Dinosaurs and More
I made a short visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pa. on Wednesday, December 17, 2008.
Triceratops skull in need of removal from surrounding earth
Worker using the microscope to remove items from debris
T. Rex up close
T. Rex
There are two T. Rex skeletons in the dinosaur exhibit
The dinosaur room from the viewing area
Corn in the American Indian section
Close up of the corn
Hopi headdress
Items from the Hopi collection
Horse cloth with horses on it
Typical saddled horse
Hats made from beaver
Iroquois and Mohawks were involved in steel working
Native American Indians excelled in walking on beams in high rise buildings
More items from the American Indian display
Typical traditional American Indian dress
Amenhotep III statue
Sekhmet statue
Christmas tree display in the Hall of Architecture
Nativity scene in the Hall of Architecture
Reproduction of the Venus de Milo
Visit to the Carnegie Museum