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Thursday, August 31, 2006 -- Later Evening

It is down to the final four. The person who wins the next HOH will be in the final three, obviously. If Will and Boogie both want to be safe, one of them has to win HOH or the veto. If Erika wins, she will put up Will and Janelle. If Janelle wins the POV, then it will be Will and Boogie. Which would mean that one of them is leaving. The only way to try to safeguard against that is by winning HOH.

Final Four

Thursday, August 31, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Tonight is the highly anticipated live eviction, HOH, nomination, POV, and second eviction episode on Big Brother All-Stars. It's Day 60, and the houseguests are to find out that they will be playing a full wee's worth of games. The new HOH will have to make nominations immediately then POV and eviction. First up is Will and Boogie looking for their "Yoko Ono." We see Erika crying over nominating Danielle. Erika says that she knows Danielle feels betrayed, but the game is about getting to the end. As Erika says, it's Big Brother, who can you trust but yourself. Danielle just never thought that Erika would put her in harm's way. George thinks that it will be a peaceful week. George is hoping for the fried chicken and beer that is waiting for him. Boogie and Will talk about having Erika and Janelle and working on George. Will thinks it is so funny that the friction is with Erika and Danielle. will says he is going to string her along just like he did everyone else. Erika thinks being a secret member of Chill Town will keep her safe. Then we see Will and Boogie have the same conversation with Erika, Janelle and the same conversation George. They tell all that they are secret members of Chill Town. Boogie says that they will honor zero of them. Danielle asks Boogie if they will tell her if they are going to get rid of her. He tells her she is safe. As Danielle said, he looked her in the eye and said it so she thinks he is safe. Will also tells Danielle that she is safe and that she needs to relax. Will says that Danielle must not have watched this season because he is the puppet master. Does she really think she is safe? No. The houseguests find out what is going to happen tonight. They are calling it fast forward. George and Danielle talk now. George says that he will like to stay. Danielle says that the week has been a rollercoaster and she doesn't want to go home. Time for voting. Janelle is first. She votes to evict Danielle. Will votes to evict Danielle. Danielle is out. Boogie votes to evict Danielle. Chicken George is dressed like a flower. Danielle finds out that she was evicted by a vote of 3-0. She hugs everyone. They all tell her that they are sorry. Danielle tells them all that she loves them. Danielle talks to Julie, and George strips out of his flower suit quickly. Will offers to help Chicken George. That's what he gets for dressing like a flower. Boogie sits there quietly. Danielle said that she didn't feel safe because she knows how Chill Town does it--and she expected it when she was nominated. Danielle was reminded that she said in season 3, nothing personal, just business. Danielle realizes that it is just a game. Danielle said that she knew that being a tough player and George is an easy target. Danielle wanted redemption for being demonized in season 3. Danielle said that she played the game the best she could and that she was respectful. Danielle said that right now, she wants Erika to come out. Janelle tells Danielle that it was amazing to play with her and that Danielle didn't lie. Boogie apologizes for lying, but says that Danielle was an amazing player. Will says that she is the best player for not winning the game. Will thought that he was Danielle's target. George said that Danielle helped him and he was happy to be his friend. Erika says that she is hurt that Danielle won't vote for her and that Danielle will reconsider that it is a game play move. Danielle says that she forgives Erika, and she had her back.

It is time of the HOH competition. Erika is sitting out. Tonight's game is battle of the sexes. There are 8 questions about events in the house, and the answer is either male or female. They step forward for female, back for male. The person with the most points win, and it is one point per question. During the live show, did a male or female say that Kaysar was more gorgeous without hair. Answer: Male and everyone got it right. Was the second houseguest male or female? Answer female. Everyone gets it right. When Danielle used the veto and removed herself from the chopping block, who went up? Male. Will and Janelle got it right. This summer, houseguests from past seasons came. Were there more males and females. Males. Janelle only got it right. Was the second ghost to appear in the seance male or female. Answer Female. Will is the only one to get it wrong. In the first HOH competition was the first person to throw the meteor male or female. Female. Everyone gets it right. During the judging who said the slop cakes tasted like low grade dog food? Answer Male (it was Marvin). Everyone got it right, and Janelle is leading. The majority of POV wins goes to males or females. Answer females. Janelle is 8 for 8 and the new HOH. All the houseguests have to go back into the house and they have four minutes before the nominations. Janelle goes off to talk to Will. They whisper and Will says worst case send out Chicken George. Janelle says that she wants to put up Erika and Boogie because she doesn't want Erika to think that she is targeting her. Will says that Janelle is going to win POV. Will tells Janelle to trust him, and she says no. They continue their talking while we go to the commercial break.

Will asks Janelle who Erika would put up. I think he is telling her to put up George, remove him with the POV and then put up Boogie. Everyone has to gather in the living room for the nomination ceremony. George has to sit on the couch. Janelle says that it is horrible and she doesn't know what to do, and hasn't really talked to anyone. She is nominating George and Erika. The veto competition is next.

It is time for the veto competition. The competition is called "I'm knot about veto". There are two huge knots in the rope with a veto at the end. Once the person has the veto symbol, they can't unclip until they are in or past the red zone. The first person to buzz in wins the veto. Will and Erika first the first knot tied and are onto the second knot. Janelle is out of the first knot. Janelle is working on the second. Erika and Will are neck and neck in the lead. Will and Erika needed to unclip. Will tried to hit the buzzer without unclipping, but that wasn't allowed. So Erika unclipped and won the veto. So Erika is probably going to take herself off and George will be evicted.

It is time for the veto meeting. Erika tells everyone good luck and says she doesn't have anything to say. Erika says that obviously she is going to use the veto. Janelle says that she has to nominate Boogie because only two people are left. The veto is adjourned, but there will be another eviction. There was some sort of pause, and Julie thanked Boogie for taking the right seat which seemed to throw all the houseguests. It's obviously going to be Chicken George who will evicted.

It is time for the eviction. George says he has nothing more to say accept the best to each and everyone. Boogie thanks his business partner. Boogie says that no one likes him on the jury, and George is well liked by everyone and hard to beat in the end. Will votes first. He votes to evict Chicken George. Erika is next and she votes to evict Chicken George. Just as I thought. By a vote of 2-0 George is evicted. He tells everyone it is okay. George says that it is unbelieveable how he made it this far. Janelle says that she loves him. Boogie tells George that they will make sure to get the other stuff to him. George comes running out. George laughs. They are down to the final four. Janelle broke a nail really bad in the veto. They think that someone is coming back. They think more than two weeks are left. George says that he is so happy to get this far. George thinks he did very good. George was asked about being confused, and he said that he had no strategy and the food really messed him up and not eating was very hard. George is 47 and a father of 3, but dressed like a 10 year old on Halloween night. He said that he wanted to go back and do wild and crazy things and be himself. George gets a visit from the Colonel from KFC and gets a bucket of chicken. The HOH competition will be shown on Sunday, and on Tuesday there is going to be another live eviction. I don't believe there is an episode on Thursday, and they don't have the more than two weeks that they originally thought.
End of show recap

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 -- Evening

The houseguests are pretty boring on the live feeds. The exciting stuff always seems to happen late at night, and I can't stay up that late because I have to get up to go to work. It seems that the flirting between Will and Janelle is heating up. Meanwhile Boogie and Erika are going hot and heavy. Will was telling Erika just now on the feeds that the only girl for him is his girlfriend, Erin, who appears to have dumped him while he was in the house. Will doesn't know that yet. Anyway, all the houseguests have been doing is laying around and eating.

What busy beavers!


Wednesday, August 30, 2006 -- Early Afternoon

There won't be any need to stay up late on Thursday to find out what is happening on Big Brother All-Stars. It seems that KDKA's sister station, the new CW will show the episode at its regularly scheduled time.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Another episode of Big Brother All-Stars was on this evening. The episode starts with the nomination ceremony. I love it when George asks Erika about not being a strong player when Erika calls Janelle strong, and George a vote to keep Janelle. Day 54. Erika and Janelle "hug" after the ceremony. Janelle said that she wasn't grateful, but more annoyed by Erika's statements. George says that he gets used to be up on the block. Erika said that Janelle is a threat and a player she can't beat in the end. Will is thrilled to not be nominated. Will would like to keep Janelle over Chicken George, but he just wants Boogie and him to stay. Boogie says that George admires them and is on to them. George calls Will someone that no one should trust. George can't understand how Chill Town didn't even get nominated. He says it is soooo wrong. Will tells Janelle to be nice to Erika and tell her that everything is okay. Janelle says that if she wins the POV, she will go after the people who took out her friends. Janelle says that she is going after Chill Town and that they have used everyone. Janelle thinks that Erika believes her lie when Janelle says she won't go after Erika. Will asks Danielle about a benefit of keeping Janelle over Chicken George. Danielle asks Will if he has lost his mind. Will says that he and Danielle don't trust each other. Danielle says that Janelle seems to be working with Chill Town and Erika won't nominate Chill Town. She thinks it is suspicious. Will gets his trampoline. Boogie calls it the pimpoline. Will is in there bouncing his head off and Danielle tells him that he will break a bone, and Will says that he has done that all the time. Back in the HOH room, Danielle promises on the lives of her kids that she will take Erika to the final two. Danielle tells Erika that Will is really good because he apologizes every time. Danielle calls Will the devil. Danielle says that she will win the POV, and take off George and put up Will. Erika doesn't admit that she is part of Chill Town. Danielle is salavating for this to happen. Danielle claims that she is the season 3 Danielle returned and she will scumbag Will and Boogie. What a loser--because what has she done to prove that she is capable of winning the POV without someone else's help?

It is now nighttime in the BB house and Will is in bed dreaming. We hear over and over again how Will talks about Neil Patrick Harris. It is now time for Christmas in July, and who is there, but Will Patrick Harris. He comes into the BB house and turns on all the lights. Will is shocked to see the Secret Santa is Neil Patrick Harris. Will was really excited because he is a huge fan of Will Patrick Harris. Janelle says that Will is happy because he has Will Patrick Harris there. Neil asks how long they have left to be there, and then they make slop for Neil. George gets a whole Santa suit and comes out to show everyone. They go outside and there is a Christmas tree with packages. They get clothes. Neil says that they needed clothes because Boogie keeps on wearing a Dolce shirt. He calls George simple, and says Janelle is even more beautiful live. Then Neil goes in the trampoline and does a flip. Boogie and Will jumped in with him. Danielle said it was one of the best times this season. Will says in the DR, trampoline then Neil Patrick Harris, what's next, me winning the show? Then we see George telling Boogie and Will a story about how he was working on a pole and got struck by lightning. Will says that explains George's unique behavior. George said that when he got up he was smoking. Boogie and Will are amazed that George was there for 60 days and didn't mention that he was struck by lighning. Boogie doesn't think that lightning strikes twice so George shouldn't win. Next scene we see Will and Janelle plotting to get Janelle to win the POV so Danielle is sent packing. Will says that it's going to be terrible to have Danielle win the POV. Janelle asks if they think they can get Erika to put up Danielle. Will tells Boogie that they need to work on Erika that Danielle will beat her in the final. Will wants to win the POV and take Janelle off. Later we see Erika going to bed with Boogie and asking to talk game. Erika wants Janelle to go this week. Boogie tells Janelle that she has to be prepared for Danielle to go this week. Boogie tells Erika that Danielle will be hard to beat in the final. Erika is dumbstruck by the suggestion. She is on the stupid side.

It is time for the veto competition. Everyone plays for the POV. They have to play the game one at a time. They are locked down in six separate rooms. Boogie was first. It is the two face game. There are facial features of two evicted houseguests. As soon as they figure out the pair, they have to pick them from the board. The first to pick all five the quickest wins. First was Jase and Alison, then it was Howie and Diane. Third was James and Jase. Boogie threw it so he wouldn't make Erika angry. Erika plays second. Will is third. He wanted to win POV and take Chicken George off and put up Danielle and vote out Danielle. Chicken George comes next, and he realized it was not going to be good for him. He couldn't get the first one, and thought that he went through all the names on the board. Janelle is next and she said that she is really nervous and trying to stay focused. She runs like a mad woman. Finally Danielle is up and she figures she doesn't need to win the POV because she is safe, but if she wins, she will take off Janelle and get rid of Will. They go outside of for the results. George's time was 24:23. Boogie says that George acted like he never met any of those people, or looked at the memory wall. Erika has 1:51. Will had 3:19. Janelle had 1:00. Janelle looks at Danielle, and everyone gave her the look. Janelle said that she didn't think she did that well. Danielle is at 1:23 and Boogie at 7:42. Janelle won. Danielle says that she and Erika have a deal, and that now Erika has to put up someone from Chill Town. Will says that Danielle will go up and when you dance with the devil, you get burned. Erika thinks it is a real dilemna.

Janelle, Danielle, and Erika talk about the veto. Janelle said that she needed to win the veto. Janelle talks to Erika and tells her Danielle. Boogie says that Janelle is a whirlwind, and that she must not have paused. Will says that Janelle is the best reality competitor tha he has ever seen. Will and Boogie go into the storage room and jump around and celebrate. Boogie says that this is a difficult time for Erika because she has to put up someone in Chill Town or her favorite girl, Danielle. Boogie says for Erika to put up Danielle and they will take the blame for taking her out. Erika says that her heart says one thing and her head says another. Boogie tells her that she is going to have to do something that she didn't want to do. Will says that this is the decision that will determine how far Erika will go. Will and Boogie also tell her that Janelle will go after the two of them and leave Erika alone. Boogie tells her that Chicken George is the best to take to the final three. Erika wants to do what is best for her in the game and it sucks. Danielle tells Erika that she knew Janelle would win. Erika and Danielle met in the storage room and Danielle asks if she is going up and Erika says no. Janelle and Erika talk in the HOH room. Erika wants some thoughts and Janelle says that no one can beat Danielle in the finals, and the guys suck. Janelle keeps on saying that Will is really bad at competitions and as bad as George. Janelle says that she is going after Erika next week, and that she is looking forward to working with her. Janelle has laid the ground work for Danielle going out. Janelle leaves and then Erika calls up Boogie. Erika said that she was getting her thoughts from Janelle. Erika says that everyone agrees that Danielle is dangerous. Erika says that it makes her nervous to keep Will and Boogie together because it is "Bros before Hos." Erika doesn't know if it is time to get rid of Danielle, and Boogie says that it is time because the color pictures are dwindling on the wall.

Erika says that she has to choose who to put up and who will go to the jury. Erika and Danielle talk at the pool, and Erika tells Danielle that she can't beat her at the end and that Danielle is too good of a competitor to keep there. Danielle says "that's fine" and walks away. Danielle is drinking in the hot tub with George, and Danielle is telling him that Erika's allegance is to Chill Town, and that George shouldn't believe her. Erika and Danielle get into it and Erika says that she didn't betray Danielle and Erika says that nothing has happened. Danielle tells Erika that she gave her heart to Erika and that Erika won't get her vote and that Erika nominating her is the ultimate betrayal. George sits there quietly and listens. Erika comes into the house as Danielle stays outside. Erika wakes up Will and tells him that Danielle is hysterical. Will tells Danielle that she has to be strong. Danielle is outside the HOH room, and just holds down the buzzer. Danielle tells Erika to open the door, and Will take Erika into the HOH bathroom and tells her that Danielle is crazy and has to grow. Will says that Danielle lost her mind. He stayed in the HOH room with Erika all night to make sure he has the last word with Erika and to tell her she is okay. Janelle says there is no reason not to use the POV because if she didn't, she would be voted out. Janelle admits that Danielle is taking it hard. Everyone seems tense and Danielle and Erika have sunglasses on. Janelle says that it's not fun to use the POV and it sucks to put another person in harm's way, but she does have to use it on herself. Erika has to name a replacment. Erika says that she is sorry and it is Danielle. Will smiles. Erika says that she knows that Danielle thought Erika betrayed her and that it is just a strategic move and that she is really sorry. Danielle just stares straight ahead with the dark glasses. Danielle says that it is a strategic error and shame on Danielle for trusting her. Erika said that she was aligned with Danielle from the beginning and it was really really hard. Will and Boogie in the DR. Will talks about getting his showmance to put up Marcellas and asks if Boogie can get his showmance to put up her best friend Danielle. Boogie says "sure" and then then two of them crack up.
End of show recap

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 -- Morning

This Thursday, the local CBS station is going to be showing the Steelers game, so I won't get to watch the action packed Big Brother All-Stars episode until 2:05 am Friday morning. Of course, I could also watch it after midnight via Innertube. It's available after midnight because that is when the show is over in the Pacific time period.

Monday, August 28, 2006 -- Evening

The veto ceremony happened, and of course, Janelle took herself off the block. Danielle was put up in her place and is obviously not taking it well. I just think that it is soooo funny because in the show on Sunday, Danielle was all bravado about how she was going to send Will packing. Dah! It's Danielle who will be packing.

Danielle--what a game player!

Monday, August 28, 2006 -- Afternoon

Alot of scheming is going on in the BB house. Will and Boogie are trying to decide who they would like to see in the final three, and it seems that they would like the third person to be Chicken George. Well, if there is someone to beat, Chicken George would be it. It also seems that Danielle knows that she will be going up on the block, and she believes that Will and Janelle will vote for her while Boogie throws Chicken George a sympathy vote. It really makes sense to get rid of Danielle because she is a strong player. Then they have to get rid of Erika. My ideal final four would be Will, Boogie, Janelle, and Chicken George.

Sunday, August 27, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Tonight's episode of Big Brother All-Stars shows us the Erika HOH and nominations. George salutes James as an awesome competitor and nice person. Erika liked James as a person, but was nervous of him as a player. Will says that James is a great game player and he needs to get rid of him. Day 53 in the BB house. Danielle said that James should not have left because he was the one guy she was comfortable in. Janelle said that James went after her first, and that she knew from Chicken George that he tried to get her out. Boogie says that James took it well, and Chicken George said that he went out a champion. Will tells everyone that he sent home the last three players and said that he should take the credit or blame. Will is using it as a strategy for someone to take him to the final. Danielle talks to Boogie and says that she doesn't blame them, but it not happy. Danielle asks why Janelle would get rid of him. Danielle asks Boogie why not vote for James. Danielle also says that Will took the blame for getting rid of James. Boogie said that he tried to talk to Will and that Will said that he didn't trust James. Boogie said that he is trying to let Danielle know that he is a friend and that he is not tied to Will in this vote. Boogie tells Danielle it's not worth it as he plays good cop, bad cop. Danielle claims that Will's ass is hers. Erika is so happy to finally get and keep the HOH. Erika tells Danielle that she is so safe. Janelle threw the competition because she wanted Will to win it. Boogie wanted Will or Erika to win. Boogie thinks it will work out well for chill Town this week. Will tells Janelle that he is going to try to get Erika to nominate Chicken George and Danielle. Janelle asks Boogie if they will have the votes to save Janelle. Janelle says it will be tough because there aren't alot of people in the house and Erika wants her gone because she wins competitions. Will tells Janelle to be nice to Erika. Will says the Chill Town strategy is to make promises and backstab as many as they can. Everyone plays poker or wants to learn. They use M & Ms for money. As Will says, it's cruel to Chicken George because he can't eat them. George tells Janelle that she is probably a shark in cards. Janelle cleans them out. George says that he is going to take Janelle to Las Vegas because she is one lucky girl. Janelle gets all happy at winning and Danielle gives her this look. Janelle says that everyone was annoyed because Janelle wins everything. Will says that Boogie got it dropped on his head because Janelle started whooping his "professional poker player ass". Erika shows everyone her HOH room. She has a friend named Erika. Will says that he has had enough flowers and there were flowers everywhere. Will says that the season 4 girls looked like beasts and calls them ugly. George is drooling over the food basket. George wanted to eat the homemade chocolate chip cookies. Everyone leaves teh HOH room except for Erika and Danielle. Danielle is fixated on why Janelle voted against James. Erika said maybe Janelle had a deal with Chill town. Erika asks why Will took responsibility for getting rid of James. Danielle tries to plant the idea that Will and Janelle have an alliance. Danielle is trying to figure out what is going on. Danielle says to kiss Will good-bye because she is getting rid of him. Erika says Will must have control over Janelle. Duh, you two dumb bitches! Janelle voted against James because she knew that he had turned against them.

We hear everyone outside in the hot tub calling Chicken George's name. They call him the biggest belly flop champ. We still George taking several belly flops. Janelle says that George looks funny when he runs because he puffs his belly out. Will asks Danielle if she voted James out. Danielle said that she is really pissed off. Danielle takes Will into the exercise room. Will apologizes, but says he's not sorry that James left. Will tells Danielle that Janelle is a machine that will ruin his life if he doesn't get rid of her. Danielle and Will keep on saying that it is a game. Will takes it all to mean that Danielle is out to kick Will's butt. In the DR, Danielle said that she is so mad because James had their back and she is going to take great pleasure in sending Will home. Janelle likes flirting with Will because it's fun and makes her feel good, and he is just fun. Will and Janelle are in the DR together. Will says that Janelle has a crush on Will, and Janelle says no she doesn't. In the hot tub, Janelle says she doesn't love Will. He keeps on telling her that she is in love with him. Janelle said that she wouldn't like Will, but she would have sex with him if he was the last man in the world. Erika and Boogie make out on her couch. Erika says that Janelle has to go, and Erika wants to put up Will and Danielle. Boogie says that he wants to send Will to the jury but not now. Boogie tries to talk her into sending Danielle. Boogie does not want to send Will this early. Erika asks who is Boogie's alligance too. He has to think about it. Boogie in DR says that they need to put the brakes on Will taking one for the team. Boogie says that he knows Erika is tight with Danielle, but Danielle is dangerous. Boogie in DR says that his alligance is to Will, and he wants to take Will to the finals, but he wants Erika to think he is taking her. As the two get into bed together, Erika says that she will kill Boogie if he is playing her. Boogie smirks.

It is now time for the food competition. They all get to wear costumes. Will and Boogie got into bee costumes. George was a sunflower, and Danielle and Janelle were birds. Erika was a flower. They went outside to a garden of huge flowers. The birds and the bees have to dunk their bodies in the nectar pools and then squeeze the nectar into the flowers. By spinning the control table, they get to determine which containers get filled above the line. There are luxury items and food for the week. As Boogie says, everyone has different priorities. Some wanted Beer and Wine, Will wanted the trampoline, and George wanted the slop pass. Boogie said that having Chicken George belly flop on you was hot. Will says that as far as he could tell the girls strategy was to make a porn movie. Will says that Chicken George was abit aggressive because he wanted that slop pass. Erika was glad to be another flower because George was hard. Erika was bouncing on Boogie at one point. The time is over. What they won was meat and fish, and not red room. They didn't earn desserts and dairy. They didn't get bread or cereal. They got the trampoline and slop for a day. They also got Christmas in August for slop for a day. Janelle would like to get a nice trip and portable DVD and money over $5000. They got to choose of veggies over a slop pass. Everyone was saying veggies and George was crying. They went for a slopp pass. He got a one week pass to eat. They also choose a five star dinner over fruits. They also got alcohol instead of the pool table. All they get is meat and beer for a diet. As Will says, it's a sick Atkins diet.

Boogie tells Will that there is no way Erika won't nominate Janelle. will tells Boogie to Erika that Danielle is more dangerous and going to flip on her. Boogie says that Erika will nominate Janelle. Then they have to work the magic in POV. Will says that he has to put his hands in Boogie's love making ability. Boogie says that Erika will never see Danielle as more of a threat than Janelle. Then we see Will making out with the live feed camera. Will says that he wasn't making love to the camera, it was to "you America.". George is watching him in shock. George said that Will is charming and will talk to anyone. Will said that his relationship with the camera is as perfect as it can be. The camera started playing hard to get. It was hilarious. In the HOH room, we have Will and Erika talking. Will says that he feels sorry for Janelle. Will says that at least Janelle is admiting that she is coming after him, while Danielle is using others to do her dirty work. Will says he was just planting seeds about getting rid of Danielle. Will tells Erika that Danielle will do what she has to do to get rid of anyone. Will tells Erika that Danielle will come after her. Erika claims that Danielle is a straight shooter. Will says that Danielle does word play. Will tells Erika that she can beat Janelle in the finals, but not Danielle. Erika agrees that Danielle is a huge threat. Will ends the conversation by telling Erika to do the best that she can.

Nomination time. Janelle knows that she will be nominated again, and that they have been trying to get rid of her for weeks. Will says that he might dodge another bullet because of Lance Shomance (Boogie) working Erika in the HOH room. Boogie says that Erika is falling in love with him and he has her where he wants her and doesn't see himself going anywhere. Erika said that it is difficult to choose people for nomination, and she takes it seriously. Danielle said that Erika has bigger fish to fry like Janelle and Will. George says that he has an alliance with everyone, but doesn't get invited to the meetings. He says it's hard to know what the alliance is doing when you aren't invited. It is nomination ceremony time. Erika claims that she lost alot of sleep and it was difficult for her. Erika claims to be an emotional player and took it seriously and said that it is just strategy. The first key belongs to Danielle. Then comes Boogie, and finally comes Will. Erika says that she nominated Janelle even though she was a huge fan of hers and thinks that Janelle is a good, strong player. Erika thinks that George would be a vote for Janelle. George says "I"m not strong?" Janelle says that she has friends in the house with Chill Town and will win the POV and make a big spectacul of it. George says he is the 200 pound pawn again. As he says, what if he makes it to the end?
End of show recap

Sunday, August 27, 2006 -- Early Afternoon

Janelle is something else. Even thought the live feeds were still at flames when I went to sleep last night after midnight, I found out this morning from Jokers Updates that Janelle won the POV. The question is can Will convince Erika to put up Danielle in Janelle's place? The other thing that I wonder is what is going to happen on Thursday's live show on Big Brother All-Stars. I am imagining that they are going to do the HOH, veto, POV, and eviction nominations immediately after this week's nominee goes. The thing is that I don't know how they can do that live when it takes them so long to set up and do the competitions on the feeds. We shall see. At least for now, Janelle is safe.

Friday, August 25, 2006 -- Later Evening

The nominations are in and Chicken George and Janelle have been nominated. Will and Boogie quickly went off with Janelle to scheme. Will and Boogie are afraid that if George or Danielle wins the POV, then Will will be the person who will go up in George's place. So if Janelle wins, she takes herself off, and it can either be Danielle or Will who goes up. And if Will goes up, he will have the votes to be kept. Of course how that fits in with the double eviction on Thursday is unknown--especially to the houseguests who don't even suspect that the double eviction is on the horizon.

Friday, August 25, 2006 -- Evening

The nomination ceremony should be taking place sometime this evening, and Erika has made it clear in her conversations with Will that she is going to put up Chicken George and Janelle. Will and Boogie have been supporting Janelle in winning the POV. They really want to get Danielle out. It was so funny watching Will talking to Erika in the HOH room, and he was just trying to get Erika to see that Danielle was a bigger threat without actually saying it. He was saying that Janelle would go home this week, and then he wondered if Danielle would come to him to get rid of Erika because everyone wants to keep Chicken George since he is such a bad competitor. You could see that Erika's wheels are spinning, but I don't think she is bright enough to pick up on Will playing her. Will also tried to tell Erika that he thought Danielle would target Boogie. Erika did not believe that. Rightly so because Danielle came to the HOH room abit later and tried to get Erika to put Will up.

Can Will play Erika?

Thursday, August 24, 2006 -- Evening

I have been missing some action between Will and Janelle. The flirting is going on hot and heavy, and it's hard to tell what it really going on. Who's playing whom? Will trusts Janelle at this point. This incident happened while the houseguests were having a wine party. It looks like everyone got on the tipsy side.
Show recap
Tonight is eviction night on a href="" target="_blank">Big Brother All-Stars. It's Day 53 in the BB house. Julie Chen talks about James feeling safe and how he could be another Howie. The show starts after the veto meeting. James feels confident about being there because of his Legion of Doom alliance. George is prepared to leave the house, but hoping for the best. James and Danielle are talking, and Danielle admits to being concerned about Chill Town going against James. Will and Danielle later talk outside. Will asks Danielle who James will stick with if Janelle wins HOH. Will says that he is closer to Danielle than James, and James is closer to Danielle. Will tells Danielle that he thinks James may be double dipping. Danielle thinks that Will is giving her a hint that he is getting rid of James. In the DR, Danielle says that if chill Town pulls something to get rid of James, God help them. Erika and Danielle talk about tough it is with James coming out. Danielle reminds Erika about James throwing the competition for her and being caught by his BB6er alliance. Danielle thinks Erika wants James gone, but Danielle wants to protect James for her. Danielle asks Janelle if she wants to call a truce. Janelle pauses because she didn't know what to say, but she said yes. Janelle said she has learned to lie to the enemy and be honest with those being honest to you. Danielle comments on knowing when someone is a floater and sucking up to power. Janelle asks what she means, and Danielle just says that she knows who to go against. James and Janelle talk, and he says that it is good to keep the rift going. James says that he thinks that Erika is voting to keep George, and Janelle says that she will vote to keep James. James goes to Will and ask if he will be a Howie. James says that you get paranoid, and Will asks why is James worrying. Will tells James not to worry about it. James says that he obviously trusts Chill Town. Will and Danielle talk, and Will says that he hasn't talked to Boogie about it, but wants to know from Danielle if James is double dipping. Danielle cries in DR to make sure that James doesn't go out, and she is so frustrated because she doesn't know what to do. Will and Boogie are taling in the HOH, and Will says that Danielle doesn't think that James is double dipping. Will says that he has to go against James because James will go after him. Will doesn't think that James has his back. Will says that if Danielle isn't okay with this, she will go after them. Julie chen asks Boogie about the confrontation with Howie. Boogie says that if he sold LifeSavers for a living, he would be ticked as Howie was. George says that you have to realize it is a game in here. Janelle is asking about the crying, and she says that she is doing better.

We now get to find out about Marcellas and Howie being in the jury house together. Princess Marcellas is complaining about the heat in tropics. He complains about the pool and how everything is Hell. Marcellas says that he likes being alone and hopes that the person who is second isn't Howie. Then we get to see how Howie and Marcellas don't get along. Marcellas said his absolute nightmare will be Howie walking through the door. Then who walks in 24 hours later, but Howie. Marcellas screams and says Paradise has just been lost. Howie said that Marcie isn't a bad guy after all. Marcellas says that if he could swim back to the US, he would battle sharks to get away from Howie. Howie brings a DVD of getting evicted out of the house. Howie and Marcellas watch the shows that we watched earlier in the week. Marcellas asks Howie why he is so caught up in people's appearances. Marcellas said that he found Howie's behavior offensive on so many levels. Howie says that now he has been evicted the part has begun. Marcellas tells Howie to stop calling him Marcie. Marcellas says that he's no longer in the house and doesn't have to be nice to Howie. Howie replies "okay Marjealous." I just love it because Princess Marci is probably being driven crazy by Howie, and he deserves it!

Julie talks about Chill Town working the ladies, especially Erika and Janelle. Boogie says that he and Erika are having a full blown showmance, and we see Boogie and Erika kissing. Will says that Janelle wrapped about his finger and he likes having her around. Will says that they both have a showmance. Will says that he trusts Janelle to take the two of them to the final three. will does not like or trust Erika and thinks she is playing Boogie. Will says that Janelle is not lying to him. Will says that Janelle makes him feel that she will work with him. Will says that Chill Town's fate lies with the girls. Will says they are the Beatles and they have to decide who is Yoko Ono, Janelle or Erika. Boogie is in the HOH room talking to Julie Chen. Boogie says that he and Will launched double date with Erika and Janelle. Boogie says that it is wise to keep Janelle in the game. Boogie says that they can probably make a run to the end with Janelle. Boogie does admit that Janelle may go against him. Boogie says that he is prepared to choose the money over Will, but hopes they get to the end. Boogie thought that the threat of having the Coup d'Etat was smarter than using it. Now we hear from the voters in diary room talks. Erika says that it is tough to be in an alliance with George. Danielle says that she needs James to stay because he is the only one she can completely trust. Janelle thinks there is some loyalty to James, but the problem is that James may not have had her best interests in the house. Janelle thinks she may owe James a vote. Will says that James is the one person who is the biggest threat as a player, strategist, and person with multiple alliances. Danielle threatens that she will get rid of them one by one.

It is now down to James and Chicken George. Who is going to be evicted? Julie tells them all that the power has expired. No word on who had it or what it was. James thanks everyone who voted him in. James says that he is there to play the game and wants to stay and keep competing. George thanks everyone for keeping him there as long as they have, and Cool Beans. It is now time for the votes. Erika is first. She votes to evict James. Next is Will. He votes to evict James. Danielle is next and she votes to evict George. Janelle is last and she votes to evict James. James is out and it's not a tie break. Will and Boogie look tense. By a vote of 3-1, James is evicted. James shakes Will's hand, hugs Janelle and Erika. surprisingly, he hugs Boogie and then Danielle. George does too. Boogie tells James that he is a class act. Now Danielle is the one crying, and Erika goes over to comfort her. Danielle puts on her dark glasses. Janelle whispers a question to Boogie that I didn't catch. James said that he was beat by the best and prefers to go out at the hands of Will, Boogie, and Janelle. James is called on the comments that he made about Janelle and the anger towards her. James said that Janelle tossed him under the bus. James felt that he was sold out by Janelle, and that's why he called her stupid and a bitch. James is called on the betrayal and not being honest to the BB6ers. James then claims that Kaysar and Janelle lied to about the things that they were doing. George says that in the end it was all good. Janelle thanks James for playing more honestly. Erika says that she is the great floater. Boogie had high hopes that the Legion of Doom could make it to the final four. Will says that James should just blame him because he is a good player and that James is a double dipper. Danielle cries and says that she will take care of Chill Town. James said that he thought he could trust Chill Town and not the BB6ers.

The HOH competition is next, and it looks like a higher and lower, just as the houseguests have been thinking for the past few days. The competition is "But First". They have to determine the order of events. If it is true, they must step up, false they step down. They all have goggles on. Howie called Mike a punk before leaving, but first gnomes threw pies in faces. False and everyone gets it right. The house guests got dolled up for prom night, but first the grim reaper made an appearance. George and Janelle got it wrong. It was True. Jase refused to walk Nakomis to the door, but first Kaysar became a human blueberry. Answer is False, and Erika is HOH after hesitating over her answer. There are supposed to be big surprises for the houseguests next week according to Julie Chen.

Erika is congratulated. Julie taunts George and said that they had fried chicken and beer for him. George was outraged, but said that he will stay. George has lost 20 pounds on his slop diet. Janelle says it feels good, she guesses, to still be there. Danielle says that it is hard to be away from her family, and misses them alot. Next Thursday, we learn that two people will be leaving the house. I'm wondering if that means that both nominees will be evicted. I was figuring this morning that they have to start getting people out two a week now because the show ends on Sept. 12, and that is just a little over 2 weeks away.
End of show recap

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
The episode of Big Brother All-Stars was on at 9 PM ET this evening. The show started with Howie leaving the house. James was hurt by how Howie went out because Howie was trusting and trusted Boogie and Will. Janelle felt that Howie was lied to and that folks she thought were her friends aren't. It's Day 51 in the house. Boogie tells Erika that he didn't expect Howie to go off on him. Later in DR, Boogie says that people lie. Will said that Howie thought he was safe because Will lied to him. George was upset that he took out the Jedi master. Erika tells Danielle that Howie went out like a big buffoon and it was ugly. Erika was glad that Howie was gone because he wasn't part of the alliance. Janelle tells James that they lied to her. Janelle feels overwhelmed and realizes that she can't make mistakes and can't trust anyone, even James. Janelle says that she has to win HOH. James said that he took it personally to see both Howie and Janelle hurt because he is partially responsible for it. We then see Boogie win the HOH, and see Boogie yelling Super Bowl. Danielle was dancing around and was so excited to win. Will says that HOH is the worst thing that can happen to you. He doesn't like that Boogie won HOH because it makes him a target. Boogie says that the Coup d'Etat power is no longer a part of the game. Janelle feels that she is the last one of her alliance against the whole house and it was just a bad day. We see Janelle sobbing in the red room. James asks her what is eating Janelle, and Janelle says that she feels that HOwie leaving is all her fault. Janelle is talking to George outside with huge dark glasses. George tells her all the things she has going for her, beautiful, intelligent, glowing personality, beautiful smile. George says that she has everything. Boogie tells Janelle that it hurt his feelings how Howie acted. Janelle is in the bed with a blanket over her the whole time. Then Will comes in and asks her who is the Princess of BB and gets Janelle to admit it is her. Janelle said that it is strategy to appear weaker than she is. She still has fight in her. Janelle and Will talk in the Red Room. She asks Will why he didn't tell her. Will apologizes for not telling her. He assures Janelle that the lines of communication are open. Will felt sorry for Janelle because she is alone and in a dark spot, but she is warrior and strong competitor. Will wants to make her better and send her after James. Will tells Janelle that James is with Danielle, and encourages Janelle to join Chill Town. Will admits that the things he does aren't nice at all. It is now time to see the HOH room. No one wants to go. Janelle finally goes up with her sunglasses on. Boogie's room is very ugly--loud and garish. Boogie said that it feels really good to have HOH. Will and Boogie are talking. Boogie wants to put up Janelle and James. Will says if James win HOH, send Janelle home. If Janelle wins, sends Janelle home. Will does not trust James. Boogie and Will plot to help Janelle win the POV, but that no one would believe him. Boogie says if Janelle doesn't win, then she just gets sent home. Boogie is trying to do everything to win. Boogie and Will now tell James that James and Danielle are going up. James says he isn't worried because they have the numbers.

George and Janelle are in the Red Room, and Janelle tells him that the whole house wants her nominated and out. George tells her that he knows how she feels. Janelle said that she was stupid to get rid of Marcellas because he was a friend of hers. Janelle tells George that every person reassured her that Marcellas was a pawn. George and Janelle talk about mixing things up. George says that who would believe that he and Janelle were lined up. George feels that he can really talk to Janelle. Janelle felt really good about her talk with George. Janelle says that she likes to play with someone, and her new teammate, Chicken George. Janelle is outside and talks with Will and says that when she is gone, Danielle and James will go after Chill Town. Janelle says that she isn't obligated to them because they backstabbed her. Will said that he stabbed her in the front. Janelle goes through all the things she did for Chill Town, and wants to know what Will will give her. Will promises her James. Will says he is building a Frankenstein, a fembot named Janelle. Will and Janelle go to talk to Boogie. Boogie says that he will make a speech about BB6. Boogie says that he and will will either help Janelle win the POV or tank it so Janelle wins the POV. Danielle is hoping that Boogie will stick with the Legion of Doom alliance and nominated Janelle. James says that both he and Janelle are resigned to being nominated. James doesn't believe that the fight is gone. Janelle wants to win POV and shove it up their asses. Boogie said that the nominations are made for a higher and more complicated plan than most people will know. It is time for the nomination ceremony. Boogie said that he doesn't want it tense and weird and said that the decision was easy, and the two keys not in the box belong to folks of high skill. The first key is Danielle's. Next is George. Then comes Erika, and finally comes Will. James and Janelle are nominated. Boogie givs his speech about them both being good at the game. Boogie said from Day 1 he was after season 6. Boogie reminds Janelle that she told Boogie to win HOH and do something about it. James said that he has been trusting his fate to Will and Boogie. Janelle said that she also feels safe because she has to trust Chill Town a little bit.

Janelle goes to talk to James and asks if he is okay. He says that he knew that it was coming. Janelle says that it sucks. Janelle puts on her tiara and said that she have worn it to the nomination ceremony. Janelle tells James she is still depressed when he says she seems better. Janelle says that she feels like she wants to go home. Janelle says that she doensn't think there is anything in the house that makes her want to stay. James says half a million dollars. Janelle feels that everyone other than Chicken George is against her. It is now time for the veto competition. James wants to win the veto to make sure Janelle goes to sequester. Boogie gets a houseguest choice, and he picks Will. Janelle goes next, and she gets Danielle's name. Janelle knew that Danielle would save James. James pulls Erika's ball. George is the host. Janelle goes up to the HOH room and talks to Boogie and Will. Boogie hugs her, and Will says that they are goign to either get Janelle to win or win it themselves. Will says that they realize that everyone is in the house are all Chill Town, so they are going after the others. Will says that they have to keep Janelle because she is a bigger target than they are. Boogie says that they need the Queen Bee. Janelle says she is suspicious of Chill Town and she will go after them.

It is now time for the veto competition. They go outside, and there is a huge Tiki head in the yard with torches. They listen to the idol and turn in a doll that the idol asks for. It is like musical chairs. There are chairs for x-1. They all kneel in front of the Tiki and have to bring the doll that Kaysar nominated along with Diane. They have to look around through the brush. Janelle was confident that she knew it was Nakomis. Boogie and Will are looking, and Will acts like he doesn't know who he is looking for. James makes it first, Janelle second, then Boogie, then Will, and finally Erika. Danielle is eliminated. All brought back Nakomis and Danielle is eliminated. When Janelle used the veto to save herself, who took her place on the chopping block? It was Kaysar. Janelle is back first, then James, then Erika, and Boogie. Will just missed it. They all have the right doll so Will is eliminated. Who is the houseguest who was evicted with a 9-0 vote. Boogie tells Erika it was Jase. Boogie found a Jase and put it on the ground with the J facing up. Janelle found it. Boogie was last. James, Erika, and Janelle got Jase. Boogie is out. In the veto compeition hosted by Nicole, who was the person eliminated. Janelle and James get in a fight over the doll. Janelle broke a nail and James got a boo-boo too. Erika got the doll before James so he was eliminated. James continues to whine that Janelle yanked the doll right out of his hand. James tells Boogie that Janelle had the wrong doll and pulled his out of his hand. Erika wishes Janelle the best. The doll evicted by a 7-1 vote is next. Janelle and Erika are in a frenzy searching because Erika wants the nominations to stand. Janelle dashes to the idol and she has Diane. It is correct and Janelle has won the POV. James is really ticked because he said that the "bitch" removed the doll from his hand and that is assault. Janelle said that she can't believe they fought over a doll, but she won the POV and is out for revenge.

James is first in the house after the POV and storms around. Will asks what happened. James and Janelle were fighting over the Howie doll. She let it go and grabbed the Marcellas doll. They were fighting over the wrong doll. James claims that he had the M doll and Janelle pulled it out of his hands. Watching the replay, Janelle didn't take the right doll out of his hands. Will is funny when he says how James was going on about Janelle pushing him, kicking him, and using pliers to pull out his wisdom teeth. Will said, all he saw was Janelle whoop James' ass. Will and Boogie dance gleefully upstairs at Janelle winning. They try to be quiet. Will says that James thinks the game is fixed in Janelle's favor, and Will says, yeah, and Will is fixing it. will says that he would love to see the folks in the jury house. Will wants Danielle against Janelle and Janelle againt Danielle. Will and Boogie just try to act pissed. Boogie just says that he is beside himself when Erika comes up to say that she is sorry. Will says that Boogie is going to put up Chicken George. Erika wants to put Danielle up and keep her so she owes them. Erika said that James really has to go and either James or Janelle is fine with her. Janelle is afraid that Boogie will nominate Chicken George and she isn't too excited about that. James thinks that it is in his favor if George or Erika go up. It is now time for the veto ceremony. Janelle says that she has decided stay on the chopping block. Boogie now has to name a replacement. Boogie says it is difficult and that he has to pick the worst dressed man on television. George is wearing an "anyone for an alliance" shirt. James feels safe with Boogie as HOH. Boogie says that James needs to go and there might be a freight train going to James. George says you should always expect to go home so you aren't taken aback when you are sent home.
End of show recap

Monday, August 21, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Chicken George was put up on the block beside James today. So far, it seems that Will and Boogie are targeting James, but you can never tell with those two. Meanwhile, Janelle and Will have been having alot of bonding. The two of them have been hanging out alot. Below are some random pictures from today. The table was changed today to the smaller one since there are fewer houseguests.


Sunday, August 20, 2006 -- Late Evening

James has been whining about how unfair the BB game is, and how the veto competition was rigged so Janelle could win. I would say that I think they do make competitions that favor one person over the other, but I don't know what the competition really was to make that assessment. I think that producers would love to have Janelle around to the end because she is America's sweetheart. I have to admit that I really like her, even if she sometimes acts abit of the princess. When you see her talking though sometimes, like telling George about coming from a small town and going on roadtrips with her family, you realize that she really does have a good heart. While James is whining to whomever will listen, Janelle and Will are bonding. Things are getting quieter in the house with the fewer people who are left. No word yet on the veto ceremony and the new nomination in Janelle's place. It will probably happen sometime tomorrow.

It's a strategy game

Sunday, August 20, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
We finally get to see Howie being evicted from Big Brother All-Stars in this evening's episode. Julie Chen hosted this show because of the eviction. We got the recap of Marcellas being voted out, George winning HOH, and the nominations. Janelle said that she was shocked that Marcellas was voted out and she feels like a fricking idiot. Boogie said that Marcellas left like the little baby that he was. We see Marcellas shove Howie away as Marcellas leaves. Danielle hopes that Marcellas knows that the decision wasn't personal, but was a game. Janelle asked James and Howie what happened. James said that he didn't tell Janelle because he didn't want her getting mad. Janelle said that her HOH experience was ruined and she's not listening to the group thing again. George couldn't believe that he won the HOH, and has no idea how he won. Danielle is shocked that she lost to Chicken George. Janelle was more excited about George winning than Danielle. Erika was rooting for Danielle. Danielle said that she didn't throw the competition and the George is the scariest player in the game because no one knows what he is doing. George nominates James because he had nominated George. Erika was a pawn, and James was George's two targets. Danielle wondered what George was thinking because everyone knows that they wanted Howie and Janelle out. Erika wants to talk to George to find out who is the target. George says later that he will explain it all, and that he wants Erika to stay. Howie talks to James about George wanting to get rid of him. Boogie said that George was the worst person to vote live because he is such a wild card. Boogie said that they should talk him into backdooring Janelle and that James is the last person that George wants to piss off. Danielle would be happy if George backdoors Janelle because it would be one less person for Danielle to worry about. George gets his HOH room, and it is doen up in puke green and yellow. It is a throw back to the 70s. George thinks it is nice and that it reminded him of an Austin Powers thing. George shows them all the pictures of this family and George was happy to read the letters from his family. The letters reminded him of where he comes from and that he is doing okay. Up in the HOH room, George is talking to Howie and Janelle. Janelle has a white face mask on. Howie tells George that his alliance thought that George was the weakest. Janelle tells George that if she won the POV, she would keep the nominations the same. Janelle said that for some reason that she feels safe. George asks Howie and Janelle why he would go after them?

George calls everyone into the living room. It is time to pick players for the veto competition. George picks first and he gets Howie. Erika picks houseguest choice and picks Danielle. James picks Will. James is feeling good because there are three Legion of Doomers. Boogie was excited that Janelle wasn't playing because then you can get rid of the Queen Bee. Boogie warns George and says that the whole house wants to go after Janelle. Boogie tells George that everyone wants Janelle out of the house, and that they will have the votes, and George will get a free pass to the back of the line. Boogie tells George to think about it. Janelle is the hostest for the veto competition. They go into the backyard, and there is a forest with gnomes. There is a tree stump for each person. The BB gnomes are back and holding them all against the will in their forest. The gnomes have left things behind that the houseguests can use to get to the golden bag. The first houseguest to unlock his ankle wins. They have balls, hoolahoops, and flamingos. Danielle said that she hates to backdoor people, but she wants to backdoor Janelle. Boogie said that it is sad for Janelle to stand on the sidelines and watch Howie compete who can barely tie his own shoelaces. Danielle isn't good at what she is doing. James tried to ducttape the flamingo to the hoolahoop. George wants to keep the nominations as they stand and wants James to leave. George sees James get his bag, and James quickly releases himself. James has the veto. Howie calls James the veto champ. James is hoping that George will put Janelle up. James tells George that he is going to be there another week because he is not Marcellas and will use the veto. James says that he hopes that George takes the opportunity to talk to people and to know who he should put up. Erika then talks to him, and tells him that he has her to count on. George says that he will work with Erika. Erika brags in the DR about being in an alliance with George. George says the game sucks. George says the HOH room is like the principal's office with everyone coming in. Boogie tells George to consider who will play in the HOH next week if Janelle loses. George tells Boogie that he knows what he has to do. Will has an unconventional offer. Will says to put him up, and they vote Erika out while Janelle and Danielle war things out. Will tells George it is something to think about. George is shocked at the suggestion.

George tells Janelle that the whole house wants her out including James. George tells Janelle that to put her up and backdoor her is against his principles. He asks to join in an alliance with Janelle and Howie and for them to vote to keep Erika for one week. George said that what he will do will probably turn the game around. George tells Erika that he can't tell Erika what he will do. George tells Erika that he has the votes for her, because if he puts up Will that she will go home. George tells her that he needs his bath. Erika then goes to tell Boogie and Danielle what George swore her to secrecy. Boogie didn't like how Janelle and Howie were safe with George. Boogie then said that he will go and put the pressure on George to put up Janelle or Howie. James says that George has the hardest decision because James knows what he is doing. George is stressed out. Boogie then has an open forum discussion amongst them all and tells George that he is against Will being put up. George doesn't think it is fair to Janelle to throw her under the bus. George said that Will is the best player. Will says he's fine with it. Will forgot to tell Boogie that he told George to put him up. George asks Howie what he has to say, and Howie doesn't have anything to say. Boogie said that he has the power to change the face of the game forever, and is that something that George wants. George says he is against it anyway. Erika and Danielle talk to George afterwards and encourage George to chance the vote to Howie. They both grovel and beg George to do it. James uses the veto, and George has to put up a replacement. George tells everyone of the discussion in the bedroom, and tells Boogie that he is glad they have the talk. George said that Boogie and Will saved him. Howie tells George that he was promised to not be put up. Howie says that he was one of the most motivational people who was behind George not being nominated. Will and Boogie keep quiet. Will tells Howie that everything is fine. Janelle tells Howie to shut up, but Howie is all for campaigning for himself. Janelle tells Howie to settle down and not yell at George. Howie tells Boogie that he is okay with everything and that all he needs is Boogie and Will to make certain that he stays. Howie and Boogie say "Bros before Hoes." Boogie said that the game is full of lies. Will tells Boogie that they should get rid of Erika. James agrees with Will and Boogie. Howie listens in at the door as they talk, and James said that he can't vote against Howie because he is supposed to be in an alliance with Howie and Janelle.

We now get to see the eviction as it was taped. Julie asks them if the person who hold the power wants to use it tonight. Boogie does not use the power. The voting begins. Danielle is first. She votes to evict Howie. James votes against Erika. Janelle votes to evict Erika. Will votes to evict Howie. Boogie votes to evict Howie. By a vote of three to two, Howie is out. Howie sits in the chair, then he hugs James and Erika. Then Howie hugs George telling him that George's word is good. He hugs Danielle, and then takes Boogie's hat off and throws it. Boogie then tells Howie that was a class act. Howie and Boogie start exchanging words and James comes between them. Howie tells Boogie that Chill Town should say the truth to his face and not lie. Howie said that he doesn't like promises and lies to his face and that he takes it personally. Howie likes George as a person, and says that he was threatened by Boogie in the Red Room. Howie thinks that George would have kept him safe, but that he was threatened by Boogie.

It is now the time for the HOH competition. They have some gnomes running over the backyard. Julie reads statements from the gnomes on items and the houseguests have to guess if it is true or false. The last remaining houseguest is HOH. If they guess incorrectly, they get a pie in the face. The total number of times the POV has been used is four. Answer: False. It has bee used five times. Danielle, Erika and James are out. The total number of frames of BB memorabilia is nine. Answer: False. Will gets a pie in the face. There are eleven. On movein day, the third key pulled is Diane's. Janelle gets a pie in the face, and Boogie is the HOH. Erika rushes to hug him, and so does Danielle. Danielle dances. Will helps Janelle wipe her face. It seems that Erika and Danielle were being abit rude to Janelle over the loss.
End of show recap

Sunday, August 20, 2006 -- Morning

Janelle is one lucky chick. Last night she won the power of veto. By the time I went to sleep, the competition hadn't occurred, so I missed the aftermath. But from checking Joker's Updates, it appears that James was really ticked at the fact that Janelle won the competition and thought that the competition should be redone because James felt cheated. Will told Janelle later that he thought it was just ego on the part of James because he is supposed to be the "veto king." Needless to say, James should be concerned because he is now in the crosshairs, and is going to be voted out. It seems that they are thinking of putting up Chicken George against him so that Danielle and Erika will vote against George, and Janelle, Will, and Boogie will have George on their side. I think that Chill Town realizes that they have to side with Janelle because she stands a better chance of winning HOH than Danielle.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 -- Late Evening

The POV competition has yet to occur at 10:20 PM Eastern time. The surprising thing is that Boogie, Will, and Janelle are plotting for Janelle to either win the POV, or to find a way to keep her. Will has told Janelle that they want Janelle to stay and that all hell will break loose after this week. After Janelle leaves the HOH room, Will tells Boogie that they have the two strongest people on the block, and that they need to get James out because he will be the bigger danger than James. Boogie and Will are such schemers. Danielle sees Janelle leave the room, and then she goes up to tell Will and Boogie to find out what happened. I think that both Will and Boogie respect Janelle, and think that when push comes to shove they can trust her more than James. Will gives Danielle a bullshit line about being rude to Janelle. Danielle says that if Chicken George wins the veto, he will take off Janelle because he hates James so much. Will does tell Danielle that if Janelle wins the POV, she will be gunning for Erika so Danielle will be safe.

Oh what a tangled web we weave

Saturday, August 19, 2006 -- Early Evening

James and Janelle were nominated for eviction. The veto competition is supposed to be earlier this evening. It's not looking good for Janelle, but I have to admit that the two players that I really dislike in the game are Erika and Danielle, and I hope that both get their comeuppance soon. It would suck if one of them wound up winning in the end.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 -- Early Afternoon

You have to feel sorry for Janelle. She realizes after Howie was voted out last night that she is alone in the house. For some reason, Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie have always been surprisingly naive and trusting, especially when it comes to James. So now Janelle is alone in the house, and she is going to be put up on the block by Boogie. It seems that he and Erika are talking about putting up James and Janelle, and if Janelle wins the Power of Veto then James will be voted out. Erika was telling Boogie that maybe they should aim for the final four of her, Boogie, Danielle, and Chicken George. Hmm..where does that leave Boogie's best bud, Will? I think that Erika is a little schemer, and if Janelle was sucessful in getting her out of the game earlier, she would have been lucky. The nomination ceremony should be sometime today, and I'm figuring that the POV might be after that or tomorrow. I hope that Janelle wins the POV, but it's not looking good, especially with the whole house against her.

All by Myself, Don't Wanna Be, All by Myself

Bed of Vipers

Friday, August 18, 2006 -- Evening

A sad day in the BB house with the departure of Howie. He was the person who was evicted this evening. Janelle is crying in the red room, and Will is in there consoling her, telling her that she should be mad at him for sending out Howie. Will is also telling Janelle that this is the lowest point of his life and that he feels like a real wench. Will is telling Janelle that no one hates her and that everyone adores her. Janelle doesn't believe that and continues to cry. Now the interesting thing is that Boogie has the HOH this week, and the question is who will he put up. For some reason, I don't think that Will will get rid of Janelle because I think that he does like her. I think that the person or group that should be targeted is James and Danielle. That alliance has to be broken up. The question is whether anyone will do it. Poor Janelle! She looks so pitiful when she cries.


Friday, August 18, 2006 -- Afternoon

Surprisingly, Chicken George has nominated Howie in place of James. This is a strange turn of events because Howie seemed to be the one person who actually got along with Chicken George. The eviction should happen later today, and there will be another HOH competition tonight. George only gets to be HOH for 24 hours. There are so many things going on today. Erika was putting alot of pressure on George to put up Janelle or Howie, and it seems that they are going to vote out Howie. They keep on saying that they have to get out the BB6ers but they are really the smaller alliance. The other group is huge, and it's really the two BB6ers against everyone else.

Friday, August 18, 2006 -- Early Afternoon

Things are happening willy-nilly in the BB house today. First of all, James won the Power of Veto. Chances are that he is going to take himself off the block. So who will George put up? Well, he was just talking to Janelle, and it seems that he wants to put up Danielle. Chicken George wants to join with Janelle and Howie against the others. He was always abit of a loose cannon. The eviction is going to happen tonight, so the question becomes will Boogie let the nominations stand, or will he switch things up. I think that he has to worry more about him and Will both going up next and this coup d'etat can save them then. The question is whether Chill Town thinks they need Danielle now, or are they willing to go on their own.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Eviction night on Big Brother All-Stars. Day 46 in the house. Julie is telling us all about the Coup d'Etat. I think that the live feeders believe that Boogie won the prize. Julie comments that Will and Boogie are calling all the shots. We start at the end of the veto meeting. Erika was shocked and relieved that Marcellas went up on the block. Marcellas said that the pages of BB are littered with people who thought they were safe. Marcellas said that he won't talk to Janelle and won't campaign against Erika. Erika leaves the red room where Danielle and Marcellas is. Marcellas asks Danielle for her vote and says that everything is going to break lose. Danielle has a promise to Marcellas and a friendship with Erika and is torn on what to do. Boogie and Will say that Marcellas should go home to James and Danielle. Boogie says that he doesn't trust Marcellas and wants to vote him out. Boogie said they did it in a sneaky way. James says that best case is that Erika wins HOH and sends home Janelle and then Erika goes home. Will said that he and Boogie are the Beatles. Will is McCartney and Boogie is Lennon and Erika is Yoko Ono. Danielle said that once Janelle knows that Marcellas goes home, she will be upset. James said let Howie and Janelle have stupid looks on their face when Marcellas goes home. Erika asks George for his vote, and he says he likes her and she is covered. Marcellas talks to George and asks for his vote. Marcellas reminds George that Erika has eliminated George twice. Marcellas says that he has George's back and George has his. Janelle talks to Marcellas and tells him that he has to trust her. She tells him to trust her. Janelle doesn't think that Chill Town would doublecross her. Marcellas goes to Chill Town and says that Janelle said that they will vote for him. They both tell him that things are cool and to just relax. After Marcellas leaves, they say "sucker" you are going down. Everyone is dressed for the prom. Howie has died his hair and has a moustache. He looks good. Howie said that April said that her dad wanted to beat him up, but everything is cool with April. Julie uses Howie's spool of lies. Boogie is asked about the women and children comment he made while running from the ghosts in the house.

Now we get to meet Janelle and Danielle's moms. Janelle makes a joke about sending Danielle to sequester. Ann, Janelles's mom, said that she was average until 15 when she just blossomed. Ann said that other girls were jealous of her. We see Erika and Danielle call her a vixen. Danielle's mom, Rosalind, called her a go-getter and a tomboy. Danielle got pregnant at the age of 15. Her mom was proud of her for taking care of things. Danielle's mom says that Janelle is emotional. Ann said Janelle is smarter than she appears. Rosalind says that Danielle can adapt to any situation, and she will fight to get whatever she wants. Rosalind said that it is the third round of a fight between the two of them. Danielle joins Howie and Janelle in the hot tub and asks what her role is. Ann said that Danielle and Janelle should have joined forces.

Julie talks to Janelle in the HOH room. Janelle says that she wants to believe that James is with them, and his actions say otherwise. Janelle wants to see what happens after this week. With her relationship with Marcellas, Janelle said that they are trying to mend their relationship and becoming friends again. Janelle said that she doesn't think she can trust Marcellas to the end and wants to go to the end with the BB6ers. We now hear about the Coup d'Etat. We get the rewind of the clues: ewe, needle and thread, and the grim reaper. Boogie guesses, "you reap what you sew." Then they see the grim reaper. Janelle goes for "sew what you reap." Boogie is called to the diary room, and told that he won the Coup d'Etat. He can exercise the power only one and is valid for the next three evictions. Julie will ask if the winner of the power is prepared to use it. He can then nominated anyone other than the dethroned HOH and the veto holder. He can't vote and neither can the dethroned HOH. No one will know what the power is until he uses it.

Julie announces that someone won the power. Boogie isn't using the power so things move on. Erika and Marcellas get to prove their case. The person nominated tonight is going to be sequestered and be on the jury. Erika said keep me if I fit your strategy, if not, vote me out. Marcellas said that each person gets to choose how they play the game, and some are scumbagging it. Marcellas said that he tried to be honest, and if someone can lie to his face, and vote him out, then go ahead and see if you live with yourself. Voting starts and Boogie votes to evict Marcellas. Howie votes against Marcellas. (he says Marjealous.) James also votes to evict Marcellas. Will votes to evict Marcellas. George votes to evict Marcellas. Danielle votes to evict Marcellas. Everyone voted against Marcellas. Not even one vote. By a vote of 6-0, Marcellas is evicted. Marcellas kisses Erika and Danielle, and just goes right out. Marcellas has his huge afro wig on. Meanwhile in the house, Danielle cries. She voted him out though. James goes to give Danielle a hug. Julie is asked about the deal with Janelle. Marcellas thinks that Janelle lies as well as she breathes. Marcellas said that he had a deal to get rid of Howie and Kaysar for her. Marcellas said it was a game and emotional, and that he might have been extreme. Marcellas said that he didn't talk enough in this one. Marcellas said that he is sitting there because he probably wouldn't have put Janelle up in the end. Marcellas said that he is incapable of doing that. James said that if he sees this then Chill Town is after the rest of them. Janelle said that it was a stupid move and she meant for him to be a pawn. Will said that he hopes that Marcellas can forgive him for what he has done because Will felt threatened by him. Danielle said that she thinks of Marcellas as a friend. Marcellas said that he hated Danielle for four years and in week one found forgives for Danielle and is lighter and happier. Marcellas now gets to go to sequester.

It's a double eviction week with the new HOH nominating folks immediately. It is prom night. America chose Janelle as prom queen. She gets a crown and bouquet and has no advantage in the HOH game. They will have to answer questions based on how folks in the public voted. The first person to reach the last square or be in the lead after 8 questions wins HOH. They get blindfolds. Who is most intelligent? Will or Danielle. Answer Will. Erika and Danielle got it wrong. Who is the biggest whiner? James or Marcellas. Answer Marcellas. Only Will gets it wrong. Who is the worst dressed? George or Howie. Answer: George. Only Danielle and James got it right. Who is best dressed? Janelle or Marcellas? Answer: Janelle. Only Boogie got it wrong. Who is life of the party? Boogie or Howie. Answer: Howie. Only Danielle and James get it right. Who will break hearts? Will or Mike. Answer: Will. Only James got it wrong. Who will win a Nobel Peace Prize? Erika or George. Answer: George. Only George go it right. Who is biggest flirt? Janelle of Howie. Answer: Janelle. Only Erika and James got it wrong. That is the last question. Chicken George and Danielle are tied. They go to the board provided for the tie breaker question. How many minutes did the BB house go without hot water in the bathrooms? George guesses 360 and Danielle guesses 308. It was over 6000 and George is HOH. Wow! They are both mathematically challenged. They both guessed only around five hours! How stupid! Danielle ain't that bright!

Georege and everyone else finds out that it is a double eviction week. George is told that he has to nominate two people for eviction now and quickly. George nominates James and Erika. You go George!
End of show recap

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 -- Early Evening

Abit of excitement in the BB house as the houseguests had the opportunity to try on and select outfits for the BB Prom. Tomorrow the America's Choice of Prom King or Queen. This year, the polls have only been available via cell phone text message, so I haven't participated. I prefer the web contests. The winner of the America's Choice should have an advantage in the upcoming HOH competition.

Getting Ready for the Prom

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 -- Afternoon

As is usual for the BB house, Wednesday is a rather boring day in the house. Today is a slop day, and that adds to the boredom because we get to hear how the houseguests dislike slop. Janelle is locked away in the HOH room writing her blog of what it was like to be the HOH this week. Unfortunately, I miss most of the "good" action because it occurs after I got to bed. Such is the lot of someone who has to get up to go to work--you can't watch the live feeds non-stop to get all the action. Dingo's Hamster Watch has links to some nice moments that he's captured on video.

I know how to type!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
On tonight's episode of Big Brother All-Stars, we get to see the veto competition. We see the replay of last episode where Erika said that she is a simple girl from a small town name "Chill." We return at the end of the nomination ceremony. It is Day 40 in the BB house. Danielle said that she knows Janelle is a strong player, but maybe she is stronger. Erika said that she went from the penthouse to the outhouse. Erika had issues with Janelle's speech, and Janelle said that she has no respect for Erika because she just floats and lets others do the work for her. Erika and Danielle talk about Janelle despises Erika's game play. Marcellas comes into the room said that it was a good speech and then laughed. Marcellas picked up on the "sitting in the HOH room and backstabbing her" comment that Janelle made. We then see Will talking to Danielle about them throwing the competition so Danielle wins (it's the only way she could) and then have Marcellas or chicken George go up. Erika said that she went out with Boogie before being in the house, and that she is in a secret alliance with Chill Town. Boogie talks about how Erika looks and says that she is smart and nice too as an after thought. Boogie may be into the whole shomance aspect. Boogie did a fake proposal to Erika based on what he did in the season season. They do the whole ring thing. Boogie said that it may be a very rough week for Erika because she may need to show him some love to keep her. Boogie said to be careful because things may not be what they seem. We then see Marcellas going to HOH because he said that he used to be best friends with Janelle. Marcellas said that he has a deal to go to the end with Janelle, and Janelle said that he is talking about her all the time behind her back. Janelle calls him on the alliance with Danielle and Erika. Marcellas claims he is being thrown under the bus. Janelle tells Marcellas that everyone is telling her about what Marcellas said. Marcellas claims his alligance is to Janelle. Marcellas claims that he still loves Janelle. Marcellas says later if he wins HOH, the buxom blonde is toast.

Janelle is talking to Will about the special power. Will says in the DR that he needs another clue. Will thought Danielle's clue was a good one. Will said that Chill Town needs to get the phrase. Clue #2 was a giant needle and thread. James thinks his answer is good. Will and Boogie talk about it. Boogie asks Will about the name of a female sheep (ewe). Will guesses "you reap what you sow", but they are also wondering if it was "a wolf in sheep's clothing". Janelle also guesses that, and gives the answer to Howie who gives the answer. Janelle said that she will give the next one. Janelle calls Howie into HOH, and tells Howie not to tell the other houseguests what he told them. Janelle then tells Howie to tell the others he said "spool of lies". Danielle thinks that it is a lie. No one believes the answer, and Will says that it is the dumbest fake answer. Howie tells them that he isn't lying. Howie can't explain how he came up with his answer. It is now time for the veto competition. Janelle tells them all that she gave up her right to play in the veto last week. Janelle picks first, and she gets Will. Danielle is happy over that one. Erika gets HOH, and she picks Marcellas to play for her with houseguests choice. Danielle picks James' ball. Danielle thought that she had a good chance now since Will and James were going to throw it. James tells Chill Town that if he wins it and uses it, he is exposed to Howie and Janelle and he has to use it to save Danielle. Will tells Danielle that she has to go after Marcellas and Erika. Danielle admits that they have to be careful or the Legion of Doom will be exposed.

Everyone goes into the backyard for the veto competition, and there are items from past BB competitions. Nicole from BB2 is there. There is also the bull, flamingos, and revolving chair. The name of the competition is "anything you can do, I can do better." They have to watch a former houseguest do the task, and then write down a time that they think they can do better. First up is April from BB6. Howie talked about their problems. April eats 15 pieces of sushi as fast as she can. April does it in 5 minutes and 4 seconds. Whoever got the lowest time got to compete and then if they won would eliminate someone. Will picked the quickest time of 2:56 seconds. Will has to show Janelle that he is a good competitor, and has to eliminate Danielle. Dr. Will does it in the time, and he chooses to eliminate Marcellas. Marcellas said that he didn't get to play and that Boogie and Will are gayer with each other than Marcellas is. Scott from BB5 is the next former houseguest. Scott competes in a flamingo toss. You have to score 10 points as quickly as possible, and the flamingos are 1, 2, and 3 points. Scott gets 10 points in 1:58. Will talked with James and he is going to for it. James guesses 1:40 and has to score 10 points in that time. James gets it in that time. James then eliminates Erika. Janelle is getting pissed because she said that she told James he had to get rid of Danielle. It is time for the third event, spin to win. Jack is back from BB4. Jack sits in the chair for 2 minutes, and then has to place a glass of champagne on a pedestal. He is timed on how long it takes him. Jack does it in 37 seconds. James puts down 20 seconds, and he is going to throw the competition because Danielle had to win. James said that he had to make it look good that he actually lost. Janelle talked about what a bad actor James was in pretending to do it. Will said that it was obvious that James threw it and he was embarrassed for him, and sad that James is in the Legion of Doom. Hardy is up next and he rides the bull. Hardy lasted 59 seconds. Will said that he could ride the bull for 3 minutes. Janelle thought that Will was obviously kidding in thinking he could stay on that long. Danielle didn't even compete in a single activity. Danielle won not because she competed in anything but because they all threw it for her. Danielle gets the veto, and Howie even calls it a complete betrayal. Janelle said that she lost all respect for James because he is keeping Danielle around for some reason.

Danielle goes into the storage room and celebrates with Will and Boogie over her "win". Boogie tells Danielle that they heard Howie tell Janelle that it was the ultimate betrayal. James claims that he thought the person was Janelle wanted out was Erika. Janelle asks James why he didn't eliminate Danielle. Janelle tells him that she can't believe James because he lies. Howie said that Erika will go home this week. Janelle realizes that James is in an alliance with Danielle. Howie said that Marcie and Danielle are not in the alliance. Janelle says that maybe she should put up Chill Town because that will help her get rid of Erika. Will said that clearly James is with Danielle. will said that he wants to keep Janelle suspicious of James because he is suspicious of James. Janelle asks why Will got rid of Marcellas instead of Danielle. Will said that James is part of their alliance and he didn't get rid of Danielle. Will said that the tension with Howie and Janelle was obvious. Will tells them that the weak link is James. Will says that if they don't trust James, why should they get mad at Chill Town? Will suggests they might want to get rid of James. Next we see Erika, Janelle, and Will in the hot tub together. Janelle and Erika whisper in Will's ear. Janelle said that the three of them can shower together. Erika says Boogie can come too. Will calls Boogie to join them. Will and Boogie say that they are just using the girls and that Erika and Janelle think that they are getting close to Will and Boogie. Meanwhie Will and Boogie are just using them. Boogie says that he hopes to see boobies, and says it's all fun and games until Erika gets voted out on Thursday. Howie was shocked when he walked in to the HOH room and found out what was happening. As he said, he missed out on the BB orgy. It seemed pretty lame, although it appears that Boogie took his shorts off at one quick point. Erika might have seen something, Janelle said--she said that she just turned away. All you could see were legs in the shower. Will and Boogie say that it was all strategy and no feelings in the shower that night.

Janelle and Marcellas talk because everyone is asking her why she won't put up Marcellas. Janelle said that she can promise Marcellas that he is safe. Marcellas said that if he goes up, he is going home. Janelle tells Marcellas that she can't hang out with him because she will get into big trouble. Will tells Janelle to put up Marcellas because then he will be out of the HOH competition because he is such a baby. Will says that Janelle has to figure out who is in her alliance and to just go with that. Will says that James is the other problem for Janelle. It is now time for the veto ceremony. Danielle said that she is happy to have the veto, but at the same time, someone has to go home. Danielle uses the veto to save herself from eviction. Janelle now has to pick someone else to go up. Janelle says that everyone there has been nominated except for two people, and she puts up Marcellas who falls into the chair and slides out. Marcellas said that he wants to walk up to the busted blonde and pull out her hair by her black roots, and then rip out her black heart and shove it down Will's throat. Janelle said that she will find out if she is in big trouble if Marcellas goes home because it means that all the folks who are supposedly telling her the truth are lying.
End of show recap

Monday, August 14, 2006 -- Evening

Surprisingly, Janelle nominated her best bud, Marcellas, for eviction today. It was bound to happen because Chill Town and James were really pushing for it, and it was getting back to her that Marcellas was really bad-mouthing her behind her back. I have really lost alot of respect for Marcellas. He was the most boring person, sitting around in that ratty white robe with those eye shades. And all he ever did was whine, backstab, and act the princess.

Sunday, August 13, 2006 -- Late Evening

It seems that someone may have guessed the phrase, and it was indeed "you reap what you sow." Boogie made the guess and came out whooping it up. Janelle went in after him, and probably didn't get it. It's still not sure who Janelle will put up. Will is really pushing for Marcellas to go out because Will doesn't want Erika to leave. Will is telling Janelle that every person wants Marcellas up, and that at some point, Marcellas is going to have to leave. Will tells Janelle that she needs to think of who her strongest alliance is. As Will says, Marcellas doesn't have her back, and this is a game. Meanwhile, Janelle says that Marcellas is begging her not to be put up. Erika is definitely with Danielle, and those two are plotting about getting rid of Janelle. Janelle realizes that she needs Erika to go, and that would be a smart move on her part. She needs to weaken that floater alliance and the best way to do it will be by getting rid of Erika.

Sunday, August 13, 2006 -- Evening

Even though lots of folks think that Danielle has won the special power, I think it is obvious that she didn't. Why? Because if she had, she could have overthrown Janelle as HOH this week and nominated her. Danielle knows that was important to do because Janelle can't play for veto this week (or at least Danielle has figured that out). So I think that the power, at least from what we have seen so far is still up for grabs. It seems that the second clue was not the fly in the porta potty, but a giant needle and thread. A card is attached to the clue saying that it is the second clue. Could the phrase be, "you reap what you sow?"
Show recap
Tonight's episode of Big Brother All-Stars is an interesting one, and we get to see the redo of the HOH competition. We hear that there were technical problems with the HOH competition on Thursday. James said that it sucked when Kaysar left because as a person, James thought he was awesome. Chicken George said it was the hardest for him because he really liked the guy. Janelle admitted that losing Kaysar was huge because now she has to win competitions or get out. Boogie said that Kaysar was a good guy who would have been tough to beat in the end. James said that he knows where his alliance is because they voted against him. Danielle said that she noticed Kaysar didn't say goodbye to her, and it was just a game. Erika cried afterwords because without Kaysar she felt on the outside. Will says this might not be the show for Kaysar because he voted out three times in a year. Janelle said that George swore on his kids that he would keep Kaysar, and that he lied. George really didn't promise Kaysar his vote. Erika claims that she cares that Kaysar is gone. Boogie said that he was having issues with his buzzer and didn't want to make waves. Then we see Howie have this issue with hitting the button. Technical difficulties didn't sit with him. James noticed that his didn't light up either after hitting the button. Howie said that he walked off in disgust because there was something wrong with the button. James liked the technical difficulties going in his direction because Janelle would go home. Boogie wasn't happy with the technical problems. Howie felt that he was robbed because he was the first to hit the button on that question. Boogie admits that his didn't light up when he hit it. BB makes an announcement and gets all of them in the living room. BB said that fairness was important to them. They also looked at the tapes and said that there were things that not fair and the buttons didn't function properly and they want to redo the competition. They apologized to Erika and she admitted that it should be fair. Boogie said it should be a fair competition. They had to replay the game. We see them all at nighttime. They had to go with the wheel of A or B instead of the buzzers. Question 1: What was the predominant color of the wall that the mime's shirt was stolen from? A. Black, B. Red. Answer: B. George and Will got it wrong. Question 2: What did Alison say the mime did to her? A. Drove her insane, B. Drove her crazy. Answer: A. Erika, Howie, and Marcellas were eliminated. Question 3: Why did Eric say he was back? A. To get revenge, B. So you never forget him. Answer B: James is out. It is down to Boogie and Janelle.

Question 4: Which spirit used the phrase "on the other side?" A. Josh, B. Bunky. Answer: A. Janelle wins HOH> She celebrates with Howie and yells "this is for you Kaysar!" Janelle has been HOH three times out of six. Janelle said that she is there to crush dreams. Marcellas said that it was the worse possible thing that could happen. Marcellas called them poor sports for celebrating. Danielle said that it is not fair because Erika was out. Danielle said that Janelle needed it because she can't play for veto. It was the time to get her out. Danielle said that she doesn't hate her, but she doesn't like that she wins allt he competitions. Erika thinks that she and Danielle will go up, and Danielle thinks its her and Marcellas. Howie and Janelle are talking and Howie praises Janie. James comes in and congratulates Janelle. James said that Janelle is amazing and he needs to get rid of her. he bows to Janie in the DR and thanks god that Janie is on his team. James tells her that Marcellas has to go up, and Janelle says Erika. She says that Erika and Danielle are in an alliance. James wants it to be Marcellas. Marcellas is hoping that Janie will target Danielle. Marcellas feels sorry for Erika because she was eliminated. We then hear again of the new power. Marcellas said that if it is a power, it has to be big like an HOH power. James is really anxious to find out the power and who has it. The first person to guess the well-known phrase wins the power. Janelle was confused by the first clue. She didn't know if it was a sheep or a lamb. Danielle noticed the pink bow, and named him after Dolly, the cloned sheep. James asks if anyone would go with "don't pull the wool over your eyes?" Danielle thinks it is because the Dolly sheep was cloned, and thinks it is "do not assume." Danielle rings the bell and ran into the diary room. James and Erika also ring the bell. Danielle thought she was right and had to go for it. Danielle and Erika guess "do not assume." (I believe it is expect the unexpected) and James guesses "don't pull the wool over your eyes." Will is asking if he is on a different game because he couldn't get that from the sheep. George thought he had the answer and he rings the bell. Boogie calls him a genius. George guesses "you are expected to expect the unexpected." He got the bit about the sheep being a ewe (you). Will laughs. George tells them what he said. Howie thinks that it is part of a herd. James tells Janelle that it was pull the wool over your eyes. Howie and Janelle look shocked. James was shocked that they didn't know the phrase. Will took a shower in the kitchen sink because it was the only place with hot water. Janelle laughed at him for doing it. Will said that Janelle pretended she didn't want to get sprayed down. But he did it. They got into a water battle in the kitchen sink. Janelle tells everyone the water pipe broke. Will, Boogie, and James want to get rid of Marcellas. James said that Janelle is going to put up Danielle and Erika. James is going to try to convince Janelle that Marcellas should go. James said that Marcellas is a weak link. Boogie and James both say that Danielle has to stay so they can make a run there.

Janelle calls everyone inside for the food competition. Boogie tells us that they had extra griddles and pans in the kitchen. Every dish they make must have slop in it. They have one hour to create seven different slop dishes. Three judges will give a score based on presentation, creativity and taste. They judge on a scale of 1-5. If the combined score of the three is 10 or higher, they get food. Nine or less and it is slop. If they get a 15, they get a grill and the fixings. Marcellas tells them to treat the slop like oatmeal. Janelle comes up with a waffle recipe. Boogie said that they pull together and make things work. They have slop cakes, waffle, and slop burritos. Danielle tells them they have 35 minutes. Janelle has a slop apple crisp. Will makes refrigerator cupcakes. Janelle thinks the waffle will win the barbecue. The guests who will judge the foods are Jun from BB4, Marvin from BB5, and Nicole from BB2. Slop crisp with ice cream is first. Janelle said that she is a good cook. Tuesday is slopfredo. Marvin didn't see the slop in it. Marvin and Jun didn't think there was slop in it. Erika made the slop fredo. Wednesday was the slop cakes made by Danielle. Nicole said that she was working her jaws too much. Marvin said it was like dog food. Thursday was the cupcakes made by Will. Nicole knew that Will made it. Nicole said that Will messed it up for everyone again. Will said to give it a chance. Friday was slow pasta with veggies and cheese. Marvin liked the presentation. Saturday were the burritos by Danielle. Sunday was the slopples. Marcellas is taking the credit for the waffles even though Janelle made them. There is slop in the batter of the waffles. Monday they have a 10, Tuesday, 11; Wednesday, 8; Thursday, 11; Friday, 10; Saturday, 11; and Sunday, 15--it was a perfect score and got the grill. There is only one day of slop, and Danielle said that she had a good time.

Janelle lets Will into the locked HOH room. Janelle is targeting Marcellas, Erika, Danielle, and George. Will said that there is a war coming on. Will says that he can crush any of those people. Will tells them to cut Danielle a deal. Janelle says that she has to tell James stuff because he is in Danielle's alliance. Will thinks that Danielle guessed it correclty. Janelle would rather have Danielle out. Will has a rock band in the backyard with Boogie, Will, Howie, and Janelle. He does a glam rock think with water and Janelle gets wet and has heels. Danielle lifts her shirt and flashes her bra. Danielle said it was scary because the group was sober. Janelle asks James about nominating Erika and Danielle. James said that he would love to see Marcellas on the block. James would like to keep Erika in the game. James said that the problem is that Janelle wants Danielle out. James said that Chicken George is on his list. Janelle said that they should be nice to George because they might need him later. Howie is eating bagels. James said that they can't trust George because his loyalty is to Danielle. Janelle says the bitch needs to leave, and James looks disgusted.

Erika thinks Janelle is used to being Queen Bee and sees female as competition. Marcellas said that Janelle is a bitch, and has something ugly on the inside that gets bigger every day. Janelle has to get rid of Marcellas. Janelle doesn't want to be too rude because they have to go to sequester house. Danielle said if she is nominated, she is nominated. Danielle admits that she threw the first punch. Janelle said that she tried to take nothing personal, but that when folks are in the HOH room, and backstabbing her later, she takes it personal. Marcellas looks stabbed there. James' key is first, then Howie, then Marcellas, then George, then Will, and finally Boogie. Janelle says that she nominated Danielle because Danielle put her up. Janelle thinks that Erika has been playing both sides. Janelle said that she likes Erika, but not her game play. Erika thinks its funny that Janelle despises her game as a floater. Janelle is after Danielle for getting rid of Kaysar. Danielle said that there are several stages of war, and this is one of the battles she will win. Danielle can't wait to get it on.
End of show recap

Saturday, August 12, 2006 -- Early Evening

It seems that Danielle won the Power of Veto. Janelle, Howie, and James are having an argument in the HOH room. Janelle thinks that James threw the competition. She is right because he told Danielle earlier that he was going to throw the competition so she could win. James is accusing Janelle of giving information to Will and Boogie without telling him. Howie keeps on saying to just drop the subject and try to keep their alliance together. I think that James is trying to keep himself safe and make it sound like he (James) hasn't stabbed his own alliance with the BB6ers. The talk now is to put up a member of Chill Town and then vote out Erika. James said that Erika has to go because Boogie is sucking Erika's fingers and rubbing her boobs. James said that Erika is in a known alliance with Danielle--unlike his alliance with Danielle. The question is will Janelle believe James? She will because she and Howie are too willing to trust. James said that he didn't put down 10 as Janelle asked because he saw Danielle's answer so James went for 20, and he claims he "forgot" to hit the buzzer at the end. James tells Janelle to let Chill Town know in advance so they don't turn against the BB6ers.

Duplicity thy name is James

Friday, August 11, 2006 -- Evening

I don't have a clear idea of how the food competition went, but the scores ranged between 15 and 8 so there are some slop days in there. The big news is that the nomination ceremony happened. That means that someone didn't figure out the phrase yet, or if they did, they chose not to use the information this week. Danielle and Erika were nominated, and James, Danielle, Erika, Will, and Boogie are in the backyard talking about how Janelle would put up Chicken George if one of them got off. The funny thing is that now Marcellas is talking to Janelle and acting like a friend. Marcellas and Janelle just had a conversation about Janelle wondering if she is fat because of comments that were made during the food competition. Janie has been eating constantly and frequently, and she admits that she has been eating ice cream every day. She asks Marcellas if she looks fat, and he says that she does look heavier than when she came in. Now Marcellas and James are talking about Janelle saying that she thought Marcellas was behind the move against Kaysar and he admits it. James is trying to make Marcellas think that Janelle will put him up if one of the others gets the veto. Poor Janelle. She pretty much is alone in the house except for Howie.

Friday, August 11, 2006 -- Afternoon

Great news on the Big Brother front. It seems that there were technical difficulties during the HOH competition yesterday. We noticed something about it when Howie said that he pushed his button, but it didn't record his vote. Well, it seems that they had to redo the competition, and Erika is no longer HOH. In fact, Janelle won HOH. Now we can only hope that someone doesn't guess the clues to get the phrase to unseat Janelle as HOH. So far the clues are a sheep with a pink bow and a huge fly that was left in the porta-potty outside. Right now the food competition is going on. The houseguests have to make dishes out of slop. The dishes will then be eaten by three former houseguests who will grade the food on a scale of 1-5. If they get a score of 10 for a particular day, they get food that day. Each dish is assigned to a particular day. Less that 10 for a day, and they get slop. The houseguests have one hour to make the slop recipes. It looks like there is a blue and a pink team, and some of the names of the food are slop fredo, slopuluar cupcakes, and slop crisp. June, Nicole, and Marvin were the judges. It seemed that some of the food tasted pretty good, and Marvin didn't believe that there was adequate slop in some of the food. As he said, he couldn't taste any slop in some of the food. Flames for now, so I have no clue what the results are.
The Great Slop Cookoff

Thursday, August 10, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Eviction night on Big Brother All-Stars. Kaysar isn't surprised that he is up on the block, but he isn't too happy about it. Kaysar is going to do what he can to stay. James said that he was up as a pawn, and that if they can't get rid of Janelle, they should get rid of Kaysar. Kaysar talks to Erika, and Erika, who claimed to like Kaysar and bond with him, won't vote for him. Erika said that she likes Kaysar the best, but doesn't think her vote will help. Erika said that she knows that Danielle wants him gone, and she doesn't know what is best for her. Erika asks for time to think about it. Janelle talks to James about one of them leaving. James can nullify one of the eviction votes. James has Will and Boogie. Things may be working out for him, so he might not use the nullify prize. James thinks that he will be the best actor if he can get the BB6ers to think that he is afraid that he will go out. George tells Kaysar that the one thing he likes about Kaysar is that he speaks the truth. George said that he can't tell Kaysar what he will do, but he will think of it. George tells Kaysar that he is one really good guy. Kaysar talks to Boogie and makes plans with him that the BB6ers will join with him and Will to take out the floaters. Boogie said that he and Will are just sitting back and accepting offers. Kaysar tells Janelle how he thinks the votes are going because he will have Howie, Janelle, and thinks he has George, and he is hoping to get Chill Town too. Chicken George is dressed up like a goofy guy with a red jacket and ruffled shirt. James was not shocked by the number of prizes taken, but Janelle, Marcellas, and Danielle were. Will and Boogie weren't. Danielle admitted to being upset while the margarita party was going on. George is back on slop tomorrow and says that he can handle it--with a laugh--because he can't.

We now getting to meet Will and Boogie's moms. Will's mom, Judy, said Will was always plotting. She said that Will is shy, but always had girlfriends. Will was cute as a kid. Judy said that Will talking to Janelle is strategy. Will tells Janelle he would never date her outside the house. Judy wished Howie would keep his hands off Will. Bonnie, Boogie's mom, tells us that Boogie didn't have a father around. Boogie was a fat kid (she said chubby) but then became a speed skater and lost weight. Boogie is supposed to be a flirt. When asked about something going on with Erika, Bonnie said that she thinks Boogie and Erika have a secret alliance. Will doesn't have a power animal when he meditates. Bonnie thinks Will and Boogie have a great strategy together. Bonnie thinks the boys enjoy being evil. Judy thinks that Will will go all the way. Bonnie is proud to be a Chill Town mom.

Julie talks to Danielle in the HOH room. Danielle was asked about being too strong in week one, and how she asked Erika for HOH. Danielle said that she came in to play and wants to go out swinging. Danielle is asked if there is any ally she can trust, and she says, only James. Danielle was hurt that James took the phone call from home. She was upset and apologizes to her family. Marcellas said that he is thrilled there are two people from the BB6ers. Marcellas trusts James. Will doesn't trust James and he is in an alliance with him. Howie would like to keep Kaysar. George would like to keep Kaysar and see him play the game. Erika has problems because both are diferent personalities. Janelle said that it would be hard for her in the house if Kaysar leaves because he is her support in the house. Boogie is happy no one from Chill Town is going home and it is win/win either way. It is now time to talk to James and Kaysar. James thanks America for putting him back in, and thanks everyone for making it an awesome time. James tells them it is a individual thing and not a team sport and they have to think of themselves. Kaysar also thanks everyone, and said he tried to be honest and transparent and thinks he has the respect of some and not others and tells them to vote for what they think is best. James gets to nullify a vote and goes to the diary room to do it. James nullifies Janelle.

It is now time for the live voting. Marcellas goes first and he votes to evict Kaysar. Howie votes to evict James. (Howie wishes Kaysar a happy birthday.) Erika votes to evict Kaysar. Janelle votes to evict James. Janelle's vote doesn't count though. Will votes to evict Kaysar. Chicken George votes to evict Kaysar. Boogie votes to evict Kaysar which he hates to do on his birthday. Kaysar is out with a 5 to 1 vote. James and Kaysar hug and Kaysar hugs some of the others, and Janelle does the "whatup Kaysar" yell. Kaysar leaves as everyone applauds. Janelle looks sad for a moment. Julie wished Kaysar a happy birthday. Janelle and Howie watch Kaysar's photo turn black and white. Let's hope that Marcellas or Danielle goes next. Kaysar said that it was hard to be next to James on the block. Kaysar wanted to fix things and didn't want to campaign against James. Julie tells Kaysar about the Legion of Doom and how James was out to get Janelle. Julie tells Kaysar about the things that James said about Janelle, calling her a bitch and an Anna Nicole Smith wanna be. Kaysar said that it was disappointing to him to hear that. Kaysar played for the team and the team didn't play for him. The goodbye messages. Erika cries fake tears about being such friends with him. Janelle said that he was 100% loyal. Boogie said that Kaysar should have gotten in with Chill Town. Boogie said that James turned on him. Will said that he told Kaysar that James would stab him in the back. Will also said that James was with them for now, but he didn't trust him. James admits that he didn't like how Janelle played the game and was out to get her and Kaysar just got in the way. Kaysar seems really hurt at the fact that James turned on him and stabbed him in the back. Kaysar said there were too many daggers to avoid. Julie hopes that Kaysar would get to enjoy his birthday, and he said that he is going to go to friends and loved ones.

The BB house is haunted by guests from seasons past. Erika sees a face in the kitchen. It was Alison's reflection. Everyone thinks she is joking. Later Janelle hears noises and screams when she sees and orange face. Then Janelle, Boogie, and Erika see it. Alison, Eric, Holly, Bunky, and someone else were in th house. Danielle had a BB seance. They all see Bunky who tells them the hairy spider might not be in the cage, but they will get it back. Alison tells Erika and Janelle that she isn't real like know. Josh from season three is there, and makes fun of Marcellas robe smelling. Holly is there and blows Will a kiss and took the duck to take a bubble bath. Eric took a black knight, and said that he will see whose fate is sealed. Then a chicken took George's necklace. It s now time for the HOH contest. It is a true and false test about the seance form last night. If more than one gets it right, the slowest person is eliminated. Question 1: The devil duck was stolen by Alison. False. George was the slowest and was out. Question 2: Holly paged Dr. Delicious. True. Marcellas was slowest. Question 3: Bunky was sure that Will could treat snake bites. False. Janelle got it wrong and is out. Question 4: The black knight was stolen by Eric. True, but Howie was the slowest. Question 5: Josh said he loved Danielle like he liked bagels. True. Will gets it wrong and is out. Question 6: The necklace the chicken stole belonged to Janelle. False, and Boogie got it wrong. Question 7: Bunky was before Holly, and Erika was the fastest and the new HOH. However, the coup d'etat.

America gets to vote by text message for Prom Queen/King. The person who wins has an advantage in the HOH. In the Coup d'Etat, in any of the next three eviction episodes, the winner can overthrow the HOH right before the eviction ceremony and put his/her own person up. No onw will know who won the Coup d'Etat. The houseguests get to know about the Coup d'Etat. Over the next few days, they will be giving clues to a phrase that is used in the BB game. The first person to reveal the phrase in the diary room wins the prize and gets to find out what the prize is. The other houseguests will be in the dark. If they guess wrong, they are out. The first clue is in the house. It is a sheep with a pink bow. I think that the first word is Ewe--or You, and I'm guessing that it is "You have been evicted from the Big Brother house."
End of show recap

Thursday, August 10, 2006 -- Late Morning

Tonight's episode of Big Brother All-Stars should be interesting. It seems that some former houseguests are going to make an appearance on the show. They will be part of the HOH competition. There will also be a person who will get the power to overthrow the HOH. The former houseguests will also be judges for the Food Competition, and will have a role in the Veto competition.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006 -- Evening

It seems that there was some excitement in the Big Brother house that I missed today. It seems that Bunky may have been in the house filming something for Thursday's show. Bunky mentioned something about it on today's House Calls show. There are lots of rumors about what will be happening, but I haven't heard anything definitive. Either it is the Coup d'Etat twist where the HOH is immediately overthrown. Will is spreading the rumor that there is going to be an immediate eviction. I guess we will just have to watch tomorrow to see what happens. I am really disgusted with Marcellas. He is acting like a spoiled princess, and he is about as loyal to his friends as the Moon is made of cheese. I think that it's sad that someone like Kaysar is probably going to be voted out while Marcellas gets to keep his butt in the house.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Tonight's episode of Big Brother All-Stars highlights the veto action. The veto ceremony is over and Janelle and James are nominated for eviction. It's Day 33 in the house. Janelle said that she was expecting it, but she was surprised that James was put up and that made Janelle think that James isn't friends with Danielle. Boogie said that he, Will, Danielle, and James are part of the Legion of Doom and will vote out Janelle. James said that he gave the best acting job of his limited career. James took his anger towards Janelle for screwing them over by not getting rid of Chill Town (his new alliance) and that he just made it seem like feelings towards Danielle. Kaysar and James are in the same room. Kaysar says that he is shocked over James being nominated. Kaysar doesn't feel good about it, and James is happy that he they are buying his act. Janelle said that she would have bet money that it wouldn't be James up there. Janelle is out to get Danielle next week. James said that no one nominates their friends, and James thinks that if everyone clicks nicely, they will pull it off. Marcellas tells Danielle that everyone thought that she had an alliance with James. Marcellas applauds her. Danielle hopes to keep Marcellas in the dark. Janelle and Kaysar talk. Janelle has realized that James is on the block as a decoy. Kaysar doesn't think that James would go for the decoy bit. Janelle said that she thinks James is up to win the veto and not use it on so Janelle will go. James wants to send Janelle home so she won't screw up his game because she has put fear in the floaters. Will, Howie, and Boogie go out in the backyard and Will and Howie shave their bodies. Boogie said that it is too metrosexual. Howie admits that he is the hair grooming guy. Chicken George goes along with it and tells James to do it too. George goes up to talk to Danielle. George tells her that he has been watching her for six weeks. George said that he will cover her back as much as he can. George doesn't think he can make it to the end. He doesn't know that he can hold it out. Danielle tells him to lock the door, and she tells George to be strong. Danielle talks about family with George. George understands, and he gives her his word that if she makes it to the end, he will be there for her. George thinks that he and Dani are an awful lot alike. Poor Dani!

Erika, Will and Janelle are lying on the second floor floor. Erika asks him to marry them. Erika thinks Will is easy on the eyes. Howie shows up. Janelle said that Howie is irritating them because he butts into the conversation and doesn't say anything that adds to the conversation--like his sex noises. Will said that he can open up even if he is not sensitive. Will starts making his sex noises. Will says that Howie is a baby looking for attention. Howie puts a crimp in the conversation the three are having. It is time to pick players for the veto competition. Danielle picks first, and picks Will. Janelle picks houseguest choice, and she chooses Marcellas. She did that because Kaysar and Howie wouldn't choose between them. Marcellas said that Janelle is on her own. James said that the plan is to get rid of Janelle. James picked and got Boogie's name. Danielle said that Janelle should be going home because it is five people against Janelle. Erika is the hostess. The six go to the backyard and everyone else stays in. There is a BB graveyard in the backyard. Boogie said that he thought they would be buried alive, and that is Marcellas' biggest fear. Danielle started hyperventilating over it. Everyone has their own grave and have to lay down in it. They have to be still as a corpse and shutup. They each get 40 veto points. They get 10 offers. To accept an offer, they had to be the first to buzz in. They could add veto points by accepting an offer to do evil things. They lose veto points by accepting a prize. Danielle said that she would give up anything to win. Will and Boogie don't care what happens. They will reveal the prizes, but not which houseguest was responsible. First question: Which houseguest will be willing to take away the beds and put them all in army cots and to have the hot water shut off for a week? It is worth seven veto points. Boogie said that you couldn't see what the person was voting for. Who is willing to spend 24 hours in solitary confinement with slop and camping toilet to get 9 veto points? Will said that no one would take that and if they did, they are psycho. #3. Who will give up three veto points for a margarita party for the house? #4 in order to win a plasma tv for himself who will give up 5 veto points. Boogie said that he didn't know there would be fabulous prizes like a plasma tvs. #5 in order to get a phone call from a loved one, who will give up 5 veto points? Danielle cries over that one because she gave the phone call up to keep everything the same. #6 In order to win a trip for two to Aruba, who will give up 5 veto points. Will was sure that Boogie was gobbling up prizes. Will is probably right. #7 who would put the four houseguests on slop for a week for 8 points. #8 In order to win a personal slop pass for the summer who gives up 7 points. #9 How many of your veto points would you give up to win $5000 in cash. The highest number gets it. #10 Who is willing to not play in next weeks veto for 10 points? Janelle and Danielle knew they had to go for it.

It is time to go for the punishments and prizes. There will be no hot water and there will be army cots. Janelle did that one. Danielle put herself in solitary confinement for 24 hours. Someone got the house a margarita party. James spent points on that. Someone went for the plasma tv, and that was Boogie. Someone went for the phone call. James did it and wasn't at ease out there. Danielle said that she was working with idiots. They are greedy in her eyes and it is so frustrating. Janelle put the rest of the houseguests on slop for the rest of the week and they can't get the margarita party. Howie hates that he is on slop again. Yes, Boogie went for the trip for two to Aruba. Boogie said that it is like Santa was there. Janelle said that she chose not to play in the veto as long as someone doesn't know. Will went for $5000 because he wanted the money because he loves stuff. Danielle said later, Legion of Doom, they are the Legion of Stupidity and she is just done. Marcellas went for the slop pass and jumped up in happiness about that one. Janelle was annoyed because Marcellas was just in there to win prizes. Janelle won the veto. Danielle said that she is completely alone and so pissed off. Will wanted Janelle to win because Janelle would go after Danielle. Janelle said that Danielle's worse nightmare happened, whoops so sad, too bad because Janelle is there for another week.

Janelle said afterwards, they were discussing what prizes went to who. James said that he got the margarita party and the phone call. Will and Boogie say they only had 40 points so they got nothing. In the diary room, Will asks Boogie if he got POV and he said no he got a plasma tv and a trip. Boogie asks Will the same and Will said very sadly no...that he won $5000. Then they both laugh hysterically. Janelle's point total was 55. Janelle admitted to the house on cots and slop. Janelle said that those items were a total of 15 points. She didn't admit to the veto. James said that they are like prisoners. Cots, slop, and no water. Meanwhile there is a solitary confinement room. There is water, slop, and no cot. Danielle got the 24 hour confinement. She didn't want to talk to anyone or see anyone. James is disgruntled over the water being off. James complained the entire time. Kaysar laughed at that one. James goes to talk to Janelle and said that he understood. Janelle asked James while he gave away points. Janelle asked because she doesn't understand why he gave points away. Boogie and Will talk about James giving away points and how stupid that is. Will and Boogie decided to put the blame on Marcellas for the tv and trip. Janelle asks Will about the prizes and he tells her that it was Marcellas. Janelle said that Marcellas is horrible. Will leads everyone to believe that Marcellas got everything. James is going to see if he can get Marcellas voted out. Will and Boogie pay it so well, and Will said that he is willing to call a truce to get rid of Marcellas. Will says this week they get rid of Marcellas and next week Chicken George. Will says he will go with anything Danielle says. Janelle is dressing and George goes by in a blue suit with a ruffled shirt because he can go to the party. Will asks in the diary room if he just won $5000 and blame it on Marcellas and then going to a margarita where a drunk Janelle will hit on him all night. Will loves BB All-Stars. While they are outside, the other houseguests are eating slop. Erika thinks it is dirty. Danielle can't explain how she is sitting in solitary confinement while her assistants are having a party. James got the phone call from Sarah. James said the reward is bittersweet. Sarah and James have their phone conversation, and noticed that James crossed fingers meant that he loved her. They both say they love each other. Sarah is James' rock. Danielle is crying and annoyed in the confinement. As she said, it is like jail. Will said that someone put her in a room with a window so they could peak at her like she was an animal. Someone asks Will if he did look, and he said of course. Danielle is in the corner and Will said that Danielle is depressed as hell.

When Danielle gets to come out, they are all gathered outside saying "free Danielle." Finally she gets out. and everyone gives her a hug. Danielle talked to everyone to find out what was going on. Boogie says that the BB6ers thinks that Marcellas went for the prizes and want him out and will give Danielle amnesty. Erika and Danielle go up to talk. Danielle calls them idiots. Danielle said that it really bothered her because she didn't take the phone call and she made sacrifices. James asks for a few minutes with Danielle. James said that Will, Boogie and himself would like Marcellas to go up. James thinks that Marcellas played them. Danielle said that it is not good because they are all throwing Marcellas under the bus. James tells Danielle that Marcellas is going to go after her. It is now time for the POV ceremony. James wants Marcellas to go home, but he doesn't want to see Kaysar take the fall for Janelle's things. Janelle is going to use the power of veto on herself. Danielle has to pick someone else. Marcellas is looking like a hooded creature. Danielle said that it is about numbers and she gave Howie her word that he is safe, and with that said, unfortunately, she has to nominate Kaysar. Marcellas grins and smiles like a chimp. James said that the first test of the Legion of Doom didn't work, the next test is to keep James in the house, and the third test is to go after Janelle next week. Kaysar is going to fight and it is game on this week.
End of show recap

Monday, August 7, 2006 -- Evening

Janelle used the veto on herself and Kaysar went up in her place. Kaysar and Janie are now scheming on how they can get James voted out while Kaysar remains. Janelle is trying to chat up Boogie and Will by jogging with them, and promising to join their escapades in the evening when they do a dance routine. Kaysar has finally realized that even though Erika claims that she didn't have an alliance with other floaters--that she really is in that alliance and that she will probably vote against Kaysar on Thursday. It is looking like Kaysar will be the first out again.

Bye-bye Kaysar, bye-bye

Sunday, August 6, 2006 -- Evening

It seems that both Will and James are trying to talk Danielle into putting up Marcellas, but that she is leaning towards putting up Kaysar because one of the BB6ers has to go home. The question is will it be James or Kaysar. I think that is what she can't be sure of. I understand that for Danielle it is a numbers game, and it is possible that she and Marcellas have an alliance. I would love to see Marcellas go though.
Show recap
Tonight's episode of Big Brother All-Stars reveals to those without live feeds who won HOH and who was nominated. The show starts with all the houseguests, except for Janelle, in the spider web. Erika said that being nominated started a fire in her to win HOH and not give up until she won. Marcellas said that the competition was fun until they sprayed out the shaving cream that ruined his belt. Petty Marcellas is going to bill BB for it. Howie tells Will to let go of him because Will is constantly tugging on Howie. Howie thought the competition was tailor made for him. We see the web swinging around and the spray coming out. Danille was looking to see who was the competition. Danielle did not want a BB6er to win. To her, Howie, Marcellas, and George look good. James said that Diane wasn't a threat to him, and Janelle went after her in pure stupidity and everyone is now gunning for Janelle. Danielle said that Diane had every right to be upset because she was back doored. Marjealous said that he knew Diane so much that it was hard for him to see her go and he had to hold back the tears. He thought that it was a gross misuse of power for Janelle to put up Diane. Day 32 in the house. Erika said that she was sad to see Diane leave, but she was happy to stay. Janelle said that she was sad to see Diane leave because Diane had hard feelings towards Janelle. Janelle still says it is strategic and that Diane probably won't forgive her. Will asked why is everyone sad because it's a game. Will says that he wants everyone to realize that only one person wins the game and everyone else is second place. Howie is talking about how much testing that BB had to do to make sure the web would hold them. Everyone talks about how much Howie eats and how much weight he has put on. Chicken George admits that Howie can eat some food. George makes him four philly steak sandwiches. Howie said that he can eat alot, but not fast. Will says that Howie is a big boy. Howie said that he got the name of Big Boy because he just eats away. He says that Will is jealous of him because he is double the size of Will. Danielle even says that Howie has been eating alot and eating uncontrollably. Danielle said that Howie wasn't like that when he came into the house. Danielle talks about the time that Howie ate a whole bag of chips. Danielle recommends that he watches what he eat. Howie is going to take it to heart. Howie said that it is so hard to stay away from the ice cream. George is farting on the web. Will throws the competition, saying he wanted to walk around and falls. Will wanted an egg. Boogie talks about Will falling and hoping to stir up trouble. Will is always trying to irritate folks by saying things that will get under their skin. Before he picks an egg, Danielle yells out that everyone should promise to give the week off of slop to Chicken George. Will says no, and Danielle calls him a foul name. Will didn't mean it and said that he would give it to George. Will picked the rotten egg, unfortunately. Boogie said that Will really wanted the $10,000, and subsequently folks weren't as mad with him. Will wanted to get some alone time with Janelle. It seems he is somewhat serious about an alliance with Janelle and Howie. Janelle asks Will if everyone is mad at him. Will said that he knew he couldn't wait out the others, so he just dropped out because he didn't see a point in waiting a long time. Danielle said the moving around was crazy. Danielle said that she is tired of going upstairs and looking at BB6ers. Janelle goes outside to tell them they have been on the web for two hours. They had to position themselves under the net, holding on with only their arms and legs. Danielle said it was crazy and she didn't have the strength to do it. As they make the switch, James' legs slip, and he is holding on, just with his hands.

James managed to get his legs back on. Danielle and Erika are hanging their heads. James feels safe with the people there, and at 2 hours 10 minutes, he gives up, and he gets the nullify one houseguests eviction vote. Will says that he is impressed with George still hanging on. Boogie said that he couldn't take it anymore, and fell. Will said that he taught Boogie to play smarter not harder. Kaysar feel shortly after that. That left on BB6ers. Boogie got the $10,000. Kaysar got the rotten egg. Will tells George that the slop pass is the only one left. Marcellas wanted George to drop to get the egg, but George wanted to see if he could get HOH. Marcellas falls then because it was uncomfortable--baby. Marcellas gets the slop pass, and kicks the egg like a baby. James asks him what's up as Marcellas prances around like a spoiled brat. Marcellas admits in the DR that he really wanted the slop pass. George falls after Marcellas at 2 hours and 35 minutes. That leaves Howie, Erika, and Danielle. Howie with his weight is struggling. Howied said that it was a battle and the web was digging into him. James thought he was safe. Danielle tells Howie to stop moving the rope because he is struggling. Danielle dangles, but pulls herself back in. Danielle was going to let go, but she held on. Howie said that things are getting hard. Howie said that Erika could hold out for another day. Erika said that she is strong and a pilates instruction. Howie begs with Howie to let go. Janelle said that Howie was her only hope. Danielle and Erika both say that Howie is safe. Will is yelling to not let go. 2 hours and 45 minutes. Howie said that they broke him down. Danielle asks Erika to give it to her, and Erika does. Danielle is HOH. And she celebrates. Danielle said that the black widow is back and she is ready to catch houseflies. James goes to talk to Danielle. Danielle said that James is a key player in the alliance because he is her eyes and ears. James talks to Boogie and they all love that Danielle is HOH. Boogie can't wait for the nomination ceremony. James said that the BB6ers (other than him) had a demeanor change, and you reap what you sow.

Will's back is killing him. He tried to pick Boogie up and hurt his back. Kaysar tells Will to lay on his back and figures since he saw a chiropractor crack a back and figured he could too. Kaysar said that it was weird because Will had his shirt off and it was a gay moment. Danielle said that Will has a hump in the middle of his back. Will thought it was his skeleton because he is starving to death with hunger. Howie said that when he saw Will on his back, he thought they lost him. James tells the other BB6ers that Danielle won't putting them up. James tells them that the floaters are going to go after Janelle. James said that he would talk to Danielle about it. Howie wonders if Danielle would put him up, and James said that if Danielle gave her word, she meant it. Janelle asks if she went up against Marcellas if she would have the votes to stay. James thinks that Janelle is the dumbest person to ever play the game. Daneielle gets to show everyone the HOH bedroom. Danielle thought it looked warm and inviting. Janelle liked it too. Danielle showed off the pictures. Danielle also read her mom's letter to her. Danielle got a pink robe from her mom. Her mom lists her qualities and then says that she is proud of Danielle. Danielle says that her mom is her rock. Danielle said that her mom always said that she kept her head high. George is choked up Danielle's pictures and letters, and says he loved her room, and she should "go girl". The storage room door opened, and everything is full stocked, including pizza. George is in the bedroom crying. Danielle gives Marcellas a look, and Marcellas goes to give George the pass. George doesn't want to take it. George was very sad and pathetic. Marcellas said it was a chance to do something nice and hopefully George will remember it if Marcellas is nominated. George eventually picks up the pass and goes to tell everyone that Marcellas gave him the slop pass. George does not want to take it. Marcellas tells George to use it. George is very touched and teary eyed. George said it was the nicest thing that anyone could have done. George slowly eats and savors the pizza. He loved having the tast of actual food again. Danielle talks to James and says that she is going to put him up because she wants him to win the veto. James tells Danielle that is nuts. James is really worried about it because he is afraid of getting voted out. Danielle assures him that she needs him to compete for the HOH and to win it. James says that Janelle is just fat now--unlike last year and won't win it. James said that he would have to make sure that he has the votes. Danielle said that she knows he is okay because Erika, Will, and Boogie will vote to keep him. James says in the DR that the only way Danielle thinks they will be safe is to put James up. James said that he will have to get back to her about it, and Danielle reminds him that he is the veto king.

Danielle and Marcellas talk. Danielle tells him that she told Howie was safe. Marcellas tells her that he would put up Janelle and Kaysar. He claims Janelle is his girl, but he doesn't like her behavior and that Danielle will have to worry about Janelle next week. Marcellas thinks that Kaysar is a mastermind and Danielle doesn't understand how Janelle is Marcellas' girl, and yet he is backstabbing her. They have a phrase in the BB house about throwing someone under the bus. As Danielle says, Marcellas is throwing Janelle under a semi with the bus and 10 pounds of cement and standing on top of it. Marcellas says that he loves James and that James will be more useful than any of the other BB6ers. Marcellas said that someone from season 6 has to stroll out the door. Kaysar goes up to talk to Danielle. Danielle said that she is doing things for strategic reasons and said that she doesn't think anyone is evil. She asks Kaysar if he or Janelle had a deal with Chill Town and he says no. Danielle wants to know why she didn't nominate both members of Chill Town. Kaysar couldn't explain it because there is no explanation. Daneille said that she wants to understand the decision. Kaysar said that it is about placing yourself strategically. Kaysar says that Danielle seems tight with James, and she says no. Danielle doesn't know if she trusts Kaysar, but she says that someone from season 6 needs to walk out the door.

Nominations are coming up. Janelle thinks it will be smart to put up her and Kaysar. Marcellas said that he doesn't trust Danielle 100% because he knows what she is capable of. Kaysar says that Danielle realizes she has to take out one of the BB6ers. Danielle said her only real alliance is herself. James realizes that he is going to be nominated and it will give the impression that he is not tight with Danielle. Will said that Danielle is part of the Legion of Doom (with him, Boogie, and James) but he doesn't trust anyone and is willing to go home. Will thinks Danielle could put up him and Boogie. It is now time for the ceremony. Danielle said that her decision is based on what happened last week and the POV and that she would rather be safe than sorry. Erika's key is the first one out of the box. Howie is next, then George, then Boogie, then Marcellas (he says that means alot to him), then Will, and finally Kaysar. Danielle said that she nominated Janelle and James and that they should expect the unexpected. Danielle said that she wanted to put the two bad-asses up against each other against the POV. Janelle said that she is shocked that Danielle put up James because they thought that James was close to Danielle and that frankly, Danielle is a bitch. Janelle said that James looked upset and put his face in his hands, and she hopes it wasn't all an act. James said, of course he was acting. He said it is a risky strategy to get Janelle out, and he hopes he can trust Danielle. Danielle said that James is a great competitor and that she needs Janelle out. Boogie said that James asked if he could trust them, and Boogie admits that it is hard to trust villains when you are a villain yourself.
End of show recap

Sunday, August 6, 2006 -- Early Afternoon

It sounds like it is going to be an interesting week in the BB house. For one, who will go up for eviction besides James, and who will be voted out on Thursday? The other thing that was interesting was something that I noticed on a the BB wikipedia page. It seems that there will be a Coup d'Etat twist that will allow the other houseguests to overthrow the HOH. That should happen this coming Thursday. Meanwhile the BB houseguests were forced out of their cots this morning (they all got cots as a result of the veto competition), and are in a lockdown in the backyard. They are all suspecting that something is up because they usually don't have to get up so early on a Sunday morning (10:30 BBT--Big Brother Time)

Saturday, August 5, 2006 -- Evening

Great news on the Big Brother front. Janelle won the power of veto today. She will obviously use it on herself and be safe for another week. Now my hope is that James is the person who gets voted out. It seems that the competition was similar to the Chicken George veto win. The contestants were asked if they would do certain things and the person with the fewest points won the veto. Fortunately it was Janelle, and I think that might put a monkey wrench in Danielle's plans, and might lead to James being the person who winds up leaving. James is hoping that Kaysar will be the person who is put up and leaves. However, Boogie and Will want Howie to be nominated and to be the person voted out. That would be interesting because the stronger players would remain in the game. Janelle is campaigning to get Marcellasa put on the block in her place. It's funny because after that, we see Marcellas trying to make nice with Janelle.

Janelle wins the veto!

Friday, August 4, 2006 -- Late Evening

James and Janelle were nominated for eviction today. What some don't realize is that Danielle nominated James as a plan for him to win the veto so Janelle won't get it. Then he removes himself and Kaysar goes up in his place. (or Howie--but I think Kaysar) James is acting all upset with Danielle for stabbing him in the back, but it is all an act. I hope that Danielle, Erika, Marjealous, James and Chicken George all go soon because they are my least favorite of the bunch. However, one of my favorites will be the ones to go.

Friday, August 4, 2006 -- Early Morning

Bad news for the BB6ers! Danielle is HOH. You know that she is going to go for the BB6ers and one of them will be going home next week. The question is who will it be? She won't go against any of the "floaters", and I have to admit that I am hoping that the competition comes down to Chill Town or BB6. Why? Because they are the most entertaining, and are actually playing the game and competing. One thing that Kaysar is talking about with Janelle as I write this is how disloyal Marcellas is. We found that out yesterday from watching the show. Marcellas was bashing his BFF (best friend forever) behind her bad and bad mouthing her like you wouldn't believe. What I have to say is that from watching the All Stars, I really have lost respect for Marcellas. Sure he's a funny person on House Calls, but as a person, he seems like a real a**hole jerk. Kaysar and Janelle are talking about how they believe now that the whole "fight" between Marcellas and Danielle was a setup and that the two have been working together from the beginning.

As for the competition, this is how it went down: Will was the first to drop and he got a rotten egg. James was second, and his egg was the "nullify one eviction vote." They had to eventually start hanging from the bottom of the web--to speed up the game, and then Boogie and Kaysar fell at the same time. Boogie got a rotten egg and Kaysar got the $10,000. Finally Marcellas went down and he got the slop free pass. George went next--and that left only Erika, Howie, and Danielle. The three were offering up deals, and finally Howie made a deal for his safety because he was getting ready to fall anyway. Erika then dropped off leaving Danielle as HOH for the first time. It's going to be interesting times in the house this week. Unfortunately, I think that one of the six players that I like the best is going to go.

Thursday, August 3, 2006 -- Later Evening

The live feeds are back on, and Will is the first person off the net in less than half an hour. He is the sort who throws the competitions. In this case, the golden egg that he picked is a rotten one. That narrows the odds for the next person who falls off to get something better. Not only does the spiderweb shoot out foam periodically, but it also tilts from side to side, periodically changing it's direction. I think that as time passes the changes will become more frequent. It looks like it is going to be a long night.
Photos from the Endurance HOH

Thursday, August 3, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Eviction night on Big Brother All-Stars. It's Day 32. Tonight the houseguests put their votes in live. Well, they are called to the Diary Room. We get a recap of Janelle nominating Diane. Will calls Janelle a sucker and that the BB6ers are starting to crumble. Will and Boogie say that things are falling apart. Then we see Howie asking Will if he has shaved down there. Will then goes on about how Howie is a criminal type. Will said that Howie would love jail because it's like the BB house. Danielle and James talk about how they have the return of their old characters. James said that Janelle has stabbed the BB6 alliance. Danielle said that she needed James to play the game for himself. Diane said that Janelle has been after her since day one. Diane admits that she has always been after Janelle. Marcellas said that they are just handing Will and Boogie the game. Marcellas said that nominating Diane was petty and illconceived and this colors how he feels about Janelle. Marcellas tells Danielle and Erika that Janelle is against all women and that now he considers Janelle his prime target and number one with a bullet. Kaysar tells Janelle that it is horrible and that they have to make sure that the team stays together. Kaysar said that he agrees that Diane should have gone home, but that he didn't like the way it was done. Kaysar is afraid that the group is falling apart, and that they are under attack then. Danielle tells Will and Boogie that James will join them as final four. Danielle tells them that James is going to nominate Janelle if he gets HOH. Boogie and Will are in the DR. Boogie thinks he formed a suballiance with Danielle and James. They laugh and Boogie says to give someone in that group a blindfold because they are in the dark. In the living room, Will is asked about not being nominated. Will said that he is ready to go home. Boogie made history by injuring himself in a veto competition. He has 10 stitches in his foot and hopes that they will be out in a week. We then see video of the wakeup calls. Marcellas said that the viewers are sadistic for making the messages that they did.

Diane is talking to Marcellas and Chicken George about being unfair. Marcellas said that he told Erika that he would keep her safe against Boogie. Diane said that too many promises were made before the veto. Diane said that she is going to try everything to stay and if she does, all shit will hit the fan and Janelle will be in the fan. Danielle tells Diane that she made promises to Erika too. Diane said how stupid they were. Danielle said they were told someone else would go up. My comment is why make a promise if you knew that someone else was going up. That's just an excuse. Danielle said that she would like to keep Diane because what would Janelle do then? Danielle tells Diane that things can change and there are things that she can do. Everytime Erika sees Diane talking to someone, Erika comes over and sits down. Diane notices it and says that she feels like she has an Erika doll attached to her. Boogie tells Danielle that he agreed to get rid of Diane. Danielle wants to keep Diane in the game. She tells Boogie that she wants to keep Diane and Boogie tells her he won't go against his word. James asks if Boogie will break his word, and Danielle says no. Will is willing, supposedly, to change his word. Will says that Boogie will change his word if he needs to. Will said that he will listen to a rational argument. James tells Will that the reason to keep Diane is to tell Janelle f*** you. Diane said that she doesn't understand why guys can't vote the way they want. Diane thinks that James, Will, Boogie, and George will vote too. And maybe Danielle. Diane said that now it's personal and she is after Janelle--which is what she said last time. How stupid is James to want Diane around! Now it is time to talk to Janelle in the HOH room. Janelle said that she is not falling for Will because she kept him off the chopping block. Janelle said that she didn't think Will was a threat to her. Janelles is said that her loyalty is to Howie, Marcellas, Kaysar, and then James (in that order). Janelle said that she is close to them still. Janelle said that Marcellas is her friend and she loves him--she can't help it. She says that Chill Town is not in her alliance. Now we get to find out next about how Marcellas was a friend of Janelle's and then is stabbing her in the back. What a two face! I dislike Marcellas now. Boogie wants to keep Diane over Erika because she is cute and will go after Janelle. Howie doesn't think the BB6 is in trouble. James thinks the decision is bad to nominate either of the girls, and it was foolish. Kaysar says that Diane is sneaky and he doesn't trust her and she is capable. James thinks Diane will look out for him. Howie thinks that the BB6ers will have issues is Diane stays in the house and if they let her slide, they can have problems.

We now see how quickly Marcellas turns on his friends. Amy and Marcellas are seen saying how they would be friends for live. We see Amy Crews with her husband Don. She thinks her husband looks like Rhett Butler. We see clips of Marcellas and Amy from season 3. Amy said that she never laughed as much in her life as she did in that house. Then we see Marcellas plays around with Janelle. Amy doesn't think that Janelle holds a candle to Amy. Janelle grates on Amy's nerves for winning. Amy is jealous about Janelle's looks. Amy said that she and Marcellas aren't big buddies. She said that Marcellas was not loyal to her in the game. As she said, Marcellas acted like her friend, but then wanted to be rid of her. Amy said that Marcellas was kicked out because of his disloyalty. Marcellas makes negative comments about Janelle behind her back. Amy worries about anyone putting their trust in Marcellas. Will said that it would be in his best interest to get rid of Erika and will flip flop. George thinks that Erika is an underestimated player. Danielle thinks that Janelle has a vendetta against Diane and wants Janelle to concentrate on her. George like Diane an awful alot and thinks it will be sad if she has to go. Marcellas said that he has a relationship with Erika over Diane. Marcellas wants Erika to step up to the plate. Will wants to keep Diane to send a message to Janelle that she isn't in control.

Erika gets to plead her case. She says that she is truly honored to be part of the cast and actually likes each and everyone alot, unlike Will. Erika said that it has been hard to be nominated and she hopes to stay. Diane says that she loves them all, and that Marcellas is her favorite player, and she loves James. She also tells everyone not to promise their votes so early. She tells them that it's an All-Star game and they should know to play better. It is now time for the live votes. Kaysar votes to evict Diane. Howie votes for Diane. Marcellas votes for Diane. Boogie votes for Diane. He kept his word. Will votes to evict Erika. He did not keep his word. George votes to evict Diane. That means that Diane is out. Danielle is next and votes for Diane. James votes to evict Diane. It is seven votes against Diane and one vote for Erika. Diane gets the word and stands up with a smile. She hugs eeryone, and leaves the house. Diane does have the chips that she put away earlier because she has been on slop. Janelle looks relieved and everyone hugs Erika. No one really looks overly happy. They all wait to see the picture change. Diane said that she doesn't know what happened with Janelle and that she made it personal for things that happened outside of the house. Diane thought that Janelle said bad things about her during season 6 and Diane didn't accept her apology. All of the folks in season five are now gone. Diane tries to take it as a compliment that she dangerous, but she wasn't working with anyone. Diane said that there was no alliance. She thinks Jase thought it existed, but it didn't. Will calls Diane a sweet heart and says they are all cold-blooded so she couldn't survive. Janelle said it was a strategic move. George said it is a great loss to have her gone. Howie said that she was great to look at. Marcellas said that it pissed him off to see her leave this way, and if he gets the chance to get rid of Janelle, he will. Idiots all. They want to keep Janelle to the end so they can go against the hated one and win in the end.

The live competition is next, and as rumored from the live feeds, it IS an endurance match. Everyone is in the living room and are told to go to the backyard. They all go outside to see a huge spider web. Everyone has gloves and tossle caps on. The game is called Caught in the Web. The goal is to be the last person to be hanging on the web. The houseguests will have to choose between power and temptation. Five golden eggs are there. One is a slop free week. A second egg is to cancel someone's eviction vote that is only good for a week. The third egg has $10,000. Two of the eggs are rotten. The first five to drop out can claim one of the golden eggs. They have to grab the web from underneath with arms and legs. If anything touches the mat, they are eliminated. They all have to climb up onto the web from underneath, and have to hold on tight. The competition begins now. The web is now being raised up high above the ground.

Everyone is on the net. The spider shoots out foam at everyone. Will asks if you can eat the stuff, and is pulling around on Howie. The foam doesn't taste that good obviously. Will is shaking the net, and obviously trying to make Howie fall. I hope that he doesn't succeed.
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Thursday, August 3, 2006 -- Afternoon

Tonight is eviction night on Big Brother. It seems that the eviction may come down to a tie. The reasoning that some folks have on the Internet is the Howie, Kaysar, Will, and Boogie will vote to evict Diane, and that Marcellas, Danielle, James, and possibly chicken George will vote to evict Erika. If that happens, it comes down to Janelle, and she will probably get rid of Diane. The question is who will win HOH tonight. If it is James, Danielle, or Erika, they might nominate Janelle. I'm really not sure about Marcellas because he has bonded with Janelle. I don't think that Chicken George can do anything more than float through the game. That's why I would get rid of him. I wouldn't want him floating while the strong players take each other out because at the end he wins. James went along with that strategy last week, but now seems to have done a flip-flop. I thought James was such a hypocrite when he asked the others why didn't Kaysar put up Chill Town. The question becomes why didn't James? He put up Jase instead, and says it was because of BB6, but now he has seen the evil of their ways. Whatever!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006 -- Evening

There hasn't been alot of news about things that I am interested in. The folks in the Big Brother house are on the boring side today. The floaters are whining that the floaters are targets and say that they will target the BB6ers. What I think is funny is they were saying that from the beginning, hence the urge for Janelle and Kaysar to target the floaters. It seems that Diane has been really campaigning to make certain that she stays in the house another week. Will it work, or has it worked (since they should have voted or finished the voting by now)? We won't know until tomorrow evening.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 -- Evening

Show recap
Another episode of Big Brother All-Stars was on this evening. The show starts with the nomination ceremony. Erika said that she doesn't know why she was nominated and says that she may be the pawn who gets voted out. Boogie said that he felt a little double crossed but Janelle will be sorry about that. Will is happy that at least one floater is up. Janelle said that she would rather have Boogie stay in the house. She is hoping that Boogie gets the veto and takes himself off. Janelle runs after Erika and asks to talk to her, and says that she will not go home. Janelle didn't know who to nominate. Janelle thought that Chicken George would be voted out against Boogie. Erika doesn't know what to believe. James, Kaysar, and Howie show up in HOH. James said that she likes the nominations, but admits in the DR that he doesn't understand putting up a floater. Howie tells her that he is proud of her. Will goes up to HOH, and Janelle said that she wanted to up two floaters, but didn't want the tension with not putting up Boogie. Janelle said that she would save Boogie with the veto. Janelle wants to know that she is safe from Boogie and Will. Will said that charisma is strongest and Janelle responds to it. It seems that Janelle is covering her butt by joining up with Chill Town too. Boogie comes to the HOH. Janelle said that the speech was to make Erika feel better. Janelle said that if she removed Boogie from the block would he put out someone she wants. Janelle said that she doesn't like working behind her alliance's back, but the five floaters are better players than Chill Town. Diane, Erika, Marcellas, and Danielle talk about the floaters alliance and that they need to stick together. Marcellas said that the more of the floaters that go its harder for them. It's now time to pick players for the veto the night before. Janelle picked a houseguest choice, and picked Howie. Erika picked Diane. and Boogie picked Will with a houseguest choice. Will is hoping to pull Boogie off the block. The veto competition will happen some time in the morning and will have one minute to respond. If they don't appear in the backyard, they will be eliminated. No one else is allowed in the backyard. The houseguests now learn about the wakeup calls, and that they will find out how often it is. Danielle got that it was a sleep deprivation thing. George knows it will be every 15 minutes. They all go to bed. Janelle pulls Howie aside and says that she doesn't want Erika or Diane to win the veto. Howie was confused and didn't know why Erika and Diane should go out. Howie said that the strategy of confusion is working on him. He thought Chill Town was the enemy.

At 12:30 am, the houseguests are woken up with a really awful call. Then again at 12:45. So it is every 15 minutes. Marcellas is the first to crack. Marcellas is shocked that two grown people came up with an annoying wake up call. There are screams and stupid things. Boogie and Will thought it was the dumbest thing ever. At 4:15, the houseguests are going crazy. Erika thought that she wouldn't be able to perform. At 5 am, the veto competition alarm went off. Will said that 60 seconds wasn't enough time to get out. They had to remove their shoes and take a seat in one of the chairs. It looked like an electrical chair because wires went into a battery. There is a screen with letters on the screen spelling words and phrases backwards. If they guess wrong, they are eliminated. If you answer the question correctly, you can pick an item from the table and give them something to put them at a disadvantage, like a blindfold, headphones or worms. The first letters show up, and the word is "eviction". He puts headphones on Howie with messages from houseguests. Round two starts. Will guess "unexpected" and it is "expect the unexpected" and Will is eliminated. Will said that no one wants to be premature, and he was. Boogie is under pressure. Round three. Howie guesses "nominee" correctly, and put worms/maggots on Diane's feet. Round four and Boogie guesses "power of veto". Round five and Janelle guesses "alliance". Janelle gave Diane blindfolds. Diane didn't know why she got the torture devices. Boogie knew that he could work with Janelle because Diane was targetted instead of him. Round six and Boogie guesses "chopping block". He won the power of veto. Will said that Boogie will remove himself from the block and that leaves it up to Janelle now. Boogie said that the game will get interesting if Janelle follows through. Boogie cut his foot on the blinders, and has to get stitches. At least Will says he needs them, and Will and Howie carry Boogie off for help.

Boogie said that he kicked the goggles and they were glass and he ended up with 10 stitches in his foot. Janelle tells Marcellas that Boogie won the veto, and Marcellas said to put up Will. We know see Marcellas telling Janelle that everyone is telling Janelle to nominate Will, and that she wants to nominate Diane because she may go against her. Marcellas said that one day Chill Town will get the HOH and will put up the BB6ers. Marcellas said that Will should leave the house this week. Janelle tells Kaysar what happens. She says that she doesn't want to get rid of Will, but wants to put up Diane. James asks Janelle and Howie why they targetted Diane with the goggles. James asked what did she want by targetting a neutral player that you should go after the one on the block. Janelle claimed that she wanted Will and Boogie to lose. At that point, Howie called Janelle on it saying that she told him she didn't want Erika or Diane to win. Janelle had to worm her way out of that one. James said that it spells it out that Chill Town is working with Janelle to get rid of the floaters. James said that there will be a mutiny within the alliance. Will said that Janelle needs to peel off from her alliance. Will said that Janelle needs to realize that if she gets rid of him, all the floaters will be going against Janelle. Janelle wants to nominate Diane, and Will tells her he will vote against Diane. Will tells Janelle that she has the power, she shouldn't listen to others. Will says that there is honor among thieves. Will tells her so what if people get pissed at her for doing what is smart. Janelle said she doens't play that way, and Will reminds her that it is the way to win because guess what, that's how he won in the past. Janelle says that she doesn't want to put up Will

Time for a luxury competition. Will says he is ready for a luxury. It is time for a movie. And they get to see Talledega Nights. They get to see a sneak peak of the movie. It looks incredibly stupid. The houseguests applaud. Even if they are on food restrictions, they get to eat at the movie. Boogie can't play, but can watch and will be able to watch the movie. The competition is shake and bake. They go outside and there is a regulation size NASCAR there and Pit Crew stuff. Boogie is the MC. They have to race to recover their car from a spinout. Someone has to scramble into the car window and control the car, then clean the windows, change tires, gas up, and then jump back into the car. The winners get to watch the movie. Danielle was concerned about getting dizzy. She told them to focus. Will and James start changing tires, Danielle cleaned the windows. Diane did the decals, and Janelle was backup to the tire changing and gas. Now it is time for the red team. They got in, then got spun. They all had to get out and George helped people to get out. Marcellas had to clean the windshield. Kaysar did the gasoline, Erika did stickers. Howie and George changed the tire. It was a team effort. They all got in, blew the horn and waved the flag. The red team had a time of 1:53. The blue team had a time of 1:37. The blue team won. Janelle thought they could be a real pit crew. George was bummed out. Boogie sid that the winners went to the HOH room, and there was a movie theater. There was a flat screen and a whole table of candy. Boogie said that Will is a 9 year old, and he went crazy over the candy. Danielle said the movie was great and Will Ferrel was hilarious. Will felt it was great to get away from the BB house for two hours. Janelle said that she was thinking for a few days, and she is putting up Diane. Kaysar said that it is okay with him. James calls her on it and says that Diane is doing what's best for her and not the team. James said that when he is HOH, he will do what is best for him. He won't take the team into consideration. James said that the BB6 alliance is done for him. He tells Janelle that she doens't know what she is doing.

James wakes Daneille and said that Janelle is putting up Diane. James said that Janelle is gone now because he wants to start the revolution and backdoor Janelle if he gets HOH next week. Boogie said that he and Will will see what happens and see how loyal Janelle is and that they will be on her side. Boogie calls the ceremony and says that he is going to use the veto on himself, and Janelle now has to nominate someone else. Janelle said that it was really difficult and that it wasn't comfortable for her and she had to go back and forth. She nominates Diane who says "I knew it." Janelle said that she is not letting others talk her into things and she isn't going to do the floaters dirty work. James said that he is going to work his ass off to get Janelle. Will and Boogie talk again in the diary room. They laugh about how Janelle put Diane up.
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