I went to the Carnegie Museum on Thursday afternoon, Dec. 20, 2007 to check out the new exhibit, Dinosaurs in Their Time. While there, I checked out the other exhibits.
Visit to the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh
Paleolab where the visitors can see the museum guys in action
Guy hard at work doing something or other
Early ancestor of the alligator
Close up of the early alligator
Young dinosaur replica incased in rock
Dinosaur bones are arranged in life-like situations
Psillacosaurus label
What the Psillacosaurus would have looked like with flesh and bones
Protoceratops label
The Protoceratops
Entrance to the section with the large dinosaurs
Feathered dinosaur
Label describing our feathery friends
The big guys loom over the hall
It looks like they are turning their heads to each other
These dinosaurs were side by side even in the old dinosaur hall
The dinosaurs from another angle
They both have really long tails
Little dinosaur hovers behind the big guys..he’s a caninosaurus aphanoeceles
Label describing the caninosaurus
Wall art
Dinosaurs fill the hall
How the big guys defend themselves
This is part of the foot, right in front of me
Tiny little scavenger
The Diplodocus had chest muscles like a reptile, but straight legs like an elephant
Head directly above me
Label describing the Stegosaurus
Looking back as I leave the dinosaurs
Dinosaurs in their time
Hall of Sculpture--This is where Flash Dance filmed a scene
The ceiling of the Hall of Sculpture
Christmas tree in the Hall of Architecture
Another tree--all have a glass theme
Yet another tree
A tree made totally of glass
Close-up of the glass tree
Label for the glass Christmas tree
Another tree
Old Italian Nativity scene
The Nativity
Other end of the Nativity
Entrance to the Hall of Architecture
Very dusty and dirty replica in the Hall
Very dusty and dirty replica of a chapel entrance
Very dirty and cluttered side of the Hall
Miniature dining room
Marble steps that lead to the second floor
Balcony that surrounds the Hall of Sculpture
Other side of the Hall of Sculpture
Really ugly monstrosity in the middle of the Hall of Sculpture
Statue of Artemis
Artemis from the other side of the Hall
Replica of Egyptian statue to Osiris
Hieroglyphs in the Egyptian section
Funerary wall drawing
More funerary items (you can tell because of the green tint in the face)
Egyptian gods
Egyptian urns
Statue of a cat
Cat mummies
Replica of a poor person’s burial
Sarcophagus within a sarcophagus
Replica of what the inside of a tomb would look like
Funerary items