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July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 -- Evening

Zara Phillips receives her silver medal from her mother, Princess Anne
Team Silver for Zara and Team GB
Zara Phillips won a silver medal as part of the Great Britain Eventing team. When I got up this morning, and turned on the TV, there Zara was, starting her show jumping portion of the three-day event. Unfortunately, she wound up getting 7 penalty points, 4 for High Kingdom knocking down a rail on one of the first jumps. Then she went over the time limit. The others on the team had clean runs, which helped them get the silver. This isn't meant to diminish Zara's effort. Yesterday, in the cross country, she had one of the few clean rounds. It's a team effort, after all!
Phelps and US Women's Gymnastics
Michael Phelps got two medals today for a total of 19 overall. That makes Phelps the person with the most medals. Phelps tied the record of 18 with a silver in the 200 meter butterfly. Then later on, Phelps got gold as part of the 4X200mm relay team. Phelps has 19 medals so far, and counting.

The women's gymnastic team won the team gold. This after Jordyn Wieber was in tears on Monday after losing out on an opportunity to go for individual all-around gold. The rule is that only the top two members from a country can go on to the individual. Jordyn finished fourth over all, but two other Americans were ahead of her. Jordyn was bawling her eyes out over the loss. It doesn't seem fair to me because it should just be the best. It one, or a few, dominate, that's okay. After all, you get the opportunity to get your players to the Olympics, and their performances should determine if they get a medal.

Monday, July 30, 2012 -- Evening

Zara Phillips
Zara Phillips has been competing in the individual Three Day Event. As some of you may know, I'm a huge British royalty fan, and Zara is the Queen's granddaughter, the daughter of Princess Anne. On Sunday, Zara completed the dressage portion of the competition, and she was tied for 24th. Today, Zara and High Kingdom, her horse, competed in the cross country portion, and they are now tied for 10th place. The only part left now is the show jumping portion. I'm going to be rooting for Zara and High Kingdom.
General Olympics
Elsewhere at the Olympics, Ryan Lochte finished fourth in the 200m free style. Michael Phelps hasn't distinguished himself at the games this time. The US Men's Gymnastic team didn't get a medal even though they were favored. Best news: Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings won their beach volleyball match today, and continued their unbeaten streak at the Olympics. So far, they have not lost a set at the Olympics.
POV Ceremony
Shane used the POV in today's POV ceremony. He took Ashley off the block and put up Frank. They are trying to blame Ian for it, saying that Ian said that he couldn't guarantee Shane's safety. Well, I would think that no one can guarantee it because Shane is playing a lone game. It seems that Ian and Jenn will vote to evict Joe, and Ashley and Will will evict Frank. So it comes down to crazy Danielle. She will probably vote out Frank. Meanwhile, we are all assuming that the coaches will enter the game just because the numbers won't get them into September if they don't bring back the coaches.

Sunday, July 29, 2012 -- Evening

Boring Brother
Nothing of any interest has been happening in the Big Brother house live feeds. Shane has won every POV, and Danielle is coming across as extremely desperate in trying to get a showmance going with Shane. He's not interested in her, and some of the feed watchers are even wondering if Shane is interested in females.

The post HOH show started with the usual recap of the eviction and HOH competition. Danielle is really happy at still being in the house, probably figuring it made it easier for her to get at Shane. Shane gives Danielle an awkward hug after the eviction, and Britney is upset about being down to one player on her team. As Britney enthuses, all you need is one to win HOH. And then the next week, you bite your fingernails. Joe admits that he is for trouble with Shane being HOH. Shane says that it's full-steam ahead with Danielle. It seems that he is playing up the showmance at times with the diary room. Wil has the brillant thought that Shane will be out after him and the others on Janelle's and Boogie's team. Boogie thinks it's okay because he made side deals with Shane. Britney shows her happiness to Ashley, and she wants to stir up Janelle and Boogie's teams. Ashley says that Britney is drunk with power. Danielle is hoping to have Shane grope her in the HOH room. It's so pitiful seeing that girl's excitement over shagging the guy. Danielle drools over Shane's family pictures. Shane tells everyone to dig in, but no one attempts to dig in. They all sit there quietly. Britney thinks that they are all dying to get out of the room, but no one wants to leave. Janelle, Wil, and Joe talk about who Shane will put up. Joe says that Shane will go after Janelle's team because they left Shane to hang dry. Janelle realizes that she has to mend fences with Britney. Shane, Britney, Danielle, and Dan hang out plotting the future. Britney says that they are planning on putting one up from both teams. Shane says that he doesn't want to up Frank when Britney wants to put up Frank. Shane says that he trusts Frank more. Shane said that he has to do what's best for him.

Joe makes breakfast for Shane. Boogie thinks that Joe has take it to depths of patheticness. Shane thinks it's ridiculous, and doesn't like that Joe got him up while Shane was having a nice dream. Ashley says that she's a hippy chick, and she makes a dream board. Boogie asks for more details on the dream board. Ashley claims that she gets things from her dream board. Boogie says in DR that his dream board would have his three players against Ashley. Frank and Shane talk, and Shane says that Wil is his target. Shane believes that Frank is a stand up guy, and Shane is hoping to show his loyalty to Frank. Shane just doesn't want to go up next week in return. Danielle is talking about guys trying to make out with her. Joe worries about his daughters. Jenn talks about coming out to her mom on coming out day. Jenn says that she's lucky to live in New York because they are more accepting to PDA. Danielle said that feared lesbians because they would try to have sex with her. Danielle is a freak. Danielle tells Shane that the smartest thing to do is to put up Frank and someone from Janelle's team. Danielle said they have to get Frank out. Shane doesn't tell Danielle about his deal with Frank. Danielle thinks that she has convinced Shane to put up Frank. Danielle blushes and flushes at the thought of being alone in the house with Shane as final two. Like that would happen. She needs an Ashley dream board.
It's tie for the coach's competition. Everyone has on gym clothes. Britney admits that she never works out. Ashley says that guys are rocking the farmers' tan. The coaches have to face off in the first round. The one with the lowest reps is out, but gets to open a locker. Boogie says that stakes are high. Frank doesn't want Janelle to win. Janelle knows that her players are going to get targeted. The first machine has them moving their butts back and forth on this machine. Dan said that he doesn't want to throw this competition. Janelle said that it was one motion she did not want to see Mike Boogie do. Britney lost, and had to pick a locker. Britney had to pick two players to be on slop. Ian volunteered, and Britney picked Joe. Iam admits in DR that he is taking punishments so folks will keep him around since they don't want punishments. The next exercise is bouncing the hips back and forth against these side pads. Janelle is killing it. Ian said that Boogie isn't doing well because he's an older gentleman and looks like he needs a hip replacement. Boogie loses and wins $10,000 and any two players he wants to share with in $6,000, $3,000, and $1,000. Boogie takes the 6K, gives Ian 3K, and Jenn the 1K. Ian started to get teary eyed because it's a huge amount of money for a student. Now it's down to Dan and Janelle. They now have to exercise their tongue. The goal is to move the toggle back and forth. Dan seems to be unable to do the exercise because he has a short tongue. I feel sorry for Dan's wife. He has no tongue technique. Janelle has 105 flips to Dan's 41. Dan wins a sushi and cocktail party. Dan has to choose five people to party with. Dan chooses the other three coaches. He says because he doesn't want to the coaches talking behind his back. Dan also picks Shane and then his own player, Danielle. Janelle gets to save or trade a player. Janelle says she's not trading, and it's a hard decision, but she has to save Wil.

The Have Nots get cereal and salmon, which is not bad on a slop menu. CBS shows Boogie and Willie arguing about Froot Loops and salmon. Frank thinks that this is right up there with the pudding from last week as one of the best slop menus. Joe and Janelle go up to talk to Shane and Britney. Shane says that next week she's going downstairs. Janelle said that she has to get in with Britney again. Janelle tells Shane that she knows how it is, and she was in his spot. Janelle said that her team is definitely up for working with Shane and Britney. After all, they need safety for next week. Janelle knows that Britney blames Janelle for her players going home last week. Boogie goes and talks to Shane and Britney. Boogie wants Ashley and Joe to go up. Britney says that one of Boogie's people have to up. Britney wants to even things up. Britney says that she doesn't want Boogie to say next week that Shane put up Frank this week, so Shane is up again. Boogie asks why Shane should work with an inferior product when he can play with Boogie. Britney is all over Shane asking him what he wants to do. Britney is keeping on with the Frank and Joe. Meanwhile Shane is being called to the DR, and Britney will not stop yammering in his ear. She is so damned annoying. I would have to smack the wench if she was my coach.

Frank feels Shane's word is golden, but if Britney has her say, Frank is up. Wil makes a pretend call to Patrice saying he's there for another week and will have to feed the cat. Shane says the hardest thing is whether he follows Frank or listen to Britney. Joe thinks Shane should target Frank and keep the chef safe. The first key out is Jenn, then Ian, Danielle, and Frank. Ashley and Joe are nominated. Shane said that only one coach has not had a player up on the block. Shane says that he wants them to know how it felt when he was up against JoJo. Ashley cries and whines about being on the block and feeling alone. Boo-hoo! Shane is putting his faith in Boogie and Frank. Janelle says game on. Janelle said that she is going to fight to keep all her players. Frank says going forward, he has Shane's back, and Shane has his. Joe says it's on like Donkey Kong, and that he will get Shane out of the house. Hmm, that will be difficult since Joe is going to go home on Thursday!

Saturday, July 28, 2012 -- Evening

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh covered up
Lochte and Misty/Kerri Win
I only plan on commenting on sports or stories that interest me, and only two stories were interesting to me today. Ryan Lochte won the gold in the 400 meter individual medley while Michael Phelps finished without a medal in fourth place. People had been talking about the Lochte/Phelps matchup, saying that even though Phelps had been waning of late that he would manage to get up for the games. But it seems that is not the case. You go, Lochte!

Meanwhile, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh started their fight for Olympic gold. The temperatures were pretty cold in London for beach volleyball, with the temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The concession that the girls made to the temperature was to wear a shirt over their bikinis. Fortunately, the pair were able to beat Australia's Nat Cooke and Tamsin Hinchley to win two sets with the scores of 21-18, 21-19. So far, Misty and Kerri haven't lost a set in Olympic competition. Let's hope they can keep it up.

Friday, July 27, 2012 -- Evening

Opening Ceremony
Finally, it's time for the 2012 Summer Olympics to start. It's in London, and we all know that the British know how to put on a show. I'm recording my impressions as I watch the show "live." That means that the ceremony happened 3.5 hours ago, but we are just seeing it here in the US.

Read my thoughts.

Thursday, July 26, 2012 -- Evening

Eviction and HOH
It's day 20 in the BB house, and things are more boring that in previous seasons. JoJo is probably going to go home tonight, and CBS is promoting some game changing scheme. I like how Julie Chen said that JoJo and Danielle were fighting for votes when they basically sat in the house and did nothing. The show starts with crazy Danielle going up on the block in place of Shane. Shane says that his group of six is too tight to start disrupting things this early. JoJo wants to make sure the house knows why to vote for her. Dan goes to comfort Danielle. Dan tries to explain that cutting Danielle lose was a motivational tool. Unfortunately, Danielle didn't get motivated. Dan apologizes to Danielle, and says that he's going to help her get out of the mess. Danielle forgives Dan because she knows he had a good heart and good intentions. Loser intentions. Shane and JoJo are in the Have Not room when Ian comes in. They turn off the lights so they can go to sleep. Shane tells JoJo to come over and cuddle. JoJo tells Shane they should make out. Ian is grossed out. As Ian says, "I'm trying to get some shut eye, and Shane is trying to board the Staten Island Ferry." Ian then goes to Danielle and tells her that Shane was asking JoJo to climb on top of him. Danielle is upset because she thought Shane had the hots for her, basically because Danielle is crazy. Danielle then goes to talk with Janelle and Ashley. Ashley and Janelle are sleeping in the bed, and Ashley says she would crush Shane. Ashley continues to make fun of how skinny Ashley is. Danielle tells Janelle and Ashley about Shane and JoJo. Danielle is upset because she lost to JoJo. Janelle said that showmances are bad news, especially for Janelle because they will vote together. Danielle told them just so she could get JoJo voted out. Danielle comes across as a psycho stalker girl. Britney tells JoJo to just not talk and just say nothing that would irritate people. In the DR, Britney mocks JoJo not taking Britney's bad advice seriously. Boogie said that it makes sense to keep Dan because if the coaches go into the game, it would make sense to keep Dan in the game. Boogie tells Danielle that he has five people, and five is greater than three. Boogie says he has the power to make his players make the decision he wants.

We had a review of the Willie incident, yet again. Julie Chen asks Joe about Willie. Joe said that he mainly wanted to protect himself, and wanted to tell Willie that if he couldn't stand the heat to get out of the kitchen. Then Julie turned on Ian. Ian said that when he was in the bathroom in his towel, he wanted to keep everyone safe. Britney said that she was proud of Shane when he won the POV.

Then we had a segment with Dr. Will giving his analysis. He looks pretty business-like in his suit. Dr. Will talks about being a dermatologist who removes tattoos. Dr. Will thinks Boogie is doing a great job. Dr Will says that Boogie has an ego problem. Dr. Will thinks the other coaches are lackluster. Janelle said that she couldn't tell when Dr. Will was lying. Dan is always coaching according to Dr. Will. Dr. Will also thinks that Dan picked some hot ass to be on his team. Britney is called out for doing a terrible job of coaching. Dr. Will says Janelle is a great competitor, but she isn't good at strategy. Dr. Will thinks Ian could win the game. Comparing their similarities, Dr. Will thinks that Boogie is a 40 year old Ian.

Julie talks to Frank in the HOH room. Frank asks Jules if she is his home girl, and she asks if he is her home skillet. Julie asks about how important Boogie's advice is. Frank says that he appreciates his advice and his entertainment. Frank said that working with Shane is a plan A, B, and who knows what else. Frank trusts Janelle and her players, and he hopes they can trust him. He thinks that the alliance will be long.

Time to talk to the nominees. JoJo, dressed like a Jersey Shore reject, said that she wanted to backstab and lie, but she couldn't. JoJo said that she is in her situation because she's loyal. JoJo tells them to vote to get themselves far in the game. Danielle is dressed like a prom queen. She said that she loves everyone and enjoys playing the game. Snore! Time for the vote:

Wil evicts JoJo
Joe evicts JoJo
Ashley evicts JoJo
Shane evicts Danielle
Ian evicts JoJo
Jenn evicts JoJo

Dan is told that if Danielle is evicted, Dan has to leave the house with her. JoJo is out with a vote of 5-1. She hugs folks, and then leaves the house telling everyone to make big moves. Everyone watches JoJo's photo go to black and white. JoJo said that Shane whispered that he was sorry about what happened, and she said that he should go and play a good game. JoJo said that she told Willie that what he did with Frank wasn't right, and JoJo admitted that supporting Willie was a mistake. Her comment was that she was too loyal. JoJo thinks Britney has a lot of heart, and JoJo is going to root for her. But JoJo thinks Britney is an underdog. Jenn says that the house could only handle one New Yorker. Shane liked his conversations about making out. Danielle says she's sorry. Britney said that JoJo's problem was that she was too loud. Britney is stupid and whiney!

Time for the HOH competition. The competition is called "On Thin Ice." Each house guest has to hit their ball into the slot with the highest score. The game is set up as a hockey game, but they've played this game several times on BB. Ashley goes first and gets a 4. Joe slowly takes his time, making Julie say "we con't have all day, Joe." Joe gets a 3. Jenn misses all of the slots. Ian gets a 9 and takes the lead. Wil gets a 2. Shane is up next. Shane gets a 20. Danielle is last up, and she scores a 12. Shane is the new HOH.

Shane said that it's a great feeling to be HOH. He flipped it like Frank did last week. Britney said that she is so excited. Loser! We find out that America's Vote will determine if the coaches remain coaches or if they can enter the game as players. The coaches will be able to enter and play for the $500,000. We should know the result of the vote by next Thursday.

Thursday, July 26, 2012 -- Late Afternoon

Cover of Death Match by Lincoln Child
Death Match by Lincoln Child
Death Match by Lincoln Child really grabbed my interest. The premise was super couples, matched by a dating/partner matching service called Eden, were committing suicide. Super couples have a 100 percent match in compatibility. The genius behind Eden is Richard Silver, a computing genius who created a system called Liza. Well, you could say that Liza is the genius behind the matches. Silver made Liza self-aware, and with Liza, Eden was able to quickly match up perfect couples. With Eden, you found your soul mate. Christopher Lash, former FBI profiler, was called in to help Eden solve the mystery of why the couples are committing suicide. Lash was troubled by the suicides because the couples were happy, and they definitely didn't fit the profile of someone who would commit suicide. As Lash continued his probe, he became more sure that the the couples were murdered. The more he researched, the more his own life seemed to unravel. Was there a connection between his research and the problems?

Death Match was a great read. Of the three Lincoln Child books that I read recently, I enjoyed Death Match the most. I suspected who the murderer was midway through the book, but that didn't ruin the story or the suspense for me. I was wondering how things would progress, and Child kept the suspense on the high burner. I wound up returning to work late because I became engrossed in the story over lunch. I am so glad that I found Child, and I cannot wait to read more!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 -- Evening

Boring Brother and a Recap
Since Willie left the BB house, the house guests have outdone themselves with boring behavior. I can only hope that something happens soon to bring some entertainment to the live feeds and the show. Shane won the POV, and Danielle went up in his place. The question is whether JoJo or Danielle will go home. Then what will happen with Dan if Danielle goes home?

So, it's on to tonight's show. The show started with the Willie announcement. Ian gave Britney a hug. As Ian said in DR, he was in a towel when two big guys started to fight. Ian wanted to stop it, but he knew that he would get hurt. Dan said that he hopes Frank doesn't pick Danielle because then he would be out. Janelle and Boogie celebrate that they will be able to still nominate someone. Janelle said that although she is talking and scheming with Boogie, she does not want to put up one of her own. Jenn is also not happy with it. Frank is stupid and thinks Boogie has a good idea, but pawns tend to go home. JoJo realizes that she and Shane are the next targets. Shane tells Joe that at least with Willie in the house, Shane had the numbers on his size. JoJo goes to talk to Frank to try to save herself. JoJo said on her mother's back that she had Frank's back. Frank tells JoJo that if she had voted to keep him, Frank would not have a problem with her. JoJo comes up with a lame story about staying loyal to Willie. Frank tells her that JoJo should have seen that Willie was a cancer in the house. JoJo said that everyone else was staying with her players and their coach. Frank said that Willie could have been the number one target, but now Frank has to get blood on his hands.

Time for nominations. Frank calls the meeting. First key out is Jenn, then Ian, Joe, Wil, and Danielle. Ashley already had her key from the coach's competition. Frank says that it's because both were with Willie, and they have the chance to play for veto to save themselves. Shane knew he was going on the block, and all he was trying to do was be loyal to Britney. Danielle thinks it sucks if one of them comes off the block. Britney, JoJo, and Shane meet in the Have Not room. Britney advises the to get back in with the others. Britney said that the reasons they made the decisions were sincere. Britney said that she feels so bad, and she feels that she is taking on all the guilt. Britney said that she is trying to help them and stay positive. JoJo said that none of Janelle's team wanted to give her a hug after nominations. In the HOH, Boogie said that Danielle had a free ride this week. Boogie says that if Shane or JoJo comes off, Danielle goes up. Boogie advises Frank to befriend Shane so if he comes off the block and wins HOH next week, he'll go after Janelle's players. Time to pick for the veto competition. Frank picks Ian. Shane picks Ashley. JoJo picks Wil. Dan wanted Danielle to play in the game so she could throw another competition. Oh wait, because if Danielle leaves the house so does Dan.

Ashley is braiding Danielle's hair and talking about Ashley's ideal man: older, with his own business, and doesn't have to be good looking. Then she goes through a whole list of things the man should do. I wonder how her S&M video boyfriend is on the list. Ashley thinks that it's totally doable to find a guy like that as Dan mocks how realistic it is. Time for the veto competition. It is like a Mexican game. The people viewing the competition have pitchers of margaritas. It's a BB Cantina. They have to hunt in big bowls of dip to find a slew of menu items. They have to match the master list, and the person to get the most right in the least amount of time wins. Ian said that it's a memory game. You have to memorize the master menu, that faces away from the players, then they have to dig them out of the nasty dips. Shane has a very bad memory, so he gets a piece, then he looks at it on the menu. Ian said he has a photographic memory so it's easier for him to get the pieces in the right place. Ashley said that she tries to remember the first letter of all the items. People are slipping because the dip is slippery. JoJo realizes that she has some of the wrong items. Shane thinks that there is no way that he can let Ian win. Shane rings in first, and then Ian rings the bell saying he knows its right. Ian is second. JoJo is third, Frank is fourth. Wil is fifth, and Ashley continues on and on in last place. She thought that she could have gotten them all right even though it took forever. Ashley had 13 out of 16 correct. Janelle says "way to go Ashley. Wil had all 16 correct, and he was in the lead. Frank got all 16, and he took on the lead. JoJo got them all correct, and she took on the lead. Ian got them all, then he took the lead away from JoJo. Shane had to get them all right, and he had not double checked his menu. But he just rang in before Ian.

After the commercial break, we find out that Shane got all the answers right, and he won the veto. Britney is drunk, and she attacks Shane. They wind up in smelly dip. Danielle said it was the worse case scenario because she will go on the block. Britney celebrates with Shane and JoJo. Britney said that she didn't deserve to celebrate because it was all Shane. Shane just wants to prolong his stay in the house. Boogie tells Shane that he and Frank aren't unhappy with Shane getting veto. Shane said that there might be a trade or a switch of players because he just wants to win. He doesn't care about coach. Boogie said if Shane can be loyal to Willie, how loyal would he be to Boogie. Boogie tells Shane to not tell Britney, JoJo, Dan, or Danielle about making a deal with Frank and Boogie. Shane goes in to the bathroom, and Britney starts quizzing him about them offering Shane a deal. Shane said in DR that he has to keep it under the radar from Britney and JoJo. He lies to them that all Boogie and Frank asked about was Shane winning HOH next week. Dan tells Danielle that if he tries to help Danielle, he might get her booted out of the house. Danielle tells Dan that he can't do anything to help her. Dan says in DR that it's his coaching technique to get Danielle to play for herself. Dan said that as a last resort, he is trying to manipulate her emotions. Danielle asks Shane if he is voting for JoJo to stay. Shane says he doesn't know, but JoJo is part of his team. Danielle goes off to cry. Danielle cries in DR and says that with Dan abandoning her that she feels so alone. She cries and acts like a huge baby. Crying, not fighting to stay in the house. Shane tells JoJo that he is going to try to talk Frank into backdooring Wil. Shane said that if he, JoJo, or Danielle win HOH next week, they will go after the rest of Janelle's team. Shane tells JoJo to keep quiet. Shane goes outside to talk to Frank to save JoJo and Danielle. Shane tells Frank that he has the idea for a big game changer. Shane tells Frank that Wil may be gunning for Frank, so they could get him out this week. Shane tells Frank that if he puts up Wil, he will have JoJo and Danielle on his side.

Time for the POV ceremony. Frank isn't sure that Shane's plan is the best for Frank. Danielle is whining about going up. Shane cuts to the chase and removes himself from the block. Frank nominates Danielle. The veto meeting is over. Frank says that eventually he will have to go against Janelle's players, but he doesn't want to rock the boat yet. Danielle says that she has to fight for herself because she is so alone. Dan said that his back is against the wall, and he has to throw a hail Mary to get rid of JoJo.

Sunday, July 22, 2012 -- Evening

Willie Expulsion Show
I have been looking forward to this episode for two days. I can't wait to see Willie going psycho and getting expelled from the house. The show started, per usual, with the previous show's eviction. Frank was happy to be in the house, and Willie said that Frank staying is not good for him. Janelle wanted to keep Frank because he would just ignite Willie. Ashley wanted Kara out because Ashley was hoping to go under the radar. Then we saw Dan telling Danielle that he was on her side. Not much, I'd say, since Dan is a god-awful coach. Boogie commented that it wasn't the Frank versus Kara as much as it was the house against Willie. Then we see that Frank won the HOH. Boogie did a join DR with Frank, laughing like Boogie and Dr. Will did. However, it was really lame. Willie didn't want to talk to anyone, and he said that he hoped to win the POV and then be HOH next week. Shane didn't want to be in an alliance with Willie because he's a hot head and not nice to people. Janelle said that she was in an alliance with Britney, but Britney blew it by not controlling Willie. Britney said that she is going to have to pay the ultimate price for picking Willie. Dan is confident that Danielle has one more week of safety. Dan starts telling Danielle to get in with Janelle's team. In the storage room, JoJo tells Frank that she's a loyal person, and that she's sorry about what happened. JoJo said that Willie just went crazy. Frank said that he holds no personal grudges against anyone. Time for the HOH reveal. Willie goes with the crowd, but as he said, he's not a fake person, and he didn't want to be there. Wil says having his own HOH is a surreal moment. Boogie shows everyone the picture of his nine month old baby, Brady. Ian said that Willie was feasting on a plate of crow. Willie said that it doesn't matter to him because he's there to win the game. Willie goes to talk to Britney, but Britney doesn't want to talk to him. Britney started to berate Willie. On the live feeds, she went on for hours lecturing Willie on what a crap person he was. Willie said that he came into the game to play for himself, not for a coach. Britney came across like a major bitch. Britney tells Willie that he did a terrible job, and her team is screwed. She doesn't take any of the blame for bad coaching or not supporting Willie when Frank was spreading lies about Willie. Boo-hoo, Britney!

In the backyard, Shane is picking on Danielle. Danielle has a major crush on Shane, and it's supposed to be very obvious. Danielle claims that Shane's personality and looks are her types, and she says Shane is chasing after her. Shane says Danielle is a nice girl. Danielle is excited that Shane is going to fall in love with her. Britney, Boogie, and Dan talk about the player switch. Boogie is afraid that if Britney wins the coach's competition that she'll saddle someone with Willie. Britney says it ridiculous that she not trade Willie when Boogie said that Shane might be targeted if Willie is traded. Dan and Janelle talk about married life. Janelle says it's different playing Big Brother because she has a family and a little baby daughter at home. Dan says he just wants to be a better husband. Ian and Boogie talk because Ian wants to go on a date with Ashley. Boogie gave it thought, and thought it might be good for Ian to go on a date. Dan goes looking for Ashley, and takes her outside. Ian asks Ashley if she would be interested on a slop date. (this happened last week.) Ashley has a thing for nerdy guys, and Ian looks very nerdy with a green shirt and bow tie. Ian said that Ashley is very beautiful. Ian said that dates for him are few and far between. Ian and Ashley go into the arcade room. They are both from PIttsburgh. Ashley asks Ian what's his favorite class is. Ian says Inorganic Chemistry. Ashley asks him to explain the difference between organic and inorganic. They seem to get along very well. It seemed a very sweet date. Shane and JoJo talk to Britney about losing Willie. Shane has really ugly hair that he gels up in a peak. Britney says it's not fair what happened and how it affects the others.

Time for the coach's competition. They all dress up like 1980s wrappers. Think Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They all come out in MC Hammer style pants. Britney doesn't get it. Probably because she is stupid. The winning coach gets to choose the four have nots and if they save or exchange a player. The coaches have to walk on a balance beam and transfer packs of cash from one end to the next. Britney knows that she wants to win the competition. Too bad Britney can't win competitions. Willie doesn't know if Britney would trade or save him. Dan says he has to throw the competition so people thinks he's weak. The pants were restrictive and you could only move sideways. Britney went to a huge lead, and was building her pile. But then Britney knocked some of her cash to the ground, and that eliminated her from the game. Boogie asks Ian about how stable his stack looks. Ian tells him about the center of the mass. It was down to Janelle and Boogie. Boogie had two stacks left, and Janelle had two. Boogie put his last one on, but then Boogie jumped to the ground before he hit the button. So Boogie was out. Boogie's ego burned him. So it was down to Janelle. She stayed on the balance beam to hit the buzzer. Janelle said that the comp queen is back in the house. Janelle chooses to save a player because she loves all her players so much. Janelle saved Ashley. Janelle picked Willie, JoJo, Shane, and Ian for the have nots. JoJo wasn't surprised that she and Willie were have nots. We didn't see that Ian volunteered to be a have not, but that's what he did according to the live feeds.

The house guests go into the house and find out that they get slop, pork rinds, and pudding. JoJo says no one in NY eats pork rinds. Ian said that pudding is one of the best food choices. Ian is acting all silly and nerdy about getting the pudding. As he said, his grandmother eats pudding. Willie goes to call JoJo over to talk to her, and Britney calls her away, and tells JoJo not to associate with Willie. Britney tells Willie to stop putting other people in jeopardy. Britney tells Willie to just leave everyone alone because he's dragging everyone down. Willie goes running upstairs. He tells Britney that they are blaming JoJo and Shane for things that Willie did. Willie says that he's going to get evicted this week before he goes out that door. Joe said that JoJo and Shane stuck with Willie so they will go down with him. JoJo is talking to Danielle and says that it's a shame. JoJo tells Willie that she can't be associated with Willie. JoJo goes out to eat pudding, leaving Willie alone in the Have Not room. Willie paces the room. Then Willie goes out to the kitchen, where Shane and JoJo are. Willie munches pork rinds while Shane complains about losing another 10 pounds. Britney tells Willie to leave everyone along. Willie says it isn't an act; he's pissed. Willie calls Janelle a bitch. Joe, walking to the bathroom, makes some sort of comment, and Willie goes to charge him. Joe looks like a scared chicken trying to keep Willie from punching him, which Willie didn't do. Ian was there, and he went running for help.

Joe has his fists up. Willie tells Joe to hit him. Willie chest bumps/head butts Joe. Everyone gets separated. Willie is called into the DR. We see Willie being called out of DR. Britney is crying because she's a baby. Shane and JoJo are wondering what's happening. Boogie, Janelle, and Frank are talking when Britney joins them. Allison Grodner calls everyone into the living room, and tells them that violence would not be condoned. Willie has been thrown out of the game. Britney is upset because she lost a player. Ian said that Willie got what he deserved. Boogie feels sorry for Willie because he threw everything away with his bad temper. Joe tells Willie in a DR message that he hopes he finds peace. Shane and JoJo feel bad for themselves. We have to wait until Wednesday to find out that Shane and JoJo are nominated.

Saturday, July 21, 2012 -- Evening

BB Fireworks
It seems that Willie Hantz had a major breakdown in the Big Brother house that resulted in him being expelled from the house. The story is that in the coach's competition, Janelle won. She saved Ashley, so there was no switch of players. Then she made Willie, Shane, and JoJo Have Nots for the week. Ian also volunteered for the Have Not position, so he had the fourth spot. Willie was upset that Shane and JoJo had to suffer for Willie's action, so Willie had a breakdown, throwing things (like food at Janelle), swearing, head butting Joe, and peeing on the HOH door. Well, BB turned the feeds to trivia, and when they came back, Willie was gone. In other news, Shane and JoJo are on the block, and Shane won the POV.

Thursday, July 19, 2012 -- Evening

The latest gossip making the rounds is that Big Brother is putting all exiting house guests into sequester. People who usually do exit interviews with the evictee were told that the interviews are cancelled. At least @LanceBass is saying that on Twitter. Interesting development!
Boogie looking like a demented, evil elf It's time for the eviction episode of Big Brother. We had the usual recap of the previous episodes. The funniest sight was Boogie, looking like a deranged elf.

Shane said that he didn't want new blood on his hands or Willie's, and Shane was hoping to show Willie that he can trust Shane. Frank goes up to talk to Willie, and Frank says that he trusts Willie. Willie said that if Frank turns on him, Willie will knock him out of the house. Frank says that Willie getting the votes for Frank will prove that he can trust Willie. Willie thinks that he can convince team Britney and Janelle to keep Frank. Everyone starts talking about how Frank is so powerful. Then Britney says that Kara is playing Dan's game. Willie said that Dan will make Kara put some of them up next week. Willie thinks that he got his way because it sounds like Kara is going home. In the backyard, Janelle and Dan talk. Janelle is trying to keep in good with Dan. Britney is playing pool, and she has her eyes on Janelle and Dan. Britney is starting to think that Janelle thinks the grass is greener with Janelle. Britney noticed a keyhole by the coaches' pictures. Britney thinks the coaches can get into the game. Britney talks to Willie about how there are keyholes by the coaches. Britney thinks there are too many weeks and that the coaches would have to go into the game. Britney thinks that Dan and Janelle will partner up. Britney tells Willie not to tell anyone. Willie thinks that he's nobody's pawn. Willie says that he wants a house meeting without the coaches. Britney starts seeing her game falling apart. Britney does't know what sort of game Willie is playing. Dan tells Britney that if Willie was his player, he would nix that. Willie tells the others that the coaches are making their decisions, and everyone should play their own game. Britney, Janelle, and Dan wonder where Boogie is (sleeping and snoring). Willie tells them all that the coaches could be coming back into the game. Ian tells them that 14 people play the game not 12. Joe tells Willie that he is moving too fast. Wil says that he wants to take a break from the game for 24 hours. Willie still tries to convince them that the coaches will be coming into the game and will take the prize money from the new folks.

Frank goes up to talk to Willie because he wants to know where Willie's head is at. Willie says that they have to stay strong in the game. Britney comes in, and Willie tells Britney that Wil doesn't want to play the game, mocking Wil. It wasn't as bad as Frank made it sound. Frank tells Joe and Jenn that he is worried about Willie. Joe tells Frank that Willie wants it to be a tied vote so Willie could make the decision and no one knows that the house is on the same side. Frank doesn't think that he can trust Willie, and he doesn't want to work with him anymore. Frank tells Joe that Willie was mocking Wil. Joe tells Wil that Willie was making fun of Wil's voice and mocking him. Wil says that he will make damned sure that Willie mocking him will bit Willie in the ass. Britney says that he thinks Willie is a good guy. Britney then goes up to tell Willie that Frank told everyone that Willie was mocking Wil. Willie claims that didn't happen. It did. Willie wants to get to the bottom of it, so Willie goes outside and tells Frank that he was trying to save him all week. Frank says something about talking without yelling. Willie yells at Frank. Frank tells Willie that on day number two, Willie told Frank that he wasn't going on the block. Frank is obviously on the block. Everyone is listening as Willie yells at Frank. Willie tells Kara that he hopes that she stays. Frank tells everyone to vote for Kara or Frank as they please. Boogie asked Willie if Willie thinks he can tell everyone. Boogie asks everyone if they want Willie telling them how to do everything, and if they want Willie bullying them.

Julie asks JoJo the mood in the house. Ian said that bring on the slop and everything, he can do it for the whole 75 days. Wil says that "oh goodness" describes the past 13 days. Ashley says "loosey goosey." Willie is asked for one word to describe his reign, and he started on this long comment, and Julie said, one word. Willie says pressure. Boogie says that coaching is harder than playing because you have to take are of three people, and you can't compete. Time for Frank and Kara plead their cases. Frank says that he enjoyed his time, and he loved the experience. Frank tells them to keep him, and that he will fight against bullies. Frank says not to listen to their coaches if they want him out. But to listen if they said to keep Frank. Kara is boring. She said something lame. Now it's time for the vote:
Danielle evicts Frank
Shane evicts Frank
Joe evicts Kara
Ian evicts Kara
Commercial break
JoJo evicts Frank
Jenn evicts Kara
Wil evicts Kara
Ashley evicts Kara
Kara is out of the house! Everyone hugs Kara and says good-bye. Dan hugs Danielle as they stand to watch her picture go to black and white. Julie says that Kara avoided all the drama. Kara thinks that people were scared and threatened by Dan. Kara thought Dan was a great coach, and a great player. I think Kara just sucked and didn't show any personality. Kara admitted that laying low and keeping quite was bad for her. Dan, the great coach, obviously gave her really bad advice when he told her to do that. Joe told Kara that she had to get in the mud and campaign, and go back to modeling. Shane says he's going to miss those legs. Dan says that he let her down. Yep, he did. Not so good at the game after all, is he?

We find out about the house guests being woken by alarms. They showed a burglar who has been seen in the house. Throughout the night, they saw the burglar doing a varity of things, like eating food, shaving his legs, playing chess, drinking milk, etc. Time for the HOH competition, "Big Brother Break-In." They are asked questions and have to say if the burglar is guilty or not guilty. First: the burglar stole the carpet tile. Guilty. Everyone got it right. Burglar took two bites of food in the storage room. Not guilty. Shane is out. Burglar shaved his right leg. Guilty. Wil and Frank got it right! Burglar was not wearing a hat when stealing a sneaker. Guilty, both got it wrong. After drinking the milk, burglar did not put the cap back. Not guilty. While doing the robot dance, the burglar did not have gloves. Guilty. Frank is the new HOH.

Up next a wrinkle in the coaches' game. Frank says that at least he knows he will be safe next week. Boogie is super-elated that Frank is HOH. Boogie says that Frank will pay back the support. Janelle said that it feels like three weeks of BB in one week. Janelle said everything was up in the air. In the coaches competition this week, coaches can either keep one of their players safe or trade one of their players for another coach's player. The only one who can't be traded is the HOH. That made Boogie happy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 -- Evening

Willie, Boogie, Frank fight
Tensions Run Wild in BB House
Tensions have been high in the BB house this first week. That's sort of surprising because usually things are more mellow at the start. It takes a couple of weeks of backstabbing before things go all out. The house guests have been talking endless, repetitive strategy: keep Frank, get rid of Frank, keep Kara, get rid of Kara. It's really boring, but last night, Frank told everyone that Willie made gay slurs against Wil. Turns out Willie didn't, but that's neither here nor there. Willie finally came out of the HOH room, and had a take down scream fest with Frank and Boogie. It will be interesting to see what happens on Thursday and with the coming HOH competition.
BB Show Recap
The show starts with the nomination ceremony. Willie said that he had to put up Frank because he's one of the stronger players. As Boogie says, lying happens in the BB house, but you don't want to lie to Boogie. Dan says that he has to make sure that Kara doesn't break down. Dan tells Kara that he's going to go to work for her. Kara says having Dan as her coach puts a big target on her back. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Janelle's and Britney's teams celebrate. Janelle says that it feels fantastic to get to Boogie's ego. Boogie tells Frank to not panic, and that Kara will have a meltdown that will make her get herself voted out. Boogie tells Frank to make it good with Willie. Boogie says that Willie is at the epicenter of his group. Frank just keeps on saying "yeah, yeah." Jenn says she is grateful to hear this great advice from Boogs. Frank goes to talk to Willie to figure out what was going on in Willie's head. Willie tells Frank that the Boogie thing really bothers Willie. Frank says that he's worried about the coaches influencing other people. As Frank says, he doesn't want to make Boogie money. Frank tells Willie that he hopes they can work together, and he wants Boogie to trust him to go further down the road. Willie doesn't want to get Frank out of the house, but he does want to get rid of Boogie. Later, Janelle and Britney are talking in the HOH bathroom. Janelle is barely clothed in a bikini, and she has huge boobs. Janelle and Britney laugh together about being in an alliance. As Janelle says, she and Britney are leading the witch hunt against Dan and Boogie. Boogie and Dan talk together later. As Boogie says, they are in the same boat. Boogie and Dan talk about going after the two coaches. Boogie says he and Dan won the game, but Janelle and Britney are the also-rans. Boogie says he's fired up.

Out in the backyard, Ian shows his talent, which is to kick himself in his face. He saw it on a show, tried it, and found out he could do it. As Boogie said, he want from a partnership with Dr Will to a partnership with someone who can kick himself in the face. Time to pick players for the veto competition. Frank doesn't want Danielle or Shane to be in the competition. Willie picks Danielle, and Kara picks Shane. Frank picks Wil. Willie picks JoJo as the hostess. Kara asks Shane to talk in the Have Not room. Shane said that you can never tell what would happen. Kara wants Shane to play for her because she needs all the help she can get. Shane said that there's a chance he would take her off the block because he wants to keep her in the house. Shane also said that he doesn't want to step on Willie's toes. Shane admits in DR that he doesn't want to play for KAra, but he realizes that he can make deals with people. Shane and Frank talk about the competition and how it affects Shane's game plan. Frank hopes that Shane will take him off the block, but Shane admits that he doesn't want to tick Willie off. Boogie goes up to talk to Britney, and Britney is sarcastic about Boogie just coming up to talk to her six days into the competition. Boogie asks if Britney would put up Joe. He asks if Janelle's people are off limits. Britney says no, but Boogie says that if Frank comes off and Jenn goes up that he will know what sort of game to play. Britney says that Boogie's tactics don't rattle or phase her. Boogie says that he has to think of alternate strategies. Britney tells Janelle about Boogie threatening her about going after her if Joe doesn't go up. Britney says that's what Boogie does; he threatens and bullies women. Britney admits that she is working on a smear campaign against Boogie. Boogie goes to talk to Janelle. Boogie tells Janelle that they should decimate Dan. Janelle says in DR that she feels bad for Dan because Boogie threw him under the bus. Janelle admits that Boogie made sense, and she will think about it. Janelle says in DR that she hates Boogie so much, and she hates his guts. Janelle runs in to tell Dan what Boogie said. Dan says that Boogie isn't smart because you need to work with someone to get far in the house. Janelle thinks it benefits her game to sell Boogie out to Dan. Janelle, like Boogie, is only thinking of herself.

Back in the kitchen, JoJo is talking with a New York accent. JoJo is talking to Danielle and Shane, and Danielle seems really stupid. Finally, it's time for the veto competition. They go into the back yard which is full of laundry machines and tons of soapy suds. They have to race through the soap suds to find a coin. They have to toss the coin into their vending machine, and they have to get exactly $1.30. Frank knows the only way to be safe is to win. Kara says if Danielle wins, she can take Kara off and they will both be safe. The coins are in the 1 dollar, twenty five cents, and five cent denomination. Danielle seems really ditzy. Kara gets five cents first. Shane gets a quarter. Then Frank gets a quarter. Willie gets five cents. Shane got another quarter for 50 cents. Kara is bad at throwing, but Danielle is even worse. Wil is also pretty lame at hitting the slot. Shane has 75 cents. Frank found a stack of dollar coins. He tried to get it in, but couldn't, so he want back to the hidden stash. As Boogie said, Frank is killing him because he sucks at it. Willie found a dollar, but Shane is finding quarters. Then Frank got his dollar, and he and Shane were neck and neck. Shane just came up first. The girls and Wil were not in the competition. Shane says that it couldn't have gone better. Frank says that his fate rests in Shane's hands. Kara is also going to try to get Shane to use it on her, but Shane is thinking of the end and making money.

America gets to vote for the Have Not food. They are: Liverwurst & licorice, Pork rinds & pudding, Tofu & taffy

Up in the HOH room, Britney's group celebrates. JoJo says they are the strongest team and her boys are winners. Willie tells Shane that they are a power group. Britney says that they can't use the veto, but that Shane shouldn't say that. Shane says it's an individual game, and he has to play for himself. Shane comes in to talk to Dan and Kara in the Have Not room. Shane says that he doesn't know what to do. Shane says that he has to think of what's best for him because it's an individual game. Kara said that she would make a deal. Dan said that Kara and Danielle should not be worrying Shane. Dan pretty much admits that his players are useless as competitors. Frank talks with Shane in the storage room. Frank says that he doesn't want to be with his team, and wants to jump ship. Frank tells Shane that if he takes him off, Shane will have Frank in his back pocket. Shane goes outside because the Have Not room is killing his back. Boogie is outside. It's 8:30 in the morning, and Boogie and Shane talk strategy. Shane says that if he doesn't win HOH, he will go on the block. Boogie thinks his relationshop with Shane is good. Boogie tells Shane that if Frank leaves the game, the target is bigger on Shane. Shane thinks it would be great to be an ally with Boogie and his team.
What is going on in the BB house??
It's time for Shane to make the decision. He says it's his decision, not his alliance. Frank doesn't want to push too hard because that can put people away. Time for the meeting. Kara says she's shy, and it takes her time to warm up. Then Kara turns on the waterworks. Frank tells Shane that if he does pull him off the block "Appreesh." Everyone laughs at the lameness. Shane decides not to use the veto. Shane says that it's the first week, and he doesn't want blood on his hands this first week. Kara says she's going to fight to stay in the house. Frank says that he needs people to realize that Kara is NOT a gamer. Dan says he has to throw Boogie under the bus to keep Kara in the house. Boogie said that he beat All-Stars while Dan beat nobodies.
What the Heck CBS?
The thing I hate about paying for the live feeds is that they keep on blocking the feeds. Now there's a message that the house guests are playing a game that we won't know about until the next episode. So it sounds like the feeds are down until after Thursday's episode?!?!?! That's so not right!.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 -- Early Evening

Cover of Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
I now have two reading piles. One is of physical books; the other is on my Kindle. I just finished reading Deep Storm by Lincoln Child on the Kindle. As I mentioned earlier, I love Michael Crichton thrillers, and Lincoln Child writes his thrillers with a scientific bent, just as Crichton did. Deep Storm is about a US government search for something buried deep within the planet. During an oil drilling test, the workers noticed some unusual signals. Saying that they are looking for the Atlantis. However, there is something else, something buried, perhaps by an alien race. The US government sends down scientists and military to the deep ocean floor in a secured facility that is only accessible by mini sub once a day. Things get tricky when some of the folks in the facility start to show signs of illness. The problem is that the illnesses don't have a common thread. To help them explain the problem, Dr. Peter Crane is called in to investigate. Crane quickly figures out that the Atlantis story isn't right. Can Crane find out what is causing the illness, and can he answer troubling questions over the signals being received from the thing beneath the Earth's crust?

One thing that I noticed right away is that the action in Deep Storm is very similar to The Third Gate. The hero is kept in the dark about what is going on, has to figure out a complex problem, and then finds himself in life-threatening situation. Oh, and not only is he in the life-threatening situation, all the others on the expedition are also in trouble. So many authors who write in a particular genre follow a formula or template. Child obviously does that, unless I just happened to read the two books that were eerily similar. Does that mean that I didn't like Deep Storm? Nope! I loved the book. I found myself unable to put it down. I really didn't figure out who the saboteur was, although in hindsight, I think I should have figured it out. A good thriller, and I recommend Child if you want an action filled page-turner.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 -- Afternoon

Cover of Matilda by Roald Dahl
Matilda by Roald Dahl
There are many childhood classics that I somehow missed reading during my childhood. It's easy to understand because I didn't have anyone to help guide and nurture my reading. Of course, I have no problem with reading children's books as an adult, so I am always quick to remedy the situation. Matilda is one of those books that I haven't read. Yes, I saw and LOVED the movie, but I never thought of the book. Well, I saw the movie again a few weeks ago. I got the book from the library and started to read. Roald Dahl's story is very heartwarming. Matilda is a little girl who really doesn't fit into her family. She is very smart. Matilda loves to read. Her family loves to watch mindless television. Matilda doesn't like it when her father or mother do things to demean her, so Matilda gets back by pulling pranks, like putting hair bleach in her father's hair tonic and hiding a talking parrot in the chimney so her parents think the house is haunted. When Matilda goes to school, she meets a kindred spirit in Miss Honey, but she also meets her arch-enemy, Miss Trunchbull. Miss Honey realizes that Matilda is something special,and she tries to get others to see Matilda's worth. Instead, Miss Honey runs into roadblocks. Matilda's biggest problem is the Trunchbull, who terrorizes all the children. When the Trunchbull starts to terrorize the kids in Matilda's class, Matilda finds out that she has the power to make a glass of water tip over with energy from her eyes. She tells Miss Honey about her powers, and Miss Honey tells Matilda how her mother's sister cheated Miss Honey out of her home and money, and possibly even murdered her father. Well, Matilda practices her powers, and when the Trunchbull shows up to terrorize the class, Matilda is ready for her. The story has a great ending with Matilda and MIss Honey living happily ever after. It is such a heart warming story!

I really loved reading the book, and I could see some of my childhood experiences in the book. My parents and brother did not read. They didn't understand how I loved to read. The difference is that my parents took me to the library, and even though they didn't understand it, they let me read. When I was six, my father gave me a dictionary so I could understand all the words in Tom Sawyer. If you ever feel a bit down in the dumps, or needing some cheering up, I would strong recommend reading Matilda. Timeless, classic stories aren't defined by the age of the reader; they are defined by the experience the reader gets from the story.

Monday, July 16, 2012 -- Afternoon

Cover of The Third Gate by Lincoln Child
The Third Gate by Lincoln Child
Since Michael Crichton died, I've been looking for an author that would give me a thriller with some science thrown in. I tried Lincoln Child, starting with his brand new book, The Third Gate, and I was not disappointed. The Third Gate only has a hint of a science background. The protagonist in this story is Jeremy Logan. Logan investigates the paranormal or unusual claim. Logan has been to Loch Ness, and he's investigated haunted houses. In this case, Porter Stone, a famous explorer and archaeologist, gets Logan to investigate abnormal happenings on one of his digs. Stone has gone to the swamps of the Sudd to search for Narmer's tomb. Narmer is the pharaoh who united North and South Egypt into one. Stone believes that Flinders Petrie had discovered the location of Narmer's tomb and the royal white and red unification crown, but that Petrie wasn't able to get the funds to start the search before Petrie died. Weird sightings have been seen in the state of the art facility, and the people are starting to get jumpy. Logan travels to the area with Ethan Rush, a former ER doctor, who investigates NDE (near death events) since his wife, Jennifer, experienced her own NDE. Well, things get really crazy when Rush starts having Jennifer try to channel Narmer so the team can locate the tomb AND bypass the warnings and threats if someone tries to cross the three gates to Narmer's tomb. They do locate the tomb, and they also locate evil that can sabotage the whole mission.

The Third Gate was a great thriller. I found myself engrossed in the story, and read it quickly over the past weekend. Child gave just the right blend of information with thrills. Of course, you do have to suspend some sense of reality with the possession aspect with NDE, but the story moved quickly. Yes, there was a woman archaeologist who at first was an antagonist, and later an aide in solving the mystery. All around, I was satisfied with the thriller aspect of the book, and I look forward to reading other of Lincoln Child stand-alone books. Child also writes with Douglas Preston, and Preston & Child have a whole slew of books with FBI Special Agent Pendergast. I haven't read any of those books, so I have a lot of books to add to my to-be-read piles.

Sunday, July 15, 2012 -- Evening

Big Brother Nominations
On the live feeds, Frank and Kara are up for nomination. Shane won the POV and did not use it. The talk of the house was originally that Kara should go home, but now the tide is turning against Frank, and because he's Frank's coach, Boogie. Surprisingly Janelle and Britney have teamed up, and surprisingly, their teams are also getting along well. That said, on to tonight's show!

Dan said that the reason he got rid of Jodi was because Kara and Danielle got along so well. Dan thought that would make life easier on him. Boogie thought that it was a shocking twist, but he didn't know Jodi, so he wasn't sad. Wil compared it to the Grim Reaper going through the house. Kara admits that she and Danielle have really hit if off. Danielle feels that she has Kara's back and vice versa. Stupid! Boogie and Dan did some talking. Boogie said that he wanted to use Dan as an ally to get to the end. Boogie asked Dan if Dan was willing to Will it up. Dan said it's like making a deal with the devil, and Dan's not sure about that. Dan is just too damned wishy washy. Meanwhile Janelle takes Britney into the storage room, and comments on how Boogie has played people in the past. Britney agrees that Dan and Boogie are total manipulators. Janelle and Britney agree to team up against the boys. Time for the HOH room. It looks really cool, withe Japanese elements. As Willie said, Russell called himself a king, but he slept in the dirt. A king doesn't sleep in the dirt. Ian was jealous about the goodie bag, and that Willie didn't have to share with someone. It seems the HOH room is now a suite, with the coach also getting to stay in the HOH room. Ian said that he watched the show since he was 10, and that he wants to explore every inch of the BB house and savor every minute. Ian walks around the house making comments about the house. Meanwhile the HOH guys are laughing at Ian doing all these weird things. Ian does some muscle moves and smacks himself on the butt. Britney said, for someone who remembers everything about BB, he is not remembering that there's a camera in the HOH room. Ian was even farting in the kitchen.

Time for scheming with Britney saying that they have to get all six players who are coached by Britney and Janelle to work together. Janelle tells all of Britney's folks not to trust Boogie. Willie said that Dan and Boogie were targeting him for being Russell's brother. Willie admits that he's Russell's brother, but Willie says that he's not like Russell. Everyone buys it. Willie asks Janelle if her people will work with Britney's people. As Willie says, that's six votes working together. Janelle brings up her players to the HOH room, and they talk strategy. Janelle says that Dan and Boogie are recreating Chill Town. Joe says that they have to be unwavering. Willie said that if they stuck together, they could win. Joe creates Janelle and Britney for the master mind move.

Outside in the BB yard, Willie says that he needs someone from the other side to be on his side. Willie is just trying to cover all bases. Frank says that Boogie hasn't talked any strategy. Willie says that Britney has not been talking strategy. Willie thinks that he has a lot in common with Frank. Willie says that he has to know for sure that Frank won't put him on the block. Willie says that Boogie is gunning for him. Willie believes that Frank won't put him up. Britney is talking with her team, when Ian comes into the toom. Janelle said that Ian is a nice young man, but that he's a bit of a creeper. Wil says that Ian has to go. Danielle says that Ian is always in the bathroom trying to get a peek. Willie says that Ian is driving everyone crazy. Even Britney says that Ian is driving her crazy. Then Ian runs through the house naked with Joe's cowboy hat covering his penis. Boogie asks Frank how he feels about going up on the block. Frank says he's not worried about being on the block. As Boogie says, Frank is very popular.

All the house guests gather in the house. There is a coach's competition where the winning coach gives one of his/her players immunity. Janelle says that the competition is huge, and she has reputation to uphold. Britney says that sucks at competition. The competition will also determine who the have nots are.

Time for the coach's competition. All of the house guests get to watch. They are dressed in hats and watch the coaches wearing horse outfits. It's the Big Brother Derby. Two coaches bat it out in heat one. Then two battle in heat two. The two winning coaches battle in the third heat. It was Boogie and Britney up first. They start opposite each other, and have to run and catch up with the other coach and rip off the tail. They have to run on a slippery slip and slide, and go over or under obstacles. Boogie thought he would have a cake walk, but the track was super slippery. Britney wasn't able to get away from Boogie. Then it was down to Janelle and Dan. Dan says he has to throw the match so they don't come after him. Dan blows the turn, and does all that he could to not get up the hill. Dan doesn't know if they will believe he threw it or not; as he said, it depends on how stupid they are. It's now Janelle and Boogie. Willie was hoping Janelle would win and not let Boogie take the power from Willie. Janelle and Boogie seem to have a technique, but Boogie catches up with Janelle. Boogie says "any questions?" which makes Danielle hate him. Boogie has to pick someone, and he picks Ian. As Boogie said, Ian had a good chance to be nominated because Jenn stepped up her social game, and everyone loves Frank. Each of the coaches has to pick someone as a have not for the week. Britney picks Shane. Dan takes Danielle. Janelle picks Ashley. Joe didn't want to look at Janelle. Boogie picked Ian since he was safe for the week. They all walk in to Big Brother Slop on the table. Ian said that he always wanted to try the slop as a fan of the show. Ian says that it's not so bad. Janelle wants to see the have not room, and it's all psycho looking with the black and white hypno looking design. The beds are metal with a tilt and raised rivets. Willie and Janelle talk about whether Dan or Boogie have talked to him. Britney and Janelle talk about putting up Kara and Frank. Janelle says that Frank is a strong player. Willie doesn't know what to do with his alliance with Frank. He tells the two girls that he doesn't know the direction he wants to go in.

Boogie and Dan are talking in the back yard. Boogie thinks that Janelle is better than Britney, but not really that smart. Boogie says that the people are young and naive. Boogie said that he would get rid of Jenn. Boogie says no one would go for Frank. Boogie also thinks that Kara is safe. As Boogie says, he and Dan won Big Brother. Janelle and Britney did not. Joe is a chef, and he talks about his food. Frank says that Joe is always throwing food away. As Boogie says, there is a set amount of food, and Chef Joe is cooking like they are on the Waltons. Boogie says that he thinks Joe is expendable. Boogie goes in to talk to Willie. As Boogie says, it should be Joe who goes because Boogie has hired chefs and that they are hot heated. Boogie thinks that he has planted a seed that will get rid of Joe.

Time for nominations. Kara doesn't think she's a target. Joe loudly says in DR that he thinks he's safe unless everyone is lying. Frank thinks he's safe. Willie says that he's not only playing against the players, but playing the coaches. Britney knows her players are safe, and Janelle's players are safe. Willie says that he thinks everyone will be surprised, especially the coaches. Britney and Janelle won't since they already picked Frank and Kara. At the ceremony, the first person who is safe is JoJo. Then Shane, Wil, Danielle, Ashley, Jenn, and Joe. Boogie looks shocked. Willie says that it was hard because he likes all ya'all. Frank is flabbergasted because Willie wanted to make a deal with Frank. Frank says that he is going to compete. Kara says that is sucks because Dan is a good, smart player. Britney says that she has a successful player. Boogie thinks that Janelle and Britney are working together. Ya think?!?! Boogie says they will have trouble going after him. We'll see!

Thursday, July 12, 2012 -- Evening

Big Brother First Episode!!
I wait for this day every summer: the start of Big Brother. My summer can now begin!

Tonight's show started with the usual recap of the BB rules. One of the twists was that a houseguest would leave before the night was over! The four returning house guests are not going to play the game, but going to coach/mentor the players. Then we had a quick montage of the new house guests. Frank says he wants strategy. The others just flashed by. Danielle is a nurse. Shane flips houses. Jodi is newly married and married someone with five kids, and she runs marathons. Ian is a chemical engineering student. Iam mentioned that he was confused over getting an invitation and not a key. Wil says he knows how to kick bootie. JoJo seems she's from the Jersey Shore, even though she's from New York. Willie looks just like his brother, Russell. Willie said that he will do anything to win the game. Kara claims to have dated rock stars. Joe says he's a chef who can make slop taste like filet mignon. Jenn says she was in a famous rock band, but she can't seem to play a guitar. Ashley is ditzy, but claims to have graduated from a Big 10 school. Then the house guests got to gather in front of the house, getting ready to enter the house. First four: Wil, Ashley, Jodi, and Frank. Frank took the biggest bed so he can share with a cute female. Next: Ian, Shane, Jenn, and Danielle. Ian can't believe he's in the house. Finally, it's Willie, Kara, Joe, and JoJo. JoJo said that she always gets her way. Ashley is a local girl, coming from Pittsburgh! She lives in LA now. Wil says he's in marketing. Joe said that Wil could be a cute chick. Ian looks at Willie, and says that he's a Survivor fan, and that Willie must be related to Russell. Ian is 99.9% sure. Danielle lied about being a nurse, and said that she's a kindergarden teacher. Ian said that if the hot tub breaks, he's the one to fix it. Frank says that he's currently looking for work. Jodi thinks he's lying. JoJo says she's a bartender. Jenn is also from New York.

The first twist is the coach twist. It seems each coach will coach three house guests. We find out that it will be Dan, Janelle, Britney, and Boogie, which we already knew. After we find out that all four got married and will be sad to be in the house for the summer. The house guests are told that four of the best will be coming into the house, not to compete but to coach. Each coach picks three house guests. The coach of the winning player gets $100,000. Dan uses his football coaching techniques to say that he will get one of his people to win the $500,000. Then Britney enters the house. Britney said that she felt like a piece of meat. Boogie came in, looking very nerdy. Ian said it freaked him out to watch Boogie come in. Ian said he was 10 when he first saw Boogie on BB. Janelle comes in, and Britney admits that Janelle is her favorite. Boogie said that he will butt heads with Janelle, and Janelle says that she wants to win. Frank and Dan say that Willie looks like Russell Hantz. Willie tries to lie and say he isn't. Dan doesn't seem to believe him. Boogie and Janelle both agree that Willie is a relative of Russell, and they don't want to pick him. Now Julie says that they must wonder why they got an invitation instead of a key. Julie says there are only 11 keys, so one will leave after the first competition. The coaches have to pick the three they will coach. The house guests will have to compete to get a key. One will be out, and one of the coaches will be down one person.

Britney gets to pick first. She picked Shane. Boogie picked Frank. Boogie thinks Frank can get along with girls and guys. Janelle takes Wil. Dan takes Kara. Then in the second round, Dan goes first and picks Danielle. Janelle picks Ashley. Boogie takes Ian. Ian tells Boogie he's a legend. Britney took Willie. Then took JoJo. Then Boogie took Jenn. Jenelle took Joe. And Dan was left with Jodi. The coach of the winning team picks the HOH. The coach of the losing team has to pick the person who gets sent home. The house guests have to cross a series of mattresses, collect bears at the other end, without falling off the mattresses. The first team to get all three bears and turn off the night light wins. The mattresses shimmy, turn, and buck. Danielle couldn't make it across. Shane got the first bear for Team Britney. Janelle's team is second. Then Boogie's team gets a bear. Dan's teams sucks. Jodi tries, but trying means nothing when you lose. Ashley says it's like frogger before she falls over. Willie gets the second bear for team Britney. Finally, Kara got a bear for team Dann. Ian got the second bear for Boogie. Joe got the second bear. It was down to Ashley, JoJO, and Jenn. Jenn looks cross-eyed, and that always freaks me out.

It's a close race. JoJo gets a bear, and Shane turns off the night light. Britney's team wins. Now we have to see loses. After 20 mins, substitutions are allowed. Boogie subs Frank for Jenn. Jenelle comes in second will Will. Boogie comes in third. Team Dan loses. Britney chooses Willie as HOH because she thinks that Willie needs HOH to make deals and solidify his place in the house. Dan now has to pick someone to leave the house. And we have a commercial break!

Dan said that Kara competed well. Dan says it's down to Jodi and Danielle. Dan said that he has to keep someone who can compete. Jodi said that she tried. Danielle says that Jodi might cause drama. In the living room, Dan said that they all busted their butts, but Dan says he has to evict Jodi. Ian says the game is really harsh. There will be a new competition and power in the house on Sunday's show.

Thursday, July 12, 2012 -- Early Evening

Mentors Leaked
The Big Brother gossip sites have been on fire with the news that Britney, Dan, Mike "Boogie", and Janelle are the mentors who are returning to the house. As happens every year, the live feeds trickled out a bit early, and some folks captured screenshots of the foursome. Now we just have to wait a few more hours to find out how CBS will handle the mentors.

Monday, July 9, 2012 -- Evening

BB14 cast with 4 mystery mentors
Big Brother Countdown!
The excitement is building over the start of the new Big Brother season. At least, it's building for me. The house guests are in the BB house, and CBS has released a photo of the house guests AND the four mystery mentors. We can only see the legs of the mentors as they hide behind a beach blanket. Rumors are rampant on numerous BB websites over who the mentors are. Most think that it's Janelle, Boogie, Brittany (from season 12) and Dan (winner of season 10). CBS put up a website for people to vote on who will be a mentor. As each day passes, they take off two people from the list. So far, Evel Dick, Howie, Dr. Will, and Natalie (from season 11) have been removed as possibilities.

If you are a Big Brother fan, these are the web sites to check out throughout the season. There are tons of others, but these have been consistent winners over several years.

Joker's Updates -- for live feed updates
Dingo's Hamster Watch -- I love the analysis and commentary on the feeds, the house guests, and the TV show
Big Brother Gossip -- this site has plenty of gossip. The guys also do a podcast that I subscribe to
Morty's Big Brother -- Morty's was the first site that I used to go to. He gives minute by minute recaps of the live feeds and TV shows in a narrative style. Still a great site!
Big Brother Leak -- I love that they post links to live streams of the show. This really helps when football games block out BB. Also has spoilers based on the live feeds.

Sunday, July 8, 2012 -- Evening

Witch by Barbara Michaels
Cover of Witch by Barbara Michaels I'm slowly making my way through Barbara Michaels' books, and I just finished Witch. This is another of the earlier books that I think are far superior to the books from the 1990s and later. Witch has another one of those atypical Michaels heroines. Ellen March is divorced and in her later thirties. She has been taking care of her sister's kids, three boys, after the sister's death. Ellen and her daughter, Penny moved in with Jack and his sons, and although Ellen felt love for Jack, she kept the feelings to herself. As the boy all go over to college, and Penny, at the age of 16, is headed to a trip to Europe for the summer before heading to boarding prep school, Ellen decides to look for a house of her own. Jack, a career diplomat with foreign services, is headed to Europe, so it's the best time for Ellen to look for her own house. After looking around, Ellen found the perfect house, off in the woods. Ed Salling, sales the house to Ellen, but warns her to keep away from the folks in the village. As Ellen learns more about the house, which used to belong to the local witch in the 1700s. The witch was the wife of a wealthy landowner, probably Spanish, who was also probably Roman Catholic. Ellen doesn't learn much about the witch, other her love of animals and her death by hanging. Was is suicide or murder? Is the white cat that Ellen sees around her house, a ghost of the witch's cat. What's the shadow that haunts Ellen at night in her bedroom? Ellen becomes involved with her neighbor Norman and his nephew, Tim. Tim seems to be a troubled boy, and Ellen tries to get his uncle to help him. It also doesn't help when the narrow-minded, extreme religious sect in the town starts to think Ellen is a witch.

The story really kept me on the edge of my seat. I found that I couldn't put the book down, and I was eager to see what would happen with Ellen and Tim, and if Jack would ever realize that he and Ellen were the perfect couple. Everything works out in the end, but the book is one heck of a thrill ride. I would definitely recommend the book. There's not that much woo-woo, but there is the haunted overtone. I wish Michaels would have written more books, or could still churn them out as she did in the 1960s through 1980s.

Thursday, July 5, 2012 -- Afternoon

BB14 House Guests and Twist Announced
CBS released the names and photos of the twelve house guests who will be in the Big Brother house this summer. They also announced one of the twists. Four house guests will return to the house. It's not clear how it's going to work: will they be mentors? will they compete in the game? Rumors have been flying for days about the identify of the foursome. Janelle and Rachel are huge possibilities. There is also a rumor that Russell Hantz, from Survivor, will be a mentor. Considering that Willie is Russell's son, and really looks like him, I'm not sure. It does sound likely though. If you were doing the math, that's only three names. Who's number four? As usual, I'm looking forward to Big Brother. Let's hope that I'm not in for a huge letdown!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 -- Evening

One of the BB14 bedrooms
Big Brother Rumors and House
CBS opened the BB!4 house to the media, and there are tons of pictures of the house. The house looks pretty colorful and neat. I love the bright, cheerful colors. It's always amazing to me how crappy the house looks after only a few days of the house guests living in it. There's a room with a stereo theme, another with a tree/forest theme, and another, pictured here, with a shoe store look.

Rumors have been flying about a theme and house guests. The biggest rumor is that there will be mentors for this season. Rumor is that Janelle, Rachel, and Russell Hantz (from Survivor) will be mentors. Janelle has been posting pictures via Twitter, claiming that she is on vacation in Greece. However, people have been outing her pictures as images from old magazines. I'm hoping that the mentor rumor is true because it will be interesting to see how that affects the house guests.
Parise to the Wild
Ray Shero wasn't able to get Zach Parise to sign with the Pens. After four days of everyone wondering where Parise was going, Parise announced that he would be joining Ryan Suter, the other big free agent out there, with the Minnesota Wild. Parise comes from Minnesota, so it was a return home. I think Parise intended this from the beginning, and I think he was just dragging out the drama. The problem is that Shero doesn't seem to be able to get wingers to sign on with the Pens. Last year, Jaromir Jagr went to the Flyers. Jagr signed with the Dallas Stars for the upcoming season. We'll have to see if Shero is able to get anyone else to be Sidney Crosby's winger.

Sunday, July 1, 2012 -- Evening

Cover of Here I Stay by Barbara Michaels
Here I Stay by Barbara Michaels
I just finished reading Barbara Michaels Here I Stay, and I have to admit that I feel emotionally drained. The tracks of the tears that I shed over the last 30 pages are still moist on my cheeks. Here I Stay was about Andrea Torgeson, who inherited a huge house from her cousin Bertha. Andrea's brother, Jim, was in a bad auto accident, that almost killed him and took his leg. Andrea thought that opening the house as a hotel might be just the thing that both she and Jim need to get them both on their feet. Of course, there was a sense of a presence in the house. It was warm and welcoming to some, like Martin Greenspan, who came to hotel for an extended stay while writing his book. Martin fell in love with Andrea, who was too closed off to live and emotion to see how she was short changing both herself and Jim. There was a presence. Andrea felt it as beating wings. Another house guest felt it too, but Reba, the local restaurant owner and friend to both Andrea and Martin, felt it the most. The presence was so strong that Reba became physically ill in the house.

This book was a slow mover at first. Michaels set the scene and got the reader interested in the characters hopes and fears. There wasn't a strong woo-woo effect in this book, but it was slowly and strongly growing. As I said, I became engrossed in the final third of the book, unable to put it down. I could just feel the impending doom, and when it finally came, I admit that it hit me hard, hence the tears. I thought that the book was one of Michaels' best. I don't know if others might give it the time that it deserves since the tension slowly builds. The book meandered just as life does. Not much seems to happen, but when you look back, you realize that so much has passed unnoticed. If you read the book, give it a chance to pull you in. You won't regret it.
Zach Parise to the Pens?
Zach Parise, captain of the New Jersey Devils was unable to come to an agreement with the team before noon today, and he entered the free agent market. Parise is a close friend of Sidney Crosby, and the Pens are one of the teams making offers. We won't know what Parise's decision is before tomorrow, but Pens nation is on the PariseWatch.