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Sunday, September 10, 2006 -- Evening

A new official release date for Endurance. It should start on Oct. 14.

Thursday, September 1, 2006 -- Morning The new season of Endurance starts on September 9 on Discovery Kids according to the Endurance: Wikipedia page. However, I do actually see if on the television schedule, so I wonder if it is actually starting later in the month or in October. This season is set in the High Sierras in Northern California. There was a poll on the Discovery Kids website for fans to pick two kids from six that were offered to be on the show. The fans picked Kelsey from Rockwall, Texas and Garret from Orlando, Florida. Their winning margins were small with Kelsey winning by three percent over the other girls, and Garret winning by two percent of the vote. I will be keeping my eyes on the official Endurance webpage for more details.

Sunday, October 15, 2006 -- Afternoon -- Episode 1

Endurance: High Sierras started its season last night at 8:30 pm on Discovery Kids. The show is no longer being shown on NBC. The first episode is called Balance is Key. The show starts with the introduction of the 20 contestants. Endurance fans chose the 99th and 100th players. Garrett is 15 years old and from Orlando, Florida. Kelsey is 15 and from Rockwall, Texas. The scenery is beautiful, but it will be a tough game because all the things that the kids have in everyday life is gone and they are far from home. Isaac is 15 and from Riverside, California, Lilly is 15 and from Indiana. Stefanie is 15 and from Boca Raton, Florida. Stefanie says that people think that she is small and weak, but warns not to underestimate her because looks can be deceiving. Connor is 15 from Acton, Mass. Aeriel is 14 and from Dallas, Texas. Cealey is 14 from Tallahassee, Florida. Max is 14 and from Kansas City, Missouri. Anna is 14 and from Laramie, Wyoming. Taylor is 14 and from Boxford, Mass. Taylor is there to show everyone that she can be physical and not a preppy, stuck up girl. Cameron is 14 and from Orlando, Florida. Adrian is 15 years old and from Laplace, Louisiana. Alex is 14 years old and from Leonminister, Mass. Alex stands out because of his enthusiasm and that he likes to come out as a leader. Rafael is 15 and from the Bronx, New York. Kristine is 14 and from Huntington Beach, California. Dakota is 15 years old and from Eliot, Maine. Dakota said that everyone tells him that hs is funny, and he likes that. As he said, he can live with being the funny guy. Darci is 15 years old and from Baldwin, New York. Aric is 15 years old and from Madison, South Dakota. Martina is 14 and from Ruston, Louisiana. Martina said that she is versatile and if she can get a good partner, she can go far in the game. That's all 20 kids.

JD Roth welcomes the kids to the High Sierras. They are a mile above sea level. The kids find out that there are 13 pieces on Endurance, and that they will have to survive the Temple of Fate. JD goes over all the Endurance rules. JD says that the game is about karma and what goes around, comes around. Today no one will be going home. Everyone gets to spend the night which makes it harder to leave the next day. JD reminds them that tonight could be the last night for some of them. The cabins that the kids will be staying in this year are tree houses. Lilly thought that they were just huts and couldn't understand the screams until she saw the houses. Everyone was very impresses. Cealey thought that it was pretty--two stories with a tree inside the hut. Cameron was excited because he always wantd a tree house. Dakota thought it was really neat and he felt at home. Aeriel said it was like the first day of school getting to know each other. Connor thought that everything and everyone was awesome, and home he gets to stay awhile.

Anna, Rafael, and Martina are all talking in confessional together about how it is 5 am and cold. They are saying that they would like to stay. Everyone is called down from the tree houses by JD. It seems that some had issues sleeping last night. Dakota has windows around his bed. Everyone is depressed that they have to compete to stay there. Everyone is going to be given an opportunity to avoid the first challenge. Only two will get the free ride. The guys have to decide which guy gets to stay, and the girls get to decide which girl stays. The girls all talk and decide that they will have a silent vote and can't vote for themselves. Whoever gets picked by the majority will get the free ride. It came down to a tie between Darci and Kelsey. Darci got the free ride. Kelsey seemed abit upset. Taylor thought that Darci deserved it. Kelsey started to cry and everyone told her to just fight and stay. She said that she got her hopes up only to have them dashed. Everynone has a group hug with Kelsey.

Cameron said that the guys were having a hard time deciding who should go. The girls came over to talk to them. Everyone seemed to think they needed it. Some said that Adrian needed it the most. The girls told the guys to vote the way they did. Max said that it was hard because no one wanted to vote and it was an awful way to make a decision. They weren't able to pick a name randomly from a hat or vote. Alex is asked who the guys picked. They decided on Aric. Adrian felt upset because Aric was a name pulled from a hat, and if it came down to a vote, Adrian would have had it. The girls picked Darci. JD said that it would be nice to have each of players who had a free ride pick another person to get a free ride--karma--what goes around, comes around. Aric said that it was a tough decision, and he gave it to Alex. Adrian was very hurt. Aric said that he bonded the best with Alex. Darci said that it was hard because she was good friends with everyone. Darci picked Kelsey who finished second. Darci said that she picked Kelsey because she was second. Taylor thought that others could have used it more than Kelsey, like Stefanie and that Stefanie was so nervous about the upcoming competition. The rest now have to earn their right to stay. It is time for the first challenge.

The kids show up for the competition by the lake. In front of them are a series of beams. They have to cross the beam as cuickly as possible. Each trip out and back is one lap. You need to complete five laps in order to stay. The last two people to complete their laps will be eliminated. That means that two girls and two guys will be going home. It's not about coming in first, but not coming in last. The girls line up on their beams. If they fall, they just have to get back on where they fell. Kristine finished the first lap and so did Lilly. Taylor is the third person to complete lap one. Alot of them are falling. Lilly finished her second lap with out falling. Lilly is on fire and she finishes the game without falling in the water. Taylor is closing on lap number four. Some of them have not even finished a lap. Cealey finished lap four and Taylor finished lap number five. Ariel and Anna finally get lap number one. Stefanie completed lap number one. Cealey finished lap number five and she is in. Kristine also gets lap number five. Ariel, Martina, Anna, and Stefanie are still in the competition. Two will leave and two will stay. Who will that be? We will have to wait until next week to find out.

Sunday, October 22, 2006 -- Late Afternoon -- Episode 2

Endurance: High Sierras was on last night. The episode was titled Hanging Around. The show resumes where it left off last week with four girls competing for the final two spots. Ariel, Martina, Anna, and Stefanie are still in the game. Ariel is in the lead with 4 laps. Anna gets lap number 3 and Martina has yet to finish one lap. Stefanie gets lap number three. Ariel is in. There is only one more slot left. Martina is being a cry baby and she gives up. Anna gets lap number four and Stefanie goes right after her. Anna finishes and is the last player added to the girls. Anna said that it was pretty dramatic. She was ready to quit, scared and almost in tears. Martina said that it was so awful and that every time she fell she would lose energy. Stefanie said that she was so close when se finally got it. Stefanie said that she learned to never give up and never stop believing that you can't do something. Now it is time for the guys to compete. Rafael fell in the water. Ike went into the water too. The problem is that if one person falls on your device, it knocks you off. Garret get his first lap. Adrian fell in again and so did Ike. Max got the first lap done. Connor finished lap number one. Garret has finished four laps. Dakota and Max also completed lap number four. Garret almost finished lap number five as he falls into the water. Dakota finishes five laps first. Dakota is in. Rafael, Ike, Cameron, and Adrian don't have a single lap yet. Garret, the youngest player, just completed his lap. Connor finished lap number five and he is in. Max gets number five and he is in too.

Cameron, Ike, Adrian, and Rafael are still out there. Cameron and Ike both get lap number one. Rafael gets lap number one. Then Adrian finishes his first lap. Cameron gets lap number two. He completes lap number four, and is followed by Ike with lap number four. Cameron is closing in on lap number five and makes it. All Ike has to do is finish the lap and he does. Rafael and Adrian are out. Ike said that it felt good to make it into the game. He thought that the blance competition would be easy, but it wasn't because he kept on falling. He thoguht he would go home. Adrian knew that he wouldn't be able to do it because of his size and he was the biggest/heaviest of the boys. Adrian was hoping for pass because he knew he couldn't make it. Rafael said that he was exhausted. He said the hardest part was falling in and trying to get back up on the beam. The 16 contestants is told that the real game starts tomorrow. The next day JD Roth shows up to talk to them all. JD said that it is quiet and very restful, but that it will get intense as they pick new partners. The challenge today is key because it determnines the partner. Max is thinking of Christine. Max said it is because she is shorter than him. This year, the winner of the next challenge picks the first team, but it won't be his/her own. JD tells them to talk to each other about their prospective partner.

Anna said that everyone started making a list of partners. They put together Christine and Max. Then Cameron and kelsey and Alex and Cealey. Taylor said that is was a huge mess as they were discussing the list. Neither Anna or Taylor want Garret. They think that one of them would get him. Taylor said that she doesn't want Garret because he called her names the previous night and not alot of the boys like him. As Taylor says, if not alot of the boys like him, and if they get control, they will go to Temple. Dakota is asked if he wants Taylor or Anna. Dakota doesn't know and doesn't know what to say. Dakota said that he had a preference for Kelsey, and he would rather have her. Dakota was regretting not saying it earlier. Dakota doesn't want Taylor because everyone is threatening to vote Taylor off. Cealey says that Dakota doesn't want to hurt any feelings right now, and is waiting for the game. Cealey is getting angry at him because Dakota is not speaking up. Dakota admits that he is regreting not speaking up, big time. Garret says that it's all about the game and crunch time becaue the partner determines who wins or lose. Taylor thinks that she and Dakota would be a good team. Kelsey said that they all talked about who they wanted, but that now everyone is saying that they don't want this person or that. She said that it is getting mixed up with fights and crying. It seems that no one is locked anymore. Garret tells everyone that he wants Cealey as his partner. They all tell him that Cealey doesn't want him. Garret, being obnoxious, says, "so?" In a confessional, Garret says that partners don't get what they want, and they have to learn to be together. That's Garret's strategy. Garret wants to win and then partner Alex up with someone other than Cealey. His thought is then he, Garret, would get Cealey. Garret said that he has wanted Cealey from the first. Cealey said that she doesn't want Garret. Garret looks disgusted. Cealey screams out that she doesnt' want Garret and feels so bad because he may pick her anyway.

Alex tells Taylor that she has to work with whomever she gets. People keep on telling Taylor that she might end up with Garret. it seems that no one is liking Taylor because she is such a drama queen. Kelsey says that Taylor seems to bring on the drama, making a big fuss and trying to bring on the pity card by crying and hugging people. Taylor says that Garret was on the bottom of her list. Kelsey tells everyone that the only girls that Garret wasn't rude to were Cealey and herself. Why? Because Garret had a crush on Cealey and Kelsey and Cealey are best friends. Taylor and Carret have atitude problems and are the least liked of everyone. The plan is to put the two that everyone hates together and then get rid of them. Taylor said that she is extremely upset and scared over the partner selection. Dakota said that unless Garret wins he won't get who he wants because he is in a losing situation. Cealey says that she doesn't think that the partner selection is going to work at all. She thinks that it will change and no one will get who they want. It will be ther person who works through it who will win the game. The next challenge is about hanging out. They have to go out over the water. There are two very long bars. The job is to grab onto a bar and hold on. The last person hanging on has the power to choose the first team. As they hang on, they get dragged up into the air and over the water. Kelsey is talking about slipping and that she can feel her fingers slipping. The show end there. We have to wait till next week to fins out who the partners are. it looks like Taylor may be stuck with Garret.

Saturday, October 28, 2006 -- Evening -- Episode 3

Tonight's episode of Endurance: High Sierras is titled Unwind. The show starts with the kids being dragged away to begin the competition. Kelsey keeps on saying that she is slipping and that she can feel her fingers going. Kelsey is the first one in the water with Taylor right after her. Two more girls fall, then Aric is the first guy, and Anna falls right after. Cealey just fell, followed by Christine and Ike. Garret fell next, then Cameron and Connor. LIlly and Dakota are the last two left--a girl and a guy. LIlly fell, and Dakota gets the win. He can pick the first team and it can't be his own. That team will pick the next team who picks the next team and so on. Cameron and Aeriel are the first team. Dakota and Kelsey are the next team. Dakota is happy with it. The third team is Cealey and Alex. Garret is really upset that he can't get Cealey and is going to do something about it. Aric and Lilly are the next team. Max and Kristine are the next team. JD Roth comments on how Taylor looks upset now as they are down to three of each. Taylor says that it's not that she wants someone in particular, but she knows who she is going to get and she just has to stick it out. She said that she has to find a way to come out on top. The next team is ...

Connor and Darcy. They then put Ike and Taylor and Garret and Anna. Taylor admits that she was the only one surprised because she was expecting Garret, and didn't think that she would win up with Ike. The elimination starts today. The first team mission starts in a few hours and the last place team leaves Endurance forever. They now have to take some time to get to know their partners. As JD says, they don't have to come in first, just don't come in last. Cealey was freaked out because she didn't want to leave. Alex and Cealey are talking and Alex tells Cealey that he thinks Anna and Garret would come in last. Alex said that Garret is going to get frustrated with Anna. Alex is happy to be partnered with Cealey because she wants to win and will keep up with the guys. Connor and Darci are talking about being well rounded and thinking that they will do okay if in the physical games and that they will do well in the mental games. Darci also thinks they will do well with teamwork. Ike and Taylor talk about their strategy. Taylor says that she is really smart and will be good with the puzzles. Taylor admits that Ike and Garret were her last two choices. It seems that Garret wasn't even talking to Anna. Anna goes over to Garret and asks if he wants to talk. She admits that she didn't want to be stuck with Garret but will have to see how it goes.

Garret says that he is stuck with someone he doesn't want. Garret thinks he was backstabbed by Alex who has his partner. Anna tries to talk to Garret and tell him that he should try to be tight with the guys. Anna says that Garret shouldn't rub his strength in others faces. Anna said that she was frustrated because Garret wasn't talking to her. Anna said that she didn't know why she was stuck with Garret because she gets along with the other girls. Anna realizes that the guys don't like Garret, and tells Garret that having friends is a big part of the game. Garret doesn't want to listen to her. Anna said that she is done talking to him. They all head to the next competition. JD comments on Taylor being sad then shocked. She said that Ike is very talkative and that she is glad that she got to know him. She is smiling, and says that she is a very huggy person. The mission: each team is going to be tied together by a rope. That rope is going to extend out and is wrapped and tangled around two logs in front of them. All they have to do it untangle enough of the rope to get around a wood barrier. Once a team is across, they can unhook the rope, and pick their team color. The last team won't have a color to pick, and will be eliminated from the game immediately. They all start trying to untangle themselves. There is alot of scrambling. Kristine and Max fell at one point. Two teams finish and pick their colors. The Green team is Alex and Cealey, and the Purple team is Dakota and Kelsey. Cameron and Aeriel are the Red team, and Lilly and Aric are the Yellow team. Then Ike pulls Taylor around because he wants the same color as Max and Kristine and there is a collision.

Orange is Kristine and Max, and Taylor and Ike settle for Blue. Ike is a kid after my own heart and really wanted orange. Darci and Connor made the grey color just seconds ahead of Garret and Anna. JD tells them to be proud because they got this far. They now have a chance to influence the competition. There is a gold frame around the Friendship piece and it is an immunity triangle. They can give the piece and triangle to any of the remaining seven teams and can help the team to prevent themselves from going to the Temple of Fate. Garret and Anna get to take the piece with them and think about it. Their decision will be revealed the next day. Garret said that the experience changed his life because he got to see the Sierra Mountains and meet 20 new people. The rest of the teams grab their pieces and put on their team colors and follow JD Roth to the Pillars of Endurance. The seven teams had the piece that was assigned to the color. Connor didn't want grey because it was the doomed color in some of the other seasons. Grey did win the third season. This season, the champs win a trip to Hawaii.

Saturday, November 4, 2006 -- Evening -- Episode 4

Tonight's episode of Endurance: High Sierras is titled Hot Potato. The show starts with JD Roth arriving at the tree houses, calling everyone out. Garret and Anna left a note and their pyramid piece with the golden triangle of Immunity. Aerial was good friends with Anna, and she gets to read the note from her. Garret and Anna say that they love everyone very much, and wish everyone the best of luck. Garret says no hard feelings. They leave the Friendship piece and immunity to the Purple team of Dakota and Kelsey because they feel family with the Purple team. JD asks Dakota about winning everything so far, and getting the free ride and now the immunity piece. JD asks Dakota if he feels that Purple is surrounded by good karma. Kelsey says that they guess they are doing something right. The immunity can be used to save themselves or to save another team from the Temple of Fate. Aerial says that she is okay with not getting the immunity even though she was good friends with Anna. Kelsey thought that it was going to the Red team. Aerial didn't know why the piece was left to the Purple team, and admits in a confession that she was abit "chucked" about being skipped over. Dakota and Kelsey hang the piece. It seems that eveyrone was very surprised at Purple getting the piece because Garret was very good friends with Cameron and Anna was equally close to Aerial. Alex said it was a big surprise. Lilly says that Purple is ahead of everyone. That makes them a target in Ike's eyes, and he wants to give the Samadhi to Purple, or so he tells Alex and Cealey. Ike (Isaa) claims that will be the fairest thing to do because they have to get rid of the immunity. Cealey calls Alex over and tells him that Ike talks to everyone and is trying to manipulate everyone. Cealey says that Blue is causing all the drama and Ike is freaking everyone out. It seems that everyone wants to get rid of Ike because of how he is acting. Purple talks to the Orange team about how Ike is the biggest target. Taylor is suspicious and trying not to get attention. She wishes that Ike wasn't her partner. Taylor tells Ike not to screw it up for her. She tells him that everyone has a problem with him. Ike tells Taylor that she should tell him who has a problem with him, and she tells him to go and find out. As Taylor says, they will wind up going home if Ike doesn't change himself.

It is now time for the Endurance mission. Each team has two long wooden poles and a bowl. They have to fill the bowls with water at the starting line. Then then have to balance the bowl between the two poles and weave their way through an obstacle course. When they reach the end, they have to pour the water into a barrel. When the barrel is full a flag will raise indicating that the team has won. The team that wins, gets the Leadership piece and the Samadhi. Today, the Samadhi has something different---it's not a disadvantage. JD opens the Samadhi and inside is a picture that indicates that the person who gets the Samadhi will have the ability to switch two players on any two teams, even your own. The winning team can also give it to another team, and make it their choice. So today's Samadhi is about a team switch. The competition starts. They have to duck under the first obstacle, then jump over the second. Green and Red have the early lead. Red team seems to be on fire and have perfect timing. Grey dropped their bucket and have to refill theirs. The air is thin at 6,000 feet, so it is hard to run and breathe. The teams are all racing. Red team has a full bucket lead. Red team had a fall and lost their bucket. Blue now seems to be in the lead, and they do win. Everyone is in shock that Blue won. Blue gets the leadership piece. JD tells Blue to think about the decision and they will have to decide later at the ridge. Kelsey is crying because she is obviously sure that Taylor will split up her and Dakota.

Dakota and Kelsey congratulate Ike and Taylor. Max said that he knew that Taylor did not want to be Ike's partner. Connor said that it was hard to keep the bucket on the sticks. Cameron said that when they spilled their bucket everything was screwed up. Taylor said that she didn't expect it. Aeriel thought that was the last team they all thought would win, and everyone is scared and devastated. Taylor said that she is glad to be tied with Purple. Taylor doesn't want to switch teams around because she doesn't want a target on their back. Max said that he thinks that the switcharoo has become a group decision because Taylor and Ike don't want everyone after them, and they realize that the team switch could have negative implications. Dakota said that he doesn't want to lose his partner. Purple is told that they will be okay because the others don't think it would be fair since Purple already has two pieces and the immunity piece. Kelsey's tears aren't warranted. Aeriel and Cealey approach Cameron and ask if he would mind have Cealey as a partner because she doens't want to be with Alex. Cealey said that she is a step up person. Cealey said that it was an option that she could live with. Everyone thanks Red and Green for stepping up and taking the pressure off of everyone else. Meanwhile Dakota and Kelsey are in a joint confessional, and Dakota says that he just came up with a plan to gyp Blue and Grey. Dakota says he feels so guilty, that they both do, Kelsey, however, says that she feels amazing. Dakota tells Red and Green that they need to encourage Blue to give Red the Samadhi, and then Red will swap Blue and Grey's partners because they are the two teams that everyone wants to get rid of. Max says that Cameron and Dakota are going to talk Blue into giving the Samadhi to Red so they can make the switch themselves. They will then swap the plan around and switch up Blue and Grey. Alex says that Blue should give the Samadhi to one of the teams that want to switch. Ike says that he is afraid of that backfiring on him. Alex says no because his first choice was Aeriel, and says that Ike can give the Samadhi to Cameron. Taylor says that he will give it to Cameron, and starts crying, saying it is so hard. Ike says that he wants to do what everyone else wants because he doesn't want to go to Temple. Connor comes around later and asks if he missed anything, and everyone tells him no. Darci admits that no one wanted to change partners and for Red and Green to step up to do it was a really big move. Lilly says that she feels terrible because Darci is her friend, and even though she isn't backstabbing, she still feels part of it. Red and Green are sticking to the act that they are going to be switched.

The teams climb to the top of the ridge to meet to discuss the events of the day and the giving of the Samadhi. It is going to be the meeting place at the end of the Endurance days. JD says that it is Taylor and Ike's lucky day because they won the challenge. Taylor said that winning was hard. JD said that they didn't have to win. Alex said that they should pass the problem along. Alex said that he would hand the Samadhi off. JD catches him on that and says so whenever you have a problem, just hand it off? Alex says "no, just this one." JD then asks Cealey about looking upset, and she says that everyone knows what is going to happen. Cealey said that it isn't going to be good on her part. Cealey said that she and Alex volunteered to be broken up as partners because she couldn't bear to see anyone else broken up. Cealey says that everyone here is together. Taylor cries and gives the Samadhi to Cameron. Taylor says that she said that she would give the Samadhi to Cameron and he would explain the change. Cameron looks so relieved to have the Samadhi. Cameron said that he does know what he will do. Cameron said that the first player being changed is Connor. Everyone looks knowingly at each other. Taylor is speechless. Cameron then says that Connor is going to the Blue team. JD says that Ike is then going to Grey. At that point, Cameron says that he can't do this. Cealey's mouth drops open, and everyone looks in shock. What will Cameron decide? We have to wait until next week to find out.

Saturday, November 11, 2006 -- Evening -- Episode 5

Tonight's episode of Endurance: High Sierras is titled Move It Along. The show started where we left off last time with Cameron from the Red team having second thoughts about the backstabbing plans to the Blue and Grey teams. JD Roth asks for a final answer. Cameron goes with the change and puts Connor on the Blue team and Ike on the Grey team. Taylor cries and says that she thought she knew what Camreon was going to do because they had talked about it earlier. JD asks Dakota if he knew about it. Dakota admits that he talked to Cameron and JD comments that Dakota seems to be looking around because he doesn't want people to know that he was part of the plan. Dakota admits to having a word and admits that he had a hand in planning it. Dakota said that he was friends with Red and Green and didn't want to see them broken up as Taylor sobs. JD asks when someone's feelings come into play. JD tells Dakota that Taylor is hurt because she had a talk with Cameron and in good faith and trust, gave him the Samadhi because she wanted the least amount of pain for all involved. As he said, Taylor was nice and had the power turned around on her. Dakota said that the game is Endurance. JD said that in the end what is done is done. Taylor said that she trusted them, but she doesn't think that she will do the same in the future. Cameron said that he didn't think that he could do it, but Alex told Cameron to just go with it because Alex wanted to keep Cealey as his partner. Dakota said that he felt guilty. He didn't do it because he didn't like Taylor, Darci, Connor, or Ike. It was just to keep the other teams together. Dakota now says that he is not proud of what he did. The next day, everyone is talking about the plan. Ike said that whatever team he is on appears to be the one that everyone is gunning for. Connor wondered how all of this happened around him. Connor said that he wasn't too upset because he got an extra piece and a better partner, so he made out. Darci thought that it was pretty low of Dakota and Cameron to come up with the plan. Darci admits that Taylor doesn't mind because she wound up with a better partner. Poor Darci is the one who got stuck with the player that everyone loves to hate. Ike and Darci are talking about how the Endurance mission is so important. Darci now doesn't know who to talk to or who to trust anymore. Ike tells Darci that they just have to win the next four missions in a row.

The teams are heading up for the Endurance mission. JD wonders if the Grey and Blue teams are at an advantage or disadvantage. Taylor thinks that she will work well with Connor and that they stand a chance. Darci thinks that they really have to win, and that if they don't, they will probably get the Samadhi. The competition today: They have to race from the starting line to the finish line across the clearing. It looks easy, but they have to race without touching the ground. Each team has two blocks that they can stand on, but there is barely enough room on the block for both team members. The goal is to use the two blocks as stepping stones to get the teams across the clearing. If either falls off the block, they have to go back to start at the beginning. The winning team gets the discipline piece and the dreaded Samadhi. The Red and Orange team fall, and it looks like Green and Yellow have it down pat. Blue fell too. Blue is moving along pretty well and have a good technique and rhythm. Blue is almost there with Green and Orange behind them. The Blue team won because they worked perfectly together. Taylor gives Conner a big hug. Taylor is very happy. Later tonight, they will meet at the ridge to discuss who gets the Samadhi.

Taylor and Connor now have three pyramid pieces. Taylor really likes Connor as her partner, and thinks that her team is becoming quite a threat. Cealey is so upset because Green lost. Taylor and Connor are very happy and think that they are the powerhouses in their confessional. Darci tells Cealey that Connor is smart and will give the Samadhi to a strong team. Ike says if Grey got the Samadhi, he would feel betrayed because Grey and Blue were tight before the switch. Cealey says that Blue should give the Samadhi to the Orange team because they were second. She thinks it might be Green, Purple, or Red. Kelsey is talking to Aeriel, and says that she is worred because after what they all did to Taylor, she can get back at them with the Samadhi. Aeriel and Kelsey said that they don't want to suck up to Taylor because everyone will be doing it. Kelsey says she is going to tell Dakota to turn his flirt on because Kelsey thinks that Taylor likes Dakota. If Dakota can charm Taylor, that will be to Kelsey's benefit. Kelsey says that she wants to keep Purple safe that way. Connor was happy with the win, but not too happy about the Samadhi. He doesn't want to give it to a team that will make the others mad at them. Taylor said that is why they should give the Samadhi to Grey. Connor thinks it is weird because Darci was his partner just yesterday, and he doesn't feel right about it, but Taylor tells him that they have to give it to Grey to keep the others away from them--and to have no enemies. Taylor said that it is safest to give to Grey because they won't have enemies. Connor clears it with everyone, and Dakota flirts with Taylor and assures her that Blue won't go to Temple. Cealey is worried about Blue. Everyone is talking about Blue being so strong and a threat. Cameron says that just because they made a promise, they don't have to keep it. He says it is a game, not a friendship. Cameron tells Cealey that he would send Blue and Grey to the Temple if Red wins.

Everyone is at the ridge. Everyone says that the competition and drama seem to follow Taylor around. JD said when do you cross the line from trying to win to doing the wrong thing. Max points out Dakota. Alex says that everyone knew about the plot behind the twist. They just didn't say anything. JD reminds them of Karma and what goes around comes around. Alex says that Karma does play a role, but not a big enough one. Taylor says that friendships are important, but it's not as important as winning. Taylor wants everyone to tell her what is going on because she is having problems trusting everyone now. Dakota said that seeing the emotions were a wakeup call and he felt horrible. Dakota said that it is still a game. JD reminds Dakota that the Blue team is winning that game, and that they have the Samadhi. Connor says that everyone is good friends and no one has personal problems. Taylor says that the safest way to go would be to give it to Grey. Blue apologizes to their former teammates. What is in the Samadhi? Inside is a note that says 20 seconds, so the team will be at a 20 second disadvantage. Darci said that she knows if they lose, they are going to Temple. Ike says that he is not ready to go home and that he and Darci as underdogs have to prove themselves.

Saturday, January 13, 2007 -- Evening -- Episode 6

Tonight's episode of Endurance: High Sierras is titled Walk the Plank. It's been a long time since a new episode has been shown. From the previews of the episode, it looks like the competition will be a repeat of one that was use on Endurance: Hawaii. All the kids have arrived for the first Temple mission. There are seven planks above the water. One partner will stand at the end of the plank. A long piece of rope is attached that the partner will holding onto. If the partner lets go, the other will be in the water. The last team standing will win. The Grey team's 20 second disadvantage means that Darci walks out to the end of the plank first. That means that Ike has to hold on to a heavier weight for an extra 20 seconds. Max is confident. Taylor was ignoring Connor by constantly yelling encouragement. Nine minutes go by, and then 20. Yellow is starting to slip. Alex of the Green team almost loses his balance. Yellow and Green are having problems, and Yellow is the first to go. Max and Alex are also having problems. Max lets go, and Orange is now out. Darci tells Ike that he is a rock. He looks very steady. Alex lets go of his end and Green is now out. 30 minutes pass to 45. Now they are going to make the challenge even tougher!

When JD Roth counts to five, they have to hold the rope with one hand, and hold with that one hand until the end. Connor says he can't hold on much longer, and he lets go. It is down to Purple, Grey, and Red. Ike finally can't hold on much longer, and Cameron goes shortly after that. The Red team wins. I think that Dakota let go when Ike did to let Cameron win. Back at the tree houses, Ike admitted that he could hold on much longer. He admits that he should have picked his right arm, but that he took the left because it felt better. However, it just started to slip after a few seconds. Ike felt he could have done better with his right arm. Ike thinks that Grey and Yellow will go to Temple. Aeriel agrees with Ike that Grey will probably go. Aeriel says that she and Cameron will each pick a team. Aeriel tells Cameron that if they send Yellow to the Temple that they will come back. Cameron and Aeriel decide to talk to Connor about Darci's intentions and strategy to tell the Yellow team. Connor said that Darci said that if she loses at the Temple, she will stick with the same thing. So Connor tells the Yellow team that if they win to pick the same thing again. Lilly said that she is surprised that Lilly went against her promise to the Yellow team about not sending Aric to Temple. Aeriel feels bad because she made a promise to not send Aric and that maybe she shouldn't have done that. Aeriel admits that seeing Lilly cry was the thing that got ot her. Cameron says that he just wishes the other teams would go into a room and decide who should go. Talk about wimping out!

JD Roth is there for the first Temple selection. For the first time in Endurance history, if a team that is eliminated has more than one piece, they can split the pieces up between the other teams. JD asks the Purple team if they want to use the immunity piece to protect themselves. Red team says that they are sending Grey and Yellow to Temple. Cealey tells Aric that she is sorry and that she wants him back. Aric tells her and Max that Connor told him Darci's strategy. Aric said that he heard Darci will go with the same element. Aric said that you can never tell because she might change it up. As Aric said in confessional, he knows that the teams have a 50-50 chance, but he is still nervous about the outcome. Lilly said that she doesn't think that Yellow deserves to be sent, and can only hope to come back. Everyone tells Yellow and Grey that they love them. Darci said that she will miss the Yellow team the most if Yellow loses. Aric said that he doesn't want to leave just yet. Ike said that if you are negative and mean, you won't have friends and won't go anywhere. Darci admits that her strategy is to pick the same element if she loses the first one. Lilly thinks that they will have an advantage because they know Darci's strategy.

The two teams head to the Temple. JD Roth welcomes them to the Temple of Fate. The teams have to pick an element and write the answer on wood. They have to pick the dominant element between wood, water, and fire. They now make their first selections. Ike says that they should do water. Yellow picks wood and Grey picks water. Yellow looks very happy because they know that with their win, they will know that Darci will stick with water. Lilly talks to Aric and they pick wood again. Meanwhile, Darci is talking to Ike, and it sounds like they will go with something else. Yellow picks wood and Grey picked water. Yellow wins and will go back. Darci and iKe both look upset. JD congratulates the Yellow team. They head back to the camp to the wild cheers of everyone there.

Sunday, January 21, 2007 -- Evening -- Episode 7

A new episode of Endurance: High Sierras was on last night. It was titled Fill & Spill. The show starts the morning afterthe Temple ceremony at the tree houses. JD Roth calls the kids down. Lilly is wearing the Grey bandana that Darci gave her. Lilly admits it wasn't easy to see the Grey team go. The Grey team left behind their luck piece and a note which Taylor gets to read. Darci and Ike tell every that they can't believe the curse of the Grey lives on. Grey told everyone to remember that what goes around comes around. A note to Blue team, Darci said that she loved Connor but that Ike thought that Taylor should trade the trip to Hawaii for a trip to the Temple of Fate. Taylor smirks. Last but not least, Grey wishes Yellow the best of luck and leave the luck piece to Yellow. Yellow is now in a tie for second. Connor is asked about Grey feeling targetted as the game went on. Connor said that they were, but that they had to be targetted as strategy. Everyone is told there is no Samadhi, but the person who wins the challenge will have an advantage. Taylor thought Ike was mean with what he said. Aric said that it feels great to be the first team to come back from the Temple of Fate. Everyone is talking about it being weird to have to send two teams next. Connor tells everyone that he feels sorry for targetting Grey and asks if they agree. They say yes, but then start saying that Ike was mean. Connor admits that he must have been the only one who was starting to like Ike. Connor said that he wants to play based on stratgy from now on to ensure his team victory. Aeriel said that everyone wanted Grey team gone and that they all acted together as one huge team. As she said when she is alone, what they did to Grey team wasn't fair and it wasn't right. As of now, Aeriel says everyone is friends and cool, but they can't be one giant team aginst the Grey team. Alex tells others not to get mad if they get sent to the Temple because it's just a game, and Connor agrees.

It is time for the challenge. One player from each team is going to be standing on a platform holding onto bars hanging above them. Each bar is connected to a long rope which is connected to the barrels hanging by the shoreline. When JD says go, the team member on shore will fill a bucket and use it to fill the barrel of any team that they want to elminate from the game. Add enough water and the weight of the barrel will lift the player holding the bar up into the air. As long as that person holds on, the team is in the game. Last team hanging on wins the game and the "Hard" pyramid piece. The winner also gets to create the two Super Teams because the next Temple mission will be six on six. Everyone gets a bucket of water. Yellow is the only team to have a girl hanging on, and everyone seems to be going after Yellow. Some teams are starting to spread it around. Dakota is yelling that the person going after him shouldn't. Now they are going after Blue, but Lilly is the first dragged into the air. Green with Alex is in the air, and so is Blue. Cealey is going after Purple. Connor tells Taylor to target Red and Orange. Red is the only one hanging on the platform. Eveyrone is trying to hang on to win. Lilly gave up and she is out. Connor is next and Blue is gone. Green is out now too. Cameron is next. That leaves Max and Dakota. Dakata said he isn't falling, and Max says he will let go if Dakota is good to him. Dakota agrees and Max lets go. Purple wins. Kelsey and Khristine made a promise not to put water in their barrels before the game, and both kept to their promise and wouldn't fill the others barrel at the end.

Max said that he is mad. He tells Yellow and Blue that he told Dakota that he would let go if Dakota thought of him in forming the Super Team. After he let go, Max realized there was also a piece involved. Aric asks Max if he thought he could have held on to win. Max said that he isn't sure. Dakota thinks that he could have held on much longer. Max thinks he could have won the game. Cealey said that Purple won the piece because people are just giving them things instead of making them compete. Aeriel talks to Green and Red about who would make up the Super Teams. Dakota said that he wants Red and Green as one Super Team. Blue and Yellow notice that Red, Green, and Purple are in the crow's nest talking together. Aric notices that they are having a big team discussion. Orange joined them, and only Blue and Yellow feel alienated. Taylor and Connor realize that they are the ones to be targeted. Up in the crow's nest, Cealey comments that Blue and Yellow know what is going on because they can see the four teams up in the crow's nest. They decide that it will be Purple, Red, and Orange on one team, and Green, Yellow, and Blue on the other and that Yellow and Blue will go to Temple. Kristine said that they were discussing the best strategy to send Yellow and Blue to Tmeple. Max said that he doesn't like Green having a free ride. Max said that he deserves the free ride. Alex said that if Max wanted to win, he should have held on to win. Orange wants the free ride. Max tells Alex not to talk. Taylor said that she doesn't trust Cealey because she said that Green and Purple are the popular teams. Back in the crow's nest, Max tells Green that they can't talk and Dakota said that he and Kelsey would make the final decision. Orange doesn't want Green to be put on the Yellow and Blue Super team because he will really be angry. I don't think Max understands that if he is on the winning Super Team, he is fine.

It is now time for Purple's decision. The teams travel to the Ridge. JD said that the Purple team seems unstoppable even though Dakota can't even really see since he has his hair in his eyes all the time. Kelsey says that it is a good strategy to be friends with everyone because they don't want to make anyone mad at them. Taylor said that you have to think of the game and who you can trust. Taylor said that they have the most trust in Yellow. JD said that Yellow is like the new Grey--the team that everyone is targetting. LIlly said that she hasn't thought of it that way, but that it probably is true. Aric is asked about it, and he says he is not too happy about it and is upset by it. Aric thinks that honesty should be foremost in the game. Aric said that he doesn't know why it is so hard to come flat out and tell people how they feel. He thinks it isn't a popularity contst and that there are teams that should be targetted that aren't, and that he doesn't understand why everyone considers Yellow such a big threat. No one says anything. Cealey said that she can be honest and that everyone else is loud and likes to talk alot. Yellow is quite and sweet and that makes them different from the rest. Dakota said that it is more of a friendship. Taylor says popularity. JD said that Taylor has brought up the word that everyone else is trying to dance around in the other four teams. Popularity. JD said that the thing to do is to target the strong teams, and Aric agrees. JD asks Purple for their first Super Team. Kelsey said that it will be Purple, Red, and Orange. So Green, Yellow and Blue are on the otehr team. The next day's Temple mission will be one of the most challenging challenges to date. Aric said that he is not going to sit back and let them do this to him because he worked way to hard to get this far, and to just lose over some stupid personality contest that you have to battle against in high school and life in general. Aric says it's not going to happen in there. Aric said that one of the Purple, Green, or Red has to go.

Sunday, January 28, 2007 -- Early Evening -- Episode 8

A new episode of Endurance: High Sierras was on last night. It was titled Superboats. The super teams were competing in this episode. The episode starts with Taylor talking to the Yellow team. She says that Purple is carrying Green because Dakota and Cealey have a thing going on. Aric comments that Green claims to be in on the compeition with Yellow and Blue, but both Alex and Cealey are wearing Purple shorts. Lilly said that she doesn't want to go to Temple against Blue, and Aric thinks that the others should go to Temple. JD Roth arrives at the tree houses. The kids come out. JD comments that he learned an awful lot about the kids last night at the meeting. JD talks about Purple putting the Green team on the other super team. JD comments that Cealey has purple shorts and questions their committment to giving their all for their super team. JD explains what will happen. The super team that wins has all three team safe. If you lose, two of the teams on the losing super team will go to Temple. JD then tells them that only one team on the super team will play the challenge. They have 15 minutes to discuss which team will represent the super team. Cameron said that Blue will compete. Cameron said that they easily picked the Purple team because they were sure that Purple would win. Kristing of the Orange team said that it was weird putting her fate in Purple's hands because she would rather decide her own fate. Blue and Yellow say that they need to win to turn the game around.

The teams go to the lake for the competition. JD says that he realizes that alot has been decided in the past 15 minutes. When JD says go, the designated team from the super team is going to paddle out to the middle of the lake. They have to collect the three team color flags from the lake, and can only grab one flag at a time. That means they have to make three trips. The first to get all three flags wins the challenge. JD finds out that Blue and Purple will compete. The teams get into position. They are laying on their stomachs on bamboo rafts. Purple gets their flag first and has a slight lead. Purple is heading out as the Blue team comes in. The race looks close with the second flag, and Purple is just barely in front of Blue. Blue is moving slow though. It looks like Blue was catching up, but they lost to Purple. Obviously, Yellow and Blue are going to be heading to Temple. The winning super team decides who goes to the Temple from the losing team.

The teams head back to the tree house. Max says that he is going to try to get Yellow out of going, and is going to fight to send Green. Max talks to the other two teams about deciding who will be sent to Temple, and annoying Dakota says Blue and Yellow. Dakota is annoying by talking in a monotone and claiming that they talked, and Yellow and Blue are going. Alex gets offended that Max was considering sending him, and Max said that he thought they should at least talk about it. I really don't like Dakota. Max says in confessional that he tried to get a meeting with his super team, but it didn't happen because they already knew that it was Blue and Yellow. Max said that he can't keep fighting. Max realizes that Cealey is onto him. Red, Green, and Purple talk about their alliance and say they feel bad, but the others have to go. I really hope that those three teams get some bad karma. JD goes to the tree houses to find out who is going to the Temple. JD says that Purple is either very good or very lucky. Kelsey says "or maybe a little bit of both." JD comments that as he looks at the teams, he can only remember what was said at the previous meeting at the ridge to determine the super teams. JD says that he knows where it is going, but they still have to say it. Kelsey says that it is Blue and Yellow. Taylor cries, and Aric and Lilly look despondent. Taylor goes into the tree house to cry, and Aeriel tells Taylor to stop crying. Taylor says that it just hurts to either see someone leave or to go herself. Connor said that he didn't imagine going to Temple this early, but the super teams left no options. Aric says that if Yellow survives the Temple game, they will step it up in challenges. Aric just wants to come back to win and hopes he can. Everyone says good-bye to the two teams. Connor said that it is lose/lose because the Yellow team probably deserves to be there more than others. Lilly said that everyone thought Yellow would be strong, and she did too, but they haven't proved that yet. Lilly would like to come back to prove that Yellow is strong.

Blue and Yellow hed to the Temple of Fate. LIlly has her shirt signed by everyone who was still there. It is now time for the competition. Yellow picks fire, and Blue picks water. Blue team wins the first game. Aric and Lilly talk about their choice, and Taylor is shaking as she writes down Blue's choice. In the second game, Yellow picks wood, and Blue picks fire. Blue team is headed back. Lilly cries and hugs Aric. JD tells them they have alot to be proud of because they played an honest game. Blue goes back and everyone seems happy to see them. They are greeted by hugs and cheers. The next episode is a look back at the season so far.

Sunday, February 11, 2007 -- Morning -- Episode 9

A new episode of Endurance: High Sierras was on last night. It was titled It's a Drag. The show starts the morning after Yellow was eliminated. Kelsey read the note that Yellow left behind. The Yellow team started by saying that it was a great experience to meet everyone and be on Endurance. Then the note said, "but the next time you send a team to Temple, send them by how they perform in missions and how they treat others, not by how cool, or loud, or funny they are." As Yellow said, they could have been outgoing, but they were too focused on the game. Yellow leaves their pieces to the Blue team. As Yello said, the Blue team deserved it, and they hope Blue goes all the way. Blue now has five pieces. JD Roth reminds everyone that nothing in the game is set in stone, because another team is going home in today's episode. He leaves the others. Connor said that the others are targetting them because of the number of pieces they have. Connor isn't sure that he is happy to get both pieces because it puts a huge target on Blue's back. Dakota and Kelsey are talking together about how they have been carrying Green, and that has to stop. As Dakota says, Purple is getting sick of carrying Green. Dakota says in confessional that if Purple wins the mission, they may send Green because they have been babying Green the whole time. Cealey tells Alex that they will go home if they don't win. Cealey tells Alex that they have to do everything to win, and really have to get into team mode. Alex realizes that they have to win this mission to not go to Temple. Cealey said that her adrenelin is flowing, and she is pumped up and ready to go.

It is time for the competition. The competition will be to drag a barrel filled with water from the start to the finish line. Each barrel is over 280 pounds, and all they have is a sled and three logs. They will only these items to pull the barrels up the hill to the finish line. The race starts. Cealey starts pulling, and Alex moves the logs and helps Cealey pull. Cealey is on a mission to drag that barrel up the hill. Green takes the lead, and Purple is far behind. JD comments on how strong Cealey is. Green team has a huge lead over the other teams, and Cealey is screaming the entire time to Alex. Green team wins in a huge victory.

Cealey talks to Alex about how they crushed the other teams. Alex said that they knew other teams were upset that they were getting a free ride, but it is the first of many wins. Green tells Blue and Orange that they are going to Temple. Connor understands that it Blue is an easy target because they have five pieces, and Taylor has made it clear that she wants Green to be gone. Connor jokes about convincing them to send Red. Meanwhile, Dakota and Cealey hold hands. Kristine and Max come up with a plan to go to Dakota and tell him to go to Blue and tell Taylor what Orange's strategy is for Temple. Max tells Dakota to tell Blue the strategy. Then Max tells Dakota that he will use the opposite strategy and Orange will win. Dakota says that he will tell Blue whatever Max tells him. Max and Kristine tell Dakota to say that Orange will choose water the whole time. Dakota went to Blue and told them that Orange would choose water all the time. Taylor isn't falling for it though because as she said, she has been lied to the whole time. She trusted them, and they stabbed her in the back. Taylor thinks that she realizes that Dakota is lying. Dakota then tells Kelsey to tell Taylor the same thing because they think that Taylor trusts Kelsey the most. Kelsey lies to Taylor and tells her that Taylor should trust Dakota and believe him. Kelsey claims that she doesn't like to backstab because that's not the type of person that she is, but if she has to do it she will. Taylor admits that she doesn't trust anyone except for Connor at this point. Taylor says that Kelsey is a great friend, but she can't trust. Taylor says that she will go with water first. JD arrives to ask Green who will go to Temple. Before he does that though, he asks Purple if they want to use the Immunity piece that Dakota is holding. Purple says that they don't want to use the piece just yet. Cealey says it is hard to send two teams, but that they are sending Orange and Blue. Dakota gives Cealey a hug. Alex tells Connor that it is the second time he has to say good-bye to him, and Connor replies that there will be a third time too.

Orange and Blue head to Temple. JD welcomes both teams to the Temple of Fate. JD asks Taylor if she brought the good luck charms that she had last time. Taylor says one of them. She said that the other came from Kelsey, and she told Kelsey to hold on to it because she didn't want her to choose between Blue and Orange. JD said that sounded very fair. The team that picks the dominant element wins the round, and the team that wins two rounds goes back to camp. Both teams have made their choices. Blue picked water, and Orange picked fire. Max smirks, and Taylor comments that lying your way through the game doesn't work. In the second round, Blue picks fire and Orange picks water. The rounds are tied. It is now time for the final round. Blue picks fire again, and Orange picks wood. Blue team wins and is headed back. Taylor admits that what you get for lying. JD reminds Blue team that there is alot of game left. Everyone welcomes Connor, and Taylor tells Dakota that she is so mad at him because he lied to her. What will happen in the next episode?

Saturday, February 17, 2007 -- Evening -- Episode 10

A new episode of Endurance: High Sierras was on tonight. It was titled Create Your Own Game. This has been the theme of the show every season when they get to the final four. So far, the Red team of Cameron and Aeriel have been laying low. I wonder if that will continue in this episode. The show starts with JD showing up in the morning after Orange was eliminated. He says he has a surprise, and reminds them that they are down to the final four and they should be proud of that. As JD says, the game is near the end and everything is heating up. Dakota read Orange's note, but first JD asks if he can read the note through all that hair. Dakota says that he can see. I have to agree with JD that the hair in the eyes is really annoying and unattractive. Why hide your eyes if you are an honest and sincere person? The note: Orange says they are all excellent contestants and friends--especially Taylor. Then Max (I assume) admits to kidding. Orange says that Purple is doing well, but wonders why they gave Green team a free ride on the super teams. Red is told to be watch their backs because if they don't win the next mission, they are on their way to Temple. Orange leaves their Strength piece to Red for that reason. The four are told that it is time for them to create the game from the supplies in front of them. Once they agree on the rules and scoring, they compete for the Ingenuity piece and the Samadhi. They all begin coming up with plans. Taylor says that everyone is trying to come up with things they are good at so they will win, and no one is listening to anyone else. Dakota went off to sulk--as he calls it "retreating away to think because I think my ideas are better." Kelsey came up with a plan to throw the ball from one bucket to bucket. Dakota sulks and whines about how they could have made a better game (I suppose if they only listened to him). Kelsey said that maybe they could but they only have so much time to come up with the game. Dakota is an extremely annoying whiny baby. Dakota was concerned about having a "cool" game, but he will try really hard to win the competition. Ummm...if the game the others picked is so lame, then someone as superior as Dakota should easily win, shouldn't he?

It is now time for the competition. A member from each team is going to have a bucket. They are going to put a ball in the bucket, and one person has to run between the markers while the other person has to toss them the ball from the bucket. The runner has to catch the ball in another bucket. They have to work the ball down until they get to the barrel at the end. The route is marked off with five separate lines that each player has to stand behind to add difficulty to the game. They have five balls. When they get the fifth ball in the barrel, they have to grab the flag and run back. The competition is not about who comes in first, but not coming in last. The team that finishes last will automatically be selected to go to the Temple of Fate. The Blue and Red team have thsir ball in. Purple gets the ball in first, then Blue. They have to move the ball from bucket to bucket. Blue has the lead after Purple loses the ball. Blue has three and is rushing to win. Blue gets a miss, but keeps the ball in play. Blue only needs one more ball to win. Red is having alot of difficulty. Blue is the winner of the challenge. Everyone else has to keep going because it is who is last. Purple is second, and Green is third. The Red team is last and will be going to Temple. Blue also gets the Samadhi to give to another team. Red can save themselves only if they win the Temple mission. They will then choose the two teams to go to the Temple. Cealey tries to cause problems by saying that Taylor hit Green's ball. From watching it, Green lost their ball, and it went into the Blue lane and hit Taylor. Cameron says really, and sorry. Cealey has alot of attitude. I call it being a poor loser. Taylor tells us that Connor wants to the Samadhi to Purple while Taylor wants to it to Green because shs doesn't want them around anymore. Connor goes to Kelsey and says that he wants to be honest about giving Purple the Samadhi. Kelsey says that Taylor said something about giving the Samadhi to Green. Cealey wwon't let go of the fact that the Green ball hit Taylor. Cealey tries to make it sound like Taylor did it on purpose because her elbow was out. My only comment is poor loser because the Green ball should NOT have been in the Blue lane.

Kelsey tells Taylor that Cealey is telling everyone that Taylor cheated in the competition by purposefully hitting the ball in their lane. Taylor starts crying and says that she is really getting sick and tired of everyone hating her. Kelsey says that she has to admit that it would be hard to cheat when the ball comes into your lane right as you are running past it and think to elbow it down the hill. Kelsey says that's not something that goes through her mind. Taylor says that she was just racing for herself. Kelsey says she is the only one who is nice to Taylor and consoles Taylor when she is crying after others are mean to Teylor. As Kelsey says, she is the one who is nice and she gets the Samadhi. Meanwhile, Cealey who is always mean winds up going scott free. Kelsey tells Taylor to talk to Connor about giving Green the Samadhi. Aeriel tells Cealey that Kelsey is talking to Taylor, and Cealey roars. (Interesting how Cealey and Dakota--the two most annoying characters like each other.) Cealey says that Kelsey is making her angry because Kelsey is talking to the enemy, Taylor. Cealey says she has to talk to Kelsey. Connor and Taylor talk. Connor doesn't want to give the Samadhi to Purple because Kelsey is her only friend. Connor asks if they can trust anyone, and Taylor says that she won't give it to Kelsey. Connor said that Kelsey didn't have a problem sending Taylor in the past. Connor said that Purple has plotted to get rid of Blue twice, and not they are supposed to believe Purple wouldn't send them to Temple? Meanwhile Kelsey and Cealey are talking. Cealey says that she doesn't like that Kelsey is hanging out with Taylor, and Kelsey says that it is because Cealey is always hanging out with Dakota because they have this flirting thing going on and Kelsey didn't want to interrupt. Cealey said that she is occupied beccause Kelsey is with Taylor. Kelsey says Taylor knows that Cealey is saying that Taylor cheated and she was crying. Cealey starts screaming about Taylor crying all the time and she has to stop. Meanwhile Connor and Taylor hear Cealey's big mouth from a distance. This makes Taylor cry and Aeriel runs to tell them and Cealey calls Taylor a five year old. Cealey tells Aeriel though that Kelsey is only being nice to Taylor to suck up. What a huge bunch of losers!

This is the last time they get to meet on the ridge. JD says that one of the facts is that no team who won in Endurance history hasn't gone to the Temple. That isn't true because the Blue team, winner of the first Endurance, never went to Temple before the final. JD asks Green if they are concerned. Alex said that he doesn't want to be handicapped. He then says that if he was Blue he would have to give it to Purple, but then he is not Blue, so Purple shouldn't worry. Cameron said that he is going to go into the next day's mission with confidence and win. Taylor says that she doesn't like to be called a cheater. JD asks who called her a cheater, and is told that it is Cealey, who is grinning broadly. Taylor explains that Cealey claimed that Taylor purposefully elbowed Green's ball. Cealey says she doesn't necessarily think that Taylor is a cheater, and then Cealey claims that she didn't call Taylor a cheater. JD says that they have been out there a long time, and have to find out how to get along. Cealey says that sometimes you just can't get along with people and it's not meant to be. JD doesn't agree to that--he says he doesn't buy it, and says that you have to spend time with people to find out who they are, and to keep an open mind. JD says that in life you aren't always going to be around people you like, and you have to find out how to get along with others and should spend time trying to get along and knowing each other. It is now time to give the Samadhi to someone. Connor says that tomorrow they know they have to win, and the smartest thing was to give it to Purple so Blue can win. Inside the Samadhi is a rope of five feet. They will have a five food disadvantage in the game which will make it alot more difficult. Connor said that Blue has to win the next mission.

Sunday, February 25, 2007 -- Afternoon -- Episode 11

A new episode of Endurance: High Sierras was on last night. It was titled Fill 'Er Up. The show starts with the four teams headed to the Temple Mission compoetition. The kids have been out there nearly two weeks, and the game should be over in a few days. Connor says that he has a good feeling about today because they need to win or Blue will go to Temple for the third time. Purple is reminded that they have the immunity piece so they don't go to Temple regardless. Dakota says that he wants things his way in the top three. JD reminds him that he has wanted things his way since the beginning of the game. Red has to win or they go to Temple, and if Green and Purple don't win, Green goes to Temple. At bottom of a inclined six foot long tube is a team colored float. When JD says go, each team has to fill up the tube from a barrel of water yards away on an incline. As the water level rises the float rises. The first team to get the float out of the tube wins. They only have a short pipe to carry the water from the barrel to the tube. The pipe has openings on both ends which makes carrying the water more difficult. The Purple team has an additional five feet distance between their barrel and tube. Cealey reminds us that Green or Purple needs to win for Green not to go to Temple. The teams start running....

and everyone uses a different technique to carry the water. It looks like Purple got the most water the first time. Purple has twice the amount of water, and Green has practically no water. Purple has made the half way point in their tube. Red is tied with Purple and Blue and Green are not doing well at all. It looks like Purple is going to win. Cealey is cheering on Purple because that is the way for them to be safe in the game. Purple almost has enough water. Their piece is at the lip, and Dakota runs back to get the last bit of water. Cealey attacks Kelsey, and they fall to the ground. Purple is a lock for the final three. Red is definitely going to Templ. Cealey said that Purple winning is like Green winning. Cealey tells Aeriel to just come back. Connor said that it was embarrassing because they practically didn't get anything into the Blue tube. Connor doesn't want to go a third time, and he doesn't know if it is easier or harder to go. Cealey irritates Cameron by dancing around and saying that she is going to the final three. Funny, the Green and Purple team have been irritating me for a long time. Cameron said that he wished Green would show more sympathy for them, but that would mean that Cealey would have to be something other than the self-centered girl she is. Cameron said that he is not nervous about tonight at the Temple, but doesn't know what to do.

JD joins the foursome to find out which of the three teams will join Red at the Temple. JD said that it was obvious that Red could see that Purple took an alliance with Green over Red. JD asks Dakota if they will use the immunity piece to save the Red team from going to Temple. Purple is not going to use it, but today is the last time they can use it. The immunity ride is now over. The two losing teams in the next Temple mission go to Temple. Dakota stands there with his hair in his eyes, and JD says that he knows without asking from Green's reaction after Purple's win that Blue will be going, and Purple confirms it. Cameron asks Connor if he is nervous. Connor said that he can't imagine going home tonight. Connor hopes to be the person who breaks the three trips to the Temple and you're out curse. Taylor says that Connor wears the same underwear, pants, shirts, socks, and puts Mongo in his pocket. Mongo is monkey stuffed animal, and as Taylor says, Mongo is everything to Connor, and if it works, then that's all to the better. Taylor comments on wearing an Undefeated shirt that she has because it would be appropriate. Kelsey, Cealey, and Aeriel give each other the eye because they want Red to be the team that comes back. Aeriel says that the Temple is a scary place, and she really doesn't want to leave the High Sierras. Cameron said that if Red comes back, they will just have a huge party back at camp that night.

Blue and Red have arrived at the Temple of Fate. Taylor does have her undefeated shirt on. JD reminds them that no team has gone to the Temple three times and gone back. JD reminds them that Blue is still in the lead with pieces and is undefeated at the Temple so far. For the first round, Blue picks water and Red picks wood. Red team wins the first round. Taylor tells Connor not to worry about it. Red team picks fire and Blue team picks water. Blue team has won. They move on to a tie break. Aeriel looks upset at the loss. Aeriel tells Cameron that she doesn't want it left up to her. Blue picks Fire and Red picks wood. Blue has beaten the odds. Taylor couldn't look and had her face in Connor's shoulder. Aeriel and Cameron are both teary eyed. Connor says "love you guys" to Red, and Aeriel said that she loves them too. Connor said that they others can't get rid of them. JD said that after everything that they have been through since day one, he is more than impressed with the Blue team. He tells them that Blue gets the pleasure of telling the others who's boss. Green and Purple are shocked and upset to see Blue and not Red. The next episode seems interesting because we find out that one team will have a huge advantage that will be given to them by a vote from the five teams that have been voted off! This should be really interesing!

March 4, 2007 -- Evening -- 12th episode

A new episode of Endurance: High Sierras was on last night. It was titled All Tied Up. There are only three teams left on Endurance. JD Roth joins them the morning after Red was eliminated. JD has a shirt with a three on it for the three remaining teams. Taylor and Connor say they feel awesome to be back. Kelsey reads the note that Red left behind. The Red team said that they would remember everyone because they were like family. Red says that they really admire Blue for everything they have gone through. Cealey and Alex are told that they are very lucky because they had a free ride in the game. Both laugh. Red realizes in looking back that Green getting the free ride affected the Red team. Red said that they believe Purple team's word that Purple would keep them in the game, but because of Purple, Red is gone. The Red team leaves their Strength piece to the Green team and Knowledge to the Blue team. Blue now has seven pyramid pieces. We now hear that Karma is going to come back. As JD explains, it is about how you play the game, and what goes around, comes around. One team will have an advantage that is given by the teams have been eliminated. Each team that left got to vote for one player that they would like to help. JD has the results of the voting. The team with the greatest number of votes will have the biggest advantage. Dakota gets one vote, Cealey gets zero votes, Taylor gets one vote. Kelsey gets one vote. Alex needs at least two votes to tie Purple, but he got zero votes. Connor needed more than one vote for Blue to have the advantage. Connor got...

four votes. He got the most votes of anyone. As JD says, the Blue team just seems unstoppable. Connor was shocked to have four votes. Taylor said that Connor deserves it because he was the nicest to everyone. Alex doesn't think that people hated him, and thought that he made some good friends during his time on Endurance. Alex thought he should have gotten one or two votes. Dakota was so upset because Red didn't give him a piece. Dakota and Alex are totally clueless. Cealey realizes that no one likes her. Cealey now regrets being harsh and mean to people. Boo-hoo for Cealey. Kelsey didn't think much of Dakota just getting one vote because she thought that they would get more. As Kelsey says, she thought that Dakota might have made some people mad, but she thought that she was nice to people and didn't make anyone mad. Kelsey reevaluates her friendships--without thinking about how her actions got her where she is. I really dislike both Purple and Green team because they both have such shallow teammates. Taylor tells the two whiners that it is final three and they have to think about the game. Taylor feels great going into the final game, and thinks that Blue can take it all and win. JD said that he likes how competitive the three teams are because they are trying to figure out the game. The game? Wrapped around a log that extends out of a central piece are three criss-crossing ropes. One end of each rope is attached to the log. The other is attached to a team color ball. The first team to untangle their ropes win. The Blue team starts 30 seconds before everyone else. Taylor tells Connor that they have to win so bad. Taylor and Connor start, but they don't get very far before Green and Purple start.

Purple and Green are working really quick. Taylor and Connor don't seem to be moving as well as the others. Green is on fire, and Cealey is working really hard. Green and Blue are about half way. Green is working fast and have just about caught up with Blue. The 30 second advantage doesn't seem to be working. Green and Purple have overtaken the Blue team. Green is working really hard. It is going to come down to Green and Purple. Darn! Purple wins. They are going to the finals. Blue is going for the fourth time to the Temple. Dakaota is annoying about not going to Temple. Connor felt that he wasted the Karma thing because they were moving so slowly at the beginning. Connor feels that he just blew it. Cealey feels bad about trying her hardest, and says that if she leaves she will wish that she was nicer or could have respected Taylor more. Cealey admits that Blue worked hard to get there, and she won't feel bad if they go on to the final two. Connor thought that it would be the day that he would get a break from the Temple. Connor thinks if they can get past the Temple, they can win. Taylor also tries to psych herself up by saying she won't be going home tonight. Taylor thinks she is going to win her trip to Hawaii. Alex thinks the fourth time is the charm, and he will take out Blue.

Blue and Green make the trip to the Temple of Fate. Whoever wins goes to the finals. Whoever loses goes home one day away from winning it all. How harsh that will be! Green picked wood, and Blue picked water. Green has won one. Alex tells Connor that he loves him. Green picked wood, and Blue picked water again. Green wins, and Cealey is crying. Taylor is too, and Connor tries to comfort her. JD tells Blue they have alot ot be proud of in the way they played the game. Cealey does seem a tad upset about Taylor crying this time. When Green gets back, Dakota and Kelsey start screaming. The two most obnoxious teams compete in the finals.

Saturday, March 17, 2007 -- Evening -- 13th episode and Finale

The finale of Endurance: High Sierras was broken into two episodes that were shown back to back. The first was titled Slingshot Alley. JD Roth comes to the treehouses to talk to the final two teams. JD congratulates them, and says that Blue was very upset after losing. The final mission for the two teams will be a battle for the eight remaining pieces (Blue's seven and the Courage piece). JD says that it would be nice for the two teams to memorialize the teams that left. Green and Purple will get to pain the treehouses with notes and messages. They will then meet down at the lake for the final mission.

As an aside, there was a commercial for the next season of Endurance. Fans are told to go to Discovery Kids to audition. There will also be a secret code in one of the commercials during the Finale episode that will give you access to JD's five tips to have a good audition and get you considered for Endurance. The secret code word is Karma.

While they were painting, Cealey admitted that Taylor was alot like her and that may be why they didn't get along. They also said that Cameron and Connor were nice and positive people. Aeriel was the supermodel. Kelsey says that she misses the Orange team. They remembered everyone and had positive things to say about them all. As Cealey says, you learn so much about people by living with them. Kelsey admitted that she was always wanting to go home because there weren't alot of modern things for them to use. Alex said that he learned to appreciate mattresses. Cealey and Alex talk about winning all the pieces. As Cealey said, they are one piece down from Purple, and she wants to get at least five to show the others that Green belonged. Alex thinks Green is the best team under pressure. Dakota says "that victory thing is starting to look cool" because they are close to winning. Dakota is the most annoying person ever on Endurance. I have to admit that I really don't like either the Green or Purple team.

The four arrive for the final mission with war paint on their cheeks. One player from each team is going to be behind a team colored sling shot in the water. They have to shoot a team colored ball to the other team mate on shore who has to catch the ball with a rack. On shore is a rack with a slot for every piece. The team to get their ball in the rack for that piece will win the piece. In theory, one team could get all eight pieces. The guys stay on shore while the girls are in the lake. Purple caught the first ball and put it into luck. Alex caught a ball for Green. Alex is having problems with the ball bouncing in and out of his rack. Green got another and Alex chose trust. Green took Knowledge, and then Purple got one. Green got another and then so did Purple. Green is in the lead and gets the last one. Green got five pieces. With their two it adds up to seven. Purple got three pieces to add to their three for a total of six. Alex was very happy because they have seven pieces. Alex is feeling confident but admits that it is anyone's game. I am hoping Green wins because of the two, I really dislike Purple more.

Cealey was very happy to win the final mission and said that it feels awesome to have the lead. Kelsey was whining about her slingshot folding in half all the time. Dakota was depressed because Green was ahead by one. The whining Purple team goes on and on about feeling depressed, but that they did good and shouldn't be depressed. Alex and Cealey felt good to come up big in the last mission. Alex and Cealey sais that they were so close they could smell Hawaii. Dakota says that he feels like a hypocrite because although he wanted Green there, he thinks that Purple deserved it more. Dakota, being the jerk that he is, says he doesn't want to talk to Green now because he doesn't want them to win. What a jerk! He doesn't want to talk to his "best" friends because he thinks he deserves to win more than thay and that Green might win by luck. JD comes to the treehouses and talks about their time there. He talks about how it was 40 degrees at night and 80 degrees during the day. JD calls Dakota on some of the things that he did that were negative. JD reminds them that in the past, Green and Purple have never won. Next up is the final Temple of Fate.

Time for the last half hour. The Finale starts with JD Roth giving the four kids the Karma piece. JD says that this will remind them of Karma throughout their lives. JD Roth gives the teams their small metal replicas of their pieces. Dakota thought that the Karma piece was neat. They all signed the back of their pieces. Kelsey thought that she would never make it to the end. As she said, some of the games were challenging, but that it was hard to be away from friends and family. Dakota said his proudest moment was making the top two. Dakota doesn't want to see Green win and taking things away from him. Alex thought that it was all about winning, but that he realized that winning wasn't the most important, but making friends. Cealey said that it made her stronger when Green started winning things.

Cealey said that she is going to miss the sights and sounds of the High Sierras. Alex said that he can't walk away from the friendship that he made during Endurance. Alex said that there is nothing to be nervous about because he is friends with Purple, and if they win, it's all good. Dakota said that he is really nervous and wants to win. Kelsey said that luck isn't in your favor when you are too full of yourself as Green is. JD asks Purple how they feel at being at Temple. As JD says, win or lose, they are going home. It is now time for the search for the Gold pyramid. The team has to place a pyramid piece in front of the silver pyramid that hids the gold. The team with the fewest pieces goes first, and can place as many as they want as long as they leave at least one pyramid open. Purple puts out two and Green puts out one. Cealey looks tearful. Purple wins. Now Purple has seven to six. There are now four pyramids. They put out two and Purple has to put out two.

Green wins and collect all four pieces. Green now has eight and Purple five. Dakota wants to put out three, but Kelsey says three. Cealey looks like she cries all the time. Purple wins, and now they have eight and Green has five. There are six silver pyramids now. They put out three pieces. Green wins. They now have eight and Purple has five. There are now seven pyramids. Purple puts out three pieces and Green has to put out four pieces. And the gold pyramid is...

under Green's piece. Green wins the round. Green now has 11 pieces and Purple has two. Alex said that is is okay, and Kelsey says "no it's not." Alex said "it's just a game." Kelsey is such a brat. Green wins, and they now have 12 pieces and Purple only has one. JD tells them it is the biggest decision. Dakota picked one pyramid that Kelsey didn't like and made him switch. It is now time to find out if Purple has the come back or Green wins. The remaining two pieces are far apart and it looks like Green won. Their piece was the one that Kelsey originally picked...and when the pyramids are flipped, Green wins. Dakota and Kelsey are both bawling their eyes out. Green is going to go to Hawaii. Alex and Cealey both admit that they were great partners. I am at least happy that the annoying, hypocritical Dakota and Kelsey did not win.