The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix was held in Schenley Park on the weekend of July 14 and 15.  The pictures here are from the first day of the event.  Warm-ups and qualifiers were held on the track, and British cars were the main display attraction.  This is the first page of pictures.
Vintage Grand Prix Day 1
Race car in the waiting area
Porsche race car
Another car
The race lane was filled with a variety of cars
Old-time roadster
Driver getting ready to take his car for a warm-up
Car number 724
Car number 724 from the side
Car number 133
This is the lane of race cars
This car has eyes
Another vintage car
Line of cars
More cars
The umbrella keeps the sun off the driver’s seat
Car number 776
Car being ready for a warm-up
Car number 18A
Race car
Car number 118
Vintage car number 488
488 from the side
Car number401
Line of cars
Roadster by a Mini Cooper
Front of the Roadster
This bend is the best in the track
Cars warming up
More warm-ups
Car still making the turn
Finishing the turn
Another car on the bend
Last picture of cars making the bend
The start of the British Car display
Open hood
Line of Austin Martins
Line of Rolls Royce
Another Rolls
Sign on a 1928 Austin Martin
1928 Austin Martin
I love orange cars!
Racy orange
Older Mini Cooper
Vintage Cooper
Cooper with the hood up
Station wagon like Cooper
C130 from the military air base near the Airport
Another C130
And a third C130
The line of C130 as they flew over the Park
Weird three wheeled car
Orange BMW
Bobby Rahal had a display
A “Smart”
Line of snazzy cars
I liked the look of this car
Blue car
Small car
Inside the Masereti