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One of the most difficult aspects of studying for the GRE General Test was collecting the study guides and information. In that light, I have put together this page of references to help others who are planning to take the GRE. Although I only had less than six weeks to study, I tried to use my time effectively. The first week was spend in collecting materials and identifying weak spots in my knowledge. The remaining five weeks were spent in drilling through formulas and vocabulary with flash cards and study sheets, and in doing as many practice tests as I could. Do math problems, take vocabulary quizzes, and practice the written essay with sample essay questions from ETS. The most important part is to take as many full length practice tests as you can. This will help you familiarize yourself with the structure and format of the test. ETS's PowerPrep software is free and great at giving you a feel for the actual test environment.

General Information on the Test

ETS: ETS should be the first site you go to. They have detailed information on the current format of the test. They will also provide information on any scheduled changes to the format. You will want to download any test prep materials. The PowerPREP software is also a great resource for practice tests presented in the same format as the real test.

Your local library: The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is my local library. You can borrow GRE test preparation books from the library. Also, check out your library's Career and Education Center. At my local library, pdf versions of a few books are available for you to use. Also, three practice tests were available electronically.

My GRE tutor: This site requires a free registration. The site has tutorials and practice tests. If you have the time, you can spend hours practicing on this site.

Kaplan, Peterson, Princeton Review GRE, and Barron are the huge publishers in the GRE business. Get a book first from the library. If you really want to get your own book, get one from them. Look for speciality options such as a math or verbal only book. Also, check out their web

Analytical Writing

The Issue and Argument topics are available from the ETS website. These topics are the ones that are used on the test. There are several pages of topics, so don't expect to write essays for them all.
GRE Prep -- Essay Writing


Approaches to Reading Comprehension: This site is for the GMAT, but the concepts are the same
GRE Prep -- Verbal Skills
Jessica's GRE Vocabulary List
Reading Comprehension
Teach Yourself the GRE: Vocabulary
Words for Smart Test Takers


GRE Test Yourself: Quantitative Ability
GRE Math Study Session
GRE Prep -- Quantitative Skills
Online Adaptive Math test

General Study Guides

GRE Bible
Generic GRE test preparation
GRE Test Taking Tips and Techniques
SoYouWanna Ace the GRE: This site gives a good overview of the things that you need to do to properly prepare for the GRE.
Teach Yourself the GRE
Test Prep Review has more free tests and study sheets
Test Strategies

Practice Tests

College Journal GRE Prep
GRE Guide: GRE Practice Tests
GRE Test Prep from Yahoo!

Word of the Day

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day
Peterson's Word of the Day
Vocab Vitamins

Updated on November 15, 2009