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  Big Brother 23  

Friday, July 30, 2021 -- Evening

What's Happening
I have been having so much trouble getting interested in this year's Big Brother. I'm not sure what it is, but the cast as a whole just isn't really connecting with me. I find myself not caring one way or another what happens. I will try to get more engaged next week, but this week just wasn't in the cards.

As for the show, Brent was really stupid and couldn't see the writing on that wall that he was being targeted. That is rather stupid of him because so far, only the guys have been voted out, in particular white males. So He should have seen the writing on the wall. Christian won the HOH yesterday, and he's probably going to be targeting a female. Clare got safety with today's wildcard competition, so that leaves Whitney, who it appears is the target, with maybe Hannah or Britini beside her.

Friday, July 23, 2021 -- Morning

No time to watch BB, so just a quick update. Everyone, except for Big D, voted Frenchie out. Xavier won the HOH.

Britini in POV

Thursday, July 22, 2021 -- Afternoon

POV Competition Recap
As usual, I'm behind. I'm not feeling as enthused about this season as I was hoping I would be. Maybe I just have Big Brother ennui. Let's see if things pick up for me because this is the first time I've felt so bah about Big Brother so early in the season.

Onto the recap. Of course the action starts after the nomination ceremony. Every one was glad that Frenchie was on the block. Meanwhile Britini is crying up a storm. Boy, I really don't like that girl. It was really annoying. Frenchie tried to explain that he was the one going home. Big D said that Kyland should have given him a heads up, but he didn't. Meanwhile, Azha and Britini are crying. Frenchie says that one of them have to go home, and it better be him. Alyssa is glad that the target is on the Jokers backs and not the Kings.

Kyland using his body to capture water Frenchie goes to Kyland and tells Kyland that he loves him to death and they are good. After all it is a game. Kyland talks to Britini about how everyone except for Britini was against Frenchie. Britini realizes that Kyland can't be trusted because he won't use the veto on her if he wins it. Britini was correct with saying she shouldn't throw a team member under the bus. That is admirable.

Britini tells Frenchie that everyone put his name up. Frenchie thought he was running the show, but he wasn't, obviously. Frenchie then goes up and outs everyone except Big D and Xavier. He then goes around and telling everyone who wasn't in the alliance. Tiffany and Clare go to tell Kyland.

We have a segment with wasting toilet paper by wrapping Alyssa in it. Dumb!

Time to be for the veto comp. Kyland picks Alyssa. Frenchie picks Claire, and Britini picks Derek X.

POV results The competition is an individual one. There are large suntan bottles. They squirt out suntan lotion in predetermined amounts. The goal is to figure out the patten, and which bottle squirts the most. There is one that does. They have to put in a tube to bring a key to the top. The one who does it fastest wins. I really don't like Britini. She is just annoying. It's her voice and everything she says. She does figure out the pattern. Kyland doesn't get the pattern, but it doesn't matter. Derek X seems to not get the pattern right away. Claire seems really confused. Alyssa also can't figure it out. Frenchie can get his balance. He seems really lost, and he's not getting the bucket in the right place. He does figure out which bottle is spitting out the most water.w

Time for the results. Clair's time 5:33, Kyland 4:54, Britini, 5:08 Derek X 4:41, Alyssa 6:57, and Frenchie, 5:06. So Derek X won the veto. Frenchie is devastated that he lost because it was his last hope of staying in the game. Azah wants Frenchie to live his dream, and he doesn't want Frenchie to give up. Big D even tells Frenchie to not roll over and take it. There is more game to play, but Big D says he can figure out a way to keep both. Frenchie goes to talk to Kyland and Derek X, but he can't convince them to give him a chance. Derek X does not use the veto.

Monday, July 19, 2021 -- Evening

Quick Catchup
I don't have time to watch last night's show, but a quick recap is that Frenchie and Britini were nominated. Britini had a meltdown. And then Derek X won his second POV. It's pretty sure that Frenchie will be going home this week. Up one week and at the bottom the next.

Travis gives Kyland a lap dance

Friday, July 16, 2021 -- Afternoon

First Eviction
Julie gave us a recap of Frenchie's decision making. The show really started with content after the POV. Kyland is happy to be off the block, but is sad Travis is a member of his team. Christian and Xavier assure Alyssa that she won't go home.

Then we have a segment about using french instead of the f-word.

Travis takes off his shirt to get votes Frenchie talks with Xavier and Whitney about creating an alliance called the slaughter house. They say that they will need more people. Frenchie adds Kyland and Christian, along with Big D. Frenchie is looking at the numbers, and he wants them to keep him safe. Frenchie admits in the DR that he doesn't try any of them. Then he added Alyssa and Brent. That's a lot of people. Big D and Xavier are not sure about the alliance, but they'll see how it goes. Then Frenchie wants an all-girl alliance. The girls seem to think they should have a girls alliance, but without Frenchie. However, they are doing in it fron of Frenchie. The guy is making too many alliances.

Then they have a birthday party for Kyland. They talk Travis into giving Kyland a lap dance.
HOH comp
The Queen team members talk about keeping Travis since he's a team member. They tell Travis to offer Frenchie a shield. They understand that Frenchie is worried about going up next week.

Time for the speeches. Alyssa talks to her family and pimps her website. Then she talks to the houseguests. Blah. Travis takes off his shirt. Travis was funny, but unfortunately, he's going home.
Kyland is HOH Travis is the first person evicted from the BB house this season by a vote of 11-2. Travis gives everyone a big hug. Travis said he had the white guy with abs going against him. Julie mentioned that we didn't see it but Travis tried to through Frenchie under the bus. Then they had good-bye messages for Travis.

The HOH competition is an individual game. Each person has to claim a shooting spot. The highest and most difficult shot is number 30 and easiest is number 1. They will use a computer automation to pick the number. If the number you pick is already taken, you have to keep picking until you get a number. The one making the shot from the spot with the highest difficulty wins. Of course, there are technial issues on the number selection, and we have to go to commercial break. They start with Alyssa who took spot 15, and she made it. Brent made it from 16. Then folks weren't making it. Kyland was at slot 24, and he made it. Then no one else made it. So the Queens are safe this week. In this week's wild card, the winner has to switch teams. Probably getting someone into the Queens.

Frenchie talking to Brent and Derek X

Thursday, July 15, 2021 -- Morning

Per usual, the show started right after the nomination ceremony. Frenchie wants to be the showmance killer. Kyland felt hurt because he thought he had something good with Frenchie. Kyland is heartbroken at being the first person to go home. Big D says that Frenchie nneds to keep him updated. Alyssa is really stupid, and can't figure anything out. Alyssa is really clueless. Kyland goes and cries to Big D. Frenchie tells Christian and Alyssa that they are a showmance. Of course, they both deny it. So now, Frenchie has be to confused, but it's really hard to pick someone the first week because you really don't know the person. Frenchie admits that he made a mistake and has to figure out his new target.

Sarah Jane talks about being gay, and says she is really bi so she could date a guy and make her religious family happy.
Alyssa in the veto comp

Meanwhile Frenchie listens to Derek X is acting really suspicious. Frenchie tries to call out Derek X, and Derek said he is only talking with Travis. Frenchie tells Derek that throwing his name around is dangerous when Frenchie is HOH. Frenchie tells Brent to keep away from Derek X, and Brent warns Derek X.

We then have a segment on how important being black is in the game and how they need to form a black alliance. They call it the Cookout alliance.

Brent and Xavier form a final two, and Brent wants to put Travis in Frenchie's crosshairs.

Time to pick. Frenchie picks Tiffany. Kyland picks Travis as his houseguest's choice. Alyssa picks Derek X. Frenchie is upset because it's the worse possible scenario.

Veto comp Big D is the host for the comopetition. They have to roll a cherry down a maze they create, and the cherry must hit certain items, so the competitor has to set up the maze properly. Kyland is testing the cocktail. Derek realizes that hs should start at the bottom because everyone else is starting at the top. He realizes that he can get the bottom, then copy the top from the others. Very smart! Travis it appears is stupid. Derek realizes that he just needs to position the straw. Derek won. Alyssa feels she was so close, and it sucks. Kyland is unhappy that he couldn't save himself. Travis thinks it's the worse possible outcome.

Travis figures he is totally safe because Frenchie gave his word. Frenchie wants the veto to be used or else his week has been a disaster.

Frenchie keeps on saying at the end of the day, and that is annoying. Frenchie tells Derek that he would like the veto used on Kyland. Frenchie lies and says that folks have told him that they want Travis out. And he says that if they can't get Travis, they will go for Derek X. Derek X really doesn't trust Frenchie because Frenchie has made too many promises that he hasn't kept.

Alyssa promises that she will keep Derek X safe. Alyssa says that she would leave if she's next to Kyland. Of course, Derek X uses the veto on Kyland, and Frenchie puts Travis up in his place.

Have Not Room

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 -- Morning

I guess you can tell you have a lack of interest in Big Brother when you forget it was on Sunday night, and you don't realize you missed it until you see the show pop up on the DVR. I wouldn't say that is a comment on this year's cast because I really don't know them. Maybe it is just an indictment of the horribly boring recent seasons.

Anyway, on with the show! Frenchie is so happy, and he talks in the DR like he was a real country bumpkin. That is sort of annoying. Sarah Beth is telling everyone she is a voice actress instead of a forensic scientist. Well, she does have a high-pitched baby sounding voice. Derek Frasier says he will go by Big D since there are two Dereks in the house. Xavier likes Alyssa. Frenchie calls Travis, Brent, Christian, and Xavier meatheads. They are basically men who think a lot of themselves. After the meet and greet session, we have the intro of the have-not room.
Wildcard Competition

Frenchie talks to Big D, and they have a talk about being final two. Big D says he loves Frenchie. Frenchie tells Azah that he is not going to put up any women. Frenchie is trying to set him up long term by telling people they will be safe and then keeping his promise. I don't think he is going to be able to keep his promise though. Frenchie is looking at Brent as a target because Brent didn't talk to him. Brent gets to Frenchie by telling how Brent's father's committed suicide. Brent says he's not the jock or the tool.
Next, we have the Wildcard Competition. The Jokers can't compete. Each of the teams get to send one person into the competition. That person is safe, but he can't save the whole team. The person who plays for the team can't compete again unti everyone else in the team has competed. Claire doesn't want to do it because she doesn't want to win the competition. Kyland wants to compete, but he's concerned about next week. Meanwhile, the two stupid girls in the Kings team say that Frenchie guaranteed them safety. So Christian may want to compete. The Aces decide to leave it up to fate and have a random draw. The Queens send Kyland. Kings send Christian, and Aces go with the random draw, which is Hannah.
Christian in the Wildcard Comp
The competition is to search through a trashed room to find keys, wallet, and cell phone. They have five minutes, and they look points and time when they make noises. And they get penalty points for every minute that they run over five minutes. There are cans in front of the door, so entering the room makes a noise. Kyland is first, and he seems to make a lot of noice. Christian tries to go quickly. He knew the second door had cans in front of it. Hannah seems to be making a lot of noise at the beginning. Hannah went backwards, starting with the keys in the last room. Hannah had a noise score of 114, with a time of 6:14, and had a total of 414. Christian had a noise score of 125 and time that was just over 3 minutes. So he had a score if 125. We knew Christian won because Kyland had a noise score of136. So he was out. Christian gets to spin a wheel to save one, two, or all of the team. Christian spins a one, and since he knows the girls are safe, he chooses Xavier.

Frenchie is really upset now because Christian is off the table, and it messes up his plans. Travis thinks that Frenchie looks lost, and he's just wandering around. Tiffany says that every time she turns a corner, Frenchie is there. Frenchie mets with a group to see if anyone has approached them with an alliance. It's a really awkward scene. Alyssa says no, and then says everyone is looking at her. Frenchie thinks something is going on with Christian and Alyssa, so Frenchie is going to go for Alyssa.

Time for the nominations. Frenchie chooses Kyland and Alyssa. Frenchie tells Kyland that he wanted someone he trusted to play with him. Frenchie said he had a dream, and if you can't get the big fish, you go for the bait. Alyssa thinks that means she is the big fish, because she's too dumb to realize she is the bait. Christian realizes that he is the big fish.

Xavier in the first competition

Thursday, July 8, 2021 -- Morning

A New Big Brother
I'm not sure how I was going to feel about Big Brother this year. CBS was talking about diversity. My first thought, at the time of the announcement, was that they would do everything in their power to make sure that the diverse players made it to the end and won. Just because it would be problematic if that wasn't the case. However, I' willing to give the show a shot because I do like the game.

I'm watching last night's show, and it was 90 minutes long. Joe Frazier's son is on the show, Derek. I thought he was a bit on the chunky side. And he does seem nice. Frenchie seems like the token Cowboy, but he says he's smart and a former military person. He's not just a dumb farmer. Xavier and Travis are the cute athletic types. Xavier was hoping to be a pro basketball player. Xavier said that bad thing about not wanting a showmance. So that means he's going to have one. I think of these four, I like Xavier. Maybe Frenchie second. The Four guys have to go directly into the backyard for a competition.
HOH team competition
The winner will be able to go up for HOH later. The game is a puzzle game, to make their poster look like the one behind it. Frenchie won the first competition.

Next up are four girls. Azah has an interesting family, and lots of them. She said no showmance, so I expect to see her and Xavier hook up. Britini is next, and she really sort of annoys me. She wants to be a teacher, and I don't think much of the teaching or librarian professions. They tend to attract the people who are not that bright. Alyssa seems like the pretty girl, and she says the social game is her best. Finally, we have Whitney, another pretty girl. So of this bunch, Azah is my favorite. The four enter the house, and compete. As I would expect, Britini thought her puzzle was right, and it wasn't. The girls don't seem very bright, and finally Whitney wins.

Kyland seems interesting; as he says he's a mix of both his black and Mexican background. Christian wants a showmance. Derek X says that he was the only asian guy in his school, and he tends to be nerdy. His family didn't want him on the show, but Derek X said he wants to win. Christian won his round.
HOH competition
The final bunch of females enters the house. Claire is a programmer in artificial intelligence. It will be interesting to see how she does. Claire says she's bisexual, so she is going to try to use that to her advantage in flirting with everyone. Tiffany is a phlebotomist (blood collector). Surprisingly, Tiffany is 40, and has been a fan of BB for 10 years. I didn't think she was that old. The others are watching and cheering them on. Claire won the competition.

Frenchie, Whitney, Christian, and Claire will now be team captains, because everyone is going to compete in teams. The captains have to chose based on a slot machine type deal. Each captain will see two options, they will learn abit around the two people, and must choose one. Frenchie will lead the Jokers. Each team must have two men and two women. Frenchie chooses Azha. Whitney will lead the Aces. Whitney chooses Brent because Travis said he was a beach bum. Chrisitan will lead the Kings. He has to pick between Alyssa and Tiffany. He chooses Alyssa. Claire is captain of the Queens. She gets to choose between Kyland and Xavier. She chooses Kyland. Frenchie chooses Britini, who really annoys me. Whitney chooses Derek X. Christian chooses Xavier. Claire chooses Tiffany. Final picks: Frenchie picks Derek F; Whitney picks Hannah; Christian gets Sarah, and Travis joins the Queens.
Frenchie got both dice on the table
The teams compete to get HOH. The team that wins is safe for the week, and the captain is HOH. The competition is to build a house of cards. There is a giant card that can knock the cards down, so the goal is to build the house and have the captain ring the buzzer before the house is standing. The team in last place will be the Have Nots. The Jokers finish first, so Frenchie is HOH. The Queens are in second place. Christian seems like a loser, and was knocking down the house. Aces were in third place so the Kings are have nots.

The winner of BB will get $750,000 this year. Frenchie gets a double or nothing offer. Frenchie is offered to keep the team safe for two weeks if he can get two giant dice on the table. If he takes the offer and fails, he is no longer HOH, and his team is no longer safe. Claire would then be HOH. Frenchie turned down the offer, but then Julie had Frenchie try just for fun. And he made it, and would have won safety for two weeks. And so the show ends. Not too bad!