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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 -- Evening

I have been watching the new season of Doctor Who. At least, I have been watching the new series that started on the SciFi Channel. I believe that there is a later series on the BBC. I thought at first that I wouldn't like David Tennet as the new Doctor, but he has that humorous, smart, sexy aura about him. I haven't been giving a synopsis of the individual episodes because I've just been watching and enjoying the show. So far, the episodes have had interesting plots and great dialogue. The theme of Torchwood goes through all the episodes so far just as Bad Wolf went through the 2005 episodes.

2005 Episodes
Rose / The End of the World / The Unquiet Dead / Aliens of London / World War Three / Dalek / The Long Game / Father's Day / The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances / Boom Town / Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

I just watched the first episode in the recent series of Doctor Who on the SciFi channel. The first episode was titled Rose. The show starts with Billie Piper playing Rose who wors as a sales girl in a London department store. As the store is closing, Rose is sent down into the basement to deliver the lottery tickets to the manager. Well, when she gets there, she starts to hear some strange noises, and then finds out that the store mannequins have come to live. As they almost corner her, Doctor Who, played by Christopher Eccleston, jumps out to save Rose. That's how the adventure starts where Rose tries to figure out who this Doctor Who is and what is going on. Doctor Who blows up the department store, but Rose wants to find out what happened. There is an alien force that has settled in London, and who wants to take over the Earth for his own by killing off the human race. The Doctor, with Rose's help, manages to kill off the alien mastermind, and asks Rose if he would like to join her on his adventures. After turning him down, she decides to give up her loser boyfriend and mother and jumps into the Tardis to join the Doctor. I have to admit that I liked Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, and I thought that Billie Piper was a good foil for him. She has this young, innocence about her while still being energetic and adventurous. As for the plot of the story, it was abit silly. After all, a monstrous alien who settles in the sewer system under the London Eye. But the writers did a fine job, throwing in humor with just the right blend of thrills and excitement. The special effects really put the old shows to shame, and the Tardis looks pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to the other episodes in the series. The SciFi channel has one more that was shown last Friday that I recorded. Then there will be one every Friday.

The End of the World
The second episode is titled The End of the World. This episode takes place right ater the events in Rose. The Doctor decides to show Rose travel in time. He decides that just going a few years in time is not enough, and they go five billion years into the future to the end of Earth when the Sun explodes. It seems that humans have made it five billion years. A group of aliens are gathered to watch Earth death. The only human left is this creature that is just skin stretched between a frame, a skin trampoline as Rose calls it. As the clock clicks down, Rose and the Doctor aren't aware that something evil is going on. One of the alien races have brought a ball that contains a robotic spider type creature that is quickly multiplying and attacking the people who are on the space vessel to observe the Sun's explosion. The special effects with the interior of the space craft and the creatures are very well done. It is such a change from watching the old series. Doctor Who figures out that something is going on, and runs to the rescue of the space vessel and Rose while Brittany's Spears' Toxic plays in the background. Doctor Who figures out that the evil sabatour is last remaining human who hopes to hold the space craft and inhabitants for hostage. The plot is to get money from the people held in the space craft. The Doctor to the rescue! The end was very thrilling and a race against time. I have to admit that I like this Doctor. He is quite cute, hunky, and manly.

The Unquiet Dead
I watched the third episode in the new Doctor Who series. This one is The Unquiet Dead written by Mark Gatiss. The show starts with a dead woman in a coffin in Victorian England. As her son mourns her, the woman comes to life, attempting to strangle him. The time is 1869 and the Doctor and Rose arrive at Christmas time, believing it to be Naples and 1860. The undertaker has a young woman servant who is psychic. The older butler takes the girl to find the woman. Who else is in the episode, but Charles Dickens. The Doctor and Rose finally realize that they are in 1869 Cardiff, England. The dead woman goes to a reading of The Christmas Carol given by Dickens and creates quite a ruckus by having the "evil soul" flying out of her. Rose is kidnapped by the servant man and the unwitting servant girl. The Doctor goes in hot pursuit in Dicken's carriage. Rose finds herself captive in a room with the dead woman's dead son who is now taken over by what apppears to be an evil spirit. As he and his mother try to attack Rose, Doctor Who saves her. It seems that the dead bodies of the woman and her son are inhabited by souls from another time. The undertaker tells Rose, the Doctor, and Dickens that it's the house that is haunted and causes the dead to walk. The Doctor figures out that the problem is a rift in time that is allowing souls to drift from one time to another. The Doctor realizes that Gwyneth, the psychic servant girl, is the link to the spirits which are beings from the other side of the Universe. It seems that the spirits are bodyless because of the Time War, and that Gwyneth is their only hopes for survival. The spirits would like the dead bodies on Earth so they can have a bodily presence. Although Rose doesn't want Gwyneth to help the bodiless spirits, Gwyneth wants to help. As she said, she has been speaking to the spirits since she was a child. The Doctor suggests that they go to the weakest part of the house which is called "Bleak House." The Doctor is fooled though, and there are so many souless bodies that they want to kill all the human race to take over their bodies. The Doctor is upset that he was foolish enough to trust the spirits. It's Dickens to the rescue when he realizes that the answer is to turn out the flames in the gas jets in the house. Dickens figures that the spirits would have to leave the bodies and join the gaseous environment. Gwyneth is too weak to send the spirits back to the other side of the Universe and decides that the best way to close the rift is to blow up the house. The Doctor explains later that Gwyneth was dead at the time, and by some supernatural way was able to communicate to the Doctor and Rose, and to save the world by closing the rift. As Rose and the Doctor leave Dickens, he says that he will spread the word of the gas spirits by having them be the murder in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
The show was an interesting one, but so far, it is my least favorite of the three that have been broadcast. I really like the actor who plays the Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. He plays the Doctor with alot of humor and energy. Not only that, but he's cute. There is a very nice chemistry between Eccleston and Billie Piper.

Aliens of London
This is the first episode in a two parter. This one starts with Rose returning to London. The Doctor tells Rose that she has only been missing from London for 12 hours even though in her frame of reference, she has been been gone for several weeks. However, for a Time Lord, the Doctor isn't very good with time, and Rose has actually been gone for 12 months. Drama ensues with Rose's mom devasted that Rose was gone, thinking that she was murdered, and Rose unable to tell her mom where she has been for the past 12 months. The question becomes will Rose join the Doctor in his travels, or stay in London with her mom. while Rose is debating her future with the Doctor, they are interrupted by a spacecraft that is crashing to Earth due to mechanical failure. The space crash crashes into Big Ben and lands in the Thames. Panic ensues and military divers search the crash site and find an alien body in the wreckage. The puzzle thickens when it is noted that the Prime Minister has vanished. An earnest back bencher tries to talk to the second in command about health care issues and is obviously rebuffed. However, she discovers something interesting in Britain's emergency protocols. Meanwhile over in the hospital, there is a strange noise emanating from the area where the alien's body is being held. The alien is alive. What does the alien look like? A midget pig in a space uniform. One of the army captains shoots the poor pig. As the Doctor asks afterwards "What did you do that for? He was scared!" Back at Number 10 Downing Street, it is obvious that the replacement Cabinet members are not quite what they seem. They have a flatulence problem and find the alien invasion funny. Also the midget pig is not an alien, but a pig from Earth who has been placed in the craft by the aliens. Rose's mom learns that Rose has been traveling through space with an alien being. The Doctor finds out that the aliens have been on Earth for awhile after he tracks its voyage to Earth. It also seems that the British government has an alert system that searches databases for certain keywords and they realize that the Doctor is in the area. The Doctor and Rose are picked up by the military as they step out of the Tardis, but Rose's old boyfriend manages to get away. They are taken to 10 Downing Street because it seems that the Doctor has developed a relationship with the British government over time. An emergency council is called with the British MPs, the military, and the Doctor. Rose isn't allowed into the meeting, but the back bencher says that she will take care of Rose and tells Rose the story about the aliens in the Prime Minister's office. As the episode ends, the Doctor realizes that the reason the aliens faked a crash was to gather the Doctor and strong military and political minds together in one room as a trap. The aliens unmask themselves to the Doctor and the council while Rose's mom, Rose, and the back bencher woman are all in harm's way from the aliens. It turns out that the aliens are the Slitheen. What will happen to the Doctor, Rose, and the human race?

World War Three
The episode starts out with the Doctor, MPs, and the military leaders being electricuted by the aliens. However, the Doctor is immuned and he turns the table on the aliens. The Doctor alerts the authorities in Downing Street and Rose and the back bencher, Harriet Jones, escape while Rose's mom escapes with the aid of Rose's old boyfriend. Rose and the Doctor are trapped in 10 Downing Street as the aliens try to hunt them down to kill them. The Doctor rescues Rose and Harriet Jones from imminent death and questions the Slitheen over their motives. It seems that the Slitheen are not a race, but a family. Unfortunately, in seeking safety from the Slitheen, the Doctor gets the trio trapped in a committee room that is sealed with three inches of steel. They are safe from the Slitheen, but are unable to escape 10 Downing Street. Meanwhile the Slitheen call all their members to Downing Street. It is time to unleash the plan the Slitheens have for Earth. While Harriet Jones tries to figure out what emergency procedures should be taken to regain control of the planet, the Doctor wonders why the name Harriet Jones sounds so familiar. Old boyfriend, Mickey calls Rose (her phone was fixed by the Doctor so it will work where it is in space or time), and the Doctor has Mickey do some emergency Internet research for him. Why did the aliens crash into Big Ben? The Doctor believes that there is a connection. The Doctor finds that the Slitheens are beaming a signal out to space. Mickey and Rose' mom are trapped in Mickey's apartment while one of the aliens tries to get in to kill them. The Doctor tries to narrow down which planet the aliens have come from to save Rose's mom and Mickey. It seems they are calcium creatures. The Doctor lets them know that vinegar will kill the creature. Rose's mom throws vinegar on the alien creature and the creature explodes. The other Slitheens feel the death of their comrade, but think that it is due to luck. The aliens in charge of Downing STreet say that there are alien space crafts are poised over Earth, ready to kill. What do they need? The alien leader claim that they want the nuclear defense codes. The hope is to unleash the nukes on the planet and turn the nations against each other. Why? To sell radioactive chunks of the planet for fuel for other planets. Now to New York and the United Nations building. The nations are gathered to give nuclear codes to the Brits to start the first interplanetary war. The Doctor admits that there is a way out, but he can't guarantee that Rose will be safe. Rose's mom wants Rose to be kept safe, Rose wants the Doctor to proceed, but the Doctor doesn't want to lose Rose. Harriet Jones commands the Doctor to do what it takes to keep the world safe. The Doctor has Mickey connect via the Internet to a missle that will be launched at 10 Downing Street. The UN council is going to release the nuclear codes. Rose, Harriet, and the Doctor seek shelter in one of the closets of the safe room while the missle speeds toward them. 10 Downing Street is destroyed by the missle. The Slitheens are killed, but the Doctor, Rose, and Harriet Jones survive. The Doctor suggests that Harriet Jones take over as Prime Minister. The Doctor finally remembers the name of Harriet Jones--she was elected Prime Minister for three terms and led Britain to its Golden Age. Rose and her mom are reunited, and the Doctor returns to the Tardis. Rose's mom is finally open to accepting the Doctor, but the Doctor isn't interested in Rose's mom's overtures. He offers Rose the choice of going with him or staying with her mom. Rose chooses to go with the Doctor and packs as her mom begs her not to go. The Doctor gives Mickey a disk with a virus that will remove all mention of the Doctor from the Internet. The Doctor also invites Mickey to join him and Rose on their travels. Mickey turns him down because he doesn't want the stress. Rose's mom wants a guarantee of Rose's safety, but there are no guarantees. Off go the Doctor and Rose on their adventures while Mum and Mickey stay behind.

Both episodes were quite entertaining and humorous. I loved how the aliens were always farting because of the gas buildup that the human skins formed around their alien bodies. There is a very obvious chemistry between Rose and the Doctor. I am enjoying this series of Dr. Who.

I haven't been able to watch the new episodes of Doctor Who, but I had them recorded. This episode sees the return of the Dalek. Rose and the Doctor have journeyed back to Earth of 2012. They are in a museum that is loaded with alien relics. It seems that someone is collecting aliens and they have laid a trap to capture the Doctor. Henry van Staten is this powerful who "owns" the Internet. It seems that van Staten is a collector of things, and he wonders how the Doctor has gotten into his building 53 floors down. It ssems that van Staten has captured a Dalek that is chained into a room in van Staten's museum. As soon as the Doctor talks to it, the Dalek responds with recognition and the order to exterminate the Doctor. The Doctor tells the Dalek that its civilization is destroyed and that he is the one who made it happen. The Doctor also informs the Dalek that the Time War is ended. It seems that the Doctor intercepted the lone Dalek's signal for assistance. The Dalek said that perhaps he and the Doctor are the same. The Doctor replies that may be the case, but he knows what to do and attempts to exterminate the Dalek. van Staten stops the Doctor and wants the Dalek to talk to him since he saved the Dalek's life. However, the Dalek shuts up. van Staten tells one of the cronies to make the Dalek talk, whatever it takes. The Doctor explains to van Staten what the Dalek is. When van Staten realizes that the Doctor is an alien, he chains up the Doctor to find out what the Doctor is. It seems that van Staten is a scavenger of alien things that he uses for his own profit. Rose is separated from the Doctor, and sees that the Dalek is being tortured. She has compassion for the Dalek and asks if he is in pain. The Dalek admits that he is and that he is glad to have found someone who feels for it. In a moment of empathy, Rose touches the Dalek and it comes to life and breaks free. van Slaten lets the Doctor go free, and the Dalek gets out of its confinement. The Dalek connects to a computer and downloads the Internet and sucks up all the power. The Doctor informs van Slaten that the Dalek now knows everything. We then see some very Matrix like moments with bullets moving in slow motion. van Slaten doesn't want the Dalek injured because the Dalek is unique. Unfortunately, Rose, this British guy who works for van Slaten, and a female soldier go up the stairs thinking that the Dalek can't go up the stairs. However, the Dalek elevates and goes after the threesome. Meanwhile, the Doctor informs van Slaten that the Dalek will kill everyone in Las Vegas if it gets loose because it has no respect for humans and believes that they should all be dead. In a really good scene, the Dalek elevates itself while under siege from a collection of soldiers. The Dalek then activates the water sprinklers, and as water collects around the soldiers, the Dalek electricutes the soldiers. van Slaten now realizes how dangerous the Dalek is and wants to get out of the compound. The Dalek realizes that it can't communicate with its fellow Daleks and decides that it should kill everything. The Doctor says why? The Dalek asks what should it do, and the Doctor tells the Dalek to kill itself. The Dalek tells the Doctor that he would make a good Dalek. The Dalek then cuts communication with the Doctor. The Doctor realizes that Rose is in danger and tells her to run up the stairs as fast as she can to save herself. Rose can't run fast enough, and unfortunately, the Doctor has no recourse but to seal Rose in with the Dalek. Rose tells the Doctor that it wasn't his fault as the Dalek approaches her and says "exterminate." The Doctor is devastated because Rose has died because of him. The Doctor lectures van Slaten about how screwed up van Slaten is. Meanwhile, the Dalek didn't kill Rose. She asks the Dalek why he didn't kill her, and the Dalek replies that he can feel Rose's fear. The Dalek says that Rose gave him life, but what else did she give him. The Dalek tells the Doctor to open the bulkhead or he will kill Rose, the woman the Doctor loves. The Doctor said that he killed Rose once, but he won't do it again. So what do they do now? The Doctor goes to look through the weapons that the British helper to van Slaten has accumulated. Rose realizes that the Dalek has started to question itself. The Dalek is going to exterminate van Slaten, but Rose stops him and asks what the Dalek wants. The Dalek replies "I want freedom." Rose takes the Dalek to a location where he can get freedom. The Dalek asks Rose how sunlight feels, and then it opens the outer casing so he can feel the sunshine. The Doctor shows up with a weapon and wants Rose to get out of the way. She refuses and tells the Doctor to look at the Dalek--that it is changing because it couldn't kill her or van Staten. The Doctor tells the Dalek that it is no longer a Dalek because it absorbed Rose's DNA--it is a mutant. The Dalek asks Rose to order it to die and tells Rose that what it has is not life, but sickness. Rose said that she can't do it. Rose finally tells the Dalek to do it, and the Dalek admits to Rose that he has fear. van Slaten has his memory erased and it dumped to wander the planet. Rose and the Doctor leave, with the British assistant, Adam, to show him the stars.
A very interesting episode because it shows a very human and emotional side to the Doctor. The theme of the show was very philosophic with an examination of why the Dalek and the Doctor do what they do. This is my favorite episode so far.

The Long Game
The Doctor, Rose and new addition, Adam (who was rescued in the last episode) wind up on Satelite Five. The Doctor doesn't know where he is, but finds out that it is Satelite Five where Floor 500 is something that everyone aspires to. According to two journalists that the Doctor queries, Floor 500 is made of gold. Adam explains to Rose that he feels lost and out of sorts because he is in a strange place and time--a place and time where there are beef slushies. Meanwhile the person in charge of Satelite Five realizes that something is not right with the Doctor and his companions. The threesome see a weird thing happen when a group of residents perform a manuever to implant information into another's brain. The security team determines that Sookie (one of the participants) is a liar, and she is selected to go to Floor 500 from which folks never come back. The Doctor learns that you need a key to get onto the lift, and only a chosen few make it to Floor 500. When Sookie gets to Floor 500, we see that it is a frozen waste land with skeletons all around. She eventually finds the guy who calls himself "The Editor". The Editor plays a video of some of Sookie's claims and says that they are lies. He tells her that she is the member of the Freedom Foundation which is an anarchist group and Sookie tells the Editor that he is the person who is lying to the people. The Editor says that he reports to the Editor in Chief. Sookie is told that the Editor in Chief is her boss and has been since the day she was born. The Editor in Chief (whom we don't see) swoops down and Sookie screams. Meanwhile Adam finds one of the information machines and he starts downloading information into his brain. The Doctor realizes that something is horribly wrong with the situation on Satelite five. Adam calls home and leaves a message for his family about the future of computers. while he is going that, he gets a message to go to Floor 16. Adam goes down there to investigate. Adam finds out that he needs "chipping" which is brain surgery so he can use the computer systems. With a type 1 chip, Adam learns that he can interface with simple computers, but with type 2, he can gain access to all the archival information. Meanwhile the Editor realizes that the Doctor is behaving in a suspicious manner. The computer system reports to the Editor that the Doctor and Rose are no one. The Doctor and Rose find out that something is going on up in Floor Five that is generating alot of heat. Adam has the chip installed and is given direction on how to use it. The Doctor learns that an alien creature has been controlling the human race by manipulating the broadcast news. The Editor realizes that the Doctor is a timelord because of the device that has been loaded into Adam's brain. Every piece of information in Adam's head now belong to the Editor. The Editor says that everything of the Doctor's is now the Editor's, including the Tardis--getting the key from Adam. The Doctor, Rose, and Adam are rescued by Cathica (the other journalist with Sookie) who connects to the mainframe with her chip and starts to undo everything that the Editor has done. The Editor in Chief explodes and Satelite Five is saved. The Doctor takes Adam back home. The Doctor realizes that Adam downloaded information from Satelite Five to his parents' answering machine and destroys it. Adam is left behind while Rose and the Doctor leave.
This episode was okay, but not one of my favorites. The character of Adam was annoying and stupid.

Father's Day
This episode deals with Rose's father who died November 7, 1987. Rose was too young to remember him, and she asks the Doctor if she could go back in time to see her dad. The Doctor warns her to be careful what she wishes for, and they go back into time. Rose and the Doctor attend the wedding of Rose's parents. Rose's mom said that her dad died close to home due to a hit and run driver. Rose wants to be there for him so he doesn't die alone. Rose and the Doctor wind up at the up at the corner where her father is killed. Rose's dad is hit and lying dying in the road. He dies before the ambulance gets there. Rose wants to try again because the first time she wasn't able to go to see him. Well, now there are two Doctors and two Roses on the street corner, and the Doctor warns her that it is the last time she could be there. The second Rose runs as the car approaches her dad and saves him from getting hit by the car. The Doctor is not too happy with Rose's actions. Rose says that she is going to the same wedding that her father is attending, and he gives her and the Doctor a lift. The Doctor is upset because he thinks that Rose used him and that her plan was to save her father from the very beginning. Rose said that she didn't change the world much because her father was never going to be anything. The Doctor asks for the Tardis key back, and leaves Rose behind. something is going on though. There is something watching the neighborhood, and people start dying. At the wedding that Rose's dad was headed to when he died, it seems that there are several people missing from the church. The Doctor is headed back to the Tardis and notices that there is something weird going on. When he enters the Tardis, it is just an empty call box. The Doctor runs off to find Rose. Meanwhile Rose is riding to the wedding in her father's car and realizes that her father really doesn't do much of anything. We then find out that the car and the driver who killed Rose's father disappeared, and that several of the wedding guests are missing. Rose's mom and baby Rose arrive at the wedding with the bridal problem. As they near the church, the car that disappeared, shows up again, and almost crashes into Rose's dad's car. Rose then meets her mother and herself as a baby. Rose finds out that her father cheated on her mother and her mother considers her father a failure who won't properly raise his own daughter. As her parents fight, Rose realizes that she didn't make things better by saving her father. The Doctor comes running up and tells Rose to get in the church. It seems that folks are disappearing because an army of winged creatures are swooping down and eating them. The Doctor tells Rose's mom that the creatures are a bacteria that are caused by a rip in time. The Doctor tells them that time has been damaged and the creatures won't stop until they stablize time. Rose realizes that it is her fault. The Doctor notices that the car that would have killed Rose's dad is circling the church and disappearing and reappearing. Rose's dad realizes that without knowing Rose that he trusted her. Her father realizes that Rose called him dad and that she is his Rose. They hug as Rose cries. The Doctor tells the bride and groom that he is going to try to save them. Meanwhile, Rose and her dad are talking, and Rose tells her father that she got there by a time machine. Rose's dad asks what he's like and if he has gone grey or bald. Rose doesn't tell him and urges him not to tell her mom. Mickey, Rose's boyfriend from the future, makes an appearance as a young kid. Rose tells the Doctor that she is sorry for what she did, and he hugs and forgives her. Rose is also told not to touch herself as a baby because it will create a paradox that will strengthen the bacteria. The Doctor finds the tardis key, and realizes that if he can charge the key that he might be able to bring the Tardis back and restore things to the way they should be. Rose's dad starts to realize that Rose showed up at just the right time to save him, and asks what he is like in the future. Rose tells her dad that he was there for her all the time and that he was someone she could really rely on. Rose's dad said that's not him. The Doctor is still trying to bring back the Tardis, and it looks like it is going to work. The Doctor tells Rose that everyone will forget what happened. Rose's father realizes that he was supposed to have died. Rose's dad makes the mistake of putting baby Rose into adult Rose's hands. The Doctor offers himself up as a sacrifice and the creature eats him, and flies into the Tardis, destroying the Tardis and appearing to kill the Doctor. Rose's dad looks out the window and sees the car that appears and disappears and realizes that it is the car that kills him. Rose's dad tells Rose that he has to die by the car that would have killed him. He said that the Doctor wouldn't tell him, but that he knows what he has to do. Rose's mom, Jackie, finally realizes that Rose is her daughter, and her dad tells them both that he is going to die to be the proper father that he should be. Rose's dad thanks her for saving him. Then he runs out of the church, and throws himself in front of the car. As soon as he dies, the creatures disappear and the Doctor returns. Rose runs to her dad as he lies dying in the street. The story that Rose hears as a child changes. Her dad died running out of the church, and it was a young kid who drove the car, and a young girl stayed with Rose's dad and disappeared. Rose and the Doctor go back to the Tardis and leave 1987.
Again, not one of my favorites, although I did think that the time travel theme and the fact that the smallest change would disrupt things more than folks realize. We see more emotion in the Doctor, and he appears to be more humanized--giving in to Rose's wish to see her father and for him not to be alone when he dies. It was an emotional episode.

The Empty Child
The Tardis is under mauve alert. As the Doctor explains, red has been overdone by the humans. So he and Rose are chasing something that has the mauve alert. The Doctor explains to Rose that the mauve object landed there just a few weeks before them. The object hit the middle of London. Meanwhile Rose and the Doctor are being watched. Rose hears something calling "mommy" and thinks she sees a child on the top of the building. The Doctor has gone into the building because he hears people and music. It looks like they have landed in 1941 London. The Doctor goes up onto the stage after the singer and asks if there have been any weird things falling from the sky a few days ago. Everyone laughs. The air raid warning goes off and the Doctor realizes that he is in WW II London. Rose has been trying to get to the child on the roof, and realizes that she has climbed onto a rope that is attached to a blimp, and she is now dangling in the air. The phone is ringing on the Tardis and a spectral girl appears who tells the Doctor not to answer the phone because its not for him. The voice on the other end of the phone is the voice of a child calling for mommy. The Doctor doesn't realize how the phone is ringing because it's not even a real phone. Where is Rose? The Doctor doesn't know and trys to find Rose. The girl who warned the Doctor away goes into one of the houses emptied due to the air raid warning and starts to gather food. Rose is hovering about war-torn London clinging to a blimp. Rose is observed by an Army guy who goes to save her. The spectral girl appears to be real, and she sees that the table is set, and whistles out to a couple of boys who join her. Meanwhile, the Army guy, named Captain Jack, catches Rose in a tractor beam, and tells her to turn off her cell phone. He pulls her into the ship, and Rose is taken aback by her handsome rescuer. Meanwhile more kids are running into the house for food. There are a whole crowd of kids in the house now. The Doctor has appeared at the table and is helping himself to the food along with the kids. The Doctor tries to figure out what the kids are doing there. The Doctor asks the kids about the object that fell. Meanwhile the child with a gas mask who is calling for mommy is outside the house. Nancy, the spectral leader girl, corrals up the kids and makes them run out the back. Nancy explains to the Doctor that the boy that she locked out is an empty child and if anyone touches him, they become like the empty child. The kids all run out and the Doctor opens the door and the empty child is gone. Rose is back in the ship with the American sounding soldier. Rose tells Captain Jack that she knows that he just handed her a piece of psychic paper because the Doctor uses it all the time. Captain Jack tells Rose that she is a time agent and he has been expecting one to show up. Captain Jack heals Rose's hands that were burned by the rope that she was hanging onto. It seems Captain Jack has an invisible space ship tethered to Big Ben. The Doctor has followed Nancy. The Doctor asks about the boy who looks like a boy, but isn't a boy who has been chasing them for the past month because he believes it came from the bomb object that he has been searching. Nancy tells him that she will take him to the Doctor. The Doctor is quizzical. Captain Jack is trying to figure out if Rose can negotiate with him, and Rose said that she must talk to her companion. Meanwhile the soldier is coming on to her as they stand on the ship tethered to Big Ben. Captain Jack tells Rose that she has two hours before a shipment of weapons will be destroyed by a bomb dropped by the Germans. It seems that Captain Jack used to be a "time agent" who is now a rogue. Captain Jack scans for alien life forms to see if he can find the Doctor. Nancy has taken the Doctor to the location of the "bomb", and that the Doctor is in the hospital. Nancy tells the Doctor to talk to her Doctor first. The Doctor asks Nancy who she lost, and she said that it was her little brother, Jaime. He followed her out while she was looking for food, and that he was killed in the middle of an air raid. The Doctor tells Nancy that the British are amazing in the way they stood up like a mouse to a lion in standing up to Germany. Nancy goes off to find food for the kids, and the Doctor enters Albion hospital. The hospital is full of people lying in the beds with gas masks on, but otherwise appears empty. The Doctor mets Doctor Constantine. Doctor Constantine asks who the Doctor is, and the Doctor says that Nancy sent him. Doctor Constantine said that he must be looking for the bomb. The Doctor examines the bodies lying on the bed, and says that it's impossible because they all have identical injuries--down to the mark on the hand. It seems that everyone who touched the ones who were injured by the bomb all came down with the same injuries. Doctor Constantine said that there was no cause of death, and that they aren't dead. He makes a noise, and all the bodies sat up. Doctor Constantine tells the Doctor that the original victim of the crash was Nancy's brother and that he is in room 812. Doctor Constantine tells the Doctor to get Nancy because she knows more than she is telling. In front of his eyes, Doctor Constantine starts saying mommy, and a gas mask comes out of his mouth and covers his face. Rose and Captain Jack have located the Doctor in the hospital. Nancy has gone back to the house with the dinner and is followed there by the empty child. She hids under the table and the empty child passes her. The Doctor asks Captain Jack about the weapon. It seems that Captain Jack did something to get the Doctor's attention and thought they were time agents. The Doctor said that some sort of viruses is converting human DNA into these things. Meanwhile, Nancy tries to escape from the empty child and is trapped. All the bodies in the hospital jump up. It seems that the empty child is Nancy's brother, Jaime. She tries to tell him that he is dead. The episode ends with Jaime corning Nancy while the bodies in the hospital corner the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack.

The Doctor Dances
The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack are being surrounded by the creatures, and he tells them sternly to go to their room, and that he was very angry and disappointed in them. The Empty Child (Jamie) turns away from Nancy and all the creatures surrounding the Doctor do the same. The Doctor goes to investigate the thing that was found at the crash site, but the room where it was kept is empty. It turns out that Captain Jack was the person who was responsible for the thing that crashed into the planet and caused this problem. The all clear signal comes out, and Nancy is caught in the house by the family. She is threatened by the father, but tells him that she knows he is having an affair with the man in charge of supplies, and is let go. The Doctor realizes that he sent the Empty child to its room, and that there were in its room. They were almost caught by the Empty Child, but manage to make a hasty escape, only to be chased by the other creatures who then trap the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack in the hallway. Rose is the quick thinker and they escape through the floor. The Doctor, Rose, and Jack are stuck in a room blocked by the creatures--and then Jack disappears. Nancy goes back to her hideout with the abandoned kids and finds all of the kids there. Nancy asks the kids what they would do if she didn't come back. Nancy tells the kids that she is going back to the bomb site to find out what happened and what was going on. The kids realize that something is going on because of Nancy when the typewriter types without anyone typing on it. Nancy leaves them and goes to the bombsite. It seems that Captain Jack teleported to his spaceship, and is now trying to find a way to get the Doctor and Rose out of their predicament. The Doctor is trying to find a way to escape while Rose waits for Captain Jack. She says that she trusts Jack because he reminds her of the Doctor, only with dancing. Rose turns up the music on the radio, and tries to get the Doctor to dance with her. The Doctor asks Rose why her hands aren't bruised from hanging on a rope, but Rose said that Jack fixed them. Meanwhile while they go to dance, Captain Jack transports them to the ship. Nancy is at the bomb/crash site, and has used wire cutters to get into the site. She is caught by the military as she tries to get in. Nancy is captured and chained to a chair. She is nervous about being chained to the chair with a guy who is obviously sick with the disease that took "killed" her brother. Nancy tries to talk the sick guy into letting her go, but he turns into one of the gas mask people in front of her. The Doctor, Jack, and Rose get to the crashsite, and as they are there, all the military people are turning into gasmask people. The Doctor realizes that the contaminate is airborne. He hears Nancy's voice singing and goes to save her. It seems that she has sung the guy to sleep who was beside her. The Doctor and Captain Jack find the bomb and start to work on that. That seems to wake up all the gas mask creatures who are now heading for them. Rose and Nancy go off to cut the wire in the fence around the bombsite. Rose tells Nancy that she and the Doctor are time travellers. Rose admits that she is from London in 50 years time, and lets Nancy know that the Germans lose and that the Britains win. It seems that the nanogenes that fixed Rose's hand were in the bomb and that they fell on a dead child with a gas mask. The Doctor says that the nanogenes don't know what people look like so it is transforming people into creatures with gas masks looking for its mommy. All of the gas mask creatures are heading for the bombsite because it thinks that the Doctor is trying to destroy something and it has to protect it. The Doctor says that he doesn't know what he is going to do, and Nancy says that it's all her fault. It seems that Nancy isn't Jaime's sister, but his mother. Captain Jack transports himself out of harm's way, and leaves Rose and the Doctor alone. The Doctor realizes that Nancy is Jaime's mother, an unwed mother at the age of 15. Jaime comes up and asks Nancy if she is his mummy. She says yes, and that she is his mummy and would always be his mummy. She said that she will always be his mummy, and the nanogenese gather around them, and the Doctor hopes that they recognize that Nancy has the same DNA. Captain Jack returns with a bomb to clear the area, and the Doctor tells him it's not needed anymore. Captin Jack says good-bye to Rose, and the Doctor gathers the nanogenes and fixes everybody, and everybody lives! The nanogenes cleaned up the mess, and Nancy and Jaime are reunited--alive and healthy. Back to Captain Jack, and he is stuck on the spaceship with the live bomb with a 100 percent probability of dying in two minutes. Poor Captain Jack! But Rose and the Doctor have shown up to save Captain Jack. They show up in the Tardis outside of Jack's ship. The Doctor and Rose are dancing. The Doctor says that he realizes that he can dance, and Rose continues to dance with him instead of Captain Jack.
I have to admit that I really like this Doctor. Christopher Eccleston has a lot of charmisa and exudes sex appeal. The chemistry between him and Billie Piper is very evident.

Boom Town
Six months after the Aliens of London, we are back in London and the Slitheen are back. Mickey is going on vacation to Wales. Captain Jack is still in the Tardis and answers the door when Mickey knocks. The Doctor and Mickey are working on the ship, and it seems that Mickey came to bring Rose her passport. Mickey says that it sounds like Rose is going to stay with the Doctor, and Mickey does not like Captain Jack. The Doctor is there to charge up the Tardis with energy. It seems that the ship is a Tardis because it got stuck in its shape as a police box when it landed in England in the 1960s. The fat Slitheen woman is the Lord Mayor of Cardiff City and is talking about tearing down Cardiff City Castle. The plan is to put a nuclear facility in its place. Cathy Salt, a local reporter, questions the Slitheen, named Margaret Blaine, about the number of deaths that have been happening. Margaret gets Cathy to go into the bathroom with her, and slithers out of her skin to kill unsuspecting Cathy. Cathy admits that her boyfriend, Jeffrey, thinks that she is mad, and that they are planning to get married because she is going to have a baby. This makes Margaret think about her own family. She lets Cathy Salt leave while Margaret cries in the bathroom stall. The Doctor, Rose, and Jack are telling Mickey stories, when the Doctor sees Margaret Blaine's picture on the front of the newspaper. All four go to look for Margaret. Captain Jack comes up with a plan for attack, and the Doctor doesn't like Jack taking charge, but admits that he had a nice plan. The Lord Mayor's assistant says that she is too busy to talk to the Doctor, and the Doctor asks if she is crawling out the window. Rose, Jack, Mickey, and the Doctor dash after her. Margaret teleports herself away, but the Doctor brings her right back. It seems that Margaret wants to blow up the planet to power her space vehicle. Bladd Drue is the name of the project, and it is Bad Wolf. As the Doctor says, those two words are following them. Rose admits that they are hearing it all the time. The Slitheen says that she has a death warrent out on her and that if the Doctor takes her home, he takes her to death. Margaret Blaine is taking to the Tardis and she tells them that they are death wardens if they take her to her home planet. Rose says they aren't and she asks if they can look her in the eye and say that. They can't. Later, Rose admits to Mickey that she didn't need her passport. She just wanted to see Mickey. Mickey says that maybe they can go to a bar, and then go somewhere to spend the night. Rose leaves with Mickey while the Doctor watches. Margaret Blaine is trying to talk to the Doctor and worm her way out of capture. She asks for a last request, to go to a restaurant close by. As she says, she can never escape the Doctor so what's the danger? The Doctor take the Slitheen to the restaurant, and she asks if the Doctor knew that the female Slitheen could send a poison dart from her finger. The Doctor catches it--he knew. Then she said that the female could exhale a poison gas. Again, the Doctor knew and was prepared. He suggests steak and chips. Back to Rose and Mickey. Rose is telling Mickey about her travels, and Mickey admits that he is going out with another girl, Tricia Delaney. Meanwhile at the dinner table, she tries to talk the Doctor into helping her to escape and not to deliver her to justice. Margaret asks the Doctor to give her a chance because she can change. Rose and Mickey get into an argument about him dating Tricia. Mickey said that he was upset because Rose left him and ran off with the Doctor. Mickey asks if he is just supposed to be a standby, waiting for Rose for the rest of his life. Back to the Doctor, Margaret tells the Doctor about her interaction with Cathy Salt, and how she let Cathy escape. The Doctor tells her that just letting one victim goes doesn't prove anything. The Doctor says that's how they do it, they slaughter millions but say it's okay because you let one go. Margaret asks if that's what the Doctor does. Margaret said that the Doctor should let one go this time--her. Mickey said that he doesn't want Rose to leave the Doctor, but just some assurance that she would come back to him. Both the Doctor and Rose hear something, and then all heck breaks lose. Rose runs to join the Doctor, and Mickey yells after her that she would always choose the Doctor. Margaret is staying with the Doctor and not trying to escape. The problem is coming because the Tardis has caused a rift with time and space. Jack is trying to fix the problem when the Doctor arrives. Rose gets there shortly after and joins them all in the Tardis. Margaret grabs Rose and threatens to kill her if Jack doesn't put her extrapolator onto the rift. Margaret has been planning her escape all evening. It seems that Margaret always planned to use the Doctor and the Tardis. We find out that the Tardis is alive, and it gives off a light that is the soul of the Tardis. The Doctor tells Margaret to look into the light, and she is mesmirized. Margaret looks up at the Doctor and thanks him. The skin of the woman that Margaret killed is left as an empty shell and Margaret disappears. It appears that the soul of the Tardis got into her head and she was regressed back into an egg. The Doctor plans to take the egg back to Margaret's home planet and have someone raise her the right way. Rose runs out at that point and heads back to find Mickey. He watches her from a distance and doesn't approach her. Rose, Jack, and the Doctor leave--to give Margaret the Slitheen a second chance.

Bad Wolf
This episode is 100 years after The Long Game set on Satelite Five. The Doctor wakes up in a Big Brother house, and doesn't know how he got there. The Doctor is called to the Diary Room and realizes that he is on a reality show. Meanwhile Rose wakes up somewhere else and is told by someone to just do what the android says. Rose tells the man helping her that she was traveling with the Doctor and Captain Jack. It appears that she is part of the Weakest Link. Captain Jack wakes up in an robotic wardrobe room where he is told that he needs to be restyled, an obvious play on What Not Wear. Captain Jack has his clothes dematerialized and in the funniest line asks if he is naked and tells them that their ratings just went up. The Doctor is back in the Big Brother house. Lynda, one of the housemates, wonders what the others outside of the house think about her, and the Doctor says that she is sweet. The Doctor realizes that something happened while they were all in the Tardis--that there was a light, and then they all were pulled out of the Tardis. The Doctor realizes that it isn't just a game, and that he is going to get out of the Big Brother house and will find his friends, and will then get the entity that got into his Tardis and pulled them into the reality hell. As the Android asks questions of the contestants, Rose starts laughing because she realizes that something is wrong with what is going on. Captain Jack is playing around with the robots, but doesn't realize how bad it is going to get. Meanwhile the weakest link on the show with Rose was just killed. A young boy says that he can't do it and tries to run away and is killed. Meanwhile the Doctor is trying to get out of the Big Brother house, even it it means eviction. However, as the Doctor soon finds out, the evicted housemate is killed by a disintegrator beam. Two of the workers on the programming side of the reality shows are talking about the Controller and that she isn't a human being. The Doctor finds out that everyone who is evicted winds up dead while the winner of the game is just freed. Captain Jack is now realizing that the reality game is alot more dangerous than he realized. It seems that Doctor Jack has been hiding a compact laser (obviously up in his butt because he was naked). He blows up the two robots. The other contestant on the Weakest Link tells her that the Bad Wolf corporation is the person in charge of the game. The Doctor has been evicted from the Big Brother house, and he jumps into the eviction chamber. The Doctor realizes that he won't be killed because someone wanted him in the show. He escapes out the other end of the chamber, and talks Lynda into going with him so he can save her. On the other end of the chamber, he realizes that he is in Satelite Five. Lynda now tells him that it is 100 years later, and it isn't Satelite Five anymore, but the Game Station. Lynda wonders how the Doctor still looks good after being there 100 years ago. He says moisturizer. Lynda tells the Doctor about all the game shows that are on the Game Station and how everyone is forced to watch the deadly games on television or will be forced to die. The male programmer is trying to figure out what has gone wrong, and approaches the Controller. He tells the Controller that they have a security worker and that there are people outside of the games and security is down. The Controller appears to be having some sort of breakdown and is telling the programmers to continue working. Meanwhile Captain Jack has built himself a gun, and is escaping the game he is in. Captain Jack is now trying to find the Doctor and Rose. The Doctor realizes that something has gone wrong with the Earth, and Lynda tells him that that's when things went wrong, 100 years ago when all the news channels went out. The Doctor realizes that he created the hell that is Earth. Rose is down to the final two with Rodrick, the guy who has been helping her in the game. The Doctor and Captain Jack finally locate Rose, and Lynda informs them that Rose is with the Android. Rose has lost the final game, and Roderick is the strongest link. Right when Rose is disintegrated, the Doctor breaks in to save her, but he is too late. she is disintegrated and is dust. Captain Jack and the Doctor are captured and imprisoned. The Doctor refuses to say who he is, and all three (Captain Jack, the Doctor, and Lynda are sentenced to a penal colony. However, they underestimated the Doctor who escapes with Captain Jack. They head to the floor where the Controller is. The Doctor wonders why the Controller doesn't answer and the male programmer tells him that the Controller has been in her position since she was five and since the Doctor isn't a member of staff, she won't answer him. Meanwhile, Captain Jack has gotten into the Tardis, and realizes something weird is happening. The Controller tells the Doctor that the solar flares have protected the people who are in charge from reading her mind. She doesn't tell the Doctor who her Masters are. Captain Jack has figured out the beam that "disintegrated" Rose just transported her across space and that she is still alive. The Controller tries to defy her masters by telling the Doctor where Rose is when she is removed from her position and killed by the Masters. Davish, the male programmer, tells Captain Jack how to do some additional programming to locate Rose. The Doctor realizes that the empty space where Rose was transported is not empty, but it is full of ships of Daleks. We then find out that Rose is on the ship with the Daleks and they know that the Doctor has located them. The Daleks tells the Doctor that he will obey or Rose will be exterminated. The Doctor says no--because he is going to save Rose Tyler and then going to save the Earth, and then wipe every Dalek out of the sky. The Doctor then tells Rose that he is coming to get her.
Quite a few humorous remarks in this show. Any show with the Daleks has to be a good one, and this one, although weird was entertaining.

The Parting of the Ways
The Daleks are back. Rose is asked by the Daleks to predict the Doctor's actions. Rose said that she can't predict. Meanwhile, the Daleks start sending bombs the Doctor's way, but he and Captain Jack evade them. The Tardis lands in the spaceship with Rose, and while the Dalek concentrates on the Doctor, Captain Jack kills it. Rose asked the Doctor how the Daleks could go from being extinct to being alive. The Doctor said that it is the Time War. The Daleks show up and the force field that the Doctor has put around them all and the Tardis holds up. The Doctor asks the Daleks how they survived the Time War, and he is told that the Daleks were saved by the Emperor of the Daleks. His ship was crippled and fell through time. The Emperor tells him that the Daleks have been rebuilding and feeding off the debris of humans on Earth. The Daleks were recreated out of the human dead, and Rose said that the Daleks are half-human. One of the Daleks said blasmphemy. The Doctor realizes that the Daleks are insane and are now worshipping the Emperor. He realizes that the Daleks hate their own existence. The Daleks try to exterminate the Doctor as they all enter the Tardis. The Emperor says that this location will be their paradise. It seems that the Doctor wants to make a delta wave which would fry the brains of all in its path. Captain Jack tells Rose that it will probably be good bye. He kisses Rose and said that she is worth fighting for. Captain Jack kisses the Doctor and says that the Doctor made him a much better person. Captain Jack goes to round up volunteers from the space station. Jack tells them that the Daleks will enter the space station on floor 494 and will be heading up probably not down. Roderick from the last episode said that he doesn't believe the Daleks exist, but Jack tries to tell them that isn't the case, and then he leaves with the few who volunteer. The Doctor tells Rose that they can just leave and let things take their course, but obviously they won't. The Doctor has Rose get into the Tardis, and then sends her to safety. The emergency program 1 is activated. The program tells her that the Doctor is either dying or close to death. The program tells her that the enemy hands shouldn't get on the Tardis. The program then tells Rose to have a fantastic life. It seems that Rose is heading back home, and she doesn't like that and wants to head back to the Doctor. The Tardis lands, and Rose finds herself back in London. Mickey comes running up to the Tardis. As he said, he heard the engines and knew there was only one thing that makes the noise like that. Captain Jack asks Rose for the coordinates. The Doctor said that Rose wasn't there, and Captain Jack realizes that Rose has been sent home. Jack asks if the delta wave will be ready, and the Emperor says that Jack should know that the wave will kill everything in its path including the Earth. The Doctor says that the The fate would be for everyone to be a Dalek. Jack trusts the Doctor. The Doctor tries to find out the origin of Bad Wolf, but the Emperor denies knowledge of it. Meanwhile Rose is with Mickey and her mom. Her mom doesn't seem to realize that Rose is not as she was before she left and that she thinks that life with the Doctor was a better life. Rose tells Mickey that the Doctor showed him that too. Rose said that she has to do what is right instead of running away. The War starts. Back in present day Earth, Mickey tells Rose to go back to a proper life. That's when Rose notices the words Bad Wolf all over the place. She realizes that it's a message and not a warning. Rose realizes that it is away for her to get back to help the Doctor. Captain Jack tells everyone to follow his commands. The Daleks enter the station on floor 494. Rose tells Mickey that the Tardis is telepathic. She tells Mickey that if she gets to the heart of the Tardis then she can go back to help the Doctor. Mickey tells her that she may die and she says that means nothing. The battle starts between the Daleks and the Earthlings. Meanwhile Mickey is trying to help Rose open the heart of the Tardis. Mickey chains his car to a handle in the Tardis and tries to open it by going faster. Back on the space station, the Android terminates a few Daleks. The Daleks go down in the space station and starts to exterminate the people on the lower levels. Lynda said that everyone is killed. Back on Earth, Rose is sad and said that she doesn't want to give up. Rose's mom said that the Doctor would tell her to give up, but Rose said that the Doctor would never say that. Rose tells her mom that she is the girl who held her dad's hand when he died was her. Rose's mom doesn't believe it and leaves. On the future Earth, the Daleks are destroying everything. Jack tells the people with him that they are the last defense. Meanwhile, the male programmer tells the female Indian programmer that he joined up because of her. They wink. Mickey hasn't given up and thinks that he needs something stronger to help her, and that's when Rose's mom appears with a huge truck to help Rose. The Daleks have entered the floor with Captain Jack and his few helpers. The female programmer is killed and then the male programmer tries to avenge her and is killed. Lynda said that the Daleks have found her. The Doctor tells her that she is safe because that side of the station is re-enforced. However, it looks like it is not strong enough for the Daleks. Lynda is terminated. Captain Jack is under seige too and looks like he is done for. Back on present day Earth, Rose is still trying to get to the heart of the Tardis. She succeeds with the help of Mickey and Rose's mom. Rose looks into the heart of the Tardis, and the Tardis doors slam shut and the Tardis disappears. Rose is flying back to the Doctor. Will she get there in time? Captain Jack is exterminated! He goes down valantly. Poor Captain Jack! The Doctor has the delta wave ready, but at that time he is surrounded by Daleks. The Doctor tells the Emperor to kill him. The Emperor asks what the Doctor is--coward or killer. The Doctor says coward--and the Emperor tells him that the human race will be harvested because of the Doctor. AT that time, the Tardis materializes, and Rose appears. Rose said that she looked into the Tardis and the Tardis looked into her. Rose is taken over by the Time Vortex. She tells the Doctor that she will be safe--that she has been scattering messages for her all over the place--the Bad Wolf message. Rose has the power to kill the Daleks. The Emperor says he will not die--that he can not die. Those are his last words as his ship is disintegrated. The Doctor tells Rose that she has done it and to stop. Rose says she controls life and death. She brings Captain Jack back to life. Rose says taht she can see everything, and that is and all that can be. The Doctor says that he has that all the time. He kisses Rose and sucks the Time Vortex out of her. Rose is saved. The Doctor blows the Time Vortex back into the Tardis. He checks Rose. Captain Jack gets up--not realizing that he almost died. The Doctor and Rose leave in the Tardis, and Captain Jack is left behind. Rose doesn't remember what happened. Rose remembers the light in the Tardis and that is it. The Doctor realizes that he has been so badly injured that he is going to regenerate. Rose doesn't understand what the Doctor is trying to tell her. He says that he never knows what form he will end up in. The Doctor tells Rose that his body is dying, and that he is going to change. He says that he won't see her again with that daft face again. The Doctor tells Rose that she was fantastic, and so was he. The Doctor regenerates as the new Doctor played by David Tennant.
I liked Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. He just had a rough sex appeal that Tennant seems to lack, but we will have to see what the new season brings. This new season of Doctor Who is just now being shown in the UK.