole did the hinky vote, and that he thinks someone did it to pin the blame on her, but he doesn't understand it. Nick tells Nicole that he won't put her up this week. He wants her to relax. Nicole wants to feel safe, but he won't feel safe until the end of the week.
Christie in the Whacktivity comp
Time for the Panic Whacktivity. Analyse, Nick, Jessica, and Christie are the competitors. Kemi is out, and she would have been the fifth person. Analyse goes out to find a bin with thousands of Madagascar hissing cockaroaches. The competitors have to move around the cockaroaches to see the carvings on the elder stone that is hidden on the bottom. The carvings correspond to letters that will be used to solve a puzzle saying. The person who gets the saying in the fastest time wins. The sentennce was Don't Meet Julie on Eviction Night. However, Analyse can't spell Julie, so that adds to her time. Jessica is stupid and also gets hung up on the jewel + ee graphic. Nick is really back because he can't find the letters. Christie is pissed off because she took too much time on the T in meet. Christie won the Panic Power with a time of 7:41.
Diamond Power of Veto reveal from Christie to Tommy
Christie finds out that she can turn a golden veto into a diamond veto. The person who holds the veto can take themselves off and put up a replacement. That's a huge power, but of course, you have to hold the veto or give it to someone who has the veto. Christie tells tommy, but when Jack walks in and tells Christie and Tommy that he has the second power. Christie says that she didn't win the power.

Meanwhile, Nicole finally has figured out about Gr8ful. Kemi then tells Nicole that Christie overheard Cliff talking about the Zing alliance with Cliff and Ovi. Nicole is really scared not only for herself, but for Cliff. Nicole goes and find Cliff and tells him that Christie overhead Cliff talking to the camera. Cliff apologizes, and then realizes that he screwed up because he didn't think he could be overheard. Cliff won't give up Cliff Notes, but realizes that he has to have a quieter voice. Cliff talks with Nick and says that he won't mind being a pawn, but he doesn't want to the target. Cliff says that he would like to work with Nick and Bella. Nick is trying to get Cliff out, so he's down with the plan to put up Cliff.
Kemi in her Camp Comeback outfit
We then have a segment on how stupid Kat is, showing Kat saying really stupid things. Then Kemi puts on her Camp Comeback outfit and trips as she comes out of the DR. Nick tells Bella and Sam that they are at the bottom of the alliance. Sam says why not take a shot at them first if Nick knows they are at the bottom of the pile. Nick isn't sure he wants to do that because of Camp Comeback. Boring!

Nicole goes to talk with Nick and Bella. Nicole says that Kemi made her statement because she was trying to stir things up. Nicole tells Nick and Bella that the others in Gr8ful want to target Nick and Bella.

Time for nominations. Nick nominates Cliff and Jessica. Nick said tha the put them up because they've been up before. Nick claims he might backdoor Jack and Michie.

Nick and Bella eyeing the camera

Friday, July 12, 2019 -- Morning

New Camp Comeback House Guest
The show started with the action after the veto meeting. Jack says that Kemi is his target, and he has to send her to Camp Comeback as a happy camper. Jessica, meanwhile, says that she's safe against Kemi. Cliff talks with Ovi, and Nicole comes in. Cliff says if it's Ovi who comes back, they can be a real force in the game. So Ovi, Cliff, and Nicole made an alliance. Cliff calls it the Fellowship of the Zing.

Cliff Notes We then have a segment on a showmance between Bella and Nick. Then we get the Jack and Analyse showmance. Analyse says that Jack is so cute. Jack and Analyse appear to have sex for his birthday.

Then we have a segment on Cliff talking to the camera. Where he says hello to his wife and to the live feeders. He calls it his Cliff Notes. He talks strategy about this game, and first Christie overhears him talking. Christie hears about Cliff's alliance and everything that Cliff thinks about the game. Christie runs back to tell Michie, Holly, nd Tommy. Michie is a jerk and thinks it's funny that Cliff's alliance is lame. Well, Cliff accurately called the alliances between the couples in the eight.

Christie listening to Cliff Notes Nicole talks with Kemi about the Black Widow alliance. Nicole tells Kemi that everything that's said to Bella goes to the other side. Kemi thought that he could trust Bella, but this is eye opening to Kemi. Kemi knows that Bella told her that Bella has an alliance with Jack and Michie. Kemi tells Michie that Bella started the Black Widow alliance. Michie tells Kemi that he doesn't have a final three with Jack and Bella. Michie tells Kemi that he would keep Jess, but having Kemi talk to him would change his mind. Michie then goes and tells Jack that Bella told Kemi about the final three on day one or two. Jack asks if Michie believes Kemi, and Michiei says how could Kemi know about the final three. Then Jack tells Michie about Cliff forming an alliance with Ovi and Nicole. It will be the paranoia that undoes that alliance.

Then Bella goes and talks to Sam about how there is an alliance of eight, and that Sam is the ninth. Sam says in DR that his heart hurts because he finds out there is an eight person alliance that he is not part of. Sam says in DR why should he get rid of Kemi for an alliance that Sam is not even a part of. Sam then goes and talks to Jack about targeting Jess and keeping Kemi. As Sam says, Kemi is going to go after Jack. Then Jack slips up and says that it's in whatever is best for Gr8ful. Then Jack catches himself and says the group of 9. However, Sam ain't dumb, and he realizes that he needs to look out for his own game and not others.

It's time for the final words of the nominees. Jess says that she loves everyone, and she's proud in everything they show as a diverse group of people (Blah!). Jess says that's she's loyal. It's like Jess would not shut up. Kemi then outs Nick and Bella as playing both sides of the house. Time to vote.
Kemi in Camp Comeback Nick wins HOH Kemi is out with a vote of 10-1. Everyone hugs Kemi. Then Kemi, David, and Ovi head upstairs. Everyone else goes to compete for HOH.

Time for the HOH. Each house guest gets to throw underhand an arrow at a target. If the arrow doesn't completely land on one, they get the score that the majority of the head lands on. The person with the most points wins. If someone doesn't want to be HOH, they can go for one of the small targets for $5000 or a safety that keeps someone safe for the week. Once they are claimed, they are no longer in play. If they bounce off the board, they get 0. Analyse gets 50. Jessica gets 5. Christie gets 65. Nick gets 90. Sam gets 70. Michie gets 70. Tommy gets 35. Cliff gets 15. Bella gets 75. Kat gets 0. Nicole gets 15. Holly gets 0, so Nick is the HOH.

After the HOH, we are back in the living room, and Nick says he just wants to see a picture of his mom. Kemi is asked how it will be to be with 10 people who voted against her. Kemi said it is what it is, and it wasn't a surprise. Cliff misses his wife. Tommy misses his mom's food. Julie gave him a shout out about being in the Broadway play of Pretty Woman. Next week when the fourth house guest goes to Camp Comeback, there will be some sort of competition to see who comes back in. Also, the third Whacktivity power will be a classic. I'm thinking a diamond veto or something.

Jessica is shocked

Thursday, July 11, 2019 -- Afternoon

POV Competition and Unity
I already know that Sam won the POV, and all I can say is that he is a hidden powerhouse. I hope it goes far. The show started with fallout from the nomination ceremony. Jessica claims in DR that someone is giving Jack miinformation. Kemi says when she wins the veto, that will shake Jack. Nicole and Bella talk afterwards, and Bella admits that to Nicole that she told Jack. Bella in DR admits tha tshe wants to have an alliance with everyone, but her problem is that she keeps on running her mouth to everyone, which is not good for her game.

Camp Comeback outfits Kemi talked to Jack, and he says that he respects Kemi because he thinks that she might put him up. Jack's plan is to give Kemi a chance to save herself instead of backdooring her--basicaly because of Camp Comeback. Nicole tells Jessica that Bella is the one who outed the group to Jack. Jessica is shocked that Bella did that. She calls Bella a slippery snake.

David says that he's watching every move and every interaction. David analysis: he thinks Jack and Michie are the big two, and Holly and Analyse are in with them. Then Christie and Nick seem to complete the big alliance. Tommy is the likeable guy, and Nick and Bella have a connection. David also realizes that Cliff, Jessica, Kemi, and Ovi don't know what's going on. Sam doesn't appear to be in with anyone. Sam is a wildcard, and he would want Sam on his team because he is a wild card. David is 100 percent right.

Then it's time for an earthquake segment. Everyone was running around to get away from things that oculd fall on them, and the rumbling seemed to last for a while.
Tyler is in the house
A bugle goes off, and David and Ovi have to wear Camp Comeback uniforms, which are like Boy Scout uniforms.

Jessica talks to Michie who tells Jessica that she has to be strong. Michie says that it would break his heart if Jessica went over Kemi. Jessica claims the all girl alliance is not true. Jessica hopes that Michie would take her off the block if he won the veto.

Time to pick players for veto. David and Ovi have to watch from their Camp Comeback room. Jack picks Bella. Jessica picks house guest's choice, and she takes Michie. Kemi picks Sam. I love Sam. He's my sort of fun guy.

Jack working with Jessica in the background David is shocked that Jessica picked Michie, who is Jack's bestie, to play for her in the veto. David keeps on shaking his head. I hope that David makes it back into the game. Kemi talks to herself that whatever is meant to happen will happen. Kemi says she will just sit and watch Jessica cry some more. Kemi claims that the nomination has lighted a fire under her ass.

The doorbell rings, and Tyler comes into the house to host the POV competition. Analyse talks about how hot Tyler is and that Angela should watch out. Tyler says that Angela is the girl of his dreams, so he's happy with what he got out of the game.

The POV competition starts with the house guests pulling the plug, and they can only play as long as there is water in their aquaplug. At 30 minutes they won't be allowed to fill the plug. They have to grab frogs out of the pont one at a time, and go over to the shore and then stack them. The one with the most stacked wins. Sam sticks with his frog building It's hard for them to stack the frogs because a bump can knock down the frogs. Everyone really wants to go to Fiji with the win, except Kemi and Jessica who want safety. Sam has 18 frogs, and he's just going to watch his clock drain out. So Sam has 18 frogs. Sam is a smart player. 30 minutes is up, so they have to stack as many as they can before the clock runs dry. Michie gets 9, Bella gest 0. Kemi has 17 and needs 2 more to win. Jack is out with 12. Jessica has 13. Kemi wants to place her last frog and win, but all her frogs cam crashing down. Sam wins! Jack is hoping that Sam will do what Gr8ful wants. Jessica wants to convince Sam to use the veto on her. Kemi figures Sam is happy with taking his wife to Fiji so maybe he'll make her happy with the veto.

Kat goes to talk to Sam. As Sam says, the good thing about having the veto is you have a ton of power. The bad thing is everyone knows you have the power. As Kat tries to talk, Kemi comes in and Kat is awkward. As Sam says everyone wants to talk to him, Yakkety, yak, yak. Then as Jessica is talking to Sam, Nicole awkwardly comes in and stands there. Then Kemi had her talk with him. Sam tells Kemi that using the veto would put a target on his back. He would not mind saving Kemi, but he has to weigh the good versus the bad.
Everyone consoles Sam
Sam is called to the diary room. He receives a letter which starts to make him cry. He comes out to tell everyone that his grandfather died. Everyone comes around to hug him. Sam thought his grandfather was doing okay, but he wasn't. As Sam said, it's really hard because he's not able to go to his family or anything like that. It was really very touching. Everyone did gather around just to sit around and console him. I thought that was really nice. I think I might like more of the folks playing this year than any other recent year.

As Sam says, he is in the game for him and his family, and the goal is to get to the end and the $500,000. Tiime for the veto meeeting.Sam chooses not to use the veto. Sam says he doesn't want to create ripples, and he is going to stick to the HOH's decision. Jessica said she is going to rally to clear her name and get the votes. Kemi says the Camp Comeback outfit doesn't fit her style. As Tommy says, they have to consider their votes wisely because the person voted out stays in the house.

Michie and Jack Showmance

Monday, July 8, 2019 -- Morning

Jack as HOH
I'm looking forward to the Jack HOH because I'm sure it will cause lots of drama. The show started with Camp Comeback. Christie is really screwed becuase Ovi is still in the house. I'm not sure that I like her. I'm not sure about a lot of these people. David is happy to be back in the house so he can play the social game. Ovi wants to get back on the warpath, he says. Michie is upset because David is back, and if David gets back, he'll be gunning for Michie. Kat tells Michie that they need to get David on their side. Michie goes to talk to David because he felt that David would make it back. Granted, David should have made it back. David reminds Michie that he's not back yet. Meanwhile Ovi tells Michie that they will work when they get back. I think Michie is a jerk. I'm sure that he will shoot himiself in the foot soon.

David tries to tell Kat that there are alliances in the house. Kat is a stupid girl, so she doesn't buy it. David seems like a really good player. Nicole and Ovi talks, and Nicole tries to tell Ovi what is going on behind his back. Ovi feels betrayed because Nicole told him Jack and Michie were giving him the runaround.

Jack wins the Chaos power Time for the Chaos Whacktivity. Holly, Tommy, Michie, Jack, and Sam are competing. I really like Sam. He's a regular guy just like me. they compete in the cometition one by one. They have to go out into a yard full of snakes. They have three snakes in the container. They have to find the matching snake, and they have to put it in the container. The house guest who matches the snakes in the quickest time wins. Tommy is first. He is terrified fo snakes. He gets the snakes one at a time. Sam thinks snakes are cool. As he says how bad can it be. As Sam tries to get one of the snakes, another wants to strike him. Michie is the first one who got the red snake wrong. It's easy because the snakes are distinctive. Jack wants the power because he figures it's a strong one. At the end, Sam's time was 1:22; Tommy's was 2:10; Michie was 1:51; Holly was 1:41; and Jack was 0:49. Jack won. As he said, it's a good week for him, and he can hold the power to help him out at some point. Sam thought he did really good, and he did. he was second best. I like Sam. Jack tells Holly and Michie that he thinks it was Sam or Tommy. Jack says he's faithful to his alliance, but he has to protect his game. The Chaos power lasts until there are only six players. If the POV players are picked, and he doesn't like them, he can stand and order a redraw. As Jack says, this is not something you use right away. You hold on to it. He's also going to keep it secret.

Thene there was a whole promo for CBS' new show Love Island, which is basd on the British show. The winner of the veto competition will win a trip for Fiji. Holly massages Michie's head, and Michie says he needs to put his energy into his alliance and Holly instead of Kat. Michie says Kat doesn't add any positives to his game and Holly does. Then Kat comes while Michie and Holly are in the hammock, and she squeezes herself in. Michie tells Jack that he has an issue with Kat. Basically Michie wants Kat gone, but Jack has other plans.

Kat going in with Michie and Holly Michie tells Kat that they have to separate because previously he was working with his heart, and he has to work with his brain. Kat tells Michie that he pays more attention to Holly. Yep! Kat says in DR that she's sorry she's not good for his game. Kat says Michie is probably not that big of a deal in the real world. He's a waiter. She's a digital advertising executive. Jessica wants to start a woman's alliance, and she talks about it with Nicole, Bella, and Kemi. They call themselves the Black Widows after the female spiders who kill the males. Bella realizes that all girl alliances never work out, and she's not relying on Jessica, Nicole, and Kemi to take her to the end.

Bella goes back to Jack and tells him about the Black Widow alliance. Bella says that it was desperation because Jessica doesn't talk to any guys. Jack is targetting Jessica and Kemi because they are easy targets. Jessica finally figures out that she should go and talk game to Jack. Jack then sort of outs what Bella told him by telling Jessica that she was a mastermind of an all women's alliance.

David and Ovi can't participate in the nomination ceremony, but they are watching from Camp Comeback. Jack nominates Kemi and Jessica. Jack claims that he doesn't talk much game with them, and that he heard they would both target him and are forming an alliance. Bella has to be in trouble because she outed them. Kemi claims she thrives under pressure so bring it on.

Shock at the new twist

Friday, July 5, 2019 -- Morning

BB Eviction
I'm finally catching up on Wednesday's episode of BB. The new twist (having the first four evicted house guests live in the house until a battle back) is interesting. They won't be able to participate in competitions, but they will be there to continue to play the social game, and know what is going on. Julie started the show off by making the announcement about the twist

After the Veto ceremony, Christie admits that she went against her aliance. Christie feels Ovi is an easy person to get out. Kat says that she feels better against Ovi, because even she would not vote out Cliff. Christie plans on telling both nominees that they are pawns. Okay! Ovi cries with Christie, anc he claims that she trusts him when Christie says the Ovi is a pawn. Jack says he's not greedy because Ovi was also on Jack's radar. Cliff says he's on Ovi's side. Ovi starts going around and asking others if they will vote for him Cliff and Michie says that he has their vote. Meanwhile Kat is freaking out and saying that everyone is conspring against her. She keeps on saying it to the point where CBS makes a montage of the phrase. Sam makes a funny by walking into a room with Kat and asks if they are conspiring against her. They should have voted Kat out because she's just so fricking annoying.

Jack wins HOH The next segment shows Ovi telling others about his nightmare power. Ovi tells Michie and Jack about the power, and says that he will keep the pair save if they keep him. After Ovi leaves, they say that they have to elimiate Ovi to get rid of the power. Michie says that Ovi is at rock bottom, and they need to get Ovi out to get Gr8ful safe.

It's time for the vote. Each gets a brief statement. Ovi says that everyone is family to him, and he's not ready to leave, and he's loyal, and he makes cookies. Kat says she already gave her eviction speech at the veto ceremony. She hopes to stay, and she says that she will get to know if the bitches were conspiring against her.
Camp Comeback Ovi is evicted with a single vote in his favor. I feel for Ovi, but he might be able to get back into the game with the battle back. Ovi takes the news of his eviction well. As he is heading to the door, a trumpet goes off, and an annoucement if that Camp Comeback is now open. All of them are shocked that the evicted house guests are still in the house, playing the Big Brother social game. Everyone but Ovi goes out to play in the HOH. He gets to listen to the game, and then David is brought back into the house. Everyone is excitedly welcoming David back into the house.

The HOH competition is one where the house guests are shown fireworks display, and they will have to answer red, white, or blue. Get the right answer and you continue. Get it wrong, and you are out. Everyone got the first one right. Nick is the only one who got the answer wrong in the second question. Tommy, Holly, and Kat got the next question wrong. Analyse, Bella, Kemi, Cliff, and Sam are out. It's down to the fifth question. Nicole and Michie get it wrong, so it's down to Jack and Jessica. Both get the next question right. Then it's time for the last fireworks display. Jack get it right, and he won HOH.

To end the show, David and Ovi said that Camp Comeback is not that bad. Both are happy that they are still in the game. Ovi said it's just a game so he's not bitter. David wants to talk to Michie because he's the one who got David out.

Sam trying to catch a ball in the POV

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 -- Morning

POV Competition
The show starts after the nomination strategy. Cliff was hoping that things would change, but now he has to win the POV to get himself off. Kathryn says in the DR that none of the people would be messing with her in the real world. Oh, scary! Kemi and Bella seem to get along, and they talk about all the guys. Kemi says that she and Bella should have an alliance called Rush Hour, after the movies. Christie talks with the other Gr8ful group about how close Kemi and Bella are. Jack really doesn't like Kemi, and he wants her to go home. It seems there are folks complaining because Jack is not nice to Kemi. Obviously, it's all about race. You can't dislike someone because of their personality or things they do.

Then there's a bit on Kathryn and Michie having a showmance, even though his mom warned him against that. Christie wants Kathryn out because Kat is concentrating too much on Michie. Drama!

Time to pick for the POV. Christie picks Sam. Cliff picks House Guest Choice, and he chooses Jack. Kat chooses Nicole. The doorbell rings, and Casey is back. I really didn't like Casey. She is hosting the Slo-Mo competition. It's a food throwing competition, where you have to catch an object and get points. First is onions worth one point. Cliff is first and catches zero balls. Next it's meatballs worth five points each. Cliff didn't catch any. Last it's ten points for each strawberry you get as you slide down a table. Cliff doesn't catch any. All the others have trouble with the first one. All the lettuce falling causes problems seeing. Jack caught two strawberries in his round. At the end, Christie had 10 points; Jack had 20; Cliff had 0; Kat had 0; Nicole had 0; and Sam had 21 points. Sam got the veto! In DR, Jack says he doesn't know what Sam will do with the veto.

The guys (Jack, Sam, and Nick) talk about taking Cliff off because Cliff has already been up for banishment. They believe that Cliff needs to stay. Michie tells Jack and Christie that they have to be smart and social. Jack wants Kemi, Jessica, and Ovi. Chrisite doesn't like that Jack is dictating to her who the evictions will go. She calls it mansplaining. Any time a guy talks, it's mansplaining.

Christie whines about her alliance to outsider Sam Next is a segment with Nick and Bella. Bella doesn't want Kemi to go because it's good for her game for Kemi to stay. Nick aske Christie what she is going to do, and he asks if she really wants Kemi to go up. Christie says she has to figure out what is good for her game. Christie is worried that Sam will use the veto, and she really doesn't want to put up Kemi. Jack tries to tell Christie that Kemi needs to go home. Christie and Jack start to argue about Kemi, because Jack really wants her out, but Christie doesn't want it. Jack keeps on telling Christie to be true to her heart, but it isn't in Christie's heart. Christie talks to Tomy. Christie says she wants to make the least amount of waves, and she doesn't know why someone is making her do his dirty work. Sam doesn't want Sam to use the veto. Christie then starts telling Nicole about Jack trying to influence Christie to put Kemi up. Way to keep your alliance secret! Obviously the alliance is no more because Christie's really throwing Jack under the bus, saying Jack is very manipulative. Christie is such a whiney baby. If you didn't want to be HOH, you should have dropped out of the competition earlier. I have no symapathy for such a whiner!

Christie now wants to manipulate Sam to do what she wants. Huh! I thought she was against another person manipulating another. She cries to Sam. It seems that Kemi came on strong at the beginning (before the feeds went live), and Kemi was obnoxious to Jack. So Jack is out to get Kemi. Sam tells Christie that he already promised to use the veto. Meanwhile, Christie is outing her alliance to another person. Sam recommends Ovi because basically Ovi just knocked on the door and got his attention. I'm not a fan of whining Christie.

Time for the veto meeting. Sam uses the veto to save Cliff. Christie acts like she was stabbed. What a loser! Christie puts up Ovi, saying she wants a balance of a girl and a boy. Ovi says it hurts because he thought he was in an alliance with Christie. And Ovi can't use his nightmare power. The voiceover says there will be a shocking new twist released tonight. We'll see. Probably something with David and a competition to get back in.

Talking about alliances with others around

Monday, July 1, 2019 -- Morning

The show starts with Jackson happy that Christie is HOH because thet should kepe them safe. Ovi did go to talk to Christie as she was sill in a towel after showering. Ovi wanted to say that he was there for her, but he wasn't very good at it because he started out by saying she had a good body, and then he was in the way as she was trying to dressed. Kathryn wasn't happy because she was the second one to fall. The girls all get together and talk about how dumb Jack is and that he would be easy to manipulate. Isabella was not happy with the conversation because Jackson and Jack are her guys. They are calling Jackson Michie. Christie doesn't want blood on her hands, so she figures Kathryn will be easy because she's running her mouth.

Jack wants to add Tommy to the alliance of six. Tommy thinks that he can rely on Jack because of how Jack looks. Nick talks to Analyse about joining the alliance. Eight is a large number. Christie thinks an eight person alliance will keep them safe. Nick comes up with the alliance name of Gr8ful. Poor Ovi really seems like the odd person when he wanders in from the HOH bathroom.Christie talks to Cliff about putting him up as a pawn, and she starts to cry. Cliff really doesn't want to go on the block while he says he trusts them all and that he really wouldn't want to go up. Christie talks with Kathryn about being a pawn. Meanwhile Kathryn is the person who is the target. Kathryn doesn't like Christie and thinks that Christie is a mean, conniving bitch. Cliff and Ovi are in bed across ffrom Nick, Tommy, and Jack, and Ovi can hear Nick, Tommy, and Jack talking about a group of eight. Ovi talks to Analyse about it, and she realizes that she has to warn the others that Ovi overheard them. Christie and Michie are upset over Nick talking when Ovi was in the room. Meanwhile Jack keeps quiet because he was one of the three doing all the talking.

Ovi wins the Nightmare Whacktivity It's time for the Whacktivity competition. The comps are Chaos, Panic, and Nightmare. Only five house guests can play each week, and they get to sign up for an activity. Chaos will be the second whacktivity, and Panic will be the third. Nightmare is up first, and the participants are: Kathryn, Isabella, Nicole, Cliff, and Ovi. They have three trashcans in front of them, and they have to match the smells outside to the ones on their trashcans. Once they have labelled the smells, they ring the bell. The first person who is correct wins a secret power. This is a really gross competition. Nobody got all the trashcans right, so they had to go back for a second round. No one got all three correct in the third, so it was back. Ovi changed his rotten fish to stinky shrimp, which was wrong. Ovi got it right, but he can't yell because he doesn't want anyone to know he won the secret power.

Ovi's power is after the nomination ceremony. He can inact the nightmare power after the nomination ceremony, and the HOH will have to redo the nominations. This power is good for the first six nominations. Ovi says that if he's on the nomination block, he'll use the power. Ovi tells Cliff and Isabella that he couldn't figure out. Kathryn said that she thought she had them all right each time. Ovi gathers Jack, Michie, Analyse, and Christie together. Ovi said that it was Nick and Tommy talking. Ovi didn't know he was talking to half the eight. The four pretend to form an alliance with Ovi. They call it the Fan Five. Ovi isn't not very smart.

Kemi goes up to talk with Christie. Kemi throws Ovi under the bus saying that no one knows who Ovi would put up. Jack doesn't like that Kemi is coming up and talking game and throwing people under the bus. Christie thinks Kemi is a player and a schemer, and that puts a target on Kemi's back.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Christie puts up Cliff and Kathryn. Christie says it's not personal, and she wanted it to be not biased. What a wimpout! Cliff says he's stubborn, and he's going to try to win the POV. Poor Ovi isn't going to use his power (because spoiler alert: he goes up afte. Kathryn says she's a savage, and she's going to win POV.


Thursday, June 27, 2019 -- Afternoon

Night Two
The show started with Jessica moaning to Cliff about how lots of folks said they were voting for her. Jackson said that he has to listen to what every one says. We see Jackson with an expressionless face listening to people. Kemi is the only person who isn't going to Jackson. Jack, Jackson, and Isabella formed an alliance, and Isabella is in on it because you don't turn down an alliance. They talk about Jessica, Cliff, and David going on the block. Jackson tells David that he wants to use David as a pawn, and that he has to put up the people who went against him. David would rather not, and as David said, how many times has a pawn gone home?

Jackson goes to the HOH room to make his selections. Meanwhile a squirrel comes into the house as the camp mascot to take the banished folks out of the game. The squirrel taks out a bag, puts Cliff in, and drags him out of the house. Kemi is the second person because she made no effort to talk to Jackson. Jessica is third, and David is fourth. The four have to compete. It's one of those games in the dark competition. They have to follow the signs to the tree that takes them back to Camp BB. The first three go back into the game. The fourth is immediately out. We then have a segment everyone fumbling around in the dark. Cliff is the first person to make it back into the BB house. As Cliff said, he's not Glenn, Jody, or Steve. I think I like Cliff. Kemi is second. Jessica is the last person to make it back, and David is out of the game. Julie told David that he is out of the BB house, and added "for now." So what does that mean? David wanted to be the first black person to win BB.
HOH Competition
Tommy and Christie finally talk, and it seems that Christie didn't not end well with Tommy's aunt. However, the two are putting their differences behind them and working together. Meanwhile, Jack, Jackson, Nick, Christie, Bella, and Holly are going to form an alliance together. Bella doesn't really know their names, but Jack does, and tells her who they are.

Time for the HOH competition. As camp director, Jackson is safe and not going to compete for HOH. The competition is going to be in pairs of two. The last house guest on the pole will be HOH. So I don't know why people are being paired up. Jackson has to pick the team. He picks them randomly, making sure his alliance is on separate poles. Jessica is the first person out. She thought she had more energy, but she doesn't. Jack and Kathryn fell together. Then Nick was right after them. Ovi, Sam, Kemi, and Cliff fall. Bella fell then too. Nicole is off too. It's down to Tommy, Analyse, Christie, and Holly. Christie wants to start the game strong with a win. Analyse is down. Then it's Holly. It's down to Tommy and Christie. Tommy fell to show his support for Christie. Christie is HOH.

On Sunday, we'll find out about a new power competition. And it sounds like David will come back on eviction night, which is next Wednesday. The POV show will be on Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 -- Morning

Camp BB
Celebration What a stupid idea! CBS is saying this season, it's Camp BB. There's a summer camp theme to the show, which is probably going to be really dumb! We started with the first eight house guests. First up is the self-described redneck, Jackson. He said he used to watch the show with his mom since he was a kid. Nicole seems to need a grow-up pill. Tommy is the token gay guy that BB always adds to the game. Tommy says he's a BB superfan. Kathryn says she's no dumb blonde. She just looks like one. She considers herself a celebrity in her head. Ovi's parents come from Bangladesh. Kemi says she is a reformed mean girl. Yeah, okay. Holly comes from Wyoming but lives in LA. She does sound interesting. Jack looks like Jason Momoa, Aquaman. He is quite good looking, and he's very attahed to his black lab. These are the first eight who go into the house. Tommy thinks Jack is the most gorgeous thing in the house. I'm sure that many of the girls will think that too; Kathryn in particular.

Next up is the second set of eight. Julie says that some of the house guests may already know each other. It's that summer camp theme. You go to summer camp, and you may know some of the others who are at camp. Christie is a new age person. She says it's impossible that she won't win. Sam is really annoying. He's a truck driver from PA. Isabella has a tiger mom who is not too happy with the idea of her daughter who should be a doctor going on BB. Nick is a psychologist or soemthing. Jessica is a plus-size model. Who exercises. Clilff is the token old guy. He's a petroleum engineer. Analyse is a BB fan who loved Jordan and Danielle. She plays soccer. David is a photographer. He's really into fitness, going from a fat guy to a fitness person.

All 16 house guests are now in the house. Cliff is going to try to lay low, because the old guy is usually the target. Jack and Jackson have a bromance from the get-go. Tommy recognizes Christie right away. It seems that Christie dated his aunt. Both decide that they should pretend they don't know each other. They do the round the couches introduction. The girls all like Jack, obviously. Kemi is an obvious itchy bee.
All the house guests
Julie lets all the house guests know that this season is Camp BB. For some reason, they have to elect a camp director, who will be safe for the first week. The camp director will also affect the first HOH competition, and he/she can also affect the games of everyone. Ovi and Isabella don't want to do it. Cliff says that he would want to do it to be safe for the first week. David also says the he wants it. Jackson also says that no one wants to do it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The girls want girl power, and they want to vote for Jessica. Jackson talks with Jack because Jackson wants an alliance. Nicole is now thinking of going back on her word to Jessica and going with Jackson. All the girls are starting to turn their back on Jessica to go for Jackson.

They all vote in the backyard. All the people who din't get votes got splashed with colored dye. Jack, Jackson, Jessica, and Nick got votes. Jack and Nick each got one vote. Jessica got four votes. Jackson got 10 votes to be the first camp director. Jessica is pissed, and she realizes that a whole bunch of people lied to her. Jackson now has to choose to banish four house guests. The four will have a competition. Three get back into the house, and the fourth is out of the game. We have to wait until tonight's episode to find out more. The first HOH will be an endurance competition.

Monday, June 24, 2019 -- Morning

Big Brother Launches Tomorrow
Big Brother 21 starts tomorrow, and I am hopeful that with this season, I'll actually want to watch the show to completion. I've had trouble with that in recent seasons because the house guests have just been so danged boring or annoying. And we usually wind up with the most annoying or boring ones at the end. So fingers are crossed for this season.