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Big Brother 9

Adam & Shelia
Alex & Amanda
Jacob & Sharon
James & Chelsia
Winner            Jury -- 4/23
Evicted 3rd -- 2/27
Evicted 1st -- 2/11
Jury -- 4/9            Jury -- 3/26
Joshuah & Sharon Matt & Natalie
Parker & Jen
Ryan & Allison
Jury -- April 2            Jury -- 4/22 Jury -- 3/19            Jury -- 4/16
Evicted 2nd -- 2/20
Second            Evicted 4th -- 3/5

Winner: Adam

Sunday, April 20, 2008 -- Evening

Things are starting to heat up with the final four on Big Brother. From the live feeds, I know that Ryan as HOH put up Shelia and Sharon and that Ryan won the POV. As we got to see on the show this evening, Natalie kept on asking the guys over and over again that she couldn't believe the guys would do that to her. You had to feel for Natalie because she trusted those people. As Ryan said, Natalie was the leader of Team Christ and now Team Christ is no more. Meanwhile, Shelia was going on and on about how the guys were so unfair to not do her dirty work for her. Then Ryan got mad at Adam because Adam whispered to Natalie that Adam voted for her. Adam denies it, but it is what he did. I think that he did it because he felt so bad for Natalie. It's really hard to tell who Ryan trusts because he has made deals of some sort with all three players. As Ryan claims, it is only two, Adam and Sharon, but Shelia thinks that Ryan is on her side too. It will be interesting to see what Ryan does with the POV. If Shelia and Sharon stay on the block, Adam would be stupid to vote out Shelia because she is on his side while Sharon is on Ryan's. But then the players on Big Brother aren't always known for their smarts or their strategizing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 -- Evening

I didn't watch all of Big Brother this evening, but I ran back and forth between the Pens' game in the living room and Big Brother in the bedroom. Natalie was voted out when Ryan voted to evict her and Adam voted to keep her. It came down to Shelia, and she broke her word to Natalie who threw the HOH competition so Shelia could win. Just goes to show that you should never trust anyone in this game. Ryan won HOH and that guarantees that he will be in the final three. I hope he nominates Shelia and Sharon and that Shelia gets evicted. That would show her. I think that both Shelia and Sharon are low-lifes, but that's just my opinion. I don't like how deceitful they both are.

Sunday, April 13, 2008 -- Evening

I watched Big Brother this evening, and I have to admit that Shelia really irritates me. Shelia acts like she is friends with Natalie and Ryan, but she really has an alliance with Adam. Ryan and Natalie agreed to drop out of the boxes to give Shelia the HOH. Then Shelia starts campaigning hard against Natalie. Natalie should not have given up the competition, but she did that because she trusted Shelia. I really hate Sharon too because she is such a schemer trying to keep herself safe. Those guys are fools to not realize that Sharon doesn't have any enemies in the jury house. I like Natalie, and I don't think she is that bad. What I don't understand is why Ryan and Adam would fall for the scheme where they do the dirty work for Shelia and Sharon. Shelia gets out because she is going to have Adam and Ryan vote out Natalie so she doesn't have to vote out Natalie. Meanwhile Sharon is feeding the fuel by making up stories about Natalie. Shelia puts up Sharon and Adam. Adam wins the POV and takes himself up. Then Shelis puts up Natalie. Ryan and Adam "called out" Natalie on the live feeds and said that she was scheming with everyone. As she said, that's what they have all been doing. Ryan, Adam, Shelia and Sharon have been playing everyone too. The question is what will those people do. It would make sense to vote out Sharon because she definitely has votes in the jury house.

Thursday, April 10, 2008 -- Evening

I just managed to watch some of the live feeds for Big Brother last night when I got home from the hockey game, and there was an endurance HOH competition going on. Ryan, Natalie, and Shelia were still hanging out in these glass cages without a bottom. As they fell out, they were out of the game. Sharon had complained that she had hurt her back the day before, and she dropped out quickly. So Ryan and Natalie made a deal with Shelia that they would throw the competition in her favor as long as she put up Adam and Sharon, and if Sharon won the POV, and Natalie or Ryan went up in her place, that Adam would be the one voted out if there was a tie. Shelia agreed to it, and got HOH. Unfortunately it now seems that everyone is scheming against Natalie. James was evicted last night, and when I finally watched the show this evening, I got to see what has been happening at the Jury house. Matty has been disgusted with the antics of Chelsia and Josh and was rooting for Natalie. I like Natalie, but things have not been going well for her. Everyone is turning against her because they think she is too strong. Well, the thing everyone is missing is that Sharon is still around. No one hates her, and because she has been on the block so much, she hasn't had to vote against anyone to tick them off. I think that Sharon is the most dangerous person, and I can't believe they don't get it. I'm so glad that James and Chelsia are out of the game, because they are disgusting, immature, crappy people. At least neither has a chance to win the game.

Sunday, April 6, 2008 -- Evening

I watched the latest episode of Big Brother this evening. I haven't been watching the live feeds much with this season, and I know that it's because at this time of year I'm usually busy, especially with classes. One of the most entertaining parts of the show was the tricks that were played on Shelia. Everyone picks on Shelia because she just seems like the person who should get picked on. Another of the entertaining parts was when James starting bawling like a baby girl because he might go up on the block. Adam was stupid and bought into James' girly tears. James is such a baby, trying to act like a cool, strong, powerful man, but he's such a wimp! The thing that Adam didn't seem to get was that if James won POV and wasn't on the block, he would take off Sharon. Then Adam would have to put up either Natalie or Ryan, and because James and Sharon would be voting together, they would vote out either Natalie or Ryan. Fortunately, I found out from Joker's Updates that Ryan won the POV, took off Shelia, and Adam put James up on the block. So this week, it seems certain that James is going to finally leave the house. There has been alot of controversy on the Big Brother websites that the producers have been trying to do thing to influence the game and to keep James in the house. I have to admit that it really ticked me off when the fans voted to put Adam back in the house, but James wound up being the one who went back in. So what was the vote about? Anyway, this episode ended with Adam putting up Shelia and Sharon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 -- Late Evening

I didn't get to watch Big Brother yet, but I found out from Joker's Updates that Josh was evicted, and Adam won HOH. Maybe James will evicted this week.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 -- Evening

I watched Big Brother this evening. It was hilarious to see James crying and blubbering because everyone in the house is against him. James is such a hypocrite because he was complaining about how he has just trying to work with everyone. No he wasn't. It seems that every little thing would set him off and James would be saying that he was going to get back at someone in the house. He really is such an annoying person. We got to see the POV competition, and what happened is that Ryan didn't have confidence in some of his answers. If he was confident, he would have eliminated James twice. Then when Ryan was confident, James was closest, and James won the POV. After James won the POV, Josh curled up into a ball and cried like a baby. You really have to wonder about this bunch. They are the biggest bunch of cry-baby losers. They are also a huge bunch of hypocrites. Josh was crying, and Sharon was crying too because she knew that she was going to go on the block. Josh was saying that he was going and told Shelia to take care of Sharon. Well, after that, Josh decided to screw over Sharon, and talked Ryan and James into voting for him. Then Josh talked Natalie into breaking the tie in his favor. So while Sharon is thinking that Josh is so galant, Josh is campaigning against her.

Sunday, March 30, 2008 -- Evening

Big Brother was on this evening, and we got to see Natalie as HOH. Natalie seems like a decent, nice person. It's sad that some of the houseguests mock her and make fun of her silliness and seeming lack of intelligence. I think that they underestimate her, and I'm rooting for her to get far in the game. James tried to talk her into aligning with him, but as Natalie said, she can't trust him. When Natalie nominated James and Josh, James said that he would come after Natalie next week when he won HOH. I guess he's going after everyone. Anyway, from the live feeds, I found out that James won POV, and Sharon was put up in his place. So I am expecting Josh to go home next.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 -- Evening

It was live eviction night on Big Brother. Sharon seemed pretty calm with her eviction because she felt safe going up against Chelsia. Chelsia realized that she was screwed because people were out to get either her or James. The key thing in everyone's mind was to break up the pair because they were strong competitors.. Although Natalie was against them for what they did to Matty. Natalie had spent some time making Easter eggs, and Chelsia acted like a real bitch and broke every one of Natalie eggs while she made fun of Natalie. Chelsia really flipped out and just kept on yelling abuse at Natalie. Natalie stayed in another room and didn't say anything. Chelsia really showed her true side which was not nice. It will be good to see Chelsia leave the game. James even said that he would be voting against Chelsia. Everyone voted to evict Chelsia, including James. Chelsia went totally crazy at the end and felt a need to be vicious until the end. Julie asked Chelsia what she whispered to Josh. Chelsia said that she told Josh to calm down before competitions because Josh tended to psych himself out before competitions. Chelsia admits that she should not have voted James back into the house because she was playing with her heart instead of her head. The HOH competition had the houseguests answering that the public voted on over the past week. The houseguests had to blindfold themselves and answer the questions. Josh was picked as most likely to recarve himself on Mount Rushmore. Adam was more likely to give to charity. Adam was more likely to lock himself out of the White House. James was voted most likely to have an interesting biography that people would rather read. James was the one picked to go to lead everyone to battle. Natalie picked as the person who would give the most inspiring speech. Sharon was picked as the person to who stop a motorcade to avoid a squirrel. Natalie got six of the seven questions right (she only missed the one that asked if Natalie or Sharon would stop the motorcade) so she was the new HOH. I was really glad to know that Natalie won because I really don't Josh or James, and they will be the ones that Natalie targets.

Sunday, March 23, 2008 -- Evening

I watched Big Brother this evening. The show was delayed because of the NCAA basketball games. The show started with the eviction of Matt and the HOH competition with Adam winning. Shelia said that she cared about Matty, and they are going to fight for Matty. Shelia said that Adam was going to be a total hero in her eyes for seeking vengence on the others. Chelsia was so mad because she wanted the HOH. Adam admitted that he didn't want to win because it would be the end of his fun and easy ride in the house. The houseguests got to compete in a luxury competition to watch the movie 21. They had to pick cards that would add up to 21, and give the names of the houseguests on the cards. Chelsia couldn't add, and neither could James. However, Ryan was very good at adding, and he won the game. So he got to pick three houseguests to see the movie with him. Then Ryan was given a change to increase his prize by playing one hand of Blackjack. If he won, he would win a trip to Las Vegas. If he lost, the other four houseguest would get to see the movie. The total of the prize package is $21,000. Ryan got 18 and then the house got 19 so Ryan lost, and Josh, Sharon, Chelsia, and Shelia got to see the movie. The funny thing is that Natalie started seeing things grouped in eight all over the house, and she thinks it means that Evel Dick will come back to the house. From watching the live feeds, I know that Dick comes back to host the POV competition. So Adam tells Natalie that he is thinking of nominating Shelia. Natalie tries to tell Adam that he needs to think of the numbers and he needs to get rid of people on the other side. As Natalie said they have to reduce the numbers of the other side. Adam wises up and winds up nominating James and Chelsia. As Adam says, James and Chelsia are a pair and have to be broken up, and he's not going to backdoor anyone.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 -- Evening

The live eviction show was on Big Brother this evening. It came down to a tie between Ryan and Matt with Shelia, Adam, and Natalie voting to evict Ryan. Well, James decided that Matt was more of a danger than Ryan. I thought that was stupid in a way because Ryan was the person who was doing all the bad things. Poor Matty was quite blindsided. When it came down to the HOH competition, it was an elimination challenge with the houseguests having to pick which evicted houseguest said a statement in the diary room. Well, it came down to Chelsia and Adam. Adam rang in, and guessed Amanda before the question was completely finished. Surprisingly, he won! It will be interesting to see what Adam does. There was a blow up between Shelia and Joshuah before the live show on the feeds. Josh is one of those disgusting low-life people who pick on those they consider weaker. So Josh yells at women and berates them with vulgar names and obscenities. As Shelia said, Josh picks on women because he's afraid that a man would beat him up. I think that Josh really hates women, and that's why he demeans them so much. I hope that he gets voted out.

Sunday, March 16, 2008 -- Late Afternoon

James won the POV on Big Brother, and he used the veto to take Shelia off the block, and put Matty up. That means that Matty is probably going to go home this week. I think that it also means that he will be the first person in sequester.

Friday, March 14, 2008 -- Late Morning

On Big Brother, James was able to hold on the longest of all the houseguests. His main competitor was Natalie. For the life of me, I can't understand why Natalie and Adam voted against their own alliance members by chosing to bring back James. Now they are going to get bitten in the butt by their decision. James nominated Shelia and Ryan for eviction, and is probably going to backdoor Matt.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 -- Evening

It was eviction night on Big Brother. This group of houseguests are the biggest bunch of flip-floppers that I have seen in the game. As we saw on the show, Shelia and Natalie were quick to turn on Sharon after Sharon told Shelia about Matty making out with Sharon when she was HOH. Of course, Natalie is so into Matty that she can't think straight. All six evicted houseguests were brought back to the BB stage, and we finally got to find out who was going to back into the house. Hold on, there was a catch. Parker came in second, and Alex (my choice) won the vote. Now the catch. The houseguests would get to vote to decide whether they should keep the person just evicted, or if they should take the person who was to reenter the house. The only thing is that the houseguests wouldn't know who was the person who was voted to come back into the house. James was evicted and talked to Julie for a short while. Then Julie broke the news to him that the houseguests would get the option to bring either James or America's choice back into the house. The siren went off in the house, and the houseguests assembled in the living room. Ryan voted to bring back the mystery houseguest. Chelsia voted to bring back James. Matty voted to bring back mystery houseguest. Shelia voted to bring back the mystery houseguest. Joshuah voted to bring back James. Natalie voted to bring back James. Adam voted to bring back James. Sharon voted to bring back James. Unfortunately, that's five votes to bring back James. I was really disappointed because I liked Alex. They brought a box into the house, and when the houseguests opened it, James came popping out. Then it was on to the HOH competition. The competition was an endurance one. The houseguests had to grab onto a disco ball on a chain.

HOH Endurance competition

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 -- Evening

Another Big Brother this evening. We got to see all the scheming. Ryan is playing both sidees by keeping both Matty and the group against Matty cloe. Jmes, Chelsia, Sharon, Joshuah, and Shelia were against Matty. The POV competition was interesting. As the contestants were eliminated, they got to pick a prize, and trade for someone else's if they wanted. Shelia got a motorcycle, and very gallantly, when Adam won the $10,000, he gave her the money and took the bike because he thought she needed it more. Ryan, who won the competition, let Chelsia keep her prize of the veto, and took the $10,000. Surprisingly, Matty wasn't concerned about Ryan letting Chelsia keep the veto, and obviously since James went up in her place, he was right. Josh, Sharon, Chelsia, and James were playing Ryan when Shelia finally got sick of a comment that Chelsia made about Shelia playing the single mother card (Shelia is a single mom.) Well, that turned Shelia, and she talked to Ryan and told him that he should not put up Matty. She told him that Matty and Adam were the only two who really had Ryan's back. So that explains how Ryan wound up nominating James. The POV ceremony was great. Josh was so pleased with himself, and then when Ryan put up James, it was like someone slapped him in the face. Josh thinks that he lost the battle, but he'll win the war. I hope not because of all the people in the house, he's one of my least favorite people.

Friday, March 7, 2008 -- Late Morning

I have been out of it for the past few days because i have been battling a cold and a fever that won't go away. I have a call in to my doctor for some drugs so I should be on the road to recover soon.

To catch up on some things that happened over the past few days. There has been alot of change up in the Big Brother. On the live show on Wednesday, we found out that when the evicted couple went to leave the house, the door would be locked. The mystery siren that was to signal everyone to return to the living room would go off, and the couples would be told that they would be playing the game as individuals from now on. Well, Ryan and Allison were evicted, and when the siren went off, Allison got so excited because she was sure that she had a reprieve. But then we found out that the reprieve was for only one of them. The houseguests then all voted on which of the two should leave, and everyone voted for Allison to leave. She was bawling her eyes out to Julie because she was so upset. Then we (the viewers) found out that there was another surprise in store for the houseguests. None of the folks who had been evicted were sent home. They were all in sequester. We could vote for the person we wanted to return to the house, and that person would go back in the house after the live eviction next week. I have been too sick to do much, but I'm hoping that Alex gets voted back in because of his friendship with Matt. I think those two could do alot in the house. Finally, it was HOH competition time, and Ryan won HOH. That should stir things up. I found out from Jokers Updates that Sharon and Chelsia are nominated for eviction. It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 -- Evening

I watched the latest episode of Big Brother this evening. In this episode, we got to see Matt and Natalie win the POV competition. It is pitiful how Natalie is chasing after Matt. She won't let the guy alone, and is constantly offering him massages. Then Matt goes up to the HOH room and tries to romance Sharon. She is totally on to his game, although he doesn't realize it. Towards the end of the show, the houseguests were told that at some point they will hear a siren. When they hear the siren, they have to rush into the living room and expect big news. We don't know what it is, but I assume that we will learn more about it tomorrow. I wonder if the houseguests will be forced to play on their own for the final weeks of the show. The houseguests spend most of their time talking about how awful the siren scam could be. The veto meeting arrives (no siren) and Matt and Natalie take themselves off the block, and Adam and Shelia go up in their place. Who will go home tomorrow?

Sunday, March 2, 2008 -- Evening

I watched Big Brother this evening. I haven't beeen watching the live feeds much this week because I have been busy with homework. It was interesting to see that Joshuah and Sharon were against Allison for turning on them about keeping Matt & Natalie. Allison didn't like how Josh and Sharon rubbed their win in everyone's faces. Josh really does come across like a psycho by screaming and threatening people. We found out in the show that Josh was targeting Allison (and Ryan) and he puts up Matt and Natalie up as pawns. From looking at Jokers Updates that Matt and Natalie won the POV. Adam and Shelia are put up in their place. But we won't find that out on the show until Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 -- Evening

I didn't get a chance to watch Big Brother tonight. Last night, I was concentrating on homework and watching the Pens game. The first thing I did was watch last night's show. We got to see all the fallout from James nominating Matt and Alex. James said that Matt and Alex bonded from the very beginning so his goal was to break up the friendship. We also got to see the argument between Allison and Shelia. Shelia fell for the crap that Matt and Amanda fed her. Shelia kept on insisting to Allison that Allison was mad at her. Then the veto competition started. Joshuah and Sharon got to compete in the veto, and Adam got to be the host. He seemed really excited about being the host. The POV was lame. The couples had to string together cables to complete an electrical circuit. Sharon and Joshuah were the first to complete the circuit so they won POV, and then because of it, the houseguests got news from the outside--like gossip and the election results. After the POV, we got to see Shelia have a breakdown and rant and rave against Allison. Everyone starts to realize that Shelia is crazy because she has been ranting and raving about what a bitch Allison is. Allison confronts Shelia about it. Ryan and Adam join in to find out why Shelia has been bad mouthing Allison. I think that Shelia was just having some sort of Psycho episode. Allison was running in the backyard, and then went into the diary room because of an allergic reaction. There was a nurse there who gave her an epipen. Then we saw Amanda faint from a hypoglycemic episode. The nurse was running back and forth between Allison who was swollen from a peanut allergy and Amanda who was having a seizure from her hypoglycemic reaction. The houseguests seemed really shocked about the illness of the two girls. Both girls made it back into the game and the house. The Tuesday show ended with Joshuah and Sharon not using the POV.

Now on to Wednesday's show. As James says, Operation Condor is in effect with James getting Ryan and Adam to vote out Alex and Amanda. Matt said although Alex is his buddy, Matt wants to stay in the house. Matt and Adam talk about it coming down to them in the final two. Allison starts compaigning to get rid of Matt and Natalie. As she told the others, Matt and Natalie have been eating real food while Alex and Amanda were eating slop. Ryan said that he can trust Matt and Natalie more. However, Allison wasn't really able to convince anyone else, and Alex and Amanda were evicted from the Big Brother house. Then it was on to HOH with only the four eligible couples competing. In the HOH competition, the women competed first and then the men, and Sharon and Joshuah won both competitions, so they became the new HOH. Josh ran around like a mad man celelbrating. He's an annoying guy, and from the looks of the comments on Joker's Updates, alot of people are turned off by his attitude.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 -- Evening

The Big Brother eviction show was on tonight. The show started with everyone in the house turning on Amanda. Amanda has been spending her time gossiping about everyone and spreading rumors. This time, Chelsia called her on it. Everyone was yelling at Amanda, includin Josh. Poor Alex was just sitting there listening to it, and you really had to feel sorry for him. Josh told Amanda that everyone in the house hated Amanda, and then he totally went on a freakout screaming and throwing things. Alex tried to explain that Amanda talking about one partner reflects on the other partner. As Alex said, what Amanda says reflects on Alex. Then Josh went too far and said that Amanda should get a noose like her dad. Jen really turned on Ryan and was campaigning against him. Jen was telling everyone that Ryan was racist. Shelia lets Ryan know that Jen has been talking smack about him to sway people against him. Shelia finally tells Ryan that Jen has been telling people that he's racist. Jen tries to act all innocent and denies calling Ryan a racist. What was funny was that the Big Brother producers showed Jen calling Ryan racist. Allison said that Jen is a born liar, and that she doesn't know what she has. Ryan was really hurt by the comment and says that it is sad that Jen wants to win the game so bad. By a vote of three to one, Jen and Parker were evicted from the house. Jen started getting teary eyed, but she got what she deserved for calling her boyfriend a racist to get him evicted. Parker was quiet as Julie talked to Jen, but he was shaking his head and rolling his eyes the entire time. Poor Parker was out because his partner was so hated and obnoxious. With the HOH competition, the houseguests gave up hot water for 72 hours, the women had to wear bathing suits for 24 hours, drinking cups were removed from the house for a week, they got a margarita party, the woman had to cook dinner, they gave up the washing machine for two weeks. Chelsia and James were with the majority on most questions, and they became the new HOH couple.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 -- Evening

I watched Big Brother, and we found out what happened with Neil. He had to leave because of an urgent personal matter. So Joshuah was given the choice to take either Sharon or Jacob. As Josh said, not a hard decision. Everyone in the house hates Jacob, so he chose Sharon. There's alot of drama going on in the house. James started some controversy because he thought that there were more couples in the house than just Jen and Ryan. Parker went and created a whole brouhaha in the backyard over the event. Meanwhile, all James was saying to Alex was that he believes there are more couples in the house. It seems that the reason Alex got upset about Amanda and Parker hanging out was because Alex likes Amanda and was jealous. It seems that the POV competition is between four couples. Natalie and Matt were chosen by random draw, and Josh was chosen as the master of ceremonies. The HOH competition was a spinning wheel competition. The girls were strapped onto a spinning heart. They had to hold onto a panic button, and the first couple to reach 300 revolutions won. if the girl let go of the button, the count stopped, and the couple was out. Allison was the first to let go. Amanda let go of her button on purpose so there wouldn't be a bigger target on her back. Matt was able to spin Natalie 300 times. The twist of the POV is that if the couple can't agree, then the POV can't be used. Matt and Natalie chose not to use the POV, and now Jen and Ryan are campaigning against each other. I loved how Jen said that she was okay with getting rid of Ryan. With a girlfriend like that, I would rather be alone! Tomorrow we find out who stays and who becomes the HOH.

Monday, February 18, 2008 -- Afternoon

Nothing much going on in the Big Brother house today. Even though it is 10 am their time, all are sleeping. I think that I'm going to try to take some screenshots or recordings of the nighttime action. It seems that most of the stuff is going on when I'm sleeping. That's the problem with the time difference between the East and West Coast.

All the hamsters sleeping

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 -- Evening

I watched Big Brother, and we found out what happened with Neil. He had to leave because of an urgent personal matter. So Joshuah was given the choice to take either Sharon or Jacob. As Josh said, not a hard decision. Everyone in the house hates Jacob, so he chose Sharon. There's alot of drama going on in the house. James started some controversy because he thought that there were more couples in the house than just Jen and Ryan. Parker went and created a whole brouhaha in the backyard over the event. Meanwhile, all James was saying to Alex was that he believes there are more couples in the house. It seems that the reason Alex got upset about Amanda and Parker hanging out was because Alex likes Amanda and was jealous. It seems that the POV competition is between four couples. Natalie and Matt were chosen by random draw, and Josh was chosen as the master of ceremonies. The HOH competition was a spinning wheel competition. The girls were strapped onto a spinning heart. They had to hold onto a panic button, and the first couple to reach 300 revolutions won. if the girl let go of the button, the count stopped, and the couple was out. Allison was the first to let go. Amanda let go of her button on purpose so there wouldn't be a bigger target on her back. Matt was able to spin Natalie 300 times. The twist of the POV is that if the couple can't agree, then the POV can't be used. Matt and Natalie chose not to use the POV, and now Jen and Ryan are campaigning against each other. I loved how Jen said that she was okay with getting rid of Ryan. With a girlfriend like that, I would rather be alone! Tomorrow we find out who stays and who becomes the HOH.

Sunday, February 17, 2008 -- Evening

The new episode of Big Brother was on this evening. We got to see all the drama of Jen announcing to everyone that she was dating Ryan. That girl is really annoying. She was telling everyone in the house that she was going to win and that's why her picture was first on memory wall. Her voice grates on my nerves the most. There was nothing on the show that occured since last Wednesday, so there was no news on the disappearance of Neil and the reentry of Sharon. Also, there was nothing about the sexcapes of the houseguests. I wonder if any of those topics will make the show.

Saturday, February 16, 2008 -- Evening

I haven't had much chance over the past two days to watch the Big Brother live feeds. Boy, have a missed alot! It seems that the producers got what they wanted. There is alot of drama, backstabbing, and sex. Yes, you read that right. Some of the kinky acts have been caught by the live feeds. Matt and Natalie were under the covers, and Ryan and Jen were in one of the bathrooms. In both cases, you could hear the action without really seeing anything. With Jen and Ryan, the producers had the decency to give the pair privacy by playing flames on the video portion. Some news: Matt and Natalie have the POV. It seems that Jen has been saying too much, and now folks are tired of her and want her to be gone. It will be intersting to see how this all goes, and I'm sure that the couples theme is going to cause confusion with the vote in the end. That's what houseguests are trying to figure out now.

Random pics

Thursday, February 14, 2008 -- Late Evening

Something has been happening on Big Brother, but I'm not sure what. Neil has been vanished from the show. The houseguests haven't really been talking about it, and I can't find out any information online. So Sharon has been brought back into the game and teamed up with Joshuah. When I find out more, I'll post it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008 -- Evening

Meanwhile, I finally got to see last night's Big Brother show. There is so much drama this season with the couples in a situation where they could make out. Jacob and Sharon were the ones who got evicted because Jacob was spreading stories about Parker being a snake. He wouldn't take blame for it, and Sharon tried to turn the finger towards Ryan. At that point, Jen told Parker that she was dating Ryan. That's how the word spread through the house because then Ryan had to tell Allison. Adam is the most obnoxious person. When it came down to the HOH competition (because the first competition was for Power Couple--Jen and Parker got to compete). The hosts for the game? Eric and Jessica from last season were the hosts, and YES, they are still a couple. The competition had a Newlywed Game theme. Alex and Amanda won the competition. This wasn't on the show, but on the live feeds, it seems that Jen & Parker and Allison & Ryan are on the block, and Jen is campaigning to get rid of Ryan so she can keep her hands clean.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 -- Afternoon

I haven't been able to confirm it, but I think that Jacob and Sharon were evicted from the Big Brother house. It also seems that the houseguests are talking about splitting up partners and reassigning them. There is alot of gossiping going on. It seems very high school at this point, but I have to admit that there's a dramatic increase in the drama and backstabbing over past seasons. I think the producers might have had a good idea by forcing people to partner up. Matt says that he can't stand his partner, Natalie, and that Natalie is talking about throwing competitions so they lose.

Random pics from the First Day

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 -- Evening

Big Brother: 'til Death do You Part started this evening. The show has a totally new theme for the winter version. The houseguests are being teamed up in pairs--romantic pairings. The producers are hoping to hook up some of the players. The players will have to play in teams. They will be HOH together as a team and get evicted as a team. Sharon and Jacob used to be in a relationship, and they were both in the house (without the other knowing it) and were paired up. We also found out that Jen and Ryan, her boyfriend, are in cahoots with each other and have gone into the game knowing that they will have to compete as a team. The teams were:
Alex & Amanda
James & Chelsia
Matt & Natalie
Parker & Jen
Joshuah & Neil
Jacob & Sharon
Ryan & Allison
Adam & Shelia
There was controversy right away because the couple, Jen and Ryan, were paired with others. Sharon and Jacob were hooked up and fighting over past wrongs, and Shelia was matched with Adam. Shelia was really ticked about that because Adam is the ugliest guy, and he called her "ma" which really got under Shelia's skin because at almost 46, she is more than 16 years older than the others. The insults started flying. When it came time for the HOH competition, the pairs had to wrap themselves around each other and be suspended above a mattress. Shelia couldn't take it and was the first to let go of Adam. I can't blame her because Adam is on the ugly side. The first HOH couple: Parker and Jen. Jen grabbed the $10,000 pillow during the competition, so they won $10,000 for winning the competition. Adam seems really psycho, so I would send him home, and Jen agrees that Shelia and Adam have negative energy. However, Parker wants to get rid of Ryan and Allison. Parker and Jen have to nominate a couple in a few hours after winning.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 -- Afternoon

The folks at CBS have released the names of the contestants on the upcoming season of Big Brother 9 that starts next Tuesday. I think that's because the contestants are now safely locked away in the BB house, so there will be nothing to contaminate their opinions. There are 16 contestants, and all but one is 29 or younger. The oldest is 45 year old Sheila. The thing that I think is interesting is that some of the girls look much older in their pictures than the age they claim. For example, both Sharon (23) and Chelsia (21) look much older than their stated years. I also think they look alike too, but it's proabably the ugly nose. I am imagining that this season's Big Brother will be on the shallow side, but it should be just the break I need from classwork!