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September 2016

Scott, Shane, and Morgan in the BB house

Thursday, September 29, 2016 -- Afternoon

Start of BB OTT
BB OTT started last night at 10. CBS had a quick overview of the guests, then slowly, one by one, they started to come into the house. I could not stay up for all the house guests, but I did see Scott, Morgan, Shane, Neely, and Shelby enter the house. Scott is a really weird looking nerd, who said that he was a virgin. That's a given based on his nerdy look. Shane, however, was good looking, and from the opening cast preview, so is Monte. Alex and Morgan are sisters, and they look alike. But they aren't telling the others that they are sisters, so I'm not sure how that will go down. I can't believe that people will believe that they aren't related.

As for Jason and Jozea, Jason was voted into the BB house. It appears that later in the night, Julie came on the screen, and she told the house guests that there will be no jury with this season. We all know why: because America will be voting for the winner. Now, I just have to see how all of this is to watch, without the BB CBS show.

Nicole dangles from the rope

Thursday, September 22, 2016 -- Morning

Final BB Show
I have been too busy with freshman orientations this month, and I could NOT stay awake to watch BB last night. However, I am watching it now. I knew most of the action except for the final HOH, and truth be told, I'm not a huge fan on the remaining houseguests. As a spoiler alert, the only thing I can say is that I'm glad James did not win anything! Ha!

Second HOH The show started with the first HOH competition. James says that endurance is his thing, and his plan is to beast the comp. Oh, please! Paul realizes that he has to make a final two deal with himself because he can't be sure that anyone will take it. The endurance potision s seem good. The one has them holding onto a rope as th wall moves. They also have to stay on the selection for several minute. Combining that with the running, it's pretty cool. On the tilting wall, Nicole falls, and then James falls immediately after. So Paul gets the HOH. James claims that he didn't plan on falling right after Nicole. Yeah, right! Loser!

The second competition has clues about the house guests. The goal is to get the pictures of three house guests in a roller coaster cart. Then you have to push the cart down the roller coaster. Dr Will and the jury The tricky part is taking the photo in the right time. Nicole got the house guests right, but she has the picture wrong. Nicole gets it right and moves onto the next clue. Beforehand, Nicole commented on how smart she is, and she does appear to be on top of all the clues. The problem is running back and forth. Nicole gets all three right. James says he has to win, but he can't figure out the right house guests. James couldn't even get the cart in the frame, so he continues with the wrong house guests. James is an idiot. James is cramping on the first clue, and he'll have three more to go. James does okay with the second and third. His time was 19:06. Nicole had 7:24. HA! Paul thinks James did nothing, and Nicole deserves to win. Paul thinks he can beat both. Nicole thinks Paul should win, but James didn't do anything. She thinks she can beat James.

Crybaby Michelle We had a jury segment with Dr. Will Kirby. They all want to see Nicole, but it's Corey who joins the jury. Corey tells them how James fell out early on HOH. Da'vonne got a look on her face. Michelle said that James had a good social game. Everyone talked about how James did not get blood on his hands. Da'vonne says that James did no work. Corey said that James checked out of the game and just followed Natalie. Dr. Will says, so coasting can't get you through the game. Everyone seemed to think Paul was good until Corey said that Victor was Paul's shield. Da'vonne says Paul the player is good, but in person, Paul is mean and obnoxious. It seems that Michelle, Natalie, and Da'vonne are holding Paul's words against him. Paulie said that Nicole kept herself safe and won competitions when needed. Corey said that the votes went the way Nicole wanted. The girls seem better, especially Natalie and Michelle. Michelle doesn't get that it's strategy to get her out. Then Michelle starts to cry because Corey is smiling at her. What a fricking cry baby. Dr. Will rolls his eyes at her. What a fricking baby! Bridgette comments that the girls are bitter against Nicole. Da'vonne starts to build a case for Nicole saying that she was the puppet master of the men. I really dislike Michelle.

Paul wins final HOH We have a BB Over the Top voting competition. We get to vote on whether Jozea or Jason from BB17 gets into the house. It seems we may also get to vote on who wins. Not sure how I feel about that.

Final HOH competition. Both get the first question right. They both got the second and third questions wrong. Paul got the fourth question right, where Paulie thought Victor was the strongest competitor. They both got the fifth question wrong. They don't seem to know the house guests well. Paul got the sixth question right. The seventh question was about Victor. The most annoying thing about the house was how dirty it was, and Nicole got it right. The last question was for Corey. They both got the last question right, and Paul got it right. He's final HOH.

Paul says that James wasn't there for him so he evicted James. Nicole said that she was shocked, and Paul said not to worry that the jury didn't hear that. Julie calls James out on not winning much. James claims that he was told to not win by former house guests. He was solely working on his social game and not being a threat.

All 9 jury members We had the house guests arrive on the stage to ask the final two questions. Da'vonne seemed to want Paul to stay in the house before juror number 9 was announced. Natalie was first with the questions. She asked Paul about the vulgar things he said. Paul says it is his personality, and he is just having fun. Michelle asked Nicole about the one move that would earn her the money. Nicole brings up the part about convincing Natalie to keep Nicole off the block on the co-HOH. Corey asked Paul about his move. Nothing much there. Victor asked if Nicole was riding the guys' coattails. Nicole felt that she was working behind the scenes. Zakiyah asked Paul why he deserved the money over Nicole. He said he worked his ass off. He didn't hide behind the scenes. Paulie asked Nicole why she deserved the money. She said she worked day in and day out. She said that she was called a snake, and she was a vet. As she said, Nicole's whole game was out there if they just watched season 16. James asked Paul if he ever planned on honoring the final two with James. Paul said that he wanted to know who was the most honest with him at the end, and it was Nicole.
Nicole wins
It's time for the final word from Nicole and Paul. Paul said that he thought he was the easy target at the beginning. He had to work to keep himself in the game. He said he could only rely on Victor and Paul's social game. He said that he stayed true to his crazy self. Da'vonne seemed to be really on board with the speech. Nicole said "crap that was good." Nicole said that she has been a fan since she was 8. Nicole gave her laundry list of wins and strategy. Nicole said she gave it all she got, and that's all she knows. She added that she is bad at making speeches. Da'vonne was first. She congratulated them. Zakiyah said she loves them both. Bridgette was next, and she just said great game. Paulie broke the ice saying it was a hard decision and called both excellent game players. Michelle called herself a super fan and congratulated them. Blah! Natalie was proud of both. Victor said that they were lucky there were no more buy backs. Victor was very funny. Corey told Nicole looking good, and Paul said "thanks bro." James said he had a lot of emotion, but both played a great game.

The earlier evictees were on the stage. Julie pulls the keys.
Victor wins America's Favorite Player Nicole is the winner of Big Brother 18, and she celebrates her win. For the first time in BB history, a woman beat a man in the final two. The top three vote getters were Victor, Natalie, and James for America's Favorite Houseguest. Victor won with 4 million votes. Julie will be back for Big Brother Over the Top next week. I'll be watching.

I suppose that overall, I'm satisfied with the final two. I would have liked to have James out earlier, but it is what it is. This was a weird season. I really didn't like any one or hate anyone, although several of the house guests started to annoy me (like Michelle). I hope BB OTT is better.

Nicole and Corey's dog pillow

Friday, September 16, 2016 -- Evening

Clip Show and First Final HOH competition
Paul won the first HOH competition, and it seems he is working on Nicole so she can win the second HOH competition. James doesn't have his chance to win anything because he is really bad at everything.

The show started with the three finalists drinking champagne. Nicole cries in DR because she misses Corey. Final Three and the small table Corey left behind his pillow that he got on the HOH. We get a segment where Paul and James talk about being final two. Then we see Nicole and Paul talking prior to the eviction about being final two. Paul says in DR that on the off chance he uses, he has to make deals with both of them. James says he will take Paul to final two. Although Nicole ahs made a deal, she is not sure if she will take Paul to final two.

Then we had the onslaught of clips. I hate clip shows. I was actually read to fall asleep as I was trying to watch it. The start of the final HOH competition Some of the clips were on the show.

In the last five minutes of the show, they started the first of the final HOH competitions. It was one where they had to follow a laser around until it got them to an endurance location, they had to go there, get in position and hold on until the laser comes out and sends them to another spot. They get sprayed with water. The good thing is that it's three different types of hanging type endurance, and they have to run in between following the laser. We won't see the results, which is a Paul win, until next Wednesday's finale.

Paulie and Da'vonne argue

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 -- Evening

Bye Corey
After having a recent good run, Corey is going to find himself going home, as we will find in tonight's episode of Big Brother. The show started with the post HOH drama. Paul was crying over winning HOH because that gets him to final three. As Corey says, you go from hero to zero in just no time. Nicole realizes that Paul would be crazy to not put her and Corey up on the block. James is super excited because he hopes that Paul will take him to final two. Da'vonne goes psycho Paul tells James they have work together. Paul realizes that with his HOH win that he has to send either Nicole or Corey home.

Paul nominates Nicole and Corey. It's what makes sense. James said it's like they are all on the block because the veto winner makes the decision. Corey made a joke that all Nicole had to do was get one more question right. Nicole got very upset at that, and Corey told Paul and James that he probably should go an apologize to her.

Finally, drama on the jury house. It seems Paulie and Zakiyah are on one side, and Bridgette and Da'vonne on the other. Michelle wants to see how else's dreams are crushed. Paulie was blown away that they blew away a non-threat. Handler comes for Da'vonne As Natalie shows them the video of the past week, Natalie says that she would have used the veto on James. Da'vonne makes a remark then about Paulie not using the veto on Zakiyah. Da'vonne and Paulie get into an argument, and the handler has to come and take Da'vonne away. Da'vonne starts yelling at Zakiyah about how Paulie treated her. Da'vonne was hysterical and really acting like a psycho. The handlers couldn't control Da'vonne. Bridgette started saying Paulie her skin boil. Da'vonne just has sour grapes from being a loser.

Da'vonne being taken away After the commercial break, we find out that Da'vonne thought Paulie pulled her out of character. Da'vonne is an idiot. The house guests seem to want to see Victor and James go far. Everyone applauds Victor for going back twice. They go to watch the video. Da'vonne said that Nicole played the game. Victor says he is rooting for Paul and James. I can't believe they like James so much. James has not played well at all.
Veto competition
Time for the final veto competition of the season. The comp is setup as a baseball field. It's the competition where they have to run about the bases to come up with day the event happened. The first base is one day, second 2, etc. There is a zero on each base to not add time. When they have the correct answer, they high five the umpire. When you are last or get the number wrong, you get an out. If you get three outs, they get an out. James is an idiot and can't get the right date, and he gets one out on the first question. James can't answer the second one and gets his second out. As James said, he had no strategy, and James is out on the third question. Corey had just kissed Nicole and I missed it James is a fricking idiot. Nicole gets her first out on the fourth question. James was rooting for Paul. Corey gets the next out. Nicole has to think of the number, and then run. Nicole gets her second out. Nicole is intimidated hearing the guys compete. Nicole gets her third out, and she is out of the game. Corey gets the next question wrong, and Paul finishes first. Corey now has two outs, and Paul has none. Corey gets the next one right, and Paul now has one out. Then Corey gets the next one. Both Corey and Paul have two outs. Corey makes a mistake because he is running without looking at the number. He gets the number wrong, and Paul gets it right and wins. As Corey said in DR, he did not want to go out like that, and he knows that he will probably go home. James celebrates because being a loser secures his spot in the final three.
Paul does not use the veto, and says much love to both of them. Corey and Nicole get their final talk. Corey gives shoutouts. Corey says to Paul, friendship. Then Corey kisses Nicole. Nicole says that Corey is super generous and kind, and even more beautiful inside than outside.

James evicts Corey to give him and Paul a chance to make it into final two. Corey says that he is a little surprised that James didn't keep him. Corey thinks that in some ways it's good for James' game. Corey hopes that Nicole makes it to final two. Corey says that he knows he and Nicole will be talking for a long time after this,a and they will see where the romance goes.

Only two more episodes left. It seems that Friday's show will be a clip show AND start of the final HOH competition. Then the final episode is Wednesday. I hope James does NOT make it to final two.

Comic book covers

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 -- Evening

Eviction Episode
The rumor is that Paul won the final four HOH, and we will find out on tonight's Big Brother. Victor says he has no respect for Corey or Nicole because they put both Victor and Paul up. That was stupid because there are only five of them left in the house. James says that Corey and Nicole always said they would look out for each other. As Nicole says, what did Paul and Victor expect. Victor and Paul are upset that Corey and Nicole put them up on the block. Paul goes up to the HOH to find out if there is anyway to say their game.
Corey's cover
Paul and Corey talk about how Victor is sad. Corey continues that it is 100 percent strategic. Victor says that the thought he had an alliance. Paul says that if Victor wants to be angry and confrontational then Victor is the one going home.

The POV is the comic book competition. They have to go down the zip line, look at the comics, and get the comic books in the right order, without falling for the fake covers. Paul has some difficult with it, and had issues figuring it out. When Nicole gets her turn, she comments on how cute Corey looks. Victor realizes that he has to win to stay. James drools over Natalie's cover Victor couldn't remember Glen at first. James admits that he has the memory of a fish. he is overcome by Natalie's cover. James has serious issues with his selections and he runs out of time. On Corey's turn, he can't find the ladder. Corey seemed to get the issues easily. Corey got 20:37, James got 35:00. Nicole had 13:55. Victor had 29:25, and Paul had 18:04. Victor hugs and kisses Nicole later and forgives her for getting him out. Nicole tells Victor that she doesn't want him to be mad at her because it would make her sad. So at least they made up.

Then we had a segment with Derrick. Derrick said that the thing Nicole did that was different than last time was not playing hard early. Derrick said that Victor would have been his pick, but he thinks Nicole has a chance.
Victor kisses Nicole
The veto meeting, and Nicole does not use the veto. Victor feels like a sitting duck. Paul says he will campaign against Victor. They talk about Victor's comp wins. James says nine, and Corey says six in the house.

Paul and Victor get their final word. Paul mocks James about Natalie. He calls Nicole an animal (snake), and Corey not getting to first base with Nicole. Victor also made jokes about the three. So with the vote:
Victor knows it's coming, so it should not be a surprise. Everyone says that the third time is the charm. Paul and Nicole in a tie break Everybody did grow to like Victor. It's going to be sad in the house without him. Julie tells Victor that they have to stop meeting like this. Victor says that he should have seen it coming. Victor says that it was smart for Corey and Nicole's game. Victor likes how Paul just didn't care. Victor thinks that Paul has a shot, but doesn't think Paul will do well if James sticks with Nicole and Corey. Victor says it's been a heck of a ride, and he enjoyed it so much.

The HOH competition is to guess if Julie is giving the correct word for a blipped out clip of one of their former house guests when the house guest was evicted. They have to get six points. They all get the first clip right. The second clip was Natalie talking to James, and James was the only one who got it wrong. Paul cries at winning HOH Nicole got the next question right and got 3 points to Paul's 2 and James 1. They all got the next question right. Paul and Nicole got it right. Nicole has 5, Paul has 4, and James has 2. Nicole got the next one wrong so now he is tied with Nicole. Last clip. They all get the last question. Paul and Nicole are tied at 6. James got 3. The person who is closest without going over wins unless they both go over. It's the number of seconds from the official start to the official end of the sliding competition. Paul says 4800, Nicole says 6001 It was 4501 seconds. Paul wins HOH, and he cries.

There will be another eviction tomorrow, and Julie told us that there was an explosive confrontation at the jury house that we will have to see to believe. What could that be about? All I know is that James is crap at competitions. He is the one you would want to take to final three because you know you can beat him.

Nicole and Corey make strategy

Sunday, September 11, 2016 -- Evening

The Corey Show
The shows are going to move fast over the next two weeks. Nicole won the POV, and Paul and Victor are on the block. One of them will go home tomorrow (Monday), and we will not get the live feeds until Tuesday when we will have the next CBS show.

Onto the show, and the start of the HOH competition.Corey realized it was very important to win and beast one out. Victor did not like sitting out the competition. Corey and Nicole talked about how they had to take out Paul and Victor. Paul sliding on his butt Corey told James before Natalie went out. The three of them talked about how they all three had each other's backs. Back to the HOH competition, and Corey is lapping Paul. Nicole went for the little scooper because she thought she would get tired. Nicole and Paul both went to the little jug. Paul thought that it was a better idea after going for the big jug at first. Then we got a segment on Paul falling constantly. James was falling too, and he started crawling. Nicole was afraid that Paul was going to get the big scooper before her.

Nicole hopes the big scooper is worth it. Corey is really crushing it though. He does not seem to have fallen, and he is just whizzing back and forth. Nicole falling on the slippery slope Corey gets the ball out while everyone else is just basically watching him. Paul isn't worried because he thinks he will be safe this week. Victor has no reason to not trust Corey and Nicole. Well, Paul and Victor aren't Big Brother fans, so they don't know they could rest.

Then we had a segment with Natalie and James where James was trying to make things right. James wanted to say that he wanted to let Natalie know how much he loves her. It was a nice segment to try to repair the damage CBS did to Natalie's reputation.

Corey's dog on his pillow Next up is segment of Corey pranking Nicole with salt water. It backfired when Nicole spit the water onto him. Corey got a pillow with his dog's pictures on it. As Corey says, he will cuddle with it, and Nicole is in the dog house. After the room reveal, we got the segment where Nicole is asking repeatedly what Corey was going to do. She said on the live feeds she was doing it to give CBS footage. Corey talks about what would be good to get them to the final two. Nicole says in the DR that she feels guilty.

A Victor, Nicole, and Corey sandwich Then we get a segment of Victor always trying to win Nicole's heart. After that is a segment of Nicole and Corey watching James in the kitchen. They said that they needed to watch him to see where he went. Whether he would go to talk to Paul and Victor, or if he would come up to talk with Nicole and Corey. Well, when James headed away from the HOH room, there was a panic but James was just going to the storage room for some food. James went right up to the HOH room.

Paul asks Victor if he thinks Nicole and Corey would put them up instead of James. Paul says that James is sneaky. Nicole and Corey are watching the HOH camera, and they comment on how quiet it is. Paul is blind to the fact that he and Victor are both going to go up. Both should know it's a game. Corey cleaning You only have so many options. Corey keeps on insisting tha they can't take Victor and Paul to the final four, and Corey says that they can beat James in any competition.

Corey has trouble sleeping, and he stares at the house guest wall before going on a cleaning rampage while everyone else sleeps. It's time for the nomination ceremony. Paul is sure James will be up there, and he's confident in the final four. Nicole feels guilty. Victor knows that one of them has to go up, so he can't be nervous. Corey says he's playing Big Brother and not Big Baby, so he has to make a big move. Victor and Paul are the nominations. Corey says that he could not put James up because if one of them won the veto and took the other off, then Corey would have to put Nicole up. Then in the next HOH, it would be Nicole against the other two. Corey says his momma didn't raise him to be somebody's bitch. I'm really starting to love Corey. I would love him to win. In the DR, Victor says he has another knife in his back. Victor says his problem is trusting someone in the game. Corey is hoping to send Victor out for the third and last time.

Natalie berating James

Thursday, September 8, 2016 -- Evening

Bye, Natalie
It's eviction night on Big Brother, and it's supposed to be an endurance competition for HOH. The rumor is that it will be a slip and slide while a bowl is filled to raise the ball to the top.

The show started after the veto ceremony. As James said, this has put a strain on the relationship. Nicole knows that she and Corey control the votes, but she needs to make sure that Paul and Victor are okay with it. Separate beds Meanwhile Natalie dresses in front of James while she berates him for not sticking with the people who got Paulie out. Outside, Paul, Corey, and Nicole talk. Paul wants to keep James and that makes Nicole suspicious. Natalie is really getting a negative edit by CBS. James tries to talk to Natalie, and she said that it doesn't feel good to go home. She doesn't want to talk to James. Natalie says that she feels like she is in a nightmare right now, and that's because James is trying to get some commitment about future relationships. Later, Corey and James are biking, and James tells Corey about how Natalie did not trust Corey and Nicole. Corey realizes that he and Nicole can bond again with James. Corey tells Nicole that they need to reel James in to work with them.

Jeff and Jordan James wants to sleep in the same bed as Natalie, and Natalie says she does not want it. James doesn't understand it. Natalie keeps on saying she can't wait to go to jury. James tells Natalie that her true colors are coming out. James tells Natalie that she three him under the bus. Natalie claims that is not the case. James calls Natalie on how she was making out with the other guys. Natalie cries in the DR about James saying she flirted with Paulie. Natalie blames James saying he's not the person she thought he was. James admitted that he was going to give up the prize so Natalie could stay in the house.

Next up was a Jeff and Jordan segment about them getting married and Jordan being pregnant with a boy. Jury Jeff and Jordan gave us their opinion of how surprised that are that three duos are left in the house. Jordan picks Victor to win, and Jeff picks Paul. I liked Jeff and Jordan in their first season (and heck the second one too). I think that the reason they made the show tonight is because there is nothing going on in the house, other than James and Natalie fighting.

After that bit of fluff, we got a jury house segment. In the jury house, Zakiyah is back with Paulie. Bridgette thinks Victor is coming out. Paulie admits that Corey was his tightest connection. Da'vonne thinks they will target Michelle. Michelle thought that Nicole's eviction was personal. Everyone in jury is shocked that James gave up the HOH to Nicole. Bridgette commented that Michelle is blind to what is happening. Da'vonne is shocked that Nicole is running the house. It seems she is a vote for Nicole and so is Paulie.
Natalie evicted
James and Natalie gave lame speeches. It's time for the live vote now.
Natalie is out. Julie asks Natalie about throwing James under the bus. Julie quoted Natalie saying that she trusted James. Natalie claims that she not intend to throw James under the bus. Julie asks how real the showmance is. Natalie claims that James is a male version of her. Natalie won't say that there is a relationship outside the house. HOH competition Natalie says that you say things you don't mean in the house because it is so hard. Natalie was holding Bridgette's plant, so I'm sure that means it will be returning to Bridgette. James' good bye message is that Natalie will always be his best friend. Everyone awws at that.

The HOH competition is the slip and slide one. Usually the slip and slide has more contestants, but this time, there are only four of them. They will have to slide across with butter and put in a large eight gallon bowl. There is a smaller bowl beside it. If they fill that one, they can release a larger scoop. Corey and Paul start with the larger container while James and Nicole go for the smaller one.

Julie tells us that next week, we will have episodes on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. CBS has football on Thursdays. Now to watch the live feeds to see who wins!

Nicole cries over James

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 -- Evening

It's time for the latest episode of Big Brother, but nothing exciting has been happening this week. It seems Natalie will go home, and I wonder how much CBS will show of Natalie blaming James. CBS has been trying to show this as a shomance, when it is basically just a friendship.

The show started after the nomination ceremony. Victor loves having vengeance. Natalie says James is her rock, and she hates to see him go. James says he's on the block with his best friend. James and Natalie with Natalie blaming James We had a segment with Nicole and Corey. Nicole feels bad about James being on the block. She cries in DR. Natalie tells James that she has kissed his picture, but she hasn't kissed him. Natalie says she likes being on the block with James, and Paul overhears that and tells that to Victor, Nicole, and Corey.

CBS does show Natalie constantly harping on James about how she wanted to stick with Victor, but she listened to James. James does not know what to say. Natalie goes up to talk to Victor and Corey. She tells them that she put her trust in James, and she made a wrong decision. POV competition She apologizes. Paul thinks Natalie knows how to play the game and is throwing her ride and die under the bus. Victor and Paul could not believe how Natalie was dissing James. Paul signals for Nicole and Corey to go upstairs. Paul tells them how Natalie was throwing James under the bus. Then Natalie goes down to James and tells him how she told them she put her trust in the wrong hands (James). Natalie keeps on rubbing in how it's James fault. The final four talk about sending Natalie home.

Time for the veto competition. Everyone competes, and it is a MacGyver theme. The veto is basically an escape room, with the person who escapes in the quickest time winning the veto. Natalie completes the three room escape in 9 minutes and 6 seconds. Watching Corey compete Because everyone comes after Natalie, they learn that they have to beat Natalie's time to get the veto. Natalie gets to sit in the HOH room and watch the action. Nicole is next, but she just gets into the second room. Nicole admits that she is not mechanical, and her dad would ashamed. Nicole loses. Victor is next. He tries to beat Natalie's time. He gets to the third room, and has less than a minute to figure out what to do. James is next. James wastes water and time in the second room. He's a real idiot. Then it's Corey's turn. He thinks he's good at mental comps. Nicole doesn't think Corey is good with mental comps. Corey is flying through the comp. Corey is smart and a problem solver, as he said.

Corey completed the competition in 6 minutes 14 seconds. Paul is last, and he is moving fast too. Paul gets stuck in the second room. As Corey said in the DR, that was his third POV win. James reallzes he will lose his best friend. What a friend! Natalie crushes James dreams Victor, Paul, Nicole, and Corey celebrate in the HOH room, and they talk about how good Nicole was in the competition. James says he is going to tell Corey and Nicole to vote him out. James is really an idiot. Paul says that James is not intelligent. Victor says he wants James to go, but Natalie's attitude and comp wins are making him rethink it. Nicole says if Natalie would throw James under the bus, what would she do to anyone else?

Corey tells James to let it play out, and not to worry. Corey is trying to send subtle hints to James that he is going to keep James. Corey tells James to stop thinking of showmance and to think of what's good for the game. Corey does actually seem like a smart guy. Natalie and James talk, and Natalie asks James if he threw the competition, or if he has a final three with Corey and Nicole. Natalie says that if James works with Nicole and Corey, she will never talk to him again. Natalie says again that she trusted James and didn't do what she thought was best. Then Paul and Victor talk to James about what a bitch Natalie is. They both tell James that he is a good dude, and they wanted him to know how Natalie was throwing James under the bus. James is crushed to know the truth about Natalie.

Veto meeting: Corey does not use the veto. James says he won't campaign against Natalie. James says he deserves to be on the block. I think everyone in the house doesn't like Natalie. Poor James! He really thought he might have had a relationship with Natalie. Corey wants to bring James in closer. Natalie again says that she wishes she stood her ground against James.

Michelle confronts Corey before the live show

Sunday, September 4, 2016 -- Evening

Wake Up James and Natalie!
James and Natalie have been blind in playing this game, and unfortunately, it will be the end of the road for one of them this upcoming Thursday. Unfortunately, with Victor winning the HOH and Corey winning the POV, the die ia already cast. It will just be a matter of whether they keep James because he is so demoralized. What I think is funny is that James is mad at Nicole, but she had to get rid of this third person (Michelle) to ensure every group was only a twosome.
James and Natalie in the HOH competition
Tonight's show started with the HOH competition. Paul wants the final four with Nicole and Corey to make it to the end. Corey wanted Paul or Victor to win because it wasn't in his best interests to be HOH. That's the a good idea. We find out that at the very end, Nicole told James and Natalie that she was voting out Michelle. Natalie tells Michelle to talk to Corey. Michelle started to cry about how she should have campaigned. Nicole tells Michelle that Michelle should have talked to Nicole. Michelle says that Corey said that he would keep Michelle. Corey tells Michelle that it is best for both his and Nicole's game. Loser!

James sucks at this competition. Victor tries for the O in the HOH, but it just lands in back of it. We see Natalie dropping a lot of eggs. So does Paul. Corey realizes that he has to avoid certain areas or has to protect his egg. Corey goes for the Have container. Victor going for the HOH win Nicole doesn't like it because it makes it seem like Corey is comfortable. Victor was the first to knock down his O. Then Natalie knocked hers down. Natalie feels like she already won HOH. Corey knocked down an O. It takes a long time to get the O through the coop to drop it. Paul is upset over how long it took to get his first letter. Corey took the lead by getting two letters down, then Victor got his. Then Natalie knocked down her second letter. James had zero letters down. Paul has one, but he finally gets his second. Finally James knocked down his first letter.

Natalie seems to get her egg over to her ramp so fast that Nicole is afraid Natalie will win, but Victor gets there first. Inside the house, James realizes that he is probably screwed. Victor feels unevictable. Corey, Victor, Paul, and Nicole celebrate the final four and vow to win the veto.
What will Natalie do without James
CBS had a segment on Michelle stealing Pablo, the inflatable pelican. Then there was a segment with Victor, Paul, and Corey laughing at Nicole's small school. Then we got to Natalie and James. She seems to blame James for giving bad advice. Then she said she would use the veto on James. He tells her she should win and use it on herself. That is one relationship that will only be friendship outside of the house.

Late at night, James tells Natalie that she doesn't have to feel obligated to like him because he likes her. She says she judges guys based on their character. Natalie says she has gone out with a bunch of guys, and James is her first Asian guy. Then Nicole blasts Corey for going for the Have slot. But actually, it's a better spot to have them both able to play for HOH this coming Thursday.
James goes to talk to Victor and Paul. James said that he was in a final four with Nicole. Victor asks if it was before Paulie left. James says after. So Victor says that James jumped ship, so Victor does not appreciate James' lack of loyalty. Then Corey and Nicole walk in putting a stop to the conversation. Victor and Paul tell Nicole and Corey about the final four, but Nicole gets all wishy-washy about it. Nicole can't lie. Victor says he doesn't care because that is water under the bridge. Victor says that he just wants to the satisfaction of James leaving. James said he sealed his fate so Natalie can stay. Natalie says that made her sick to her stomach. James tells Natalie she is going to win without him.

No surprises in the nomination ceremony. James and Natalie go up. Natalie is sorry that she trusted Nicole and Corey, but that did get her and James this far.

Michelle leaves with Pablo

Friday, September 2, 2016 -- Evening

Michelle is Gone
I had a migraine last night, and I missed Big Brother. Here's the recap. The show started with Corey's bribe. Nicole did not use the veto because it doesn't show where her allegience is. Victor trust Nicole now, and as far as he is concerned, they are tight for final four. That is good news for Nicole because Victor won HOH. Then we had a talk where Michelle, Paul, and Natalie talk about not knowing who is going. Instead of going to the HOH house, Michelle wants Nicole to come down. James comes in and tells Paul that James and Natalie are not voting against Michelle.
Michelle crying over the eviction
James and Victor talk to Corey about using the bribe. James wants Corey to give James the HOH to throw the HOH competition! Idiot! Nicole worries that there's something she does not know when Corey tells her about it. Nicole is paranoid because she sees Victor talking to Michelle, and Michelle does not have her microphone on. Nicole is afraid that Victor might vote out Paul. Idiot! Nicole wants Corey to give Victor the bribe to vote out Michelle. Don't tell me he did that! Oh, yes he did! While James, Natalie, and Michelle lay in bed, everyone is scheming around them. Corey tells Victor that he will give him the bribe to keep Paul. Victor did not anticipate it, and both Paul and Victor thinks it's really cool. Paul says this is the friendship he has been looking for all summer. We go right from that to James telling Natalie and Michelle that they aren't talking about anything upstairs. James is such a loser!

HOH Julie tells them that there is not a double eviction then or in future. They then got video messages from the family. Victor was first, then Corey, Nicole, Michelle, Paul, Natalie, and James. This leaves all the house guests crying. They had to have this segment because there is nothing else to show.

Then we had a segment on Victor and his family. After that it was time for the live vote. Paul says that he will keep the friendship if they keep him. Michelle does her usual rant at the eviction speech. She says she will bawl if she is evicted. She also says she will go after Victor. The vote:
It's a tie, so Nicole breaks it by evicting Michelle. Nicole says both are great and she evicts Michelle. Michelle tells them all to get Nicole out because Nicole is floating her way to the end. Eagle drop And she blasts Victor. Then she grabbed Pablo (Paul's rubber duckie) and ran out. Michelle is a bitch. She did nothing all week, and then cries. Julie really gets Michelle about how she did nothing all week. Nicole calls out Michelle about attacking her. Michelle cries because she wanted to win. Michelle says again that she was a super-fan. It seems, which did not come out on the show that she may have been stealing stuff from the other house guests so she oould sell it on Ebay. Wench!

Time for the HOH competition. The competition is callded Poached Eggs. Its the chickenwire game. They have to get the chicken egg up and over the cage to the other side, and then roll it down a ramp and knock down 3 letters (HOH). The first to do that is HOH. There is also a Have slot, and the first three to get a egg there are NOT have nots. After the commercial break, the house guests find out that eagles will drop on the cages to break the eggs.