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June 2016

Jozea and Nicole talk

Thursday, June 30, 2016 -- Evening

Eviction NIght!
I've been looking forward to eviction night because I want to see Jozea get a shock. Also, CBS announced that Julie Chen would reveal a shocking surprise tonight. I think it might have something to do with Glenn being sequestered, which could mean that one of the evicted house guests would return.

Yep, as Julie started the show, she commented that the games of Glenn and the next evictee will not be over. The show started with the action post POV ceremony. Paulie isn't worried about Bridgette being the nominee. Frank says there were only four people left to put up. Jozea says that he's glad that Paul is off the block because that is another vote against Paulie. Bridgette says that everyone is telling her she is safe, but she is afraid that the next minute she will be out the door. Jozea says that his intuition is always right, and he's sure that it is Paulie who won the road kill. Paul and Josea think they are sitting solid. Paul tells Jozea to have a heart felt talk with Nicole in case there is a tie. Jozea thinks it will be a landslide in his favor. Jozea and Nicole have an awkward talk.

Paul, Jozea, and Bronte being psycho Da'vonne and Zakiyah tell Nicole about Bridgette being a spy. Nicole has to keep her eyes open for Bridgette spying. Nicole, Zakiyah, Da'vonne, and Tiffany talk about taking girl power to the end. They talk about how they can't be blinded by men. So Nicole, Tiffany, Michele, Zakiyah, and Da'vonne are the Fatal 5. Another James prank, putting mayo into the face lotion. Dumb!

Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette talk about how no one has approached Bronte or Natalie about voting Jozea out. Bronte says that if Jozea goes home, the other side of the house is stronger than she anticipated. Jozea, Paul, and Bridgette talk dirt about Nicole in front of Zakiyah. Zakiyah says they should not trust Bridgette. CBS tries to make it seem that the girls might be thinking of getting rid of Bridgette. But there is no plan to do that.

CBS shows Victor making comments about Nicole eating too much cheese and stepping all over her over long pants, making them dirty. James said that last season everyone got along, but Natalie is all upset over Victor. James thinks that they are all being crazy. Paul walks into the room with James and the girls, and James said they are doing girl talk. Paul got really upset because James said they were doing girl talk. Bronte tries to tell Jozea, Paul, and Victor to shut up. What a bunch of whiners.

It's time for the brief statements. Jozea says that he has been honest and bold from the start in the house. Paulie says that it has been a pleasure knowing people. Bridgette says that she hopes she is super sweet and wants to stay.
Time for the vote: Jozea walks out Jozea is leaving with seven votes. Bridgette is safe. Jozea is evicted. He hugs everyone quietly. They clap; Jozea leaves. They all watch his picture go to black and white. Everyone is very quiet.

JHOH Julie asks Jozea about being quiet. Jozea says that he was betrayed, especially by Nicole. Julie said that Jozea said he was a messiah and in charge of the house. Julie said that obviously wasn't the case. Julie asked Jozea why he so openly targeted Nicole when she was HOH. Julie asked Jozea what he hoped to accomplish with his house meeting. Jozea said that being such a wonderful leader and messiah, that was what he needed to do. Da'vonne says that he lost her when Jozea started the messiah stuff. Paul claims he is going to Rambo it for Jozea. Jozea says that he would go into the house tight lipped, and Julie tells him that Jozea would have another chance to get into the game. It will be a Battle Back competition. So Jozea will battle Glenn. The winner will battle the next evictee while the loser goes home. The first five evictees will be part of the Battle Back.

Time for the HOH competition. The person who wins HOH wins safety for his entire team. They have to go over the balance beams, and bring it back to put in the column. If the person falls off the beam, that person's berries dump. The first team to get 40 berries wins, and they get to choose the person who will be HOH. Natalie is the first to fall, and she is out. Corey made it back. So does Victor and Paul. This competition is going to continue on the live feeds.

POV competition

Thursday, June 30, 2016 -- Morning

Jozea the Messiah
I wasn't feeling well last night, so I made it an early night. However, I was anxious to catch up with Big Brother, so I watched this morning. From the live feeds, I know that Jozea has been delusional, and I have been wondering how much of it they will show. After all, delusional house guests are the best entertainment!

The show started with post road kill nomination. Jozea says the Paul thing is a blow. Jozea says that Paulie has to go. Ha! Paul says that he will surprise everyone in the veto competition. Jozea goes around telling everyone it was Michelle because she looked down during the nomination ceremony. Frank says in DR that it is ludicrous. Jozea thought it was Paulie, but now Michelle. Jozea says that he has the newbies on his side and some of the vets, AND he is going to win the POV, so there. Nicole tried to talk to Paul to make sure he knew it wasn't her. Jozea goes on about how it's all guys on the block. Jozea talks to a bunch of people who know that Frank won the road kill. Even Da'vonne comments on how delusional Jozea is.

Paul winning Bridgette and Paulie are being friendly, and that worries Paul because Paulie is the target. Paul talks to Victor that he thinks the road kill winner may have been Bridget. Victor thinks that Bridgette is flip flopping. These folks are really losers. Bronte and Natalie talk about voting Paulie out. Bronte says she's a math girl, and she wants to be where the numbers are. The problem is that she isn't. The pair giggle over Paulie being so gorgeous--not!

Time to pick the nominees. Nicole gets to pick the two chips. If she picks the chip of herself or one of the nominees, they get to pick someone. Da'vonne is the first picked. Nicole picked herself, so she picked Corey. Paul just rolled his eyes. Paul appears to be jealous of Corey, saying that he is following Nicole around like a giant shadow. Frank and James celebrate the picks.

Frank goes to console Jozea. Frank tells Jozea that Nicole had to pick Corey. Frank has Jozea fooled. Jozea should have watched some of those BB seasons that CBS gave them.

Tiffany or Vanessa James is back to his old tricks. While Paul sleeps and snores, James puts whipped cream in his hand. They had trouble getting him up, but eventually, they got him. Time for the competition. The backyard is setup like a dog park. The players are dressed up as dogs. They have to spin 15 times. They then have 44 seconds to stack doggie treats between pillars on a dog house. They have to get back to spin in the 45 seconds, or they are out. Paul says it has to be him or Jozea who wins. Da'vonne felt like she had 13 tequilla shots. Paul thinks he can win. Jozea says that because he is a dancer, he will win. Meanwhile Corey and Nicole are basically losers. It seems Da'vonne is the only one who is good. Jozea decides to build a doggie heart. Paulie thinks he has it. Paul won with his stacking method. Now Frank has to come up with a replacement.

Da'vonne tells Paul it is tradition to dance in the storage room. Jozea has an amazing smile on his face because it is a win for him and his team. Paulie's fate lies in others hands now. Bridgette is stressed because she knows that she is one of the possible people who can go up. Tiffany tells Bridgette that everyone loves her so she should not worry. Tiffany tells Paulie that Vanessa is her sister. Like they don't look like each other. Paulie is relieved to have another ally, since he is on the block with big mouthed clown, Jozea. Jozea tells Frank that he observes everything and knows everything. Jozea says he like a CEO. Jozea knows that Frank will join his team and do as Jozea says. Frank doesn't even think that Jozea can spell Messiah. Frank can't wait to see Jozea's expression on eviction night. Neither can I.

Jozea, Bridgette, Paulie on the block Jozea says that as the leader of the house, he has to talk to everyone to get them all on the same page. Da'vonne is sent to get Zakiyah. Da'vonne made it obvious that she was getting Zakiyah. Natalie send Bridgette up to infiltrate. James decides to crash the meeting. Jozea tells everyone in his meeting that everyone is cool, and Paulie needs to go. James says in DR that when Jozea pulls everyone in the room, he should make sure they are on the same side. Jozea says if they stick together, there would be no wars. He says he feels like Obama. Bronte says that Bridgette was set upstairs to listen. Zakiyah plans on outing her. Bridgette says she's sick of hearing of Jozea's craziness. Bridgette says that she is tired of hearing Jozea's talk. In front of Jozea, Paul, and Victor, Paulie asked about the house meeting. Jozea says that if he wants somebody out, they are out. Jozea says that he has freedom of speech. Jozea says that he runs the house, so just shut up. Jozea says he has nothing to hide. Jozea says that he should hold meetings whenever he wants.

Paul calls the road kill winner a coward and says that he will track down the winner. The winner will regret putting up Paul. It's time for the veto meeting. Paul takes himself off, and Bridgette goes up. Jozea's mouth dropped. Bridgette says that she is going after the road kill winner. Jozea says he's chill because his alliance runs the house. Frank hopes that Jozea's ego can fit through the door. Da'vonne says eithe the messiah or the spy goes.

Sunday, June 26, 2016 -- Evening

Road Kill
Eight Pack Tonight we got to see the special Sunday competition. It's called Big Brother Road Kill, and from the live feeds, we find out that Paul was nominated. Yep, you read that right; there will be three nominations this summer. Paul won the POV, but there will be a replacement nomination. Jozea is still the target. Tonight, we get to see how Road Kill went down.

Nicole went through her strategy, and she hopes that Paulie does not go home. Paulie is trying to stay positive, and he tells his brother not to worry. Paul is happy that he is not up there this week. Victor thinks that Nicole's move is ballsy because both Jozea and Paulie will be gunning for her. Da'vonne thinks it's funny that the Mesiah is going up on the block. Cody and Paulie go to talk with Nicole. Nicole apologizes to Cody on the feeds.

Paul tells them that they have to think clearly. Jozea tells Bronte that Nicole better hope that Jozea doesn't have a power and can go against her. Paulie makes fun in the DR about Jozea telling everyone in the house that he wanted Nicole out, and that now he is shocked about going up. I think that Jozea thought he was more than he is.

Zakiyah went up to talk to Nicole about how Jozea has to go. She lets Nicole know that Jozea was after her. Nicole admits to being scared when she sees Jozea coming to the HOH room. Nicole tried to explain that she had limited options. She tries to say that he should not be mad at her because Nicole did not know Jozea. Jozea says he's not a butt kisser. Nicole said that she tried to put up the strong people from each team to get her team further. That makes tons of sense. Nicole wants Jozea gone.

Paulie in Road Kill Everyone has to gather in the living room. The competition will be after the nomination ceremony. Each goes individually into the RV, and the winner gets to nominate a third person. Victor wants to put up a vet. When the RV gets into the yard, and it will beep, and every person has to compete, and everyone is up for nomination, including someone from that person's team. It's done anonymously. As Paul says, you won't know who hates you.

The Road Kill Challenge sounds great. NIcole comments on how really happy Jozea is. Jozea tells Victor and Paul to put up Frank. They think Frank will be an easy target. James is worried about Frank. Da'vonne whines about how the odds are against the vets favor. Nicole isn't sure if her players would put her up. She doesn't think they will. Zakiyah and Da'vonne talk about how they are both black women. Da'vonne recruits Zakiyah to her side. Zakiyah thinks the newbies have been erratic. Michelle went to Da'vonne looking for an alliance. Da'vonne thinks they have solid numbers. Da'vonne thinks the numbers look good for the vets. Corey comes up with Elite Eight. Frank came up with Eight Pack.

The Raod Kill RV is there. The goal is to take off their clothes and get to swimwear while driving. They have to keep three buttons pushed down. Time on the clock moves quicker the fewer buttons you hold down. The person who gets to swimwear and pushes the red button with lowest time wins. Paulie to hold all the buttons down. James can't reach the buttons because he's short. Jozea almost took off his trunks. Victor took two hands off the buzzer to rip off shirt and jacket. The winner can reveal he/she won or not. Jozea did not win, and he hopes for Paul or Victor. Paul thought he won. He lost. Frank won with a time of 2:37.881.

Frank Wins Frank doesn't have to stress now about being nominated. As he says, he didn't have to work that hard since season 14. Frank tells James that Frank won. They celebrate. Paul, Victor, Jozea, Paulie, and Bronte talk about who might have won. Frank tells Paul and Jozea that he didn't win. Frank said that the thought he had all three buttons down. Jozea says he reads faces and he is always right, and Jozea says Paulie won. Frank celebrates with James and Da'vonne. Frank tells them all to stay low key. Natalie and Bridget talk about an all girl alliance. They are both losers, and they should be excellent at playing dumb. Bronte is really excited to work with Bridgette and Natalie. They decide to call themselves the Spy Girls. Natalie is Flirty Spy. Bronte is Wifey Spy. Bridgette is Spunky Spy. I am sickened. Tiffany can't believe the three are trying to form an alliance in front of her.

Frank tals to his alliance about picking between Paul and Bridgette. They think Paul so Paul plays for himself instead of taking Jozea off. Paulie, Michelle, Bridgette, and Frank have to go to the DR to get their costume punishment. They have to wear pixels. For a week. It is lame. They have flesh colored underwear holding it in. Paulie says it's easier to flirt with the ladies. It's time for the third nominee, and it's Paul. Jozea is not happy. Paul says he is going to fix everything. Jozea says the house loves him, so they should use the veto on him.

Nicole first

Thursday, June 23, 2016 -- Evening

First Elimination
I cannot wait to find out who is going home tonight. From the show intro, after the three group members choose the HOH between them, there will be nominations. Nicole thinks she will be the first person evicted. Glenn was not expecting it to be like this. Tiffany is upset, and Da'vonne talks to her--trying to get the secret out of Tiffany. Tiffany starts crying like Vanessa and reveals the secret to Da'vonne. Meanwhile Paul goes to talk with Corey and Glenn. Paul wants the returners out. Corey isn't sure that he agrees with that strategy. Corey thinks that might be good for Paul's strategy, but not for his.

Meanwhile, Frank, James, and Da'vonne start talking strategy. Frank says that the returners have to nurture their teammates. Nicole is saying this time she wants to play Big Brother. Nicole talks with Corey because she wants to be HOH. Nicole is trying to make Corey think it's his idea to nominate her. Corey falls for it.

Glenn is last Finally, it's time for the competition. Each has to climb a tree on their island and get a coconut. They have to place the coconuts on the SOS on the island. Because the base moves, the coconuts can fall off. The last person in the competition goes home. Tiffany tries to stay close to her tree. Frank notices that the newbies are cheering for everyone but Nicole. Glenn knocks out some coconuts. Nicole has one left, and she gets it--finishing first.

Tiffany keeps on losing coconuts when she climbs the tree, but then she finished second. Glenn gets his last coconut in, and slowly reaches for his flag, but Corey rushes. It was a photo finish. Corey got the flag first. He is crushed. Tiffany, Corey, and Nicole talk about who will be the first HOH< and it's Nicole. Paul looks pissed, and he says so at the end. Everyone gets to say good-bye to Glenn. Glenn was proud to be part of BB this summer. Bronte talks, and she is annoying.

Victor and Nicole talk Paul and Bridgette asked Corey why he wasn't HOH. Paul is really pissed, and I don't really like him.

Paulie, is in the HOH room talking with Nicole and James. Nicole thinks that Paulie could be an ally. Paulie said that he has a connections to the returner because of his brother Cody. The newbies are talking about who is going to be a target. Victor goes up to ask Nicole what her strategy is. Victor takes off his shirt, and Nicole can't think. Victor tells Nicole that Jozea is coming after her.

James goes up to the HOH and pretends that he's Victor. Nicole is in the shower, and Nicole doesn't realize that it's James. Oh that James! What a trickster! Or maybe Nicole is an idiot. the Have Nots are shown the Have Not room and slop. Later, Da'vonne and Jozea are out in the backyard, and Jozea calls himself the Messiah. Then Jozea spills all his strategy to Da'vonne about targeting Nicole, then James, then Frank. He says he will save Da'vonne for last. Jozea is an idiot. Da'vonne runs up to tell Nicole. Nicole later told Corey her idea to get target Jozea. Nicole thinks that she should put up Paulie so he can win veto and take out Jozea.

Nicole talks to Paulie about him being a pawn because she doesn't want to alienate him. NIcole, Frank, James, and Da'vonne say that they need someone strong to go against him. All the returners try to convince Paulie that they have his back. Nicole says that Paulie does have a point. Nicole says it's a tough decision and she has to think things through. Nicole nominates Jozea and Paulie. Nicole says it's not an easy decision, and she decided to pick a strong player from each team. Paulie says in DR that Cody will kill him if Paulie goes home first. Jozea says that he rules the house though so he will be staying.

BB cast

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 -- Evening

Welcome Back Big Brother!
Summer is not summer for me without Big Brother! And I have been anticipating this year's season. Tonight's show started with Julie Chen giving us a quick overview of the game. It seems that there will be four competitions and a house guest going home before the summer begins. Four house guests are also hidden somewhere in the house. We met Natalie first. Then there was Paulie, who is Cody's brother. It seems Paulie played in the MLS. Bronte has a really annoying voice. She's supposed to be a math whiz, but she does not know what 9x9 is. (see her interview with Jeff.) Victor is a gym manager, and has long flowing locks. He still lives with mommy and daddy. Zakiyah is a school teacher who shoots. Corey is a baseball coach.

Glenn is the senior citizen, who used to be a police officer. Bridgette is an ER nurse. Jozea is a hair dresser. Michelle wants us to eat well, but she's also Tiffany and Vanessa afraid of ghosts. Paul has a long beard and a mohawk. He owns a clothing shop. Tiffany has huge boobs, and she is Vanessa Russo's sister. She says she's smart but more stable than her sister. Tiffany says she will flirt with whomever gets her further.

I really hope that it's not Cody and Vanessa who are coming back into the house. i think it's going to be something like that though. The 12 house guests are meeting Julie. The first four in are Natalie, Victor, Michelle, and Paul. The house looks really cool. Victor thinks Natalie is hot, and that they will hook up. Bronte, Zakiyah, Paulie, and Glenn are next. Paul says his ears are laughing when he hears Bronte. She sounds like she has been sucking on helium. The rooms are made up to look like different countries. Corey, Tiffany, Brigette, and Jozea are the last to enter.

Bronte is feeling overwhelmed, and she is really annoying and ugly. They note that the nomination chairs are labelled departures. Bronte is really annoying. Victor has the hots for Natalie, who has the hots for Corey. Corey thinks he can have a bromance with Victor. Paul likes Zakiyah. They are all mixed up. Paulie is planning on loud Paul going first. Jozea says to Glenn that 50 is the new 20, but says the opposite in the diary room. Michelle thinks that Tiffany looks like Vanessa Rousso. Michelle is on the ball. Bronte talks some more, annoying!
Rocket comp
Time for the first "big" twist of the summer. Julie tells them there will be three twists. The first twist is that four stowaways in the BB house that have been there since they moved in. The four are competing for the half million dollar prize. Bronte talks. She's annoying. Nicole from season 16 pops out of a suitcase. Idiot! The next person who pops out is James from the last season. Oh my gosh, the boring! Da'vonne is the third person out of the suitcase. Last out is Frank from BB 14. I did not recognize him because his hair is cut.

The new house guests seem to not be buying the returning house guests. The four returns plan on sticking together. Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah make an alliance. Paulie outs himself as being Cody's brother. Tiffany is wondering if she should admit that she is Vanessa's sister. Da'vonne recognizes Vanessa's sister right away.

Twist number 2 is that they will play the game in teams of four. They will all play a part in choosing their teams. Da'vonne does not want to play with others. Each former house guest has to be on a separate team. They then have to pick someone of the opposite sex. That person will pick someone else. Frank picks Michelle. Da'vonne picks Paul, calling him Paulie at first. Mass confusion. Victor on rocket James picks Natalie. Nicole picks Corey because he's big and muscular. Corey picks next. He picks Tiffany. Natalie picks Victor. Paul picks Zakiyah. Michelle picks Paulie. Paulie picks Bridgette. Zakiyah picks Jozea. Bronte joine James Team, and Glenn is last picked. He goes on Nicole's team.

Each team climbs on the rocket. As soon as all four fall off, that team is eliminated. The first team that falls off is Have Nots. Second team will get a mystery punishment revealed later. The third team gets $10,000. The last team has safety for two evictions. The first eviction is within the first two show days. Da'vonne wants to be around till the end. Glenn can't ge on the rocket.

James' head is in Natalie's butt. The rain comes, making the rockets hard to hold on to. Bronte talks. She's annoying. First off is Tiffany. Then Glenn falls off. Then Nicole is off. Corey is the only one on the rocket. Michelle and Bridgette fall down together. Then Frank goes down. It's just down to Paulie. Then Da'vonne and Zakiyah fall. Then Paul falls off. Jozea is off, so Da'vonne's team is in Notburgh--they are have nots. James falls off. Victor feels like his groin is falling off. Natalie falls off. They they get bird poop. Bronte falls. It's down to three guys.

Franks team wins Paulie is down. James team gets the mystery penalty. It's down to Victor and Corey. Corey falls, and Victor wins it for his team. Da'vonne is upset over being first off. Zakiyah tells everyone that the old guys have to go. Da'vonne has to see if her team has her back. Da'vonne says that she will keep her team off the radar, if they keep her off the radar. Paul says in DR that he will keep her to third or fourth out.

James team is trying to come up with a name Frank's team is Category4. James team is stupid. Vanessa's team is Freakazoids. Natalie doesn't know what a calvary is. Da'vonne's team is Big Sister. James is Team Unicorn. What a buncn of idiots! Michelle calls out Tiffany for looking like and sounding like Vanessa. Michelle thinks it might be good to align with Tiffany. Tiffany thinks Michelle is Nicole's sister, but she isn't. The three teams will compete in a Hit the Road competition. The team that wins is safe. Then it is between the remaining two teams. The team that loses has to compete individually with the person who loses being evicted.

Da'vonne's team wins Round one starts. They have to build a 15 piece sand castle pyramid. While three hold ropes, the fourth person has to dig. When that person finds a pyramid piece, he or she puts it on top of the stand. The first team to make a 15 piece pyramid wins. If a piece falls, it's out. Freakazoid is in the lead. Paul tries to tell Da'vonne how to do everything. Team Big Sister has terrible issues. Freakazoid needs one block. Then they lose all their blocks. Bridgette made it to the button and Category four won the first round. Da'vonne thinks picking Paul was a bad decision.

Corey and Nicole talk, and Corey thinks their team will win. I think Da'vonne will be going home first. Da'vonne cries about how hard it is.

In the second round, they have sand castle pieces, and they have to build a sand castle puzzle. There is only one solution, and there are decoy pieces. Paul is annoying. Nicole's team is confused, and Paul is telling everyone what to do like he knows everything. Nicole's team seemed clueless. As it goes to commercial break, it looks like Nicole's team got it.

Nicole's team thought they had it, but they were wrong. They had to fix the base. Glenn said he tried to tell them the base was wrong. Paal did not know that the cream and speckled windows needed to be on the same side. Then he got it. Da'vonnne is safe, and she starts crying. We don't find out who gets evicted until tomorrow night.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 -- Evening

cover of the view from the cheap seats by Neil Gaiman
the view from the cheap seats by Neil Gaiman
I picked up the view from the cheap seats by Neil Gaiman when I saw it on the New Book table at the local library. Gaiman has always struck me as an interesting person. I loved the movie version of Coraline, and I liked the episode of Doctor Who that Gaiman wrote (The Doctor's Wife). the view from the cheap seats is a collection of non-fiction that Gaiman has written over the years. Some of the pieces are articles, others are speeches, and still others are introductions to books. Reading the pieces was like getting a glimpse into Gaiman's head, and it was a wondrous place. I realized that Gaiman and I had a good deal in common. He was an avid reader at a young age. Throughout the collection of pieces, Gaiman makes recommendations on various authors and books, and I added all of them to my reading list. I haven't read Stephen King in a while, but I will have to do that soon. Also, I have not read Diana Wynne Jones, but I have added her to my list. Although Gaiman likes horror, he also loves fantasy and fairy tales. Heck, he just loves a well-crafted story. And that's the genius of it all, because he's also an excellent story teller himself. If you like Neil Gaiman, you should read this book. If you don't think you like Neil Gaiman, you should read this book. Even if his fiction isn't your cup of tea, his insightful commentaries will win you over.