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September 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011 -- Evening

cover of Barbara Michaels' Ammie Come Home
Ammie Come Home
I love romantic suspense books, and through that love, I discovered Barbara Michaels. Barbara Michaels is the pseudonym that Barbara Mertz used to write woo-hoo books. Woo-hoo books have a supernatural element, and in Mertz's case, she adds some romance. Mertz also writes under the pseudonym of Elizabeth Peters. I thought that best start through Michaels' oeuvre was by starting with Ammie Come Home. Ammie Come Home is the first in the Georgetown trilogy, set in a house in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C. The heroine of the book is Ruth Bennett, a slightly older than usual heroine. Ruth is in her 40s, and she inherited the Georgetown house from an elder, maiden aunt. Ruth's niece, Sara, comes to stay with her while Sara attends university. Sara brings her Professor, Pat McDougal, to visit, an obvious attempt by Sara to get something going between Ruth and Pat. Ruth and Pat go to a dinner party at Pat's mom's house where a séance is held. Before you know, Ruth agrees to hold a séance at her house, inviting Pat's mom, and Sara's boyfriend, Bruce. Unfortunately, the séance awakens spirits in Ruth's house. Sara seems to be targeted for possession, and Ruth, Bruce, and Pat fight to save Sara's sanity and to discover what evil haunts the house. The title gives a clue to one of the haunting spirits, Ammmie. Sara and Ruth both hear cries at night, "Ammie, come home."

I couldn't stop reading the book. Fortunately, my house doesn't have a spooky atmosphere because I know that as I was reading, I was hearing noises and feeling shivers running up and down my spine. Michaels really knows how to create a spooky atmosphere, and she adds just the right bit of romance, so it adds to the plot instead of distracting from it. I can't wait to read the rest of the books. I have found memories of being scared out of my wits while reading The Crying Child, which I think will be my next read. If you haven't read any of Michaels' books, you should definitely start with Ammie Come Home.

By the way, the illustrator for the cover of the book I read is Charles Geer. The house on the cover exudes the spookiness that you'll find within the book.

Friday, September 23, 2011 -- Afternoon

Random Thoughts
I have been suffering from Big Brother withdraw, hence the silence on my part. Big Brother becomes such a huge part of my summer life that I find myself totally drained by the time the show ends. Also, class starts, so I have been busy creating a syllabus and preparing lecture slides and homework assignmnets. So, just some random thoughts for today. Banned Books Week
Banned Books Week
Banned Books Week is from September 27 to October 1. It seems that I have read a good many of the classic banned books, and probably even a good percentage of the recent books. After all, the Harry Potter books usually fall on someone's list. For whatever reason, some people are challenged by ideas in books. If you want to read a banned book head to your local library or bookstore this weekend.
Pens Pre-season
The Pens have started their pre-season. Sidney Crosby is practising with the team, but not having contact. He seems to be doing better now. A few weeks ago, Crosby had a press conference with his doctors. The concussion recovery is progressing. Everyone's goal is to have Crosby be in pre-concussion condition, if not better, because they don't want him to suffer from long term consequences.
Fall Arrives
Summer is officially over. I hate this time of year, even though it is apple season. Yes, the colors are nice; yes, I love Halloween. However, when fall arrives, you know that winter is next in line. I hate winter weather and snow. Oh, a nice blizzard to get you snowbound over the weekend, is fun, as long as you have plenty of books, food, and coffee. And if the electricity doesn't go out!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 -- Evening

Finally! After several days of inactivity on the live feeds, it's time for the Big Brother finale. The show started with a recap of the season. I forgot that we haven't seen the humiliating "endurance" competition that lasted half an hour.

In the competition, Adam claims that if he wins the first HOH, he will win. Porsche has a final two deal with Rachel, which Rachel made to keep herself in the final two. Rachel realizes that she has to win the endurance comp. After less than 10 minutes, Porsche was feeling queasy. After 22 minutes, Adam's arms were feeling weak, and his legs were killing him. Rachel says in DR that if Adam wants to give up the $500,000 for a little bit of pain, so be it. Adam is out at 28 min. and 35 seconds. Adam said that he was "damaging" himself, and he needed to save his strength for the second comp. Porsche claims that she is staying of for dear life. But she's feeling queasy. Porsche asks Rachel how she is doing, and Rachel says fine. Rachel says she can hang on. Porsche jumps off at 46 minutes and 10 seconds. Although, I don't think it was that long, more like 39 minutes. Rachel says that her Bokie Bear would be so proud. Porsche says she has to win the second HOH. Adam claims that round two is his. Yeah, right!

Porsche was first up in the second HOH competition. The competition was to go through an underwater maze. They had to get the house guest photos from the bottom of the tank, navigate the maze, and get the correct photo by the week that person was HOH. Porsche said that she can't think holding her breath, but she worked hard and finished. Porsche thought she could do it better, and hoped Adam did worse. Adam said that it was redemption time for him. He was positive that he would win. He started at the bottom, and thought that the googles were a pain, and he threw them out. However, he couldn't see without them, so he had to get out of the tank to find the goggles, wasting precious time. Now for the times: Adam did his in 6 minutes and 3 seconds. Porsche did it in 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Porsche says that as long as Rachel honors her deal, Porsche will be in the final two. Rachel says that she has to do what's best for her, even if she has to break her deal. However, she hopes that Porsche will take her.

Time for the jury discussion. It starts when Kalia and Jordan come in. Shelly says that she wants to see Adam and Rachel. Kalia is the first one in. Kalia told them that Rachel won the HOH. Then Jordan comes in next. Brendon was happy. The rest did not seem very happy. Jordan knew that Porsche would vote her out. Jordan said that she was proud of Rachel and thought she should win. Daniele thought that Rachel was the biggest floater in the house, floating to whomever was in power. Jeff said that Rachel made it to the end. Kalia said that Rachel had the hardest road to the end. Shelly struggles with giving it to Rachel, but Jordan said that Shelly lied and talked about everyone. Jeff said that he talked to Porsche for 8 minutes in the game. Kalia said that she just laid low. Kalia said that Porsche won when she had to. Everyone agrees that Porsche made more deals and better moves than Porsche. Jeff and Jordan liked that Adam was loyal. Jordan said that Adam played the game from day 1, but Porsche started playing on day 50. Daniele says that Adam never thought for himself. Shelly said that the only time she heard strategy was when Kalia and Porsche played Dani's game. Kalia didn't want to let Jeff talk, because Kalia claimed that she played a hard game. Kalia was really bitter about not winning BB.

It's the final HOH competition. Porsche and Rachel are asked about the jury. First question: Brendon said that the moment in the house he was afraid to have his family see is leaving the house or not doing good in endurance. Brendon said leaving the house. Both got it wrong. Daniele thought the most shocking moment was Brendon coming back in the house or Evel Dick leaving. Daniele was shocked at her dad leaving. Rachel got it right. Shelly said her fatal error was turning against Jeff and Jordan or voting to get rid of Jeff one week too soon. The answer was voing to evict Jeff one week too soon. Both got it wrong. Jeff said that the best thing was getting to spend the summer with Jordan. Both got it wrong. Kalia said the biggest lie was that Adam was loyal to the newbies or anything out of Shelly's mouth. Shelly said anything out of Shelly's mouth. Rachel got it right, and with only one question left, there was no reason to continue. Rachel won final HOH, and just freaked out with crying and jumping. Rachel said that it was so surreal. Obviously, neither of them knew anything about the people in the jury. Rachel didn't even know what Brendon would say. At least Rachel got 2 of the 5 right. Porsche got 0 of 5.

Rachel has to pick the person to go to the final two. Porsche gets to plead her case first. Porsche said that they started and ended as allies. Porsche wishes Rachel the best of luck. Adam does his final call out to the heavy metal. Adam said that Porsche was with Rachel to get the golden key. Then Porsche left for the other side, and then came back. Adam says he was always with Rachel. Rachel has to make the $500,000 decision, and she jokes that she isn't ready to make the decision. Rachel said that it was amazing to compete. She says that she was a target, and her fiance was evicted twice. She goes on about fighting. Rachel says that one person fought by her side, and says that she has to get rid of Adam because she made a deal with Porsche. Rachel tells Adam that she is sorry. Adam goes out to talk to Julie. Adam roars, going out as he came in. Then Adam gives Julie a huge hug. Rachel seems very subdued after voting Adam out. Porsche tries to talk to Rachel, but Rachel doesn't answer. Julie asks if Porsche was a better choice, or if Adam was because he didn't do anything. Adam claims that if he was in the final two, he would have won, so it was better that Rachel voted him out. Adam is now a member of the jury, and he says that he is sorry that she's not giving him a check. Then Adam asks Julie to talk to her friend Sharon Osbourne to hook him up with Ozzy. Adam is something else!

The jury comes out in the order in which they were evicted. The jury finds out that Adam was evicted. Brendon gets really excited because he's hoping for the money that Rachel wins. They are also told that Rachel won the final HOH. They get one last chance to question the final two. It seems the jury agreed on questions for the final two. Brendon asks Rachel about saying hurtful things and wonders why she should be rewarded. Rachel said that she should be rewarded for game play, competing the entire game, fight to be there, put their heart on the line. RAchel apologies, and says she won four HOH and two POV. Jordan asks Porsche what else she did beside wearing a bikini and cooking. Porsche claims that she talked to everyone in the jury, and competed in as many competitions as possible. Kalia asked about what Rachel did beside winning competitions. Rachel talks about winning competitions. Rachel said that she had to make changes, and get ride of Kalia. Shelly asks Porsche when she started to play the game. Porsche claimed in week one, saying she was willing to take a golden key and not compete. Porsche claims that she made big game moves more recently, but doesn't say what.

Rachel thanks the jury members for knowing them. Rachel says that she competed her heart out, exposed Daniele's plan to get rid of Jeff, and getting rid of Kalia. Rachel said that she has to be more social after Brendon won. Rachel said that she also had to win to save her and Jordan. Rachel said that she was also true to her alliance. Rachel rambles a bit. Porsche said that they voted for her to float in week one. Porsche claims that she won, competed, and played a social game by talking to everyone. Porsche thinks that they give her the money to compete in life. The jury gets to vote. Brendon goes first, saying it will be a hard decision. He says that he's proud of her. Daniele tells Porsche that she adores her, and then tells Rachel that she's lucky it's not a personality contest. Jeff said that he has nothing cute to say, and congratulates them both. Shelly tells them that she's proud of them, and wishes them both lucky. She also says she loves them, but not as much as Brendon loves Rachel. Kalia votes and says "pajama, pajama." Loser. Jordan says that she missed Rachel, and congratulates them both. Adam tells Rachel that was a good move on her part to get rid of him because he would have won, especially if he didn't throw away his goggles and didn't smoke.

The early evictees come back: Lawon, Dominic, Cassi, Keith, and Evel Dick. Evel Dick is asked about the veteran's alliance. He said that if they stuck together, it would have been the best alliance ever. Evel Dick says that Daniele ruined the alliance. Daniele said that she was forced into the alliance, but that she wanted to be in an alliance with others. Julie asks Evel Dick about Daniele getting rid of Jeff. Dick says that he doesn't talk about his daughter to her face, but behind her back. Dick said that she should have played it quiet, but she was played too hard, too fast. Cassi said that she thought Adam was darn cute under that beard. Cassi thought that Shelly was so happy to be there, but that Shelly had her fooled. Shelly makes smiley faces at Cassi. Shelly says that she adores Cassi. Shelly said that she couldn't win, so she had to play both sides, and manipulate both sides. As Shelly says, it's a game. Shelly's face though make me irritated. Jeff says that they they did put some of the things behind them in the jury house. Jeff says it is game, and you have to move on from it. Julie calls Kalia on saying that in the past she bit her tongue. Julie wants her to let loose. Kalia said that she watched BB, and that she is no one's slave or no one's master. She then says she loves Daniele. Jeff is asked about Daniele. Jeff said that they are both strong people. Jeff says that he does dislike her, but then Daniele dislikes him, so it's all good.

Time to count the jury's votes.
Brendon hugs Rachel for winning, and he's probably already planning on how to spend her money. All the house guests give each other fake hugs.

Not much left to the show, so it's time for America's Favorite House Guest. The person voted America's favorite gets $25,000. The cat ladies did their work, and gave the prize to Jeff. Supposedly, they were telling folks to vote for Jeff so he would have money and would ask Jordan to marry him.

Monday, September 12, 2011 -- Afternoon

cover of Kathy Reichs Flash and Bones
Flash and Bones
I just finished reading the latest Kathy Reichs book, Flash and Bones. The book just came out at the end of August, so I was very lucky to get this one from the library as soon as I did. This book is set in Charlotte, North Caroline, and the bodies and plot revolve around NASCAR. Tempe finds a body in a barrel right outside the race track. Is it the body of a teen missing since 1998, Cindi Gamble, or her boyfriend, Cale Lovette, or is it someone else? Someone recently dead? As with every Reichs' book, this one has a few subplots. The FBI is very interested in the body in the barrel and the Gamble/Lovette disappearance. When the files from the 1998 disappearance and the body go missing, Tempe is sure there is some sort of connection. As she teams up with Erskine, Skinny, Slidell, and former cop/current NASCAR security guard, Cotton Galimore, Tempe finds herself pulled even deeper into the mystery. Did the body in the barrel die from ricin poisoning? When Wayne Gamble gets involved in the search, and then winds up horribly dead, with abrin (a ricin-like poison) in his system, Tempe isn't sure who to trust. Cotton stirs her libido with his good looks, but Skinny and others says that Cotton isn't to be trusted. Cotton is accused of obstructing the 1998 investigation. As usual, Tempe finds her life in danger by the end of the book.

Although the story follows a similar plot to the other books, I found myself devouring the book. Reichs knows how to up the tension in her books, and she does a skillful job with the mystery. I figured out whodunit before Tempe, but that's the whole joy of reading a mystery, figuring it out and trying to yell the answer to the detective. Andrew Ryan does not make more than a brief appearance in the book. He's still involved with daughter, Lily, and her drug/personal problems. I really didn't miss the Ryan interaction. It was good to see Tempe being strong on her own. I would definitely recommend this book, even to those who have yet to read a Reichs mystery.

Saturday, September 10, 2011 -- Late Evening

Porsche Wins 2nd HOH
The BB house has been extremely boring. That's what usually happens when the house is down to the final two weeks. There was a good deal of banging in the back yard, and finally, just a few hours ago, the second HOH competition was held. It seems that Porsche won, so it will be her and Rachel battling for final HOH. I would imagine that either will take Adam to the final because he would be the easiest to beat.

Rachel during the final HOH endurance competition

Thursday, September 8, 2011 -- Later Evening

Rachel Easily Wins 1st HOH Competition
What do you expect from the losers that are Adam and Porsche? Adam was out of the "endurance" competition in 15 minutes or so. Another 15 minutes later, Porsche dropped out. Rachel easily wins the first HOH competition. Boy, she's the only one who deserves to win in this bunch!

Thursday, September 8, 2011 -- Evening

Final Three
When the live feeds came back, we found out that Porsche and Jordan were on the block, Porsche had won the POV, and Porsche told Jordan that she would be evicted. Let's see what happens on the show.

Julie Chen looked really good in a black pants outfit. It's day 69 in the BB house. The show starts with the usual recap of Kalia's eviction and Adam's HOH win. Porsche was happy to be in the house, but she has no alliance member anymore. Adam showed that he chose his side with Rachel and Jordan. Jordan voted for Kalia so she could keep her word to Kalia, and possibly get a jury vote. Rachel in DR asked why she had to get blood on her hands. Adam was happy to finally win an HOH. As he said, his lips were chapped from kissing so much butt this season, and he wonders how his butt will be kissed. Jordan was happy for Adam, but was unhappy that she didn't win because now she isn't safe. Time to see Adam's HOH room. Adam kissed the picture of his girlfriend, and showed them his bar mitzvah pictures. There was also a ton of bacon objects for Adam. They were all happy for Adam. Porsche was helping Adam take his stuff upstairs, at his request. Porsche just wants to sit in the final two seat, and doesn't care who is beside her. Adam talks with Porsche about game. Porsche thinks that she would have a good deal with Adam in the final two. Porsche says that she thinks she is an equal to Jordan. Then Rachel goes up to talk to Adam. Rachel wants to know if she has to kiss a floater's butt. Rachel said that she wants to see her, Adam, and Jordan in final three. As Rachel said, she obviously wants to be in the final three. Then Jordan goes up to talk to Adam. Adam said that he is going to put up Jordan, or at least alludes to it. Jordan asks if Adam would use the POV if he wins it. And Adam says that he doesn't know. Jordan said that she knew that was a yes. Jordan says, after helping Adam so much, why would Adam help Adam. Jordan calls Adam on it, telling Adam not to lie to her. Jordan says she can read it in his face. Since Adam's whole head is red, it's pretty obvious that he does plan to take Porsche.

it's time for Adam's nominations. Jordan says that she doesn't really trust Adam completely and thinks that Adam will try to split up her and Rachel. Rachel thinks Adam is a wild card, and she thinks that she will be nominated. Adam hopes that he made the right decision. At the ceremony, Adam pulls Rachel's key from the box. She's safe, for now. Adam tells Porsche and Jordan that they have to win POV to earn their place in the final three. Adam said that he and Rachel had done that. As Adam said, if you want to be in the final three, you have to earn it. Jordan tells herself in DR that she needs to buckle down and win this veto.

It's time for the POV competition. The back yard has jukeboxes in it. Each jukebox has 20 clues, 10 on each side. There are blocks with the names of evicted house guests on the sides, and they have to match up the names with the clues. Rachel says that she has to be careful because she doesn't want to take things off. Porsche is putting hers on the side before she puts them on the pole. The others are putting the blocks on the pole. Jordan said that when she is under pressure and racing someone, she panics and gets really flustered. Porsche has all the blocks ready. Puts them on, buzzes in, but it was incorrect because she had one wrong. Rachel said that hearing someone buzz in motivated her. Then Porsche figures out her error, and gets the POV. Porsche cannot be happier to be in the final three. Adam realizes that Porsche may take him to the final two. Rachel cries fake tears in the DR. Jordan realizes that her chances of remaining in the house are looking pretty slim. Rachel cries because she lost. Jordan says that after losing again, she should go home. Rachel cries because she could have done better. Jordan said that Jordan deserves to leave because she has been losing so much. Jordan says to Rachel that Rachel doesn't take losing well. Jordan tells Rachel that she would never have made it this far without Rachel. Jordan tells Rachel that if she gets to the final two, she will win because she will get Jeff, Brendon, and Jordan's vote. Rachel realizes that she has to stop with the tears and campaign for herself. Rachel tells Porsche that Jordan will probably take Adam, but that Rachel will take Porsche. Rachel gives Porsche some more arguments. Porsche thinks that Rachel will take her to final two, but Porsche also thinks she can beat Jordan in votes.

Time for the final veto ceremony. Porsche said that she is going to use the POV to get off the block. Rachel replaces her. Now it's time for the nominees to give their speeches. Rachel is honored to be there. Rachel calls Jordan sweet, amazing, and beautiful. Rachel got confused on what she was talking about with the veto. Jordan said that she knows she is going home. She says she loves Adam. Jordan says that her opinion of Rachel has changed from when she came in. Jordan admits that she didn't talk much with Porsche, just knew that Porsche liked bikinis, and knows she's going out. Then she gave a long spiel on how she misses everyone. Jordan tells everyone that she's nervous, and they all applaud her. As Jordan leaves, she shakes hands with everyone. She seems overwhelmed to hear the audience's reaction. In the house, Adam, Porsche, and Rachel hug. Jordan tells Julie that she is disappointed. final HOH endurance competition Jordan said that Porsche never talked to her. As Jordan said, Porsche was like a poker face to her. When Julie asked why not get close, Jordan said, it was too late. Jordan says that she's so nervous talking to Julie. Jordan said that she got caught up in Shelly's niceness, and saw her like a mom. As Jordan, said, you can't trust anyone. You can't trust your mom! Jordan thought that she and Rachel just balanced each other out because Jordan was social, and Rachel was the competitor. Jordan didn't think that it was right for Rachel to go out because Rachel competed and won, and deserved to win. Porsche's farewell was that Jordan was too close to people. Adam calls Jordan Sweet, Sweet Jordan. Adam thanks Jordan. Rachel said that she's sorry she couldn't save Jordan. Rachel calls it a chick-mance and says that she thinks she found a life long friend in Jordan. Rachel was crying, and Jordan was teary-eyed too.

Time for part one of the final HOH. It's an endurance competition. The three are each holding onto a giant mixed blade hovering over a swimming pool of yellow water. The blades start to spin, as they face outwards from the mixer. They get sprayed with paint, and then get dunked into the water.

The show ends with the three knee deep, spinning in the pool. They might be there for a while.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 -- Evening

Finally! The Eviction Show
Finally! We get to find out what's been going on in the Big Brother house since the eviction show was taped yesterday. I hate to admit that I've become a huge Rachel fan this season. I've really liked her game play after Brendon left the house.

Rachel said that last time, it was Rachel and Jordan on the block together, so this time, it's Kalia and Porsche. Porsche claims that she and Kalia are the strongest competitors in the house. Kalia for some reason thinks that she is the best womam to win the veto. Kalia and Porsche think the only chance to keep them both is for Adam to win and take one of them off. Then Adam and that person will take out Jordan. Adam is in the purple room, and Jordan goes to talk to him. Jordan explains that if Adam wins the POV, Jordan will go up and go out. Adam tells Jordan that it's him, Rachel, and Jordan as final three. Jordan says that Adam was carried the whole way, and they don't need him to flip. It's time now for the POV. It's the OTEV competition. This time, OTEV is a shark, and he craves pie. They have to take the pie, clean out the stuff inside, and pick the correct house guest name for the question. Last player standing wins. Adam needs the veto to build his jury resume and keep his butt of the block. Jordan doesn't know if she trusts Adam. First question is the person who wasn't a chum of Daniele and called Daniele a Judas. Obviously Brendon. Kalia is back first, followed by Adam, Rachel, and Porsche. Jordan struggled to get there. Jordan is first out. Jordan says she feels like such a loser. Rachel feels like all the weight is on her shoulders. The next was the person who chewed their way to the POV. It's Dominic. Porsche is first back. Then comes Adam. Kalia says that she has to beat Rachel, and she comes in third. Rachel is last and out this round. Rachel is hoping that Adam will win, and that he keeps the nominations the same. Round 3, and the pie belongs to the person zinged about having a soul patch. They are looking for Jeff. Porsche is first and then Adam. Kalia is last and out. Last round. Kalia criees, and Rachel pats her shoulder. Rachel says "cry me a river. Boo-hoo! I don't feel sad for her!" Final round is the person who lost all 17 competitions they played in. Adam says it's obvious that it's Shelly. Porsche is back first, but she got a Keith pie instead of a Shelly pie. That gives Adam a shot, and Jordan and Rachel are happy. Adam got it right, and won the POV. Kalia and Porsche were crying. As Adam says, he'll sleep good with the veto. Kalia cries that she could have won the veto, but now her fate is in someone else's hands.

We now get to see Shelly entering the jury house. As Julie says, it's time for Shelly to face the music. Jeff, Brendon, and Daniele toast the last of them being only three. Jeff said that he would love to see Shelly because he has some words left unsaid. It's Shelly. They all hug. Shelly tells them about Pandora's Box, and Shelly said that she was fightened to come into the house. Daniele offers to support Shelly. Jeff tells Daniele that he wants to hear from Shelly. Jeff asks Shelly what was wrong with the final four with him and Jeff. Shelly says that Jeff would have beat her. Shelly said that she didn't win competitions, but that she did protect Jeff. Jeff said that he didn't ask for it. Brendon jokes about Porsche finally winning. Daniele asks what Porsche got. When Shelly says $5k, and Daniele says more. Daniele says that Rachel will win because she's used to straddling Brendon. Then we see Shelly leave. Shelly says that she offered Rachel and Jordan 100%. Jeff said that he's trying to wrap his head around Shelly going back with Jordan. Shelly claims that she's way smarter than Jeff thinks, and Jeff says "apparently not." Zing!

Back to the BB house. Kalia locks herself in the john to cry, and we realize there is a camera in there. Then Kalia cries in DR about how unfair it is that Adam won anything because he didn't in the past, and it's not fair!! Jordan hopes that Adam keeps with his deal. Rachel says that they have to trust him. Kalia and Porsche talk to Adam about newbies to the end. Kalia claims that she can sell water to a fricking well. She claims that she has the gift of gab, and that she is smart and intelligent. Kalia tells Adam that he knows fans and that they like big moves. Kalia says that she will put Porsche up with Rachel, and that Porsche will do the same. Kalia tells Adam to make a big move because it's time. Adam plans on making a big move to further his game. As Adam says, there are four people in the house. Two will be really happy, and two will be really upset. It's time for the POV ceremony. Adam does not use the POV, and you should have seen Kalia's face drop. Adam says you may be upset with his decision, but you have to respect it. Kalia can't believe that Adam didn't have the guts to use the veto. Rachel smiles broadly.

It's time for the eviction. Porsche thanks everyone in the house for putting up with her. Porsche enjoyed the experience. Then Porsche says something to each of them: napping with Kalia, pure Jordan. Kalia tells Adam to stop playing like a fan, and play like an all-star. Kalia asks Jordan to vote for her because she wanted to play with her. It's all rather sad.

Time for the vote: Adam was pissed when he voted. It's a tie and up to Rachel to vote. Kalia looks anxiously at Rachel, and looks like she is going to puke. Rachel says they are both awesome. Rachel tells Kalia that she respects Kalia, but she has to evict her. Kalia turns over the black chess piece that she has been hiding, gives everyone a big hug, wipes her tears, and heads out of the house. Adam tells them all, final four. Rachel tries to remember what she said. Julie asks Kalia about the newbies to the end. Kalia said that she really meant that, but she didn't support newbies to the end at the beginning of the season when she could have gotten rid of the vets.

It's time for America's Vote. We get to give $25,000 to our favorite house guest.

We get to hear the Fortune Teller. Porsche is there, and calls Rachel. The Fortune Teller tells them to call everyone. The fortunes are going to be part of the HOH competition. The house guests have to get up throughout the night, when they hear the laugh. (Fortunes listed yesterday.) Time for the HOH competition. It's Adam, Jordan, and Porsche. They have to say if the quote is true or false. They get a point for each correct answer. First: Jeff wandering Chicago streets, muttering clown shoes. False. It's clown shoe. All get it right. Second Brendon cures athlete's foot. True. Jordan gets it wrong. Cassi works with the Hoff. True. Porsche gets it wrong. Keith dates all 29 contestants, but it's female. Porsche gets it wrong. Dominic gets called the Dominator. False. Porsche gets it wrong. Evel Dick legally changes his name to Old Saint Dick. It's false, all get it. Adam got them all right. Jordan missed one. Porsche missed most. Adam is HOH.

Julie congratulates Adam on his HOH. Adam says only having Tori Spelling in the house would beat this, but wait, she was in the house. Adam is happy to be in the final three. Porsche said that she was too flustered to get anything right, but it happy her housemates kept her. We should find out who leaves tomorrow. The season finale is one week from tonight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 -- Late Evening

Hot rumors on the Internet are that Kalia was evicted and Adam won the HOH. That's from @MissCleoBB13 on Twitter, who was at today's show taping. Of course, we can only wait until tomorrow to confirm. When it comes to the final four, winning the HOH pretty much just ensures that you will be in the final three. Winning the POV is paramount. That person takes him/herself off the block and gets to evict someone. Of course if the HOH wins POV, that person does have the power.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 -- Afternoon

Fortune Teller's Predictions
BB Fortune Teller The BB fortune teller was in action overnight in the BB house. It seems that it was repeating predictions over and over, and that the predictions will be part of the upcoming HOH competition. The predictions are:
The house guests found out that they were filming the eviction on Tuesday. Unfortunately, that means that the live feeds will be down until at least after Wednesday's eviction episode.

Monday, September 5, 2011 -- Evening

Cover of Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva
Portrait of a Spy
I just finished reading the latest Daniel Silva, Portrait of a Spy. Although the book came out at the end of July, it took forever to get it through my local library. It was well worth the wait. Just when Gabriel Allon thinks that he and his wife, Chiara, might be out of the spy business, and safely ensconced in Cornwall, restoring paintings, terrorism strikes. Allon and Chiara go to London to see Julian Isherwood. Allon to see a Titian that needs restoration, and Chiara to see if she can convince Allon to take over Julian's art studio. Suicide bombers strike in Paris and Copenhagen. Allon sees a person that he knows is a suicide bomber enter Covent Garden. Before Allon can shoot him, the police bring Allon down, allowing the bomber to set off his bomb. Before you know it, Allon is working with Graham Seymour and Adrian Carter to infiltrate the terrorist network with the financial help of Nadia al-Bakari, daughter of a terrorist funder, Zizi al-Bakari. Allon killed Zizi in The Messenger. Silva ties in elements of the current upheaval in the "Arab Spring." The president in the book is an obvious reference to Barak Obama and his unrealistic opinion of how to handle the terrorist threat. The book is very entertaining and quite a page turner. I really enjoy the Silva's books because he knows how to bring the reader to the edge of his or her seat. Of course, you could say that the books in the series are very similar. Well, what else would you expect from any series? I think that we have expectations from an author, and we don't want him or her to deviate too much from the formula. All in all, Daniel Silva does a great job with his Gabriel Allon series, and I highly recommend it.
Night Terrors
Every kid worries about monsters in the bedroom closet. After watching this week's Doctor Who, I think a good number of adults are going to be afraid of monsters in their bedroom closets. The show had tons of thrills and horrors, a really good standalone episode of the show. I think the recent series have been too caught up in adding to the theme of the whole season. It was good to get a break from that.
Adam Does Not Use the Veto
Obviously, Adam did not use the veto. Kalia has turned from constantly harassing Adam to use the veto to save her to constantly harassing Rachel and Jordan to keep her. Personally, I would like to see a Rachel, Jordan, Adam final three. It's not the ideal that I would have had at the beginning of the season, but it is what it is.

Sunday, September 4, 2011 -- Evening

Pandora's Second Box
Time for the latest episode of Big Brother. At this time of the year, the house becomes very boring. After all, there are only five of them left in the house.

The show started with the HOH competition. Rachel quickly took the lead. As she said in DR, the glaze is really difficult to get through. Kalia thought that she was in alien goop trying to bust out of a membrane. Rachel realized that if she didn't win, she would go home. Kalia knew that she had to win to keep her alliance safe. Adam wanted to win HOH to prove to Rachel and Jordan that they did a good thing to keep him this week. Adam knew who the vote was against him. That put a target on Kalia's back for Adam. Kalia admitted in DR that she guessed wrong to think that Jordan and Rachel were going to vote out Adam. Adam and Rachel were neck and neck in the HOH. Rachel figured that she would stay on her hands and knees to not get her clothes wet. Jordan finally figured out that she should put the doughnut in her mouth to carry it. Kalia really sucked at the competition saying that she had never done anything so hard in her life. Rachel said that Kalia probably shouldn't have slept all summer, but should have exercised with her and Jordan. Jordan said that she was out of breath after one run.. Rachel said that she lost all her pre-wedding weight, but added it on with the goop. Rachel was in the lead, Adam was second, with Jordan third, and Kalia trailing. Adam was still trying to prove that he could win big challenges. Porsche was rooting for Adam because Kalia was a lost cause. Rachel had the most doughnuts. Rachel said that the HOH key was for Brennon (as Rachel calls him) and for Jeff, and for her and Jordan. Jordan would love to see herself and Rachel in the final two. Adam said that Rachel is a machine trying to save her ass. Porsche knew that she would go on the block, and Kalia felt as if she was in for a nightmare.

Jordan and Rachel celebrate in the storage room. Rachel says that everyone in the house, except for Jordan needs to make deals with her. Rachel admits that who she evicts is dependent on who will keep her to the final three. Kalia is showering, and clears her throat. She starts to apologize about trying to get rid of him. He says it's okay, but Adam says in DR that her word to him means absolutely nothing. Adam is lying down when Porsche says that she's glad that he stayed. As Adam says, there's only two weeks left. Adam says that he doesn't know what Rachel will do. Adam tells Porsche that it will probably be her and Kalia. Meanhile, Kalia is snoring when Rachel comes out with her HOH key. Rachel wonders if Kalia will ever wake up. Adam says that Kalia's nickname is Koala because they sleep 22 hours a day, and Kalia sleeps 21.5 hours. Rachel is so excited because there are tons of pictures of Brennon! Adam says that the girls are oohing and awwing over Brendon, but he's there in flesh. Jordan says that Brendon is not as good looking as Jeff because...well, Jeff is her Jeff. Then we see Kalia up talking to Rachel. My favorite line is how Kalia has been battling the entire game. Rachel looks extremely bored. Kalia said that she would love the final four to be all four girls. Rachel said that she thinks it's a travesty that Brendon, Jeff, and Daniele are in the jury house. Rachel asks if Kalia would take her and Jordan to the final three. Of course, Kalia says yes. Rachel is trying to figure out who is on Team Rachel to the final three.

Rachel tells Jordan that when they get out, Rachel and Brendon need to find an apartment. Then Rachel says that they need car insurance, but that her insurance rate is high because she has so many accidents. Then she innumerates the accidents. Rachel admits that she is really spacy and doesn't pay attention to the road. She says that Brendon won't let her drive, and Jordan says that she wouldn't let Rachel drive either. Rachel and Porsche talk in the HOH about trust. Porsche tells Rachel that if Rachel takes her to final three, she will take Rachel. Porsche says that they can start working together. Rachel tells her that she doesn't know if she can trust Porsche. Rachel says that she doesn't know what she will do. Porsche thanks her for the talk. Adam and Jordan talk about Adam's girlfriend, Fara. Jordan says that Adam talks about Tori Spelling all the time. Adam says that Tori Spelling just makes his mornings go faster. Jordan says that if Adam sees Tori Spelling on the street Jordan's advice to Tori Spelling would be to run. Rachel sees a video of Tori Spelling, and says that Adam would just freak out. Then Rachel hears that it would be a shopping spree with a celebrity. Rachel admits that it would be a lot of fun, but she shouldn't open it. Rachel admits that a twist would be a nightmare, and doesn't want to change a thing. Rachel says that Adam would kill her if she doesn't take it. Rachel says that she will open the box. She opens the door, and says "Oh my God!" (because she sees annoying Jesse?)

Rachel gets a shopping spree with Mr. Pectacular, Jesse from BB. As Rachel says, Jesse is not a celebrity. Rachel gets her pick of Mr. Pectacular swag. Downstairs, the front door bell rings, and it's Tori Spelling. Adam has a heart attack, and his whole head turns brick red. Tori admits that she heard of Adam's love of her, and will call her child Adam if it's a boy. Adam feels that he's already won because he met Tori. Adam takes Tori on a tour. Rachel is getting stuff from Jesse, but she sees the others spending time with Tori. Adam is excited because Tori kissed his duck. The Adam shows off all his Tori Spelling knowledge. Rachel comments on Adam's face. The Adam got a kiss from Tori. Meanwhile, Rachel has to spend time with Jesse being Jesse. Tori tells the others that they have three minutes to put on stuff and what they put on they get to keep. Adam is just so hyper and excited. Adam says that he doesn't need clothes. Porsche wants to get soem new clothes. The horn goes off and they all start putting on clothes. Anything they get on their bodies, they get to keep. Rachel so wants to go outside. Rachel is going crazy watching all the house guests putting stuff on. As Rachel says, Porsche wears sweat pants all day, she doesn't deserve new clothes. Rachel is just in shock watching the others while she is stuck with Jesse. Jesse tells her that she gets to keep his stuff, and that Rachel has to make everyone a fan. Rachel tells them that she was stuck with Jesse. Meanwhile Adam hugs Rachel and thanks her repeatedly for bringing in Tori Spelling. Adam goes up to the HOH to talk to Rachel and Jordan. Adam says that he is down 100% with Jordan and Rachel, and that he feels back for turning his back on them last week when they were so down. As Adam says, he should have stayed with them, but he couldn't. Adam swears that he wants a final three with Rachel and Jordan. Rachel says that they have to make decisions that will get the three of them to the final. Rachel says that keeping a weak player in that she can beat is starting to appeal to her. She thinks that Adam is the weakest player. Adam thanks them for the opportunity to say his piece. Jordan and Rachel talk because as Rachel says, next week is such a big deal for her. Rachel says that they have to think what will get them to final two. Jordan and Rachel both say that they want to be in the final two. Jordan doesn't want sleepers, like Kalia and Porsche, in the final two. Jordan said that they got tricked by Shelly, they can't get tricked by anyone else.

It's time for nominations. Adam says that he's with Rachel and Jordan, but he can't feel safe until he takes his key out of the box. Porsche hopes that she gets to stay in the house another week. Kalia doesn't think that she's a target. Rachel pulls out Jordan's key. Jordan then pulls out Adam's key. Porsche and Kalia are on the block. Rachel says that she nominated the two because they nominated her and are gunning for her. Rachel tells them to compete for the veto. Rachel says "may the best man win." Then she realizes that they are mostly women, so she says "and women." Kalia says "payback is a bitch named Rachel." Rachel says that she will be the roadblock to them winning POV.

Saturday, September 3, 2011 -- Evening

BB Update
Not surprisingly, Rachel put up Kalia and Porsche for eviction. The big surprise is that Adam won the POV. It seems it was one of those OTEV competitions. OTEV asks a question, the house guests have to find the name of the evicted house guest, and get back to OTEV. Last one there has no place. If someone has the wrong name, that person is out. It's amazing that Adam won, but then who were the competitors left? I would doubt that Adam will use the veto, so either Kalia or Porsche goes home. AND it sounds like Kalia is the one who will leave.

Rachel and Adam in HOH competition

Thursday, September 1, 2011 -- Later Evening

Rachel is HOH
Feeds just back, and Adam is congratulating Rachel for winning HOH. I wonder who she will put on the block. I'm imagining that it will be Porsche and Kalia. We should know sometime tomorrow with POV on Saturday.

Thursday, September 1, 2011 -- Evening

Final Five
Shelly has been doing a ton of campaigning/lying to Jordan and Rachel saying that she wants to stay in the house so she can get them to the final two. From the live feeds, it does not appear that they bought it, but we'll find out now on the live eviction episode of Big Brother!

Finally, after a lengthy recap of the week, the show starts. I can't wait to see Shelly leave. After the veto meeting, Shelly said that her chances in the house might be slim to none, but that she believes all her lying is starting to help her. Then we got to see Jordan and Rachel in DR, calling themselves Jorachel. They were very funny and light hearted. Shelly says that she's not ready to go to the jury house. So while Shelly is in the purple room, she realizes that the fortune teller is working. She pushes the button to start it. She says that she figures that there is some special power from the fortune teller that will help her. Shelly then spends three hours talking to and begging the fortune teller to do something. As soon as she left, the fortune teller laughed. Shelly realizes that there are three votes, two from Rachel and Jordan. Shelly thinks that she can talk her way into the final three. Shelly has too much confidence in her lies. Shelly tells Rachel that Adam will not protect her or Jordan as Shelly will. Rachel said that she understands that Shelly is playing the game, and that she respects Shelly's game. Rachel said that she doesn't think that Shelly will not put her up. Shelly then offers her three diamond ring to Rachel. Rachel says that she doesn't want Shelly's ring. Rachel said that Shelly has been lying and manipulating the game. Shelly joyously says that her ring is fake diamonds, and she thinks that her fake ring and fake words have swayed Rachel. Rachel asks Jordan about keeping Shelly because she's the bigger target. At that point, Adam comes in, and tells Jordan that he has always been loyal to Adam. Jordan says that she feels that she has helped and saved Adam. Adam says that if they save him, he will help them. Adam admits that he is also saying that to stay in the game. He does promise to stay on their side. Rachel tells Jordan that she thinks Adam is playing everyone. Jordan said that she doesn't have a good feeling about Shelly. Rachel tells Shelly that she and Jordan want to know that the person they keep will have their back. Shelly says that she can only ask for forgiveness. Jordan says, "if you were that quick to vote out Jeff, why wouldn't you turn on me again? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." Jordan asks Shelly if she threw any competition, and Shelly claims only the very first. Meanwhile, Shelly threw the robot building comp. In the live feeds, Jordan told Rachel that, but not on the show. When Shelly goes back into the house, Rachel tells Jordan they should keep their enemy in the game. Jordan wonders if she is playing strategic or emotional.

Julie talks to the house guests. Jordan says that Rachel is a handful and very entertaining. Jordan is never bored with her. Kalia said that the first thought of Porsche opening Pandora's Box was that something bad was going to happen to the house. Shelly says that the game moves inside the house are not the same as what you do outside the house. Shelly claims that she was hurt at hurting Jordan. She claims to so adore Jordan. Adam is asked about being in a house with all women. Adam says that he's always around girls outside of the house. He just wishes that he has appletinis. Rachel thinks that Brendon was probably shocked to see Daniele and Jeff come into the house. Of course, that takes us to the jury house. Brendon has been playing ping pong by himself, studying, and harvesting oranges. Brendon said that he would love to see Rachel, but would rather that it be Daniele. When Daniele comes in, Brendon is happy. Daniele says that Jeff won HOH and backdoored her, which isn't really true because Daniele did play for POV. You only get backdoored if you don't get to save yourself by playing for POV. Brendon and Daniele watch the video. As Daniele says, she doesn't know what to do in jury because she's not a loser like Brendon. Daniele says that part of her wants Jeff to come through the door, but would rather it be Adam. Daniele says that Jeff's back must really hurt because he can't get Adam off of it.

During the commercial break, Alison Grodner tweeted: "@agrodner22: Interesting conversation during the commercial break: Rach not thrilled that Jordan called her a "handful." Interesting! Wonder if this will lead to repercussions.

Jeff enters the house. Brendon is shocked. Daniele says that she is so excited. Daniele calls it karma, and says she was going to keep Jordan and Jeff safe. Daniele says that she likes her alliance, and Brendon said that if only they had kept "their" alliance together, it would be okay. jeff sees that he threw one of the clown shoes right outside of the box. As Jeff said that if only he had looked, he would have seen it, and won the POV. Jeff is really upset about the thrown out clown shoe. Brendon tells him to not let it get to him. Jeff keeps on about the clown shoe. Daniele laughs about Porsche saying it was for her. Jeff keeps on saying that clown shoe cost him $500,000. Jeff said that he was feeling good, but not any more. Jeff wants to see Shelly next. Daniele and Brendon said that it's going to be a rough week with Jeff feeling down about the clown shoe. As Jeff said, there will be no clowns at his kids' birthdays. Back in the BB house, Julie talks to Porsche about the duo twist. Porsche said that she felt really secure in her newbie team, but at least she and Kalia got money. Julie asks about the final four deal, but Porsche isn't sure because they haven't talked to her. Porsche wants Kallia or another newbie in final two.

Time for Shelly and Adam to give their speeches. Shelly says to "the best alliance" Tony and Josie that she loves them. Then Shelly turns to Jordan and Rachel, and says that she is with them 100%. Kalia and Porsche are giving each other the goofball eye. Adam said that he had a speech about wizards, but he's going to keep it simple. He wants to stay in the house, and hopes that he can continue to be in the house.

Time for the vote: Shelly is out. She is looking anxious. Shelly is evicted. She hugs everyone, telling them good job. Jordan walked past the door and didn't look as Shelly left. Jordan and Rachel go right to the back yard door. Julie talks to Shelly. Jullie said that Shelly made a huge attempt to stay in the game. Shelly thinks that what went wrong was getting rid of Jeff. As Shelly said, to get to the end, you have to make the big move. Shelly didn't think that she would have the chance that showed up last week. Obviously, her big move wasn't that smart of a move. Shelly thought that if she waited to long, she would never make it to final two. Shelly even admits that it was an early, big, dumb movie. Shelly said that she is worried about seeing Jeff and wants to apologize to Jeff. Shelly says that she wants to be their friend for life. Shelly said that if she had seen Jordan's reaction, she wouldn't have done it. Shelly wished that she could rewind the clock. Time for the good-bye messages. Adam tells Shelly that she played her way out. Porsche calls Shelly the mom of the house. Kalia also thanks her for being her mom. Rachel says that she knows rings, and that Shelly's ring isn't worth $500,000, and that she can't hear Shelly's motherly advice because Shelly is out of the house. Jordan said that she apologizes for yelling at Shelly and not respecting her elders. Shelly admits that her family is going to tell her that she made a stupid move.

It's time for the HOH competition. The duo twist is over. The game is "Rollin in the Dough." They have to go through goop, sprinkles, and run to a table with doughnuts. They have 13 minutes to bring back as many as they can, and they can only bring back one at a time. At the beginning, it is Rachel, Adam, Jordan, and finally Kalia. Based on Kalia's performance in the food competition with goop, it's obvious that the competition was geared against Kalia.

It's going to be a busy week with an eviction on Tuesday, and then another on Thursday when the house will be down to the final three. Then we will have the final three competitions, and final episode on September 14. The HOH competition will continue for around nine more minutes.