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The teams for the second season of Endurance are:

Christa and Scooter
Eliminated in 7th episode

Jenna and Max

Keetin and Mike
Eliminated in final episode

Maryelle and Wayne
Eliminated in 3rd episode
Michelle and Tyler
Eliminated in 12th episode

Annie and Jeff
Eliminated in 11th episode

Jacquelynn and Phil
Eliminated in 5th episode

Calley and Shep
Eliminated in 9th episode

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 -- Evening

I was catching up on my recorded shows from this weekend, and watched the second season of Endurance. The first episode is called Drop-Out. They don't mention where the show takes place, but it is supposed to be in a different country. I am thinking that it is Mexico. We are introduced to some of the kids as they make the trip to the camp on donkeys (which is why I believe that it's in Mexico). Alot of the kids seem to have some problems with staying on the donkeys. Michelle had some serious problems with her donkey and it kept on butting her off and she kept on falling to the ground. Trey and Wayne were two of the guys who were also having problems with their rides. They finally reach the camp and meet JD Roth. As JD said that it was going to be rough because no one had to wrangle a donkey on Endurance 1, once of the donkeys brayed in reply which got a laugh from everyone. The camp is again on a beach. There will be no running water or electricity. There are the 12 pyramid pieces from the last game, Courage, Trust, Commitment, Discipline, Luck, Strength, Perseverance, Heart, Knowledge, Leadership, Ingenuity, and Teamwork. There are still two competitions: Endurance and Temple missions. The Temple of Fate is out in the water in the Sea of Cortez. JD comments on lots of twists to come. Of course, the first is that six kids would be going back that day. Scooter brought along a stuffed bear and brings it out to introduce to everyone. The girls seem to like Trey, but the guys really don't like him, especially Scooter. The elimination, each person stands on a plank with a bar over their head. If they lower the bar too much, the plank drops out from beneath them, and they have to hold on to the bar with their arms. The first three to let go are out. The guys go first. David was the first guy out. The plank and his arms gave way at the same time. Scooter had the plank drop, but he held on. Glen was the second to go because he bent his body funny and everything fell away for him, and then Trey went shortly after him. Scooter had held on just by his arms for around three minutes, which was really impressive. The girls were next. After two minutes, Sarah's plank came out from under her. Unfortunately, her fingers were slipping after holding on for a few minutes and she was the first out. Simone and Abbey both fell at the same time and ended the game. You had to admire Sarah though because she hung by her arms for awhile. We then had fourteen individuals to make up the teams. One of those there climbed 14,000 feet on Mt. Shasta twice, one never flew in a plane before, and another girl played tackle football. So JD tells them to select their partners well.

The second episode is called Wash-Out and the highlight is the partner selection. What the players don't know is that two players will be returning from the first season to compete with them. It seems that all the guys want Jacquelynn. It's pretty obvious that the reason is because she is so attractive. JD tells them that they should pick who they want as a partner and the color that they want to be as the hint of what they should do. Everyone tried to discuss it, but everyone wanted a small group of people. Mike is the only guy who questions why all the guys want Jacquelynn. The girls all think that Jacquelynn is very flirty with all the guys. Alot of the girls were mad because none of the guys seemed to want them, and you don't want tension like that if you are the girl the guys want. The competition for the partners starts. Color balls will drop from tubes on a metal frame. The girl and guy who catch the same color ball will be on the same team. The girls were on one side, and the guys on another, and a canvas wall was pulled between them. There's water behind each ball to make the job more difficult. The girls go first. Blue is the first ball out, and Christa got it, Scooter caught the ball for the guys. Michelle grabbed the Orange ball and Tyler got it too. Green was next and was caught by Keetin and Mike. Purple was next and was caught by Annie and Jeff. Red was next, and was caught by Jacqelynn and Phil. Grey was next and was caught by Maryelle and Wayne. That left Yellow for Calley and Shep. The curtain is removed and the Grey team is announced first. Then Red, Purple, Green, Yellow (Calley was very excited at getting cute Shep), Orange and Blue. Only Red, Purple and Green seemed really happy with their partners. Each team was also given a pyramid piece. Red got Discipline. Blue got Trust. Orange got Knowledge. Purple got Leadership. Yellow got Commitment. Grey got Heart, and Green got Teamwork. Four pyramid pieces are left: Luck, Strength, Courage and Ingenuity. But there is an extra piece, Perseverance. Now for the big surprise. JD picks up a basket and announces that the original Endurance players had a reunion, and got to vote for someone from the first season who deserved a second chance. The team who is brought back is the Brown team, and it's Max and Jenna. Everyone applauded, but you know that it is going to cause problems at some point. Max said this time they will change their strategy. The prize this season gets to go to Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and will get to swim with dolphins. It sounds like a great trip. Calley was glad they came back, but Christa and Scooter weren't too happy about it.

Sunday, July 17, 2005 -- Afternoon

Today there were two more episodes from thesecond season of Endurance. First up was Tower of Power. The first thing discussed is the entry of the Brown team. You can see that the kids are divided on how they feel about the Brown team. Some like them, some don't. Meanwhile everyone is plotting alliances. Scooter and Christa of the Blue team have split their alliances. Annie admits that alot of the girls don't like her. We now get to the first competition. They are told before the elimination that one more team will be going home that evening, and this is a Temple mission. The teams have to race across a bit of water and deep sand collecting boxes and making a tower which they have to get across the finish line. If they drop any boxes, they have to stop and restack. The race begins. Each person grabs a box and jumps into the little bay of water. Jeanna was in the lead, and poor Michelle was in at the end because she wasn't a strong swimmer. The team has to wait for their partner. Yellow was first, Brown second. Red, Blue and Grey made it at the same time. Purple and Orange were lagging behind. Yellow was in the lead, and were down to the final two when they dropped their stack. Brown passed them, and then Green passed them easily. The stacks were high, so it was difficult to keep the stack stable and run with it to the finish line. Green got it to the finish line and lost their stack, but all they had to do was restack and they won. Mike and Keetin do have to select two teams to send to the Temple. Jenna thought that Brown was doing good, but that the hot sand got to them. It seems that Yellow had taken off their shoes also, and the sand was really hurting their feet. Tyler says that he would vote himself off because he was really homesick. Because he isn't trying and Michelle is--but isn't the strongest--they are one of the weakest teams. Michelle thinks that Mike is really tight with her, but she doesn't realize that he really doesn't like Tyler. Green team now has to choose two teams to send to the Temple. The team eliminated at the Temple can give their pieces to anyone they want. So the team that leaves can still influence the game. Mike says that the two teams are Orange and Grey. Keetin has her face covered as the announcement is made. Michelle of the Orange team looks hurt because she thought Mike was her friend. Michelle admits to being blown away because she thought that Mike was her bro. The reason for sending Orange was because Tyler kept on saying that he wanted to go home. Wayne couldn't understand why he was being sent, and Tyler tried to say because Grey was competition. The fact was that Grey was weak. Grey and Orange go to the Temple with Wayne threatening revenge on the Grey team. Grey and Orange arrive at the Temple in the Sea of Cortez. The elimination game is the same as in the first year. You have to choose the dominate element between water, fire and wood. The teammates have to write down their choice of element on a rock. In the first game, Orange picks water and Grey picks fire. Orange wins. In the second game, Orange picks wood and Grey picks fire. Grey team wins, so it is now tied. The next game determines who goes back to the beach. Orange picks water and Grey picks fire. Orange wins. Orange goes back to the beach and everyone seems glad to see them.

In the next episode titled Fireball, JD asks Max and Jenna if they thought Grey team would be the first to go, and Max said yes. Grey is jinxed. Grey team left a note, and JD gave it to Keetin to read. First there was an apology to Green and Yellow team. Purple got the Grey pyramid piece and said "send Tyler home". Grey mentions an alliance and then JD asks about it. Brown said that Grey promised them their appearance. Purple denies an alliance, but admits that Purple, Grey and Orange were supposed to help each other. Max says, yep, an alliance. Tyler was shocked that the note said to send Tyler home. Michelle doesn't understand Tyler because she came to play. Tyler says that Michelle ticks him off and reminds him of a six year old, and then he says that Michelle asks the stupidest questions. Meanwhile we find out that Phil really likes Jacquelynn. It seems that something is going on between them. Annie admits that Purple is afraid that they may be seen as a target because they have two pyramid pieces. Purple is afraid that they will get the Samadhi. This episode has the first Endurance mission. The winner gets the Luck pyramid piece and gets to give away the Samadhi. The game, one teammate is on the beach with a huge slingshot. The other person goes on a raft in the water. The person on the raft has to catch the ball as it is slung to them, then the team can kick out anyone they want. Blue (Christa) and Green (Keetin) caught a ball. Blue took out Brown. Green took out Orange. Another ball goes out. Blue catches it. They remove Yellow. Christa didn't want to, but Scooter was adamant. Another ball is slung. Purple (Annie) catches it. They take out Blue. Another ball that no one catches. Then another caught by Green. They take out Red. It is now down to Purple and Green. Whoever catches wins the game. It takes a few balls before Annie catches it. Purple wins and get the pyramid piece and Samadhi. They now have three pyramid pieces and everyone else has one. Michelle thought that she should have been catching the ball, but Tyler wouldn't take her input. Tyler said that Michelle said she could play softball, but she also claimed to be really good at swimming, and she was a poor swimmer. Everyone said that luck was a big part of the game. Calley admits that she didn't think that Purple was strong, but now she has to admit it. Annie wants to give it to Red, but Jeff doesn't. Michelle thinks that she is pretty tight with Annie so she thinks that Orange won't get it. Everyone is in an uproar because they are wondering who will get the Samadhi. Annie thinks that Brown should get it because it's not their Endurance. They has their chance the previous year. Annie and Jeff approached Shep because they say that Calley said that if anyone goes after Brown, Calley and Yellow would go after them. So now Shep is supposed to get Calley in line. Shep says that he would give the Samadhi to Red, and Annie asks what if Red comes back for revenge. At that point, Shep says that he has Purple's back. Everyone goes to the cove where they will meet after Endurance missions. Green would understood if they got the Samadhi since they have been competitive. JD asks Brown if they feel like an outsider. Max says yes, but Jenna says no. JD asks Jacquelynn if there is any romance on the beach, and she says none that she is aware of, to which Tyler says "red is the color of love, isn't it?" JD asks if Tyler and Michelle are closer, and Michelle says no because Tyler won't talk to her. Tyler says that it is because they are different people. JD says that having different opinions doesn't mean that the other isn't valid. JD says they have to work together. Annie says both Tyler and Michelle are really stubborn and really don't like each other. Jeff thinks Red and Yellow are the strongest. So who does Purple give the Samadhi? They give it to Orange. Inside the Samadhi is a ball. That means Orange will have an extra ball to control in the Temple mission. Michelle doesn't understand why Orange is being picked on. Tyler just wants to go home. Michelle says that she will stand up for herself and not let Tyler bring her down--and so the show ends.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 -- Evening

I am catching up on some of my shows on the DVR. First up was the second season of Endurance. The fifth episode is titled Rollerball. It started with a recap of the last show. Annie could notice nervousness amongst the others. Michelle wants to win even though they have an extra ball. The game: each of the teammates have to take an end of a board and roll the ball from one end to the other which has a basket on the very end. If the ball falls, they have to start all over. Everyone has to get two into the basket except for Orange who have to get an extra ball. Brown got the first ball into the basket, followed by Green. Yellow got a second one also. Green got their second ball in first, with Brown hot on their heels. As Tyler of Orange said, the hardest part was working together. Michelle and Tyler don't work well together. Keetin feels safer, but thinks that it stinks to get another enemy. Mike asks who would really hate him if they were sent to the Temple and came back. Everyone said they would. Jeff is pretty sure that Orange will be going to the Temple, but isn't sure who else might go. Annie said that Mike told her that Keetin wants to send Purple. The reason was because Annie didn't talk to Keetin. Jeff told Annie to be nice to Keetin because they don't want the girls to get rid of Purple because of Annie. It seems that Annie is a guy's girl and is hanging out with all the guys. Calley is really big on sending Purple because she doesn't like Annie. There is some controversy over Annie liking Mike. Calley tells Keetin that Annie said she doesn't like Mike. Calley tells Mike that everone is saying that they should send Purple, but Mike doesn't want to feel the wrath of Annie. Orange was definite, but it's not sure yet who the second team will be. Calley admits that she would like Purple to leave because Annie doesn't like Calley. Who does Green pick? Orange and Red. Keetin took a long time before she got out the Red. Jacquelynn was totally shocked and started crying in her confessional. Phil thought he had a bond with Green, and couldn't believe that he was sent. Annie tells Jacquelynn that's part of the game--you just come back and get revenge. Keetin says that people are scared of the strength of red. Meanwhile Annie admits that she was scared out of her mind, and she was relieved. Annie kept on saying that Keetin kept on staring at her all during the ceremony. At the beach, Phil promised Jacquelynn that they will be coming back. Jacquelynn just can't get over the fact that she was sent because she was such friends with the Green team. In confessional, Jacquelynn says they better hope Red doesn't come back for sweet revenge. Tyler doesn't want to come back. He wants to go home, and he doesn't care what Michelle wants. Phil says that he was friends with Green two hours ago, and now they are complete enemies. In the first game at the Temple, Orange picks water and Red picks fire. Orange wins. In the second game, Jacquelynn is looking to Phil for an answer that he can't provide on whether Orange thinks they will pick fire again. Orange picks fire and Red picks wood. Orange team wins and goes back to the beach. Jacquelynn starts crying alot because she doesn't want to go home. Orange is still in the game and heads back to the beach. I noticed at the campfire scene that Scooter was sitting there hugging his stuffed teddy bear. Very touching because you have to realize these are kids.

The sixth episode was Tide Pull. The show starts with the kids grouping around JD Roth to get Red team's piece and read their note. Mike reads the note. The note starts; Dear Everyone except Mike and Keetin. They said that Annie was the nicest and Shep was very helpful. Red leaves their piece to the Blue team. They now have the Discipline piece. Red comments that they think Blue will win. They end their note a PS. It says that "now everyone knows Green's true colors and we hope Keetin gets bitten by a chicken". Keetin cackles at that one. In today's mission, you can take out any team you want. You can join together with anyone else to eliminate another team. Keetin isn't the brightest and didn't get the comment about "true colors" and Calley and Jenna had to explain that Red felt betrayed by Green. Meanwhile everyone is getting nervous with Blue. Brown, Green and Purple feel that Blue is taking up Red's revenge and is going to target them. Shep tells Max to keep his head together and not make a stupid mistake. Blue says that he is going to take them all out. Fateful words because no single team should think they can take out several teams. Let's see if it works for Scooter. The game is at the beach. A canoe for each team is connected to a pole on the beach. JD asks Michelle how the game is going to change, and Michelle says she's going to win. Scooter was feeling confident in his ability to perform. The piece that they will be competing for is the Strength team. One teammember goes into the boat. That person gets to row out for 30 seconds, then anyone can pull in any boat. Everyone can pick on one or separate boats. The boat that crosses the line is out. Last boat out wins. They started paddling, and Calley was getting in everyone's way. Everyone ran to Blue and pulled them in. Blue and Orange went to pull Yellow in. Yellow was first out because Calley sucked at this game. Then Blue was out. Everyone then went after Orange. Brown and Purple pulled in Green. It was down to Purple and Brown. Max pulled in Purple so Brown won the mission. They got the Strength piece and got the power of the Samadhi. Brown went for Yellow first and then Brown. Scooter says everyone going for Blue says to him that Blue is superior. Jenna is thankful that they made it this far. Jenna says that it's going to be hard to make a decision because they have alliances with everyone on the beach. Annie says that if she goes out, she won't give her pieces to Yellow because she hates Calley and doesn't want her to win even though she likes Shep. Calley wants Purple and Blue gone. She tries to get Shep to agree with her, but he won't commit because he doesn't know anything. Considering that they don't have the power, there is nothing to decide. Max goes to Scooter and says that if he doesn't give the Samadhi to Scooter will Scooter not send Brown to Temple. Everyone is angry at the fact that Brown is making deals with everyone and not giving it to Blue. Max goes back to Scooter to change the deal and say that if they make a deal, that would include Yellow and Green. Max, Scooter and Christa shake on the deal. Scooter has been holding his teddy bear the entire time while the deal is made. The whole group meets up at the rock for the day's analysis. JD commented on how everyone went for the Blue team. Scooter says that he thinks Max will go for him too, but it's okay. JD asks if Purple and Brown were working together and if Purple feels safe. Shep from Yellow admits to Yellow, Green and Brown working together. JD comments that Calley looked really sad on the walk up. At that point, Calley tries to answer but begins crying. She says the reason is people. JD asked if she wanted to talk about it. Calley said that some people on the beach have low self esteem and need to pick on other people. She said that person knows who they are. JD tells them that they need to be supportive and needs to work with each other. JD said that person should approach Calley and talk to her--and he said that Shep seemed like a good partner and very supportive. Now it's on to the Samadhi. Who will Brown give it to? Max said that they like everyone on the beach, and they feel sorry for Orange so they are changing it up and giving it to Blue. Meanwhile Scooter was holding out his hand the entire time waiting for it. JD said that he can promise that they have something that will make it difficult for them to win the game. Scooter opens the Samadhi. Blue team has a 10 second delay before they can start tomorrow's game. Christa said that the Samadhi will impact their chances greatly, especially considering that they haven't won anything yet. Scooter just thinks 10 seconds will delay them from winning. Scooter added that someone is going to have to go home, and he wants to send them home. And so the show ends.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005 -- Afternoon

I have been catching up on recorded shows, and watched the seventh episode of the second season of Endurance. This episode was titled Halftime which gave highlights of the first six episodes. Basically the show was a recap of tidbits from the first six episodes without any new material added. The eighth episode was called On The Ropes. This episode recapped what happened in the sixth episode which ended with Blue getting the Samadhi. The mission today is a Temple mission which will send two teams to the Temple. Tyler comments that the Blue team needs to win because everyone is out to get him. No one trusts Scooter, and Max is sure that he will go up if Blue wins. Scooter says that ten seconds is not that much and Blue will win and send Yellow and Brown to the Temple. The competition today? One player from each team takes a team colored rope and string it through the poles. There are basically around six poles that have to be done. The player threading the rope will be blindfolded while the other stays at the start point screaming commands. Blue team has a ten second delay. Brown team had a big lead. Scooter was running and making a fast move through the poles. It came down to Scooter and Max battling for the lead. They both got to the second to the last one at the same time and shoved around abit. Max went past the final pole. Then he came back and fell into the pole and won the game. Scooter was very close to it, and almost had it. JD Roth commented that he saw Jenna hugging the Green and Yellow team and asked if they were safe to which Jenna replied, we'll have to see later. Shep said that the game was a strategy game. Actually it was more than that. Jeff said that everyone was screaming and it was hard to hear your partner. Michelle liked how Tyler listened to her--meanwhile he said he couldn't hear her after the first pole. Max said the hardest part was the second to last pole because Scooter was fighting for it. Christa had a sinking feeling after Max got through faster than Scooter. Scooter was 99% sure that he would go to the Temple, but his goal was to win at the Temple. Keetin and Calley said that they wanted to send Purple and Blue. Meanwhile Annie is telling all the boys that Jenna is the leader and all the girls just follow her like lapdogs. Jeff thinks that Annie could ruin the game for him because of how the girls who feel about Annie. Jenna said that Purple was going to send Yellow and Brown. Max said that it was Yellow and Blue--but Jenna insists that's not the case. Max won't let Purple go though. The question is, who will go up to Temple? JD mets with the teams to find out who goes to Temple. The shocker though--Brown sends up the Blue and Purple teams. Callie is extremely happy. But little does she know that the team that comes back will have a vengence. Annie said that it was total backstabbing. Christa agrees that Max totally used Purple. Callie says though that they didn't want to be in an alliance with Purple. Annie says that she just can't stand Callie. The girls want Christa to come back, but the guys want Annie to come back. Annie says that she just thinks that Callie is immature and that Annie does not have low self esteem. Calley confronts Annie and Annie says that she doesn't like her immaturity. Calley goes off crying and Annie said that maybe she should say that she hates Calley because Calley is on the same beach. Purple and Blue go up, and Scooter refuses to hug Max good-bye. Scooter says that if he comes back, he is going to be after everyone. Annie says that she is going to come back and get Calley. Both teams head to the Temple. In the first game, Blue picks wood and Purple picks water. Blue wins the first game, and Scooter is really excited. In the second game, Blue picks fire and Purple picks water. Purple wins. It's now tied. In the final game, Blue picks fire and Purple picks water. Purple wins and is returning to the beach. Scooter looks very somber. As Scooter leaves, he says "good luck Purple. Finish what we have started" and shakes hands with Jeff. At the beach, the welcome is subdued with the girls, especially Calley, not being happy. The episode ends with Jenna telling Calley "you can't let her get you."

Sunday, August 7, 2005 -- Evening

Two more episodes of the second season of Endurance were on today. The first is Face to Face. It starts with Brown winning the mission and sending Purple and Blue to the Temple with Purple returning to the beach. JD starts the show by bring Blue's two pyramid pieces back to the beach. JD is wearing Blue in their honor, and Max offers to read Blue's note, but JD gave it to Annie. Blue says that Brown had guts giving them the Samadhi and sending them to the Temple. They hope that Green wins, but leave the pyramid pieces to Purple. That gives Purple five pieces. We hear Jeff mutter "we have way too many". Purple has five, Brown has two pyramid pieces and the others just have one each. Calley said that everyone hates the Purple has Blue's pieces. Mike is also upset that Blue wanted Green to win, but didn't give the pieces. Calley and Annie appear to have made up their differences. Annie apologized to Calley, and as they both admit, Calley is the girlie girl while Annie is a tomboy. Purple knows that if they don't win, they will get the Samadhi, and then be sent up to Temple with Orange. It is important that Purple win the game! All the teams meet on the beach. Today's game is set in the water. Up for grabs are the Courage piece and the Samadhi. JD asks what it will take for Yellow to win, and Shep says it's for them not to be kicked off. Shep says they are going to win today. Jeff and Annie both say that they want to win. Tyler claims that the Brown team is running the show, and that right now it is good for Orange because others are being targeted. The game today is for the teammates to stand face to face on a platform in the water. Each player is also attached to a truss. When the game begins, each player is going to be lifted into the air and pulled away from the other teammate. The last team that is holding on will win the game. Jeff tells Annie "this is it, or we go to Temple". Green team let go before they even left the platform. Mike fell over and Keetin just let go. Calley let go fairly quickly too. She is too weak for physical games. Then Michelle's hands were slipping, and Orange was out. Then we hear Jenna saying that her hands were definitely slipping. Then Jenna gave way, and the winners were Purple. Purple now has six pyramid pieces. Mike said that they tripped off the board. Shep then said that Calley couldn't hold on. Tyler thought if they held on longer Orange could have won. Jenna said her hands were ready to fall off, but she should have let that happen because they would have won. Meanwhile Keetin is bitter because Blue gave Purple their two pieces. As she says, they would only have four right now, and we would have three. Jeff admits it makes him look like more of threat. Calley said that every Temple mission she would tell people to send Purple. Jenna tells her, you should have won something and sent them. Annie is ready to break up Yellow, Brown, Green alliance. Shep and Jenna are talking and Shep says that they will have to rely on Green because Brown will probably get the Samadhi, and Jenna adds that Yellow isn't winning. To that Shep replies, "I wonder why" implying the weak link is Calley. Shep then says that he is really getting pretty frustrated at the lack of Calley's athletic ability. Calley says that she is trying her hardest. Max said that he is sure they will get the Samadhi. Max tries to talk Annie into not giving him the Samadhi. Max said to give it to Yellow. Max is saying that if he wins, he won't send Purple up. Annie said that Max promised Scooter, and she doesn't trust him. Max insists he can be trusted, and Annie says, "if we give you the Samadhi, you aren't going to win". The Samadhi ceremony. JD mentions that today is special because they have reached the half way point. They are 10 from 20. Annie and Jeff already have half the pyramid pieces needed to win the game. JD also says one pretty big alliance is still intact. JD says "it's not an alliance, it's a friendship". Max said that it's not an alliance it's a friendship because Yellow hasn't won anything, and if it wasn't for friendship, someone would have already sent Yellow to Temple. Shep looks stern as he says this, and Calley looks pissed. Max says that alliances break, but friendships stay strong. Max said that he won't necessarily not send Green or Yellow to Temple because he may need to send them for strategy reasons. Mike says that it was an embarrassing day for the Green team, and both take responsibility. JD says Brown and Purple are running the beach. Calley and Tyler think that Purple controls the beach. Who will Purple give the Samadhi to? Annie said that it wasn't a hard decision, and they are giving it to the Brown team. Jenna thinks that the reason they got the Samadhi is because Brown is winning stuff and they are strong. JD asks if it might be because they sent Purple to the Temple already. Jenna admits that could be the reason too. In the Samadhi is a tape that is 24 inches long. They will be handicapped by 2 feet, which is close to the height difference between Max and Jenna. Max doesn't think the Samadhi will make much of a difference. Jenna says that she is just going to live in the now. Max says that he will backstab Purple and send them up tomorrow if Brown wins.

The next episode is Cherry Picker, the ninth episode in the series. Mike starts by saying that Yellow isn't pulling its weight. Keetin even admits that Yellow needs to step it up and win something so they can prove that they deserve to be in the alliance. Max says that Purple can't stomp on them and they will win the game. Today's game. Each team has to connect three poles and carry a huge team colored ball and put it into the tower across the sand from them. The winning team is the one that gets three balls into the tower. Brown's tower is 24 inches taller than anyone else's. The game starts. Purple team is the first on the move, followed by everyone except Yellow. Orange got the first ball in, and then Purple. Yellow was the only one with the second ball on its way. They finally got it into the tower. Green got it in shortly after them. Then Purple and Orange. Yellow was the only one on their way with the third ball. Then Purple took off. Purple got theirs in while Yellow lost theirs as it feel away from the tower. Calley whines that they had it. Well, close only counts in horseshoes. Mike said that he was really surprised when Purple just flew past everyone. Meanwhile it was Shep only who was trying to get the ball in while Calley was just standing with her back to the tower. Shep was so furious and disappointed that he wanted to snap his helmet in half. Keetin and Michelle are with Annie, and Keetin says "if I were in your position, I would send Brown and Yellow" (funny since Green is a stronger team than Yellow). Calley is sure that Yellow and Brown will go to the Temple. Jeff asked if Mike would stick with Purple if Yellow and Brown went up. Mike shakes hands with Jeff on that. It will be Purple and Green for the final two in their plans. Keetin says that she would send Brown because Brown is a big threat and the alliance is crumbling. Max made a deal with Annie about him getting the Samadhi, but then not going to Temple. Max asks Jeff about it, and he says that he has to ask Annie. As Annie said, she has no problem with sending Brown. Max is telling Annie that she made a deal. Annie said that she wished that she could have talked to Brown before they sent him up. Annie says that she knows what he is trying to do. Everyone sees that Max is scheming with everyone to get out of going to Temple. Max even admits that he wouldn't trust himself if he were them. Jenna said that Max is trying to strategize too much and that's not cool. Annie is talking to Jeff and says that Max is trying to make them feel guilty, but Brown is back for a second chance. Mike admits that the strong alliance of Green, Brown, and Yellow is going to lose one of its members. Annie and Jeff meet with JD. Which two teams are they sending? Annie says their choice is based on strategy and what goes around, comes around. They chose Brown and Yellow. Jenna says to them, "un uh--not cool". Calley said that if Purple was smart, they would have sent Green and Brown because they are the stronger teams. Max said that he saw Mike and Annie walking together on the beach. Max thinks Mike is trying to backstab him. Shep tells Max not to think like that. Shep also tells Annie not to be torn up about it. Calley tries to say that she won't be, but you can just see that she is hyper-emotional. Everyone hugs Brown and Yellow, and Jenna said that they will come back to get rid of Purple. Max says that everyone is learning from him, and he is going to come back and give the Samadhi to Purple and sending them to Temple. Calley thinks they are going to Temple for personal reasons, but Shep doesn't take it personally and says that it is just for strategy reasons. Shep said that he had an experience of a lifetime, and right now all he can be is grateful. Brown and Yellow arrive at the Temple. The platform on the sea that represents the Temple is really rocking because a storm is coming in and causing alot of waves. JD says that it is strange seeing Brown up at the Temple of Fate because they were there last time as the Grey team in the earlier season. In the first game, Brown picks water and Yellow picks wood. Yellow wins the first round. In the second game, Brown picks water and Yellow picks fire. Brown wins the second round. For the third and final game, Brown picks fire and Yellow picks wood. Browns stays. Calley starts crying heavily, and Shep comforts her and keeps on saying over and over, don't worry about it. Brown is headed back to the beach. Annie does not go rushing over to greet Brown, and looks disappointed that they are back. That is understandable considering how strong Brown is.

Sunday, August 14, 2005 -- Evening

The tenth episode of the second season of Endurance was on today. It is titled Aqueduct. We see the scheming from the ninth episode that lead to Brown and Yellow going to the Temple. Now we are down to the final four--Purple, Brown, Green, and Orange. Today's mission will be an Endurance mission and will net the winner a pyramid piece and the Samadhi. The show starts with the meeting to discuss the Yellow piece leaving the previous night. JD comments that the Yellow team didn't win anything, and now they are gone. He comments that the Orange team is the only left who hasn't won anything. Tyler says that the same thing can happen, but Michelle disagrees and says "it's not going to happen". JD asks why, and Michelle replies "I'm staying". You go girl! JD then asks Green about the alliance which Green calls a friendship. Jenna says that now it is down to four teams everyone is out for themselves. Each team says they are going to be the final winners. Now it is time to read the note, and JD gives it to Annie. Yellow says they will miss everyone, and tell Brown to do whatever it takes to get rid of Purple, and they leave the Commitment piece to Brown. Green looks envious. Today's mission is for Ingenuity is the piece up for grabs today. Jenna comments to the Orange team about not winning anything yet. Michelle says that she is going to try to win today. Michelle sees that Max's strategy is to go to each of the other teams and say that he will be in the final two with that team. Annie, Michelle, Keetin and Jeff talk about it, and realize that Max is making deals that he can't keep. Keetin says that Max is doing anything he can to stay in the game, and he is making deals and is such a liar. Keetin says that Jenna doesn't lie, but Max does. Jeff tells Keetin that the game isn't about making friends, but about winning. We are back at the beach for the mission. Each team has to build an Aqueduct out of pipes that are of different lengths. They have to start at the end and go to the barrel. When they are done, they have to turn on the water at the barrel and hope that it comes down the aqueduct that they have created to enmpty at the end. The barrels are on a raised platform, and there are ten poles leading to it that are unevenly spaced. The game begins. The pieces are at the barrel end and have to be raced to the end. Orange and Purple start out in the lead. The Orange team is on a roll as JD comments. Green only had two pieces left, but it wasn't working. There's only one way to match up the pipes so they connect. Michelle and Tyler look like they are working together well. Brown and Orange are getting close. Orange has their water on, and is waiting at the end. They win their first mission! As JD says, they haven't won one, but they won a big one and says there is now a power shift on the beach. Tyler says to everyone else--can you believe it?--as they congratulate him and Michelle. Mike thought Green started out strong, but none of the pieces fit. Annie admits that everyone under estimated Orange. Michelle says there is a very good chance that Orange can win it all. Tyler says that the hardest part is deciding who to give the Samadhi to is the hardest part because you have to decide who to make enemies with. Jenna and Keetin are whispering about how Orange should give it to Purple. Tyler tells Jeff that he might give him the Samadhi, but he feels safe if Purple wins. Jeff talks to Annie and asks if they have to send Orange to Temple, and Annie says no. Jeff says do we have to send Green? Annie replies "yeah because Orange will be easier to beat". Jeff says that the plan is to tell Tyler that if he doesn't give them the Samadhi, and they go to Temple and lose, they will give Purple their pieces. Tyler thinks they should give it to Brown. Michelle likes being in power because people are making deals with Orange that they don't need to make. Jeff tells Annie that he thinks Max is trying to manipulate Tyler into giving the Samadhi to Purple. Max tells Tyler that he should give the Samadhi to Purple. Tyler asks why. Max says because Purple has six pieces and that if Orange wins tomorrow, they will send up Purple, and Purple will give their pieces to Green. Max tells Tyler that he always liked Orange and never did anything to Orange. Annie says everyone thinks Max and Jenna are cool, but that strategy wise they will do whatever they can to win, and everyone is sick of it. Max says Purple give them the Samadhi and Green sent them to Temple twice. It seems that everyone's strategy is to send two strong teams to the Temple. Mike asks Michelle if he is getting the Samadhi, and Michelle tells him that right now he is safe. Tyler tells Michelle that they will give the Samadhi to Green because Brown is vindictive and Purple will give them pyramid pieces and Green has nothing to offer. Michelle says she can't do it, and Tyler says that she won't have to because he will do all the talking. It is the smartest way that Tyler can think of, and because Green is not expecting it, it will be a total shock. We are now at the Cove for the Samadhi meeting. JD congratulates Orange and asks how it feels. Tyler says that it is nerver wracking because he doesn't want to make anyone mad at him. JD says that there are alot of people who have done something to Orange so they shouldn't feel bad. Tyler says it's strategy. JD asks Max if he is in trouble with Orange. Jenna replies that she doesn't know. Annie admits to worries. Keetin admits they sent Orange to the Temple twice. Mike says that it wasn't a big deal that they sent Orange to the Temple and that they told him he's probably safe. Then Mike says, unless Orange is lying or something or is two faced (to which Michelle rolls her eyes). JD says that Tyler is going to have to think strategy so Orange can't be two-faced. Mike says, yeah but they promised me. So then JD asks Michelle about how tough it was to decide and Michelle says yeah it was tough, and they ended up changing their minds at the last minute. Keetin's mouth drops wide open at that one. Michelle says the change came from Tyler. He says that it's strategy and each team has ups and downs. Tyler admits that pieces are more important because when it comes to the final two there are no alliances. JD says that on their own today, Orange has figured out what is the most completed game to date (the Aqueduct game). Tyler asks a question first, and asks if he can take the Samadhi out of the game, and make it a fair fight tomorrow. JD says why not use it as strategy to get pieces, and Tyler thinks the sensible decision is to take the Samadhi out because whoever wins tomorrow won't send Orange to the Temple. JD asks for comments from the others. Keeting says that it is better to eliminate. She says she is not sure if she will get it and can't trust anyone. JD has a condition to take the Samadhi out of the game, he has to admit who he was going to give it to. Tyler says the Green team. JD takes the Samadhi back from Tyler at that point. There will be no Samadhi in the next mission and it will be fair and square. Mike says that Orange was trying to slip further under the radar and he doesn't know if that will work. Michelle hopes she is safe tomorrow and that she doesn't know who she can trust.

The eleventh episode is Plank Maze. Purple has six pieces, Brown has three, Orange has two and Green has one. We hear first from Tyler about not giving the Samadhi to anyone and how that makes Oranger safer. Keetin says that Orange is safer. She says that only the team that wins the mission will be safe. Jenna says that the game today is important. Mike says that whoever wins today is sending two up to the Temple. It is time for the mission. The team has to start on top of one of a group of barrels with planks in between them. They have to walk along the planks from one barrel to another collecting tiles. If they don't have a plank to the barrel they have to back track. Once they collect the letters, they have to unscramble it to form a word. There are 1o tiles that have to be collected. Green and Purple get tiles first. Green takes an early lead. Orange and Purple are trailing. Orange fail and had to start from the beginning. Green and Purple are in the lead. Green almost feel. Brown is having problems moving some of the planks from one barrel to another. Max is too big to move easily. Green has all 10 tiles first. They spread out the letters, and Purple now has all the letters. Green spells the word first and it is leadership. Green has won and will have to send two teams to the Temple. Keetin starts dancing around. Max says that the hardest part was fitting his big feet and her little body on the blanks. Annie thought the hardest part was lifting the plank because it was heavy. Mike said that it felt good to win. Tyler doesn't feel worried aobut it. Annie and Michelle were talking and Michelle says that she doesn't want to go. Annie doesn't want to see another team use her pieces to win the game. Mike and Keetin are talking about how they are in an awesome position because they can send up any team they want and not fear retribution because in the next game, whoever wins stays and the other two teams go to Temple. Mike and Keetin seem to think that it should be Orange and Brown. Mike says that Purple thinks they are working with them to take out Brown and Brown thinks that Green is helping to take out Purple. Michelle says that if Green make the decision based on friendship it will be Purple and Orange. Strategically they should send Purple and Brown though. Jenna asks Mike is they should pack. Mike then has Max, Jenna and Keetin talk. Green admits that they are sending Brown because they have to, and won't admit who they are sending with them. Keetin says it's not about friendship but about strategy. To which Jenna comments on how Brown was helping Green win the entire time. Brown took it as Green totally backstabbing them. Max says that if they get sent up with Orange he will make swear that Green were sorry they ever played the game. Max says that it hurts that Green is breaking the alliance and friendship with them. As Mike says, they have to win, and it's not about friendship. It's about winning. Mike was going to sent Brown and Orange, but now is afraid about being against two strong pieces at the final three. Max talks to Purple and offers them his pieces if he leaves, and he begins to pack. Jeff says that even though they have an agreement with Green he doesn't know if he can trust them because they can change their mind. Annie says that she has been friends with Green since the beginning and she is going to trust him and take his word. It is not Temple selection time. JD asks if the outcome could have changed if Orange gave Green the Samadhi, and asked Michelle if she made a bad decision. Michelle says that she hopes not as Annie has her arm around Michelle's shoulders. Jenna is giving Green the evil eye. Mike says that they came to a point to choose between friendship and strategy. They are sending Brown and Purple. JD says the two strongest teams are going head to head at the Temple. Keetin says to Annie and Jenna that one of them is leaving and she doesn't want them to leave without getting a hug because they are good friends and it was strategy. Annie walks away. Michelle says "they understand". Jeff tells Annie that they did what they had to do and not to take it personally, but Annie says that Green could have told them. Annie then says that Mike is a backstabber. Annie says that if this was all strategy then Green would not be there today. Mike says that everyone says that they would understand, but when it comes down to it they don't. Tyler asks Mike who he wants to come back, and Mike says Purple because he doesn't want someone else to have that many pieces. Tyler says that Brown won't give their pieces to Purple and Mike replies that he can see it happening so Brown can say "ha, they have nine and you have one". Purple, Brown and Orange are talking. Annie said that she thought Purple and Brown would make it to the end. Max said he thought he was safe when Green won, and Annie said that she thought the same. Max says that Green thinks they will win with one piece. Max promises his pieces to Purple and Purple offers theirs to Brown. Max said that it is the clash of the Titans because whoever comes back will win in the end. whoever comes back will control the beach even more. Jenna says that if Brown doesn't come back, she wants Purple to win. Annie says that if she leaves it won't be frustrating because they came so far. It will be disappointing because the grand prize is right there. Jeff says that there is so much that he learned from it and it was a great experience. He says that he made alot of friends, and it was so different from anything he ever did before, and it was alot of fun. Purple and Brown are now at the Temple. For the first game, Purple picks water and Brown picks wood. Brown wins the first game. In the next game, Purple picks wood and Brown picks wood. It's a tie. Purple now picks water and Brown picks wood again. Brown has two wins and are still in the game. Annie is still smiling and Jeff looks emotionless. JD tells Purple that they were the strongest team and to think about who to give their pieces to carefully. Brown and Purple hug and Purple leaves. Brown heads back to the beach and have a joyous reunion with Orange and Green.

Sunday, August 21, 2005 -- Early Evening

Two more episodes of the second season of Endurance. It's the 12th episode titled Pathfinder. The show starts with the remaining three teams meeting with JD Roth to discuss the previous night's eviction at the Temple. JD asks if anyone has an idea to which team Purple leave their pieces. Keetin says, not us. JD reads the note. Annie said that overall everyone was great. She also told Mike that Purple trusted him and he should have sent Orange. Annie then says in the note that Michelle has gone through so much and Annie and Jeff respect Michelle more than words can say and that Michelle deserves to win. Then it says "Michelle, our pieces are yours. Sorry Brown team." Orange has gone from last place to a commanding first place lead with 8 pieces. Brown has 3 and Green has only 1. Michelle thinks that she was singled out in the note because she was really close to Annie who now knows everything about Michelle and all that Michelle has gone through. JD tells Tyler that he owes alot to Michelle and Tyler admits that he does. Brown is really upset because they thought they would get the pieces. The elimination is tonight, and the pieces from the team sent home will be up for grabs in a competition. Michelle had no idea that her friendship with Annie would lead to Orange getting the pieces. As Michelle says though, they haven't lied to or backstabbed anyone. Max then says that he thought it was inappropriate for Purple to single out Michelle. Max thinks Brown deserved the pieces because of how hard they worked by going up to Temple and winning competitions. The thing is that they didn't win the pieces and it was Purple's job to distribute the pieces. Keetin then talks to Michelle and Michelle tells Keetin that Brown is really mad. Brown really wants Orange gone so the eight pieces will be up for grabs. Michelle says that "ain't going to happen". Keetin then asks Michelle if she expected to be in the final three. To which Michelle replies that she didn't expect to make it pass the elimination, or to come back from the Temple twice. As Michelle says, you can't expect anything. Mike then tells Brown that if Orange wins today, he'll be dumbfounded. Max wants to win so bad because he does not want to go up to Temple. As Max says, they were sent up to Temple on the last two missions and doesn't want it to be a third time. Tyler says that everyone wants to win, and even Mike agreed that today's win is so important that he can't even put it in to words. To lose when you are so close to the prize will be devistating. Jenna tells Keetin that she is really happy to make it to the final three but she isn't satisified. She wants to win the grand prize and Keetin agrees. Keetin says that she has gone through enough and made enough enemies that the only way to make up for it will be to win the grand prize. It is now time for the competition. The three teams head to the beach. The mission is a test of brain power. Each team will have it's own large playing board. On each board are several tiles and four colors (yellow, red, blue, purple). Of the squares on the board there are three squares for each color marked randomly on the board. The goal of the game is to take colored tiles and place them on the board to connect the colored squares. The paths can't cross, and of the three colored squares with plus signs on the board, one must be at the end, start and middle of the path. The paths can also NOT go diagonally or cross or intersect. The first to connect all four colors wins. That team automatically goes to the final, and the remaining two teams have to battle it out at the Temple. The game starts. Max is getting frustrated and Jenna tells Max to relax. Tyler is just sort of standing there looking at the board. Green thinks they have everything connected, and Keetin starts jumping up and down saying "everything's connected". JD comes over to check it. Max said, they didn't get it because purple's not connected. Brown goes back to it hurriedly. Keetin looks dumbfounded. Jenna tells Max, "we need this". The clock is now at 18 minutes. JD reminds them that "x to x has to be connected". Jenna gets it and understands how it goes. Meanwhile Tyler takes a seat and tells Michelle that he needs to think/formulate and she should just keep on doing what she is doing. It looks like Tyler has given up on a very important game. Tyler even admits that he's really not helping right now. Brown has red and yellow connected. Max then realizes that they have it. He says this is it, we have it. He gets all the purple. JD is watching and when they finish, he confirms that Brown has done it. Orange and Green are headed to the Temple of Fate. JD congratulates Brown because they came a long way in the past year. Tyler said it was hard to figure out how to connect the paths. Keetin say that they thought they had it, but JD said that they didn't. I think Green's problem in the game is that they were clueless about what they needed to do. As Keetin said, they couldn't give up--they had to stay committed and keep going. Max admits that they had to win, and thinks it's amazing that they made it to the top two. Mike is worried because it will be the first time that Green has gone to the Temple of Fate. He thinks that they really couldn't call themselves winners if they didn't go to the Temple once (although Blue in the first season did not go to the Temple). Mike doesn't know what is up there, and would hate to lose now. Keetin said that they don't want to go against Orange and is hoping Orange's luck is going to run out and Green's kicks in. Max wants Orange to go because he wants their eight pieces. Keetin said that she doesn't want to go home. Michelle admits to Max that she really wants to come back, more than Keetin because Michelle wants to give her mom a vacation. Michelle admits that her mom works all the time and that she has off only a few days in the year and even works holidays. Michelle said that she has never gone on a vacation with her mom and would love to give her that opportunity without her mom being tired. Tyler thinks that the person who really deserves to win is Michelle because she has never been on a vacation, has worked hard to get there and really deserves it. Michelle admits that she wants it really bad. Orange and Green are headed to the Temple and all three teams hug and say good-bye. Tyler admits that at the beginning he just wanted to go home, but now he wants to try his hardess not only for himself but for Michelle because she definitely deserves it more than anyone on the beach. Tyler says he's there the third and feels that he's a veteran up there. Hopefully the turn out will be in his favor. Then Michelle in her confessional says that Orange is coming back and "guess what? We're going to win the whole thing because Brown is no competition for us." Keetin said that Green didn't want to go to Temple, but they have to. Mike admits that he is going to miss being on the beach because it is just awesome. Orange and Green are now at the Temple. In the first game, Orange chooses fire and Green chooses water. Green wins the first game. In the second game, Orange chooses wood, and Green chooses fire. Green wins and will be in the final two. Michelle is crying very hard and Tyler puts his hand around her shoulder and pats her. Tyler and Michelle got far considering that they weren't really close as a team. JD says that Orange played an unbelieveable game and that no one thought that they would go this far and last this long. JD reminds them that the friendships are the things that are really important. Keetin yells out "I love you Michelle". Tyler tells them good luck and to show them what Endurance 2 is all about. Michelle can't talk because she is so upset. Green heads back to the beach to a happy Brown.

The 13th episode is titled Home Stretch and it is a recap of the episodes with the last six teams. There isn't any new material in the show. We just get to see all the things that we already saw in the original episodes.

Sunday, August 28, 2005 -- Evening

It's the thirteenth episode of the second season of Endurance. The episode is titled Final Mission. It is down to the final two teams--Brown and Green. Brown has three pyramid pieces and Green has one. The eight pieces that Orange had are now up for grabs and will be the basis of the final endurance mission. Mike is excited to be back to play some more. Keetin thought that the Temple was cool because they weren't there before, but it was scary. Max told the Green team to go with their first intuition. So Keetin thought since there was all that water to pick water first. Then looking around, they saw fire all around so they decided to do fire next. They won. Mike said that he was pretty sad to see Orange go because Michelle was so upset. Max said that Michelle wanted to win to get the trip so she could spend time with her mom and that made him really sad. Mike agreed that if anyone deserved to win it was Michelle. Keetin was sorry to see Orange leave, but they were glad to be back. Mike was glad to say that he went to the Temple and came back. Max said that he really wants to win, but is glad that they made it this far. Jenna and Max are talking and Jenna said that they made it so far, and it would be a bumper to not win. Jenna said that she is glad that they got an extra chance. She's also glad to be against the Green team because it is the only alliance to last. Keetin said they based it on friendship and it shows how strong a friendship can be. Mike says that he really likes the Brown team and thinks they are cool, and he is glad that they got the chance to come back. Mike is concerned that the final mission will be physical because Max and Jenna are strong. Max says that he is going to play for Purple, Yellow and Orange because they should have been where he was. Keetin is nervous, but is trying to enjoy her last day there. The four go to take their final swim in the ocean. Everyone ran in except Keetin, but they ran her down and took her into the ocean. Mike says that his favorite thing about the beach is the ocean (DAH!). He says that the water is so blue and you can see the fishes in the ocean. Jenna says that the thing she loved and will miss the most are the animals--the scorpions, jelly fishes, lizards and goats. She also loves the stars and loves laying out on the beach to watch the stars. As she said, you don't get that in Chicago. Jenna says that she misses the Yellow team the most. Mike said that the first Shep-less day was really weird because they were always hanging out. Max said that he missed Jeff because he was quiet and awesome and his fellow Californian, and always say "that was crazy man". Mike also misses Annie because she was alot of fun to be around. Mike said that Jeff was fun too. Max admits to really missing Maryelle, and thought Wayne was funny. Mike said that he missed the entertainment aspect of Tyler and Michelle. Tyler was intentionally funny while Michelle was unintentional. Mike says that the beach seems empty. Jenna then says to everyone who already left that she missed everybody and that people will be disappointed and that everything happens for a reason and the friendships are what matter. Mike says if they don't win today, Green will go to the Temple with one piece while Brown has 11 so it is important to win. The final mission is set to begin. The game? It's going to be chase on the water. on the water is a square with two buckets, one each on opposite sides in the middle of the square. Four foam pyramids are in each bucket to represent the eight total pieces. The goal of the game is to run around on the planks that form the sides. As you try to avoid getting caught, you can grab pieces from your opponents bucket and put it in yours. You are out of the game when the flag tied around the waist is pulled off, or you fall into the water. The colored poles that held the pyramid pieces of the teams that have left the island were used to make up the bobbing square. The game starts with one person is each corner. Mike took a piece from Brown. Max gets a piece from Green. Max is crawling on the beam. Mike is quick and grabs another from Brown. Max eliminates Keetin. Then because Max is so slow, Mike gets Jenna's flag. Jenna as to jump off. Mike gets Jenna's piece and another. Mike has four pieces and Max ties it, and falls while getting it in. The game is tied. So the final mission will have five pieces for Green and seven for Brown. JD also tells them he has a surprise for them, and Jenna replies that she loves surprises. The gang recap the fun that they had on the last mission. Mike likes how the guys beat the girls because two guys were left at the end. Mike says that the hardest part was that the beams between the platform were thin and long and the waves were rocking the whole thing. Max said that the hardest thing was the balance because he has none. Max said that he tried to run and jump and hope for the best, and that's when he fell. Keetin thinks Green did well because Mike was last man standing, but the pieces were split evenly. Mike says that he hopes they get to pick their four pieces and don't just get something assigned. The four now get to met with JD Roth at the campsite. They each to grab four pieces. Brown wanted Heart the most because it was one they had last time on Endurance 1. Green wanted Courage. Keetin said because she thinks the lion looks cool, but Mike says it's because Courage is an important characteristic to have to play the game. Brown has seven pieces: Heart, Commitment, Strength, Perseverance, Luck, Trust and Knowledge. Green has five: Courage, Teamwork, Ingenuity, Leadership and Discipline. Brown has an edge but it is whoever has all 12. Each team is given miniatures of all their pieces that they will play with. Now it is time for the surprise. They are given a bag each. It is a necklace of stones that held together with twine and is three sided to represent the Temple. One side is Green, one is Brown, and the other side has the colors of all the other teams in the order in which they left the game. They are the only four that will have this necklace and they all put theirs on. At sunset they leave the beach for the last time and canoe to the Temple of Fate and will become Endurance champs.

The fourteenth episode is the last for the season. It is titled The Finale. We get a recap on how both teams got there. We see the kids from the first Endurance season voting to send Max and Jenna back for a second try. Then we get to see the audition tapes of Mike and Keetin. Mike is a big dork, and shows us his room. He says he does his homework and sleep-more homework than sleeping. Keetin meanwhile prides herself on her athletic ability and says "look at these guns" while flexing her arms to show us her non-bulging biceps. She doesn't look like she has any muscle actually. Keetin likes basketball, softball, track, swimming. Mike has a weight in his room and uses it sometimes, but not much. Keetin gives an example of her kickboxing. Mike shows us his Teeki Man from New Zealand who is going to get him into the Endurance show. Keetin doesn't want to go home, and Jenna says that it will be weird not being there. As Jenna says, it's like you go on vacation and then you miss being there. Jenna said that was completely different from a vacation because it was a long one and because of the things that went on during the time. Keetin says that when she goes home, she is going to miss being on the beach and watching the sun rise and set. Max says that he is going to miss the whole thing in general--playing missions and not being at home. Jenna says that Max and she did not think they could make it to the final two and thought that they would just make it to the final five. Jenna comments on how JD said they would battle it out at Temple and she wonders what that means (like they didn't watch the first season). Keetin says that if it has anything to do with chicken fighting she and Mike are gone. Keetin said that she and Mike knew they wouldn't be the strongest or smartest team. They were just going to work together as a team. Mike says that he wouldn't have gotten that far if it wasn't for Keetin and that she wouldn't be there without him. Jenna sais that she wouldn't have made it without Max and he agrees. They depended on each other alot. Max let Jenna make decisions which she liked. Mike was happy to make it past the first day. He says that you just have to believe in yourself, but it's not how smart or strong you are. Max says that friendship is better than any strategy or backstabbing. Max says that he made that mistake with the Blue team and hopes they will forgive him. Mike doesn't seem to know what go on at the Temple, and says whatever happens up there that they will do the best. Jenna said that she should be nervous because she doesn't know what goes on at the Temple, but she just feels confident. They may not have actually seen the first season of the show from the comments that they make. Max got farther than he had hoped so he will feel disappointed if he loses, but not that upset. So Max says he isn't nervous so much as he is excited to see the outcome of the game. The four of them canoe to the Temple. It looks like Mike has his Teeki Man as a good luck charm. The game is the same as the first season. There are three silver pyramids on the counter in front of them. Under one is a gold pyramid. The teams wager their pieces by placing them in front of the silver pyramids on the counter. The team can put down as many as they like as long as they leave one space empty. The team who has the piece in front of the gold pyramid wins all the pieces on the table. The team with the fewest pieces goes first. With each game another pyramid is added to the table, and the game continues until one team has all the pyramid pieces. Green goes first. They put down two and take the two closest to JD. Brown puts down one. Green wins. Each has six pieces. They now have 6 each. Since Green had the fewest last time and they are now tied, they get to go first. Now there are four pyramids. They put down two pieces. Brown has to put down two. Green has the gold pyramid. They have 8 pieces to Brown's four. There are five pyramids and Brown gets to go first. Max is feeling the last two. Green has to put down three. Green won. They have 10 pieces to Brown's 2. Six pyramids are on the table. Brown only puts down one. Green has to put down five pieces. They start flipping the pieces two at a time until they get to the final two. Max says "we have it. I feel it, I feel it." Jenna replies, "I don't". A commercial break comes before the flip. When we return, we find out that Brown has it. They now have 7 pieces and Green has 5. Back to square one. Another piece is added, and that means seven pyramids. Green puts down two. Brown has to put down five. Brown wins. (You knew they would because they flipped the pyramids in such a way that two that weren't close to each other weren't flipped as the final two. That meant to me that Brown had to have it because they had a pieced closer to Green's piece that was flipped first.) Brown has 9 and Green has 3. Max pats Mike's shoulder. Mike tells Keetin to put down the pieces because he isn't feeling it. She puts two pieces. Brown covers the blanks. Green is only holding on to Teamwork as their final piece. Green has the pyramid. They now have 9 pieces and Brown has 3. There are now nine pyramids on the table. Brown puts down one, and Green has to put down eight. Again, Green has only Teamwork in their hands. They flip the pieces, and Brown wins. Brown now has 11 pieces and Green has 1. There are now ten pyramids. Green puts down their one piece and Brown covers the rest. They flip the pieces. Keetin looks close to tears. Only the Teamwork and Luck pieces aren't flipped. Brown wins! Keetin and Mike hug, and then Brown and Green hug. Brown will be spending a week in the Bahamas at Paradise Island. As JD says Brown won against all odds. Jenna is amazed that they got that far. Max says it was the best experience of their life. Jenna said that the people they met were incredible and they will keep in touch. Max said that Jenna was the best partner you could have in any game. And so the season ends.