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September 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015 -- Afternoon

cover of Overture to Death by Ngaio Marsh
Overture to Death by Ngaio Marsh
I have been busy with other things, but somehow I managed to finish two books at around the same time. How did I do that, you ask? It's because one was on Kindle and the other was in print from the library. Overture to Death was the print book, and it was a re-read of one of Ngaio Marsh's novels. I've been feeling in the mood for some good classic mysteries and Ngaio Marsh never disappoints. Overture to Death was the eighth Roderick Alleyn book, and it was published in 1939. The plot centers around a small village of Chipping, where two elderly, and by elderly I mean early fifties, women want to make the local rector her own. Eleanor Prentice is the maiden aunt who lives with the local squire and his son, Henry. Henry has his eye on the rector's daughter, Dinah, and Eleanor is apposed to it. Idris Campanula is the other spinster. The local group, with the local doctor and the Mrs Ross, a beautiful newcomer to town, decide to put on a play to pay for a replacement piano. When Idris replaces Eleanor at the piano the night of the play, she is shot in the head by a booby trap in the piano. Alleyn is called in to solve the murder, and there are a tangle of clues to make things even more muddled. This is one of the earlier Alleyn's, so Nigel Bathgate makes an appearance.

Overall, the mystery was not easy to solve, and there were red herrings to wiggle around. My favorite part of any of Marsh's novels is the depiction of the characters. I felt that I could really visualize the characters, and I found myself drawn into the plot. All in all, it was a very enjoyable mystery.

As a note, I loved the cover of the book. Yes, it is rather graphic, but I think that it's eye catching. Don't you just want to read a book with a picture of a dead body sprawled on a piano?
The Miracle at St. Bruno's by Philippa Carr
cover of The Miracle at St. Bruno's by Philippa Carr When I was a teenager, I loved to read Victoria Holt, Phyliss Whitney, and Mary Stewart. Because I wanted to read more of the genre that I loved, gothic suspense, I checked out other books written by Holt. Victoria Holt's real name was Eleanor HIbbert, and she was quite prolific, writing under several different names. I really got into one of the pseudonyms, Philippa Carr. These books weren't really suspense, although at times, there were suspenseful moments. The Carr books follow the family line through a succession of females from the time of Henry VIII to World War II. There are only 19 books in the series, and I think I only read a handful of the later ones. They are available on Kindle for a reasonable price, so over time, I got all 19 books. I started reading the first in the series The Miracle at St. Bruno's, and it reminded me of the others that I read.

Damask Farland is the heroine of the book, and obviously the start of the line of strong women who get involved with strong men. The miracle in the title is the baby who is found in the crib at the local abbey altar at Christmas one year. The boy is named Bruno, and he is raised by the monks. However, in the time of Henry VIII, there is a good deal of religious upheaval. Henry basically got rid of the church because he wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. The reader learns about all the things going on in Henry's court and the country through mostly secondhand stories told by Damask and her cousin Kate. Anyway, the abbey is dismantled, and Bruno is exposed as love child between a Damask's female servant and a monk. Bruno vanishes one day shortly after the abbey is emptied, and he is gone for a few years. Kate marries a lord and quickly has a boy. Damask's father is imprisoned and beheaded for harboring a former monk. When Bruno comes back, he marries Damask, and surprises of surprises, he has enough money to restore the abbey. There is a lot of tension between Damask, her step-father, Simon Caseman (who betrayed Damask's father to get her father's lands), and Bruno. Things also don't go well when Damask is only able to produce a female child.

All in all, the book is a classic start to the stories that were published in the Philippa Carr name. There is some romance, some intrigue, some happiness, and some depression. If you like historical novels with strong female characters, you should give the Carr books a try. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, September 23, 2015 -- Afternoon

Steve wins
Big Brother Finale
Boy, was the finale good last night. We saw how Vanessa talked Liz into dropping out of the first HOH, and giving the win to Vanessa. In the second HOH competition, Steve and Liz competed in a crossword puzzle challenge. Steve won the competition by the barest of margins. When it came to the final HOH, Steve won by answering one more of the juror questions correctly than Vanessa. Then Steve did what he had to do. He evicted Vanessa. Boy! Vanessa was not happy, and she showed it by giving her vote to Liz. Fortunately, everyone else beside Julia and Austin voted for Steve, and he won Big Brother.

We did get to see some video of the jury debating the merits of the final three, and they were led through the questions by Dr. Will. They were quite an argumentative bunch, and Austin was particularly against Vanessa. Johnny Mac commented on how Steve didn't have any strategy other than listening to to what Johnny Mac and Vanessa.

The shocking bit was that James won America's Favorite Player. I think that I have to agree that the vote was rigged. There's no way James had more fans than Johnny Mac, but for some reason, CBS seemed to have a hard on for James to win. That's it for this season. I cannot wait for next year's Big Brother. If you want, you can check out the house guest's exit videos.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 -- Evening

Vanessa cries
Bye, Johnny Mac
With Steve crying on the live feeds about how he threw the POV competition to the Vanessa, things are looking grim for Johnny Mac. I'm afraid that he will be going to the jury house tonight. Steve being an idiot will give the $500,000 to Vanessa.

Vanessa said that sending Austin out was the hardest thing she did in the house because Austin was going to beat her. Vanessa keeps on crying to Liz about how hard it was, and doesn't Liz understand. We see video of how Steve, Johnny Mac, and Vanessa knew 7 minutes before the eviction that Austin was going. Steve still claims that he meant to write down 6001. Yeah, right, he can't do math. Liz is livid because Steve did not go home, and now Steve is wearing the HOH key. Liz says that she has to win the competitions for Austin and Julia. Liz asks to talk to Vanessa, and Vanessa claims it was the most gut wrenching thing that she did. Vanessa keeps on crying because she wants Liz to realize how awful this is for Vanessa. Liz says she has to work with Vanessa because it's all she has, regardless of how much it sickens Liz.

Johnny Mac evicted Meanwhile Vanessa makes a final two with both Johnny Mac and Liz. Johnny Mac takes it because he realizes it's his only way. At nominations, Steve puts up Johnny Mac and Vanessa. Steve claims the nominations are purely strategic. Liz realizes that even though she is not on the block, she can go up. Then we have soem clip of Steve claiming how Vanessa can't win POV because he can't beat her in the final two. Idiot! Then why did you throw it to her???

Another jury clip. Julia comes into the house. Meg can't understand how they voted out Julia instead of Liz. The other jurors are shocked that Julia picked Austin in the bowling competition. Then Austin comes into the house in his bare feet. Shelli tries to saw that Vanessa played an amazing game. So far, only Shelli seems to be pro-Vanessa. Austin says he will do all he an to sabotage Vanessa's chances.

Then Rachel and Brendon came on the show. There was soem game talk, then Rachel announced that she was pregnant.

Time for the POV competition. It's hosted by Caleb from BB16. The POV was over several matches. Caleb will read a question, and they have to guess the day it happened. They have to karate chop a mannequin to set the number. Round one is day 38 when Clay won his only competition. Liz rang in last, and has one strike against her. They get two strikes. It was Shelli's tournament challenge. Liz was last again, and she's out of the competition. Then it was a Zingbot question for day 66. Johnny Mac got in first with the correct answer. Steve has one strike against him. Next round, it's when Meg goes on the block the second time. It was day 23, and no on e seemed to be able to figure it out. Steve says he can't figure it out, and Steve is eliminated from the tournament. Steve claims in DR that he felt too comfortable as HOH.

Final three After the commercial break, we get the last rounds. It was the day that Frankie Grande enter the house. Vanessa got in first with 86. Day of the sixth nomination ceremony. It was day 44, and Vanessa got it first. Johnny Mac won the POV. She's made up with Liz, and Johnny Mac is her buddy. Johnny Mac realizes that his fate is in Vanessa's hands.

Time for the veto meeting. Vanessa says that she will use the veto on herself. Liz joins Johnny Mac on the block. Johnny Mac says it's been an awesome summer. Johnny Mac says basically that he won't beg. Liz says that she understands that Vanessa has to do what is best for her game. Johnny Mac is evicted. Johnny Mac gets a loud cheer. Steve thinks that Johnny Mac is a twist.

Julie asks Johnny Mac about the final two with Vanessa. Johnny Mac said he would not have honored the final two with Vanessa and would have evicted her. Johnny Mac said that he probably should have evicted Steve because then Vanessa would have had to go for the shomance. Johnny Mac also isn't worried about Austin and the blindside repercussions. The show ends without the first HOH starting. It will be played out on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 -- Morning

Johnny Mac wins veto
I did not get home until late last night, so I missed the show. Thank goodness for Twitter and the CBS app. I got to find out who went to jury and who won HOH, and now I get to watch it!

It's hilarious how in the recap of the last episode, BB refers to Austin's twister alter ego, Judas. Barf! The show started with the house guests not knowing that they were going to have an eviction. Julie told them all to gather and sit in the side couches. Everyone seemed shocked at the news that there would be an eviction and HOH competition. Back to the time before the POV, and Steve is upset that he and Johnny Mac are on the block because Vanessa is siding with Austin and Liz. Vanessa claims she was doing it because Johnny Mac will get taken to the final three because he's the only one who hasn't won an HOH. Meanwhile Johnny Mac talked to Liz and Austin about how Johnny Mac feels that he is out of the loop. Johnny Mac threatens to throw the veto to them so he can build trust. Johnny Mac says he is okay with going out fifth or third. Austin calls over Vanessa and tells her what Johnny Mac said. Vanessa was happy to hear this because she was going to use it against Johnny Mac.

The POV competition starts with a promo for a new CBS comedy show. The competition has the house guests taking puzzle pieces over a balance beam to put puzzle pieces on a magnetized board. They have 20 seconds to do it before the board demagnetizes. Austin blindsided The house guest has to hit the buzzer to keep the board magnetized. If you fall off the balance beam, you have to start from the beginning. Vanessa was eliminated because she didn't keep track of the time. Johnny Mac is putting the puzzle together in the trough so he doesn't have to worry about running back for the buzzer. Johnny Mac thought Liz was doing well, but she has several pieces missing. Then Johnny Mac sees that Steve is close, so he completes his puzzle to win the POV.

Johnny Mac talks to Austin and Liz about the possibilities with the vote. Steve is happy that Vanessa's plan failed because now Vanessa will have to break up the showmance. Vanessa is upset because she wanted to send Johnny Mac to jury, and she tells Austin there are no words for her displeasure. At the veto meeting, Johnny Mac takes himself off the block, and Austin goes up in his place. Austin is okay with it because he feels that he is safe, and he thinks this is a way to show Vanessa that he trusts her. Johnny Mac realizes that his option is to vote Steve out or leave it up to Vanessa. Vanessa asks is they would be the dumbest if they didn't break up the showmance. Johnny Mac shakes hands on a final three with Vanessa and wonders if voting Austin out is the best move for him.

Steve and Austin gave their speeches, with Austin saying he would be on a TV show. Time for the vote.
HOH competition It's a tie, and Vanessa had to cast the deciding vote. Vanessa says its brutal, and she evicts Austin. Austin tells Vanessa that she can't win the jury votes. Austin leaves barefoot and shocked, as Vanessa apologizes. Back in the house, Vanessa is crying more than Liz, who is just in shock. Austin says that Vanessa scumbagged him. Austin admits that he was sure that he was going to win the game. He also says that he fell in love with Liz.

Time for the HOH competition, where Julie shows clips of the former house guests with words beeped out. Johnny Mac, Liz, and Steve have to guess if the bleeped word that Julie gives is true or false. They all get the first one right, and the second. Steve gets the third one right. They all get the fourth one right. Johnny Mac gets the fifth one right. Johnny Mac and Steve are tied. They all get the sixth one wrong so no one got a point. Steve and Johnny Mac get the last question right. It's down to a tie break between Steve and Johnny Mac. The person who is closest without going over wins, unless both go over, then it is still the one who is closer. The question is time in seconds from start of Vanessa's HOH win to the buzzer. Steve says 601, Johnny Mac says 3600. The correct answer ws 2825 seconds. Steve is the HOH. Steve admits to the others that he was going to say 6000, but he forgot a zero. And there goes Johnny Mac, probably next to jury.

Monday,September 14, 2015 -- Evening

Johnny Mac and his eggs
Frankie Returns? Yuck!!!
I missed yesterday's episode because it was Rosh Hashannah, and unfortunately, I'm going to miss Tuesday evening's episode because I'll be teaching my usual Tuesday evening class. I'll play catch up on Tuesday's all important show on Wednesday. We should find out then who goes to jury (Steve or Austin) and who is the final four HOH. This will be especially important since the feeds are down now for the next 36 hours. For now, this is a recap of Sunday's episode.

It seems the luxury trip was a "trip of a lifetime!" Really it wasn't. It was a trip lead by Frankie Grande to see his infantile-acting sister, Ariana, perform. I'd rather be stuck with pins and needles! Anyway, on with the show, which started with the HOH competition. Liz dropped a few, and the eggs were real eggs painted in gold. Liz wants to get revenge on "sneaky" Steve. Steve is hoping that Vanessa or Johnny Mac wins. Austin got the first egg. Johnny Mac was second, and he wanted to get some blood on his hands and make a big move. Austin seemed to be cruising and had two eggs in quickly. Then Vanessa got her second egg, quickly followed by Johnny Mac. We then see several clips of Liz dropping her eggs. Vanessa took the lead with her fourth egg. It seems they put a lot of strain on their shoulders because their arms were above their heads. Vanessa was in the lead, followed closely by Johnny Mac. Liz was struggling, so she opted for Austin and went for the luxury prize. Vanessa had eight eggs when she dropped an egg, but Austin was also dropped an egg. Vanessa versus Johnny Mac Vanessa thought she has to win to keep herself safe. It was back and back between Johnny Mac and Vanessa, but Vanessa just beat out Johnny Mac. Vanessa now has to choose a side. Steve thinks he is safe for the week. Liz doesn't know what Vanessa will do. Even Johnny Mac felt good because he thinks Vanessa will take out the showmance. Liz is crying in one of the bedrooms, and Steve gives her a hug.

Vanessa's goal is to find out who has been lying to her. As Austin says, Vanessa is looking for an excuse to put someone up. Basically, Liz wants a justification to put up Steve and Johnny Mac. Steve tells Vanessa that he made a deal with Liz to save him if he went on the block. Vanessa then talks to Austin about how Liz gave her word to Vanessa and Steve to not vote against him. Vanessa doesn't seem to understand that people have to say what they say to others just to keep themselves safe when someone is HOH. Vanessa is a piece of work. Vanessa then went to Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he made a deal with Austin just as Vanessa told him to hide Vanessa and Johnny Mac's alliance. BB showed Vanessa telling Johnny Mac to do it, so when Vanessa watches the show, she should see how psycho Vanessa is. I like how Liz started to cry when Vanessa was grilling her. Then Steve heard that Austin, LIz, and Vanessa were in the storage room talking, and he didn't want to go up. Vanessa starts grilling Austin about Johnny Mac. All this Vanessa paranoia is irritating and making me want to smack her.

Vanessa tells Steve that she has to get rid of Johnny Mac because she stands a better chance with the showmance in making it to final two. Vanessa really isn't bright. Vanessa thinks that if she shakes hands with Austin that everything is good. Vanessa wants Austin to vote the way she wants. Vanessa doesn't want Austin to win the veto. Then Austin has to win the HOH. If Austin doesn't, Vanessa will be pissed. What a piece of work she is! Austin swears on his love for Liz and his family name that he will take Vanessa to final two. All righty then!
Vanessa and Liz in disguise
Then it's time for the Luxury Reward. The door bell rings and that freak known as Frankie Grande enterst eh house. I want to barf! Steve for some reason thinks its really cool. Liz gets to go to the Ariana Grande concert from a private suite. Liz gets to choose another house guest. Austin points to Vanessa, and Liz takes her. Frankie has a hair and makeup team who make up Vanessa and Liz so no one recognizes them. BB gave us a huge Ariana Grande love fest. I have no interest in promoting them more.

Johnny Mac goes to talk to Vanessa, and Vanessa says that she thinks that she has two showmances. In DR, Johnny Mac says that as far as I know, I never made out with Steve. Johnny Mac tells her to just put him up if that is what she wants. He hopes telling her that will make her head explode. Time for the nomination ceremony, and Vanessa puts up Steve and Johnny Mac. Vanessa says that she adores Steve, and it isn't personal. Vanessa says that Johnny Mac won some competitions, and he finished second in several. So he's up. Vanessa just hopes that she doesn't have to put up Austin or Liz. Johnny Mac says that he has to win the veto or get evicted. Fortunately, he does!

Friday, September 11, 2015 -- Afternoon

Who Knows What's in Store?
Twins So I missed watching the show yesterday, but I caught up on the live feeds. Vanessa won HOH. She just beat out Johnny Mac. It seems she may be putting up Steve and Johnny Mac, or maybe not. It's really unclear, and the feeds went down for 14 hours while things play out today. So we won't know what happens until tomorrow. Then there will be a taped eviction on Tuesday, a live eviction on Wednesday, and then the show ends the following Wednesday. It could be interesting!

But on to yesterday's show! The twins thought it sucked that oen was going home. Steve apologized to Julia, but they had to be split up. it just makes sense. Austin is conflicted and felt sorry for Liz. Vanessa explains to Steve that the twins survived seven eviction. Johnny Mac feels great. The twins are crying because they never thought that one of them would leave. Liz tells Julia that it's Julia's time to shine. Liz would fight if it were Austin next to her. Liz says she would never say one bad thing about her twin, which is why they have to be split up.

Vanessa and Johnny Mac talk about the twins. Vanessa says that it makes sense to get rid of Julia, but she knows that Austin wants to keep Liz. So Austin and LIz hatch up a plan to put Vanessa on the hot seat by telling Vanessa that she has to vote to evict Julia. Austin and Liz explain to Julia that Liz is a lynch pni. Julia tells Liz to stay because she knows Liz has a better chance to win than Julia. Austin says he is going to talk to Vanessa about keeping Liz. Somehow voting out a twin came down to the twins decision as opposed to those who remain in the house. Johnny Mac sees famly video Vanessa asks Liz if she wants to stay, but that it will be tough to go against Steve. So Vanessa makes a deal going into final five. Vanessa wants to know that Steve and Johnny Mac go up, and if Vanessa goes up in replacement of them, Vanessa stays. Then they have to keep Vanessa through final four, and take Vanessa to final two. Liz says in DR that she is just nodding her head as she talks and has no plans of keeping her promise. Then Vanessa goes over the options of keeping Julia over Liz. But the concern with Julia everyone taking Julia to the end because it's an easy win.

Everyone is dressed for endurance. Johnny Mac says his friends and family are probably saying that Johnny Mac is really doing everything stupid. They got to see clips from their family. Johnny Mac sees his family first. Then Austin sees his family. Vanessa sees her girlfriend. Liz and Julia see her older sister and dad. The sister looks like the twins. Finally, it's Steve's mom, and he cries. Steve and Vanessa talk about how hard it is to be away from family.

Julia goes black and white Then we got some jury room video. Meg is first to the house. Then James sneaks in. You can tell that the jurors are losers because as they watch James in POV, they say that at least he looks good in his shorts. Shelli is rooting for Johnny Mac, but Vanessa is running the house, and she deserves the win.

It's time for the live vote. Liz goes first and just talks about how much she learned about Julia. Liz says that no man will come between her bond with the sister. Julia talks about how she and Liz have gone through everything together. Time for the live vote.
Obviously, Johnny Mac got the 411 on evicting Julia. After the commercial break, Julia gets the word about the eviction and goes out to talk to Julie. Julia hugs everyone, and Steve gives her a really long hug. Julie asks Julia about why they decided to let Liz stay. Julia thought Julia was playing for second, but Liz was playing for first. Julie asks about picking Austin in the POV. HOH competition Julia didn't want Austin to win the POV because she did not want to be against her sister. Julia lies then and says that Austin is a great guy, and she loves him to death. She must not realize that the live feeds caught how much she hated Austin. Julie asked if Julia supported the relationship. Julia lies and says Austin is a great guy. Julia got her farewell videos from the others. Julia thinks that Austin will make it to Christmas dinner, but says marriage is a long shot.

Time for the HOH competition, which was the house guest in a cage moving eggs on the other side of the cage from one spot to another. This time, they have to go over the top of the cage. The first to get 10 eggs done win. The first house guest to get the luxury prize (put the egg in the luxury) holder for it, wins a special trip outside of the house. They compete until both the HOH and luxury prize are won.

The schedule for the upcoming shows: the Sunday show is the same, then evictions on Tuesday and Wednesday. That leaves the final three for the final night. Meanwhile back at the house, Austin is the first to get an egg in a holder.

Thursday, September 10, 2015 -- Afternoon

Liz crying
POV Ceremony
I have been sick with a sore throat and cold and really busy at work, so I wasn't able to watch last night's show. Since I feel so crappy now, I don't know if I will make it to the tonight's episode. I might have to comment on it tomorrow, especially how the Austwins have flipped the vote to have Julia voted out. But on to last night's show.

The show started after nominations with Liz crying. She though Steve was her friend. Austin doesn't know what to do because he has to choose between Liz and the game. Julie and Austin try to comfort Liz, and Liz asks Austin not to leave her alone.What did they really expect? Then Steve goes to talk to Austin. As Steve says, he tries to avoid confrontation. As Steve says in DR, Austin and Liz are his targets. The Austwins talk about putting up Vanessa if Julie wins POV and takes Liz off. Julie says that she's after Steve now.

Time for the veto competition. Steve comments on how it is the same veto comp of bowling, Bowlerina, that split up Amanda and McCrae in season 15. All the house guests are in tutus, and surprise, Jesse, Mr. Pectacular, is the Master of Ceremonies. They have to spin around to get the gate that blocks the pins to come up so they can knock down the four pins. Liz is first to bowl, and she picks Steve as her competitor. They have to spin 15 times to get 15 seconds of bowling time. They have to re-spin to knock down the remaining pins if the gate comes down. Steve is really unable to handle the dizziness from spinning. It was down to one pin each, and Liz was the first to get hers down. Then it was up to Julie, Vanessa tells Julia to take Austin, and as Johnny Mac sits between them, he is shocked that Julia did that. So Julia picks Austin, and Austin wonders if he is the target. Jesse back Even Jesse is shocked at Julia's stupidity. Vanessa explains to Liz that it makes the most sense because you want Julia to win not Austin because if Austin wins, Julia goes up. Austin is now determined to win the comp. Liz of course yells for both Julia and Austin. Austin won the round. Even Steve asked Julia why she picked Austin. Then Vanessa tries to explain why Austin made sense. Johnny Mac is next, and he picks Liz. Johnny Mac's strategy is to spin slower so he is not as dizzy, and he wins his round. Vanessa is up. Vanessa chooses Austin. Austin is an enraged gorilla as Johnny Mac says, and he wins the round. It's down to Johnny Mac and Austin. They shake hands. Austin is hoping Johnny Mac will throw it to him. Johnny Mac Is cool with it, and Austin wins. Austin says Judas is here now, and carries on like a silly jerk.

Liz did not like how Austin acted. Vanessa realizes that she has to do some major damage control. Jessie rips open his shirt to show his chest, and then everyone goes inside (except for Jessie, of course).

Austin goes around acting like a psycho, trying to ask like he's Judas. Liz asked Julia why she picked Austin. Julia says that Vanessa kept on telling her that if Julia did not pick Austin, Julia would go on the block. Vanessa keeps on trying to say that it was Austin's fault because he wasn't going to throw the comp. Liz tries to explain to Vanessa that it was a stupid move. Vanessa knew that it was. Vanessa cries and Liz comforts her. Vanessa goes on with hoe Austin can't win with the three. Vanessa tells the twins that Austin knows more about Austin not throwing the comp. Vanessa asks Julia why Austin didn't throw the comp to her. Those twins aren't very smart.

Austin crawls to compete Austin goes to talk to Liz because he can't understand why Liz has listened to Vanessa. Austin said that he tried everything to save all three of them, but that they just sealed their fate. Liz starts crying and says that she is so over it, and that she is going to leave with her head high. Liz goes to talk to Vanessa and Julia. Liz thought Austin would use the POV on her. As Liz says, Austin is no Clay, and she is out of love with Austin.

Up in the HOH room, Johnny Mac explains to Steve about what happened. Johnny Mac says that they shouldn't have to worry about a Vanessa/Austin final two. Austin tries to talk to Vanessa, Liz, and Julia about how he is no Clay and no one respected Clay. Austin calls over Vanessa to talk to her. Vanessa admits that she knew she would go up against Austin. Austin says that he is going to the agent that splits up the twins, and Vanessa says that he shouldn't use the veto. Austin tries to talk to Liz, and Liz tells him that his reaction turned her off and said a lot about Austin. Austin tells Liz that he ruined his life by dumping his other girlfriend for Liz. Liz says Austin disgusts her. The only think that made Liz laugh was Julia throwing Austin's shit away from the bed, and Julia saying how disgusting Austin was.

Finally late at night, Liz goes to Austin, and they make up. Time for the POV meeting, and Austin takes himself off the block. Steve says he hates being the bad guy. Julia goes up.

Sunday, September 6, 2015 -- Early Evening

BB Show No Update
I won't be able to watch the BB show tonight, and probably not tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll be posting an update. I already posted who won HOH and POV and who the nominations are. I'll see if I can get an update some other time.

Thursday, September 3, 2015 -- Evening

Double Eviction
Steve practicing for HOH Unfortunately, football is on the local CBS station, but they are showing Big Brother on another station at the usual time. That's good news because I can watch, but I won't be able to get screenshots since I use the CBS app to capture those. The house guests got to practice on for the HOH yesterday afternoon, but they didn't seem to figure out that a double eviction was on the way.

The show started with the note that the show would be done in less than three weeks. Then we saw some post POV footage. Meg is not happy that it was Julia that went up. Meanwhile Johnny Mac is happy to not be on the block. James thinks that everyone should realize that it's a great time to break up the Austwins. Vanessa feels good because Austin and LIz will keep Julia, and Steve will do what Vanessa wants. James tries to tell Meg that Steve and Johnny Mac may see it as an opportunity to get out a twin. Johnny Mac and Vanessa were talking. Johnny Mac says that too many people like him in the jury. Vanessa says she has the opposite problem. Both agree that they are really close, and even Steve doesn't realize it. Later James tries to give Johnny Mac the numbers vote. Johnny Mac is conflicted because voting out Julia is a good thing for him, but Vanessa wants Meg out. Johnny Mac tried to talk Steve into voting out Julia. The things is that Steve doesn't go for it. Steve realizes that it could be the time to break up the Austwins. Steve tries to explain to Vanessa that the final five can't have the Austwins dominating. Steve needs to realize that he needs to do what is good for his game, not Vanessa's.

The house guests are shocked at the news that it was double eviction, because they thought it would happen next week. Time for the final speeches. Meg gives a lame speech that doesn't say "get rid of the Austwins." Julia gave a rambling speech about coming in on the twin twist. Time for the vote:
Meg is evicted. Julie talks to Meg about being played. Meg felt that there was a plan to get James out of the house. Meg feels like she was a whoops. Julie asks Meg is she regrets keeping Vanessa. Meg really had no game talk. I think Meg wanted to take a nap, because she did nothing but sleep in the house. Meg also says there is no chance for James dating her.

It's a question game HOH. They are going to view pairs of photos of the first six house guests on a road trip. They will be asked questions, and have to get it right. The first question is false, and all get it right. Second question is false, and James and Steve are out. They are shown more photos. The answer was true, and only the twins got it right. Both get the next question right. Both get question five right, and both get the sixth question right. Liz got the last question right.

This time, there was plotting. Time for the nomination. Liz puts up James and Johnny Mac. they had a POV pick, and only Vanessa isn't competing. The practice yesterday afternoon will be used. They have to roll the ball on a boomerang shaped board. They get two shots, and get the cumulative score. Steve is first and gets 0. Johnny Mac gets 0. Austin gets 6 and 9 for 15. Liz gets 15 and 0, but she ties Austin. Julia gets 13 and 4 for a total of 17. Julia is in the lead. Now it's time for James. His first shot is 0, and so is his second. Julia has the POV.

James pleads his case, and says he appreciates their friendship and not make it personal. Johnny Mac just says to use the veto. Julia did not use the veto. Commercial break, then we had the statements. James says to keep him, and he will still want to be their friend. Johnny Mac said that he didn't have anything funny to say.
James is evicted. James says good-bye and hugs them all. James makes sure that the inside door is open so they can hear the crowd. Johnny Mac hugs and thanks everyone. Now it is final six. Liz is upset about being HOH. Steve says that now she knows how he feels. Julie asks James why he threw in the towel. James said he knew that he would be out as soon as he lost HOH. James thinks all of them are working together and felt like the whole house was working against him. Julie asked James about making bold moves as HOH, but just kicking back and doing nothing. James thought out of sight, out of mind. James said, he will take seventh, and it's a tough game. James said that he has been trying for 75 long days, and if he didn't make it with Meg by now, he might as well throw in the towel. James was one good guy! HOH will be aired on Sunday.

James channels Audrey

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 -- Evening

Big Brother Drama
Julia is on the block, but everyone is still targeting Meg. These people are really stupid to avoid the twins. Austin is disgusting, and he thinks that he's a huge fan favorite. He also thinks we all love him and Liz. Blah!

Tonight's show started with the fall out from the nomination ceremony. Meg cries in the have not room. It's not that she played the game. I guess she figured she didn't have to. James suggests that he and Meg hash things out with Vanessa. Vanessa gives them some drivel about being at the bottom of everyone's list. Vanessa says that Meg and James are a power duo (huh?) and that Vanessa has never had anyone to support her like they have each other. Meg tells James he has to win the POV.

Liz destroying the house Steve talks with Vanessa. Vanessa claims that she can't get rid of the Austwins now because they are so powerful. Time to pick for the POV. Vanessa picks Julia. James picks Liz, and Meg picks Austin. What a crappy pick for Meg and James. Vanessa hopes this increases her chances that the nominations will stay the same. James thinks the veto will be physical. Then James pretends to be Audrey to make Meg laugh.

James tells the story of knocking up some girl, which resulted in his daughter. The competition is a hidden veto card. The player will have three minutes to hid their veto card in the house while the others wait outside. Then one at a time, they get two minutes to find someone's veto. James hides his veto under the living room carpet. Everyone thinks they have a good hiding place. Meg s first to look for a veto. Meg came back empty handed. Austin just destroyed everything. Austin didn't find a veto. Everyone just seemed determined to destroy the house. James and Julia didn't find anything. Neither did Liz. Vanessa found a veto card (one of the twins). Julia found Vanessa's card. Meg finds the other twin's veto card. James realizes his card has not been found, and he puts more stuff over the couch where his veto is under the carpet. The whole destruction of the houes was just disgusting.

James wins POV Finally all the veto cards are found. The first card found by Vanessa eliminated Liz. Julia found the second card and eliminated Vanessa. Meg found Julia's card. James eliminated Meg. The last card, that Vanessa found, is Austin's. When the house guests go back into the house, it's a mess. Vanessa goes upstairs, and cries that she was near James' veto. Of course, Vanessa didn't help with the cleaning. Neither did the Austwins.

Julia goes up to Vanessa and wants to know if Vanessa is going to put up John or Steve. Vanessa says that it would be stupid for her to put up John because the twins want Johnny Mac out while Vanessa wants Meg out.

James tells Austin that he will put up Vanessa if he wins HOH. Austin tells Vanessa. Vanessa cries to Liz. Austin is just right behind Liz. Vanessa tells the Austwins that the only feasible option is for Julia to go up. Julia says that everyone wants to break up the threesome. Vanessa thinks that only Liz and Austin would be targeted. Liz tries to talk Vanessa into putting up Johnny Mac. But Vanessa has a side deal with Johnny Mac. Vanessa tells them all that Meg will float to the finals. The Austwins really put on the pressure to put up Johhny Mac. James goes to talk to Vanessa, and Vanessa says she's not in a good mood. Vanessa tells James that this is a game, and she thought James would understand that. James says that Vanessa plays too hard. Vanessa starts arguing with James because she is insulted by the "too hard" comment. Vanessa is a bitch.

Time for the veto ceremony, and James used it. Vanessa put up Julia. Unfortunately, these people are too stupid to vote out one of the Austwins.