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July 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Catchup
Tonight, we get to see the HOH competition on Big Brother. The show started with the competition. Daniele said that the whole house, except for Kalia, was against her. So Daniele said there's no way in hell she was not going to win. Jeff says pretty much the same thing. Then Kalia said that if she doesn't win, she is going home for sure. Then Shelly says the same thing, saying she's getting her letter and pictures. Too bad Shelly sucks at competitions. Rachel says that her group has been in power since the game started, and she wants that to continue. Adam says that he wants to stay, so Dominic had to go. Rachel chastises anyone for going against her alliance. Daniele admitted that Dominic left because she overplayed her hand. Jeff said that it was a really touch competition because it gets steeper and puts more pressure on your triceps. Lawon tries to say that he's not a skier, but he's a competitor. Then Adam purposedly falls off, trying to make it look like he didn't. Adam picks the snowball and gets to wear an elf costume. After 19 minutes, Lawon just slumps off the skies. Loser! Lawon gets to be a Have Not. Porsche says that she's excited to get to compete and keep them safe. Daniele says that she felt like throwing up because of Rachel's constant cheerleading. Then Brendon complains about having pain in his shoulders, and he jumps off...35 minutes into the competition. Brendon picks a Have Not snow ball. Then Rachel starts cheering for Jeff, since Brendon is a loser. Shelly complains about how the background tilts, and she has to keep her legs going and hold on. Jeff says that Kalia looks like she is going to fall off. Jeff says that he looks around. Everyone looks good except for him, and he decided to jump off to get the money. Daniele says that she's just coasting through, and has no intention of galling off. Jeff gets the $10,000, and says it may be a one way ticket home. Rachel then starts cheering Jordan, Shelly, and Porsche. Jeff tries to give Jordan advice, and then she falls off because she was leaning forward on her arms instead of back like the others. Daniele thinks that it's great the all the vets are down. Daniele tells Kalia that she's not as stupid as the others think, and she will hold on. Jordan tells Jeff that Shelly is not feeling any pain. The others start cheering on Shelly and Porsche. Daniele then whispers to Kalia that she's doing wonderful, and Kalia returns it. Porsche says that the pain is more in her shoulder and then points to her elbow. Then Porsche fell down. Everyone starts cheering for Shelly, and Shelly claims she is not coming off the skies. Rachel admits that she is freaking out because everything is on Shelly's shoulders.

Jeff says that the competition has been going on forever. Daniele whispers to Kalia that Shelly looks like she is in trouble. Kalia said that since everyone is against her, she is going to play. Brendon pettishly claims that the competition was suited to Kalia because there is little movement and Kalia can rest on her fat. The rest of the house starts cheering for Shelly. Kalia asks Shelly if she is with the vets, and she says no, they just want her to see her kids. Rachel claims that she would have been a fierce competitor in the game. After 1 hour and 26 minutes, Shelly just let loose and fell. Everyone just applauds Shelly. Rachel starts to whine and be a poor sport. Brendon tells her to not complain. Kalia said there's no point in putting herself into any more pain, and falls off. Daniele says "And she's back in the game." Rachel silently hands over the HOH key. Rachel and Jeff both realize they are targets. Daniele and Kalia dance in the storage room, and Daniele says she's going to make some people sweat. Rachel goes around whining and being a poor sport. Kalia tries to tell Rachel that she's sorry, and Rachel starts complaining that Kalia is being mean to her. Rachel just complains about everyone is mean to her when she's not HOH. Rachel calls Kalia a super floater. Brendon says that Kalia is a nobody inside or outside of the house. Because he and Rachel are just so wonderful, and great human beings. Daniele then tells Jordan that she's not after her or Jeff. Danielle assures her that she's not sending either of them home. Jordan doesn't believe it, and tells Jeff about it. Jeff says that he has to keep Jordan in a positive frame of mind. Jeff says he like being an underdog because it makes him work harder. As Brendon and Rachel join the pair in the Have Not room, Jeff says, they went from the penthouse to the outhouse. Brendon tells Rachel and Jordan that Daniele can't compete next week, and she's just going to be in trouble if she tries to get any of them out.

As an aside, I really hate Rachel and Brendon. They display the most petty and borish behavior of any Big Brother house guest ever. I think that both of them are despicable people with ugly personalities, and I guess that they both deserve to have each other in their lives.

Then Daniele comes out to ask who wants to see her HOH room. No one displays any joy, and Jeff said that it is like being on death row. Daniele gave Lawon the HOH robe to wear, and he was the only one who was excited. Lawon, Shelly, and Jordan are outside talking about what type that Lawon likes. Jordan asks what Lawon likes better in men than women, and Lawon says that he just feels right with men. Lawon says that when he told his grandma that he was gay, she said that she knew it, and said she wanted him to be the best black gay man. Unfortunately, Lawon is a stereotype that BB puts in the house based on Marcellas' success in the house. Lawon is just a really lame loser though. BB give up on the funny, black, gay man stereotype. Jeff and Jordan go up to the HOH room, and Daniele said that it's awkward, and Jeff agrees, but says that he has to talk to keep him and Jordan safe. Daniele says that it was a game move, and Jeff said that he did take it personally, and he was hurt. Daniele said that she wants to right that wrong of not putting the pair up this week and then being safe with them next week. Jeff says that he will take the deal, but he'll see if Daniele keeps to her side. As Daniele admits, she has to keep herself safe next week.

Then we had a break when Obama came on to give an announcement about Congress making a budget agreement.

Adam in his elf suit Finally, we get back to BB! Adam got his elf suit. As he said, earlier, he's Jewish and doesn't know anything about Christmas. Adam did a great job in his elf suit, dancing and clowning around. Then we see Lawon in a 'fro wig and HOH robe being silly. You know, the silly, gay black man role. Then we see Rachel running around the yard, and past Jeff and Jordan who are just sitting there. Then Rachel slips and falls into Jeff. She picked herself up and continued. Then we quickly saw the Have Not foods of seaweed and sardines. Jordan says she can't eat anything that's smelly. Then Elf Adam bites into a sardine. Brendon and Rachel go up to Daniele and Brendon says that he's sorry for the fight. It's a very awkward conversation. Rachel says that they all made mistakes, and that if they are all fierce competitors, there is no reason to take each other out. Daniele says that it's not personal. Rachel tells Daniele that it is beneficial for Daniele to keep Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan. Daniele says that she isn't making deals. Brendon and Rachel say they want to be friends, and they will forgive and forget. Then Brendon gives Daniele a hug, he says it's not awkward, but it is. Then the CBS producers did not show Daniele make a gun of her hand and shoot herself in the head after the pair left the HOH room.

Now it's time for the nomination ceremony. Jeff thinks that he's going on the block. Brendon thinks that Daniele is a smart gamer and won't put them up. Jordan wants to trust Daniele's word, but says if Daniele goes against her word, Jordan won't trust her. Meanwhile, Daniele says that some people walk around the house like they own it, and Dani's not afraid to get blood on her hands. The first person safe is Adam, because he has the elf suit. Then comes Kalia, Shelly, Lawon, Jordan, Porsche, and Jeff. Rachel and Brendon are on the block. Jeff thanks Daniele. Daniele said that she nominated them because last week Dani made a big move, and she trusted them. Daniele says that she had to make the power move and get rid of them. Jeff said that he can't believe he went up, but he has to win the veto to keep the nominations in place. Brendon says he's going to win the veto and take Rachel off. Daniele says that she doesn't care if one of them wins the veto because the other is going up there, and will be going home. Yah, Daniele!

Saturday, July 30, 2011 -- Evening

Brendon has POV
The live feeds were down for a while and just came back shortly. It seems that Brendon won the POV and is telling Rachel that he will take her off the block? It seems that Jordan may go up in her place. I hope that Jordan isn't the one who gets sent home, because with Brendon getting in everyone's face AND winning competitions, he's the more dangerous player.

Friday, July 29, 2011 -- Evening

Up the Drama
Daniele nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction. You know this is going to lead to some great drama! AND we know that one of them is going home! Woo-hoo!

Friday, July 29, 2011 -- Afternoon

Daniele Wins HOH
After around an hour and a half of competition, Daniele won HOH. After Adam/Lawon, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan fell, only Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, and Daniele were left. Porsche fell, then Shelly fell shortly after that. The shocker was that Kalia was still hanging on up there. Kalia started to sing and celebrate because everyone thought that she was so weak, and she hung on longer than most of the others. After hanging out for several minutes, Kalia asked Dani not to put her up, and then jumped down. Of course, Brendon and Rachel went into whine mode. The competition wasn't fair; Brendon's feet are too big; everyone is just mean to poor Rachel; etc. Then Rachel went to see Dani to talk strategy. Rachel wants a free pass, and then if Dani has that audacity to put Brenchel on the block, they will not vote for Dani (if dani makes it to the final twp). Tons of lameness on Rachel's and Brendon's parts. I will so love it if one of them goes home next Thursday.

HOH Slalom Endurance Competition

Thursday, July 28, 2011 -- Later Evening

Slalom Competition
The live feeds are back, and it looks like Adam is already down for the count. His snowball is for an elf suit. Lawon follows closely behind. It seems he has a Have Not card. Those two are really spineless jelly fish. Brendon falls third. The guy is really a loser when it comes to any sort of endurance competition. He tries to complain that his feet are too big. Yeah, right! I think his feet are too small. Brendon is a Have Not. I think that Dani will definitely do some butt kicking in this competition. Jeff clears it with Jordan, then he jumps down, and it seems he might have gotten the $10,000. Jordan fell shortly after Jeff. Kalia (?????), Porsche, Shelly, and Dani are still in the competition. Rachel and Brendon really start to cheer for Porsche and Shelly. I'm rooting for Dani. Unfortunately, I can't stay up much longer because I have an early morning, but I'll be checking in as soon as I can to see who won the HOH.

Thursday, July 28, 2011 -- Evening

BB Excitement
I could not wait for this evening's live eviction episode. There are the fights, the twist (maybe a returning house guest), and the endurance competition.

The show started with Julie telling everyone that Duo Twist was over, and that everyone was in danger. The Golden Key folks would have to play, and the duos were no longer together. The first recap was the tension over Daniele being busted over not being loyal to the vets. Neither Dominic or Adam were surprised that the veto wasn't used. Jeff admitted that he didn't trust Daniele and wanted Dominic out. Daniele thought that Rachel and Brendon were on the same page with backdooring Jeff. Daniele admits that she would be pissed and furious if Dominic leaves. Daniele said that she gets it that Brendon is worried about Dominic turning on them. Dani tells Brendon that she is getting the shaft. Brendon then says that Dani is threatening him. Then Dani tells Brendon to shut up. As Dani said, Brendon may be able to talk down to Rachel, but he can't talk down to her. As Dani admits, she wants some help in this game from Dominic. Then we go to Kalia and Jordan talking about Jordan going up on the block. Meanwhile, we see that 3 days ago, Dani told Kalia that Jeff was going to backdoored. Of course, Kalia denies it all. Jordan said that someone is trying to get everyone in the house to doubt other people. Jordan said that she and Jeff are being careful. Jeff wants to talk to Dominic to get the truth on who wanted to backdoor Jeff. Dominic says that he wasn't trying to backdoor Jeff. Jeff said that if Dominic won't tell him the truth, there was no point in talking. Dominic claims that he has no idea where the backdoor idea came from. Jeff said that he can't believe that Dominic is telling the truth. Dominic says in the DR that it's 100% Dani's fault, and that poor Dominic is getting blamed.

Meanwhile Jordan tells Jeff about Kalia saying that Jeff and Jordan weren't talking to her. So Jeff said that they should just get a house meeting and throw everyone under the bus. Jeff said if that's the case, then they go to war. Dominic said that he has no shot of staying there, so he has to do damage control to show Brendon, Rachel, and Jeff that he will have their back. Jeff said that he was cool with keeping Dominic. Then Jeff said the backdoor came up, with Daniele talking to him, and Jeff no longer trusted Daniele. Dominic told Jeff that he couldn't tell them because no one wanted to hear that Dani was the person who was behind the plan. Jeff equated it to murder, and Dominic was an accomplice. Dominic said that Adam would go with anyone. Rachel said that she wants to play with Dominic, and prefers to play with non-floaters, because Adam is a floater. Jeff tells Dominic that it's not over until they call his name.

Kalia says that she made a deal with the vets in the first week, but that no one was talking to her. Kalia goes out to Brendon about people not trusting her or being honest. Brendon tells Kalia that he studied rocket science, and this is a lot easier than rocket science. Kalia was running around in panic mode for some reason, which no one could understand. It seems that Kalia has just been floating around and now wants to play. Kalia gets offended as she walks away from Brendon and he tells her to wash his dishes. Kalia complains to everyone, and the air that Brendon is so cock sure about running the house. Jordan tells Brendon to get everyone into the kitchen, then everyone can talk things out. Jeff starts on the crazy talk about backdooring. Brendon tells Kalia that every time she was told something, she scurried to her boss, Dani. Kalia was told that when the plan backfired, Dominic and Kalia were thrown under the bus. Dani was never referred to by name, and was sitting there listening, and then told Rachel that Rachel was being an idiot. Daniele says that she was from the beginning turning people to the vets alliance. Dani said that Dominic wasn't in danger because Brendon and Rachel promised Dominic that he was safe. Dani said that she is really sick of the vets alliance. She said that she is going to win HOH, and she will get one of those people out. The argument was great! And since it is an endurance, and Dani excels at endurance, she might just win.

Julie asked Kalia about the harsh words and where they all are with each other. As Kalia said, they are grown ups, and it is a game. Brendon admits that there is no hard feelings and that it is just a game. Jeff said that there were lines drawn in the sand, and Jeff doesn't think that the game has to have backstabs and cheating. Jeff asked Jordan why they had a big house event, and then said that it was probably to clear the air and let everyone know where they stand. Then Julie went to Dani. Dani said that she is not surprised that it got so confrontational this early. As Dani says, she didn't come to play under a dictatorship, and that it is just a game. Then Adam gets to give his spiel, followed by Dominic. Dominic said that some people are being spineless jelly fish who aren't playing and they will get no where. Then he congrats the people to the vets for winning with no one competing. Dominic said that if someone played with him, we would have a game.

It's time for the vote: So Dominic was right in calling them all spineless jelly fish. Dominic and Adam jump against each other, then Dominic gives them all hugs, giving Dani the last hug. Dominic goes out to talk to Julie. We see the house guests getting ready for the endurance competition. Dominic says that all the non-vets were spineless. None of them wanted to fight, but all ran to the stronger vets. Dominic said that he wanted to light a fire under people, because he wanted people to work with Daniele instead of against her. Dominic says that his feelings for Daniele is that he always had her back, and she had his, but he didn't want to take the rap for her with the backdoor. Dominic said that there was a real bond with Daniele. Julie asks Dominic about throwing the veto, and why should someone do that? Dominic thought that would have the vets trust him. Dominic doesn't think he overplayed at the end, but he did at the beginning. He also thinks the backdoor hurt him. Dominic said that if you got Jeff out, Jordan was a sweetheart and wouldn't go after him. However, he said that if you took out Rachel or Brendon, the other would come after them and their dog, cat, etc. Dani's message is that she's really sad to see Dominic go. Lawon tells Dominic that Lawon's like a pimple that you can't pop. Then Jeff and Jordan came on, and Jeff said that his goal was to spend the summer with Jordan. Then Jordan said to quote Rachel, "no one comes between me and my man." Julie tells Dominic to hold on because there's some big news. Everyone is called into the living room. They are told that everything changes. The Duo Twist is over, and everyone plays as an individual. Then Julie goes on as if she didn't tell Dominic something big was coming up.

Time for the HOH competition. The backyard is setup like a winter wonderland, called Big Brother Slalom. They house guests have to stay on their skies the longest. The first five house guests who fall get to pick a snow ball. One of the snow balls has $10,000. The others contain prizes or punishments. The house guests hold onto pegs with their hands, and the skies swing side to side. Then the background they are holding onto tilts forward a little.

When they come back, Lawon looks like he is in pain. Then Julie tells us to find out how we can play a role in the next game changing twist. Is it to vote to pick the person who goes back into the house? The show closes as snow is blown on the house guests. Jordan is the only one in a sleeveless top. Dani had a hoodie on. We'll have to see who wins.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 -- Evening

May Be Better to Eat at McDonalds Than a Sit-Down
I'm a little behind the times, but the Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA, had a report from Susan Roberts that found that some of the restaurants incorrectly stated the caloric content of some of their food items, and they tended to be inaccurate on the items that were listed as lower calories. The part that didn't surprise me is that fast food joints tended to be more accurate. Why? Because there is less variability in how the items are made. All I have to say is that I lost weight on a McDonalds diet. Look at the nutritional listing for the items, select wisely, and you too can lose weight and eat health at McDonalds.

Quad Cam of fighting in the BB house
Daniele's Plan Backfires!
There has been arguments in the Big Brother house for days now over the fall out Daniele plotting to backdoor Jeff backfired on her. This afternoon there was a house meeting with lots of finger pointing. You would think that none of these people even knew about Big Brother. The whole point of Big Brother is to try to take out strong players with a backdoor. It made sense for Daniele to make the power move because after Thursday's show, Daniele will no longer have the golden key, and the couples will no longer function as a BB pair in nominations. So it made sense, but Daniele didn't carry it out with proper finesse. When there was resistance to removing Dominic from the block, she started shouting and threatening. That just doesn't work with Brendon and Rachel. Now how will CBS show the fights?
POV Show
The show starts with the nomination ceremony, and both Adam and Dominic thinking they are just the pawn. Jeff is glad that Rachel didn't hold a grudge, and Daniele is thinking of backdooring Jeff. Adam says that with the odds, he and Dominic could win the POV. Adam asks if someone else wins the POV if they will use it on them. Rachel walks in on Adam and Dominic and tells them that this week is not a nomination week, but a veto week. She wants to know what deals she can get from Dominic and Adam. Dominic wonders what the deal is because he thought that he and Rachel already had a deal. So Dominic and Daniele do some flirting and strategizing. Dominic asks Daniele what she is going to do. Daminic says he trusts Daniele 100% and hopes she can work magic with Rachel and Brendon. Right after that, we see Rachel go up to the HOH room and Daniele and Brendon are there. Rachel says that everyone seems to think that she should put Jeff and Jordan up. Rachel is concerned that Jordan isn't talking to her. Daniele realizes that what she has been saying against Jeff and Jordan is sinking in. After that, we see Rachel and Brendon in a bubble bath together, talking about Jordan not picking them for the luxury. Brendon says he is not afraid of Jordan, but he does worry about Jeff. Brendon asks what should they do: make the big game move and get rid of Jeff, or keep the alliance intact. Surprise! We have a Porsche sighting in the HOH with Rachel, but Dominic comes in, and Porsche leaves. Rachel and Dominic talk alliance. Dominic says that he wants to play with Rachel and Brendon. Dominic asks Brendon if Brendon wants Dominic to throw the POV. Then in DR, Dominic jokes that all he wants is an agreement that he doesn't go out then he will stab Rachel and Brendon in the back and get them out next.

After commercial break, Daniele goes into the Have Not room, and asks Dominic to spot them. Adam says it's like little kids hitting each other but it meaning they like each other. Jeff doesn't like seeing Daniele and Dominic hanging out because Daniele should know that Jeff wants Dominic out of the house. It's time for the POV competition. Obviously, it will be Rachel, Brendon, Dominic, and Adam. Then Rachel picks Jeff and Jordan. Rachel picks Porsche as the hostess for the competition. Jeff and Jordan start talking strategy, and Jordan wonders if they should keep Dominic and then team with Daniele and Dominic against Rachel and Brendon. Rachel tells Daniele that she and Brendon told Dominic to throw the POV. Daniele feels that when she talks to Brendon, that she's not getting through. Daniele says it will be an opportunity to get rid of Jeff and Jordan. But Rachel wonders if it is good for her or good for Daniele. Brendon and Rachel realize that Daniele is trying to get herself in the best position. Jeff and Jordan talk to Brendon and Rachel, and they all agree that Daniele is in the best position. As Jeff says, Daniele plays the middle road the whole time. Brendon realizes that Daniele is looking for a partner to take to the final two. Rachel is suspicious of Daniele and Jeff and Jordan. As Rachel says, they will have to turn on each other eventually, but is now the right time?

Time for the POV. When the house guests go outside, there is a huge swimming pool tub with huge hairy female legs. It seems that Jeff really hates hairy legs on women. The goal is to pull a hair from the leg, get a letter, and spell the longest correct word. Of course, we have a video reminder of Jeff's "technotronics" from his past BB season. Brendon wants to win the veto, and so does Jeff. Adam wants to win the veto to control his own destiny in the show. Kalia also has a huge hair phobia with a fear of lose hair. Dominic didn't like the suds, but Jordan liked it. Meanwhile Rachel was choking on the suds. Dominic was plucking and throwing in the hopes to help the others. Jordan could spell farting, but thought she shouldn't do that. Adam thought that he might have the letters for procrastination. Rachel was trying for moisturizing, and Jeff was trying for express. Rachel started to look for letters as she was running out of time. Adam was trying to look for some P in the pool, and couldn't find it, so he had to look for something else. Now for the results. Jordan spelled little. Dominic spelled standings. Rachel misspelled mouisterizing. Adam spelled fractions. Adam is in the lead now because he ran before Dominic. Then Jeff got expresses, and was in the lead because he rang in before Adam. But Brendon spelled understanding. Brendon is happy that the power is his for this week.

Rachel and Daniele are talking outside, and Rachel asks if they should put up Lawon and vote him out. But Daniele says what's the point of that. Daniele tells Rachel that she should trust Dominic because Dominic's in her pocket. And Daniele also says that she will never turn on Rachel and Brendon. Dominic then talks to Shelly and tells Shelly that he has Dani because Daniele wants to play with Dominic down the road. Dominic tells Shelly that if Jeff goes, Shelly can pair with Jordan. Shelly says that they should get rid of Brendon then too. But as Shelly admits in DR, if Dominic is after the folks Shelly trusts the most, Jeff and Jordan, she's going to tell them. Shelly tells Jordan that Dominic wants to get rid of Jeff because Jordan won't go after him. Jordan thinks it's coming from Daniele. Jordan said that they should go and talk to Rachel. Jordan starts talking to Rachel and Brendon, and then has Shelly explain. Shelly tells Rachel and Brendon how Dominic said that he has Daniele, and with Shelly and a few others they can take out the vets. Brendon says that Shelly should go down because they don't want Dominic to know that Shelly ratted him out. Jordan tells Rachel and Brendon that Daniele is playing it like a game to take out the alliances. Brendon and Jordan keep on saying they like Daniele, but she's trying to raise an arm on the other side. Brendon says that they can't let Daniele know because then they won't have control. Brendon thought that Daniele was a friend who wouldn't turn on them, but he and Rachel realizes that she has. Later, Jeff goes to HOH, and Brendon tells Jeff about what has been happening. Brendon says that Daniele wanted to make a deal to keep Dominic, and then to backdooring Jeff. Brendon says that Daniele wants the foursome to take each other out because then Daniele would have control. Jeff says Dominic is next, and then Daniele is next. Brendon says that Daniele never had any thought of playing with the vets. Brendon and Jeff say they are in to the final four now instead of the final five.

Time for the veto meeting. Brendon says there's no reason for someone to push for taking someone off the block if they don't have an agenda. Daniele was sure that Brendon was going to keep the nominations. Dominic said that he held up his end of the deal, and hopes that Brendon does the same. Time for the meeting, and Dominic says that he would love it if Brendon used the veto. As Brendon says, he is in an alliance with Rachel, and her job is hard, and he is holding firm. Dominic says that the deal had better hold out. Adam wishes Dominic luck in talking with Julie. The question is what will happen in the endurance competition on Thursday. AND there is going to be another twist, maybe bringing back one of the three evicted house guests.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 -- Evening

Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed, and kids
Gene Simmons' Family Jewels
Yes, I do like reality television, but I usually don't watch the celebrity shows on VH1 and MTV. I made an exception to watch a few episodes of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. Gene Simmons is one of the members of KISS who is best known for being able to stick his tongue out past his chin. Right! It doesn't sound like the sort of show that I would usually watch. i'm not into celebrity voyerism and overall bad behavior. However, the shows where Simmons goes to Israel caught my eye in the TV guide, and I tuned in. I was pleasantly surprised. I found myself connecting with Simmons. Yes, he does have that brusque, bad boy image, but i was touched to see his emotion in returning to his homeland. Shannon Tweed, his long-term companion, and by long term, I mean 28 years and two adult children, and the pair's son, Nick, accompanied Simmons on the trip. Simmons received an award from the city of Haifa, and through the efforts of his Tweed, Simmons was reunited with his half brother and sisters. Simmons did not have a relationship with his father, and part of the visit was spent connecting with his half-siblings and coming to terms with his feelings about his father. Unfortunately, Simmons' father had died, and the end of the first show was at the father's gravesite. It really touched me because I can understand unfinshed business that might exist between a parent and child. The second episode showed the family Simmons, Tweed, and son Nick tour Israel. Both episodes were beautifully photographed, and made me feel sympathy for Simmons and Tweed. From seeing previews of the season's final show, scheduled for later tonight, Simmons finally asks Tweed to marry him. Because of their tumultuous relationship, it's not certain if Tweed will accept. It seems that the pair have had issues, especially with Simmons womanizing and not being there to support his family.

The last episode was hilarious. The many miscues and missed opportunities that Gene had in asking Shannon to marry him were hilarious. It was like a comedy movie. Finally, at the very end of the show, Gene apologizes for his past behavior and then gets on one knee to ask her to marry him. And then the show ended "to be continued." I hate being left hanging! I hope that the pair find happiness and stay together.

Monday, July 25, 2011 -- Evening

I went to dinner at BRGR today. It's another of the gourmet burger places that have been cropping up all over the place. The menu options were limited, basically five types of burgers: plain, 1000 Island, pastrami and egg, guacamole and jalapenos, and mushroom. Plus there is a short rib sandwich, turkey, veggie, Kobe, and salmon. The burger was tasty, but I have to admit that I kept on comparing it to Burgatory and finding BRGR lacking. I think if I went to BRGR first, I would have been gobsmacked. But I didn't. So I will just say decent food, but if you want GREAT burgers, and don't mind waiting, choose Burgatory over BRGR.

Monday, July 25, 2011 -- Afternoon

Passenger to Frankfurt
Cover of Agatha Christie's Passenger to Frankfurt I tried! I really did! I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie, but I realized recently that I didn't remember reading the later books. Granted, I started reading the books when I was a teenager, and got through most of them then. And I've reread several of the books. But some of them don't ring a bell. Now most will tell you that the later Christies aren't really that good. There are rumors that Christie was on the decline mentally, and some have done research on the decline in her later novels, attributing it to Alzheimer's disease. I would hope that wasn't the case and thought I would just give one of the later books a chance. I chose Passenger to Frankfurt. Passenger to Frankfurt was Christie's eightieth book (counting her compliations of short stories in the US and UK) and was released in 1970. Considering that Christie died in 1976, Passenger to Frankfurt definitely falls in the later period. Well, I got maybe halfway through the book, and I don't think that I can stomach to continue. The story is rather rambling, and it's not clear where it is going or if there really is a plot. The action is practically non-existent, and there is a great deal of dialogue about how the youth is in 1970, how Sir Stafford Nye wonders what is going on, and Sir Stafford's aunt comments on how old people are still useful and in the know. The book is a 180 from the quality of the earlier Christies. I think that I started to notice a dip in quality with At Bertram's Hotel, published in 1965. My recommendation would be to read Christie prior to 1965, and just pass over the later books. Remember that Sleeping Murder and Curtain do NOT fall in that category because they were both written in the 1940s and published towards the end of Christie's life. Both were written as potential money makers for Christie's daughter and grandson during the London bombing phase of World War II. Christie thought that if something would happen to her, her daughter would get financial support from the books. Sleeping Murder is the last Jane Marple, and Curtain is the last Hercule Poirot.

Rachel, Brendon, Daniele argue
BB Drama
The Big Brother live feeds were full of drama this afternoon. Brendon and Rachel confronted Daniele about wanting Jeff out. Brendon said that if they got Jeff out that Daniele would be after him and Rachel next. Right! She would. Daniele said that if Daminic goes home, she would be really pissed. So, of course, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan are targeting Dominic because he's obviously in with Daniele. The POV ceremony was held, and Brendon did NOT use the POV. It looks like Dominic will be going home, and the golden keys are gone on Thursday so it will be interesting to see who wins HOH. And it will probably be an endurance HOH.

Sunday, July 24, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Nominations
Daniele has been causing trouble on the Big Brother live feeds. She has been feeding information to both Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan to get the pair to turn on each other. Unfortunately for Daniele, the couples have talked and know what Daniele is up to. Basically Daniele is trying to keep Dominic in the house by getting Brendon (who won the POV) to take Adam and Dominic off the block and put Jeff and Jordan in their place. That is the strategic move, but the house guests rarely play with strategy. Also, the Internet BB sites are abuzz with rumors that Cassi might be in sequester and be back in the house.

Onto tonight's show, which started with a recap of Thursday's show. Lawon said that getting rid of Cassi was just a catty move, because this is Rachel's house. Dominic says that the Regulators (the alliance between him, Lawon, Keith, and Cassi) may be the worst ever because they already lost two members. Adam asks when will the vets start losing. My question is when will the newbies start stepping up to the plate to win. Dominic realizes that it is him and Adam or Lawon and Kalia up on the block. Jeff talks to Brendon about putting up Adam and Dominic on the block. Then we see everyone hiding, and Rachel comes out of the Diary Room screaming who wants to see my HOH room. No answers because everyone is hiding. That's because no one wants to see her house. Dominic said that it's like reliving the event two weeks ago, seeing barely clothed pics of Rachel and possibly her sister or mother. Jeff comments that after hearing Rachel's letter from her sister that he didn't realize that Rachel was engaged.

Adam goes up to kiss Rachel and Brendon's collective butts. Adam tries to throw Kalia and Lawon under the bus by commenting on how they are floaters. Rachel realizes that Adam is shaking in his boots because he is talking deal. Rachel is sure that Adam would nominate them after turning down Rachel's offer in the first week. Then Lawon goes up to kiss some collective butt. He says that he's in the game to play. Lawon has on orange shorts and crocs. Orange is my favorite color. Rachel says that she wasn't really paying attention to Lawon, and that she doesn't trust anyone other than Brendon.

It seems that Dominic has a really loud snore, and it has been disturbing the whole house. Jeff calls it wake up the dead snoring. Then it is competition time. It's a luxury competition and that means no Have or Have Nots. It's a tie in to the "Same Name" show that CBS has. The celebrity is David Hasselhoff. The common guy who shares the Hoff's name gives the rules for the game. The house guests will get clues, they have to ring the bell, then go to the Diary Room to guess the person's name. The first clue was soap and binoculars. Jordan instantly gets Baywatch out of that and guesses David Hasselhoff. How she got it I'll never know. The second clue was a microphone stand. Brendon guesses something stupid, Porsche guesses Michael Jackson. Then a knight shows up. We hear lots of really stupid guesses. Then they go outside and there is Kitt and David Hasselhoff. The house guests attack the Hoff. The Hoff is totally unaware of how Big Brother works. They talk him on a tour of the house. Dominic tucked in the Hoff. Jordan, of course, won. The Hoff has a party in the HOH room with Jordan and three people. Jordan picks Jeff, Shelly, and Kalia. Rachel was really upset that Jordan didn't pick her to go to the party since she's HOH and in an alliance with Jordan.

There's ton of food in the HOH, including sushi and champagne. Rachel starts crying because she thinks that Brendon is mad at her. Rachel is upset because she didn't get selected to go to the party. Rachel says everyone knows they are fighting because they fight all the time. Brendon was trying to talk to Rachel about giving Porsche a hint. Everyone is in the kitchen area, and they can hear Brendon and Rachel fighting. As Dominic says, when they win, they celebrate, but when they lose, there's crying and fighting. It's so obvious that Rachel and Brendon are poor losers. The Hoff seemed out of it, but says that he would pick Jeff and Jordan. Jordan says that she didn't want to pick Rachel and Brendon because they get everything. And Jordan wanted the party to be fun. Shelly offers to go down and let Rachel come up, but Jordan says no. Downstairs, Brendon tells Rachel that she should put Jeff and Jordan on the block and send one of them home. Brendon then tells Rachel that they were warned against doing it because the stress would be so bad. Brendon tells Rachel that they came back because Rachel wanted it. Rachel claims that Brendon doesn't act like himself in the house, and that everyone hears them fighting. Rachel says that's why people like Jeff and Jordan more than them. Then Rachel and Brendon start talking about money. It seems that Rachel may be doing the show just to win for the money. It's hilarious how the editors go back and forth between Jeff and Jordan having fun and Rachel and Brendon bitching and crying. What poor sports Brendon and Rachel are!

Dominic goes to talk to Brendon and Rachel about being on their side. As Dominic says, if he works with Brenchel it would take the target off of him. Rachel talks about Jeff and Jordan being so sweet. Brendon and Rachel talk about Jeff and Jordan having one strike for nominating Dominic last week, and then not taking Rachel to the party as two strikes. So Rachel and Brendon talk about making a deal with Daniele and Dominic and getting rid of Jordan. Dominic then goes to talk to Daniele about how pissed Rachel is about Jordan not picking them for the party. Daniele says it would be really stupid not to take apart the foursome of Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, and Jeff. Daniele says that she wants to get Rachel to nominate Jeff and Jordan. Daniele goes up to Rachel and Brendon to throw Jeff and Jordan under the bus. Daniele says that maybe Rachel is too scared to up Jeff and Jordan. Daniele really works on them to take out Jeff. Then Jeff shows up, and Rachel and Brendon don't really talk to him. Brendon realizes that Jeff is trying to do damage control. Jeff tells them that it's not in their mind to go after Rachel and Brendon because they could have done it last week and they didn't. Rachel though is psycho and thinks that Jordan has already turned against her by not picking Rachel for the reward.

It's time for nominations. There ore only three couples to choose from. The first set of keys that Rachel pulls are for Jeff and Jordan. They pull Lawon and Kalia, so Dominic and Adam are on the block. Dominic thinks that he's the pawn. Daniele says that it's in her best interests to get rid of a strong player. Rachel said that it's crucial that she win the POV so she can control who goes home. As the live feed watchers know, Brendon wins the POV.

New Winnipeg Jets logo

Friday, July 22, 2011 -- Evening

Jets Logo
The event that all hockey fans have been waiting for finally arrived. The Winnipeg Jets have released their new team logo. Some might think that the logo is clean and modern: a grey fighter jet superimposed on a red maple leaf. The icons are circled in white, with a ring of blue, then of white, and then finally with the same gray as the jet. Personally, I think that the logo lacks emotion or excitement. It's just a bland logo on a bland background. I suppose the whole point was to incorporate a Canadian feel, but it's just misses the point.

Thursday, July 21, 2011 -- Evening

Eviction and HOH
It's time for the eviction and HOH competition. It's pretty obvious that Cassi will be going home. Now for the show, and hopefully, some entertaining drama.

The show this evening started with the time immediately after the POV ceremony. Shelly felt bad because Cassi was probably going to go home. Cassi reallizes that her odds of staying her will be slim. Dominic feels bad for having a hand in it. Rachel, having a very obvious mustache, said that Jordan may have thought about going against her, but Rachel always has her way. Shelly felt bad about voting for Keith, and isn't sure if she should tell Cassi or not. Shelly and Cassi talk about how much obnoxious Rachel is. In the HOH room, Jordan was crying, and Jeff was trying to tell her that she's a good person. Jeff tells her not to worry what other people think. Jordan cries because she knows that Cassi and Shelly are crying upstairs. Shelly feels bad about keeping the secret from Cassi, and doesn't want Cassi to be hurt. Shelly says that she tells her 8 year old Josie that lying is bad. Shelly says that she'll be getting the golden key, and it just doesn't feel so golden right now. Cassi asks to talk to Rachel to find out why Rachel doesn't like her. Rachel said that she didn't like how Cassi talked about Porsche. Cassi tells Rachel that she thinks Rachel doesn't like Cassi because she's female. Rachel said "maybe you should have won HOH." Cassi calls Rachel a catty, catty girl and ugly inside. Then Rachel calls Cassi a mean girl who took out Rachel's weaknesses on herself. Rachel runs to Jordan and says that Cassi is so mean. Jordan stopped Rachel and tells Rachel "honestly, the things you say come across as bitchy." Jordan tells Rachel that she is not a bad person, but that Rachel's mouth gets her in trouble. Brendon tells Rachel that Cassi is not worth it and that Cassi will be going home. Brendon talks to Cassi, and Cassi says that she can't understand why the vets didn't trust her. Brendon then starts talking down to Cassi about how he can draw a picture to explain to her how Big Brother works. Brendon is really such an ass that I can't imagine how anyone would want to spend any time with him. I really dislike Brendon and Rachel because they are such rude, obnoxious people.

CBS replayed the Have/Have Not competition for the house guests. Lawon said the competitions are hard, but fun. Adam says that he owes his Big Brother life to Dominic. Then Rachel pipes up and says she appreciates it too. Julie asked Rachel about the time after the veto competition. Rachel said that she does get mouthy and tends to be extremely competitive. Then Rachel admits that she might say the wrong thing at times. CBS showed us some clips about Adam and Dominic. Adam lost 100 pounds, and he knows a ton about Big Brother. Adam's sister says that Dominic is naive and doesn't know what he is doing. Then we hear from Dana, Dominic's best friend. It seems that Dominic's mother was extremely controlling and wouldn't let him sleep away from home. Dana says that Dominic understands women and is very flirtatious. Even Dana admits that it looks like Daniele and Dominic are getting along.

Julie talked to Jordan in the HOH room. Jordan said it's fun to play with Rachel and Brendon now, but that when they make it to singles, they will have to get rid of Rachel. Jordan said it's also too early to put Rachel and Brendon on the block. Then Julie asked Jordan when she was going to tie the knot with Jeff. Jordan said that they have to move into the same state before they marry and have babies.

Then Cassi gives her plea for why folks should keep her, and then Shelly had her chance to speak. Cassi had on a LBD (little black dress) and has extremely long legs. Shelly reminds people to enjoy the journey because each person you pass, you have to go back to see in the end. Shelly had a long, grey gown off one shoulder.

It's time for the vote: It's unanimous (9-0). Cassi leaves the Big Brother house, and Shelly gets a golden key. Cassi gets some long hugs from the people she likes, and Julie has to ask her to leave the house now. Cassi looks stunning and long legged in her black outfit (not a dress as I thought, but a shorts outfit). Julie asked Cassi about throwing in the towel. Cassi said that it was because she adored and respected Shelly. Cassi also says there were personal reasons, and Julie quizzed her about it. Julie asked if Cassi was just so danged pretty that the women didn't like her. Cassi said that it's unfortunate that happens at this age, but it's how it is. Cassi said that it was obvious new against old. Cassi admitted that she wanted to play a clean game, and told the vets that. Rachel calls Cassi the worst game player. Dominic says that the girls in the house were petty to take her looks against Cassi. Shelly says that Cassi is Thelma to her Louise.

Time for the HOH competition. Jordan, Daniele, Porsche, and Shelly have to sit out. The competition is based on the questions that America answered on the CBS website. Question 1: Which houseguest would America rather get mouth to mouth from? Jeff. Everyone got it. Which houseguest is most likely to warm the pool with something other than their charm? Adam. Everyone got it. Which houseguest is more likely to steal someone's lover? Rachel or Porsche, answer was Porsche. Kalia got it wrong. Which houseguest is more likely to save someone from a burning building? Shelly or Brendon? Brendon is the answer. Jeff got it wrong. Which houseguest should wear a bikni? Porsche or Daniele? Rachel and Brendon got it right. Houseguest to cheat from was Jordan and they got that wrong. Who woudl go bananas? Adam or Dominic? It's Adam, and Rachel got it right. Rachel and Brendon carried on quickly annoyingly. Unfortunately, the newbies don't seem to know how to win, except for Dominic getting the POV. So that means that either Lawon and Kalia or Dominic and Adam will be on the block. I would hope that Rachel doesn't turn on Jeff and Jordan, but you can never tell with Rachel.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 -- Evening

POV Show
Finally, time to see the POV competition! I hope that we get to see some of the fights that Brendon and Rachel have been having. Of course, the show started with a rather lengthy rehash of the previous episodes/situation in the house. Adam tells Dominic right after the nomination ceremony that Dominic needs to fight, and Lawon encourages it too. Jordan thinks that Dominic is the ring leader of the crowd. In the Diary Room, Rachel wonders why Jordan put up Dominic when Cassi is the target. Dominic and Cassi talk about strategy. Cassi suggests making a deal, but Dominic says he won't. Lawon tells Dominic to fight. Adam comes into the Have Not room, and tells Dominic for them not to put more targets on their back and to stay classy. Then Jordan talks to Adam about putting trust in each other. Jordan tells Adam to sabotage the veto. Adam said in Diary that that is what he has to do because he has to trust them, and in that house, trust is hard to come by. Porsche and Rachel talk about Cassi getting out of the house before they get separated. Rachel says that Cassi is so pretty, but not good at playing the game. Really? Porsche and Rachel call Cassi a floater. Lawon says that seeing Rachel and Porsche talking together is just mischievous, and that nothing good will come out. Daniele talks to Dominic and says that she has been pushing and pushing to get Cassi out. Dominic says that his relationship with Daniele is growing and that maybe they can play together. Daniele says that she wants Dominic to play with her and to do her moves. She wants him to be her puppet, at least for now in the game. Daniele and Rachel then talk about Daniele wanting Dominic to win the POV so Cassi can get out of the house. Rachel asks why Jeff and Jordan are after Dominic, and Daniele admits that it's because they don't trust Dominic. Rachel said that she doesn't trust Cassi more than she doesn't trust Dominic.

Later, Rachel, Brendon, and Jordan talk with Rachel and Brendon going on about how fake Cassi is and how she should be out of the house. Jordan says that Rachel is blowing the whole Cassi thing out of proportion because of one thing that Cassi said about Porsche. Jordan tells Jeff that they are slowly getting Cassi on their side. Jordan said that she feels caught in the middle between Brendon and Rachel not liking Cassi. As Jeff tells Jordan, they have to look out for themselves. As Jeff says, Rachel is the gnat in your ear just constantly buzzing her business. Jeff tells Jordan to tell Rachel to relax about the complaints. Jordan talks to Cassi and tells Cassi that girls are intimidated because of Cassi's beautiful. Jordan admits that everyone is out to get Cassi out. As Jordan said, Rachel is jealous because Cassi is so beautiful. And that is the truth. Rachel is very shallow. As Cassi said, she wasn't telling folks that she was a model because she didn't want the petty girl hatred. Time for the POV competition. It's Jordan, Jeff, Dominic, and Adam, with Adam saying that he is going to throw the competition. Jordan pulls Brendon and Rachel out of the bag. Dominic thinks that he is going to get destroyed. Jordan picks Daniele as the host of the POV. Rachel asks Brendon if he would be willing to use the POV to change Jordan's nominations. Brendon says that they have to keep Cassi away from Jordan. Rachel then talks to Daniele about using the POV to change the nominations. Daniele is super excited about keeping Dominic in the house. As Daniele says, that would cause tension between the alliance, but it would have nothing to do with her, and Daniele would get what she wants: Dominic in the house.

Time for the POV competition. Daniele is really playing a much better game this season, and I'm really liking her. The back yard was setup like a huge candy shop. In the competition, it will be single instead of doubles. Dominic is really relieved. The goal is to chew gumballs while walking across the balance beam, and then make a veto sign with the gumballs. If you fall off the balance beam, you can be back in the game by having two weeks of slop. Rachel thought because she did gymnastics, she would be great at this competition. The balls were really big so it was hard to chew them. Adam doesn't have good balance, and he said that he didn't learn to ride a bicycle until he was 21. Jordan falls and was going to take the slop pass. Jeff yells out for her not to do because Jeff said that would have no chance of winning and then would be on slop for two weeks. Rachel started to make little snide remarks about the HOH not competing and it was really getting on Jeff's nerves. As he said, there was no reason for Rachel to take the two weeks of slop. Dominic is neck and neck with Jeff and Brendon. Jeff said that he can't concentrate because Rachel keeps on talking about Brendon. Jeff doesn't realize that Brendon is against him and Jordan. Dominic wins the veto. Dominic is really happy about winning, but Cassi isn't. Jeff tells Rachel that he really doesn't like the way Rachel was carrying on with her comments. As Jeff says, someone has to shut up Rachel. Rachel goes off to complain with Brendon, and Brendon tells Rachel that she should not have made comments about Jordan not taking the slop. Brendon admits in Diary that he can't have Rachel freaking out. Jeff tells Rachel that it was stupid to take two weeks of slop that she didn't have a chance to win. Rachel starts crying, and Dominic says that he loves the drama because it can break up the foursome.

Rachel goes off to cry in the bushes, and everyone starts mocking her because she calls out other people then goes to cry in the bushes. As Brendon says, she fights as hard as he does, and he is so proud of her. At the same time, Brendon says that they can't have tension in their alliance. Lawon says that it's funny seeing Brendon looking like he is praying in a bush. Brendon tells RAchel that she has to keep her emotions inside. Rachel claims that's why she is hiding in the bushes. Brendon tells Rachel to calm down and then they can talk. Cassi loves Rachel shenanigans. Jordan admits that it's awkward. Dominic goes off ot celebrate because he won and the vets didn't. Adam said the veto can't work out better than it has. Jeff and Jordan go upstairs. Jordan tells Jeff not to be so mad. As Jeff said, it's not the Rachel slow. Jordan realizes that Rachel feels she has to win every competition. Jeff said that Rachel's mouth is why everyone hates her. As Jeff wonders, is Rachel a liability over an asset. As Jeff said, he wonders if they should put up Rachel and Brendon because they like Cassi and Shelly. Rachel and Brendon talk, and Rachel says that she will say, "I'm sorry Jordan, I made a mistake." Brendon asys that's right, but you have to say it like you mean it. Rachel wants to tell Jeff that Jordan sucks as HOH. Rachel comes into the HOH room and says that she's sorry. Jordan said that she isn't mad at her. Jeff said that the repercussion of this is that Rachel is on slop for two weeks which affects her abilities. Brendon says that they need to stay together or Lawon will win Big Brother. Rachel tells Jeff that they can't hate each other. Jeff said that if Jordan backdoors Rachel and Brendon, they will be split up.

Jordan talks to Cassi and Shelly about putting them up. Cassi said that Jordan should watch her back because Rachel and Brendon will come after Jeff and Jordan. As Jordan says, she likes everyone and that is her alliance. Cassi really tries to talk Jordan into putting up Rachel and Brendon. Jordan talks to Jeff about backdooring Brendon and Rachel. Jeff said that they are their biggest allies right now, and will their biggest competition in the future. Jordan said that she would like to do something dramatic. Dominic says that he is obviously going to use the veto. Jordan has to decide whether to shake things up or go with the alliance. It's time for the veto meeting. Dominic says that he is going to use the veto to remove him and Adam from the block. Jordan nominates Cassi and Shelly to go on the block. As Jordan says that she has to do what will forward her and Jeff in the game. Porsche looks quite smug when Cassi goes up. Daniele is very happy that Dominic is off, and Cassi is up. Cassi is so stupid because she thinks Shelly is honest when Shelly has a secret alliance with the vets. And Rachel thinks that Jordan is smart and definitely on her side. Now the question is who will get HOH tomorrow?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 -- Evening

POV Used
News from yesterday's Big Brother live feeds was that Dominic and Adam used the POV to remove themselves from eviction. Jordan put Shelly and Cassi up, and Cassi is now probably going to go home. Folks are hoping that Rachel and Cassi will have a few blowouts before Cassi goes home. Rachel is jealous of Cassi's good looks. Rachel can only bond with women that she considers inferior to herself. I'm hoping that some of the catty words exchanged between Rachel and Cassi will show up on the CBS show. My favorite was Cassi telling Rachel that she is bitchy and ugly on the inside.

Monday, July 18, 2011 -- Morning

As Time Goes By
Cast of As Time Goes By Since I had the foot surgery four weeks ago today, I have been feeling depressed over the level of pain and the lack of mobility. I've been spending most waking moments regretting the decision to do the surgery, but that's another story. In an attempt to distract my mind and lift my spirts, I started to rewatch As Time Goes By, a BBC comedy from the 1990s/early 2000s that starred Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. The premise of the show is simple. Jean Pargetter and Lionel Hardcastle had a brief love affair in 1953 before Lionel was shipped off to Korea. Unfortunately, the letter that Lionel sent from Korea never reached Jean. They lost touch. 38 years later, Lionel is back in London from Kenya, writting a book titled "My Life in Kenya." He needs a typist, and winds up selecting one from Jean's secretarial agency, "Type For You." The series starts with the pair meeting, and slowly giving their relationship a chance.
Jean and Lionel Of course, that does not mean that Jean and Lionel sappily and happily fall into each other's arms. Jean has reservations about continuing a relationship with Lionel. After all, at this point, the pair is in their late 50s and early 60s. Isn't it too late for them? Moira Brooker and Philip Bretherton do excellent jobs as Judy's adult daughter and Lionel's publisher, Alistair Deacon. Jenny Funnell plays Sandy, Jean's secretary, who in later seasons winds up living with Jean, Lionel, and Judy and running the secretarial agency with Judy. The show is one of those comfort watches for me. Whenever I feel depressed, worried, or anxious, throwing in a DVD of one of the show's nine seasons is guaranteed to lighten my heart and distract me from my worries. The cast has great chemistry, and I find myself connecting with the characters and wondering what will happen to them next. Of course, Lionel eventually moves in with Jean, not without some heartache first, and they do get married. Judy and Alistair get married in season 9, and Sandy finds love and moves to Canada with her copper, Harry (also in season 9). The secondary characters: Lionel's father, Rocky, Rocky's wife, Madge, Rocky's servent, Mrs. Bale, Jean's sister-in-law, Penny, and Penny's husband, Stephen, are great characters who add lots of tension and hilarity to the situation. The whole show is just so much fun. I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling down, or just wanting to see a situation comedy with great cast chemistry.

Sunday, July 17, 2011 -- Evening

CBS Shows Us What We Already Know
Tonight's CBS show started with a recap of Thursday's eviction and HOH competition. Dominic commented that he was shanked by people who said they would vote for Porsche, but didn't. Kalia said that she would not vote for Keith to stay because he outed her. Lawon and Adam were also angry at the newbies who turned against them. Rachel said that she has to thank her lucky stars that the newbies are idiots, meaning Kalia and Shelly for joining with the vets. Cassi said that it's bad for the new kids to have a veteran in power again. After the competition, we see Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, and Jeff partying. Then the newbies are in the Have Not room, and Lawon said that he was really pissed with the person who said that he was going to votefor them, but didn't. Adam admits that he was approached by the vets, and that he told them he wold take their side, but he didn't. Kalia and Shelly don't want to admit that it was them. Adam tells the newbies the truth. Rachel goes into the room, and makes a comment about "are there sides?" Cassi said that some of them don't life Porsche. Rachel said that some of them do, and then Rachel said that Porsche is here for a month, and walks out. Dominic talks to Jeff and Jordan about the vote. Jeff tells Dominic that he should have come to Jeff and Jordan to ask who to vote for.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Porsche talk and celebrate in the storage room. Shelly goes to talk to Adam, and she tries to make it sound like she didn't vote to evict Keith, and tries to get Adam to admit that he voted to evict Keith, when we all know it was her. Dominic tells Cassi that it's over for him because Adam made a deal. Both Dominic and Cassi stupidly say that they trust Shelly because she's a straight shooter. Dominic said that he has to start looking out for himself, and he thinks that he can influence Daniele.

Dominic and Daniele talk about who voted to evict Keith. Dominic admits that flirting with Daniele is the only way to connect with her. Rachel and Cassi are in the kitchen together and not talking. All very awkward. Then they all go up to see Jordan's HOH room. Shelly said that she is looking forward to getting her pictures. Jordan said that she can't wait to hang out with Jeff, but not that kind of hanging out. Jordan is just so cute. Brendon has a stuffed turtle that he has with him. CBS showed a whole segment with Brendon in a super hero outfit and Dominic wearing a towel as a cape. Adam goes and talks to Jeff and Jordan. Adam admits that he voted to evict Porsche, but that he doesn't want to go home. Adam said that he respects Jeff and Jordan because they know how to play the game. Meanwhile, Daniele and Dominic talk, and Daniele said that she would try to work with Dominic. Dominic tells Daniele that they should work together and target the person that Daniele wants to get rid of. Daniele said that she likes talking to Dominic, so that's why she would work with him.

Jeff thinks that Dominic is running things, but Rachel thinks that it's Cassi. Finally it's time for the Have and Have Not competition. Jordan, Jeff, and golden key holders, Daniele and Porsche, will be Haves. The competition has the couples in one big bug costume. As Dominic says, it's cool if you have a hot chick with you, but not if you have a huge, hairy guy. The teams have to run an obstacle course, get a food piece, and go back to a bowl. The first team to fill their bowl with four food crumbs wins and picks two teams to be Have Nots. Brendon and Rachel crawled, and Rachel said she's usually okay with being on the bottom, but it was pretty hard with all his weight on top of her. Rachel and Brendon take and early lead. Then Dominic and Adam, then Cassi and Shelly, and the losers were Lawon and Kalia. Brendon and Rachel won, and Rachel was so into herself winning yet again. Kalia just kept on complaining and crying about how she couldn't move. She was just being a hysterical baby. Jeff was worried because Kalia was screaming in pain. The BB medics came out to see her. They cut Lawon out of the suit, and Kalia's shoulder was perfectly fine. She was just being a big baby. Of course, Rachel and Brendon pick Dominic and Adam and Cassi and Shelly. The Have Nots get beef jerky and jelly beans to eat with the slop. Beef jerky will be pretty close to Adam's favorite, bacon.

Dominic goes to Jeff and Jordan and says that his back is against the wall, and that he needs to make a deal. Jeff tells Dominic that they have to trust him, and Dominic has to vote the way Jeff and Jordan want. Dominic said that he has no problem going up if he knows that he's safe. Cassi then goes up to talk to Jeff and Jordan. Jordan's lying in bed, and Jeff is lying on the couch. Cassi says that she wants to play for herself, and that she wants to play clean. Cassi admits that she is okay with putting up any of the other new people. Cassi also says that she can keep a secret and that what they say stays in the room. Daniele talks to Jeff and Jordan and Daniele says that she trusts Dominic but that she would rather have Cassi out. Jeff said that they may be a reason to keep Dominic and Adam. When it comes down to nominations, Jordan picks Dominic and Adam. Jordan thought that nominating Dominic and Adam were the best for her and Jeff, and it's what her gut tells her to do.

Saturday, July 16, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Update
Things have been cooking on the Live Feeds. Jordan nominated Dominic and Adam for eviction. The vets pulled Adam into the HOH room and tried to talk Adam into throwing the veto competition. They told Adam that he would be safe and tried to bribe him with the golden key. Well, the veto competition took place today. Brendon and Rachel were the other pair picked to compete. Dominic and Adam won. Now we have until Monday to wonder if they will use the veto. If Adam believes that he will be safe, then he might not want to use the veto because then he would have the golden key and be safe for another week. I'm not sure how powerful the golden key is when it just gets you, maybe one week. After all, it might be more important to get HOH. The food competition was held on Friday. Dominic, Adam, Cassi, and Shelly lost, so they are the Have Nots. It seems that America's Vote gave the Have Nots jerky and jelly beans to eat with sloppy. Other live feed news: Brendon is constantly lecturing Rachel on her behavior, and Jeff and Jordan are upset with Rachel's performance in the veto competition.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 -- Evening

Eviction and HOH
It's time for the live eviction. I'm hoping that the newbies in the house evict Porsche because she has been in with the returning house guests. Tonight's CBS show started with a recap of the previous shows. Keith thinks that he is one step closer to getting the golden key. Porsche is an evil wench. Keith was just trying to have a nice conversation with her, saying that if Porsche gets the golden key to keep her head up. Porsche called him a liar. Cassi, Dominic, and Lawon were talking about the votes, and Cassi realizes that they could have the numbers to keep Keith. Even though Keith has played a bad game so far, Cassi thinks that Porsche is in the the returning couples. Rachel finally realizes that the returning house guests need to up their social game and befriend the newbies. Rachel starts and annoying Big Booty game. Rachel said that she has to bring out Vegas Rachel. Dominic realizes that it's all the returning couples trying to get something from the newbies.

Rachel tells everyone that her nickname for Brendon is Buki. Brendon doesn't like her sharing the name. Brendon starts to lecture her about sharing endearing terms. Brendon tells her calling him Buki in front of others hurts him. What I think is funny, is that he thinks Rachel's actions demeans them. How about Skyping your penis to another woman while you are engaged to Rachel, as Brendon did? I guess that's okey-dokey. Brendon is such an annoying jerk. But then they are both annoying, irritating idiots.

Jeff tells the other oldies that they have to make sure that they have Adam's vote. Jeff said that they should get Adam to name the alliance. It's all really stupid stuff. Then Cassi talks to Shelly and Kalia about keeping Keith and getting rid of Porsche. Shelly can't do math to know there are more new people than old, and wants to play both sides to stay in the game. Cassi goes around working Adam next. It comes down to stick with the veterans or the newbies.

Julie had a video from Dick. His message was that there was an emergency with a friend, and that he was really looking forward to spending time with Daniele. Then Julie put Daniele on the spot asking how she felt. Daniele got teary eyed, but she didn't say "I love you" to Dick. Julie started to ask about that, and Daniele obviously was very much thrown by that, and only said that, of course, he was her biological father. Julie finally dropped it.

It's time for the vote: Keith has been evicted from the Big Brother house with a 6-4 vote. Keith gives them all hugs and heads out the door. Keith admits to Julie that he was cocky about having the votes, and he says that he's shocked that he did get voted out. Keith sounds teary, and he admits that he played the game wrong and should have done things differently. As Keith said, he thought that he had the alliance and the votes. But he didn't. Cassi told Keith that he was playing the dating game, not the Big Brother game. Lawon said that Keith was just out there. Keith seemed to take things with a laugh though, and didn't say any rude things about people.

Time for the HOH competition. Daniele and Porsche can't compete or be evicted. The competition is a golf competition. The house guest who gets their ball closest to the red number 1 hole wins HOH. Dominic is first and gets the ball in 6. Adam gets the ball into the 8 hole. Cassie gets the ball into the water and is eliminated. Shelly hits the ball right into the water. Lawon goes into the water too. Kalia also gets into the 6 hole with Dominic. Jordan is next and gets the ball into the 3 hole. Jeff hit the ball out of the park, and Brendon barely hits his. So Jordan is the new HOH.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 -- Evening

Veto Show
The Big Brother live feeds have been boring. The house guests this time are just annoying, and I am having trouble liking any of them. But I'm still watching, which I guess says something about me!

I've been anticipating the Big Brother show this evening to find out what happened to Evel Dick. So far, there really hasn't been a good explanation, and I hope that CBS comes up with something. It really makes no sense at all for Dick to have left, and he is claiming that it wasn't because of illness, but for personal reasons. The show starts with the nominations. Rachel said that she wants Porsche to be a vote they can count on. Brendon and Rachel try to explain that they put Porsche up on the block so they can give her the golden key to keep her in the house.. Brendon and Rachel don't seem to realize that they don't have the numbers and that six people on the new side are more than four people on the vets side. Even Daniele said that she couldn't understand Dick picking Porsche to play with the old house guests. Then Keith tells Dominic that he's going to throw the competition for the POV. Dominic thinks they have enough votes on the newbie side (which they do) to keep Keith. Kalia doesn't understand that the newbies have the number, and she thinks that Keith has to explain to the vets his plan to stay there. Kalia is stupid. The majority of these house guests are stupid.

We see Dick being called to the diary room and walking slowly there. Then Jeff realizes that Dick isn't in the house. They start to check around the house, and realize that Dick isn't around. Then Daniele starts to worry about what is going on. After hours, Rachel was called to the diary room, which made them all realize that Dick wasn't in the diary room. Rachel comes out to tell everyone that Dick left the house due to an extreme personal reason. However, there was no explanation of what happened. Jeff said that they may never know what happened to Dick, What is bizarre about the how thing is no one tells Daniele why her father left. So Daniele has a golden key, but as she said, she would rather play than have a golden key. Jordan goes to the HOH room, and tells Brendon, Rachel, and Daniele that Keith was smiling. Brendon wants to go down and yell at the new people because it's not fair to the vets. As Jeff said, there's no point in boo-hooing about things in the first week. Jeff keeps on trying to tell them that it's the first week. There are solutions. The others keep on bitching and crying. Jeff said that what they need to do is go out and win all the HOH competitions and knock them off. The guy is right. Keith celebrates and says that now he can make his move on Daniele. Shelly thinks that it's not good of Keith to celebrate when bad things happen. Keith said that he has to expose Kalia and Porsche for having alliances with the vets. Keith tries to out Porsche and Kalia as voting with the vets. Lawon thinks that Keith is a ticking time bomb. Dominic says it gives him serious doubts about Keith. Even Adam thinks that Keith is losing his mind. The thing is that Keith is right.

Time for the veto competition. Daniele gets the golden key at the ceremony. She says that she's going to take the next three weeks to build relationships with the others. The veto is just down to the HOH couple (Brendon and Rachel), the nominated couple (Keith and Porsche), and then Rachel picks Jeff and Jordan. Adma is the host for the competition. Porsche tells the vets that she wants to throw the competition and get rid of Keith. The competition has the couples dressed as super heroes. They have to rebuild a "skyscraper" by completing a puzzle with pieces gathered by the other. Both Porsche and Keith mention in the diary room that they are throwing the competition. Brendon and Rachel win, which is funny because one couple was purposefully throwing the veto, and Jordan isn't bright enough to spell veto.

Rachel and Brendon talk to Jeff about analyzing all the house guests because they have the power of veto and really need to show that they have power. Brendon and Rachel call up Dominic and Adam to try to intimidate them into voting the way that Brendon wants. Dominic won't be intimidated. When Brendon says, if we don't put you up, then you shouldn't put us up next week. When Kalia and Lawon go up, they just nod and agree to everything Brendon says. As Kalia says, who would disagree? You agree and then turn on them next week. Cassi calls them out and says that she thinks Brendon and Rachel would save Jeff and Jordan over her and Shelly. Rachel talks to Keith and tells him that she may use the veto. Keith tells Rachel that he would not put her up. Keith says that he would not put up Rachel. Rachel tries to threaten Keith that she will come after him if he won HOH next week and took out a vet. Wow! What audacity! Of course, Rachel doesn't change the nominations. The question becomes if the house guests will vote out Porsche over Keith.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 Evening

Rachel's Nominations
Tonight's Big Brother show started with the usual recap of the end of Thursday's episode. The Golden Key is really a matter of controversy because it keeps the person safe until they get to the jury. And there is no competition that the person has to compete in, including the food competitions. Floaters get a free pass. You can see the wheels spinning in everyone's mind. Dick's idea is to put up the strong pairs and get rid of the weak ones. Evel Dick's idea is that the former house guests have to stick together. As Daniele admits, she and her dad know how to play the game, and they just know that they have to work together. Evel Dick said that if they played Big Brother in real life, they would have a great relationship. For more scheming, Porsche tells Kevin that they should team with the former house guests. Kevin thinks that's a dumb move, but doesn't tell Porsche that. Rachel talks to Jeff because the thought is that the former house guests should stick together. Also Rachel has some smarts, telling Jeff that they have to be careful who they don't eliminate in the first four weeks because that person will be a jury vote and they won't know how that person competes. Dominic feels that he can trust Keith and Lawon, and that they should band together for an alliance.

Everyone goes to see Rachel's HOH room. Of course, everyone acts as if they are very excited to see the room. Shelly admits that Rachel just needs to think that Shelly likes Rachel. Meanwhile, the former house guests gather in the HOH room to strategize. Evel Dick thinks that they need to get one of the newer house guest teams on their side for safety's sake. The question becomes who to approach.

Rachel and Brendon are in the HOH room, and Rachel was looking very ugly and talking to Brendon about how Cassi must have a nose job or Botox. Brendon tries to tell her that someone of 26 doesn't need Botox. Rachel said how about 27? Brendon tries to explain how Rachel is good looking just as she is. Rachel said that she like plastic surgery and the look of Botox. Brendon seems disgusted, but just keeps on trying to assure Rachel. Dominic talks to Cassi about him, Keith, Lawon, and Cassi form a team. Cassi realizes that one person from each of the duos could be a good strategy. The foursome talk strategy. Meanwhile, Evel Dick talks to Porsche because she was a good competitor who hung on the banana the longest. I would think that would make her someone you don't want to take with you because she will float until week 5, and then will wreaking havoc on the others. Stupid moves. Porsche claims that it's a good strategy on the former house guests' part. I'm not sure why because the person who gets the golden key doesn't compete. Porsche talks to Keith about joining forces with the former house guests. Keith says that's a good deal. Then Keith goes to Dominic and Cassi and rats her out. Keith tells the others that Porsche is going to try to get the others out, which, of course, is the plan.

It's time for the Have/Have Not competition. Of course, it means there will be slop, sleeping in a bad bedroom, and cold water washes. Brendon and Rachel do not have to compete because they won't competing. Evel Dick, Daniele, Jeff, and Jordan are on the blue team, Cassi, Shelly, Kalia, and Lawon (all girls as Kalia says) are on the orange, and Keith, Dominic, Adam, and Porsche are on the green team. The goal is for the teams (dressed in spongy cow suits) to soak up milk in the suits and squeeze it into bottles. The two teams to fill their bottles win. Jeff was squeezing others well, but Keith looked like he was humping the others. The Blue team (Jeff, Jordan, Daniele, Evel Dick) were the first to fill their six jugs. The green team (with humping Keith) finished second. But Lawon didn't seem to understand that it was bad to be Have Not. The bedroom is a padded room with just a foam beds. As Cassi and Danielle said, it looked like a lunatic room. The bright fluorescent lights have to stay on all night. Rachel, Evel Dick, and Jeff talk about how they have to win all the competitions, especially HOH. Evel Dick said that he thinks he can get Adam on their side too. Jeff admits in Diary that as long as Evel Dick does the dirty work, it's okay with him.

Dick talks to Adam out by the pool. Evel Dick talks to Adam about getting his vote for the former house guests. Evel Dick says that he needs a promise from Adam to put up the new house guests if he wins HOH, and that he will throw POV. But Adam says in Diary that he will be going after Dick.

Shelly talks to Jeff and Jordan about her romance and life with her husband. In the HOH room, Rachel wants to get rid of Keith, but really doesn't want to give Porsche the golden key. Rachel isn't sure who to put up: someone she feels threatened by or someone she thinks she can play with. Time for nominations. Rachel says she can't put up nominees based on emotion, but has to use game play. Rachel puts up Porsche and Keith.

Friday, July 8, 2011 -- Morning

Evel Dick Gone!
When the Big Brother live feeds came on last night, it looked like Evel Dick was gone from the house. The house guests were talking about where Dick could be. No one had heard anything; they just noticed that he was missing. Danielle was complaining because she didn't know anything. Eventually around 1:30 a.m., Danielle was called into the diary room. From conversations when she returned, it seems that Dick left the game. Not sure why, but rumors are flying on the Internet. Also, it seems that Danielle has the golden key, so she should be safe for the first four weeks. Also, it seems that Porsche and Keith were nominated for eviction.

Thursday, July 7, 2011 -- Evening

Big Brother Returns!
Finally! We have the return of Big Brother! The twist was revealed right away. The eight house guests were going to have to pair up to get through the house. We quickly had a introduction to the new house guests. It always takes a while for me to figure out who I will like. The funny part was hearing one house guest say something and then they would flip to another who would say the exact opposite. We have Dominic, the virgin, Keith, the minister, Porsche, the spoiled wench, and Shelly, the cougar. Dominic, Lawon, Porsche, and Shelly got into the house first to pick out their beds. Quote of the show from Lawon: "I cannot believe that I is in the house." Dominic and Kalia vow to scrub the shower floor to keep it clean. Dominic realizes that there is a twist because there are 12 place settings, 10 beds, and eight of them.

Keith doesn't tell anyone that he is a preacher. Instead, he says that he is a matchmaker. I will say that Keith doesn't talk like a preacher. He talked about Kalia's puppies (boobs) popping out of her dress. Adam seems really annoying, and seems to think that he is going to win, but his type is usually out early. Cassi, the model, is extremely good looking.

The house guests are told that they will have to play the game with someone else in the house. They get to choose who they pair with. When someone wins HOH, that duo is save. A pair is then nominated for eviction, and they have to campaign against each other. Keith picks Porsche right away. Then Shelly and Cassi team. Adam sort of forces himself on Dominic. That means that Kalia and Lawon are a pair. Then the house guests find out that there are other duos playing the game. Keith quickly says that they have to be old house guests who will come in paired. Keith is quick on the uptake. The doorbell rings! The sign of things to come, and in walks Brendon and Rachel. Oh please! I'm ready to puke! I just can't stand Rachel, and Brendon is such a jerk. Of course, all the house guests really hate Rachel. I mean, who could like her!

The doorbell rings again, and Jeff and Jordan come in. The house guests respond that they are star struck by Jeff and Jordan. Jordan thinks there will be another pair, so everyone gets nervous, and then the doorbell rings again to be followed by a commercial break. It was Evel Dick and Danielle. So we get two obnoxious pairs and Jeff and Jordan. Evel Dick commented on how he was a winner of Big Brother, and Jordan reminds him that she won too. As Jordan said, he made her feel like chopped liver, and she does not like chopped liver. It seems that Dick and Danielle aren't talking to each other and are on bad terms again. Evel Dick commented on how he and Danielle haven't talked in three years. Of course, as Jeff said, it could all be a scam that they aren't talking, but I believe that I heard on the BB sites that Evel Dick and Danielle had a falling out again.

Time for the first HOH competition! The house guests have to hold onto a banana. They go up in a duo on a single banana. The house guest who hangs on the longest wins HOH. First, they get sprayed with chocolate and the swinging starts. Shelly is the first one off. Then Jordan slipped off. As Jeff said, Jordan was the first to slip off his banana, big shock. Then Keith was out. Then Cassi, Lawon, and Adam were down. Then Jeff and Dominic slid off. Then Wussy Brendon was off. Then Kalia fell off. Porsche was trying to hang on for the newbies, even though her shorts were exposing her butt. Then she fell off. Only Rachel, Evel Dick, and Danielle are left. Rachel said that if Evel Dick and Danielle fall off, they are safe. Dick draps off, then Danielle. So Rachel wins the first HOH. I just want to puke.

We find out that when you nominate a pair, the person who is not evicted, gets a golden key that prevents him or her from being nominated in the first four weeks. That person will not compete for four weeks, but will vote for eviction. So now, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea to get nominated. Danielle said that she would like to get rid of Evel Dick. Lawon wants to get rid of Kalia. Jeff has to explain the whole golden key bit to Jordan. I think the stupid thing is her act.

Friday, July 1, 2011 -- Afternoon

Nine Coaches Waiting
Cover of Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart I just finished Nine Coaches Waiting by Mar Stewart, and I really enjoyed the book. The book was published in 1959, so the story seems a bit dated for the time frame in which it is placed. Linda Martin, the heroine of the book returns to France as a governess of a young, French boy, Comte Philippe de Valmy. She keeps her French roots, and fluency in the French language, a secret from the woman, Philippe's aunt, Heloise de Valmy. It seems that Philippe, like Linda, was orphaned when his parents' died in a plane crash. Linda picks up on the fact that Heloise wants someone who can not speak French, and when she gets to the house, Linda feels that there is an undercurrent of tension. Why would Philippe's uncle and aunt be so insistent on having someone who does not speak French? Philippe's uncle, Leon, is an imposing figure, even though he is wheelchair bound. Philippe starts to have some life threatening accidents, and Linda falls in love with Philippe's cousin, Raoul. Tensions build until Linda finds out through the girl friend of one of the hired hands that Philippe's uncle wants to murder Philippe so he can get inherit the estate. The maid, Berthe, learns this from the drunken ramblings of the hired hand. Raoul is implicated by the hired man. Linda doesn't want to believe it, but she has to get Philippe out of the house before something happens. Does she succeed in getting Philippe to his beloved uncle, Hippolyte? Is Raoul involved in the murder scheme? The book reads as one of those typic gothic romances that we all know and love. Parts of the story reminded me strongly of Jane Eyre, such as Linda being the orphan working as governess, and the way that Linda mets Raoul (almost being run down by him because she was in the middle of the road). All in all, the story was very good and thrilling. It keep me turning the pages when I should have been going to sleep because I had to know how it ended. It's such a shame that Mary Stewart wrote so few books.
Flyers Suck
Really horrible news with Jagr came out around an hour ago. Jagr signed a $3.3 million, one year deal with the Flyers. Then shortly after that, they announced that Max Talbot had signed with a 5 year, $9 million deal with the Flyers. Gosh, we hate the Flyers in this city, and now with they getting Jagr and Talbot, the hate is even stronger. I can only imagine Jagr's reception in the city when the Flyers come to town.

Friday, July 1, 2011 -- Late Morning

JagrWatch Over
JagrWatch is over. The Pens have withdrawn their offer to Jaromir Jagr because his agent has been trying to generate more interest and money for Jagr. This is a huge disappointment because I thought for sure that Jagr would be a Pen. There have been rumors flying all around the city over the past few days, and people were really hyped up over the thought that Jags would be back in a Pens' uniform. But it was not to be. I don't know how much of this is due to Jags, and how much to his agent, but I know that a deep sadness has fallen over me over the whole thing. It's so disappointing. :(