The Pittsburgh Zoo
My boyfriend and i went to the Zoo on July 7, 2007.  Unfortunately, it was a very hot day so the animals weren’t very active.  Also, the polar bears were not diving into the pool so we couldn’t experience the underwater "Polar Bear Experience" that the Zoo has been promoting all summer.
Tiger sleeping in the heat
Another tiger plays in the water
Tiger playing
This tiger is pretty energetic for the heat of the day
Close up
Close up of alligator
Rhino dung
Rhino in hiding
Close up of the male lion.  He looks hot!
The two lions trying to keep cool in the shade.
I love lions!
Death and destruction sign.
More lions.
Leopard looking at me.
The Zoo is really selling the Polar Bear Experience.
Zebra butt and ostrich.
Ostriches by some rhino dung.
Sign about the ostriches
Ostrich and elephant in background.
The zebras are smart and keeping in the shade.
The two zebras.
Ostrich lying down in the heat of the day.
Close up of the zebras.  I like this picture.
The two zebras.
Sign about the web of life.
Ostriches lying down.
Elephant herd.
The elephants were also all in a small patch of shade.
Four elephants in the herd.
Close up of the elephant.
Another nice picture of the elephants.
Sign about the elephant’s truck.
You can see how the elephants are crowded in the shade.
Baby elephant between the adults.
Close up of the baby.
Sign about female elephants.
Grizzly bear.
Grizzly eating a fish.
One of the black bears sleeping in the shade.
The other bear was desperately trying to get into his cave.
Black Bear close up.
This poor guy was unhappy with the heat.
Close up of the black bear.
Poor bear in the heat.
PPG Aquarium
There weren’t alot of signs by the fish, so all I know if this is a fish.
Looks like a piranha to me, but he might not be--no sign.
An eel like creature.
Another big fish.
A bunch of smaller fish.
Penguins--Pittsburgh Penguins! :-)
Close of a penguin.
Emperor penguin.
Another penguin close up.
Jelly fish.  I thought this looked really neat.
Close up of the jelly fish.
A cute blue fish.
Star fish.
Interesting fish.
Black spiny thing in the background.
The fish have some really nice colors.
Pretty blue fish.
Cue “Jaws” soundtrack.
Polar bear statue in front of the polar bear experience.
Polar bear who doesn’t want to swim.
Sign for polar bear.
Another sign.
Close up of the poor, hot bear.
Two bears--no water swimming.
Is he going to go into the water?  Nope.
The sea lions are in the water.
Sea lion.
The sea lions were very active.
Trapping bubbles.
They always trap the bubbles according to the zoo keeper.
Sea lion swimming away.
Beaver dam.
Close up of the beaver.
The kangaroos were in the shade too.
Camel with his back to us.
The tigers are up.
Settling down for another nap.
Pretty tiger.
The other tiger looking for a shady spot.
The Pittsburgh Zoo