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Survivor: Cook Islands

Winner: Yul Kwon

Aitutaki (Hispanic-American Tribe)
2nd out
3rd out
7th out
4th out
Manihiki (African-American Tribe)
12th out--Jury
10th out--Jury
1st out
5th out
17th out--Jury
Puka Puka (Asian-American Tribe)
Cao Boi
9th out--Jury
6th out
11th out--Jury
Rarotonga (Caucasian-American Tribe)
16th out--Jury
13th out--Jury
8th out
14th out--Jury
15th out--Jury
First Merger
Raro: Adam, Brad, Cristina, Jenny, JP, Nate, Parvati, Rebecca, Stephannie
Aitu: Becky, Candice, Cao Boi, Cecilia, Jessica, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra, Yul
Final Merger
Aitutonga: Adam, Becky, Candice, Jonathan, Nate, Parvati, Ozzy, Sundra, Yul

Monday, December 18, 2006 -- Afternoon

I am still upset because poor Ozzy didn't win the million dollars on Survivor: Cook Islands last night. He did win the SUV prize that the public voted on that. The public had a chance to vote on the person who was most deserving to win, and Ozzy won that. The guy was great at the challenges, and when it comes down to survival of the fittest, Ozzy takes the prize. I think that Yul got too much strategizing credit. Ozzy had a strategy too of providing food for the losers who couldn't fish for themselves and for being honest and fighting for himself. Yul was overrated.

Sunday, December 17, 2006 -- Evening

The final episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3.... The show started with a season long recap. Day 37. Adam is sitting along in the hut as the others are outside eating and drinking. Adam said that he had no one to sleep with last night. Everyone asks where Adam is at, and Ozzy said that he has given up. Sundra realizes that they never talked about what would happen when they got to the final four, and there will probably be hurt feelings. Becky said they have to eliminate Ozzy when they get the chance because they can't beat each other. Ozzy realizes that he is a threat and that winning immunity is crucial to his survival. The message is on a spider web: "North, south, east, ewst: Every direction is a test: Slither, run, balance, soar: ...Guarantee a spot in the final four." Everyone thinks that it is another win for Ozzy. Becky said that whoever gets immunity will decide the final four. As she said, if Adam wins, one of them is going. Adam said that he has to win to stay in the game. Everyone enters for the test. The challenge: they have to race around a ropes course to eight different stations collecting a bag of puzzle pieces at each station. Each time they collect a bag, they have to go back to the table. Once they have all eight, they have to construct an eight point compass rose puzzle. Only if the puzzle is done correctly will they be able to raise their flag. First person to finish wins immunity. As Jeff Probst says, this is the most difficult puzzle that they have had. Ozzy is not too happy about that. Yul is first bag with his bag, and Ozzy is having problems and is the last to come back with his first bag. Yul and Adam are on their second bags. Yul is back with his third as Ozzy comes back with his first. Ozzy is trying to make up time. Yul has four bags. Ozzy made up some time and has his third bag. Ozzy is really working now. Yul is stil in the lead with five bags. Ozzy has four bags. It is a race that I hope that Ozzy wins because I want him to have the chance to win. Ozzy now has his fifth bag, but Yul has six. Yul and Ozzy both have six bags. Ozzy gets his seventh bag and goes back for his last bag. It seems that Ozzy did the most difficult one. Ozzy is back with his last bag and working on his puzzle. Adam is back with his seventh bag, and Yul is back with the eighth bag. Adam is now back with his last bag. Becky is back with her last bag. Jeff Probst tells them that if they have a gap in the puzzle, it isn't right. Sundra is back now too. Everyone is working hard on the puzzle. Adam is getting close. Ozzy and Adam are neck and neck. Whooo Hoooo! Ozzy won it. He has immunity! I am so happy. He has made it to the final four.

Ozzy felt really good about the immunity win because the competition is between themselves. Ozzy wants to make the top two. Yul and Ozzy are talking about two more nights. Yul said that he is in a good position because he still has the immunity idol. Sundra says it is black, yellow, and brown power. Adam says that it bothers him that Yul is in control, and wants the idol out of Yul's hands before he goes home. Adam tells Ozzy that he thinks that he, Ozzy, and Sundra should vote Yul to get the idol out of the compeition, since it will be to their advantage. Adam explains that Yul will use the idol next time. Sundra wants a shot at the final two and Yul is going to make it hard. Sundra says they are still playing a game and have to make a strategic move. Adam is hoping that it works. As he says, he is still there and who knows what is in store. They are now all at tribal council. Ozzy is asking about anything happening to change Adam's fate because that is the only thing that will change it. Adam admits that he is done, but that the others have blinders on and only see them as the final four. Becky said that Yul, Sundra, and her would have to fight. Jeff Probst calls her out on the fact that they all rode Ozzy's coat tails. Ozzy said that he has always played to win. Adam said that Ozzy wins the challenges and Yul is the brains and that the other two are boring people. Adam said that they should try to get the idol out because Yul will use the idol. Becky says that she doesn't want the idol gone. Adam said that Becky doesn't want it out because it will be used in her favor if Yul wins immunity or if Becky wins immunity. Jeff Probst says that it easy for Yul to say that the idol shouldn't be used because it's in his pocket to save him next week. You could see the wheels spinning in Sundra's head. Adam is right. The hidden idol has to come out now. Votes: Adam, Yul, Adam, Adam. They didn't get rid of the hidden immunity. Sundra is so stupid! It means that either she or Ozzy are the next to go. Jeff Probst reminds them that they will have to turn on each other. All four voted for Adam.

Night 37. The four go back to camp. They are all very happy, and they all stayed together. Sundra said that it is amazing that they were able to get rid of eight Raro members and made it that far. Yul said that he is glad that the winner will be a minority and that they were able to succeed under very long odds. Day 38. Two more days left. Ozzy watches the sunset and realizes that it could be the last morning if things don't go well or second to last. He just wanted to enjoy the sunset and as he said, he had to focus and win at this point. Tree mail. One is a map. They are told to go to the biggest mountain and to collect the torches and then follow the map to the final immunity challenge. It blew their minds because they don't know what it means to have a final challenge with four people. Becky said that it is special for the AItu four to go back and remember everyone who went before them. After collecting all the torches and hearing little stories from those who are gone, the four burned the torches on a funeral type pyre.

It is now time for the final challenge. They don't know yet that three of them will be in the final. The Challenge: They have to stand on a small steel perch in the water. Each perch has been individually porportioned to their foot size. Every 15 minutes, they remove a section of the perch. The last person left standing on the perch that is half the size of a postcard. They are then all told that they will have three finalist instead of two. The first stafe is 15 minutes long. I hope that Ozzy makes--but I am not feeling so good about this competition. It is time to release the first section. They grab the rope and release. Everyone is still standing. Time to release the second section. They are all standing in the hot sun, and Ozzy says cool water. 45 minutes pass and they have to remove the third side. Becky is the first out of the challenge. Ozzy looks like he is going to fall, but he doesn't. An hour is past. They release the final piece, and it looked like Ozzy was going to fall, but he safed himself. He had more problems again and almost fell. Then Sundra lost her balance. I just hope that Ozzy can meke it. This is nerve wracking. Yul fell off while trying to get up. Sundra and Ozzy have been up there for two hours--one hour on that small bit. Sundra wobbles abit. Ozzy bobbles twice. Now it is two and a half hours. Sundra falls and Ozzy wins final immunity. Ozzy is very happy to have final immunity. Ozzy and Sundra hug afterwards. What a sigh of relief from me that Ozzy won! :-)

Back at the camp. Ozzy talks about how he almost fell off. Ozzy said that he was so pumped and that Sundra stunned him. Ozzy said that he is amazed and that Sundra did an amazing job. Sundra thought that she had it. Sundra tells them all that it comes to a head in a few hours. Yul says that either Sundra or Becky will go home. Yul said that if he voted for Becky, she would feel that he betrayed their friendship. Ozzy thinks that the fairest thing will be a tie breaker and then let the two of them decide. Ozzy tells Yul his plan and that it would be the fairest. Yul has a dilemna because Becky wants the immunity. Yul tells Becky that Ozzy doesn't want to make the decision. Yul said that he would give Becky the idol to keep her in so she would make it to the final three. Becky said that it is hard when it comes down to her leaving. Ozzy said that he won't decide. Ozzy said that the fairest thing would be the tie breaker. Yul admits that he has a major dilemna. Sundra asks Yul if Becky asked for the idol and if there will be any surprises. Yul said that he always stayed true to Becky and that he might have to give her the idol. Yul said that it is tough decision and he hopes that things work out. Tribal council. Jeff tells everyone that three of them will make it to the final tribal council. Jeff Probst says that Yul and Ozzy appear to be safe. Sundra said that she did make a risk for not going for the idol and is content to go with how things are. Ozzy said that he said that he thought it should be a tie and that they will let the cards fall where they may. Yul said that he has power, but everyone seems happy with the tie. Sundra is quizzed about Yul using the idol and that she would be a sucker, but that would be on him. Becky said that it went through her head that she would like the idol from Yul. Yul said that he came into the game with a naive expectation and that he tried to stay true to certain things. Becky smiles at that. Ozzy says "hell no" he is not giving up the necklace. They vote. Votes: Becky, Sundra, Becky, Sundra. Yul did not give the hidden idol to Becky. It is now up to a fire making challenge. They have to build a fire to burn through the string. Sundra is the first to try to get a spark. Both have a structure up to the string. Sundra smiles and so does Becky. Neither is getting a flame after 30 minutes. Everyone is falling asleeping because after one hour there is still not a flame. Everyone is very frustrated. Jeff Probst stops them and says they are going to matches. Both start the fire. Becky is having trouble lighting the match. Becky has a flame now. They have to get a flame that would last long enough to burn the rope. Both fires are out. Ozzy buries his head in his hands. Over 1 hour and 30 minutes. As Jeff Probst says--the two should know how to make a fire now. Sundra is out of matches. Becky seems to have a fire going now, and it finally goes through the rope. Becky, Yul, and Ozzy are the final three. Sundra is the 17th person out. The final tribal council is the next day. Sundra is proud to make it that fair and says that whoever wins is taking her out to dinner.

Day 39. The three wake up and cheer. They have coconuts for breakfast. Yul and Ozzy talk about being human again. Ozzy says he has to pinch himself every 10 minutes. Becky said that she has mixed feelings and shock that she made it past the fire. Becky is glad that she didn't take the idol and knows she will get questions about riding the backs of Ozzy and Yul. Ozzy sees a boat come and yells for Yul. It is food. They both call Becky. Yul says they have to wait for Becky. Ozzy said that it was symbolic that he ans Yul were there when the feast arrives. Ozzy thinks that he and Yul will get the votes and Becky will get none because of her rather poor display of not being able to make fire. Yul says that the friendship with Becky is rare and worth more than a million dollars. Ozzy says that he has alot of pride and feels that he fairly represented Mexico. As Ozzy says, he is a surfer going up against two lawyers and hopes that he can hold it together for one more night. The final jury comes in. Sundra blows them a kiss. Ozzy gets to take off the immunity necklace. They each get a chance at an opening statement. Then the jury gets a chance for comments and questions. Then they vote. Yul said that he wanted to play a certain way. He wanted to play not an individual game, but that he tried to get his alliance to the end. Yul said that he was capable of getting the teams to the end. Yul said that he felt he earned his way there and is proud of the way he did it. Becky said that she knew she wouldn't be the strongest, fastest, or smartest, but would have to rely on her social skills. She tried to be fair and honest and true to her character. Ozzy said that he was the underdog and that he never let it stop him. he was there to play a game, and that he fished to provide for people. Ozzy never tried to hide his strength, and whole heartedly embraced who he was and that his actions speak louder than anything else.

Back at tribal council. Nate is first. He gives them all props. Nate calls Yul Godfather--who played the game smart. Nate said that Ozzy played it like the lawyer and wants to see how he played the game as a strategy. Ozzy said that he was the one who talked his tribe into getting rid of Billy. He said that Ozzy played the surfer dude and getting the fish. Ozzy said that he relied on himself. Nate asks why Becky deserves a million over the two. Becky said that Yul didn't make the decision by himself. Nate said that he is satisfied. Becky says that she was just part of a group that made decisions. As she said, her biggest risk was not taking the idol because she wanted to earn the top three and not slide in. Jenny asks Yul what is more important: physical or strategy. Yul said that he thought strategy because he left Ozzy out there to hang. Parvati is next. She congratulates them. Parvati said that she is floored that Becky went into the challenge without taking the idol. Becky said that taking the idol would have been like cheating and she wants to win in a way that makes her proud. Rebecca congratulates them. She asks Yul and Ozzy to tell her why they deserve to win. Yul said that he wanted to do it because he wanted to see Asian American men as they are, and to get more minorities on tv. Ozzy said that he wants to change the stereotype of what is the perception of what is a Mexican and that he can become a positive role model and can change the world abit. Adam said that the four were boring in tribal council. Adam said that he wanted them to talk trash. Ozzy said that he didn't think Yul tried very hard and thought that Becky rode on coattails. Ozzy said that after 39 days, you should be able to make fire. Candice congratulates them for making it after the mutiny. Candice asks Yul about beating around the bush and saying what people want to hear. Candice says she wants a yes or no or won't vote for him. Candice said that she thinks Yul has been shamelessly working the jury. Yul thinks, and then says yes, but adds 'shamelessly". Brad asks Ozzy about a challenging experience in his life. Ozzy said that his dad has made no effort to know him or to be there for him. Ozzy said that it is hard when you a kid and you know that the person who created you doesn't want you around. Ozzy cries them. Sundra is next and asks them all what is one thing they discovered about themselves. Ozzy says pure love because there is nothing there except for to love and cherish every single moment because nothing else is there. Becky said that it was hard to let things go and not to have a schedule and to take a moment for herself. Yul said that hs had alot of fears and lack of confidence, but now has self confidence. Sundra says that she loves him and good luck. Jonathan said that all three played well. Joanthan asks Yul about being polite or politic. Joanthan said that wants Yul how telling half truths is like taking half lies. Yul said that it is true, but that it is part of the game. Yul said that he has an ability to manipulate people and that is the game. Jonathan asks Ozzy about winning challenges. Jonathan says that Ozzy is arrogant and acts like a prince. Ozzy doesn't want to give a million to someone who has a feeling of entitlement. He wants to know how Ozsy will make the world a better place. Ozzy said that he would go to school and after that to try to change the world for the better. They all have a few moments to think before getting to vote.

Everyone gets to the vote. The jury is told to vote for a winner. They vote in the order in shich they were eliminated. Jonathan votes for Yul because Yul outplayed them all. Parvati votes for Ozzy because he is the ultimate competitor and because he played his heart out that he totally deserves to win the game. Yul, Becky, and Ozzy are told that they will have to wait to hear the results. Now we are at the live show. Jeff Probst said that it was one of the most enjoyable seasons that they have had. Ozzy looks so different with no facial hair. It is now time to count the votes: Yul, Ozzy, Yul, Yul, Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy, Yul--they are tied. One vote is left. The vote is not for Becky. She didn't get a single vote. It is down to the two--and the winner is Yul. That sucks! I really wanted it to be Ozzy, but it was close. Jeff Probst said that it is the first time he felt sorry that someone didn't win.

Thursday, December 14, 2006 -- Evening

Thursday night's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled I Have the Advantage...for Once. Day 34. Adam and Parvati are talking about Jonathan being voted off. Adam feels good about Jonathan being voted off. Adam wants to stay as lon as he can. Adam says that the four are tight, and they have to do something. Parvati realizes that it will take smooth talking, and putting it in a way that they aren't betraying their tribe. Parvati said that they have to turn on each other eventually. Parvati and Adam agree that they are the underdogs and they have to fight or at least try.

Yul and Ozzy bring the tree mail. There is a bucket of mud. They will be bringing out their swimwear and it sounds like they will be in mud. Yul says that it looks like they will eat and sleep in splendor. Adam tells Parvati that they have to win the challenge or Adam goes to Exile. Now for the competition. They have to dive into a mud pit and cover their bodies with as much mud as possible. They then have to race back and scrape it off into a bucket. They can't carry mud in their hands. The person with the most mud in their bucket after 10 minutes wins. What do they win? That person will go to a luxury spa hotel and will gorge on food and drink and have a nice bed and the opportunity to wash their clothes. The winner sends one person to Exile. The second and third place finishers go along for the win. Ozzy raced off. Everyone is in the mud. They race back with their bodies covered. Yul and Ozzy went back out. Adam was back too. Everyone is trying to scrape mud off of themselves into the bucket. Ozzy loaded it up on the back of this neck and carried it back. Ozzy's bucket was nearly full. This is a gross competition. They all have to step away. Ozzy has 45 pounds of mud. He was the only one with a full bucket. Parvati has 24 pounds of mud. Adam has 22 pounds of mud. Sundra has 20 pounds. Becky has 20 pounds. Yul has 22.5 pounds and wins by a 1/2 a pound. Ozzy sends Adam saying that he is sorry. Ozzy, Parvati, and Yul go to the spa as they are, because they will get cleaned up there.

Becky and Sundra come back to the camp. It is raining when they get there, and it's a heavy rain. Sundra wished that the got the reward. Sundra is happy to be there with Becky. Becky said that Ozzy plays to win, do or die. Becky said that they are foolish to keep Ozzy because if they keep him to the end, they will not be able to beat him. Becky is the first to back stab. Becky said that it's not about the prize, but that Ozzy plays to win. Becky can't risk Ozzy winning every reward or immunity and that Ozzy is the biggest threat, more than anyone realizes. Parvati comments on how all you can see are Ozzy's pearly white teeth. Parvati thinks Ozzy is her only hope. They all arrive at Rumours. They all get to take a shower first. They are covered in dry mud. Ozzy said that he will remember that shower for the rest of his life, and then it was on to other good things. They all got a massage, and it was Ozzy's first one. Ozzy said that it smelled so good. Parvati said she can go five more days with dirt. Adam is out at Exile Island with the flies eating at his wounds. Adam says it hurts to be out there without Parvati, and he hopes that she is doing what she can. Adam eats raw crab to try to be ready for the challenge ahead. Adam was stuck in boring down rain, shivering and cold. Back at the spa, the are eating. Yul reminds them that there are only four more days. Ozzy tells Parvati that she is in the same position that he was, underdog. Parvati tries to be charming, and targets Ozzy. They have a power outage at the spa, and just light candles that give a beautiful effect. As they eat, a group of dancers come in for a show. Parvati had champagne and wine in her, and they all took off their clothes and jumped into the hot tubs. Yul said that he didn't know if Parvati was flirting with Ozzy to get ahead, but it makes Yul suspicious. Ozzy said that he has to play the game, and he might play if with Parvati if there is a chance.

Back at the camp, Sundra and Becky are alone. Becky said that she would miss Yul, and is plotting to get rid of Ozzy sooner rather than later. Yul said that he missed them. He could tell that Becky seemed tense. Yul goes off to talk with Becky. She tells Yul that Ozzy beat them by alot, and that Ozzy just loves to win. Ozzy said that he would not like to go against Ozzy. As Yul said, Ozzy is playing a straight up game and doing a fine job of it. Yul said they either keep with the final four and take what they get or get rid of Ozzy. When Yul comes back, Sundra says that Parvati is sleeping after having a hard time getting a massage. Sundra asks how Parvati was at the spa, and Yul said that she was flirting with Ozzy. Sundra replies that Parvati flirts with everybody. Yul said that there was more flirting with Ozzy. Sundra said that Parvait is a threat, and they are concerned by Ozzy. Sundra said that they know that the Raro remainders are desperate, and they have to cover their bases. It sounds like bad news for Ozzy. Adam returns in time for the challenge. Today's challenge: one at a time, they have to carry four bundles of puzzle pieces across the balance beams to their mat. Once they get all four bundles, they will use the bundles to create a table maze. Finally, they have to use the maze to get one ball past decoy holes in the maze into each of the two corner pockets. The one who wins, gets immunity. Ozzy is across first with his bundle. He has to win to get immunity. Ozzy has his second bundle. Adam falls behind the line and has to go to the beginning. Ozzy has his third bundle and Yul has his second. Ozzy has his fourth bundle and has to start working on the maze. Yul has his third and Parvati has her second. Yul is catching up on Ozzy. Yul has his fourth bundle. Ozzy doesn't realize that he is in jeopardy. Parvati has her third, and Adam and Sundra don't have a single one. Parvati has her fourth bundle. Becky has her second. Adam falls off again. Parvati is trying to untie her pieces. Ozzy has his maze together. Yul doesn't have his togetheer. Ozzy has his first cannonball and has to get the second. Ozzy wins immunity! I am sooo happy because Ozzy needed to win. He is agreat competitor, and of all of them really should win the game. Of course the one I like seldom wins.

They all arrive back at camp. Yul talks about the threat of Ozzy. The question is now wo to vote out first--Adam or Parvati. Yul tells Adam that he thinks that it will be Parvati that will go. Yul likes Adam, and tells him that he will stay. Yul tells Adam that he can make it happen. Adam said that he is fine with it, if it benefits him. Adam said that he would rather Parvati go rather than him. Parvati said that she doesn't want to pit herself against Adam. Yul tells Parvati that she is far more of a threat than Adam. Yul said that he sees Adam as a bigger threat than Parvati. Parvati said that she isn't going to bank on it. Parvati is going to try to scramble together. Adam said that he is not going to vote for Parvati or Ozzy. Ozzy is in the tent with them, and Adam says that he is going to vote for Sundra. Parvati and Adam ask Ozzy who he will vote for. Ozzy said that he won't go against the four because he doesn't want to be a threat. Ozzy is just trying to cover all the bases and make sure he has more of an edge in the game. Sundra comments that all three are in the shelter. Sundra and Becky work on Yul about how Ozzy could flip to Adam and Parvati (us three against them as Becky says). Yul decides to go and sit in the shelter. Yul talks to Adam and tells him not to talk to Ozzy. Adam says that he has an uneasy feeling that he will be voted off. Yul is acting like a power hungry ass. Yul said that he is going to wear Jonathan's hat to tribal council and return it to him. Yul thinks it is just the thing to do since Jonathan asked for his hat back. The members of the jury come in. Jonathan smiles when he sees his hat. Jeff Probst tells Jonathan that Yul brought his hat back. Yul said he did it because Jonathan had an attachment to the hat. Becky said that Yul might be trying to win some favor back with Jonathan. Parvati said that Yul has been playing the game to win votes from the beginning. Adam said that he didn't think Sundra, Becky, or Ozzy are playing to the jury. Yul said that he just wanted to appease any resentment by returning his favorite hat. Parvati is asked about time at the spa. She said that she bonded with the fellows. Adam is asked about concern because Parvati has alone time with Yul and Ozzy. Adam is asked about being a threat on paper. He says his heart is in it, but not his body. Yul said that Ozzy has helped the Aitu four. Yul gives credit to Ozzy. Ozzy says he is keeping the immunity necklace. Parvati votes for Sundra. Yul calls the person a strong competitor and is sorry that he underestimated that person. We don't know who it is. Votes: Sundra, Parvati, Parvati, Sundra, Parvati, Parvati. Parvati is on the jury. She kisses Adam good bye and has tears in her eyes as she leaves. Only five are left and there are only three more days.

Saturday, December 9, 2006 -- Morning

Thursday night's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled Arranging a Hit. Night 30 at Aitutonga. Jonathan told Yul that tribal was ugly and he expected it. Jonathan didn't like the rat and cancer comments. Jonathan said that he is the bad guy, and everyone thinks that Jonathan is the only one who is the manipulator. Jonathan isn't going to let kids like Adam and Parvati ruin everything he worked towards.

Day 31. Ozzy is fishing. Parvati and Becky are chopping coconuts. We see Parvati chopping away, then we hear her scream. She has sliced her finger. Becky and Sundra tried to keep calm. Sundra said that it looked bad. The medical team comes in to take care of her. They her that she won't need to trim her nail, but they will need to stitch her hand. Everyone gathered around. Adam said that it wasn't the best sight, and that with only him and Parvati left as a dying breed against everyone else that she didn't need to be chopping her fingers up. It is now time for the reward challenge. Parvati tell Jeff Probst about the thumb. She can get her thumb wet which is good because today's challenge is to use a small bucket to transfer water from the ocean to a larger. When you get enough in the larger bucket, it will raise a flag. The first person to raise the flag will win reward. The winner will go to another island where locals will take the person to a spectacular cave where they will have a feast with fried chicken, meat, apple pie. In addition, the winner sends one person to Exile Island. There is another element too. Family members are there too: Jonathan's wife, Stacy; Parvati's dad, Mike; Adam's dad, George; Becky's sister, Sarah; Yul's brother, Paul; Ozzy's mom, Gina; and Sundra's mom, Jeanette. Sundra is really crying. The winner of the reward shares it with their loved one. Also, the survivors will partner up with their family member. The survivors scoop the water up, and toss it to the loved one who has to catch it in the bucket. The survivor is blindfolded, and the loved one has to guide them. The competition begins. Everyone is trying to figure it out, but it sounds like a really stupid competition. Ozzy and his mom, and Parvati and her dad are doing better. Jonathan's wife starts to wring her shirt and Ozzy's mom likes the idea. Parvati has alot of water. It is getting close, and it is Parvati who wins up winning reward. Jonathan's wife is not happy. Parvati sends Jonathan to Exile Island. Jonathan kisses his wife good bye. Parvati gets to pick two others to go with her. Mike gets to decide who it is with no help from his daughter. Mike picks Jeanette and Sundra, and Adam's dad, George. The others have to leave. They all go back to camp before they have to leave for reward.

Day 31 and the loved ones get to see the camp. Parvati said it was so unexpected to win, and that it showed Parvati that she still had a fighting chance in the game. Adam told his dad that he was glad that he was there. Adam calls his dad George because he is his best friend. Sundra is showing her mom what she does, and realizes that will give her mom a whole new perspective on what they do. Her mom was not to thrilled to see the water barrel. Ozzy said that it was annoying to see the camp over run with the competitiors' families. Ozzy said that Parvati and Adam are strong because of the food that he provides them so he feels responsible for them being strong enough to win the challenge. Yul goes over the food that they have. They will have bananas and fish. Yul says that it is nice that they get to spend the time together because that is what it will be like in the final four days. Mitiaro Island is the destination for the reward winners. Parvati thought it was fabulous. Sundra said that it was amazing, and the cave was like a little piece of heaven with fresh water. They bless the cave water and sing and pray. Parvati said that it was a one in a life time thing. Then the survivors and their families got to jump in the water. Sundra said that it was so fresh and cool and her skin smelled better after being in the fresh water. Then it was on to the feast. They had fried chicken, meat loaf, and biscuits. Parvati was so glad to win because she is a southern girl. Sundra said that Adam and Parvati were chilled out, and it gave them time to talk. Day 32 at Aitutonga. Ozzy asks Yul and Becky what they should do about the food because he thinks that they should do something. Yul asked if Ozzy meant to hide it. Ozzy explains that he can't keep feeding Adam and Parvati and having them win. Yul agrees that maybe they should hide the food for a couple of days. Yul said that they have decided to hide the food. They put the coconuts in the forest. Ozzy said no more coconuts for Adam, Parvati, and Jonathan. They can go and get their own.

The reward winners return to the camp. Ozzy said that it is a survival game and the point is not to feed people who then take that advantage to beat you. As Ozzy says, Adam is the biggest guy who eats the most. Ozzy said that if you can't get your own food, you shouldn't be in the game. Adam asked if they ate, and then when they said no, Adam brought back the food to share with them. Becky said because of that, the hiding plan is on the outs because they all got to share. That was nice of them. Now it is time for the immunity challenge and Jonathan is on the outs with everyone else. Today's challenge. They have to race out into the water and manuver around a series of obstacles. When they reach the end, they will retrieve a bundle of sticks and then have to race back and do this a second time. When they have both bundles back, they will untie the sticks and using the rope and sticks will build one long poie which they will use to retrieve two rings. The first person to get both rings, wins immunity. The race starts. Ozzy is first to the platform with Yul and Jonathan behind him. Ozzy makes quick work of it. He is a jungle boy. If they go into the water, they have to go back. Ozzy is on his way back with his bundle. Ozzy is like a fish boy. Yul is headed back, and Ozzy is on his way out for his second bundle. Ozzy is ready to lap them all. Parvati and Becky are having problems with the bundles. Ozzy slides across the barrels and makes it. Parvati gets her first bundle while Ozzy is headed back. Ozzy is on his way back with his second. Ozzy is untying his bundles. Adam looks at Ozzy working on his pole. Yul is back with his second bundle and is working on his pole. Ozzy has his pole together and gets his first ring. Ozzy wins immunity. I really like Ozzy. He is my favorite. Adam and Parvati are concerned because they didn't win immunity.

Day 33. Everyone is heading back to camp. Ozzy said that the immunity challenge was right up his alley, and it was quite hilarious watching people eating it all over the place, and he chuckles. Ozzy is making fun of the big old coconut that he has for the tribe. They are all silently eating coconut. Jonathan asks Becky how her sister was. Jonathan said that there is clearly something up and that people don't know what to say to him. Jonathan thinks that something is up and has shifted. He doesn't know how much time he has to shift people. As Jonathan said, if they vote off Adam today then he has a few days to make up the shift. If not, then Jonathan only has a few hours. Becky and Sundra go off to talk and Jonathan follows them and asks if they are still cool. Jonathan asks them if it is still Adam, and Sundra said isn't that what they said. Jonathan seems happy. Yul and Adam are talking. Adam tells Yul that so far Yul has had great strategy to keep Jonathan. Yul said that he's not entirely comfortable with Adam and Parvati. Right now, Yul feels like the Gadfather with people coming to him and having him make the decisions. Jonathan asks Yul if he is okay and Yul says that he will do everything he can for Jonathan and to keep him there. Jonathan said that he knows the energy shifted. Jonathan said that Adam and Parvati are charming young people and that Jonathan thinks that he is the right person to keep around because he is not a threat for immunity. Jonathan said that Adam and Parvati will still be in the game to take them out. Yul and Ozzy talk about how they don't want Jonathan or Adam when it gets to final four. Ozzy said that as long as the girls stay strong, they should be good. As long as no one caves, they are good. They are now at tribal council and they bring in the members of the jury. Adam and Candice make eyes at each other. Parvati said that it was better to spend time with her day than eating. Parvati said that it was so nice to be celebrated by the villagers and to get the food. Adam is asked whether getting a good meal affects the winning of challenges. Adam said that Ozzy didn't go to the feast and he won the next challenge, so Adam isn't sure about that theory. Adam said that Exile Island damages you more for the challenge. Parvati said that sending Jonathan to the Island was strategy to make the others see it is better without Jonathan. Ozzy is asked whether it was nice not having Jonathan around camp for awhile. Ozzy said sure becuase Jonathan has a strong personality that can be hard to be around. Jonathan said that he is disappointed to hear that Parvati and Adam could have such influence on the others in such a short time. Jonathan said that everyone should appreciate the trust that he put out there by flopping for them. Adam said that no one wants Jonathan around because there are six good people out there who deserve to be there. Jonathan asks why he doesn't deserve to be there, and Adam said that Jonathan has no integrity. Jonathan looks at the jury and shakes his head. Jonathan begs to differ. Jonathan said that he wasn't the only one who voted people out at Raro. Jonathan said that some of them wouldn't be there tonight if he didn't flop. Jonathan said that he earned his right. Yul said that they both saved each other. Yul thinks the Aitu four have the strength because he has the hidden immunity idol--not so hidden tonight. Becky votes first. Jonathan votes for Adam. Adam obviously votes for Jonathan. Jeff Probst goes off to tally the votes. The votes are: Jonathan, Adam, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan--he is the 14th person voted out. Adam is smilling, but the others aren't. Jonathan said that he would like his hat back at some point because it is important. Jeff Probst said that they just voted out someone who thought he could trust them so trust should be an issue for everyone in the game now. Jonathan in his farewell said that everyone there are terrible liars, and he wished they said something to him. They are all going to stab each other in the back, and as Jonathan said, four of the six will be joining him on the jury soon.

Thursday, November 30, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled You're a Rat. Bac at Aitutongo in night 27. Jonathan explains to Candice that he had to go against Nate because of the immunity. Jonathan says that he would rather play with the Aitu people, and if he can't win, he would rather one of them win. Jonathan thinks he made the right choice. Sundra, Yul, and Ozzy talk about the shocked looks on the Raro team faces. Yul said that he believed Jonathan, but he just wasn't sure. Yul wants to play the idol when it resets the game in his favor. Pavarti told Jonathan that he better be happy with second place. She says that she is so disappointed in Jonathan, and feels sick to her sick. Jonathan tells them all that he would have been the one to go home. Pavarti, Adam, and Candice all say that Yul doesn't have the idol, and Jonathan tells them that Yul does and that he showed him the idol. Adam looks shocked. Pavarti says she still doesn't trust Janothan. Pavarti thinks that Jonathan is a filthy, miserable rat.

Day 28, and Sundra and Parvati are cleaning fishes. Sundra was gutting one, and Parvati has never seen it. Jonathan thinks that Pavarti is a lazy, worthless girl. Adma and Parvati are talking, and they are being very immature saying Jonathan makes them want to throw up. Jonathan refers to the Raro people as being in the clown house because none of them are hard working. Today they have a Survivor auction. They all get $500 and the bidding is in $20 increments. Borrowing is okay, but sharing food is not. First item and they start bidding. Jonathan pays $100 to get a hot dog, fries, and cold beer. Jonathan spilled some of his beer. Next up is a hot bubble bath with a huge piece of chocolate cake. Parvati spends $360 after getting in a bidding war with Jonathan. She gets her bath and cake and calls it her favorite day. Next is an item that gives power. Candice binds $500, and Becky bids $600 for it. Candice then goes with $620 then Becky goes for $640. Becky reads the note. She must send one person to Exile Island and leave the rest of the money to Becky. Becky chooses Candice. Candice says that she thinks that she knows where the idol is, and Yul said that he can end the suspense by saying he has it. He takes it out and shows it to everyone. Parvati says that it looks authentic. Yul said that he is bringing it up now because he used it to make Jonathan switch. Candice is sent off to Exile Island. Next item: a never ending ice cream maker. Jonathan spend $400. Ozzy goes for $420, and gets ice cream on his pants. Jonathan tells him not to mess around, and Ozzy puts his mouth under it. Jonathan bids $240 and gets a pepperoni pizza. Next another covered item. Sundra bids $140 and gets a sea cucumber. No one was interested in the toothbrush and toothpaste, until Jonathan bids $100 and takes it. The auction is over and Jonathan and Ozzy were the only ones to eat.

Day 29, and Jonathan is going over this bounty. Yul said that it was hard to watch people eat, but that now he is thirstier. Jonathan said that he wouldn't eat that much food in the whole world. He burps, and Becky talks about his obnoxious breath. Becky and Sundra don't want to see Jonathan in the final four. Parvati goes back to tell Adam that everyone was upset at Jonathan winning everything. Parvati tries to play on Becky and hopes that she can get Sundra and Becky to flip and get rid of their advantage, Jonathan. Sundra said that she doesn't want him to get ahead. Sundra said that Jonathan's true personality came out. Jonathan conmes over as Yul, Sundra, and Becky are talking. Jonathan realizes that the energy has shifted and that Adam and Parvati got to the girls. Candice is on Exile Island crying. She thinks that she is next on the chopping block and needs the immunity. Emotionally she is on edge.

Day 30, and they are all told that the key memories of the past will determine the future. If they take too long, they might find themselves on the jury. Adam says he needs to win to get rid of Jonathan and to continue to play the game. Candice returns from Exile Island to join the others. Ozzy hands over the immunity and waves bye-bye to it. Today's challenge will be a quiz on how well they remember things that have happened. They will be asked four questions that gives answers in the form of numbers. They will add or divide the numbers to come up with the final number. They will then untie the corresponding box to search for a key. The key will unlock a flag that will raise to show the winner. The first three to raise the flag move on to the next round and that winner is guaranteed immunity. They start. Questions: First, the total number of pieces used to construct the stepping stones for the fifth immunity challenge to take folks from one platform to the next. That number is added to the next: Number of boxes to smashed by each tribe with a club to retrieve keys for the catalog reward. Take those two numbers and subtract number of days since the Aitu mutiny including that day, and then subtract the number of people currently in the jury. That will give the number. Jonathan, Ozzy, and Yul are untying. Jonathan and Ozzy are wrong. Parvati is the first one to get it right. It is a fight now, Adam, Jonathan, and Candice have a key. Jonathan, Adam, and Parvati move on to the next round. They have to answer more questions. The key will unlook a timber tunnel. They have to climb through the tunnel, and then cross pontoons across the water to raise a final flag. Questions. The number of immunity challenges so far, including this one, plus, the number of survivors in tribal council during the lamb shank feast, divided by the number of flags collected in the barrel rolling competition. Adam is first to untie. Parvati is next. Jonathan is trying to make sure he is right. Adam has the key and starts through the tunnel. Jonathan doesn't have it right. Parvati has a key. Jonathan still has no key. Parvati is untying her knots. Adam is struggling to get across and crawls. he is the first across. Adam wins and Parvati laughts. Adam gets the necklace. Once ie going home tonight.

Day 30, everyone is together. Candice says that it looks like her number is up since Adam has immunity. Candice said that it sucks that everyone thinks Jonathan is a snake, and is going to make it further. Adam said that Jonathan is a slime ball and needs to be voted off. Yul said that he understands that they don't like Jonathan, but doesn't see what it gains them to get rid of Jonathan. Adam and Parvati said that it will give them peace of mind. Jonathan comes as they are all talking and go quiet. Jonathan shows them the fish that he has captured. Yul says that Adam and Parvati want to appeal to Yul to get rid of Jonathan. Yul says that he understands how Jonathan thinks--that he is selfish and rational. Yul says that he can predict what makes sense to Jonathan. Adam tells Yul that Adam, Candice, and Parvati would be part of the jury that would vote, and they would vote for Yul if he got rid of Jonathan. Adam calls Yul the ring leader and the power in charge. Yul said that changing things up right now it would have other ramifications. Jonathan comes up at that point and hears and Yul tells him that the other three are doing what they should be doing, trying to talk Yul into voting against Jonathan. Yul tells them that he is trying to be honest with them. Jonathan takes some coconut and they all act like he is stealing food when he just brought a whole slew of fish for everyone to share. Jonathan says there is alot of silence and stares and he is starting to get mad. Candice and Adam are kissing with Parvati there. Jonathan is asking if the other three should eat. Ozzy says no because there is no such thing as a free lunch. Candice gets upset because the rest of them are eating without asking for the other three. Candice asks what's wrong, and Yul asks what does she mean? Candice asks why they aren't sharing the fish that Jonathan caught. She says that it is arrogant and so rude. Jonathan says that he was told that Candice called him a disgusting rat that should be voted against. Candice said everyone knows that Jonathan is a rat because he betrayed everyone in the game and that Yul said that he could predict Jonathan's behavior and called Jonathan selfish. Jonathan is giving Yul the eye. Yul asks Candice not to speak for him. Yul said that he said that Jonathan is self-interested. Jonathan said that they should talk about the meal. Jonathan said that no one else has days when they lay down in the tent and don't work like the other three. Jonathan says that he works every single day. Candice says that Jonathan is trying to weasel his way into the other grouop. Jonathan hits back by saying how dare Candice imply that he is doing anything differently today than any other day. Jonathan says that he has nothing else to say, and Yul shakes his head. Yul said that he is trying to find a way to insolate himself with the jury. Yul said they are 5-3 now, and if they vote Jonathan out it will be 4-3. Yul says that they still retain control, and that he might not have the others hating him in the jury. Becky seems to think this one over. Now to tribal council, and the jury is brought in. Parvati and Nate wink at each other. Becky is asked about sending Candice. Becky said that Candice is a fierce competitor. Candice said that she comes back with a smile on her face because she has to keep her spirit up. Ozzy said that he spend a good amount of time getting firewood while Jonathan went fishing while Adam, Parvati, and Candice laid in the tent and then complained about not getting food even though they did no work. Candice says they weren't sharing and didn't get invited to dinner. Parvati said that the three were just relaxing in the tent and didn't realize that the others would not like that. Adam admits that he doesn't talk to Jonathan. Parvati said that the more Jonathan's true colors show the farther he gets in the game. Parvati sayd that she is half Jonathan's age and much more mature. Jonathan says, there are five people working for food and three people just waiting for the dinner bell to ring so they could get fed. Jonathan said when is that appropriate. Adam says that everyone knows that Jonathan is a rat. Jonathan said that he earned his place there today. Jeff Probst sayd that it looks to him like it is a tribe of three against a tribe of four and Jonathan is on his own. Yul says that he disagrees, and Jeff Probst calls Yul the UN. Yul said that he tells the former Raro people things in a way that serves his own interests and will leave it at that. Parvati calls Yul the puppet master. Yul said that everyone is trying to win, and what do you expect. Adam says that Yul will get more from the jury if he gets rid of Jonathan now, and Parvati says that the other three can go right after, boom, boom, boom--if they don't win immunity which I imagine she hopes that Yul forgets. Jonathan said that even though he has been the hub of 90% of the discussion, and that he is feeling okay right now. Candice said that either the Aitu will vote with Raro. Candice tries to sway Yul by saying that the jury needs to know what is going on. Jonathan votes against Candice. Candice obviously votes for Jonathan. it is now time for the vote tally. Votes: Jonathan, Candice, Joanthan, Candice, Jonathan, Candice, Candice, Candicde. Candice is voted out. She and Adam take some time kissing as she goes to leave. Jeff Probst said that a kiss is nice, but if it was love Adam would have given her the immunity necklace.

Thursday, November, 23, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled Why Would You Trust Me? It is Day 25 in the Raro camp. Jonathan is talking to the others about being skittish. He said that he could have been gotten rid of at any moment. He thinks that he can't worry about the mutiny and that he has a powerful position in the camp. Adam says they should ahve a fire before Jonathan comes back. Jonathan said that he was disappointed in the people because even though they are young, they have to get their act together. He starts telling them all they have to make fire and gather wood. Nate wants to tell him to shut up. Janathan said that they have to start winning. He doesn't want to lose because the kids can't get their act together, and was ready to call them out on their laziness.

Day 25 in the Aitu camp. Yul is saying that his whole leg hurts and that he is feeling tired. Yul is getting worried. Sundra has a leg wound, and Ozzy checks it out. Sundra said they are still the underdog and all they can do is win the challenges. Aitu sees the new Raro tribe. Aitu is shocked that two people were voted out. Sundra said she has a mixture of feelings because they are getting even, but they cna't get comfy. The teams hear that they are merging. They are all given new buffs. Sundra said that it is a much different game. Yul says that Jonathan and Candice have seen both camps, and they now decide to live in the Raro camp. There is a boat full of food and refreshments that they will use to get to Raro. They all get on the barge full of food and drink. There is also beer and wine. Everyone eats. Yul said that he is looking forward to learning who the others are. Yul says that they are still two tribes. Yul wants to know if there is a chink in the armour and who they can convince to come to their side. Jonathan and the Aitu tribe look with disgust at the Raro tribe getting drunk and eating so much that they vomit. As Jonathan says, "is that how you win a million dollars?" He thinks the "kids" are psycho.

The tribe members leave the boat The new tribe name is Aitutonga. Nate feels they have the numbers because everyone on Raro are staying together. Nate sais that Candice and Jonathan can't swing because they already mutinied. Ozzy and Nate were talking and Nate likes Ozzy because he is down to earth. Nate is going to keep his eyes on Ozzy. Ozzy thinks that Nate might be an ally. Nate tries to make an alliance with Ozzy. Parvati and Adam are lying together in a hut. Adam said that he can be split between her and Candice. Yul and Becky were talking. Yul has a desperate plan. He thinks that Jonathan is rational, and that he can convince Jonathan to come over to join them because they have the numbers. Yul talks strategy with Jonathan. Jonathan said that he can't entertain that idea because Ozzy wouldn't trust him and he doesn't know why Yul would trust him. Jonathan said that he didn't think that he could get to the final four with Yul. Jonathan said that if he flips again Raro would go mental. Jonathan said that they believe there is no way Aitu would trust them. Jonathan tells Yul they will have to learn to trust each other. Jonathan tells Yul that he would just have to think about what he would have to do. Jonathan said that it would be a fantastic twist to flip back to the guy who had the idol all along.

Yul talks to Sundra and tells her that he knows how to change the game because he has the idol. Yul tells her that he has been talking to Jonathan to get him on their side. Yul tells Ozzy, and says that he wanted to tell them before, but wanted to save it for a time when it could change the game. Ozzy thinks Nate is cool, but he is going to stick with his tribe. Candice and Parvati are talking about getting rid of Yul and Ozzy. Candice wants Yul to be gone because he talks to Jonathan. Candice asks Jonathan what Yul has been saying to him. Jonathan said that he would want Ozzy to go first. Candice say that Nate and Parvati want Yul out. Jonathan said that if they vote out Yul, he would be the one voted out. Jonathan says that if they vote out Yul and he has the idol then one of them are going. Jonathan won't flip unless he sees the idol. It is now time for the first individual immunity challenge. They all see the immunity necklace. The challenge: Each must hang on a pole as long as they can. The last person hanging gets immunity. The only rule is that they can't use the top of the pole to support themselves. The challenge is underway. Nate is alreday sliding on the pole and so is Adam. Adam and Nate are sliding down the pole. Adam looks like a baby. He is the first out after nine minutes. Jonathan says that he is feeling in on his feet. Yul comes up with something about mass that makes everyone laugh. Jonathan is on his last bit of rope and nate is struggling. Jonathan is out at 12 minutes. Nate is sliding down the pole, and Sundra is the first woman to start slipping. Sundra is also on the last bit of rope. Nate is out after 21 minutes. Yul is trying to adjust. Sundra is out at 34 minutes. Candice is doing squats. Yul is sliding down too. He is out at 51 minutes. Ozzy and three women remain. Parvati is starting to slip, and it is starting to rain. Becky slides too. Parvati is out at 1 hour and 29 minutes. Becky is sliding and falls after 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is now down to Candice and Ozzy. Candice blows a kiss at Ozzy. Rain is picking up. Candice is the first to slide down the pole. Ozzy is just holding on. Candice is on the last rope foothold. She falls out and Ozzy wins the first individual immunity. That is great because I really like Ozzy.

Back at camp, Candice says that her feet hurt. Nate is happy that Ozzy got the immunity necklace because he likes Ozzy and hopes that there is some way they can work together. Adam said that their tribe is going to stick together and vote out Yul. Parvati says that Yul is brilliant and really strong, so they want to get him out as quickly as possible. Yul and Jonathan talk. Yul shows Joanthan the immunity idol and asks for them to join together again. Jonathan says vote, or you go home tonight. Yul says that he wants to go to the final two with Jonathan. Jonathan appreciates Yul showing him the idol and says he has to think about it. Jonathan tells Adam that Yul might have the idol. Adam says he doesn't have it. Adam says he doesn't have it. Parvati speaks up and says that Yul was only there for a day--he doesn't have the idol. Jonathan says that these people aren't thinking, and don't even want to consider that Yul has the idol. Nate and Adam say they want to vote out Yul. Nate said that Jonathan can't gtell them what to do. Nate said that Yul is too strong a copetitor. Adam said that he is concerned about Nate because he hangs out with Ozzy and is talking differently. Adam and Candice are talking, and then they start kissing. Jonathan talks about Adam and Candice keeping him alive. He would hate to betray them because that means he would betray everyone. Jonathan says that he would want Nate off. Yul said that he will play the idol if Jonathan doesn't vote with them. Yul is hoping everything is clicking. Candice says that Nate wants to vote out Yul. Jonathan says that either way he is screwed, and he wished that he knew what he was going to do. The jury members come back. Jonathan tells Jeff Probst that the sleeping accommodations are hard. Sundra says you have to think individually and about your former tribe mates because there is a bond there between them from spending time with them. Nate says that tribal lines are still in play and that you stick with what you are comfortable with. Yul said that they stuck together as Aitu and says that they have a disadvantage, and he doesn't know what their fate would be. Becky said that Candice and Adam have a bond. Becky says that the bond she has with Yul is different. Parvati said that Adam stopped snuggling with her because of Candice. Jonathan said that Adam and Candice are enjoying their company and that he doesn't have a problem. Ozzy says that they are now at a pivotal moment and that the waters will be stirred up. Nate said is is like tribe against tribe. Jonathan says that he has enjoyed every second of it and has bonded with people like he hasn't in years. He says it has been a profound experience for him. Sundra votes first. We don't hear of any of the votes--which holds the suspense. Votes: Yul, Yul, Nate, Yul, Nate, Nate, Yul, Nate--a tie with four votes each. Nate! Nate is voted out. The former Raro people look shocked and Jonathan looks guilty. Yul nods at Jonathan. Nate said that it hurt to leave that early. Nate blames Jonathan for betraying him. Nate has no problems with the others.

Thursday, November 16, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled People That You Like Want to See You Suffer. Raro on Day 22. Jonathan is climbing a tree to get coconuts. He calls himself the "wandering Jew without a tribe". Jonathan now regrets jumping and hopes in the end it is a good thing. Adam and Candice are talking to each other. Candice said that she trusts Adam and he says it is the two of them to the end. Adam said that everyone knows that Adam and Candice are buddies. Adam said that they have to make certain that Jenny doesn't get jealous. Jenny is leary of Candice and knows that Candice and Adam had a little attraction. Jenny wants to make certain that Candice stays good with their alliance. We then see Adam kissing Candice's hand--kissing the boo-boos.

Aitu on Day 22. Ozzy is in the ocean fishing. Ozzy admits that the tribe is deep in a hole. He is totally happy to be an underdog. The tree mail arrives and it is a code. As Yul says, they have to win, and they have to work together and be a team, or they are screwed. Yul is disappointed and moans when he realizes that Brad was the person voted off. Jeff Probst tesll Aitu that Brad was the first member of the jury. Today's challenge: two tribe members armed with a compass and a coordinate race out to a large 16 point compass rose to locate treasure chests in the sand. Each sand has the next coordinate painted on top. When they get the chest, they have to race it back to the mat. The next two tribe members have to race out to get the next chest. Once all four chests are back on the mat, they untie the chests and remove seven colored nautical flags (the codes that Aitu has been studying). The flags represent letters of the alphabet. They have to match the flag to the corresponding letter of the alphabet. They have to spell out the word Victory. The winning tribe is flown to a local island and will take part in a feast. There will be pork, fruit, and homebrew. Raro sits out three people: Rebecca, Nate, and Parvati. Raro's first coordinate is NNW and Aitu's is ENE. Yul and Sundra were out first. Jonathan and Jenny start out and Jonathan said that it was NNE, and started digging in the wrong spot. Yul and Sundra come back with the first chest. Next for Aitu is NNW. Raro is ESE. Adam and Candice are confused. Ozzy and Becky are back with the second chest. Yul and Sundra are looking fro the third chest as Candice and Adam are just getting their chest out. Ozzy and Becky are after the fourth and final chest. Adam and Candice finally get back to the mat. Now it is up to Jonathan and Jenny. Ozzy and Becky found the last chest. Jonathan and Jenny are now on their third chest. Jonathan and Jenny are having problems. Ozzy and Becky are bringing back the fourth chest. Aitu has the chests open and has the flags out. Adam and Candice are after the fourth. Aitu has all the flags out. Aitu is working together to solve the puzzle. Aitu won the third challenge in a row. Meanwhile Raro didn't even have the fourth box. Aitu all say together that they are sending Candice to Exile Island. Aitu is going to the feast. There is much excitement on their part.

Candice is on Exile Island. She said that she didn't want to be sent back to Exile Island and criss about it. She says that it is not fun to know that people that you like want to see you suffer. She says that she will survive and it is tough, but hopefully it is character building. The four Aitu members are flying to the feast. Ozzy says they can only try their hardest and that is all they can do. The four from Aitu are welcomed to the Island. Becky said that the guy who came out was yelling in a very commanding voice to welcome them. They were carried to the feast on the shoulders of the others. Ozzy said that it was a warrior's welcome. As he said, none of them expected something liek this. Sundra thought that it was beautiful and magnificent. She can't describe how it felt to be the four orphans who won the challenge. Yul was grateful to the Islanders being so nice and generous. Yul felt carefree and enjoyed himself. Sundra did a hula like dance. Some of the tribe women were pretty fat, and one of them landed on Yul. Ozzy said that Yul is a very complex and intellectual guy and it was funny to see him come out of himself. Ozzy said that Yul could dance and he didn't know he had it in him. Ozzy said that they were all able to come together. Ozzy says that Raro doesn't know what is coming.

Raro on Day 23. Jonathan said that the tribemates want to chill and doesn't realize that may be why they lose. Jonathan realizes that they are losing because they aren't a team. Jonathan hopes to show them that you have to work your ass off. Jonathan goes out to fish and brings back 11 fish. Jonathan hopes that everyone will say that at least they are eating because of him. They get tree mail. Jenny said that they got the map of the islands of the Pacific. Jenny said that she doesn't think Rebecca has been a strong member who wants to win. Parvati tries to show Rebecca how to study the map. Jenny said that Rebecca needs to show more in the challenges. It is now time for the immunity challenge. Candice returns from Exile Island. Candice hugs Jonathan and Adam. Candice spent 3 days and nights on Exile and less than 24 hours with her tribe. Today's challenge: they have to swim out one at a time to a pontoon. They will dive down and unclip a bundle of island names and then swim back to shore. The next person then has to go. Once all four are back, they have to correctly match 10 islands with the island names. First tribe to answer correctly goes to tribal. The losing tribe take back a bottle to camp with a note. It must remained sealed, and contains significant information. They will open the bottle after they vote. Nate, Rebecca, Parvati, and Jonathan participate. Ozzy and Nate are out first. Ozzy is up and heading back. The guy is a fish. Nate is at the pontoon and doesn't get his names at first. Ozzy is back, and then Yul heads out. Raro has to make up time. Yul dives down and gets his names on the first try. Jonathan heads out second. Yul is back and Becky heads out. Jonathan is heading back with his set of names. Parvati heads out and is a strong swimmer. Becky has the third bundle, but Raro is catching up. Becky is back and Sundra heads out for the fourth pontoon. Rebecca heads out. Sundra doesn't get it the first time down. Rebecca has reached the pontoon, and Sundra is on her way back. Rebecca doesn't have the bundle. Sundra is back and Aitu starts solving. Rebecca has the fourth pack. Aitu is solving the puzzle. Rebecca is getting close to shore. Raro is now working on the puzzle. Aitu has it, and they win immunity. Aitu has its fourth straight win. Raro has to take the bottle back and open it after the vote. Candice gets the bottle and they head back.

Raro camp. Parvati thinks it is individual challenge with no merge. They are all interested what is in the bottle. They all think that it is time for the merge. Candice thinks it will be something really bad. Everyone is talking about getting rid of Rebecca. Jenny said that based on Rebecca's performance around the camp that Rebecca has to go home. Adam said that Jenny will want Candice and Jonathan gone. Adam said that Jenny will be the next one to go. Parvati and Nate are talking. Nate said that he wouldn't turn on the original members for Adam. Nate said that he has to wonder about the rationale. Nate would like to get rid of Jonathan. Jonathan believes and hopes that it will be Rebecca who gets voted out. Everyone is still looking at the bottle. They don't know what is in the bottle, but know if it was something good it would go to the winning tribe. They are all at tribal council. Brad comes in as the sole jury member. As a tribe, Raro has won three challenges. Jenny said that she doesn't know how they can turn around their luck. Rebecca said that everyone goes out clamming, crabbing, etc. Jonathan said that he has gotten 22 fish in the last two days. Parvati said that Jonathan is blending in because he is nourishing them so they could perform. Adam is asked about the question of trust with Candice and Jonathan. Adam says he is tired of losing and it is because of productivity. Parvati said that they kept it sealed. It is time to vote. Candice is first to vote. Jenny votes to get rid of Rebecca. Rebecca votes to get rid of Jonathan. It is time to tally the votes. Once the votes are read the decision is final. Votes: Jonathan, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca. She is the 10th person voted out. It is now time for the note. Parvati said that there was a concensus that it was something bad. Parvati opens the note and reads it outloud. They just voted out one member of the tribe and now have to vote out a second. Nate said that it is whacked, and if they had the win, it would have been them against two. Raro will be down to five and Aitu is at four. Adam said this is going to be much tougher because all the remaining are hard workers. They all go to vote. The thing is that there was no earlier discussion on who to vote for or against. It is now time to tally the votes. Votes: Jonathan, Jonathan, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Jenny is voted out in what was obviously a shock to her. Jonathan breathes a sigh of relief. Raro is now down to five and Jeff Probst says that maybe it is the wakeup call for them to get it together. Jenny felt pissed off and completely burned and blind sided. She said that if she knew that two were going to be voted off, she would have done all she could to stay in the game. Such is life, Jenny. Things happened that you don't know.

Thursday, November 9, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled Mutiny. Day 19 at the Aitu camp. Ozzy is sleeping in the hammock and Jonathan is talking to the others. Jonathan tells the others that they need to stay whole and keep Ozzy around for alittle bit. Jonathan thinks Ozzy should go first. Yul says they will be toast if they break up now, even though Candice says that you can never tell what will happen. It seems that she doesn't want to keep the six to the merge. Candice wants to align with Adam and Parvati and she is starting to get worried about things moving.

Aitu, Day 19. Candice is telling Jonathan that someone is going to greedy and things will be ugly. Jonathan says that they shouuld stick as Adam, Parvati, Jonathan, and Candice. Jonathan says that he has trusted Candice all along and she has trusted him. Jonathan says that he and Candice admit that there is going to have to be a flop at some point, and she is the one that he is tightest with. He wants to be final two with her. Candice doesn't think that Jonathan has any allegance, and she would like to see Jonathan go. Raro is talking about the merge coming soon. Brad says that it should be every man for himself. Nate comments on that, and Parvati agrees that it isn't an individual game. The rest admit that they want to get rid of him. Nate said that there isn't any I in team, and even though he likes Brad, they are just telling him that things are okay, and that Brad is a sucker. Before the reward challenge, Jeff Probst offers each of them the opportunity to mutiny and join the other tribe. Everyone has ten seconds to decide to change things up. The clock is ticking. Jeff counts down the seconds. Jonathan and Candice join Raro. Ozzy shakes his head and he and Yul give themselves looks. Yul said that he is stunned and surprised. Ozzy says that it doesn't surprise him. As he said, if they don't have the backbone to stick with their tribe then they will get their fate sooner or later. Today's challenge: two from each tribe will start within a barrel. On Jeff Probst's go, the rest of the tribe pushes them through a series of obstacles. Along the way, they collect four buoys which they will use to float the two people in the barrel across the lagune. When they read the center of the lagune, they have to dive down and release four flags. When they reach the other side of the lagune, they take the four flags and attach them to a flag pole. The entire tribe digs and uncovers an axe to chop a rope that will raise the flags. First tribe to raise the flags win. The winning tribe goes to a nice relaxing environment, and have coffee, muffins, danishes, and they will have letters from home written by their loved ones. It is going to be two women and two men for each tribe. For Aitu, there is only Becky and Sundra to put in the barrel. Jenny and Candice are in the barrel for Raro. Nate and Adam are the guys for Raro. Ozzy got the buoys. Aitu had a slight lead. The barrels had to go over poles. Aitu still had abit of a lead. Aitu gets on the mat first. Ozzy and Yul are in the water and floating their barrels. Aitu has a big lead. Aitu reached the flags and Ozzy got the first flag and the second, and then gets the final two flags. Raro can't fight the current and has no chance of getting back. Becky and Sundra hang the flags. Yul comes up with the axe, and they win the reward. Ozzy says that the mutineers are the first people to die. Aitu decides as a group to send Candice to Exile Island. Sundra is crying. She said that she wanted to stay true to her guys, but didn't think that it would pay off like this. I really like Ozzy and Yul. Ozzy is my favorite.

The reward is behind them. There are pastries and coffee and a nice porch. Yul tells them al that he is so proud of them, and that it is the best feeling that he has. Sundra said that she just felt so small and pitiful after the mutiny, and you look over to Raro, and they just look so big and triumphant, but they won the challenge. Sundra said that she hasn't been so happy in her life. Ozzy tells the other they should take it to the end. Ozzy said that it was like a recharge and he feels brand new. They open the box with letters and pictures. Yul said that he is feeling good about his tribe--that these are people with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Sundra cries over the letter of her son. She wonders what she is doing there. As Sundra says, she tells her little boy that quitters never win and winners never quit. Even Ozsy cries. Sundra says that he needs a hug and they all have a group hug. Ozzy says that the four are a team till the end and they are committed to each other. Day 20 on Exile Island. Candice said that she wanted this whole time to get back with Adam and Parvati and she made the decision to mutiny. Candice said the other tribe has it out for her now. She was surprised that Jonathan went with her. She doesn't trust Jonathan who is now back with the Raro tribe bonding and having a good time while she is out of the game. Meanwhile at Raro, Jonathan is talking about taking a step into the unknown. He says that it was a crazy thing to do, but it seemed the right thing to do. Jonathan said that it was a dangerous thing to do because he trusted Candice, and she made an impuslsive mood. As Jonathan said, he is the eighth man in the group, and they are all looking at him suspiciously. Jonathan considers himself a loyal person and is trying to gain their trust bey saying he followed Candice. Nate said that Jonathan must be smoking some good stuff. Nate said the first one to vote off would be Jonathan who just sold out his other tribe--so why should Raro have his back?

Raro, Day 21. The chicken wake them up. Jonathan is chopping down coconuts. Everyone else is sunbathing. Jonathan said that he is a workhorse as he talks to Adam. Jonathan tells Adam that he doesn't know what is going on, but he wants to hook up with Adam, Parvati, and Candice. Adam said that it is good to go along for the ride. It is now time for the immunity challenge. Everyone hugs Candice. Today's challenge: they will paddle out in glass bottomed boats, searching for three underwater targets. When they line up the cross hairs of the target with those on the boat, they will release a cannon ball which will drop from the boat, into the target, releasing a pair of buoys. When they have all the buoys back on shore, they will use the buoys to solve a word puzzle. One buoy provides the clue, and the other buoys are the letters for the one word answer. First tribe to win gets immunity. For Raro, they can't sit out the same people in back to back challenges, so the people who participated in the reward challenge have to sit out the immunity challenge. For Raro, it is Parvati, Jonathan, Rebecca, and Brad. They all dash off to look for the three targets to release the three buoys. Aitu is first to paddle. Raro is immediately off the course. Aitu tries to line it up. Aitu releases the cannon ball just off. Raro misses too. Aitu just missed again. Raro releases their first pair of buoys. Aitu misses again. Raro gets the second set of buoys with two sets of buoys. Aitu is close and finally get their first set of buoys. Raro is drifting off course. Aitu wants the second set and missed again. They get the second set and are now after the third set. Both have one target left. Raro missed again and just wasted a cannon ball. Jonathan tells Jeff Probst to shut up. Aitu gets their third set of buoys and begins paddling back. Come on Aitu!!! Raro misses again. Aitu is back to the beach and gets all the buoys on the mat. Aitu is working on the puzzle. They guess the word Bounty and win immunity. Parvati says "are you kidding me?" when she hears that Aitu won. Then she says "sons of b....". Aitu has immunity and won't be going to tribal council. Raro is going to tribal council and someone is going home. Aitu is beaming with smiles.

Day 21 at Raro camp. Jonathan says that he is sorry. Candice said that she is hungry. Jonathan is glad to have Candice is back. Jonathan says that everyone will see that Candice trusts him. Parvati tells Candice that Jonathan is telling everyone that he is super tight with Candice. Parvati asks if it is true, and Candice says they aren't tight at all. Candice said that Jonathan talked alot to Yul and is trying to work everyone to do what is best for him. Nate and Adam talk about Jonathan. Adam wants to keep Jonathan. Nate says no. Adam said that Jonathan can't go back to them, but that Brad can. Adam said that he doesn't care if it is Brad or Jonathan who goes first. Nate said that they will get of Brad first because they are scared that he will go with Becky and Yul. Nate said that he is going to try to make Brad think he is safe. Nate tells Brad that they have numbers. Brad said that Jonathan must have thought his ass was in jeopardy. Candice tells the others that she always wanted to be there. Candice badmouths Jonathan. Adam is abit dense and is on Jonathan's side until Candice tells Adam that Jonathan wanted to target Adam for elimination. Adam is looking totally taken aback. Adam said that he was amused to think that Jonathan was kissing his butt while saying things against them earlier. Candice tells Adam that Jonathan is threatened. Nate and Adam talk about maybe switching and getting rid of Jonathan, but they have to think smart because the game isn't over yet and it is a fair playing ground. Tribal council. Brad said that his initial thought was that Candice was a gutsy girl. Jenny said that even though Candice and Jonathan were on the bottom of the totem pole, they are stronger than Aitu and with the merge will pick them off like zits. Jenny blames Nate for her comment, and they all laugh. Candice said that she feels okay with coming to council and how there is laughing. Jeff Probst said that Candice stepped off the mat because Raro was fun? Candice denies that. Jonathan said that someone is going home tonight and he would be silly to think it might not be him. Nate said that he was good with the six he first had, but that he is still adapting to new ones. Nate said that Candice is a strong competitor. Nate said that Jonathan may be too much of a leader. Jonathan said that he wants to fit in and not step on anyone's toes. Brad said that he likes Jonathan and Candice and that they are stepping in at the end. Brad says that he doesn't know that he trusts everyone on the tribe. Everyone seems shocked at that--but that is a sensible statement. It is now time for the vote. Jonathan votes against Brad. Brad votes against Jonathan. How will the others vote? Votes: Jonathan, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad. Everyone did gang up and vote out Brad. He seems abit surprised, but takes it well. Jonathan is grinning like a demon. Everyone who remains is on the jury.

Thursday, November 2, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled Why Aren't You Swimming?. Day 16 at the Aitu camp. Nate is talking about having more coconuts in his camp. Everyone is asking Nate questions like if he is a good swimmer. Nate said that he feed them answers and was just giving them peanuts. Nate was keeping his eyes and ears open. Jessica said that she wished that she knew what the plan was, and wasn't expecting it to be Cao Boi. Jessica said that she is just trying to find out what is going on. Nate said that he got some good information from Aitu. Candice, Yul, and Becky were talking about how Jessica was talking in front of Nate. Orginially the order was Ozzy, Jessica, and Sundra. They think that Jonathan might be tougher to go up against in an individual competition and it might be better to vote him out before Sundra.

Aitu, Day 16. The players get a Survivor Catalog and they will have to pick the two items that they would like to have if they won the reward. Raro is also talking about the reward. Brad wanted potatoes and peanut butter, but no one wanted that. As Brad said, you have to do what the majority votes. Each tribe picks three swimmers and two puzzle makers. On Jeff Probst's go, the first swimmer grabs a club, swims out to a platform, then leaps off the platform and while in mid-air will smash a plaster box that holds a key. The swimmer then has to swim down and get the key before swimming back to shore. They continue to do this until they retrieve six keys. Each swimmer must swim out at least one time. Each swimmer can only retrieve one key at a time. The two puzzle makers use the six keys to open six locks on a chest. Inside the chest are puzzle pieces. The first team to complete the puzzle of the world map wins. Raro picked bread and peanut butter. Aitu picked potatoes and peanut butter. They were smarter than Raro knowing that carbs would be needed for energy. Aitu sits out Jessica, Sundra, and Nate. Aitu tooko Nate to keep him from competing for Raro, but don't use him. The swimmers for Aitu are Ozzy, Candice, and Yul. The swimmers for Raro are Parvati, Adam, and Rebecca. Ozzy and Rebecca are the first out. Ozzy throws his club ahead and then gets a big lead on Rebecca. Rebecca could barely get on the platform. Yul is on the way out. Yul has the second key, and laps Rebecca. Rebecca doesn't have a key and is floundering. Nate yells out to Brad asking why he isn't swimming, and Brad says that he is better at puzzles. Candice is now headed out. Candice follows the lead of the others. Rebecca shows her boobs for a while. Adam finds Rebecca's key. Candice can't find the key. Pavarati goes out. Candice returns without the key because it is still in the box. Ozzy knocks it out with his fist. Parvati is back with the second key, and Ozzy brings back the third. Yul and Adam are both at the platform. Yul can't find the key at first. Adam is bringing back the third key. Yul is back, and Candice goes out. Parvati has the fourth key, and Candice comes up with the key right away. Candice is back with the fifth. Ozzy is after the last key. Ozzy has the key and is on his way back. Jonathan and Becky are now trying to get open the locks. Parvati didn't knock the key out. Becky figured out two pieces and then they get the puzzle while Raro just gets back with the key. Nate looks upset. Aitu wins the reward and they send Adam to Exile Island. Raro has nothing, and Rebecca did nothing to help them.

Aitu camp, and they are eating peanut butter. Jessica and Candice put peanut butter on their lips and kiss each other. Jessica said that you never know what is going to happen and they have to just continue to work things out. Raro camp. Nate tells Rebecca that she gave what she got. Rebecca said that her body is done and she couldn't swim. Nate said that his team could use him. Brad said that he is a creative specialist and he is good with that. Nate said that Brad shouldn't have done the puzzle when he was needed swim. Nate calls Brad a Nancy boy. Nate mocks Brad about being good at puzzles. Jenny said that Brad knew that he was the best swimmer. Jenny didn't know why Brad wanted to do the puzzle. Parvati said that she wanted to punch Brad in the mouth. Nate had to fish for the tribe, and the girls were worn out. Adam on Exlie Island is doubting his tribe. As he said, it's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys. Meanwhile, a storm is coming, and the temperature is dropping. That night a violent thunderstorm ravages the island. Adam said that he was in a fetal position hoping the rain would go away. Aitu on Day 17. Sundra wakes up. Ozzy has caught a bird and brings it back to camp. They all say that Ozzy should eat it. Ozzy said that he crept on it and found it in the bushes. Yul killed it. Jonathan said good job Oz and Yul. Jonathan said that they should get nurishment from the bird. Candice said that Ozzy is amazing because he is like the Jungle Boy climbing the trees and geting coconuts, getting fish, and getting the bird. Yul said that Ozzy provides alot of food, but that they should get rid of Ozzy before the merge when he can dominate individual challenges. Ozzy asks what would happen if they did go to tribal council. Jessica and Ozzy tells Candice that they don't trust Jonathan. Ozzy said that Candice and Jessica are the strongest girls. Ozzy said that if he leaves, he brings food. Ozzy said that it doesn't make sense to get rid of him, but they should get rid of Jonathan. As Ozzy says, he may be a threat, but people who do stick with him will go along for the ride. Candice says nothing.

Immunitiy challenge. Adam returns from Exile Island. He hugs all of Raro. Adam had a rough night on Exile Island because it was raining hard. He said that he was shivering all night. Today's challenge each tribe races to arrange a series of logs from shortest to tallest as they build a staircase to the top of the tower. Three tribe members will sail from the top of the zipline into the water, grab a bag of puzzle pieces and head back. They do it one at a time. The three remaining tribe members will use the pieces to solve the puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle wins and the loser goes to tribal council. Aitu sits out Jonathan. They all race to order the logs. Everyone is working. The Raro team is working from the bottom to the top with the women doing most of the work. Aitu has the stairs built. All six make it to the top and Yul is the first down the zip line. Raro has it. Yul is swimming back. Brad is first for Raro. Yul is back. Yul is on the mat, and Candice is on the zipline. Candice is deep and drops right by the bag. Parvati is next and has a bag. Candice is on her way back and hits the mat. Ozzy goes all the way out. Ozzy is on his way back and Parvati is walking. Ozzy is swimming. Nate is going down the zip line. Nate imitates Ozzy. Aitu is now heading up the tower. Aitu is working on the puzzle. Nate is coming back for Raro. They have to ciimb up the rope ladder. Becky, Sundra and Jessica are working together. Adam, Jenny, and Rebecca work on the puzzle. It comes down to the puzzle. Raro is close, and they win immunity because Aitu is having problems solving the puzzle. One of the Aitu members is going home.

Jonathan said that it wasn't a bad loss, just one of those things. Ozzy feels bummed out that someone has to go home. Ozzy doesn't think that it will be him. Candice and Jesica are talking. Candice said that she doesn't know who will go. Candice said that Ozzy does bring home the food and wins challenges. Meanwhile Jessica drives people crazy, and folks don't trust Jonathan. Jessica tells Candice that Ozzy doesn't know what will happen. Sundra says that Jessica is like the mosquito who won't die. Jessica tells Becky that she, Yul, Jessica, and Ozzy should get rid of Jonathan. Becky said that they didn't need Jonathan in the competition. Ozzy comments to Becky that if they don't need Jonathan, why keep him especially if they don't trust Jonathan. Jonathan admits that Ozzy does well in the challenges. Jonathan said that they should go for Jessica and worry about the individual later. Jonathan said that he may trip for trying to get too far. Jonathan said that if he thought of it someone else thought of it. Ozzy tells Yul that Jonathan is always scheming. Yul said that everyone mistrusts Jonathan because he is a gamer. Yul hasn't seen it, but everyone's suspicions have rubbed off on him. Jessica thanks everyone for being honest. Jessica says she doesn't know who will vote with her against Jonathan, but anyone can go. At tribal council, Jonathan isn't surprised at how ethnicity hasn't come into play since the merge. Jonathan said that the alliances have held based on personality. Sundra said you can't plan who you will bond with or who you won't gel with. Sundra said that you can't tell who you will have a natural chemistry with. Jessica said they all get along and she likes fishing with Ozzy. Jessica says all are capable of mix and matching. Yul said that Jessica isn't a schemer or not someone you have to watch out for in the future. Ozzy said that he hopes he can make everyone fat. He was never in the position of being the hunter. He said that would be the best way of going out in the game. It is time to vote. Jonathan votes for Jessica (Flicka). Jessica votes for Jonathan. We don't see the votes of the others. Time for the vote tally. Votes: Jonathan, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Jessica is voted out and they all head back to camp. From the review of votes at the end of the show, they all (including Ozzy) voted for Jessica. She said that it was the experience of a life time and was happy for the experience.

Thursday, October 26, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is a recap episode titled A Closer Look. The show is a recap of the past few weeks. I'm not a huge fan of shows like that, so I didn't watch it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled Plan Voodoo. Night 14 at the Raro camp. Parvati says that it was a rough tribal. Rebecca said that she knew Cristina would be offended. Her feelings were hurt. Cristina brings up that everyone was being rude to her. Brad said that he thought it was a low blow for Adam to call Cristina rude. Cristina keeps on calling Adam on the annoying bit and insists that she says please when Adam says she doesn't. Cristina said that she survived being shot and other things in her life and she knows that she will survive this.

Ozzy is spear fishing again. He and Jonathan get five more fish. Ozzy said that he is getitng to know that particular area very well and can catch 10 fish in an hour. Jonathan said that Ozzy is a great fisherman and can hold his breath for 2.5 minutes. Jonathan said that the tribe needs Ozzy's skills as a fisherman, but that he is a huge threat when the merger happens. The tribes get tree mail. This one says: "This head to head match Needs a well-balanced team. To win your first feast, You'll kick and you'll scream. Everyone is very happy to hear that it is time for the first feast. Cao Boi said that they can take the immunity idol everywhere. Jonathan said that they shouldn't. Cao Boi said that it means something to him, and Jonathan said that it might look like they are rubbing the immunity in the other team's fast. Cao Boi gets really upset because Jonathan says something about it. Yul said that Cao Boi is hard headed and unpredictable and has gone through alot. it is time for the reward. Each tribe will select three people. Each of those three will be stationed at a post. At Jeff Probst's go, two members of the other team will try to remove the player from his post and drag that person to their team finish line. Once they have done that, two other tribe members will then go out to get the second person. The first tribe to get all three of the other team across their finish line wins reward. The winning team gets lamb shanks, bread, and apple cider. The bad news is that they will feast at tribal council. Both tribes find out that they will both vote someone out. The winning tribe goes first and votes their person out, go to the jury section, then feast while they get to listen to the other side vote someone out. Since the competition must have an equal number of men and women, Aitu has to sit out a man. the tribe sits out Cao Boi. For Aitu are Candice, Ozzy, and Sundra are on the posts. On the posts for Raro are Cristina, Nate, and Jenny. The women have to drag someone off their post first. Jessica and Becky have Jenny off the pole and face down, Parvati and Rebecca have problems with Candice. She really fights. They finally get Candice off, and she goes back on the post. Becky and Jessica get Jenny. Jonathan and Yul are working on Nate while the girls are trying to get Candice across the line. Nate is across the line. Finally Brad and Adam just yank Ozzy off the pole. Cristina starts trying to over power Jessica and Becky. This is giving Raro a chance because Raro is really pushing on Ozzy. It is down to Parvati and Rebecca getting Sundra off the post. Sundra is hold on. Becky and Jessica are very close and finally get Cristina onto the line. Aitu wins the challenge. It was a good effort by both tribes. In addition to each voting someone out and the feast for Aitu, there will be one more unnamed surprise.

Aitu: Jonathan is talking about how hard it was to get Nate. Sundra was proud of the team getting together. Jessica said that she never wrestled a cop. Jessica said that it was uncalled for Cristina pulling her hair and trying to get her clothes off. Jessica said that it was hard to realisze that someone was going home. Cao Boi is talking to Yul about a dream that he had with folks with supernatural powers. Cao Boi said that it has something with the immunity idol. Yul said that Cao Boi believes that Jonathan has the immunity idol. Cao Boi's plan is to splt the vote between Jonathan and Candice and to get Jonathan to use the idol and force it to be played. Cao Boi's goal was to get the immunity idol out and to get rid of the men. Yul thinks that the plan is ingenious and that it is a great plan to break down Jonathan's alliance with members of the original white tribe. Cao Boi thinks that Jonathan has the most chance to have the idol because he was there for five days. As Cao Boi said, they have to knock down the whilte alliance because on the remerge of the two tribes, the white team can knock them off. At the Raro camp, Nate said that it was back to back losses and the loss of the feast. Nate gets another octopus for dinner. Cristina is bummed because she thinks that she is next out because she is controlling and overbearing. Brad said that he is for giving anyone a chance. Parvati said that she hasn't thought about it as Cristina talks to them. Cristina is hoping that she doesn't get voted out. She even talks to Adam and apologizes for annoying him. Adam said that Cristina is the outsider of the tribe and scrambing to get votes. Adam thinks they have a game plan and that Cristina will be voted off. Cristina asks Nate for another chance, and he says that he has her back. Nate said that Cristina's trying to win impressed him. Nate talks to Rebecca about giving Cristina a chance. Nate talks about getting rid of Jenny because she might have ties to the other Asians. Nate said that he doesn't know if he can trust Jenny yet and is up in the air between Cristina and Jenny.

Aitu and Jessica and Cao Boi are stretching together. Jonathan tells Yul that he thinks that Cao Boi is the biggest problem because he is pisisng people off. Jonathan thinks that Cao Boi is a wild card. Cao Boi talks to Sundra and Jessica. Sundra listens to Cao Boi's theory that the white tribe must go. Becky thinks that Jonathan is fishy. Becky tells Yul that the girls don't trust Jonathan and that he is crafty. Yul admits that he is in the alliance with Jonathan, Becky, and Candice. Yul admits that if everyone else holds Jonathan with some level of suspicion that maybe he should be looking at Jonathan differently. Cao Boi goes on about the three-three vote. Ozzy said that there is alot of chaos in the camp and he is trying to play it by ear as far as his gut instinct is concerned. Yul is sad that someone has to go and that he has lead others to believe that he might have an alliance with them Cao Boi said that he can trust Becky and Yul and has the utmost faith in them. Jonathan said that he would be shocked to be voted out and that the conspiracy is bigger than he can picture. Aitu tribal council. Cao Boi said that they should bring the idol because immunity is over. Ozzy said that Cao Boi feels strongly about it. Yul said that Cao Boi is loyal in his way and a shaman. Cao Boi said that he is either hated or loved and often misunderstood and that he means well. Yul said that Jonathan and Cao Boi are most vocal while Jonathan is a natural leader. Jonathan said that it's not that what he says goes. Ozzy said that he just hasn't been able to figure out who to vote for because they are gelling. Cao Boi said that it was like a chess game and if it is possible to expose the queen--immunity--individual immunity. Cao Boi said that he hopes to expose th hidden immunity idol. It is time for the vote. Jonathan votes for Cao Boi. Jessica votes for Jonathan. Cao Boi votes for Candice and hopes to find out who has the immunity idol. Jeff Probst goes to tally the vote. Votes: Cao Boi, Candice, Jonathan, Cao Boi, Cao Boi, Cao Boi. Cao Boi is the person who is voted off. Jessica looks shocked because she trusted Cao Boi. Cao Boi said that it was a wonderful experience. Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra, Becky, and Yul all vote for Cao Boi. Cao Boi said that he had fun, but that he should have known better than to trust the others. Raro is called in and Aitu is given their feast. Candice blows a kiss to Adam. They all get a lamb shank, bread, and napkins.

Everyone in Aitu eats while the Raro team watches and sees that Cao Boi is off. Nate is just fixated with the food and how good it smells. Adam said that they have food back at the camp. Adam is asked about losing two thirds of the tribe. Adam says that Candice wore out the two girls. Brad said that they should have been the stronger team, but maybe Aitu has something else. Cristina said that they aren't completely done and it will be their time to shine. Brad said that he felt badly for Cristina and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Jenny says that Cristina was angry and said that Cristina was annoying. Jenny said that with the way things are, you couldn't say something and not annoy Cristina. Cristina thought that it was a blow and she thought they were her friends. Nate said that Cristina contributed. Aadm said that Cristina did work really hard in the challenge. Adam says that Cristina's personality clashes with theirs. Nate said that it is survival mode and you play scenarios, but that you want to smoke the others out. There is one more twist. Aitu gets to kidnap one member from the Raro tribe and that person will be immune, have a plate of food, and be a member of their tribe through the next reward challenge. Ozzy says that they will kidnap Nate. Jeff Probst gives Nate the food. Aitu had to take a strong male. Now it is time for the food. Adam votes for Cristina. Brad and Cristina vote for Jenny. It is now time for the vote tally. Aitu now has to leave before the vote is revealed. Votes: Jenny, Cristina, Jenny, Cristina, Cristina, Cristina. Cristina is the seventh person voted out. She said that it was an awesome experience and that she found some people that she really liked and others that she didn't.

Thursday, October 12, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus. The episode starts with day 10 in the Raro camp. The women are sleeping the day away, and Nate says that the guys have to watch out for their backs. Nate says the women are so head strong, the men have to let them know that the women do need them. They go out to get wood and catch fish. Parvati comments on how funny it is that the men are working away. Nate collected a huge bunch of wood. Adam got five crabs and Brad got alot of fish. Parvati realizes that the men are trying to prove themselves to the women.

Aitu on Day 12. The women are on the beach checking out their armpits for hair. Cai Boi comments on Sundra, Becky, and Candice not doing any work. Ozzy reads the tree mail about the tribe with the last pair remaining getting food. He says they will be eating good tonight. Raro and Aitu go for the reward challenge. Each tribe selects three pairs. Each pair stands on a platform with each person using one arm to hold onto a hook. Every two minutes, members from the opposing tribe will load up one of those pairs with five pound weights. The last pair left standing get fishing supplies, spices, and bottles of wine. Everyone is excited. The winning tribe sends one member of the losing tribe to Exile Island. For Aitu, the pairs are Jonathan and Yul, Sundra and Candice, and Ozzy and Jessica. For Raro, the pairs are Nate and Adam, Rebecca and Stephannie, and Cristina and Brad. The loaders for Aitu are Cai Boi and Becky and for Raro, Parvati and Jen. Nate and Adam and Candice and Sundra get weight on their hooks. Nate and Adam talk that they hope that the weight keeps on going to them so the others stay in. More weight. Aitu keeps on going after Adam and Nate while Raro spreads the weight around. Nate says that it isn't getting too bad and it looks like they will be getting wine tonight. Jessica replies "whining." Yul is the first to drop his bag. He and Jonathan are the first out. The remaining two pairs have to take on the extra weight. They are hugging each other. Cao Boi says they are handsome boys. Rebecca drops her weight and they are the first pair out. Sundra then drops her bag. Candice is disappointed. It is down to Ozzy and Jessica from Aitu. Jessica starts taunting Cristina. Nate and Adam start to struggle. Everyone is struggling. Jessica whispers to Ozzy that she couldn't pull the weight down, and Aitu is out. Raro wins reward. They decide to send Jonathan back to Exile Island. Raro collects their reward.

Day 13 in the Raro camp. Nate and Brad wake up to find Adam with an octopus stuck to his foot. They pull it off. Jenny says that Cristina thinks she is an asset because she cooks, but anyone can make stew. Jenny says that Cristina tells people to do things. Jenny talks about Cristina taking the octopus to the beach and spilling the octopus. Jenny obviously went back to the huts, but Cristina claimed that she knew that Jenny was there. Adam goes to assess the damage, and Rebecca asks Jenny if she would be awful to go after Cristina next. Cristina continues to blame Jenny for the mishap, even though it was obvious that she knew that she was alone, saying she couldn't do the work by herself. Adam was upset because he worked hard to get the octopus and Cristina spilled it. Jenny said that she was just there to clean the knives and cutting board. Jenny said that Cristina is coming across as the new JP. Day 11 in Aitu. Jessica asks if they should go fishing. Ozzy and Jessica decide to go to the other island because they are running out of resources. Cai Boi, Jessica, and Ozzy decide to go in search of resources, but Sundra and Candice don't want to go because it will be too much work. Sundra also doesn't want to be prodded by them. Yul said that it is hard to be in a strategic alliance with Jessica, Ozzy, and Cai Boi. Yul and company decide to line up with Sundra. Yul says that he doesn't trust Ozzy. Sundra commits to them. Sundra said that she doesn't know her position in the tribe and any alliance. She feels that she is part of the Yul/Jonathan/Becky/Candice alliance. Ozzy decides that they should have look around. He finds Noni fruit. They are also looking for coconuts and other things. Next thing you know, they burst in on the Raro camp.

Stephannie and the others ask about the others being there. As they say, it is the three that they can't stand. Adam said it was a huge shock. Cai Boi tries to say Parvati's name. Cai Boi comments on all the things the other tribe has. Cai Boi then starts talking about Chinese mythology, and you can't shut him up. Stephannie said that was alot. Cai Boi asks if the other tribe wants to work together to coconuts or split their spices. Adam didn't like it. Jonathan is back on the island looking for the idol. He has a new clue, and he is trying to find the hidden idol. Jonathan assumes that the idol has been found because he is digging for it and can't find it. It is now time for the immunity challenge. Jonathan returns from Exile Island. Jonathan says that he thinks he knows where the idol was, but it isn't there now. Today's challenge: they have to race to assemble stepping poles. They have to use the poles to transfer two tribe members from one large platform to another. All eight then have to swim out to one very small tower. First tribe to get all eight tribe members to the top of tower with both feet on or above the top deck wins immunity. The competition starts. They all race to build the stepping poles. Aitu is doing good with the poles. Nate thinks he figured it out. Aitu has a good system and Raro falls behind. Aitu's lead is gone as their tubes fall apart. Jessica tries to balance with her whole body. Aitu is only using two poles. Raro has abit of a lead. Raro drops their third pole. Jenny is on the platform. Jessica is close enough to jump but doesn't. Jessica finally does. Parvati is now heading across. Aitu has to make up ground. Aitu has made up alot of ground, but Raro has the lead. Raro has both people on the platform. Then they all have to get to the top of the platform. Then they have to go to the tower. Aitu is in the water. You have to get all eight tribe members up. Cai Boi falls off. Then all of Raro falls. Aitu is now in the lead. Aitu is very close, and then wins immunity! I like the Aitu tribe. Nate is very upset that they lost immunity yet again.

Day 14 at Raro camp. They all tell each other that they did well. Cristina walks away from the camp, and everyone agrees to get rid of Cristina. Jenny said that everyone is annoyed with Cristina talking a good game, but not doing anything. Stephannie and Nate talk, and Stephannie said that she wanted to go home and get some mashed potatoes. Nate said that as far as he is concerned, Cristina wants to go. Nate tells Brad and Adam about what Stephannie said about being home and having mashed potatoes. Brad and Adam agree. Brad tells Parvati about it and says that Stephannie has checked out. Parvati agrees. Parvati asks Stephannie if she wants to go home. Stephannie said that one little thing is taken out of context. Parvati tells Stephannie to watch what she says. Stephannie said that she has to keep her mouth shut. Stephannie said that she won't beg anyone to stay. The women talk to Adam about who to vote out. Adam said that he switched to Stephannie because of what Nate said about the mashed potatoes. Parvati said that Stephannie didn't say that and that she will vote her conscious. Adam said that their communication is getting better and they will be all right. Brad said that he gets along with everyone evenly. Stephannie said that she hasn't formed any closeknit bonds with anyone. She is there when needed and not there when not needed. Nate is asked if there is a new bossy person. Nate said that Cristina can be powerful and dominate. Cristina said that she didn't realize it and didn't mean to offend anyone. She thanks Nate for telling her. Adam said that he thinks the tribe is honest and that Cristina knew that she was bossy. Rebecca said that she will know after tonight if the tribe is more honest. Time for the vote. Cristina votes for Stephannie. Stephannie votes for Cristina and says that it is nothing personal. It is time to tally the votes. Time for the votes: Cristina, Stephannie, Stephannie, Stephannie, Stephannie, Stephannie. She is voted out and hugs everyone. It seems that everyone voted against Stephanie.

Friday, October 6, 2006 -- Evening

The latest episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is titled Ruling the Roost. It was on last night, but I missed it because I was at the Pens game. We are back at the camp of Aitu on night 8. There are rats or mice running around the camp. Yul said that it sucked to Sundra, and she said that it was going to suck anyway you did it. Becky said that she feels comfortable with Yul, Candice and Jonathan. Ozzy said that he feels like he is on the outside because he lost someone from his former tribe. Ozzy said that they should vote him out soon because he doesn't feel like catching food for them any more.

Morning dawns and Candice returns from Exile Island. She returns to the camp and says that she didn't find the idol. Candice thought she was sent to Exile Island as because she was the youngest. Jessica (aka Flica) asks if she thought that it was Parvati and Adam's idea to save Candice from being voted off. Candice wondered if they might be doing it as a bad thing. Candice claims to not have thought of it. Candice doesn't want anyone else to think that she has a get free card from the other team. Candice does this act of trying to act innocent. At Raro tribe, the women are taking care of the camp and making a floor. Parvati didn't like how the women were working while the men were just resting and drinking coconut milk. Some of the men talk about whether the girls would have been upset that they weren't doing anything and JP says that as a group of guys, they are way stronger than the guys in the other group. As JP says, the testosterone is flying high and the guys plan on just sticking together. As he says, the girls are going to need man power so the four guy alliance will last. It is time for the reward challenge. Each tribe selects two tribe members to be attached by belt to a very long rope that snakes under, over, and around a series of obstacles. The rest of the tribe pushes and pulls the tribe members through the obstacles to untangle them. At the end of the obstacle is a decoder table. Once they reach that, one tribe member has to run out into the ocean, swim to a barrel, dive down and unclip the wheel attached. The team will use that decoding wheel to deceipher a phrase. The first tribe to get the phrase wins reward. They are playing for three blankets, two pillows, and one hammock. Also the winning tribe will choose one person from the losing tribe to go to Exile Island. That person will return in time for the tribal council which means that person could get voted off. Raro has Stephannie sit out the challenge. Aitu has Becky and Candice attached to the belt while Raro has Jenny and Cristina. Aitu has abit of a lead and move onto the log dig first. Aitu still has a lead. They are throwing the girls around, and Cai Boi says that they can get the pillows that night if they get banged up. Cristina gets tangled and they start arguing. Raro is caught in the rope. Aitu all touch the table, and Ozzy goes out to get the wheel. Ozzy gets the wheel back while Raro is still trying to get untangled. Raro finally get untangled and Brad goes into the water to get the wheel. JP was listening in on Aitu figure out the puzzle and lets his teammates know, but it doesn't help because Aitu figures out that the phrase is "Last Castaways back cast one away." Aitu wins and gets reward. They send Adam to Exile Island.

Day 10 at the Aitu camp, and they are celebrating. Jessica said that she loved winning the challenge because of the brawn on the other side. Ozzy goes fishing and catches eight fish and goes back for more. ozzy catches nine of the 11 fish. Ozzy said he is happy being the sole provider for the tribe. He feels that he is showing his worth, and that the tribe won't be so quick to get rid of him because it would impact their food intake. Yul said that they should call Ozzy Poseidon for the god of the sea. Over in Raro tribe they are discussing their loss. JP said that they are bummed that they lost and that Adam was sent to Exile Island. as the women work, JP starts to tell the women to put more logs on the fire. They he tells Cristina that the pot of food must go on rocks not on wood. Pavrati said that JP is very demanding but that people may not realize it. As she said, just the way he was sitting in camp, all sprawled out like he was on a throne and everyone waited on him. Parvati said that it is like JP wants everyone to serve him. That attitude doesn't fly with her. Parvati and Nate are talking at nighttime. Parvati said that she uses flirting to get close to the guys to infiltrate the group. Nate tells Parvati that the guys are tight and a strong alliance, and he says that he has her back. Nate said that Parvati is smart, but that he can trust her. Nate says that Parvati is his ace and the he thinks there can be sparks in the future, but he is trying to play it smart. Parvati says that JP is calling the shots and says that she doesn't like his control. Nate tells her to let the game play. Parvati says that she will let the king sit pretty. Nate said that the ball is in JP's pocket now, but he could leave. Both Nate and Parvati agree that would be interesting.

Day 11 in Aitu. The guys find a boobies nest. They think that the birds may be sitting on a nest of eggs. Cao Boi admits that the kid in him wanted to get eggs for the others because he doesn't need eggs, and the kid in him wanted to climb the tree. So he climbs the tree. As the boobie screams, Cao Boi takes a stick and knocks over the nest and says "no eggs" but Jonathan sees that a chick has fallen and looks at it sadly. Jonathan seems really sad and said that he wanted to cry and he felt terrible. Cao Boi said that he will try to put the nest back and see if things work. Cao Boi puts the nest back with the chick. Cao Boi said that he should know better and feels really bad and really humble. The teams now have the immunity challenge and Adam returns. We don't see the Exile anymore. Obviously CBS doesn't think that it is of any interest to us since Yul has the idol. Four tribe members from the team have to race to assemble a stretcher puzzle. They then have to go through the jungle with the stretcher till they reach the beach where they find another tribesman shackled at the top of a mast. One tribe member makes the long swim out, climbs a rope ladder and releases the other from the shackle. Both then have to swim back with a life ring. They then have to put the rescued tribemate on a stretcher, run back to the start where the remaining three tribes members must build a rescue fire. The first team to build a fire high enough to burn through a rope, releasing their tribe flag, wins immunity. Raro sits out Cristina. Candice is the person in shackles for Aitu, and Parvati for Raro. Brad, Nate, Adam, and JP build the stretch for Raro while Jonathan, Jessica, Yul, and Ozzy. The race is on. Raro has abit of a lead while Aitu falls behind. Raro is the first off with their stretcher, but Aitu is behind them. Raro has the lead. JP is in the water for Raro and Ozzy for Aitu. Ozzy made up time with a long run in the water. Ozzy is the first to the mast. Ozzy releases Candice. Both are in the water and on the life rink. Finally JP and Parvati now have to make up time. Ozzy and Candice are in the shallow water. JP and Parvati are losing time. Aitu is heading back. Aitu hits the mat first and Becky, Cao Boi, and Sundra start the fire. Cao Boi gets a fire for Aitu. As Jeff Probst says, Cao Boi will either be a hero or silly. What Cao Boi does is working. He has a big flame. Raro has nothing. Aitu wins immunity. They are my favorite tribe because they have the most interesting tribe.

Day 11 in the Raro camp. They are all subdued. Stephannie said that they are going to tribal council and no one is looking forward to that. Parvati said that it sucks that they didn't have a zen fire master. Stephannie feels like the weakest link and that she didn't do enough to make more of a difference. Brad said that Cao Boi always make the fire for their tribe. Stephannie said to them all that they are the weakest link. Nate said that he has Stephannie's back, but if she is weak, she should go. Cristina said they should give Stephannie respect to tell Stephannie that she is going. Jenny said that it makes it easier. Rebecca said that she wished that Stephannie hadn't because it makes them weaker, and Jenny knows instantly that Rebecca means the girls. Rebecca and Jenny go off to talk about how JP has it all figured out. Rebecca said that she realizes that they need strong men, but that there are five women and four men so the women have to do something to keep their alliance strong. Rebecca tells Jenny that the women should take one of the men out. Jenny said that they should do it now. Both Rebecca and Jenny agree. Stephannie talks to Cristina and explains her anger at herself. Stephannie now realizes that she shouldn't have said it. Jenny tells Stephannie that there is a way to save her. Cristina tells the other that they should get rid of JP because she doesn't trust him. Cristina thinks that Parvati would stick with the guys. Jenny talks to Parvati who doesn't think it is in their best interests to get rid of JP. Jenny said that Parvati is just hesitant. The other girls work on Brad and asks if he wants to be one of the girls. Jenny said that she doesn't know if she trusts Brad and hopes that he does what it is good for the tribe instead of just himself. They all go to tribal council. Jeff Probst Nate how he feels. He says that everyone is feeling the waters and the others will eat them up. Jenny says that there really isn't a leader. Jenny said that JP likes to take command alot and asks JP to not be bad at her. JP admits that he voices more things, but that he also naps. Jenny, Stephannie, and Rebecca were the firemakers because as Rebecca said, they were the ones to make fire on a regular basis. Stephannie says it could have been any of them making fire. Stephannie said that they could put themselves in the bigger picture. JP agrees because he lost the swimming, but there is no reason to vote him out tonight. Brad said that trust is the foundation and that he will go with his gut. Parvati said that she does trust everyone in the tribe. Stephannie said that she doesn't trust everyone completely, but does have a level of trust. Rebecca said they all have to let the vote go. JP said that he agrees this will be the hardest vote in the game. The vote is on. Stephannie votes for JP and he votes for her. Cristina votes for JP and Nate votes for Stephannie. The vote tally: Stephannie, JP, Stephannie, JP, JP, JP, JP. JP is voted out. He is shocked and says "holy crap, you guys outwitted me big time." Nate also looks shocked. JP tells them all "that is pretty good." Jeff Probst says that they obviously voted out their strongest member and caught him unaware. JP and Nate were the only two votes for Stephannie. Brad, Adam, and Parvati did join Jenny, Rebecca, Cristina, and Sundra. Interesting!

Friday, September 22, 2006 -- Afternoon

I missed Survivor: Cook Islands last night because I had a migraine, but caught up with it this afternoon.

This week's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is called Flirting and Frustration. The show starts with Night 6 with Aitu. Cristine and Cecilia are talking about Billy's revelation that he and Candice from Raro tribe are in love. Cecilia said that they had no contact. JP said that words can't even describe the Candice situation. Puka tribe on Day 7, and Brad is spear fishing. Cao Boy is talking about how he was talking to an old man who came to the US from Vietnam and missing the old days. The old man said that he came to America for his children's future. The kids turn out to be mid teens according to Cao Boi. Brad said that Cao Boi doesn't shut up. Cao Boi doesn't understand why someone would bring their children here because the only future is to go to war in Iraq. Jenny asks Cao Boi how about college? Cao Boi said that only politicians sons don't go to war. Hmmm. Brad says in a solitary confession that he doesn't think that Cao Boi is all there or will ever be there unless he is medicated. Raro, Day 7, and we find out that they have the biggest challenge yet. They may get a better life at camp or wind up being blue. Jonathan said that so far they are okay and haven't lost anyone yet. The four tribes join up again. Yul comes back from Exile Island. Jeff Probst gathers up the immunity idols. They are all told to drop their buffs and that they will not get to integrate. The women line up on one side and the men on the other. They all get a tile out of a bag that they can't look at. Everyone puts their palm out and reveals the tile. Who has the X's? Cecilia, Parvati, Brad, and Jonathan are the captains. They take a spot on the black lines. They have to alternate in choosing tribe members. The women choose women and the men choose men. Cecilia and Parvati then do rock, paper, scissors to pick who goes first and Cecilia picks scissors over Parvati's paper. Cecilia gets to pick first and has to pick someone NOT from her tribe. She chooses Jessica. Parvati chooses Jenny. Jessica chooses someone not from either of the two tribes. She takes Sundra. Jenny picks Cristina. Sundra picks Becky. Cristina picks Rebecca. Becky chooses Candice. Stephannie is picked by Rebecca as the only person left standing. Brad and Jonathan then do rock, paper, scissors to pick who goes first and Brad picks scissors over Jonathan's paper. Brad picks first--not from his tribe. He picks JP. Jonathan picks not from his tribe and picks Yul. JP picks Nate. Yul picks Ozzy. Nate picks Adam. Cao Boi is the only one for Ozzy to pick. They now have four tribes. All four captains have to pick an egg and hold it in their palm, face up. They then have to squeeze their egg. Men and women with blue are joined and the men and women with red are joined. Jonathan and Cecilia have red hands and Brad and Parvati have blue. The red team is the Aitu tribe and blue is the Raro tribe. All items are gathered together and equally split between the two new tribes.

Day 7 in the new Raro tribe. Everyone is getting to know each other. Nate thought it was the best day ever--as if they were taken from the ghetto and put into Belaire. As Nate said, they were weak and depleted. Stephannie asks everyone how they felt about the initial racial divide. JP said that good or bad it made people think. Stephannie said that the new Raro is blended together and you don't even see color. Parvati thinks that it is melting pot and everyone back together. Brad said that everyone is chummy now, but it is a game and you are in it for yourself and cold hard cash. Aitu tribe. Cecilia and Ozzy show everyone the Aitu huts. Cao Boy thought it was beautiful how it was mi casa, su casa. Cecilia was very welcoming. Jessica was soo happy about the change of energy and good vibes from her new tribe. Cao Boi and Jessica seem to get along. Cecilia asks Candice about Billy's comment about how they had love at first sight. Candice said that she felt sorry for Billy when he said that he was dead and said that she said that her team loved him...not that she was in love with him. Billy is one crazy dude. Raro tribe: The guys are gathering three rocks each and bringing them back to the camp. Parvati says that she is going to flirt with them because that's what she does best. She says that she was drawn to Nate from the first and decided that she would work him. Aitu tribe: Jonathan and Cao Boi are talking. Becky and Candice are talking too about whether they can trust Jonathan. Becky said that Yul can be trusted. The two girls decide to join up with Jonathan and Yul. Jonathan said that he wanted the numbers. Jonathan talks to Jessica about making alliances with Candice and the two "Asians". Jessica said that she didn't feel that comfortable in that tribe to begin with. Jessica said that she is going to play her cards and see how long she can go without feeling fake. Becky talks to Yul. Becky said that she doesn't know if they should add Ozzy or Candice. Yul tells Becky that he found the Immunity Idol and that somehow they can change the game around to their advantage. Yul thinks that he can absolutely trust Becky. Becky says that it is awesome that he found it.

Raro, Day 8. Nate is hunting octopus underwater. Brad and JP are on the beach when they hear cries for help. The octopus had a grip on the rod and wouldn't let go. The others come up to help him. Nate said that he didn't think that the other guys thought that he could do it. The octopus is large, and Parvati comments on how it has alot of meat and that he could probably eat the whole thing himself. Parvati really goes on flirt high. it is now time for the immunity competition. Each tribe begins clipped together with a 15 pound sand bag on their back. They start on opposite sides of a course in the knee deep water. They have to race around the course and try to catch the other team. When you get tired, they can opt out of the challenge. In order to do that, they have to give their weight to someone else. The winner wins immunity, the loser goes to Tribal council. Aitu made up some ground on one of the laps. Cecilia, Sundra, and Candice drop out. Then Becky drops out. All the men on Aitu have 30 pounds. Stephannie drops out from Raro. Nate says that Aitu can't carry all that weight. Cristina drops out and gives it to Adam. Jenny drops out and so does Jessica. Jonathan has 45 pounds now. Parvati drops out. Rebecca is the only woman in the challenge. Jonathan has to give some weight to Ozzy. Jonathan can hardly walk and Cao Boi is being helped by Yul. Rebecca is also dropping out. Raro is going strong and the teams are down to four members each. JP an Adam are closing the gap. Yul is saying that they can't outrun them. Cao Boi is too weak, and Raro wins immunity. Jeff Probst reads the note which is that one member of the losing tribe is sent to Exile Island and won't be voted off that night. Raro says that they will send Candice to Exile Island. Aitu is sent to Tribal Council.

Aitu, Day 8. Jonathan said that they should stop and think of why they picked Candice. Yul said that he didn't think that Raro thought of her as the strongest, and that it could be an attempt to try to prevent them from voting her off and making their team weak. Yul said that there was an alliance with Yul, Becky, and Jonathan. Now they may not have the numbers to keep themselves safe. Ozzy and Cao Boi said that they won't write down their names. Cao Boi said that it should be Becky because she is the weak link Ozzy talks to Jessica, Sundra, Candice that they need to vote out Becky. They figure that they have the numbers to survive. Ozzy thinks that the three girls, he and Cao Boi have an agreement. Jessica and Jonathan are working near each other and Jonathan asks to speak to Jessica. The others look around and say "no more talking." Jessica tells Jonathan, just so you know, Becky's going. Jessica said that she's not going to go against it. Jonathan says "what if I have someone else for you to vote against?" Jessica then says that she doesn't have a good vibe about Becky. Jonathan said that he thought that Flicka (Jessica) was with him. That means he has a serious problem. Jonathan doesn't know if they can convince anyone else to join them. As Jonathan tells Yul, it is only him, Yul, and Becky. They don't know where the other votes are. Cecilia asks Jessica about the conversation with Jonathan, and Jessica says that she told him that they are going to vote out Becky. Candice tells Jessica to vote her gut. Jonathan said that they have to try to make it through the night and to get Cao Boi or Jessica to vote against Cecilia. Jonathan said that it is risky because they will put their necks on the line. Yul talks to Cao Boi and Jonathan talks to Jessica. Jessica said that it is about having a connection and trust with people. Cao Boi tell Yul that Becky is a princess. Yul said that Becky has been strong in the competitions. Jonathan said that if five of them vote for Cecilia tonight and Jessica joins the three voting for Becky, then Jessica is on the outside and boom-boom. She is on the cutting edge. Yul tells Cao Boi that it will be a solid five of him, Cao Boi, Jonathan, Becky, and Jessica. Jonathan and Jessica are talking, and she says that it is so not the point. Jonathan asks what the point is. Jessica said that she thinks of Becky as the weakest link and isn't thinking beyond that. Jonathan tells Jessica that it is a 30 day chess game so you have to put yourself in a position to still be there in 30 days. Jessica said that she has to think about it. Cao Boi says that he doesn't have the scheming bit. Yul tells Cao Boi that they have to stick tight. Cao Boi said that Yul has presented his point and he will listen. Cao Boi talks to Jessica. Both say that they don't trust Jonathan. Cao Boi says though that Jonathan is right. They have to make it to the merger because they have to have the numbers. Cao Boi tells Jessica that neither of them is part of the crowd and they are just stuck in this. Jessica says that she doesn't know what to do, and realizes that it is a numbers game. Jonathan says that it is a war and they have to see how convincing he has been. Jeff Probst asks Jonathan about the merge. Jonathan doesn't think that the racial separations added anything to the mix. Sundra said that being the sole member from her former tribe either makes her valuable or vulnerable. Yul says that the best direction for the tribe is the priority. Yul said that some came to make alliances and others came because it is personally fulfilling experience. Jonathan says neither way is wrong. The strategizers have to work with the others and that everyone is thinking their own way. Jessica said that she isn't used to the manipulation. She doesn't know if people are being nice or just trying to get her vote. Jessica said that it is weird because they aren't ready to lose anyone. ozzy said that after the vote he will know where people stand after what they have said before. Jeff Probst goes over the rules with the hidden immunity idol. Yul votes for Cecilia. Cecilia votes for Becky. Sundra also votes for Becky. Becky votes for Cecilia. Ozzy votes for Becky too. Jonathan votes for Cecilia and tells her that she is a classy lady and it is nothing personal. Now it is time for the vote tally: Cecilia, Becky, Becky, Cecilia, Cecilia, Becky, Cecilia, and Cecilia. Ozzy seems hurt and gives Cecilia a hug and kiss. Cecilia says that she has no regrets and it shows how things can change.

Thursday, September 21, 2006 -- Evening

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands is called Dire Straits and Dead Weight. Hiki on Day 4. They are trying to make fire and Nate says that they need fire so bad. Sundra said that they are disheartened and feel extra pressure as the Afro-American tribe. Stephannie said that they tried, but the just can't get it going. Nate is gettng frustrated too. Having a flint just doesn't help them. Rebecca gives it a try, and they are finally able to get fire. Nate jumps up and down. Nate said that he knew the women would step up. Rebecca said that it was a great day for the team because they were working as one. Aitu camp. They are out catching crabs and fish. JP said that they got a few fish and crabs. JP said that Latinos are hard workers--it is in their heritage. Cristina tells everyone that she is a police officer and talks about an incident where her arm was injured. Cecilia said that Cristina is a super strong woman and role model. The Aitu tribe can see the chicken and they want to setup a tribe. Ozzy said that Tina came up with an idea and that her ideas just didn't make sense to him because he hasn't spent time outside. Cristina said that Ozzy always has to have his say and that he thinks he is always right. Ozzy knows that Cristina doesn't like him, and he can understand that because he is so bossy. Meanwhile, the Puka tribe sets a trap and catches three chicken. Becky said that Yul came up with the trap, and they are lucky to have them. Yul said that Becky is a lawyer and that he trusts her because he doesn't think she is in it for the money. Becky and Yul are both Korean and they are aligning. Becky sees Yul as an older brother. In the Raro tribe, Jonathan comes home. He says that he is happy to see his tribe. He didn't find the idol. Meanwhile, he comes back to find out that the tribe hasn't done a thing while he was gone. Jonathan can't understand why they make the camp better. Adam, Parvati, and candice don't see what the point is. Adam starts an argument that they should have all decided and that they shouldn't waste energy on something like a floor on the hut. The girls says that the ground is wet and it would be nice to be off of it. Adam doesn't see how having a floor will make a difference with the wet ground. Adam comes off as a jerk, and Candice tells him not to make an enemy of Jonathan.

Aitu Day 5, and they are checking out their fish. Billy is trying to conserve his energy. He is letting the others burn the energy while he just reaps the rewards. As the others are talking of working, Bill just wanders off. Ozzy said that it gets tiring tells Bill to do things all the time. Aitu is trying to get a floor to their hut too. The girls try to talk to Billy about how the others are working together. Billy said that he doesn't feel as Hispanic because he feels more like a metal person. The others tell him that is okay, but to jump in. In Puka tribe, Cai Boi is doing his trick to get rid of headaches. It really Jenny. She didn't want the red slash, but at least her headache is gone. The Puka tribe is trying to sleep and Cao Boi is making jokes about the different Asian races. Yul tells him that Cao Boi shouldn't be making racist jokes because others won't get it. Cao Boi tries to tell them that a joke is a joke. Yul said that he doesn't like ethnic humor. Aitu night 5. Billy is snoring so loud that the others can't sleep. Aitu is thinking of throwing the competition so they can get rid of Billy. JP said that he was glad that Ozzy brought it up. Cristina said that didn't seem right. JP and Ozzy is thinking that would make them a better team. Cristina said that the discussion makes her wonder if she can trust the others and she doesn't like.

Raro tribe on day 6. They get reward and immunity. They will be bound by ropes and bells and that bound together one will leave that night. Hiki is going to try to work together. Cristina, Ozzy, and JP talk about it. JP and Ozzy want to cut their losses and get on with the game. It is now time for the reward and immunity. Jeff Probst gathers up the immunity. He reads them all a short story about Captain Cook's three expeditions in the Pacific. After the story, they move as a group tied together, under and over a series of logs, through a field of poles, they must untie and gather seven answer packs. They cross a line rope bridge over a pit of water. Once they reach the finish they have to use the seven plaques to answer five questions about the story. The challenge is for reward and immunity. Two tarps are the reward, and first three to finish get immunity. The loser also sends someone to Exile Island. Jenny, JP, and Adam all sitting out. Billy tried to get his loser ass on the bench, but JP and Ozzy wouldn't let him. As Billy said, he is the worst at competitions. So why should they keep him? The story, the first version was to the French Polynesian Islands with Tahiti as the destination. On the way, Cook mapped the entire coast of New Zealand. On the second voyage, Cook named New Calidonia. On the last trip, he became the first European to locate the Hawaiian Islands that he called the Sandwich Islands. This trip was his last and Cook perished in Hawaii in 1779. The tribes have a book that will help them. Only Aitu stops to read the book. Jeff Probst says that Aitu is really taking its time. Raro has its second plaque closely followed by the other. Aitu finally gets its plaque. Ozzy is working very slowly. Puka and Raro are the combatting. Puka is the first onto the rope bridge. Ozzy is really taking his time untieing things. Hiki is trying to catch up. Hiki is crossing the rope bridge, and Aitu is still doing its stuff. Puka won first place. Raro is second. Aitu is finally on the rope bridge and Hiki gets it right while Billy is falling off the bridge into the water. Aitu is going to tribal council. Jeff Probst said that Puka and Raro tied for first place after reviewing the tape. Aitu send Yul to Exile Island because he is strong. The girls in Raro say they feel sorry for Aitu. Billy says that he knows he is going home next.

Aitu after the competition. Ozzy said that Billy dug his own hole by not working. JP said that they could have won without a problem. Cristina realizes that Ozzy is conniving and will do anything to control things. Billy is trying to find some way to pull it out. Meanwhile on Exile Island, Yul is trying to find the Immunity Idol. The clue: Use the mast and an island to form a letter, block out the south island and you're doing better. Will Yul figure it out? He realizes that he has to make an A, and then marks the places where he loses sight of the southern isle. He is digging and FINDS the hidden immunity idol. Yul finds out that he can use it once and that he can use it up to the point where there are four players left. At Aitu, Cristina goes to get water and Billy follows her. Cecelia feels bad for Billy because he looks like a zombie. Billy talks to Cristina and admits that he realized that the guys were throwing the compeition, and he hopes that they don't do the same to target her next. Billy admits that Cristina is his only hope and that sits well with Cristina. Cristina thinks that Ozzy is more of a threat. Cristina said that she will talk to Cecelia. The girls talk in Spanish. Cristina asks Cecelia if Cecelia has an agreement with Ozzy. Cecelia said that she is tight with Cristina. Ozzy said that he knows that Billy is going to try to get Ozzy voted out. Ozzy said that they will suffer if Billy convinces them. Billy admits that his hand is a weak hand but he has one queen. I wouldn't keep the lazy guy. Billy says that Aitu hit the ground running, but that Ozzy took the lead. Cristina said that Ozzy tries to take control of things. Ozzy said that he doesn't think that he is the leader, but that he has experience. Ozzy said that they can get things done as a team. If they work hard, they can accomplish alot. Billy said that JP and Ozzy decided to throw the challenge. JP said at this point, they can get rid of someone who is lazy and can't be trusted. Billy said that he is playing the game. JP said that Billy is just spinning words. Then Billy shocks Jeff Probst by saying that he found love in the game with Candice from Raro. That at the last competition they mouthed "I love you" to each other. Both Cristina and Cecelia crack up with laughter. Jeff said that he never heard anything so shocking. Jeff wonders why Billy would think such a thing. JP said that Billy is sketchy from the beginning and then makes up this love at first sight thing. Cristina doesn't want Billy to be hurt and doesn't like the backstabbing. Cristina said that she is looking out for Billy, the lazy guy. JP votes and says if he can't trust Billy now, how can he trust him later in the game. Billy votes against Ozzy because as he said, Ozzy is the best player in the tribe. Time for the vote tally: Billy, Ozzy, Billy, Billy. Billy is voted out. Candice and Cristina exchange looks, and Cristina looks very unhappy. Jeff Probst said that two issues were brought up by the team, work ethic and trust. They got rid of the work ethic problem with Billy, but how about the trust? Everyone voted against Billy. Billy comments in his exit tape that it is funny as a heavy metal guy to get voted out by someone named Ozzy.

Thursday, September 14, 2006 -- Evening

Today was the first episode of Survivor: Cook Islands. We finally get to see the show that has caused so much controversy over the past few weeks because everyone has been debating about the decision to break the groups up based on race. Today's episode is titled I can forgive her, but I don't have to because she screwed with my children. The Cook Islands are in the South Pacific. The teams have to work quickly together to try to salvage as much as they can off the ship that they are on. They have to dive off the ship and on to their raft, and then will be living on their own islands. They all have to get overboard and paddle to theirs islands.

Ozzy thought that it was going to be hard when he saw that the tribes were split in racial lines. Sundra couldn't care about the teams being cut on tribal lines. Yul thinks it is a great opportunity and that there is miniorities, but he is concerned about stereotypes. Pavarati wonders if it is kosher, but thinks it is a cool social experiment. Aitu tribe is the Hispanics. Billy comments on how his parents paddled away from an island to get an advantage, and here he was paddling to it. Cecila thinks it is a good way to show what they can do. Billy tells them all he knows how to build a shelter. J.P. comments on Billy being fired up, but that he doesn't seem strong. Ozzy said that it was obvious that Billy didn't seem to know what he was doing and stepped up to fill in for Billy's lack of knowledge. Ozzy thinks that they have the strongest tribe and just needs to stay fed. The Puka tribe is the Asian tribe. Cao Boi is a survivor of the Vietnam war. He says that the Puka tribe has an advantage because everyone always underestimates the Asian. They, like the Aitu tribe, has three guys and two girls. Jenny says that they are a mixed tribe of Asians because they come from different countries. Yul says that he has trouble with Cao Boi because there is a generational gap. Cao Boi just isn't in the stereotype of most Asians because he isn't an engineering type. The Hiki tribe is the African American tribe. Stephannie says that there is a pressure to represent the Africian American people. Rebecca feels that because they are separated by race they have to step up to the plate. As she says, they just don't run track. Sundra said that they are just a bunch of city kids and city slickers. Nate said it was so ghetto how they were making their hut. As he said, black people are headstrong and they all want to be in charge. Sekou said that he is providing leadership and pointing the others in the direction that they should go. The Raro tribe is the Caucasian tribe. Adam said that he doesn't care if the tribes are split up by race. It is just about how you get along with others. Jonathan said that it is going to be a social experiment. He says it is Survivor and someone will have to cut the throat of the guy next to him to win. Jessica said that they were happy to have the stuff that they did. They had two chickens, and it seems that Jonathan took another team's chicken because he didn't realize there was one chicken per tribe. They have three girls and two guys. Flicka let the chickens go because she is stupid. The chickens run for it and they lose both chickens. Flicka was so stupid because she just wanted to pick up the crate. Jonathan said that he can forgive Flicka, but she screwed up their chickens.

Hika is very excited because they have alot of water in their water barrel. Sundra says that Rebecca is cool, and it seems that they have bonded and think they can work well together. Stephannie comments about how Rebecca and Sundra are together all the time. Sekou focuses on making the fire, and nothing is happening. He goes to take a break, and Stephannie said that they have too much to do and Sekou isn't staying focused. Sekou goes off to sleep and Stephannie said that she isn't going to say anything. The second night for the Raro tribe and they are talking about how cold they are. Candice has been sleeping near Adam because he is big and a big wind breaker. Candice says that Adam is a good looking guy. Adam says that it makes the island more bearable to have good looking girls. Parvati said that there is romance in the air between Candice and Adam. Puka tribe now, and Brad has a headache, and Cao Boi said that it is bad wind and he can find the migraine. It seems that a sinus headache is bad wind. Cao Boi scratches Brads face and that when the scratch is gone, the headache will be gone. Cao Boi said that they others were born in America so they don't know the old Asian ways. Brad admits that Cao Boi did get rid of his headache. Yul thinks that Cao Boi is a kook, but has gems of knowledge. Brad asks when the mark on his forehead will go away, and Cao Boi says it will when he is completely healed.

The Aitu tribe on Day 3. The guys find their first message about a challenge for immunity and reward. They all go to the beach. Jeff Probst asks about their first few days. Yul says that Jonathan took his chicken. Jonathan denies it in a way. The teams have to assemble a puzzle boat, row out out to get flame from a buoy. Then have to take out the seven braces from the boat and race back to the starting pad. There they have to solve another puzzle that will spell out North, South, East, and West. They have to use the braces to build a ladder. They then have to put the put the symbols for the direction in the right location, and light their fire at the top. The first three teams who finish win. They get fire in the form of flint. The tribe that finishes first gets a fire making kit with kindle, water proof matches, and kerosene. The last tribe loses a member. There is also a secret note that they will find out about at the end. As Jeff reminds them, the boats are puzzles and only go together one way. Aitu and Puka get out first. Hiki is having troubles working together. Aiku is first to their torch, and Puka is right behind. Raro can't get out. Aitu is first back, and Puka is next. Raro got the torch, and Hiki is just getting their boat together. Raro is losing time because of paddle trouble. Billy is slowing down Aitu. Hiki just got their torch. Raro is headed to the puzzle. Hiki is making up good time. Puka solved the puzzle first. Aitu is next. It is a race with Puka and Aitu. Puka wins the race. Aitu is next. It is now down to Raro and Hiki. Raro has it and is now racing to get the braces in to get to the top. Sekou is having issues. Raro forgot the puzzle pieces and has to go back. Hiki is having problems putting the puzzle together. Raro wins. Hiki goes to tribal council. Puka gets the fire making kit. Puka get the head of the idol. Hiki doesn't get fire. The losing tribe has to pick one person from any of the three winning tribes to go to Exile Island, and spend two nights alone with one bag of water and flint and a pot. There is a hidden immunity idol on the island. Jeff says that it was interesting to see that the two guys made the decision. Jonathan is sent to Exile Island for stealing the chicken. Jeff gives him the first clue. The others go back to their respective camps.

Jonathan arrives on Exile Island, and realizes that he is going because he took the Asian tribe's chicken. The first clue is: To make a top grade, stand in a line. If the southern isle vanishes, a salvation you'll find. Jonathan hasn't found the idol yet and says Exile Island is terrible. Hiki day 3. Sekou said that they will have to vote out someone. The girls are talking together, and so are the guys. The girls are planning to get rid of one of the guys. That might be stupid because they need physical strength. They are thinking of Sekou to vote out as Rebecca says. They are having trouble working as a team, and the women think it is because of Sekou. Sekou and Nate talk about getting Stephannie and vote out one of the other women. Sekou tells Stephannie that if she doesn't go with the guys she will be out next. The guys want to vote Sundra out. Sekou says that he knows how to survive and bring fire. Stephannie said that there isn't a fire yet. Sekou says he will build a fire and that they better keep it going because they won't get it started again. Meanwhile there is no fire. Sekou and Nate are losers. Stephannie said it will be sad to say goodbye to someone tonight. I would get rid of Sekou because he is a lazy braggard. Rebecca said that Sekou tried to step up as a leader. Sekou said that he took whatever he knew and put it into effect. Sekou says they work together well. Nate says that they have beautiful spirit and they are a family. Jeff asks how being in a race will change things. Nate says that they have to represent their people as he laughs. Sundra talks about their bonding and how the guys bonded. Rebecca said that Stephannie is the odd man out. Stephannie said that she wondered about that, but they are all together. Sundra says they have to look at where they are weak and that they have to fix it with their vote. Sekou votes first and votes against Sundra. Rebecca votes for Sekou. We see Stephannie start to vote for someone with an S. votes: Sundra, Sekou, Sundra, Sekou, Sekou. The girls voted out the guy. It might not be that bad because he was pretty lazy. They get fire at the tribal council.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 -- Evening

It seems that Survivor is stirring up some controversy. The news season which starts on September 14 is going to break up the teams based on ethnicity. The groups will be white, Afro-American, Hispanic, and Asian. Now some people are up in arms over this, but I think that it could lead to some pretty interesting situations. Yeah, there might be some racial overtones, but it will be interesting to see how the different groups react and resolve some of those differences.