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July 2016

Frank consoles Michelle

Thursday, July 28, 2016 -- Evening

The Last of Frank
It's eviction night. I am still watching, even though I dislike most of the house guests. We will find out about the secret room wit envelopes for everyone. Will Frank have the envelope with the return ticket that brings him right back into the house?

Tonight's show started with the twist theme and the secret room. Right after teh POV ceremony, Frank knows that campaigning against Bridgette just isn't right. Michelle talks with Natalie and Da'vonne, and Michelle tells them that she wanted to use the POV on Frank to insure that Bridgette goes home. Frank and Bridgette talk about the next week, and Frank gives her tips on what she needs to do to stay in the game. In the phone booth Bridgette says that people in the house don't seem to like Bridgette for herself, but Frank likes her. Frank tells Michelle that he'll be going home on Thursday. Michelle cries, and Frank comforts her. Then Da'vonne and Zakiyah come in. Frank tells Michelle not to feel bad about it. Da'vonne says that Frank is the devil, and it was okay that Michelle was a super fan of Frank's outside of the house.

James sees the message on the monitor that there are clues to the secret all around the house. Everyone starts tearing the house apart. Frank wants to stay in the house. Da'vonne says that the secret would be bad if Frank won something. Paul thinks he figured it out because of the green highlights on the travel signs. Paul realizes that it's your secret departures are leaving now. Paul sees the small white plane with a message saying call Paris. Paul in the tunnel Paul finds out a trap door will open at his feet. Paul leaves the phone booth by the HOH room, but Frank is already there. Paul wants to get Frank and Bridgette away from the phone booth. Bridgette saw the message on the plane. She tried it downstairs, but Paul wouldn't let Bridgette get into the phone booth. There are 11 envelopes. Each house guest gets a ticket. Once you select your ticket, you can't exchange it for another. Everyone asks Paul what the code is. But Paul doesn't want to give anyone any information. Frank goes up to try it. Victor figures out that it's Paris. Da'vonne doesn't want Frank or Bridgette to get it, but Frank Figures it out. Da'vonne doesn't like the idea that Frank could come back.

Next up is a segment about having someone to hold onto. Da'vonne's was Jason. Jason is still broke and still lives in his mother's basement. Then Meg coes on and talks about how they are just friends. Meg thinks that James should watch out for Da'vonne. They we say Hayden from BB 16. They dated for a year and a half, but they moved on. Frank and his cabbage patch kid Nicole wanted kids. Hayden doesn't think it's a good strategy to win BB. Finally we had Boogie talking about Frank. Next up is the eviction.

Julie talks to the house guests. It looks as if everyone is dressed for an endurance competition. They are all told that the tickets expire on August 18. Frank gives shout outs and calls Bridgette a class act. He wishes her the best. He tells the other the opposite applies to them. Classic! Bridgette is sad that Frank is leaving. Time for the vote:
So Frank is out of the house with a vote of 9-0. Frank gives some of them hugs. Michelle says "see you in five minutes." Julie asks Frank about the comments he made, and Frank says that he was just joking about what he said. I sort of hope Frank has the ticket back into the house because it would add to the drama. We get to find out AFTER the commercial break.

Julie opens the envelope as the house guests watch. Julie opens it, and it's a one way ticket. Frank is out. Frank says that he's not sure what went wrong. He feels bad that Bridgette might just be going up repeatedly. Nicole claims she had his back until Frank threw her under the bus. Da'vonne is bitchy and says that she's okay with never talking to him again.

HOH competition It's time for the HOH competition. Each house guest has a red ball and yellow ball. They have to get the red ball down this wavy path to a box. The person who does that wins HOH. They can practice as many times as they like with the yellow ball. There are numbered boxes along the side. If the ball falls in there, they get that number. If no one gets it into the end, then the highest score wins. The four lowest scores are have nots. Michelle gets the yellow ball to the end, but she is going to try again before she goes for the red ball.

The viewers get to vote for a care package for the house guests. The first one is a Never Not Have Not pass. Once a house guest wins, they can't win again. I'm not voting. I would put them all on slop. When we come back from the commercial, the house guests are still going at it. I hope it's on the live feeds!

Frank consoles his cabbage patch kid

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 -- Evening

Big Boring, I mean Big Brother
I am definitely having issues finding anything interesting about this bunch of house guests. Da'vonne is an idiot. Nicole is a whiny idiot. Paul acts like he's in charge of everything, and his constant use of the word friendship is really grating on my nerves. Last year I didn't really hate anyone, and I loved Johnny Mac. This year, I don't really like anyone, and I hate a good many of them. But, of course, I will continue to watch. I just might not be as engaged as I would like.

Meanwhile in the house, they found the hidden room, which had one envelope for each house guest. Ugly Nicole I don't believe they were named. One of the envelopes is a ticket back into the house on eviction. They can't open the envelopes until they are evicted. Oh, and Michelle won the POV and did not use it. Now on to the show.

The show started with the post nomination action. Frank had his suspicions that he would go on the block, but Frank thought James had no backbone to put up him and Bridgette. Bridgette whined about being lied to. Frank told Bridgette that everyone lies in the house. Bridgette says that she didn't lie, and Frank agrees that she was honest. Meanwhile, Da'vonne, Paul, Nicole, and Zakiyah dance in the storage room. Michelle hates Bridgette because of stuff that Bridgette supposedly said early on in the house.

Frank goes to talk to James. Frank tells James that even though James gave Frank his word, Frank knew that James would put him. James tells Frank that Da'vonne is the one who creates all the drama. Frank tells James no hard feelings. OTEV Time to pick for veto. James pulls Michelle. She says she is pumped and ready to win. Bridgette picks Da'vonne. I can't stand her. Frank picks Nicole. I can't stand to hear Nicole's voice or look at her face. She reminds me of a Bronte. Paul goes to tell Da'vonne, Michelle, and Nicole that they have to win.

Time for the veto, and it's an OTEV. James threw the comp, and he was out first. Da'vonne was back first, followed by Michelle, Bridgette, Frank, and Nicole. For some reason, everyone calls Michelle Mich. Da'vonne is out because she's an idiot. For the third one, Michell is back first, followed by Bridgette and Frank. Bridgette is first, and Frank is on Michelle's tail, but she manages to beat out Frank. Unfortunately for Bridgette, Michelle finds the last clue. Da'vonne is screaming like a banshee. I hate her. I really dislike these people.

Frank tries to talk Michelle into taking him off the block. Michelle admits that she likes Frank, and she wanted to work with him from the beginning, but Frank was always in with Bridgette. Michelle says that if Frank campaigns against Bridgette, Michelle will use the veto. Corey and Nicole making out James, Da'vonne, and Paul talk in the storage room, so Paul goes into the room to break up the conversation. Zakiyah goes in. Then Paul too. Frank asks them to leave so he could talk to Michelle. Paul goes around saying pissed. I hate Paul. Da'vonne realizes she has to calm down Paul. Paul interrupts Corey and Nicole making out. Then Paulie, Corey, and Nicole try to calm down Paul is carrying on like a big baby. Paul acts like an idiot. Paul claims that Frank was talking to everyone other than him. Frank tries to tell Paul that Frank is on the block. Frank says he can't pull himself off the block. Frank also tries to explain that he can't put up the replacement nomination. I just really want to punch Paul's little pinhead. Paul makes no sense at all in his conversation.

James thinks that Frank is making everyone fell uncomfortable. James calls a house meeting, and everyone in the whole house goes up to the HOH room. Paul wants to talk about the POV ceremony. Frank says that he wants the veto to used and he wants Da'vonne to go. Paul being psycho with Frank Frank says that no one is going to say that Da'vonne should go with her in the room. Paulie says that it won't work; it's down to Bridgette and Frank. Frank tells Paulie and Da'vonne for having backbones. Paul just smirks. I hate Paul.

Bridgette calls out Michelle. Bridgette says that she is trying to be nice to MIchelle, but Michelle is never nice around her. Then it comes out: Michelle is jealous that Frank is friends with Bridgette. It's painful to watch Michelle be a bitch to Bridgette.

So time for the veto ceremony. Michelle wants to use the veto on Frank, but she also realizes that nine other people will kill her, so she does not use the veto. Frank feels defeated and hopes for a coup d'etat. Bridgette cries. Da'vonne acts smug.

HOH competition

Monday, July 25, 2016 -- Afternoon

Things We Missed on the Live Feeds
I was busy yesterday evening, and I didn't get a chance to watch Big Brother. Here's the recap for the episode. Victor says in DR that he learned from his experience getting evicted. Paul says that he is doing super well with the house since Vic left. Paulie is upset because Vic went out because of Paulie. Frank wants Victor on his side. Victor tells Frank that Tiffany told Victor to stick with Frank. Victor has learned and told Frank to not trust anyone. James is nervous because James is a little weasel. Da'vonne meanwhile still wants Frank out. Then Nicole tells Frank that Da'vonne wants him out. Meanwhile Paul tells Paulie that they have friendship, so Paul will keep Paulie safe from Vic. These people are so annoying. Paul tells everyone to trust him because he knows how to handle Victor.

James, Bridgette, and Frank compete In the HOH competition, they have a band attached to their wrist. They have to keep their hands above their heads and keep moving as bars move past their legs. Paul is the first out because he's loser. Nicole is out after 1 hour 15 minutes. It was going over 5 hours, and Da'vonne, James, and Bridget are still going. Natalie tells James that if he wins, he gets a smooch on the lips. Frank wants Da'vonne to drop. Frank tells Da'vonne that Bridget won't drop. Frank tells Da'vonne that someone told him that Da'vonne was out for Frank. Frank tells her that it was Nicole. Da'vonne says that it's hurtful. Da'vonne says she doesn't trust Bridgette, and Bridgette says that it's the same for her. Frank keeps on telling her that he has Da'vonne's back. She says that she is screwed either way.

Nicole is called out, and Da'vonne says that she won't drop. Da'vonne says that she won't drop. Bridgette gets an okay from Frank. Bridgette drops, then Da'vonne drops. James gets HOH and a kiss on the lips from Natalie. Now Nicole has to do damage control with Da'vonne. Da'vonne says that she believes Nicole, but she shouldn't because Nicole did out her. Nicole doesn't want to talk to Frank now, and she says that she doesn't trust him. James gets a kiss Meanwhile Paul tells James that Paul can control Victor. Paul tells Victor that Frank has to go because everyone is after Frank. Victor says that he just has to lay low for now. Paul tells Victor to lay low.

James was going to put up Frank and Victor, but Da'vonne tells him that he has to put up Frank and Bridgette so Bridgette can't take Frank off with the veto. Victor says that he just wants a fresh start with James and Natalie. James then tells Natalite that he has to put Bridgette up. Natalie tries to tell him it's his HOH, but it's James. Paulie talks to James and tells James that Mike Boogie said that you can always bounce checks in the BB house.

Frank talks to James, and Frank says that he can trust James and Natalie. Frank said that he trusted Nicole, but he can't anymore. James tells Frank that James won't be putting him up, which is an open lie. James puts up Bridgette and Frank. Bridgette is shocked. James says Bridgette is collateral damage, but that Frank is behind all the trouble. Bridgette says that everyone has been lying to her. James decided to do what the house wanted.

Jozea and Victor's competition

Friday, July 22, 2016 -- Evening

Battle Back
Tonight is the Battle Back. There was a leak on the feeds that showed Glenn and Jozea competing, but there wasn't much information, other than it happened last night. First up was Glenn and Jozea. Glenn said that he was pumped. The competition was the balance beam and ball competition that James threw for the HOH that Paulie first won. They have to retrieve berries one at a time. Once they have 10 berries, it's locked, then they go back for the last ten. The column of berries they are currently working on will be dumped. Jozea wants to take the difficult path because it is quick. They also have a poison berry that will dump an opponent's row. Jozea falls and loses berries. Victor and his Battle Back belt Glenn says he will be slow and steady. Jozea is sure that he is faster than Glenn. Jozea does catch up and passes Glenn. Glenn decides to get the poison berry and wants to use it. However, Jozea locks his row first. Then Jozea uses his, and Glenn uses his berries. Glenn loses. He's upset, but he can't wait to see his daughter.

Now, it's time for Jozea to battle Victor. This competition is different. Victor can't see who it is, but he has to know it will be Jozea. Victor says that it's the worse case. Jozea is not happy either. Jozea does not want to give up his Battle Back belt bling. They have to throw a tennis ball off a big racket, and knock down their opponent's face. Victor beats Bronte The first player to knock down all five wins. However, there are three balls, so they have retrieve balls. Victor has to figure out how to bounce the ball to knock down a face. He's the first to knock down a face. As Jozea says, this competition is ridiculously hard. Finally, Jozea knocks down a face. Victor gets a second fac and wants to stay focused. Jozea is getting tired with the running around. Victor is losing his focus and getting tired. Finally Victor and Jozea are tied. Victor gets target four. The hardest one is left for Victor--the little target hiding right behind the net. Finally Victor gets the last one and goes on to the next round. Victor and Jozea hug.

Next up is Victor versus Bronte. Bronte is an idiot. She should lose. She squeals about girl power. Victor doesn't want to give up the belt to Bronte, but she has to win. Victor beats Tiffany The competition is a mind game. Obviously trying to get Bronte to win. Pictures are being shown, and they have to move through six booths. They have to correctly answer the questions in each booth to go back. Bronte realizes that she has to look at all three monitors. Victor got three answers wrong. Bronte got a bunch wrong. Victor shouts at himself in Spanish. Bronte just guesses and puts the tiles in and pushes the button. Victor won round. Bronte is an idiot, and I'm glad to see her gone. Bronte said that she was honest and genuine, but that doesn't get you far in the BB house. What a dumb girl!!!

Now it's down to Victor and Tiffany. Tiffany hopes it's not Victor because he is a competition beast. Victor says this is his second chance to get Tiffany out. They have to search through their bins to find puzzle pieces. They have to listen for clues. The first to finish it will go back into the house. Tiffany says that she is good at puzzles, so she should win. Tiffany doesn't think Victor is going about the puzzle right, and Victor says he's not a good puzzle person. Victor is back Tiffany notices that Victor has a lot up, but she thinks her slow and steady will win. Tiffany only has one goal and that's to battle her way back into the house. Victor realizes that he has to shift the whole puzzle up. Victor has the puzzle done, but he has to finish the time parts to finish. Victor won, and he goes back into the house. Tiffany goes home. Tiffany tells Victor to trust Frank and not to trust Da'vonne.

Time to let the house guests know someone is coming back into the house. Julie lets them know about the Battle Back competition and how they previous evictees were sequestered. Julie told them that the person will be coming back shortly. The doorbell rings, and they see Victor. They act excited, but who knows. There is another twist they don't know about. Clues are spread around the house about a secret room (the second HOH room from last year). The person who discovers the clues and the room will get a special power. The room and cluse are only in play for four weeks. The HOH competition will be played on Sunday.

James and Natalie cuddle

Thursday, July 21, 2016 -- Evening

Who Leaves?
Tonight's show started after the Road Kill ceremony. Da'vonne laughed shrilly in the DR. Tiffany said that Da'vonne is not going to get under her skin. Frank says that Da'vonne is already cracking. Paulie talks to Da'vonne about how the plan is to keep her over Tiffany. Meanwhile Natalie gets upset because James doesn't want the slop that Natalie made. Natalie tells James that she should not have started to like James. Natalie tells James that America knows who she likes. James apologized, and they snuggled.

Frank tells Corey and Paulie that Da'vonne is going to try to get rid of the boys, while Tiffany won't. Then Tiffany tells Nicole about all the lies that Da'vonne has been telling, and then Tiffany tells Nicole about how Da'vonne outed the couples alliance with her. Da'vonne wants to get rid of the couples Then Tiffany goes to talk to Paulie, trying to influence him. Paulie is surprised that Da'vonne turned her back on her alliance. Paulie thought they had each other's back. Da'vonne goes up to the HOH to complain to Michelle and Zakiyah about how Tiffany is making friends with all the others. As I mentioned, I really don't like Da'vonne.

Da'vonne talks to James and says we have to cut the showmances off. James says that he's in a showmance, and Da'vonne says not you, everyone else. Da'vonne says that he's on the bottom of the list. James went to Corey and tells him that Da'vonne is after Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, and Nicole. Da'vonne has a really awful, stupid game.

Vanessa and Corey talk about their siblings. Paulie's dad said that Paulie should have aligned with James. Vanessa talks about Tiffany. It's amazing how much they sound alike. Vanessa thinks that Tiffany should align with Frank and that Tiffany has a chance to win.
Da'vonne is cocky
Time for the live vote. Da'vonne thanks god several times. Natalie had the best summer of her life. Tiffany says it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. The vote is:
Tiffany is evicted, and she hugs everyone, including Da'vonne at the end. Tiffany said it was a farce that Da'vonne was playing. There was no alliance with her. Tiffany wanted to lay low the first few weeks. Victor cheesecake shot Tiffany thought that everyone had her back, and they did not. Tiffany said that she got a snese of the game eventually. Tiffany said that she would be less emotional if she did it again, but emotion is in her DNA. Da'vonne said they were frenemies, and Da'vonne was cocky and sang that she beat Tiffany. Tiffany was happy to hear that she could battle back.

We also find out that the teams are ending and so is Road Kill. We got a clip with the evicted house guests. Glenn is going to go for the vets. He says he has a lot of game left. Jozea blames Da'vonne and says that she is a snake. Jozea says he won't be cocky the next time he goes in. Victor blames himself for being evicted. He thinks he should have aligned himself differently. His target is Paulie. Bronte wants to get in the house so badly. Bronte is going for someone that she hasn't decided on.

Julie tells them the team twist and Road Kill are officially over. Julie tells them that there are twists and secrets to come. There wasn't an HOH competition, so it seems that the returning house guest might be in the HOH competition. Tomorrow will be the Battle Back. Then we get confirmation that the returning house guest can compete for HOH. Tomorrow should be interesting. It sounds like no live feeds until AFTER the Battle Back show.

Nicole cries

Thursday, July 21, 2016 -- Afternoon

POV Competition
I did manage to squeeze in some time to watch Big Brother this morning. After the Road Kill ceremony, Tiffany said that she needed to break up the other side. Nicole cries in the DR because Corey is her best friend in the house. Corey believes that Frank won Road Kill. Then Natalie cries because she is all alone. Corey insists that Tiffany could not win the Road Kill because she just isn't capable. Nicole thinks that Tiffany is trying to hide something. Da'vonne says that Tiffany is crazy. Paulie says it doesn't matter. He tries to "intimidate" Tiffany by telling her that she was going to go home. Tiffany just laughs at him. Paulie says that he was "bred" for this. Paulie is an idiot and his intimidation was idiotic.

Meanwhile, Frank and Tiffany compare notes with Bridgette and James about they don't trust anyone on the other side. Tiffany asks James if he does not realize that James is low on the totem pole. Tiffany says that Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, and Nicole are the four leaders. James just wants to lay low this week. Corey tells Frank that there is no way that Tiffany won it because she is the worst player. Frank asks Corey who won, and Corey acted like an idiot. Well, Frank knows that means Corey thinks he won Road Kill. Frank says that he trusts Corey. Corey is an idiot though. He knows Frank won Road Kill.
Frank and Da'vonne talk
Frank goes and talks to Da'vonne because he wants to know what happened. Da'vonne won't talk to him. Meanwhile Paul goes walking by pretending to look for glasses, and his comment in DR is that Da'vonne should not be talking with Frank. Paul then runs to Corey and Paulie and tells them that Da'vonne and Frank are together. Well, they all have the same gut feeling. The three guys say that if Tiffany wins POV, Da'vonne will go up in her place.

Then we hae a cooking segment with Paul who says that he has a new passion for baking muffins. Meanwhile on the feed, Bridgette is the baker and cook. It's one of the silly segments that CBS loves.

Time for the POV selection: Paulie picks chips for Da'vonne and Paul. Frank gives Tiffany a positive speech. Da'vonne coms in, and Tiffany is not sure if Da'vonne would use the veto on her. The veto come is a head to head. They are shown a picture with three ice cream scopes. The pair has to match three giant cones with the scopes. They can only move one scope at a time. POV competition Corey is up first, and he picks Tiffany. The others keep on telling Corey to look at the screen. Corey decides that he has to copy Tiffany, but hit the buzzer first. Corey is an idiot, and he just wins because Tiffany is also stupid. Corey is like a big, idiot dog. Paul is next, and he picks Natalie. Natalie is an idiot too. Paul wins. Da'vonne doesn't want to play, and she whines about wanting to play last. Paulie goes after Da'vonne. She is a huge idiot too. Paulie easily beats Paulie. She wanted to win, but she is too stupid to figure anything out. Corey challenges Paul. Paul tells Corey to throw the competition to him so Paul can win the veto and keep himself safe. Paul takes his time, moving slowly and stupidly. It was so bad that Corey wound up winning. Corey and Paulie have to compete. Paulie says that Corey is his boy, and Paulie threw the competition to Corey. Da'vonne realizes that it's obvious Paulie is throwing it. Nicole cries and throws a tantrum because she doesn't want to be on the block. Meanwhile, Da'vonne is also crying because Corey won. Tiffany says that suspicious because Da'vonne knows Tiffany won Road Kill. She thinks this shows that Da'vonne does not trust her.

Da'vonne on the block Tiffany realizes that she needs a bigger target than herself this week. Da'vonne tells Frank that she thinks she is going up. Frank tells Da'vonne that he is sure that Tiffany won, and that Tiffany and Da'vonne are tight. The Paulie group are still thinking that Frank won the Road Kill. These people are idiots. Paulie tries to talk sense to them. Da'vonne goes to Tiffany to ask what the plan is. Tiffany says she has no idea. Da'vonne goes to leave, and Tiffany says that is shady. Tiffany tells James that Da'vonne knows that Tiffany won the Road Kill so why was Da'vonne acting this way. Tiffany says that she might have to put Da'vonne up. Da'vonne goes to Paulie and freaks out because she is going up. Da'vonne is sure that she is going up. Da'vonne plays a really crappy game. Tiffany outs all of Da'vonne's tricks. Tiffany tells Paul that she won when Paul goes to ask if he is going up. Tiffany's hope is that Paul and Frank can help Tiffany campaign against Da'vonne.

Corey decides to use the POV on himself. Da'vonne goes up in his place. Da'vonne hugs Natalie, flips her hair at Tiffany, and says pissed. Tiffany realizes that the bigger threat is on the block, and that Da'vonne's game is blowing up in her face. I hope that Da'vonne goes just because she annoys me. Da'vonne claims that Tiffany will go home and cry and cry and cry because Tiffany is a cheap knock-off of her sister.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 -- Afternoon

Da'vonne on the Block
I don't think I will get a chance to watch Big Brother tonight, and I probably won't get a chance to watch it tomorrow before the eviction. I don't think there will be much that I don't know about. Corey takes himself off the block. Tiffany nominates Da'vonne as the Road kill. When Da'vonne got on the block, she flipped her hair on purpose to hit Tiffany in the face. Now THAT would be fun to see. There is some talk about getting rid of Da'vonne, just because she was talking with James about targetting the showmances, which James sort of has with Natalie. That was a really stupid thing to do. I'm not sure if CBS will show the hair flip, but Tiffany wasn't happy with it.

Frank confronts Tiffany

Monday, July 18, 2016 -- Morning

Tiffany is the Star
I finally had a chance to watch the BB show from last night. Frank called out Nicole because he knew that Nicole flipped on him. Frank, however, was safe for the week, and he's trying to figure out who is on his side. Nicole makes Frank apologize to her about it being her that voted against Frank. Corey is "playing" dumb. I thnk he is dumb. Paulie, meanwhile, says that he didn't want to win HOH. Natalie cries about losing her best friend in the house. Bridget is completely shocked, and she feels that her HOH was worthless.

Tiffany goes up to Frank to say that she was after Frank because he was after her. Frank says that Da'vonne told him that Tiffany had an all-girl alliance that was after him. Tiffany knew that she had told Da'vonne so she knew it. Da'vonne starts arguing with Frank about how Frank is going home. However, Frank is safe this week. Frank says Da'vonne created drama last time, and she's doing that this time. This gets Da'vonne to shut up. I really don't like Da'vonne. I think CBS is promoting her as the star of the year, but I can't stand her. Then Da'vonne talks to Frank to try to fix things. Da'vonne says that she is over Frank slapping her on the butt. Frank says that he felt really sorry about that, and Da'vonne says that is so over, and she giggles with Frank. Da'vonne claims that someone came to her and said that Frank was after her. Da'vonne won't say who it was because it was no one. Tiffany in disguise Frank doesn't trust Da'vonne now, and he doesn't buy anything she is saying. As soon as Da'vonne gets HOH (in her dreams), Frank is going out to meet Julie.

Paulie says that Tiffany is his target this week. Paulie tells James, Da'vonne, and Paul that Natalie is going to be a pawn. Paulie just keeps on saying how much he does not trust Tiffany. Later with the others, Da'vonne says that they should have sent Tiffany home. James says that they should not have rocked the boat. When Tiffany joins them, they all go quiet, and then they all leave one by one. Tiffany asks Nicole why everyone leaves as soon as Tiffany enters a room. Natalie goes to check on Tiffany. Tiffany spills her guts to Natalie in the Have Not room, and Natalie tries to comfort her. Natalie did a great job of being a good listener, and trying to soothe Tiffany's anxieties.

Tiffany then asks Frank to talk to her. Frank tells Tiffany that he wanted to work with Tiffany, but Da'vonne told Frank that Tiffany was after him. Tiffany says that she is making a deal with the devil. Frank says he's not the devil. Tiffany tells Frank that everyone wanted Frank out. Frank says that they have to get Day out. Meanwhile Day walks in just then, and then back out. Da'vonne runs to the HOH room and tells them all that Tiffany and Frank had an intense conversation. Nicole came running down to the HOH room trying to act innocent. Nicole in the Road Kill competition Nicole ask Tiffany if she wants to talk about anything. Nicole says that she is just checking to make sure everything is okay because Tiffany was talking with Frank. Da'vonne asks Tiffany to talk to her. Da'vonne and Tiffany had a circular conversation. Da'vonne tries to act like she is on Tiffany's side. Then Zakiyah comes in asking what's up. Tiffany says that all the time Tiffany tries to get any information, they don't want to talk to her. Tiffany says when they think they can get information from her, then they come around wanting to talk. Da'vonne tries to tell Tiffany that it's a game. Tiffany said that she has been playing this game completely wrong--passively. Tiffany says game on in DR.

Paulie gives his nominations: Tiffany and Natalie. Da'vonne smiles. Paulie says that the same votes that saved Tiffany last week won't be there this week. Paulie says that there are lots of similarities between Tiffany's game and Vanessa's. Tiffany is now gunning after Paulie and his minions. Natalie says she needs to stay on everyone's good graces. Tiffany talks to Frank, and says that the nomination speech was all an act. She tells him that last week they were all after Frank. Tiffany tells Frank that he should not trust Paulie. So Frank wants to win a Road Kill to get things going.

Natalie, Tiffany, and Corey on the block Time for the Road Kill competition. So it seems the RV smells really bad. The goal is to hang as many air fresheners within the time limit as possible. The air fresheners have to be hung in order by color.First is red, then blue, then yellow, then green. If at any time an air freshener hits the ground it is out of the game. Michelle really sucks at the game, and she says that the rope is as sensitive as Tiffany is. It looked like Natalie had most of her air fresheners on the ground. Road Kill reveal: Tiffany won with 31 air fresheners.

Tiffany is going to use the win to shake things up. Da'vonne, obviously, didn't win. That girl is an idiot. Tiffany tells Da'vonne that Tiffany won Road Kill. Then she winks at Da'vonne. Tiffany then tells Frank and Bridgette. Tiffany says that she is going for Corey. They think Corey sucks at competitions. If he wins POV, they talk about putting up Nicole. Time for the reveal of the nomination. Corey is nominated. He smiles like an idiot. Corey is hoping to keep the attention on Tiffany. Nicole is concerned about her own safety. Tiffany says that the beast is unleashed.

Sunday, July 17, 2016 -- Evening

Update on the BB House
I won't be able to watch the show this evening, but here's the round-up of the BB house action. Paulie put up Tiffany and Natalie. Although Tiffany managed to get out of eviction this past week, she'e the target again this week. It seems after the flip on Thursday, and Tiffany NOT winning HOH, AND Frank gaining safety, Tiffany realized that she was on the outs. Tiffany and Frank joined forces, although Tiffany appeared to still favor Da'vonne. Well, Tiffany won the Road Kill competition, and she nominated Corey. Corey wound up winning the POV. Now who goes up in this place? It might be Da'vonne because Frank has been telling Tiffany how Da'vonne caused all the trouble. We won't know about that until Monday.

Also, on the feeds, it appears that some of house guests are wondering about someone coming back. I'll bet that the DR has been peppering them with ideas. We won't find out who is coming back from that until this coming Friday. I hope to watch tonight's show tomorrow, so we'll see what they show of the house's action.

Zakiyah and Paulie in the hammock

Thursday, July 14, 2016 -- Evening

Frank Surprised?
It seems on the feeds today that the votes turned against Bronte. That means that Tiffany will probably stay. Da'vonne is crazy. That said, I can't say that I'm a fan of Frank. I'm just not a fan of Da'vonne either.

Tonight's show started with post POV action. Frank think it is another successful week. Paul is okay with Bridgette not using the veto because he is the smallest target. Paul just wants a girl gone. Bronte will be shocked to be evicted. Da'vonne dislikes Tiffany, but thinks that Tiffany, who hasn't won comps, will get rid of Frank. James is dumb, and thinks that he should get rid of one of his team members. Da'vonne, James, and Michelle are pro-keeping Tiffany. Da'vonne tries to convince Nicole that Bronte would be more likely to get rid of them than Tiffany. Da'vonne is all excited because obviously, if Tiffany stays, Tiffany will win HOH, and Frank will be voted out. That's pretty illogical of them. I think that Frank might try to win HOH if Tiffany stays. Paulie wants to get rid of Tiffany because she is too emotion. Paulie convinces Zakiyah that Tiffany is a strategist.
Paul, Tiffany, and Bronte on the block
James and Nicole don't think that Tiffany will go after them. Paulie is the only one who speaks sense. Paulie tries to tell them all that Tiffany has no loyalty to anyone. So if Frank goes out next week, who is next? Nicole seems to forget that they are in an alliance with Frank, and says that Frank will be targeting them next week. Uh, no! He thinks they are on the same side. Idiots!

Frank is noticing that people are walking out every time he comes in. Nicole and Frank talk, and Nicole says that it's very clear that Frank is after Da'vonne and Da'vonne is against Frank. Nicole has to figure out who to trust. Frank talks to Bridgette about getting together with Nicole and Corey for an alliance foursome. Nicole tells Frank to be careful around Michelle because she won't be good with Da'vonne. Frank doesn't realize that Michelle is close with Da'vonne. Frank says that NIcole wasn't sure about talking with Michelle about it. In front of Da'vonne, Michelle says that Frank said Nicole knew about getting rid of Da'vonne. Da'vonne thinks that Nicole knew about it. Meanwhile Tiffany just sits around doing nothing.
Bronte's reaction to Tiffany's spiel
Then Michelle and Nicole talk to Paulie about getting Bronte out. Paulie now thinks that Frank will be thrown with Tiffany stays. The others try to convince Paulie that Tiffany will not be coming after any of them. I always think that sort of thinking is stupid.

It's time to talk to the nominees. Paul goes first. He talks about being on the block so much. Tiffany calls out Frank as a dictator, and that he was going to get his. Bronte is shocked and says she's not in the business of being mean. Time for the vote:
Paulie wins HOH Bronte is evicted with a vote of 5-4. So now I hope Frank wins HOH and puts Da'vonne up--because Da'vonne can't win a comp to save her life. Frank knows now, but no one seems to want to say anything to him. Bronte says that the target for next week changed, and Bronte says that she found out 20 minuts ago that she would be out. Bronte says that she's fine with leaving because Natalie is in. Bronte says that she will just go home to Denver. When Julie tells Bronte about the Battle Back, Bronte says that she is glad she wasn't snotty on her way out.

Next up is the HOH competition. We found out about the memory wall showing 16 different pictures of the previous three evictees in various locations in Europe. Question 1 got Corey, James, Natalie, and Zakiyah out. Question 2 everyone got right. Question 3 got rid of Da'vonne, Tiffany, and Michelle. Paulie got the last questions right, so everyone on Category 4, such as Frank, are safe. Ha, Da'vonne. Whatcha gonna do now? This will really get things going in the house.

Bridgette's ankle is better, and Paulie says that with power comes great responsiblity. Paul is asked if he would shave the beard to stay in the house. Answer yes. James is missing his little girl and his cat, Gizmo. Next Friday will be the Battle Back, when the Battle Back episode is show at 8 pm. The returning house guest will then shock the houseguest by going into the house. Nicole looks scared as she talks to Frank because Nicole was an idiot to listen to Da'vonne. HA!

Bridgette injured

Thursday, July 14, 2016 -- Morning

Wednesday Night Show
Last night's show started after the Roadkill reveal. Bronte is stupid, and she thinks that the winner was Paulie. Frank says that Tiffany is his target, but Bronte is plan B. Frank is still deluded that people want to get rid of Tiffany. The two silly girls (Bridgette and Bronte) talk about Bronte's nomination. Bridgette is pissed because she thinks someone is trying to sabotage Bridgette's HOH. Ha! She never had any influence. Meanwhile Frank tells Paul he is safe, but Paul doesn't buy it. Bronte cries because no one knows who she is. She's a Super Nerd! Then Bronte cries, and says that she has to talk to Bridgette and Michelle to tell them her big secret. She's a math wiz! HAHAHAHAHAH! Bronte wants to work with the NSA using prime numbers to fight terrorists. Bridgette is awestruck. "Do you know calculua?" What a bunch of idiots!!! Frank talks to them about using him to win the POV to take Bronte off the block.

James and Da'vonne talk about the girls not knowing about Frank. James wants to tell Natalie about Frank winning the Roadkill. Then we have a silly segment with James and Natalie talking on the phone. Natalie says she won't tell Bridgette and Bronte because she does not want to get James in trouble. Natalie is surprised at how stupid Bridgette and Bronte are. Bridgette really trusts Frank. Bridgette tells Natalie that Bridgette is suspicious of James.
Bridgette on crutches
Time to pick for veto: Bridgette pulls Bronte's name, and Bronte chose Natalie. Then Bridgette pulled Paulie. Frank was not happy about Bronte picking Natalie because if Natalie wins and takes Bronte off, Frank has to put an eight pack member up. This is not how Da'vonne envisioned this week. Da'vonne doesn't want to be backdoored, which I guess this would technically be, although not really.

The competition is the recipe comp. The participants will be shown a list of ingredients, and then they will have to put those ingredients in the correct order. Not only does the winner get the veto, but an Outback meal. They are shown a list, and have to pour the middle ingredient in the list. Natalie says she's basically dumb. Paul says he will make a song of the ingredient. Bronte is hoping she can count. However, she can't. Both she and Natalie are out. Paulie is out next. Tiffany is out next. Frank and James celebrate. Bridgette wins POV. Frank and Bridgette tried to do a celebration jump. Unfortunately, Bridgette sprained her ankle.
Outback dinner
Bridgette has crutches from a sprained ankle. Tiffany cries because she is smarter than everyone in the house, and she should have won. Natalie tells Bridgette and Bronte that if Bronte comes down, she knows that she will definitely go up in Bronte's place. Bronte and Bridgette think that Natalie is withholding info. Bronte realizes that Natalie only talks to James, so Bronte goes to James. James realizes that Bronte is trying to get information out of him. James tells Bronte that he doesn't realize know who will go up in Bronte's place.

Category 4 gets the dinner. Bridgette gets to invite another team, and she takes Big Sister because it's Zakiyah's birthday. Also Bridgette wants to patch up things between Frank and Da'vonne. The people in the house complain because they did not get the dinner. Nicole is so jealous. So that was the Outback advertisement.

Bridgette on crutches James tells Natalie about Bronte asking him about who won Roadkill. Natalie says she can smell a jerk from a mile away, which is funny because people complain about Frank's stench. Well, Frank tells Bridgette that he won Roadkill. Bridgette trusts Frank. Frank says that he wants Frank in his pocket. Frank decides to be clean about everything. He tells Bridgette that he put her up in the first week. Bridgette is an idiot. She says Frank knows best.

POV ceremony: Paul says that Bridgette should take him off to show friendship. Tiffany says that she will take any decision. Bronte says the same. Bronte is uncomfortable, and she hopes Tiffany goes out. Paul hopes he is safe. Tiffany doesn't know who to trust. Da'vonne says that she may try to keep Tiffany to help her get Frank out. Not like Da'vonne or Tiffany are good at comps.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 -- Evening

Pokemon Go!
I did not watch Big Brother this evening because I was out and about playing Pokemon Go. I admit that I'm an addict, and I have to admit that I thought of the poor house guests who are not going to get a chance to experience the thrill of the hunt until they leave the house. I'm already at level 11, and I only started late on Sunday.

I'll try to watch Big Brother in the morning, but I already know that Bridgette did not use the POV. Nominations stayed the same. The house is turning against Frank because of Da'vonne. The only thing I have to say about that is that CBS showed Frank more at fault. We didn't see Da'vonne repeated calling Frank a douche, which he told her to stop. Then he called her a slut. And Frank had smacked Da'vonne's ass a few times before the crying incident, and Da'vonne didn't say anything then. Of course, we aren't in the house, so it's hard for us to understand the tension of being with others 24/7. It seems that Da'vonne is trying to convince people to keep Tiffany to get rid of Frank. However, I think that if they keep Tiffany, they will alert Frank that there is discord, and he will probably battle harder for HOH. Plus, he will definitely battle to win the Battle Back if he does get knocked out.

We'll find out tomorrow if it is Tiffany or Brante who goes. It all depends on who gets in the right ear at the right time.

Corey and Nicole hugging

Monday, July 11, 2016 -- Morning

Roadkill and Other Stuff
The show started with Bridgette giggling over winning HOH. Bridgette says that her game play is friendship. Frank says that he is safe, but he wants to steer Bridgette towards Tiffany. Da'vonne realizes that Bridgette as HOH is the same as Frank. Bridgette seems really confused and unsure of what to do, and Frank knows he can take advantage of her. Da'vonne, meanwhile, comforts Zakiyah that it will be okay. Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte all squeal when they talk, and they all say really stupid stuff. All three seem like brainless boobs. Frank assures Da'vonne that she is not on slop, and that he will try to get Tiffany and Paul up.

Tiffany talks to Corey about how she may go up because Frank will have Bridgette put her up. Bridgette meanwhile doesn't know who to put up. Nicole wants to put up Corey or Nicole because she doesn't know them very well. Frank says that she should know that he wants Tiffany to go up. Frank tries to convince her that she should go for Tiffany and Paul.

Corey and Paulie console Da'vonne Nicole and James giggle about Corey being the guy for Nicole. Nicole thinks he is the best looking guy ever. Nicole admits that sometimes she has no clue what Corey is saying because she really isn't listening. Meanwhile Frank says that he thinks he is the cutest thing ever, and BB shows Frank as a prankster. Nicole says that sometimes Frank's jokes go a bit too far. BB then shows Frank comments about the women. Da'vonne says that Frank is pushing her, and she is tired of it.

We get to see Bridgette's HOH room, for the first time this season. Da'vonne cries because Frank tells her "shut your damn mouth, woman." Da'vonne claims that she used to be one of Frank's biggest fans, but she isnt' any more. She goes on about how disrespectful Frank is. Someone should say something to him. We don't see it, but we hear the smack. Then Da'vonne tells Frank to stop hitting her on her ass. Frank goes in as Corey and Paulie are comforting Da'vonne. Frank doesn't realize what he did. Da'vonne goes to the DR to cry and complain. Da'vonne said that she never gave Frank the permission to hit her on the ass. Da'vonne says that Frank is not worth risking her game over. Da'vonne cries that she doesn't want to jeopardize her game. Da'vonne promises to get Frank's ass.
Frank wins Roadkill
The next day, Frank says that he has always pinched his mom's and nana's butt, so he thought it was a sign of affection. Frank goes to apologize to Da'vonne. He says that he didn't mean it in a bad way. Da'vonne says that she realizes that his intentions were okay, and that he didn't mean anything by it. Da'vonne said that she appreciated him coming to her. In DR, she said that she didn't accept it at all.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Bridgette nominates Paul and Tiffany. She has some lame answer, saying, it was a game move, come up and talk about it over hot cheetoes or hot muffins. Gosh, Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte are really lame. Paul thought he was Bridgette's friend. Da'vonne thought that Frank not putting her up was a good sign. Bronte tells Bridgette about the interaction between Frank and Da'vonne. Bronte says that everyone blames Frank, which makes Bridgette say that she doesn't want people to think she does not have a backbone. Tiffany says that if she survives the week, she will be after Frank.

Tiffany, Bronte, and Paul on the block The phone rings in the phone booth. It's a James and Natalie flirt segment. Lame! Finally, it's time for the BB Roadkill competition. The competition is to honk horns. The participant has to press the correct sequence of horns in the shortest time. They have to get eight horns accurate. James says he has the memory of a fish, and that makes him as good as the girls who also seem like idiots. Evetually, everyone gets it. It's time to reveal the winner, who is Frank. It seems he did it in 56 seconds. I would love to know the others' times. I get the feeling that most of the girls are really losers. What sucks is that they can't win competitions, but they aren't getting voted out.

Paul doesn't care who won, he just hopes that a bigger target goes up. Zakiyah doesn't understand Frank, but Tiffany explains that Frank is just saying the same thing he did last time. Frank tells Nicole and Corey that he won. Nicole feels great because then she knows she won't be the third nominee. Frank tells James, Zakiyah, and Michelle that he is going to put up Bronte and then Natalie if she comes down. The Roadkill reveal shows us Bronte as we already know. Bronte knows that she is outnumbered. She feels defeated. I don't like Bronte, and she, Bridgette, and Natalie are such silly, stupid girls.

Three nominees and Julie Chen

Thursday, July 7, 2016 -- Evening

Adios, Victor
It's eviction night in the BB house, and unfortunately for drama, it looks like Victor will be going home. I would have loved to see Tiffany go, but we know that won't happen. Victor is just too disliked, and he was too much of an idiot. One thing I can admit is that I like Paulie much more than Cody.

The show started with Tiffany's paranoia. Victor thinks he has a chance against Tiffany. Paul feels super bad about Victor, but Paul has to take care of himself. Victor doesn't want to go home, but he needs to get Team Unicorn on his side. Victor asks Natalie and James to vote Tiffany out so they don't hurt Team Unicorn. Meanwhile, Tiffany wonders if the guys have noticed that three men will be gone after tonight. Tiffany admits that she doesn't trust frank

James and Da'vonne worry Frank and Bridgette talk strategy. Bridgette tells Frank that she is at the bottom of Frank's totem pole. Bridgette mentioned that Tiffany wanted Frank out and that Tiffany didn't like Frank. Frank says that if it were his decision, he would send Tiffany home. Frank tells Bridgette that he trusts her and looks at her like his little sister. James busts in on girl talk. James says that Tiffany, Bronte, and Natalie are always talking. James goes to HOH and tells Frank, Paulie, and Corey that Tiffany is like Vanessa. James says that Tiffany is a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, they won't do anything about it.

Frank talks to NIcole and Corey about telling Paulie about the Eight Pack alliance. Paulie isn't to hurt about it, but he's going to keep it in mind. Frank then goes and tells Da'vonne about telling Paulie about the Eight Pack. Da'vonne was obviously not happy with that. Well, you shouldn't go around telling people about your alliance. Da'vonne thinks she needs to keep the cat (Tiffany) in the house to get rid of the rat (Frank). Frank also tells Zakiyah to laugh it off. Paulie feels that he now has to make a move. Paulie and Zakiyah talk about how they trust Nicole, Corey, and Da'vonne. Da'vonne realizes that she's a fifth wheel in that alliance, and she tells James. James says it's everyone for themselves, and Da'vonne cries.

Victor laughs at Paul's reprimand Time for the live vote. Bronte talks first, and I just dislike her. Victor does some sort of Indian voice. The house guests laugh, but it was dumb. Tiffany sounds like Vanessa.
Victor is out with a vote of 9-1. Victor does a group hug and then leaves. Victor talks to Julie Chen, but he admits that he felt like a sitting duck in the house. He kinda felt it he said. Victor said that he knew Paul was his boy, and that Paul voted for him. Julie chastises Victor on talking to much, and letting everyone know what was going on. Victor doesn't realize that if he kept the Road Kill secret, it would have affected the nominations for a back door. HOH competition Paul says that Victor blew it, and that Victor didn't pick up any of the hints. Victor said it was a major experience. Then Julie tells Victor about the Battle Back.

Now it's time for the HOH competition. The backyard is setup as a tennis court. It's called Kiss My Ace. The competition is has each team one by one throwing a ball into a grid. The lowest score in a round eliminates that player. If there is a tie, they are both eliminated. Those who aren't eliminated go to the back of the line for their team. First round, and Bronte is eliminated. Second round, and Michelle is eliminated. Third round, and Nicole and Da'vonne are eliminated. Fourth round: James is eliminated. Fifth round: Frank is eliminated. Sixth round: Corey is eliminated. Zakiyah is out of the game. One player on each team is left. Seventh round: Tiffany is out. Eighth round: Natalie is out. It's down to Bridgette and Paul. Bridgette gets the high score, and Category 4 is safe for the entire week.

Tiffany freaking out

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 -- Evening

Victor's Goose is Cooked
Tonight we get to see the veto competition, which will result in Victor being backdoored. Paulie says that everyone knows that Victor is the Roadkill winner. Tiffany is super confused, and she doesn't know who to trust. Tiffany not only looks like her sister, Vanessa, but she also sounds like her. Victor tells Natalie that he won the Roadkill, and that his goal is to get the votes to evict Tiffany. Victor is delusional. We then see Michelle comfort Tiffany, and it is shocking how she sounds like Vanesa. This is why there is a conspiracy theory that Tiffany is Vanessa. Da'vonne tells Tiffany not to worry because Tiffany has numbers.

Tiffany then goes to Paulie to cry about how she is now on the block. Tiffany goes on about how she can't trust any body. Tiffany does her best Vanessa impression. Da'vonne says that she says Vanessa in Tiffany: the emotional rollercoaster and the paranoia. Victor worries Meanwhile Bronte tells Natalie that she hopes everyone votes out Tiffany. Then Frank is talking with Pauli in the HOH room, and Frank sees Tiffany as the weak link. Frank tries to explain to Tiffany that she can't win the POV because if she does, Victor gets to nominate the next person. Da'vonne says that if Victor doesn't got up, they should consider getting rid of Tiffany and make Paulie the number 8. We then see Tiffany arguing with Frank about his tone towards her. Later on the feeds, Da'vonne will blame the talk about getting rid of Tiffany as a Frank idea, when it is obvious it is Da'vonne's idea.

Paulie talks with Paul. Victor tells Paulie that Paul is not sure about Frank or Paulie. Paul then has to dig his way out. Paul can't believe that Victor was such an idiot to tell the others what Paul said. Paulie believes Paul. Time to pick players for veto. The hope is that Victor is not selected. Paulie pulls the two chips. First, he picks Da'vonne. Then, Paulie picks Paul. Victor says that if he is picked, he can win the competition and take Paul off the block. Paul is really between a rock and a hard place. Paul tries to act really dumb and not understand. Frank pats Paul's back over doing what Frank wanted. Frank says he doesn't feel bad because Jozea and Victor tried to play the vets. Frank says that the only problem is if Tiffany wins the veto.

Sustainability Time for the veto competition. It's a technotronic competition. They have to look for letters, which have a point value. Then they have to spell a word, and the person with the highest point value wins. They have 12 minutes, but if ther is a tie, it will go to the person with the quickest time. Tiffany wonders if she should try to win the veto. Da'vonne comments on how she does not like feet. Bronte is really confused about being a target. Paulie is a fan of spelling. They get sprayed with something. Tiffany tries to win. Da'vonne realizes that Tiffany is trying to count her letters. They start with Paul. He spelled Slouched for 9 points. Tiffany spelled twinkling for 10 points. Frank is pissed at Tiffany. Da'vonne spelled redemption for 9 points. Zakiyah spelled duration for 6 points. Bronte spelled powerful for 10 points. Bronte ran in before Tiffany, so she is now in the lead. Paulie spelled sustainability for 10 points and he was first to buzz in. So he wins the POV. Da'vonne knows that Tiffany was trying to win instead of throwing the competition.

Paulie says you have to double check your spelling to Nicole. Da'vonne talks to Frank, and Da'vonne says that Tiffany was looking at Da'vonne's words to bet her by one point. Frank say Tiffany is shady. Natalie tries to tell stupid Bronte that Bronte isn't the number one target. Victor screwed Natalie and Bronte only trust each other. Paulie plans on pulling down Paul because Paul has been true to his word. I'm sort of liking Paulie. Paulie says that he is going to take Paul down because Paul did what he said he would. Victor shows up then, and it is obvious that the tense grows in the room, but Victor is oblivious. Then we get a stupid James prank. I hate James. Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Da'vonne talk about Tiffany, and how she is like her sister with the paranoia. Da'vonne thinks they have been given a gift, and that they should do a sneak attack and get rid of Tiffany. Victor and Paul play pool and talk about how everyone is super sketchy. Victor says that he thinks Bronte is the target. Paul asks Victor how sure he is, and Victor is pretty sure that Natalie will go up if someone comes down. Paul is really frustrated because Victor is being so blind and stupid.

Time for the veto meeting. Tiffany gives her spiel. Then Bronte squeals. Paul says that he hopes to continue to create friendship with Paulie. Paulie vetos Paulie. Then Paulie puts up Victor.

Paulie wins HOH

Sunday, July 3, 2016 -- Evening

Paulie is HOH
It's time for the Big Brother show. On the feeds, we know that Paulie won HOH, but we finally get to see the competition now. Natalie admits that it is important that they win, but she's the first out. Paul is pissed, and he realizes that he has to win HOH. They have to lock in the berries in 10 row columns. If they fall off before the row is locked, the team loses that row. Frank tells Victor that he had to vote out Jozea to win win the competition. Victor doesn't know if he should believe that Paulie is okay with Victor.

Paul is upset because Da'vonne and Zakiyah are moving so slowly. Natalie is cheering on her team. Tiffany jumps off because she is going so slow, and Corey is so fast. Corey fall, and the Freakazoids are out of the same. As it is getting close between Category 4 and Team Unicorn, James falls, making his team use a slew of berries in the final row. Paulie won HOH because he got the big blue berry. Frank thinks it's perfect because Paulie can take out Victor. Paul thinks the BB universe hates him. Victor cries in DR about Jozea going home.
Paul and Bronte are in trouble
Paul realizes that he and Jozea did not have the numbers that they thought. James goal is to lay low, and hope that Victor and Bronte get on the block. Natalie is crying, and James tells her to keep her cool because she should not worry about going up. James tells her that he has her. Bronte begs Paul to believe her that Natalie did not vote Jozea out. Paul tells Bronte that it is okay that Da'vonne and Zakiyah voted against Jozea. Paul tells Bronte that he will take care of things. Paul and Victor talk about winning Road Kill and POV. Victor tries to tell Paulie that he should be believe in Paul and Victor's loyalty. Victor tries to get Paulie to see that there are more females left in the game. Victor says that he and Paulie are the strongest competitor, and Bronte is a strong female competitor. Paulie wants to make some deals with Paul. Paul doesn't like the deal that Paulie makes him of going on the block with Victor. Paul tells Paulie that it's Paulie's HOH and decision.

James is flirting with all the girls in the house. We find out that he had a huge crush on Nicole. Then he has a thing with Natalie, then Bridgette, and Michelle. The guy is something else, and not in a good sense. Time for nominations. We don't get to hear a lot about the strategy Paulie had in picking them. The first nomination is Paul. The second is Bronte. Paulie says that he put them up because they were gunning for him last week. Paulie decided on Bronte to keep Victor calm. He wants to keep Victor calm and then backdoor him. Bronte decides not to trust a single boy in the house.

Correct Road Kill selections Paul says that he loves Vic, but Paul also wants to stay in the house. Natalie tells Bronte to stay calm. Bronte says that she has to be nice to people even though she doesn't like a lot of them. Victor doesn't know if this is good for him or if he is going to be a backdoor. Paul pretends that he doesn't know that Victor might be a backdoored. Victor really wants to win BB Road Kill

Corey and Natalie are in bed and talking with Victor. Corey talks about how much money he spend on Christmas. Corey go on and on about Christmas and how happy the Christmas spirit makes you. He has this weird happy look on his face. Then we get more James pranks. I hate the pranks.

Time for the BB Road Kill. They have to mark the six items that correctly add up to $18. This should be easy, but these people are really stupid. The person who does it the quickest wins. Tiffany is actually a high school math teacher, but she can't count. I have never seen such a stupid bunch of people. As Michelle says, why can't she add basic fifth grade math. Victor wins Road Kill Paul wants to win the BB Road Kill. Victor is super nervous. Victor says that he is not only beautiful, but he is also a finance major. After, they all go to their tackle boxes to see if they won. Frank was anticipating a win. Nope, loser. Victor won. Victor wants to use this to his best advantage.

Victor now has to nominate someone for Road Kill. Victor tells Paulie that he won the BB Road Kill. Paulie says that gives him another reason to get rid of Victor. Victor thinks this will show Paulie and Frank that he can be trusted and keep himself safe. Paul tells Victor to not tell anyone. Paul tells Victor to trust him and not to tell anyone. Paul tries to tell Victor that they are sitting ducks because it was 7-4. Victor doesn't think so. He wants to nominate James. Victor goes and talks to Frank and Paulie. He says this is him showing Frank and Paulie that Victor can be trusted. Victor says that he is thinking of either Tiffany or James. It's time to gather in the living room for the Road Kill reveal. Category Four is safe this week because Paulie is HOH. It's Tiffany.