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Survivor: Panama

Winner: Aras Baskauskas

Sunday, May 14, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight is the finale of Survivor: Panama, Exile Island. The show is broken up into two parts. The first is a two part episode called The Final Showdown. The show started with a recap of the season. Then we got to the part we have all been waitig for: the tiebreaker competition between Danielle and Cirie. Whoever starts a fire with a flint that burns through a string first is the person who stays in the game. The tiebreaker starts on Night 36. Cirie is the first to get a flame, and fortunately wasn't panicking. Cirie seems to have a healthy flame. Cirie's fire went out and then Danielle lost it. They are both back. Cirie's went out again, and Danielle has her's going and is building a bigger fire. Danielle's rope got on fire, and she stays in the game. Cirie goes onto the jury. Cirie couldn't figure out how to get the flame to keep alive. Cirie whispered sorry to Aras. At least the farewell was a pleasant one. Cirie said later that she lasted farther than her expectations. She is proud to be out on day 36. Back at the camp, Danielle starts a fire with Terry's help. Danielle was so happy to win and get her fire going. Aras is in the tent by himself. Terry is feeling happy because he has a pact with Danielle and if either wins, that person will take the other to the finals. Day 37. Terry hung out his hidden immunity idol because it was no longer part of the game. he showed it to the other two. Danielle thinks that Terry brought out the hidden immunity idol to rub it in Aras face. Danielle said that Terry and Aras has this testerone match every day, and that they go back and forth trying to outdo each other. Terry caught small fish, and Aras caught some big ones. As Danielle admits everyone knows that Terry and Aras don't like each other. The first challenge is a reward. They have to race up a three story wall with pegs. They have to trace out a maze on a table. Once the maze is traced, it will release a bag of pegs. Once that is done, they race to a spinning wheel that has clues. They use the clues as a combination, and spin the wheel until they find the bag that contains the final two pegs. They then race up the slope and have to place the four pegs in holes to release a flag. The winner gets a high protein meal and a cot. The idea is to give the winner an edge in the immunity challenge the next day. Aras was moving quickly through the maze, and Terry and Danielle hit deadends. Terry gets back on track and drops his first bag. Aras gets to the wall first. Terry and Danielle are getting their second bag. The pegs are color coded and Danielle doesn't have the right pegs. Aras has a big lead, but then slides. Terry and Aras are near the top and racing to get the flag into place. Terry wins, and tells Aras that he is the ultimate competitor and brings his A-game every time. Terry gets to eat and Aras is upset that he let such a big lead go.

Day 37, after the competition, and Aras is eating fish at the camp. Danielle said that she is not giving up because the competition will be a will power competition. Terry said that the food was good. He describes the food--steamed veggies, two chicken breast, rice, 48 ounces of water, and a 16 ounce power drink. Aras thinks that the win will be a psychological disadvantage. Terry said that he hopes to sleep on it for two nights. Aras says that he expects to win the next immunity challenge. Day 38. There is mail in the tree stump. They are all going to Exile Island and have to take the torches of the folks who have left to Exile Island, and start a blaze in the skull. Terry said that burning down the skull will be symbolic that it is done. Terry, Aras, and Danielle collect the torches and set fire to the wooden skull on Exile Island after video tributes to the 13 that went before them.

It is now time for the competition. Aras said it was nice to pay respect to the 13 who have already left. It is now time for the first immunity challenge. They must balance on a series of platforms. There are four platforms. They start with the largest and every 15 minutes must go to the next platform, and balance. Only feet can be on the platform. If you fall off, or hands or bottom touch the platform, you are out. They get one minute to balance when they switch before the timer starts. When they get to the last platform, there will be no time limit. It will continue until a person wins. The winner picks the person who goes with him or her to the finals. Aras wobbled abit on the second station. They all move on to the third platform. They should notice a huge increase in difficult. Aras keeps on falling off the third one. Aras gets up first. Terry was struggling to balance on the third platform. Danielle got up. Aras and Danielle up. Terry found his balance at the last second. This one was obviously difficult, and Terry fell off. He was the first person out of the challenge. It is down to Aras and Danielle. Aras exchanges a glance with Danielle. Danielle nods and Aras falls off the platform. Danielle has until the evening to decide with of the two she will take with her to the final two. She must have made a deal with Aras and is going to stab Terry in the back yet again. That's how Danielle is. She is very two faced, and will be screwing herself because folks will vote for Aras over her.

Back at the camp. Danielle said that she has a huge decision to make. As she said, she has to decide between Aras and Terry that could cost or earn her a million dollars. Danielle said that it is difficult because she told Terry that she would take him to the finals, but admits that she gave Aras a head nod and he jumped off. She said that could make him think she would take him. Her decision is that she will take who she can win. Terry asks Danielle if she is sticking to the pact. Danielle said that she wants to take the person she can beat, but if he gave her the hidden immunity idol she would take him. Danielle said that if it is a toss up for her because she didn't expect to be in this position. Terry hopes that Danielle is not confused about the fact that she promised to take Terry. Terry tells her that Casaya will want to vote for her over him. Terry said that he will respect her decision and won't throw dagger eyes at her from the jury. Danielle thinks that Casaya won't vote for her if she picks Terry. Aras is worried that Terry would sway her. Aras tells Danielle that he would feel so burned if she picks Terry over him. Aras tells her that is she picks Terry, she loses him and Cirie. But she already doesn't have Cirie who would vote for Aras. Aras is putting pressure on him. Danielle said that Aras is about honesty and integrity, but that he is threatening her. Danielle said that Aras is very manipulative. Danielle wants to go with what she thinks will win her the money. Terry said that it is Danielle's decision and that he doesn't want to pressure her. Terry tells her to take whoever she thinks she can beat. Terry is obviously the better man than Aras in a moral and ethical sense. Aras wants her to take him because he knows or believes that he would beat her. Danielle has to think about it and realize that Cirie would never vote for her. Danielle said that it feels great to win the most important challenges, and that this is her most difficult decision. Danielle said that her brain is about to explode out of her head. Terry said that it is frustrating to not win the last challenge, and that he has to separate from it. Terry said that he doesn't want to go home, and believes that the numbers are in his favor. Aras said that he thought that he was golden and thinks that it is in Danielle's best interests to take him. Danielle said that she feels like crying and that it is a difficult decision to make and she is still thinking about it. Danielle is the only person who can vote, and she will vote out the fourteenth person. Jeff Probst goes to get the vote. It's dragged out. The person who is voted out is: Terry. Danielle made the biggest mistake. Sally and Austin look upset over Terry finally going out. Terry thanks everyone for the journey. Aras and Danielle are the finalists. The jury now gets to make the decision. Aras and Danielle go back to camp. Terry said that the biggest mistake he made was relying on someone else. Terry said that he isn't a perfect guy, and there is always room for a better change.

What is sad now is that the two people who display the worst characteristics of pettiness and back-stabbing, Danielle and Aras go to the final. Neither of them are worthy of winning. What a huge disappointment.

Aras is very happy because he knows that he can beat Danielle. He tells Danielle that he is ecstatic. Aras believes that he played the game with integrity and intensity. Aras said that he is so glad that it is him and Danielle. Danielle says that she took Aras because he is a part of the former Casaya tribe and to pick Terry over Aras would have been a slap in Casaya's face. Aras said that today would have been the hardest day to go home. Danielle hopes to presuade the jury because she is in sales and doesn't want second place. Aras and Danielle get a breakfast with milk, eggs, and champagne. Danielle said that everything they were craving was right there. Danielle said that it felt great. Aras is going to try to leave the game in a civil way when it wasn't very civil during most of the 40 days. Aras gets tipsy, and slips and falls on his back. He sliced his back pretty badly, and his finger. Aras said that he pulled the glass out of his back. Danielle said that Aras is going be okay and they will stitch him up. Danielle said that she thought it looked bad. Danielle tells them to drug him up. The medics say that they are going to stitch him up. Aras has cuts all over his hand and his back. Some might call Aras' dilemna divine retribution. Aras feels like his ego has been crushed because he fell on his last day there.

Aras said that he wanted to go out cool, and he had to go out like a buffoon. Danielle tells him it was an accident. Aras said that falling reminded him of how human he was, and that he doesn't have to be a superhero. Aras is hoping to connect with people at a deeper level. Danielle said that she has learned that she is a strong and independent woman and that she is proud of herself. She hopes that the jury picks her. I would be shocked if they did. Aras and Danielle hug, and Aras tells her that whatever happens, he is grateful for what he has. It is now time for the final tribal council. Aras tells everyone in the jury had he slipped on the rocks and had to get some stitches. Aras and Danielle each get to make a case for why they should win. Aras said that he wanted to thank everyone because it was an amazing experience and that they will look how he played the game and how he made an effort to get to know the guys and that he played with honesty and integrity. Danielle thanks everyone, and said that she just wanted to be herself and build relationship and seek out who she could trust and relate to. Danielle admits that sometime in the game you have to deceive others. Danielle said that it will be difficult and she hopes they make the right decision. The jury gets a minute to think of what they want to say to Danielle and Aras.

It is now time for jury questions. Sally congratulates them both. Sally asks them both which of the six Casaya members got them where they are. Danielle said that Cirie was the person who always filled her in on what happened while Danielle was on Exile Island. Aras said that Cirie was the person who got him there because she took him on reward and vice versa. Bruce congratulates them both. Bruce asks both what they will do with the million dollars. Aras said that he is going to change himself and become a better person and hopes to inspire others. Danielle said that she would like to give speeches to other people especially children. Terry makes a comment about Danielle deceiving people, and hopes that family and friends and the ringing in her ears doesn't say that she should have taken the Navy guy. Terry's question was about ranking them in the competitions. Aras said that he would give him himself a 9 because he tried really hard. Danielle gives herself an 8.5 and said that she gave it her all. Austin congratulates them. Austin wants to know one incident that was a positive move and one that wasn't on the up and up. Danielle said that her first move was to persuade folks to keep Bruce and vote off Bobby. Danielle said the hardest was to vote Courtney off. Aras said that voting Melinda off and telling her was a moment he was proud of. Aras said that he wasn't happy over how he treated Shane and back stabbed him. Courtney is next. She says that she dropped her guns in the sea of forgiveness. Courtney said that both stabbed her in the back with a knive. Courtney said that Danielle really shocked her. Courtney asks them what they really learned about themselves that they will take it out with. Aras said that he didn't back stab her. Aras said that his ego was smashed in the competition. Danielle said that she didn't realize how mentally strong and tough she could be. Courtney said that it is good Danielle moved beyond her dad or boyfriend taking care of her. Cirie said that it is hard to follow Courtney and that she hopes both know their strengths, and asks why cirie should vote for the other person. Danielle said that Aras is a strong person and was a good competitor. Aras said that Danielle put everything aside when he hurt himself and helped him out. Now it is Shane's turn. Shane congratulates them, and said that he is disappointed that it is those two and thinks Terry is the most deserving to win. Shane said Danielle was useless at camp and doesn't know anything about her and contradicts herself. Shane then says that Aras and he had an agreement and bond, and Aras signed Shane's name. Shane said that Aras wrecked him personally. Shane said that he can't judge people on intentions, but on actions. Shane said that Aras is basically a loser because he doesn't have a job and sponges off his parents. Shane said that he can't vote for Aras. Shane asks both Aras and Danielle to pick a number. Aras picks four and Danielle picks 10. I loved how Shane said that Terry was the only one there who deserved to win--because he was the only one who deserved to win.

It is now time for final statements from Aras and Danielle. Danielle said that she wanted to be strong and be herself and to form the right alliances and that she feels that she played the game with honesty and had to stab others to win. Danielle said that she felt that she grew and helped at the camp. Danielle said that she stuck to the people that she trusted. Danielle hopes the others vote for her because of the things going on in her life. Aras said that he knows it is a tough choice for all of them and that he worked hard in the competitions and to establish real relationships. Aras said the hugs at the fireside were real and because Aras is homeless and freeloads off his dad that he should get the money. The jury is voting tonight for a winner. The jury votes. Bruce votes for Danielle. Terry votes for Aras and said that of the two Aras was head and shoulders the winner. You knew that Terry would vote for Aras. Now it is on to the live show that is broadcast this evening. I always think the contestants look so different because they clean up and put on makeup. There is a sign in the audience that "America Loves Terry." Aras looks different, but Danielle looks like herself. Shane looks like he had a hair cut. Jeff Probst congraulates everyone. There are seven votes and it will take four votes to win. Jeff Probst counts the votes: Aras, Danielle, Danielle (Shane's vote), Aras, Aras, Aras. Aras wins. It really came down to two jerks and Aras was just the one who had the votes in his favor.

Jeff Probst tells Aras to pay his taxes which is a comment on Richard Hatch in the first year not paying his taxes. Aras said that Terry was a great competitor. Aras said that he knew that Terry had the hidden immunity idol and could use it. Terry was asked if he respected the rivalry. Terry said that he did and that he accepted Aras' apology at the end. Jeff said that Terry deserved a big congratulations because numbers are important in the game, and that Terry continued to dominate day after day. Terry is asked if he was frustrated. Terry said that Cirie was right that Shane was his last ally and he was frustrated. Terry said that it was difficult to go into each challenge. Aras is made fun of because of his yoga. Aras said that he is still learning from this experience and that going up against Terry and holding his own made him feel powerful. Danielle is asked about her frustrations in the challenge. Jeff doesn't believe that she picked Aras for the reasons she said. Danielle said that she thought that everyone bonded with Terry and that she stood a better chance with Aras and thought that it would have been tough against either. Jeff said if Terry were picked who would have picked Danielle, and Danielle only got two votes, so Terry would have won. Danielle thinks she lost favor with people at the end and thought there were equal animosity against both her and Aras. Aras is asked how he kept his hair spiked. Aras said that it was Cirie.

Cirie looks quite pretty this evening. Her hair is long and straight. She was put on the show because of her spirit and that she was one of the favorites on the show. Cirie Fields said that she just decided to take a chance. She said that on her first day, she hated all her friends and family because they didn't tell her not to do it. She said to herself not to be the first to go. Cirie said that she wanted Tina off to save family pride. Cirie said that she is now off the couch and that America has seen the best and worst of her. She said that the fear of failure is gone now and that she thinks she can do anything. HB is in the audience. He said that he is very proud of what Cirie did and how she put him to work. HB said that he was most impressed with how Cirie took charge and that was not a side that he had ever seen before. Also as he said, Cirie did not like to be too hot or too cold. HB said that he can't speak because he is so proud of her and he tears up. Now it is time for Shane Powers. Shane said that he was blown away by Cirie and felt that Cirie played the best social game out there. Shane thought that Cirie was going home next many times, but didn't. Shane said that Cirie is the Every Woman and an inspiration to every person in the country who thinks they can't. As he said, Cirie worked hard and did everything to get as far as she did. Burce Kanegai was asked about his blockage which was bowels and bladder. It seemed it started 12 days before, but he didn't want to complain. Bruce would do ask if things needed to be done and then would lay down. Bruce also has a new tooth from the machete hit. Jeff Probst said that you don't have a chance if the doctor's come out. Bruce was threatened that he would be terminated if he didn't show up. Bruce didn't know if he would have a job. He was suspended with no pay, but is back to teaching and he says that he loves teaching. Terry has a fish award for Cirie because she caught the biggest fish. Terry is the nicest guy. It is a shame that he didn't win.

There is a video montage of Shane being crazy. The funniest thing was Shane with the wooden Blackberry. Shane says that he really was losing his mind because he smoked cigarettes three packs a day. He said that he tried other things to try to stop smoking and it didn't work, and that the first 10 days were the hardest. Jeff asks if the Blackberry was playing the social game. Shane said that it wasn't his intention to play crazy. Shane thought that he was so unlikeable that everyone would want to take him. Shane apologizes to Danielle's father and boyfriend for things he said. He thinks that everyone got use to his outbursts and Shane felt that he was likeable. Shane is asked if it was the hardest thing he has ever done, and he said that it was. He thought in watching it on television that it was easy, but that you have no idea of how hard it is. Jeff asks what Boston thought of Dad losing his mind. Shane thanks Boston's mom for taking care of him while he was gone. Shane told his son that he acted crazy and they would watch the show together. Jeff brings up that Tina was orginally scheduled to be on the earlier Survivor, but was picked to come to this season's Survivor. Tina said that she is doing okay and that she gets up every day and that she was on a magic carpet ride and it was pulled out from her. She said that she was ready to go. Tina said that she gets ton of emails because she has a lumberjack show and they didn't know that Charlie had died.

Austin said that Exile Island was tough. He also said that it was the best thing he had ever been through too. Austin said that after 48 hours of going through that storm, he has a different perspective on life. Dan Barry said that it was a unique experience and spiritual awakening. Dan said that he always said, "another beautiful day in Paradise." Courtney Marit said that it was wonderful to see the road you take to get there and that she grew so much. Sally Schumann said that she went through a divorce right before the show and said that it gave the people in her life a glimpse of who Sally had become and that she was alot happier and that those other issues aren't her or represent her life. Nick said there weren't alot of misunderstood things about about him. He was just hungry all the time. Bobby that although Cirie would disagree with it, that he was surprisingly cuddly. Ruth-Marie said that her personality was way cuter than what was shown. Misty had bug bites and that she is never going to give up. Melinda said that they didn't get to see that she can handle anything that is thrown her way and she can handle it. Terry won the car, and kept the car curse alive by not winning. As for the vote by the fans of who is the favorite Survivor and will get a 2007 Yukon, it goes to Cirie.

All four finalists are going to be on the Early Show on CBS and Aras will get his check there. This fall, Survivor will go to the Cook Islands. If you want to be on Survivor, make a three minute video tape, and send it with an application to CBS.

Thursday, May 11, 2006 -- Evening

We are nearing the end of Survivor: Panama, Exile Island. There are four contestants left, and they battle it out in tonight's episode, Call the Whamulence. Night 33: everyone is headed back from the tribal council. Cirie complains about it being pitch black, and just threw her torch down in the middle of the path, and Terry asked why Cirie dropped the torch in his path so he could trip. Terry says that Cirie would have yelled at her kids for throwing things around. He and Cirie get into an argument over the whole incident. Terry said that she expected more Cirie than he would from a kid. Aras tells Terry not to ruin their night. Aras tells Terry that he shouldn't tell Cirie where to put her torch. If she wants to throw the torch anywhere she wants, she can do that according to Aras. I think that the three are upset that Terry has made it that far and they are stuck with him and one of them is now going to have to leave. They are going to be attached by rope with one of carabiners. The contestants will have to clip from one rope to the other as they go from one of six stations. The stations are; poles, hermit crabs, rocks, iguanas, shells, and fish. Each time they get to a station, they must count the number of items, race back to the start and find a tile with that number on it. Once they have been to all six stations, they will have to place the numbers into an answer grid. If the lock doesn't open, it means that they don't have the correct answers and have to go back to recount. The winner gets a five course meal on a luxury boat on the Panama Canal and gets to decide who goes to Exile Island. Terry and Aras go off quickly. Cirie is pushing Terry around. Aras looks like he is back first, and Cirie is next with bobbing boobs. Aras is coming back from the second station first. Terry got the lead for a short time with the third number. Terry shoved Aras on coming back from the sixth station. Terry and Aras are now competing to see if they have the right combinations. Everyone has the first lock off. Cirie and Terry go out for a second look followed by the rest. Terry doesn't realize that you can take multiple looks, and rats out Aras for doing that. Aras gets all three locks undone and wins the reward. Terry complains that he didn't know what the rules were and didn't know that multiple looks were okay after the second time. Aras and Terry has a war of words with Aras asking if Terry is going to complain every time he loses. Terry said that since this is the first time he lost one, yes. Aras then gets to pick someone to go with him on the cruise, and the other two are sent to Exile Island. Aras picks Cirie to go with him and sends Terry and Danielle to Exile Island.

Aras and Cirie are flying out to the Panama Canal. Aras is up about winning his first challenge. Cirie is really happy to be on a yacht for the first time. Cirie said that you could fit her house in the yacht. Aras said that he practices love and compassion, but doesn't practice that with Terry. Terry and Danielle are on the Island, and Terry says that Aras is very emotional. Terry comments about how Aras made the comment about Terry always complaining when he loses (which hasn't happened very often). Terry makes a plan with Danielle that they will have Terry win the immunity challenge, and then he can use the immunity idol for Danielle. As Danielle said, she is not there to win friends, but to win the game. Terry asks Danielle to really give her word this time that it is him and her as the final two. Danielle says that Aras can not win the immunity. Aras explains how locks in the river work to people who are stupid like him. Cirie was in awe that something man made could do something like this. Cirie said that she is closer to Aras than anyone. Cirie said that it would be nice if the two of them made it to the finals.

Aras and Cirie are returning to the Island, and Cirie said that from a distance, it looks nice. Cirie said that even though she isn't the adventurous type that she glad to be back. Aras farts loudly and stinks up the join. Cirie has never started a fire by herself with the flint. As she said she never had to because everyone else has always jumped in to do it. Cirie wants to get the fire going before Aras gets up. Cirie did manage to get the fire going with the flint. It is now time for the immunity challenge. Aras said that he got alot of food in his belly and feels energized for the challenge. Today's challenge: they have to solve three puzzles. Using a set of coordinates, they have to cross two ropes. Where the rope intersects they will find a bag of puzzle pieces. They have to race back to their board and solve the puzzle. That gives the next set of coordinates which leads to the next puzzle pieces. The first person to complete all three pieces wins immunity. The first coordinates are done for them. Aras has his pieces first. Cirie gets her bag open first. Aras heads out first, and then Terry heads out. Danielle is third. Aras has his second pack and is headed back. Cirie is falling out of it, and Aras is working on his second puzzle. Terry has time to make up. Aras has his second puzzle and coordinates. Cirie finally finishes her first puzzle. Cirie has his third and final set of puzzle pieces. Terry has his second finished and heads back out. Aras is making progress and Terry has his final bag of puzzle pieces. Aras still has a bit of a lead. Danielle is just back with her second bag. It is down to Aras and Terry. Terry is gaining on Aras. It is a real battle, and Aras wins immunity. Danielle is upset because she knows that means that she is out.

Back at the camp, Terry asks Aras to talk. Terry tells Aras that he thinks that the comments made during the reward competition was uncalled for. Terry said that he never says anything bad about women. Aras said that he apologizes 100 percent and said that as a human being he treated Terry badly, and he feels sorry for that. Aras does apologize for going personal. Cirie wonders what Terry and Aras are talking about. Danielle comments on Aras winning and she asks Cirie who they are going to vote for. Danielle asks Cirie what the tie breaker will be. Cirie thinks that it will be fire. Terry and Aras give both girls separately tips on how to make a fire. Aras tells Cirie to have fun and enjoy herself. Cirie has mixed emotions about tribal, and thinks that she will do fine in the tie. cirie wants Danielle to think that she has the upper hand. Danielle is pretty confident that she can start a fire and doesn't think that Cirie can because she hasn't yet. Danielle tries to work Terry to give her the hidden immunity idol, and will see what happens. Since the idol only comes after the vote, it could work. When Shane comes in with the jury, he doesn't look at the others. Aras thinks there has been a momentum shift because he has won twice and Terry has lost twice. Cirie said that she knows that Terry feels safe because the hidden immunity idol will keep Terry safe. Aras said that it would be stupid for Terry to give away the idol. Terry said that he's not sure who has the hidden idol. Cirie said that if this is her last night, she is okay because she has experienced things that she hasn't before. Danielle said that she has grown to learn to deal with other personalities. Danielle said that it comes natural to her now and it's easy. Terry said that if he leaves that he has proved to himself that he can hang with the others, and that he has made mistakes and learned from it. He says that he will take it back to use with his family and friends and to practice the patience that he has learned on them. Votes are put in, and the votes are read. Votes: Danielle, Cirie, Danielle, Cirie. There is a tie. Danielle does not have the idol. The tie breaker is for Danielle and Cirie to build a fire that is high enough to burn through a rope and raise their flag. The show ends there, so we don't know who is voted out!

From seeing the preview, it looks like Cirie has the higher flame and is going to win the challenge. Is that the actual case? It does make you wonder because what would be the point in giving you a clue like that?

Thursday, May 4, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Panama, Exile Island is called Bamboozled. Night 30 right after the tribal council. Shane and Aras are talking about what happened. Shane was shocked because he was out of the loop. Cirie claims that they only had a small amount of time to make the decision. Shane tells Cirie that he should have run up and told him because he wanted to know. Cirie and Aras claim that they are still supporting Shane. Shane tells the remaining group minus Terry that he is glad that loop Courtney is gone. Terry admits the next morning that it was his fifth failure. As far as Terry is concerned, Danielle is next on the chopping block and that's not his problem. Today's challenge is an obstacle course of four previous challenges. First up the contestants will have to dig in a circle of sand looking for a bag. The first four to find the bag move on to the next challenge. Carrying the bag, they have to untie a wooden snake. The first three to complete move on to the next round. Carrying the bag and the snake, they have to race through a water obstacle and untie a huge fish. The first two to get to the finish line with the bag, snake and fish move on to the final round. The two have to carry all three through a series of wooden tunnels. The first one to win gets the reward--a face to face meeting with their loved ones. The winner allocates who gets to see their loved ones and for how long. Danielle, Terry, Aras, and Cirie move on to the next round. Again Danielle is the first one with her snake. Aras is second and Terry gets the third spot. Aras is done first and Terry behind him. It is now down to those two. Terry lost his fish, but he catches up. Aras loses his bag and is out of it. Terry wins. Terry's wife is there, Ara's mom, Danielle's mom, Cirie's husband, and Shane's son, Boston. Shane is on his knees. Everyone is crying. Two of the loved ones will get to on an overnight trip and get tons of food. Another loved one gets to go back to camp and spend time there seeing how the family member has been living. The last two are tricky. One will get only a hug. The last person will only get to see the loved one from a distance and get sent to Exile Island. Who gets to go on the overnight trip? Terry said it will be him and his wife. The second loved one will be Shane and Boston. The loved one who gets to go back to camp is Cirie's husband. Of the last two, Aras gets the hug and Danielle gets to Exile Island. Danielle's mom tells her that everyone loves her so much. Danielle is sent to Exile Island. I think that Terry did a good job. Danielle gets screwed for stabbing Terry, Courtney and herself in the back last week.

Danielle is on Exile Island and so disappointed. Terry said that he will get his. She thinks that it is because she stabbed Terry in the back. I think Danielle got what she deserved. Cirie is showing her husband, HB, the camp. She said that she knew he didn't know what to expect. HB said that it was a shock to see they lived. HB really seems to be at a lost. As Cirie said, they are both couch potatoes. HB is shocked that the dirty water was drinking water. He thought it was for washing feet. Cirie said that she realizes that she underestimated herself for 35 years. Shane, Terry and family members are in a beautiful house with four different kinds of pizza with beer, wine, bacon, all kinds of snacks. Trish was shocked at the condition Terry was in--that he was so skinny and worn out. Shane is spending time alone with his son. As Shane said this is the one reward that he is glad to have. Shane is so grateful that he didn't quit. Terry shows his wife the shrunken head. Terry talks to his wife about the game, and she invested her whole mind into the game. Shane said that Danielle is gone. Shane thinks that Terry's wife is more competitive than Terry. Shane said that she is a lovely woman but very competitive. Boston thinks that his dad is doing well in the game, and that they are more like brothers than father and son. Terry thought that it was wonderful to snuggle and sleep with his wife. Terry asked his wife to be gentle with him. She said that she would be good to him as she switched off the light.

Day 33. Cirie is having HB do all the work in the morning of getting the fire. As Cirie said, she and Aras need to reserve their energy. HB said that they were working him like a dog. HB said that he was being killed and tells them that they were using him as their servant. Cirie is sad when Terry and Shane come back because HB is going. HB is so proud of Cirie and that words can't express how he feels, and that she is doing this for her family. Cirie said that having HB in camp reminded her of why she was there. Terry said that he wasn't sleeping last night. Terry said that the choices were clear to him and explained why he did what he could. Terry said that he did what he did because Danielle was only 24 and it was her mom. Aras was offended at that because his mom is as important to him as his mother. Aras said that his mom is huge for him. Terry said that having some young kid lecture him about his mother being as important as his wife. Aras said that Terry should be respected, and a respectful 46 year old man and this just makes Aras want to beat him more. It is now time for the immunity challenge and Danielle is back. She said that the weather was awesome. Terry gives up the immunity necklace and it is back up for grabs. Each has to stand on a very small perch 24 feet above the water. On Jeff Probst's go, they will lower a bucket into the water and poor it into a very narrow bamboo shoot. As the bamboo shoot fills with water, it will raise a flag. When the flag is high enough to reach, the person has to grab it. First to raise the flag gets immunity. Feet only are on the perch. Butts and arms are off the perch. Nobody really has water in the bamboo shoot yet. Terry's flag is starting to move up quickly. Shane is the only one with nothing. Shane just figured out the challenge and has not been putting the water in the right place. Terry is still slightly in the lead. Aras is catching up. Terry gets his flag raised and wins immunity for the fifth straight time. He does a back flip off of the tower. Shane tells Terry to shut up as he celebrates. Terry is the man and really does deserve to win because he has battled as the underdog.

Cirie said that the competition was nerve wracking. Terry said that he is now in the final three and doesn't even have to show up for the next immunity. After having a huge target on his back, the pressure is off. Shane and Aras are talking about Danielle being depressed over knowing she is next. Shane feels that he is safe and things are solid. Shane tells Terry that Danielle is a princess at home and gets whatever she wants from daddy and the boyfriend. Terry said Danielle blew him off, and he doesn't feel bad sending her off. Shane and Terry talk about them going to the final two. Terry said that he still goes and does alot of work even though he has a target on his back and works more than Terry. Shane thinks that Danielle is going home, but that Aras has talked to Danielle and he is going to send Shane home. Aras said that it makes it easy for him to do things. Danielle said that she has a strong bond with Aras and Cirie. Danielle said that she trusts Cirie with her life and feels confident with her alliance. Shane talks to Cirie and tries to find out if Aras and Cirie are against him. Cirie said that Aras and Danielle are the ones she had the longest alliance with. Cirie is seeing Danielle as a threat. Shane feels that he is safe, and it is good that Cirie is questioning what is logically the best move from her. Shane asks to be told if he is going home. Cirie said that she is going to do everything to get further, and Danielle and Aras can beat her in the competitions. So Cirie said that there will be surprises and huge fireworks. The jury arrives to tribal council. Courtney blows the survivors a kiss. Terry said that it was hard, but that he did what he thought was best for all involved. Cirie said that HB was ready to go home because he is a city guy. Shane was not able to really talk because of his emotions about spending time with his son. Shane has tears in his eyes. Aras said that there is an obvious competition between him and Terry. Terry winks at the jury. Aras said that the competitions are only one part of the game. Shane said that he can be trusted because he hasn't lied to anyone. Danielle tries to say that she is there to make moves to further herself. Jeff Probst said that everyone but Shane was trying really hard. Shane said that he felt that he is being carried to the final because it will be easy to beat him than it would be to beat Aras or Cirie. Danielle said that she is scared after being at Exile Island and says that she doesn't feel comfortable. Terry keeps his immunity necklace. Time for the vote: Aras votes out Shane, Shane votes out Danielle. Who does Cirie go for? I am betting Danielle because it would make sense for her even though it busts up the Aras/Cirie/Shane alliance. Votes: Danielle, Shane, Shane (shane looks shocked at two votes against him), Shane. Shane is voted out of Exile Island. Terry looks disgusted. Shane taunts them all with getting a chocolate ice cream bar in one minute. Shane leaves. Cirie is a backstabber. Terry shakes his head in disbelief and smiles. It makes it easier on him because they are all stabbing each other in the back--stabbing jury members in the back. These folks are stupid!

Thursday, April 27, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Panama, Exile Island is called Perilous Scramble. Day 28 in the Gitanos camp, and the crowd is now trying to catch some fish. Terry says that it's imperative to try to make some allies, and that he was happy to get to skip an immunity challenge. Shane is cracking up and is pretending that a chunk of wood is his BlackBerry. He is pretending to text page people off the island. Danielle is shocked at Shane pretending to communicate with people on the wood BlackBerry. As she says, he's nuts. It is now time for the reward challenge. They are going to be divided into two teams of three. They are tied together with rope that runs the length of an obstacle course and will have to go over the obstacle course that goes into the water. At the end, they unclip, run across lily pads, jump into the water, and each get a bag, clip back up and go back over the obstacle course. First back gets reward, which will take the three to a resort where they get to chow down on food. Aras, Cirie, and Shane are one team, Danielle, Courtney and Terry are on another. Cirie needs lots of help with her fatness, and they get really tied up. Terry is unclipped, gets the bag and back. Danielle goes over easily and so does Courtney. They all clip back in, and head back to the beach. They are on their way back before the Cirie team even gets to grab the bag. Terry, Danielle, and Courtney are back and win reward easily. Cirie was the real weigh down. Terry, Danielle, and Courtney get the barbeque feast, and send Aras to Exile Island. Danielle, Courtney, and Terry get to compete for an additional reward. They get to knock out three ceramic tiles with marbles on a slingshot. First to break all three tiles, wins a GMC Yukon. Terry breaks two tiles, and Courtney breaks two tiles too. Terry wins the GMC Yukon. They are going to fly to the location where the Yukon is loaded with the barbeque items. They will return to the camp with the truck.

Aras is out on Exile Island on Day 29. Aras doesn't even waste time looking for the idol because he now accepts that Terry has the idol, and feels his stay there is unneccesary for positives. Terry thought the Yukon was rightous. Terry drives the girls off to the beach feast. Courtney thought it was nice to be on the winning side for once. Terry said that he would do anything to get him, Courtney and Danielle to the final three. Courtney thought that it would be a dream team. Courtney realizes that going against Terry would be a good shot to win in the final two. Terry then talks to Danielle about the plan. Danielle said that she can understand where Terry is coming from, but they aren't going to make it easy to win. Shane and Cirie are talking strategy at the camp. Shane is talking about voting off Danielle next. Cirie said that if Shane takes Courtney to the final two, he can win. Cirie wants to get rid of Courtney because she is more dangerous to her than Terry. Cirie goes off with snails and says that she will come back with fish. As she said, she used to fish with her dad when she was young, and thinks she should be able to do something. Cirie really does catch a fish too. Her boobs are hanging out of her outfit as she fishes. She does catch a big one and drags it back to Shane. She is singing Happy Birthday to Shane. He thinks it is unbelievable. Shane is just shocked, and there is Cirie with the biggest fish ever caught, and it is Cirie's birthday. Cirie tells the returning reward guys that she caught this huge fish, and showed it to them.

Shane admits to being duped and blindsided. Terry voted for Aras, Shane for Danielle, and the rest for Shane.

Day 30. Danielle and Terry are talking. Danielle wants to know who Terry would take to the final three. Danielle said that she doesn't want to settle for third. Terry would rather take Courtney to the finals, but he is not settled on that, and tells Danielle that. Terry tells Danielle that the first and second finishers go to the finals. Terry thinks that fair, and so does Danielle. Danielle tells Courtney the plan, and Courtney doesn't like that very much. Courtney took offense at Danielle telling her that Danielle doesn't want to take anyone for a free ride. Meanwhile Cirie is watching. Cirie tries to talk Danielle out of the alliance with Terry and Courtney. Cirie tries to convince Danielle that Terry isn't going to take her to the final two. Cirie now wants to get rid of Courtney desperately. Time for the immunity challenge. Aras returns from Exile Island. The challenge is that each person is going to have to hold their own weight. They will start with 20% of the person's body weight. Every 15 minutes there will be additional 10% of the body weight added. The person is holding the weight while hanging over the water on a plank. Shane is now holding all his weight with one hand and is first out of the challenge at 15 minutes. Cirie just lets go of hers at 18 minutes. Danielle is third one out of the challenge at 19 minutes. Cirie says that Aras doesn't look good, and he just lets go at 23 minutes. It is now down to Terry and Courtney. 30 minuntes and another 10% is added. They are now holding 40% of their body weight. Terry has 68 pounds compared to Courtney's 48 pounds. Shane tells courtney to hold on because Terry is wavering. Courtney is out at 31 minutes. Terry wins his 4th straight immunity.

Back at the camp, Terry said that winning is awesome. Aras knows that he is the target right now, Terry says. Courtney tells Cirie that it is going to be the girls and Terry in the final four. Cirie tells Courtney not to tell Shane. They are going to send Aras home, and Courtney is going to have to deal Shane's wrath the next day. Shane and Aras talk with Courtney and Cirie about voting out Danielle. Cirie tells Aras about the plan, and then they talk with Danielle about voting out Courtney. Cirie hopes that Danielle stays strong and follows through with the plan. Danielle has to decide if it is best to be the final three with Aras and Cirie or Terry and Courtney. Terry said that there was a team bonding that gave them a chance to dig in. Cirie doesn't buy that Terry was saying that it was a time to put the game aside. Cirie said as long as the torch is lit, the game is on. Terry said that the pressure is up with every immunity challenge because they want to get him out and that Casaya is strong. Aras said that he has a good change of being Terry and that they stand a better chance of beating Terry with him. Considering that he hasn't won yet, yeah right. Shane said that they have to eat one of their own, and that is unfortunate. Danielle said that her brain is about to explode because she was thinking about all her options. Courtney is asked if others might want to take her to the final two because she is going to be the easiest to beat. It is time for the votes. Cirie votes for Courtney. Terry votes for Aras. Shane votes for Danielle. Courtney votes for Aras. The big unknown is Danielle. Votes: Aras, Danielle, Aras, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney. Shane looks shocked as the vote goes down, Courtney says it's a shocker, and Terry looks abit bewildered. So Danielle did flop, and I think that it was stupid of her to do it because Aras and Cirie are tight, and she committed herself to a final three with that twosome. Courtney sais that she is shocked that her sisters (the two girls turned on her), but that life goes on.

Thursday, April 20, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight there was a Medical Emergency on Survivor: Panama, Exile Island. Early morning in the Gitanos camp on day 25. Terry is trying to keep the fire going, and thinking of how he is the only left since Sally was voted off from his old tribe. Terry commented on how the night before as they sat around the fire and he was feeling melancholy that the others asked if something was wrong and if he wanted to talk about it. Terry said there is something wrong and I don't want to talk about it. Danielle tells Shane that they have come a long way, baby. They hug, and Shane and Danielle talk about being the first tribe to stick together. Terry is hoping to make it to the final three and says that he thinks he has it over the others with mental power. Courtney starts yelling at Danielle to help her with the fire. Terry smiles because he says that the longer he hangs out the more he gets to see them fall apart. Terry hopes to be the fly on the wall to see these guys turn on each other. Bruce says that he is feeling very sick, and that he is extremely constipated. Bruce says that he is so constipated it hurts. The tribe members all have boxes with their names on it. They are told to put a bit of themselves on the dolls that are in the box. They have to make them in their likeness. Cirie talks about giving her doll just the right amount of curves so the doll looks like her. As she says this, her boobs are falling in her face and into the camera. It is now time for the competition. The contestants are all carrying their dolls. For today's challenge they have to see how well they know their fellow contestants. Jeff Probst has a series of questions, and each person has to answer the questions in private. Jeff will tally the answers and then come back. The contestants now have to guess who came up most often when the questions were answered. Each time they get one right, they get to chop another cable to a tribe member's torch. After three chops, the torches fall like dominos and ignite the voodoo doll. The person with a voodoo doll at the end wins reward. The reward takes the winner via helicopter to a spa with a bath and food. The winner spends the night and then comes back. Questions and answers: Who does the least for the tribe? Danielle is the correct answer. Cirie chops Terry's cable. Aras chops Terry's cable. Terry chops Aras' cable. Shane chops Terry's last cable and he is out. Asses. Who never shuts up? Answer Courtney. Cirie and Shane get it right. Shane and Cirie both chop off Bruce. Who mistaken believes they are running this game? Answer is Shane. Aras and Courtney get it right. Aras removes Bruce from the game. Courtney takes out one of Shane's cable. Who would you trust with your life? Cirie is the right answer. Aras chops one of Courtney's cable. Who would you not trust to watch your back? Terry is the right answer. Courtney takes out one of Danielle's and then Aras takes out one of Courtney's. Everyone is now down to two ropes. Who is the biggest poser? Answer Courtney. Ara is the only one to get it right, and takes out another rope of Danielle's. Who is the moodiest? Answer is Shane. Courtney and Aras get it right, and Courtney chops out another one of Shane's. Shane calls Courtney on the fact that she is the only one to chop his rope and she says to give her a break because they are only playing a game. Bruce says "spa and food". Aras tells them all to calm down and rise above it. Terry tells them yeah, don't let it splinter you guys. It looks like Bruce and Terry are bonding because Bruce knows now that they are all after him. Aras takes out Danielle. Who most easily succumbs to intimidation? Answer is Courtney. Shane gets it right and takes out one of Courtney's ropes. Who is the most annoying person out here? Everyone says Courtney except Courtney. Cirie is laughing. Aras takes out Courtney. Shane takes one out for Aras. Cirie has to decide who to cut. Cirie takes out Shane and tells him it is because she promised Aras not to chop his rope. Shane mutters about Cirie being under the radar and getting her thing. Shane says that he is having an emotional reaction. Cirie looks like she wants to cry. Who will never survive on their own? Answer Cirie. Cirie gets it right and wins the challenge. The funny thing is that Aras picked Terry, the only person who could live on his own. Cirie send Terry to Exile Island, and he says that he has come to expect all sorts of bad things. Cirie gets to pick two people to go with her. She picks Aras because she claims that she promised him. Danielle is picked next, and doesn't take Shane. Shane tells Cirie that she made the wrong call by picking Danielle instead of him. Shane was begging to go to. The group is going to start breaking up.

The helicopter takes the trio to the spa. Cirie said that she has never been in a helicopter before and on her own getting to see all this stuff that she could never get to see. Cirie picked Aras and Danielle because she thought that they were the people she would have the most fun with. The three of them are having fun talking about the questions. Cirie said that she would be pissed to hear that her tribe members thought she was most annoying. Shane thought that he was tight with Aras and Cirie. Shane was shocked to not be picked. Courtney says that it was fun. Shane tells Courtney that he didn't think that Cirie and Danielle were so close. Courtney was upset about what was said of her. Courtney is shocked that Shane doesn't understand why she cares, and Courtney says it is because there were so many questions to which she was the answer. Shane tells her that she is personalizing alot of it. Shane said some of the questions were just so stupid. Courtney said that she was so happy to be there yesterday, but not today. Shane said that Courtney destroyed herself over the answers that were given and it got her to an all time low. Shane said that it will be interesting to see how Courtney handles herself in the next few days because she had so many bombs dropped on her. Then we get a cut to a fish with flies on it. The contestants in the camp eating up the food. Bruce still can't poop and is just trying to pass out because it is so painful. Shane does not think that Bruce is being over dramatic. Bruce says that his back and stomach hurts so bad and the pain is increasing. Shane tells Bruce to get better because they need him. Bruce is concerned because it is getting worse so fast. The reward trio are getting a mud massage. Danielle thought that the man giving her a massage was a little rough. They eat ever more food, stuffing themselves with more and more food. Cirie is laughing very hard and said that if she is out of the game because of this, that's great. Aras said that the game officially pointed out immaturity. Courtney and Shane are so similar. Danielle says that Courtney has a crush on Shane. Everyone says poor Bruce. Cirie said that she is going to be so hated, but Danielle and Aras said that they love her. Meanwhile back in the camp, Bruce is in agony. He is moaning from the pain, and seems unable to get up. Courtney comes to check on him. Courtney asks if she should go for help, and Bruce says no. Courtney starts to sing to him, and Bruce says no. Shane thinks that it is really bad. Courtney said that Bruce was writhing in pain. Bruce said that he doesn't want to quit, he just wants to get well. The survivor medical team is called in. Bruce tells the medic where the pain is and that it is getting worse. The medic assesses Bruce before he can give him any treatment. The medic touches where Bruce's appendix is and Bruce contorts in pain, but doesn't have it on the other side. The medic gives Bruce a shot. Bruce looks really sick. They put him on a stretcher and the medic tells Shane that he can't rule out that it is Bruce's appendix. Shane is naked and apologizes because he can't be in wet pants. Bruce is put on the stretcher with the help of Shane and Danielle. They carry him to the boat. Shane gives Bruce a kiss on the head and says that he will see him in a bit. Shane is hoping that Bruce isn't pulled from the game based on medical purposes. Shane hopes that Bruce comes back.

Terry is on Exile Island. He realizes that Casaya is out to get him and that the reward competition was a joke. Terry said that it was fun to watch them crash and burn and that being on Exile Island gave him a chance to think of the competition. Courtney thought that it was a bad way to end the day. Shane asks Courtney if she will guard his back. Courtney says that they need to keep things between them. Shane said that Courtney should not cross him because he will kill her. Shane tells Courtney to not take so many things so personal. Shane says that taking Courtney to the final two is a dream because anyone can win against her. The trio come back from the spa. Cirie talks about how no one was there to greet them and the tension was so thick at the camp. Courtney tells them that Bruce was taking out by the medics last night. Courtney doesn't know if Bruce is doing well or not. Aras said that it was a shock to come back because Courtney was really affected by the challenge and Shane was acting like an animal. Shane said that he learned alot yesterday and tells Aras that he hopes they had a good time. Shane tells Aras that he is disappointed with Cirie and doesn't think that Cirie has his back. Shane is angry that Cirie picked Danielle and doesn't want to go home before Danielle. Shane tells Aras that he is in the game now and there is a big, big problem. Aras didn't want to get into it with Shane because he doesn't want Shane to lose it. Cirie tells Shane that it was hard for her not to take him. Shane says that he didn't know Cirie was so tight with Danielle. Shane said that he is still scared about where that leaves the three of them. Cirie and Shane pledge to be loyal to each other. Shane said that he hoped to get ahead of Cirie and Aras psychologically and believes that he did.

Courtney is cleaning out Bruce's Zen garden and wanted to put in words like "Love Bruce." Danielle claims that she gave Bruce alot of credit and looked on him like a father figure. Yeah right! They all had a target on Bruce's back. Danielle just hopes that Bruce is okay. A boat comes to the shore with Terry and Jeff in the boat. It is strange to have Jeff at the camp. Jeff calls them all to camp and tell them to take seats. Jeff tells them that Bruce's entire digestive system was blocked up and he was lucky to get to the hospital in time. Bruce is out of the game. It is now down to the six of them. There is no immunity challenge, but they don't know if Bruce will be back for the jury in the next immunity challenge. Terry has made it to the final six. I am pulling for Terry to win this one. Terry says that Bruce is the master and that he doesn't think that any of them could put up with the pain that Bruce put up with.

Thursday, April 13, 2006 -- Evening

Survivor: Panama, Exile Island was on tonight with an episode titled Fight for Your Life or Eat. Day 22 in the Gitanos camp. Terry was talking about his flight training in the military. Courtney seems to have an issue about Terry being a Navy fighter pilot. As she claimed, "how is any normal, American person supposed to fight a Navy air fighter pilot dude. Cirie says something about breaking Terry's arm. Courtney can't believe Cirie said that. Terry asked when they get down to the six where does he fit in. Aras tells him that it's not part of the plane and Shane agrees. Terry talks about the plan to bring Danielle over. Danielle wishes that Terry, Sally and Aras were gone. Courtney says that they have to get rid of the idol soon. Danielle looks in Terry's bag and can't see anything so she thinks that Terry could have been making the whole story up. Danielle admits that you have to be careful on who has the idol. Aras tells Courtney, Danielle and Cirie that Terry isn't a gladiator, but just a fighter pilot. Aras also asks to be sent to Exile Island so he can figure out if T-Dog really does have the immunity idol. I don't know how he plans on doing that because not finding it doesn't mean that Terry has it, and there is no proof on the Island that Terry took it. Aras is a male bimbo. I think he just wants to find the idol for himself. As Aras says, he wants to figure it out for himself. He also admits that he is absolutely a target, so now we get the truth that Aras is just trying to figure out if he can find the immunity idol for himself. It is now time for the reward challenge. Since it has been 22 days since they have seen or talked to anyone at home, it is time for videos from home. Each Survivor is shown a brief clip from family at home. Terry got to see his wife, son, daughter, and dog. His daughter said that she really missed him. Danielle got to see her whole family. Bruce saw his wife, daughter, and dog. Bruce has been married almost 28 years. Courtney's mom was on her video. Aras got to see his dad. His dad has a teepee in the backyard that Aras' sister bought for him. Shane got to see some video from his son and dog. Shane sobs and talked of how close he is to his son. Sally saw her mom, dad, sister, and dog. Cirie got to see her two sons and husband. Her husband calls her honey bunny. Seeing the rest of the video and getting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. They have to divide into two teams of four. One person has to lie face down in a cradle suspended by bungee cords. Three ropes are attached to the cradle, and the other three members of the team will have to pull the ropes to maneuver the person on the cradle as that person grabs 15 flags and place them in order one at a time in their appropriate slots. The winning team also decides who goes to Exile Island. Courtney was in the white cradle being pulled by Bruce, Sally, and Terry. Danielle was in the black cradle being pulled by Aras, Shane and Cirie. Danielle got the first flag and that team had a slight lead. Terry gave the team some leadership, but Danielle and crew had a lead of at least one flag. With the sixth flag, the teams were tied. Aras knocked the first flag out and they had to go back to get it in place. She had trouble getting it in. Terry, Bruce, and Sally had a good rhythm going on and took the lead 12 to nine. Another flag was knocked down by Danielle's team. Courtney's team had one flag left, and they got it and won. Cirie was really pissed. They send Aras to the Island (which was what he wanted, but he won't find the immunity idol). Terry, Bruce, Courtney, and Sally got to watch videos and eat and drink.

Shane, Danielle, and Cirie walked back to camp, and Shane told them all that the videos and sandwiches weren't all that. Shane has an issue with his penis, and called Cirie over to look at it because she is a nurse. Danielle said that she wouldn't want to look at it. Cirie asked if she had to, and Shane told her that she did because he couldn't even touch it because it hurt. Cirie was laughing and said that there was something funky going on with Shane's testicles. Cirie explained to Shane that it was like diaper rash on a baby because Shane has been wearing damp clothes for so long. Shane stripped naked and Cirie told him to put on a shirt as a skirt to cover his private parts. Aras was glad to be on the Island on his own and to look for the Idol. Aras read his clue and being the male bimbo, he couldn't wrap his mind around the clue. Aras said that since the Idol was under a rock, others have moved rocks, and he's not sure if he was looking in the right place or not. As I said, male bimbo. Aras thought he could be out there for days looking for it, and he realized that Terry might have sent Aras out to the Island because he knew there was no Immunity Idol out there. Shane announced that the others were back. Danielle was being a poor loser and didn't want to hear about the reward experience. Courtney, Sally, Terry, and Bruce had luxury items that they brought back, but there were none for the rest of course. Terry had the flag from his father-in-law's casket. Sally had a journal, Bruce had a sketchbook, but Courtney had some sort of swinging thing that everyone would use. It's probably some yoga item, with a ball at the end of a long rope that you swing. There were two of the objects.

Day 24 and Courtney was out on the beach while Bruce is sketching. Sally said that she doesn't want to go yet. Terry told her that she would have to get some of the old Casaya members over to their side and one of them would have to win the next challenge so they would both have immunity and have numbers. The six ex-Casaya members are staying loyal. Shane told Terry that if he doesn't win immunity and doesn't have the other Immunity Idol that Terry is gone. Aras returns for the immunity challenge. Aras said that he ate alot, had fire, and hydrated himself. Each Survivor gets a nut and shell and has to put one in each hand. Sitting on the ocean floor is a long plank with seven symbols on it. The survivors will have to swim out, memorize as many symbols as they can in order, and then will have to race back, and duplicate the symbols on a device that they each will have. The twist to the challenge was that if immunity wasn't important to the person, that person could opt out and get to eat. They have cheeseburgers, french fries and soft drinks, and can eat as long as they want. If they want to participate in the challenge, they show the shell. If they want to eat, they show the nut. Aras, Sally, and Terry take part in the challenge. All the rest decide to eat. As the three raced out, the others are stuffing their faces. There are two races to see how much they can eat before the puzzle is solved. Terry comes back first. Aras is behind him, and Sally took abit longer to get the puzzle in her mind. Shane tells them to take their time while he is on his second burger. They all thought that Aras had it, but of course, Aras is a male bimbo. Terry did get it right, and he won immunity for the third straight time. Terry is an amazing man and deserves to win.

Terry and Sally celebrated afterwards. Aras said that he believes that there are two possibilities with the hidden Idol. Either it was really easy to find and Terry has it, or it was really difficult and it was still out on the Island. Aras is such an ass and male bimbo. He deserves to be voted off. Shane hoped to Go that Terry didn't have it. Aras said that everyone sitting out and eating the food was a bad choice. Terry shows Bruce the hidden Immunity Idol and Bruce is excited to see who might get voted out Sally. Sally asked the other three girls if they would want to join them because the Idol will be used. Courtney asked Terry about the Idol, and Terry said that he would like to get her, and Bruce with him and Sally because they would be the final four. Courtney was really undecided because she thinks that she stands a better of beating Terry in the final two instead of beating Aras. Cirie doesn't believe that Terry would hand over the Immunity Idol to Sally and tells Bruce that. Terry and Sally talk about how Courtney can't make up her mind. Terry can't decide if he will give up the immunity challenge to Sally, but if they get the numbers that he won't have to win another immunity challenge until the final three. Austin comes in as the first member of the jury. Shane said that he wasn't worried and almost got two cheeseburgers, nine fries and a whole coke in. Shane just didn't feel in his gut of guts that he had to win immunity. Sally said that she didn't think for one second about eating because she needed that immunity. Aras said that it was disappointing that no one was concerned about getting immunity. Shane said that everyone is talking about Terry's dominance and that he is a 47 year old beast and none of them can continue to eat cheeseburgers. Terry said that he is going to continue to win immunity and that regardless of what he had in his pocket. Danielle said that she is tired of Terry's tired and cockiness. Jeff Probst thought it was interesting that Danielle made that comment considering how confident and cocky the six of them are with their attitude about feeling free to eat because they had no concern about being voted off. Shane looked shocked at such a suggestion. Jeff asks if Daneille is frustrated at the fact that Terry keeps on winning and that Terry has to lose. Aras doesn't want to the hidden idol in play tonight because he doesn't have immunity and he will be out. Sally voted for Aras. Cirie voted for Sally. Terry voted for Aras. Courtney said that the person she voted out was too much of a threat, and said so sorry. Did she flip? Votes: Sally, Sally, Aras, Aras, Sally, Sally, Sally. Will the immunity idol be played? No. Terry has to keep himself safe. Sally leaves. Next week will have six former Casaya against Terry. Who will be out next week? Sally was not disappointed that Terry didn't give up the immunity idol because he has a huge battle coming up, and she was just sorry that she couldn't battle with him.

Thursday, April 6, 2006 -- Evening

Survivor: Panama, Exile Island's episode this evening is called The Power of the Idol. Gitanos and Day 19. Courtney talks about Austin throwing the competition and thinks that the wrong guy was voted off. Austin thought that he had pulled off the greatest caper, but thought he was caught out, and admitted to it in tribal council. So now people are not knowing if he can be trusted. Aras says that the slugs on the beach are the equivalent of the people from La Mina. He and courtney say that they are against Austin. Terry and Sally talk about how they can pull people over to his side. Terry is trying to think of how this can be done, and is hoping to pull two people over to his side. The tribe gets information on their next competition with comments about political decisions. Sally hopes that the Casaya tribe gets upset. The challenge is to divide the remaining tribe members into three teams. Each team gets a boat and 100 coconuts. On Jeff Probst's go, They have to race and put their coconuts into another teams boat. Once a team has gotten rid of all their coconuts, they have to take their boat, go out to get a tribe colored flag, and then take the coconuts in a net and drag it up the beach and put the coconuts back into their team bin. The first team to finish wins a reward challenge that takes them away to a bread and breakfast type places with lots of food. Also the winning team decides who goes to Exile Island. They randomly divide. Shane, Terry, and Austin are on one team. Bruce, Aras and Sally and then Danielle, Courtney and Cirie. It looks like Shane, Terry, and Austin have an advantage. Aras tells the girls that he isn't putting coconuts in their boat and is trying to target all the guys. The girls are so far behind that they have to put their coconuts into their own boat. Sally, Aras, and Bruce have their flag. The race is close between the two teams. The girls are totally out of it. Bruce, Sally, and Aras have all their coconuts in one net. Sally runs back to get the team flag because they forot it on the boat. Bruce, Aras, and Sally won the reward. They have to send one person from each team to Exile Island. Aras is the one who says that Austin and Danielle go to Exile Island.

Day 20. Sally says that it is mind over matter. As she says, she gets breakfast in bed with Bruce and Aras. Aras says that he was getting anxious because they got up in the morning, and it was raining like heck and there was no boat. It eventually shows up. Aras is aware that by winning the challenge he showed his athletic ability and his wit. Sally said that they were drenched as they went to the reward. It was a canopy bed on a sand bar, and the bed was totally soaked from the rain. Food was brought and Sally and Aras didn't care about the rain. Bruce said that it was a meal fit for royalty. Bruce said that they just devoured it and it was every man for himself. Sally said it was the best meal she ever had, and she felt comfortable being in the bed with strange men. Terry is talking to Shane about Danielle being sent to Exile Island and who might be strongest of their team. Terry tries to get Shane to talk about the final four. Shane realizes that Terry might have the idol. Shane said that he thinks Cirie, Courtney, Aras and Shane will be the final four. Cirie is trying not to think of the breakfast and hate them for winning. Aras and sally give the full details on the meal. Sally couldn't finish her bacon because there was so much food. Cirie did not care about how swollen Sally's belly was with food. Meanwhile on Exile Island, Austin and Danielle are sleeping or trying to sleep in a non-stop rain storm. Austin thinks it is unbelieveable how the rain doesn't stop. Danielle thinks that it sucks. Austin said that Exile is miserable because of the non-stop rain and that it is as cold as hell. Danielle said that it is miserable because she and Austin are getting soaked with the rain. Austin said that lucky he got along with Danielle and the bonding began. Danielle is glad to be stuck with Austin and now starts to think that Austin might be a good backup if something happens with her other alliance.

Sally is asking Terry if Austin will look for the idol. She wonders what will happen if they both find the idol. Terry tells Sally that he has the idol and had it since the first day. Sally is hoping that if Terry wins the next immunity challenge that he will give her or Austin the other idol. Austin and Danielle admit that it was the worst experience ever. It is now time for the immunity challenge. Today's challenge. They have to race through obstacles. They have to race to a fence and dig their way under it. First six to finish more to the next round. The second phase they have to solve a puzzle with four clues. They then have to race through a maze and over a second sand pit. First three who finish move on. Next phase, they have to walk across a rope bridge with wooden planks. They then have to climb up an embankment. First two to finish more on. Final round is to race through a series of vertical and horizontal mazes. First to finish wins immunity. Sally is the first one through. Danielle, Courtney, and Terry are through. Shane gets through, and then Austin gets through. It is now on to the brain teaser. Austin is the first to finish. Sally gets it next. Then Terry and Danielle. Austin, Sally and Terry make it to the next round. They now have to cross the rope bridge using the two planks of wood to make it over the bridge. After the bridge, they have to jump in the water and then make it up the sandy hill. Sally is over first and Terry is next. Next up is the vertical and horizontal bamboo maze. Terry has abit of a lead. He really doesn't want to use that immunity idol. Terry and Sally are both through, and Terry crosses first and wins immunity. After 21 days, another person will leave and join the jury.

Day 21. Danielle is happy to be back. She is mad at Aras for sending her to Exile Island. Aras said that he sent Danielle because she was as tough as nails. Austin said that he knew that immunity was vital, and after Terry got the idol, he realized that he was probably off. Terry tells Austin that he wants to put the immunity idol on the line to get the numbers. Terry tells Austin that he should try to get Danielle over to their side, and Terry will approach Bruce. Terry tells Bruce what Shane said about the final four. Bruce finds out that he is at the bottom of the Casaya pecking order. Bruce feels that Casaya broke their trust. Aras wants to vote off Sally. Courtney says no way. Aras had thought it all idol and realizes that if anyone has the idol it has to be Terry. Courtney thinks that if Terry had the idol he would use it to save Austin. Aras and Courtney have an argument over it because Aras realizes that he might go next. Aras gets upset because Courtney calls him stupid, and Cirie tries to call things down. Courtney says that Aras freaked her out. Courtney said that the immunity idol shakes things up. As Courtney says, if Aras goes then he needs to be voted off. Aras doesn't think that Courtney has shown a single second of intelligence. Austin tells Danielle about the final four and that Bruce and Danielle would be voted off fifth and sixth. Danielle said that she comes back and everyone has gone crazy. Then Terry tells Danielle that she will have the immunity idol if she comes over to them. Danielle trusts Aras. Aras is telling everyone that Sally has to go. Terry said that they will have to see what happens. Aras admits that Casaya is divided on the vote and hopes that he doesn't get a whammy. It is not tribal council time. Aras admits that he and Danielle were working together. Aras thought that it would get the coconuts into the men's boat. Meanwhile Cirie said that it really helped out Aras and no one else. Austin admits that being on Exile Island was a real character building, trying time. Danielle admits that she and Austin bonded because of the hard times. Danielle is proud to come out alive and strong. Cirie said that everyone gets along fine until tribal council and that everyone splits into their tribes. Courtney thinks that anyone playing the game has to be looking ahead and there are so many unknown variables. Shane said that the immunity idol can affect the whole game. Danielle said that she has to go with what is right inside. Bruce admits that he can just be setup for a fall and that he could be the first to go. Shane says that if someone flops it would have to be two. He would be stunned if it was one person who flopped but that two would be impossible. So Shane thinks that the Casaya alliance is strong. Because if one flops it is still five to four in favor of the old Casaya. Austin votes out Aras. It is now time to tally the votes. Votes: Aras, Aras, Austin, Aras, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin. Austin is voted off. It seems that Danielle and Bruce did not flip. And surprisingly, Terry did not give Austin the idol and have Aras removed in his stead. The end just didn't make sense because Terry and Austin were just smiling away, and yet there was no move. I just don't understand it!

Austin admits in his farewell video that the time was very trying and that he is happy to be on the jury. He also admires Terry and wishes him the best.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 -- Evening

Survivor: Panama, Exile Island is back on tonight. This episode is called An Emerging Plan. At the Casaya camp, they are all sleeping together like huddled puppies. Courtney is saying it is cold because it it rainy and damp. Courtney is telling everyone the next morning that she was drenched and cold when the rain started. As she said, everyone else was huddled together and she was on her own. She blames Shane later because he just gave her the elbow instead of cuddling with her. She also doesn't like that Shane asked for his name back. Meanwhile Aras thinks it's wacky that Bruce is tending his rock garden. Day 16 on Exile Island. Sally is excited to still be in the game. She has been looking for the Immunity Idol and hoping that Terry hasn't found it yet. At La Mina, the three guys are talking about having beans for dinner. Austin is concerned about the merge and when it will come. Tree mail comes for them. They are told to look for something. Austin is happy to go on a treasure hunt, and is hoping that it is food. Terry said that they were told there would be something on the back beach which wasn't quite right, and they find a boat with firewood and a case that they can't open until they unit with Casaya tribe. La Mina takes apart their camp. Terry said that they need to find out if they can make an alliance with someone in Casaya. Terry doesn't want to use his immunity idol until the final four, but he will use it if he has too. Austin is anxious to meet some new personality and see if he can come out victorious. The La Mina guys row over to the Casaya camp.

Casaya, Day 16. The group is huddled around the campfire and not doing anything other than collecting wood and making fire, eating rice, and drinking water. Aras sees the La Mina team headed their way. So the Casaya team starts shoving rice down their faces because they don't want to give the La Mina guys anything. The Casaya guys all promise to stick together and vote off the La Mina guys one by one. Aras is worried about Bruce having a relationship with Terry. Bruce is happy to have the new guys there. Bruce thinks it is a pleasure to be around Terry. Sally comes in to camp and sees that it is the merge and everyone is together. She is greeted and hugged by Bruce first. In the crate are new trib buffs and paints, drinks and snacks. They have to come up with a new nap. There was fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, and wine in the crate. Terry thought that everyone was being pleasant and was surprised at the lack of competitive edge in the welcome. Shane thinks that the new shelter will be amazing because La Mina has the tarp. Shane said that the next time Terry doesn't get immunity, he is out. He makes a comment about Captain America and how he doesn't like Terry. Terry talks to Bruce about being on his side. As Terry said, one person will make them even. Terry said that he thought that Bruce was on the outs and quickly made an offer to Bruce. Shane and Aras plan on making Bruce think that he is the leader so he doesn't switch sides. Aras tries to convince Bruce that he is the senior member. Bruce loves being the swing vote because that should take him farther. Bruce hopes to out play everybody. The rains come again and the La Mina group is together with Bruce. Bruce gets hit with in the face and mouth with a machete by Nick. He has a cut and a broken tooth. Shane starts panicking about numbers. Nick said that it was a sickening sound when he hit Bruce in the mouth. Bruce says that he's not going to leave the camp. Terry tells him that he can be out of the game for a day and then be right back. Bruce said that he's had it worse, and promises that when it comes to competition, he wants to beat them all.

Day 17. The tribe is now called Gitanos which Bruce believes mean Gypsy in Spanish. Austin talks with Aras about chat of what has been going on in the camp. Aras says that he has been getting along with everyone. Austin realizes that it is going to be harder to flip anyone over. Terry asks Shane if he would like to join the other four guys with Cirie. Shane said that he could definitely try. Shane asks why anyone would want to join his tribe and flop. Terry approaches Cirie about offering her and Shane an alliance. As he said he is taking the burden of tribal council off her shoulders. Cirie said she can't believe that Terry is trying to sell her something. Terry asks Shane and Cirie about their feelings and Shane said that he's not flopping because to get to the final six is important to him. Terry said that he's not sure about Cirie or Bruce, but they might flop. It is now time for the Immunity Challenge. Nick said that the merge went great, and it was two days of love. The individual immunity is this huge necklace. Today's challenge is a test of endurance. They have to hang upside down with their arms and legs wrapped about a pole. Whoever hangs the longest wins Immunity. They climb up the ladders to the poles, wrap around the poles and hang on. Jeff Probst tells them not to drop head first when they drop. Cirie is just hanging by her hands and is the first person to drop. 10 minutes have passed. Courtney hangs by her legs. Aras is the second person out at 11 minutes. Bruce drops out after 12 minutes. Sally is down next. Shane said "give me a cheeseburger and I'm out of here." Shane drops, then Danielle, and then Courtney. It is down to Terry, Austin, and Nick. Austin asks Terry to voluntarily give up immunity. 30 minutes. Austin falls out. It is down to Terry and Nick. Nick drops out at 46 minutes. Terry wins the first individual immunity. Terry is safe at the night's tribal council.

Terry is happy to have both the immunity necklace and the immunity idol. Terry doesn't hope to have to use the idol. Terry and Bruce talk about Bruce joining the old La Mina. Austin said that he'd be lying if he thought that anything could save him. Austin said that he knew he couldn't beat Terry so he acted as a weak person so he would appear to not be strong. Austin is sure that he won't be part of the jury. Nick just hopes to make it through one more vote. Shane calls over Bruce. Nick said it was like kindergarten when Shane calls everyone over from old Casaya to discuss who they will vote out. Cirie said that Nick seems strong. Shane would rather have Austin out because he thinks that Austin is strong, but he doesn't care as long as he gets one of the La Mina out. Shane doesn't care that the old La Mina have a problem with how he called the meeting without them. He just wants one tribe voted off. Courtney tells Jeff that the new name is Gitanos. Terry said that he was hoping for one more immunity challenge before the merge. Nick said that you try to identify the fringe players and get them onto your side. Bruce admits that he has always been on the outside looking in. Bruce feels that he is respected and has alot of respect for everyone. Nick is hoping his actions spoke for him. Austin said there was alot going through his mind. Austin admits that he didn't know whether to appear weak or strong. Then he admits that it was just a show of weakness, not real weakness. Shane said that he has the numbers and wants to stick to that and is saving his strength. Aras said that he would be stunned if anyone flipped from their alliance. Courtney, Danielle, and Cirie all say they would be stunned at a flip. Austin votes for Shane because Shane led the charge against him. Courtney votes for Nick and says that it makes her really sad. It is time to tally the votes. The votes: Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, and finally Nick. Nick is now out of Exile Island, and as he leaves, he throws a knotted cloth to Cirie. Could be a t-shirt or towel? So the Casaya alliance held firm. What will happen next week?

The interesting thing is that it looks as if Terry tells others that he has the immunity idol and offers it to someone to try to keep the others on La Mina safe. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Thursday, March 15, 2006 -- Evening

Because of March Madness, Survivor: Panama, Exile Island is on this evening. However, the episode isn't a new one in the sense that it is a recap of previous episodes. I'm not a big fan of recap shows because they just put off finding out who wins. The enticement to watch the recap show is the offer of new materials. However, I have never found the "new material" to be worth having a recap show. Basically you just get to watch bits that were't considered good enough to make the regular show. An example of a new bit was seeing how the young women couldn't open a coconut on their first day in camp. One thing that does come out in the new clips is that Bruce is really psycho. During a thunderstorm, he uses some of the last little bit of drinking water to wash his hands because Bruce thinks he has some allergen on his hands. As Shane told the camera, Bruce could have gone out into the rain to wash his hands. Another thing that we found out is that the Casaya team killed and ate a snake before their first winning competition. As Courtney said, the snake is a symbol of transformation, and everyone honors the snake before eating it. The next episode will be in two weeks, and from the preview, it should be an exciting one. It seems that someone is rushed away for medical care.

Thursday, March 9, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight is the sixth episode of Survivor: Panama, Exile Island. It is titled Salvation and Desertion. The Casaya group is gathered together and trying to sleep. Shane tells them all that they made the wrong choice and that Bruce is falling apart. He thinks that Bruce should have been voted out and doesn't care that Bruce is sleeping there. Shane said that he wants them to give him his son's name back and that he wants to go back to be being a lone wolf. Danielle tells him to shut up and if he feels like that tomorrow they can talk. Day 15 at Casaya. Cirie tells Courtney how Shane said that he didn't want to be in an alliance with them any more. Courtney tells Cirie that she would like to release Shane from the game. Cirie decided to catch Courtney up because she was sleeping on the beach. Cirie loves the fact that the alliance is cracking. It gives Cirie alot of laughs. Danielle and Courtney talk about Shane being the next person out. Danielle says that she can't stand Shane because he is a moron and a lunatic. Over in La Mina, Dan is on the beach and commenting that it is a beautiful day in paradise. Dan said that he has been within 200 miles of this spot--vertically. The guys in La Mina are eating beans. Sally thinks that the guys are short sighted. She doesn't think that the boys club will hold together very well. Austin and Terry start eating little minnows. Austin said that he has been thinking about food non-stop. Dan tells the story about being on the space shuttle and being up on Endeavor and Discovery. Nick is amazed at the story and how humble Dan is. Nick and Austin say they have done nothing yet, but that they have the future. Dan felt that they became good friends and that he didn't want to keep the secret from them any longer. Shane is sitting quietly at the fire in the Casaya camp. Shane approaches Courtney and Danielle and said that he has to stay in the alliance because he swore on his kid's head. Shane said that he doesn't think that he is making a mistake. Danielle said that if anyone should get angry at anyone it is with Courtney because Danielle always was against Bobby. Danielle said that Shane has these outbreaks and that she is tired of them. Shane said that he hasn't lashed out at Courtney in days. Courtney tells Shane that he doesn't realize how mean he is. Shane said that only Courtney and Danielle have a problem with him. Aras is silent and says that he doesn't want to be part of the alliance either. Shane tells Aras that he doesn't like either girl and that he may have signed his walking papers. Aras agrees that unless Shane can apologize to the girls, he will be going home.

La Mina on Day 16. It is time for an immunity challenge, and they get the notice from tree mail. The stakes are high and the reward is big. Sally says that they will win, and Austin says that they need to get the numbers even because they are heading for a merge. Terry said that this is Game 7 of the World Series and they have to win. If they don't, Sally is the one who is gone. Dan is shocked to hear that Bobby is voted out. Today's challenge is for reward and immunity. At Jeff's go, three members will race out to the field one at a time to find puzzle pieces. Once they have all four pieces, the two remaining members will have to solve the revolving puzzle. The winner gets a barbeque with members of the local village. There will be beef and chicken and wine. The winning team will send a member of the losing team to Exile Island. That person will not go to tribal council and will not get voted out. So the winners will be saving a member from the losing team. Casaya will have Courtney sit out. Bruce and Cirie will solve the puzzle and Shane, Danielle and Aras. For La Mina, Terry, Austin and Nick will gather pieces and Dan and Sally will solve the puzzle. Shane and Terry are out first. Terry is back first and Austin is out. Shane is back and Aras is on the course trying to make up time. Austin is back, and Nick is out for La Mina. Aras is headed back with the second puzzle piece and Danielle is off. Nick has the third piece. Terry runs out to get the fourth piece. Danielle has her third piece is headed back, but so is Terry with the fourth piece. Shane is out to get the last piece for Casaya. Dan and Sally are now working on the puzzle. They are struggling. Shane is headed back with the last piece for Casaya and Bruce and Cirie are now working on the puzzle. Bruce and Cirie get their first piece and that they have the pattern. Casaya has the second piece. They have the third piece and La Mina can't get one piece. Casaya wins reward and immunity. Casaya decides to send Sally to Exile Island so she can't be voted off. That means that it will be one of the four guys. Casaya goes off to party and La Mina goes off to decide who will be voted off.

Sally is at Exile Island and realizes that it is her saving grace. Sally realizes there is a strong alliance between the four guys and that she is going to be saved. Sally is thrilled and realizes that she can have a vacation. Sally said that it is exciting and frustrating to realize there is an immunity idol out there. Of course, she doesn't know that Terry already found it. Meanwhile, Casaya is going to the local village to socialize with the inhabitants and eat. Shane is so happy to be there. Danielle was happy to see all the smiling kids. Aras said that a young boy grabbed his hand and asked if he wanted to eat. They all start chowing down on all the rice, soup, cheese, and barbequed chicken. Danielle said that she went crazy and ate everything in sight. Cirie thought that it was nice to be around people other than her tribe mates. Cirie said that the kids reminded her of her family, and one looked just like her niece. Shane sees someone smoking and manages to get a cigarette off the guy and smokes. He was amazed at how the cigarette affected him. Cirie said that the reward brought them together. Cirie said that the bad thing is that it gave Shane time to backtrack. Shane apologizes to Danielle and says that from now on, he will be a different person. Cirie says that Courtney and Danielle are fulled by Shane's baloney. Bruce does a martial art demonstration for the villagers. Cirie is upset that they won (even though she is glad to be eating) and everyone is in love with each other again because that makes her changes more difficult. As she said, Bruce had to go and win it for them.

Terry said that it was bad that they lost immunity with a NASA engineer. Austin tells Terry that it is a young person's game and they can't take Terry the farthest. As Austin said, someone has to go home. Dan could not let it drop that he couldn't do the puzzle. Dan wonders if Austin is interested in leaving and asks Nick about it. Dan said that he can't vote out Austin. Nick tells Terry that Dan thinks that it will be him and Dan against Nick and Austin. As Terry said, there have been a few challenges that Dan did not come through on. Terry goes to talk to Dan about the competition. Dan is still rambling on about the loss with the puzzle piece. Terry tells Dan that they made a pact to not lie. Terry says that he would go to the final two with Dan if he could. Terry said that he didn't want Dan to be surprised. Dan said that it was his fault and he has to take responsibility. As Dan said he has to take the hit because he screwed up. Terry said that having to vote Dan off is a highly emotion decision and that Dan has the "right stuff." At tribla council, the guys collect. Jeff Probst asks if Sally would have been next out. Terry said that he knew that Casaya knew they would have voted Sally out. Nick said that the group is amazingly tight and that there is not going to be a surprise on who will leave and that it is going to be a business like process. Dan said that they were very upfront with him that he would be leaving tonight. Dan was hoping for a tie with Terry and Dan against Nick and Austin. Terry said that he is making a managerial decision. Austin said that he would never say that there is anything about Dan that needs to go. Dan is the weakest of the four, and one of them had to go. Dan said that he is a contributor and has done alot for the tribe. Dan thought that he would go much farther and he isn't going to fall on the sword, but he has to accept how things are. The vote starts. Jeff goes to tally the vote. Votes: Dan, Austin, Dan, and Dan. Dan is voted out and he shakes hands with the three remaining guys. Dan salutes the remaining guys. The guys are sent back to camp.

Thursday, March 2, 2006 -- Evening

The fifth episode of Survivor: Panama, Exile Island is titled For Cod's Sake. La Mina Day 12. Sally is glad to be the only woman left in La Mina, and Dan says that he understands how the other men thought that Ruth-Marie might not be the best to keep for the challenges. Sally feels pretty good that they decided to keep her. Meanwhile over in Casaya, the plan in to get water to keep the tribe hydrated. Bruce is building a Zen rock garden on the beach to bring some peace to people's souls. Aras wonders if it was the appropriate thing to do for Bruce to build a rock garden. Aras said that they are having problems with the fire, and Bruce said to get firewood. Aras said that he did get firewood and that while Bruce was building a rock garden, Aras was working as a team. Aras and Bruce talk about it. Aras claims that he wasn't trying to disrespect Bruce. Bruce said that Aras' remark was childish, and they get into an argument. Aras finally gets Bruce to go out to collect some "good" firewood. It is now time for the Reward Challenge. It is to transport rice, beans and fish from a boat to the shore. They have to assign one person to get the item from the boat, and then form an assembly line. The person at the end of the line has to throw the item into the appropriate bin. First they have to get a bag of rice, then beans, then fish. The fish is large and the last person has to cut off the head and tail before putting it in the bin. If a person throws an item and the other person drops it, the thrower has to get it, go back to the mat and rethrow. They can also swap positions. First tribe to get all the items in the appropriate bin wins. The team that wins get all the rice, beans, and fish and spices and wine. The losing team either get the rice or the beans. With Casaya, Courtney and Danielle sit it out. Austin and Aras are the racers to the boat. Casaya has a bit of a lead. La Mina gets ahead and Bruce really falls behind trying to hack up the fish. They have to get eight total. Bruce seems to be having some problems. La Mina has a huge lead. Casaya has caught up because Sally is having problems catching the fish. Both teams are now tied. Casaysa has abit of a lead. They are on the last fish. Casaya wins the reward. La Mina decides to take the beans. Casaya sends Terry out to Exile Island again.

Rain again in the camps. The Casaya camp is badly flooded. The area is like a lake. The best reward and they come back to a mess and no dry wood for a fire. They decide to eat the fish raw. Cirie wonders if it is cool to eat raw fish because she never ate raw fish. Aras says that it's a tough situation but that the tribe has bonded in its own weird way. Over at La Mina, they are eating the beans. Austin says that La Mina is happy to just have food. Austin and Nick are feeling sick for eating so many beans. As they say, their digestive system is probably not ready to handle the food, and Austin goes away to throw up. Nighttime and Austin and Nick are still really feeling sick. They wonder if they didn't cook the beans enough. Meanwhile, Casaya is still a lake. Bobby and Bruce are in the outhouse drinking wine. Bobby says that he can't bond with anyone. Bruce and Bobby make a pact to never vote each other out. casaya on Day 13. Everything is trashed after the storm. The others notice that the wine is missing and Cirie has to go into the outhouse to get supplies and finds the wine is with Bruce. Bobby admits that he drank the last of the wine and that he shared some with Bruce. Bobby said that he was happy he drank the wine. Bobby tells Courtney that he doesn't feel bad about drinking her wine, and that he is glad that he did it. Courtney can't believe how Bobby was so rude to do it and admit to it.

Meanwhile Terry is on Exile Island for the second time. Terry is looking for food and rehydrating himself so he is strong for the challenges. Terry's worst fear is that his tribe mates aren't feeding or hydrating themselves. Austin says that it sucks because he and Nick had such a rough time, and since La Mina has lost four in a row. It is now time for the Immunity Challenge. Terry shows up. They have to collect skulls from four coffins under the water. Three will go out on boat to collect the four pieces. Once all four are collected, they head back to build the puzzle. The remaining two will build the puzzle. The first team to build the puzzle wins. There are four notes on each coffin. Cirie and Bruce sit out this one. La Mina has the first puzzle piece and moves on to the next coffin. La Mina has the second puzzle piece. La Mina is at the third coffin while Casaya is on the second. La Mina has its third piece. La Mina is at the fourth coffin. All three Casaya are in the water trying to tie things up. La Mina has all four pieces and are heading back. La Mina is at the shore while Casaya is trying on their fourth piece. La Mina can't figure out the puzzle. Casaya is now back. Shane and Bobby are trying to put their pieces together. La Mina has it and wins immunity! Finally! No one from La Mina is going home, but someone is from Casaya.

Casaya is returning to camp. Shane is saying that there is no discussion that Bobby should go out. Aras thinks that Bobby has shown his strength. Aras is against Bruce though because of the Zen garden. Aras said that Bruce doesn't bring anything to the tribe. Shane doesn't want Bobby because he is with the young guys. It seems that Aras, Shane, Cirie and Courtney are going to vote out Bruce. Cirie is just trying to lay low and how to have the others vote themselves out. Shane tells Bobby that everyone wanted to vote him out and makes it sound like Shane saved him. Bruce is trying to stay calm, but gets upset when Courtney uses his Zen garden for yoga. Danielle said that she doesn't trust Bobby. Danielle and Courtney talk to Cirie about voting out Bobby since Aras wants Bruce gone. Danielle calls Shane over and Shane tells them that Bobby told him that he wouldn't flop to the other side. Shane said that he wishes that they told him this an hour ago before Shane made a pledge on his child's life with Bobby. Shane said that it's women, they flip flop all the time. So who will be voted out? Bobby or Bruce. Jeff Probst asks Shane about Casaya being in disarray. Shane said that they are a functional, dysfunctional tribe. Bruce tells Jeff that he was sleeping in the outhouse. Bruce said that he was in the outhouse and Bobby came into the outhouse with the wine. Bobby claims that his spot was taken in the camp. Jeff said that the other five should see Bruce and Bobby as being outsiders. Cirie said that it was a huge, huge mistake to drink the wine. As Cirie said, they all fought for the wine. Aras said that Bruce knew too that they all wanted the wine. It is obvious that Aras has a real problem with Bruce. Bruce said that it was the furtherest from his mind to apologize. Bruce said that he hasn't had folks come and ask him for advice and then challenge him. Danielle tells Aras that Bruce is an older man who probably feels that he isn't getting the respect that he deserves. Voting starts. Bruce votes out Courtney. Danielle votes out Bobby. Aras, of course, votes out Bruce. It is time to tally the votes. Votes: Courtney, Bruce, Bobby, Aras, Bruce, Bobby, Bobby. Bobby is the fifth person voted off of Survivor. Jeff said that they were in a disarray when they came in to tribal council, but hopefully they will come together after the council. Shane is the person who voted against Aras, the women voted for Bobby, and Aras and Bobby voted for Bruce.

Thursday, February 23, 2006 -- Evening

The fourth episode of Survivor: Panama, Exile Island is titled Starvation and Lunacy. La Mina on Day 9, and the tribe is making a small fire. Sally feels isolated because she thought Ruth-Marie was getting voted out and it was Misty. Dan talks to Ruth Marie and asks if she would like to go to final five. She says that she will be loyal. Dan thinks Ruth-Marie will be loyal to them till the end. So the five guys will be targeting Sally. Dan feels comfortable that he has an alliance that will make it to the merge. The guys in Casaya go out to catch some snails and when they come back, the fire is out. Shane and Aras were quite mad at Bob, Danielle, and Courtney. cirie comments on how there is constant drama. Cirie says that her goal is to work as she has been and to stay out of the drama because it is going to drag down the others with their alliance. The reward challenge. Each tribe has six floating puzzle pieces. Each team has to send someone down to unattach the piece and then move the pieces into a frame. Once all six are collected, they have to then put them together to complete the puzzle. The reward is bathroom supplies. They get towels, Charmin, loofa, bush shower, and toilet seat. For the losers, someone will be sent to Exile Island. Sally and Bobby are the first into the water. They both dive down to unclip the pieces. La Mina is pulling ahead. Bobby can't seem to get the piece into the rings. Dan and Bruce are next for their respective teams. Ruth-Marie and Danielle are out next. Danielle is making up time for Casaya. Shane and Nick are in the water and it's neck and next. Austin and Courtney are now in the water. La Mina has abit of a lead. Austin lost time for La Mina because he didn't get the piece in all the way. It is now up to Terry and Aras. Terry is back for La Mina. Both tribes are now solving the puzzle. Each piece will match up with the corresponding symbol on each side. Casaya is very close and wins the reward. They get to choose someone to send to Exile Island, and it is Terry.

Back with La Mina. Sally said that La Mina knew Casaya would send Terry because he is the leader. The tribe wants to make sure that the camp is still in shape. Austin admits that Terry was the leader and unifed the team. Without him they are going in different directions. Casaya is very happy to see their bathroom. They have five gallons of water for the shower. They are all talking about what they will do with the bathroom. They decide to use the bathroom for keeping the wood drive, but Bobby went there to take a dump as he phrased it. Everyone seems to be a tad disgusted with Bobby. Casaya thinks that La Mina will be disadvantaged with Terry in Exile Island, even though they weren't when Bruce was sent to Exile Island. Meanwhile on the Island, Terry gets a clue about where the Immunity Idol is hidden. It is up the tideline and buried under ground and under a rock. The big clue is why fate chose the person to be on Exile Island and "why they are there. Terry finds a tree that looks like a Y and starts looking under the rocks for the Immunity Idol. He finds the Immunity Idol that will protect him up to and through the final four. As Terry said, Casaya did him a big challenge by sending him out to Exile Island because he has the Immunity Idol in his back pocket.

Casaya, Day 11. The fire was out and dead. Aras and Shane decided that the fire should be moved closer to the shelters. Aras says that Shane, he and Cirie work their butts out while no one else does anything. Danielle said that she was a captain in sports and just thinks that Shane is too demeaning. Danielle said that Shane doesn't do anything. Shane claims that he gets wood and water just like Danielle claims. So Shane said that why does Danielle care what others think, but then why is he telling her that everyone thinks she doesn't do the work. Cirie gets dragged into the argument and agrees that Danielle may not work as hard as some of the others. Cirie later admits that it is hilarious to her that Shane, Aras, Danielle and Courtney are an alliance and are sniping at each other. La Mina, Day 11. The tribe is complaining about being hungry and not having anything to eat. Everyone admits that they are hungry. Nick says that they suck at not catching fish. They have gone a long time without eating, and without Terry, they can't seem to get the fire going. Just as they start to get it going, rain comes. Sally doesn't know how much game the guys have left in them. As Sally says, it's her butt on the line if they lose. Time for the Immunity Challenge. Terry returns from Exile Island. Terry said that it is a peaceful time out on the Island. One person will begin seated on a chair attached to a pulley. Above them will be a person directly above them in a crows nest where an empty water barrel is. The other four have to walk a balance beam maze to the shore, get water, and then take it back. If you fall, you have to go back and refill the bucket. It is then raised to the person in the crows nest who fills the barrel. As the barrel is filled, it will raise the person on the seat. When the barrel is filled enough it will raise the person enough to pull out a pin that will release a flag. That team will win. Bobby is sitting out for Casaya. Shane and Courtney, Bruce and Aras are the teams for Casaya. Sally and Austin, Dan and Terry are the team for La Mina. The teams appear to be neck and neck. The secret is to have the lighest person. Dan falls off so both he and Terry have to go back to get water. That really puts La Mina behind. Sally is running across the beam. Both tribes are very close. Casaya manages to get there first and wins immunity although Ruth-Marie was on her way up at the same time. La Mina will be going to Tribal Council again.

Everyone is welcoming Terry back, and they are all glad that he is there because he can now take charge. Austin is not happy about going there, and it seems that everyone is planning on voting out Sally. Sally tells them all that she has alot of game left in her. Sally told them all that she really did the best, and made sure to stress it to Terry. Austin said that they don't want to go to the merge with four people because they will be picked off. Austin says that Sally is stronger than Ruth-Marie. Austin tells Terry that only Dan shook hands with Ruth-Marie so there is no deal. Austin is able to talk Terry into not voting off Sally because she is stronger than Ruth-Marie. Dan is told that because he was the only one who shook hands with Ruth-Marie, there is no deal. Dan tries to tell everyone that Ruth-Marie is more loyal than Sally and during the merge, Sally will sell them down the river. Sally said that she and Ruth-Marie are just wondering what is going on. The men are plotting away. Dan is campaigning for Ruth-Marie and Austin is campaigning for Sally. Who will win? Jeff Probst asks Terry to describe Exile Island. Terry said that it is a unique experience and he doesn't want to go back. Ruth-Marie said they don't know if Terry found the Idol or not. Meanwhile Austin said that he is happy to have Terry back. Sally said that she will give everything she has to win. Austin said that his only mistake was that pouring the water slowly so that they didn't win the challenge. Ruth-Marie said that her problem is that she is small and old, but that she thinks she can compete. Sally said that she was surprised last week, and she doesn't know what is going on. Ruth-Marie said that they may not miss her tomorrow, but that they will miss her later. She says that she is steady and will get better with time and will be loyal in the end. Sally votes off Ruth-Marie and Ruth-Marie votes of Sally. It is now time for the vote tally. Here are the votes: Ruth-Marie, Sally, Ruth-Marie, Sally, Ruth-Marie, Ruth-Marie. Ruth-Marie is voted off the island. She blows them a kiss as she leaves. Jeff Probst tells them that they still seem positive even though they had two people voted off their tribe. Ruth-Marie and Dan were the only ones who voted for Sally.

Thursday, February 16, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight was the third episode of Survivor: Panama. This episode is titled Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners. It's night 6 in Casaya. Bruce is now with the team. Bruce realizes that they need all his skills. It seems that for 30 years, Bruce has been teaching people about Wilderness survival. Bruce tells them to filter the water through six t-shirts and that will make the water 90% pure. Shane said that Bruce is neurotic, and it drives him crazy that Bruce always answers that he's done something for 20 or 25 years, but you just do it to shut Bruce up. Aras said that everyone just believed Bruce's filtering system. Bruce was drinking the water and doing fine, so they all decided to drink the water even though Courtney doesn't believe him. La MIna on day 7. Ruth-Marie says they have been eating stew made our of snails. The whole team seems to be going down hill. The equipment that La Mina has for fishing is old fashioned. As Austin said "that damn spear that Sally lost--what we wouldn't give to have that spear back. How could you lose that damn spear?" The tribe is fishing and only catching puffer fish which is poisonness. Terry is the only one to come up with a fish. They were all excited even though it was such a tiny fish. Sally just hopes they can catch more of those every day. Time for the reward challenge. Casaya admits that Bruce is a savior and has helped them with alot of items including taking the lead. Bobby also said that Bruce had an upbeat attitude. Challenge for today: three tribe members will be a launcher. Each launcher gets two shots per round. The other four stand on a balance beam over the water. They can jump to catch the ball. If they fall into the water, they have to come up with the ball. Prize is tarp, lanterns, fuel, blanket, pillows, rope and jerry can for the water. For the losers, a person will go to Exile Island. For La Mina, the launchers are Misty, Dan and Ruth-Marie. Bob, Bruce and Cirie are the launchers for Casaya. Bobby and Misty are up first. Terry scores for La Mina. No score for Casaya. Second shot is caught by Aras. Nick grabs the ball for La Mina. They lead 2-1. Dan and Bruce are next. Daniele caught for Casaya and Terry caught it for La Mina. Shane catches for Casaya. It is now Ruth-Marie and Cirie. Shane catches for Casaya, and Terry misses for La Mina. Second shot for Ruth-Marie and Cirie. Terry catches it and Aras can't. They are tied: 4-4. Misty and Bobby are up again. Bobby. Terry catches it for La Mina and Shane misses it for Casaya. La Mina decides who to send from Casaya. La Mina is saying that they have to send Bruce. Austin says that they have to send Bruce because he brought up moral and helped out the team. Bruce is off to Exile Island until the Immunity Challenge.

La Mina on Day 7. They are carrying their booty back to the camp. Terry is happy to have the tarp and kerosene. The La Mina shelter was made for the tarp, and the tribe was saved from a torrental rain by the tarp. La Mina thinks about Bruce for a minute. Terry said that they thought that they had to send Bruce because he was an asset to the team. Bruce said that he has spent more time on the island than with any tribe. Bruce said that he didn't have time to find shelter before the storm hit and every night is miserable on Exile Island. Casaya seems to have fire and water boiling. The whole team seems to be on a downer. Shane is sitting on a stump and says that it is Shane's thinking stump. Shane seems to be abit psycho. Aras thinks that he is in an alliance with three nut balls. Courtney and Shane start arguing about the pot of water on the fire. Courtney thinks that her nagging is not irritating. For some reason, Shane has decided to pick on Courtney all the time. Shane thinks that Courtney is a lunatic and doesn't know how to get right with her. They both seem like psycho losers to me.

Day 8 for La Mina. Strategy talk between Misty, Sally, Nick and Austin. Sally thinks there is a boy's club going around. Meanwhile Misty admits to being a natural flirt and is giving neck rubs. Sally thinks that Misty is a very smart girl. Sally said that Misty has a flirty charm and Sally is like the boy's pal. Misty doesn't think that the guys will fall for her act, but you can never tell with men. Everyone wants Austin on their side. He is not sure whether to align himself with the girls or the guys. Sally said that Terry is a power player and might have a mark on his back, and it might make sense for Austin to align with the girls. It is time for the Immunity challenge. Bruce is back. Today's challenge is a physical battle. There are five circles in the sand for each team. The teams have to race out to each circle, dig up a bag and race back to their finish pad. Both tribes will be battling for the same bag. To score you have to have one hand on the bag while any part of your body on the finishing mat. First tribe to three wins immunity. Matchups will vary from round to round. Two women are up first. It is Cirie and Danielle against Sally and Misty. Cirie is sitting on Sally. cirie is using her fatness to hold everyone down. It's a real fight. Cirie touches the bag and the pad. Nick and Terry against Bruce and Bobby. Nick has the bag and runs back. It is tied one to one. Next up is two men and one woman. So it is Shane, Courtney, and Aras against Austin, Ruth-Marie and Dan. Shane is tossing Dan. Aras has the bag then gives it to Shane. Austin is trying to get it from Shane. Austin makes the good move and scores for La Mina. Next is two women and one man. So it will be Courtney, Cirie, and Aras against Sally, Misty, and Nick. La Mina is leading 2 to 1. Everyone is taking their time. Cirie finds the bag, and now it is a scrum. They are told not to choke or kick. It is tied and down to the final bag. The team will be a man and a woman. It will be Bobby and Danielle against Ruth-Marie and Terry. Danielle's bathing top may have come off. Bobby found it, and Terry got it free. Ruth-Marie ran off with it, but Bobby ran her down and dragged her to his mat and scored for Casaya. Someone from La Mina will be headed home.

The tribe in La Mina tried everything they could. Terry thought that it was a bummer and he wanted to take La Mina intact to the merge, but it isn't going to happen. Ruth-Marie is seen as the weakest one. Austin said that Misty should go home based on the challenge today. The plan with the guys during tribal council is to vote off Misty. Terry said that she is an engineer and smart as hell and therefore she is the one who should go. Sally and Misty talk to Nick and identify Ruth-Marie as the weakest who is really struggling. Austin is linked to Nick and they could go either with the two girls (Sally and Misty) or Dan and Terry. Austin thinks he can go far with his alliances. Terry says that this is tough on the physical side, but not yet on the mental side. Dan said that it is hard to go so many days without food, but the companionship is great. Sally says that the first few days are great. Austin said that it was great that Terry caught a fish the other day. Austin says that there was an incident with the spear so they won't say more to Jeff Probst. Misty said that the women have to step up to the plate and play to compete with the men. Misty thinks that they really are a team and working together. Jeff asks how they make votes if they are so unified. Terry said they have to understand that someone has to go. Ruth-Marie is the only one who came into the tribe with no one that she was aligned with before. Nick says that he is going with the group and not an individual vote. Misty is the only one who could have found the immunity idol and can use it if she gets the most votes--if she found it. Misty votes for Ruth-Marie. Terry votes for Misty. Time to tally the votes. Ruth-Marie, Misty, Ruth-Marie, Misty, Misty. MIsty is voted out. Did she find the immunity idol? She did not and so Misty is voted off of Exile Island. Everyone except for Sally and Misty voted for Misty.

Thursday, February 9, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight was the second episode of Survivor: Panama. It's titled Breakdown. The survivors are being buffeted by wind and rain during a downpour during the night in Panama. The lightening seems to strike close to the old men. The young men realize that they have to build a better shelter if they are going to make it in the jungle. The older women are having issues making a fire since their ace firemaker was voted off by the ungrateful wenches. The young women are finding and eating papaya. They are commenting on the fruit being "orgasmically wonderful." Shane is thinking about all the things that he is missing at home, like his son's football game. Shane is thinking that there's no reason for him to be doing this because he makes more than enough money. Shane thinks that his life is very busy, and that it is very slow and boring on Survivor. Shane is yelling to the skies to have no more torrential downpours. The teams are now collected. The men are told to get on the dark disks on the sand and women on the light. Terry (team is in orange and called La Mina) and Danielle (team is in purple and called Casaya) both find clothes under their disks. They now get to pick in a school yard pick. Danielle picks Shane. Terry picks Sally. Shane picks Courtney. Sally picks Austin. Courtney picks Aras. Austin picks Misty. Aras picks Cirie, Misty picks Nick. Cirie picks Bobby. Nick picks Ruth-Marie. Bobby picks Melinda. Ruth-Marie chooses Dan which means that no one picked Bruce. Bruce will not be going home, and is the only one who will be safe at the next tribal council. Bruce will replace the person that is sent home from whichever tribe makes it to the council. The competition will be to race down a course and collect six snakes. The teams have to go over an obstacle course while collecting the snakes. The first team to the finish line will get fishing gear and a raft with four paddles. The race is on. Both teams are pretty even. Shane falls off and has to go back to the start. La Mina appears to be ahead. The teams are now neck and neck and looking for snakes in a pit of leaves. La Mina has all six snakes and gets across the finish and wins the reward. La Mina is made up of Terry, Sally, Austin, Misty, Nick, Ruth-Marie, and Dan. Casaya is made up of Danielle, Shane, Courtney, Aras, Cirie, Bobby, and Melinda. Casaya is at the older women's camp and La Mina is at the older mens' camp.

Shane is complaining about the older men working too much. Shane thinks that since he is 34 he is a younger guy. Shane is really happy with the Casaya tribe. Cirie is thinking of how she doesn't like the younger girls and how they have invaded the camp. Melinda and Cirie feel like they stick out and that they are screwed if their team loses the immunity challenge. Shane is trying to make deals with Danielle, Courtney, and Aras. They appear to be buying it. Dan, the astronaut is happy to be on the La Mina, winning team. Dan and Terry still seem to be bonded. Dan, Terry, Austin and Nick talk about forming a bond to make the final four. Nick thinks that Dan and Terry are strong competitors. Nick thinks they should be safe since there are four men and three women. Austin and Nick are in the middle though because the girls approach Austin about forming a bond with them. Meanwhile Bruce is on Exile Island. The clue is that the idol is above the tide mark and showed a section on the map where the idol is not. Bruce said that he is going to tear the island apart looking for the clue. Bruce practices his martial arts moves to get his mind focused. Bruce said that Exile Island is evil. There is another storm for him to sleep through.

Day 6 in the La Mina camp. The tribe is trying to figure out how to use all the fishing gear. Sally loses the spear trying to shoot it. The spear was so deep that Sally couldn't go down to get it. She is such a loser and is whining about losing the spear. Terry is upset that Sally lost the spear because now there won't be alot of fish. Misty said that her team is doing fine. Shane says that Casaya is in a dire situation. Today's challenge is how they work together. They have to transport a zombie head. to the beach. Five of the tribe members get into a boat and pull the plugs and have to start bailing out the boat. The other two go into the water and drag the anchor to get the boat to the beach. Once at the beach, they have to take the anchor up the beach to release their flag. The guys on each team are swapping out. La Mina is in the lead as Jeff Probst says, only because Casaya is so inept. Casaya is making up ground, and La Mina has to pick it up. Terry did alot of the work. La Mina is the first to the beach. The boat is stuck, but still a few inches sort. Misty gets it clipped and now they have to get the anchor to the finish mat. La Mina is close and has the anchor on the mat. La Mina wins immunity. Casaya has the tribal council and will lose a member.

Shane says that he hates to lose anything. Meanwhile he is acting like a loser saying that he is not well without his kid, and that he made a big mistake to go onto Survivor. Shane tells them that he wants to be voted off. Courtney said that Shane is leaving them high and dry. Cirie is excited and wants Shane to quit because it makes life easier for her. Aras tries to talk Shane into wanting to stay. I think that Aras realizes that without Shane he is screwed with all the weak women. Aras goes to tell everyone else that Shane wants to stay. Shane is saying that he thinks his outburst and wanting to leave might be because of his lack of water and cigarettes. Aras tells Cirie and Melinda that he would vote one of them out. Courtney is upset because Aras comes right over to all of them and said that. Meanwhile Shane tells Cirie and Melinda that whoever goes first, the other will be next. Cirie thinks that she will go first and Melinda thinks that it will be her. Everyone is crying. Shane said that Cirie and Melinda will be one and two in leaving--he just doesn't know which. Of course, Shane also admits that he might just go to tribal council and say that he wants to go home. It is now tribal council. Bruce comes in from Exile Island to listen in and gage tribe dynamics. Jeff Probst asks Shane about his comment about how miserable he is. Shane said that not eating, drinking or smoking is really bothering him. Shane said it like a psychotic detox. Cirie thinks everyone was fine until today. Cirie is upset that it is either her or Melinda. Even Meinda says that she is pissed because if Shane commented on wanting to leave then he should go because she wants to stay. Cirie says that her family would be disappointed. Then she said that she would be disappointed for her family because she came there to help them. Cirie is trying to play the sympathy card to stay in. I hope that either cirie or Melinda goes because of what they did to Tina in the last episode. We see that Melinda voted for Shane. Votes: Shane, Shane, Melinda, Melinda, Melinda, Melinda. Melinda is being voted off of Exile Island. I would have gone after Cirie first because she is the weakest link. Bruce joins Casaya. Casaya heads back to camp. Everyone voted for Melinda except for Cirie and Melinda who voted for Shane.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006 -- Afternoon

I am off sick today, and thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with Survivor: Panama. The show is available on Comcast's OnDemand. The show takes place in Panama. One person will be sent to Exile Island which is a remote island off the coast. There is an immunity idol or surprise hidden somewhere on the island. This can help out in the game at some point for the lucky contestant.

Cirie, a nurse, realizes that the groups are split up into older and younger men and woemn. She has an issue with this because she doesn't think that she looks older or deserves to be in the older group. Shane also realizes that they are divided into four tribes by age and gender. Austin would prefer to have females because he can't help but flirt with younger women. Bobby said that he was the head of the younger group. They all start out on Exile Island. They learn that they won't be spending the majority of their time there, but that one person will be banished there by themselves with meager supplies. The person on the island is out of the loop and doesn't know what is going on. First up is a competition for reward, and it takes place immediately. Each tribe picks one person to run for them. That person has to run across the island and pick up a skull. That person then has to smash the skull on a rock. Inside is a small roll of fabric. They have to find an amulet instead of a stone. The first three tribes back will get fire in the form of flint. The losing team has to pick a person to stay behind on Exile Island. The older women pick Ruth Marie, the older men pick Terry, the younger women pick Danielle, and the younger men pick Austin. The race is off and Austin trips and winds up leaving last. We see alot of smacking of skulls. Terry is the first person to find an amulet. Austin is the next to find an amulet. The older women think that Ruth Marie isn't smashing skulls for some reason. Ruth Marie was back with the final amulet. That means that the younger women are in last place. The girls are console Danielle. Who stays behind on Exile Island? Danielle felt that she should stay because she lost the challenge, but the others said that she did the challenge, so she should not stay. Misty said that she did not want to be on the losing end. Misty is the one who winds up being the first person stuck on Exile Island. She has to stay there until the first immunity challenge. Hidden on the island is an immunity idol. The person can share the information or keep it to himself. The idol can be used anytime until after the first four. The person can use the idol after he or she has been voted off. In that case the person with the second number of votes will be voted off. The four tribes are given maps to their beach, and boats are waiting to take them away. Misty has one machete and one bucket of water which needs boiling before it can be drunk. First clue to the whereabouts of the idol has already been given to her. Interesting!

Everyone is on the boat for their tribe and talking to each other. Misty feels very vulnerable and says that it came as a shock. Misty said the clue is "why did fate leave you behind?" Misty thinks that means the clue is behind her. She is searching for the immunity idol. Cirie says that the machete scared her because she did not want to clear the area because things that live there would come out and she is not good with things. Melinda said that the older women went straight into work mode. Tina said that starting the fire was successful for them. Ruth Marie admits that Tina is a hard worker and took over the leadership role. Cirie is already complaining about hating leaves and being afraid of everything. Tina wonders why Cirie came onto Survivor. Aras of the younger men say that they didn't do anything to prepare with shelter, water or food. They just did stupid things like holding their hands over each other. The young guys seem like really losers. Nick says that Aras has alot of ideas and some of them are hairbrained. The young men don't seem to know how to make fire. They were also hopeless in building a shelter. Austin admits they are clueless. The younger women are looking around and saying how cool it was. Courtney, a fire dancer, admits that the younger women are beyond their element. None has built a shelter. They were all being "women" and being very undecisive. Sally said that she was getting very frustrated with the walking around and looking for a place to be. They find a dead turtle on their beach, and Courtney thinks that the turtle is Mother Earth. Sally can't understand the symbolism that Courtney gives to the turtle. Danielle said that Courtney is over dramatizing when there is so much to do and so little time to do it. The older men easily get the fire going and boiling water. Terry said that they are stoked. They are older guys and have a great fire. Dan admits to Terry that he is a retired NASA astronaut. Terry is a fighter pilot in the military. Shane doesn't like the fact that he is with the older guys and that they want to work all the time and no one wants to take some time off. It seems that Shane is having withdrawal from smoking. Shane doesn't believe that he is an older man.

Night 1 on Exile Island. Misty is sleeping by herself with no fire during a stormy night. The next morning sh eis looking for food and eating worms because she is really hungry and thirsty. She is hoping that her tribe mates are doing better so they will be strong for the challenge. She is hoping to trick her tribe mates into thinking she found the immunity idol. Spending the night on the island was her worst nightmare. It is now time for the Immunity Challenge. Misty says that it's been lonely. She said that it had its advantages because Jeff Probst told them where the immunity idol was. She was asked if she spent time looking for it, and her reply was "enough time." Everyone is looking around and wondering if she found it. The immunity idol is a stick with shrunken heads on it. The three heads are immunity for the three leading tribes. All tribe members will start on a dock. They will have to climb up and over a barrier, and swim out to their raft. The raft is attached to a cliff underwater. Once they release the raft, they have to paddle to shore. on shore, they will have to race up the beach and solve a brain teaser. The goal is to release a metal ring from a rope. A diagram is buried in the sand to help them. Question is whether to dig up the diagram or release the ring on their own. Once they get the ring unhooked, it will be used to catch a grappling hook that they will have to pull to release a flag for their tribe. The first three to finish are okay. The last team will vote someone off. The teams go up and over one at a time. Everyone is over and now has to unhook the raft. Older men are first free. The younger women are second. The older women can't get their rope released. Fat Cirie is hanging big, ugly breasts out of her bathing suit. The older women are now free and the young guys still can't get the boat free. Younger guys finally have their rope free. The younger women and the older men have two people working on the puzzle and two digging. The younger women find the diagram. The older women have three digging. The younger women figured it out, while the older women are digging and not even trying to release the rope. The older men and younger men get the diagram and finally the older women get it too. The older men get their ring free, and they win immunity. it is now down to older women and younger guys. The guys have solved it. Meanwhile the older women can't seem to figure it out. The younger men win by getting the grappling hook and unfurling their flag. The older women will go to tribal council that evening. Everyone else is celebrating.

Cirie is nervous because she is not the most physically fit person on the tribe. Everyone is talking because Tina is sitting out on the beach by herself. Meanwhile she went out to write her son's name in the sand. He was killed in a car accident at 16 years of age and was her only child. He died four months before Tina went to the Panama. Tina is not telling the others about her son's death. Cirie is playing up the unfit card and that everyone should get rid of Tina because no one can beat Tina. Cirie doesn't like Tina because she is loud. Tina find a big fish on the rocks and brings it back to camp for them all to eat. Melinda says that there are a gazillion reasons to keep Tina because she is a hard worker and got them a fish. Cirie scaled the fish to show the others that they will be okay without the "lumberjack lady", Tina. The four older women take a seat at tribal council. Melinda says that she is Panamian hell because it is mentally, physically and emotionally trying. Cirie admits that she has never lived or slept outside. She says that people like her who watch from the couch should just stay on the couch. This gets a huge laugh, especially from Tina. Jeff asks Tina how she is doing, and she says that she is doing well. Tina admits that she is confident about being outdoors and has been living outdoors all her life. The older women have been letting Tina take charge. Cirie admits that Tina knew how to start fire and found the water. cirie said that if it weren't for Tina, they would have been able to start the fire, etc. I don't think so. Tina thinks that the others aren't pulling their weight. Melinda said it's not like Tina is the only one working and the other three are taking a nap. It is now time to vote. Cirie votes off Tina because they didn't click. Tina votes for Cirie because someone has to go and Cirie is afraid of leaves. The votes are tallied. Votes: Tina, Cirie, Tina, Tina. The older women were petty and stupid and got rid of the only one amongst them with any ability. Tina tells them to have fun. The tribes are three days into the competition, and Jeff tells them that they have a rough time and they voted out the one person who could make their lives easier.

Tina said that she hopes the girls do terribly for voting her off. As she said, she couldn't help that she was a hard worker and was able to do things that the others were incapable of doing. She is right. The others are petty and I am rooting against them, especially fat Cirie.

Friday, February 3, 2006 -- Early Morning

What a dodo I can be at times! I totally forgot that Survivor: Panama was on last night. I could just kick myself for missing it. However, I think that Comcast ONDemand is reshowing the shows, so I should be able to catch up on it and give a synopsis. However, I heard that of the four groups (old men, young men, old women, young women) that the old women lost. What a shocker! The woman who was cut was Tina, a lumberjack woman, who was supposed to be in the last Survivor, but had to cancel due to the death of her old child in a car accident. Her son, Charlie, was only 16. Tina was competing for Charlie, but the other old ladies felt that they couldn't beat her because they were weaklings. So they got rid of her. I'll update more when/if I get to watch the show. Also, I'm going to make sure that it shows up in my recorded programs.

Saturday, January 14, 2006 -- Morning

Survivor: Panama, the twelvth installment of Survivor, will be broadcast starting on February 2. The cast for the new show was recently announced by CBS. It seems that this time around, the participants will first be split into four groups: Old Men, Old Women, Young Men, and Young Women for the first day of competition. These groups will then be merged into two groups. The competition will last 39 days, just as it has been in the past.