The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix was held in Schenley Park on the weekend of July 14 and 15.  The pictures here are from the first day of the event.  Warm-ups and qualifiers were held on the track, and British cars were the main display attraction.  This is the second page of pictures.
Vintage Grand Prix Day 1
The Ferrari emblem
More Porsche
A line of Porsches
Another of those three wheel cars
Orange Opel
1970 Opel GT
Orange Mini Cooper
Mini number 37
A Mini that was made into a grill
One line of Minis...
followed by another line of Minis
Mini of a friend
Cute racing stripe
Older Minis
The older Minis are tiny
Convertible Mini
Old Cheverolt
1950s Chevy
Another 1950s Chevy
Two seater convertible
Indy Pace Car Corvette
Really old Corvette
Another orange racing car!
Racing Mini
WWII era Army Jeep
1943 Army Jeep
MP Jeep from the WWII era
Supplies inside the MP Jeep
Two Jeeps
Smaller Jeep
Army truck
Same Army truck
This is the view at Schenley Park near the Golf Clubhouse
Cars and people everywhere
1963 Studebaker
Sign in front of the Studebaker
Another Thunderbird
Thunderbird interior
Trunk of the 1952 Kaiser
Sign in front of the Kaiser
Old car
Another old car
The Frick Car Collection was at the Grand Prix
Cars shielded from the sun
Car from the Frick collection
Some even had cars for sale
Chrysler convertible
Ford--looks like a 1930s mobster car
Vintage Ford convertible
Ford 1930 Model A Phaeton
Sign in the window of the Phaeton
Sporty car
Orange Thunderbird
Ford Model A Roadster
Mini toy Ranger
Real Ranger and toy side by side
Chevy convertible
Cougar emblem
Gran Torino
1931 Ford
El Dorado Cadillac
Front of the El Dorado
Pontiac GTO--it has a tiger in the engine
Another GTO
Open hood
Pontiac Solstice
Packard convertible
Back of the Packard
Antique car driving away
1928 Plymouth truck
Truck interior