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6th evicted-11/9
8th evicted-11/17
Second Place
10th evicted-11/29
11th evicted-12/1
1st evicted-10/5
2nd evicted-10/12
4th evicted-10/26
5th evicted-11/2
3rd evicted-10/19
9th evicted-11/23
7th evicted-11/9

1st HOH competition: Jason
Safe: Kryssie
2nd HOH competition: Morgan
Winner: Morgan

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Jason and Morgan

Friday, December 2, 2016 -- Evening

Shocking Finish
I really haven't been watching BB OTT lately because I was really disgusted by Jason and Kryssie. Jason has just been a negative person the whole season, and he has said several things that were worse than Paulie even said last season. Some people thought Jason got a pass because he was a fan favorite, and because he was getting a pass because he wasn't an obnoxious, straight man. I think that he and Kryssie just fed off of each other. I mean Kryssie was rubbing her armpits on the Ball Smasher's pillows. Disgusting pig! Anyway, after Jason won HOH, he saved Kryssie. Morgan is the winner Then Kryssie and Jason started bashing their alliance member Justin because Kryssie and Jason are obnoxious asses.

Morgan wound up beating Justin in the second competition, so it was her, Kryssie, and Jason in the three. Of course, no one voted for Kryssie, because as some the podcasters were saying, Kryssie was the goat taken to the final because anyone could beat her. She was out next. When it came down to Jason and Morgan, everyone thought Jason would win, but Morgan pulled it out with a very tight margin of 20,000 votes. I was so glad that Justin lost because I didn't like the way he played the game. I know that I voted for Morgan, so it was a great win in my opinion. I need to watch the show at some point, but things have just been too busy!

Thursday, November 24, 2016 -- Morning

Dire Days
I haven't had a chance to watch the weekly episode yet, but it's dire days in the BB house. Justin won the last care package by default. So Morgan put Jason and Kryssie on the block. Jason won the veto, so Shelby had to go on the block in his place, and unfortunately, Jason and Justin voted her out. That leaves us with disgusting, whiny Kryssie, obnoxious, whiny, Jason (who has said things worse than Paulie in the BB house, but without the uproar--why?), lame Justin, and Morgan. Since we are at final four, there will be two competitions. Jason already quickly won the first, and he gets to save someone, which will probably be his cohort in disgust, Kryssie. Then it will be down to Morgan and Justin to compete in the final competition with the loser going home. I am just thoroughly disgusted because I really dislike Jason and Kryssie and the way they have acted in the house, and it looks like they will get rewarded. I'll try to watch the episode soon, but it will be hard with Thanksgiving this week. The finale is December 1.

Shelby trying to adjust mirrors

Thursday, November 17, 2016 -- Afternoon

Down to Final Five
I have been sick with flu this week, so I did not watch the BB OTT show last night, even though it was on at 8 PM Eastern. The show started with the four new Whitney alliance members sobbing. Danielle wanted to show Justin that she was loyal to him. Kryssie tells Danielle that she made the right move. Morgan said that seeing Alex walk out when Morgan knew that it was Alex's biggest dream. She and Shelby thought that it was stupid of Kryssie to keep in a bigger target.

Completed HOH puzzle Time for the HOH competition. It's a cool one, where the house guests have to line up mirrors to reflect a laser that will ultimately hit a target. They have 20 minutes to complete the puzzle. If you don't finish in 20 minutes, you are disqualified. The fastest time gets HOH. Jason is first. As you put the mirrors in, you have to twist the stands to angle them. Morgan's first thought is to get all the mirrors on the board, and then to rearrange them. Morgan is having trouble finding the solution. Big Kryssie is next. When she puts the mirrors in, she really manhandles the mirrors and stands. Justin is next. We know that he really doesn't try to win any competition. Justin times out. Shelby is last. Shelby tries to adjust her mirrors, but she notices that one of them won't stay in place. It keeps on moving up. Shelby realizes that one of her mirrors is broken. Danielle gives the results. Kryssie was 15:05 minutes. Morgan is 12:49 seconds. Jason's time is 8:14 seconds. At the 7 minutes mark, Shelby's mirror was obviously broken, so she and Jason will have to do a play off. Jason says that he will try to stay positive. It's a new puzzle with a different solution. Shelby is having issues adjusting the mirrors, but she keeps on. She gets the target, and then it is Jason's turn. As Jason said, he was able to steal Shelby's HOH the previous week, and he wanted to do the same this week. Jason can't believe that he didn't notice the solution all along. Time for the solution. Shelby had 4:03. Jason had 9:52 so Shelby is HOH! Shelby is more concerned about how she gets to the end. Jason thought it could have been his HOH.
Shelby wins HOH
Shelby hopes to keep Morgan safe, and she's happy there is not care package this week. Jason realizes that it's every man for himself. Jason is beating himself up over the loss. Jason tells Danielle that they have to make another deal with Shelby and Morgan. Like they will buy that again. Shelby and Morgan realize that they want Danielle to be out so only Justin can get the care package because Danielle is a bigger threat in the game. At nighttime, Jason and Danielle talk about making a deal with Shelby. Jason wants to make Danielle a target, and he wants Danielle to think that he is going to be on Danielle's side. Jason thinks that Shelby wants to hear Justin's name as a target. Jason wants to make sure that if he can't save himself, he's going to make Danielle a target. Jason says that they are all in pairs. He is in with Danielle, Justin with Kryssie, and Shelby with Morgan. The plan is to take Morgan out. Shelby calls Jason on how Jason made a deal with them twice, and that twice Jason was cruel about it. Shelby says that he knows Jason is a liar. Shelby is targeting Danielle. Then Justin goes to talk to the girls. Shelby says that if she takes out Danielle, she is guaranteeing Justin a care package. Shelby says that she hopes Justin realizes that Justin sees they are on his side. Justin is happy because he really only likes Jason and Kryssie. Shelby tells Justin that it is his time to make a huge game move.
Final 4?
Now that Justin is on their side, they have to convince Kryssie. Shelby tells Kryssie that it is pairs and that Jason is in with Danielle. Kryssie realizes that Danielle instigated the most drama. Shelby explains that Kryssie is taking herself way further if they get rid of Danielle. They all say they will take down the American Nominee, regardless of who it is. The four call themselves the Jambalaya gang.

Jason goes to Justin and asks if Justin made a deal with the girls. Justin says no. Justin doesn't want Jason to be blindsided. Justin tells them that the mission is not for Jason to go. Justin says that the girls and he want Danielle gone. Time for the safety ceremony. In the first ceremony, Shelby makes Justin and Kryssie safe to show her loyalty. Danielle realizes that it's a dumb move for Shelby to put both her and Jason on the block. Danielle says that she hopes Morgan is on the block, and that Danielle does not go hom. Justin says that they have to win veto. Danielle cries because she doesn't know how Justin gets so lucky.
Justin helps out with the grill
Justin goes upstairs to the Shelby and Morgan with a cup to get wine. Danielle can't respect that Justin is doing anything to save himself. Duh! That's the game. Of course, Morgan is saved in the second safety ceremony. Shelby says that she targeted them because they fooled her once shame on them, fool her twice, shame on her. They wonder who America is going to nominate. Danielle says that Shelby better hope that Danielle doesn't win POV. Danielle calls Justin a traitor. Danielle is sorry that she did not send Justin home. Justin says that it will be better when Danielle is gone. Jason tells Justin that Danielle is calling him a traitor. Justin says that Danielle can say whatever she wants to say. Justin says that he can tell the difference between shit and glitter.

Shelby is going to remind Justin and Kryssie that Jason is going to try to sway them. Shelby tells Justin that Jason was throwing Justin under the bus. Shelby tells Justin that if Jason does not win the next HOH, they are final four.
Justin's headware

Time for America's Nominee, and it is Morgan. Morgan is trying to figure it out. She thinks America may want her to play harder. Jason says he looks like a bunny on Easter next to the two strong girls. Danielle is happy about the nomination because she thinks Morgan will go home. Morgan is not sure if Kryssie and Justin will vote out Danielle if she is still on the block with Morgan. Shelby and Morgan realize that one of them have to win veto. Kryssie did not think America would have nominated her. Justin says that he only trusts Kryssie. Kryssie is hoping to get Justin to trust Jason. Justin says that he never threw one of his friends under the bus. Justin says his social game have gotten him this far. Justin goes off to cook banana crepes. The POV is played individually. They have to build a path of dominos through gates, choosing the correct answer in the gate. They have to get the dominos to fall when the push the domino on the Start pad, and it must go all the say to the Finish. If it does not, they can reset, but the path has to be through the correct answer to three questions. There is a three minute penalty if they go through the wrong gate, but successfully make the dominos fall.
Shelby's winning run Shelby is first. She thinks the right answers are Perfect Shott, Jeff, and Veto Vault. Shelby gets all her dominos to fall on the first try. Jason is second. Jason is positive Jeff was there longer. He thinks that Veto for Sale was the second correct answer. He thinks Veto Vault was the third answer. He isn't successful in getting the dominos to tall on the first try. But fortunately, it was at the beginning. Justin was next. Justin isn't sure of any of the answers, but he lays out the dominos. He gets to the third gate, and he has to reset all the dominos. But he got two gates wrong. Kryssie is next. Kryssie isn't sure if she should actually throw the veto. I hate Kryssie. Kryssie is trying to get it to make it look like she didn't throw it. Kryssie thinks she got it, but she got one gate wrong. Danielle is next. She put a domino byt the right answer in each gate, then she started to make her paths. She makes two paths, then realizes that she could only have one complete path, idiot. Then her domino chain failed right near the end. She tries again, and she did get all the answers right. Morgan put her dominos too close together and was running out of dominos. She did, but she got two answers wrong. Jason got a time of 11:58 with one penalty. for a total of 14:48. Shelby's time was 9:38 with no penalties. Justin was 11:18 with one wrong answer for 14:18. Kryssie was 13:06 plus one penalty for 16:06. Danielle had 23:13 with no penalties. Morgan's time was 13:37 plus 2 penalties, so Shelby won the POV. She has all the power this week. Danielle realizes now that either she or Jason will be going home this week.
HOH times
In the bathroom, Morgan talks with Kryssie about keeping in with Jason. Morgan figures that if she tells Kryssie her secret that Kryssie will work with her. Morgan tells Kryssie that Alex was her sister. Kryssie has no reaction. Kryssie is really ugly, and she does not believe Morgan. As Kryssie says, obviously Morgan underestimates her intelligence because Kryssie sees right through Morgan's lies. Kryssie actually really does believe that Morgan is lying about Alex being her sister. What a fricking dim bulb!!!

Time for the veto meeting. Shelby vetos Morgan. Morgan wanted to tell the pair on the block that they should have taken the final five deal. Danielle is torn on whether to fight to stay, or if she should just go home because she misses he son and has so much to go home for. Danielle says that she wanted to play the game since she was 10-years-old. Danielle feels like she might be ready to go. Bye-bye!

Time for the live eviction. Danielle says that it is very emotion for her, and she adores them all. Jason says he misses everyone and sends love to CBS. Time for the vote.
By a vote of 4-0, Danielle is evicted. Danielle goes with a positive attitude. Jason thanks them for keeping him. They watch Danielle's picture turn black and white. Kryssie tells Jason to change as the last word, obviously for the endurance HOH that happened last night. Morgan won!

Shelby and Morgan cry

Friday, November 11, 2016 -- Evening

Second Part of the Double Eviction: aka Cryfest
CBS split the on demand episode for the double eviction into two parts. This is what happened in the second part. Shelby tells Alex about being a lawyer, and Alex and Morgan tell how they are sisters. Shelby and Morgan cry after Alex leaves, but they have to keep on working.

The house guests learn that it is a double eviction. The HOH competition involves studying a BB shopping network. Rachel Riley comes in to host the HOH competition. The competition will have seven questions. They get one point for each correct answer. They all get the first question right. They all get the second one right too. Justin gets the third question wrong. They all get the fourth question right. Rachel Riley in the house Question five is false, and they all get that. They all get the sixth question right. Now it's time for the final question, which they all get right, so it is a four way tie. In the tie breaker, they have to do math. Danielle got the tie breaker, so she is HOH. As she said, she has come far from being the first person on the block.

The Late Night Jamboree celebrated while Morgan and Shelby cry. They say they should not roll over. Shelby says whoever stays needs to stay positive. Then Morgan got the care package. She got the veto, and she also gets to use it to save a person. Danielle complains about how Shelby and Morgan are celebrating. Like Danielle and Jason didn't dance and celebrate all the time--and like they weren't celebrating just a few minutes earlier.

Danielle goes to talk with Morgan and Shelby. Danielle says that she knows the girls may not trust her. Danielle says that the only person she wants to keep is Jason. Shelby says that Kryssie is not the person someone takes out in a double eviction. Although Shelby and Morgan want Justin and Jason, it will be Justin and Whitney.
Justin consoles Whitney
Danielle saves Shelby, Jason, and Kryssie. Justin and Whitney are on the block. Danielle cries because she doesn't want either to go. Boo-hoo! Jason, Kryssie, and Danielle cry and have a pity party. Whitney, the flipper, is believed to have flipped back, so the threesome decide to get rid of Whitney. Whitney expects to go home. Justin, rightly, says that he would be the one to go because it makes sense. At the veto ceremony, both Justin and Whitney say whatever. Danielle wants Shelby and Morgan to vote out Whitney. Morgan and Shelby try to explain that Justin is a bigger target, and the double veto is the time to take out Justin.

Time for the second eviction. Justin just says nonsense stuff. Whitney just cries and says she is a hot mess. Justin hugs her to console her. Time for the vote:
Boo-hoo It's a tie, and Danielle breaks the tie, evicting Whitney. Jason sobs, saying he loves Whitney. The only ones not really crying are Shelby and Morgan because they were stabbed in the back by Whitney. Afterwards, Justin is depressed, and he says that Whitney's boyfriend is a lucky man. Danielle said that the others in her alliance have to win the HOH. Morgan says it's an uphill battle, but both Shelby and Morgan are after the other side.

At the end of the episode, we got to see the Julie Chen/Whitney interview. Whitney said that she has a love/hate relationship with Big Brother because it is such an emotional rollercoaster. Whitney said that she knew she was always at the bottom of the ball smasher alliance. Julie reminded Whitney that Whitney was at the bottom of the other alliance too. Whitney said that she and Justin had been close throughout the game. Whitney calls Justin one of her best friends in the house. Whitney also said Kryssie was a really close friend. Whitney hesitates over being friends with the ball smashers. Whitney could not guess who the two siblings in the house were. She guessed Shelby and Jason. Whitney could not believe that Alex and Morgan are sisters. Whitney feels so stupid for not getting it. Whitney does not want to believe Julie. Whitney was completely blown away. Whitney's final thought was that she did not regret going into the BB house, and she is satisfied and happy with the outcome.

Shelby playing the HOH

Friday, November 11, 2016 -- Evening

First Part of the Double Eviction
I knew that I would not be able to stay awake for the whole double eviction, so I'm watching the double eviction on demand on Friday; I have just been too busy for the extended episode. The episode started with Scott leaving. The goal is to pick off the other three ball smashers (sans Whitney) one by one. Whitney, meanwhile, while seems to hope to stay with the other ball smashers.

Shelby as HOH The HOH competition starts. It's a photo morphing game with the pictures of two house guests morphed into one picture. The house guests have 30 minutes to figure it out and compete one by one to see who does it in the fastest time. Slow speaking Whitney is the first to go. Whitney is gong to look at the photos one by one, but just try to pick out features that stand out to her. Whitney gets three of the six wrong. The only one that Whitney is sure of is her face on the nerd. She winds up timing out and being disqualified. Alex recognizes Kryssie as the cheerleader, and thinks it's ironic that the person most against cliques made the game a whole big high school clique. Alex is almost out of time when she recognizes Monty eyes on Kryssie's face with the cheerleader. Alex's time is 27:04.57. Kryssie is next. I hate Kryssie. Kryssie only got two wrong at the start, and as she said, she was so confident that she would solve it, but she wound up being disqualified. As they told her in the HOH room, she would have had it at 10 minutes. Shelby was next, and her approach was to take it one picture at a time so she doesn't confuse things. She says that's the way she did it with the LSAT. Shelby got it right in the first try. 3:42 seconds. Morgan is next. She tries to look at all of them, which tells us Shelby's strategy was the best.

Jason is next, and he takes all the name plates over to the pictures. Then he uncovers them, and starts on the puzzles. Jason realizes that he is in big trouble. He also runs out of time because he had to do it in 3:42. Jason was shocked at Shelby's time. Justin realizes that there's no way he can beat the time. Justin was just putting up one name at a time. So Shelby is the HOH. Shelby hopes to keep Alex and Morgan safe this week.
Ball smashers celebrate
Justin says that he knows Shelby will target him. Whitney says that she will keep Justin safe. Meanwhile in the storage room, Morgan, Alex, and Shelby celebrated so loudly that everyone in the house could hear them. Whitney was not invited. Alex, Morgan, and Shelby say that they have to keep Whitney close. No one tells the ball smashers that they can be heard throughout the house. In the HOH room, the ball smashers talk about pulling in Whitney. Shelby realizes that they still need Whitney. Shelby wants to take out either Jason or Justin. Shelby doesn't want to tell anyone else because she doesn't want the care package to go to either one of them. Well, of course, the care package goes to Jason.

Jason got the co-HOH. Jason gets to share all the perks. He gets to name one of the nominees. I can't stand Jason either. I'm not a fan of Jason or Kryssie. Shelby has to change up her game plan. Basically, Shelby gets to save one person, then Jason saves one person. Danielle volunteers to go up so she isn't America's nominee, because if she came off, there would be no replacement.
POV competition
Shelby is trying to figure out if Jason will work with her, because she wants to keep her people safe. Jason claims that he wants to get rid of Danielle. So the only option as Shelby's nominee is Whitney. Jason claims that he is going to put up of his players, and Shelby will put up one of hers. For the first safety ceremony, Shelby saves Morgan, and Jason saves Kryssie. For the second ceremony, Shelby saves Alex, and Jason saves Justin. That leaves Danielle and Whitney on the block. Shelby says that since she could only save two, she could not save Whitney. Whitney realizes she is at the bottom of the list. Jason thinks that he is playing a mind game. I think this is really stupid. They could only save two people. It's not that they really "nominated" their own side. Jason says that this is going according to plan so Jason can backdoor Alex. I think it sucks that Shelby lost her HOH, but things will be okay in the end.

Time for America's nominee, and it's Alex. I really hate Kryssie, who looks so smug. Time to pick the veto player, and Shelby picks Alex's name. Alex chooses Morgan. Alex knows that Morgan will play for her. The odds appear to be in the ball smashers favor, but nope.
Jason wins POV
Time for the veto competition. They have to load two balls in a clear tube. They have to cross a balance beam. They to put 10 balls in a tube on the other side. Once they have two balls in a tube, they have to cross the other side to lock it. Dropping a ball or touching the ground takes all the balls out of the tube. They have three tubes on the other side. Alex is an ex-gymnast, but she can't balance the two balls. Whitney had to reset because she didn't cross back on the beam. No one seemed to know they had to go back on the balance beam. Shelby locked the first 10 balls. Alex was second. How did Jason wind up winning this? Whitney and Morgan were having issues getting the first tube filled. Danielle was the first to lock the second tube of balls. Shelby had to reset her second whole tube because she ran across the grass after filling the second tube. Jason wound up winning. It sucked, but what can you do. I really hate Jason. And I hate Kryssie. Whitney is happy because Alex will be leaving. Alex realizes that it is a worse case scenario.

Jason and Danielle dance and celebrate. Jason is really pleased with himself because Danielle is coming off the block, and Morgan is going up. Shelby and Morgan overhear Whitney telling Justin that they should have a celebretory dinner. The other three ball smashers overheard it. Morgan goes down to ask Whitney what they were celebrating. Morgan notes in the DR that Justin stopped being a have not a few days earlier. Whitney realizes that the gig is up. Well, Whitney will be going home right after Alex, so good for Whitney.
Alex says they are stabbed in the back by Whitney
Morgan, Alex, and Shelby talk to Jason about how they know that Whitney flipped on them. The ball smashers try to convince Jason to get rid of Whitney. Jason claims that he is going to ponder their plan. Jason realizes that he gave the girls a glimmer of hope, and he tells his side so they all plot to torture the girls. I really hate Jason. Jason says that the stars have aligned, and Jason claims that he is going to put up Justin. The three girls celebrated because they thought there was hope. Jason plans that Danielle and he go up to torture the girls even more by making a fake alliance with the girls. I really hate Jason and Kryssie. Jason feels like they are finally getting what they deserve. Well, I can't wait for Jason to get what he deserves. In the POV ceremony, Jason takes Danielle down, and he puts Morgan up. Morgan then calls out Jason about bringing up a final five deal. Jason whispers that everyone knows. He is really a jerk. Morgan says that she is going to be stuck in a house with the horrible crowd that farts and burps on everything, and popping each others zits. AS Justin goes to leave, he laughs and says suckers. Morgan then called out Whitney on the celebratory dinner. I think Kryssie and Jason are shit heads. Whitney then says she has a relationship with Justin and Krystie. Shelby calls Whitney on not knowing Kryssie's name. Jason tells them that Alex is going home. Not to worry! Whitney will leave next.

Morgan, Alex, and Whitney Time for the eviction. Whitney goes first. Alex calls them hypocritidiots. Jason and Kryssie act smug. Morgan says that she's happy that Kryssie hasn't quit the game as Kryssie keeps on saying she will. The vote:
America evicted Alex too, and she is out. Jason says he respects Alex, and he loved Morgan's speech. Alex is gone.

We then saw an exit interview with Julie Chen and Alex. Alex called them hypocritidiots. Which are hypocrites and idiots, and that describes the whole other side. Alex said it killed her that she isn't there to be in the house to compete for her friends. Alex thinks that America doesn't like her. Actually, that isn't true. Alex thought that she was evicted because Morgan and Whitney did not get a care package. Alex admitted that outside the house, the sisters aren't close. Alex said that they couldn't play on opposite sides because they just couldn't get along with the other side. Alex now feels she has a better bond with her sister. Alex said she did believe Jason because she didn't have any other option. She just didn't have any other choice. Alex thinks that she will be besties with Jason outside the house. Alex said that the other ball smashers always knew that Whitney would flip on them. Alex thinks Jason might have the best shot if she gets to the end. Alex thinks if Shelby can, she could win.

Ball Smashers

Thursday, November 3, 2016 -- Evening

Scott Leaves
Last night's episode started with the fall out from Neeley going home. I really dislike Kryssie, and I hope that she goes home next week, please! Kryssie is furious that Scott is still in the house because Scott is the worst person ever. This has just been game on Scott's part. Meanwhile the ball smashers celebrated.

Jason said reprimands Scott because Neeley heard Scott telling the ball smashers that he would make Danielle's life a living hell. Neeley starts yelling at Scott and the ball smashers because Scott has been playing the game. Danielle is upset, and Kryssie cries because "this is all just a game" to the other side. Um,yeah! It is a game!
HOH competition
Danielle says that the way Scott applauded Neeley. Jason reprimands Scott, and Scott says did he really do that, and Jason admits that Scott didn't. Scott says that Jason has been mean to Shelby all along. Jason said that he was mean to Shelby because it was personal, not a game. Danielle starts screaming at Scott that Scott is a disgusting person and that Danielle has been bullied. Boo-hoo!

The HOH competition is based on baseball cards on the memory wall that everyone has to study. Shelby was upset tht she wasn't the star of any of the cards. Everyone comments on Justin eating pizza while Morgan styles his hair. The game is a true false game. Scott admits that he has been chewed out by the other side for the last 10 minutes so Scott has to win. Danielle says the same thing. Scott, Alex, and Shelby are out on the first question. Jason cheers because Scott is out. I am not fan of Jason, Danielle, or Kryssie. It's all up to Whitney and Morgan. Morgan is out in the second question. With the next question, Justin and Jason are out. it's down to Whitney and Danielle. Whitney gets it wrong. Danielle changes her answer several times, but finally settles on false and gets it right. Whitney cries that it was a horrible feeling to be so close, yet so far away. Scott comments how every time he has a fight with someone, that person winds up as HOH.
Jason being an ass
Danielle is ready to get down and dirty. Kryssie worries about America. She is terrified for herself, which she should be. Scott tells the ball smashers that he thinks he is going to have to go out this week. Danielle says that she is not going to nominate Scott because her issues with him are personal, and she does not want to do something emotional. Danielle thinks that Alex is the person to put up and get out. Kryssie thinks that Whitney will work with them. Which it seems she might.

Time for the care package. Shelby wins it. Shelby gets to prevent three house guests from voting. Danielle is so disheartened. She has a pity party and cries. Boo-hoo! Danielle and the others think the ball smashers are disgusting because the ball smashers celebrate the care package.

While the others talk, Justin goes into the other room to dance. The others are boring, so I can understand him leaving the sorry group. Danielle saves Kryssie, Justin, and Jason.
Justin dancing
Alex talks to Danielle that she knows Alex might be the target. Alex says that the house division can't last much longer. Alex tells Danielle that instead of attacking each other, they should work together because they are both big female targets. Then Shelby goes to talk to Danielle. Shelby thinks that they will be good against each other in the final three. Shelby says that she has to take away the votes of Justin, Jason, and Kryssie. Danielle thinks that Shelby should go up to eliminate her vote.

Danielle and Scott talk strategy, and Danielle tells Scott that she wants to keep him, and promises to take Scott off if he is America's nominee. Scott says that his strategy is to make is seem like they are enemies. Scott tells Danielle that Alex is the only person that he will not turn on.

Veto competition with ghosts Whitney is really worries. Scott and Morgan are saved, and then Danielle saves Alex. That leaves Shelby and Whitney. Shelby knows that she can use the care package to keep herself safe. Shelby thinks the ball smashers are up against each other to turn them against each other. The four ball smashers talk. She thinks it's because the other side wants the girls to turn on each other. They promise not to turn on each other.

Justin and Whitney vibe together, which means that Justin can work with Whitney, and they get along. Time for America's nominee, which is Scott. Scott thinks it sucks because it means someone from their side goes home. Kryssie threatens to kiss everyone in America. Disgusting! Time to pick someone for veto. Whitneys' name is picked, and she selects Justin. Jason is the other name selected. Jason thinks that America nominated Scott because they made a mistake last week. I really hate Jason and Kryssie. Jason doesn't think America hates them. Maybe not, but I hate Jason and Kryssie.

Time for the veto competition. There's a lame video about a girl murdering her whole family on the spot where the BB house is.

Morgan cries that Whitney flipped In the veto, they have to complete one at a time. They have to search for items that the murdered girl left behind: her hair brush, her rattle, and her doll Abigail. The player who find the items in the shortest time wins the POV. They have the house made up like a haunted house with people jumping out at them. Scott was the first to go through the house. Justin wants to find the veto, but coming from New Orleans, the ghosts are freaking him out. Shelby is next. It seems really scary. Shelby tells them that if they touch her, she will fucking sue them. Shelby has trouble finding the box to put the items. Jason tries to talk to the ghosts in a funny voice. Whitney is next, and she wants to get the veto so she is not up with Shelby and Scott. Whitney becomes confused over whether fastest is a word. Danielle wants to win the veto too.

Time to find out how everyone did. Justin had 1:51. Scott had 2:08. Shelby had 5:06. Jason had 2:14. Whitney has 4:52. Danielle has 1:22. Danielle went through fast! Danielle wins the veto. Scott thinks that Danielle will use the veto on him, which she does not.

Danielle realizes that she has to break her promise to Scott. Jason says that they have to show loyalty to Whitney so she shows loyalty to them. Whitney tells the other sides that if Danielle wants Whitney to vote out Scott, she will. Whitney feels that Scott is not a ball smasher. Whitney is not telling the ball smashers about Danielle saying she would use the veto on Whitney.
Morgan, Scott, and Shelby
Time for the veto meeting. All three tell Danielle to do what she wants. Danielle saves Whitney and puts up Morgan in her place. Scott is shocked that Danielle took down Whitney. Scott believes that Whitney cut a deal with Danielle. Morgan cries, and Alex says that Whitney flipped against them. Alex says they can't trust Whitney. They all realize that Whitney had to have made some sort of deal. Shelby says that they only have each other, and they have to vote out Scott. It will only be Alex and Whitney voting.

Time for the live eviction. Shelby tells people to rescue a dog. Scott thanks everyone for making his dream come true. Morgan says that she knows it's a hard decision. Shelby eliminates Jason, Kryssie, and Justin's votes. Alex, Whitney, and America evict Scott.

Scott is evicted. He claps at himself. Scott is a good player, and he congratulates everyone and wishes them a good game. Scott is a decent kid.

Shelby calls the others idiots

Thursday, October 27, 2016 -- Afternoon

Per usual, I was not able to watch the full episode last night, but that's what on demand is for! The show started with Kryssie and Neeley crying over Shane leaving. Danielle wants to target the others. Scott tries to talk to Kryssie, but she was upset that Scott targetted Shane for "personal" reasons. Kryssie thinks that Scott should have gotten rid of Danielle. The ball smashers (Shelby, Morgan, and Alex) overhear, and Shelby comments that the other side are idiots. Yes, they are! Kryssie cries over Shane because they would never have gotten along in real life. Scott is bad because Shane is a real person.

Paul enters the house Paul comes into the house to MC the HOH competition. The HOH competition is the perfect shot game. Balls are doing to rain down, and inside the balls are tokens. Alex has to wear beer goggles in the HOH competition because of the previous POV competition. It's the same competition from last year where they have to roll a ball down the slide. Jason seems to think that Scottie and the hotties have been in charge, except of the three evictions, two were from the "hotties" side. Justin collected up a few tokens, and he tried first. Alex has been finding tokens and giving them to her teammates in the hopes that they can win (since Alex can't see). Scott had to collect up the balls for Paul. Shelby almost got it on her try. Scott was worried that Danielle was doing an amazing job. On her third ball, Kryssie won HOH. That side of the house went crazy. Kryssie was annoying. I don't like her. Scott knew that Kryssie would go after him and Alex. Alex says that this is her worse nightmare come true.

HOH competition Scott realizes that he has to mend fences. Meanwhile, ironically as you will learn, Neeley and Jason dance and twerk. HA! The ball smashers realize that they have to rely on the care package. Kryssie and company talk about how the other side has to be quaking in their shoes. Kryssie's target is Alex.

Time for the care package. Alex gets the care package, and she is safe. She has to be the HOH's servant. As Alex says, it does save her although she has to be close to Kryssie. Kryssie looks pissed. Alex tells the other girls that they may have to cut Scott to make the week work for them. Neeley tells Kryssie and Jason that Kryssie should put up Scott and Morgan. Jason says that Scott might win the POV. Kryssie says that it looks like the two of them are working her. Kryssie says they should let her play too. Kryssie is such a bitch! In the DR, Neeley has a witch's hat. She's also a bit of a freak.

Neeley and Jason celebrate Morgan and Whitney got to talk to Kryssie. They want to talk to Kryssie about a deal. They say they will vote in Kryssie's favor. They also tell Kryssie that she will be safe. They say they love Shelby and Scott, but they have to keep themselves safe. Kryssie claims that Scott has made some really bad choices. Kryssie tells them that if they win veto, they cannnot take Scott down. And Shelby would be second in the crosshairs.

Then we get a segment with Justin dancing and singing "bout to eat some pizza." Meanwhile Alex does not want to touch feet. Alex has to tell a joke, but she doesn't know one. So Scott gave her a joke. Then Alex has to bake a cake. As Alex says, it is a plus because she learns how to bake and gets to annoy Kryssie. Then Alex had to be a human ottoman. It seems Alex hates feet.

Neeley witch hat Scott realizes that he is going to go up. It's down to Scott, Morgan, and Shelby. Kryssie tells Morgan and Shelby that Scott has to go. Kryssie said that she did not want to put Whitney up because Whitney is so emotional.

Time for America's nominee, which is Neeley. Neeley realizes that she has to work to get off the block. Kryssie wonders if America is seeing something that Kryssie is not seeing. Time to pick the people who will play in veto. Kryssie picks Justin and then Scott's name, and Scott picks Shelby. Jason says asks Justin how America loves Shelby. Jason says that Shelby is trash. Kryssie thinks that America thinks Shelby is boring. Jason says that Shelby is a prostitute masquerading as a waitress. The ball smashers hope that Neeley does not win POV.

Alex as Kryssie's servant They played one at a time. They had to climb a wall, read clues about the three houseguests who have already been evicted, and then go back to get the answers one at a time. If they fall, they get a three minute penalty. Morgan goes first and get two questions wrong. Neeley drops the card, on Cornbread's answer. She gets a 3 minute penalty. Then she fell a second time and got another 3 minutes. Justin does not want to win, and he doesn't know any of the dates. Justin says this isn't the competition for him. Kryssie wants to win to make sure Scott goes home. Kryssie has a good strategy, and she opens all the clues. Kryssie falls, and she whines about how her hands are cut up. (Not!) She is not happy. She falls a second time. Kryssie falls a third time, but she is a whiny baby and can't complete the task. She claims she is fucking bleeding everywhere. Morgan competing in POV She just stands there and whines, cries, and complains. Shelby seems to do well. Last up is Scott. Scott admits that the physical part of the competition is the hardest for him. Results: Justin was disqualified. Scott did 8:51. Shelby did 12:18. Kryssie was disqualified. Neeley had 26:15. Morgan got 8:35, and she gets the POV. Scott is happy that Neeley is still on the block.

Scott thinks that the vote is going to be 3-3. Scott says that he will make next week Danielle's last. Scott decides that he is going to pick on Danielle to get America's vote. Danielle, Kryssie, and Jason all tell Scott that everyone is voting for Scott to go home. Kryssie's hand sans blood Neeley, Kryssie, and Jason talk about who to put up. Kryssie wants to put up Whitney so Whitney won't tick off her alliance by voting Scott out or tick Kryssie off by voting out Neeley. Neeley and Jason want Shelby to go up. Kryssie says that no one will vote for Whitney, so now Kryssie just has to get everyone to vote out Scott. Morgan and Scott talk. Scott says that Morgan will be his number two because Alex is his number one. Morgan realizes that it will be a 3-3 tie with Scott's fate in America's hands.

Time for the final eviction. Scott just says thanks for the memories. Neeley goes on and on about how Scott wants tv time and how horrible Scott is. She says that Scott does not deserve to be in the game. Neeley was upset that Scott applauded Kryssie's invisible hand injuries. Time for the vote:

Whitney, Scott, and Neeley on the block Of course, America breaks the tie and evicts Neeley. Scott applauded when Neeley was evicted from the house. Scott tried to explain that he came after Kryssie so there was no way he could applaud. Kryssie says that she heard Scott clap. Scott says "revisionist history." Jason claims that ever if he didn't clap then, clapping now was wrong. I really don't like Kryssie, Neeley, Danielle, or Jason. Those four could leave in my opinion.

HOH competition

Thursday, October 20, 2016 -- Afternoon

Week Three
I was not feeling well last night, so there was no way I was staying up to watch the full episode. Fortunately, we have on demand. The show started with the reaction after Monte went home. Kryssie is annoying, and she talks about riding the America wave. Alex realizes that America's vote went against Monte. Morgan realizes that their side has to win. Scott tells the girls that Shane went to Scott telling Scott to vote against Monte. Scott says that he couldn't vote out Monte. Scott realizes that he has to stick with the girls. Justin is happy that Monte is gone. Shane told Kryssie that they can't trust Scott. Kryssie thinks Scott needs to be put in his place, and he is not a smart player. I hate Kryssie!

Scott and the ball smashers Time for the HOH. The game is played in round, and the house guests have to declare which barcode is the longest. The house guests have a means to measure the barcode lines, and the game is played in rounds. They have 15 minutes to guess. It seems that none of them appear to have a good challenge. Shelby is the first to buzz in, and she is wrong. Jason plans ot measure with his eyes, and make a guess. He's wrong. Danielle and Kryssie are working together because they are idiots. Danielle also tells Shane how to measure with a chain. Scott guesses wrong. Then Danielle guesses wrong. Then Shane guesses wrong. Neeley guesses wrong. Whitney is talking too slow. and working too slow. So Kryssie, Morgan, Whitney, and Justin run out of time. Jason thinks he should know barcodes because he has worked in a grocery store too long. Shane realizes the idiot crew are not working together in a methodical matter.

Scott thinks that if he keeps going, he is going to get it. They are on the third round, and no one has guessed it. Thought that that the 72 board was the longest, and he is right. Scott hopes to keep all his allies okay. Justin realizes that for three weeks in a row the other side has been winning.

Alex and Morgan wonder why no one seems them as sisters Alex is happy that Scott is HOH. Scott is hoping to not bite off more than he can chew. Scott and the girls dance to celebrate. Whitney admits that you have to consider who America will put up. Shane tells Danielle not to worry because he will win the veto. Kryssie cries because Scott will put her up. I hate Kryssie. Kryssie is sure that America is on her side. Whitney, Morgan, Shelby, and Alex call themselves the ball smashers. They call Scott their boy. He is trying to decide his nominations. The five say that they are still targeting Shane and Danielle. Scott, in DR, says that Shane is crappy because Shane was not loyal to Monte.

Shane goes up to talk to Scott so Shane can keep himself and Danielle safe. Scott talks about how things have changed. Scott tells Shane that he couldn't vote out Monte. Shane tells Scott that if Scott keeps them safe, Scott gets two votes. Scott isn't a dummy, and he doesn't want to give Shane any information on his nominations. After Shane leaves, Scott says that Shane is going home next.
Danielle, Neeley, and Kryssie on the block
Morgan and Alex talk about how surprising it is that no one has figured out that they are sisters. Yep, this crew is dumb. The BB Care Package arrived. Scott got the care package to pick the type of veto: Diamond Veto (the person can remove the nominee and name the replacement), Double Veto (two people win), and Boomerang Veto (the winner can use it twice). Scott says that he wil use it strategically. Danielle thinks that Scott got the veto to keep their side safe because they can pick their poison. Jason tells us that everyone on his side needs to win. Neeley thinks Scott will use the Diamond Veto. Scott tells his four girls that he will use the double veto because that's best for him. Scott says he wants to put up Kryssie because they don't get along. I hate Kryssie. Neeley is the second choice.

Jason and Scott talk about the plan. Scott wants to build trust with Jason. Scott tells Jason about the alliance with Monte, Cornbread, him, and Shane. Scott says he's going to go with a backdoor. Scott tells Jason that Justin and Jason are good. Jason says that he understands the choice. Jason tells Shane that Scott is going to put up Kryssie and Neeley and backdoor Shane and Danielle.
Jason points out the types of veto
Time for the first safety ceremony. Scott picks Justin first. Then he picks Alex, Whitney, and Jason. Jason is bummed that one of his people are going up. Scott comes down the steps, and Justin is happy to be safe. Danielle and Kryssie cry over their lot in life. Danielle claims how exhausted she is. Kryssie is soooo sure that America will vote one of the ball smashers.

For the second safety ceremony, the safe folks are Morgan, Shane, Danielle, and Shelby. Kryssie calls Scott a chump and says that he and Alex are going down hard. Scott says that Kryssie is a hard player, but she has trouble in social situations. Kryssie in DR says that she hopes Scott stays a virgin. Scott asks Kryssie if she wants to talk. The reason was because Kryssie was running around saying she was going to check the rules to get Scott thrown out.

POV competition Time to find out America's nominee. It's Danielle. Danielle doesn't understand why America put her up. As Morgan says, finally someone from the other side goes up. Shane wants to keep Danielle up there so he is safe. Time to pick the nominees. Scott picks Alex and Justin. Neeley and Kryssie complain about the ball smashers gloating. Meanwhile only the other side has gone so far. Neeley doesn't like how the four girls are tacky. I really don't like Kryssie.

Time for the POV. They have to build a puzzle in a round. Scott chooses the double veto so either Alex or Scott can win the veto. They draw names for the order in which they complete. The order: Kryssie, Danielle, Scott, Neeley, Justin, and Alex. Danielle is crying because she is playing for her son. Kryssie is up first, and she challenges Alex. I hate Kryssie. Kryssie says that she's played puzzles a bazillion times. Alex easily beats her. Danielle picks Scott. Danielle beats Scott. Neeley picks Alex. Alex says she will not go down without a fight. Alex quickly beats Neeley. Justin is up next. Justin picks Danielle. Danielle was hoping Justin would pick Alex. So Alex won the first veto. Justin did not want to pick Alex because he was afraid that Alex would beat him. Justin wants to look out for himself. Justin beats Danielle. Justin is happy that he is safe. Danielle was not happy that Justin did not throw it to her. Danielle cries. Danielle says she left everyone down.
Justin and Alex win veto
Danielle does not understand why Justin did not throw the veto to her. Jason tells Justin that Danielle thought that Justin should just stand there and let Danielle win. Jason thinks Danielle is more calculating, but Justin is not. So Jason wants to get rid of Danielle.

Justin talks to Scott and the ball smashers. Justin says he is going to use the veto on Kryssie. Scott says that he is going to up Shane. The girls tell Scott that they are going to say they are voting Danielle when they are going to vote out Shane. At the POV Ceremony. Alex does not use the veto, and Justin uses in on Kryssie. Danielle wanted a couple of days of sanity.

It's now time for the live eviction. Shane calls Scott and Alex out, calling Alex the puppet master. After Shane stopped his spiel, Scott says that Monte felt the same way. The vote:
Shane, Danielle, and Neeley on the block America put in a vote for Danielle, and Scott made the decision and he evicted Shane. Shane told the others that he would only hug his alliance. Shane and Danielle suck face before Shane leaves.

It seems that Kryssie won the HOH, and i'm not happy about that, but what can we do, except vote for Danielle to go up again.

Monte hosting HOH

Thursday, October 13, 2016 -- Evening

Weekly BB OTT Catch Up
I am having great difficulty in following BB OTT. I have enjoyed what I have seen, but the produced shows being on starting at 10 PM on the East Coast is just not conducive to me getting a chance to watch it on time. I have been following podcasts, and I know what's going on, but I feel a real disconnect.
Yesterday night's episode started with a lengthy recap of the first episode before getting to this week's episode--five minutes of recap! I mean really!

They started the new stuff by showing Cornbread telling the rest of the house guests to fuck themselves. Danielle was confused on whether America voted for her, or if it was someone with a hinky vote. Alex said in DR that she wanted to cause chaos in the house. The HOH competition had the house guests holding a crown to a photo of themselves with a long sword. The house guests had two minutes to get setup. Danielle tells us about an alliance between her, Shane, Justin, Kryssie, and Jason. HOH competition They are also close with Neeley, so they want to win HOH. Shelby is the first one out. Jason is out next. Shane was out next. Justin was dancing while Whitney was barely moving. After one hour, they were only able to hold the sword with one hand. Kryssie's shoulder is burning. Morgan, Scott, then Kryssie are out. Danielle is out while she is adjusting her hoodie. It's down to Whitney, Alex, Justin, and Neely. Monte knows that Justin does not like him, and will put up Monte. Whitney is out because she had the sword handle in her stomach. While Justin was dancing, he dropped his crown. It was down to Alex and Neely. Alex tells Neely that she won't go for Neeley if Neeley gives it to her. Justin tells Neeley not to do it. But Neeley is listening to her. Neely said that regardless who wins, Neeley will not put up Alex because Alex is a strong woman. Then Neeley lost it. Alex won. Neeley felt bad for letting her people down.

Morgan feels like she kind of won because her sister won. Alex says that she won't go for Neeley because she has bigger fish to fry. Jason talks to Shane and Danielle about how Alex won't go after the showmance. Shane doesn't talk to Alex, and he's not sure where she will go with the HOH. Kryssie tells Neeley that Neeley fought for the girls without body transformations. Neeley is proud of herself because at one point Neeley used to be 250 pounds.
Have not room
Alex wants to go after Justin and Danielle because they are the showmance. However, Alex doesn't know about the vote that America has.

The house guests hears from Julie about the care package deal. It gives someone an advantage. Scott said he voted 20 times a day for the care package, and it's going to be funny to think that he may get one.

Shane and Danielle go up to talk to Alex. They try to say that they will always have a target on their backs because they are a showmance. Danielle says that they will give Alex their vote. Shane thinks that he and Danielle are in the clear after the talk. Monte thinks that Alex is going to put up Shane and Daneille. Monte wants to convince Alex to leave Shane alone. Monte tells the girls that Alex should put up Danielle and Justin or Danielle and Jason. Alex thinks that it is so obvious that Monte wants to keep Shane. Alex says that Monte thinks he runs the girls, but he doesn't.

Justin singing ass and titties while naked The next segment shows Justin going into the shower and dropping his pants before getting into the shower. Monte says that it's disrespectful to Morgan that Justin took his pants off before getting into the shower. Shelby was very upset to hear about it. Monte kept on saying that Justin was showing his junk to Morgan, but it really wasn't that bad.

Time for the care package. Kryssie gets it. Kryssie is excited. i'm not a fan of Kryssie. The care package lets Kryssie save a friend from nomination. That's really not a good package for her because it doesn't save Kryssie at all.

Alex wants Kryssie to save Jason so Danielle, Shane, and Justin can go up. Alex wants Jason to feel safe. Alex claims that she will not put up Kryssie. Then we have the have nots. It's Monte, Morgan, and Scott. Scott claims he is going to try to step up his strategic game. Neeley thinks that America didn't like how Scott was playing both sides. The have not room is setup like Halloween with spiders and rats. The beds are like trampolines.
Justin and Monte make up
Monte says Justin gets his clothes by stealing them. Danielle overhearing it is very upset. Of course, Danielle wants to tell Justin what Monte says. Justin says that Monte is racist. Justin says that Monte would never say that to Justin's face. Justin tells Monte not to look at Justin. Justin is upset though. Justin says that he is not getting in trouble. Monte tries to spin it as Justin being part of a gang, and that's why Justin is acting that way.

Justin tells the others why he got upset. Neeley asked Monte if he was racist because she and Justin thought Monte's comments were racist. Monte says that he hasn't done anything immoral. Justin does not appreciate that, but Justin shakes hands and hugs Monte. Justin is the bigger man.

Kryssie saves Jason from eviction this week. Kryssie thinks that America gave her the save a friend to show Kryssie's loyalty. Jason is happy to not be the second evictee. Then we have the safety ceremonies. Alex is going to keep the emotional and hot headed people like Justin and Monte to the second day. She says Whitney, Morgan, Neeley, and Kryssie. Danielle knows she can be on the block. Shelby, Justin, Monte, and Scott are safe the second day. So Shane and Danielle are on the block. Shane tells Danielle not to let it get to her. Shane is not worried because he hope Monte or Scott is America's choice.
Jeff hosts the POV
Shelby says she wants to sit on the normal couch, and doesn't want to sit by Jason, Justin, or Kryssie. Monte is America's nominee. Time to pick players for veto. Alex picks Scott, and then her chip. So Alex picks Shelby to play. Jason tells Shelby that he is tired of her little comments. Jason says that Shelby always wants to press Jason's button. Jason comments about Shelby making comments about Shelby's negativity and passive aggressive behavior.

The doorbell rings, and it's Jeff coming into the house to host the POV competition. Shelby said that she did not see Jeff's season. Rolling my eyes. Shelby has no idea who Jeff is. Seems Shelby has never watched BB. The POV competition is a golf competition. By making holes, you get tickets. Only the POV, for 60 tickets, is a prize. The others are punishments. For 40 tickets, it's Missed the Cut. That prize means you cant' compete in next week's HOH. For 35 tickets, it's Water Hazard. Shane wins and hugs Jeff That person has to fish golf balls out of the swimming pool. for 30 tickets, it's the 19th hole. That person won't be able to see straight in the next HOH. 25 tickets is Sand Trapped. That person has to live in the sand trap for 24 hours. The last is caddy costume. That person has to carry golf clubs. Monte says that he's a casual golfer. Alex ix trying for the 10 point ticket. Shane misses his hole. So far, no one has made a hole. Danielle gets the first hole and 10 tickets. Shane says he plays golf, so he went for the 30, and he got it. Monte now thinks he has to go for the 30, but he misses. Danielle gets 20 tickets. Alex starts to go for the 30 points, and she gets it. Round 4 and Shane misses the 30 pointer. Danielle gets 10 points to go up to 30. Monte takes his shirt out, and Danielle stuck out her tongue. Whitney did not like it. Ha! Shelby finally got 10 points. Danielle got 40 tickets. Shane went for it and missed again. Shelby gets another 10 points. Shelby takes that caddy costume. Shane finally got the next 30 points, and he gets the POV. They have to keep playing until the punishments are doled out. Danielle takes the water hazard punishment because it won't mess up his game. Alex took the 19th hole. She just wants to lie low. Scott takes sand trap, but Monte with no points has to miss the cut next week. Alex wants to slam her face into a wall.
Shelby in the caddy costume
Whitney didn't like Danielle sticking her tongue out, and Danielle said that she only did it to Monte because he said bad things about Danielle. Danielle says that Monte is trying to seem like a nice guy, but he isn't. He does make remarks about being concerned about how people see Danielle. Monte and Scott try to get Kryssie up. Monte is hoping that Shane will vote out Kryssie instead of Danielle. Shane says in DR that he won't be voting Kryssie out, he'll be voting Monte out.

Shelby has to wear the caddy costume and carry golf clubs around. Scott can only leave the sand trap to go to the bathroom. Scott thinks it's one of the better punishments. Danielle has to clear balls out of the swimming pool. She has to dive in to get the balls. This happens even during the night.

Veto meeting. Scott can't attend because he is stuck in the sand trap. Shane uses the veto on himself. Alex says she has to put up Kryssie because Kryssie has America on her side, and Kryssie will be safe. Everyone tells Kryssie that America loves her. Unfortunately for Kryssie, we don't. Neeley is super upset because Kryssie is on the block.
Danielle, Shane, and Kryssie on the block
Time for the eviction. Danielle gives her speech. Monte gives his saying it has been a blessing and privilege. Kryssie gives her speech. Kryssie says that she made a deal with Alex, and Kryssie says she has made genuine friends. The vote:
It's a tie between Monte and Danielle, but America breaks the tie, evicting Monte. Alex lets Kryssie know she has 0 votes. Monte says he likes everyone one of you all. Monte leaves with dignity. Kryssie cries. I can't stand her. Monte and Shane joke around as everyone else is quiet.

Alex and Morgan or is it Morgan and Alex

Thursday, October 6, 2016 -- Afternoon

First BB OTT episode
I was not able to stay away awake last night for the first weekly episode of BB OTT. Fortunately, it is available on demand from the CBS all access app. The show started out with similar production quality start. Then we got a typical replay of live feed video with diary room feedback. Morgan is shocked at coming into the house and meeting Scott. She is a cheerleader, and she usually hangs out with different people. It's cool to see the house guests come in more quickly and to get their impressions of others. Neely thought Shane was gorgeous, and she particularly admired his hair. Kryssie said that she came in to win money, not be others buddies.

It seems that Morgan and Alex did not know that the other sister would be in the house. Morgan thought for sure that everyone would constantly realize they are related. Morgan wants to play her own game and not be known as the sisters. When Jason comes in, we learn that not much has changed for Jason since he left the BB house last year. He is still living in his parents' basement. Shane rubs oil on Danielle Cornbread thinks that Neely is like Beyonce and the bacon of the house. Whitney talks very slowly. Shelby thinks the hottest guy of the house is between Shane and Monte. Justin has a think for Danielle, and her's is the only name that he remembers. Shelby tells everyone she is a waitress instead of a lawyer, and her goal is to just play dumb. Morgan does a cheer in the DR, and she was very happy that Alex did not say she was from the same city.

As the house guests are introducing each other, they find out that there is no jury and that America is picking the winner of the season.

As the sisters are unpacking, Alex calls Morgan by her nickname, Mo. Morgan thinks that Shelby may not have caught on. However, Jason notices that Morgan and Alex look alike. He is having Liz and Julia flashbacks. Danielle is trying to explain the difference between Morgan and Alex. Jason continues that they have the same face in the photos.

Kryssie crying Cornbread, Monte, Shane, and Scott form an alliance that Cornbread wants to call the Four Horseman. He must not have seen BB5. Monte wants to know what the people are like first. Cornbread thinks they will go far.

The HOH competition starts, and Shane drinks the blue drink. He gets the BB bug that he has to pass to the next person when an alarm sounds. Jason knew that he was going to be targeted. Jason wanted to be HOH, but Monte wanted to be HOH. Alex (or Morgan) doesn't want to give it to Jason, so Cornbread says to give it to Cornbread because he would give the bug to Jason. Justin says that he has a bad vibe from Cornbread and Monte, so he doesn't want either of them to be HOH. Cornbread gives it to Jason, and Jason gives it to Whitney. Now she has to decide between Monte and Alex. Whitney gives it to Alex, so Monte is the first HOH of the season.

The house guests learn that the first nomination ceremony will actually be two safety ceremonies. Jason tries to campaign with Monte. Jason tells Monte that Monte should keep him because Jason is an easy target. Jason tells Monte to weaponize the twist, which is Jason. Jason said that Monte should team with him. However, Monte thinks it's an idea, but he doesn't go for it. In the safety ceremony, the house guests wear a block pass that will light up when Monte pushes a panel in the HOH room with the house guest's face on it. Jason realizes that he's not safe when he is not safe in the first safety ceremony.
Monte and his coon skin hat
Danielle tells Kryssie that she really likes Shane. She says he's her ideal white boy. Danielle says that she and Shane click. Shane thinks he is having the best couple of days in the house. Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Whitney are forming a girls' alliance. Alex doesn't trust the group. She says they are not the major gamers in the game.

Kryssie cries, and claims that some of it is for show, but she is a person, and the game is getting to her. She is not a pretty crier. Cornbread goes to Monte, and he tells Monte that Kryssie is falling apart. Monte is considering Danielle or Kryssie as options to go up against Jason. Monte asks Shane about putting up Danielle. Shane does not want Danielle to go. Meanwhile Monte is walking around with this stupid coonskin cap.

Danielle is not worried about being nominated, which is foolish of her. She thinks Shane will keep her safe. When Kryssie's necklace lights up, she acts awkwardly. Jason and Danielle are nominated. Monte comes down to say that Jason is up because he is a vet, and Danielle is up because she is smart and pretty. Danielle is really surprised that she is nominated. Danielle wonders if Shane played a factor in it. Danielle talks with Shane, and he tells her that Jason is a bigger target. Danielle thinks that Jason's social game is better.

Jason gets the right code The house guests are told to gather in the living room. Julie Chen tells them that a third house guest will be nominated by America. If the America vote house guest comes off the block with the veto, there will not be a replacement for that person. Danielle realizes that the best thing for her.

Time to pick players for veto. The reveal for the America vote is drawn out and stops randomly on people's pictures before continuing. Cornbread was chosen. He can't believe it but he thinks that America picked him because he is fun. Idiot! Danielle hopes Justin or Shane is picked. Monte does not want Justin. Whitney and Alex are picked. Whitney seems really slow, mentally.

Time for the veto competition. The POV is locked in a safe. BB made additions in the house, and the house guests have to go in to and find the clues that will help them put in the four diget code to unlock the safe. Jason realizes that the veto is live or die for him. Whitney sounds challenged. She doesn't know if the veto magnets are 1 or 4. Whitney did see the fish in the fishbowl. Then it got hard for her. Alex thought it was really tough. Cornbread counted the four letters on the veto magnets as 1. Alex, Cornbread, and Whitney start sharing clues. Jaxon gets 9, 4, and 4. Danielle works with Jason, and they compare notes. Jason cracks the code with 2449.
Danielle, Cornbread, and Kryssie on the block
Monte realizes that it's a problem now. Monte claims to have the numbers, but not the order. Monte wonders about Neely or Shelby. Shane wants Kryssie up because that will keep Danielle safe. Monte wants the replacement nominee to be the one that goes home. Monte tells Danielle that she was the pawn, and Monte says that he does not want Shane's girl to go home. Danielle is still nervous.

Jason, of course, uses the veto on himself. As Jason said, he saved himself. Monte nominated Kryssie because she is emotionally unstable. Justin thought that they were going to vote after the POV ceremony. Kryssie realizes that strategy is tricky because the house is obviously divided. Kryssie claims to go out gun blazing.

Time for a message form Julie. She tells them that America will vote for the nominee they want to evict. The person with the most votes will receive an eviction vote. The house guests will not know who America voted on.

Bye Cornbread! The live eviction: Danielle gave her speech. She hoped everyone would vote to keep her. Cornbread says that he's had a ball. He hopes they all keep him, and he says his game is transparent. He says he has everyone's back, and loves them all. Kryssie said that it's hard to be a veto nominee. Kryssie said that she can work hard with everyone. The voting begins. Everyone goes in, and we don't see the vote, we just watch the house guests in the living room. After everyone votes, Big Brother tallies the results. Everyone sits very quietly. Monte comes out and reveals that Kryssie has 9 votes to evict. By a vote of 9-1, Cornbread has been evicted. He walks out and doesn't shake anyone's hands or anything. Everyone hugs Kryssie and Danielle.

We don't see the vote, but I did hear that Alex was the vote for Danielle. Alex was trying to throw a hinky vote. Everyone is thinking that it was America's vote. I do have to agree that although this season is hard for me to follow ion the live feed this past week, I really enjoyed the competitions, the house guests, and the weekly episode. Very well done, Big Brother!

Monte selecting nominations

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 -- Evening

Quick Weekly Wrap-up
I have to admit that I have been having more issues following the live feed only version of Big Brother. The past few weeks have been extremely busy, and I haven't had a chance to watch very much. I do know that the HOH competition was interesting. Basically, the house guests came into the house from the backyard, and found a bottle saying "Only One May Drink." The first person who drank it, Shane, was infected with a virus that prevented him from becoming HOH. Shane then had to pass it off to the next person, who passed it to the next person until only one person, HOH, was not infected. Whitney was the one who had to make the choice between Alex and Monte. She gave it to Alex, so Monte became HOH, and Monte has a really annoying personality. The whole HOH competition was a drawn out affair. It went on for several hours into the next day. That's a bit too much of a committment than I have time for.
Monte had an alliance with Shane, Scott, and Cornbread. Jason did seem to be having problems with the others in the house, and he wasn't really bonding with people as he should. Jason, Justin, Shelby, Kryssie, and Scott formed an alliance, which we will have to see over time. The whole nomination ceremony is now a safety ceremony. Over two days, the HOH has to select the people who are going to be safe. Monte's targets are Jason and Danielle.

The house guests find out that America gets to nominate a third nominee, and that person is Cornbread. Cornbread forgives America for nominating him. Whitney and Alex were selected to partipate in the POV competition.
Jason wins POV
At the veto competition, the house guests had to crack the four digit code on a safe. The clues were in the house. Jason said that his only option is to win the veto, so he has to count things that are misplaced in the BB house. Danielle gave Jason a clue that she thought the last name was two, and the code was 2449. Jason won the veto. Now someone else had to go on the block in his place. Monte decides that it is either Shelby or Kryssie. Shane wants Danielle to stay, and Shane does not want Danielle in trouble. So Monte decides on Kryssie because that is the person who needs to go home. Kryssie tried to keep herself off the block. Monte says that at least the new nominee is not the first choice. Cornbread tries to get Monte to switch to Shelby because Cornbread does not like Shelby.

Scott, Shane, and Morgan in the BB house

Thursday, September 29, 2016 -- Afternoon

Start of BB OTT
BB OTT started last night at 10. CBS had a quick overview of the guests, then slowly, one by one, they started to come into the house. I could not stay up for all the house guests, but I did see Scott, Morgan, Shane, Neely, and Shelby enter the house. Scott is a really weird looking nerd, who said that he was a virgin. That's a given based on his nerdy look. Shane, however, was good looking, and from the opening cast preview, so is Monte. Alex and Morgan are sisters, and they look alike. But they aren't telling the others that they are sisters, so I'm not sure how that will go down. I can't believe that people will believe that they aren't related.

As for Jason and Jozea, Jason was voted into the BB house. It appears that later in the night, Julie came on the screen, and she told the house guests that there will be no jury with this season. We all know why: because America will be voting for the winner. Now, I just have to see how all of this is to watch, without the BB CBS show.

Monday, September 26, 2016 -- Afternoon

CBS has released information on the cast for the upcoming BB OTT season. I'm not sure how I feel about the cast just from pictures, but they are definitely not all the pretty people that you see on the TV show.

Sunday, September 25, 2016 -- Evening

Big Brother Over the Top Schedule
Here's the schedule for weekly event, per CBS release. Of course, that doesn't mean that things will stick to this schedule. I wish that the replays were earlier than 10 PM. That means that I may miss some of the replays, unless they have them on demand too. The show starts this Wednesday, September 28. It will be interesting. The house guests will be announced on Monday.

  • 4 PM
  • 10 PM
  • Have-Not Reveal
  • Safety Ceremony
  • 10 PM
  • Final Weekly Safety Ceremony
  • Nominations Reveal
  • 4 PM
  • 10 PM
  • Veto Competition
  • Weekday replay
  • 4 PM
  • 10 PM
  • 10:30 PM
  • Veto Ceremony
  • Weekday replay
  • Live Diary Room Sessions
  • 10 PM
  • 11 PM
  • 12 AM
  • Weekly Full Episode
  • Live Eviction Episode
  • HoH Competition
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • 10 PM
  • Julie's Q&A with houseguests
  • Julie's evicted houseguest interview
  • Weekday Replay
  • 10 PM
  • 10:30 PM
  • Weekday Replay
  • Live Diary Room Sessions