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Hell's Kitchen 2

Winner: Heather

Second runner up: Virginia
Monday, August 7 -- OUT -- Keith
Monday, July 31 -- OUT -- Sara
Monday, July 24 -- OUT -- Garrett
Monday, July 17 -- OUT -- Maribel
Monday, July 10 -- OUT -- Rachel
Monday, June 26 -- OUT -- Tom
Monday, June 19 -- OUT -- Giacomo
Monday, June 12 -- OUT -- Polly, Larry, and Gabe

Monday, August 14, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight is the final episode of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. We are down to the final two chefs. The show started with a recap of the entire season. We return to the staff quarters after Keith left, and Heather and Virginia are celebrating. There is a knock at the door, and there is there family. Virginia had her mom and husband, and Heather had her parents. Heather tells her family that she has so many good friends now, and mentions Rachel. Virginia tells her family about her wins in the various competitions. Heather says that she now knows her weaknesses. Heather cries like a baby. I really don't like Heather. The families leave, and Virginia and Heather are alone with each other, and they hug. Heather said that the game is on now, and it comes down to service and that Heather will just run her over. Virginia knows she has a palete that Heather doesn't have. Virginia is practising kickboxing, and Heather putting on make-up. They are called down to a press conference. Heather thought they would have to cook for all the press. They are asked their thoughts on the prize. Heather said that Vegas was huge. Virginia is asked about being newly married and having to move to Vegas. Virginia said that her husband is a chef, so she would hire him. Virginia says that outside of the kitchen, they made up a dance, and they do the dance for the press. Heather can't believe it. The test started at the press conference when a separater drops down between them.

The restaurant is divided into two. Heather has the red kitchen, and Virginia has the blue kitchen. Both girls are sent off to think of what their restaurant will be. Both are also given their head chefs uniforms. Virginia said that Heather is so excited that Virginia is excited. Both go into the dining area and think of how they will want it to look. Virginia wants art on the plate as well as on the wall. Heather and Virginia get to meet with their designers. One is John Janavs (designer of Hells' Kitchen) and Albie Colotto (designer of Red Rock Resort). They are there to help the girls form and design their ideas. Mary Anne is Virginia's sous chef, and Scott works with Heather. Virginia said that she will try not to burn or cook Mary Anne. Heather wants a video wall that shows her cooking. Virginia wants a water fall. Heather was a family style, while Virginia wants something mature and sexy. Heather wants trendy and colorful, Virginia wants dark. Heather wants skirts on the girls. Virginia wants long bistro aprons and the wait staff to be like ghosts. Heather hugs Scott. Mary Anne and Virginia just shake hands--virginia thinks they see eye to eye. Heather wants to keep it simple and have alot of flavors. Virginia wants it to be like her brain (scrambled?). There is other business that they have to take care of, and they have to pack their bags now.

They go to Vegas. Heather is so excited and carrying on. Heather thinks it is cool to see her dream, and she is crying and saying she is so happy. Heather doesn't know what is going to go on there. Heather says that she will build the restaurant. Virginia said that she won all the challenges except for one as Gordon goes over the things that the two have done. Heather thinks that she kicked Virginia's ass in service. Gordon has reserved a restaurant and the two have to cook their signature dishes to server folks in Vegas. Heather has the Chilean sea bass, and Heather has her chicken dish. The first customer likes the sea bass. The second girl goes for it too. We see the eaters going back and forth. Heather had 5 and Virginia had 4. Virginia said that it was neck and neck. Virginia flirted with the customers. It was neck and neck and virginia has 10 and Heather had 9. The last woman said both were very good, and gave the vote to Heather so the score is now tied. The final guy said that he couldn't make the decision, and both girls try to get him to pick their dish while Gordon tells them to give the guy time to think.

Gordon makes the guy decide and the man picks the chicken. Virginia wins, and Heather gets her pouty face. I really don't like Heather. Gordon takes the two girls to the top of the building to show them Vegas and tells them both that in 24 hours Vegas will become the home town of one of them. Both get a ticket to London and an invitation to his restaurant and to enjoy themselves. Virginia thought it was a kind and generous gift. 18 hours before the restaurant opens there are problems. Albie tells Virginia that the plum color on the columns is coming out too dark. Albie recommends a lighter color. John tells Heather they can't get plexiglass for the stairs, but they go for steel. There are also problems with the water wall. Heather hears that they can't reupholster all the booths. Virginia and Heather both say that they can't sleep the night before. Heather said that she can just taste Vegas because it is so close, and she is damned if she will let anyone take it away from her. Virginia is talking to her stuffed animal. All the previously eliminated chefs are back to assist in the kitchen.

Heather runs to hug Rachel. Heather "bugged out" and gave Rachel the biggest hug. Everyone was shocked to see that Virginia was still there. Virginia said that she knew that they would have to pick their own teams. Heather said that she knew who she wanted in her kitchen. All are called downstairs. They have to pick between Tom, Giacomo, Rachel, Garrett, Keith, and Sarah. Virginia gets to pick first because she won the challenge. Virginia picks Keith, and didn't want to be on Virginia's team because he didn't think Virginia deserved it. Heather picks Rachel. Virginia picks Tom. Heather said that Tom couldn't handle the pressure. Heather takes Sara. Virginia didn't think she would get alot of response from Sara. Virginia picks Giacomo to give him a chance because maybe it would be a boost to his confidence. Garrett has respect for Heather and will work hard for her. Virginia tells the guys that she wanted to pick the weak guys and see what she could do with them. Keith had issue with that, and Virginia said that she thought Keith could carry the weaker chefs. Virginia tells them what the menu is, and Keith thinks it sounds good. Garrett likes Heather menu and thinks she thought it out. Keith said that he wants money if Virginia wins. Virginia says that she doesn't have to give them any money. Keith says he wants the money and wants it now. The other two agree.

Virginia's obstacle is trying to motivate her staff. Virginia thinks that bribes won't make them work harder. Virginia agrees to give each $1000. Tom said that he really needs the money. Heather tells them that they have to get food out, and is proud of the way things are going. Heather wants the kitchen prepped by 3:00. Heather is told that her booths don't fit. Heather gives them a solution and a high five. Virginia is concerned about Tom and Giacomo and knows that all will give her their all. Virginia wants them all prepped by 4:00. Albie tells Virgnia that the water walls may not work. Virginia asks if they want to give up on it like that. John tells her they can't leave it like that and they can't fix it. So what should they do?

Only four hours for the doors to open. The kitchens are running smoothly. They have three appetizers, three entrees, and three desserts. Heather's appetizers are: vegetable soup, Asian chicken salad, and goat cheese tart. Entrees are mushroom ravioli, New York steak, and Chilean Sea Bass. Desserts are: chocolate empanada, cheese and crackers, and bread pudding. Gordon said that the chicken in the salad looked chewed up. The sea bass was boring, but he liked the desserts. Virginia's appetizers are: pan seared scallops, foie gras, and jalapeno tortellini. Entrees are; Chicken Roulade, red snapper, and braised short ribs. Desserts are: Chocolate truffles, fruit churros, and ice cream sundae. Gordon liked the presentation, and liked how things looked, but didn't like the flavors. Gordon thought it was well done. Gordon said that Virginia is creative and out there. Heather is not, so it is two different menus and dining experiences. Folks are scrambling to get the waterfall done. Meanwhile Heather's side is done. There is video of Heather all around. Gordon liked everything except the graffiti on the walls. Heather is concerned about that. Only 20 minutes before the doors open. They go the waterfalls done. Gordon goes to check Virginia's room. Gordon said that it is sumptious and rich. Gordon thinks that it looks very cool, and that Virginia has very good lighting. Virginia's side does look very nice. Minutes away from the start of the service. Gordon calls them both over and tells them they are one dinner service away from winning Gordon said that he is going to be watching them, and tells them to get it right. They are told to spend some time with their teams and tell them what they want. Virginia tells them all to be strong for her. Heather tells them that she won't be their friend tonight.

It is now 7:00 pm, and the doors are opening for the first customers. Tom wants to be on a winning team for a change. Heather tells them in her raspy voice that they have it in the bag. Keith makes Giacomo check to see that the oven is on. Giacomo said that he checked four times. Red has the first ticket into the kitchen. Gordon thinks it sounds positive. Virginia needs to be louder. The guys don't seem to have heard Virginia. Gordon says that it is calm and sedate which is not a good sign for a good service. Gordon tells Heather that there is an important person there. It is the president of Red Rock Resorts who will sample both menus. Heather is going to give Virginia a fight. Appetizers are coming out of the Red kitchen, but the Blue kitchen is not. Giacomo said that the food was sitting there while Virginia was causing a backup by putting too much into the plate presentation. Food is coming back to Heather with comments that it was not warm or flavorful enough. Gordon tells Heather about quality control. Heather tries to take control. Virginia is also have quality control issues. Tom's panty are in a bunch, and says that he's 43 and doesn't need to be told to act up. Giacomo is not cooking the food very well, and nothing is really coming out of the Blue kitchen. Virginia tells Keith that she needs his help because things are backing up. Keith said she yells at them, and gets a restaurant. Virginia is catching up with the appetizers. Virginia's dinners seem to like her food while Heather's are mixed. Heather is having more issues with food coming back. Heather says if Sara screws her chance, she will get her. Foods are having problems in Heather's kitchen. Rachel said that Heather was riding her ass. Her efforts are paying off. Virginia is still trying to pay catchup with entrees. Tom is just standing there doing nothing. Tom doesn't like to be bossed by a woman, and he starts acting up. Tom cuts himself, and Mary Anne calls for a medic. This puts a real crimp in Virginia's kitchen.

Two hours into the dinner service and Heather has more of her entrees out. Virginia was stressed because Tom cut himself. Virginia said that she is nervous. Gordon tells Tom that he is a big drama queen and that it is barely a cut. Tom is such a pissy baby. Giacomo is ready, but Gordon tells Tom to stop acting up. Virginia pushes out entrees, and her potential boss says that she is back in the competition. Gordon tells Tom to start moving his fat ass. Tom said that he is what he is and not a bad looking guy. Virginia has served all her entrees, but someone complained about the oil. The person wants the snapper back. It appears that they have no snapper, and didn't have a backup. Keith stuffs his face and Virginia doesn't have food for the replacement entree. Heather is getting out entrees. Heather keeps on telling Sara that the dessert plates don't look the same and send them back again. Then Gordon notices the cream on the bottom of the plate. Virginia is running short and is finally told that the other table doesn't want a replacement entree, but would like a dessert. Virginia tells the staff to make it perfect. Heather's dessert goes over well. Virginia is yelling at them, and Keith is eating food. Heather completes service, and so does Virginia. Keith wanted to win the $1000. Virginia gives her staff champagne, and so does Heather. Gordon tells them to give themselves a round of applause. They are both told they have done well. The presidnet of the Red Rock, Scott Creger, came out and his comments on both menus will weight heavily with Gordon's decision. Scott tells them both that they did a great job and it will be a tough decision. Heather and Virginia say good-bye to the staff and go back to the dorm. Heather thought that they kicked ass, and that having the weaker people makes her look better. Heather said that she at least had a great restaurant for one night, if she doesn't win. Virginia is nervous, happy, and amped. Heather thought she lost, and doesn't know what the decision will be. It will be based on customer comment cards, Scott Creger, and his own observations. Virginia said that she honestly thought that Heather won. It is now time to go upstairs. Heather isn't confident. Virginia said that Heather put up a tough fight. Both are told they did well. Gordon said that she is extraordinary for her age, and Virginia has a great palete. There is a slight edge in the comment cards for one of them. Gordon said that it is his most difficult decision that he has made. The key will open this door, and the door of the restaurant in Las Vegas. It is now time for the door opening. Virginia said that she can just feel it that she will win. Heather said that she will be heart broken if she doesn't win. On the count of three, they turn the keys.

Heather is the winner. She cries like the overly emotional baby that she is. I really can't stand her personality. Gordon tells Virginia that she has nothing to be ashamed about. Virginia said that she feels totally happy for Heather and knows that one day it will be her time. Gordon said that Heather controlled her kitchen from start to finish and did what she does best. Heather cries alot, and gives a huge hug to Rachel again. Everyone toasts Heather. Heather is taking Rachel to Vegas, and Heather is introduced in Las Vegas as the head executive chef. The staff looks huge, so I doubt that Heather will do any cooking. Heather cries again because she didn't think that she would make it that far at the age of 25. Heather's parents cry like babies too, so it is obvious where Heather gets it from. Gordon said that he is ready for his next challenge.

Monday, August 7, 2006 -- Evening

Three chefs are left on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. The remaining three are sent to get some sleep. Virginia is crying as they leave. Heather talks to her and said that she couldn't believe it. Heather said that she is confused if she is still there because of Ramsay's word or because she belongs there. As Virginia said, she had to say yes she wanted to stay. Heather feels bad about Sara leaving. Meanwhile Virginia is glad that Sara is gone. Keith said that she feels safe against Virginia because they have to do things for her. Keith said that he would not have home. Virginia asks Keith and Heather who is better her or Sara. Neither Keith or Heather answers. Keith and Heather laugh about destroying Virginia. Virginia said that she cares about food and that her experiences in the kitchen won't hold her down. Virginia tries to talk to Heather, but Heather doesn't answer. She doesn't want to help Virginia win because she wants to win. When they walked in Chef Ramsay was cooking. Gordon says that he has to get them up to speed to give them what it takes to get them famous in Vegas. He gives them his signature dish, and they all get to smell and taste it. They then have 20 minutes to recreate the dish. The dish was left out so they can sample it. Keith uses the Chilean Seabass while Heather and Virginia choose the Wild Striped Seabass. Now they have to create the puree for the dish. Virginia said that it was creamy and starchy and decided it was like potato but uses the Tuscan white beans. Keith thinks that there is Israeli couscous in the dish, and he tries to hide it while he gets it, but Virginia follows him and she takes some too. Virginia calls Keith a brat. Keith and Heather use cilantro for the seasoning while Virginia basil and grapefruit. They only have seconds left. Who won? Gordon thinks all the dishes taste the best. There is only one dish that has the puree and the sauce spot on. And that person is ...

in the toughest challenge is, Virginia. She got everything absolutely spot on. Gordon tells her that she has a palate and to use it. Virginia gets to spend some quality time with Gordon to get some coaching from him. Heather has her usual sour grapes about the best person not always winning. Keith says that Virginia kills them on the challenges. Heather said that she would have gotten the recipe if she had studied Gordon's book over the past few days. Heather tells Keith that she is sure the recipe is the book and Heather just got the book. Keith said that Virginia can't win. Keith and Heather say that they have to get Virginia out and Heather says that she isn't going to help her anymore. Gordon now gives Virginia tips on how to work the hot line. Gordon tells her that she should ask as many questions as possible. Heather and Keith have to clean the glass and silverware. Heather said that there is more than just being taught something. Heather thinks having a good palate is something Virginia was taught. Gordon also gives Virginia how to expediete the line. Heather tells Keith that Virginia is being shown how to win. Heather is pissed because she is so close to her dream. I really hate Heather because she is such a rude, jealous, and petty bitch. Virginia is getting lessons on how to give orders. Virginia asks Heather if she mad at her. Heather said that either Virginia has a good palate or memorized all the recipes in Gordon's book. Keith said that maybe Gordon like Virginia. Meanwhile later that night, Keith and Heather carry on with each other and laugh while Heather cries in the other room because she is the outsider.

Keith said that he is going to pull his pants up and keep his mouth shut. Heather said that she worked her whole life for this and isn't going to give up. Keith and Heather are acting like winners already, but Virginia isn't going to let it get her down. On tonight's service, each and every one will step up to the hot plate and run the whole service. The goal is to show they have leadership qualities. Hell's Kitchen is open for business. They added six tables to the restaurant and Scott and Maryanne are going to help. Virginia burns through the salmon, and Gordon can't believe she did that, and tells Heather to wake up. Virginia said that the thing is to stand up to Gordon and not back down. Heather is running around to get the chicken, and is trying so hard that she screws everything up. Gordon catches Heather with burnt chicken skin. First up on the hot plate is Keith. Gordon tells Scott to overcook the spaghetti. Keith looks at the dish and tastes it and notices that the spaghetti was overcooked. Gordon tells Keith that he is talking like he talks to his best mate. Keith passed the quality control. Virginia didn't answer Keith, because she appears to not listen. Virginia is lost and says that she can get it ready in three minutes. Then Heather started to be take over. Keith said that he couldn't be Gordon, and he didn't tell folks what to do. The kitchen has only managed to serve appetizers to 25 of 125. Heather now gets to run the kitchen. Gordon tells Heather to slow down and calm down because she is out of control. Keith isn't getting the risotto ready appropriately. Keith gives Gordon a look, and then starts in arguing with Gordon. Keith swears at Gordon, and Gordon calls him on it and says that he wants to take his head off now instead of waiting.

Gordon asks Keith where is the risotto, and that he could send Keith home right now. Keith is not listening to Heather, but Heather has given them leadership. Gordon talks to Maryanne and says that for the next table he wants lumpy potatoes. Heather tells Maryanne to watch the chunks but then lets the potatoes go. Gordon calls it back. Heather said that she second guessed herself. Half of the customers have been served. Heather asks Virginia to repeat it. They are just being jerks. Scott is told to put in bass instead of salmon. Scott brings the fish over, and Virginia catches it. Virginia is determined to finish strong, and takes control over how the orders are going out. Gordon reminds them all that the three have to come together as a team. Virginia asks what Heather wants, and Heather won't answer. Gordon calls Heather and Virginia on the lack of teamwork. All the diners are served. Gordon tells them that he has witnessed their leadership qualities. Gordon said that a good leader must make tough decisions. Each now has to nominate the person who should leave Hell's Kitchen.

The three have to pick the weakest cook and weakest leader. Virginia said that she is still there even though she has been on the chopping block. Virginia asks them both if they are sending her. Heather said that the weakest link was Virginia, and that she doesn't think that Keith has a good attitude. Heather tells Keith that he could have been louder as a leader. Virginia packs her bag. Virginia asks Keith if he is nominating her, and he says that he may nominate Heather because she yelled alot. The three are now in front of Gordon. Keith is nominating Virginia because her performance although better was not better than Heather. Virginia is nominating Keith because he didn't have strong leadership or love, passion, or fire for food. Heather nominates Virginia even though Keith could have been louder. Heather claims that Virginia didn't command respect. It is Keith's first time. Keith said that he should have his chance to win and it is his dream come true. Virginia said that you can't teach and old dog new tricks, but she has not old habits. She is teachable, ready, willing, and able. Gordon says that this is the toughest decision that he has to make. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is ...

Keith. Gordon said that he is looking for a leader and doesn't think that Keith is ready. Heather has her stern look. Keith asks if Gordon is trying to tell him that Virginia is a better leader than him because he has always leaded the whole time. Keith said that he thinks that Gordon has the hots for Virginia and that's why he picked him over her. Heather looks shocked. Gordon looks stern and asks why Keith has to be rude, and Keith said its because Gordon is rude all the time. Gordon tells Keith that his attitude does stink. Keith hugs Heather and says that he could cook better than everyone else. Gordon says Keith is talented if he could lose the attitude. It is now down to Heather and Virginia, and Gordon tells them to enjoy the moment. Heather and Virginia celebrate and they have champagne to make it to the end. But there is one more surprise ... we have until next week to find out.

Monday, July 31, 2006 -- Evening

There are only four chefs on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. It's the evening after Garrett left, and Heather says "last man standing." Keith apologizes to Virginia, and Virginia said that there was no need to. Virginia said that she is good at making up dishes and challenges, but she is not good at service. Virginia cries to Sara, and Sara just smiles. Sara is more concerned about Keith and Heather, the real competition. Keith tells Heather that he is the pimp and had to get rid of the dudes. Heather and Keith appear to have bonded. Gordon tells the remaining four that they should be proud. Gordon asks who is the strongest chef, and Keith answers first, then Heather, and Sara. Virginia is more hesitant, but says she is good at food, but bad at the hot kitchen. The next challenge is that each gets to run their own kitchen. Today's winner has a guaranteed spot in the final three. The winner will be a strong chef. They are all going to be blindfolded and taken to a restaurant that they will have to run. The restaurants are catering trucks, and they will be serving construction workers at lunchtime. The construction workers will help Gordon decide who wins. They have one hour to prepare their lunch specials. Virigina has a turkey and feta sandwich, Sara makes quail, salad and berries. Keith has poached lobster and greens. Heather has a grilled chicken sandwich and french fries. Gordon counts down and the 100 guys get to get foood. Virginia calls them over. Sara says that her heart is on the floor and works the workers by talking in Spanish. Virginia tried flirting with men. Heather is abit of a lesbian and doesn't know how to flirt with men. The workers get a card and get to pick the one they liked the most and the one they liked the least. Gordon announces the winner back at the Hell's Kitchen. The winner goes to the final three. Virginia thinks that she needs the challenge. The construction workers said the dish they liked the least was Heather's chicken sandwich. Half of the construction workers picked one dish as their favorite and that was cooked by...

Virginia. Virginia made it to the final three. Virginia asked if Gordon was lying to her or joking. Virginia also gets to go off shopping. Tomorrow they will be cooking crab. Gordon said that the crabs are dainty and doesn't want them smashed to hell. Heather is crying like a cry baby. Boo-hoo! She is such a baby. Keith said that he thought all the construction workers thought that Virginia was hot. Heather puts down Virginia and said that she can't run a restaurant. Virginia is excited about shopping and thinks that being safe is reward enough. Virginia tells Keith to clean the crabs over metal so he can hear the shells hit. Keith says really? very sarcastically. Gordon takes Virginia to a cooking shop. Virginia wants to get wine glasses and a pink spatula, and a big knife the Gordon has to tell her is a spatula. She also got an apron that said "kiss the cook". Virginia said that Gordon is quite charming and she got to know him better. Heather, Keith, and Sara have to shuck the crabs. Sara said that they are live, pinching and mean. Virginia gets Sara a cow creamer. Then Sara buys a book of Gordon's and has him sign it. The total of the bill $966.89. Meanwhile back at the kitchen, all three are letting petty jealousy take over them. Heather said that Virginia only won one station, fish. Heather said that they are all going to kick her ass. Virginia comes back from shopping.

Keith said that it sucks to shuck crabs. Virginia tells them she spent $1000. She shows Sara the cow creamer. Then she gets Heather a glove to stick her hand in boiling hot water. Keith said that she better have spent more money on him. Keith got a crab leg cracker. Keith said that he should have gotten a knife or something better because he took her to Vegas. Virginia asks if they are mad at her. Virginia knows that they are jealous, and that she just needs to get her ass in gear. Heather wants Virginia to go down hard. The chefs are preparing for the service. Virginia tells them that she will work hard. Sara said that Virginia is a mess. The pressure is on the other three. It is now time for dinner. Gordon calls the four the best of the best. Tonight there are three top chefs who will be eating in the kitchen. Sara said that she is scared. Gordon tells them they can't screw up. Hell's Kitchen is now open. Keith is on appetizers, Heather on meat, Sara is on fish, and Virginia on vegetables. Gordon tells them to not make him look stupid. Virginia also has to make the crab appetizer that goes to all the tables. The kitchen is working better than ever before. Keith is getting the appetizers out. In only 30 minutes, they are on to entrees. Virginia is spinning her wheels and Heather is working like a maniac. Heather said that she has to step up tonight. Virginia said that she will be ready in 45 seconds. Virginia is holding up the service. Heather says that she is ready, and Gordon tells her that the Wellington are cooked perfectly. The entrees are going out. The kitchen chooses the menu for the top chefs. They are getting spaghetti lobster, san jacques, and wellington. Keith almost starts a fire in the kitchen. Keith has undercooked the pasta and is reboiling the spaghetti, hoping the chefs won't notice. Sara needs two minutes on her salmon, and Healther has her duck ready. Gordon tells Sara not to sabotage the service. The chefs all had issues with the pasta, and said that it wasn't cooked all the way. Keith's gamble was caught. The dinner service is unraveling. Sara said that she doesn't have enough salmon to make it through the night. Gordon calls Sara a useless cow. Gordon said that all she can do is tell him and have the problem resolved. Gordon said that Sara was sulking because they ran out of salmon.

Sara said the she screwed up one table, and doesn't want Gordon getting up her crotch. Sara's dish has mixed reviews. Heather is counting on Virginia to be on spot with the veggies. Virginia asks Keith to get her cream. Gordon asks Virginia if she is slacking because she is safe. Virginia said no. 63 out of 100 are served. One of the chefs commented on the peas tasking of carbon from the flame. Heather said that her dish was perfect except for the peas being burned. Gordon tells Heather that Virginia is going against her. Sara tells Virginia to slow it down. Gordon tells Sara to apologize for telling Virginia to slow down. Virginia said that she needs some slowing down. virginia burned the cabbage and Heather has to take the meat back. Gordon then tells Virginia that she is no longer safe.

Heather was so happy that Virginia is no longer safe. Virginia said that it was the worst service she ever had. Heather then comes over to "help" Virginia. Hell's Kitchen is ready to complete its second service. Gordon tells Heather that it was well-done. Gordon said that everyone was good at the beginning. As he said, things tanked in the middle of the service. There were mixed reviews on the fish and appetizers. Heather is picked as the best chef and sent to pick the two worst. Virginia tells Heather that she can't open a restaurant. She says that she doesn't think she can run a restaurant. Virginia said that she doesn't think that she is ready. Virginia tells Heather to put her up. Virginia said that she deserves to be eliminated. Heather said that she is going to nominate Sara, and Sara wants to know what was worse about her. Heather said that Keith was "okay" and Keith thinks he is better. Heather said that Virginia is going to take herself off, so Sara is safe going against Virginia. Heather nominates Virginia and says that she doesn't have skills. Sara is the other, and Heather says it is because of her performance. Sara said that she is not going to nitpick. She said that she might make a mistake here and there, but she can hold her own. Virginia said that she doesn't know if she can run a restaurant if she can't run a vegetable station. Virginia said that she doesn't know if she can run the restaurant. Gordon tells Virginia that it is her choice. He is a man of his word, and if Virginia wants to stay, he will send Sara home.

Virginia said that she wants to be in the final three because she deserves to be there. Gordon said that he can't help her anymore and that it is Virginia's decision. Sara tries to speak up and Gordon tells her to shut up. Virginia said that she doesn't want to go, she wants to stay. Sara is sent home because Virginia said that she wanted to stay. Gordon tells Sara that deep down she can do it. Sara said that she can't be mad at Virginia because it has been a hell of a trip. Sara said that it isn't about making friends, it's about winning the prize. Sara said that maybe she is not good enough to do great things. Gordon tells them that each has had highs and lows. Virginia wants to be there. Heather said that she is not going anywhere. Keith is not worried either because the cream will rise to the top. Gordon said that Sara is not good enough as a cook and deserved to go.

Monday, July 24, 2006 -- Evening

We are down to five chefs on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. It is the night after the last service. Everyone is headed back to their rooms. Virginia is crying on her own, because now she only has Sara on her team. Virginia feels down on herself and crying and saying "I suck." Sara said that she should just go home. Heather thinks that tomorrow is individual challenge and then they are combined to one team. Keith said that he would pick Garrett, and Garrett says the same. They both feel that they have had the history together and they want to stick together and make it to the finals. It is the next morning. Heather said that she is forming a bond with Keith and that Keith said that she and he would be the finalists. They meet with Gordon the next morning. He calls Virginia forward first and they all get their black and white jackets. They are sent to change and have to come back in their new jackets. Heather thinks that she is going to be in Las Vegas. Garrett said that things didn't click until now. They have their first challenge as individuals. They all get 10 ingredients and will have 20 minutes to make something. The winner goes to Vegas to see the restaurant. Keith said that he loves it. The ingredients, fresh prawns, loin of veal, baby spinach, lentils, saffron, truffles, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, mushrooms, and white beets. They are told to be careful because some ingredients will take 20 minutes to cook. Keith said that he was hustling. Sara said that she was scared and behind and didn't have time to cook the lentils. They all get the warning at the 20 minute mark. Garrett cooked the veal perfectly, but had too much saffron. Heather's dish is very nice, but that he has dirt from the spinach and she didn't wash it enough. Virginia is told her prawns were excellent and he would have been happy if she cooked like that last time. Sara's presentation is boring, but it tastes good. Keith is last, and got the most amazing color on the veal and that it is delicious. Gordon said that they all did better than he expected. He said that he is struggling over Keith and Virginia, and gives it to Keith. Keith gets to take someone with him. Heather thought that Keith would pick her. She smiles at him, and Keith hesitates for the longest time, and he said that he is going to take Virginia because she is the second best. Garrett is really upset and Heather doesn't look too happy either. Tonight is bug night which means that everything has to be wrapped and the kitchen is going to be fumigated. Keith said that he feels awful because he should have picked Garrett. Keith said that he should have taken Garrett, but didn't know he was going to Vegas. Garrett keeps on swearing and complaining about being screwed.

Garrett goes back to the dorm to complain to Keith. Garrett said the Keith is dead to him. Garrett goes over and yells at Keith for not picking him. Garrett asked how could Keith been torn. Keith agrees with Garrett that he would be pissed if the promise was made to him and he didn't keep to it. Garrett was so mad and he said that he hopes the plane crashes. Keith and Virginia are in Vegas. He looks like a dorky, goofy kid with his clothes and ballcap on the side. Gordon tells them that they are now going to meet the architects. The chefs almost have the kitchen wrapped and then they are told that they will be the fumigators. They are told to put on all their protective gear and start work. Gordon introduces Keith and Virginia to Alby and they view the empty shell of the restaurant. Keith said that he sees it as a Caribbean restaurant. Gordon said that when he started out, his restaurant was a third of the size. Gordon tells Keith and Virginia that they have a night out on the town. Sara said that she had six eyes tonight because of the goggles. Virginia and Keith go off in the limo. Virginia wants to come back, and Keith said that Vegas is pretty hot. 2:17 am, and the remaining three have just finished their work. Garrett is complaining about what Keith did, and Heather said that she felt very uncomfortable and when Garrett got mad because she was scared of what he might do. Garrett said that he would never lay another hand on a human after what happened in his youth. After a night, Garrett appears to have calmed down, but he didn't. Keith and Virginia come in as Garrett is playing with a sharp knife.

Keith and Virginia aren't certain what their welcome will be. Sara asked Virginia about the trip, and Virginia goes on and on about the restaurant space. Garrett said that he didn't care about the trip because he will get all the info he needs when he wins. Heather starts telling Sara that she is doing everything wrong and that the kitchen is not clean enough. Jean Phillippe tells Keith that Gordon wants the veal on the menu. Garrett said that he is professional enough to do what he needs to do to win. It will now be the final five working together as a team. For the first time, they have a table with 12 people on it (a 12 top). Heather says they have to move their ass to get the table served at the same time. Heather and Sara are together on the appetizer table. Sara is cooking the scallops. Gordon tells her that she is flipping the scallops too much and over cooking it. Gordon yells at her to use a non-stick pan. Gordon also tells Heather that her risotto is bland. Keith's veal chop is the top pick of the menu. Heather finally got the risotto spot on, and Sara is cooking in a non-stop pan. Appetizers are going out. Garrett is roasting the chicken. Keith is working on the fish section. Virginia is working on the vegetables. Virginia's romaine hearts fell apart. Garrett said that the chicken will need three minutes instead of one. Gordon tells Garrett that he can't get the chicken done. Gordon tells them that they have to work like clockwork. Garrett has the chicken done by rushing it. The chicken is raw though as Keith tells him that he could have killed someone. Garrett said that he was only trying to do that because it was faster. Keith is put on the meat, and Garrett is moved to the fish. Gordon is hoping to get the meat out by moving Keith to the meat section. Keith is cooking the meat perfectly. 83 out of 100 entrees have been served. One of the customers come up to complain and asks how long it is going to be. Gordon asks her to get her breath off his face and how could he work with those things (boobs) in his face. Then the woman (with huge breasts) flips over the plate of food in front of her, and Gordon calls for security. The woman storms out.

With an entire table's food on the floor by the woman throwing things, they are behind when the table of 12 arrives. The table of 12 is a bachelorette party. Gordon asks her what size her scallops are. Gordon is of the opinion that four scallops should be served instead of five and puts down Sara and asks her to wipe her glasses. Jean Phillippe smoozes the women at the party. Heather said that Sara doesn't listen. Sara said that she felt like a kicking post to Heather. Heather and Sara get all 12 appetizers to Gordon at the same time. Heather acts like a giddy teenager everytime Gordon thanks her. Gordon tells them that there is a strong possibility that they will complete the service. Gordon is complaining about Virginia's carrots. Virginia said that there are all these things going on at one time, and she feels like a groupie to Gordon's rock star. Gordon has Virginia bring the ticket to him and it seems that she got the order wrong. Garrett brings over the salmon, and Gordon asks if that is the best piece of salmon. Jean Phillippe is still making out with the girls, and Gordon calls him over and asks if he is trying to lose his virginity. Garrett gets the salmon finished after screwing up the first one. Keith is working on the chicken and said that he should have it done. The final five finished the dinner service in under three hours and it is the best dinner service of the series. Everyone said that it was very good. Gordon said that one of them is going home, even though it was a good service and they did a good job.

Gordon tells them well done. He also said that they managed a difficult 12 top. As he said, none of them worked as a team. Sara and Heather didn't gel. Gordon tells Sara that she is feisty. Gordon tells Heather that she is the most inconsistent person. Garrett is told that he left Gordon no option but to switch him. Gordon said that if Garrett was still on the meat, they would be still serving. Virginia got herself into trouble because of her self. Keith is told that he is the best chef of the evening, and that he has to nominate two for elimination. Keith said that Heather should stay because she works hard and gives her all. Garrett comes over to threaten Keith and said that Keith better not send him up. Keith hopes to just have time so he can progress more. Garrett said that he would be shocked if Keith nominates him. Sara said that it was hard to work with Heather because Heather was annoying all the time. Keith seems to waiver between Sara and virginia. Virginia doesn't think she did that bad, and Keith said that he will make his decision when he gets up there. Keith is asked for his decision. Keith picks Virginia first because she was messing up even though the tickets were there. The second person Keith picks is...

Garrett. Gordon says he thought Garrett was Keith's mate. Garrett said that his next performance will be his best because he has such a fire lit under his ass and that he wants it so bad. Virginia said that she should be kept because she loves to make food for people and she still wants to do it right and still wants to keep going. Gordon said that it is going to be rough. His decision is...Virginia--she is staying and Garrett is going home because he served raw chicken. Keith looks relieved that Garrett is leaving. Garrett said that Keith stabbed him in the back, but he did send out raw chicken. Garrett said that he had to prove something, but that he wanted this more than anything. Gordon tells the remaining four that they have to start working as a team. Keith said that he feels bad for nominating his boy, Garrett. Heather said that it is going to be fun because they will be fighting each other. Sara says that she is not a doormat and they should watch out. Virginia says that she is there for a reason, and when she is not supposed to be there, she won't. As Gordon says, Garrett let him and his team down.

Monday, July 17, 2006 -- Evening

There are only six chefs left on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. Rachel has been sent home and it is still the same evening. Heather is crying and sad because Rachel is gone. Heather didn't think that would ever help and implies to Maribel that she should have gone. Heather said that she doesn't want to get catty. Garrett and Keith both rip Heather apart. They don't think that Heather is that strong, and they think that the girls are falling apart because Rachel, the backbone, is gone and Heather is crushed. Scott and Mary Anne wake up the chefs with a bull horn. They all go to the market to buy the food. They have 20 minutes to go and find food for a three course meal. Each team must find the ingredients to make an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Virginia took charge of the Red team, and Heather was undecided about dessert on the Blue team. Maribel thought that they were all getting the wrong thing and not picking up enough things. After the shopping they now have to prepare the food in one hour to satisfy one of the greatest chefs. Virginia said she was just the person bringing all the ideas of the others together. Maribel didn't think the others thought much of her. Virginia is running things. Keith is putting pressure on Garrett. First up are the appetizers from Blue and Red. Both have soups. There is a sharp spiky shrimp tail in the soup. Red had the bell pepper soup which Virginia said to burn the hell out of. The soup tasted burned. Virginia's chicken breast was huge and well done. Gordon was impressed. He also liked Keith's meat entree. Heather made a fresh fruit crepe. Unfortunately, it was soggy. Maribel made a strawberry shortcake. Gordon liked Maribel's dessert. The team winning the challenge gets to spend the night on the town with Gordon. The loser is on delivery duty. Gordon said that it is a tough decision and incredibly close. The winning team is...

the Red team. He tells them well done. Gordon tells Virginia is on a roll and the chicken was the best. Heather has a pissy pussy fit over how Gordon could pick favorites with Viriginia. Keith and Garrett thought they were cheated and that the Red team's soup was burnt while theirs was great. Heather said that they have to send the girls home. Virginia tells them that she's not pissed that they were making fun of her chicken. Garrett said that none of the three girls will be in the finals. Sara said that it was pathetic because they are all such sore losers. Garrett continues to make fun of virginia's chicken breasts. The Blue team now has to put away all the deliveries and are told that whenever they hear a buzz they have to run to get the delivery. Sara is really excited about grooving the night away with Gordon. Heather said that she was sweating like Tom. Maribel, Sara, and Virginia go in the limo with Gordon. Heather didn't think it was a good thing for Garrett to flip off Gordon and the girls and hopes it doesn't hurt their team. Gordon takes them to a very nice restaurant. Maribel said that the food was exquisite. Virginia said that the girls don't bond. The other three are still putting away deliveries. They started with wine, and now have ice. The Red team had appetizers at one restaurant and entrees at another. Virginia tries to ask the owner a question, but just keeps on talking without shutting up. Maribel said that Virginia annoys her. It is almost 2 am and the horn goes off again for the Blue team. The Red team is drinking champagne with Gordon. The next morning, Gordon is up early. The Blue and Red teams are in the kitchen. Gordon calls out Garrett on flipping him off, and asks Garrett if he wants to go.

Garrett said that he doesn't want to go, and Gordon says that he never wants to see that again. Gordon said that he was impressed by both teams and want them to work on their own menus for the evening. They have 10 hours before dinner. The Red team is making the dinner, and neither Virginia or Sara want to listen to Maribel. Virginia even says that. Meanwhile every idea Garrett has is shot down. With three hours before dinner service, they are prepping and Maribel is moving slow. Virginia calls it a chinese disease--dragging ass. Meanwhile Garrett is being hissy because he doen't think he should be there since he didn't have a hand in planning the menu. The guests get to order from either the blue or red menu. The teams have tried to keep it simple. Keith gets the risotto right. Thanks to Keith the blue team is off to a strong start. In the red kitchen, they are sending out raw foods. Sara tells Virginia to just let it go. Sara said that everytime she tries to offer help, Virginia won't take it from her. The red kitchen is running behind, and Viriginia is unable to answer Gordon. Appetizers are flying out of the blue kitchen. The problem is that the diners on the same table are either getting their appetizers or waiting depending on the menu. Finally Gordon makes Maribel help Virginia and the orders go out. The horn blows during the dinner service and the blue team has to stop their work to unload deliveries.

The Blue team is running in more boxes of wine. The Red team now has time to catch up. Keith said there must be 150 boxes. The Read team has moved onto entrees, and Sara has brought her "lamb to the slaughter." Sara is told that her lamb is not going anywhere. Meanwhile, the duck is not cooked properly, and Gordon shows Garrett how to cook the duck. Garrett said that it is never a good thing with Gordon is just hanging out with you. Garrett gets a fire going, but entrees are going out. The red kitchen is behind again. Gordon is yelling because the red team not getting out a lamb is embarrassing. One of the tables complains to Jean Philip because they are hungry. Gordon yells at Sara because the lamb is not getting cooked properly. Gordon tells them to stop cooking lamb. Jean Philip has had enough and needs to chill. Heather's steaks are now up, and Heather said the only reason the steaks went out is because of her. Garrett is buring more things. Maribel is now working on the fish station. One of the tables sends back the fish because it is not warm enough. Gordon tells Maribel that the first dish sent out comes back. The blue kitchen is delivering desserts and they complete their first service. Gordon yells at Sara for coming up with the salmon dish. She makes a smart remark back to Gordon about consistency--that he made to her earlier, and he calls her over as the "fat b****."

Sara challenged Gordon's authority, and he called her out. Gordon tells Sara that she is pissing around with something that is not working. Gordon calls the Blue team over and then send them over to help the Red team to get food to the remaining team. The Red team finally completes the dinner service with help from the Blue team. The Blue team is told that they completed a service, and Keith is complemented on his service. Garrett is told that he is lucky to be in Heather and Keith's kitchen. Sara is told that she had the worst performance. Everyone on the Red team is considered the worst, and each has to go off and nominate one person for elimination because they made a menu that was over their head. Sara says that she wasn't the only one that failed--they both failed, and it is true that Virginia failed too. Maribel is called out for not being around to help with the prep. Sara calls Virginia the golden child. Virginia said that Sara has no remorse. Sara says to bring it on, she doesn't care about pissing on others. The dream will soon be over for one member of the Red team. Gordon said that he has made his decision and isn't going to listen to them...

Gordon has all three step forward. sara said that she feels that she has helped the team with organization. Virginia said that what Sara said makes her sick when Sara didn't know what she was doing. Maribel said that she has alot of things against her and the other two push her out. Virginia said that she doesn't think she bullies her around. Gordon tells Virginia that she is as good as what she puts on the plate. Maribel is told she is like a rabbit running about but doing nothing. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is Maribel. He tells Maribel that she worked hard, but that she is clearly not a leader. Maribel admits that being part of a team may have been the mistake. Gordon tells them that it won't get easier. Virginia wants to prove that she has it in her. Sara said that Virginia has been on the chopping block three times. Keith thinks he will shine. Garrett thinks that he is the whipping boy. Heather says now that it is down to five, the claws are coming out.

Monday, July 10, 2006 -- Evening

The fourth episode of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. There are only seven chefs remaining. Virginia is crying and realizes that Sara was not a nice person. It seems that Sara has been screwing people, and got called out. Rachel says that she has alot to give and the chef's words stung here. Heather was shocked at Rachel being called out and said that she would have cried if she went home. The next morning, Gordon has all the chefs sit at a table around some appetizers. All of the dishes are fake--make out of cheese whiz, hot dogs for pate, and catfish eggs in place of caviar. There is even frozen food. The chefs gobble down the food. They rave over the food and are clueless about the food. Gordon then tells them that they didn't know what the hell they were eating. They all look shocked. Virginia is embarrassed and was taking it seriously. Gordon tells them they all have taste buds like a cow's backside. Maribel said that it is important for Red team to win the challenge. They are going to be tested on knowing what they are eating. The winning team gets a prize and the losers clean the kitchen. They are blindfolded and have their ears covered. Maribel and Kevin go head to head. They guess the potato right. Kevin guesses the second is salmon, but Maribel gets as tuna. None of them guess the oregano. Keith gets the chutney. Virgina went against Heather. Neither of them gets the sea urchin. Both get the chicken and hot dog. Virginia gets the swiss cheese, but Heather misses it. Now it comes down to Sara and Garrett. They both get the scrambled eggs and spinach. Garrett misses the kiwi and so does Sara. It comes down to the braised short rib.

Garrett thinks it is turkey. The Red team wins. Virginia got the high score. The Blue team has to clean the kitchen. The Red team goes on an exclusive shoot at TV Guide. Keith said that the kitchen cleaning sucked. Meanwhile, the Red team sees this as the chance to rebond after their recent problems. Gordon comments on how poor Heather is stuck with the men. The guys make fun of Heather being like Cinderella. Meanwhile Garrett has to run some champagne down to the TV Guide set. Virginia said that you could tell that Garrett was jealous. Gordon sends Garrett on his way. Sara farts during the photoshoot. She just let it go. Rachel and Gordon comment on how gross it is. Garrett goes back to the Blue team and tells them how wonderful things were on the TV Guide set. That night, the Red team comes back, and Maribel starts crying because she misses her husband and her daughter. Heather tells Rachel and Sara that they are all going to have to go. Sara says that the relationship between Rachel and Heather is not professional. Rachel wants Sara to be gone and claims that she can just beat Sara's ass.

The next day in the kitchen, both teams are trying to impress Gordon. Virginia doesn't want to screw up because she might be going home if she does. Sara has a more passive than aggressive role. Keith says that one of the girls is going home tonight. Gordon wants to complete a service this night for the first time in the series. Gordon yells at Heather for starting to cook spaghetti when it only takes six minutes to make the spaghetti. Heather tells Garrett to leave her alone when he tries to comfort her. Gordon gives the Blue team their order, and says that he feels nervous about it. Rachel burns the duck right off the bat. Heather is reprimanded for her risotto. Gordon also yells at the Red team to move their asses. The Red team is getting out appetizers. Virginia is complimented on her communications. Keith is running all over the kitchen. Appetizers are finally leaving the Blue kitchen, and an appetizer is coming back to the Red kitchen because of a hair on the food. Everyone tries to say that it isn't their hair. Heather tries to help Garrett with his food--telling him what to do. It throws Garrett off his rhythm. Maribel sends out an appetizer. Rachel is called out yet again because the quail is burned. Gordon asks the Red team if they need glasses. Gordon asks Rachel if she thought that Gordon was going to serve burnt quail. He calls Rachel aside and rips her a new one in the hallway outside the kitchen.

Gordon asks Rachel if she wants to go home. Rachel said that she won't let Gordon down, but Gordon tells him that she already has. Gordon calls her an empty blonde airhead. Rachel says that Gordon will not break her. The Blue team has already served half of their tables, and the Red team has to catch up. A dish comes back to the Blue team. Keith gets yelled at because there are too many bread crumbs on the chicken. Keith is yelled at that he needs to get his act together because Heather and Garrett are working like donkeys. Meanwhile the Red team is called out because of rare Wellington. Rachel said that she sent the Wellingtons out rare because she was afraid to tell Gordon the truth about the times. Meanwhile Garrett gets distracted by Heather and doesn't make two servings of quail. The Blue kitchen has served most of their entrees, but the remaining tables are getting hungry. The Red team is trying to catch up. Gordon yells at the Blue team because none of them work as a team. Gordon yells for the lamb sauce. The Blue kitchen has served all of their entrees. Meanwhile, Rachel has overcooked the medium Wellingtons. She is hoping that if she covers the Wellington with sauce that Gordon won't know that the meat is over cooked. Gordon yells at her that the meat is barely edible. Rachel is told to switch it off and shut it down. Gordon then yells at Keith for his spoiled brat attitude. Gordon tells Keith that he can cook, but that the quicker he gets rid of his attitude, the sooner he will shine. Gordon now has to choose a winning team. He says his back is killing him from having the weight of two kitchens on his back. Heather says that she doesn't think anyone on the Blue team performed up to potential, but that she wasn't the worse, but would put all of them on the block. Blue team got all the entrees out, and Red team had two entrees left to get out. The losing team is...

the Red team. They couldn't get all the entrees out and they had one more chef than the Blue team. Virginia is told that she is the best of the worse. Virginia has to go back and nominate two to go home. Rachel admits that she sucked, and tells Virginia that she did a great job. Rachel said that Sara was on the easiest station and that she should go home. Virginia talks to Sara about Sara lying. Sara said that honestly she thinks Rachel should go. Sara said that it's not about standing up for someone, but winning the prize. Maribel doesn't want to put someone up to save her ass, but she says to put up Rachel. Maribel said that Rachel did the worse job. Rachel is talking to Heather and tells Heather that she has to win. Heather said that she will cry if Rachel leaves. Rachel and Heather make eyes at each other. It is obvious that Rachel deserves to go. Virginia nominates Rachel first because she clearly let the team down today. The second person Virginia picks is...

delayed because she just stands there and blasts Sara for lying--to the boredom of everyone. However Virginia picks Maribel. Gordon asks "so after Sara shafts you, you choose Maribel?" Rachel said that she has maturity and can learn and doesn't think she can go yet. Maribel said that she is a cafeteria chef and is learning here. Maribel is called out for denying the hair was hers. Rachel is the one sent home however. Gordon tells Rachel that she worked harder than anyone there, but she is sent home. Heather looks hurt. Rachel said that she won't quit having the dream because of one night. It is now down to six. Maribel is out to get Virginia. Garrett says that he has balls and will be staying around. Gordon said that Rachel buckled and screwed the kitchen completely.

Monday, June 26, 2006 -- Evening

The third episode of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. Tom is whining about how his team doesn't want him. He is 43 and this is his fourth career, and this is all he has. Heather said that Tom doesn't get it. Heather said that she is there for the experience and not the money. As she said, it is all she has to do. It is her life. 7:53 am the next morning. Gordon tells them that the men are losers. Heather, Rachel, and Sara are seen as leaders, and Heather is placed as the leader of the Blue Team. Virginia said that she is going to be bossy to be a leader. Sara says that she wants to take the reins and be a leader. Gordon then takes the gang to show them a successful restaurant. It is the busiest restaurant in LA with 2000 customers served in a day. Tom went back to make a chili cheese dog for the crowd because he used to work in a hot dog joint in college. Gordon then tells them that in two hours time they will be opening for lunch. They have less than two hours to prepare. It seems that they are going to make hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza. Heather said that the men need to focus. Rachel is getting hyped up with thinking she is in charge. Gordon said that he is looking for speed, taste, and quality. And then he calls in the patrons--a bunch of screetching little kids.

Garrett realized that it was going to be crazy when he heard the screams of the kids. Tom agreed that Heather is very well organized. Gordon tells Keith to pull his pants up. To win the challenge, the winning team has to have a complete service. Sara cuts her finger making pizza, and is bleeding on everything. Meanwhile Garrett and Tom start arguing, and Heather stops it telling them to do it later. There is a power struggle in the kitchen. Sara and Rachel are having issues. Rachel thinks that Sara should ask for help, and Sara wants Rachel to butt out. Food is finally coming out of both kitchens. Gordon complains about the pizza not being round to Sara. However, Rachel rolled the odd shapes. The men and women are battling to be the first to complete. Both teams did get all the tickets out. The kids leave behind a huge mess. Gordon congratulates both teams for getting through. Gordon asked the kids to rate the food on a scale on 1-10. Red team got 9.84 points, and the Blue team got 9.85. The Blue team gets out of Hell's Kitchen. The Red team has to clean the dining room. Garrett said the new name for their team is Three Men and the Little Lady. Sara plays with a helium balloon, and Rachel moans about how Sara doesn't get that they lost. Perhaps Sara is trying to make the best of a bad situation. The Blue team goes to an amusement park. Heather and Keith seem to be getting along pretty good while Sara and Rachel are having issues and Sara calls Rachel a bitch. Mary Ann, the sous chef, picks up a cake and throws it on the floor and makes them clean that. It seems that Mary Ann wasn't liking the way Sara and Rachel were carrying on with petty arguing.

The next morning, and Heather is trying to fix Keith's pants so he doesn't show butt. Heather is bossing them around, and the guys don't seem to be minding that. It seems that it is really quiet in the red kitchen. Sara and Rachel are battling for the leadership. Gordon tells the kitchens that the ice machine is broken, and when he says to get ice, the Red team has to get it because they lost the challenge. It is now time for the evening service. Rachel is on the appetizers, and has to rely on Sara to get the scallops to her. Heather is overseeing everything on the Blue team. Sara and Rachel are having issues communicating. Garrett didn't put salt on the appetizer and had to redo them. Garrett's second risotto is good, but Rachel's risotto is too stiff. Then her second attempt is too watery. Rachel says that she is humbled by screwing up. The Blue team has a return of cold spaghetti. Gordon yells at Garrett to get moving. Garrett was motivated by Gordon asking him if he wanted to go back to jail. Rachel is having trouble getting out appetizers. Sara and Virginia are working on the entrees. Sara and Virginia now aren't communicating. Gordon tells Virginia that she isn't a team player. It really does seem that Sara is a little trouble maker who does things and the other person seems to get blamed.

The Red team is trying to get out the first entree. Gordon doesn't know that the Sara is sabatoging things. Sara is giggling about being the bitch. All the appetizers are out with the men, but Tom hasn't cooked the quail. Maribel is having problems with her potatoes. Tom is having problems with the meat station. Tom says that he needs more time on the Wellington. Keith answers with an exact time. Some folks are getting food, but most aren't. Viriginia and Rachel are working on the quail, and screwing it up. As Gordon tells Rachel, she has to do the quail in the normal manner when she says she is trying to learn his procedures. Rachel has to run to get ice, and Tom is having problems getting the meat orders together, and causes issues because he sets fire in a pan. Keith is sent to take care of the meat counter. Rachel forgets to take money to pay for the ice, and she has to beg to get someone to pay for the ice. Then she falls with the ice. Maribel admits that things worked better in the kitchen without Rachel. Rachel comes back and says that she busted her ass to get the ice. Two hours later and only half the orders are out. Virginia asks for help from Rachel and then Gordon finds out that Rachel has been using egg whites instead of egg wash on the Wellingtons. As Gordon goes ballistic, Sara smiles and laughs. Gordon calls all the kitchen staff over and says that he's had enough and throws his apron at Tom.

Gordon says that he has had enough. Gordon sends both teams off to pick someone to go home. Sara said that it is the weed out process and you don't have friends. Virginia is against Sara because Sara didn't take the blame for the food. Heather said that the problem with the Blue team from the beginning has been Tom. Tom thinks he is like the piece of gum that is stuck to your shoe. Rachel, Sara, Virginia, and Maribel are talking, and Virginia said that she knows that they are thinking of sending her out. Maribel said that the potatoes and risotto were the problems--and that was Rachel. The women can't seem to make a decision. Gordon calls them all a bunch of fast food chefs and said that unfortunately, he doesn't have a fast food restaurant to give away. Keith is called the one bright spot on the Blue team. He tells Gordon that the team nominated Tom. Sara is told that she showed initiative and is asked who the Red team picked. Sara hesitates.

The Red team has nominated Virginia. Gordon asks if they considered Rachel. Gordon tells Rachel that it is the worst performance since he met her. Tom tells Gordon that he can't be beaten down, and wants to show Gordon that he can't get rid of him. Virginia said that she has a passion for food and that she feels that she deserves to stay in. Gordon asks Rachel if she feels better hearing that, and Rachel offers to take Virginia's place. Gordon said that it is tempting, but he sends Tom home. Tom said that what is scary is that he now has to go and find a job. Gordon tells them all that it is the worse service ever. Heather thinks that without Tom they can do better. Rachel doesn't think she is that bad. Sara says that she is who she is, and Virginia says that they aren't the team. Gordon says that Tom is a really crap cook and doesn't know why Tom would want to be a cook.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 -- Evening

I forgot that last night was the second episode of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. Fortunately, I recorded it and can watch it tonight. Garrett admits that putting up Tom and Giacomo didn't work out. Tom said that he has a reprieve and thinks Ramsey would like to see him win. Rachel was shocked because someone not nominated was sent home. It is 6:15 am in the morning, and some of the contestants are up and talking when the phone rings. Gordon has called and Tom answers and is told to get everyone out of bed and in the dining room and dressed. Everyone is there in four minutes except for Sara. She was in the shower and nobody waited for anyone. Gordon yells at her for not showing up quickly. He also tells them that both teams had the same problem. Today's challenge is that each team cooks three entrees from the existing menu. Only one person from each team is going to be in the kitchen at a time. The women get to pick someone to sit out. Heather wanted to sit out because of her burned hand, and Sara calls her Princess Heather. One person from each team has to be in the kitchen. The order is Chicken, tortellini, and salmon. All entrees must be finished in 20 minutes. Tom found prepared tortellini and Virginia starts making fresh. Each chef has only 15 minutes to tell the next chef what is going to happen. Giacomo and Rachel take over next. Next is Keith and Maribel. Maribel has no idea that she is missing the tortellini that is right in front of her. Keith starts making tortellini even though Giacomo told him it was done. Maribel is trying to figure out what the third thing is, and Garrett and Sara were last. Thanks to Maribel, Sara doesn't know about tortellini, and Garrett is making more tortellini. Neither team communicates well. Tom was happy because the men had three entrees and the women only had two. Gordon yells at him to stand up straight.

The men have tortellini without sauce and the women have no tortellini. Tom thinks that he is hot stuff and Gordon is lucky that Tom doesn't hit him. The men won the tortellini and the women won the chicken. The women won because the women had two complete entrees while the men didn't have a single complete entree. The men are giving washing, ironing, and pressing to do. The women get to go out for the day. Tom complains because he thinks the women should have lost because women do the laundry better. What a jerk! The women join Gordon at the dock, and they get to go on a yacht with some champagne. The men are washing all the linens by hand. Gordon tells them that they have to communicate, and he thanks the women for a nice lunch. The women get to stay on the yacht as Gordon leaves. The women were sunbathing and come back all loud and happy. They rub in how much fun they had. Garrett tells the women to go in there and cook dinner for them. Heather is really upset about Garrett talking to her like that.

Heather goes to have a chat with Garrett. He ignores her and continues to write things down. Garrett said that he said what he did because of lack of respect from the women. Meanwhile he seemed to be the person to have no respect. Garrett said that the women are rallying behind that. Garrett said that he knew that he had to prove something to the entire world. Meanwhile, Heather whispers that Garrett had his ass kicked by a girl. The men started out first thing in the morning while the women had to wait for Maribel who was crying and homesick. The men say they won't lose tonight as they are doing the prep. Sara said that when it comes to Heather if she has nothing nice to say, Sara isn't going to say anything. Gordon tells them they have to get all the tickets out tonight. Hell's Kitchen is now open. Sara and Keith are on appetizers. One of the customers saw Keith eat food off the spoon and put it back in the food. Keith was also showing his underwear and butt crack. The customers don't want to eat food that Keith makes and I agree. Garrett is whistling, and Heather is barking orders at Sara. Gordon yells at Heather for answering for Sara. 1/2 hour in the service, and customers are getting appetizers. Meanwhile, Giacomo noticed that the oven was cold, but didn't tell anyone. Then he tells them, and it is because the oven is turned off. Gordon yells at Garrett for the second and last time to stop whistling. Gordon is looking for entrees from the women. Heather said that she is disappointed when Gordon is disappointed. Sara is happy at Heather's problem. Keith tells Tom to make tomato sauce, but Garrett gives it to him. The men are having problems because Giacomo is holding them up. Gordon calls Giacomo useless. Giacomo has brought his men to a stand still. And Gordon reacts by...

by switching Giacomo from meat to fish. All the meat is overcooked. Giacomo said that he had to throw the meat out. Tom burned his hand, and then started crying about it. Keith and Tom start arguing. The diners at the blue tables are waiting for entrees. Lamb Wellington has been a hot item, and Heather has to tell Maribel to make eight Wellington and there are only six. Gordon tells Maribel to stop being useless and to make the Wellington fresh. Tom is whining about his hand, and Gordon tells Tom that he doesn't need a big drama queen. Tom said that it hurt so much that he wants to puke. Maribel said that Gordon is constantly screaming and she just tunes him out. Gordon tries to find out how long it will take to get rare Wellington. Gordon yells at Tom because they ran out of mashed potato. It turns out that the men burned the prepared mashed potatoes and threw them out. The woman who wants the rare Wellingon is told 45 seconds, and it isn't ready. The women leave who wanted the Wellington. Lots of abuse and swearing by Gordon.

Gordon tells the men and women to shut the kitchen down. Gordon tells Sara that she is the best performer on the women's team. Heather looks disappointed. Maribel caused the women from not getting out the service. On the men's side, Giacomo and Tom are singled out for sucking. Gordon tells men that the lost the battle of the sexes big time because they were bad. Each of them gets to nominate one person from their team for elimination because none of them were any good. Keith said that Giacomo and Tom are the weak links. Giacomo knows that he did the worst and wants to stay there. Tom claims he won't campaign to stay, but he does. Garrett and Keith both are against Tom and thinks that he quit. Garrett and Keith both think that Tom and Giacomo equally suck. Tom tries to blame others for his failings. Tom nominates Giacomo for not turning on the oven. Giacomo picks Tom. Garrett picks Tom because he talks about what was wrong and not how to fix it. Keith said that it was hard, but that he had to pick...

Tom. Three votes for Tom. Gordon calls Tom and Giacomo forward. Giacomo says that he will learn from his mistakes and do everything for his team. Tom says that he should stay because he is the sharpest, smartest guy there, but not the best cook. Gordon says it is tough, but he picks Giacomo to leave Hell's Kitchen. Giacomo said that is not a quitter but Tom is. Gordon tells Tom to thank Giacomo for being just a little bit worse. Garrett said that it is grim because they are two people down. Sara said that she proved that she may be an idiot as a person, but she is a good chef.

Monday, June 12, 2006 -- Evening

Today was the first episode of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. The winner will get to be the executive chef at Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The show started with the arrival of the contestants. Sara says that it is a chance in a lifetime and she wants it so bad. Jean Phillippe is back as the Maitre D'. Keith is a bartender and hopes to make it. Virginia is a salad chef who thinks Gordon is hot--not. Gordon is shocked that she puts on makeup. The contestants all toast to Hell's Kitchen. Gordon tells them to go to the kitchen and start to cook their signature dishes. All 12 have 30 minutes to prepare their signature dishes. Gabe is a marketing executive whose heart is beating through his neck. Keith makes chi-ching tuna. Gordon appears to be unimpressed, and takes the rice off and puts it in Keith's hat. Gordon says that sauce is too hot. Rachel is next. She has butterfly shrimp and chocolate sauce. She put hot pepper chips on shrimp. Gordon said it was weird and that the chocolate sauce ruined the good prawns. Polly is a caterer who says she cooked all her life. She made undone foccacio bread--meaning not cooked. Larry is a fishmonger. His fish is okay with potatoes uncooked. Maribel made some sort of soup, and Gordon spit it out because it is garlicky, hot, and looked like baby vomit. Gordon says that he doesn't know if he wants to go any further because he doesn't know if it can get worse.

Tom, a stockbroker is sweating. He has shrimp scampi with cooked caesar salad on top. Gordon spit out his shrimp. Heather is a sous chef. She made raspberry empanadas. He said that it is thick, but best so far. Garrett is a former prison chef who was a former prisoner. Gordon makes Gabe taste Garrett's food. Gabe said that it was overcooked. Gordon said that it was dry. Gabe's fish is raw. Sara and Giacomo are last. Sara tastes Giacomo's food and says that it is pretty good. Gordon agrees and said that he came across something edible. Sara made herb crusted salmon with pasta. Her pasta is overcooked and mush. Virginia made some uncooked pasta with toasted nuts and coconut. As Gordon said, it's fine for rabbit food. Rachel is prepared to sell her house to take on this opportunity. Scott and Mary Anne are back this year. This year it is going to be men against women. The men have the blue kitchen with Scott and the women have the red kitchen with Mary Anne. The men's and women's team will share a living space near the kitchens. The women's team want two women at the end and plan to get rid of the men. Hell's Kitchen is going to open in 24 hours. Polly looks like an idiot and never went to culinary school. Gordon yells at Tom because he is sweating into the food. Gross! The women worked together as a team to get finished early. The men worked as individuals. Giacomo remarked at how the women were finished first. At 7 am, the women are energized from getting a few hours of sleep. Larry only had 45 minutes of sleep and is running on fumes. One of the group is going home before midnight. Gordon asks for volunteers, and the women volunteer right away--the men don't.

Heather and Giacomo are the donkeys and have to keep the kitchen spotless. Rachel said that it is unfortunate to lose Heather as a cook. Hell's Kitchen is now open. Virginia is pumped up and shaking. Tom is told again to not sweat into the food. The dining room fills up and the blue kitchen gets the first order. Appetizer is riscotto and scallops. The women then get their order for appetizers. Polly and Tom are on appetizers. The women work together to help Polly. Tom is on his own. The women are ready in 20 minutes. Polly's appetizer is sent back. Then Tom's is sent back because the scallops are raw. The tables are waiting 45 minutes for the appetizers. Only bread has gone to the table. Polly said that it is going to be ready in six minutes, and Sara is upset because she came to help and said that it would be two minutes. Tom thinks that he has his order ready. It is, and it is sent on to the tables. The blue kitchen picked up the speed, and at one of the tables, the guy said that he wanted more pumpkin in his riscotto even though he ate most of it. Then the guy went to the counter and gave Gordon attitude. Gordon got security to put him back in his seat. Tom then set fire to the stove.

The fire slowed down the whole kitchen. Polly hasn't served anything in an hour and a half. She is now the kitchen donkey and Heather is now doing the appetizers. Tom meanwhile turned off the stove with the fire. Gordon tells him to think. Gordon tells Larry to not stand there like the Statue of Libery. After only three minutes on appetizers, Heather gets the food sent out. Sara screams in happiness, and Gordon yells at her. He tells them it is f***ing ridiculous that it took an hour and 40 minutes to get food out. Two hours and both team have turned out appetizers. Gabe doesn't have his food cooked for the entrees. Virginia is getting her first Wellington to Gordon, and he tells her the meat is not cooked. Maribel said that she doesn't like just standing there. Virginia doesn't know how to cook the meat. Gordon asks Virginia why they opened, and Virginia said that she doesn't know the menu. Virginia didn't know the menu. Two hours later and people don't have their food. Virginia went over to ask the men for lamb sauce and they didn't get it from them. Three hours later and the people haven't gotten any food, but they got alot of wine. They start chanting "I want my food."

Gordon tells the kitchens to listen to that. He then shuts down the kitchen. The folks aren't happy who are in the restaurant. Heather was completely embarrassed by the service. This is the first time that so few people been served in Hell's Kitchen. Gordon is trying to decide which team is worse. He is upset that Sara started cheering because it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to get out appetizers. Gordon was also upset at Larry just standing there staring into space. The losing team is the red team. He makes sure that the men know they didn't win. Gordon said that Heather is the best of the very worst. He sends Heather back to the dorm to pick the two worst. Maribel feels that she wasn't given an opportunity. Polly wants props because she stood up to Sara. Heather didn't like that Sara kept on saying two minutes and that Sara cheered. Virginia is also crying because she couldn't get the food out properly. Heather doesn't want Virginia to go and is thinking of putting up Maribel. Heather puts up Polly because she has lack of experience. Then she puts up Virginia because she didn't do the best that she could. Gordon has them step forward. Virginia said that she made mistakes on times and temperatures but wants to get better. Polly feels that over her life she has proven that she can take challenges. Gordon said that they should both go. The person leaving is Polly because she didn't get anything done in 90 minutes. I'm glad that she is gone because her crooked eyes annoy me. Gordon tells them that none of them deserve the price. Heather said that it can't get worse and they can only go up.

The women are concerned about their first loss, and Sara is crying. Virginia said that she let her team down. The men enjoyed their victory. Gabe and Garrett talk macho talk. The chefs go to sleep, but are awakened at 5:30 am. Virginia wanted them to shut the f*** up. Gordon asks Larry if he has passion and asks them all if they know how much food they wasted yesterday and that wasting that much would not make a restaurant make money. The contestants have to clean out the trash bins to make a point. Gordon tells them that his kind of waste can't happen again. It is now back to the kitchen. Today's challenge is to maximize meat and have no waste. After a quick demo, they will have to get as many 10 ounce steaks as possible with no waste. Keith has to sit out to make things even. They have 10 minutes to cut the meat. Virginia has never cut mean like that. Sara is first in line, and has three good steaks. Heather can only produce two because she has so much meat. Rachel has three steaks. Virginia gets two. Maribel has two and the women have a total of 12 steaks. Gabe just got three steaks. Garrett just got one. Giacomo's are too thin. He has two that pass muster. Larry gets 0 steaks. Tom has to have six to tie things up. Tom cut meat for the first time, and so far, he has five steaks. Total is 12 for the women to 11 for the men. The women won by one. Tom did a good job, but the other men sucked. The men have to cut the steaks for the next service. The women got to go and get some wild game at a restaurant, and they got to leave in the helicopter. The women dress up and leave. Keith said that Larry claims to be sick, but he isn't producing. Gordon was his usual charming self at dinner and has them all call him Gordon. He can be very nice outside of the kitchen. The women get into bathing suits and go to the jacuzzi. Larry said that his downfall is women, and he gets into the jacuzzi while the other guys rest. Gabe didn't think it was a smart move on their part to get drunk the day before service. Everyone is sleeping except for Larry who is sick. He calls for help because he is sweating and tingling.

Everyone wonders where Larry is because he is missing in the morning. Larry is in the hospital because of the stress, and he won't be back. What a baby! Larry's body quit he said--not Larry. Baby! Giacomo wants to win that evening. Virginia hopes to give it 150% Gordon tells Sara that she is going to be a waitress. Keith is going to be a waiter on the tables. Keith doesn't want to be a waiter and complains about it privately. The women get their first order in. Keith is not a good waiter and can't get the order in right. Not only that, but he's sweating. Because Virginia's monkfish is sent back, the entire table has to be redone. Keith can't seem to get the ticket in to the men's kitchen. Gordon tells Keith to wake up. Gordon yells at the men for not listening to them. Gabe asks if there are quails. 45 minutes and no appetizers have gone out. Everyone is helping Gabe. Gordon yells at Gabe for not delegating and that no one is doing their own job properly. In an hour, appetizers are flying out of both kitchens. Heather burns herself in the kitchen, and Gordon yells for Jean Phillippe.

Jean Phillippe gets ice for Heather's injury. Heather is still trying to tell the team how things should be done. Heather has to go to the hospital for her burn. Virginia said that losing Heather made them all chaotic. The men have started their entrees. Tom is on meat and Giacomo is on sides. They have to work together, and Giacomo doesn't know what is going on with the duck. The men are stuck on their entrees. Someone comes up to ask if they will eat, and Gordon tells him that he is in a kitchen with muppets. Sara goes running to join the others in the kitchen and starts helping out with the meat. Giacomo can't get the sides ready with the meats. Gordon tells Giacomo to become a hair dresser. Three hours into the dinner service and people are leaving. The women are finally getting things going, and they send out some food. Virginia said that she would send out pasta that is stuck together. Virginia thought that the tortellini should go out as it is, but Gordon yells at her and she redoes it. The restaurant is empty because everyone left. Gordon shuts down the kitchen. Heather comes back from the hospital. Gordon commends Heather for delegating while severely burned. Gordon yells at Virginia for low standards. He also picks out Gabe as not able to do two things at the same time.

Both teams are bad, but Gordon picks the men as the worse because they had zero entrees leave the kitchen. The women had 10 leave. The best of the worst was Garrett. Garrett has to pick two men to eliminate. Garrett won't pick Keith because he didn't cook. Tom tells Giacomo to get a haircut to get adult respect. Tom goes on to Garrett about getting rid of Giacomo while keeping him. Garrett has picked Giacomo because of the malfunction in the kitchen. Second choice is Tom. Tom admits to serving zero entrees because of lack of coordination between him and Giacomo. Tom said that he will take charge and Gordon believes him. Gordon tells Garrett that he is sorry, but he wants to talk to one more person. Gordon calls out Gabe. Gabe comes forward. Gordon asks Gabe why he should stay in Hell's Kitchen. Gabe said that he came to learn from the best and that he chased perfection. Giacomo said that one he grabs the greasy potato and that one he grabs it, he will hold on. Gordon said that they both screwed up. Gordon sends Gabe home. Gordon says that Gabe is a sweet guy, but sweet guys don't make great cooks. Gordon tells Giacomo to get a grip. Heather wants two women at the end. Garrett promises to be one of the final two. Gordon said that Gabe had no passion.