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Endurance: Hawaii

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The teams for the third season of Endurance are:

Antonio and Willa
Eliminated in 6th episode
Tom and Vanetta
Eliminated in 12th episode
Alex and Bjorn
Eliminated in 7th episode
Lindi and Chris
Nicole and Demian
Eliminated in final episode
Sarah and Reece
Eliminated in 14th episode
Rachel and Kareem
Eliminated in 9th episode
Bryanah and Monroe
Eliminated in 16th episode

Casting Special

The casting special shows us the the kids are picked for Endurance. The search for the third season began before the second season had even finished. JD Roth and the casting directors decide that the best way to get kids on the show is to solicit video tapes from the kids that would show off their unique talents. Some of the faces are familiar if you have already seen the third season, but some are new. Of course, that means they didn't make it. In fact, Julie from season four shows up in the tapes for the third season. They must have thought she was too young for the show. Not only did the Endurance crew take videotapes, but they also went on roadtrips across the country to get kids for the show. The first stop for the casting search was Boston. Antonio and Bryanah were at the Boston search. Julie from season four shows up in the Boston search. She was 13 then. Next was Orlando, and that's were we see Lindi. Third up was Chicago. That's where Sarah showed up. Next was Dallas where Alex and Tom both interviewed. Bozeman, Montana was next, and we get to see Bjorn. Portland came up next with no one who wound up in the show. Last was LA. There we meet Vanetta. All of the tapes are reviewed to cut the selection down to 40 finalists (20 guys and 20 girls). JD and company go through the tapes to find the folks that stand out. Bjorn makes it to the final 40 because of his story about his brother chopping off Bjorn's finger with an axe when Bjorn was two. The finger was eaten by his dog. We then saw some footage of Monroe who is the biggest fan of Endurance and gets picked for that reason. Brandon talks about all the sports that he played as a child and how he could make Hercules look like French toast. Eleanor does a Crocodile Hunter imitation and hunts her cats. Willa comes across as her annoying self. Peter at 12 had no fear of competing against other kids who were older. The age for the finalists was 12 to 15. Nicole is the last person who is picked. It seems that Nicole also tried out for season two, but didn't make it because she was considered too young. Peter gets a phone call to let him know that he is a finalist, and he is nervous and excited. Nicole was very happy to find out that she was in the final 40. As Nicole said, it would suck to not make it now because she is so close. It seems as if Julie, from the Grey team on Endurance: Tehachapi, was one of the 40 finalists. Antonio says that he's ready and has his suitcase packed. The 40 finalists got to make a final tape that would determine their fate. Only 20 kids (10 guys and 10 girls) will make it to the show. In his tape, Antonio talks about his grueling exercise schedule and his awards in sports. Eleanor does the fire, wood, water competition with her cat. It was a really cute little skit. Bryanah pretends to drink a raw egg in her tape. Lindi's was the last tape, and she showed off her fast pitching arm against the guys on the softball field. JD Roth and Todd make the final decision. Who makes it? Alex from Plano, Texas gets the call while at basketball practice at school. She is teaching some younger girls how to play basketball. Alex makes it to Endurance. Tom is practicing Tai Kwan Do when he gets the call that he is going to be on Endurance. Lindi also gets the call while practising for softball. Lindi was in shock. Demian comes from Las Vegas, and he was at home with his family eating pizza. Willa was born in the year of the Dragon and made it to the show. Kareem and Bjorn also make it to the show. Marshall makes it and so do Reece, Chris, Brandon, and Taylor. Because of the excitment level, JD decides to actually go to the remaining contestants in person instead of just making a phone call to tell them they are on the show. Rachel's dad coaches for the San Diego chargers and JD pretends to be a football player to let her know that she made it to Endurance. JD goes to Bryanah's house, and she is caught not drinking the raw egg. She drinks it without swallowing the raw egg. Bryanah made pancakes for JD. Sarah is told that she has been selected while out eating lunch with her family. Nicole also gets an in person visit in the pool. Vanetta gets a Hawaiian pizza from JD. Antonio is working out in the gym when he gets a spot from JD, and the news that he is going to Hawaii. JD then goes to Eleanor and says that if she beats him best out of three in the battle of elements. First she picks water to JD's fire. In round two, JD choose wood and Eleanor water. It is the final round. Eleanor picked wood while JD picked water. Eleanor made it to Hawaii. Monroe gets the last visit. He is watching Endurance with some of his friends at home. Monroe says that he loves the show. Monroe is shaking and crying as he hears that he is going to be on Endurance. The casting special ends with the contestants flying out to Hawaii.

First episode -- The Arrival

The first episode starts off in Kauai. The show will take place in a location that is known as the wettest place on the Earth. We are introduced to all the contestants that we just met in the casting special. Most of the kids are 14 and 15 with only a couple who are 13, like Brandon, Sarah, and Lindi. Nicole says that folks usually get a bad first impression of her and think that she is conceited. The location of the camp is gorgeous, with lush jungles with a nice lake. A small island is in the middle of the lake with planks of wood leading to it. JD Roth is waiting for everyone. Six people are going to be eliminated on the first day in a physical challenge.

One boy and one girl can be selected to get a free ride. The guys will choose one girl who doesn't have to compete in the upcoming challenge. The girls will do the same. Those two people are guaranteed to be in the competition. The girls were discussing the ride. Alex is the only girl who did not want to give it to Monroe. As she said, they were all acting like Monroe wasn't equipped for the stunt, and they don't even know what it is. The guys are discussing it too. It seems that Nicole made a deal with Kareem that if she gets the guys to give her a free ride, she will do the same for him with the girls. Kareem tells them that he made a promise with Nicole. Well, it seems that she also made a promise with Monroe and another boy. So Nicole is out. Meanwhile, it is raining outside, so all the kids go running out into the rain and start playing football. Monroe being the wimpy, wishy-washy guy says "what is going on out there? Someone is going to get hit in the head and pass out." Monroe stays inside playing cards with Taylor. The girls group to discuss giving Monroe the free ride. They all start talking about not giving Monroe the freeride. It appears that Monroe is sitting right outside as the girls are talking loudly in the tent. Monroe can't believe that he is hearing the girls turn against him, and the freeride that he was promised being taken away.

It is decision and elimination time. Alex speaks for the girls and say that they are giving the freeride to Reece. Bjorn and Demian are surprised that the girls picked a cute guy as opposed to a weaker girl. Marshall says that the team picked Lindi, one of the strongest girls. The rational was that they wanted to pick someone who wasn't the weakest, but also not the strongest so she wouldn't be competition. Yeah, right. Both sexes picked the cutest one. Lindi felt guilty that she was going to get the freeride. Sarah realizes that both sides picked the cutest. Monroe was really upset because he was told that he would get the freeride. He blames it on Rachel who changed her mind. Monroe calls her a backstabber. Now on to the competition. The contestants have to hold onto huge metal poles that are going to hang over the water. The first three to fall will be out. Alex really wants to stay. Eleanor wants to stay because it is so gorgeous. Eleanor has two slips. She is barely holding on, and is the first girl to be eliminated abit after two minutes. Sarah looks like she is really to go. Five minutes have gone by. Vanetta says she can't hold on, and Nicole is giving her a pep talk. Vanetta slips to the end of the pole and then lets go.

There are several girls who look like they are ready to go. Sarah is really shaking hard all over. Taylor starts to slip and then lets go. The three girls eliminated are Eleanor, Vanetta, and Taylor. Sarah said that it was alot of pain. Sarah was so excited when the last girl fell because she tried her hardest. Bryanah was also not going to fall, and was holding on so hard. Willa said that everything hurt afterwards, but she held on. Eleanor feels so mad because she wanted to stay so bad. Her shaking legs were the thing that gave out. Vanetta admits that she just gave up because it was hard. Taylor thinks the other girls did well. Now it is the guy's turn. Marshall is questioning if he has what it takes to stay. That's negative thinking. The rain starts as the guys start the competition, and that's how the episode ends.

Second episode -- First Elimination

The boys are still hanging from poles over the water. Monroe whines about feeling really angry because he had a chance to get into the final and feels as if it was ripped away from him. It is really raining on the boys. Marshall is the first one to slip right off the pole. It was a fast move and did not take long. Demian starts jumping on the poles to shake people off. Tom lets go next. Monroe is screaming for Demian to stop and asking others to stop him. Monroe squeals like a girl. Brandon lets go shortly after that. Marshall, Tom, and Brandon are going home. Monroe is squealing in the water. He later said that Demian was in it for himself. Demian said that he just didn't want to be there all day. He knows that he affected some people, but he is there, and that's all that matters. Marshall said that he just slipped. Brandon said that it was easy to stay on when it was dry, but not when it was wet. Hmm...considering he never did it while it was dry, I wonder how Brandon made that assessment. The 14 official players get to rest for the evening because it is partner picking the next day.

Raining at the camp. It looks like the place is drenched. Only Rachel seemed to have a good night's sleep. Monroe is sad because Taylor was his closest friend. Bryanah said that it was hard. Lindi said that there are so many good guys and doesn't want to pick just one. Even Rachel said that she doesn't want to single a guy out although she then singles out Reece. This time around, the contestants will get to pick their own partners, at least some of them will. As JD says, you have to prepare for anything because anything can happen. Nicole is thinking about how she wants to pick. Nicole does not want to take Monroe. Antonio tries to tell them that everyone has a chance to win. Bjorn and Alex bond in the tents. Alex said that she doesn't want Monroe. She tells Bjorn that she would like him as a partner and that he is nice. Alex doesn't know who she will choose. Antionio is talking to Willa. He asks if she would be horrified to have someone as a partner. Antonio thinks that he and Willa would be really good. Meanwhile she said that she couldn't get along with Antonio. However, she doesn't tell Antonio that she doesn't want to be stuck with him. Willa thinks Antonio is crazy and weird and that won't give her a good chance to stay on in Endurance. It is obvious that he is trying to see if she would mind having him as a partner, but she won't say anything. Stupid girl!

It is raining again in the camps. Monroe said that Lindi, Reece, Chris and Bryanah are going to have an alliance. Sarah said that she is going to be mad if she is with Chris and he wants to be with Lindi or Bryanah. Monroe thinks that Chris and Bryanah have a crush on each other, and the others tell him that he is wrong. They say that Bryanah is stalking Chris and that he isn't as interested in her. Kareem gives a demonstration of how Bryanah follows Chris around. Demian says that Bryanah follows Chris everywhere. Monroe says that Chris is telling others that Bryanah is stalking him. Kareem thinks that if Bryanah doesn't get Chris as a partner that she will be upset. Lindi wants a good partner because she realizes that is key to making it to the end in Endurance. Bryanah tells Chris, Reece and Lindi that they should determine who they want before the challenge so they will plan the challenge accordingly. Antonio says that everybody is fine with him. Demian says that his top three are Lindi, Sarah and Nicole. Monroe said Sarah and Rachel. Reece said, Lindi and maybe Willa. Chris said that he gets along well with Lindi and Bryanah. Sarah asks the guys and all the guys choose Lindi as her partner and that she thinks that it is because Lindi is so cute. Nicole said that she is going to feel like a second choice because that person couldn't get Lindi. Nicole thinks that it is nerve wracking not knowing who she might get. Here's how the partner game will work, and it will be done in the ever present rain. Balls numbered 1-14 will be launched in order from a catapault on the island. It will be a battle for the ball in the mud and rain. The goal is to grab the lowest ball because the person who gets ball number 1 will have a say on which partner he/she gets. The number one ball is launched.

Nicole says afterward that she was thinking that she had to get ball number 1. Demian got the first ball by diving for it. Demian gets to choose his own partner. It is a real battle in the mud with folks diving and pushing. Bryanah had ball number 2, but Lindi grabbed it out of Bryanah's arms. Bjorn said that it was ruthless how Lindi stole the ball from Bryanah. Lindi admitst that she was fighting for it with Bryanah. The next ball gets kicked away and Reece comes up with it. Antonio got the number 4 ball. It went right to him. The number 5 ball goes to Chris. Number 6 goes right into Bryanah's arms. Nicole said that Monroe was aggressive and pushing people around. Number 7 went to Willa. Number 8 went to Nicole. She is covered in mud by the time she gets the ball. The episode ends here with the rest of the balls up for grabs.

Third episode -- Pick Your Partner

It is now time for the number 9 ball. Bjorn comes up with the ball. Number 10 goes to Alex. Sarah catches ball number 11 in her arms. Monroe is shoving Kareem and Rachel around. It seems that Monroe and Kareem didn't want to be outdone by a girl so they were determined to come up with ball number 12. Monroe and Rachel dive for the ball, and Rachel gets it. Number 13 is the last ball launched and it bounces right into Monroe's hands. Kareem gets the last ball. Here's how it works. There are cirles of team colors on the grass. As your ball number comes up what you do is either pick a color or pick a partner if someone is out there. Here's where the lower number balls come in handy. If you want someone who is already picked, but your ball is lower, you just bump the competing person (male if you are male, female if you are female) from the team. That person then has to either pick a new partner or color, depending on what is availble. The person who was bumped can not bump another player. He or she has to take only what is available. Kareem goes first and picks blue as his color. Monroe takes yellow. Rachel can choose either Monroe or Kareem or a color. Rachel takes Red. Sarah now gets to pick. She takes purple. Alex takes green. Bjorn chooses to partner with Alex. Alex said that it was awesome and she was happy to be with Bjorn. The kids then learn about the bumping policy. Bjorn knew something would go down when JD said that.

Nicole picks orange. Willa picks Kareem as a partner. Bryanah picks the last color which is grey. Chris picks Bryanah. Bryanah said that she and Chris talked about it before hand. Antonio bumps Kareem. Kareem can only go to an open space so he takes Nicole. Reece picked Sarah. Rachel thought that Reece would pick her because they talked prior to the pick, but he took Sarah. It is now Lindi's turn, and she picks Chris. Everyone was shocked at that. Bryanah just stands there stunned. Lindi said that she felt horrible, but she was dedicated to getting Chris. Bryanah has to go to Monroe, and can't bump someone else. Bryanah looks at Monroe with tears in her eyes. As Monroe says, Bryanah wasn't happy to be with him because she was madly in love with Chris after only knowing him for a day. He jokes about how Chris and Bryanah were going to get married. Meanwhile Bryanah is crying as she stands by Monroe. It is now Demian's turn. Bryanah is giving Demian the strong eye to pick her so she can get out of the pairing with Monroe. Demian goes with Nicole. Bryanah is really teary-eyed now. Kareem is stuck with Rachel. Nicole is telling Demian how Bryanah is so mad. As soon as the competition is over, Bryanah goes over to Chris and gives him a hug and cries. Bryanah said that Lindi was her friend before the bumping incident. Alex thought that what Lindi did was show bad character. Bryanah thought that it was low. Kareem told Lindi that Bryanahs really mad at her, and Bryanah is calling Lindi an enemy. Chris wants to get Bryanah and Lindi to talk. Bryanah called Lindi a backstabber because Lindi knew that chris was her number one pick. Demian says that Chris had a dilemna because he didn't know whether to choose Bryanah or Lindi. So what Chris did to not be the bad guy, was to choose Bryanah and then let Lindi choose him. Chris talked to Lindi before the game and did NOT tell Bryanah. What he told Lindi was that she was to finish before him so he would choose Bryanah, and then Lindi would choose him, and Chris would come out smelling like roses and being the good guy. Chris thinks that he and Lindi have a chance to manipulate the game. Chris said that he left Demian get the number one ball because he wanted Lindi to pick him. Nicole said that she was happy that Bryanah ended up with Monroe because she didn't like Bryanah. Nicole thinks that Bryanah creates the drama and that everyone will be better off without her. It is still raining at the camp, and Rachel said that after the game everyone wanted to have fun and decided to mud wrestle and slide around in the mud. Bryanah said that everyone was having fun in the mud. Alex was killing everyone in the mud, and said it was the most fun that she had since she was there. Kareem admitted that the tension was gone and they were just having fun.

Everyone now meets with JD Roth in their team colors. It is now time for each team to get one pyramid piece. Yellow team gets Teamwork. Blue team gets Commitment. Red team gets Trust. Grey team gets Knowledge. Orange team gets Leadership. Purple team gets Discipline. The Green team gets Heart. The girls then go out to put the piece on the team pole. Bryanah said that since Monroe has the mind and she has the strength, they should work together good as a team. Rachel said that she and Kareem got the Trust piece and that they both do trust each other. Willa thinks that she needs commitment to stay there because she is not happy with her partner, but she wants to be here. What are they playing for? The winners will be going to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.

Fourth episode -- Headstrong

Lindi is asking who the others missed from who was kicked off. Demian says Tom, but Chris says Marshall. Monroe said it was Taylor for him and it was a blow when she left. He can't believe that she is gone. JD Roth meets with the six kids who were eliminated in the first episode. They were brought back to the beach for a reason. Those who were eliminated are going to get a second chance. There is going to be one more game, and the winner will choose a partner to become the eighth team on Endurance. The six are excited. Eleanor was so happy that she could try again because she was so mad at herself. Vanetta is happy to have a second chance. They all admit that they are happy. Brandon makes the comment that the partner should come from within the six, which is obviously the way it is supposed to go. Tom says that the others should have no hard feelings. Vanetta said that she would pick Tom. Eleanor says the same, that it would be Marshall or Tom. Tom is hoping that it will be physical because he can beat out the other five, just as long as it isn't holding onto a pole in the rain. Vanetta tells them to think positively. They shouldn't think about losing a second time. Tom said he would be more grateful and appreciative of what he has because of the second chance.

All of the teams come out at the camp. The sun is out and JD is there. JD tells them that this season, they had to endure the most of everyone. JD asks Lindi if things are okay with her and Bryanah. Bryanah said that Lindi did what she did and what she had to do. Bryanah said that if that's how Lindi chooses to play the game, that's fine. She says that she will play the game the way that she and Monroe decide. Alex said that Lindi's move could affect the game. Rachel said that she just wants to keep out of it. Before the first competition, there is a surprise. The six who were eliminated are back. Taylor and Monroe hug right away, and Monroe is crying. JD explains that the eliminated kids are going to compete in one game and will pick a partner. JD lets the kids enjoy some time together. Bryanah thought it was awesome. Monroe and Taylor are both soulmates and they admit to it. Kareem thinks its a good thing that Tom is back. Monroe is psyched to be back. vanetta can't wait to prove to herself and everyone else that she belongs.

The competition that the six will compete in is called Headstrong. They each have to balance a Hawaiian carving between their head and a long bamboo pole. The carving is around a foot tall. The person who keeps the bamboo carving between their head and the pole wins and picks a partner from the other five. The pyramid piece given to the new team will be the Perseverance piece. Three minutes and 30 seconds pass. Eleanor's carving falls down. Eleanor is really upset with herself. 15 minutes have now passed. Taylor is shaking. Brandon's piece is on the edge. Tom tries to shake the pole with his head. Brandon drops the next piece. Taylor is really shaking. Nicole is encouraging Taylor. However, she is the next one out at 25 minutes. Vanetta is the last girl out. It is now down to Tom and Marshall. Marshall is really shaking, but Tom seems to be having an easy time with it.

Either Tom or Marshall will choose the girl who will make up the final team. Marshall just lets up abit, and the carving falls after almost 30 minutes. Tom is the last one up. Who will he choose to be his partner? He picks Vanetta because she was the last of the girls. Poor Taylor because she was out just seconds before Vanetta. Tom and Vanetta are now the Brown team. The other four leave now for sure. The first Endurance mission is later in the day and will be for a pyramid piece and the Samadhi. Tom said that standing like a triangle would make it easier because it was the stronger geometrical shape. Lindi said that she thought everyone wanted Tom to win. Tom said that he and Kareem are really good friends. Tom said that he and Kareem formed an alliance. Kareem said that they will decide which team is strong after the competition. Monroe isn't happy with Tom because he didn't choose Taylor. Also, Monroe thinks that Tom is arrogant and that he is the king of Endurance. But as Monroe said, Tom was already eliminated once, and it can happen again. Monroe would rather not see Tom's face around the camp.

Fifth episode -- Ring of Fire

Bjorn is very happy about being on the Green team with Alex. Everyone is saying that Green is a target team because they are so strong. Monroe would switch partners because no one likes Bryanah. As Monroe said, it's hard to play in a game when no one wants you to succeed. Bryanah can't understand what she did to any of the girls and Monroe explains to her that Nicole doesn't like her and the other two girls (Lindi and Sarah) just do what Nicole says. Vanetta says that Tom is a great partner because he is so strong and sweet. Reece thought that he and Sarah started out awkwardly, but as they got to know each other, things have gotten better. Meanwhile, Willa doesn't want to be me but she tells Antonio that alot of things about him bother her. She really seems to dislike his personality, hair, looks, etc. Willa tells Antonio that she can't stand his hair because it is long like a horse's mane. Antonio's hair is shoulder length, brownish, blonde hair. Willa is being a freak. Antonio tells her that he is who he is and that they should respect each other. After all, others of the guys have long hair. Antonio admits that the bond isn't strong yet, but that he is trying to work hard on making the bond strong so they can win some competitions. Kareen says that he and Rachel are pumped about the competition and that they are going to show the other teams who is boss. Lindi is also excited about the competition because she thinks that she and Chris make a great team. Nicole says that secret talk and alliances are becoming more common. Vanetta and Nicole have a friendship that seems to be pretty tight. Vanetta isn't into an alliance but she says that she really loves Nicole. She also warns Nicole about who she should be friends with. Vanetta says that lots of people talk about others. Nicole tells Vanetta to warn her about others talking about her, and Nicole also asks that Vanetta not lie to her and say that folks hate her who don't. Nicole is thinking hard about what each team has. Demian is scared about the fact that Nicole would do anything to win and she does nothing to keep it on the down low.

It is time for the first Endurance mission. The winner will get the Strength piece and the winner will give another team the dreaded Samadhi. This game is called Ring of Fire. Basically each team must hold a pole over their heads with the end in a ring. They have to keep the end from touching any of the sides because if it touches, the ring will catch fire and the team is out. The teams lift the pole and now it is a matter of finding out who can hold the pole up the longest. Bjorn is strong enough to hold the pole up so Alex can let go and rest. The rain starts, and after two minutes Monroe is feeling tired and sore. Purple looks really strong. Yellow gets close to the edge of their ring. The problem is that Monroe is much taller than Bryanah and has to hold the pole awkwardly so Bryanah won't be awkward. Brown team is the first to touch the ring and they are out. Yellow is out shortly after that. Orange team touches because both Demian and Nicole were resting at the same time. Red touches next. Antonio asks "how long we been?" and finds out that it has been 15 minutes. Alex takes a break again without holding the bar, and Antonio whispers to Willa that's how Green is going to lose. Antonio and Chris start talking about who is tired. Both deny that they are tired. Grey hits the ring as both try to rest. It is down to Blue, Green, and Purple. To make it more difficult, they will only be able to use one arm and won't be able to switch arms. They all choose their right arms. Willa starts yelling at Antonio is not holding up the pole and shortly after that, they touch the ring. Alex is saying that her wrist is hurting and that her hand is slipping. Meanwhile Sarah is saying that her shoulder is sore. Alex's hand slips off the pole, and Purple team wins. The biggest advantage for Purple is that they were both approximately the same height so they could both fully extend their arms. Purple gets to decide who gets the Samadhi. In the confessional, Sarah does a little song and dance about winning the "thingy."

Monroe isn't excited about the Purple team getting the Samadhi. Sarah realizes that she caught everyone by surprise because the boys didn't think she was very strong, and she proved them wrong. Vanetta admits that Purple is strong. Afterward Kareem is telling Reece that he has a hard decision, and it is scary. Reece has a very nice, strong southern accent. Someone says that Purple should give the Samadhi to someone that they don't want to have around anymore, and Sarah says "yeah" very strongly. Kareem realizes that it will cause alot of trouble in the huts. Bryanah doesn't think that she and Monroe will get the Samadhi because they aren't a very strong team. As she admits, the only reason Yellow would get the Samadhi is because Sarah has some weird reasons for not liking Bryanah which Bryanah doesn't know. Vanetta says that she thinks it will go to Green. Bjorn admits that they would be a target because of how strong they were in the first competition, but then says, "we'll win anyway." Nicole admits that the Blue team is fighting alot and that is adding stress to everyone. Willa is yelling at Antonio again telling him that she doesn't like how he is so "blah, blah" and beats around the bush. Nicole admits that Willa isn't even trying to work things out with Antonio and that is making him upset and in turn making everyone else upset because they all like Antonio. Chris asks Antonio why Willa was yelling at him. He says "who cares." Willa is talking to Yellow, Brown, and Green, and says that she is going to confess. She then goes into the confession and says that she is really unhappy that she has Antonio as a partner, and starts screaming in the confessional. Everyone hears her and realizes that it was Willa and starts laughing. Everyone asks willa what was going on and she said that she was venting. Vanetta tells the others that she feels sorry for Antonio because that is what his partner thinks of him. Later, Antonio is in the cabin and the others are talking to him about Willa. Everyone is telling Antonio that he needs to talk to Willa so she can stop acting like a bitter, old shrew. Someone yells at that Antonio wants to talk to Willa. Willa yells back, "well why doesn't he talk to me then?" to which another yells back, "he's afraid that you'll yell." Willa screams out "what a horrible partner!" Bjorn says that Willa is very negative and will just say that she doesn't want Antonio as her partner, and how she doesn't like him. Antonio looks hurt. Antonio admits that he really doesn't know what is going on between them. Antonio says that it should be their business and that if Willa needs to say something they should talk. Willa starts arguing about how Antonio wanted to talk to her. Tom then butts in that they just need to go off and talk to each other. Tom later says that Willa is treating Antonio unfairly, and why she would say the things that she says to Antonio except for pure spite. Alex says that Willa is so not open to Antonio, and that Willa should be grateful and show respect. Reece and Sarah are talking about who should get the Samadhi. Reece thinks that maybe it should go to Blue because of shrewish willa. Sarah says that she likes Willa and doesn't want her to take it personally. She's also afraid that if Blue comes back that Purple will be in trouble. Sarah asks Reece what he thinks about Green and Yellow. They both admit that Green is the strongest and Yellow is the weakest. Sarah then says it is really hard.

The teams go out to meet on the little Island on the Island that they are staying on. This is where they will meet to give the Samadhi and decide who goes to Temple. Reece says that they have given alot of thought to the Samadhi. Sarah said that he doesn't want anyone to take it personally. Bjorn picks the Blue couple of the weakest. Bjorn said they have half a team and that Willa needs to work on it. Monroe says that Orange, Red, Grey, and Purple. When JD Roth asks if anyone thinks that Yellow is the weakest team, and those four teams say yes. Reece said that if you are stronger, others might want to go against you. Reece said that usually the strategy is to go for the stronger teams because you can compete better against the weak. And so they give the Samadhi to what they consider the weakest team, Yellow. Bryanah asks if it isn't hypocritical to say you want to go against the strongest teams, but give the Samadhi to the weakest. Reece said it just worked out that way. There is five feet of rope in the Samadhi. It doesn't mean that Yellow will lose, but it will be more difficult for them to win. Sarah said that Bryanah makes alot of drama with the girls and they want her out. Alex said that it is not looking good for Yellow. Monroe admits that he just can't sit back and let things happen anymore. He has to work on things harder.

Sixth episode -- Bagging on You

Sarah says that Purple gave the Samadhi to Yellow because they bring such negative energy to the game. Nicole admits that she is happy that Yellow team got the Samadhi because she wants to them to have a disadvantage. Nicole thinks that Bryanah being off the island would be good. MOnroe thinks that if he had a more neutral chick as a partner, he would do better. Bryanah says that Alex is the only one who is not fake like the others. Tom admits that Sarah, Lindi and Nicole really don't like Bryanah because she flirts too much with all the guys in their mind. Chris admits that he wants to know who will go. Chris admits that Yellow or Blue are going to go to Temple so it is key for them to win. Alex of the Green team says that she loves Bryanah and Monroe and she would love for them to win because then Alex would know that she is safe and everything would be great, but she doesn't think it will happen. It is now time for the game. It's the first Temple mission and first elimination. Bryanah admits that they are worried about the challenge, but will do their best. Today's challenge has both members of the team holding one end of the sandbags that are tied together with a rope. When JD says "Go", they have to throw the sandbags at the team colored platform target in the water. Each team that gets the sandbags onto the target gets to take a team out of the competition that missed the target. The winning team is the last left. Yellow team will be five feet further back from the startline because of the Samadhi. Yellow team gets the first target. Sarah thinks it is going to be Purple.

Yellow team eliminates Orange, and Nicole whispers to Sarah, "told ya." Yellow team gets it on the target again. This time Yellow eliminates Grey team. Blue and Brown team both get something on the target. Lindi keeps on whispering "yellow, yellow." Willa says that they will eliminate the Green team. Nicole and Demian are whispering yellow. Tom thinks they should get rid of Purple and Vanetta (with her friendship with Nicole) says Yellow because they are the best team. Tom says not Yellow because Yellow won't send them. Vanetta agrees with Tom and they go with Purple. Red team gets the target. All of the folks on the side are saying Yellow. Red eliminates Blue team. Nicole can't believe that Red didn't eliminate Yellow which is the only team to get the bag consistently on the target. Yellow gets it again. They eliminate Red because as Monroe says, "it's a given." It is down to Yellow and Brown. Whoever gets it wins, and that team is Yellow. They win the challenge even after getting the Samadhi and being called the weakest team. Yellow now gets to choose two teams to send to the Temple of Fate. In his confessional, Monroe smirks and chuckles and said that he bets they all didn't see that coming. Meanwhile Nicole is crying like a crybaby because she is sure she is going to Temple. She cries to Monroe and pleads to not be sent. As Bryanah said, she saw Nicole telling others to vote off Yellow, but then when Yellow wins, Nicole comes over crying to Bryanah and asks not to be sent to the Temple. What crocodile tears. Lindi is also sobbing and sure that she is going to be sent to the Temple. Bryanah tells Rachel that all she hears from Nicole is negativity about others. Meanwhile Nicole later admits that if she were Bryanah, she would send Orange to the Temple too. As Nicole said, she would send Bryanah to the Temple and not care if Bryanah came to her crying. Bryanah and Monroe discuss who to send. They think that it should be Blue and Orange. Monroe says that he is afraid that Orange will come back and they will have accomplished nothing. He wants to send Orange and Grey. That would really change the game. Bryanah isn't eager to send Grey with her favorite, Chris.

The teams all head out to the little Island. As JD says, as quickly as the weather changes, so does the power. As he said, the weakest team is now the one with the power. The team that leaves can give its piece to whomever they want. Bryanah said that she and Monroe thought it out and it will be Orange and Blue that go to Temple. Nicole keeps on saying "told ya." That's why Orange is being sent back. Monroe said that they sent Orange and Blue because they hold that Orange loses and that Blue won't be that eager to seek revenge. Nicole goes over to Monroe and Bryanah and said that she doesn't know how they could do this to her, but if Yellow thinks it is the smartest thing--"whatever." Nicole said that she is definitely coming back and Yellow will have targets on their back. Even if she doesn't, Nicole claims that someone else will take are of her dirty work, and that Yellow is in big trouble because they don't know how mad she is. Bryanah said "I'm scared." And Nicole said that she should be. Bryanah reminds Nicole that Nicole would have sent Yellow to Temple, and Nicole denies it, even thought later in confessional she admits over and over again that she would have sent Yellow and wants them gone. Nicole doesn't even care if she wins or not as long as Bryanah goes home. Nicole is the troublemaker. Unfortunately, the others don't seem to see it. As Orange and Blue leave, Nicole is still crying. Antonio says that if he comes back, he will make sure that Yellow never wins. Demian is sure that he is being sent because of his partner, and he is really confused and unsure if he made the right choice in partner selection. Willa said that she doesn't know how far she and Antonio will go as a team because they are not a good team at all. Nicole cries and whines some more about how if she goes home now it will look like Bryanah has won and that Bryanah is the better player which she isn't at all. (As this season of Endurance progresses, we will all see what a nasty person Nicole is, and that Bryanah is the honorable one.) Nicole says again that she wants to leave after Bryanah so everyone can see that she is better. Sounds like Nicole is motivated purely by spiteful and petty jealousy.

At the Temple of Fate, Blue and Orange face off in the wood, water, fire competition. In the first round, Blue chooses Fire, and Orange chooses Water. Nicole was trying to see how Blue was writing, but wasn't able to do it. Orange still managed to get the first win. In the second round, Blue chooses Fire and Orange chooses Water again. Orange team is going back to the camp, and Blue is going home. Willa doesn't seem very upset, but Antonio does. Demian is crying at winning, but Nicole has her devil smirk on her face. Yellow and Green are very unhappy to see that Orange is back.

Seventh episode -- Squaring Off

Everyone gathers together the morning after Blue leaves. JD has brought a letter from the Blue team and the Commitment piece. Nicole gets to read the note. Blue says they are cool with Yellow and what happened. Blue is cheering on Orange, and wants everyone to remember the Blue team not as arguers but as kids trying to work things out. They leave their piece to the Orange team. JD lets everyone know that they will again be playing another Temple mission. Nicole says that it feels good to have the Commitment piece and that it fits them very well. Nicole said that she wanted to cry after hearing of the Temple mission. Nicole admits that Yellow team is a target. Monroe cries and hopes that it is a challenge that requires brains because that will be the only shot that Yellow has at winning. If it goes with Strength, Monroe is afraid that it will go with Purple or Grey and that Yellow and Green will both be sent to the Temple of Fate. The game has a huge board on the ground with columns of the team colored squares. The teams will have triangles that can be used to block out colors of the team colored squares of their choice. When a color is completely covered, that team is eliminated from the game. After placing a triangle, the team has to pick another team, but not the same one that picked them. This is a trust game that the team you pick will not eliminate you or cover your own square. The last team with an uncovered square wins. Orange has been randomly selected to start the game. Both Nicole and Demian get a triangle, and can either place it on the same color or on two different colors. They cover both Green and Yellow. Orange choose Grey to follow them. Grey covers Brown and Yellow. Grey picks Red to follow them, and they cover Yellow and Green. Red picks Purple. They cover Yellow and Brown. Vanetta whispers to Tom that it looks like there is a plan for them to be targeted by the other teams. Vanetta isn't too bright. Purple picks Orange to go next. The Orange, Purple, Grey, and Red team fill up the squares of Brown, Yellow, and Green. That changes though when it is another of Purple's turns and Reece picks the Yellow team to follow them. This is really amazing because as Bjorn of the Green team just commented, it looked like Green, Yellow, and Brown should just sit down because they would have no shot. Reece has a soul though. Grey, Red, and Orange are shocked, but as Alex said later, Reece knew what was going on, and he didn't want to be a part of it. Yellow put triangles on Purple and Grey, and they went with Green. As Nicole admits Yellow, Green and Brown started to do what the other teams tried to do to them. Nicole whispers to Vanetta that she doesn't want to go to Temple for a second night in a row. Alex admits that once it got over to Yellow, they had the game sealed. That's when Nicole put the pressure on Vanetta and Vanetta says Orange. At the same time, Tom said Yellow. Nicole puts on the demon smirk and Yellow, Brown, and Green are eliminated one by one. Purple and Red team are eliminated next. It is down to Grey. There only two open triangles. Grey is given the last triangle, and they can either eliminate themselves or eliminate Orange. Lindi admitted that they wanted it to come down to Grey and Orange, and that the plan was for Grey to eliminate themselves because they didn't want to send Yellow to the Temple of Fate because Yellow saved Grey's backs. So Orange wins, and Nicole admits that Grey wants Orange to do their dirty work because they don't want Yellow or Green to hate them. Bjorn and Alex look glum. Monroe says that he does not know what Vanetta was thinking. If she didn't want to make an enemy, she should have just let Yellow win. Tom says that he is really mad and that now Yellow and Green will be going to the Temple and they are Brown's only allies. Dumb Vanetta and Gullible Tom should have thought of that before they agreed to give it to Orange. Tom can only blame Vanetta so much because he went along with it.

It is now decision time. The teams gather on the little Island, and Nicole has her demon smirk on her face. Nicole said that she picked the Green team, and Demian said that he picked the Yellow team. Monroe is crying because Green and Yellow are being sent. He thinks that the other teams don't like the girls (Alex and Bryanah). Monroe thinks that it will be just as bad as leaving to not have Green there. Nicole admits that she isn't crying and she sent two teams to the Temple. Nicole later admits to Lindi that she is sorry to send Monroe and Bjorn, but that she is not sorry about Bryanah and Alex because they are mean and shallow. Geeze, Nicole, look in the mirror! You are the Queen of mean and shallow! She also claims that Bryanah and Alex lie. Bryanah thinks that the cruelest thing is to put two close friends against each other knowing that one of them won't be coming back. Bryanah said that the other girls are catty and gossiping about others. Bjorn was expecting a beach and competing at first, but now he just wants to be friends with everyone. Alex said that the place is like a miracle with rain every second. Monroe thinks that the one guy that he bonded with, Bjorn, isn't going to be around anymore. As Monroe said, it will be just as hard to come back as it will be to leave.

Yellow and Green are sobbing loudly all the way to the Temple, and they hug each other before they enter. Monroe and Bryanah are really crying. Alex looks really sad, and Bjorn is the only one not in tears. In the first round, Green chooses water, and Yellow chooses wood. Yellow wins the first round. JD tells them that he knows this is very difficult for both teams. Bjorn tells Alex that whatever happens it's okay. In the second round, Green chooses fire, and Yellow chooses water. Yellow is going back, and Monroe, Bryanah and Alex are crying while Bjorn just looks sad. JD congratulates Yellow team and says that Yellow is headed back to show the others just how strong they are.

Eighth episode -- Out on a Limb

The episode starts as JD arrives at the camp and calls out all the kids. Monroe said that the experience was bittersweet because if they won they were coming back, but if that happened then the Green team was going home. It was a no-win situation. Bryanah said that Alex was her best friend and she isnt't there anymore. Monroe has a green band on his arm in remembrance of Green. The note from the Green team said that they were happy to have Yellow back in the game. A comment was made to Demian in the note that he had to "step up and not just let her make his decisions for him." An obvious swipe at Nicole. Nicole gives Demian the eye at that one. Yellow receives the Heart piece that belonged to the Green team because of their close and real friendship. Green also tells Yellow to take control of the game so the true Endurance champion can be found. JD Roth said that Heart is an important part of Endurance. The Yellow team now is in a three way tie for second with two pyramid pieces. JD says that today's mission will be like no other that they had before. There will be no pyramid piece, no Samadhi, and no easy way to win. JD cautions that what they will win is big and that this is a game they won't want to lose. Monroe talks in his confessional about JD raining on Yellow's parade with talk of the upcoming game. Nicole talks about the comments made in the letter by the Green team. She doesn't think that she controls Demian and that he had a say in what was done. In this series of Endurance, Nicole is definitely coming across as the Wicked Witch of Hawaii. Bryanah doesn't think that Demian and Nicole are on the same page. In Bryanah's opinion, Nicole is brutal and viscious. She thinks that Nicole tells Demian what to do and Demian just goes along with it to avoid conflict. Bryanah thinks that Demian is a nice kid. Nicole doesn't understand why anyone would feel sorry for Demian because he doesn't have a disease or anything like that. As Monroe says later in the confessional, Alex felt sorry for Demian because he has a wack partner like Nicole.

All the teams are gathered out near the lake. JD tells the teams that the winner of the Endurance mission today will be awarded power. It will be the power to divide the jungle in half: three teams on one side and three teams on the other. The winner will have control over who goes where. This mission is about strength. One member of each team will sit over the water at then end of a giant seesaw. The other partner will be on the shore, holding a rope attached to the other end. The person on shore will have to hold on and keep their partner from winding up in the water. All the guys are on the shore. The guys are all seated on the ground with their feet against the wood beam. Sarah tells Reece that he has this because he is so strong. Kareem is the first to let go and Rachel winds up in the water. 11 minutes into the game. Tom is holding up a heavy load in Vanetta. He lets go and Brown is the second team out. Demian's foot goes over the wood beam, and Orange is out of the game. Demian has to let go and dunk Nicole. Purple, Grey, and Yellow are left, and Monroe doesn't look tired. Sarah and Lindi are commenting on how strong Chris and Reece are. 20 minutes have gone by. Reece almost loses the stick that he is holding on to but he makes a great recovery. The guy is really strong. Chris almost loses it shortly after that. Monroe looks at them, and doesn't look like he is struggling. 25 minutes have passed. Reece looks like he is really struggling, but Monroe doesn't look tired at all. It might be due to the fact that Monroe is much larger than Bryanah and she is one of the smallest girls. As Reece struggles, he looks over at Monroe who smiles at Reece. Reece says "Monroe, you're a beast!" and lets go of his end of the rope. Sarah splashes into the water. Yellow wins! Monroe held on for nearly 30 minutes. It will be three teams against the other three teams. Reece looks very sore, and Purple team and Kareem congratulate Monroe. Nicole says that it was so important for Orange to win the mission. As she said, anyone on their alliance should have won. Rachel of Red admits that Yellow seems to be the strongest team, and that they all just keep underestimating Yellow and that will hurt them in the future. As Monroe says, now their little alliance will be broken up. What they did to Yellow will now be done to the alliance.

Nicole talks to Lindi and tells her that Bryanah will separate them. Nicole said that she knows that Yellow will put the strongest teams together (Purple, Grey and Yellow) and that it will be Orange with Red and Brown. As Nicole says, the weak ones will lose, of course. Nicole tells Demian that they need to be on the winning team. She tells Demian that he needs to go and buddy up with Monroe fast. Demian stands up and then Nicole starts berating and lecturing him sternly. She's not done talking to him, it's rude for Demian to stand as she is still talking to him. Demian said that he was just going to do what Nicole said. As he admits later in a confessional when Nicole starts yelling at him, he just stops listening to her. Nicole continues to berate saying that she had more to say and that Demian should not just walk away from her. Nicole claims that Demian just doesn't understand how he messes everything up, and that even when she constantly tells him that he messes everything up it goes in one ear and out the other. Nicole just thinks that Demian has given up and that he just does things to annoy her. Later, Demian, Chris, Reece, Kareem, Tom, and Monroe are talking. Demian tells Monroe that his smartest decision would be to have Chris and Reece on his team. Monroe says that he knows. Demian admits that when it comes down to just him and Nicole that he isn't going to try his hardest. As Demian said, he doesn't think that Nicole deserves to win the game because she is just mean. He tells the others that. MOnroe said that Demian has discovered that Nicole is a witch and it is time for her to go. Demien admits that Grey, Purple, or Yellow are the teams that deserve to win Endurance. Kareem is offended at that statement, but Demian says that Red, Brown, and Orange have problems as teams, and don't really deserve to win. Nicole tells Bryanah she and Lindi are best friends, and that if Yellow puts Orange, Grey and Yellow together they would be together for the rest of the game. Monroe calls her on it and says that Nicole is saying that because she doesn't want to be stuck with Brown or Red. Nicole denies it and says that it is because she is such friends with Lindi. Bryanah said that she would rather be with Alex, but Alex got kicked off. Nicole then says that she had to send Yellow and Green to Temple together. Nicole tries to pull the wool over Yellow's eyes, but Bryanah isn't falling for it. Sarah is standing right there listening to Nicole telling Yellow that she and Lindi don't have a problem with Yellow, and would really like to be friends, but they are scared. Nicole admits in confessional that she begged the Yellow team and took the Yellow teams lies. Bryanah said that Nicole is fake. Meanwhile Tom is trying to play the guilt game with Monroe telling Monroe that if they lose and go to the Temple he is going to blame the Yellow team. As Monroe says, "come on." Brown is Yellow's best friends, but they are the weakest team, and the goal is to win not make others feel good. Tom makes a comment about taking the knife out of his back, as if Monroe should run the knife over his own throat and risk losing and going to Temple again. Tom claims that being there to win and trying to make friendships clash. Monroe tells Bryanah that he hates that others are coming up and asking them to do things that they would not do if they were in Yellow's shoes.

The teams gather at the Island on the Island. JD comments on the letter from Green about Demian. Demian says that Nicole takes all the drama away from him and he is cool with that. Reece and Sarah are bumping each other as JD talks about friendship. JD calls Purple team on their comments about calling Yellow the weakest team. Sarah admits that Yellow is a pretty strong team. Nicole looks like she wants to cry as she listens in. JD tells them that the Super team that wins the mission is safe from going to Temple. The other Super team will not be so lucky. Bryanah said that they are basing their decision on the day's challenge and whoever lasted the longest should make a strong team. Yellow admits to not choosing friendship but the stronger teams. Monroe says that the Super team will be Yellow, Grey, and Purple. Orange, Red, and Brown will make up the other team. Tom feels that the Yellow team left them out in the cold and will get Yellow back at another point in time. Vanetta thinks her Super team is far from super. Nicole in confessional rants that she can't go to Temple again and that really stinks because she is not ready emotionally to go back to Temple, and that is can't even think about it.

Ninth episode -- Bamboo Jungle

It is raining in the jungle. Kareem thinks that it was a good decision to choose Grey and Purple but that they backstabbed the Brown team. Tom admits that he is upset that he wasn't picked for the Super team and thought that friendship might count. Bryanah admits that she is there to win, and is what she and Monroe are there for. Tom thinks that if his Super team doesn't win that Brown will be sent to Temple. Today's mission is Bamboo Jungle. Each member of each Super team will be tied together. The leader will be attached to a long rope that runs through a bamboo maze. Each team will have to follow the one leader, sliding along the path without getting stuck in the obstacles. The first team to make it all the way through and back will win. Chris and Demian are chosen as the two leaders. Orange, Red and Brown had a slight lead at the beginning. At one point the other Super team was dragging Monroe. Orange, Red and Brown got stuck, especially with Vanetta's big butt. Grey, Purple, and Yellow started to take a commanding lead. The other team was confused and getting stuck. Grey, Purple, and Yellow were moving with good speed. Their lead extended and everyone was in sync. Vanetta was really holding things up with her big butt. Game's over and Grey, Yellow, and Purple win. JD said that Monroe was dragged for 20 yards, but it was all okay. The three will have to decide together who goes to Temple.

More rain in the jungle. Monroe said half of the camp feels happy and the other half is down and out. Bryanah says that they were connected by the rope and pulling each other, and that since Monroe was at the end being dragged at points. Monroe was still screaming for the others to go and not slow down for him. Vanetta is a big loser and tries to tell her team mates that they didn't lose. She says that they won, but the other team just won ahead. What an incredibly stupid thing to say! Vanetta isn't the brightest bulb in the pack--in fact she may be burned out. Kareen shakes his head. Tom said that it was irritating that Vanetta held back the team and that without her they would most likely have won, and that is very frustrating. Vanetta admits that her butt was too big for the holes. Demian admits that everyone was whizzing through the obstacles except for Vanetta and that she was definitely weighing them down. She was getting stuck and moving slow. Demian shook his head in disgust. Kareem says that he gets scared thinking of the Temple and that he doesn't want to go there. Grey, Purple, and Yellow are discussing who to send up, and Lindi says that Red is going for sure. Chris asks why is it Red for sure. Lindi said that Yellow won't want Brown to go, and they don't want Orange to go. Chris replies, "oh, so that's done." Rachel said that it is hard, but that they think Red will be sent. Chris tells the losing teams not to suck up and beg, but to take it with pride. Bryanah says that she doesn't like Nicole and that she would like to send Orange. Bryanah said that Nicole would stab her in the back over and over again. Chris and Reece both want to keep Orange. Chris tells them that if Yellow was on the team with Red and Brown that Yellow would not go to Temple, and that is 100% and he already knew it. What a lie. Chris tries to tell them that Demian, Chris, and Lindi wouldn't want Yellow to go. Vanetta admits that Bryanah sort of has a crush on Tom, and that she doesn't think that Bryanah would pick Brown to go to Temple. Chris says that Red and Brown go to Temple and asks Bryanah if that is cool.

It is decision time. The teams meet on the Island within an Island. Chris says that the two teams going to the Temple will be Red and Brown. Nicole looks smug. Tom asks Rachel if she is mad, and she says yes because Red is the least threat and that Orange is a bigger threat. Monroe said that not sending orange might be seen as a peace treaty. Rachel wanted to ask Lindi and Sarah why it was Red and Brown and that it is stupid to send the weakest team. Lindi said that Orange hasn't proven much, and Rachel said that Red has proven even less. Vanetta said that she wasn't surprised but that Tom was. Bryanah talks to Tom and said that she is the only one who didn't want to send Brown. Tom says all right, but she was the only one that stood up for Brown. Nicole said that she didn't hop onto the bandwagon with everyone else. Bryanah did say that she is there to win and that two people have to go to Temple and there is nothing that she can do. Bryanah said that anyone coming back from Temple doesn't come back with a smile on their face. Kareem says that he likes it there even with the rain and mud because there are so many cool poeple. Monroe cries over them as they leave. Tom has a yellow ribbon in his hair for luck. Rachel said that she will be upset with Grey and Purple and especially Purple for not sticking up for them. Vanetta says forgiveness is a big thing and they should forgive. Tom is trying to savor the moments because it is a cool experience.

At the Temple it is raining heavily. Tom admits that he is still friends with Yellow. It is now time for the luck game. Kareem tells Rachel to do whatever she wants. In the first round, Brown picks wood and Red picks water. Brown has one win. Kareem whispers to Rachel that he doesn't feel good about it and thinks they will be going home. Rachel tells him not to say things like that. In the second round, Brown picks wood and Red picks water again. Brown wins again. Rachel looks like she wants to cry. Red is going home. Brown gets a rousing welcome back at the camp.

Tenth episode -- Pipeline

The teams gather together with JD after the previous night's elimination. Red team left behind the Trust piece and a note. The first thing in the note is that the Red team really can't trust the Yellow team. They tell Tom to stay focused on the game and not on other things (meaning Bryanah). To the others, they tell them to keep the alliance alive. They leave the Trust piece to Purple because they felt that Purple was the most trustworthy of all to them. Tom is upset because he thought that he was tight with Kareem and that Kareem would leave the piece to Brown. Today's mission is going to be for a Samadhi, and unlike in other competitions, this is going to be one that they want to get. What's inside could change the game drastically for a team. Sarah is happy that the Purple team is in the lead with three pieces and it feels good to be ahead. Tom is mad because Purple got Red teams piece. Monroe tells Tom that Red was vindictive and that he is mad that Yellow was called untrustworthy because Grey and Purple also had a hand in sending Red to Temple. As Bryanah said, they never did anything to Red to lose their trust in them. Lindi said in confessional that Yellow can't be trusted and that's why they are targetting them. The Lindi, Nicole, and Sarah clique. They are petty girls.

It seems that Purple is beaten up at this point. Sarah has a wrist guard and Reece's feet have been hurting him. The teams will have to guide one ball at a time along a pipe, and dump it into a basket. Once the ball drops in, they have to go back to the beginning and start all over again. The ball is about a foot in diameter. The first team with three balls in the basket wins the Samadhi. The winner gets to either keep the Samadhi or give it to another team. Brown drops the ball because Vanetta is a loser. It was funny when Nicole was telling Demian to push it to her side more and it falls and hits her. Grey gets the first ball in the basket. Grey has two balls in the basket and no one else even has one in the basket. One foot away from the basket and Grey drops the ball. Nicole is yelling at Demian and telling him what to do. Grey gets the final ball in and wins. No one else got the ball in. Grey has to make a koho (choice in Hawaiian). Lindi said that they will keep the Samadhi. She tells Chris that she is ready to start sending people home at the Temple. Grey opens the Samadhi. They have two pieces in the Samadhi. One is a small pyramid. They can take the pyramid pieces of any team and clear them out. The other piece is a totem pole that will allow them to change partners. Sarah said that it's a great position for Grey to be in because it gives them alot of power. Lindi hopes that the team they target doesn't take it personally because they have to make the decision that they make.

Lindi thinks that it is weird having power and hopes that no one will backstab her. Nicole said that obviously they won't switch partners but will have to steal pieces. Vanetta tells Nicole that the smart thing would be to take Purple's pieces, but Nicole said that Lindi won't do it because Lindi doesn't play smart. Nicole thinks that Grey will take Yellow's pieces. Monroe whines that everything bad happens to Yellow. Demian said that he would have to take Purple's because they have the most. Reece said that if he was Grey, he would take Purple. Nicole is now trying to make an alliance with Yellow and Brown because she thinks that Purple and Grey are too close. Bryanah said that if Orange doesn't backstab and send Yellow to Temple because the smartest thing would be to send Grey and Purple to Temple. Nicole and Bryanah make a deal. Chris admits that he can't send Demian or Reece to Temple, then he has to send Yellow or Brown. So Chris' idea is to let Orange, Brown, and Yellow fight it out because Chris doesn't think that Grey is threatened at this point.

Back to the little Island for decision time. What will Grey do? JD mentions that everybody looks nervous. JD comments on Monroe kissing his hand and his pieces. Monroe thinks that he is probably going to lose his pieces tonight. Reece doesn't admit to an alliance. Nicole said that some people have alliances, but she isn't one of them. JD asks her if her face always turns red when she is telling the truth. Bryanah doesn't think that Grey will change partners and said that she thinks they are happy with their partners. JD asks if anyone else would like to change partners. Nicole said that they are trying to work out their differences. Nicole said that she is outspoken, and Demian said that she does speak out alot. Grey decides to take someone's pieces. Of course, they take Yellow's pieces. Grey and Purple are now in a three way tie. JD tells Yellow that there is alot of game left, and tomorrow is a new day. Monroe kisses his pieces good bye again. Bryanah said "what a surprise--Yellow is the team that everyone goes to for an easy way out." Chris says that Purple would give them their pieces if they go to Temple and so would Orange, Brown has only one and Yellow has two, so it made sense to take Yellow's pieces.

Eleventh episode -- I'm Falling for You

At the camp, everyone is wearing rubber boots that JD Roth gave to the kids to keep their feet dry and add to the comfort level. He thens reminds everyone that Yellow lost all their pieces while Grey and Purple lead. Everyone needs 12 pieces to win. There is a twist today. There is not going to be a Temple mission today, but another Endurance mission. Up for grabs is the Courage piece. The Samadhi today will guarantee that the team that receives it will not win the Temple mission. That means it must be one that prevents the team from competing. JD gives the team time to prepare. Nicole said that they were getting ready to send Grey and Purple to Temple, but now it is a problem. Tom and Demian are talking about plans to send Grey and Purple to Temple. Tom says there is only one small fly in the plan, Nicole. Meanwhile she is with Sarah wondering who Demian is talking to. Nicole admits that she is in an alliance with both sides. Demian tells Nicole althought she thinks that Purple and Grey won't send them to Temple, they could. Nicole replies by telling Demian and the Brown team that she has no plans to send either Purple or Grey to Temple. Tom is shocked, and so is Vanetta. Vanetta then says that Brown is gone at the point. Nicole tells Demian to come with her, and she tells Demian that there is alot going on that she is not telling him because he would be mad. Demian replies that she better tell him because he has told her everything. Nicole then informs Demian that she told Chris about the alliance with Yellow and Brown. Nicole then says "told you you would be mad." Demian asks Nicole why she did that, and Nicole replied because she didn't think that it was right. Demian tells her that "we are this close to winning and you don't think it's right?" Demian tells her Orange team is done. Nicole tells him that if Orange loses it is because of Demian, not her, and he tells her the opposite. Demian then tells Nicole that she doesn't have any real life experience. This ticks off witchy Nicole who says that she has been in every state in the US and has gone to Europe. Monroe tells Vanetta that it is just a matter of time before they get picked off. Monroe said that he is so mad he could throw up. Demian tells them that Nicole is the little cheerleader who wants to go with the quarterback, and that is Chris and Reece. Chris said that he doesn't think that it is fair for Yellow to want to send Grey to Temple. Monroe wisely asks Chris if he doesn't think it is fair for Yellow to want to send a team to Temple that is trying to send them to Temple. Chris claims that Monroe should have told him--nice considering that Chris has been lying to Monroe claiming that he wouldn't have sent Yellow to Temple when he wanted to. Chris for some reason doesn't seem to blame Orange for their backstabbing. Chris tells Monroe that they were all trying to make Chris not try to win, and then send Grey up to Temple. Monroe reminds him that it wasn't just Yellow, but also Orange and Brown. Chris claims that he is mad at everyone. Chris said that if he wins, he is sending Yellow to Temple. I think Chris should be angrier at Orange, but no, but no. Monroe said that he would rather be sent to Temple by Purple than Grey, even though Reece is Chris' little puppet.

The teams trudge to the competition through the mud. JD asks Nicole why everyone went from looking excited to looking like down. Nicole says that it is because alliances were found out about. Nicole said that things just came out in the open. The mission has the two teammates connected by rope over a pulley. So when one teammate is on the ground, the other is 25 feet in the air. They have to transfer 12 pyramid pieces from the ground to the top ledge. This comes down to six pieces each. Up for grabs, the Courage piece and the Samadhi. Orange had the early lead. Some folks aren't smart enough to put the foam piece into their mouths while going up and down. Purple tied Orange. Brown is having a hard time because Vanetta is so fat and un athletic. Nicole doesn't put her pieces in properly, and Orange winds up losing two pieces. Monroe is so much heavier than Bryanah that Bryanah just flies up as Monroe drops. Grey has nine pieces and Purple is close behind. Grey needs one more to win. Grey wins. Nicole applauds them while Monroe looks dejected.

Tom is dejected too. Tom said it was hard for him because Vanetta wasn't doing very much. For example, she was busy pulling on her helmet in the middle of trying to pull her fat butt up the rope. Bryanah said that they had to win to stay, because they know the Samadhi is coming to them. Lindi is happy that she was in control and they don't have to get the Samadhi. Chris and Reece say they can't wait to see Yellow leave. Bryanah said they everyone just goes right to Yellow because it is easy. Bryanah hopes that if they go to Temple that they come back. Nicole tells Grey and Purple that she is the ruler of the team and that whatever she says goes. Reece says that Demian is sitting on the ground talking to Yellow and Brown. Nicole says that Demian is making friends with Yellow and that is bad. Nicole goes over and demands that Demian leave. Nicole tells Demian that he should not hang out with Yellow because they put bad ideas in his head and make him think negative. She tells Demian that Grey and Purple see Demian talking to the others, and it makes them think that Orange is teaming with Yellow and Brown. Demian replies "fine whatever. I just won't talk to anybody." Demian says he won't listen to Nicole. Nicole starts singing this stupid ditty: "Remember, remember, remember, we are a great team. You are such a great partner, and I am supposedly mean." Bryanah is laughing at the stupidity of Nicole. Nicole doesn't think that she and Demian will ever overcome their differences. Demian goes to Reece and Chris and asks to be sent to Temple because he is tired of Nicole and doesn't think that she deserves to win. Demian said that Chris and Reece don't want him to leave. Chris said that Demian doesn't think that Nicole deserves to win because she is mean. Demian said he will help Grey to win if they send Orange to Temple.

At the island on the island, the teams meet to discuss the Samadhi. JD said that Grey couldn't win at the beginning, and now seem to win everything. Lindi said that they are focused more and seem to gel and get along. JD asks if everyone is getting along with their partner and if anyone is having any problems. Everyone looks at Orange, and Nicole throws her arms around Demian and says that she loves her partner. Demian said "it is just the same. I love her back." Chris said that the game is about strategy and that you need friends to stay true to." Chris said his strategy is to have friends. JD comments that Yellow doesn't look very happy. Monroe said that no one should be happy to go to the Island when they know they are going to get the Samadhi. Who get the Samadhi? Yellow, or course. Insided the Samadhi is a sitting statue. Yellow will not be allowed to compete in tomorrow's Temple mission. As JD reminds them, it is not a guarantee that they will go to Temple, but that they can't prevent themselves from going. As the teams go to leave, JD pats Monroe's shoulder and tells him to hang in there. Both Monroe and Bryanah look so sad and depressed. In confessional, Monroe said that he is just really hurt because Yellow is so under attack. Bryanah tells Monroe to not look upset because if the others know that he is mad they will send Yellow. Monroe feels bad for Bryanah too because he wants her to win and there is nothing that he can do. I didn't like Yellow at first, but I have to admit that they are my favorite because they are the most mature and least petty team.

Twelfth episode -- Balance Ball

Nicole says that now that Yellow has the Samadhi there is no way they can win. Tom admits that it if up to the Brown team, and if the Brown team does not win, then Yellow and Brown will both be sent to the Temple. The teams meet to start the challenge. Tom is at the competition on his own with no Vanetta. Vanetta had a freak accident and tripped on her way out of the camp and scraped her knee badly. She is going to get stitches and is out of the game. Tom is going to go on by himself as a one man team. Reece thought that Tom made a good decision, and Lindi could understand why Tom didn't want to quit after making it this far. Tom felt that he had to go on for Vanetta even though they had their differences. As Tom said they were friends. The mission today is to have the teams balance the ball from one end of the course to another. The ball then had to be dropped down the chute at the end. If the ball is dropped before it hits the chute, they have to start from the beginning. The first team to get three balls wins. Tom was doing well on his own, but dropped it. Grey has a big lead. it's going to be hard for Tom on his own. Grey gets the first ball in and Purple gets their shortly after. Tom makes it to the end, but the ball doesn't make it into the chute. Monroe yells out "good job, Tom." Purple seems to lead in the second round, and Monroe asks if Purple would send Yellow. Bryanah just shortly says "yeah." Purple go the second ball first. Grey got their second and Orange got its first. It's down to Purple and Grey, but Purple gets their ball in first. Grey congratulates Purple, but Orange team doesn't.

Chris asks Tom, "how it's going Lone Ranger?" Tom doesn't think it makes a difference who finished first because Yellow and Brown are probably still going to Temple. Chris and Reece talk to Tom outside the tents. Reece tells Tom they are sticking to the same plan. Chris said that it is nothing against Tom. Tom tries to tell Reece and Chris that they should keep him around because he will be easy to beat as a one person team. Reece and Chris go off and pretend to discuss the matter while saying they will send Yellow and Brown. Bryanah is on the hammock with Demian and they ask Tom what he was talking to the other two about, and he says that he was trying to talk them into not sending him. Bryanah asks why he was trying to suck up. Demian sees to tell them to send Orange and Bryanah says and Yellow. Sarah tells Nicole that Demian said that he would sent Purple and Yellow. Nicole says he is so dumb. Lindi then says that Demian needs to watch what he says around Purple and Grey. Nicole says she is going to talk to Demian. She goes out to call Demian, and he moans and tells Bryanah and Tom "you know how it feels when your mom calls you to do some chore? That's how I feel right now." Bryanah sais that she knows that Demian is sorry that he picked Nicole as a partner and that he made a big mistake and Bryanah agrees with that. Nicole confronts Demian about wanting to send Purple to Temple. Demian said that he, Chris, and Reece were talking about what they would do if they made it to the final four and Demian said that he would send Purple and Yellow, but the girls misunderstood what they heard. Nicole tells Demian to make sure that Purple and Grey understand what he was talking about. Demian sais that the guys do understand that, but the girls don't. Demian goes and clears it with Chris and Reece, and everything is cool with them. Nicole is in a hammock Lindi and Sarah and comments about how Demian doesn't try talk to Reece and Chris for long and that he isn't trying to be good friends with them, and that bothers her. Bryanah in the other hammock says "why would you want to be good friends with someone who doesn't want to be good friends with you?" Nicole ignores Bryanah and snickers. Bryanah says that Nicole needs to get over herself and that Lindi is a great person, but just influenced in a negative way by Nicole. Nicole asks the other two girls why Bryanah has an attitude with them. Sarah says that it is because Bryanah can't be friends with them. Lindi said that she doesn't think that anyone likes the Yellow team because they messed up too much their friendships. Little witches.

It is time for the decision. The five teams go out to the Island again. Saarah says that Purple is feeling good right now. JD asks Purple who will go to Temple, and Sarah said that she doesn't want anyone to take it personally, but it will be Yellow and Brown. Bryanah looks teary-eyed, but is trying to hold it in and look tough. Tom said that he wasn't surprised that Purple sent Yellow and Brown, but that it was a bad choice and that Tom doesn't have a chance because he is the only. Bryanah tells Demian that she is so mad right now, and asks if he knows what will happen next Temple, and Demian said that he knows that Orange will be sent next. Bryanah hopes to come back and make an alliance with Demian in an alliance that can not be seen. Monroe throws water all over Reece's bed as he is packing. As Monroe says, if he's not there tonight it will give him joy to know that they are sleeping in wet bags, and if he is there, he will get to laugh at them. It is time for Brown and Yellow to leave and everyone says their goodbyes. Tom says that Vanetta is there in spirit and praying for him. Monroe said that Yellow team just doesn't go away, and they aren't going to throw their hands up and walk out the door. They are going to play hard and fight to the very end. Chris and Reece say that if Yellow comes back, they will target Grey and Purple. Bryanah admits that at first she was shocked to be with Monroe. She thinks that being with Monroe was a lesson for her. She stereotyped Monroe from the very beginning, and meanwhile Monroe has been the only one who has been true to her throughout the entire game. Bryanah thinks that having Monroe as her partner opened her eyes to being honest and true to everyone.

Yellow and Brown are now at the Temple. JD comments on Tom being there alone without Vanetta. Tom tells Vanetta that this is for her and to stick with it. Yellow chooses Fire, and Tom chooses Wood. Monroe comments that it is such a mind game. Monroe cries at the win, and Tom looks flustered. Bryanah and Monroe discuss it. Monroe tells Bryanah to pick Wood and then starts crying as he hands it to JD. Yellow chooses Wood and Tom chooses Water. Yellow wins and goes back to the game. Monroe and Bryanah are crying and she yells out several times "Tom, I love you. You did awesome Tom." Tom tells them to beat the others. JD commends Yellow on not giving in to the hardships. Bryanah says "see you JD" and Monroe says "hopefully not too soon." Yellow goes back to camp to be greeted by the other three teams. The guys cheer for them, but Nicole acts like the brat that she is and rolls her eyes. Lindi and Sarah don't act anywhere near as spoiled princess as Nicole does.

Thirteenth episode -- The Halfway Mark

It is the morning after the elimination and JD Roth joins the final four teams. They all admit that it is weird being only four teams. Nicole reads the note from the Brown team. Brown team (aka Tom) says that Grey and Purple should be glad that they are winning so much, and they love Yellow. Although they like everyone, Tom leaves the Perseverance piece for Yellow. Of all the teams competing this time, Yellow has persevered. The Samadhi is up for grabs in the upcoming competition. Sarah is talking about how Reece is not talking to any of the three girls. They are blaming Bryanah and claiming that she told him something bad about Sarah. Bryanah is talking to the boys in the hammocks about how Sarah doesn't like her now, and she is wondering why. Monroe says it is because Nicole doesn't like Bryanah and says bad things about her all the time and neither of the other two girls wants to stick up for Bryanah. Bryanah thinks Nicole is fake and a liar and tries to get everyone against one person. Bryanah says that she doesn't know what she has ever done to any of the girls, and Chris says that it is because she talks to the boys more than the girls. Bryanah said that she isn't going to stop talking to the guys because of the girls. Monroe tells Bryanah that at least she will know that she wasn't mean. Sarah now admits what it is that bothers the other girls about Bryanah and that it is because Bryanah flirts with all the guys. All the guys like her. Nicole says that chris has a crush on her and Demian is always following Bryanah around now. Lindi says that it would be so much easier if Yellow wasn't there--as if Yellow has really done something to them--other than Bryanah being a bigger favorite of the boys rather than the spoiled threesome of Lindi, Nicole, and Sarah. Nicole goes over all the things that the others have done to Yellow, yet they still come back. All three are going to target the Yellow team for more bad things.

It is now time for the competition. There are four huge triangles on the ground. Each team is going to start a stack of triangle puzzle pieces that are covered with halves of colored dots on the sides. The teams will have to match up the dots and fill the larger triangle. At the end each of the dot halves will have to be matched up in color in order for the team to win. The winner will get the Samadhi and the Luck piece. JD comments that Monroe has found his good luck piece which is a green bandana that he wears on his wrist. He asks if Yellow is looking for revenge to which Monroe replies who knows as Nicole gives an eye roll. The competition starts. All the teams are moving pieces around and trying to figure out how to do get all the colors to match. Orange came close, but no match-up. Bryanah is directing Monroe, and they get the match first. Monroe is flinging Bryanah around, and they are both celebrating! They get the Luck piece and the Samadhi.

Chris said that Luck did play a big part in the game because it was a matter of moving it around until you get it. Sarah is really stupid because she thinks that they were just down to one triangle and couldn't get it to fit. Duh--that is because others of the triangles were not in the proper place! Lindi said that when she saw that Yellow won, she felt so bad. Bryanah said that they rejoiced and were really happy. Monroe said that it felt so good to have another win under their belt and that they have to make things happen for themselves. Lindi said that it is ironic that the Yellow team got the luck piece because all along they have had luck and that is what has gotten them where they are now. Bryanah said that they are feeling pretty good. Sarah thinks that the Samadhi is going to Purple, and Nicole says that Bryanah doesn't hold grudges against guys, just girls, and that it doesn't matter how big of a disadvantage Orange has because they don't win Temple missions. Chris said that he knew who Monroe would give the Samadhi to, and just wanted Monroe to confirm that it was going to be Purple or Grey. Chris asks if Monroe could tell him. Monroe says that he doesn't know yet who they will give it to because it is just five minutes after the challenge. Chris said that he knows before the challenge (because they always target poor Yellow), and Monroe asks if it would have been Yellow that Chris would have given the Samadhi to. Chris is honest and says that it probably would have been Yellow. Then Monroe asks Reece, and Reece said that he does whatever Grey does. Demian said that he would have given the Samadhi to Purple after Monroe tells him to be honest. Monroe said that he is fine with Grey and Purple being mad at him because they have wrecked plenty of his days. Lindi is talking to Chris about how winning leaves you stress free. Chris said that he only worried when Yellow won the first mission. Monroe tells Lindi that he hasn't made up his mind about it, and that he doesn't want to go to Temple. Lindi said that she would send Purple because strategically it makes sense. Monroe tells her to not even lie because Chris would never send Reece. Lindi tries to fool Monroe by telling him that she could convince Chris to do it. Lindi said that Purple is strong. Monroe tells Lindi to not even try to say that she would send Orange and Purple--her two buds. She said she would if she could win. But that she couldn't win if she got the Samadhi. Monroe asks Lindi who put her up to the lie. Monroe isn't stupid enough to buy Lindi's lies. Monroe said that it depends on how Bryanah feels about it because Bryanah loves Chris. Monroe and Bryanah talk. Bryanah says that the strongest are Grey and Purple. Monroe said that there's no way they can break up Grey and Purple. Grey is the only one that Monroe worries about. Bryanah notes that Chris would never think that she would send him to Temple. Bryanah says that she tells Chris that she couldn't send him to Temple, but guess what, she can. I love the spunk of Bryanah and Monroe! Bryanah is surprised that Chris thinks he has Bryanah whipped, but he does not. Monroe said that Chris thinks he has everyone whipped.

It is decision time. Who will get the Samadhi? JD says that this is the first time that Yellow came in first and full of smiles. Yellow is on the up-swing. Bryanah admits that when she first got Monroe as a partner she didn't think that she would be going very far, but that Monroe has proven her wrong on every single challenge. So don't judge a book by its cover is a good lessson as JD says. The kids have been in the camp without television, computers, malls, etc. and JD wonders if anyone is missing the comforts of home. Sarah immediately raises her hand and speaks up. JD said what a shock--Sarah with her earrings, make-up, trying to look perfect every day. As JD says, Sarah is like a new person now. Sarah says she misses everything, food, friends, cell phone. Sarah said that half wants to win really badly and half wants to go home. JD asks Reece how he feels about the half who wants to go home. Reece says, in a very thick Southern accent, that he thinks that Sarah should stay there and suffer and win and not going home and wimping out. Who is getting the Samadhi? As Yellow said, every team has done them wrong so it is a coin toss to see who gets it. Monroe said that they are basing it on who they think is the biggest competitor, and they think that is the Grey team. JD tells Grey team that they kind of had it coming to them. There is a ball in the Samadhi. It means that they will be sitting out until the first ball has been played. Monroe said that it was payback to Grey to give them a Samadhi. Nicole said that Purple and Grey are best friends so Nicole is going to have to make friends with Yellow so there is someone there for Orange.

Fourteenth episode -- The Final Four

Bryanah says that it is very important for Yellow to win today's Temple mission or they will be sent to the Temple of Fate. Nicole was talking to Grey about who will get sent to Temple, and Lindi said that they might send Purple. Nicole doesn't buy that and knows that Orange and Yellow will be sent to Temple if Purple or Grey wins. Lindi said that she and Nicole have been close but now they have to go against each other. Sarah tells Lindi that she was just talking to Nicole and Nicole said that if Orange wins, Grey and Purple are going together to the Temple. Lindi looks shocked. Demian admits that Yellow and Nicole were talking and that it seemed weird that Bryanah and Nicole were planning together. Bryanah says that she thinks Nicole will stick to this alliance because now she realizes that her good friends are willing to send her to the Temple of Fate. Nicole admits that she didn't think that she would be able to get along with Bryanah, but they have been trying to make an alliance to see if it can work out. The Temple mission is pivotal. Grey has the Samadhi. In this game, they are going to have to fill pouches with water, and then run to another location and fill some tubs with the water. Once the water reaches a certain level, a ball is going to be launched from a cannon behind the tub. Three balls will be launched. If the ball they get matches the ball in the pouch that JD Roth holds, that team wins and will send two others to the Temple of Fate. Grey team can't play until after the first ball is launched and caught. The game starts. They start filling all three tubs. Chris caught the last ball. Reece said to Sarah that they don't have a chance. Yellow has ball number 1, Orange has ball number 2 and Grey has ball number 3. JD takes his time in taking out the ball to draw out the suspense.

The winning ball is ball number two. Orange wins. Yellow and Orange start cheering and hugging. The question is will Nicole stand by her word? Purple and Grey look very upset. Lindi looks like she wants to cry, and Sarah brushes a tear away. Monroe admits that he is so happy that Orange has won, and he is very happy. However, he admits that there are people there who will try to change Nicole's mind, and that Nicole could swing the other way. Nicole looks sad because Sarah and Lindi are not happy with her. Monroe tells her afterwards that it was a beautiful job. Nicole feels bad, and Monroe tells her not to because if one of them had won, Nicole would be going to the Temple. Monroe tells her not to forget that it would be them. Reece and Chris are talking about their fate. Reece said that Purple and Grey are the strongest teams, and Chris says that they are. Chris said that he is upset because it will be sad to see one of the teams go. However, he said that he would give his pieces to Reece and vice versa. Monroe told the girls and Demian that when there were five teams left he would send Yellow and Orange. Sarah said that he would have to clear it with Lindi, and Lindi tries to claim that she would not do that. Nicole said that there is no way in a million years that Chris would ever send Purple because of the friendship with Reece. Nicole admits that she knows that Purple and Grey would have sent her to the Temple, and now Lindi is trying to say that she might have sent Purple and Yellow. Nicole said that was like saying you would send your mom to the Temple--there's no way you would do it. Sarah tells Nicole that Purple, Orange, and Grey were really good friends and that Orange would take a chance by sending one of the teams with Yellow to the Temple. Sarah admits that she was trying to talk Nicole into sending Yellow. Monroe asks Lindi what she would have done if she won, and her reply was that she would have to send two teams to Temple. Nicole and Monroe both say that the two teams would have been Orange and Yellow because Grey would never send Purple. Lindi asks Nicole, but when have you guys been close to Yellow? Nicole said that she hasn't but that doesn't change the fact that Lindi would have sent her to Temple. Lindi admits that she would have sent Orange to the Temple and that she would also choose winning over friendship. However, Lindi thought that Nicole would have picked friendships over winning. Bryanah said that Yellow has been to Temple twice and she just thinks that it would be fair if someone else who hasn't gone to Temple would go. Lindi said that she earned her right to stay there and not go to Temple. Nicole then says that this time Lindi didn't earn it. Demian just watches. Lindi starts crying. As Monroe says, any time Lindi thinks she might go to Temple, she sits in her bed and crys and that Lindi might as well cry or try to enjoy her last day there because she is going to Temple.

It is now time for the decision on who is going to the Temple. Orange leads the way onto the Island. JD said that it was a crazy day. Reece's head is down. JD admits that no one was more surprised than maybe him when the Orange team won and started celebrating with Yellow. JD said that what was as far from a friendship at the beginning has become a bond. Nicole says that she loves everyone there and that it was a hard choice to make. Demian said that it doesn't matter whether they were mad at each other, loved it other, or whatever they did, they were always learning from each other. Demian said that it was the toughest decision, but it is the smartest decision that they made. Purple and Grey are going to Temple. Lindi is crying, and obviously Purple and Grey are sad. Lindi said that they knew it was coming. Sarah said they have to look good for the Temple and need to do their makeup. Lindi feels that Nicole betrayed her because they were really good friends. Lindi said that Nicole sent the two strongest teams to the Temple so she wouldn't have to deal with them. Bryanah said that anything can change and you don't know what to expect. As Bryanah said, her enemy is her alliance and Chris and Reece are being split up. Monroe comes up as Demian, Nicole, and Bryanah are watching Reece pack. Reece asks how Monroe is doing, and Bryanah said that she is "hungry, man." Nicole said how can anyone thing of food when she is "trying to think of not crying now, you insensitive people." Nicole leaves, and Bryanah looks at her in shock. Orange wants Grey to come back because she thinks that would be a great alliance and they could easily get rid of Yellow. Everyone is crying, as Purple and Grey head to Temple. Chris said that he won't miss the rain and the mud, but that if he does go home, he will miss the people, the stuff he learned, the view, and the constant breeze that feels so good. Bryanah and Nicole are hugging and crying. Sarah said that she feels that she has proved alot to herself. She feels that she can adapt to different environments and that she can do without a cellphone or laptop. She is proud of herself. Reece said he is nervous to go to the Temple. He would like to come back, but he would rather not come back because he would hate to be there without Chris because Chris is his best friend and strongest ally. Lindi said that she has learned many new things and feels that she has become a different person there. As Lindi said, you have to adapt to so many new things and new people from all over the country and she hopes it doesn't end right now.

Both teams are now at the Temple of Fate. JD comments on the two teams that have been to Temple are back at the camp and that two teams that have never been there before are at the Temple now. Purple chooses fire and Grey chooses water. Grey wins. Purple chooses water and Grey choose wood. Grey is going back to camp. Purple is going home. Reece looks a little bit shocked. JD reminds Purple that they get to send back their three pieces which can be a huge influence on the game. Chris doesn't look happy, although Lindi does. Grey is sent back. Everyone seems happy and full of smiles except for Chris.

Fifteenth episode -- Create Your Own Game

The show starts the morning after Purple was eliminated. JD congratulates them on making it to the final three. Today is the final Endurance mission. Purple left a note and Lindi reads it. Purple says that it has been fun and they love everyone. Purple says they are still close to Orange even though the Orange team sent them to the Temple. Sarah said that she loves Nicole so much. To Yellow team, they say it's been great and real, shaky at times but they got through them. To Grey, Purple says that they have been the greatest friends and the greatest rivals. Purple leaves their pieces to Grey saying that Grey deserves them and needs to win the game. Reece comments that Sarah is eating as they write the message. Grey now has seven pieces and Yellow and Orange both have only two. The final piece will be put into play with today's game. So what is today's game? There is a load of stuff from the previous competitions. The contestants are going to get to create their own competition. They have to do it together and must all agree on it, only using the supplies that are there. They will have to create the rules and the scoring system, and oh yes, the game must be capable of being played in the rain. The piece today is Ingenuity. The game has to be fair and they all have to agree on it. Monroe suggests throwing balls into a bucket, but no one likes that one. Lindi said that it was a great idea to make their own game. Monroe suggests collecting a piece through all five obstacles so at the end the person would have all five pieces. Nicole said that if they drop their piece at an obstacle, they have to go back. Nicole said that she realized as time passed that it was going to be difficult to get everyone to agree. Demian said that it sounded like Capture the Flag. He wanted something more physical and adrenelin pumping. Monroe said that they could try to recapture past challenges. Nicole didn't like that idea. Lindi said that they changed their minds alot. Chris came up with a blindfold idea where one of the partners is blindfolded. They created a giant triangle with five colored pieces for each team. The girls will be blindfolded and the guy directs. Lindi wants to steal another team's pieces so they could knock that team out of the game. Like Yellow would go for something like that. Bryanah is nervous about the final Endurance championship. Orange wants to get the Samadhi and give it to Grey to handicap them.

It is time for the game. JD asks for a description. There is a huge triangle held by three colored posts. The girls are going to be blindfolded, and the colored pieces will be scattered throughout the triangle. The guys are going to have to direct the girls to find the pieces. They have to make their way back to the baskets with the pieces, and the first team to collect all five pieces wins. There are three mini totem poles called tiki men that are scattered in the field. If you touch a tiki man, you have to drop your piece and go back to your partner, touch his hand, and start over again. Up for grabs are the Ingenuity piece and the Samadhi. Everyone is blind folded. Each guy places a tiki on the field. Orange lays out Grey's pieces, Yellow lays out Orange's, and Grey lays out Yellow's. Grey quickly gets two pieces back, Orange has one. Grey picks up piece number three as Yellow gets one. Yellow and Orange have two, but Grey has three. Bryanah touched the tiki again. Grey has four pieces in, and has piece number five in her hands. Grey gets all five first. JD commented that the communication was great. Chris told Lindi exactly what to do, and she listened. Nicole and Bryanah are side by side giving each other looks because they know now that they will not be able to handicap Grey in the final matchup.

Chris thought Grey's teamwork was flawless and everything went perfect. Lindi is happy that Grey now has eight pieces. Nicole said that she feels small with only two pieces. Demian, Nicole and Monroe are talking, and Demian says that if Grey wins tomorrow there is no mystery because it will be Yellow and Orange at the Temple. And Grey has a huge advantage to win the whole competition. Demian said that both Yellow and Orange's goals are to be in the final two. Demian would like to see Grey go home because it would be better to have Yellow and Orange with only two pieces competing for Grey's eight pieces before the final. Monroe said that Grey going into the final with eight pieces will make them unbeatable. Both he and Bryanah try to talk Demian into asking for the Samadhi in the hopes that if Yellow doesn't get it, they can beat Grey in the final Temple mission. Monroe said that he thinks Demian would have fallen for it if Nicole didn't come in at that moment. She flounces in, and plops onto the cot by Bryanah. Nicole wonders why they stop talking as soon as she comes in. Bryanah asks Nicole who Nicole wants to win the final challenge. Nicole says Orange. Bryanah asks who she would want second and that is Yellow. MOnroe says if Orange goes to the finals with Grey, they will have a tough time beating Grey. Bryanah said that in the last two seasons the final Temple was a mental game (which isn't true because the first season's final mission was Leap of Faith. Bryanah tells Nicole that Yellow is good at mental games so they want to plan on having Orange ask Grey for the Samadhi. Nicole blinks her eyes. As Nicole says in a confessional, they want Nicole to basically volunteer to go to Temple so Yellow can stay. Nicole's answer is no. Nicole gives Bryanah a smirk, and then takes Demian out of the cabin. Nicole tells Demian that they will not ask for the Samadhi. As Nicole said, she made friends with Yellow and Grey so she wouldn't get the final Samadhi. That was a smart move. Nicole tells Demian to be friends with Chris and that she is going to go and do her job making nice with Lindi. Demian said that he hates getting caught up in all the drama. Nicole just starts scheming and planning and wants Demian to kiss up to Grey. Lindi comments on how awkward it is that Bryanah will hang out with Bryanah, and then come running up to hang out with Lindi when Grey starts winning. Lindi admits that Orange isn't as strong as Yellow so it will be easier to beat Orange in the final. In confessional, Monroe admits that knowing that Chris can make it to the final just irks him so much.

It is decision time. JD thought that it was great that they made up their own game that had alot of strategy. JD comments that the Orange team has been constantly shifting strategy, but Nicole said that at this point, there is nothing they can do. JD calls out Monroe as the biggest fan, and Monroe tells him that the teams decided to throw the Samadhi out of the competition. Monroe said that at the time he didn't understand it, but now that he is competing (and probably going to get the Samadhi), he understands. As Monroe said, they all competed really hard to get this far. Nicole said that everyone in the past season has had the Samadhi so she thinks it should stay in the game. JD says that it is up to Grey to decide on whether they want to go head to head on an even playing field. Chris says that doing anything to win means that the Samadhi should stay in. They give the Samadhi to Yellow. Monroe isn't smiling, but Bryanah does. JD tells Monroe that they have beaten him down before, but that didn't keep Yellow down. There is a number one in the Samadhi so that means there will be one extra row in the competition. MOnroe said that it is crucial to win, and it's going to be hard to win with the Samadhi, but they have beaten the Samadhi before and he hopes they can beat it again. Chris said that Monroe brought up a very good argument about throwing out the Samadhi, but Chris said that he knew Yellow would keep it in. Bryanah said that it will be the third time to the Temple, and the third time is the charm so that means Yellow will be going home.

Sixteenth episode -- Final Elimination

Now that there are only three teams left, there aren't any more strategies as Monroe said so it was just time to hang out. All three teams went into the river to swim and as Nicole said, it was so cold. Lindi said that they went there to hang out and cool over. Lindi said that the river is a great place to hang out and everyone has good memories there. Later at the camp, JD shows up to talk about today's Temple mission. The winner is a lock for the final. JD comments on Yellow team's ups and downs. JD says that Nicole has played the most strategic game, and the chess match technique has gotten her to the final three. Grey team has the best teamwork. Monroe has been carrying around the Samadhi. He says that it is a good luck charm because they won with it before and they will win with it again. JD points out that no team in Endurance history has gone to Temple three times and come back. JD wishes them all luck.

It is now time for the final Temple mission. Everyone admits to being nervous. Today it's a puzzle. Each team is going to start in their pathway of colored disks. There are five disks in each row. Only one represents a hidden code. If they choose the right disk, they move on to the next row. If they choose the wrong disk, they stay in the first row--or if they are in a later row--they have to go back to the beginning. If they go back to the beginning, they have to remember the correct code that will get them back to where they were. First team to correctly figure out their color code will win. The other two go to the Temple. The Yellow team has an extra row. Grey and Orange picked the right disk and get to do again. Grey got it this time, but Yellow and Orange didn't. All three picked the right disk. Grey is in the fourth row. Grey's luck ran out. Orange is the only one to get it and moves to row three. Everyone got it right and moved forward. Orange got it right, and moved to row five, but then got it wrong and had to go back. Grey and Yellow are at row four. Nicole almost stupidly picks the wrong disk in her first row until Demian corrects her. Grey moves on to row five, Yellow has to go back to the beginning. Grey does not get it and Yellow and Orange get it. Orange is back to row five. Orange gets it right and moves to row six. Grey moves ahead and Yellow goes back to the beginning. Orange is in row six. They got it right, and move to the final row. They get to pick one of three disks--one yellow, one orange and one grey. Of course Orange chooses to pick their own color, and they...

win. Orange is in the final, and Yellow and Grey are going to Temple. Back at the camp, everyone is talking about how much harder it is to go home when you have come this far. As Demian says, you are so close. Nicole says that she hopes that Grey comes back. Monroe comments on how wonderful it is to go to the Temple knowing he is being rooted against. Monroe admits that Nicole's comment angered him. As Monroe said, Nicole contradicts herself all the time. Demian said that Nicole is always flip-flopping between winning and friendship. Nicole then comments that Demian hasn't stood up for himself yet. Demian asks against who, and Nicole says herself. Demian then proceeds to tell her that he has yelled at her several times to leave the cabin. Nicole just doesn't listen. Demian and Nicole argue. Nicole then tells them that she doesn't think that Orange deserves to win because they have no team work. Demian says that he deserves to win, but that Nicole doesn't. Nicole said that she really doesn't like Demian. Demian said "good, leave my hut." Nicole then sits back down and says no, that she is going to stay there now because Demian can't tell her what to do. Chris said that it was sad. As he says Orange team has nothing to worry about because they made the final two, and yet they are fighting. Chris said that they should be happy and that if they have problems just walk away. Lindi said that as much as she hasn't gotten along with Yellow, she thinks that Grey and Yellow deserve to be in the final two more than Orange because Nicole and Demian don't get along. According to Lindi, Orange just slid their way along to the final two. Monroe tells Chris that he wants Grey to win if they don't get back. Chris admits that he wants Yellow to win if they come back. It is quite a bonding moment in the hammock as Monroe admits that he never thought he would say that he wanted Chris to win. Chris admits the same. Monroe admits that Orange has never really had it rough and hasn't had to endure anything. Grey and Yellow leave for the Temple. Bryanah said that Yellow accomplished alot. Monroe said that they are trying not to dwell on it because there is nothing that you can do about it. They are just praying to come back. Chris said that he feels sad because Reece isn't there and he is going back up to the Temple without him. Chris is hoping to do the best he can. Lindi feels blessed to be there and regardless of what happens she has learned alot and hopes she is now a better person.

It is now time for the Temple games. Bryanah is alittle teary, and she says that she is always teary. She says that she is glad that Monroe was her partner and sticking by her the whole time. This one is sad because both should be in the final two. Chris asks Lindi what her instincts tell her. Grey picks water and Yellow picks fire. Grey wins the first game. Bryanah said that she is nervous. Grey picks fire and Yellow picks wood. Grey has won. Yellow is going home, and Bryanah is crying, and unable to look at anyone. Lindi has tears in her eyes too. JD says to Bryanah, "I know you are upset. Remember though what you guys have accomplished. You both did an amazing job, and I think both of you display exactly what you need to have endurance." Monroe and Bryanah grab their things and Monroe says as they leave "Chris and Lindi, do not let Nicole win this game." Chris and Lindi laugh and thank Monroe and Bryanah. Bryanah signs to Chris that she loves him and sends him a kiss. Grey heads back to the huts. Nicole looks evil and Demian looks basically happy. Nicole is sobbing for some strange reason. Nicole is definitely not the nicest girl.

Seventeenth episode -- Battle for the Pieces

JD arrives at the camp with Yellow team's two pieces. JD tells them that Orange and Grey should be happy for what they accomplished and that it was the toughest Endurance ever. Lindi reads the note that Yellow left behind. Yellow sais that all four should be very proud of the tasks they have accomplished. Somre more than others. To Demian, Monroe felt most comfortable about him. Both feel sorry for Demian for having a partner like Nicole, but hey, he picked her! To Nicole, they say that they both feel that she need to face the facts of life before she lives them. They add that is she doesn't know the facts, she should ask Demian--he's the only one who will tell Nicole the truth. To Lindi they say that Monroe thought at first that she put on a fake front, but then he learned that wasn't true and learned you shouldn't stereotype people. They both thought that Lindi was really genuine and beautiful. Final word to Lindi was not to let people push her around. To Chris (Chrisypoo in Bryanah's words) Monroe always thought of Chris as the King of the game, and feels bad about not having a better friendship sooner. Both say the battle wounds from Chris will never fade and Bryanah says that she will never forget all the memories, crying or not. They tell Grey to kick some butt and win the game. JD says that although he thinks that Yellow would like to give their pieces to Grey, that it will be a competition between Grey and Orange. Having 10 pieces can pretty much guarantee that Grey will win. JD takes them to the game. There are two boats in the stream. The competition will be to race around the island on an island. They will have some time to decorate the boats. They start to decorate and Nicole tells Demian to try not to fight since it is their last day. She tells him to not talk about anything that would cause them to fight. Demian agrees. Nicole adds, unless you want to fight--that's up to you. What a witch!

Nicole said that they decided to decorate the boat in the colors of the four teams which with they had an alliance in the beginning and then put a big orange flag on the top because they are still there. Lindi said that they painted all the colors in the order in which they were eliminated. Chris thought it was an act that Antonio was trying to be nice to everyone, but that he realized that Antonio really was just nice and that was his personality. It was hard for Chris to understand. Bjorn was also a nice guy, sincere guy. Chris regrets not knowing him better. Chris admits that he is going to miss Bryanah and that she was a unique girl. She was more friends with the guys because she wasn't a girlie girl--she was more rough and rugged and like to do things like wrestle in the mud. Demian said that his favorite teams would be Grey and Yellow because Grey just clicked from the very beginning and because Yellow became so strong and just did things that no one expected from them. No one expected Monroe to make it that far. Nicole said that she didn't like Yellow for what they said about her, and Demian said it is because Nicole was so mean to them. Nicole says in a confessional that she thinks the other contestants think that she is mean and that she lies and manipulated. Nicole said that was what she had to do to stay there. As Nicole said, they only won three competitions and didn't win any pyramid pieces. Nicole wanted to decorate the flag. Demian wanted to do flames, but Nicole thought that would be too easy to mess up because the paint brushes were huge. Nicole said that she would give him the opportunity to make flames. Nicole tells Demian that his flames don't look at all like flames. Demian asks Chris who thinks they look like mountains. Demian admits that he's not an artist. Demian asks Nicole if she wants to do it. Chris noticed that the Orange team just started to fight again. Nicole fell into the water when she tried to get off the boat. She had one leg on the boat and one on shore, and just went butt first into the water. Demian said that he was just looking and laughing at her as the boat moved causing Nicole to fall into the water. Demian thought that it was funny. Nicole said that she was laughing too because it was funny. Nicole feels very, very nervous because there is no teamwork between her and Demian at all.

It is now time for the competition. They will have a boat race to get the pyramids. The Grey team decorated the boat with colors of the different teams, and the flag pole is decorated in the order in which the teams were eliminated. Demian said that Grey copied them. They decorated their pole with their alliance colors--purple, red, grey, and orange, and had the names of the people in the teams in their team colors on the floor of the boat. Here's how the game works. They have to race around the island. There are four stations with huge pieces of pyramid shaped burlap. Only one of the four burlap pieces is an actual pyramid piece though. The first team to make it to the dock can collect the second piece. Demian tells Nicole to get on and that he is going to push her. Grey has made it to piece number one, so Nicole directs Demian to go to piece number two. She then starts yelling at him because Demian isn't pushing according to Nicole's standards, and she thinks that he is screwing things up. JD comments that Orange is going in circles. Nicole directs Demian, and keeps on yelling at him. Grey gets piece number two. Lindi tells Chris to get around Orange. Nicole starts yelling at Demian again to be on the opposite side of her at all times. Grey gets around Orange without mishap. Nicole tells Demian that they are done. Nicole then switches with Demian and pushes while Demian paddles. Grey gets the third piece, and is headed on to the fourth piece. Nicole tells Demian to get lower to paddle. Grey picked up piece number four. At this point, Nicole isn't even trying. Grey gets to the dock and gets the last piece. Nicole looks very disgruntled. JD said they aren't even going to open the packages because obviously the Luck piece is in there and the Perseverance is in their hands. Grey has 10 pieces and all they need is 12. They are going to meet one final time on the Island later, and then will have the final competition that night.

Lindi said that she loved the final mission because it required strength and luck. Nicole thought that Orange did terrible. Demian said that he was embarrassed because they were going nowhere. Nicole knew that they were going to have a hard time because Demian just wasn't listening to her. Demian said that Nicole gets heated quickly and when she starts yelling, he doesn't listen. Nicole said that she was ready to push Demian off because he wasn't listening. Demian said that Nicole can't go into a mission and try her hardest and accept a loss. As he says, she always tries to blame someone for her loss. Nicole was complaining to Lindi, and Lindi said that she really wasn't paying attention. As Lindi said, Demian wasn't listening, and Nicole was bossing him around. So it was a mess. Lindi said that was the reason they didn't win. Lindi suggests that Nicole talk to Demian. Nicole doesn't think they have a shot with Grey having 10 and Orange having two. Chris feels great, thrilled, and happy to make it this far in the game. Lindi thinks Grey has a big advantage in the final game and that Orange isn't confident at all. Demian asks Nicole if she has ever rowed a boat before. Nicole said "a boat?" because she is a witch. Demian said, well whatever we were rowing. Nicole said yes that she had rowed a canoe. Demian said that he never rowed on one, and Nicole said that he should have told her. Demian replied that there is nothing to row in Vegas. Nicole tells Demian that they have a chance. Demian said that is why he wanted Yellow to come back because they might have stood a better chance against them on the rowing, that they would go in circles too. Chris and Lindi are talking about their chances since it is 10 to two. Lindi thinks they have it. Chris said that he is still scared.

Eighteenth episode -- Season Finale

Chris, Lindi, Nicole, and Demian go to the island to meet with JD Roth. Grey has 10 pieces and Orange has two. JD talks about if they listen, they can hear the water rushing on the island. JD comments about how the two people who had the most control over picking their partners (Demian as number one and Lindi as number two) are sitting there as the final two teams. JD comments about how Nicole and Demian have been struggling, but how friendship got the Orange team where they were. Lindi talks about the friendship with Chris and how she can trust him. It is now time for the gift to the final four. JD gives each of the four contestants the 13th piece which is Friendship. Each has a huge pyramid with two clasped hands and the word Friendship. JD reminds both teams that they have true endurance. Nicole starts crying because she is going to miss Lindi. One of the teams is going to win the trip to the Galapagos Islands. Nicole and Demian are given little metal replicas of the pyramid pieces that they have: Committment and Leadership. Chris and Lindi have: Ingenuity, Knowledge, Heart, Trust, Courage, Discipline, Perseverance, Strength, Luck, and Teamwork. The foursome will have an hour before heading to the Temple of Faith never to return to the camp. Lindi said that she is nervous about the final Temple. Demian said they have two chances to 10, but they could be extremely lucky. Chris thinks that Grey has a good shot, but doesn't want to get his hopes up because anything can happen.

All four are talking about their 13th piece and they all decide to sign the back of each others' pyramids. Demian admits that friendship is definitely a part of the game, and without friendship he would not have gotten this far, or would have been sent to the Temple more often. Demian said that he loved competing against Lindi and sending her to Temple twice. As Chris said, friends carry you far in the game. Nicole is worried about what her mom is going to say because the only thing her mom told her before Nicole came to Endurance was to make sure that she was nice, not say negative things, and made friends with people. Nicole realizes that her mom is going to be mad at her. Nicole admits to being mean to Bryanah. Well, she modifies that to say that she wasn't really mean--Nicole just closed her out and really didn't give Bryanah a chance to be a friend. Nicole is going to tell her mom that her mom doesn't know how it was there, and that's why she was mean. Nicole tries to pull the wool over our eyes and say that she has never been this mean in her whole entire life. Chris is happy that it is the last day because he can get back to his home, family, and dog. Although he admits that he will miss the people htere. Demian said that his favorite moment was when they were all mud wrestling after the partner selection. Nicole tells Lindi not to take her shoes home because they are disgusting and muddy. Lindi, however, says that she is going to take them home just so she can say that she was in the Hawaiian mud. Lindi said that she got used to the mud and rain and adapted to it well and is going to miss it. Nicole said that the first couple of days were hard because of the rain, mud, and bugs, but that eventually you click and things just work out. Nicole can't imagine going home and watching tv now. Nicole said that her mom is probably going to wonder why her clothes are wet--but it is because it rained every day. They finally leave the camp for the final time. Lindi said that it is going to be hard to not have the Orange team around because they have been together 24 hours a day. As they get on the raft, Demian tells Chris and Lindi that the Grey team has to do all the rowing because the Orange team isn't good at it. Demian said that he came there to have fun, but they went through so much drama and negativity, and maybe make a less shallow choice over his partner. Demian is happy that he got ot experience it. Lindi and Nicole look sad as they row away from the camp. Nicole admits that she took things for granted while she was there, and really seems to regret her meanness. Nicole also wishes that she walked around more in the rain and made the best of her opportunity. Chris said that he will always remember this win or lose, and that it will be his best experience in his entire life.

The huts are empty, and Grey and Orange are at the Temple for their final competition. The final competition is another luck game. Underneath one of the pyramids on the table is a gold pyramid. The teams have to place their pyramid pieces by the pyramids on the table where they think the gold pyramid is. The team with the least amount of pieces goes first and can place as many pieces down as they want, as long as they leave at least one spot empty. The opposing team has to cover the empty places. With each game, an additional pyramid is added to the table unti someone wins all twelve pieces. Orange goes first. The games start with two pyramids on the table. Orange wins the first and now has 3 pieces and Grey has 9. There are now 3 pyramids on the table. Orange puts down 2 pieces. They picked the gold pyramid again. Now Orange has 4 pieces and Grey 8. Now there are 4 pyramids on the table. Demian puts one down and suggests that Nicole put two down. Nicole looks very disgruntled and unhappy with Demian.

The gold pyramid is under Grey's piece. Grey collects all three of Orange's pieces. They now have 11 and Orange only has 1. There are five pyramids, and Orange can only pick one. Nicole looks very unhappy while Demian looks hopeful. Grey wins. They have picked the right piece. Nicole congratulates Grey with a weak clap. The Trust piece was where the golden pyramid was, and it is interesting how Trust is what they had in each other, and that won them the game. JD Roth tells Orange that they should be proud of themselves to get so far. Lindi said she is shocked and so happy. As she said, the experience changed her for the better and she adapted to new things and made so many great friendships that she will never forget. Chris said that Lindi was a great partner and worked well with him the whole way. Lindi cooperated and trusted Chris and that's how they got far. Chris said be honest and don't backstab and they will do well, and they did.