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Winner: Dick

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 -- Evening

The final episode of Big Brother 8 was on this evening. I almost didn't watch because I am really sick and tired of the Donatos (Dick and Daniele). The houseguests had the same problem I did with the final two. As Dustin said, they had to decide to vote between evil and evil's spawn. Dustin asked Dick how he felt about Daniele saying that she would want to have her father in the final two because everyone hates him. When the secret of America's Player was outed, everyone thought it was funny, and no one seemed to hold it against Eric. Of course, they were not aware that Eric was paid to perform the acts. That might change some of their warm and fuzzy over it. Eric did tell Jessica that everything he did with her was geniune. Eric placed America's vote for Dick. Jameka voted for Daniele. Dustin voted for Dick. Jen voted Daniele. Zack voted for Dick. Amber voted for Dick. With four votes, Dick won BB8. That was a shock because it was condoning his obnxious behavior. So Daniele winds up with $50,000 and Dick with $500,000. As we found out after the commercial break, Jessica also voted for Dick, so he won by a vote of 5-2. Daniele tried to claim that she wasn't unhappy because "they" won. Hmm, but Dick isn't supposed to share with her. I guess the BB producers are going to overlook that. Now it is on to the wrap party for the houseguests.

Thursday, September 13, 2007 -- Evening

Tonight was the final HOH competition on Big Brother 8. The show started with Thursday night's comepetition and didn't really show what an a**hole Dick was to Zack. Instead, they tried to show Dick as the valiant old man who battled soreness for his daughter. The Competition took eight hours, and Dick was walking like the old fart he is while Zack was not as physically bothered. Zack didn't rub the victory into Dick's face. The nice thing that wasn't shown was that Daniele made hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for both players after the competition. The second competition was lame. Dick and Daniele had to go into one tank of water, get some puzzle pieces, then dive into the tank next to it, and use the lines of the puzzle to connect the houseguests' in the order of them having HOH. Daniele took 24 minutes and 9 second. Dick took 12 minutes and 48 seconds. Another clip of the jury house. Everyone was very upset to see Jameka because it meant that Dick and Daniele made it to the final three. It sounds that Jessica and Eric's relationship has moved onto the next level. From what Dustin says, the noise wakes the others up at night. Dustin and Amber were commenting on how the two are in "love." Everyone in the jury house was impressed by Zack's HOH show of cajones. Finally it was time for the final HOH competition. It came down to questions, and Dick got one more question right than Zack. So we now have to suffer though a Dick and Daniele final two. That's a lose-lose situation, because it means that the Donatos win all the money. Dick, being the poor winner that he is, just kept on screaming about winning it all. Boy, this is as bad (if not worse) as season six when it came down to Maggie and Ivette. Zack was sent on his way, and the "who cares" final is on Tuesday. It really doesn't matter at this point, because it is one of the Evels.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 -- Early Morning

The HOH competition went on for awhile last night in the Big Brother 8 house. I watched on and off until around 12:30 a.m. At that time, Daniele signalled to her dad to distract Zack by talking to him, and Dick started on a verbally abusive rampage. Instead of breaking Zack's concentration, it must have encouraged him because Zack won the first HOH. All I think it did was show what a true scum of the Earth Dick is. Dick is one of those abusive bullies who tries intimidation and verbal abuse to bend people to his will. I think he is a huge a**hole and have no respect for him or his daughter. Don't be fooled by Daniele's quiet act around the other houseguests. She is complicit in her father's bullying: encouraging him, coaching him on what to say, and berating everyone. Then comes the act when Daniele pretends that she is offended by her father's actions. I hope that Zack wins HOH, takes Dick to the final two, and takes home the $500,000.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 -- Very Late Evening

The live feeds are back on, and all three houseguests are still in the competition. It doesn't look pleasant, and Daniele is particularly bleak. As you watch, you can see her shaking from the cold. Sometimes, it is the worst thing to wear light clothes. As you get wet in the chill of the night, you tend to shiver. I am rooting for Zack just because I hate Dick and Daniele. I think it will be some time before we know who wins this first competition.

First Part of the Final HOH Competition

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 -- Late Evening

On to trival news, at least compared to 9/11. Jameka was sent home on the live Big Brother 8 show this evening. Daniele returned the favor her father bestowed on her and took him off the block with the POV. We finally got to see a segment showing everyone entering the jury house, but nothing that shows us the dynamic at the house, which I always found interesting. The show ended with an endurance competition for the first segment of the final HOH. Zack, Daniele, and Dick have to stand on flat, giant "carrots" (really orange stools), hold onto a key with their name with one hand, and jump over a pole attached to a rabbit that circles the BB garden. As the show ended, the houseguests were being inundated with water. I have the live feeds on now, but so far it is just trivia. I'm afraid that the live feeds won't resume until after the show has aired in Pacific time--which is three hours from now. It seems that it will be a long night with trivia. I hope that CBS isn't planning on setting the live feeds to trivia between now and Thursday.

Sunday, September 9, 2007 -- Evening

The more I see of Dick and Daniele on Big Brother 8, the more respect I lose for them. They are both hypocrites and liars. Daniele tried to tell Zack that her dad had Zack's back, and Dick tried to tell Zack that Daniele had his back. Zack, however, called it right by saying that with the two of them in the final three, they would not take Zack. What gets to me is that they both were talking about getting rid of Zack and take Jameka to the final three. Then they claimed that they weren't thinking of it. Daniele and Dick both seem to think that they are superior to everyone else. To make Zack think that he was such a backstabber by turning on them, is ludicrous considering how many promises Dick and Daniele made and broke. The other thing that I don't like is that on the live feeds, they are feeding Jameka garbage about Zack being racist so she won't vote for him--just in case Zack wins HOH when it is down to the final three. I really hope that Zack wins the HOH and eliminates Daniele. I would just love to see the look on Dick and Daniele's face when that happens!

Saturday, September 8, 2007 -- Evening

Well, Zack won the HOH on Big Brother 8 on Friday (yesterday), and he had the balls to nominate both Dick and Daniele. The POV competition was just held a short bit ago (It's now 7:19 p.m. ET), and it looks like Daniele won. Actually, it is obvious because she is talking to Dick about what she will be doing next. If Daniele removes herself from the block, that means that Jameka goes on, and that Daniele sends her home. So I think that it will mean it will come down to Zack against two of them. Zack was an idiot. Dick is being really excited and saying "we won, we won, we won!" Dick is telling Daniele it is all over for Zack and the pairing of Dick and Daniele have won. I really don't like either of them. Unfortunately, Daniele will probably get the $500,000 in the end. Dick is being a sore winner. He's berating everyone, and telling Zack and Jameka that it's going to be Dick and Daniele in the final two, and everyone else is screwed. What a truly vile man! It's such a shame that he will get any money for his performance.

Good guys always finish last as Dick and Daniele celebrate

Tuesday, September 4, 2007 -- Evening

Bad news for Jessica and Eric on Big Brother 8. It seems that Dick and Daniele are turning on their alliance with Eric and Jessica. Although Dick told Jameka that she was going to be voted out, Dick and Daniele are going to vote out Jessica. The people in that house have been incredibly stupid about not taking out either Dick or Daniele when they had a chance. The problem is that Dick will always be on the side of his daughter. The houseguests should have voted Dick out when Dustin was voted out. Every season, there are instances where hindsight shows that a certain event was the turning point of the show, and that was it. Well, there is another, and that's Eric using the POV last week. He should have saved Zack, and put up Dick or Daniele in his place. Jessica wanted to turn on the alliance, and was sorry that she didn't. Sometimes you have to turn on the enenmy before it turns on you. It's going to be hard to get rid of Dick and Daniele now. Jessica and Eric suspect that Jess is leaving because Daniele let slip that it will only be three people competing for HOH--her, Dick, and Eric. She tried to cover by saying that it would be four, but it's too late now. The thing that the houseguests don't know is that Thursday is double eviction night. I would imagine that both Jessica and Eric are going to be gone by the end of the show. i think that's sad because I like Eric. Also, the whole plot of D&D is that Dick is evil and everyone hates him. So when it comes down to D&D as the final two, Daniele will get the votes. Well, it's too late now because Jessica is out.

Sunday, September 2, 2007 -- Evening

I finally got around to watching Thursday's episode of Big Brother 8. Things have been so busy since I started back to school this week, and a Master's program requires alot of work. The thing that I have noticed is that the producers aren't showing any clips from sequester. That was my favorite part of the jury time because when people hated each other in sequester, things could get very entertaining. I did find out some things that I was in the dark about. The first is that Janelle hosted the POV competition this weekend. From the live feeds, I know that Daniele won the POV. Also, next Thursday will be double eviction night, and two people will be leaving by the end of the hour. That will leave us with the final three. Only 16 more days left before the final episode which is supposed to be on September 18--a Tuesday.

Now on to tonight's episode. The reason Eric got a phone call from home was because he filled a little container to the top during the HOH competition. As Eric said, he was behind and feeling awful so he went for the phone call. Then the houseguests got to use two extra cups. However, doing that put the houseguests on cold water for each cup that was used, the houseguests got cold water for a day. Since all four used the cups, the houseguests got eight days of cold water--so no hot showers. The object of the HOH game was to get the water to raise to the point where the houseguests could get a silver ball out, and it was only possible when the fishbowl was completely filled. Only Zack and Dick were close. Eric and Daniele were behind. Eric and Dick were both ticked because they realized that Zack was going to target someone in their foursome. Eric gave up his phone call home to Jessica even though he was debating on giving it to Jameka. Eric was really upset because he realized that Zack was going to go after Jessica. Everyone was depressed that Zack won, and no one seemed happy to see his HOH room. Meanwhile, Daniele did her best to work Zack. Zack said that he didn't like Dick's tactics, but in the same vein, Zack was stupid enough not to go after Dick or Daniele. I don't understand the rationale behind not going after that pair. If they wind up in the final two, you know that it won't matter which one wins because they will share the money.

Friday, August 31, 2007 -- Late Evening

Zack nominated Jessica and Jameka for eviction on Big Brother 8. What I think is funny is that Zack admitted that others needed to break up the Dick and Daniele pairing because that was stronger than any other relationship in the house. However, Zack did the same thing as everyone else. Supposedly, Zack wants to see Jameka go. Eric says that if he wins the POV, he will use it to take Jessica off the block.

Thursday, August 30, 2007 -- Very Late Evening

Finally at almost 11 p.m., Zack won the HOH. He seemed to have the fewest problems with the slick flooring. This is really going to spice things up in the BB house.

Final of the HOH Competition

Thursday, August 30, 2007 -- Later Evening

Finally! The live feeds came on. It is an endurance competition of a sort. Dick, Daniele, Eric, and Zack are running back and forth between a huge container of water and a large fish bowl, carrying colored water in small cups. The floor of the platform with the container and fish bowl is slick and wet, making it difficult for them to run without slipping. It seems that the first person to fill the bowl becomes HOH. Right now, it looks like Zack and Daniele are in the lead. Eric is slipping around--probably because he doesn't want to win HOH. It's probably going to be around two hours before the competition is over.

HOH Competition

Thursday, August 30, 2007 -- Evening

I am feeling very irritated this evening. Since I've started classes this week, I have been feeling a smidge overwhelmed by the work load. i was looking forward to letting my hair down and watching Big Brother 8. My plans were foiled, however! The Steelers are playing a pre-season game this evening. I really think the pre-season games suck because they are really boring, and they are totally meaningless in the scheme of things. The BB show will be on around 2 a.m. I'll be sleeping then, but I will watch the show tomorrow, and check out Joker's Updates. I hope that Amber is going to get voted out, but you can never tell. I just checked Jokers, and Amber was sent home. I can only imagine the amount of crying she did when it was announced. Geeze, God must not have heard Amber's prayers to have her sent to the jury. Now I am just refreshing the page continuously to see who is the new HOH. From looking at some other sites, there aren't updates for HOH. I wonder if an endurance competition is in progress. All I see on the live feeds is trivia. When I get more information on what is happening, I'll post it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 -- Evening

The fun with Big Brother 8 started at 8 p.m. this evening when Amber and Daniele were on Power of Ten. Power of Ten is a new game show where the contestant tries to guess what percentage of people would have answered a question a certain way. Amber got the three preliminary questions right, and then went on to try for $10,000,000. She got the $1000 and $10,000 questions right, but then missed the $100,000 question. So in the en, Amber won only $1000. When the BB8 show started, the houseguests got to see the results. The dilemma that arose between Jessica and Eric was whether Eric should use the POV to take someone off so Jessica could put up Dick or Daniele. Jessica thought that Dick or Daniele should be put up. However, Eric said that they had a deal with father and duaghter, and didn't use the POV. Was it a mistake? It's possible because Dick and Daniele have a tie more powerful than any of the other houseguests. We also got to see Eric and Jessica make out several times. Right before Eric would have a kissing session, he would gargle with mouthwash. It was funny to watch the poor kid. It's a toss up on who will be voted out on Thursday. I'm betting on Amber. So far this season, we haven't seen any sequester video. i wonder why?

Monday, August 27, 2007 -- Evening

Things were heating up last night between Eric and Jess on Big Brother 8. The task for Eric after last night's show was to pick a houseguest for him to kiss. Obviously the producers are either trying to heat things up between Eric and Jess, or trying to cause problems by wishing America would choose someone else. On the show last night, we got to see the luxury competition which had the houseguests strip off their clothes in a bubble pool and use the letters on the clothes to spell out words. The teams were split into men and women. The women were determined to win the clothes shopping spree, and they did win. One of the saddest moments in the show was when Amber was talking to Jameka. Amber, for some reason, thinks that she is extremely attractive and model quality. As we saw from the stripping for the luxury competition, Amber ain't all that. In fact, one glimpse of her body, had me screetching in horror and averting my eyes. Amber is really psycho.

Saturday, August 25, 2007 -- Evening

Finally, Eric got to compete in a POV competition in the Big Brother 8 house, and guess what? He won. Now the question is whether the producers will make this an America's Player question.

Saturday, August 25, 2007 -- Morning

It wasn't a surprise when Jessica nomincated Zack and Amber for eviction in the Big Brother 8 house yesterday. Zack really hasn't been doing much in the game, and at this point, people who might have votes in sequester have to go. With that point in mind--who has votes in the sequester house--it might be a good idea to keep Zack. What you need to do is keep someone who isn't liked, or who hasn't done much in the game. Zack fits both. Jameka hasn't done much in the game, but she is liked. Amber is annoying, but she has Dustin's vote. It will be interesting to see who wins the POV.

Friday, August 24, 2007 -- Afternoon

I am watching House Calls from the Big Brother CBS page. Jen is on the show, as most evicted houseguests are on Fridays. The girl really exudes giddy stupidity. Yet we are supposed to believe that this girl somehow has a bachelor's degree. Jen is really bitter about her treatment from Daniele and Dick, and says that her mistake was in not voting out Dick last week.

Thursday, August 23, 2007 -- Late Evening

On tonight's Big Brother 8 episode, we got to see Jen's breakdown. Jen was upset because of the backdoor nomination, and took it out on Dick's cigarettes. It seems that Jen had been bothered by Dick smoking cigarettes, and gathered them all up and destroyed them. Dick took her clothes hostage because he didn't know that his cigarettes were gone. Then Jen cooked food and ate turkey burgers and apples. Since she was supposed to be on slop, BB punished Jen with a penalty vote against her in tonight's eviction vote. Everyone seemed to be feeling ill-at-ease at the whole thing. When Jen and Dick got into a physical shoving match when Dick blew smoke in Jen's face, and burned her with his cigarette as she tried to grab it, Jameka was the only one who stepped between them, and took Jen away. Jameka tried to calm Jen down--as Jen was obviously suffering a breakdown over being backdoored. I felt sorry for Jen, and I felt alot of admiration for Jameka. I thought it was a class move to come between Dick and Jen, and try to calm Jen down. When it was time for the vote, Jen started out with one vote against her. The live vote started. America's Player, Eric, had to pick Jen for eviction, and fortunately that was the case--because everyone voted to evict Jen. Jen and the remaining houseguests showed their dislike for each other as Jen left the house. The HOH competition was based on answers that the exiting houseguests gave. If the houseguests got it wrong, Jen would push on a huge button that would dunk them in a tub of water. Eric was the first out (because he has to throw the HOH competitions since he is America's Player. Then Amber and Zack were out. It came down to Dick and Jessica, and Jessica won. Now the question is who will be nominated this week?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 -- Afternoon

I did watch last night's episode of Big Brother 8, and I have to admit that Amber really got on my nerves. The girl was going on and on about how God had sent her a message in a dream that she was going to win the POV. Amber was telling Jameka that they were going to be okay because God told Amber that she would win the POV and that they would both be there the next week. Imagine Amber's shock then when she lost the POV to Daniele! I guess that God got the message screwed up, or Amber's reception wasn't all that clear. Amber started shaking with fear and really tried to screw up her eyes and force out some tears. I don't think that the girl's crying spells can be legit. There's no way anyone could cry that much over nothing without being committed to a psych ward. Hmm--maybe that's where Amber should be instead of the BB house. So at that point, Amber told Jameka that Amber would approach Daniele to work out a deal. Jameka told Amber not to give up that much--just maybe not put up Daniele next week. What got me about the whole dialog was not that Amber was concerned about Jameka--Amber was just trying to save her own ass from the chopping block. So Amber goes to meet with Daniele, and gives away everything. Everything that Jameka told Amber not to do, Amber did. Amber promised to not put Daniele up on the block whenever Amber got HOH. Amber swore this on her daughter's life, and Amber said that if Daniele wanted Amber to vote out Jameka, she would. I really hate Amber. She's the type of person that really gets under my skin. She's stupid, disloyal, and self-centered. Also her emotional stability would make her such a high maintenance friend. As the top two finalists in the POV competition, Daniele and Amber were sent to NY to compete in the Power of Ten show that's on right before BB on Tuesdays. We should know more of how that goes later. I'm really disappointed that Amber is off the block, because that's one girl that I would love to see sent to the jury house. Instead, Jen is probably going to be sent home tomorrow. Shame!
Nothing much going on in the house today. Amber and Daniele are in NY, and the others are just lying around doing nothing.

Jessica Sunbathing

Monday, August 20, 2007 -- Afternoon

Interesting developments in the Big Brother 8 house. Daniele used the veto to save Amber, and put Jen up on the block in her place. As Daniele was saying in the show yesterday, her target was Jen. Daniele just wanted to make sure to get her out, and Jameka and Amber were good bluffs. Half of the season is gone now, and the smaller table is now in the dining area.

Random Pics

Sunday, August 19, 2007 -- Evening

I just finished watching tonight's episode of Big Brother 8. It was entertaining because we got to see how stupid Amber is. As Dick said at one point, he doesn't think her vocabulary is larger than her eight-year-old daughter. We see Amber asking people what "outed," "backdoor," and a slew of other words mean. It's sad because the girl really seems to have fried her brains with the drugs that she says that she took. You really have to feel sorry for Amber's daughter. With a mother like that, what sort of future could you have? We also got to see more of Amber and Eric flirting. I think that they make a cute couple, and I hope that they get to date outside of the house. They are one of those couples who actually just seem to get along. I hope that Jessica isn't upset when she finds out that Eric was America's Player and because of that, kept somethings secret. Amber and Jameka end the show on the block, but Daniele admits that Jen is the real target. The question is will Daniele carry through with that belief now that Daniele has the POV?

Thursday, August 16, 2007 -- Evening

Very interesting episode of Big Brother 8. It seems that everyone was out to get Dustin, and he didn't realize it. Although Dick has been abusive and obnoxious to everyone, he made a deal with Eric and Jessica to stay in the house. Eric had to vote against Dustin because he was required to do so as America's Player. Dustin left the house to become the first member of the jury. The vote against Dustin as 4-2 with only Amber and Jameka voting for Dick. It was so funny to see Dustin's reaction to the vote because his mouth just dropped to the ground. Amber looked like she was going to cry, but she didn't. There was alot of silence and tension in the house as soon as Dustin left. The HOH cmopetition was based a midget dressed in an Alice in Wonderland theme. The midget said a a few lines while he wandered around. A barbershop quartet was singing outside and a pirate was walking around on stilts. When the houseguests went back into the house, there were three rabbits in cages with cards on their necks (an Ace, Five, and a Nine card.) Then there was a guy who was dressed to look like a statue. All that tied into the HOH competition. Jessica and Jameka had to sit out the competition (Jameka because she gave up her rights to compete in last week's POV competition.) It came down to Daniele and Amber as HOH, and Daniele pulled it out.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 -- Evening

I just finished watching Big Brother 8 this evening, and I have to admit that Dick's obnoxious act is really tiring and disgusting. My friend who is my BB buddy says that he is not interested in watching the show anymore becaue Dick's acts have really turned him off. We got to see Daniele carry through with her act that she wasn't able to control her father's acts when in truth she is in agreement with them. The producers showed the live feed segments were Daniele understood that her father was going to do things to turn people against him. We didn't see the segments where she plotted with him on what would be done. Then we do see her run crying to the houseguests about how she doesn't approve of her father, but has no control. I really don't understand how anyone can be a friend of Dick. He is an abusive bully towards the women, denigrates homosexuals, and terrorizes everyone. Dick deserves to go home. Will America vote to have Eric send Dick home? Probably not, but I can only hope they will.

Monday, August 13, 2007 -- Evening

I have to admit that I'm really feeling for Eric from Big Brother 8 this evening. It seems that Jessica went ahead with the plot to put up Dustin in Daniele's place. The thing that no one can know is that Dustin might be marked by the folks in America. That means that if Zack, Jen, Daniele, and Eric vote for Dustin, then Dick will still be in the house. That what has sucked with this whole America's Player. It seems that at the beginning, people were voting with the ones they wanted to get out of the house. Now, from what I have been reading online, people are just voting to cause drama in the house. The only hope for Dustin is that Zack and Jen don't vote for him to leave.

Sunday, August 12, 2007 -- Evening

I just finished watching this evening's episode of Big Brother 8. I have to admit that Dick has really been going overboard with his vitriol. The only person that I feel sorry for it Eric. The poor guy is always being screwed over with his America's Player tasks. In the show we found out that Eric was supposed to convince Jessica to put up Dustin. Well, fortunately, Dustin made a comment about going up against Dick to really rub in that Dick has no friends. So that worked out. The question for tonight is to whom Eric should give the silent treatment. I can just see fans of Dick voting for it to be Jessica or something like that. I went online to vote for Dick receiving the silent treatment. I think that this America's player bit is really screwing things up because poor Eric really can't play his game. The show ended with Jessica nominating Dick and Daniele. I wonder who will go up in Daniele's place because Dick is going to use the POV that he won on Daniele.

Saturday, August 11, 2007 -- Evening

There has been alot of drama in the Big Brother house. Dick has been going around acting like a real a**hole. For example this morning, he woke up the houseguests by banging pots above their heads while they were sleeping. Eric was just complaning about it on the live feeds with Jessica. It also seems that Jameka freaked out this morning because Dick and Daniele might have put a spider in her stuff. Dick and Daniele are up on the block, but it appears that Dick may have won the veto from hearing the houseguests. The thought is that Dick will use the veto to take Daniele off the block. It will be interesting to see the show tomorrow. Jessica has just made an offer to the other houseguests for them to sleep in the HOH room because of Dick's weird behavior.

Friday, August 10, 2007 -- Late Morning

There was a violent thunderstorm with tornado warnings yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, because of the storm, the power to my apartment went out at 3 pm. We didn't get power back until after 11 pm. So that means that I missed the eviction episode of Big Brother. Fortunately, a friend was in an area with power, and he texted the results to me. Eric was saved. Kail went out with a vote of 4-3 meaning that only Dick, Jen, and Zack voted for her. Then, Jessica won the HOH competition. I am watching the show now on Innertube. Amber went totally psycho, as Dustin even said. It seems that Amber told Eric that she lied to her boyfriend twice about being pregnant in order to keep him with her. Now why someone would tell another person (a stranger) something so awful, shows how stupid Amber is. Dick tells Amber that Eric threatened Amber to him. It is true that Eric told Dick that he knew something about Amber that he would use against her if he needed to. So the big blowup was Amber yelling at Eric in front of all the other houseguests calling Eric "evil" and a "piece of shit." Obviously they weren't going to show the other anti-semetic remarks that she made against him. I really dislike Amber, but I really dislike Dick for the negativity that he brings to the house. The guy is a jerk. The other part of the show was a clip of the people who know Dick. Dick has been claiming that he knows rock bands, and he appears to know some people who play the Hollywood scene. To me that doesn't make Dick any less of an a**hole. The voting order was Dick, Jen, Jessica, Zack, Jameka, Dustin, and Amber. I have to admit that I loved the expression that was on Dick's face when Kail was voted out. Dick instantly started on his vitriol as soon as Kail left. The HOH competition was a Wild West face off between two contestants, and Jessica won by quickly answering the question that had Carol as the answer. Boy, that was an exciting competition. I'm sure that things are going to heat up in the house today. As the show was ending, Dick was spewing vitriol against Jameka and Dustin. From reading Joker's Updates (since I didn't have a power last night, I couldn't watch the live feeds), Daniele was encouraging Dick to pee on Eric in the shower. I think that's all that needs to be said. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Fortunately, Dick didn't agree to do it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 -- Evening

I watched the Big Brother show last night, and I have to admit that I hate Dick. The guy is such a bully. Dick's agenda is to target a person, berate that person loudly with abusive language, and then claim some sort of ethical superiority over that person. Meanwhile Dick is the lowest of the low. For example, he proclaims that Eric is in cahoots with Jen and Kail while it is Dick who is in cahoots. Meanwhile, he and Daniele--because she doesn't fall far from the tree--continue with this negativity towards others. The thing that I don't get is that Jen lies to Jessica about a supposed alliance with Eric. As you look at Jen, you can see that she has a smirky lying look on her face. Unfortunately, Jessica chooses to believe Jen. Dustin and Jameka weren't so easily taken in because they realize that they all (LNC--Late Night Crew) are vulnerable to attack from Dick, Daniele, Jen, Kail, and Zack as a group. The question is whether the LNC will be as stupid as the group who listened to the Maggots in season 6. Then Howie put up his own alliance, and they voted out someone who was supportive (Sarah). If Howie had instead put up Maggie and someone else, the Maggots (my name for them--Nerd Heard was the official name) would not have been so successful. The other problem I have is with Amber who has been spewing anti-Semetic remarks on the live feeds. (Eric is Jewish, and Amber has a problem with Jewish people.) After Jameka warned her about the comments, Amber claimed it was due to a drug addled brain. Where Eric was screwed over was in being America's Player. The things that he was forced to do--including the lame acts like putting mustard on Jen's shirt--have really screwed him over. As of today, no one is talking to Eric in the house except for Dick who hurls abuse at Eric. I wonder if those things will make the show tomorrow. Eric seems really depressed when I watch the live feeds because he is teary eyed and telling Daniele that he doesn't feel that he can even can even stay in the house or even enjoy his last 24 hours because of everyone's hatred for him. Dick and company are going to feel like such dicks over their treatment of Eric when they find out that he was just being America's Player.

Monday, August 6, 2007 -- Evening

The Big Brother show from last night was interesting. Dick, of course, was being his usual obnoxious self. The thing that gets to me about him is that he goes around yelling at everyone one, and practicing his intimidation act all of them. They just let him get away with it. Eric, in a defensive move, tried to call Dick on his actions. Dick spends alot of time pointing the finger of blame at others while not taking responsibility for his own acts. Last week, Dick was the first to proclaim that Nick voted for Kail. This week, he just as quickly jumped to the conclusion that Eric did it. The thing is that Eric did do it, but not for the reasons that Dick thinks. The show started with the endurance competition, and the plane flying overhead with the banner saying "We Love Nick. Eric and Amber lie. LNC is the Nerd Herd." LNC stands for the Late Night Crew, and it's made up of Dustin, Amber, Eric, Jessica, and Jameka. Nerd Herd they aren't. The show ended with Kail and Jen being nominated. However, from watching the live feeds, Jen is now off the block and Eric is on in her place.

Sunday, August 5, 2007 -- Evening

It's definitely not looking good for Eric in the Big Brother 8 house. It seems that sometime during the endurance competition on Thursday night, a banner plane flew over the BB house saying that Eric and Amber lie. Well, that started all the others on a "let's back-door Eric" plot. Kail and Jen were nominated for eviction, and Jen won the POV. Of course, she is going to take herself off. Then Eric is going up in her place. The question is whether there will be enough votes to get him out. I've liked watching Eric as the America's Player, but that's the thing that got him into trouble. Because he was voting as American wanted, he wound up going against his alliance members. He wasn't able to admit what he did, and it just meant more trouble for him. Meanwhile, practically everytime I watch the live feeds there is some behind the scenes conversation going on about Eric being a schemer. My question is whether the producers will let the others know that Eric was playing for America when he is voted out. Tonight's show won't be on KDKA at its normal time because a Steelers pre-season game will be on. Instead the show will be on at midnight. That means that I'll watch the show tomorrow morning before I go to work.

Friday, August 3, 2007 -- Late Morning

I was finally able to watch last night's episode of Big Brother 8. I watched it this morning before I came to work. That was one of the best episodes so far. My favorite scene was when Daniele started asking Jen while Jen says rude things to Daniele. Daniele said that she knows it is because Jen likes Nick and is jealous of Daniele's relationship with her. Everyone comes in to listen, and Dick gets so frustrated with Jen that he pours his glass of ice tea on her head. Great drama! Then Nick tells Jen to stop talking about Daniele when she isn't around. He really does seem to care for Daniele, and says it is up to her if they have any relationship outside of the house. The thing is that BB relationships rarely continue outside of the house. Amber was also annoying yesterday. Boy, that girl cries at the slightest provocation. She was sobbing and bawling because Nick was nominated. Amber kept on telling Nick she had no clue he was being nominated. The BB producers then cut to a scene of her telling Dustin that they should backdoor Nick. Then Amber kept on saying that she loves Nick so much. It was nauseating! Then we had the competition. Everyone was still hanging on at the end of the show, but last night, Daniele won HOH. Now we will see what she does with that power!

Thursday, August 2, 2007 -- Late Evening

I didn't get a chance to see the Big Brother 8 eviction episode last night, but I am watching the live feeds right now. Nick was voted out, and the HOH competition is one of those endurance competitions. The feed just went to the blue whirlpool because Eric and Dick were commenting that Kail just violated one of the rules of the endurance competition. It appears that Big Brother isn't listening though. It is down to Kail and Daniele. Since the two are hanging upside down from a swinging crossbar, I'm not sure how much longer either can hold out. I think that Kail realizes she has to win. Daniele obviously realizes that Kail as HOH would be bad news. The feeds are really pixalated and freezing. I think that it is because everyone who has them is watching to see who gets HOH. I should have a report on it tomorrow.

Last of the HOH Competition

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 -- Afternoon

Nothing much is going on in the BB house, but I have seen Nick with his new haircut--a Mohawk! I don't know what possessed him to do it because it is not a good look for him. There is another show on tonight--and in that one we should see the veto competition and find out that Nick was nominated for eviction. For those of you interested in the America's player contest, it seems that "I'd do that for a dollar" won. How do I know? I just heard someone other than Eric saying it as they are talking about having sex with movie stars. Meanwhile, Jen is barely wearing clothes--as usual!

Nick's Mohawk

Jen Barely Wearing a Bathing Suit

Monday, July 30, 2007 -- Afternoon

I am getting more interested in Big Brother 8 as the show progresses. Last night's episode was entertaining when we got to see the houseguests fixating on who was the second vote for Kail. It was Eric's vote as America's Player, but they don't know that. The tension builds as no one suspects Eric, but everyone thinks that Nick is the culprit. Now poor Nick is being labeled a turncoat, and someone not worthy of trust. It's amazing how the wheels spin in the brains of these people. I grow to like Eric more and more every day. I think that he was an excellent choice as America's Player. He is one of those people who just gets along with others, and really is doing a great job at carrying out the tasks assigned to him. The vote for yesterday's show was to pick a phrase that Eric would try to get everyone in the house to use. The options were "Sweet Chicken," "Boo-yaha," (or something like that) and "I would do that for a dollar." I went with the dollar quote because I can see so many chances to use that one. Meanwhile, Evil Dick is trying to make nice with his daughter, Daniele, but she seems dead set against him. Whatever happened in the past, she isn't willing to forgive. From what we learned in an earlier show, Daniele borrowed money from Dick, and then didn't pay it back. There was alot of crying on both side, and Daniele gave Dick a half-hearted hug. Boy, is that girl thin! Daniele's arms look so thin that I would imagine them breaking with the slightest pressure. The show ended with the nominations, and this time we seem a more human side to Jen when she cries by herself over her nomination. When Dick nominated her, she wasn't hurt, but this nomination is more personal to her. It seems though, from watching the feeds, that Jameka is going to use the POV that she won this weekend on Kail. It seems that Nick is going to be nominated, and he is the one who is going to be voted out. Who will America's Player vote for? Whatever happens, it will create tons of drama in the house after the vote is revealed.

Saturday, July 28, 2007 -- Evening

Even though there is a new HOH in the Big Brother house, there hasn't been alot of change in nominees for eviction. Kail and Jen are on the block. This time, it seems that things are going to stay that way since Jameka has won POV.

Thursday, July 26, 2007 -- Evening

I did have time, however, to watch the latest episode of Big Brother 8. After all, I have to find out what happens in the house, and who leaves, Kail or Mike. It was another live vote in the BB house. I don't remember this being done in the past years of BB. The very first thing we see in the episode is Dick campaigning to get rid of Mike. Everyone seems to see Mike as a threat, and they want to send him home. As Dick said, Kail is a mess, so he would rather have Mike go out. Eric is given the assignment from America to get Kail voted out. His job isn't an easy one because people really seem to want Mike out. The shocking part of the episode was watching the segment with Daniele's boyfriend. The guy looks very dorky compared to Nick. He isn't concerned about Nick hitting on his girlfriend, which I think is interesting. Finally it is time for the vote. Only Eric and Jen voted for Kail. Eric did it in his role as America's Player. As time goes by, I am finding that I like Eric more and more. It was shocking that Mike went out because he really didn't seem like a bad person. I think his biggest flaw was that he didn't talk much to anyone. Eric was playing the HOH competition, but then answered a question too quickly and was eliminated from the final three. Dustin is now HOH.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 -- Morning

Big Brother 8 news. It seems that Jen saved herself with the POV last night, and Mike is now up on the block. Does this mean that Kail will be going home on Thursday? I think that MIke has a few allies in the house so he might be safe. We'll have to wait until Thursday to find out. On the show tonight, we will get to see the POV competition and ceremony.

Monday, July 23, 2007 -- Afternoon

The Big Brother 8 show was pretty interesting last night. We got to see some interactions between Dick and Daniele. Daniele approached Dick saying that she is conflicted because she has a boyfriend and is confused about Nick. There has been alot of drama in the house between Dick and other members of the household. It's going to be interesting to see who nominates to replace Jen on the eviction block. When I think back to the start of the season, and how I was bored with the show, it just makes me realize that you have to give the show time. Big Brother is one of those shows where the pot simmers slowly, and then suddenly comes to a boil.

Saturday, July 21, 2007 -- Evening

The Big Brother 8 folks have had an interesting day. I haven't really watched the live feeds, but from checking on Joker's Updates, Dick nominated both Kail and Jen for eviction. The POV was also held today, and Jen won it. Now it appears that Dick may nominate Zack in Jen's place.

Thursday, July 19, 2007 -- Evening

I just finished watching the live eviction on Big Brother 8 this evening. I know that originally I was thinking that the show would be boring, but things have picked up since I got to know the characters. Evel Dick is the most fun, and fortunately, he was able to escape eviction. Joe was the person evicted from the house with a vote of nine to one. Then in true Big Brother fashion, Dick went on to win the HOH competition. I'm guessing that he is going to nominate Jen and Kail. Dick hates Jen, and Kail was campaigning against him.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 -- Afternoon

There's lots of drama today in the Big Brother house. The house is divided over the Dick and Joe nomination. Joe has Kail on his side, and she is trying to get her Mrs. Robinson alliance to vote for Dick--with Dick leaving. Kail is starting to realize that the three guys that she thought were in her alliance aren't as committed. Nick and Daniele are support Dick. It's going to come down to the wire tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have to wonder if there isn't a leak from the producers to the team in the house. I heard the Mrs. Robinson comment in describing the actions of Kail, Zach, Mike, and Nick. Then they started using it in the house. Interesting! Meanwhile Jen is still wearing, or barely wearing, her unitard.

Jen Barely Wearing a Unitard

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 -- Evening

I just finished watching this evening's episode of Big Brother 8. Amber annoyed me first by crying so much during the show. It seems that that girl has issues with everything. First she was crying because Dick and Daniele were nominated. Then she was crying because Jen threatened her over the Power of Veto competition. Amber's ball was picked by Dick, and Jen told Amber that if she didn't eliminate Daniele and Dick from the competition, she would put Dustin up. Jen is really doing a good job of alientating most of the other houseguests. After Daniele wins the POV, Zack talks Jen into nominating Joe for eviction. Of course, Jen wants to nominate Nick because she is jealous of his relationship with Daniele. In the end, Jen nominates Joe. The other thing that is glaringly obvious is that Daniele looks like she has a weight problem. The girl is so thin that it's painful to watch her. Nick, however, admits to Daniele that he has strong feelings for her. It will be interesting to see how that relationship fares. The thing is that some of the people in the BB house suffer from something akin to Stockholm Syndrome. Being "held captive" in the house, they start to develop intense relationships. I guess it could be called Big Brother Syndrome. We will find out on Thursday who gets voted out of the house.

Monday, July 16, 2007 -- Late Morning

I watched the Sunday edition of Big Brother 8 last night. I have to admit that there were some very funny moments in it. Jen is totally wrapped up in herself, and spends so much time talking about herself that the guys started a drinking game. Everytime Jen says "I", they take a sip of their drink. Of course, they wind up constantly sipping. I think that the two houseguests who make the show interesting are Jen and Dick. It will be disappointing if Dick goes this week. Daniele has the POV, and will take herself off the block. We should know today who Jen puts up in her place.

Sunday, July 15, 2007 -- Evening

I haven't been watching the live feeds much this weekend because I've had other things to do, and because the group in the BB house have been so boring. I should have been more patient though, and given them a chance. I guess that the houseguests got so bored they decided to have a stupid competition. I only caught a portion of it, but the part that I saw had the guys doing really stupid things like somersaults on the grass while wearing really skimpy shorts. Most of the guys look well-endowed--or they have socks down their pants. :-) Dustin had to adjust his manhood before he did the tumbling act.

Dustin Adjusting

I'm not sure what the point of the competition was--except to show how bored the houseguests are. I think they were calling it SMC. Dick has an interesting shirt on with a naked guy with a red butt. I suppose it is an interesting bunch.

Let's Cheer for Something to Happen!

Thursday, July 12, 2007 -- Later Evening

I just finished watching Big Brother 8. It was eviction night, and Carol was booted out of the house. The only person who voted for her was Jen. The show was relatively boring--after all the live feeds and show have been extremely boring so far this season. We got to see Eric's family. He is a huge fan of Big Brother and has watched every season. His family was originally not happy to hear that he was America's Player. Eric voted Carol out based on America's vote. Now his assignment is going to be to campaign against a person of America's Choice. Jen, the person that everyone in the house hates, won the HOH competition because she was good at guessing what everyone in the house thought about a set of questions. She also has the closest number in the tie breaker question which was how many gallons of water the giant teacup held. The teacup fit a few people and spins around. Well, it was a trick question because there was a doorway in the cup, so it only held 9 gallons. Everyone, except for Jen, guessed numbers in the hundreds. Jen guessed 41 gallons, which was closest to 9. I am hoping that things will pick up now that the person everyone hates is HOH. I'm hoping for some exciting eviction nominations.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 -- Afternoon

Believe it or not, I wasn't very excited about watching Big Brother last night. When I got up this morning, I thought that I would catch up and fast forward through the commercials. Well, the episode was as boring as the live feeds have been. We did get to see the POV competition which was just basically a game of hide 'n' seek. Each of the six competing houseguests got to hide a veto in the house. Then they had to go and hunt for the others in the remaining time. Daniele won because she hid the veto in the pot of slop. They tore up the house looking for the veto. The other bizarre thing that we saw was Jen lying to a group about Nick trying to make out with her. Jen claimed that she rebuffed him and that was why Nick was making out with Daniele. Joe, being the tattletail, told Nick who confronted Jen in front of the group. Jen stuck to her lie, and then finally admitted to Nick that she was jealous of him making out with all the other girls. The thing is that Jen is just plain obnoxious. On House Calls, Gretchen Massey has been trying to tell people to stick with it because it will get better. I doubt it!

Monday, July 9, 2007 -- Afternoon

I keep on hoping that the houseguests will do something interesting. So far, the most interesting item was Carol showing the others how she does a cheer. Very boring! I'm hoping that something exciting happens soon. If not, I might have to stop watching the live feeds. I might even have to stop watching the show altogether!

Let's Cheer for Something to Happen!

I'm really getting tired of boring sunbathing and chess playing.
We don't do anything all day!

Sunday, July 8, 2007 -- Evening

The houseguests on Big Brother 8 have been extremely boring this year. It seems that some folks have been talking online about this. There is nothing going on that's of any interest whatsoever. Also, it is very hard to get interested in this apatheic, shallow bunch. The pictures below are typical fodder for the feeds with the camera guys focusing on the women's feet and crotches. I've even heard that the Showtime show (three hours of "live feeds" starting at midnight) have the feel of a setup. It seems that the houseguests start prepping for the live feeds a half hour before the start of the show. Then it seems that they have scripted things that they are supposed to do--like show flesh and go on pretend dates. It's all for lame.

Boring Houseguests

The second Big Brother 8 episode was on this evening. The show validated my thoughts that this is a shallow bunch of losers. Jen had a hissy, crying fit because her picture on the BB wall was too ugly. As she whined and cried to everyone, she doesn't usually look like that, and she put her hand over the picture and refused to move until BB replaced the picture. We also got to see the food competition, where the houseguests got to stand under a butter vat and get butter all over them. Then their team mates got to remove the butter from their bodies with their hands. Again Jen was acting the shallow Princess and told Dick that she didn't want him to touch her. Meanwhile anorexic Daniele seems to be making some moves to get along with her dad--telling the diary room cameras that they have each others' backs. We also got to find out what America's Player, Eric, would have to do for his first assignment. he has to pour out his heart to someone and tell that person a sob story about his past. We get to vote on the person he tells. What a lame task!!! Boy, this season is really sucking! To see tonight's episode online, go to the CBS BB video page.

Saturday, July 7, 2007 -- Evening

The Big Brother folks have been very boring. There was a discussion of religion, and they are all commenting on the youth of the houseguests. All very boring so far. However, the strategizing might get better as the weeks progress--we hope! Daniele won the Power of Veto, and is probably not going to use it. it's not the brightest move to use the Veto this early in the game--especially for people that you really don't know.

Friday, July 6, 2007 -- Afternoon

The live feeds are on and boring. There hasn't been alot of action, although the nominations for eviction did happen. Amber and Carol are the two who are nominated. So far, I haven't been very impressed with the houseguests this season. They all appear to be on the lame side. The most annoying factor is whoever did the casting for the show decided that we all wanted to see a bunch of vapid 20 somethings running around and creating drama. I know that I, for one, would like to see some vapid 30 somethings creating drama. We'll have to see how annoying the youth factor becomes on the show. Right now, the live feeds are showing a repeat of last year's Big Brother quiz. You would have thought that they would have been able to come up with new questions for this season. I'm assuming since they are showing the quiz that the houseguests must be getting prepared for the food competition.

Random Pictures

Thursday, July 5, 2007 -- Evening

Big Brother 8 started this evening. I have to admit that the contestants seem pretty lame this year. In fact, I'm not sure there are that many heterosexual men in the group. The most annoying guy is Joe, and his voice is like nails on a cholkboard for me. The story is that there are six people in the group who are enemies. The enemies: Dick and his estranged daughter, Daniele; Dustin and bitter former boyfriend Joe; and Jessica and former high school chum, Carol. Dick, Dustin, and Jessica were locked in a room upstairs and watched the entry of the other 11. They played a role in picking the HOH, Kali when both she and Eric won the HOH competition as a pair. Before the three came out to meet the other 11, Joe was really bashing Dustin, claiming that Dustin gave him gonorrhea. Joe admitted that he did everything to screw up Dustin's life. We really don't know the story behind Daniele and her father--just that she is crying because he's there. I have to admit that he doesn't look like a winner--with tattoos and pearcings all over. The Carol and Jessica feud is the lamest. It's juvenile compared t the others. All we know is that Carol owes Jessica $5 from when they were 14. Lame-o!! Eric is the America's Player. We will get to vote to have him do things that may have a strategic impact. Starting in the next show on Sunday, we can start ordering Eric aroung. I didn't do a complete recap of the show because the show should be available on the CBS Big Brother page. They have been putting things out with Innertube since last year. Right now, nothing is going on with the live feeds. I think that they are waiting for those in the Pacific time zone to see the show on CBS before they turn on the live feeds. I will have my eye on the feeds tomorrow, however.

Sunday, July 1, 2007 -- Early Evening

It looks like the CBS page is up for Big Brother 8. The 14 houseguests don't look too interesting so far. Most of them are generically young and good looking. Most are in their 20s, except for a guy in his forties who is covered in tattoos. Let's hope that we when start to watch it gets more interesting. One of the twists is that some of the house guests will be in the house with an enemy--or someone that they have unfinished business with. The other interesting bit will be that there will be someone who will be called "America's Player." This person will have to do things that the viewers vote on. There could be strategic things that they are told to do. However, that house guest won't be able to tell anyone that they are America's Player.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 -- Evening

I am getting excited about Big Brother this summer. For the past two summers I have been a huge addict to Big Brother--partly because I had foot injuries both years. First came the bunion surgery. Then last summer, I broke a bone in the same foot. The thing that made it interesting is that alot of the same contestants were involved in both years, especially my favorites Kaysar and Janelle. This year, it will be all new contestants. It does seem like it is going to be an interesting year, and TV Guide released some pictures of the inside of the house. It seems that the theme is going to involve fantasy. The house looks like it was created by Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland. I definitely can't wait. The show starts in eight days!

Saturday, June 2, 2007 -- Evening

One of my favorite shows is returning to the airwaves this summer. Yes, Big Brother is returning on July 5. The original producer, Arnold Shapiro, has left the show, but the new producers are promising interesting characters, lots of action, and new twists. I'm looking forward to spending yet another summer immersed in the world of Big Brother.