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September 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 -- Evening

Packing for Mars
I finished reading Mary Roach's Packing for Mars. The book was great, and I highly recommend it. Read my full review.

Saturday, September 25, 2010 -- Evening

I feel bad as I look at the The Daily Bongo. I haven't posted anything since the last episode of Big Brother a week and a half ago. I supposed I don't have much of an excuse but the full time and part time jobs have been keeping me hopping. Even with that, I have been doing some reading. Most of my reading has been re-reads of Agatha Christie books. Over the past few months, I have been looking for fun, comfort reads. Those are books that you read just for the enjoyment factor. When the rest of life has you down and out, or highly stressed, a comfort read is like returning home, kicking off the shoes, and putting on ragged, old, comfy slippers. I have been enjoying the Agatha Christies, because even when I remember whodunit, I still enjoy the story. I read through all the Ngaio Marshes earlier in the year, and those were equally enjoyable. I need to start blogging about more of the books that I've read. Right now, I am reading and loving Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. The book is a look at humans in space with the typical Mary Roach viewpoint, which is a mix of providing all sorts of esoteric details with a pinch of humor. I promise that I will write more about the book when I finish it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 -- Evening

Big Brother Finale
Nothing has been going on with Big Brother, and the live feeds have been the deadest of any season ever. The deadliest, dull season had the most dull of them all making it to the final three. At least tonight it is over. I really hate to say this because I love Big Brother, but I've been so ready to put a fork in this season.

The show this evening started with a recap of the season. Once that was over, the show started an analysis of the final three. Enzo was unhappy because he didn't stand a shot at making the final two. As Enzo said, he's the one who did all the planning, and he was going to get knocked out. Hayden and Lane talked about taking each other to the final two. However, Hayden doesn't know if Lane will take him. Hayden tries to discredit all his past actions. Lane does start to wonder if he should take Hayden. I think Lane should take Enzo. Meanwhile Enzo keeps on whining about how he made the Brigade, and that means that he should win the game. Hayden said that if Enzo goes to the final two, he will win because he played the best social game, even though he didn't do well in competitions. Everyone in the jury house supposedly likes Enzo. Enzo tries to convince Lane that taking Hayden to the final two would result in a win for Hayden. Enzo says that Hayden would beat either of them. Lane said that his heart is in favor of Hayden while his brain says that Enzo might be the best bet.

In the jury house, Ragan doesn't want to see Britney, but Matt thinks it will be here. Brendon would rather have seen Enzo since he didn't win. As soon as Britney comes in, she outs the Brigade. Rachel didn't think the "boys" were smart enough to form an alliance, let alone know what the word means. Ragan gets very upset because Matt didn't tell him anything. Ragan says that it sucks the the three people in the final three were not targets. Matt wasn't going to spill the beans, but Matt said that he was the brains behind the alliance. Everyone really needs to get over the whole horror of Matt lying about his wife being sick. Britney thinks Matt is conniving and will do anything for money. Britney then said that she wanted to come to the jury house and find out that Rachel was pregnant.

The jury starts to talk about the remaining three. Rachel thinks the Brigade was luck. Britney and Ragan say that the undercover alliance making it to the final three was a good strategy. Briteny said that everyone liked Enzo, that's why people didn't get rid of him. They just commented that he was just floating through the entire game. Matt and Ragan say that Hayden was most competitive and won. Matt even says that Hayden played the game because he was social. Rachel says that no one on the jury would be pissed at Lane. Ragan said that being a nice guy doesn't get someone a million dollars. Ragan said just not talking bad about people doesn't earn Lane money. Rachel said that it says a lot to her that Lane had that power over a strong player, like Britney.

Finally time for the final HOH. It's the competition where the competitors have to guess how the juror completed the statement. Rachel's favorite moment in the house was falling in love with Brendon. Both got it right. Kathy said the most shocking moment in the house was when Rachel returned for 24 hours. Both got it right. Matt said his fatal error in the house was throwing his last HOH. Both got it again! Brendon said the moment he doesn't want his family to see is when he he went off on Britney and Ragan. Both again got it right. Ragan said the one who needed a reality check was Brendon because he was willing to give his waitress a half million dollar tip. Both got it wrong. Britney said the funniest moment in the house was Rachel and Ragan's fight. Both got it wrong, so it went to a tie breaker question. The answer is a number. The question was how many times did they get slammed into the walls in the final endurance competition that Hayden won. Answer was 250. Hayden guessed 91 and Lane 55. So Hayden is the final HOH. Who will Hayden take to the final two?

Enzo tells Hayden that whatever he has to do, he does. Lane said that there are no hard feelings because Hayden has to do what he has to do. Hayden tells them that he loves both and has been loyal to both and that they will be friends for ever. Hayden evicts Enzo and said that he thinks Enzo would have been guaranteed something that the BB music drowned out. Hayden asks Lane if Lane would have evicted him. Lane said no way. Enzo said that he didn't think Hayden would take him because Enzo thought he had a good social game. Enzo said it stings though because he didn't get any money out of it, but he couldn't hold it against Hayden. Enzo said that he may not have done well in competitions because he may have felt that he really wasn't under pressure. Lane tells Enzo that he might have taken him. Hayden said that he had to evict Enzo because Enzo might win. Enzo then went on to say that he was going to dirty dance with everyone there and have huge amounts of fun at the wrap party.

The jury comes out. Britney is asked who she wants to see, and she said anyone but Lane. Matt thinks that it's not Enzo, but that he really doesn't care because the other three are interchangeable. Enzo comes out then (I guess the jury didn't know what happened in the HOH competition.) It's time to ask questions. They had to come up with six questions, and agree on them. Enzo gets to ask a question afterwards. Rachel asks Lane (as she giggles inanely) why they should vote for Lane because he didn't win many competitions. Lane admits that he didn't do well in competitions at the end. Brendon asks Hayden which two non-Brigade members he would like to see in the final two. Hayden said Brendon and Britney. Matt asks Lane if he would take a Brigade member or Britney. Lane said that he would take whoever benefited him. Lane tries not to answer, and then says that he is 100% loyal to the Brigade. Matt says "not 100%!" Kathy asked about their social game. Hayden said that he thinks he was equal to Lane in the social game, but Hayden said that the competitions separated him. Britney asked about Lane's three most significant contribution to the Brigade. Lane says making them laugh and watching after them. Ragan asks Hayden if he regrets anything he may have said behind the back of a particular jury member. Hayden said he couldn't think of anything, but everyone has said things in the heat of the moment, but Hayden couldn't think of anything off the top of his head that he regretted. Hayden said that he didn't bash anyone too bad. Enzo asks Lane if he was really going to take Enzo to the final two. Lane said that he didn't think he could win against Enzo or Hayden, so he would really have had to think about it. All in all, the questions weren't that bad, and everything seemed to go swimmingly. This season wasn't definitely not like past years where the remaining two were really put on the spot.

Hayden tells the jury that the winner should be the person who played the best. Hayden reminds them that he won three HOH competitions in a row. Hayden won competitions at the end when there was no-one left to compete against. Lane is really funny, and says that he did compete and won two HOH. He is counting the final three HOH, just as Hayden was doing, although Hayden tried to get him on that. Rachel votes and says that he thinks both played well. Kathy votes and says that it's very, very hard. Matt said that he's sorry that the Brigade didn't make the final four, but he's voting for the person who had the biggest role in stabbing him in the back. Brendon tells them they played a good social game, and he was voting for the one with the best social game. Ragan said that they are both spectacular human beings, and that one was here to win the million dollars, and one was there to give it away. Britney said that she loves them both and says "may the best man win." Enzo said it's between who needs a hair cut and who needs a shave. Everyone laughs. The voting is complete.

Now they bring the first four evicted house guests back: Annie, Monet, Andrew, and Kristen. Rachel comments on Monet saying she was skanky, saying that she isn't skanky. Britney and Ragan shared a look over that one. Monet doesn't back down from what she said. We then get to see the secret shomance between Kristen and Hayden. Andrew is vindicated. Kristen admits that her boyfriend dumped her after the relationship. Kristen said that she is open to anything, and is open to anything Hayden wants. Hayden said that he would take Kristen to get pizza. Andrew said that he was shocked by Enzo and the Brigade and Rachel's hair extension. Andrew broke the news to the other Brigade members about Matt's lie. Gosh, just let it rest! Everyone keeps on thinking that Matt is the saboteur because he's small and has tattoos. Hayden said that Matt played him like a fiddle. Lane said you should make up a lie about your dog not about your wife. Matt said that the lie was for sympathy votes, and that he started the lie before he got to know and like people.

Annie said that the Brigade manipulated every vote, and if the girls had stuck together with Ragan, they would have had the numbers. After the votes were locked in, Julie showed Britney that the tape with Lane saying he wanted to take Britney to the final two. Britney said that she feels great because she did think that Lane would take her to the final two. Enzo said that he knew he had to win the POV. Lane admits that he couldn't tell the jury the truth because he was trying to save himself. Julie asks Brendon and Rachel about the showmance. Brendon said that he is going to try to get Rachel to come to LA and go to UCLA. Rachel said that she loves Vegas, but loves Brendon more. Britney mouths that she is disgusted. Britney and Ragan exchange looks. Ragan said that he thinks Rachel would make a beautiful bride. Julie finally reveals the identity of the second saboteur. Julie said that America voted for the saboteur, and that person made $20,000. Everyone seems to think it's Kathy or Matt. Matt says "me" because he's jumping on the bandwagon. Then we find out that it's Ragan.

Finally! Time for the winner. Rachel voted for Lane, Kathy voted for Hayden, Matt voted for Hayden, Brendon voted for Lane, Ragan voted for Hayden, Britney voted for Lane (everyone oohed over that one). Enzo cast the deciding vote for Hayden. If Lane had just said that he would take Enzo, he might have gotten Enzo's vote and won.

America's favorite house guest was Britney. She gets $25,000. That will be good because her fiancee's house caught on fire a few days ago. As Britney celebrates, Rachel looks like someone stole her lunch money. I will be so glad to see the last of Rachel.

Saturday, September 11, 2010 -- Evening

I have been busy with my regular full-time job and a new part-time job as adjunct faculty teaching technical writing to engineers. Unfortunately, my class started a week ago, and it's held on Thursday evenings, so I've been missing the Big Brother episode that night. So today is catchup day! Hayden won the first round of the HOH competition: the endurance competition. It seems that he and Lane hung on to the swinging devices for two and a half hours. Enzo didn't think that he needed to compete, so he dropped out after 19 minutes to go and eat food. I really hate Enzo because when he was a have not, he ate and wasn't penalized. He's sucked in competitions. It's like he doesn't care. When it came down to him and Lane in the second HOH competition, a face-morphing competition (you knew it would be coming), Lane won because he was slightly faster than Enzo. The threesome have made a pact that the winner of the final HOH would pick the other winner of the HOH competition round. So if Hayden wins, he will take Lane, and if Lane wins, he would be smart to break the pact and take Enzo. We shall see tomorrow night.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 -- Evening

Bah, Big Brother
The live feeders are angry at the BB producers. Tonight's "live" show was actually taped yesterday, and the feeds have been down since then. Britney was sent home after Hayden won the POV. It also means that the final endurance competition that we used to get to see on the live feeds was performed off live feed last night. We just don't know who won yet.

The show this evening started with a rehash of the post nomination talk. Lane said that he wants Britney, him, and Hayden in the final three. He wanted Britney to win the POV. Meanwhile, Lane knows that he can't trust Enzo and Hayden because they got rid of Matt in the past. Enzo says that he and Hayden have suspicions of Lane, but Enzo keeps on saying that it's the Brigade to the end.

The POV competition was to pair up clues with the right houseguest's picture. There were two houseguests on each card, and there was only one solution. Hayden didn't think Lane or Enzo would be good at the competition, like they were good at any competition. He did think Britney would be good. Lane was confused, per usual. Hayden's strategy was to find the card, or poster, that only had one possible answer. Britney seemed to have the same strategy. Enzo just wanted to put in cards and see what happened. Meanwhile, Lane had nothing done. Lane claimed that his brain was throwing the game. Instead of putting the posters in the slots, Britney was laying them out on the ground. Hayden quickly got all the answers. Britney thought she might stay in the house because she's tight with Lane and Hayden. She was so clueless about the Brigade. Lane sees that he now has to make Hayden and Enzo think that he always wanted Britney out.

We get to see the Brigade reveal. Lane didn't want Enzo to tell Britney because Britney was his only vote. Hayden and Enzo think that it's time to come out, and Hayden thinks Britney should know why she is being voted out. Lane didn't want to tell Britney, because he thinks that she will be pissed at him for not telling her. With Britney, Lane, and Enzo in the HOH, Enzo and Lane start talking about group efforts. Enzo says that he was in an alliance with Matty, and turned on him. Enzo then says there were two other people in the alliance. Enzo said that it was Lane, Hayden, Enzo, and Matty from day two. Britney is just staring at them, and gnawing on her fingers. Enzo thinks that he's great for coming up with the Brigade. Enzo tells Hayden that he told Britney about the Brigade. Enzo and Hayden just laugh and mock, but Lane asked if she was pissed because he would be. Hayden tells Britney then that he's not going to use the veto, and she looks very close to tears. Lane does not look happy, and when Britney starts to cry, Hayden starts to feel bad because he didn't want her to cry. Britney said that it was like going all that way for no reason. Enzo tries to tell her that she's an awesome player and made it to the final four. Britney then cries in the DR about being played and looking stupid. Yes, she was stupid. The majority of houseguests in this season were just plain dumb. Britney tells the DR that she doesn't want to talk to any of them, and it would make her sick to have to vote for one of them. Lane leaves the HOH room to go and talk to Britney. He can't tell her that he wanted to take her to the final two. Britney keeps on saying that it's just a game, and that Lane was playing her. I think that in a way, Britney likes Lane. Lane tells Britney that he has a lot of feelings for her and that he doesn't want anything to change because of this.

Veto ceremony. We know that Hayden doesn't use the power of veto. Lane calls Hayden the nicest guy ever. Lane also calls Enzo the funniest guy who saved the house from boredom. Yeah, right! It was extremely boring. Britney tells Hayden that they are friends forever. She tells Enzo that he was the funniest. She also called Lane her best friend in the house. Funny line when Britney said that if she couldn't be a member of the Brigade, she was a casualty and an alternate member of the Brigade. Enzo then says that he is very loyal, and Britney is sent packing. Britney said that she loved the three of them, but didn't love them when they told her about the Brigade. She felt angry and betrayed. Britney said that she didn't want to vote for any of them, but she is over it now. Britney thought it was just three guys who were friends, and she thought she was close with them too, and working with them. Britney said that she did forgive him. In the final messages for Britney, Hayden felt like he betrayed Britney and let her down, and he didn't want to. Enzo tells her that it was hard to evict her. Lane said that he is going to miss everything about her, and it's going to be a big, big empty house. Lane tells her that he wanted her to be in the finale with him, and that he's sorry. When Julie tells Britney that she is headed to the jury house, Britney makes this hilarious pukey face.

So who is my favorite houseguest? I can vote and that person would win $25,000. Unfortunately, I don't have a favorite in this house. I guess I'll vote for Britney.

The endurance HOH has the three houseguests hanging from a rope, and being slammed into walls. How long do you think these guys will hold on? I'll bet they only hang on for a few minutes. When all three are in an alliance, there's really no great reason to win. Or is there? The winner of this HOH will not compete in the next competition. He and the winner of that will compete in the last HOH competition, and pick the person who goes to the final two.

Sunday, September 5, 2010 -- Evening

Big Brother Winding Down, Thank Goodness
The Big Brother show this evening started with the HOH competition. I have to admit that I am so bored with the houseguests this season that I almost passed on watching the show. Britney said that the guys were friends and that she is alone in the house. But Britney was stupid. She's the one who put Matt up, and she'e the one who voted out Ragan. Britney didn't stand a chance against the three guys. I am so sick of the Brigade. They outed themselves with Britney on the live feeds, which I think was a stupid move. But in reality, I guess it really doesn't matter because there's nothing that can be done since no none Brigade members will make it to the final two. I really can't stand Hayden or Enzo because they are so full of themselves, and so fricking boring. But I would imagine they will be the final two.

Britney really sucked at the HOH game and was breaking ornaments left and right. Boy, watching the show, I wanted to puke. I can't stand his hair in the eyes. I guess he thinks he looks sexy instead of stupid. As we already know from the live feeds, Hayden won the HOH. It's all about the veto, because the veto holder pretty much evicts the person. Enzo is so full of himself in the show about he founded the Brigade and how wonderful the Brigade is. Lane thinks that he would have a better shot beating Britney instead of Hayden. Hayden doesn't want to show loyalty to one of the Brigade members over the other. Britney cries and whines and moans about being the outsider. What is it with the person who is leaving becoming such a whiny, blubbering loser?

HOH room reveal with pictures of Hayden as a kid and tons of junk food. Lane mocks the fufu hair shampoo that Hayden has in his basket.

More video of the BBQ grill attacking the houseguests. This happens every season. The houseguests got the really small table that appears when they have the final four.

Time for the luxurry competition. The houseguests have to hide a coin in the house, and when that houseguest's coin is found, he/she is out of the competition. Last one standing wins $10,000. Enzo hids his in the wall decoration. Hayden hides his in an unopened box and thinks he is a genius. Lane hides his under the recycle bin. Britney hides hers in the trash. Hayden dumps out the trash, but doesn't find Britney's coin. Hayden breaks something, and he is on probation because he is always breaking stuff. Enzo finds Hayden's coin. Enzo and Lane had the strategy was to look where their own coin is and say nothing is there. They just trash the house, and really don't seem to be making a good effort. On the live feeds, it took forever because these guys are stupid. Britney finally finds Enzo's coin. We aren't seeing on the show that BB producers kept on giving them hints on where to look. Britney tells Lane that she needs a consolation prize since she is probably going home. Britney keeps on checking the recycle bin, and finally lifts the can to find Lane's coin.

Britney even commented how everyone just sleeps all day. Boy, don't we all know this. She says how boring they all are. Yes, we know that they are boring. Even attempts to liven things up fall flat. Britney stagged a pillow fight. She was fighting with Hayden and Enzo, and that ended quickly. Britney said that she wants to go home to see her family and see if she is still engaged. Lane says that Britney's boyfriend, Nick, is a girly guy, and that she should have a manly guy like him. Lane said that a real man won't give you flowers, they will take you to the bar and give you a steak and a couple of girly drinks.

Hayden and Enzo say it wasn't smart of Lane to not put Britney up. Hayden and Enzo talk about sending Lane home and keeping Britney. Hayden and Enzo don't seem to trust Lane much. Hayden tells Enzo that they could easily beat Britney in the two upcoming HOH competitions. Now, let's see if they actually go through with it. Although I think that was just talk encouraged by BB producers.

Hayden claims that he is ultimately loyal to the Brigade, but he is hedging his bets by being nice to Britney in case she wins the POV. Nominations, and Hayden puts up Lane and Britney.

Saturday, September 4, 2010 -- Evening

Best of the Boring
I have been extremely bored with this season of Big Brother. In fact, it was so bad that I didn't rush off to see the Thursday's eviction episode on CBS. I finally decided to check it out, and it was as uber boring as ever. The only entertaining parts were the bits in the jury house. Rachel could have stabbed Brendon with her eyes when he came into the house. She was really pissed that he didn't win the $500,000 because she tried so hard to win. Huh? What does that have to do with anything? Obviously the BB producers found the action in the house to be boring because they devoted at least a third of the show to the jury house. My favorite part was when Matt, for some silly reason, decided to tell them all that he had lied about his wife having an illness. This got Kathy and Rachel upset. Kathy claims that she has cancer, although I find that hard to believe because she wouldn't have been allowed on the show by her doctors. Maybe she had something at one point that is now in remission, but who really knows. They really started to give Matt a hard time telling him he had to leave the room, and he said that he wasn't leaving any room. Go Matt! It really makes me sad that he didn't go all the way to win because it would have been hilarious if he told them all afterwards that the illness was just game play. I mean really, it's not like he said that his wife was dying. They all need to get a life and realize that this is supposed to be a game, not let's make life long friends. Ragan was tossed, and the HOH competition started, which we now know that Hayden won. From watching the live feeds, we know that he nominated Lane and Britney. Things have been quit in the house, except for a luxury competition to win $10,000. That was going nowhere fast until the producers started to give the houseguests hints on what to do. Britnwy won. I would have to say that this is the first time in BB history that I really have no more interest in the show or in who wins. I would hope that it would be Britney, but it will probably be one of the stupid Brigade.

Thursday, September 2, 2010 -- Evening

More of the Boring Usual
I missed Big Brother on TV this evening because a Pittsburgh Steeler football game was on CBS here in the Pittsburgh area. I found out from the feeds though that Ragan was evicted. That wasn't a bold movie on anyone's part. They should have gotten rid of Hayden. But no, but no. And it seems that Hayden won HOH so he will probably be in the final two. I am just too bored for words.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 -- Evening

Boring Brother
The BB show started this evening with the recap of the nominations. Enzo doesn't understand what Lane has going on with Britney. Ragan is not surprised that he was nominated because he's completely by himself. Meanwhile Hayden was quite happy to know that he would be making the final four. Enzo goes over to console Ragan. Enzo tells Ragan that he had no idea that he was going up. Ragan says that it shows that Enzo is at the bottom rung of the alliance that the threesome has. Ragan and Enzo say that you never know what may happen. It's finally time for Enzo to take the penguin costume off. The houseguests did a shunning ceremony. The shunning ceremony was really lame, with Enzo talking to the rubber ducky in the backyard and explaining that he is not its daddy.

Ragan admits that he is alone, and he has to study in case the competition is a knowledge test. Ragan studies the pictures and goes over and over the characteristics of each person's face. Then Ragan went into the backyard and did some weight training. Ragan said that he wants to be the guy who beats the odds, but it doesn't look promising for him. Poor Ragan!

Time for the veto competition. It's one of those ones where there is a speaking clam, and the houseguests have to answer the clam's questions by finding the combination of names that would make up the song title. Each round, the last person to find the names if eliminated. Britney realized too that she would have to win the POV to stay off the block. It seems that everyone wants to win. Enzo even says that he has to kill the competition to get off the block and finally win something. The answer to the first song was a combination of Monet and Matt or Monatt. Lane managed to run up behind Ragan to get the last shell. They thought Ragan would be out in the first round. Well, Lane is stupid, and picks Mochel. Ragan remained in the game because he had the right name. The second was a combination of Rachel and Kristen, Rasten. The second round came down to Ragan and Hayden, but Ragan made it back first. Hayden was out. The third round was a combination of Matt and Kathy, Mathy. Ragan was back first in the third round, followed by Enzo. Britney was eliminated. It came down to Ragan and Enzo, and Britney realizes that it means there will be a replacement nominee. It was time for the final round. Ragan realizes that it will be a battle because they both need the veto. When they came down the slide, Enzo and Ragan fought to get at the CD. Enzo knew where Brendrew (Brendon and Andrew) was. it was hilarious to see the fight for it. Enzo totally manhandled Ragan. Ragan threw his CD at the clam. Enzo went over to Ragan and started saying "who wants it more, that's what it is at this point. It's a fight." Ragan told Enzo more than once to just leave him alone. Ragan realizes that he's in the worst position because the guys have been working together from the beginning and Britney has been in with Lane. Ragan said that he just felt heartbroken because he gave his all to the game. Ragan says that it's going to be a lonely week. Enzo called Ragan a sore loser. Enzo said that Ragan had the advantage because they both knew where it was, and Ragan was closer to the CD. Enzo called Ragan a big baby, who was crying by himself.

Hayden said that he was glad that Enzo at least won something. Britney said her strategy is to stay in close with the guys. Hayden said that he thinks he may go up in Enzo's place. Britney said that it would be the safest week for her to Hayden, but she admits in the DR that she doesn't trust Hayden and Enzo. Hayden claims that he is okay with going up, but then he says in DR that the pawn is the one that goes home. Britney asks Lane who is going up. Britney tells Lane that Hayden said that he thinks it's 100% that he will go up. Britney says that if Lane puts her up, she will be going home. Meanwhile Hayden and Enzo want Britney to go up so they can backdoor Britney.

Back to the punishments. The first was no cups or silverware. The second punishment was that the houseguests has to use a sock puppet to speak for 12 hours. If they don't use the sock puppet, they are Have Nots. The sock puppets look like the houseguests. Enzo's was balding, Britney's was blonde, Hayden's had a mop of hair, Lane's had a hat, and Ragan's had a bow tie. Ragan was by himself cyring, and talking to his sock puppet, and saying that he wanted his life back. It was really lame seeing the sock puppets talk. Enzo wasn't good at having the sock puppet talk when he talked. The "big" conversation was Enzo not understanding golf.

It seems that Kathy and Brendon were the only ones cleaning the house, and it was nasty. So Britney got out a trash bin, and started throwing things out. It seems that the fridge was really stinking. There was a great deal of waste. It seems they opened food containers, and then never finished it. After Britney cleaned the kitchen by herself, Hayden came to wheel out the trash can. The third punishment was another lame one. Ragan thought it would be a combo of Brendon and Rachel. The punishment was to dance whenever music played. The punishment was 12 hours. The punishments were the lamest thing ever! Hayden can't dance worth a darn. They also thrown in classical music. Lane asks Hayden if he is okay with going up. Lane doesn't want to put Britney up because he doesn't trust Enzo and Hayden to not put out Britney. But Lane realizes that is bad for him. Lane asks Britney about going up. Britney said that she doesn't want to go up because she thinks that the guys will vote her out. Britney said that she knows that Lane likes Hayden better. Britney tells Lane that she think Hayden has more friends in the jury house and that she can't win against Hayden. It would be interesting if they backdoor Hayden this week.

Time for the veto ceremony. Enzo hopes that Lane puts up Britney. Hayden doesn't want to go on the block because a couple of deals could be made, and Hayden could go out. Enzo removes himself. Lane starts by saying that it's an amazing group, and that it sucked to nominate a third person. Lane nominated Hayden. Hayden knows that Ragan is desperate to stay in the house, and he may be making plans to stay in the house. Lane said that he wants to go to the final two with Britney because Lane thinks that he can beat Britney in the final two. Hmm, I think the folks in the jury house would vote for Britney over Lane. We'll see. I hopw Hayden goes to the jury tomorrow, because he is just plain annoying!